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Historically Challenged, Easily Fooled

Sometimes you can wonder why the white race is so naive and gullible socially, while so advanced technologically. How can people so smart be so stupid? When you scrap it all away, you're left with two salient points: modern white society is femo-centric, and totally ignorant of their history (communists don't like history, either). Without the knowledge of history, whites are amnesiacs, who can be fed anything as to their past. Only a few history buffs know the truth, but there's not enough of them during a universal suffrage elections to make a difference, and the controlled media wouldn't advertise it, anyway. In a society where everything is here-and-now, ancestors are looked upon as being stupid, narrow-minded and degenerate, according to modern pundits. Big lies can be fed to the public with impunity.

History, which used to be taught with vigor by mostly male teachers, beginning in elementary school, has been supplanted by "social studies" to facilitate the harmony in the multicult work force that the consumerist globalists wish to manage. Removing history from the curriculum and replacing it with master-worshiping Holocaust studies and unnatural anti-racist rhetoric, denies ethnic and national pride, belonging, and well-being to the students. The government and the one-size-fits-all international businessmen end up with a malleable hedonistic population that concentrates on their precious one-life-to-live attitude, fully backed by the feminist and homosexual lobby, who look upon the past with derision. If you don't know where you've been, how can you know where you're going? When you're historically challenged, you can be easily fooled, who's going to bother looking up the facts?

History, when dealt by the media, is totally twisted, with key little inserts that throe the whole concept of race and ethnicity down a well. With black crusaders, benevolent Oriental warlords, gurus, women gunfighters, openly gay pirates and friendly missionaries, Hollywood can't be relied on to tell the truth of peoples' nationalist pasts, since a bunch of cosmopolitan stateless Jews who have antipathy toward all their former national hosts. Even the Bible stories can be perverted to fit their universalist agenda against other peoples' ethnic aspirations, with 1,000 great stories ro tell; they just keep on spinning the same old/same old remakes, to the tunnel-vision detriment of all of us.

The Internet is generally bereft of any detailed historical accounts of the past, trials and glories; this is why we are starting the new page History Bits (and for the latest up-to-date war reports from Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, go to the Resistance Reports banner on the left side of our main page). This site always attempts to put some interesting information into cyberspace for generations to share. Internet bloggers would do well to pick up a history book before they opine on today's subjects, White Nationalists in particular should be arming themselves with past lives and wars to better equip themselves in their arguments for white racism.

History repeats itself because man is a creature of habit. Everything is still the same; only the gadgets and names have been changed. History teaches us the nature of our neighbors over the centuries in good times and bad and how to come through them. History teaches us what's fair and what's not, without the controlled media liars of the present ruling elite. History teaches us that nothing is forever, except history, which we are all writing today by being involved at the edge of time and the tip of Man's efforts. It's really frustrating to talk to those blind moderns who know nothing before color film and rock-and-roll. It's amazing to hear "educated" people be hundreds of years off when Napoleon battled, or when Genghis Khan rampaged or Alexander the Great conquered, or when Cleopatra lived. It's one thing to be able to do a crossword puzzle, but another to connect the dots with the information in the puzzle. The anti-white racist one-world conspirators have done a fine job muddling the time-frame of the past, but the majority of the population are 5th Grader dunces.

In Canada there is little pride in the past; except some useless mercenary battles (Vimy Ridge), in which the militarists attempt to elevate for present-day propaganda warmongering. If Canadians had known their peaceful past, they would be ashamed to show their fore-bearers the alien immigration that their descendants allowed for more fun and frolic. The Americans like to hide all their historical dirt and pretend they came to a pristine wilderness, welcomed by benign aboriginals as modernistic enablers. The truth would make the jellyfish white population scream in agonizing guilt and shame, shattering their American dream of Manifest Destiny, of blood and imperialism. They need a good dose of humility to stop their world aggression.

Historians are some of the smartest social observers, who should be consulted on a regular basis by intelligent politicians and political planners. Every leader should have a few around, with different biases to censure a fair opinion. The smartest teacher I ever had, Mr. Lovekin in Grade 11, brought history to life with common language in the all-boys' class, as he walked around grabbing one student or another by the back of his neck or shoulders to get his answered (you couldn't do that today). Gratefully, he had some kind words of praise for yours truly in the book Is God A Racist? (Stanley Barrett, University of Toronto Press). Now all we have is the comic relief of Rick Green and his skewed History Bites skits, which throw out more confusion than facts, and his dumbed-down presentations. You couldn't pull any of these stunts on Third World peoples, whether their history is written down or not. They don't accept the white-washed entertainment industry shibboleths. They get their history from their fathers and grandfathers, who know better and won't be dissuaded to lie for a few dollars more. Living history puts the globalists right off track in their parts of the world, no matter how many mini-series and lies they produce. History protects civilization.

If you're against history, you're against yourself. When you have no history, you have no pride and when you have no pride, anything can be done to you. To know your history is to know yourself. It's bulwark against flim-flammers. We ignore history at our own peril, which is where we are today. History cannot save us , but it can show a path to salvation. It's time for white nationalists to tread that path together.

Start reading.



Racial Awareness Is In

Whites have been dragged into racial awareness kicking and screaming, thanks to the racial awareness of all others. For three generations, without race or religion, the White population has been deluded into thinking that we are all the same. Self-loathing walking dead White anti-racists have been peddling this communist internationalist ideology with the aid of capitalist monopolists who are out to re-form the planet into a big-box store, moving goods and services around as needed for their hedonistic pleasures.

Racism and racial awareness have been allowed and been around for all non-Whites with a wink and a nudge, that they need their ethnic identity for spiritual uplifting -- all this, at the same here utilizing police and prisons ro keep White Nationalism down. These white traitors elevated "racist" to a criminal level while promoting the racial identity of non-Whites, whether they aboriginal, Latinos, Asians or blacks. Everything was going smoothly, the anti-White racists thought for awhile, with the White women being in the vanguard of the anti-White movement; until these witches saw the massive takeover of cities when the Latinos marched throughout America for their La Raza; The appearance of 20,000 blacks descending on the little town of Jenna, Louisiana over a perceived noose-hanging insult, scared the indolent Whites even more. Finally the candidacy of the offspring of Guess-Who's-Coming-to-Dinner, Barack Obama, and the outbursts of his twenty-year friend Reverend Jeremiah Wright, convinced the white population that everyone was secretly against them, including the dressed-up church-going blacks. The anti-White-racist betrayers didn't hit out at Black Nationalism, but at the window-dressing winner Barack Obama, who was caught between a rock and a hard place, forcing him to abandon his roots in a tardy repudiation of the right reverend.

