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India's Race Lesson

India is the neo-cons' and communists' flim-flam paradise.

When that voodoo-economist guy on Toronto radio, Lou Schizas. signs off with "Happy capitalism!" I immediately think of India, where all those gurus, maharishis, Hindu hustlers and Deepak Chopras (I love that science fiction name) live. There, in the land of the apex of capitalism, you're born into your economic position in life by the caste ("Varna," or, color) system. The Indian lifestyle can be summed up by one of their 4,000-year-old sayings in Sanskrit: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races, out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss or memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of that...all troubles."...well worth remembering.

Without ethnic nationalism, women and land control we'll all end up like India — economic slaves to a rich and military elite. We're about half-way there now; when it comes to internationalism, the Indians are aye-aye-ready for it. Their borders are a legacy of another "yes, guv'nah" snooty elite, holding down all kinds of ethnic and religious nationalists with the aid of the former Gunga Din collaborators. I always hated Gunga Din, who sided with the foreign overlords, giving his "yes, sahib" life for the British military. That's why Kipling's Limey was able to say in the famous poem, "You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din" (sucker!).

A race-mixed society, galvanized by police and military, was easy to take over, state by state, nabob by nabob, by the French, and then the British. Britain only had 100,000 troops in all of India to keep the millions under control there, until they couldn't foot the police and military bill after World War II. and the internationalists told them to get out, while Gandhi was staging his sit-ins. British foreign meddling left a transportation and bureaucratic infrastructure, producing a burgeoning population that outstripped the West and China, to the detriment of white society pauperized by capitalist free trade. Capitalist greed-mongers can do anything in India: just look at the thousands they killed in Bhopal and the pittance Union Carbide paid them.

Anti-racist Indian intellectuals brag a lot about human rights here in the West, but when it comes to their homeland, it's so god-awful you just don't want to even look, similar to David Duke's disgust on his trip there in his book My Awakening. This hypocrisy leads to a lack of inner dignity. That's why guys like Mike Myers and Peter Sellers made fun of them; it's a one-trick pony, brought on by their own B.S. They can't seem to make up their minds how they want to enjoy their latest incarnation, especially dressing in a sari with a parka over it. I don't think anyone's tried to explain their religion in 50 words or less: You just don't know where to start or begin (they should simplify it with a book of Hindus and Hin-dont's). All they know is they've got a god for every occasion, particularly bothersome to the Islamists who call them idol-worshippers — lesser than the Christians and Jews.

India isn't going to get bigger, maybe smaller as the over 100-million Muslims can't be trusted. Therefore it is destined to be used as a source of cheap labor and military recruits for the imperial powers who brutally erected it (millions died during Pakistan's and India's separation) Just look at the way communist bosses justify, cooperate and incorporate with capitalists, for all their Marxist-Leninist sloganeering. The same thing happened in Russia after the secret police took over, masquerading as nationalists. India's no different, they've got their own cool name, the Naxalites, who participate in state governments, not doing much more for the peasants than the Chinese and the Western-backed Maoists in Nepal. Communism is basically gang thuggery with a facade of impossible theology, the antithesis of human consumerist/capitalist nature, unlike God-believers. India is nuclear thanks to Canada's CANDU reactors, with no strings attached. If they lob any nuclear bombs, we can all feel guilty, more than we do about the residential schools; recently an Indian politician called for Hindu suicide attacks against Muslims (well. the Hindu Tamils started it!) But that again was for the same cause of ethnic nationalism, not capitalist hedonism and advocated by the gurus and by Bollywood.

The real linchpin to India's existence are the Sikhs, who started out as mercenary tribes serving Muslims and Hindus, then codified their own militaristic religion for a better position, eventually carving out a state which they lost to the British. Defeated by them in three wars, they were in recession; the British employed them instead, and later buffed up their lagging religion and war cry. Whenever I see a hard-working, flyer-delivering Sikh in my neighborhood I ask them "Hey, what happened to Khalistan ( 'pure state' )?" to which they look at me like a touting CSIS agent, grimly smiling and shaking their heads. Then I tell them, "You can start one here in BC, eh?" This usually brings a bigger grin and nodding. It's nothing to see 50,000 of them in a Brampton, Ontario park celebrating a saint. The Sikhs are the most unified and politically-participating Indian minority in Canada, with no sign of recession.

India is an old civilization and much can be learned from it metamorphosis; otherwise, we will follow in their brutal historical path of "all troubles." The answer certainly is not with the opportunistic yogis; the Beatles proved that with their sorry-assed lives, for people with the world at the people — what did they learn? I liked when Alexander the Great conquered one of their battle-elephant kingdoms; then, he called in all the swamis to see what secrets he could learn of the universe. After spending a day listening and asking questions he told his companions, "Nothing new here." Similarly, the gurus' books are no more a secret than the banal fluff in the much-vaunted book The Secret.

India practices all the anti-racist special rights for minorities; Some caste groups recently protested to be classified lower, so that they could get extra benefits. It operates like a big corporation, with brutal Halliburton-type prisons and guards, where thousands die in custody each year and fundamental women's rights are like a transferable piece in Monopoly. The other day, I explained to my daughters the meaning of a dowry (particularly, how much it would cost me to marry them off in India under the tutelage of a husband and in-laws). This shocked their 'modern' minds and I reminded them, "if you don't watch it, it'll all be coming back here."

And, if White Nationalists don't watch it, India could be our future.



Union Undermines Europeans

Ever since the days of the Roman Empire, strong men and tyrants have been trying to control all of Europe into one conglomerate state where the various ethnic elements are nothing more than provinces of a tyrant's capital. Charlemagne tried it, the Hapsburgs had a go at it, Napoleon almost succeeded and Hitler did it for a couple of years. The Bolsheviks brutalized half of it and the latest manifestation is the Illuminate grand plan to control the world. But in the end, it will all come to naught, as history repeats itself with different characters and gadgets.

For homogeneous peaceful diversity, the whole idea of a union is an anathema to ethnic identity and prosperity. Sure, you may move goods and peoples' services around on a larger scale and hedonistic tourists can have an easier time when crossing borders for Borat impressions. But in the long run, it's all bad for the white European race's cradle's local power and security being undermined with easy access and the influx of foreigners and their un-European ways. Its new bureaucratic empire is (purportedly run from Brussels) is expanding its greater economic needs by shifting work forces and products from one end to the other, leaving the local population our of control of its daily life and destiny. Heritage will be out the window as new Draconian rules for social behavior and acceptability are promulgated by the communist/capitalist monopolists of the center. English Common law of "innocent until proven guilty" is slowly being supplanted by the Napoleonic Code, where everyone is guilty until they prove themselves innocent. Witness their crappy EU case against so-called historical revisionists languishing in jails across the continent; even one of the smallest members of the EU doesn't escape the wrath of the Marxist European Union: In Malta, where Norman Lowell is facing two years in jail for speaking out against non-white immigration. Insidiously, the EU placed a six-year gag law against Lowell by suspending his two-year sentence for four years, to hang over his freedom like Damocles' sword. When they threaten jails, fines and civil rights abrogation against their critics, you know the whole thing is s sham, constructed for elitists' ego and their hocus-pocus dreams of world domination.

