Pictures of the Edmund Burke Society and the Western Guard

Western Guard defends their headquarters with bats and 2x4s from 300 crazy Maoists 

John Beattie, leader of the Canadian Nazi Party who started the White Nationalist movement in Canada

Canadian Patriot Paul Fromm, one of the founders of the Edmund Burke Society

Ernst Zundel, free speech patriot

Sun Slagged Over Typo of "Murders"

Forwarded to the Toronto Sun, December 11th:

What's with the misspelling of the word "murders" in today's (Monday's) edition  as"muders"?

This shouldn't be tolerated. You should be spell-checking even your front page for this kind of glaring error.
It reflects badly on your paper.

Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada

E-Harmony Slagged for Racemixing

Fowarded to Dating Website "E-Harmony:

Dec. 13, 2017

White racists don't like your commercials promoting racemixing.

We want these ads removed from broadcast immediately and will be watching you to
see tat it take place.

Bob Smith, Secretary

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

(see the ad on YouTube, here:  )


Nothing Wrong with White Nationalism But Good Riddance
to Greedy Racemixers' Globalist Capitalism

Tell The Author (we Will) at

Only the Establishment's Puppets Want to Divide Whites Along Vague "Left/Right" French
Freemason Revolutionary Days: White Racists Have No Caste System Like Capitalists

Tell Alt. Right's Richard Spencer (we will)
Email Him Here:


Utah Doomsday Preppers Exist

Class Action Suit Against Trudeau Needs More People

If White Women Are Not Racist, Forget About Them

The Whole World Knows White Women Are Disloyal in Alabama

All Semites: Trump's Tweets of anti-Muslim Videos Set the Stage for Chosen
Semites' Jerusalem Speech

Fairy Tale Manchild Promoter JK Rowling 's Dumb Idea as a White Nationalist Promoter

Oregon: Violence Breaks Out at "Patriots Prayer" Rally

"Identity Euorpa" Active in North Carolina With Flyers

Ex-National Front Leader Nick Griffin Attacks Alt-Right

Tax-paid Toronto Library Board A Bunch of Commie/Feminist Censors

Tell Them to Resign (we will) Here:

NSM Plans "Yule Gathering" in Oregon in January

Details Here:

Cliven Bundy's Fight Against US Feds Has Mormon Roots

Christians' Preacher and White Supremacist Female Arrested for Massage
Parlor Prostitution

Idiot Globalists' Tools at Pentagon Intend to Carry On War in Somalia for
At Least 2 More Years

Tell Trump to Withdraw Them (we will),

GOP's Anti-Racist Mocked: Bannon No Good For Whites

White Nationalist Augustus Invictus Withdraws from Florida Senator Race

5 Arrested: Stupid Toronto Cops Waste Time on Post Arrests While Murders Go On Forever
Tell Chief Mark Saunders to Work on Murders *We Will)

Anyone Supporting Establishment's "Diversity" is Against the White Race
Tell David Duke --It's a Dirty Word to White Nationalists-- Take It Off Your Banner
A White Intifada Needed Against All White Race Traitors

White Nationalists (Alt.Right) Reject Class "All Whites Are Equal"

Beverly Maclachlan: Political Force
Women's Racemixing Bloc Votes Rule and Ruined Canada
Tell Susan Delacourt at the Toronto Star here:
Andrew Anglin Hides Commie Feminist Race Traitors Under Vague "Leftist Media"
On His Site:

Tell Him There's No Such Thing--and Tell Him That Thinking About the Holocaust
 Empowers Jews' Victimhood (We Will)
at his email:

List of Anti-LGBT Activities: December 6

Childish Andrew Anglin's Obsession with Fat Women Goes Beyond the Pale... Race Is All
Tell Him (we Will).. at his email:

In 52% Nonwhite "Stab City" Toronto: Man Suffers Life-Threatening Injuries

Tell Police Chief Saunders and Mayor Tory To Do Something About this Rash off Crime:

Militia Blog on The Mark to Blame Feminists for Anti-White Racism

Alex Jones Admits He's An Israeli Shill
Small Steps On The Right Path?
Tell Toronto Star's Tim Harper, Don't Forget Whites' Rights

at (we will)

Racemixer Limey Colonialist Idiots' Idea: Multilingual Troops to
Keep Nigeria Together
Tell the Author Mannir Dan Ali Here (We Will):

Women's Semitic Religion Priest Apologizes for Being A White Racist to
Black Racists: A Useless Religion for Whites

Anti-White Racist Globalist YouTube Censors Polish Truth on Nonwhite Invasion
Tell Them to Go To Hell and Stop Their Evil (we will)
Vanguard America Posters Appear at Southern Methodist University

Fleeing Virtual Germany... To Escape "Online Nazis"

Comment: Why Trudeau's China Free Trade Plan Won't Work
Tell The Toronto Star's Thomas Walkom (we Will) Canada Doesn't Need Any More

Shoddy Chinese Goods... at

"Insane Pipe Dream" United States of Europe  Would Be a Tyranny as the EU
Is Today...Race Is All

More White Racists Hate Racemixer Semitic God Women's
Religion of Christmas

Mayor John Tory Slammed For Bike Lanes


December 4, 2007

Mayor Tory:

Your pro-bike lanes idiocies will not get you re-elected especially on Bloor Street and Woodbine Avenue, where you're thought about with hatred.

Your fast-talking won't save you  this time, pal. Doug Ford's got it hands down the closer we get to the election in November.

Nationalist Party of Canada.

Calvin Klein-- Stop Promoting Racemixing

Forwarded to Calvin Klein, in protest to their currently-running racemixing "Eternity" ad:

November 30, 2017
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your efforts to promote racemxing in your
as for "Eternity" cologne.
Whites don't like unnatural racemixing and will be boycotting your colognes and clothing until the ad
is removed from broadcast.
Bob Smith,Secretary
Nationalist Party of Canada,
Toronto Canada

See the ad here:

Protest to Calvin Klein here:


Warmonger Graham Slagged

Forwarded to Sen. Lindsey Graham, who is pushing war with
North Korea:

 November 29, 2017
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns you for your remarks on CNN Tuesday
pushing for war with North Korea.
You are a warmonger to suggest America should go to war when there are
other more important matters to tend to, such as poverty and crime.
Rot in Hell. you SOB.
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Steve Bannon to Headline Fundraiser for Black Minority Entrepreneurs
More BS: Globalist Jew Propagandists Claim White Russian People Are the
West's Enemy

CAFE Holds Memorial for Ingrid Rimland, Wife of Ernst Zundel

Childless Radiated Japan is Finished, Especially When North Koreans and Chinese Occupy It --All
Else is Fake News
Tell Andrew Anglin (we will) at
Anti-White Racism Quotations

Commie Fools Consider the 5 Traits of Trump Supporters

During the Holidays, Don't Debate Anti-White Idiots ... Just Tell Them "What-Fer"
A Professional Activist Movement Started by Richard Spencer Better Be White Racist


Counting-Bones Holocaust Denial Only Publicly Victimizes Hired Jews
Tell Monika Schaeffer to Forget It, Talk about the White Race... We Don't Need
No Historical Revisionism That Helps Jews Be Powerful "Viictims" Again. (we Will)
Contact page:


No Threat: Daily Stormer in Lawsuit Against Jewess

Give Hell to Finland's President For Trying to Outlaw the Nordic Resistance

Contact page:

Exhausted and Dying Off White Self-loathers Boast of Self Hate Anti-Racism
for the Past 10 Years: New Race Traitor Monitoring Entity Promised

All Jew "Comedians" Like Stephen Colbert Are Against the White Man
Curse and Tell This Idiot to Go to Hell (We Will):
On Twitter: @StephenAtHome

Travis Paton, White Nationalist

Dumb Question: There Is No "Russia Question" With Globalist Jews
Running, Ruling Both Sides

New York Times' "Nazi Couple" Needs Your Help
Whites Racists' Rejection of Multicult Idiocy Increasing in Canada

Language Police: Weapon of Commie Feminists-- No Such Thing as 'Leftists'
or 'Rightists'
Tell Alt. (we will)

EU President A White Race Traitor Wants Africans In Europe
Tell This Fool Jean-Claude Juncker NO! We Will -- Here

Briebart Websites' Jews Keep Pushing "Left/Right" Terms to Equalize White Nationalists with
Commie Feminist Race Traitors. Tell Them to Stop Ir (We Will)
Contact Page:

How the Alliance Defending Freedom Fights Transgender Insanity

Anti-White Nationalist Tony of Washington Post Says Treating White Nationalists as Normal
is Unacceptable

Political Prisoner Matt Hale Backs Moore in Alabama Election:
Send Him Your Support

Fight Breaks Out During Wimpy Slogan "It's OK To Be White" Speech

Like All Racemixers: A Short History of American Empire

Once a Duke Lieutenant, Louisiana Man Now Faces Prison in
Pill Mill Scheme

Nordic Resistance Movement Hits the Streets

Globalist Jews Cannot Represent Isolationist White Nationalists
Tell the Fools at Alt.Right.Com's Vague Site (We Will)

New DC Bible Museum Connected to Christian Right

Proud Boys Active in Wisconsin

Graffiti Found on Black Churches in New Jersey

David Lane's Surprising Funding Source

White Nationalists in Toronto Not Impressed with Racemixing Marriage of the British Royals
Tell Queen Elizabeth Here (we Will)

The Other Big Liars: Russian Regime's Denials of Air Raid Killings in Syria

LOL! White Self-Loathers' Whine: Identity Europa's Controversial New Ringleader

Race Is All: Spain's Nationalists Acting Like Imperialists Over
Catalan Independence

Bell's Sell, Sell Sell Policy Making Some Employees Puke
Tell Them (Bell CEO George Cope) to Stop It -- We Will -- Here:

Joyce's Diary: Notes from A Collapsing Civilization

Commies Worry: It Might Take Some White Orwellian
Terrorism to Preserve the White Race

Perimeter Home Defense

Jewsmedia's Meredith Corporation Now Owns Time Magazine

Good News! Men Refusing to Get Screwed by Feminism

Snowball Fight Against White Self-loathers Dummies in Quebec

More on the Successful White Nationalist Quebec March From Our
Enemies' Perspective


More Executions Needed in Criminals' Racemixed USA

Tell Mexico's President (We Will) Here

Greedy Merchants at Canada's Sobeys Supermarkets Fire 800 Poor Souls
Just Before Christmas
Complain to CEO Michael Madine About It, Here (We Will):
Useless Globalist Anti-White Cheapskate Ontario Tories Unveil Election Plan

Hey, "Professors"-- There's No Free Speech for Anyone Until White Racists Have A Say
Tell Harriet Lyons at the University of Waterloo (We Will)
Shirt Pattern: Even Tiny Swastikas Irk Jews

A Commie Feminist Idiot's Idea of How to
Protest Neo-Nazis

Jews' B'nai Brith Behind Political Censorship in Canada

"Left" and "Alt-Right": Stupid, Confusing, Equalizing Words with Our Enemies

White Nationalists Are Against the Globalist Jews' Ever-Expanding War on Terror

Our Hypocrite Evil Enemies: Look at This Black Idiot in Chains and the Killer Criminal Faces
of His Antifa Sponsors

Florida Racists Confront Anti-White Self Loathers On Campus

Reds and Anti-Sharia Demonstrators Clash in San Bernardino, CA,amp.html

10 Things About Julian Assange: He's Not A Racist, Cannot Be Trusted

It's Okay to Be White -- Or German, Etc., -- A Wimpy Slogan for Whites'
Extinction... White Power and Privilege is Better

Tips on White Nationalist Networking in a
Political Censoring Jew World.Thanks, Andrew Anglin

Forwarded to Newstalk 1010 Toronto host John Moore:

November 20, 2017

Enough about the monster Manson. Are you metrosexuals in love
with him?


Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada

Greedy Banks and Their States' Regimes Suspends Driver's Licenses for
Unpaid Student Loans
Complain to Donald Trump (We Will) at

Mean Powerful Scared Jews Want More Censor Laws on Public and Media
in Case of Another "Kristallnicht" of Rising Anti-Semitism Today

Any Neo-Nazi Mourning Monster Manson is No Better Than the Evil Killer

Idiots on Sheila-run Continent of Australia Plan Anti-White Nationalist TV Series
Give their PM Malcolm Turnbull Hell Here (We Will):

Tell the President of Poland Andrzej Duda to Restrain Their Anti-White Whores
and Church
We Will... Here:
  Read Story Here:

Putin's Pet? Andrew Anglin is An Idiot to Support KGB Agent Putin and
His Freemason-like Cult Puppet, Syria's Assad

Globalist Jew-Directed Google's Plan to Censor the World: They Love Political Censorship
to Silence Their Opponents

A Whiny Wimpy Idea: "It's OK to be White" Slogan (for White Nationalists

Mean Capitalists: Trump Would Be A Fool to Cut Poor Whites' Welfare
Tell Him (we Will) on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Who Cares About ISIS? The US "Empire" Should Not be Battling God-Believer
Primitive Jihadists for Globalists' New World Order: Clean Your Own House, Whiteman
Hey, Paul Fromm: There Has Been No Free Speech in Canada Since the
Jews' Censorship Orwellian "Hate Bill" Laws

Tennessee White Nationalists Target State Parks After Being Denied Venues

Jeremy Christian to Stay in Jail Pensing Trial fior MAX Killings

Dumb Loud White Women Our Achilles' Heel: Mika Brzezinski on
Jewsmedia's MSNBC NeedsCondemnation as Such
Tell Her (We Will) here:

Bullfighter Gets Bloodied Testicles in Stupid Sport of Bullfighting

The Now Disrespected Swastika is Powerful -- But So Is the Suncross and
The Fascist Bundle

Good News! Another White Nationalist March, This Time in Spain

Trump's Raised-as-a-Catholic (Universalist) Bannon Still Wants to
Meddle in World Wars and Globalist Trade

Don't Fall for A Second Phony Cold War with Jew Globalists
Making Big Bucks on Military Hardware and Failed Insurrections
Tell Pat Buchanan (We Will) Here:

Crappy Religion for Whites: Semites' God-Worshiping
Baptist Christian Governor of Virginia Open Doors to Nonwhite Invaders

Idiots' Multicult at Work: Stupid Swedes Now Have to Install Microphones in Migrant Areas to
Pick Up Women's Screams
Tell Their King to Close the Borders (we Will)
Ronny Cameron, Another Smart Canadian White Nationalist:
Send Your Support (we Will)

Patriotic Neo-Nazis Are For Real in the Ukraine

Globalists' Jew-run Twitter Censors White Nationalists
Even More... Complain! (We Will)

Toronto Talkshow Host Slagged

Forwarded to CFRB radio Toronto host John Moore commenting
on Toronto's King Street being given exclusively to streetcars:

Lay of your stupid Jew York City comparisons... no one want to be like that hell hole.
People want to get away from your multicult rot.

PS.. You're in the entertainment history.. hope you havemn't molested anyone.

Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada
November 13, 2017

Ryan Bundy Released by Judge to Halfway House

Americans Are Against Middle East Wars and Their Cost

Tell Trump... We Will
On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

The Making of Andrew Anglin by Liberal Magazine Atlantic Monthly

Roy Moore Accuser Stole Navy SEAL's Identity?

Apologist David Duke Still Foolishly Trying to Defend Commies' Deadly
"Diversity" ... It Won't Work

It's Time to Start Getting Active in White Nationalist Politics

Race Is All: Schools in USA Reacting to Rising Racial Incidents,-schools-react-to-racial-incidents

"Kill All Niggers" Graffiti Found at North Carolina Church

Paul Fromm to Speak in Winnipeg

Jewish Defense League Battles "Anti-Semites" Your Ward News Characters

Nature Says: Race Is All...It Will Break the Racemixers' USA Apart

Member of The Order Does His Long Prison Term Alone

Time CIA, FBI Still Hiding JFK Files

NSM Tennessee Photo Gallery: October 2017

Ohio Judge Refuses Subpoenas for Andrew Anglin's Family

Minnesota Militia Prepares for "All Out Civil War"

"Jew Appeal": Steve Bannon Wants to Hide the Jews Tightly, Too, Not
To Do Any Harm

A Stupid Woman's Spin: Rally in Poland "Perverted Patriotism"
Tell Shree Paradkar She's an East Indian Racist Hypocrite
on Twitter, @shreeparadkar  (We Will)

Pentagon Stooge(?) Andrew Anglin Wants More Globalism, Terrorism on US Soil
By Applauding US Murders in Somalia
Ask Him Why-- Tell him  to Lay Off His Neocon Globalists' Warmongering-- Isolationism
Best for Whites' Revivial (We Will) here:

In Afghanistan, As Here, Militant Groups Unite Against A
Common Enemy-- Globalists' Journalists

Neo-Nazi's Son Flips Out During Triple Murder Trial
of Father

The Anti-Whites Are On the March, Led by White Traitors (Our First Enemies)

More Than Folly: White American Soldiers -- Nothing But Mercenaries
for Globalists' Interests

Italy's Mussolini Should Have Stayed Neutral, Like Spain and Survived
Hitler's Dumb Aggression

"Proud Boys" Called NBC "Puff Piece"

"Identarians" Too Afraid and Wimpy to Call Themselves
White Racists?

Tell Them... We Will -- at

More Pics of the Big White Nationalists' March in Poland

Anti-Male Policy: Transgender Election Another Reason Women
Should Not Vote


Cliven Bundy Held in Custody After Courtroom Outburst

Tell Trudeau: No More Fratricidal Wars-- Including Ukraine (we will)

Awwww... University of Toronto Flyers Bug White Self-loathers


It's Not Toxic Masculinity to Be A Hollywood Pervert
Tell This Idiot Sally Kohn Here (we Will)

After Church Shooting, Oath Keeps Warn of "Full-blown Civil War"

Don't Buy It Dummies at Papa John's Pizza Hates Their "Neo-Nazi" Customers
Tell Them to Go to Hell Here (we Will)
Canadians Leery of Mass Immigration, Well Duh!
Tell Candice Malcolm That Race is All (we will) here:
On Twitter: @CandiceMalcolm
-- and she will get a Walter Duranty Award nomination

Fed-up Racists: Kill Our Enemies? Alex Linder Not Adverse to The Idea

Patriot Front's University of Texas Demo

Embrace "White Privilege"-- The Only Way for A White Society

Naive Nation: Richard Spencer Sweden Speech Needs To
Condemn Their
Unnatural Feminist White Self-loathers More

ABC TV's The Goldbergs Slammed for Immorality

Forwarded to Adam Sandler of Happy Madison Productions, producers of The Goldbergs
November 3, 2017
Your show
The Goldbergs hit a new low of  immorality.
The episode in syndication featuring Adam trying to be a mean comedian promotes

the idea that it's not "cool" to be nice and better to be mean-spirited. That's not a good idea to push
to anyone in prime time.
And it's not worthy of any entertainment show... something to think
about with so much negative publicity swirling around Hollywood now.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Canada

Forwarded to Councillor James Pasternak, trying to stop pro-white
rallies in Toronto:

November 7. 2017

Your censorship is unwelcome and is not the white man's way.

Wake up, Pasternak. White Nationalists don't like your attitude.

Nationalist Party of Canada


John Beattie's Dinosaur News, November 11

White Racist  Posters Appear in Oregon

White Racist Banners Seen on Freeway in Washington State

Same-Sex Couple Finds Swastika Carved In Halloween Pumpkin

Anti-Immigration Stickers in Appear in New Jersey

Fox News Hires Trump Advisor Gorka

ADL Investigates Rise in Anti-Semitic Incidents in Pennsylvania

White Racists Leave Facebook for Russian Site:
Paul Fromm on the Free Speech Contributions of Zundel. Rimland
and Rizoli

Papa John's-- The Official Pizza Place of the Alt-Right?