Basically, the anti-racist cabal keep shooting themselves in the foot, from their warmongering to their misrepresenting of racial history and facts. They created and elevated the token Obama, who became such a runaway train that they have had to send the epitome of the hypocrites' raceless society, Hillary Clinton, after him. allowing the racial-awareness aura to expand. Never have whites been talked about on a racial basis than in this U.S. Presidential Election, thanks to their phony fumbling efforts. Interestingly, it wasn't the white nationalist groups' and leaders' activities which have brought race to the foreground. In fact, some of these so-called "racialist" groups carry banners on their web sites condemning Canada's racist laws. If we only had some racist laws, we wouldn't be entering into a Third World state ourselves. Think about it.

The White population now has ro play catch-up with the rest of the ethnically-proud world we live in, with a fifth column of White and non-White traitors and collaborators in our midst. The non-White lickspittles and Gunga Dins who yammer about racism while practicing their private bigotries, usually through our taxes, are the biggest liars and obfuscators on racial matters. They don't have to be isolated at all. The big holdouts on racial awareness are the frequent-flyer holidayers, feminists and greedy globalists who need to be condemned and ridiculed at every treacherous outburst. They're from the age of a failed past, whose dreams have turned into poverty and crime-ridden nightmares for all of us.

The government and the media is where most of these anti-White skunks reside, but even there they've been forced to react and talk about race issues as they tried to get down after being hoisted on their own petard of human rights commissions and Orwellian anti-hate laws. These jerks didn't count on the Muslim believers who are in opposition to most of their ribald lifestyles. Now they want to remove their odious Marxist human rights codes' sections to fight their patriarchal religion that is undermining their raceless matriarchy. Twenty racists, neo-Nazis and concerned citizens
have been charged, tried, convicted and sentenced, without a murmur from the Zionist detractors, until the Muslims utilized their unjust laws against them.

Racial awareness is good for the White people. It gives them pride, identity and belonging, unlike the nanny/children-grabbing state. Racial awareness begets interest into out history; without whose knowledge you cannot know the past. And when you don't know where you've been, you can't know where you're going, like an amnesiac. As the old Sanskrit passage from 4,500 years ago said:
"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding; and out of that...all troubles."

Racism is on the rise; racists can save us. You have nothing to be ashamed of, including who you are. Whatever your color, you can celebrate your membership in the family of humanity without fear , shame or regret, as God and Nature made you, and that's a good feeling. The more you learn about your past, the more precious your present is and the more hope you have for the future.

Speak boldly and act fairly, and reject the idiocy, blindness and shallowness of anti-racist illusions, which will get us nowhere but into the dust-bin of history. Don't worry about hate and/or racism, which is as natural as breathing; without it, you wouldn't be here, and thank God for the common sense, good will and fair play in our hearts that guarantees our survival.

God Bless the White Race, and to hell with the nay-sayers!



Obama Wrongs Wright

Imagine if the roles were reversed, and white people had just emerged from hundreds of years of bondage from black slave-masters. How would you feel?

Well, the suddenly-slaver and raceless Barack Obama, whose father cowardly rejected him because he didn't want the Obama family name sullied by a white women (keep your pants on next time, pal!) has demonstrated his mamma's boy attitude and distanced himself from the oppressive slave experience of blacks in America by denouncing his twenty-year "friend," Reverend Jeremiah Wright. He did so for the Reverend's latest Black Nationalist outbursts against America. Barack Obama is doing the bidding of the anti-racist Zionist establishment portrayed by CNN and Fox News. As the Reverend said, He'll say and do anything to get elected President of the United States.

Rev. Wright has been muted in his response to Obama's betrayal of the years of working in Chicago's ghettos by his condemnation of the Black Liberation philosophy which correctly questions the ruling elite's plans and motivations. But that's his nature: since it took him weeks of silence while being abused by the controlled media over his "God Damn America" sermon. Rev. Wright is right about most of the things he complains about, with the exception of the word "racism", which he practices quite well, but doesn't consider the same as a victim of White society. This is the case with most non-Whites, like the Latinos of La Raza, who spout Marxist anti-racist vitriol against Whites while elevating their own race and exclusiveness continually. They're playing on the guilt complex of the White suckers who have been propagandized by White self-loathers, globalists and Marxists for three generations against White racial awareness and identity. Rev. Wright is just the smelling salts we need to wake up from this anti-racist stupidity which has even permeated so-called White Nationalist and kosher "conservative" sites.

You can't build a white nation on the backs of black, Asian and Latino labor in a race-mixed state. Jeremiah Wright's entertaining appearances caught all the snotty White phonies off-guard with complaints about empty patriotism and "wackiness" on subjects like 9/11 and the dirty phony reciprocating war "on" terrorism. His imitations of America's supposedly great leader presidents was right on the money, chiding the big- government Irish tenor John Kennedy, who had the nerve to say to America's poor,
"Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." That neo-con baloney has been practiced throughout the last five decades, with food stamps, homelessness and no health care for 30 million Americans.

There's a Pollyanna naivetι about U.S. leaders promoted by the elite's propaganda that John Kennedy was an angel, Lyndon Johnson freed the blacks, and Ronald Reagan was a genius. The opposite is true, particularly with Reagan, who started all this neo-con pre-emptive war, in Grenada, Panama and Nicaragua, to name a few. Reagan and his trickle-down economics has left the United States in a capitalist mess and now the greed-bags want to elevate him to a god, like the Roman Senate did for dead emperors.

Rev. Wright's reserved his best impersonation for the raceless white elitist effeminate idiots who mincingly sputter, " This could be hate speech!", like the queer William Buckley. There was a total condemnation of the racist white elite, which Barack Obama has to answer to, as he is surrounded by Goldman Sachs money and their Zionist agents. As I've said before, Barack Obama is not just another long-suffering black American, but a product of the Guess-Who's-Coming-To Dinner/New Age new man. So far he's garnered 90% of the inspired black vote, but he can't take them for granted with his disavowing of Reverend Wright; many will look unbelievingly at the "Change We Can Believe In" new man, who appears to be supporting the status quo of ZOG America. Obama's constant prattle about going after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan is his stupidest of utterances, knowing full well that the organization is a paper tiger which, after a hundred threatening tapes, hasn't produced one suicide attack or raid with an open Mexican border.
Al-Qaeda's number two, al-Zawahiri, whines that the Shi'ite Iran is pushing the 9/11 conspiracy theory lies in the face of established fact, contrary to the 9/11 Commission. Islamist boasting appears top supersede facts on the ground and the possibility that Mossad and the CIA used his jihadists in a 9/11 conspiracy. Where are Zawahiri's suiciders in the malls, refineries, military installations and the cities of America? Al-Qaeda jihadists may be helping in throwing off foreign yokes in Somalis, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan , where they belong, but that's it: Everything else is bogus.

Black Pride and black Nationalism are way ahead of white racism, and have been ever since the 1970's. It reminds me when I was in the fancy Belair Cafe in Toronto's trendy Yorkville, where a big black guy asked to use the bar's phone, with a bit of an elitist English accent. Being a little curious, I asked him where he was from. "Af-ri-ka," he answered. "Oh yeah?", I said, "What tribe (knowing a few)?"
"Harlem," he answered. I nodded my head and walked away. Later I found out that the big Black guy from Africa was none other than Clarence Williams III , the Afro-headed third member of the race-mixing Mod Squad TV series. This same Harlem tribesman would no doubt hypocritically condemn my White Nationalism, while proudly displaying his ersatz own. But, in spite of black, Hispanic and Oriental duplicity on racial awareness for whites, their existence reminds us who we are.