The EU definitely undermines the ethnic identity, history, culture and heritage of all the white tribes of Europe. Other than some folk dancing and local Potemkin/national-costumed villagers, all Europeans will be going the way of the North American, still trying to remember their First Nations ways after their stint in the white man's residential schools. Lack of pride and knowledge of their national histories and sacrifices to be independent has led the women-voting Europeans down the garden path of frivolity and pleasure for useless economic benefits and entertainment that has no respect for their glorious past. With open borders and markets, the bigger the union is, the bigger the fall when the economic crush comes.

The anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-White union monster is prepared to ship in more tyrannically-pliable elements from the non-white world to do the "dirty work" which will in time destroy the basic fiber of the White building-block, the same way it did in Portugal in the sixteenth century, when they brought in Africans to do their farm labor (and Lisbon grew by ten times as the Portuguese were looking for work). In spite of their empire in Brazil and Africa and the far east, today, they're still one of the poorest countries of Europe (with the exception of the rich elite). The poor people of France, England, Holland and Spain, all stayed poor in spite of their far-flung colonies.

Today capitalist/communist ideologues are all singing the same tune of internationalism, against the aspirations of nationalists and the racist wishes of their working class population. Hillary Clinton, and now John McCain, are hypocritically trying to cash in on that sentiment throughout America's rust belt, whose jobs the Zionist-controlled Republicans and Democrats gave away to Third World cheap labor, so that their neo-cons and frequent flyers in their SUV's can have another Bangkok holiday.

The European Union is a dangerous construct, liable to lead the entire continent into unnecessary wars on behalf of the other fig leaves of their new world order elites, the UN and NATO that should have been dismantled shortly after the Berlin Wall came down, when McDonald's opened up in Moscow and the IMF couldn't afford to keep the charade afloat, handing it over to KGB "beeznessmen." Ireland took a tentative step against this anti-Nationalist abomination by voting against the Lisbon Treaty. But it's not enough, certainly not for their vaunted patriots lying in the ground and their Erin Go Braugh.

All White Nationalists should speak out against this elitist European entity as they do against the proposed North American Union and UN/Chinese peacekeeping troops on White man's streets. To do less is treason against the white race.

To hell with the European Union — and the little red wagon it came in.



White Nationalism Rising In North America

Now that the White people in North America have been forced to become racial aware (because all the other races are), there's only one route for them to go: White Nationalism, which includes all the tribes and ethnics of our European heritage. The former Anglo overlords have flubbed their power and prestige with the willing assistance of their treacherous wild women who are the first to fall for matriarchal commie internationalism and alien sex partners. With the exception of a few Italian politicians and Ukrainian wimps (Ernst Zündel told me that they're the ones with the wives who beat the husbands), most other whites are in line with the common sense unity of White Nationalism.

In Canada particularly, White Nationalism is on the rise and rightfully gaining press coverage, although occasionally the hard way, as in the instance of the "state's " kidnapping of of two young children from a 'neo-Nazi ' household. Apparently the anti-white harpies of the Winnipeg Child Services considered it a crime for the parents to tell their children of their pro-white racist ideology. The unfortunate couple split up in hopes of the mother getting their children back with statements like "I'm not a Nazi, but a proud Scottish chick and a White Nationalist" being pronounced throughout the media. The anti-white racist treacherous talk-show hosts were stumped and unable to attack the concept of White Nationalism effectively. Instead, these squawk jocks complained about free speech advocate Paul Fromm, threw in Don Andrews and the dreaded Walter Duranty Award nominations, showing they're keeping a close eye on the next practical response to other races' racism — White Nationalism. The Euro Cup for 2008 is another uniting vehicle for White Nationalism, as Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Dutch, German and Croat flags flutter from cars throughout multiracial Toronto in friendly head-nodding competition, which I've noticed (my mother is of Croatian heritage). Non-whites look on in amazement and wonder at white ethnic identity demonstration on street corners.

Anyone who oppose black or Latino racism and identity is working against White Nationalism; We can't expect non-whites to be race-less peons and servants while attempting to claim racial identity for ourselves. Those are communist/capitalist concepts. Fascists and Nazis are ethnic nationalists, and connecting the Illuminate neo-cons and UN one-world order advocates to Fascism is the Big Lie in action, whoever is peddling it.

White Nationalists need not fear Barack Obama for all his dumb Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) talk in promotion of their globalist goals of world domination. He dare not attack attack the white racist core, for fear of alienating the majority of frightened, deluded anti-racist whites still in the way of White Nationalism (and he can't afford to be anti-Muslim, either). These myopic white traitors dare not play the race card, but slink around on bigot neo-con sites, now suggesting that Obama's maternal grandmother was a Jewess from a small English town, which would make him a Jew by their own laws. (Is that why he spent twenty years with the anti-Semitic Reverend Wright?) The anti-racist whites are so desperate that they're reaching for straws in a sea-storm of hatred toward the free trade pauperizing globalist agenda. Even the media-pumped-up McCain doesn't dare reach out to white racists for fear of inspiring White Nationalism, which is totally against his internationalist warmonger agenda. A lot of people are waiting for the 90% of Obama's black supporters to start acting like him and his wife Michelle, especially crime victims. They can talk the talk, but can they walk the walk?

White Nationalists can gain more publicity and power by complaining to all and sundry against the anti-white media propagandists on every occasion, immediately and vociferously, to make White Nationalism a common term. We in the Nationalist party and our supporters have done just that, to the public result of complaints of news pundits concerning our efforts (it does not go unnoticed). White Nationalism has only one direction to go, and that is to greater popularity, in spite of all the efforts of human rights commissioners and anti-hate political police squads. Even some Jewish bigots have had to make common cause with White Nationalists like Marc Lemire to escape the politically correct commie human rights commissions and modern "Muslim" opportunists who are utilizing the very Jewish silencing sticks against the originators (What side would the ordinary Jews feel comfortable on, when you consider the non-whites' antipathy toward their perceived powered position?).

