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Hitler’s Warnings Realized

In his book Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote about the 'Big Lie Technique" of Jews and Marxists during the Weimar Republic. In a passage defending German General Ludendorff against the lie that he has lost World War One, he says:

" ....Thus the weapon of moral right was snatched from the hand of the only dangerous accuser who could have risen up against the betrayers of the Fatherland. Here they were acting on the true principle that the greatness of the lie is always a certain factor in being believed; at the bottom of their hearts the great mases of a people are more likely to be misled than to be consciously and deliberately bad, and in the primitive simplicity of their minds they are more easily victimized by a large than by a small lie, since they sometimes tell petty lies themselves, but would be ashamed to tell too-great ones, An untruth of that sort would have never come into their heads, and they cannot believe possible so even after being enlightened, they will long continue to doubt and waver, and will still believe there must be some truth behind it somewhere. For this reason some part of even the boldest lie is all the great liars and liars' societies in this world know only too well, and make base use of." (quoted directly from George Lincoln Rockwell's personally notated copy of Mein Kampf published by Stackpole Sons and given to me for safekeeping by Dr. William Pierce). Hitler's dead and the propagandists have put the invention of the 'Big Lie" on his head, utilized as predicted. There have been many Big Lies since, and while others percolate today and the commies, feminists and libertarians are spreading today.

Since everyone was taught by Marxist teachers, naturally all the internationalists, anti-racists, totalitarian manifestations are the work of "fascists". That way you can never point the finger at the real culprits behind the decline of the white man in the West: just brand their government 'fascist' in spite of their actions being diametrically opposed to any nationalism, patriarchy or ethnic identity. That way, the Left feels good about themselves and their Marxist-Leninist murdering "heroes."

From invading countries looking for "weapons of mass destruction" to "Free Trade and NAFTA are good for you," Hitler's Big Lie theory admonishment comes to light. From the totally suspicious 9/11 implosion conspiracy to the Orwellian "war on terror" and the fear of an Islamic worldwide caliphate, Hitler's warnings spring to mind about the nature of the torturing warmongers. Their war-like secrecy undermines their credibility as the onion-skin lies are unraveled in spite of the public 's naive credulity. Only the gullible and agents buy the contrived official media story of 9/11. Most Americans pride themselves on being sneaky; that's not a good trait.

Even I, who like to think I know all kinds of crap about different things, believed for years the American lie that the attempted takeover of Mecca on November 20, 1979, was done by a bunch of Shi'ites sent by Iran's new Ayatollah Khomeini to take the holy shrines and the Grand Mosque in the Holy City. Luckily, someone gave me a book the other day titled The Siege of Mecca by Yaroslav Trofimov. It was the beginning of al-Qaeda; it was a Sunni fundamentalist rebellion following the creed of Mohammed Ibn Abdel Wahhab that brought the Saudis to power. It's a tightly-kept secret of the Saudi rulers' inner fear of their Western affiliations from a never-ending source of Bedouin jihadists who remember their ancestors' days like yesterday. Like the blue blood of the Romanovs, it's a festering Achilles' Heel for hypocrites and apostates.

Big Lies are all over the place in this phony consumer-globalist-frequent flyer-divisive middle-class Seinfeld morality society. A bank stock that people paid $170 per share for last summer is only worth $2 per share in real life when bought out by their friends. Capitalism sucks, never mind "happy capitalism." All businessmen want a monopoly, just like the Reds: look how easy it was for the once-feared Stalinist goons to put on Armani suits and become "beeznessmen," and then some agent/author wants to shadow-box "fascism" for our ills. You can throw the loud "economists" in with the other phony "professions" like psychiatrists, sociologists and psychologists.

How about some more Big Lies, like "The Surge is Working" and "Diversity is our Strength"? After finishing off all kinds of Awakening Council collaborators, the Islamic state in Iraq has increased attacks on Americans and the Shi'ites. The soldiers know the battle is winding down as the November election approaches and the War Party will probably be defeated. It's a just a holding action now, with the initiative to the Sunni fundamentalists. And "Diversity" would be our strength if everyone had their own sovereign territory instead of forcibly mixing people together for economic advantage and never looking back to see the mess of separation. That's been the history of mankind since the allegorical Tower of Babel; a good time to quote to old Indian Sanskrit proverb: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds loss of understanding, and out of that...all troubles". They should know. No big lie can stop that cycle from repeating itself, as new nations and tribes coalesce and emerge. Even the Big Lie peddled about racial equality and neutrality with invented terms such as "post-racial" (as if), have been revealed as a sham with Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

If Hitler were alive today, he'd be having a big laugh: Womanized Germany (it's now run by a woman), a military tool in a united Europe, is controlled by international bankers, and the much-admired British Empire and Catholic Church are prostate; Race-mixed America is ridden with crime as he had predicted, and communist gangsters are still in charge of Russia and China, as in Stalinist times. Proud and mighty Japan is now America's de-fanged schlep: All, the antithesis of his advice.

Despite his failed warnings on the 'Big Lie Technique,' Hitler's warnings have been vindicated.




Thank You, Barack Obama

The US presidential election is getting out of the hands of the fixers and manipulators in the Democratic party side of the race. Barack Obama, a Sidney Poitier "Guess-Who's-Coming-To-Dinner" token black "also-ran" appears to be a shoe-in if Hillary Clinton would just quit if her wrecking ball campaign for the party's nomination.

Hillary's mean-spirited bushwhacking efforts make no sense considering the hatred in the country for Hillary, Bill and the neo-con warmonger NAFTA clique around her. She's the great divider in a precarious multiracial state already on the edge of an implosion. All the time, effort and money spent on an enormous ego and ambition to have a wife and husband hold a presidency (and to hell with the country) has left the party discouraged and in disarray. That's either blind ambition and/or marching orders from the moneyed globalist cabal.

Dirty tricks and surrogates are used continuously, provoking resignations, refutations and denials for opinions that Obama's black racist supporters have uttered, while divisive rumors of Barack's Muslim education and 'secret' Islamic beliefs circulate among the pompous nominal Christians who would hate you because you don't worship the same Old Testament God as the Muslims and Jews do. In an age of anti-religion Sodom and Gomorrah where rapes and murders abound, you would think that morally principled people living conservative, honest lived stick together. But not so with non-believers at the helm of the churches and synagogues.

David Duke and Hal Turner don't want Obama in charge of their forcefully-race-mixed anti-White Nationalist nation. Duke insists this is still a majority white country; ergo, his argument will fade in about forty years, when whites will be a minority. Then what? Separate? Hal Turner just can't stand the "niggers" and would rather have a self-loathing white hypocrite in charge while the U.S. rolls merrily along into an economic abyss serving the war needs of the globalists and their frequent-flyer whores. America needs isolationism, and a Barack Obama presidency would usher that in with withdrawals from America's major aggression in Iraq and eventually, even though he's talking tough now, it would be just unseemly for a black president to acting like an African dictator on behalf of international finance.