For race-mixed America, Barack Obama is still the best bet of a pretty rotten choice. No one in their right mind could want more of the same McCain, or his feminist counterpart Hillary Clinton. Now is the time to think outside the box for white race survival, and pick a man who wishes to cater to and understands the white blue collar rednecks with guns and religion. He is better than the lickspittle phonies who count on surface bigotry for their victories while condemning White Nationalism. Obama is the new Pharaoh who the ruling elite fear — hence, the continuing jumping-through-hoops tests for the raceless black man, on the verge of a presidency.




Rock and Roll: Dead and Unburied

Every now and then, you see some guy walk by with a white pony tail and flat-assed baggy jeans in his 50's or 60's. These are the rock-and-roll Rip Van Winkles, sleepwalking through modern crises-time while nostalgically dreaming of the heydays of rock minstrels. The whole episode of two generations of mindless feminist frivolity almost set back the white race.

It started innocently enough with the rich "flappers' " interest in partying all night through the Negro jazz clubs, in which the White criminal class morphed into jitterbugging and Zoot suits. The beatniks picked up the mindless jazz finger-snapping "coolness" and introduced it to the rebellious spoiled brat baby boomers, aided by the nefarious entertainment industry where the Jew radio disc-jockey Alan Freed coined the words "rock and roll" to separate the generations with the new romance-oriented tunes which promise love and frolic for the deluded children following the conspiratorial Pied Pipers. Soon there were movies extolling the virtues of a minstrel style, which flew in the face of traditional morays. Everything was sweetness and light in the 50's, which soon turned into a unisexual open rebellion in the 60's. Soon the dames got tired of their steady hippie partners and moved on with "free love", leaving the sucker males to write a slew of whiny songs in the 70's, when hippiedom was officially declared dead. In the 80's, the majority of the "music" was nothing much more than punks screaming and yelling in anguished defiance of their lost loves, while tough-broad bands took over the stage in front of the mosh pits. Heavy metal verged on the satanic elevating the beastliest bands wearing makeup and smashing guitars, signaling the end of their desperate rage.

Often-times, one of my daughters takes over the car radio, excited about hearing a new tune, when I boringly correct them that it's just the same old tune from the 60's, where has been rehashed a couple of times already, to their disappointment; that's the pop music scene now -- just another regurgitation of the failed-promises crap that the uninspired media fed to us already. The minstrels have exhausted themselves on the white man's barren love story. Anything new is so Hanna Montana effete, and barely passes as original.

The Jewish nerds are finished with their Beastie Boys and Barenaked Ladies fluff, ever since the Blacks departed from Whitey. After the Civil Rights riots and marches and established their own Ebonics rap, the White young males were pushed off the scene; even the neo-criminal Eminem style is off the scene. as Black gun crime climbs and the old hippies look on with fear at the 'gangstas'.

A friend of mine was part-time painting with a bunch of unsuccessful musicians who knew everything about Chemtrails and the 9/11 conspiracy. "Why not?" I pointed out; "The professionally unemployed rebels have a lot of time on their hands to check the Internet, while posting their tunes on YouTube.

The Zionist globalist media and their radio jocks have lost a great instrument of musical influence and now have been relegated to talk show hosts, where they give their pin-head opinions on world subjects they know little about. Guitar stores are closing down while their useless signs ask Wanna Be A Drummer? It's all over, and thank God for that, as the White race moves toward serious matters of life and patriarchy. It's unseemly to be dancing and singing while your society's going down the drain with foreign faces on your street. Youth's out and maturity is in; the way it ought to be, if we are to survive the social crises facing our society. man is a creature of habit, with two settings: loose and tight-assed and always moving between the two, like women's' hemlines. The rock-and-roll entertainers who thought they knew it all are just hateful bitter curmudgeons with nothing to suggest for today's problems. They haven't even been true to their own words of peace, love and anti-war, as the music swings back to understandable lyrics and talented singers again, and I don't mean the ones from the last industry-gasp American Idol.

Everybody wants to be popular and up-to-date; even the White Nationalist crowd foolishly entered the entertainment milieu with Dr. William Pierce's purchase of head-banging Resistance Records, which I always considered a waste of time, unless you were trying to make money, as most musicians are prevented by their giant egos from sacrificing for the race. The only time White Nationalists need music is through inspirational songs on our way to power, and marches, when we achieve it. All the rest is a wasted diversion and distraction, like the baggy-assed minstrel's life, waiting to be buried.

The universe is unfolding as it should.




Bad days For Globalist Conspirators

The man who is running for President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, according to his own words, "doesn't know the secret handshake." The black man made progress among whites in the Pennsylvania primary; only the old bigot bags and their wimp-assed spouses held out against him, like his Negro-fearful white grandmother. Those same former wild white women who brought in integration, busing and black crime are now against Obama and his nationalist isolationism along with their Zionist backers (and don't forget Hillary Clinton, who is cynically counting on white bigotry).

John McCain may pretend that he is laughing with his nervous-twitch face over the Democrats' in-fighting, but Obama is scoring points, building organizations and collecting funds through this dirty ordeal that the Clinton/Bush/McCain camp is putting him through. Obama's measured candidacy is creating racial awareness throughout North America, as his nay-sayers and detractors are forced to utilize ethnic identity terms for the white race. Even Obama's wife Michelle asked for white faces for Obama's backdrop at a recent rally — unprecedented for the white anti-racist society. The very fact that Obama would make a derogatory reference to secret handshakes shows him to be in-the-know of the secret, manipulative powers and Bush/Clinton/McCain/Cheney Skull and Bones conspirators trying to rule the world. What self-respecting White Nationalist or conspiracy theorist would slag Obama now, unless they're just hateful narrow-minded bigots, or in the pay of "ZOG"?

The Security and Prosperity Partnership anti-white North American Union and the Bush/Calderon/Harper "Three Amigos" lying about NAFTA took big hits in Canada with the five-year sentence in a Mexican kangaroo court of Canadian citizen Brenda Martin (not to forget all of the unsolved murders of Canadians on vacation there, such as the Ianneros). This middle-aged white women has shown to white North Americans the shoddy justice system and two-faced Canadian diplomatic bureaucracy. It seems that the more you find out about Mexican ways, the less you like them. The sneaky behavior of the diplomatic dilettantes further undermines Canadians' trust in their foreign machinations' trades and deals, which will make it harder to sell to the public. People are seeing that race does matter in spite of the bureaucrats' b.s. that "diversity is our strength."