White Nationalism is against internationalism and in favor of diversity in its own sovereign states with real borders and tariffs. Anything less is a guarantee of economic and cultural poverty for white people, as witnessed by the closed factories and high prices that the internationalist businessmen prefer, while seeking new markets and cheap labor in non-white countries. You can't feel sorry for the union bosses and their activists who have been always in the vanguard against white racism. And now the chickens have come home to roost for their white self-loathing. The hedonist frequent-flyer "Quagmires" are doing having their wings clipped due to the high cost of fuel, all to the benefit of self-sufficient White Nationalism on its home turf. The mercenary activity of UN warriors is coming into question, and under review and scrutiny in the face of Taliban nationalism, and you can forget about about Darfur-meddling in light of these developments. Foreign food safety and insufficiency further undermines the international elitists as locals demand their own food supplies; whites just can't trust the food of other races and the enormous costs of transport and delivery. White Nationalism is sustainable, if we do our own labor and produce our own foodstuffs and products. Anything less will impoverish and destroy the white race over a short time, as evidenced over the last fifty years.

White Nationalism: Live it, talk about it, proclaim it. With common sense, good will and fair play, it works.

Happy White Nationalism!



Friday 13th - Bad Day For Globalists

I don't believe in cabbalists numerology, but if you do, then you have to take note and advantage of it, as on this past Friday the Thirteenth, when the globalists were given two main setbacks in their quest "to try to take over the world" as The Brain (of Pinky and the Brain) said to Pinky.

First came the upsetting defeat of EU Lisbon Treaty (54-46) by Irish voters, which put the whole imperial voters, which put the whole union into limbo, and shouldn't be a big surprise when your consider the nature of a population of the edge of the onetime known world, isolated on a cold, rainy rock. They either got there because they were trying to get away from other people or were kicked out by other people — not exactly a sociable attitude for multi-ethnic multiracial integration. The world should never forgive the Limeys for spreading the unhappiness and melancholy throughout the world. With its own potato famine holocaust in the 19th century. Thankfully, the Irish identity voters rejected the Irish Republican Army/Marxist stance of welcoming Africans to prop up Irish sovereignty and heritage, similar to the commie separatists in Quebec who welcome Haitians, and anyone else who parlez francais as citizens for an ersatz ethnic state. Hats off to the Irish!

The biggest calamity to strike the internationalist imperialists was of course the massive great escape from the Sarposa prison dungeons in Kandahar, Afghanistan, operated by the International Security Assistance Force's puppet president, ex-oil executive Hamid Karzai. Up to 2,000 prisoners escaped, including 400 Taliban fighters who had been tortured and denied fair trials for years in that hell-hole. Canadians should hang their heads in shame, as they are part and parcel of that brutal interrogation and incarceration system, providing daily victims to the Marxist tajik Northern Alliance goons dispensing punishment. This prison break shows clearly how the collaborator 'in-bedded' reporters and controlled mass media lie daily to the populous attacked the main gate prior to a suicide bomber reportedly blowing himself up. In fact, 300 Taliban deployed and attacked the prison, after blowing up a large fuel tanker with an RPG, while cars waited in the neighborhood to whisk the escapees away to safe destinations. This is why we have created the War News button on our home page — to correct the continuous barrage of propaganda and unreported incidents and warfare throughout the globe. Check it daily if you want to be informed.

Inadvertently, the Zionist media had to throw in a bit of a backgrounder as to why these poor wretches would want to escape from the dungeons that Bush and Harper are so proud of, by mentioning that up to 450 inmates had gone on a hunger strike in May, forty-seven of them sewing their lips up in protest to their unjust incarceration and torture that month. This wasn't news then? Instead they were reporting storm news. If any country denied more the wrath of God and nature, it's certainly America. Individually, I may feel sorry for the victims, but never for the damage, considering that it is payback-carnage that America metes out every day in Iraq and Afghanistan and Somalia. Awww.... Allah's revenge is a great Father's Day gift to all patriarchal white men, ironically delivered by the least primitively-able to the imperial whorehouse mercenary troops doing the dirtiest work while trying to avoid a coffin trip on the ridiculously-named "Highway of Heroes."

All the nefarious work of the foreign invaders for the pat few years went up in smoke with that fuel truck explosion, and the Canadian Colonel Blimp blowhards and their allies in war crimes will have more fear and worry as the Taliban step up their spring/summer offensive, wiping out all kinds of interloper gun-totin' foreigners from the Romanians to the Armenians. The nerve that these nationalities have, to send troops to kill in Afghanistan, while they were killed just recently as captive nations of the Soviet Bloc: The Americans may have big noses but they have short memories and the Romanians, who starved as Caucescu's children, are imposing the same famine regimen in southern Afghanistan.

It was interesting to see how the coffee shop communists and Mossad agents commented on their various blogs, in reference to the Taliban's coordinated breakout. These are the same goofballs who blame everything on "fascism," and fear in their porno minds "Islamism." Most of the dummies blamed the problem on too much troop concentration in Iraq, going down Barack Obama's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) road for more involvement in Afghanistan and raw Pakistan. Others, with avatars of the Israel flag, recommended shooting all prisoners outright. It's going to be hard to make the Jews a pitied people again. not even after the next nuclear holocaust, which they may bring, and be blamed for themselves.

These major internationalist defeats should have been the main topics and stories for the public, but instead, the self-promoting and congratulating media dwelt on the early heart-attack death of one of their own fluff-question stooges, Tim Russert, an internationalist Jesuit-educated and phony luminary who never asked a hard question of his "ZOG" bosses in his life. As the internationalist Jesuits said, "Give us a child 'till the age of seven, and after that, he's ours forever," including Timmy. When it comes to schlock and chutzpah, the media's full of it — and more.

The wars in Iran, Iraq and Somalia are lost; all further military efforts are in the long term, in vain. Anyone who recommends otherwise is a treacherous warmonger, promoting the globalist matriarchal imperium. They are doomed, just like the barren wombs of their anti-white bitches.

God bless the fathers and the good mothers who support them and their children.



Toronto The Beautiful

I live in the most beautiful city in the world, known in the past as Toronto the Good and "Hogtown" (when farmers used to run their pigs through it). It sits on the north shore of the last receptacle of the five Great Lakes, the most benign, calm area of the planet, when it comes to weather and natural catastrophe, Toronto is loaded with ravines gently sloping down to Lake Ontario, and three small scenic rivers to boast of: The Rouge in the east, the Humber in the west and of course, my namesake, the Don in the center, where a beautiful parkway follows its course from north to south. The city is loaded with trees of all kinds of varieties, unlike Calgary and Edmonton, situated too far north, or long-lived-in Montreal. A canopied street is a common sight across our metropolis, with neatly-tended lawns and gardens by proud property owners. There's a profusion of flowers that start off in the spring with bright yellow forsythia bushes that bloom just as the frost is dissipating. And then, all the regular perennial spring flowers that most homeowners planted many seasons ago. May is full of lilacs, spirea, iris and with our new eco-conscious anti-weed spraying, dandelions all over the public space. And in the fall, the natural beauty is spectacular.