I know that Obama has the usual controlled suspects around him; Jews, Zionists and other internationalists with big money from Goldman Sachs and their ilk (just in case); yet the Israelis are still not sure of his support and constantly worry that he didn't take the Skull and Bones initiation rites to be fearfully respectful forever of the ruling elite. They just can't trust him . Barack Obama's getting nine out of ten black votes from the slaves' descendants. They won't easily forgive any dismissal of their concerns from a slaver's son's descendant, no matter how black he isn't. War money will have to spent on America's poor or there'll be a backlash in the ghettos far worse than any Guy Fawkes-masked anonymous wimpy demos that Ron Paul can muster.

I predicted earlier that young white women would flock to his banner, as they've been raised on this American Idol pablum and the young white men in a sexified society follow their women like in the old rock 'n roll hysteria. Now if he can get the Hispanics on his side, acknowledging their fete accompli residency, he'll be looking good to be sitting in the White House...provided there's no James Earl Ray conspiracy, which could only serve the interests of the Establishment who has tried every trick in the book to maintain their "business-as-usual". Obama would be a fool to take Hillary as a running mate; he may end up on a grassy knoll, like the Clintons' lawyer Vince Foster. Even the neo-cons in Canada got into the act by releasing assurances in private conversations on NAFTA by Obama's handlers that nothing would change in an effort to stab their own candidate in the back.

The elitist enemy has no shame. After the Spitzer scandal, you'd think that Hillary would pack it in, but instead they just renewed their efforts in denigrating her party's colleague by suggesting that the Ugly American torturer John (Son of Cain) McCain is more qualified than Obama. What's the difference between her and Bush-Lite' McCrazy? Hardly any. If Obama doesn't surround himself with Washington outsiders and stop rejecting support from racist quarters (white, black or Hispanic), then, he's toast. Obama's candidacy has brought race to the forefront of America and the world. Whites have been forced to think racially in spite of all the matriarchal pressure, and that can only be good for white race Survival, particularly with all the sickening black-on-white crime emanating daily in the country. Phrases like white people, white voters, white men and white women, are forcefully and reluctantly by the controlled media pundits, bringing greater healthy racial awareness for all concerned...another boon for our people.

The Jewish Marxist Foreign Minister of France Bernard Kouchner, was correct by pointing out that America will never be looked upon the same way after the debacles of the 'war on terror' and their consequent economic bankruptcy. It is no longer a white man's country to be followed and respected by Old Europe, which is good for the planet.. as soon as we can send their imperial troops back home and leave the planet to genuine diversity, where one size does not fit all as the Monsanto merchants and commies would like.

Thank you, Barack Obama!




Torturers Shame Us All

Torturers and their supporters are similar to serial killers. They plan the pain on their victims. They have an end purpose, deriving satisfaction or the accumulation of imagined information. Their excuses are selfish, and self-centered, under the guise of need or security. Torturers are the low-mark of human existence that mankind has been trying to rise up from, particularly the white race.

Torture is the return to barbarism below the animal level by modern Western society. The silence of the European leaders to George Bush's recent veto of an anti-torture (waterboarding) bill makes the whole white race complicit in this cruel practice. The silence of the religious leaders undermines their moral authority to their flock; no wonder their churches are empty, when they stand up for nothing, not even the myths of their pasts: An anti-torture statement here and there by the same cleric or bishop doesn't cut it, in the attempt to stamp out this despicable form of interrogation. Despite the fact that all kinds of professional 'experts' claim that information garnered under torture is useless and undermines the war efforts, the mainstream media and their Zionist owners in whorehouse America choose to terrorize their opponents with the prospect of torture, further solidifying the enemy's resolve (It's interesting how in the debate over the hand-over of Afghan detainees for torture none of the media make reference to the brutality of Canadian troops in Somalia).

On occasion, within the White Nationalist movement, I have often run into blowhard booze-bullies who often boast what grisly things they would do to our enemies. These disgusting creatures are only utilizing the White Racist movement because of their personal inadequacies. They never hang around too long, following the motto, "When the going gets tough, the tough are gone." It is with disappointment and chagrin that other White Nationalist leaders have not stepped up to the plate to denounce torture, particularly in this phony 'war on terror.' Some, after ragging about Zionists and white traitors, are quick to pick up their propaganda lies against Islamists, touting "Support Our Troops!," who are murdering and torturing isolationists tribesmen on their own territory. You can't support the troops when they are doing wrong and evil, like capturing natives and handing them over to their puppet torturers, as Canada does in Afghanistan. And they want to name streets after these dead facilitators? It could only happen in a mean. mercenary country such as the military establishment, here.

The leftists and feminists who claim to be fighting for human rights throughout the planet hardly make a peep about the evil perpetrated by Western military forces in Guantanamo, Bagram air field and the secret CIA dungeon cells. After all, the enemy is patriarchal, and religious anathema to the white women and Marxists; so much for the 'gentle sex' of whores and harridans who populate the public landscape in the white world. Good riddance to their weak seed and spoiled progeny, the ruin of the white race.

The good guys are not torturers like Bush and McCain; Hillary's part of the same cabal, while Obama is waiting to be tested in spite of the Zionist bucks that are propping up his campaign. We'll see if he has the manliness to step out of line of the phony obfuscators who play semantics with pain. We'll see if he has the white man's chivalry from his Marxist mother to take McCain to task on his flip-flopping and vagueness on torture.

The human rights organizations like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are in the hands of crypto-Zionists who follow the Mossad policy on torture parsing words while doing nothing practical about this infamous practice (human rights "activist" Alan Dershowitz supports torture as well as the dangerous hypocrite sex addict Elliot Spitzer, Governor of New York). These organizations have a holding pattern of inactivity, particularly when it comes to incarcerated Islamists and communist torture states like North Korea and Russia where the brutality has never been stopped, particularly in Chechnya.

All of Europe, with the exception of Scandinavian countries, practiced official throughout the centuries until recently. Now the same newly-enlightened states are backing up their worst offspring of refugees and kick-outs in America on torture. It's like the bad side of the whole white family taking over the moral low ground while pretending that their shit doesn't stink. That's the Americans, and anyone who follows and supports their nefarious persecutions in silence, as well.

Torture demeans us all and makes me ashamed of our armed forces and political leadership for their participation in it, even as henchmen for the new evil Uncle Sam. That's what happens in women-run countries: No respect, no chivalry toward one's enemy. Torture hangs over us like a witch's curse. It won't be stopped until the witches and they warlocks and witches are removed from public office. It's little wonder that the Islamists keep

I'm sickened to see applause for George Bush and John McCain by the gullible public. It reminds me of the time the infamous Paul Bernardo and his new bride, so beautifully dressed, traveling leisurely in a horse-drawn Landau and clinking their champagne glasses to the applause of a gawking admiring onlookers. Little did they know that only a few weeks back, she had drugged her 15-year old sister to be raped and killed by her future husband, having obtained the horse tranquilizer from the veterinary clinic where she cared for the little defenseless animals.

