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Canada’s Mercenary Mindset


Canada has been around for 141 years (1867). Its never been invaded, but has nevertheless lost 100,000 dead, and a million wounded fighting other peoples battles and wars. Now, just think of the number of people they have murdered. maimed and suppressed in the name of the profession of war in other peoples' lands. They're so proud of it. Its hard to say where this meddling, bellicose mindset began. Perhaps it was the pre-approved bureaucrats settlers and street kids that were brought and dumped here by the authoritarian English imperialists and servant servile naiveté to the guvnah. That explains this Igor henchmen willingness to do the dirty work of killing for their master. It can all be summarized in the slovenly media's repeated echo of You can support your troops, even if you don't support the mission. Its blanket support for the dungeon masters, whatever they're doing....This kind of morality allows friends to commit crimes, but you still support them.

Canada is a beautiful country and Canadians are nice people, or should I say a polite people, generally speaking. But there are a number of evil, adolescent warmongers with the martial arts movie line Hey, leave some for me to kill!, which has garnered them a certain bloody notoriety on the battlefields of the world. They want to make Canada's mark on the world; the rest of the globalist leaders know the Arborite-thin mentality of an uncomplaining loser-Leafs (30 years without a Stanley Cup) fan. They've been quick to elevate their collaborators in with the Establishment political parties to transfer the goods and employees over to their New World Order bodies like NATO and the United Nations.

Lester Pearson, the Liberal dilettante prime minister of Canada (who ushered in the curse of the nation, the open-borders Pierre Elliot Trudeau,) was responsible for putting Canada on the world stage through military peacekeeping/occupation. This patronizing mercenary mindset is costing more blood in Afghanistan, where some military morons think that they're mightier than Allah, where phony Christian chaplain unbelievers are muttering prayers over dead Canadian soldiers who are dropping bombs on top of his co-religionist Islamists worshipping the same Old Testament God. Canadian social mores are down in their lowest, where Jesus and His followers are ridiculed in a virtual whorehouse against Afghanistan's social conservative fighters. It doesn't make sense unless someone is lying.

Right after 9/11. the women-run Liberal government, instead of going along with George Bush and the Iraq war because he didn't have the approval of the UN, volunteered to be flunkies stationed in the Taliban's heartland, Kandahar. This women's rights invasion made Canada's doomed mission wrong from the beginning. Now the neo-con Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has commissioned and just received a report from his fellow traveler, ex-deputy prime minister, the unmanly John Manley and three other globalist schleps, including media Pamela Wallin, who contributed her neo-facelift in a tirade on the unspeakable terror of the Taliban, while ignoring NATO's megabombs. The phony independent panel on Afghanistan, intent on keeping up equality phony war on terror and 9/11 fraud, naturally opted for more war. There's 1,000 excuses why we should sacrifice lives for other peoples; nation building Manley said, Were a rich country, we've got to do some of this stuff., even though public opinion is against it. That's how much they pay attention to democracy at home (and even less in NATO's narco-state of torture, Afghanistan).

Canadian troops in Kandahar are just about surrounded, and if they don't get another minimum of 1,000 combat troops top double the Canadian fighting strength well have to pull out by 2009 (if they last that long). Manley whined like a true servant to his NATO globalist bosses, Either this mission is an important one or it isn't, like Capone capo. That wont help — it'll just double the targets for the Taliban. If NATO is there for another generation nothing will change. That's the power of a patriarchy, with a religion that backs it up — unless the wimp-asses mumbling in two official languages his propaganda piece about projecting our values, saying that the mission is sufficiently noble and that he's prepared to be out there (meaning our young men) —I wish he would.

Notice how the globalists can never put a date to the and of any of these military actions: Manley says, ten or fifteen years before he wants to consider a decision, because we chose to be there and we cant walk away because things are difficult, just surface thinking and hyperbole. The Afghan mission is in trouble not, just because of the Taliban but because from a growing number of the Canadian population who say Bring Our Troops Home.

The social fabric of the nation is in tatters with unruly Indians and Black gun crime, while economic collapse is on the horizon. There's little enough money to pay for essential services or infrastructure maintenance. Soon foreign military adventures will have to be curtailed Canadian globalists are whining for more troops because new Canadians and French Canadians and thinking Canadians are not joining the armed forces. They see the folly of war to impose your views on others; nobody wants that, not even from nice mercenaries. You know the servant military mindset is in decline when casualties in Afghanistan are counted and mourned singly. when at one time the old Whites' subservient culture accepted hundreds' servile silence and empty rhetoric. These internationalist militarist soldiers lost Canada to multiculturalism.