We have lots of public parks, not filled with abandoned mattresses and grocery carts, and beautiful manicured strolling cemeteries like Pine Hills, Mount Pleasant and the Necropolis where many of the old pioneers are buried. (Muslims could take note of that). They're all a lot safer than Central park, with many an incident occurring there. In June, there's a profusion of roses in every neighborhood, except Chinatown, where special sidewalk steam-cleaning equipment ensures a fresh morning start.

Toronto is a city of ethnic neighborhoods, all of them generally safer, whatever the police blotter says, with seamless transitions from one to the other. Every nationality is here for a smorgasbord of
culture and good tastes; diversity works when it's separate. We have at least three Chinatowns, three Little Italys (broken down by what part of their homeland they came from), a Greek Town, a Portuguese area, and a Little India (all curry, all the time). There are at least two Croat, Serb, Russian and Baltic enclaves and Korean shopping area on Bloor Street West. Somalis and Ethiopians and Arabs are mostly in the East (as I found while looking for Quat once) while Anglos and Irish are dispersed throughout Cabbagetown and the east end). And there are Spanish, Latin American and Maltese neighborhoods. All of them have trendy little bars and restaurants catering to all Torontonians. No one will give you hell for your accent or broken English, like in other parts of Canada and the world. Everyone's friendly-curious to know where you came from. You don't need to travel the planet to see what people are like; they're all here, and some of them are queer, like at Church and Wellesley, with its plethora of little bars and sidewalk gawkers. The coffee shop communists, adolescent anarchists and scruffy artistes have their area, too; Brunswick and Bloor and Kensington Market are where you can still get some of the best deals in town. The St. Lawrence Market, better organized for the snotty shoppers, has a great ambiance, too with a slew of nightclubs by the lakefront, while another collection is near the Theatre District, popularized by the discount store millionaire Mirvish family (first you get the money, then you get the power, then you try to buy some class).

To an out-of-towner from out of town, the Eaton Centre and the Yonge Street is like Gay Paris in the old days; there's always something going on in garish Dundas Square. Not too far from our tastefully-manicured University Avenue, topped off by the pink-stoned palace, the Ontario Legislature and the parkland and Philosopher's Walkway heading up to our prestigious Royal Ontario Museum, slightly screwed up by a giant modern crystal addition to its traditional Western architecture.

Generally people are polite and patient in traffic. Canadians don't blow their horns unless it's for a hockey victory,, no matter what the holdup. Newcomers pride themselves on imitating the Anglos, with restrained complaint: the white man's way.

Although there's much talk of opening up the waterfront to greater public access in the downtown core, there's still a lot of action by the lake with a beautiful ferry ride to the Toronto Islands for picnics and rides with Ontario Place not too far away. The western part of the city is more East European with Polish and Ukrainian enclaves around Roncesvalles Avenue with all their fancy food. The northern part of out town starts off with toney neighborhoods all around the famous Casa Loma, which looks like a scene from Disneyland. and Forest Hill and Rosedale. Further north along Bathurst is what they call the Gaza Strip, the total opposite of the Middle East neighborhoods, where the Jews migrated to the 'burbs after making it in Kensington. You can get the best bagels up there and look at the Seinfeld crowds in the restaurant booths. New, enormous townhouses and apartments are springing up, with Oz-like ornate roofs. The busy 16-lane Highway 401 , once the boundary of Toronto, now sits almost in the middle and will take you east to Don Mills. Scarborough, once the ideal suburb of the 1960's, is still holding its own with Tamil and Sri Lankan strip malls, The south part of Scarborough has to rate as one of the most scenic areas of the city, with the towering 200-foot Scarborough Bluffs overhanging narrow beaches with such lush foliage that you'd think that you were on Robinson Crusoe's island... breathtaking any time of year. There are lots of hidden little wild parks along the lakeshore for nature hiker and contemplation, where ancient arrowheads can still be found (then. the warlike Iroquois raising parties wiped out the Hurons).

I'm very proud of Toronto, which some say means 'meeting place' in Indian language. And it certainly has become that over the years after the Protestant Orangemen failed to reproduce and lost their power in the 1950's. Toronto has problems, mostly black crime and drug-related shootings and a few isolated Ontario Housing communities, but generally speaking it is still one of the safest and livable cities on Earth.

Let's keep it that way. Come on down!



La Raza, "Sex and the City,” Oppose Obama

Hispanics are the biggest phonies on the planet; they're big on "pretend"; they're against racism while calling their unifying organization La Raza. Their explanations are nothing more than torturous Marxist dialectics like the old Soviet Union constitution — it looked good on paper but in practice it was the same-old/same-old duplicity. The Latinos voting for the Sex and the City candidate Hillary Clinton in Puerto Rico is as disingenuous as their favorite son Geraldo Rivera... all smiles and B.S.: "Badges? Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!," said grinning bandito Alejandro Rey in The Treasure of the Sierra Madre. It's hard to get a straight answer from them after decades of pampering by the barren cowboys. They think they're above the negro Barack Obama, who doesn't speak their lingo. After years of cooking, cleaning and picking fruit for the white man, and after losing their territory to the bayonet. they have come back with a vengeance through the bassinet by conquering most of the southwest.

The American Latinos are a dangerous lot; the offspring of Indian cannibal killers and conquistador crooks, the worst rabble element of Iberia. They're America's new Eurasian Turks. They're very skin-color-conscious. Their high-class women run around shopping between shady air-conditioned stores in Mexico, with long sleeves and Tammy Faye makeup for fear of getting too much sun and looking like a peon. They don't have too much use for Coppertone down there.

Hispanics have been at African throats for a long time, perpetrating plenty of murder and mayhem on the Dark Continent and the Americas. That's why the Island of Hispaniola is split in the two (Haiti and the Dominican Republic), where in the 1920's and 1930's the Dominicans massacred 30,000 Haitians to drive them back. They used to wave clumps of parsley with one hand and machete in the other and ask them to pronounce the word parsley (" perejil"), apparently difficult to utter if you were raised on Español. Today in Los Angeles neighborhoods the bandanna banditos are driving the blacks our of their neighborhoods and jobs, while their leaders spew anti-racist rhetoric. They're phonier than the Clintons; birds of a feather flock together: They have John McCain with his open borders amnesty proposals and La Raza genuflecting. In their minds they don't need the white man, unlike the kidnapped ex-slaves descendants who have chosen the Guess-Who's-Coming-To-Dinner offspring's new man. Barack Obama is their champion, even if he's acting like an Uncle Tom by dutifully quitting his church to satisfy the anti-racist Jews around him.