The devil was laughing that day, just as he laughed a few days ago when Bush approved of torture. Only a shyster monster can justify torture
. This evil has to stop.



Time To Close Israel Down

Israel is causing world Jewry a lot of headaches, anxiety and a low public image. The Jews never had a country. Khazaria doesn't count; when a Turkic tribe adopted a religion from reluctant proselytes, until the Mongols dispersed them throughout Europe, This is not the ancient world, where anything goes within your own bailiwick. Now the whole world watches when you starve, bulldoze and bomb people into submission and administer collective punishment to anyone remotely connected to your adversaries.

Jew Hollywood and media have been grinding out ad nauseam all the wicked faults of the Nazis and fascists for three generations of deluded internationalism; now they expect the same sissified population to accept the same practices, done by the Chosen people in a supposedly Messianic country. It doesn't work. Ever since the Jews left the Leftists and saddled up with the money-grubbing kosher neo-cons and Doomsday Christians, their self-constructed halos have slipped over their eyes, clouding the carnage and hatred that they have accrued. The lovable Fiddler on The Roof/ Marx Brothers Jews have disappeared from the minds of the public as they watch Israeli jets pound the life out of Palestinian kids and hopes of peace. Everywhere you look the Jews are in the forefront of attack, whether its the unholy Orwellian war on terror or the muzzling, jailing and censoring of their opponents in their host countries. People have become fearful of the wrath of organized Jewry on a level that no concerts or rallies can sway.

The Zionists have tried to codify Western values into something so vague and internationalist mirroring their female-oriented society, that only the commies and libertines could follow it. But "women's' rights" is not enough to maintain and protect future generations in a natural patriarchal world.

60-year old Israel is the Jews' main problem. The Crusader states, with the full support of one-time Christian Europe, only lasted 99 years. Who can say that Israel will last another two generations without being forcibly reduced or annihilated? Everything is pointing to a Middle East Armageddon, with two brands of militants of a manly religion closing in from the north and the south and from the east, a large Persian (Iranian) army, like the days of old: ready to take the Jews into a new captivity. The Americans in Iraq will be isolated for another great surrender. like at Corrigedor and Bataan, when the Mullahs order their Shi'ite militias against the non-believer occupiers. If atomic bombs are used by Americans and the Jews (Israel has already bought tons of anti-radiation pills), that'll be the guaranteed end of Israel, without any chance of a second Exodus from the promised land.

Crackhead-nerved arrogance has brought the Zionists to this tenterhook existence: people so filled with themselves that they expect to have their bagel and eat it too. They think that everyone is fearful and stupid enough not to compare their outrages to the actions of the Islamists, just because they're on the women's' rights side. They can only recruit a few surface-thinking, anti--religious bigots to defend them from the Islamic onslaught. Big-mouthed bigots are not usually big-time fighters or sacrificers. Even if they're getting a generous military allowance, there are no lineups at the military recruiting offices for a Western libertine crusade in Afghanistan or Iraq in spite of warmonger talk show hosts or Fox News Propagandists. People are sick of Israel's problems, including smart, fair-minded Jews who read the writing on the wall, wailing or otherwise. Thin-skinned Zionists are quick to bristle at the suggestion of equivalency and over-reaction suggestions and condemnations of even friendly observers. Soon there'll be no friends, either, and they will truly be on their own trying to figure into an upcoming isolationist world. Who will perform 'aliyah" then, as the population shrinks and the Palestinians boom?

The Israelis' best best is to shrink their borders, make a quick peace with Hamas, ditch Abbas and the communists, and offer the olive branch to the Iranians and the Syrians. Everything else will follow after that, leaving Jerusalem as an international holy city for the three religions who worship the same Old Testament God. Luckily for Israelis, cosmopolitan Jewish communities exist all over the world to emigrate to peacefully, as many are doing today.

They'd better do it now, while they're still in charge of the Zionist Occupation Governments throughout the Western world. As the old saying goes, pay me now or pay me a lot later. The Jews have had a long, free ride as "victims" throughout the matriarchal world. Now it's over, as the whole Internet world has seen who the whip-masters are, and without persecution they will never achieve that cuddly niche again. The writing is on the wall, and it spells Barack Obama.

It's up to the Jews which path they will choose.




Bigots Are Not Racists

Anyway you cut it, bigots are an embarrassment for any race's ideologues, while they are nature's natural reaction to tradition-undermining and foreigners. Without the racist motto of Common Sense and Fair Play, they undermine racist understanding and racial amity. Unfortunately, they are reactionary surface-thinkers who think that their bigotry and hatred is enough understanding to preserve their racial identity. A lot of people start out as ordinary bigots, but that is not enough to keep you in the White Nationalist movement, as eventually their hatred consumes them into inaction through fear of the self-loathing Establishment.

I could never stay in the White Nationalist cause based just on hate of other God-creations, without having a positive attitude toward not only me race without being in favor of other races maintaining their integrity and identity; one has to be happy in his work to carry on against what appears to be insurmountable odds.

Other races didn't force themselves on white society through fear and aggression. Our own white traitors did that. I and my compatriots were not jailed, fined, harassed, spied on and economically and socially blockaded by non-whites; lickspittle liberals and neo-con kosher conservatives did that. Restrictive laws regarding basic human rights of free speech and association were not brought by blacks or Chinese or Hispanics or Muslims, but by white private bigot hypocrites to protect themselves from treacherous accusations while they pauperize the white countries for their globalist consumerist hedonism. These same slime-bags are quick to change gear when they're under minority attack, utilizing thoughtless bigots for their protection. A good case in point is the whining by Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, who are outraged that their freedom to vilify the Zionist enemies might be curtailed because of some Muslims had the nerve to use the Zionist weapons of human rights Soviet tribunals and Red anti-hate laws that the organized Jews and their friends created (Awwwwww..... ).

Most bigots are big talkers and little doers. They have a difficult time working on the positive end of the scale. They don't stay in the White Nationalist cause for too long, and those who do often have a police agenda or are agent provocateurs, sometimes getting thinking, potential racists into jail. These bigot "leaders" are unusually unfriendly to racist ideologues, holding themselves aloof as "racialists" (as if the public cares about their parsing words). Boring bigots are quick to denounce racists, KKK, fascists, and neo-Nazis as an image problem. Unbelievable!

Never mind that bigot can't see the forest for the trees; they never offer an olive branch to other races' racists. They've jealous of non-whites' pride, and attempt to put it down with smarmy non-sequitor comparisons to the white race, while it rots from the inside. Bigots hardly ever criticize their own relationships and society for the very reasons that the White race is in peril, while self-criticism is not in their vocabulary (the usual signs of a lazy self-indulgent mind).