Toronto Ivory Tower Professor Finds Out What White Nationalists
Experienced: " Jews' "Hate" Speech Laws Are Real

Feminist Regrets Moral Superiority Among Ne-cons and Nazis

Give Hell to Harvard Law Dean Marcia Sells, Who's Against
White Survival Stickers
E-mail Her at msells@law (We will)

White Meddlers' Mission Creep in Darkest Africa Endangers Us
All.. Natives Will End Up Coming Here
Tell Trump to Withdraw the Troops (we will)
on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump
Globalist Propaganda Machine Al Jazeera Tries to Cover Up Failed
Antifa Uprising
Call Them Liars and Fake News Purveyors to Their CEO Al Anstey (We Will):

Recipe for Hate Now Has A Kinder, Gentler Face, Whines White Self-loather Kinsella

Pentagon Idiots' Newest Idea: Another Bloody Ground Invasion of North Korea
Tell Trump to Bug Off (We Will)
on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Hollywood Jews' False Idol Reagan Did Nothing for the White Man:
Just Expanded Globalists Invasions

LOL! Censoring Jews of the JDL Now Fighting for Free Speech with Pam Geller

Only Seven White Self-Loathers in Attendance at Saturday Anti-Racist "Block Party"

A US Senator Should Do More Than Write A Blog Against Dirty American
War on Poor Yemen
Tell Ron Paul and His Son Rand (we Will) here


Globalists' War Idiot's Idea: How To Practice for War With North Korea
Tell the BBC Here (we Will)
Trump Overboard Again with Anger Over Bergdahl Decision; Show Some Mercy

Tell Him-- We Will -- @realDonaldTrump
Evil Warmonger Bush Family Has Nothing to Say About Trump

Tell Them -- We Will-- Here on Twitter
Brexit Betrayal: Treacherous Anti-racist White Women Should be Disenfranchised

Know Your Hollywood Sex Scandals

Jews' Newsweek Says Its' Okay to Joke About Beheading People
Give The Editors Hell and Curse all Their Works (We Will)

Ukraine Globalist Jews' Regime Commits to Suicidal Refugee Re-Settlement
Plan: Nationalist Ukrainians Should Revolt, Not Support Their Enemies

Robert Mercer, Briebart Boy: The Powerful Jew Oligarchs Who Run and
Ruin America: All Antiracist Idiots

False Flag 'Patriots': Jews Everywhere Around Russian Oligarch Putin's Regime,
Jenna Abrams is Another

Americans to Train Religious "Rightists" In Europe

Flyers Galore: White Nationalists Standing Up to Nonwhite Immigrants
in New Jersey

Sad: Aryan Brotherhood Infighting Leads to 3 Members to Jail
For Murder

Pro-White Tom Tancredo Running for Colorado Governor

Whites' Norway Doesn't Need Globalist Racemixer Mercenaries On Their Soil
Tell Their PM Here (We Will):


Forwarded to Newstalk 1010 Radio Toronto host Jim Richards,
referring comments on a multi-vehicle accident on Toronto Highway 400, November 1st:

Sikh and East Indian drivers don't seem to care about white society's safety rules.

They drive like they're in the Highway Through Himalaya-- don't forget to mention that, idiot!


Orwellian Hate Speech Trials on For Jez Turner in Women-Run
Anto-White Race Britain


Tell Queen Elizabeth that Free Speech is More Important Than
Hurt Feelings-- Say Something, and Get Rid of these
Tyrannical 'Hate Speech' Laws (we Will)
UK's Homosexual Niger Farage Names Jews as the Problem

Dumb Distraction: David Duke Afraid of Fat Women? Give It a Rest --Go After the White
Self-loather Southerners and Christians
Tell Him Here (we will)

Millenials Divided on Whether Whites' Standard-Bearer Trump Is A Racist

Claim by Jews that Old School White Nationalists
Failed to Deliver in Shelbyville, Tennessee Demo, Copying Black Lives Matter Propaganda

Fractures Appear: "Alt-Right" Means Nothing To the Public

Tell Them to Change Their Dumb Name to White Nationalism, Or
Close Down... We Will, here:

League of The South and Nationalist Front at Shelbyville
October 28 Rally

Swastika (Whites' Symbol) Feared in Any Vandalism. Nut Leave
the Dead Alone in NYC Cemeteries, etc.

Mean Universalist Semitic Gods' US Followers Call
White Nationalist Movement "Evil"

What Nerve! Tell Them (We Will)
Good News! American High Schoolers Learning That
Race Is All

Donald Trump Went on "Peasant Hunt" with
Iowa's Steve King

Just Like Jews: Cuckservative Traitors Have No Where Else
to Go-- Except White Nationalism

Live Updates; Bundy Ranch Trial

Foolish Globalist Spanish Neo-Nazi Against
New Ethno-State of Catalonia, Gives Fascist Salute

Idiot Mad Dog Mattis Warlike on North Korea

Tell Donald Trump to Get Rid of Him (we will) at
@realDonaldTrump  on Twitter

EU and Women's Catalans Too Scared of Spain to
Properly Declare an Ethno-Republic

Alt-Right Must Be Outright White Nationalist--Otherwise It's
All Wrong

Tell Michael Knowles (we will)

Trump is Right: Jew-run Russian Probe is A Witch Hunt from
Both Sides

Tell him, @realDonaldTrump on Twitter (we will)

Flake and Corker: False-Flag Rebel Not White Nationalists.
They're Useless

American White Meddlers Causing Wars in Africa Now

Tell Donald Trump to Get The Hell Out (we will)


Tell White Self-loather Scott Walker
You Can't Run Away From Natural Racism
Tell Him Here
@ScottWalker on Twitter

Barren Whites' California Going back to 'Zorro' Hispanic
Racemixed Colony--Blame Anti-racist Idiots

Trump's Mean Meddling Capitalism Cannot Stand in the
Way of White Nationalists

Dumb Commies, Jews Worried Over White Racists March
Shelbyville Tennessee Today

Patriots' Flyers Have Columbus, Ohio Self-loathers On Edge

Black Beefs Over Cupcakes from Sons of Confederate Veterans

Anti-white Elites Fret About Rise in Orwellian-Termed
"Hate" Speech

Patriots Releasing Names of Illegal Immigrants in Seattle

Rich Get Paid First in Globalists Corporate Canada, Pensioners

Give the Sears Canada CEO Bransin Stranzi Hell (We Will)

Good News: Tennessee Towns Prepare for 
White Nationalist Ralies

Whiny Jews' Holocaust Too Much Talked-about:
They Live It

Like in Russia: Koch Brothers, American Jew Oligarch Rulers

Antifa White Self-loather Thugs Attacks White Patriots' Group
(Le Muerte) Store Front in Montreal  Canada

Tutsis' Burundi Leaves Globalists' Kangaroo Court ICC:
Canadians Should Leave, Too

Tell Trump, @realDonaldTrump   and
Trudeau, (we will)

Free Speech Rally Organizer Sues Boston Mayor for Slander

Christian Radio Host: Vegas Massacre Caused by
"Gay/Lesbian Nazi Regime"

Militiamen: We Don't Condone Violence

Briebart Posts Anti-Immigrant Chain Letters Passages in

Establishment Anti-Racist Alt-Right's "Leader" Putin Urges
Tough Action on Freedom of Speech for "Extremists" on Internet

US Election Commissioners' Voter List Target for Hackers

Zionism Is Not A Natural Race, Just A Religious Racist Semitic Cult

Tell David Duke (we will) Here:
(And Tell Him There's Nothing Wrong with Racism, But Plenty
With His Pro-Diversity Website's Banner)

Commie Feminists Idiot Fools in Democratic Party 
Prefer to Be Called "Leftists", Equal to "Rightists"

Idiots' Way: Globalist War-dog John McCain Wants
More Funds for Wars in Africa

Tell Him No! Racists Say, Stop Meddling--Isolationism Best for Whites

Follower of Gay "Milo": Anti-racist/Anti-Nazi/Alt. Right Idiot
Stabs Father to Death--Shows They Are Cowards

Tell Zionist Idiots Bernie Farber and Evan Balgord Racists Are
Here To Stay, To hell With the Alt-Right Liars at

Read Toronto Star October 27 article "Civil Society Must Step Up to Racism"

In Commie Feminists' Canada: Free Speech Supporters Kicked
Out of Toronto Library

Complain to John Tory (Email:
and to the Toronto Library Board (we will) Here:

Headlines & Stories from Hatewatch: October 25

Russian Propaganda Site Traced to Staten Island, NY

Steve Bannon Dropped "Milo" After Racist Revelations

Lawyers Want to Question Andrew Anglin's Family

How A Historian Responded to Racist Trump Followers


Poll: Majority of White Americans Say They're Discriminated Against

Far Right Leaking Military Documents to Sway Elections

"Extreme Right" More Global Than Ever



Globalist Idiot Bannon Wants More Dumb Wars to End War

Tell Bannon: @StephenBannon
And Trump:   @realDonaldTrump
(we will)


Headlines & Stories Collected from Our Enemies at Hatewatch
October 24:

Ex- Sheriff David Clarke Not Good at His New Job

Virginia Schools Investigating Student Accused of
Wearing Klan Costume

Tucson Resort Plans to Cancel White Nationalist  Meeting

Natural Racism Rising in US High Schools

White Supremnacist Event in Kimmel, NY Confirmed

Ohio State University Bans Richard Spencer from Campus

Commie Shot in Gainsville Whines

Good News: White Nationalists' Isolationism Has Entered the
US Military

Fishing in the Antifa Cesspool of White Self-loather Nuts

Wave of The Future:White Nationalists Fliers Posted at Rutgers University

Mercenaries in Russia: How Westerners Shaped The Army

Ask Queen Elizabeth: Will She Condemn All the Crime and
Violence in the Racemixers' Criminal Island of Britain (we will)?
Contact Her Here:

Not an Isolationist: Steve Bannon is a Globalists' Goof and
No Good for White Nationalists

Tell Him (we will) on Twitter: @StephenBannon

Dummies Ask: Is Toronto City Hall the Appropriate Venue for
Free Speech Rallies... Why Not?

Tell Mayor John Tory (we will) at


Ohio State University Sued for Denying Venue to White Nationalist's Speech

Go Get Them -- Tell Them They're Wrong and Are Causing More Strife and
Hate With Their Censorship Here (we will) Email President Duane Nellis:

Their Loss: Dumb Jews Still Refusing to Be Called White

Trump's Thug Scaramucci Against White Nationalists

Tell Him to Go To Hell Along With His White Self-loathers Here:
On Twitter-- @Scaramucci

Mean Globalists' Trudeau Taxes Hard-Pressed Diabetes Patients
Even More

Tell Him to Rescind This Tax... We Will
Trudeau E-mail:

Tell Josh Mandel -- Pick A Side or Be Sorry (we will)

White Globalist Bank Traitors Move Jobs to India

Complain to TD Bank's CEO Bharat Masrani Here (we will):

October 23, 2017
Mr. Masrani:


The TD bank is one of Canada's oldest financial institution. As such. it is to be condemned for its moving of Canadian jobs to India.

You betray Canadians and your own heritage and history (you were formerly known as the Toronto Dominion Bank)
and should hang your heads in shame. White Nationalists and the Nationalist Party of Canada will
not be doing business with globalists like you.

Bob Smith
NPC Secretary


Florida Fallout Update

Greedy Ideology of Libertarians Should Be More Anti-War
Tell Ron Paul to Rage Some More (we will) Here:

Somalis, USA to Target al-Shabaab (Don't Join Globalist
Idiots' Wars)

Good News! White Self-loathers Call Anti-Trudeau Protesters Racists in
Toronto Demo: Four Arrested

Mentally-Ill White Self-loathers' Spin on Anti-Trudeau Rally
In Toronto... All Their Opponents Are Racists Now

Establishment's Tucker Carlson Out to Put Down, Play Down
Whites' Natural Racism to Survive

Tell Him to Speak Up for White Nationalists Or Go To Hell
We Will --at Email :

Idiot French Globalists To Give 15 Million Euros to Syrian
Areas Freed from ISIS
Tell Macron He's A Fool -- We Will -- Here:

Conservative Group Mocks "Safe Space" Liberals
by Dressing Up Like Babies

White Power Says: Smash Your Assailants: Commies
Whine  About Group They Say Going Unpunished

Richard Spencer Rally: Florida's Globalist Jews Still Against Their
White Racist Saviors--Wake Up, Dummies!

Sellout or Ignorant? Richard Spencer Compares A White Nationalist State to

Semiic God's Religious Cult


Tell Him He's Wrong, All Wrong (we will) Here:
On Twitter,  @RichardBSpencer

London Patriot Charged Under UK Race Act in Women's Idiots' England

Complain to the Queen That There's Bo Free Speech in Britain

Evil Warmonger/War Criminal  George Bush Needs Condemnation for His Anti-
Trump Claptrap

Tell Him He Should Be  in Jail or Hung for His Iraq Invasion
@TheBushCenter on Twitter

Antiwhite Idiot Tarantino Knew About Jew Pervert Pal Weinstein

Tell Him and his Bloody Antiwhite Movies To Go To Hell Here:
on Twitter: @qtarantino

From Hatewatch....

Quietly Financing White Nationalism

Did Alt-Right Ask Spencer To Bomb A Federal Building?

Racist, Violent, Unpunished

The FBI's Phantom Black Menace

Black Rapper: Why Trump is A White Supremacist

Militias Hope for Social Collapse


Any-Racist Fools Worried About What's
Going on in Quebec

Fla. Rally Violence: White Nationalists, Fight Back and Punch Back
Against Evil Anti-White Race Traitors and Their Non-White Pets

Here Are The Ugly Faces of Our Enemies at Spencer's Florida

Globalist Jews Using Movies and TV Against Whites

Spencer's White Nationalist Success at Florida Rally

2 Arrested at Florida White Nationalist Rally

Anti-White Idiot Emmett MacFarlaine Slams New Quebec Law
Forcing All to Show Their Faces in Public (The White Man's Way)

Tell Him Here (we will) :


JDL Anti-Muslim Guide Protest: Jews Have Nowhere to Go
Except White Nationalists for Protection

"Hurricane Spencer" Coming: Daily Stormer
Plans for Richard Spencer's Florida Gig

Paul Fromm to Speak Before Ontario MPPs

Alt.Right Getting on Board to Stop Anti-Racist
White Women's Votes

Globalist Jews' YouTube Censors and Searches

Globalist Jews Still Run Czech Republic: One Billionaire
to Become Their Prime Minister

Libber Beefs About Niqab

Tell East Indian Idiot Shree Paradkan that Face Coverings Are
Not The White Man's Way... (we will) at

White Lives Matter
Events Page

Ukrainian Nationalist Torch March

Complain To Companies That Are Against White Nationalists'
... Especially I-Tunes For Banning Reality Calls Banner:

Globalist Jew Oligarchs' Soros Transfers Billions to Push for
Anti-white One-World-Order with Pals Bill And Miranda Gates

Tell Them to Go To Hell With Their Anti-White Racism (we will)


Angry JDL (of Same Semitic God) to Protest Muslim Heritage Month at
Toronto School Board Wednesday

Trying to Connect Putin's/Jew's Russia to White Nationalists
Worldwide...and Other Headlines for White Racists, October 17

Mad Dog Mattis Will Get Trump Into A War...

Put Him In A Kennel and Retire Him... Tell Trump
at @realDonald Trump (we will)

Get it Right, Alt-right! Without White Privilege There Is
No White Society or Civilization


A Jewess's Lame Suggestions for Trump Supporters' Halloween

Good News: White Nationalists Flyering on US College Campuses


Old Anti-racist Fool John McCain Deserves Condemnation
For Putting Down Populist White Nationalism

Tell Him To Resign Here -- We Will

Ugh! Degenerate Jews' Crappy Cartoon South Park  to Battle Old Rednecks
and Racist Cops

Complain to Comedy Central Tell its Creators They Are
Mental Case Idiots-- We Will

Gitmo Inmate: US Starving Him to Death...Torture Undermines and
Sullies the White Man

Ask Donald Trump What's Up... We Will
On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Headlines for White Nationalists for October 16

Dame Finds Out: Young Conservatives Turning to Racial Identity,
Not Just Cheapskates' Politics

Antiwhite Metrosexual Morons at White Self-loathers' Site
Revel in White Nationalists' Infighting as Their Pathetic Entertainment

Patriotic Soldiers of Odin and Canadian Cops Irk White Self-loathers

Bannon's Right: No One Can Run Away from White Racism in
the GOP-- Race Is All

Canada's Proud Boys Are Quite Natural Racists: No Problem
As White Self-loather Idiots Suggest...Race Is All

Tell Them (we Will) at @ProudboysCanada

More Talk Needed About Socialism Or the Idiocy of Multicult

Tell Anthony Furey (We Will) Here:

South Park: Disgusting and Evil Crap Made To
Undermine Children

NSM Meeting in Illinois October 21.. Details Here:

Christopher Caldwell Needs Your Help



War On Comedians: We Don't Need Morality Lessons from
Hollywood Jew Seth Meyers and His Sex-Fiend Ilk...

Tell Him (we Will) on Twitter:

Limey Perverts Hire Anti-White Tranny to Rail Against Whites

Tell Them to Stop This Evil Propaganda--White Racists Are Angry
Queen Elizabeth:

No Regards to Trump's Pandering to Zionist War Dogs Over
Nuke Deal
Tell Trump -- No More War!  We Will
on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump


Headlines for White Nationalists : October 13

Anti -LGBT Roundup

Professor: "Trump Was the Dumbest G--D--- Student I
Ever Had" (The President Needs Continual Info From Us)

Beasts Like Weinstein Are Everywhere, Says Toronto Star Jewess
Wendie Mallick --and Well Hidden by Whores and Other Hollywood Jews

Tell Her (We Will ) at

Kow-Towing to Racemixer Anti-Racist Semitic God Christians Sucks

No Like on The 'Left': Better Be White
Nationalist -- Or Fold: Tell Them Here (We Will):

He Shot At A Mosque and Ignored White Race Traitors Who Brought
the Nonwhites and Muslims into UK

Skinheads  (If Any Still Around) Should Not Interfere with
Racist Rallies in Fighting (Only Good for Our Enemies)

Headlines for White Racists: October 12

CIA Murderers Are NFG, A Poor Example of White Morality

Tell Them Here:


Women-run UK Holds Pro-white Singer
Alison Chabloz in Detention for 48 Hours

Complain to Queen Elizabeth:

And PM Theresa May:

Forwarded to UK PM Theresa May and HRH Queen Elizabeth:
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns the detention of singer Alison Chabloz by your government.
Is this the kind of "democracy" Great Britain now exhibits?

For shame. There should be no "hate speech" decided by the state.

October 13, 2017


SOB Globalist Good Stephen Harper Cries Over White Society-undermining
Free Trade

Tell Him to Shut Up-- We're Tired of his Racemixer Immigration and Rotten
Job-Stealing Free Trade (We will) Here:
On Twitter: @stephenharper

Tell CBC Idiot Robyn Urback That Hollywood's Problem is
anti-white Jew Scumbags like Harvey Weinstein Spreading Their Evil

Twitter her... @RobynUrback

Great Idea: White Nationalist Flash Mob -- Use It In More
Restricted Spaces Like Our Enemies' Offices, Homes

Headlines for White Racists: October 11

Toronto Star Editorial-- Extend Bike Lanes
Tell These Idiots To Go To Hell
Star Email:

Our Enemies: More Jew 'Comic' Propaganda from Samantha Bee

Tell Her To Shut Up (We Will)--She's Not Funny, Just Rude and Crude
on Twitter  ... @iamsambee


Naive Trump Dancing to Israel's Propaganda on Iran
Tell him to Keep the Nuke Deal (we Will)
on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Banned in America: A Sequel

With Thanks -- More Headlines of Interest to White Racists
Collected by Our Enemies, October 10

Spoiled Ungrateful Baby Boomers Ruined Future Generations With
Racemixing and Feminism

Pervert Seth Macfarlane Needs Condemnation for Hiding Harvey
Weinstein's Sexual Predatory Behavior


Give Him Hell -- We Will -- Here
on Twitter:  @SethMacFarlane


Contact the Brave Servers and Compliment Them  on Their Free Speech Policy Still Hosting "Unpopular" Views Sites, Like
Stormfront, Your Ward News, Etc, and Thank Them for Their Smart Business Acumen as they Know We
Are the Political and Social Future


Support Dennis Mothersbaugh, Another White Nationalist Activist
Arrested Defending Himself at Charlottesville

Give Hell to Its Police Chief Al Thomas Jr.(We Will) Here:



  Chief Thomas:

 Dennis Mothersbaugh is a white nationalist activist arrested  defending himself from violent communists and feminists and now
 in your custody. We protest his arrest and his incarceration.