The biggest bigots are the Sex and the City baby boomer "beauties" who sang along with To Sir With Love (Sidney Poitier) in their youth but now, having lost their sex appeal, are showing their innate prejudice and fear toward the same black men in the race-mixed country they promoted. Interestingly, the same cycle is occurring with their daughter "apples" who fell from the same tree and who are all for Obama while they "still got it." Daughters never agree with the mothers, even though they act just like them in the end.

Clinton backers are as ugly as McCain's warmongers, with vicious threatening bile that spews from their mouths as the Democratic Party nomination slips away from the cabal. Could you imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the Obama camp was sniping away with the same vitriol? The entire controlled media dogs would be sicced upon them. Instead, we're witness to guilt-by-association and petty bigotry. It's not worthy of any fair reporting and criticism. I'm ashamed as a white racist to read the whinings about black racism and racism in general from the kosher conservative groups who claim to be working for White Nationalism and Western culture. If it wasn't for Obama's candidacy the whites wouldn't even be recognized as a race by the globalist elitist media. These whites resent race even being brought into the conversation, they're so hateful and self-loathing on the racial identity level. That suits the non-white racists just fine, particularly the Hispanics and the other Gunga Din collaborators hiding behind religion.

If you don't like the savagery of the blacks and Latino criminals then separate from them and produce your own self-sufficient White Nationalist state. None of these non-whites came here in gunboat flotillas or air-drops; treacherous, lazy and aggrandizing whites brought them here after invading the non-white continents first, where they perpetuated numerous massacres and destroyed cultures. Non-whites have a lot to catch up with, if you let them: the white globalists are still continuing the onslaught in Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan, just check it out on our new War News page. We do have to pay for the sins of our fathers, even if our memories are short and our forefathers have been rejected. The Sex in the City white women have betrayed the race while La Raza is attempting to deny us our race, propping up their own — just the same as the white weds and capitalists who would deny the proletariat labor force their identity. It's time to reject those who have jeopardized our future with their actions of the past and embrace the racism of self-identity and belonging. Bigot pussy-footing won't do.

Whether Obama makes it or not, he's done the white race a great service by showing up the racism of others in his campaign for the presidency. We can never go back to the self-defeating, stupid days of anti-racism. Barack Obama is the real American dream, and no one can take that away from him. Whether you like it or not, he is exciting the American people and the elites will have to follow. For him to choose Hillary Clinton as a vice-presidential running mate is like a death wish assassination —  just what the Zionist and agent provocateurs are praying for.

Don't do it, Obama!



“Youth culture” oxymoron outed


There was never any "youth culture." It was all made up, like multiculturalism, TV reality shows, professional wrestling, "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq," global warming and the many shibboleths put out by the elite with the end of the slimebag media. Those who now laugh at conspiracies and their theorists are laughing no more, with black 'gang-bangers from broken families, family murderers and illiterates in plumber's pants dissing their elders. Part of the program one of the world conspiracies (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) was to separate the generations with music and "style" from centuries of time-proven traditional thought, cleverly achieved through the now-dead rock and roll. Oh, sure, some baggy-assed-jeaned white long hairs are clinging to the disruptive past, like the bigots for Clinton and McCain. But the hearses are waiting for these myopics.

The advent of the internet spoiled the power of the minstrel music industry and undermined the final arrogant word of the broadcasters on news and morays: the under-30's "rebellion" is over, as the white kids scramble to find meaning to life other than their parents' mindless baby-boomer same-sex marriage and Darfur. The "post racial" society envisioned by hippies, liberals, hose-bags, commies and consumerists never happened, in spite of the massive influx of immigrant invasions created by the adult idiots in their quest for a Marxist utopia, even though now they try to put all the blame on corporate fascism, the antithesis to racial identity and national sovereignty. Conspiracy theorists have been mainstreamed for public ridicule; it's the second stage of "First, they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you win," as Mahatma Gandhi said.

Matriarchal whites are the culprits in their civilization-destroying exercise in futility for a new world order. Meddling whites have been running around the planet trying to re-order natural societies into their skewed version of a Gay Pride Parade life, and getting their payback through the destruction of their lifestyle, to the detriment of all of us. They have taken their program of interference beyond their own stated principles of, Peace, man! by acquiescing to torture and war for elitist corporate interests in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia and Pakistan, just to mention a few. The anti-war movement itself is bereft of their offspring, while they make excuses for more bombing, for women's rights in the phony war of terror that they promised never to be a part of in their rebellious youth. "Hell, no, we won't go!," is their empty rhetoric as they support the troops in their odious brutality abroad.

The baby boomer hypocrites in power are in a quandary, running around like chickens without heads and refusing to acknowledge that they're off. Toronto Mayor David Miller is a prime example of this failed lunacy with is reactionary attempt to stem rampant black gun crime by closing down a couple of remaining legal responsible gun club ranges in the city to dissuade gun owners from their hobbies and handgun professions — all in fear that criminals might steal them, while other illegal thousands flood across the border. Without racial awareness these goofballs don't have a chance to tackle the violence with any genuine solutions.

The generation-splinter conspirators brought in special youth laws to hide the nasty perpetrators of ugly crimes from public approbation, giving the punks an anonymous head start and putting us all in jeopardy. Some major publications have gone a step further to hide the racial backgrounds of the perpetrators, such as the Toronto (Red) Star (except when they're shot dead) in order to promote racial harmony by further deceiving the public. Code words are still used by these traitors hiding the facts, like "disadvantaged" or "marginalized" youth, while every law is bent for their benefit. All of this crap is going down the toilet with the advent of reluctant political awareness by white males of all ages deluded by Sex and The City propaganda.

White youth is the most disoriented element in society, unsure whether to put on a Latino bandanna, baggy black pants or wear dirty uncropped Harry Potter mops, while contemplating what makes them any different than white girls dressed as hookers or lesbian thugs. Their trendy suck-assed parents are of no assistance, having no connection to their family and traditional roots. The establishment's AM radio Top 40 hits have all gone over to the talk shows to promote the warmongering agenda of the corporate commie globalist elite, while FM radio and TV are all over the place promoting American Idol song and dance moves and crude comedies of no cultural reference.

White culture has become an empty vessel with no connection to the past and open to major revision in the future, particularly with hard economic times on the horizon. Our forefathers will be rediscovered and re-evaluated on a more friendly basis and the onus will be on sober maturity and responsibility instead of female flakiness as we have today. Even polygamy has raised its ancient head to undermine the matriarchal self-destructing state.

Religion will be codified and tightened up to give further meaning to life other than a vacation and an SUV. And youth will have to dance to a different tune of White Western civilization.

It can't happen soon enough.