Barack Obama is the epitome of anti-white race-mixed America. Hell, they've had all kinds of these American Idols, from sports to media and entertainment. It's just the natural progression of that attitude. The bigots' feeble efforts at criticizing Obama for his Marxist mentors, the Arab/African costume and his wife's proud African heritage pronouncement are so picayune that the bigots end up looking like fools. They fail to see the greater unlikely future optics of the improbability of the "black" president pursuing white nationalists: Obama knows what's good for the goose is good for the gander as he curries the white vote. Under present circumstances, only a bigot would want to harm Barack Obama from the Left or the Right (Didn't the bigots lose South Africa as a homeland because they wouldn't do their own dirty work labor?). William F. Buckley was such a conservative bigot who made tons of money in American oil; he was certainly no champion of racists of any race.

Lowbrow-thinking bigots are the first dummies to stand up for women's rights; some are willing to kill for it. These dummies ignore the liberal/libertine race traitors among them as an open door to the non-white immigration that their controlling dominant women are in favor of. Their phonies and reactionaries may become even more stupid with their opposition to Afro-centric schools: If they won't have a racial identity, nobody will. Do they expect all the non-whites to be bred out, while their weak white genes guarantee the opposite? White bigots don't like the Muslims in particular, not because they are doctrinaire Christian God-believers, but out of matriarchal jealousy of the patriarchal community. As Jack Nicholson said in the film As Good As It Gets: "How do you get a woman? First, you get a man and deprive him of all rationale and accountability. Then, you have a woman." That about sums up their cowardly bigot mindset.

Bigots love war, especially if they can lord it over non-whites. They "support the troops," even when they're doing wrong. Fortunately, the reactionary bigots don't have an ideology and inevitably have to rely on the racist ideologues for survival. Initial bigotry is a protective mechanism against the foreign and the new. We must pass the ketchup-only condiment crowd and start using our brains instead of just bigotry to maintain white survival.

Be a racist — not an Archie Bunker bigot, for a more hopeful and happy future.




Nationalist Renaissance

Ethnic nationalism is on the rise. Nations built on homogeneous groups of people are the answer to the globalist new world order that the cosmopolitans are attempting to impose, a consumerist empire where one size fits all with a ruling elite that "knows what's best" for mankind.

Racism and religion are the two main bulwarks against the one-world tyrannical empire , which is utilizing the self-loathing racist white and technologically advanced thugs and bigots to construct. The world's resources are being depleted and looted by their Marxist social engineers of the new world order, backed up by the international Zionists. Everywhere you look in the mega-empire countries, there are ethnic and racial rebellions battling to enable ethnic identities to survive, It's a natural trait of mankind to seek and live among their own mirror image or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Someone tested 1,000 married couples who claimed to be in love and found that 80% of them looked like each other. Most people want a larger or smaller version of someone similar, depending on their gender; bird of a feather flock together and diversity is not our strength, if not physically separated. This is where internationalism, Trotskyism, feminism, and race-mixing fall apart. Most happy people need to know, and are proud of, their origins. Only scoundrels and and hedonists don't care. Racism is as natural as breathing.

The brouhaha over the NATO creation of a new Albanian Kosovar statelet shows the hypocrisy of the complainants. The Serbs will do anything for Kosovo...except breed, live, fight and die there, after fighting the Turks for 500 years for their own independence, they've got nerve to bitch about the territory they abandoned to dirty NATO forces who bombed their country for 78 days with cluster bombs and bunker-busters; only 10% of Milosevic's military in Kosovo was destroyed but they still capitulated for the West's turbo-rock, pop culture and favor (communists can't build nations). The Serbs are still fighting World War II, yapping about Nazis, fascists and jihadis, just like their backstabbing Zionist "friends." Their society is in disarray as they play pluralistic lip service to nationalism while searching for the meaning of Serbianism. As for the Serbs' connection to Kosovo because of a great battle (in the Field of Blackbirds, also known as the Battle of Kosovo in 1389), they lost to 500 years of Turkish Muslim supremacy. Well, the Protestant Orangemen's celebration of their victory over Catholics at the Battle of the Boyne on July 1, 1690 as their Ulster centerpiece didn't help them hold Northern Ireland or Toronto to their more reproductive Catholics. Serbs will have to do more than just demonstrate to get Kosovo back. Their whining self-pity is falling on deaf ears in the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) Western capitals who created the new Kosovo. When are they going to learn to do the Serb thing and fight for their land as they have in the past, without the aid of Anglo manipulators who have thrust them into Frankenstein countries like Yugoslavia to bury their nationalism, next in the European Union empire? I always ask a Sikh wherever I see one, " Hey, what happened in Khalistan (pure state) ...or are they too busy serving the Indian emperors?"

There are a lot of phony countries in the world which need to be broken up to fulfill the nationalist aspirations of 2,000 ethnic groups on the planet, as opposed to the some 200 countries that exist today. There is room for double that at least on Earth. They are the safeguard against a world tyranny.

You don't need the UN's, the USA's, the UK's, the USSR's, China's, or India's approval to set up a new state based on your own demographic similarity and history. The Tamil Tigers have declared a Tamil Eelam on the island of Sri Lanka, where the Sinhala are being propped up by Israel and other "ZOG" nations to deny them their identity with bombs and bullets. The island has had up to seven separated states in the past, so you know it's just greed and meanness that keeps the Buddhists going in their bloody ways against their Tamil Hindu neighbors.

Palestine could declare unilateral independence, but ZOG agents are in charge of the administration (Mahmoud Abbas). Gaza, too, could declare independence in their Israeli concentration camp-construct, but the European Union warmongers keep the Hamas leaders on their side with money and promises. Real Islamists in locales like Iraq, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Pakistan's northwest frontier have declared independent emirates. Who cares if their enemies don't recognize them: they exist.

Every polyglot country boasting pluralism is in trouble as to their very raison d'etre. England, the most-mixed after their greedy empire days, now has to teach their children and non-White newcomers what it means to be English. Foolishly, they always start with the language, like the French, who think that that's enough for a national identity. Even religion is not enough to establish a nation, as the emirates are finding out. Race and ethnicity are the only near-guarantees to nationalist survival.

The whites have made a hell of a mess the world, regardless of any economic benefits. They drew their crazy administrative boundaries all over Africa, cutting across ethnic and cultural lines. They left their supine collaborators in charge of the police and armies all over the continent, leading to horrible ethnic cleansing and massacres throughout Africa in the post-colonial continuing readjustments. Asia is not much different; Wherever the Whites arrived with their hypocrite altruism, they sucked out the wealth and resources for their hedonism and their "missus". This, of course, did not lead to the expansion of the white race, as wild white women began to use the Third World for their nursery and for servants, while the white population declines.

Nationalism is the old 'New Wave' of the future that no globalists can stop (Star Wars, et al). We are witnessing a renaissance of racism as God, who created the different races, had intended.

Who can improve on that?