  He has support of all racists who are watching the trials in your city and expect that while in custody he will be treated with respect
   and with care for his safety and his rights. We are counting on you and the City of Charlottesville to extend them.

  Nationalist Party of Canada
  October 11, 2017
racists in North America.

Complain To The Employers On Behalf of The Hamilton Man Who Lost His Job
Over Confederate Flag (We Will)


Yoke Group Contact:

Dear Yoke Group:
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns you for firing an employee who displayed a Confederate
flag in Hamilton. The White Man's way is for free speech, not censorship.

Reinstate Keith Lipiec immediately.

The Nationalist Party of Canada, Toronto


A Sick Feminist's Mind, Shows Depravity of Our Enemies,
Comparing Guns to Dildos

Tell This Whore Off (We Will) On Twitter at

Globalist Jews, Slimebag Commie Feminists Don't Want Public to Find Out
Pig Paddock Killed Whites for His Antifa/ISIS Hate

Tell Author Marty Kaplan to Tell The Truth (We Will) Here:


Jew Elitists Wonder About White Racist Slogans; Learn Them Now
and Agree or Face an Uncertain Future

Racists Whites Say: Leave North and South Korea Alone-- Let Them Unify and
Deal with Japan, Bring Back All Our Jobs

Jewsmedia Gives Every Stupid Detail  But the Hate Motives of

Racemixer Killing Whites and Antifa/ISIS Lover

Tell CNN's CEO to Discuss This. or Shut Up and Close Shop
(We Will)
Limey Imperialists Have No Business Preparing for War with
North Korea

Tell Queen Elizabeth Here: We Will

Toronto Public Library Bans Victor Fletcher Meeting

Toronto publisher Victor Fletcher has been banned from holding a meeting
at the Toronto Public Library. The NPC wrote a letter in response:


  To: Beth Lawecki, Toronto Public Library

October 11, 2017

With respect to your banning of Victor Fletcher of meeting space,

You are a commie-feminist idiot who can't handle  truth. We aresv ure that Paul Fromm will take this matter further. The White Man's Way is free speech. Try to remember that as we will

Nationalist Party of Canada

Liar Anti-White Site: There's No Praise for Pig Paddock Among
Sane White Racists

Tell These Idiots (We Will) Here:

Idiot Whites' Red Cross Meddlers Have No Business in
Muslims' Afghanistan

Tell Them Here:

Ask Jeff Goodall: Does He Have A White Racist Bone In His Body?
Here-- We Will:

NDP Shifts Left with Singh

Tell Him to Help Canada's Poor Here

Patriotic Nazi Targets Jew Who Said Whites Killing Whites is Not
(Orewellian Version of) Terrorism

Neo-Nazis Threaten Entire Rich Rotten Limey Ruling Establishment
in Britain

Commie Censors' Whine: Fox Host Tucker Carlson Accused of Giving
Voice to White Nationalists, as He Should

Tell Media Matters Free Speech is a White Man's Concept,
Higher Than Their Tyranny, Here:

Only White Whores and Wimps Need Negro Heroes
as Pets and Masters

Anti-White Jew Rob Reiner Slammed on
Bill Maher's Real Time

Tweeted to Rob Reiner, October 9:
You were an effeminate meathead  on All in the Family, and you still are,
speaking against whites owning guns in a racemixed immoral society.

Curses on all your works. And  lose some weight,Meathead.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Tell Keith Olbermann to Go To Hell for Criticizing Mike Pence at
Unpatriotic Negroes' Football Game

Condemn Him at His Contact pa

Jew-run TV Whores of Saturday Night Live Protecting One of
Their Own, Pervert Weinstein

Give Them Hell (We Will), Here:

Globalist Racemixer Morons at Unilever Remove Dove Soap Ad
Offensive to Blacks

Ask Them When They Will Do It for Whites?
Contact Form:

John Oliver Included, Comedian Jew Propagandists Are
Not Funny, Just Rude and Crude: Curse Their Works And Lives

Tell Oliver (We Will) Here:
on Twitter   @iamjohnoliver

Can't Trust Them: Cops Won't Reveal Las Vegas Racemixer Killer's Note

Foolish Poles Stuck with Semitic Women's Religion Won't
Go Far Battling the Same Semitic God-worshippers Coming to
Their Border--Race Is All

Tell Their President Duda Here (we Will):

White Racists Agree: Arriba Catalonia is Another
National Ethnic State in the Making

Tell Eric Margolis at

Jews' Comedian Jimmy Kimmel Deserves Lots of Condemnation for His Anti-White
Gun Control Crap...Curse Him

And Tell Him (we Will) on Twitter, @JimmyKimmelLive

Cheapskate Jews' Brietbart Site Going
'Alt-Right'/White Nationalist (They'd Better)

White Lives Matter Rally Planned for Shelbyville, Tennessee
October 28 (Be There) And More Headlines for
White Racists, October 6

White Nationalists! Give Hell and Condemnation to All Liar Jewsmedia
Journalists and Watch Them Whine, Especially CNN Dogs
Black Nationalism Good for Blacks, Like White Nationalism is Good
For Whites

Tell This Montana Professor... We Will, Here:

Old Hollywood Pervert's Daughter Nancy Sinatra Wants to
Get Rid of Gun Owners
Tell This "Boots Are Made For Walking" Singer to Walk On, Idiot
Here on Twitter

Old Hollywood Whore Cher Taunts Trump

Tell Her to Go To Hell Where She Belongs... We Will
on Twitter... @cher

Comment, Andrew Kaufman, Toronto Star October 5:
Confronting Racism on Campus

Tell This Anti-white Jew His Skin Color Will be His Uniform in the
Future...Curses on All His Anti-racist Drivel and His Propaganda Career

Jealous Commie Jews' Spin "Inside a White Nationalist
Gathering" ..and Other Headlines for White Racists, October 5

No Doubt About It -- White Trump Supporters Targeted by
Evil Racemixer Stephen Paddock in Las Veags Country-
Western Concert

Dumb al-Jazeera Question: Did The Anti-white Racist Vegad Killer Plan
A Different Attack?

Tell Them He Went Out to Kill White People, Period--we Will

Anti-Sharia White Woman Karyn Draper Runs for
Office as a Public School Trustee

Jew Comedian Propagandist Stephen Colbert  Loves to See Whites
Die Off

Tell Him -- and CBS CEO Les Moonves That He's a Slimebag
(We Will)


Colbert on Twitter: @colbertlateshow

No Commie Lies, Please: Racemixer Anti-racist Self-loather Killed
All the Whites Attending A Country Music Concert


Jewsmedia Liars Won't Say That the Las Vegas Killer Was an
Anti-white Racist Racemixer with a Crooke Filipina... Give Them Hell --We Will

CBS News

NBC News

ABC News

Fox News


CBC News

CTV News



Forwarded to Jagmeet Singh, October 1st:
Dear Mr. Singh:

Congratulations on your election as NDP Leader, even by a hair line-53% on the first ballot.

We supported your candidacy, and the party proved that they are not multicultural bigots . Now the lines have been drawn.

Again, congratulations.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Las Vegas Shooter Bets On A Sure Thing


Jewess Heather Mallick Hides Killer's Racemixing, Antifa Literature

Tell Her to Stop the Fake News Crap (We Will)


White People Need Guns in Racemixers' and Criminals' America
Tell Idiot Rapper Lil B Here: We Will

Posted on Don Andrews/Robert Smith Twitter Pages, October 2

Racemixers' legacy: Vegas shooter a hate-filed self loather...Why else would a man shoot an all white country concert?

Headlines for White Racists: October 2

Google's New Search Engine Bias Against All Anti-Establishment

Complain to Them (We Will)  Here:

White Nationalist Rallies on September 30: A Commie's Spin

Generation Z Needs More Racial Pride and Fighting Spirit
With White Nationalist Leaders

More Headlines for White Nationalists, September 29

A Commie Idiots' Militia That Isn't Racist Will Be A Snack for Real White Vigilantes
in Racemixers' USA
Tell Them Here: We Will:

Why Are So Many Swedish Men Cuckolded? Here's One Spying on White Nationalist Patriots

 Tell Him To Go To Hell, Where He Belongs

Ryan King Found Guilty of Disorderly Conduct at Auburn University Scuffle

Globalists Goofs of the FBI Out to Get White Racists, Jailed With 1,000 Investigations

Tell Its Director He's A White Self-loather Race Traitor -- We Will

Hope and Racism, Not Just Rude and Crude Hate, Infiltrates the So-called "Alt Right"
White Nationalists

More Headlines for White Nationalists: September 28

Matt Drudge, Anti-White Racist, Realizes GOP and Democrats are the Same (Too A Long Time)

Skinhead Turned Housewife Admits to Gassing Gay Club As Teen Nazi

Free Dylann Roof" Racist Graffiti Appears at Michigan U

All White Nationalists Hate Brain Cancer-Ridden War Dog John McCain

Unfair: Libertarian Candidate for Virginia Governor Race Denied , Barred at Candidate Events

Tell the State Governor Here: We Will

Anti-Racist Fools: New UKIP Logo Under Attack

Commies' Spin:
Northern Guard Part 3, They Must Be White Nationalist
To Matter At All

Commie Spin:
September 30, See Some Small Rallies Against Globalists'
Regime and Muslim Immigration to Canada

Antifa Scum Try to Restore Their Thug Image on Wikipedia..
Don't Let Them

Compassionate Racists: Richard Spencer and Identity Europa's DACA Protests:
Tell Spencer--Don't Be Mean, Just Cut the Program and Let Those
Already Here Stay (We Will): @RichardBSpencer

White Nationalist Groups in America

Stupid Jewess Pushing White Football Players to Join
Blacks in Disrespecting US National Anthem

Tell Liz Pozner  to Go To Hell with Her Treachery (We Will)
On Twitter at @elizpos

Establishment's Rich Tucker Carlson is A Liar --
Race Is All!

Tell him at
(We Will)

Headlines for White Nationalists, September 27


Wake Up, David Duke-- Russia is Ruled by Jew Oligarchs' Hate-Russia Campaugn
To Divide Whites for Another Phony Col War for Globalists Profits

Tell Him Here-- We Will

Headlines for White Nationalists: September 26

Jews Are Not A Race-- Just A Racist Religious Cult


Black Hypocrisy Continues with John Sims Against White Power
Racial Pride Only Allowed to Non-Whites?
Ask Him-- We Will -- at


How To End the Korean Crisis-- Get the US Off The Peninsula

Germany's Tilt to White Patriotism is More Than The Feminist-run AFD

Devastating Multiculturalism


Phony Merchants' Amazon "Banned Books Week" Still Bans Books on
Revisionist History

Complain to Them Here: We Will:

Anti-white Racist Establishment Official Opposition Drudge Report
Just Like Jew-run Russian Propaganda

Seth Meyers-- Another Anti-Trump Needs White Nationalist Condemnation
for Firing White Nationalist Worker
Tell Him at NBC.. We Will, Here

Headlines of Interest to White Nationalists, September 25

SOB White Idiots Self-loathers March Against White Supremacy at
Free Speech Hypocrite Berkeley University



Boorish Interventionist Trump Needs Education from Isolationist White Nationalists

Alex Jones' Wife Ready to Denounce His Activities on
New Website

The World's 50 Most Influential Jews

AFD Bitch Quits: White Women Leaders of Anti-Immigrant Parties Can't Be
Trusted to Stay Nationalist

Crazy Anarchists Claim Fire Attack in France

White Racists Agree: "I Won't Lose!" Sikh Jagmeet Singh A Natural Choice for
Globalist White Self-loathers of the Commie/Feminist NDP

Tell Him (We Will) Here

Dwindling Feminist Sweden Needs More White Racist Backlash

Tell Their King  Here (We Will):

Home to Commie Free Speech in Hippie Days. Now Berkley University Cancels
Free Speech Event for White Patriots... Sad

Complain to Its President of Their Hypocrisy (We Will) Here

Circus Stuff-- Idiot Whites Who Attend and Watch Tall Black Freaks; Basketball Are
No Help to White Nationalists

Toronto Mayoral Candidate Doug Ford Dubbed 'Alt-Right' After Appearing on
Neo-Con Ezra Levant Show

Isolation is Best: Trump Stupid to Cause A War With China's Puppet
North Korea
Tell Him: Too Many Americans Will Die (We Will)
Here on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

OEGIDA Free Speech Rally Held in London, Ontario

Two Marys' Semitic Catholic Church Goes Globalist at
London Fashion Show

What Is Bitcoin ...and How To Buy Currency

White Wimps of American Guard Fail White Nationalist Florida GOP Senate Candidate
Augutus Invictus

Tell Him White Racists Totally Support Him, Here:

And tell The American Guard They're Wrong Not To Support This White Candidate:

Meddler Globalist Canadian Regime Announces Venezuela Sanctions
Tell Their Leader That as White Nationalists We Do Not Agree with Trudeau's Regime
in Meddling in Venezuela's Politics Here

Only a Globalist Idiot Would Be Against an Ethno-State That Catalans Want
Tell Fool Vincent Law at the meaningless Alt-Right Site (We Will) Email:

Jew Censors Convict Former Belgian MP For "Holy" Holocaust Denial and Other Anti-Semitic Comments

We Told You So  Long Ago -- All This Russian Hacking is a Jewsmedia Fake News Non-Story
When Both Sides Are Ruled by Jews (Canada, Too)

Mother of All Rallies...NOT! White Nationalists Should Concentrate Their Rallies
and Meet in Smaller Spaces Like Our Enemies' Offices

Headlines of Interest to White Racists, September 22

Europe's Gays Moving to The Political 'Right'

Andrew Anglin Statement on "Gab Censorship"

Idiot Says: Trump Told UN What the World Needs to Hear (With His Globalist Conservatism)
Tell This Fool Marc Thiessen He Made the US into Wimps (We Will)
And also Donald Trump..
@real DonaldTrump

Free Speech Advocate Monika Schaefer Protests Secrecy and Shunning by Yellowhead Festival
and Attacks on Her Livelihood

All Bluster: Rand Paul on Trump's Bully Speech at Globalists Tool UN

Fake News Movement: Jewsmedia's CNN Protects Crazy White Self Loather Antifa Thugs
Tell their CEO to Stop  You Can't Protect Criminals and Expect to Get Away With It

Fighting Orwellian "Hate" Killing Free Speech

Don't Forget The Peterborough, Ontario Anti-African Invasion Protest, September 30

You Can't Trust Tillerson, Just A Deep State Globalist Anti-White Traitor

Any SOB Jewsmedia Idiot Trying to Smear Proud
White Nationalists Only Embarrasses Himself

The African Invasion of Canada

Overboard: Jews in Texas Supposedly Hiding from Neo-Nazis Holding Holiday Service
At Secret Location

Taking Down Neo-Nazis Websites Won't Stop Racists from Growing and
Uniting: All Racism is As Natural as Breathing

Why Charlie Angus May Be The Best NDP Leader
Toronto Star Multicult Wimp Walkom Afraid of A Public Perception of a Powerful Turbaned Sikh:
Tell Him Singh is Best for White Self-loathers (We Will) -- Here:
on Twitter: @TomWalkom

Globalists' Mercenary Meddler Stooge Australia Will Face Inevitable Blowback Attack

Tell its PM Malcolm Turnbull to Get Out of Foreign Wars That Are None Of Their Business
(We Will) Here:

Tell The Comic Book Convention Guys They're Wimpy White Self-loathers
-- Who Needs Them?

Even the So-Called "Soft Racists" at Alt-Right Think Trump is
A Globalists' Stooge

Polls Show German Nationalist Party May Enter The Bundestag

Globalist Capitalists Create A Russia Threat for Arms Sales and Profits, As Jews Run Both Sides

Crazy Anarchists Riot in Anti-Fascist Protests in Athens

Clinton Mocks Oligarch Jews' Bad-Mannered "Manspreading"... She Has A Point


White Nationalists... If You Have Few People to Demonstrate Put Them in Smaller Places,
Like Our Enemies' Offices and News Propaganda Stations; Florida League of The South, Take Note
Tell Them Here (we Will)

White Nationalists Arrested for Distributing Flyers in Pittsburgh
Tell Their Mayor Bill Peduto They're Anti-White Fools and Idiot Censors (We Will)

Advice to the Pro-Confederate Protesters:
Take Your Demos to The Mayor's Office in Richmond, Va.

Tell Them at the New Confederate States of America-- We Will -- Here:

No Doubt About It: The West's Greatest Sin-- Female Stupidity
Falling for A Mean Semitic God's Religion

Anti-Racists' Spin: Northern Guard and the Newsmedia, Part 2

Cowardly Stupid Action: 2 Jewish Women Assaulted Mistaken for Muslims --Go After the White Race Traitors:
(Our Real Enemies) Hatewatch Headlines, September 18

Crazy Canadian Anarchists Attack 2 Luxury Cars in St. Henri, Quebec


The NDP and the Road Back to Relevance-- They Must
Elect Sikhs to Prove They're Not Racist

Good News: International Isolation Of Trump, Right Direction for Isolationist
White Nationalists in North America

Media-Shy Northern Guard Must be White Racists-- Or What's The Point?

Oligarch Jews' RT Media and Sputnik Try to be the Official Opposition to Jew-run
Western Regimes (Racists Are the Only Real Opposition)

Attacking Dolly Parton:
Remember, Most Hollywood Whores Are Against Trump and White Nationalists

Ethical Racism: Common Sense, Good Will and Fair Play Marks All White Nationalists

They Believe The Same: Republicans and Democrats Just Red & Blue Teams for
the Globalist Jew Establishment...White Nationalists Know It

Rotten Globalists' Establishment Trying to Set the Rules on Free Speech With
Orwellian "Hate" Categories and Jail. Don't Let Them

The Soviet Roots of Today's Corporate Censorship When Oligarch
Jews Run Both Sides

White Racists Agree: US Green Party Smartly Goes for Single-Payer for
Universal Health Care in Rich War-State America

Tell Them-- Here (We Will) at

Globalist Conservatives Still Against Trump and His White Nationalist Voters
Tell This Idiot David Johnston  He's A White Self-loather Race Traitor
(We Will), Here on Twitter: @DavidCayJ

Registering Russians as Foreign Agents, But Not Israelis, A Lame Attempt  to
Resurrect Phony Cold War with Russian Jew Oligarchs' Regime

Ethiopians Can Run or Ruin Their Own State, Not Our Business:
White Diversity Leads to Extinction...