Bigots cling to Clinton, racists back Obama


Bigots are surface thinkers. They like to pretend that they are politically correct and bristle at being called "racist." Bigots are against other peoples' racial identity, preferring to use their as cheap labour and objects of crude derision, while taking advantage of their racially-aware ancestors' achievements. Racists like to have their own land and do their own labor while encouraging other races' racial identity.

For racial survival it's the common sense thing to do; bigots belly-ache a lot in a multi-racial society, but wouldn't dare stand up and be counted as a white racist for fear of their white females' approbation. Racists know and enjoy theirs' and other peoples' histories, while bigots consider theirs' and others; histories unimportant, relying on the politically-correct media to set the standards for historical truth. The vote for anti-racist Hillary Clinton in the hillbilly states of West Virginia and Kentucky shows the bigots' naiveté for racial identity politics. Bigots are stubborn-stupid and need racist ideologues to sustain their natural philosophical and racial reaction. Bigots have a difficult time accepting the racial realities of a greedbag-and-grabbing state often-times built on non-white labor. They don't mind co-habiting with other races as long as they stay in their place, even though their barren white women and feminist Marxist agenda are putting them into a minority status. Agent-provocateur Hal Turner screams that "a nigger can't be a president of the United States." Why not, Hal? America has become the Brazil of the north, the only difference being that Brazil's whites are in the South and their blacks are in the north, with a giant Latino population in the middle (opposite to the 'Jew-nited States of America's'). Having no real philosophical grounding, bigots are a one-shot deal, as Hal Turner is trying to find some with terminal cancer for his assassination suggestions. Look at all the useless tits who went on a one-shot rampage: the Oklahoma City bombing, Minutemen militia reactionaries who never had anything intelligent or inspiring to say to the white people after their anti-ZOG actions. Bigots are suckers for Zionist wars to "get them-there sand niggers and camel jockeys", while their women are race-mixing in the American Whorehouse created by the globalists they're fighting for.

Bigots are slow off the mark to take advantage of new political situations like the Barack Obama presidential campaign, which is supported by Black Nationalists. They would rather keep on supporting neo-con globalist traitors like Hillary Clinton and John McCain, naively fearing that a black president would be openly hard on their race. When have you seen so much recognition, genuflecting and concern for white workers in an election campaign? (And where are McCain's massive crowds at rallies. if we're to believe that McCain is rating 50% to 50% with Obama with the controlled pollsters? Even the race traitors are hinting at a previously-unrecognized racial backlash for a black man and the Zionists are pandering to white antipathy to foreigners, with their newly-found concerns for "freedom of speech," if it's against Muslims. Bigots are quick to jump on that bandwagon, while ignoring their own kith and kin who have been hounded for the last three generations for speaking in favor of their race.

Racial awareness is in; slowly and reluctantly, even for the abandoned raceless whites. Happily, I can say that my racist mission is accomplished; everything from now on is gravy. Whites are now furtively looking for each others' faces on public transit and in the public square, and often make friendly eye contact as they wander around outnumbered thanks to white race traitors and non-white tax giant opportunists; it's palatable in a city like Toronto, which is only 49% white — the bigots have ignored racists' advice, and look what happened to them.

The white anti-racists haven't given up, especially the media bimbo bitches and politicos. They'll still talk about the "evils of racism" as multicult states disintegrate around them like their darling Mandela model state South Africa. They put their legs-and-arms-open-wide white population at risk with their communist unsustainable consumerist mindset, because they had such a good time in the brothels of Bangkok. But their siren-song is falling on increasingly deaf ears as the globalist economic crunch that they created with open borders comes home to roost. These Marxist liars love to point the finger at long-dead nationalist fascism while pushing international communism, to the further detriment of the white race. With the whites' forces' new racial awareness (thanks to the identity politics of blacks, Hispanics and Orientals), White Nationalists are forced to participate more than by whining on bigot message boards' -- they'll have to get out and vote, even if it's for Bob Barr of the anti-racist Libertarians to ensure that Mc(Son of) Cain never makes it to the White House nuclear button. Working against Obama is working for "ZOG"; there's no two ways about it.

Let's not be patsies in another assassination to bring the hammer down on white Nationalists as they did with the militias after the Oklahoma bombing set-up (the precursor to 9/11). Bigots can be easily fooled; racists must distance themselves from narrow-minded activity. Without mutual respect, there can be no honor. After three generations of wild white women power, America is in transition. Their big-mouths have bitten off more than they can chew with their "manifest destiny," on this continent and throughout the world. It's time for whites to back off and re-group into their own neighborhoods, towns and states, doing their own work ... or perish. Congratulations to the black voters who backed up their half of Barack Obama (90%), in spite of the petty bile from the kosher conservative race-mixing libertines. An Obama presidency will make the Whites think racially, and finally be pandered to.

That's why racists back Obama.



Global Warming Weasels

Global warming is the scam of the century. The guys who told you that the world that the world was going to hell in a hand-basket with the icecaps melting and the oceans rising in a giant greenhouse are now telling us that there'll be a 10-15 respite, from all the "evidence" that global warming is a reality. These arrogant internationalists like David Suzuki and Al Gore want to have their cake and eat it too by de-industrializing white countries while promoting cheap labor and manufacturing in China, India and other Third World states. Al Gore could have been a shoo-in in the U.S. Presidential race, had we not endured a cold winter. Now these frequent-flyers are attempting to cover their bets by postponing the global warming effects for up to a generation, while keeping their initial adherents busy in a useless effort of self-denial and sufficiency, and promoting Third World modernization in a blind effort to make us all uniformly poor and equal.

In a sissified white world, the global warming siren song takes the eye off the ball of the dwindling white population and the rotten effects of multiculturalism's mixed diversity that most Leftists and dummies have fallen for. The global warming advocates' agenda is similar to the dirty 'war on terror': both are globalist in nature in their attempt to form a unified planet where one-size-fits-all, except for the billionaire elitists. The international merchant is part of their clique, even while pretending that they can't meet the clean air standards (which they usually fix by moving their manufacturing plants to poor non-white countries, which supposedly haven't produced enough carbon yet to disqualify the cheap labor force there. The controlled capitalist media works in tandem with communist commissars in China and ex-KGB "beeznessmen" in Russia, undermining white living standards and morays in the West. Even though over 30,000 scientists have stated otherwise, in opposition to the global warming ruling clique, the in-bedded media carries on as if no one's said or petitioned anything. These are the same traitors who pretended that this was a "post-racial era," until the surprising popularity of Barack Obama's runaway presidential bid; hypocritically they now pander the base bigotry of reactionary white voters in Appalachia, and racist Latinos in the Southwest, hoping to wreck Obama's train. The Clintons, who foisted on us the destructive free trade agreements, are the most divisive couple on the planet who buy into buddy Gore's commie wealth distribution through the notorious Kyoto Protocol.