Canada Looking Bad

The death of a thousand cuts is destroying Canada, and you can lay all the blame on the treacherous elite who are selling the culture and the country down the road, with White-pauperizing free trade deals and mercenary goon activity for the globalist money-grubbers. Holding citizenship in this country means very little, especially if you were born here with the open-door influx of cheap Third World labor without any regard for the rest of the vast majority of Canadian-born; Many Third World immigrants claim that "Canada belongs to the world," an impression they only could have gotten from our politically-correct leaders and pundits.

New Canadians are treated even worse, where citizens and residents like Michael Seifert and Ernst Zündel are deported on specious grounds of thought crimes and war crimes of over sixty years ago while other "Canadians" like the teenager Omar Khadr are held in a torturous concentration camp in Guantanamo, without a peep from the Liberal and Conservative governments who are more concerned with satisfying the American 'Big Boss Man' and their vicious war of terror serving them.

Traditional prayer and religious practices have been sidelined while various governments try to chase God out of the public square as well as indoors. All kinds of provincial governments pay no recognition to a supreme deity, expunging traditional prayers from their opening sessions. Now the government of the most populous province, Ontario (under the leadership of Norman Bates look-alike Dalton McGuinty) is about to throw the 2,000-year-old Lord's Prayer out of the Legislature, to be replaced with secular gibberish...or nada. This is the same guy who was opposed to black identity and Afrocentric and religious schools, while the school boards peddle the anti-White Marxist propaganda.

Canada has always been a go-fer and a servant, first for Britain and its snotty imperialism, and now for the American neo-cons under the fig-leaf cover of the UN or NATO. Any way you cut it, this is how Canada represents itself -- suckers willing to do other peoples' dirty work while occasionally complaining about the dirty end of the stick they've been given, like any henchman. This is one of the reasons why the country doesn't have any particular persona and has been treated as a mercenary workhouse for globalist conspirators. The Crown and the British connection and our membership in the now-moribund Commonwealth opened the door to this servile existence of usury and abuse, which has cost the lives of over 100,000 in the endless calls for "Igor" assistance.

Afghanistan is a perfect example of Canadian smugness and stupidity, where we are purportedly there to kill Taliban traditionalists so that their women can go to school and maybe emigrate here. We are supporting an Admitted American puppet (Karzai) and his dirty narco-state spreading hard drugs across the planet while fighting a "war on drugs" in North America. Canadian lives and fortunes are wasted in a no-win war against a manly culture, while Canadians atrophy, relying on the Third World for their nursery. Every internationalist involvement undermines Canadian society while the pervert teachers deny our history and traditions in the educational curriculum. Then, they blame the Canadian public for not being interested in their past.

Canada is a vast country with disjointed regions all out for their own benefit. The Maritime provinces are overpopulated with the fishing industry wrecked thanks to foreigners and the crappy navy that uselessly serves Uncle Sam in Iraq. The dwindling Quebecois (having abandoned the Catholic Church and big families) have capitulated to the Marxist feminists from Montreal (they'll never leave, like Kosovo). Ontario is riddled with ghettos and Oriental-culture pockets. With the cost of Third World immigrants and the flight of manufacturing jobs thanks to free trade, cities and provinces are teetering on bankruptcy. The Prairie provinces have become politically-correct and the trendy boom time in Alberta is due to expensive oil sands extraction.

The whites are receding in numbers, too, as factory farming spreads and the Indian population explodes: in Winnipeg and Saskatchewan they are projected to have native majorities by 2050. British Columbia is going Asiatic with a large Sikh and Chinese population splitting the province into disarray, with crime sprees on "the murder coast." One dog alone, Robert Pickton, is accused of killing up to 50 women while another accused serial killer Thomas Svekla flashes smiles in Alberta, and the only thing that the warmonger elitists provide to unite us are mercenary troops in Afghanistan. Canada is in a quandary as the public realizes that the Castro-fawning Establishment elite are a bunch of sneaky criminals who are hard to pin in spite of the endless Parliamentary commissions and inquiries on the activities of past leaders and their secret cash transactions for services rendered.

Of course there's been some opposition to this dismantling of Canadian culture and traditions, but cosmopolitan traitors have seen to it that they are silenced, fired and jailed through the communist tribunals with the Orwellian-named Human Rights Commissions and anti-hate legislation, where 100% of the cases have Whites as respondents, no one gets off and everyone is convicted. Here's just a partial list of some of the victims of these kangaroo courts:
Marc Lemire, Melissa Guille, Alexan Kulbashian, James Richardson, Glenn Bahr, Ciaran Paul Donnelly, Jessica Beaumont, Terry Tremaine, Peter Kouba, Craig Harrison, Alexandro Di Civita, Elizabeth Lampman, Fred Kyburz, Tomasz Winnicki, Eldon Warman, John Beck, and Jason Ouwendyk.

Canada is at a crossroads of rediscovering itself or going down the drain as a country no more than as a get-rich-quick scheme to have a good time: no past, no depth, and no purpose, as America goes into a predicted and forced isolation from Empire. Without a moratorium on open immigration and a withdrawal from nasty NATO and useless UN missions, we can't move forward to establish a sovereign nation. Time to switch gears and plan a new route for real Canadian nationalism.

Let's do it now.




Best Bet: Barack Obama

As I've said before, the American presidential election is fixed, with the controlled media leading the American boobs around by the nose. However, the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry....this time, with a Black Joker in the deck.

Barack Obama represents the anti-racist White America, right from his Sidney Poitier Guess Who's Coming To Dinner beginnings of his traveling Kenyan African father and his Unitarian Marxist mother Stanley Anne. She went on to marry another Indonesian, and had a daughter with him, apparently after Obama's father wrote to her family complaining: "I don't want the Obama blood to be sullied by a White woman."

Obama is modern-day America, brought to you by the feminist Marxist ideology that has permeated the country for a hundred years of Hollywoodism. Initially, his comments were empty rhetoric: "Change that we can believe in". Now he's saying all the right things about foreign policy and economics. He's going to pull the troops out of Iraq and put the war costs into infrastructure and health care. He's against White-pauperizing NAFTA. He's willing to talk with all American opponents directly. All these promises are scaring the pants off the neocons and the globalist money-grubber manipulators of the phony 'war on terror.' It's harder to demonize people when you're engaged with them. He'll close Gitmo and stop torture, which will be the hands of the Zionist warmongers who never intended for a relatively new man, an outsider taking the reins of power. The race-mixing commies have been entrapped in their own American Idol show.

Right now, White Nationalists have a better chance of being dealt with fairly by a 'Black man' than by any of the race traitors feminists and Zionist aggressors. It wouldn't look good for Barack Obama to be hunting down White supremacists, as it would certainly frighten his female White liberal voter base. The only time I ever received justice and acquittal in the number of times I've gone before the Canadian courts was before a Black judge who understood my White Nationalist minority position better than any White woman or middle class male Establishment functionary.
Even when I was told by the acquitting judge that in society, when making music on a piano, you need both black and white keys, even though I told the judge that I didn't play piano.