Tell Dissident Voice Here (We Will)

Americans Still  War People Who Need Bloody Peace Lesson for Backing
War With North Korea

Tell Trump, @realDonaldTrump (We Will)

Populists' Agenda Based on an Untrue Narrative
Tell Anti-White Bastard David Brooks His Spin Sucks (We Will) Here:

Conservative Profs: Campus Outcasts and Failed White Nationalists for
Their Cowardice... To Bad, So Sad
Tell Arthur C. Brooks (We Will) at the American Enterprise Institute :

Donald Trump, Show Some Compassion--Just Close the "Dreamers' Program and
Leave the Them Alone; Mean Stuff Undermines White Nationalists

Geert Wilders: Ridiculous to Have A Barren Anti-Racist Homosexual
As Head of White Nationalists in the Netherlands

Nice Racists Understand: No Big Deal if Trump Shows Compassion to DACA People and
Cuts the Program
Tell him (We Will): @realDonaldTrump

More Headlines for White Nationalists: September 15

Saturday September 30 in Downtown Peterborough Ontario:
Anti-Nonwhite  Immigration Rally Against Trudeau... Be There!


Love and Hate in God's Name--by Anti-white Racist Fools: Part II

New Naive Northern Guard Cannot Escape White Nationalist Label

Ridiculous Wimps' Stuff: "I Tried to Find Spiritual Enlightenment at A Music Festival"...
Join A White Nationalist Group Instead, Or Start One

Some Trump Voters Throw Magahats Into Twitter Bonfire

NATO Globalists' War Dogs Whine Troops in Cities Limit Their
Evil Oversea Wars

Tell Its Head to Disband .. (We Will):

6,000 More Globalists' US Mercenaries Going to Lost War in
Tell Trump: Stupid Is As Stupid Does (We Will):
@realDonald Trump

Childish Anti-White Dame Claims Car-ramming is the Signature Move
of the American Fascist
Tell al-Jazeera and Author Kim Kelly They Are Spreading Anti-White Hate (We Will)

White People Must Understand that Racism is Real...
and They Need It

Tell Multicultist Catholic Jew Fool Michael Coren (we Will)
on Twitter: @michaelcoren

Alt.Right Politics: September 13

19 Women Who Helped Prop Up So-called Alt.Right-Lite
White Nationalists: Racist Headlines, September 13

Free Speech Girl: Send Your Support to To Alison Chabloz, Censored by
Limeys' BNP and Jews' YouTube

White Nationalists Should Not Repeat the Mistake of the Past

No, Antifa is Not the Moral Equivalent of Neo-Nazis...They're Just White
Self-loathers, Thugs and Nuts
Tell Andrew Mitrovica  Here: We Will
On Twitter-- @AndrewMitrovica

Trump Would Be An Idiot to Sign any Anti-white Nationalist Resolution from
the Rotten US Congress

Tell Him on Twitter, @realDonald Trump (We Will)

No Way Around It: Interventionism Allowed the Establishment to Plot 9/11 for
Endless War Authorization for US Globalist, Meddlers

Stupid Globalist Women's Slimy Limeyland's Queen Needs Be Petitioned to Stop
Arresting White Patriots
Contact The Queen and the UK Prime Minister:
The Royal Family

10 Downing Street:

Commie Feminists Angry: White Nationalists and Populists Gather Around Toronto
Mayoralty Candidate Doug Ford

Post Media's Anthony Furey on The Jagmeet Singh Heckler Incident

Tell Furry that Singh Should Lead the White Self-loathers' Party

Watch Out, Patriots, Chase CEO Calls Bitcoin A Fraud

Patriot Prayer Rally Ends in Violence: Confront White Race Traitors and Embrace
Racism --The Only Way To Go

Headlines for White Nationalists Interest, September 12--Including Smart White Racists
Bringing Guns to Rallies to Scare Antifa Wimps

Americans! Bring Your Guns to White Nationalist Rallies-- Evil
Antifa Thugs Could Be Armed

Bike Lanes: Toronto Councillors Have No Concern for Residents

Tell John Tory--and Metro Council -- This Idiocy Must Go

Dumb Globalist Jews Still Against White Nationalists in France:
Join Now, Or Be Sorry

Nicer Jew Sanders Is Right: A Single Payer Universal Health Care System is What
America Needs, Not More Wars
Tell Donald Trump -- We Will
Here:  on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

White Idiots Who Say "I'm Not A Racist" Useless to All

Miss America Pageant Goes Anti-Trump

Everyone's Afraid of racists: NDP Sikh Leadership Hopeful Gets Heckled

Trump Should Repeal the "Use of Force" Crap after 16 Years of the 9/11 Conspiracy

Tell him... We Will at @realDonaldTrump

Third-Rail Alt-Right Meddlers Still Cry for Syria's Assad and His
Freemason-like Cult Regime

Tell Them They're on the Wrong Rail (we Will)

Not The White Man's Way: America's Evil "Murder, inc." Assassination Program
Lives On

Dumb Boast: Stupid Liar Americans Say Afghanistan is Free of Jihadists

8 Year Old Boy Hung? White Race Traitors Are Our Enemies-- Not Nonwhites...
Keep That in Mind, Fools

Idiots' Anti-White Racism Quotes Crap

Women's Nanny State in UK Releases 2 White Patriots Suspected
of Orwellian "Terrorism"

American Conservatives Know 9/11 is A Globalists' Conspiracy
Tell Them, We Will

Mean America's Arab Puppets in Iraq Hold 1,400
Foreign Wives, Children...Let Them Go

Tell Trump Here (We Will)

Honoring Our History  Part 1

Daniel Borden Needs White Nationalists' Help

Globalists Working Together to Prop Up Freemason-Like Red Cult Regime in Syria:
Us Calls off Surveillance of Stuck ISIS Convy at Jews' Request

CNN's Jake Tapper is A Warmonger

Give Him Hell Here (we will):

White Nationalists Say -- Stay Out of Somalia, Only Globalist
Jews and Commies Meddle
Tell Infowars (We Will) Here:

Truth Literature That Red Globalists Want to Censor Gets Out In
Sandpoint, Idaho

Bad News for Trump: Most South Koreans Doubt Their Brethren in the North
Will Start A War

Tell Trump Not to Start One (We Will)  Here:
Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Heather Hoyer Died of A Heart Attack


Good News:  Anti-Free Speech Warren Kinsella Commies Lose in Court to
Your Ward News Publishers


The Pope, the Shrink and the Dirty War

Tell Rick Salutin: Anti-White Racist Semitic Religion Dies Not Represent White Nationalists
(We Will) Here:

America First...Later? Trump Wasting His Time and Popularity
With Whites Whining for DACA Nonwhites

Tell Him... We Will (on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump)

Trump's White Voters Don't Care About Republicans or Democrats-- Just Whites


Anti-White Racist  Catholic Wimp Kasich Making Ohio
A Sanctuary State

Tell Him No Way (We Will) Here:

Jew Globalists, American White Self-loathers and Race Traitors Worried About the
Growing Number of "Nazi Neighbors Next Door, and The Next Door": More Headlines
for White Racists, September 6

Stupid Hollywood's Globalist Jews Push More Anti-white Crap on Perverts
and Fools With "American Horror Story", Strictly Charnel House Evil
Tell Their Producers What Side Their White Man's Bread is Buttered On (We Will):
FX Network Contact Page:

Publicity Achieved: White Self-loathers Trying to Digest A Racist's Logic ...LOL!

Race Traitor White College Millennials Upset Over Nonwhite DACA Migrants (Yawn)

To Hell with anti-White Cheapskates Lioke Rand Paul , Too Mean to be White Men in the Face of the Hurricane Destruction and
Recovery Efforts
Tell Him Here

Jack Bannon is Right: The Universal Catholic Church Wants More Nonwhites to Fill Its Empty Churches
Tell the Universal Catholic Pope to Be More White Nationalist, Or Resign (we Will):

Pathetic! Drag Queens Spoof Germany's White Patriots

Not Our Heroes: All Hollywood is Full of Whores, Antiwhite Producers and Crappy Actors..
Tom Cruise Included


Florida's League of The South Scares Anti-White Idiots

Lots of News and Headlines  for White Racists Collected by Our Idiot Enemies:
September 5th

"Jews Will Not Replace Us":
Your Chance to Declare Globalist Rich Jew Soros A Domestic "Terrorist"

German Women Still Weak on Racism: Politician Walks Out
On Debate

"Cruel and Reckless"  Trump Looks Mean on DACA Controversy:
Build the Wall Instead

Tell Him (We Will) on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

All A Waste: War Industry to Benefit Big from Sale of Arms to Weak North Korea

Tell Him To Withdraw from South Korea --It's Not A White Man's War

Smart Necessary White Militia Againbst Feminists, Commies and Racemixers'
Evil US Empire

Anti-Whites Considered "Cockroaches" by Ted Nugent


Inside The Racist Black Panthers Party

Today's Proven White Racists  Are In Charge of White Nationalist Ideology
No Doubt About It

Idiotic White Self-loathers' Worry: White Racist Gets Too Close to
Globalists' Goof Canadian PM Trudeau

Ant-White Jews Demand All Memorials to New York's First Governor Peter Stuyvesant Be Removed
Over His 'Anti-Semitism'

Tell Mayor Bill deBlasio, No Way (We Will) Here:

Oath Keepers Providing Security for Rescue Teams in Texas

Peace Hypocrite: No Anti-War Movement by Whites and Feminists When There's
Bombing of Patriarchal Muslims
Comment by Jerry Agar: "Alt-left As Bad as Alt-Right"

Tell This Disgusting Creature to Go to Hell Where He Came From (We Will...)

By Tim Parkin: On Free Speech, Alt-Right G+Has It Wrong

Tell This Liar He's An Idiot White ASelf-Loather Race Traitor , Here:
on Twitter: @Tom_Parkin_


Ron Paul: Trump is Bumbling Into an Unecessary War with North Korea... We Agree

Tell Trump on Twitter, Here: @realDonaldTrump

Kim Aware of Race: Smart Whites Racists Don't Want War with North Korea-- But If We Use
Whites, Meddler Population-Exploders and Racemixers Will Be Out of the Far East

Globalist Jew Whiner Michael Moore Wants Whites to be A Minority in the USA
Tell Him to Go To Hell (We Will) on Twitter: @MMFlint

What Wimps Say: 7 Things You Need to Kmow About 'Feared' White Nationalists

Mean Feminist Meddler Australia Should Stop Being Mercenaries in Afghanistan
or Anywhere Else to Torture and Kill
Tell Their PM Malcolm Turnbull (We Will) Here:

Fiscal Conservatives Suck! True Conservatives are Traditionalists, Not
Just  Cheapskate Globalists

"Teachers" Also Mostly White Nationalists' Enemies, Bastards
And Bitches Helping Antifa Thugs

Naive Trump Listening to His Dumb Generals on Afghanistan

Tell Him -- Just Get Out (We Will) at @realDonaldTrump

Revisionist IHR's Credit Card Processing Cut Off by
Powerful Globalist Jews

An Initial Leaderless Resistance Will Bring Out the Real Leaders

Political Prisoner Christopher Cantwell Denied Bail

Old Globalists' Race Traitor Feminist Idiots Like Paul Martin Ruined Canada with
Nonwhite Immigration

Tell Him to Shut Up-- We Will Here:

Globalist Jew Owner of Facebook Wants More Young Nonwhite Immigrants in
North America

Tell Him He's Wrong, To Be On the White Man's Side Here:


Coming From The Commie Feminists Now, Too: Anti-Semitism?


Israel's Jew Censors Want to Silence Hamas News Site

Tell Cloudfare , No Way! Here (We Will)

Rotten Racemixed Globalist Jew "Conservative" Lawmakers Want More Nonwhite
Customers with Immigrant Dreamers

Man Sentenced for Eating Bacon in front of
Muslims in Sweden

Tell Their King and Prime Minister Their Laws Are Nuts and Anti-White:
Shame on Swedes!
Contact Page/Government of Sweden

King Carl Gustav:

CAFE Protests Peel School Board Censor Bylaw: Congratulations, Paul Fromm!

Murder For Hire Not the White Man's Way...Neo-Nazi or Not

Patriotic Proud Boys Slagged by Anti-White Idiots...and More
Headlines for White Racists: August 30

(Send Them Your Support--We Will):

Feminists' Anti-Muslim Group Not Enough When White Nationalism is Needed

Anti-White Establishment's Police Are Militarizing Against
White Nationalist Patriots

Arktos Newsletter #62


The NDP's Dilemma Over Niqabs

LOL! Commie Feminist Caught In Her Own Multicult Trap
Tell Rosie DiManno  at ... We Will

Why Minimum Wage Hikes Mean Fewer Jobs

(Disgusting-- Jew Doesn't Want to Pay More to His Servants: Tell Him
We Will -- Here):

Western Democracies' CIA Site Radio Free Europe Pushes Gay Pride in Slavs' Serbia


Nonplussed: Stormfront Takedown Discussed by Neo-Nazis and White

Stormfront Refugee Center to Be Built for Stormfront Members

Jealous Commie Jew Idiot Michael Moore Wants Whites as A Minority in
Tell Him The Color of His Skin Will Be His Uniform -- Get On the Whites' Side, Or Go To Hell
on Twitter: @MMFlint

Calgary Anti-Muslim Rally: Needs More Racism

Rally in London Ontario: PEGIDA Needs to Admit White Racism
Or It Will Fail-- Religion's Not Enough

Good Idea: All of A Sudden White Racists Need Flash Rallies in Smaller Places

More News Headlines of Interest to White Nationalists
August 28


Pro-White Stormfront Shut Down by Globalist Merchant
Tech Industry Traitors

A Free Speech Web Host?

Cops Are Responsible for Heather Heyers' Death, Say Racists

As US Empire Fails, Trump Enters a Quagmire: Racists Say,
Withdraw All Meddler Troops

Tell Trump Here (We Will)

David Duke on Trump's Latest Press Conference

Perverted Family Guy Creator Seth Macfarlane Slammed
Aug 26 3017

To Seth Macfarlane
c/o Fox Television

Your sick portrayal of suicide in the Family Guy "Fairy Tales" episode is disgusting
with Meg shown at the end hanging herself.

Teen suicide is a major crisis in society and should not be portrayed in this awful manner.
Your immorality and perversion is dangerous.

God curse all your sick endeavors.

Nationalist Party of Canada

The Color of Your Skin is Your Uniform: Racemixer Semitic God's Christians
Lumped in With White Racists (LOL)

White Militia Asks Racists to Do More to Protect Their Heritage

and Future


Globalist Goof Tillerson Does Not Support Trump

Tell Trump to Get Rid of Him--We Will -- @realDonaldTrump

Against Trump: "Morning Joe" Scarborough is An a Anti-White Self-Loathing Idiot

Tell Him Here on Twitter --We Will

Aryan Skynet, Here We Come

What Is A Nazi -- And Why It Matters

White Patriot Arrested in Charlottesville for Fighting
Against Red Mob

Anti-Racists' Spin on Saturday's San Francisco Patriot Rally

Powerful Jews Own Everything on the Internet: YouTube Hides White Racists Videos
and More Headlines for White Racists: August 25

White Future Race War Will Also Be A Class War Against The Anti-white Racist Rich


Remembering George Lincoln Rockwell

Universal; Franchise Considered Again; French
Pretty Boy Macron Elected by Crazy White Women

Nothing Will Win the Afghanistan Fight-- Except an Exit

Tell Trump to Get Out (We Will) at @realDonaldTrump

Stormfront Latest to Have Domain Stolen

Poles Must Get Out of Globalist Catholic Hierarchy If They Want an
Ethno-Nationalist State

Good News! White Militias Agreeing with White Nationalists Worries Establishment Morons..
And More Headlines for August 24

Rude, Crude Andrew Anglin Poked the Jews in The Eye on The Internet

Bundy Supporter Gavin Seims Arrested Again


Toronto Star Editorial August 25: Stop Abortion Obstacles

Tell the White Self-loathers at Planned Parenthood to Go To Hell (We Will):

Nazis? KKK? It Doesn't Matter What They Call Us, As Long as You Are
Active for White Race Existence

Confront Them Off Our Streets: 250,000 Sign Petition to Declare Antifa Thugs Orweliian Terrorist

Trump's Shameful Shift on Afghanistan Will Sink Him in More
Americans' Blood With No Military Victory

Tell Him (We Will): on Twitter -- @realDonaldTrump


Foreign Collaborator Shiites Attacked by Sunnis' Taliban in Afghan Capital of Kabul

White Nationalist Chris Cantwell Surrenders to Police

No Red Pill Around: Biased Priests Useless in Preserving Western Civilization
for Whites


Rude, Crude Daily Stormer Site Up Again
New Link:

Anti-White Jewsmedia Screwed "Fringe Views (White Racists) " Create National
Showdown with Barren White Self-loathers

Nine Trump Voters Don't Mind Being Lumped in With White Nationalists
No Matter What The Enemies' Media Says

Perverts' and Liberal/Libertine Whores' Advice on Dealing With Proud White Men

and Women's Violence

Catholics'/Racemixers Boston Full of Loud White Women and Anti-racist Masked
Cockroaches, March and Rally Show

White Nationalists Plan Rally Soon In Washington, DC

Our Real First Enemy: Anti-Nazi Nuts Claim Torching A White man's Truck
In California

The White Nationalist Alt-Right Have Finished Debating...Arm Yourselves

Tell Them Evil Colonialist Racemixer Consequences A Bad Example of Isolationist
Protectionism... We Will
Contact Page:

Anti-Racist/Feminists' "Act for America" Wimps Cancel 67 Rallies After
White Nationalist Charolettesville Fear

Gavin McInnes: Working Hard For White Nationalism
Compliment Here -- We Will


American Freedom Alliance is Right: California Has Been Destroyed
By Racemixers and Nonwhite Immigrants

Fields of Athenry (Nasty Limey Empire): Another Tribute to Ernst Zundel

Ryerson University (Don Andrews' Alma Mater) Cancels White Nationalist Rally:
Commies Happy
Complain to Its President Mohamed Machemi at  -- We Will

Quebec's La Meute Still Not White Nationalist -- Being Feminists' Anti-Muslim Is Enough

Another KKK Leader Calls Anti-white Black Reporter a "Nigger" Awwww...

Anti-White Nationalists Struggle to Write About Nazis...and More
Headlines of Interest to White Nationalists: August 22

Anti-White Nationalist Canadian RCMP Continues to Harass White Patriot
Brad Love

Write to Commissioner Daniel Dubeau and Tell Them to Lay Off (We Will) Here:

Here's our Letter:

Aug. 23, 2017

Daniel Dubeau,
Office of the Commissioner,
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Dear Sir:

The Nationalist Party of Canada calls upon you to cease and desist your force's harassment of Canadian white nationalist Brad Love.
He has been  under unnecessary surveillance without good reason.

Mr. Love is a fine young man who does not deserve this kind of treatment. He pose no threat to Canada or Canadians and is
being made a target only because of his political views. This is not the kind of behavior taxpayers expect from our world-famous
national police.

Please stop this harassment against Brad Love.


Nationalist Party of Canada

Dumb Trudeau Must Dispel the Myth That "There's Always A Place" For
Refugees in Canada

Tell the Fool :

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones On Charlottesville

You Can't Trust Globalist Scheer: Let the Racemixer Anti-White Nationalist Christians
Fend for Themselves... But Trudeau is Still An Enemy of the White Race


Sad... Trump Was Smart in 2012 When He Said -- Get Out of Afghanistan
Now... Not So Much

Jews' Facebook Discriminates Against Whites

Necessary White Nationalist Ideology Banned in the US and Canada

They'll Be Sorry: Ugly Dumb White Grunt Idiots Would Praise Trump's Unlimited
War in Afghanistan-- Not Sane Racists
Globalist-Led Republicans Are Trump's Real Enemy -- Not White Nationalists

Tell Trump -- We Will -- on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Who Are The White Nationalists (According to the Mental-case Jewsmedia Haters) ?