The Zionist-controlled media's efforts (with the exception of CNN's Jack Cafferty, who sees the lunacy of this unexplained campaign), through rigged polls and questions to raise John McCain as an equal to Obama, are truly an abomination. They want to wipe the slate clean for the (Son of Mc)Cain, as if Bush's Republican neo-con war debacle and low ratings didn't even exist. Bush is about a 25-30% approval rating and yet we're supposed to believe that McCain has jumped to 50%, with all of Bush's baggage? Unbelievable! The lying media pundits further obfuscate the truth by peddling the canard that McCain is against torture and made Bush see the light. The truth is the opposite: McCain is the attack dog who voted against an anti-waterboarding and torture bill, which all honest Internet bloggers know about. McCain is missing campaign experience with his easy Republican nomination 'put-in' victory, so the controlled media has to pump the old empty sack up. It will only work on idiots and kosher conservatives who are forever whining about Barack Obama's extremist associates. These same phonies are the first to whine when they are linked with their past ... that's the first sign of a coward, when they are ashamed of their beginnings.

Unlike racists, of all races who who are proud of their life's work, the globalists have screwed up food supplies and redistribution and soon many countries and peoples will be looking to their own self-sufficiency instead of relying on Monsanto and the UN. The Taliban and local Islamists in Somalia, Iraq, and Pakistan are making great headway toward autonomy, all in the face of globalist plans and their worn-out war machines. High-cost fuel and security slowdowns are grounding internationalist frequent-flyers and their one-world view. The G-8 commie/capitalist cabal is not grinning anymore and its members know that they are not "fascists" who are in favor of ethnic nationalism. Even Hitler said that National Socialism was not for export; so lay off the politically-correct comparisons of fascism and globalism promoted by Zionists and communists.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Obama Democratic Party and show the power elite that the people are not with them in their nefarious campaign against a new man standing for President of the United States, and shut the witches and warlocks of the secular secret societies out of power and government.





Pope Putting the 'Pap’ in Papacy

Is he gone? Yes, he's finally gone: Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Torture America was the same on my patience. The endless politically-correct genuflections to the Pontiff's pedophilia problem victims (probably more horrible than anything), 9/11 victims and the illegal alien victims, was the the continuing-banality-of-the-times synagogue victims. The most banal had to be Pope Benedict's visit to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's private office, wherein the sparsely-decorated room he pointed to few personal items on his desk and shelf, then complained like any Toronto Korean confectionery store owner that this is the place where he had to do all of his work by himself, while the little German Grandpa Schnitzel looked up in bored amazement, his big ears reminding me of my "Uncle" Ludwig from the German side of my family (Some bigwig at CNN soon told the sound and camera to "cut," observing the awkward scene).

The Iraq and Afghanistan wars are raging in a new secular crusade against latter "non-white" beliefs of the Catholic Church's same Old Testament God. But this little supposed Vatican's "Rotweiller" Ratzinger of the papacy said nothing: he certainly didn't order the Catholics not to participate in those brutal conflicts upon threat of excommunication (so much for his 'message of peace'). They are writhing under psychological and physical torture while Pope Benedict is hob-nobbing with the Bush and Cheney torturers' bosses, just like back in the USSR. And this guy's supposed to be against torture, whose ancestors were monster experts at it during their Inquisition.

Over 400 children are separated from their mothers and fathers by the U.S. government "Securitate" — men and women trying to live in sinless Biblical traditional fashion are ignored by the media's pope, reading of his globalist homily with a German bureaucrat's emotion. This pope has been in the lap of the ruling elite for a long time, while pretending to be the conservative 'whip' to bring back traditional Catholicism. Aside from a few Gregorian chants, the rest of the entertainment was strictly modern pap, with superficial flippant explanations by pretty-boy priests groomed for the media. None of the women covered their heads upon his reception, not even the Latinas with whom Pope Benedict threw in his lot.

Race-mixed people may have more fervor when it comes to religion. but they can just as well turn against or abandon that religion the way that Mexico did in the 1920's, '30's, and '40's. That's why you see so many church and monastery ruins in Western movie settings. Every Catholic priest was killed or chased out of that country, and anyone who said Mass or possessed a rosary was horribly executed. The Jesuits had similar problems in South America: they're the scary, tall, skinny guys with glasses and thin lips who stand around the pope like a Praetorian guard and keep the religious institution going; they've thrown their lot in the with the white man in the past and are once again going along with compromising with the ruling powers. Religion is a man's invention, and when it becomes feminized, it goes down the drain, going 'round and 'round trying to stick to one side or the other, but it still goes down the drain. Christianity, they say, was a religion of women and slaves that came to power thorough the bedroom (Constantine's wife); it'll probably go out that way too.

The biggest joke was listening to and watching the libertine secularist media trying to act serious about religion and so concerned about sexual abuse, while slagging the religious and promoting licentiousness throughout the airwaves. Pope Benedict had a perfect opportunity to slam the debauchery, degeneracy, immorality, violence and crime in America, even with his Stephane Dion pipsqueak voice, and left his legacy as one who said "No sir, I don't like it" as an epitaph. Notice how this orchestrated globalist flunky's visit left out any meeting with the potential next U.S. president: booming-voiced Barack Obama, or the secretive secularist John Mc(son of) Cain. They wouldn't dare give Obama any break, now that their unsecured candidate could make it to the Oval Office. White Nationalists should not be part of any of this trickery, because they would only be working for their enemies.

52% support McCain on the European Jewish Press website, while only 22% support support Obama, who says he will do everything to help Israel defend "itself." Forget your 'aliyah' plans, guys. The pope is a boring disappointment, and his victims will not resurrect the Church, and all of his condemnations of Mohamed and the Easter Muslim conversion show his Nasty-Old-Man-Next Door side; When you look at his friends, you understand why.

Enough already!




I Am A Racist And I Approve Of Barack Obama

Okay, I've seen enough: as a white racist, I'm backing Obama.

The made-up "crises, antipathies and humiliations" by the anti-Obama media and the other two "same party" presidential candidates shows the utter desperation that the Secret Handshake Club is going to lose the Chief Executive Whip office for world domination to a White/Hamite new man unknown. Even kosher conservative pro-white groups are pretending to take umbrage at Barack Obama's bluntness, and don't tell me that Americans are spiritually religious: look how easy the hard-linen polygamist Mormons caved in to the matriarchal harpies and their goons by the the men folk holding hands in a circle praying and weeping while over 400 of their kinfolk, women and children, were carried away by the Marxist state (can you imagine Islamists doing the same?). I condemn all the liberals, libertarians and so-called human rights sites and activists who are too cowardly to stand up to matriarchal totalitarianism in this communist raid against a patriarchal target. they're the same goofs who put down racists and Nazis: Don't they know how America's image can't take another Waco?

American religiosity is strictly weak and most of its leaders are corrupt unbelievers. Only under hard economic times are they forced to become posing conservatives. That's when they "cling to their religion," as Obama said. As for their guns, they only cling to them until the State comes, kicking down their door. They'll give them up like the Mormons gave up their women as commodities. This American-inspired religion needs a backbone tweak before it disappears once again, because, according to their own Book Of Mormon, Jesus escaped the cross, came to America and established Christianity for 450 years. They're just Christian "In God We Trust" on-their-money posers.