"Dr. No" or Congressman Ron Paul, is our first choice, but he doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell with the neocon/Christian Zionist Republican Party, in spite of his proven record of voting no to every internationalist law of social engineering and economic deprivation of the USA. Ron Paul followers are like the 'Anonymous' nerds on the Internet who show up in front of Scientologist offices with Guy Fawkes V For Vendetta movie masks in silent protest (that'll fix them,.,,,chickens). Could you imagine their standing up for Ron Paul if he ever made it to the White House and the Establishment was going to impeach him? It's not as if the 'Ron Paul Revolution' ever welcomed White Nationalists in, any more than Barack Obama, who has to appear more even-handed because of his racial background.

Obama, on the other hand, is a product of a "winner" from Africa who left his seed here on the new continent, as compared to the other loser Blacks brought here in chains without a silver spoon in their mouths. Initially, Obama did not resonate with the hard experiences of America's Blacks until one of their head mamas gave him the Oprah Winfrey nod. The Black Aunt Jemima housekeepers still resonate with sage power throughout America, even to the whiter "chillun" (too bad they can't control the Black ones on their community). It's a matriarchy similar to the North American Indians, where the real stability and community power rests with their women, in spite of all the bluster and bombast from their men. If Obama wins and the Skull and Bones crowd attempts a coup, they'll have a lot of Black riots on their hands, much more severe than Anonymous' appearances.

The whole non-white world would love to see an Obama presidency, including the giddy girls in Europe. It would do a great deal for America's image of anti-racism and power accessibility, not to mention the new Black Pride that would develop, perhaps giving hope to better behavior by some. An Obama presidency conversely would elevate white pride and racial awareness out of anger and/or shame, to play catch-up with the Blacks. And that has to be good for white nationalists and separatists. White people need to have their faces rubbed in the dirt before they wake up; An Obama presidency could do that.

John McCain is just god-awful. This crazy but evil old Audie Murphy wannabe could bring the world to a third nuclear war. For a guy who's been supposedly tortured by the commies, he still defends waterboarding and defends the Trotskyite neocon One World agenda...he's just no good. Hillary Clinton would just be more of the same. They're all Bush clones, like Nancy Pelosi, and it's a lot harder to scream bloody murder when your own kind is doing it to you.

Barack Obama is the Black Ace of Spades in the Hole for White Nationalists, who could very well trump necocons' plans and lies, because of the promises he made to his volatile constituency. They will demand a change they can believe in, with no semantics, meanderings and obfuscations, and no Bill Clintonesque question of "all depends what is, is." Obama will be a hard case to handle. He won't be a willing Black warlord or a dictator for the Establishment elite to continue their internationalist policies, and America will never be looked upon with the same respect from the Old European world, knowing they're on the way to being a northern Brazil. This will stop their World Empire- meddling, because the Whites can't open themselves up to the world and surviving Isolation is their only salvation. Obama's economic policies mirror that. He's promised billions for the poor, which the economy will get right back anyways.

The controlled media bozos are already writing worried tomes on, What if Obama Can Hit A Curve Ball?, that they intend to throw him on the 'war on terror' global warming and free trade. They're worried, and that's good for our side. When it all seemed hopeless, a Great Black Hope comes up for the White people.

Whether you vote or not, Barack Obama is your best bet. We will leave the Ron Paul banner/link on our site...there's always hope, but with Obama, we'll hedge our bets.




9/11 Conspiracy Undermines Establishment

You can tell who the neo-con, anti-racist, Muslim-baiting bigots are when they never question 9/11. There's a nagging feeling out there that the official version of the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy is not the whole story. More and more people are coming to that conclusion, young and old, from all walks of life, even mavericks in the controlled entertainment industry like Willie Nelson (this guy's supposedly the epitome of the intelligent cowboy hippie with a few tricks up his sleeve, a man who would recognize BS when he sees it, like comedian George Carlin pretends to. The 9/11 Truthers (a cumbersome and presumptive title) have all kinds of anomalies and unexplained facts that government experts can satisfy with their arrogant, glib answers.

As Gandhi said, in any struggle, first they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you...and then you win. The "in" Skull and Bones and others are at the second stage of the struggle, with angry retorts and dismissive smiles and comments: just look at the way Bill Clinton frothed at some young 9/11 Truther's question over the way the official neo-con Fox News Channel's propagandists freak out on the 9/11 'loonies'. They're running scared, knowing that up to one-quarter of the population doesn't believe the official version of the 9/11 Commission, meaning that millions are holding even stronger conspiratorial views a la the websites InfoWars, Rense, Wake Up From Your Slumber, The Raw Story, What Really Happened, and all the other 9/11 conspiracy sites. Most of them point the finger at the Zionist globalist cabal, some so far as to suggest that Al-Qaeda is a CIA front and that all the suicide bombers are drugged idiots operated by the Secret Hand of the Illuminate.

No other conspiracy in my lifetime has spread so fast (with unanswerable questions) worldwide, thanks to the Internet. Even Chemtrails and Morgones are up there in conspiracy popularity, with even more official obfuscating of the "truth". The torturing Pentagon brass is so worried that they're willing to give more bad publicity to the best-known concentration camp: Guantanamo, by charging six broken inmates with conspiracy in 9/11, seven years after as well as all those years that they have tortured the prisoners. These grand inquisitors are demanding the death penalty from their kangaroo tribunals; it doesn't get any uglier. Now they've started the fight against the Islamists. The 9/11 nay-sayers will be next, like the Holocaust questioners in Europe. These communist show trials are intended to put fear into the hearts of all connected to 9/11, especially the non-believers. The belief in a 9/11 conspiracy is all-pervasive, as soon as you do a little investigating. It's because it appears so innocuous and nonpolitical initially, where the danger lies as you begin to question everything about the Establishment elite.

People of all political stripes are being brought together because of their conspiracy beliefs, That can't be good for the Establishment ; it becomes difficult to peddle the woe-is-me/war-on-terror Giuliani squawk, if people are questioning the very veracity of the raison d'etre for the 9/11 causus belli. As for the real al-Qaeda --- and there is one somewhere, who pray five times a day, drain their prostates and get extra blood to their heads and who bivouac in huts and caves over hot tea and Kalashnikovs while the empires' unmanned machines hover and spray death — yeah, they're real and fighting for their turf, on their turf, while mealy-mouthed hypocrite believers yap about "beating them over there. so they don't come to their hell-hole here". It's interesting how the controlled media didn't broadcast Mullah Omar's new Taliban directive to all fighters against grisly beheading executions (but shootings and hangings are still okay).