Slimebag Jewsmedia Tries to Shame Proud White Nationalists for
Attending Charolettesville Rally... It Won't Work

Wiping Out Memory: Blacks' Baltimore Removes White Confederate  Heritage Statues

Complain to The Mayor Catherine Pugh... We Will

Greedy Fat-faced Bill Boyd Screwing White Society with Chinese Migrants

Tell Him No -- We Will -- Here

Tiki Products Brand Should Shut Up : They Sold Lots of Torches for the Charolettesville Rally
Tell Their CEO Marc Olivie Here (we Will):

Seismic Testing For Oil Harmful to Marine Life

CNN Jewsmedia Shies Away from Using "White Nationalist"  in Favor of "White Supremist"

Tell Them... "It's WHITE NATIONALIST, Fools!"  (We Will)

US Armed Services Committee Chair William "Mac" Thornberry Told to Go To Hell

August 15, 2017
You are a buggy-eyed warmonger whose anti-white vitriol sickens any white racist isolationist.
Go to hell where you belong, you globalist fool! No more wars!
Nationalist Party of Canada
Contact Page:

Tell This CBC Fool Robyn Urback to Go to To Hell With Her Ugly, Stupid White Self-loathers and Proud White Racists
We Are the Good Guys Trying to Restrain Self-hating White Nuts (We Will)

Robyn Urback on Twitter: @RobynUrback

Even More Headlines for White Racists: August 14

Tell Al-Jazeera's Idiots The Statue Topplers Are No Better Than Their Arab ISIS Brothers

(We Will)... Here:
Shiek Hamid bin Hamer/CEO Contact Page

White Self-loathers Hysterics Continue Their Campaign Against Your Ward News

Trump's Catholic Globalist Pence Threatens Venezuela

Tell Him-- No More International Wars (We Will)
Contact Page:

Give Hell to The Durham, NC Police and Mayor For Not Protecting Wghite Heritage in
the Confederate Soldier Statue Toppling

City of Durham Website:
Mayor Bill Bell:

Police Chief Cerelyn Davis:

Anti-Racist Idiot Jeff DeWitt  Slammed

Forwarded to Arizona State Treasurer Jeff DeWitt, for his dumb anti-white comments:

August 15, 2017

Hey moneybags, your name says it all in your stupid unnatural condemnation of white nationalists --"devoid of wit'.

The white race doesn't need fools like you

Nationalist Party of Canada


Fox News Moron Slammed

Forwarded to Rob O'Neill, host of Fox News Specialists for his dumb

August 14, 2017

You're a disgusting example of a white man, you self-loathing mean idiot. How do you sleep at night?
Advocating violence is always wrong, then laughing about it, shows your immorality.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Anti-Defamation League's Murder List

White Wimps and Wimps Protest Charlottesville Rally Violence
Against Their Culprits

Florida White Patriots Arrested by Biased Charlottesville Cops

Why Trump Should  Stop His Sabre-Ratting: Now He's Compared to Kim Jung-un

Justin Trudeau's Cuckoldry

Tell Republican Cuckservative Ron Nehring He's Sick and Ugly and Knows Nothing About White Nationalism
and Needs to Shut Up:
On Twitter: @RonNehring


Globalists' Slimebag Joe Biden is A White Race Traitors

Tell Him Here on Twitter:   @JoeBiden... We Will

Tell the Detroit Red Wings Manager Ken Holland To Go To Hell:
White Patriots Can Wear What They Please

Red Wings' Website:

One Dead, 34 Injured in Virginia White Nationalist Rally Clashes

Unite The Right Updates

More on The Charlottesville Car Rammer

Collective Punishment: Jewsmedia Again Bugging Mother of
Accused Driver of the Car Who Made Anti-racists Fearful

Tell CNN's Van Jones He's Full of Crap With His Double Standards on Race and Identity


Email Him Here (We Will):

Paul Fromm Reports on Your Ward News Hearings
NPC Slams Anti-White Virginia Governor

Forwarded to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in Response to His
August 12 Press Conference

August 12, 2017

Re your press conference on Saturday evening:

It was a moronic speech if ever I heard one. No wonder whites have gone down the drain.

Don't say anything against white nationalists, you hypocritical idiot.

National Party of Canada

Who's Coming to the Unite the Right Rally in Virginia...and More
Headlines for White Racists for August 11

Augustus Sol Invictus: "We Are All Little Gods"

Jews Restricted: The Curious Tale of Israel's Short-Lived Courtship of
North Korea

More Headlines for White Racists Provided by Snooty Degenerate White Self-Hater
Know-it-alls, August 10  -- thanks, Dummies

Your Ward News Case: Commie Feminist Liberals Censors' Info Released to 'Neo-Nazis'.
Anti-Racist Lawyers Laments. Awww...

Ernst Zundel Death: Stories from the World Media:

Fox News Channel

Hindustan Times

Times of Israel

The Local (Germany)

Complain to Airbandb for Cancelling White Racists' Rented Spaces for Rally (We Will)


Tell Sun Media Jerk Mark Bonokoski to Go To Hell for His Stupid
Anti-Zundel Comments
Email Him at

Ernst Zundel: A Great Spirit Has Passed

Another Tribute to Good-Guy Ernst Zundel

White Globalist Mercenary Warmonger Condemned

Forwarded to Frontier Group's Eric Prince following comments on Fox News:

August 10, 2017

to: Erik Prince
       Frontier Services Group

Hey, Jughead! Just get out of Afghanistan now! Your thoughtless lies and dangerous white mercenary meddling
disgusts and endangers with racemixing all isolationists and white racists while costing lives and billions that could be better spent on health care.

How do you sleep at night?

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

The US Cannot Win A War in the Far East
Tell Mattis -- We Will, Here:

Trump Over the Top With Bully Threat Against a Little Country of North Korea

Crazy Anarchists Attack Courthouse in Italy

August  12: Unite The Alt.Right Scares Our  Enemies in Charlottesville, VA

Newsweek Reports of KKK/Neo-Nazis/Racists This Weekend..and More Headlines
For White Racists: August 9

Complain to Trudeau-- Tell Him to Close the Border (We Will)

Email him at

Racist Russians Set Up Training Camps in St. Petersburg

David Duke Eulogizes Ernst Zundel


Eulogy for Ernst Zundel, His Life and Influence


KFC Slammed for Promoting Racemixing
August 9, 2017

KFC and its parent company Yum Brands will receive the following letter:


August 9, 2017

To: Greg Creed, CEO
      Yum Brands/KFC

The Nationalist Party of Canada protests your disgusting racemixing-promoting currently-running ad for KFC which features a carful of people and a black man and white woman in the front and a white man in the back seat.

It is unacceptable that DNA-recessive white people are both belittled and encouraged to racemix. We demand this ad be withdrawn immediately from the air-- otherwise, white racists will be boycotting KFC in Canada and in the USA.

Don't push this on proud white people.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Contact and Protest to CEO Greg Creed Here:


Commies' Diversity: Dangerous to Whites

Tell David Duke to Remove the Word from His Site's Banner

Racists -- We Are the Good Guys... Get One of These So-called "Hateful" Shirts

Unsung Summit of Two Jews' Schleps, "Put-in" and Trump

US/Russian Globalist Idiots Want Every Corner of The Planet Safe from ISIS for Fourth Year

Whores and Sons of Bitches at Charlottesville, VA City Council Cancels Unite The Right Rally
to Another Location
Complain to Them Here: (We Will)

Trump War-dog Fools Want to Save Multicult Construct Philippines with More Bombings


Tell Trump No (We Will)-- Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump

New Film: Phony Cold War II, When Jews Run Both Sides-- Any Information On It
Is Blacklisted

Eric Margolis Knows: Time To End the Dumb Lost Afghan War

Jew Oligarchs' Puppets Lavrov and Tillerson Hold Talks: They Own Both Sides

Fox News' Jewsmedia Still Against White Nationalism, Fascism:
Tell Tucker Carlson to Stop His Commie Crap and Criticism (We Will)
Here at

Trump, Emulate Gorbachev: Even the Mean Soviets Knew War Was Unwinnable with
Free Spirited Spiritual People
Tell Him Here at Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

The Tomb of Pan

Trump Supporter Vs. 400 Commie Feminists in London, Ontario

National Socialist Movement Outlines Its Healthcare Reform Plan

Snooty Controlled Opposition Opinion: "I'm Convinced That the White Anti-racist National Review
is CIA Controlled"

Toronto Star August 5 Editorial: "Counter Hate Speech"
(Hypocrite Commie/Feminist BS Still NFG)

White Racists! Confront Those Ugly White Self-loathers and Their Nonwhite Pets
In Calgary on August 6

A Good White Nationalist, Donna Upson, Is in Prison and Needs Your Support
Write Her at Springhill Institution, 330 McGee Street, Springhill, Nova Scotia BOM 1X0

To: Superintendent
Spring Hill Institute, Nova Scotia

Dear Sir:

We write to you regarding Miss Donna Upson, a supporter of our organization, who is current in custody in Nova Scotia. We are asking you
to see to it that during her incarceration that she is treated fairly and with the same care and respect as other inmates.

It is our wish that she not be subject to any pressure or negative treatment due to her political views or exposed to any danger to her personal safety.

While she is in your custody, your Ministry and your institution are responsible for her safety, and we will be monitoring her incarceration in this regard.

We thank you for your attention to this matter and your positive response.

Nationalist Party of Canada

(Also sent to the Premier of Nova Scotia)

White Racists Say: White men Will Have to Tougher, But Moral and Disciplined If They
Want to Face Off With Nutty White Self-loathers and Their Nonwhite Hypocrite Pets

Semitic God's Christians and Spengler Idiot Idea: Africa to Save Europe

White Racists Say: Get the Globalist Occupiers (Peacekeepers) Out of The
Third World

Trump Rewards Angry Whites Who Elected Him...and More Heaadlines
For White Racists, August 4

Haiti Migrants Jumping the Line: Taking Advantage of Multiculturalism

Tell Justin Trudeau to Shut  The Border at (We Will)

Headlines for White Racists August 3

Anti-Racist Catholic War Dog VP Pence Needs Advice: No More Phony
Cold Wars for Profit or Globalists

Tell Him.. We Will Here

Unreliable Jews' YouTube Jumping the Gun to Censor White Nationalists

Complain to Their CEO Susan Wocjicki Here:

Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill: Another Jew-Run "Deep State" Victory

Trump Eyes Immigration Limits
Good Idea-- Tell Him on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Forwarded to President Trump at the White House:

August 4, 2017

Mr. President:

Congratulations on your rally on Thursday which we thought was well attended.

It was great fun to watch the newsmedia like CNN fall all over themselves covering it.

On behalf of the members and supporters of the Nationalist Party of Canada, I send best wishes to you and your family and continued success on your presidency.

Nationalist Party of Canada

White Divisive Neocons: Conservative Warmongers Push for Continued
War and Anxiety Between US & Russia

Failed Philosophy: Only Anti-war Cuckservative in US Congress Won't Run Again

Permanently-Disabled Louisiana Deputy Sues Leaders of Black Lives Matter

Check Your Mirror! Jews Horrified for Drag Queen Story for Kids in
Whites' Feminist Whorehouse Society

Racemixed Venezuelan Democracy On The Brink? It's Their Business

More the Merrier: Tennessee White Supremacist Group Confederate Blood & Honor Returns

Anti LGBT Roundup of Events, August 2

Race Is All: Headlines for White Racists, August 2

Fake News CNN's Slimebag Jim Acosta Tries to Push Multicult Immigration to US

Tell Him to Go To Hell (We Will):

Ask David Duke Why He Promotes the Commie Word "Diversity" on His Site (We Will)

Trump Willing to Destroy North Korea? Any New War Will Destroy His
Tell Him and Tillerson-- We Will
Tweet Trump: @realDonaldTrump

Tell Angela Merkel to Get Her White Meddlers Out of Africa (We Will)

Contact Page:

The Dawn of An Orwellian Future Starts With Categorizing All Armed
Opponents as "Terrorists"

Headlines for White Racists for July 31

Where Is Andrew Anglin? No Problem -- He's in African Racists' Boko Haram Country..
and Other News for White Racists, July 31st

100 Pro-Bundy Family Supporter White Nationalists Demonstrate at the White House

Ernst Zundel: Counting Jews' Bones Holocaust Denial Only Helps Their Victimhood:
White Racism is Much More Important
Tell The Zundelsite-- We Will, Here:

Southern Whites Must Defend Their Heritage or Be Forgotten in A
Women's Racemixed Society

False Flag: "Unite The Right" Alt.Right Racists Mean Nothing to The People,
Just to Professional Hacks and Pundits

Establishment's Anti-Communist Mouthpiece Radio Free Europe Pushes
Phony World War II This Time Against the Russian People

Tell Them that Jews Run Both Sides --and Stop Pretending for the Sake of
Military/Industrial Profits Dividing Whites for a Third Fratricidal War (We Will):

Tell Pat Buchanan Whites Should Adopt isolationism, Not Foreign Aid and Wars
We Will -- Here:


Ottawa's Secret Plans for The Aftermath of the Queen's Death
We Don't Need a Foreign Monarch's Rule... Tell PM Trudeau (We Will), Here
Justin Trudeau's Email:

Woman Robbed Robbed, Pistol-whipped in her Driveway... Blame Racemixer Whites First!

Good Idea: New Campaign to Close All Globalist Racemixing US Military Meddler Bases on
Foreign Soil

Donald Trump Shouldn't A Second Useless  Korean War:
Tell Him To Withdraw All Troops From Far East (We Will) on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Toronto Star Comment: Goodale Must Investigate Racism Charges against RCMP, CSIS
(Just a bunch of Heritage Front guys)

Man Fired: White Idiots at Canadian Tire Ignore Nonwhite Crime
Tell Them to Start Flying the Canadian Flag at All Their Stores First (We Will) Here:
Canadian Tire CEO Stephen Wetmore -- Contact Page:

Trump -- Stooge of Jew Oligarchs Who Want to Continue the Phony Cold War With Our
Russian Kith and Kin

Tell Him -- Don't Sign The New anti-Russian Sanctions Bill (We Will)
On Twitter:  @realDonaldTrump
Email, White House:

Anti-Islamist Edmonton  Rally Held

Canada's Cultural Action Society Pushing for Divisive Bilingual Racism Which Led to Multiculturalism
Tell Them They're Wrong... We Will, Here:

Almost-Dead John McCain...Just A Zionist War Dog

Tell Him To Resign (We Will) Here:

Radical Christians on Rise in US Military... and More
Headlines for White Racists for July 28

No-Guts Whites, Attacking the Dead by Vandalizing A Cemetery is Cowardly
-- Confront Your Own White Race Traitors First and Foremost

Nutty Anarchists in Germany Firebomb A Truck

That's The Way -- White Nationalists Work with Cops..and More
Headlines for White Racists: July 27

Look Out! KKK Black Legion Revival?

UN Globalists (Enemy of All White Nations' Populations)
With Their Evil Replacement Agenda

Globalist Jews Want An Anxious World With Second Phony
Cold War for Military Industrial Profits While They Run
Both Sides With 98-2 Sanctions Vote

Tell Trump Not To Sign This Bill (we Will): @realDonaldTrump

Modern Family Slammed for Endangering Service People

To: Christoper Lloyd, Steve Levitan
        "Modern Family"
           20th Century Fox Television

A recently-syndicated episode of Modern Family repeatedly showed a
simulated physical ad verbal attack by Luke Dunphy on what he believed to be a burglar
but was his mother. He shouted "Die, Pizza Man!" as he fired a paintball gun.

This not only denigrates pizza delivery people but endangers them as well
by okaying attacking service people. Many of these people no doubt
have faced this situation with armed people and many have been attacked,
injured and killed.

It is the hope of the Nationalist Party of Canada that this kind of "fun" attack on people will
not be repeated in future episodes. Working in restaurants and home delivery is a
profession that is risky enough without it being made "humorous".

Bob Smith
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Canada

cc: Federal Communications Commission
      Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission

And Slammed Again for Immorality


August 1, 2017

Steve Levitan Productions/
    29th Century Fox Television

Once again we are pointing out to you how Modern Family  is heading down a South Park road. Phil Dunphy's character is
evolving from a goofy dad into a mean-spirited immoral man
His allowing in one episode his son Luke to get away with cheating on a wrestling match, and in the same episode arranging for
his business rival Gil to get head lice from Lily is nothing shoret of mean and immoral. In another episode, he pretends Luke is inured to lure
his daughters to help him break him into a old movie theatre.

In the new season, we hope that Phil will develop a sense or morals and right and wrong instead of sinking lower than others.
Otherwise we will be telling White Nationalists who enjoy the show in North America not to watch.

Bob Smith
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada.

White Supremacist Fugitive Captured: Man Missing

Paul Joseph Watson -- Not A White Racist

Neo-Nazis At German Rock Festival Outnumber Population
of Themar

Too Foreign and German: "Leafenstraum"--
Dumb Name for White Racists' Gathering in Canada

Neo-Nazis Join Alt-Right White Nationalists for Big Meeting
in Virginia

Headlines for White Racists: July 27

Not The Good Guys: Iraqi US Puppets Admit to Killing
Women and Children

Tell Donald Trump-- We Will
at @realDonaldTrump

Help Him Out: Kevin Johnston Charged With "Hate"


Contact Him Here:

Donald Trump Rallies in Ohio


Over-feminized Western Men Have 50% Lower Sperm Than
40 Years Ago

The MMIW Stuck in a Politically Correct Limbo

(Ask the Indians to stop their violent behavior first --
and Tell Lorne Gunter (We Will).. at )


How To Get Free US Military Weapons-- Build A Fake
Website and the DOD Will Oblige

Middle America Is White America

Tell Alt.Right To Get It Right... We Will


Whites Must Embrace Their Inner Noble Savage,The White Man's
Way is Better Than any Semitic God/Women's-Based Religion

The Cruelty of Jew-backed Iran Hawks

Whites Get Out: Only Moron Globalists Would Still
Pitch the Forever War in Afghanistan

Canadian Focus Turns to Syria

Are You Nuts? Tell this Neo-Con Globalist Matthew Fisher
No More Wars!... Tweet him: @mfisheroverseas

Omar Khadr Solidarity Campaign? Let's start by Sopping

All Globalist Mercenary Missions
(Tell Anthony Furey at



We Don't Need Any Diversity That Replaces Whites in Their
Own Homelands

Shames Us All: Stabbing A Woman with A Lance -- Ugly, Unseemly
for A White Nationalist Site

Tell Andrew Anglin to Take Down His Stupid Photoshopped Illustration --Save The Stormer From Evil (We Will)

Globalist Jews Carrying on Second Cold War for the Military-
Industrial Profits on Russia

Tell The Star's Royson James That Blacks Are Still
Too Violent -- Whites Will Avoid Them... we will


Trump Is a Brainless Billionaire (as al-Shabaab Says) To Be
Killing People in Somalia for Globalists.

Tell Him to Get Out Now, at @realDonaldTump

Trump Should Be the Peace President and Not Sign
Tell Him Here: @realDonaldTrump (we Will)

Being Disgusting Not the White Man's Way, Especially Coming
From A Neo-Criminal Country of Serial Killers and Missing People
Tell Trump... We Will

Ron Paul Is Right -- Tell Trump Not To Sign New Sanctions on the
Russian People for a Second Phony  Cold War When Jews Run Both Sides

Anti-Racemixing Whites in USA About the Same as
Trump's Base Support of 37%

Pro-Feminist Anti-Racist Rally To Be Held in Edmonton
and Hamilton on July 29: Race Is All, Not Semitic God-Worship

Tell Them that Race is All, not Semitic God-worship (We Will):

Nordic Resistance Movement at A Snooty Tennis Match
in Sweden

Police Union: Toronto Dangerously (Diverse and) Underserviced

Tell Union President Mike McCormack We Agree
Contact Page:

And Tell Mayor Tory Toronto Needs More Cops

NSM Commander Jeff Schoep On Health Care in America

White Racists Have Had Enough of Barren Queers in Norway


Rcaemixers' Dilemma: Plot to Kill Trump Shows No Decency or
Morality in US Society


Member of 211 Boot Boys Avoids Jail Time Via Plea Deal Over
Politically-Motivated Beating

Crazy Gun Control Rules Good for A Police State Tyranny, Criminals,
In A Dangerous 'Diverse' Society

Jews', Feminists' "Click Against Hate" Undermines Australian Whites' Society

Tell Their PM Malcolm Turnbull (We Will), Here:

Alex Linder and White Nationalism 1.0

Paul Fromm Still Pushes Colonialism With His Foreign Flags at
Proud Boys Event.... Why?