I condemn everyone in race-mixed America. Obama said nothing wrong, just like his minister Reverend Jeremiah Wright, even though they all hypocritically used the word 'racist' in a pejorative manner reserved for whites to keep them down. But then again, I've seen White Nationalist groups like Stormfront and David Duke look upon the word racist that way, too. Who are they trying to satisfy — the white bitch women who are always against racism and fascism ever since their hippie hose-bag mothers brought them up (oh yeah, and the clueless klutzes that they also produced)? Of course, they're the whorehouse guards and pimps who can whip themselves up to murder for women's rights half a world away in Afghanistan. These guys are a plague on the networks and talk shows, and some of these peckers wear uniforms. They're all in favor of "The surge is working" and leaving troops in Iraq and Afghanistan "for a hundred years" and are against Barack Obama no matter how much he genuflects to the Jewish and liberal neo-cons he foolishly tried to reassure toward the growing hatred of the Zionist Occupation Government, from those clinging to God and guns. Conspiratorially, none of the media invaded the event dutifully until an Internet hero recorded Obama's explanations.

Nobody wants that Hillary Clinton as the first female President, who showed her fangs before she got to power, like most historical female rulers. Just for his cadence and entertaining rhetoric, I'd rather have this new North American name as president than that boring resurrected expressionless mummy John Mc(Son of) Cain. These silver-spoon-in-mouth millionaires have the chutzpah to call the kid of a single mother an elitist? The NAFTA G8 countries are not elitists? The warmongers and those in positions of power who let the war continue against the wishes of the majority, are not elitist? This is the media and the politicians on full Orwellian display.

The attack on Barack Obama are so trivial and petty. like those who wouldn't want to be shown in full proud Klan regalia from their past, are quick to show Obama in his paternal traditional East African Luo garb: petty bigotry and bourgeois semantics are the best shots they have against Obama, who is rolling with the punches. An example of that occurred the time some fat-assed Associated Press media emcee referred to "Obama bin Laden" when asking Barack Obama a question on his "ho"-satisfying misguided policy of going after al-Qaeda in Afghanistan after withdrawing from Iraq. The emcee's apology was as disingenuous as his "mistake." Obama was speechless, and pointed out that he's been putting up with this for the last fifteen months.

Barack Obama has the ace of spades up his sleeve — American blacks, who will be much more volatile than the emasculated urban whites if Obama doesn't deliver. He may be a son of a slaver instead of as a slave, but in the outside world, he looks like one of them, and that's something to be proud of. With his ascendancy, whites will become more racially proud and aware, from which more virtue and less crime will emerge on all sides.

Isn't that what we're all working for? Let's be fair. That's racial nationalism. 




Media's Military Morality

It's so sickening to see the politicians and the media scraping and genuflecting to the military brass every time they appear to the public. The politicians who are supposed to be running these armed licensed-to-kill professionals (at least that's what one reservist thought when he and two buddies kicked an old homeless man in a sleeping bag to death outside a Toronto armory). But, they're the fawning worst.

The New Roman Empire-named General David Petraeus' appearance at the Congressional hearings on Iraq embarrassed all the presidential candidates with their high-school questions of a "visiting dignitary". Barack Obama was the biggest disappointment, trying to look serious, studious and playing and parsing words about an imaginary victory in Iraq with Bush's general in a war he never supported (talk about a "house Negro"; or how about an East African Askari colonial collaborator considering his roots?). Hillary Clinton acted like a spoiled brat, asking mindless questions with no answers from her or "Betray-Us". John Mc-(Son of) Cain was a brown-nosing fan tsk-tsking about the dirty work the American war criminals are perpetrating in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia that we know of. The media was not much more than a Hollywoodized Pravda, taking at face value every generality and banality uttered by Petraeus and the whole gang of retired military experts who refuse to "fade away." In a loose society, military service on a national level is good; however, to elevate the military as the keepers of the highest moral code, is setting the bar too low and disenfranchises the unarmed.

I like the military; there's no life like it, as the ads in Canada used to say. I sent a little time with the 48th Highlanders some time ago; it had more to do with patriotic camaraderie than with mercenary professionalism. Canada has lost over 100,000 dead in foreign wars, and not one defending their own borders. And obedient civil servants populated Anglo Canada while the adventurers, refugees and ragamuffins went to free-for-all America. There, the military is less respected by the hoi polloi, and the ever-fearful ruling cabal has to utilize their minion media to get respect for the men in uniform, and it's not that hard when you think of the old saying 'Every woman likes a man in uniform'. They have half of the voters convinced already and half of the group fearful of the guys with guns.

Some of the best lackeys of the war criminals are the elected Sikhs and East Indian sycophant Gunga Dins, especially when they questioned Canadian Armed Forces chief General Rick Hillier (who is quick to call the Taliban 'scumbags').

The baby questions that the pretty-boy interviewers and hosts pose are frustrating, but revealing of the elitists' policies. "Support Your Troops" is the worst Orwellian slogan, whoever they the killing; the weasel words "You can support the troops but you don't have to support the mission", contradict rationale and morality. It's like admiring the TV serial killer Dexter: you can like him but disagree with his murderous missions. Even the Seinfeld crew would blush at these mental machinations. All of John McCain's supporters are on that kind of lynch mob-thinking level. No wonder they can't just walk away from Iraq; they're just too mean and proud of it, like those Christian Zionists who bay for the blood f other Old Testament God-believers worshiping the same God differently.

There's little logic in military morality, with its iffy principles, always depending on the circumstances. And when one considers their pride, it's conceivable that many wars and battles were prolonged and augmented because of military stubbornness. The sad case is that the other scions of the community (police and firemen) have fallen into lock-step with their batter-armed compatriots in their bereavement. blending their duties and attitudes with the military standard. That can't be good for the civilians left out in an us-and-them situation.

Unfortunately for the military, nothing succeeds like success, and there won't be any tangible success in any theater of war where you are fighting the indigenous people who are racially and religiously aware. Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram air base, waterboarding, psychological torture, secret prisons and kangaroo court trials are on the military morality calling card that the warmonger cannot explain away. Decent people will not kill and die for these principles, no matter what the spin doctors say.

Keep your eyes and ears open for their lies.




Leave Africa Alone

Colonialism has an ugly legacy. The white man has been running around for about 500 years looking for fun and frivolity by 'discovering' the existing world, making a fortune from other peoples' goods and services, mostly to please the missus in their matriarchal romantic world. At first he just established trading posts and waited for the natives with their goods. Still avaricious, the "lazy" natives had to employed (enslaved) to guarantee the work-force to produce the goods and services. Entire societies and environmentally-friendly primitive ways of life were destroyed in their pursuit of successful commercial enterprise; whatever the product, this commercial/globalist/hedonist enterprise flourishes today in the fluctuating world of labor, supply and demand, as the businessmen rape and loot each Third World continent and country for their frequent-flyer lifestyles.