The neo-cons are running out of cannon-fodder; there's only so many who are willing to kill for money, and be killed. Hence, the Trotskyite neo-cons are quick to peddle anti-Islamist diatribes and then whine how restrictive the Muslims are when they complain. They even enroll "Christian pastors" concerned about women's rights while clobbering Christianity on the home front. I repeat: No believers in the Old Testament God, whether Jew, Christian or Muslim, can call themselves faithful while attacking the other for different customs,

The phony 'war on terror' is dragging on like the phony war on poverty and the phony war on drugs. There is no worldwide Caliphate about to take over; there'll just be a breakdown of the structures of the megalomaniacs who tried to have a New World Order. The race-mixed United States of America will implode, this time unplanned (unlike the Twin Towers) as it exhausts itself in foreign adventures, with the exception of a few sycophant servant countries. America's name is "Mudd" — like the Doctor Mudd they pilloried who treated John Wilkes Booth on the run after killing Abraham Lincoln.

The guys in the desert and in Tora Bora believe in time-proven philosophy, while America looks for one. And for all the 9/11 conspiracy culprits, time is on their side.




Where's the White Man's Candidate?

Sometimes when something bothers you, you can't put your finger right on what exactly it is. You know you're bugged and dissatisfied but can't express 'What's bothering you, bunky?" until you sit down and think about it by scraping away all the surface annoyances and finally come up with the basic problem. This is so particular in the Western world's election process: There are no white man's candidates running for the white man's interests!

The US Presidential election is the biggest glaring example of misrepresentation and un-representation of White man's views; Canadian politics is no exception. All White candidates are feminist pussyfooting traitors and politically correct anti-White globalists with the exception of a few courageous Nazis or racists campaigning here and there in a media vacuum. No one represents the White man's concerns and aspirations, not even Ron Paul; he's just too cerebral for the emasculated Roseanne's husband Americans. What do you expect from a continent of runaways and kick-outs of the world?

The " Ron Paul R(EVOL)UTION" appears to be in the hands of a bunch of libertine libertarians who made the dumb mistake of running a fundraiser on Martin Luther King Day (the 'MLK Bomb'), and it was just that: it bombed out with only a million and a half dollars collected for the Paul campaign, compared to the $6 million in one day that they raised a couple of months earlier. Who did these politically-correct self-loathing Whites think they were appealing to on a day glorifying a Black communist? The Paulistas don't mind getting the White Nationalist vote while pretzelling themselves with windy explanations and excuses how Ron Paul 'is not a racist'. Ron Paul himself hasn't come out to say anything in particular to the White youth and fathers. He's so bereft of political quips and negative criticism of the treacherous flunkies he's running with that he doesn't even make negative news for his Constitutional candidacy.

The lily-livered lickspittle activists offer the olive branch of non-government interference to White Nationalists in Paul's hopelessly locked-up candidacy to win the Republican nomination for President.

It's not much of an inducement for political participation. Dumb broads like Siri Agrell of the Globe and Mail are depreciatingly suggesting that "White Dudes, your time has come." But for main concerns is whether White men will vote in unison rejection of harridan Hillary and support that water-boarding and appropriately named torturer John Mc (son of) Cain. This Bilderberger boob is the Manchurian Candidate of the American shell game election, while Mike 'Huckster' Huckabee plays off the naive Christians, until he endorses McCrazy. Some White men are so desperate for 'change you can count on" that they're willing to slit their wrists for a Barack Obama future America (coming soon to your neighborhood). With Oprah Winfrey helping him out, he's sure to help the White man. White men have nowhere to turn to, except time-proven, common sense, goodwill and fair play old-fashioned RACISM. More and more radio talk show callers are proudly inching toward calling themselves 'a bit of a racist'.

The other day I was having a coffee when some guy recruiting for the White Canadians (the group using the White walking man traffic signal symbol) was giving his pitch to a good-looking big palooka city worker. I'm always embarrassed when I have to teach someone about their identity and moved to get a paper. When I returned, the big Seinfeld "Puddy" worker mumbled meekly about discrimination. That's when I stepped in and blurted out that, "Those concerns were exactly the reasons that all the Pakis, niggers and chinks are here today", which quickly quieted him in acquiescence (racists are known for clarity and straight talk). This gutless and suicidal attitude has prevailed for the last three generations, taught by the Marxists and pervert creep teachers in our schools.

But it's slowly dissipating. More and more, the politically correct pundits, talk show hosts are having to defend themselves, not just from 9/11 "truthers" but from fed-up and proud White men who've had enough and are not going to take any more. These politically correct goofs act as a storm valve for the multicult mayhem society by dividing the White opposition into classes, like their tricky communist commissar bosses; except this time they're pretending to promote the middle class instead of the proletariat.

These same media creeps have found themselves in an untenable position position in their hypocrisy in their attempts to Muslim-bash a patriarchal religion which is utilizing the organized Jewry-inspired human rights commissions to attack Zionist flag-bearers and warmonger neo-cons like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. They can dish it out, but listen to them whine when they are criticized and dragged before the kangaroo courts they created for their innocent enemies and all the lives that they've ruined.

Zionist warmongers like Prime Minister Stephen Harper are trying to hide their bellicose activities behind 'nation-building' reconstruction projects and Draconian anti-crime legislation in the name of their most favored word: Security (for their masters' backsides). But the White male public is waking up very slowly and not volunteering for more bloodshed in Afghanistan, in spite of being led by the most effeminate opposition leaders like Robespierre Stephane Dion and Chinese coupled Jack Layton.

Hope still remains in the Ron Paul candidacy, if he runs for President, whereby foreign policy issues and insider control of the two blighted American political parties is exposed, giving White men and their loyal women a chance to vote for something and someone, instead of against an Obama/Clinton/McCain America.

The connections made in the Ron Paul primaries will be strengthened to form a new political movement in North America, where a racist is welcome, no matter what his color, as long as he's working for the betterment of his people, where freedom of speech is a human right and torturers are condemned and shunned, where decency and honor are restored and the trappings of a Hollywood whorehouse are dismantled. Ron Paul or no Ron Paul, the pendulum is swinging back with a vengeance as the old whores, male and female drive off with vacant eyes and a new generation of the Pharaohs ascend the thrones who knew not the "captive" master race in power and with a little adjustment will return the state to its natural order of business.

We're on the right road; without racism, you've got bupkiss.




New World Order Floundering

There's an overall malaise with the New World Order contractors and their owners. The whole idea of a world government, the dream of a tribal elite for a frequent-flyer paradise, is falling apart. First, the image of the new order policeman/thug enforcers and their lukewarm European henchmen is in shreds, what with Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, friendly fire collateral casualties and Pentagon lies and media white-washes; no one likes them anymore. Even Canadians abroad are considered as Igor-aides to the Kandahar dungeon masters. It's hard to listen to people you don't like, and the media has lost general credibility and suspicious acquiescence with the NATO manipulators .

The mythological center of the purported New World, Jerusalem, doesn't look like a nice or safe place for a world capital, especially when the world fears the one state that can do anything and therefore resents its denizens.

Even world Jewry is worried about what will the ersatz Israel Zionists do next, now that they've proposed to have direct Israeli election input. Then the entire 20 million world Jews will be held responsible for their nation's actions. ...nothing worse than people getting to big for their boots. The tired, diversity-is-our-strength/international socialist morons' mantra is wearing thin, even for the stuttering radio talk show hosts, while they have to contradict nature to their callers by saying that race has nothing to do with it when referring to the rising crime rate. All this anti-racist White self-loathing feminist Marxist crapola will disappear in a whoosh, like the old Soviet Union. People can live with lies, but it's hard to maintain after three generations.