Semitic Women's Judaism-Lite Christianity Loses Old Gods in Greece

Never Too Arrogant: Whites Can Learn From Other Races' Mistakes
to Unite.... Blacks Included

Traditional Workers' Party Head Matthew Heimbach Avoids Jail
on Disorderly Conduct Guilty Plea with Fine, Suspended Sentence

Jews' YouTube Censoring Sandy Hook Videos... Complain!

Jewsmedia's Russian Scandals There to Keep Up Illusion of An Enemy
White People by Multicult Globalists, When Jews Rule Both Sides

White Racists Too Concerned About Muslims, While Ignoring White
Race Traitors Who Brought Them Here

Tell Devon Mannix (We Will) Here:

CIA Director Whines: Racetraitors and Torturers Should Be Disbanded

New Jew Series on the US Civil War: Probably Insidious Propaganda

Spies & Slimebags Rate High in Feminists' Scared

CIA and Mossad 9/11 Conspiracy Does Not Justify
Today's Wars


White Patriot Golden State Skinheads Arrested on Multicult
Regime's Charges

Commie Feminists Want Jew Jon Stewart to Run for


Australian White Racists Condemn Somali Cop For Killing
Australian White Woman in USA

Hungary's Tale of Two Jews


Who Gives A Damn? Globalist Jew Oligarchs Try to Explain to Free
White Men What A Hate Group: Headlines for Racists, July 18


Pussy Riot Slams Liberal Jew Globalist Oligarchs'
Obsession with Putin

The Sovereign Files: July 17

Lawyers' Memorial: No Apology Needed for Being A
White Racist-- Establishment's Barbrara Kulaszka Was Not One

Tell Jeff Goodall (We Will) at

White Racists Say: A War-Nation With No Health Care for
Its Citizens Stinks

Tell Donald Trump at @realDonald Trump  (We Will)

Two Shot In Vaughan, Ontario: Toronto Plagued with
Italians' Mafia War

Tell Vaughan's Mayor to Clean It Up (We Will) Here:

World's Top 20 Billionaires: Many Are Jews

US Hostage Policy: Pay The Bloody Ransom!

Toronto Councillor Pasternak Slammed for Anti-Free Speech Actions

Toronto Councillor James Pasternak cried the blues about Canadians
who chose to hold a memorial service for lawyer Barbara Kulaszka.
The NPC responded to him and Mayor John Tory:

July 13, 2017
To Councillor Pasternak:
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns you for your anti-free speech remarks against Canadians marking the death of a lawyer in a public library.
Free speech is free speech, not just what what Jews want. Unlike you, Canadian Nationalist Party have common sense,
good will and fair play, something you're obviously afraid of. Remember, you're a public figure representing more than just your lousy narrow-minded view.
Your days of running things are coming to and end with the rise of populism and white nationalists.

Complain to him at
and to Mayor Tory at

Anti-Trump Rally: All Rockers Are NFG-- Especially Pink Floyd

Tell Roger Walters (we Will) Here:
On Twitter: @rogerwalters

Lew Rockwell Is Right...
Get Out of Syria!

Globalists' Jewsmedia Only Highlights Attacks in Israel: Gaza
Suffering and Jew Reprisals Ignored

War Hawk Trump Too Globalist with Jews All Around Him

Tell Him Isolationism Is Best.. We Will..on Twitter


White Nationalist Paul Fromm Wants an Apology from Jewess
and Jew Globalist Toronto Star... Fat Chance

Pro-Diversity David Duke's Speech at League of the South

The Modern Day KKK In Pictures

Headlines of Interest to White Racists: July 14

CSIS Employees Accused Spy Agency of Racism

CSIS Facing $35 Million in Lawsuits

Globalist Racemixers/Universal Catholic Followers of the Judaism-Lite
God-Religion Don't Like US Nationalism of Trump's White Supporters
Tell Pope Francis to Mind His Own Business with His Priest Sex Fiends
(We Will...) Race Is All


Slavs Should Stay Out of Women-Meddler Countries' Useless
Military Alliances to Survive...

Tell Their Jewish Globalist Leader Volodymyr Groysman
What You Think, Here (We Will)

Childish White Self-loather Tyrant Warren Kinsella Wants to Deny
Free Speech in Public Places

Canadian Taxpayers, Complain to Him Here -- We Will



More News Stories for Racists: July 12

Anti-racist Bigots to Hold Rally Supporting Canada's Globalist Meddling
July 16th by Feminists--Not the Decent White Man's Way. Don't Attend

Here's What's Wrong with the Neo-con Alt.Right: Steve Bannon Wants
to Send Private Mercenaries to Fight the Taliban

Tell Him He;s Wrong to Be A Tool of Globalists Here (We Will):
On Twitter: @StephenBannon

the Meanness Does Not Become Whites: Only Jews and Cheapskates
Would Not Tip Nonwhite Proper Service In a Multicult Society

Tell Alt. Right (We Will) at

Hey Whites! No More Brothers' Wars!

Posters Appear in Australia Against Deadly Nonwhite Immigration

White Privilege Required for A White Society... and
More News for White Racists: July 10

Three Teens Arrested for "Hateful" Graffiti in Vaughan, Ontario

Sick Semitic Women's Religion Also Likes to Mutilate
Male Genitalia

Tell Their Head They're Unnatural and Mean (We Will) Here:

Fascist Beach Club Raided by Globalists' Regime in Italy

Complain to Their PM Here:

Nigger Kills White Man for Sating "Nigger"...No Charges Laid

Complain to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

And to Broward County:

It's Childish to Think That White Nationalism (Alt-Right)
Is Only for Young White Men... We Need Every Man

Kushner Keeping Secrets: Trump Can't Trust His New "Jewish"
Daughter Ivanka or Jew Husband

Tell Him at @realDonaldTrump  (We Will)

White Race Traitors Are Our Real Enemy;
Killer Breivik Keeps A List

Negro Rap Song Praises Nazis

End the Korean War

Tell Donald Trump to Withdraw All US Troops (We Will)
at @realDonaldTrump

10 Reasons Why Greedy Conservatives Suck and Are A
Total Failure (Racism is Best)

Trump Skips Visit to Warsaw Ghetto Where Jews Fought Nazis
for Their Lives..and More News for White Racists: July 7

Carding: Women's Semitic God Christianity Undermines White Society

Not Just George Clooney: All Jews' Minstrels
From Hollywood are NFG

National Socialist Movement "Meet & Greet" Saturday
July 8 in Utah

For details, go to email:

White Racists, Don't Get Involved in Semitic Women's 3-Religion
Wars in the Philippines--Or Anywhere Else

Purposely Naive Ron Paul. Part of Establishments'
Hand Puppet Show, Pretends Jew Stooges Are At Odds

Tell Him -- They Run Both Sides (We Will)  at

G20 "Stare Down" Jewsmedia Hand Puppet Show (They Run
Both Sides)

Tell Mark Bonokoski at

How Conservatives Screwed Canada: Where In Hell
Is Ernst Zundel? Still in Canada Denial?

Trump's Big Joke: Poland's Racemixer Christianity Key to
Defeating Globalism and Jihad

More News for White Racist Interest: July 6

Women-Run Hardly-White Rich Eurasian Kardashians
White Race's Morality

Anti-CNN Daily Stormer Gets Press from Jews' Hate Site

Crazy Anarchists Claim Attack on Chile Government Office

Remind Donald Trump That Anti-Interventionist White Voters
Elected Him

Tell Him ... No More Wars! On Twitter, @realDonaldTrump


Anti-White Racist Warren Kinsella-- Continues , Even With the
Armed Forces

Tell Him He's Wrong -- Free Speech and Thought for All!
(We Will), Here:

New Patriots? Military's "Proud Boys" Disrupt Memorial in Halifax

Show Your Freedom: Open-Carry Rally in Colorado Today

Stop Whining for the Semitic God's Anti-racist Christians.. They Are
Responsible for Deadly Multiculturalism

Tell Andrew Anglin:

and David Duke at his Contact Page:

Free Speech: Diane King in Toronto

Canada's 150th Birthday: Whites Show Their Pride with Lots of
Maple Leaf Flags (Stop Whining, Warren Kinsella)
Tell Him Here:

US Warmonger Slammed

Forwarded to US House of Representatives' Ruben Gallego
After his appearance July 3 on CNN:

July 3, 2017

Stop your warmongering and trying to hype up a second phony
cold war-- you know Jews run both sides, especially on Fake
News CNN.

You're a disgusting creature against Russia.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Richard Clarke-- Pinhead Pundit

Forwarded to Author Richard A. Clarke:

July 2, 2017

Re your appearance ion HBO's Real Time:

You're so full of crap .. you know Jews run both sides of the
phony Cold War, and your book "Cassandra" is well-named.

Nationalist Party of Canada


US National Socialist Rally July 8 in Cleveland, Tennessee.
Write to for details.

NSM's Summer Magazine Now Online, Here


From British People's League: John Tyndall Memorial Meeting

ISIS Attack in Tehran June 7

Comment: ISIS Down But Not Out

(Globalist feminist war is not our concern-- tell
Trudeau at we will)

Congratulations  to Austin, Texas White Nationalists Ready
to Tackle White Self-loather Scum

Fake News Town Crier Peter Mansbridge
Loved by Globalist Goof Justin Trudeau

Tell Him Good Riddance (We Will)

Protests Are Not Enough to Bring Destructive G20 Globalism Down

Harassed White Nationalist Allison Chabloz Needs Your Support
Against The Canadian  Globalist Jew Regime

Contact and Support Her On Facebook:

Get the Zionist Jared Kushner Out of the White House

Tell Donald Trump: @realDonaldTrump

White Racists, Confront White Racetraitors at Alt.Right Protest in
Philadelphia...Here's Your Chance to Shut Down The Evil Brutes. Be There

Oregon Indictments Guaranteed to Inflame Patriots... Complain!

Triumphant? All Cheapskate Cuckservative Anti-Racist Whites Are
Finished... Race Is All

There Can Be No Identity Without a Constitutional Racist State

Globalist Jew Podesta Attacks Infowars: Worried, Eh?)

Socrates is Spinning in His Grave: White Civilization and Democracies
Declined When Women Were Given the Vote

Squatting Slav Asks Questions to Black Lives Matter

Jews' Bus Firebombed ..and More Headlines for
White Racists, June 29

Alex Jones Is A Cheapskate Shill for Greedy Jew Capitalists and Mean
Globalist Elites:

Ask Him Why Here (We Will):

Twitter "Hate" Stalker Gets Off with Split Verdict


Armed Whites in South Africa Need to Form Their Own All-White State--
Not Just Fend Off Black Criminals

For Once, Racists Agree with The Toronto Red Star --
Don't Celebrate the Sniper Shot

Tell Them to Stop all Globalist Mercenary Service,We Will:

Fake News Black Fool Don Lemon: Trump is An Embarrassment to the

Tell Him to Look in The Mirror First and Think of All the Black Crime in
America (we will)

Childish Commie Writer Justin Raimondo Claims Oligarch
Putin Hated by Elites Who Put Him in Power

Tell Him to Stop the Commie Lies (we Will) Here

David Duke Is Wrong -- ISIS is Real, All Regimes in the Middle East Are
Globalist Stooges: Stop Supporting Jews' Wars Against Natural Primitives

Tell Him -- We Will:

Whites' Enemies Worried: Trump's America-- Bring on The Hate Against
All Anti-White Racist Bastards and Bitches

Lauren Southern Must Be Told That Race is All -- Not Generational

Tell Her (we will), here:

US International Drone Murders Protested by Moral People

Time Magazine Asks Trump to Remove Fake Covers

White Nationalist March on Charlottesville, VA Planned for August
Just Announced... Be There

A History of the White Race Part I

Note Bene: Marches, Rallies Are Only So Effective--Better to Use Small Forces
to Disrupt Commie Feminists & Establishment Anti-white Activities

LOL: Jews' Facebook Supposedly Protecting Whitemen from Hate

Libertarian Cheapskate Rand Paul Makes More Poor White Enemies With His
Lousy Healthcare Plan
Tell Him to Shut Up and Support Poor Whites (we Will)
On Twitter: @RandPaul

Tell Trump: America Needs Universal Health Care... All Populists
and Racists Agree

Tweet Him at @realDonaldTrump

Washington Post Needs Condemnation for Attacks on Small

Town Residents in Louisiana

Tell The Post here (We Will) at

That's The Way for White Racists-- Use Your Limited Activists to
Disrupt Race Traitor and Seminars: More Racist News for June 27

Tell Ron Paul to Speak Out Against Wars, Not Just Protect Syrian Monster/
Red Cult Dictator Assad (We Will)

Contact Page

Leftists=Commies: These Are the White Race Traitors We Have to Confront
Training Now to Hurt Us

Tell Alex Jones to Name Them Correctly--There's No Such Thing as
Establishment-Divisive 'Left' and 'Right' ... at

Englishman Gets 20 Months in Prison for Dissing Muslims on Jews' Facebook.. To Hell With All 3 Semitic Gods' Religions

Not Worth It: Globalists Fight Against ISIS in Syria Leave Behind
Deadly Path of Destruction All For Their Lousy One World Order

New McVeigh Worship Scares Traitor Anti-White Racists

Sovereign Citizen Gets 12 Years for Vehicular Assault


Tell Donald Trump: More Troops to the Lost Afghanistan Mission Would
Be A Mistake (We Will)-- @realDonaldTrump


Trump Should Get Rid of War Dog Mattis and His Middle East Meddling
... Tell Him

Wild White Women-- White Race's Achilles' Heel,
Requires More Patriarchy, Not Tolerance

Richard Spencer Has Tax Problems

Sony Pictures Condemned Over Immoral New Film
Baby Driver

Forwarded to Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra:

June 28, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your soon-to-premiere film Baby Driver.

This film is yet another in a long line of movies that glorify criminal behavior, violence and immorality.

The commercials promoting the film too loud and damage peoples' hearing. Also. we note the appearance of Jamie Foxx as a black thug. Isn't there enough black crime in real life without Sony and Columbia Studios creating more immoral fantasy?

The NPC and its members and supporters will be boycotting this film.

Bob Smith
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Canada

Trump's Travel Ban Lifts Off

Infowars is Stupid to Push for Free Market Capitalists' Health Care:
One-Payer Universal Care is Best.

Tell Him Here (We Will)

Whites' Calgary Rally According to White Self-Loathers...
(Read Between the Lines)

A New Religion For the US Must Include Nature's Rules


Anti-Racist Scum Afraid of Rising National White Racism for a
Future Fractured All-White Country

Natural White Racism is the Standard for Respect of Alt.Right Groups,
Not Anti-Semitism or Islamophobia

Evil Morons Will Give Grants to Antiwhite Slimebags Should Be
Condemned and More News for White Racists, June 26th

Real Men Missing: Canada A Real Censoring Jew/Feminist State
With Check on What You Read at the Border

Complain to Trudeau at pm@pm,
We Will...

Globalist Jew War-Dog Republicans Still Push for Another
Phony Cold War with Russia for Military, Industrial Benefits

Tell Trump to Withdraw.. No More Wars

Getting It Right on Free Speech: A Jewess Laments Her
Own Peoples' Censor Laws Against Whites --National Post, June 26

(There's none in Canada-- Tell Marnie Soupcoff-- We Will:


JK Rowling, Creator of Harry Potter Begins White Male Wimps On
A Road to Fantasy

Tell Her To Shove Her Books Where The Sun Doesn't Shine (We Will) At

Spoiled Whites Failed to Make An All-White State in South Africa, Now
Suffer Discrimination. Do It Now -- Or Perish


Trump Son-In-Law: A Jew Slumlord Who Made Tenants Put Up With Raw Sewage and
No Heat

Tell Trump To Get Him Out of The White House--He's A Useless Globalist
Idiot White Voters Don't Trust

Shame on America: Trump Fails Populist Test with Crappy Healthcare Plan..
One Payer and Universal Care is The Way to Go... Tell Him

On Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Don't Be A Sucker: All Superheroes Are Needy Jews' Golem
Creations to Keep White Men Childish, Like Themselves

Sickening: A Violent Illegal Immigrant Latino Killed A Teen Muslim Girl
Coming from a Mosque for His Racemixed Evil Pleasure

Dwindling Antifa Morons Try to Make A Fist

Never Mind the Muslims -- Go After The White Race Traitors Who
Brought Them Here

White Males Harassed by Politcally-Correct Establishment
Goons (Cops)

Commies Know: Bare Majority of Whites Voters Are
The Only Ones Happy With Trump

Idiot Baby Boomers... Worst Generation Ever--
Tell Dissident Voice Here

White Christian Anti-Muslim Speakers Useless- All Three Religions Are
Racemixers, Especially Feminist Christians

Tell Bill Finlay (We Will), Here:

There Will Be No War With Russia as Long as Jews Run Both

Tell Lew Rockwell It's Just Another Phony Cold War with
Globalist Jews' Puppets (We Will), Here:


White Russians Are Not Our Enemies: Don't Listen to the Warmongers'
Globalist Jewsmedia

Boo Hoo: Crude Bitch Doesn't Like the Confederate Flag at
Car Festival

It's Childish to Rely on the British to Restore Natural Human Rights
and White Nationalism from a Racemixers' Empire's Queen

Tell Paul Fromm Here (and Get Rid of The Monarchy)

Semitic Women's Christianity: Now Neo-Nazis Need Patriarchal
Rules Like Nonwhites' Sharia.... Race Is All!

Good News: White Meddlers Becoming Extinct in Women's Christianity

Tell Matthew Fisher (We Will) at

Comment: How Nonwhites Get Here? Our Wars:
Racists, Stay out of Semitic God Religions' Civil War

Fighting State Censorship: Paul Fromm Defends  Your Ward News

Tell Donald Trump to Stop Listening to Globalists Jews & Pentagon,
Rebuild the US for Peace and Prosperity, at @realDonald Trump

League of the South Leader Takes Racist Label as A Compliment--
You Should Too

There Is No Western/Freemason Plot to Overthrow Globalist
Red Regime Pet Assad

Tell Alt.Right That Putin Was Put In by Russian Oligarch Jews and
Is Still Their Boy Here (We Wll)

No One Cares about The Traitor Media's Russian Probe Crap

Tell Them Here:

FOX News:

A White Man's Viewpoint:
Deputation of Chris Brosky at Toronto City Hall, June 19th

MODERN FAMILY Morality Condemned

Fowarded to Steven Levitan Productions and 20th Century Fox TV Distribution:
June 22, 2017

Regarding the Modern Family episode "Treehouse", now running in syndication:
This episode features a story where Claire Dunphy leaves her teenage daughter Hailey
stranded by a roadside. This is an irresponsible and not funny scenario which may and has
encouraged women and girls to be placed vulnerable to attack, rape, kidnapping and murder.
The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns this and expects that this kind of irresponsibility will not be
repeated in future episodes otherwise we may be in contact with your advertisers in Canada and the US.
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Tell Trump:
No To More Arabs that Semitic God Feminist Christians Want, and...