Here in Canada, we have the essence of a Marxist egghead in Stephane Dion, the head of the "natural-ruling" Liberal Party, proposing a carbon tax to titillate the meddling suffragettes and other dizzy dames who go ga-ga for environmentalism while jet-setting throughout the world; they're the same dummies who buy bottled water in dangerous chemical-leaking plastic containers for their health. These fanatical frantic boobs love to divide the citizenry into categories by calling themselves the "middle class," who never demonstrate in front of grocery stores, gas stations or legislatures demanding lower prices for the "low class" citizens, while always looking to become "high class" exploiters.

Emasculated mean morons like Lou Dobbs and other capitalist-concerned citizens are on their side, prattling on about the Latino invasion and population explosion while ignoring their own lack of racial identity and wild white barren women (it's all the maid's and gardener's fault for the poor economy). These same feminists of both sexes are the last to point the finger at the $3 trillion globalist imperialist war on primitive eco-friendly societies for the economic malaise. They pollute the planet with unexploded ordinance and depleted uranium while using billions in energy dollars to prosecute their wars and foisting the bovine home population with their useless over-packaged junk and with job-destruction through home recycling. Everything is to be automated, including garbage pickup lifts for the tons of giant plastic containers littering the feng-shui of our cities.

Eco-warriors hate the lower classes. often depriving them of their livelihoods to satisfy their sky-is-falling ideology. You won't hear them advocating an increase in welfare allowances or the minimum wage, as they pretend to save the planet. The global warming conspiracy is a safe sandbox for disenchanted, emasculated youth, with no spirit or moral basis to inspire white society, identity and integrity. It's a doom-and-gloom scenario that depresses the ego in fruitless efforts that can be negated with one more major war or natural catastrophe. like rock and roll, it's going nowhere.

None of the corporate entities can be trusted to speak for the white people on a nationalist basis with their ersatz environmentalism, as they work toward a global economy. That is not fascism, for those naive enough to peddle the communist smear (which is music to international Zionists) imbued in them by their Leftist teachers — that's international communism. No point lambasting globalism, while at the same time denigrating fascist nationalism...unless you're against it.

The white race needs a racial revival, and it won't be done by trying to save the polar bears or imposing a new carbon tax. Get out of the sandbox of childishness and work for the establishment of White Nationalist homelands where we do all our own labor within defended borders and distinct societies. That's when diversity will be strength, when we can maintain it. World trade will still flourish without an immigration invasion and sky-is-falling Chicken Littles.



Jews Overexposed

The old saying, "there's no such thing as bad publicity," as long as you spell the name right", doesn't apply to Jews who are attempting to hide their inordinate overwhelming political power throughout the world. The sight of presidents and prime ministers, princes and kings making mandatory pilgrimages to Israel, Auschwitz and Jewish ceremonies, doesn't escape the notice of ordinary people as the world potentates bow, scrape and genuflect before the "chosen people." All the so-called leaders of the white nations vie with each other to prove to the Jews that they will be the best defenders of ersatz Israel. The Zionist-controlled media is in lock-step with this campaign of one-upsmanship for who will be the best schlep to serve their internationalist masters. This treacherous anti-white antagonistic media has attempted to tie Western peace and security with that of Israel to the point of a moral imperative. You would think that everyone was born with a guaranteed pledge of loyalty to the "stinking-corpse" state, as Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad referred to.

John McCain is running around re-iterating the Israel "stinking-corpse" slur for shock value, thinking that everybody has taken the pledge in a secret daisy-chain conspiracy club. He is miscalculating what harm that phrase is doing for Jews and Israel, as people start pondering that maybe, it is. Who would want to fight for the preservation of a 'stinking corpse state'? Not even the Jews. Witness this by the number of Israelis who are attempting to immigrate out of Israel; as one expatriate Israeli wrote in a Ha'aretz website commentary: that everyone in Israel is sending their sons and daughters abroad to obtain a foreign degree and a passport, "They all say they're leaving for a while, but they never come back.".

Blind support for Israel is a yardstick that the "ZOG" media is attempting to best Barack Obama with. The more they do it, the more hatred they will reap from the racially-aware black community. The Hispanics have already been turned off by the Israelis' treatment of the Palestinians. La Raza and Aztalan are no friends of globalist power-brokers; in Canada the aboriginals are silently angry with the heavy-handed hate bill charges against one of their chiefs, David Ahenakew, no matter how many Jewish lawyers might be willing to work pro-bono for their land claims.

For centuries stateless Jews were close to the ruling elite and not the people, until Marx and Lenin, whose ideas they were able to propel against uncooperative rules. The "workers' paradise" that the commies created were not much better than any military dictatorships, as the commissars became the ruling elite, secretly supported by their international financier brethren. This costly insidious ideological criminal conspiracy was ended when the globalist bankers opened up a McDonald's in Moscow (so much for the validity of their skewered Red philosophy): "Friends of the captain, friends of the crew," as Rockwell once described it in his famous book White Power.

When the Jews left the Left, finding themselves more comfortable with the neo-cons and "happy capitalism", they brought with them the Marxist tools of the trade: torture, secret prisons, concentration camps (e.g., Guantanamo Bay, Bagram air base, etc.), and pre-emptive war, which makes the kosher conservative folks at Sweetness and ( ) tingle with excitement. The neo-cons have made "conservative" a dirty word who support the troops without question as they do the dirty mercenary work for the globalists. No longer can the Jews say that "we have no power", as everyone looks upon them with fear and envy, except the Apocalyptic Christians, who have been exposed as warmongers distant from the Prince of Peace — Jesus. Christianity has received a black eye when it comes to peace and compassion, as they allow the Air Force (the worst element of all armed forces to carpet-bomb and strafe with impunity "above all", as their slogan says. These techno-nerds are the most despicable of mercenary killers who just press buttons, as if in a video game, and never have to look and the carnage they created, until they're captured. like that goof Mc (Son of) Cain.

Everyone admires smart people like the Jews. But when "smart people" fail to met ordinary standards of peace and compromise for 60 years, derision ans hatred are not far behind, particularly when a war perceived to safeguard the smart people, is costing the economy and personal hardship of a $3 trillion war. Everyone on the Right and Left knows the Jewish-named architects of the illegal Iraq and UN fig-leaf-cover Afghanistan war, even if they have mysteriously disappeared off the screen.