These greedy bastards have no loyalty to race or religion, God or nature. as the money and warlords punish and pulverize any country, people or religion that does not genuflect to them. Zimbabwe is a prime example of a failed state leftover from this consumerist onslaught that has bedeviled the continent for over 200 years. When the globalist merchants realized that the natives, who couldn't run elevators but are quite capable of using an AK-47 and roadside bombs, they decided to give the down-trodden and defeated independence in ridiculous bureaucratic-bordered nations that showed no respect for their ethnic integrity and identity. Usually the governments of these puppet satrapies were left in the hands of native collaborators and warlike minority tribes who had been utilized in subduing the inhabitants. The Tutsis in Burundi and Rwanda are a fine example left by the Belgians; The Luo Muslim relatives of Barack Obama worked with the police to clamp down on the Kikuyu Mau Mau majority rebellion. Whole nations are now Frankenstein monsters left behind by the Europeans, like Nigeria, Sudan, the Congo, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The anti-racist globalist media owned by these international schemers likes to push the image of one-size-fits-all among Mankind. They hardly ever mention that Robert Mugabe's main opposition among Zimbabwe's two main tribes comes from a warlike Zulu people, the Matebele, while he himself is with the smaller-statured Shona majority. Mugabe started out as a clenched-fist Marxist who became more and more an ethnic socialist as he poured scorn on the queers in Tony Blair's cabinet and the machinations of BBC spies and MI-6 agents. Agriculture was in the hands of a few thousand white farmers, a snobby lot with whom I used to drink sherry in the old days of Ian Smith's multiracial Freemason government. Smith surrendered the whites to the red Mugabe, without even trying to form an all-white nation that did its own labor and dirty work.

The whites in South Africa are addicted to black labor and it worked well, as long as their whips and dogs were around. However, they all folded like a cheap card table when the blacks were given the reins of power, and now endlessly whine about black crime and racism, which they only practiced on a bigot level when they were in power.

It's a long and dirty business to get out of the business of colonialism, where commercial enterprise dictated by world bankers and market fluctuations bring a Third World nation to its knees with worthless currency. Don't laugh too hard; I remember a white nation with hyper-inflation where a wheel-barrow full of money might buy you a loaf of bread in 1930's Germany (which necessitated a white Hitler for recovery through war). Mugabe might take the lesson; he's got the moustache already.

It's a great error to demand and apply white man's standards on other races — it just doesn't work and proves the importance of racial differences and the need for secure borders and tariffs for any hope of white race survival. Diversity should be our strength -- if each people and country were allowed to conduct their own affairs and live their lives according to their customs and precepts without mercantile and international bankers' pressures and threats. It reminds me of the garden plot I once had in Toronto's Leslie Spit. Everyone had the same-sized lot. Some had expanded to two. Everyone grew something different: some, one crop, some, many. Others had a cactus garden, others, just flowers, while some were left fallow waiting for another year to be allotted. The entire area was a patchwork of beauty and diversity, which no one bug or mold could destroy because of the variety of plots and plants in the colorful locale to admire and stroll through. There were some over-all men's rules, but Nature predominated, just as the planet Earth should be.

Ted Turner would be happy, as the meddling white man is removed from his colonial exploitation empire enterprises, and the world's population shrinks gradually to a sustainable level of about one billion, for all the creatures' comfort. The white race needs to do nothing except replace itself, as it has already culled itself with its race-mixing, foolishness and feminism.

Stop the "Dr. Livingston" meddling. Let's butt out.




God Is Vanity

One of the greatest destructive achievements of the globalists/communists/feminists against the white race is to declare "racism" as an ugly word and "racist" as a pejorative.

Being a racist means never having to say you're sorry. Neil Bissoondath, a Trinidadian writer, said, "Canadians, even when they are racist, realize that it's not a nice thing to be." That's the power of words that it stymies people's' natural reason and reactions for fear of not being socially accepted. It undermines white peoples' pride, the source of many forgotten virtues. like the justice gratitude "that's mighty white of you". white men have been demoralized into cuckold consumers and gatherers for their raceless macho women: The last thing they want to do is upset their partner by having an identity other than a waiting drone.

Even some "White Nationalist" groups have resorted to get around Mi'lady's prohibition cutely by dubbing themselves as "racialists"; they're just little racists. They wouldn't hurt a fly and wouldn't hurt anyone, except the racists who might show them up for their wimp-assed hypocrisy. How the hell can you be against "Canada's Racist Laws" and call yourself a racist? I wish they were racist, and had they been, we wouldn't be in the immigration invasion pickle we're in. Where the hell were the Canadian Armed Forces
and NATO (oh yeah, I forgot — they're the facilitators for the arrogant globalist goons meeting in Bucharest).

With the revelation of black racism in Reverend Jeremiah Wright's sermons and in other congregations, it has separated the racists from the bigots with the white reactions; those who were shocked with black separatist talk were the biggest disappointments. There are too many people who don't want to call themselves white racists and put down 'Nazis' and 'Fascists' of the now-safe past. It doesn't make sense, especially when Jeremiah Wright, who's hardly "black," hinted at the conspiracy theorists' and unravellers' pet peeve, 9/11. Still, these guys were so against different races' racists that you could only wonder where they were coming from.

Now we all know on the Internet, riddled with "Spy Vs. Spy's" is hardly a real independent person operating a commercially successful web site, other than the private bloggers. You know the old story: if you can't beat them, join them, and since racism is as natural as breathing, there's little wonder why there are so many recruits and volunteers ready to play bigot: the Arborite-thick level of racism. Compare that to getting down, putting your forehead to the ground and getting up five times a day, memorizing a book in a foreign language and living in a cave like a slave to Allah; you won't get many CSIS or CIA hands up there. Even when Israel was declared a racist state in the UN Resolution (Zionism = Racism), they didn't say, Yeah, so are all of you, what's the big deal? No!

Now the Zionists are slowly beginning to change their tune as they ratchet up anti-Islamist bigotry. In fact, Israel and the USA are coordinating their boycott of the UN Anti-Racism conference; Soon, we'll have Jews giving White Power salutes (what chance do they have?). They'll take the flak and avoid the truth, which is curiously, not a defense in the very same Human Rights Commissions in Canada that they support. It was more important to keep 'racism' and 'racist' as evil terms for their unfair cosmopolitan plans while pretending that they weren't discriminating against the Palestinians (no wonder humanitarians have turned on them). The last thing you do is to mouth your enemies' terminology or give it any credence; otherwise, why bother? You're just playing in their sandbox.

The letter "R" sound is a powerful, manly sound, as some races can't even say it. I just think of those Scottish berserkers; why should we be self-denied, to please our opponents? The more you act like them. the less you are able to fight them. Fear and loathing is what they thrive on. To deny that you are a racist is the beginning of duplicity: you can never win any opponents when you're in a position of retreat. At a time when the white man is symbolically on his knees, with trouble in his low-breeding nest, only defeatists would consider worrying of what the front-ranks enemy thinks, unless you're in it for the money or some other dubious reason of no value to the white race.