Smart Isolationist White Racists-- Tell Trump to Stop His War-Hawks:
Lost Wars Will Destroy His Presidency, Not Scandal

On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Stasi Woman-Run Germany Raids Homes of Those Protesting Immigration
on Facebook

Tell Angela Merkel to Go To Hell  (We Will) Here:;jsessionid=899930D8CF073270E28459669512CF7D.s4t2


Poor in Elitists' Rich Britain Need to Speak Up More

Ask Queen Elizabeth to Represent Them (We Will)

US, Russia Come Close to The Brink Over Syria (Both are Run
by Globalist Jews)

Good News: South Wales, UK: Neo-Nazi Groups on The Rise --
'Hail Mosley' Chant

Tell Donald Trump Not To Roll Back Aid for The Poor and to Make
Health Insurance Universal, on Twitter at @realDonaldTrump

Event Report by Andrew Anglin: Texas Is Ours

Nazi Artifacts Found in Argentina

European Young Conservatives Too Feminized from Baltics (Estonia),
Want More Turks
Tell Them: Without Racism They Are Useless

Canada's Stupid Governor-General Apologizes for Rightly Saying
Indigenous People Are Immigrants to The America... Did They Sprout from
The Ground Here?

Tell the G-G He's A Fool to Apologize for Being Right, here:

Occidental Observer Site Fails to Be White Racist, Hides
Behind 'Western Civilization' Vagueness

Tell Them (We Will), Here:

End of the Jews? Think Again...Originators of the 3 Semitic Religions Won't Go
Away...Hug Them Hard in Your White Society So They Can't Do Anything Against It
Tell Them (We Will) at

Pence Gets A Puppy -- Now, Where is Trump's Dog?

Ask Him at @realDonald Trump   (We Will)

SOB Feminists' in UK to Go After White Nationalists

Tell Their Security Minister Ben Wallace to Go To Hell--
Free Thought is The White Man's Way (We Will):


For 'Big Time' Alex Jones, the Sandy Hook Conspiracy
Will Sink Him -- Too Ridiculous


Hardline White Bible Christians Against Their Own Existence with
White Supremacy Condemnation

Tell Them They're Nut fior This Idiocy Here (we Will):

Bigmouth Commie Jews Claim Killing ISIS Leader--No Big Deal, Jihadists
Willing to Die, Unlike White Nationalist Groups

Comment: British Election-- It's All in The Timing

White Southerners Too Comfortable -- Fail to Defend Their Heritage and History
... Wake Up, Whites!

Canada Must Guard Against Violent Rhetoric..and get Rid of
Globalist Antiwhite Conspirators

Tell The Toronto Sun at .. We Will

US Farmers Slam Trump's Clampdown

Ted Nugent: Degenerate Rockers Can't Be Trusted by Racists

American White Baptist Christians of A Semitic God Pass Watered-down
Resolution for Self Destructive Anti-Racism

Tell Idiot Daniel Jose Camacho He's A Useless Hypocrite Being an Anti-White Racist (We Will), Here:

(He's also getting a Walter Duranty Award Nomination)

Commie Jews' Show Goes On: Trump "Killed" On Stage, Crowd Applauds

Commies Whine about Cashing on on the Rise of the Chickenshit Racists of
the So-called Al.Right that Divides Whites Economically

Dumb Name, Too: "Alt.Right" Nothing But Globalist/Feminist Neo-Cons
Pushing for War Against Far-off ISIS Isolationists.. Tell Them (We Wll)

Possible Conflict with JDL and Shia Muslims' Al Quds Day in
Toronto Tuesday July 20

Pawn Shop Tip Leads to Capture of FLDS Cult Fugitive

"Streetfighter" Gavin McInnes

(Don't Divide Whites... It's Racism or bust)

Rich Morons Sun UK Paper Classifies, Divides Angry Poor Protesting Grenfell Fire Injustice

Tell Its Editor to Get on the Side of The Editor, Here:

White Racemixer Commie Feminist Ask: Should Dylann Roof Be Labelled by the Establishment Orwellian Term 'Terrorist'? Well Duh

Globalists' Stooges Mattis and Tillerson Carry on Wars; Trump
"Not in Charge"

Tell Trump to Stop the Wars (We Will) With This Accusation

Tillerson Might Cut Special Envoy on Anti-Semitism; Whites Are
Sick of the Middle East All Around; Tell Him He;s Not Needed to Rebuild America Instead.
Tell Him Here:

Failing In A Capitalist Business Does Not Mean You're Inferior

Anti-Muslim Feminists Not White Racists...Avoid Them Until They
Are..Racism Is As Natural As Breathing (Tell Them)

Soldiers of Odin on Facebook

Canadian Combat Coalition

Canadian Nationalist Front

Without White Pride and Racism, the Soldiers of Odin
Might as Well Fold...Race is All, Not The Religion of Semites

Tell Them.. We Will  at

Commie Jew Hatred Fueled  the Republicans' Attack

Tell the Southern Poverty Law Center Here: We Will


Commie Jew Hatred Fueled  the Republicans' Attack

Red Ice Radio: Squatting Slav-- The End of SJW Commies

Tell the Southern Poverty Law Center Here: We Will

Send Donald Trump your Birthday Greetings

June 15, 2017

On behalf of the members and supporters of the Nationalist Party of Canada
I send to you greetings for your birthday and best wishes for
the coming year.

Don Andrews, leader
Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada.

Send your greetings to him at @realDonaldTrump



Headlines for Racists, June 13: White Militias Should Expand During
Trump's Presidency -- They'll Be Needed

Jew Globalist Dictator Putin's New Opposition

Destroying Our Economy: Tell Justin Trudeau,
No Globalists' Canada/EU Trade Deals (We Will)


Arrogant Globalist Goof Toder Needs Condemnation for
Undermining Hungary's Nationalism

Tell Him at Amnesty International (we Will)

Race Traitors Try to Organize "Million Canadians" March..
It Was a Bust

Brian Ruhe, Who Blames Everything on "Zionists", To Speak in
Toronto on June 15...Be There

Oath Keepers Are Stupid: White Racists Don't Get Involved in Racemixed
Semitic Religion Against Patriarchal Nonwhites' Version

"Experts" Examining the New White Suprenacy and More Headlines for
White Nationalists: June 12


NDP Irrelevant--They Failed the White Worker


NSM Illinois Meeting June 23rd. Details Here:

Daily Stormer's Houston Blitzkrieg

The Weird Chelsea Manning Interview

Racemixers' Colonialism Sucks: New Fil Black Panther
Against Whites' Savagery

White, Dying-Off, Boomer Antifa Needs Racemixed Latinos for Protests

Huh? Merciless Mass Murderer Anders Breivik Changes His Name
to Fjotlf Hansen

Live Blog: Commie Jews' Version of "March Against Sharia"

Anti-Muslim Protesters Face Off with Multicult Racemixers

Crude, Rude 'Comic' Bill Maher Never Stops Apologizing for
Racial Slur "Nigger"

Tell Him to Shut It (We Will), Here:

White Racists Know: The Establishment's "Deep State" Runs Everything --The Bastards Cannot Hide Now

Tell this Fool Neil Macdonald It's Real and He's Part of It, Here


Comment: Power and Pride for Blacks, While Positive White Identity Denied

Tell Toronto Star's Royson James (we Will) at

Whites' Enemies Claim Trump's Words Used to Bully Minorities,
More Headlines for June 9

NPC Congratulates UK Labour's Jeremy Corbyn:

June 9, 2017

Congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on the good show in the UK Elections and for your anti-intervention
stance regarding the USA.

Nationalist Party of Canada

Bundy Bodyguard Pleads Guilty to Federal Firearms Charges

Alex Jones Melts Down in Kelly Interview and More Headlines
For White Racists, June 8

Pro-White American Kris Korbach to Run for Kansas Governor

Cuckservatives No Good: White Racists Needed to Protect
Confederate Heritage

Original Wahabbi Iran Belongs to  Racemixed Arabs: Aryan Iran, Take Note--
Tell Their Leader Hassan Rouhani to Revive Their Persian Gods and Heritage
 (We Will):

The Contorted Ugly Faces of Antifa White
Self-loathers Needs Scientific Study

We're Not Buying This:" David Duke Says Israel Promotes ISIS God-believers:
They Don't Need Them

Pentagon Okays Attacks on Mosques: Racists Should Sty Out of Intercene Wars Between Believers and in the Semitics' God's Religions

White Racists Headlines: June 6

British National Party Candidate Profiles in June 8 Election

NSM Holding Highway Cleanup and Bar-B-Q June 18 in Kentucky
For details, e-mail:

Anti-White Racist Bastards Call for Their Minions to Attend Anti-Racist
Rally in Harrisburg PA... Be There, White Men

Andrew Anglin is Right:Anti-Interventionist Jeremy Corbyn Better Than Globalists' Feminist Theresa May

Tell Trump (at @realDonaldTrump)
to Stop Funding the Afghan War and Send The Troops Home

Tell the Idiot Daniel McMastyer to Bring the Troops Back to America
to Rebuild America

Israeli Hypocrites Bigots Ban Racemixing Book from Schools:
It's Only Good for Idiot Whites

Confrontation at Globalists' Bilderberg 2017

Comment: The Great White North Canada Going Off-Color

White Racists On the Rise with Trump's Victory, and Other
New for Racists , June 5

Nine Things That Can Get You In Trouble in Jew-Run
Putin's Russia

UK's Holly Peers.. Scientifically Beautiful

Bilderberg 2017 Meeting Wraps Up in Virginia

A Trump War on North Korea Would Knock Out China, South Korea
and China as Cheap Factory Country Jobs Would Come Back

Tell Him Not To Do It... Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump


Richard Spencer Should Not Make Money from Black Labor

Tell Him (We Will) Here: @RichardBSpencer on Twitter

League of The South Meeting June 24-25...Be There
Details Here:

Don't Renegotiate, Get the US Out of NAFTA

Tell Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

Russian Hacker Caught in Barcelona

Portland Free Speech Rally: Live Updates

Same-Semitic-God Sectarianism: ISIS Destroys Feminist
Version of Him in Marawi


Legacy of Anti-racist Idiots: Jew Ezra Levant A "Rebel"?
Give Us A Break

EDL Supporters Protested by White Self-loathers

Commie/Oligarch Globalists' Real Fear: American White Nationalists, When Natural Racism is On The Rise

Comment: Trump Is Making Xenophobia Acceptable

Avoid and Protest Garbage-mouthed "Comedians"
Like Bill Maher and Kathy Griffin

"Alt.Right Discord" Chat Set Up for Public

Racetraitor Commie Feminists Stage Rally for
Dead Activist in Paris

German Patriots' Big March: Commies Confronted

Trump Supporters Outnumber Globalists at White House

Globalist Russian Jews' Putin Says North Korea Nukes
Are A Threat

Why The Attacks Happened, Bill Hayes

Forwarded to Newstalk 1010 host Bill Hayes:

June 4, 2017
The attacks in London and elsewhere are the legacy of aggressive
globalist racemixers.

Wake up, Britain, and stop your meddling invasions...
close the borders!

Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada

Globalist's Spin: Comment: Trump Has Weakened America Abroad

(Tell Charles Krauthammer he's wrong... isolationism is best)
Contact page:

Brazilian Anarchists Attack Government Institution

No One Cares About Anti-white Semitic Women's Religion

Doug Ford Looking at 2018 Mayoral Bid

Help The Poor!
Trump Needs More Whites' Populism and Less Nonwhites and
Elites' Globalism

Tell him Here(Twitter him, @realDonaldTrump)... We Will

And Here:

Coming Up on July 2: Bar-B-Q for Flags Across The Border Event

Former Oxford Schoolboy Held by Kurds After Joining ISIS

Hey, Feminist Islamophobes, Have A Drink...But Remember,
Race Is All. Don't Cower or Apologize

Commie Feminist White Traitors Won't Attack Super-rich
Bilderberger Globalist Racemixers: Same People, Less Money

Young White Idiot Self-loather/Racemixer Honored for
Standing Against His Own Kind: Last Days of a Dying
White Civilization

UK's BNP London Election Report

National Socialist Movement Meetings in Illinois,
Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in June.
Details Here:

June 2 Headlines: American Guard Called Extremist by White
Self-loathers and Jews

Southern Whites A Disappointment in Saving
Their Heritage Monuments... Protect Them

Flash-in-the-Pan/Homosexuals' Hero Alexander The Great:
First Great Racemixer with Asians

Good Idea:White Nationalists, KKK Getting Together Again

Complain to the Idiotic New Orleans Crescent Leadership Academy Who
Fired a White Nationalist Principal (We Will)

Contact Form:


Anti-LGBT Roundup

"Open Borders" Feminist-run Dutch Heineken Beer No Good
For White Racists

Boycott it and Complain To Their CEO Jean-Francois
Van Boxmeer Here (We Will)

White Racist Threat Worries Self Loathers: Headlines, May 31

Racism and Violence: Anti-Islam Violence Without Anti-racism
Just a Fight for Feminism

Race Trumps Religion: Anti-Muslim Jewess's Bad Day,
Facing Anti-racist Idiots in Winnipeg

White Racist Fools Support Jewish Feminist Pam Geller Against
Patriarchal Muslims Brought There by Them

Saudi Arabia, Et Al: There is No Such Thing as 'Extremist Ideology'
in Islam

Like ISIS for Muslims: Villains in Upcoming Video Game
White Christian Right-wing Extremists: Will They Complain?

LOL: A Jewess Gets Caught in Jews' Own Censor Traps

Anti-Muslim Feminist "Conservative" Kellie Leitch an
Anti-Racist Too... Ignore Them!

Don't Worry, Andrew Anglin: Your KGB/Oligarch Jews' Hero
'Put-in' Won't Get Any Crap from Jew-controlled Cuckolded Macron

Big Black Kills 8 in Mississippi Shootings

Stabber of Multicult Defenders in Portland Identified

Censoring Bitch Theresa May Needs Approbation,Trying to
Shut Down Internet Criminality

Tell Her to Resign Here:

"I Love Chabad":Globalist Fool Trump Closely Tied with Russian
Jew Oligarchs

Remember: White Globalism Brought You Islamic Armed
Reaction and Orwellian 'Terrorism'

Mindanao Crisis: A City on Fire

Sun's Sue-Ann Levy Moans Over PRIDE Funding

(Cops shouldn't march in uniform--it
undermines heterosexuals)

British National Party Chairman Talks on BBC

Scandinavian White Men, Take Charge of your Society and Nations from Globalists White Traitors

Tell Them.. We Will

Government of Denmark (PM Lars Rasmussen)

Government of Sweden (PM Stefan Loven)

Government of Finland (PM Jula Sipila)

Government of Norway (PM Erna Solberg)

White Racists Won't Fight for Feminists Anti-Racists Against Primitive ISIS

Globalist Jewsmedia CNN Complaining There's Too Many White Leaders
in White Society

Complain to CNN CEO Jeff Zucker at

Bernier: Best of the Worst Globalists

European Union Tyranny Plans More White Man's Free Speech Censorship
on the Internet

Tell Merkel She's Nuts to Censor It Here

Racemixers' Legacy: Anti-racist White Bitches in Germany Beaten by
Nonwhite Migrants

Globalist Antiwhite Racist Jew Wants War on Islamists.
Will You Die For Him?

Whites' Music: Next Target of Multicult Antiwhite Traitors

Complain to the Durham District School Board Head Here: (We Will)

Radical Real Christians Attack LGBT Presence in Military... and
More Headlines for White Racists, May 25

Shall Odin -- Or Any Pre-Christian White God Inspire Civilization or Semitic
Jesus Christ Or Islam With Its Globalism and Internationalism?

 Shock & Awe: Globalist Imperialist America's Reign of Terror --
A Nation Reaps What It Sows

No More Foreign Wars: Veterans March on Memorial Day

Effeminate White Southerners' Failure: With Confederate Flags Gone
Civil War Museums Close

Ask David Duke: What Will He Do? We Will, Here

Commie Racemixers Worried: Anti-Muslim Protest Hits Red Deer Alberta
School --  Racism is More Important

Once-Independent Montenegro Foolish to Join Globalists War-tool NATO


Tell Its President (We Will) Here

Trump Meets Top Leader of the Secular World Catholics' Pope

Don't Be Fooled: Oligarch Jew-run Russia and US
Cooperating to Keep Red Dictator in Syria in Power

Multicult Commie Liberals Worried They're Out of Favor
With Whites, Try "Alt-Center" Nonsense

Globalists' Meddling and A Question for Parents:
Is the US Foreign Interventionism Worth It?

Stories for White Racists: May 23

Center for Immigration Smart as Long
as They're White Nationalists


Send them Your Support at Their Contact Page (We Will)

How White Nationalists (alt Right) is Weaponizing Irony to Spread
Natural Racism


Voice of Sanity: Donald Trump Just A Zionist Stooge, But Still Whites'
Elected Hero

CBC's Fake News Claims Canadians Like War Dogs' NATO

Tell Them They're Wrong:

David Duke Still Crying Over Red Cult Globalist Syrian Dictator

Tell Him to Save Southern America's Heritage Instead
Here (We Will)


Mean Trump Goes Super-capitalist, Abandons Necessary
Populism with Cruel Budget

Tell Him He's Wrong at @realDonaldTrump

In Canada's Wimpy World Senator Apologizes for Using "Nigger"
While Making A Point

Tell Him  He's A Cowardly Fool (we Will)

Globalists' Tool Nigel Farage Can't Lead UK White Nationalists

Bigots, PC Reactionaries' Hero Trump Sells Out Whites by Joining Religious
War of Mostly- Nonwhite Muslims Against Aryan Iran

Council of Canadians Calls New Trans-Pacific Partnership
"A Big Power Grab"

Send the CoC Your Comments Here (Contact Page):

Charlie Daniels Agrees: Confront White Self-loathers and Their Pets
Whenever, Wherever You Find Them
(Make it Awkward!)

Toronto Proud Boy Must Be Less Bigoted, More White Racist

Islamophobia is from White Women, Racism is for White Men

Tweeted to CNN's Christiane Amanpour:

You're a disgusting Jewess with no compassion.
Why do you have that torturer King Faisal on your show?
Nationalist Party of Canada
May 22, 2017

Donald of Arabia-- A Disgusting Spectacle of Servitude and
Homage to Semites and Their Women's Religion: Judaism/Christianity

She's Right-- Representative Tulsi Gabbard Condemns US Arming
of Semites in Saudi Arabia

A Naturally Racist Black Dame Heads Pride Toronto

David Duke And All White Nationalists Still Must Do More to
Save White Confederacy Heritage in Louisiana

Tell Duke-- We Will...Contact Page:

"Deep State" Means Globalists and Freemasons Ruling Establishment
Proving New World Order Conspiracy is True

Little Globalist Stooge Macron to Carry On
Colonialists' Racemixing Occupation of Africa's

Tell Him He's A Fool at Contact Page Below (We Will)

You're Damn Right, Mattis -- Whites Want No War
with North Korea

Send Mattis Your Views. We Will


A Deep Look Inside the Patriot Movement in America-- by Idiots,
and More Headlines for Real Racists for May 19

Racism Better Than Islamophobia, Protests Are Foolish: Try
Anti-Immigration of Nonwhites, The Real Focus for Whites

WWE Slammed for Promoting Whites to Racemix

Headlines for White Nationalists, May 18

Who Cares -- Listening to Metallica Not White Racist Activism.
Racism Is A Serious Business -- Grow Up!

Tweeted to Donald Trump, leaving for the Middle East:

You should be very careful on your homage to the Semites of the Middle East. Globalists could blame any attack on jihadists
a new war.