As I've said before, Barack Obama's candidacy for President of the United States will do the world and white and black America a hell of a lot of good, as all citizens become more racially proud and aware. That's not good for the Jews who are also in the forefront of anti-white racism and have been forced to tiptoe through antagonism toward Reverend Wright's and Reverend Farrakhan's black nationalism. Too bad David Duke ( is not more of a George Lincoln Rockwell by taking this opportunity to rise his hand and say me, too on the part of white nationalism( as Rockwell did with the Nation of Islam): then, when a Christian phony like former reverend Mike Huckabee makes a joke at an NRA conference to a loud noise, suggesting that somebody's pointing a gun at Barack Obama, it won't be "racists" that are to blame that the suggested "shit hit the fan". Hal Turner's ( ) hateful low-class vitriol against Michelle Obama, is in this case doing the Zionists' work for them. They are deathly afraid of Obama's anti-Zionist backers who may leave Israel withering on the vine, instead of starting a Third World War. These groups and their petty bigotry have pushed themselves into a corner of cheap shots and irrelevance in this US election, until they get on the Real Racist Bandwagon with Obama.

Manly, freedom-loving White Nationalists can't be in favor of the war on terror, civil restrictions and abrogations so that these patriarchal jihadists "don't come over here." Their enemies, the feminists, have already invited the world to white countries while sending the mercenaries to install their whorehouse in foreign lands.

The worse things become on the home front, the more people will think why, particularly when Osama bin Laden still targets Israel, even if he is a stooge of the CIA (as son many conspiracy theorists believe). The Jews are still shooting themselves in the foot as the public tires of continual tension and fear mongering that spoil their lives. And for who? The Jews promoted the civil rights/race-mixed nation and now their hypocrisy comes to the test, as the result of their anti-racist action: Barack Obama. The cosmopolitan world they hope for is re-assembling itself in a new racial awareness, including whites. Soon they will have to choose what side they are on, on our terms: the last thing they wanted to do. Who else will have them? Signs of this are already apparent with the Ezra Levants and the Mark Steyns willing to throw in their lot reluctantly with Marc Lemire, former leader of the White Nationalist Heritage Front in his battle against the Human Rights Commission even if they're arrogantly holding their noses.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recent slander of anti-Zionism being the same as anti-Semitism will only bring more enemies from the naive anti-Nazi crowd permeating on the Left and the reactionary Right.

The universe is unfolding as it should and the white people are waking up to their proud identity in spite of the race-traitors in their midst, and that can only be good for our future generations' safety and psyche. For the the Jews, it's best that they pick a side, before they're picked off by the many enemies they have accrued. Whatever Man has been done before, as Plutarch said, he can do again.



Bug Off Burma

Internationalist "do-no-gooder" meddlers are willing to kill and destroy to help the victims of natural disasters. It's just unbelievable how far these arrogant frequent-flyer hedonists are willing to go to have their egos satisfied. Suggestions of invading Burma (Myanmar) or disregarding their sovereign airspace by bombarding them with food and water is beyond the pale. These interfering goofs will not leave any region of the world alone in their pursuit of a one world globalist agenda. They babble about diversity while at the same time pushing for uniform McWorld, undermining the world's different structures and environment. Diversity would be our strength (and is the law of the planet) if it is separate, which is the essence of vanity and natural order.

The majority of these interlopers are white liberals and kosher consumerists peddling their wares; instead of concentrating on the disappearing white race by oping to the bedroom and procreating, these snotty know-it-alls are filling the ranks of Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and the dilettante diplomatic corps, undermining white racial existence. All their actions are quick-fix stopgap measures, which inevitably degenerate and are abandoned in Third World countries where the immigration agents recruit cheap labor for the capitalist consumerists in the increasingly race-mixed white countries. Their myopic race survival views depress us all on the home-front with the race traitors' low birth-rate — while they're saving and upping the population of the Third World. They're quick to invoke the UN's anti-nationalist charter by bringing up the emergency clause which says that the UN can go anywhere if it is deemed to be a humanitarian emergency; so much for national sovereignty from that world- government-dictatorship body.

The globalists hate any ethnically-homogeneous nationalist government and will attack them under any pretext, particularly if the government is a military dictatorship. as in Burma. These same "bugs" don't mind military tyrannies if they are in line with the globalists' secret society plans for a new world order by holding back separatists or religious movements, such as in Turkey and Algeria or Red Army China. Burma (Myanmar) is no pushover, having a long history as a country with over a dozen civil wars of their neighbors including China, Laos and Thailand. It took awhile for the European imperialists to subdue them , whose English yoke they were quick to get rid of after the Japanese showed them that Orientals could beat the white man when properly trained. Militant Burmese Buddhism also bedevils the trendies' culture-wreckers by putting a lie to the thought that Buddhism is benign; look what they did to each other in Cambodia, and what the Sinhalese are still doing to the Hindu Tamils in Sri Lanka....and that's supposed to be the cradle of the "peaceful religion."

White race traitors are off on many tangents, from global warming to Darfur, to kidnapping kids in Chad and Guatemala. But none of them are helpful on the white race home-front. This probably started with Christian missionaries and the preponderance of female power in white society, who bring all the crap back to the homeland. Some have gone even further by joining the apes in the jungles. Is it little wonder they're not against Third World immigration and a pluralistic multicultural zero-life-meaning civilization's existence? There isn't enough condemnation from White Nationalists toward self-serving self-loathers.

Most of these morons are warmongering and always backing up internationalist police actions to install by force their skewered, unnatural view of society, whether it be in Afghanistan or Kosovo, they're there to provide a fig-leaf humanitarian cover for imperial power, while backing up more stringent security laws for their nefarious work. These dummies have very little sympathy for the anguished indigenous poor of their own countries, where their pervert activities would no go unnoticed in an individualistic white-minded society. They are the mean enemies of white racial awareness and patriarchy. These busy-bodies are the direct descendants of that commissar-talking Lotte Hichmanova of the Ottawa-based race-mixing charity, The Unitarian Service Committee, that pushed for foreign adoption and foster care. The present-day coffee shop communists are the direct descendants of these undermining policies of Hichmanova and the Comintern. Notice how the controlled media is 101% behind these NGO spies and the plans of the one-worlders. They take the focus away from important social issues and non-white crime at home, and artificially weld our future to foreign peasants far away.

Don't feed the pigeons; or else they will rely upon you and your foreign aid, while upping the cost of goods, services and pollution for all concerned. The destructive do-no-gooders constantly attempt to tie us to a world economy, elevating the big corporations, while limiting our Monsanto choices for true diversity. Just think of all the money that's been pumped into foreign governments and projects which have not benefited our society, itself forced to constrict spending on education and the economy, while attempting to artificially elevate others to our new poverty level through all the free trade pacts that these traitors are no doubt in favor of.

It's time to tell the egalitarian bugs to buzz off. Charity begins at home; Let nature take its' course.


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