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Anti-White Racist White Wimps Will Lose... Tell Trump

The universe is unfolding as it should.

Geert Wilder's attempts to be the leader of The Netherlands is another dismal failure of feminist-based bigot politics. Wilders is a gay Zionist anti-racist trying to revive Dutch nationalism, a crappy example of a family man (what's needed to revive a dwindling white race facing nonwhite racemixer immigration that our recessive white genes that cannot stop many mixed unions -- as we predicted. Wilders cannot save the Dutch race.

The same situation exists in France with the women-led Marine LePen's National Front vying for power, while declaring that sh is an anti-racist in total disagreement with her father, the NF's founder Jean-Marie LePen, whom she is at odds with over required white nationalism. In the end, the matriarchies will lose, as Nature intended for mankind. Where are the Amazons today? 

Donald Trump's attempts to curb terrorism from six nations is naive and inefficient. Trump would be better off to bring all US troops home from their lost globalist missions in Iraq, Afghanistan and now, Syria, and start rebuilding the US infrastructure to provide jobs for millions of underemployed Americans. Trying to control Third World countries for military occupations only brings about more racemixing and enormous tax dollar waste.

Everyone of every color should that to Trump. Let's have more nationalism and less globalization and interventionism that will destroy the white race in the end.

Tell Trump at his contact page link below-- he's one of the few presidents in recent history who listens to the people.

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