Throughout the world, ethnic and racial nationalism is the natural way against the wishes of the globalist consumerists who look upon the planet as a merchandising location (businessmen have no boundaries). Thinking people are turning against their hedonistic objectives; people are looking more inward, especially when they see the raised Kikuyu Pangas and the aftermath of suicide bombers. You can see how unwilling the White world is to be Good Samaritans without borders, particularly when it comes to dying for it, as in Afghanistan and Iraq. The military is forced to re-grind their mercenary soldiers. The few volunteers have to be bribed, with even more money: they are compassionately isolated from the citizenry-rest. Other than the New World Order media fans, few support the troops. The Christian religious leaders who've been ridiculed by the internationalists feel betrayed, because they were in on this universalism from the get-go, and now they don't need them (even at a Gay Pride Parade). The Islamists haven't helped the Christians' image of faith, to the point of blowing themselves up. Christian belief and relevancy is questioned, especially when they bay for war against their same Old Testament God-believing cousins in their own land.

While the old commercial boundaries are being tested by ethnicity and religion, the Internet too, has bedeviled the internationalist imperialists. The New World Order's plan for more war with Iran, the North American Superhighway, the Amero, or another 9/11 episode, have all been thwarted to a large degree by the internationalist intelligentsia, which has made the controlled mass media blush many times. Racism, God-belief and the Internet are un-ruffling the snoringest Kissinger Bilderberger: Other than brute force, they have no answer. South America is going its way, Africa doesn't want any more Whites, Asia's had it up to their nose with Western influence and Europe is too busy trying to redefine itself as a (so-far) volunteer member empire . The New World Order could produce an anti-Christ to bring the world together, and still will fail.

Deluded Whites are being forced to give up "progressive" shibboleths for a White Nationalist identity, subconsciously for now, like the puzzled White middle-aged woman on CNN who was not going to vote for Barack Obama because she identified him with Blacks "who hate us so much."

Movements against God and Nature like the Red Internationale are on the decline. Common sense and spiritual and racial identity are the future for a more inaccessible world that needs a rest from the air traffic swarm and roving oil flotillas and congested "ant hills" and highways.

The best-laid plans of mice and men can be counted on to go astray — fortunately for Earth.



Self-Loathing White Bigots Deny Black Identity

I haven't heard so much anger, bitterness and resentment since "the Pharaoh refused to let my people go" Exodus story when it comes to the new Afro-Centric Black schools one-vote-majority decision, to establish Black Nationalism in Canada. By the sounds of the White libertine liberals and kosher conservatives, you'd think that they considered Blacks as their property who want to now head off into their own racial history and future. It's just amazing how the Toronto District School Board's decision to start three Afro-Centric-located programs and one entire school in 2009 ever passed.

Every boring pundit of the White-denigrating establishment was opposed to the natural idea of the Black race in North America rediscovering themselves after years of slavery and subjugation. Every 'Oreo' was dragged out to peddle the New World Order's raceless mantra with dire warnings that they were being "set up for failure," much like the high-failure-rate Aboriginal school already in progress for thirty years, happily to no avail.

White libertines and consumerist conservatives blasted the Black youth and mothers who won the day for their race and culture by standing firm and pointing out the obvious hypocrisy of the angry brouhaha for Afro-centered schools, while tolerating thirty other different types of special schools in the Toronto Board system (including one for lesbians and gays). They didn't have to go through any of the raucous public meetings to establish their identity and peculiarity, compared to the loaded invective and dismissive attitudes of the anti-racist elite, Racially-unconscious dummies, experts and professionals have no business discussing racist matters without the infusion of racist opinion; Black, White, Oriental or Aboriginal. They just don't get it, and their Marxist biases cloud all their arguments.

The Nationalist Party supports all racial and ethnic endeavors, right up to forming a nation. It's a natural desire of all peoples which burns in their hearts to be homogeneous masters of their own households. No amount of consumerist/communist propaganda can put that God-given flame out. God and Nature created the races, breeds and species, that's why birds of a feather flock together: Racism is as natural as breathing.

Blacks outside of Africa have a long, torturous history to discuss. Each Caribbean island has produced a slightly different cultural attitude, and each African country (not just Egypt) has had a long history, even if unwritten, to be explored and discovered. Each part of Africa has different types of Black people, with different customs, songs and dances, and historical experiences, and need to be recounted and illuminated for their own intrinsic values vis-ŕ-vis the environment and other races. So what if the continent was pristine and unpolluted compared to other races who are here with us choking on their air at the edge of time? Just because the White people are fat and we can turn on any frivolity for our entertainment, it doesn't help the planet. Other than Barack Obama's immigrant father and Somali and Nigerian entrepreneurs, the rest of the Blacks were dragged here, and now White race-traitors want to deprive them of their race and heritage — just as they have done to the hedonistic White population. The multicultists have seen the writing on the wall, that their era of philosophical baloney can't hold water as the minorities run away from their whorehouse culture.

Anti-racist elites are finished, whatever banner they're traveling under; everything that they do or propose will come to naught because they've got their heads buried in the sand for ignoring racial realities. Their crappy 'Franken-countries', from Africa to India to Sri Lanka, are all seething for breakup. The race-traitors have ruined their own countries, using the Third World as their nursery while wild white women run around embarrassing us. These treacherous dogs will be the end of us, if we listen to their politically correct lies. Racists of all colors should shun these dead-enders who can't even reproduce themselves, other than through cloning. Ignore them for their sick Manchurian Candidate minds that they possess on behalf of their globalist masters.

The other morning, my Kenyan coffee clubber walked in and pointed with two hands (not in my direction), as if he were shooting a gun. He's a Lau, the minority Islamic tribe which was cheated in the recent election. I told him, "What's this I hear, you guys are running around in mobs probably circumcising people? I'm a racist, but I don't like that." He shook his head in disbelief and agreed. Also, Kenya will have to be broken up along ethnic lines to wipe out the patronizing lousy Limey legacy which attempted to apply universalist views for their consumerist reasons upon a racially-proud people. They used to burn the Africans' crops so that people starved, and the only way to eat was to work for the white man. The Belgians used to chop off hands and legs if you wouldn't work for them in the Congo, a longtime private preserve of the Belgian king. They were the lucky ones; they didn't get shipped like sardines in leaky boats to the Americas as slaves so that some bastard could make a profit in a bloody business to have another holiday with his bitch and get some melanoma. It's fun, but it's a shit-assed-life reason for hurting other people while living.

Now I don't want to have any self-loathing bigot goofs, liberal hypocrites or conservative tightwads saying diddly negative comments about an attempt to re-establish pride and identity in a people.

Hey. and good luck with your black schools!


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