Let's treat the term racist as the common sense good will and fair play term that it is, and not throw stones from a glass house. Race even trumps religion. The childish way that one Islamist site, quoting the Koran, explained race this way: that Allah said it was so that we could recognize each other (and that's it was worth). To me, it shows that God is a racist, at least because He wanted you to be totally informed about the other guys. Basically, they don't have an answer other than breaking off into various ethnic emirates with which they fought wars, regardless of having the same religion.

Racism and ethnic identity is a powerful elixir: look what it's done for the Germans, who have only considered themselves as one for 140 years. All of them still carry the euphoria of Hitler's Germanic conquests, if they want to. Anti-racism has effeminized the white males, even the torturers. They're really wimps. Barack Obama's candidacy is a wake-up call for White Nationalists to take pride in their racism and to be able to talk on equal terms with other races' racists. It is like the thunderous repetitive voice I repeatedly heard while unconscious in a dental chair twenty years ago, where I crouched below a low, black-clouded sky and the voice said: "God is vanity!" and I was annoyed that I didn't ask the question.

With white racist pride, we will survive, like every creation on the planet.





The capitalist/communist globalists are flipping out. Not only are they losing their mercenary imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia but now, the Free Trade economic pacts which started off with the auto industry and then morphed into the North American Free Trade Agreement, is under attack. Businessmen have no borders and always have to be monitored and legislated due to their avaricious, hedonistic and narrow-minded mindsets, from destroying the planet in a long fit of frequent-flyer frivolity. Some have formed adolescent daisy-chain secret societies and organizations for their own conspiracy fantasies to rule the world, just like Pinky and The Brain. The most disappointing and scary thing about it is that they're so banal and don't live up to the "Chosen" superhero image that they peddle.

"First you get the money and then you get the power" by sending your financial and industrial agents to the various militaries, a large number of them being collected into the acronym NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), to start out with hope and end up hated. The rust-belt of America (its decaying factories) were once satisfied to serve their nation alone with a little bit of export, until NAFTA's cheap labor laws were brought in and had turned the cards on the free-traders. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been forced to recognize these American voters and have promised to re-visit the trade agreement or even scrap it, to the howls of the internationalist neo-cons (and the bought-out big labor unions). The howls from the neo-cons and the internationalists (for you dummies raised by Marxist/feminist teachers) -- "Fascists are not internationalists!", proves that; the nerve they have, claiming that anything Democratic presidential candidates have to say about NAFTA is posturing and not true, shows their desperation and the typical tyrannical mindset of refusing even to discuss the matter. Such fearful arrogance will probably resuscitate more anti-Obama complicated condemnations. Obama is the only guy with a "fighting back" constituency that neither the neo-con Securitate nor Barack Obama could stop if he doesn't deliver. So far, Obama is sailing through the side-attacks with aplomb and a little too much genuflecting: he should start making black jokes to white audiences.

NATO reminds me of Praetorian Guards and the Janissaries, foreigners playing the military and trying to be the tail that wags the dog. Eventually, everyone will abandon the militants; even white evangelicals are tired of wearing the warmonger label, with only 51% of voters being for John McCain. Their upper elite is filled with snot-rags like Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, Secretary-General of NATO; he's snootier than a French chef, with the arrogance to say that "we can't fail", regarding the mission in Afghanistan, thousands of miles away from their base in Brussels. This is a military monster that needs to be dismembered. They've got a nose longer than Pinocchio's. The whole world is of strategic importance to them, to hear them tell it.

The sad part is, so many nations are, or want to be, members of the military hardware bonanza in exchange for their countrymen to go to far-off (someone else's) land and impose their will on top of jetless natives, while mouthing off about freedom, democracy and pride in their own ethnic sovereignty. Denmark is a good example of that; they're big on all these freedoms while imposing their wimpy rule on Afghans because of the nefarious NATO military alliance. I once had a girl friend whose father served in the German Navy in Norway and the Baltic Sea. I asked him who were the toughest resistance fighters; he said, "The Danes" and that they hated him and considered themselves superior to Germans. After fighting so hard for their independence they now come as mercenaries to force someone else's will on what's good for the inhabitants.

Canada doesn't have much of an excuse either. We know this country can be easily invaded -- an Asiatic air-and-sea flotilla, a European Union invasion from the West or an American 'surge' from the south: only a citizens' resistance could have any hope. The last thing you want is more foreign soldiers on your soil: our NATO political and military alliance guarantees that.

Whether it's white-pauperizing trade agreements like NAFTA or political military entrapment treaties like NATO, it's no good for Canada and the sooner we get out of it, the better.




Worthless War Reporting

Often-times, I read on the bottom of the TV screen "crawls" and news tickers: 14 Insurgents Killed.... 10 Captured... 100 Taliban Eliminated, No Casualties Reported.
And it goes on and on, useless pieces of information unrelated to anything except the power of numbers in the public's mindset.

Controlled media war reporting is the worst example of the propaganda war waged by their owners for their globalist consumerist New World Order. Actual news from battle lines and frontline are unreported. No reporter sneaks over to the enemy's side to film an ambush by the Taliban. They've just become tools of the aggression. There's no blood and guts shown anywhere, except in puddle-aftermath of an IED explosion. There are no interviews with captured insurgents about why they're fighting as they're whisked away to their torturers. All these hot-shot freelance journalists are either cowards or are held on a tight leash by the big news distributors. Even with the availability of YouTube, there's just not enough money for these hedonistic mercenaries.

Once an enterprise is launched on lies, everything has to be questioned, especially the liars' numbers: I watched the "official" death toll number climb from 3,992 to the vaunted 4,000 mark at a glacial pace, while the daily news revealed 4-5 Americans killed for an entire week. Like their Diebolt machines, you can't trust American government figures any more than in criminal matters. With all U.S. non-citizens from Latin America and the Pacific participating in the U.S. forces to gain citizenship, you know they don't have to account for these lost-soul mercenaries. Every weekend, Antiwar.Com has a list of the American fallen with articles from their hometown newspapers. It usually has seven to twelve dead-American stories listed , died in service to their country. However, the official dead number on CNN only goes up by two or three per week on its "crawl," with the nerve of the big liars in Washington and that dog-faced Dick Cheney's arrogant, cold "So?" answer to the preponderant anti-Iraq war sentiment in America. All figures should be multiplied by ten, even though the casualties could even be as high as 70,000, according to some reports. This is the Big Lie Technique in full force. The 'war experts' presented by the media are obfuscation informants and warmongers: they never give any credit to the enemy, choosing instead to jingoistically divide the public further in case they should become war weary. Their only real expertise is propaganda journalism (if they weren't so obscure they'd all deserve a Walter Duranty nomination).