Nationalist Party of Canada. Toronto,
May 18, 2017

Russians Are Part of the White People-- Don't Let Globalists,
Communists, Make Them Enemies
Tell Trump (@realDonaldTrump)...We Will


Anti-Government Activist Lloyd Barrus Now Accused of
Shooting Deputy, Once Brought Down Police Chopper

The Human Cost of Trump's Wars--All Not Worth It

Tell Him ... We Will

A Suspect in Montana Deputy Killing Appears Intrigued
with Anti-Government Fringe

Louisiana Legislators Fail to Protect White Heritage

Complain!...And More Headlines for White Racists Interest, May 17

Ignore All Jewsmedia Perverts' Advice on Sex: Shun
Straight White Males and Babies


Idiot Neocons Around Trump Want Him to Send 50,000 Troops tp
Tell Him to Withdraw... Now (We Will)
Twitter: @realDonaldTump


If You're Opposed to Gay Sex Equalized to Needed Heterosexuals, You're
Considered A "Hate Group" by Anti-white Idiots

At a Protest They Failed to Support White Racists: Oath Kepers Falling
Apart in Oregon

David Duke Show Broadcast

Vanguard America Broadcast

Being His On Man: Powerful Jew Adelson Furious at Trump
Over Embassy Delay

Tell Potsmedia Globalist Bonokoski: No Canadian Troops in Africa!
(We Will... at )

Shiites Vs. Semites: JDL to Counter-protest Al Quds Day on June 23
in Toronto

Richard Spencer Leads White Nationalists at Rally

Congratulate Him... We Will
on Twitter..@RichardBSpencer

Headlines for White Racists: May 15

"Bears Law" : Sovereign Leader Gets Plea Deal

Globalist Russian Oligarch Jews Only People That 'Put-in' Putin
Listens to... Andrew Anglin is His Admirer and Advice-Taker

Topham, M-103, and Other Free Speech Battles in 2017

Black Lives Matter MIA (Fool John Tory Failed to Invite White Racists)

Islamophobia Won't Work: You Can't Fight A God -- Nature Says Racism is Best

Cuckservatives UKIP in British Election

John Beattie Now on Facebook... and More BPL News

Tory Failed to Invite White Racists for Recommendations on Tackling
Anti-black Bias

Dear Mayor Tory:

The Nationalist Party of Canada expresses its disappointment with you over your refusal to discuss racism with
the NPC, considering that we are the major proponents of it in Toronto.

A mayor is supposed to represent all his constituents, not those who voted for him.
The Nationalist Party of Canada

Russian Spies or US Neo-Nazis: Who
Hacked Macron?

Anti-social Moron Anarchists Attack Golden Dawn

Globalist Jewsmedia's Washington Post Wants to Stop
All Proud White Racists

Tell Their Editor They're White Self Loathers,

Bill Cosby Vs. A Canadian Accuser

Good News-- Globalist Jewess' World Collapsing

Regular White Kids Won't Be Going to College Anywhere

Jordan Peterson Did Nothing When Racists Were Censored and Jailed,
Now He Wants Funds

Anti-Gay Preacher Billl Whatcott's $140 Million Class Action Suit
Dismissed: Judge Orders Him to Reveal His Supporters

Anti-Racist Pro-Kosher Cuckservative Bill O'Reilly on His Firing:
"This Was A Hit"

The Nationalist Populist Wave Has Not Been Defeated


NPC to Belize: Find Canadians' Killers

Forwarded to Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize:
May 8, 2017
Mr. Prime Minister:

The Nationalist Party of Canada calls upon you to do all in your power to find those
responsible for the death of Canadians Francesca Matus and Drew de Voursney and bring justice to this case or face a boycott of your
nation by Canadians.

Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada

Forwarded to America's "Oath Keepers"

May 8, 2017
It's time you packed it in -- you've failed the white man;
After siding with white self-loathers, you oaths mean nothing

Nationalist Party of Canada

See related articles here, and tell the Oath Keepers they're not White men--just bullies

All Racist Agree: Shut Down Russiagate Fake News Farce

Jews in Charge-- PM Names New CSIS Head

See Living In The Shadows, Toronto Star, April 8:

Crude, Rude Jimmy Kimmel  Whining Over Everyone
Hating The Hollywood Filth and Perversion (He's Part of It)

Tell Him at

JDL to Protest Pro-Jihadist  Rally May 13th; Uses Orwellian Phrase "Terrotsm"

IRS Gives White Nationalists a Tax Break and more Headlines
For White Racists, May 12

Proud Whites: Soldiers of Odin in Ottawa-Gatineau..
Should Help the Flood Victims

Tell Them Here on Facebook:

Naive Davis Duke Still Plugs for Red Cult Dictator Assad in Syria:
There Are No Freedom Fighters There

Tell Him Here:

Stop The Anti-White Bastards and Bitches at Every Turn, Especially If You
See Them Publicly Protesting Against Whites

Wake Up, Whitey! Weak Wimpy Southern Whites Allow Their Heritage to be

Removed from Public Places into Storage in New Orleans


Unmanly Arrogant Andrew Anglin is A Mean Idiot with His Dead Migrant "Sweet" Comments


The Very Un-PC Jew Karl Marx

Disgusting People: Death Wish of Anti-White Self Loathers

Taliban Back on the Offensive in Kunduz


The Sovereign Files

French Elections:Macron's Phyrrhic Victory Faces 11 Million
"Fascist" Voters -- Reds and Liberals

National Socialist Movement Rally in Pikeville, KY, April 29

Race Trumps Religion: David Duke, Part of the Islamophobia
False-Flag Feminists

Remind Him Race Is All-- We Will,

Headlines for White Racists: May 9

Meaningless "Alt.Right" Just a Bunch of Weak Establishment Fraudsters

Donald Trump should Remember Commitment to America
and Stay out of Syria

Tell Him to Stay Out and Rebuild America -- We Will:
@realDonaldTrump on Twitter

From the British National Party: UKIP Should Quit

From V-Dare:

Immigrants Taking Hobs From Americans

From National Vanguard:

From the Institute for Historical Review: Americans Want Trump
to Slash Defense Spending by $41 Billion

France Est Fini!

Frustrated Virginia White Woman

Tell Trump ( @realDonaldTrump ) to Stop Muslim Immigration
-- Wishing Won't Help

More Jihadist Attacks in Mali

Tell Justin Trudeau ( Don't Send 750 Canadians
To This War Theatre

Abuse of Power as Jewish Sister of Trump's Son-in-law
For More Chinese and Globalism

Tell Trump to Stop His and Kushner's Globalism (We Will
on Twitter ( @realDonaldTrump )

Give Yourself a Pat on The Back

Lies and More Lies from CBC Globalist Media:
The Job Market is Not Booming in Canada

Tell Them at
We Will

Maxime Bernier: Best Out of A Lousy Lot

BC Globalist  Liberals Sell Out to China

Watch Out,Evil Feminist Bitches: White Race Traitors Want Your Scalps

Fabio Has A Beef with California's Liberal Policies

Send Him Your Support (We Will)
on Twitter: @fabiodnb

Racists-- Confront the White Race Traitors Wherever You Find
Them-- Minnesota's Legislature Included

Gay Establishment Boy Milo Back with $12 Million to Start A Media
Company; Alt-right is Not White Racist Enough

Trump Must Be Careful of the Rise of the Globalist Generals

Defeat the Demons: Battle of New Orleans Set to Heat
Up This Sunday

Sajjan Won't Step Down

Tell Him to Resign... We Will

Barren Dying Breed: Antifa Morons Attack Indian Man

Deadly Embrace: ISIS Would Kill All "Antifa" Feminists, Queers Eventually,
Anti-racist or Not

Why Pro-Nonwhite Immigration Dumb White Women Should Not Vote

Headlines for White Racists, May 4th

More SOB White Race Traitors' Crap in Racial Profiling Survey

With Globalist Jews Around, Trump Has Unfortunately Become
Another Interventionist Neo-con

Orwellian Term 'Terror' In the Eye of The

Trump Talks With Alex Jones and More Headlines for
White Racists: May 3rd

Official Daily Stormer Report on Pikeville Gathering of White
Nationalist Patriots

America's 16 Years of Failure in Its Afghan Mission
Tell Donald Trump to Get Out of This Blighted War
Tweet him at @realDonaldTrump

Racemixing Never Works: Racially-Motivated Firebombing Lands
White Man in Jail

Why Antifascists Don't Fight Islamofascism: They're
Afraid of Patriarchal Believers

Don't Send 750 Canadian Troops to Mali: 8 Malian Soldiers Killed in
Convoy Ambush

Interview with Canadian White Nationalist Front Chairman
Kevin Goudreau

BNP Campaigns as Brits Face Vote

Most Baby Boomers Recognized as Useless Twits in the
White Nationalist Movement

Globalist Jews & Their Commie /Military/Feminist Supporters Are
The Real Meddling War Whore

Don't Slag White Supremacism: Now It's Required

White People Need Their Own God(s), Not A Semitic Whining Women's
Judaism-lite Religion

Naive Trump Man: Be Proud to Be A White Racist... Trump
Won't Be Around Forever

Everyone Hates Fake News: Trump Snubs Media Gala

Trump's Insult Riles Jew Stephen Colbert into A Rant

Trump Surrenders to the Globalist Jew Oligarchy

Nationalist Whites Waking Up in Sweden

Only Naive Far Right Whites Would Support Globalist KGB's Putin as Their Head

Why Defend Globalist Factory South Korean Ingrates? Let Them Settle Their Own Ethnic Family Problems

Tell Donald Trump (on Twitter: @realDonaldTrump) to Stop the Drone Murders in Yemen-- You're Making More Enemies

.. And Tell Him to Offer to Talk to North Korea-- Don't Threaten or Bomb Them

Failed Oxymoron Progressive Conservative Patrick Brown's Road To Victory?
Don't Count on It

Let's Get those White Race Traitors if and When They Attack Us...
and More Headlines for April 28

Hey, White Self-loathers ... Downtown Pikeville, KY to Be Avoided
Due to White Nationalist March

Headlines For White Racists: April 27

Mom & Dad? Ask Your Parents --Why Are You Not Racist?

Ask Your Richard Spencer Knows White Privilege is Needed for a White Standards

Compliment Him (We will)-- Here
on Twitter: @RichardJSpencer

Live Video Stream from the Berkeley Free Speech Rally

New Facts About The Matt Hale

Write Him a Letter at:
The Florence Correctional Institution
Box 6000
Florence, Colorado 81226

Public Discussion: Be A Racist -- It's
The White Man's Way

Pro-Male Alex Jones Loses Custody of Children to His Feminist Jew Wife

In-Hiding Ernst Zundel Disappoints His Supporters
Speak Up!

Europe's Nationalist International, as It Should Be

Barren White Self-Loather Idiots Set Fire to Neo-Nazi Patriots' Clubhouse
In Memmingen Germany

Tell Donald Trump to Back Off Sabre-Rattling on North Korea...No One
Wants a New War

Tweet Him: @realDonaldTrump

NPC Slams "Parody" Killer Show Angie Tribeca

The following letter was forwarded to the TBS network and Canada's Comedy Network,
concerning the popular comedy series Angie Tribeca and its glorification of
serial killers:

April 26, 2017

TBS Productions, USA
Comedy Network Canada

The Nationalist Party of Canada is protesting the airing and promotion of the series Angie Tribeca on your network.
This so-called sitcom's current storyline makes light of the act of serial murder through jokes and through such scenes as parodies of the horror film Silence of The  Lambs.  Murder is not funny, nor is elevating it or glorifying it with bad attempts at humor. This is unacceptable and should never be made fun of. It debases society and trivializes violence.

Do not try to elevate killers and horror for the sake of shallow laughs. The world is a frightening enough a place without so-called comedic television portraying violence as funny.

Bob Smith

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada.

Ann Coulter Afraid to Speak at Commie/Feminist/White Self-loathers' Berkley

Complain to Their Dean Renita Miller for Their Free Speech Cowardice (We Will)

New Craze: Sovereign Citizen Identified in Texas in Mass Shooting Plot

Feminist White Globalists' Mercenary Countries New Zealand and Australia
to Stupidly Send More Troops to US Mess in Iraq

Tell Their PMs No! (we will)

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull Contact page:

New Zealand PM Bill English:

Antiwhite Self-loathers Fight Free Speech, Even If Its Ugly, in
a Toronto Courtroom

Husband and Wife Accused of Planning Violence at Shooting
at UW Milo Protest

"Congressional Israel Victory Caucus" Shows Who Runs American Politicians

Jews' Twitter Full of Anti-Semites... and More Headlines for
April 26

Crude, Rude Establishment's 'Neo-Nazi' Your Ward News Attacked,
Defended for Postal Distribution in Toronto

Jews Suing Andrew Anglin... He Needs Help

Lawsuits Filed: Hypocrite Commie Feminists at Berkeley Must Defend Their Censorship
of Whites' Free Speech in America

Trump's Converted Jewish Daughter Pushing Globalism and Open Borders

Tell Trump to Get her and Her Husband Out of the Oval Office for This
Idiocy...Tweet him @realDonaldTrump

More Trouble: Alex Jones Sued for Slamming Yogurt Maker Company

Comment: Trump's Empty Bluster and Bombing

Florida Prosecutor Opposed to Death Penalty Receives Death Threats

Tell the Governor to Get Her Out, Here (We Will):

Tell Marnie Le Pen to Make Amends with Her Racist Father if She Wants to Be
France's Leader... We Will

National Front Contact Page

Globalist Pentagon Bigshots Know They Can't Defeat Taliban God-believers
and Predict Another Tough Year in Afghanistan

Tell Trump to Withdraw Them... We Will. at @realDonaldTrump

Anti-Migrant German Vigilantes Should Confront Their Nonwhite Race
Traitors who Brought A Mentally Ill Iraqi There. Wake Up, Boys

Idiotic Chinese Commies Can't Wipe Out Islam in Restive Xinjiang by
Banning Muslim Names

White Militias Best: Headlines for White Racists, April 24

Trump Acting Like An Idiot for Globalist Masters Says
He Didn't Know Much About NATO When He Said It Was Obsolete

Evil Talk Show Media Host John Moore Slammed

Forwarded to Newstalk 1010's John Moore for his comments on his April 14 program:
You're a  moron and a white self-loather for agreeing to the removal of Confederate statues and history from in the American South. This is why you media bastards are hated so much by a growing number of the white population, while you barren anti-racist idiots dwindle and disappear every day on the obituary pages.

Good riddance to the stupid baby boomers and Generation X neo-criminals. I think that includes you.

Nationalist Party of Canada


Even Globalist Limeys Are Thinking of Using Pre-emptive Nuclear Strike

Tell Teresa May No! (We Will)  Here:


British Cuckservative UKIP Calls Islamism "Poisonous"

Jewsmedia, et al: No One Is Talking About Nukes Because US Losers Intend to Use Them Again --

MOAB Bomb Just A Start

France Votes: Divisions in North Over Nationalist Le Pen Support

Not A White Man or Woman Among the Tory Candidates

UKIP's "Christian" Jew Candidate Is A Burns A Bible in England

Written to Newstalk 1010 Radio's Paul Mott:

April 22. 2017
You are a son of a bitch to put down Trump's white rallies, you white cuckolded self-loather idiot.
Don Andrews, Leader
Nationalist Party of Canada

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Hail to The  White Patriot Arrested Protecting  Richard Spencer's Free Speech Against Commie Race Traitors

More Joining White Militias--White America's Future Defenders.. and More Headlines for
White Racists: April 21

Rabbi Brutally Attacked in Ukraine 6 Months Ago Dies of His Wounds

Canada Could Be Called Upon to Provide Troops In the Event of Another Dumb
Crazy Asian War

Tell Trudeau (Email: ) We Won't Go (We Will)

British National Party Starts Election Campaign in Basildon

Documentary Appears on Atlantic Monthly on Richard Spencer, Reviewed by
Andrew Anglin

NDP Motion Anti-Semitic? Hardly

"Nazi Mom" Exposed

Makes No Sense: David Duke Foolishly Still Defends Freemason-like Red Cult
Dictator in Syria

Tell Him: Wake Up, Davie (at )  We Will

Tell Justin Trudeau to Stop the Surge of Asylum-seekers Coming Across Canada's Open
Border at   (We Will)

Good Riddance and to Hell With Neo-con Globalist Bill O'Reilly (Whom Andrew Anglin Likes)

Wikileaks Probably A Scam, Never Revealing Anything Important

Fox News' Moron Conservative Jew Greg Gutfeld: Don't Confuse Patriotism with Politics.. It's all The Same, Fool

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Nothing Wrong With Black Nationalism: Separation is Best, Say White Nationalists

Tell Alex Jones at ... We Will

Alex Jones Responds to Claims He Is an Actor as He Fights His Jewish Wife for Child Custody

Rude, Crude Stereotype Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin Sued for Harassing Jewish Woman and Family By

Pro-White Richard Spencer to Speak at Auburn Center In Spite of Commie Thugs' Threats

Racists Say No, But Moron War Hawks Seek Massive Escalation, Open-Ended, Unwinnable War in Afghanistan

Commie Feminist White Traitors Get Their Comeuppance at Berkeley Rally

Trump's White Voters Most Racially Aware, Admitted by Our Enemies ... and More Headlines
for White Nationalists for April 18

Tell Andrew Anglin (at
Get It Right --Women Don't Love Muslims-- Just the Nonwhites the Entertainment Media Made Popular

Custody Battle Tarnishes Alex Jones' Act

Feminist Neo-con War Crimes Drowning Out America Firsters

Tell Trump.. We Will, With This Article. Contact Him Here:

Catholic Idiot Mike Pence Wants War With North Korea

US Globalist Imperialists Test New Nuclear Gravity Bomb

Tell Trump (at @realDonaldTrump)  -- No More Wars, Rebuild America

It's Time For Americans to Cut North Korea Loose

Told You So! Globalist NATO's Freemason Puppet Erdogan Wants to Restore the Muslims' Caliphate in Istanbul, Like the Heady Ottoman Empire Days

"Take A Stand for White Working Families":
National Socialist Movement Announces Rally in Kentucky for April 29... Details At This Link

NSM Announces New Website, New Radio Network

British Peoples League's John Beattie Now on YouTube

Globalist Jew-Run German Regime Jails One-Legged Man to 10 Years for Holocaust Denial

Complain to Mama Merkel  Here... We Will

Here's Our letter:

April 16, 2017

The Nationalist Party of Canada condemns your jailing of a man for challenging history vis-a-vis
the Holocaust.

Your nation of all others, should be aware of the real meaning of free speech, and that includes political
and historical opinion and debate. Start practicing it and defend free speech-- don't suppress it.

The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto Canada


Berkley Smackdown: Get Those White Race Traitor Criminal Attackers!

The Politics of Social Media Trip up Trump

Pope Okay With Use of Nuclear Bombs but Cries Over Natural Racism and Migrants

Commie Writer Correct: There's No Solution to the Korean Conundrum Unless the North Takes the South
and Unites the Peninsula

Tell Canadian Nationalist Front leader Kevin Goudreau That Muslims Are Not Invading Canada--Anti-Racists
Are Bringing Them Here... Concentrate on The Traitors


Free Speech or Bust! CBC Out to Lunch Attacking Senator Beyak

Tell Their CEO Hubert Lacroix Here  (we will):

French Canadian Bernier is Best Out of A Bad Globalist Lot to Head the Feminist Cuckservative Party...

Tell Him Here at   (We Will)

Meet Globalist Gary:
Trump Betrays His White Nationalist Base

Trump's White Base Turns Against Him

Tell Him... No More Wars!   On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump


The True Cost of Israel For The Globalist Jews' Elite

Globalists' Put-in Putin Defended by David Duke

Foolish David Duke Defends Red Dictator in Syria

Ask Duke: Are You Nuts? (We Will)

at his Email:

Headlines for White Racists: April 12

Members of Citizen Courts Face Real Jail Time

Globalist Cult Dictator Assad Can Stay, But Armed Opponents of the New World Order ( ISIS and Racists) Must Be
Wiped Out

Trump's Stunning U-Turns


Odd Couple: McCain and Graham Want More War on Patriarchal Muslims

Globalist-Surrounded Trump Reverses Position on NATO: Now , the War Alliance is "Relevant"

Establishment's Neo-Nazi Stereotype Andrew Anglin Still Loves Jew Oligarchs' Boy Putin: Stupid or Conspiratorial? You Decide