The women are the worst war reporters; they're probably used because it softens the image of what the invaders are daring in patriarchal lands in Abu Ghraib and Bagram Air Base. These dizzy dames appear as if they're on a picnic outing (and look out, it might rain!). It's the same when they're reporting from the jocks' dressing rooms: they're giddy with excitement while war crimes are taking place to get rid of Burkhas in Kabul. They're so out of place. Then we have the two-days beard-growth frantically yelling on CNN about how dangerous it is in the Green Zone while lauding the surge and the war effort. Even in war, there's flim-flam men, like Saddam Hussein's "Comical Ali" announcing defeats as victories. The Americans claim that they have brought the Iraq attacks down to 70 a day, but they're even further "lucky": there's no casualties (What are they throwing — firecrackers?) It's just a farce. The British and Canadians take the 'spy approach' to occasionally view their countries' opponents, pretending to be neutral, like that Graeme Smith in the Globe and Mail, who's doing his own "Spin" Boldak bias in interviews with 42 Taliban members, which he immediately turned over to intelligence for assessment.

You know that the media was going to be the military mouthpiece when they chose the phrase "embedded with the forces". The whole exercise was a silencing effort; unless the soldiers are saying Merry Christmas to their families, we never get to meet any of these soon-to-be-twisted characters on the battlefield. And that's just the way the Grand Masters want it, as they've all but swept the conflicts off the media, shouting the slogan "It's the economy, stupid!" while ignoring the $3 trillion war-cost elephant in the room.

Ever since Mary Tyler Moore, the media has become a disingenuous bunch of wannabe whores in the entertainment industry. That's how they look at themselves, as serious entertainers, like all the Fox News caricature characters and the CNN smiling staff (Please don't smile, Lou Dobbs, you're too old to look cute). They love being called 'professionals', just like the armed forces, as if they have two votes because they're the 'middle class'. That kind of classification of life's success, judged by the accumulation of goods and funds, shows that morality is not an issue for them. As Eric Kierans said, "If economics is sovereign, there is no right and wrong."

It's impossible to know the progress of the Afghanistan war without reading Islamist sites and claims, and I don't mean Al-Jazeera. Connecting all the dots and discounting boasts, the Islamists are holding their own, with no end in sight to sectarian war and continuing attacks against Americans and all their collaborators who have been losing heart as the November elections approach. In Afghanistan, Taliban fighters are from the East to the West bordering on Iran, and North of Kabul, which is pretty much surrounded. At this rate the Canadians may be forced out of Afghanistan before their projected 2011 departure.

You'd never know it, if you listen to the media, who have done an abysmal job in their so-called profession.




Anti-racists Ambushed

I remember once being heckled by a blond anti-racist demonstrator who chided me with jibes that he was the epitome that our movement wanted. I thought, how stupid and naive the dummy was. And that's the case with all the kosher conservative bigots and 'racialists' who are not white racists. They're only hurting themselves, particularly in the Barack Obama presidential campaign. Instead of speaking up Obama's Reverend Jeremiah Wright from the white side of the racial issue, these confused hypocrites are missing the boat by not getting on the Obama wagon, even if they are mildly rejected, like Louis Farrakhan, the Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.

Perry bitches of guilt-by-association on Barack Obama's part disingenuously forget that it was just the other day they were complaining about Paul Fromm's and Terry Tremaine's connections to the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service-backed Heritage Front and David Duke's friend Don Black's Stormfront. These kosher complaints run similar to the condemnations made by Jewish lobby groups and Stalinist human rights commissions: Guilt by association.

You would think that real White Nationalist organizations would be totally in favor of the new "Race man" running for the U.S. presidency, which is making all whites think about Racial Identity in spite of the Zionist internationalist controlled media. Up until now the ruling elite have attained racial identity for blacks and Hispanics after covering, ignoring and excusing the racism of La Raza and black churches, while pretending that a white race doesn't even exist, let alone have any nomenclature. All that has changed with the Obama runaway-train campaign for president. In order to stop him and guarantee the Zionist war of terror to continue by propping up the U.S, "Golem" (Obama is the wake up-call for the white race and the Zionist Occupation Government), raceless bigots in the media and in politics are pretending to be hurt by Obama and his pastor's words on behalf of newly-recognized and categorized "resentful whites." Neo-cons, liberals and libertarians are tsk-tsking Rev. Wright's colorful language about the supposed "KKK Americans" in power. If they are, they're the biggest bunch of traitors to their constituents. However, we all know that these hedonistic conspirators peddle the idea that the world was in a "post-racial" situation, especially for their frequent-flyer supporters. So what's their gripe with Obama, except that he may pull the Golem's troops out of the Middle Eats and leave the ersatz state of Israel to fend for itself in spite of his non-Skull and Bones assurances.

The media is falling and stuttering all over itself being forced to utilize terms like 'white voters', 'white women,' 'white men' and 'typical white behavior.' The bimbo bitches are having the greatest difficulty, choking on their words. The communist Canadian media are flabbergasted by the racial; language, which they thought was all over. The Reds are infamous for that — once they've set abortion, gay rights, gun control and hate laws legislation, though they never want to discuss it again. Too bad, so sad... Race. the verboten subject declared by the politically correct, has resurfaced again to bedevil and destroy their fantasy world of "diversity-is-our-strength." Every effort and trick has been utilized to destroy the Obama hope for "real change," fearing that they just might get it.

Real white racists believe in other races' identity, knowing that that's the best way to preserve your own. All the rest are just Simon Legree wannabes looking for cheap labor or someone to sit on. Respect is a two-way street and you can never get it by putting the other guy's racial awareness down for your own pleasures and ascension. The "raceless" nobodies are unhappy with race-mixed America's champion: he doesn't square with their one-size-fits-all globalism. These traitors would rather have class warfare by harping about the virtues of the middle class, putting millions of their citizens into divisive lower- and upper-class negativity. In the final analysis these propagandists have no class.

White Nationalists should be happy, considering the amount of publicity Barack Obama's campaign has reluctantly instilled about race. It's great that he has nine-tenths of the black vote as a potentially violent base, if neo-cons and bigot agents ever decide to take him out. Now is the time for racist groups and their supporters to announce their strategically-required support for the Obama candidacy, before they're made the scapegoat for an anti-Obama conspiracy. It's required because all racists have common sense, good will and fair play as their operating principle and it's common sense to want to have our issues discussed up front. Hillary and McCainiac would have disowned their racist grandmothers in an instant. Over all, Barack Obama is the best thing that's happened for the white people in over fifty years, ever since they fell into a daydream about racial realities. Time to wake up, and not with petty anger over some perceived slights. The whole white race was apprised of the anger in black churches: Do you think that Fox, or CNN or the CBC would have exposed it for their detractors on a race relations series? Not without a Barack Obama "Stop" order.

The sooner we face the truth that the races are different; that there is a general racist stereotype for all, and as soon as we recognize that people with a melanin deficiency from cold rain forests from Ireland to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean are a general type, then they can identify themselves that way without fear or malice.

The Obama campaign has achieved that; The anti-racists have been ambushed.


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