Canada has a lot to be proud of to the world. Just look at all the people who want to live here with us, as long as they do it like us, and that is a White Anglo-European society, where the rule of law and heritage is respected, where the family is first and foremost as an enduring building block foundation for our future. The phony professional wrestling image of bunch of whorehouse bodyguards projecting into the world is a low-level image that doesn't represent the live-and-let-live goodness in most Canadian hearts.

Let's turn this mercenary military machine into a citizens' militia that stays home and defends the nation. Canadians need to re-assess themselves — without the propaganda.




Blacks and Jews Increasingly Isolated


It's always very satisfying when your opponents are hoisted on their own petards. Organized Jewry pushed for the human rights abrogation of free speech in Canada over the past four decades, silencing and jailing myself and Bob Smith as the first ones to be jailed under "hate laws" for exercising their God-given right of free speech. Now these same totalitarian, tyrannical anti-White unnatural laws have come back to bite their promoters in the ass. Organized Jewry's promotion of multiculturalism brought into this country Islamic enemies of Zionism. Muslims have opened a Pandora's Box of unjust hate law regulations and "truth-is-not-a-defense" human rights tribunals with charges against kosher conservative warmongers like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, who have to answer to the kangaroo courts for their anti-Islamic tirades. Even all the aping wigger rappers are AWOL on the White youth entertainment scene. Their 'gangsta rap' seems to have dropped off the edge of the world.

The perception of Jews as censors and brutal militarists will be hard to shake: They have installed a fear among White Nationalists and non-Whites to the point of whispered, teeth-grinding hatred while trying to solicit bigots, at the same time to fight their dirty war of terror in far off lands...People like Victor Fletcher, one-time editor of the hippie magazine anti-racist Guerrilla, editor of Toronto Street News, now having to eat crow to the Canadian Jewish Congress for daring to put up stories by Jewish author Henry Makow (of the website Save The Males and White Nationalist radio/internet commentator (and some say now- FBI-connected... or not) Hal Tuner . (Turner still did a great service rallying White Nationalists with his wild vitriol.) From the Left and Right, Jews are intellectually shunned for their high-handed hypocrisy on human rights in Palestine and the Western world. The B'nai Brith and Canadian Jewish Congress spokesmen like Bernie Farber are stuttering and stumbling all over themselves and turning against their own kind, like Ezra Levant in defending the loathsome tribunals and anti-White hate laws: When I heard Ezra Levant on Toronto radio station AM 640 I thought it was a Nazi speaking to him, until he called the Christian leader of a Canadian Arab lobby group a "Shumuck," in defiance to his complaining criticism of Levant's publishing of 'Mohammed' cartoons. all in the name of free speech (that neither side respects; class warfare is a classic communist tactic.)

It will take years of new persecution before they ever get the sympathy of the Right or Left. In the meanwhile the Zionists are adopting a low profile as they try to convince the reluctant public for more meddling wars from Iraq to Afghanistan to Iran. If they don't join the White Nationalist cause soon, reveal their racism, and identify themselves with the White people and culture they will be viewed as the backstabbers who brought in the nightmare of gag laws and multiculturalism.

Once Israel is reduced, transformed, closed down or worse, destroyed in a middle east Holocaust (if they go to war again) the Jews will throw their lot in with us for their own protection, in a reduced level to install White Nationalist salvation laws. The Zionists' attachment to torture doesn't help their own worldwide image, especially among Whites.

Blacks who have been patronized by the Jews for half a century, particularly in their controlled entertainment media here ceased the being Guess Who's Coming To Dinner darlings of society with their violence and crime (blaming Black mothers for crime is battling the real Black power). You hardly ever see middle class Whites (the denizens of Jews) co-habiting with Blacks, with the exception of a few lonely baby-mothers pushing strollers. White society fled the Black "bruthuhs" throughout North America. Blacks are waffling around looking around for a heritage and identity from Africa. There's so much non-White violence in Canada's urban schools that the solution has become soon to be instituted in Toronto schools, where "Afro-centric" programs will further remove them from the White community. The shrieking and shrill arguments from commies (not fascists!) to stop this common-sense process shows that the Internationalists' nightmare is coming to a close. Any way you cut it, separation is good for the White people.

Barack Obama's and Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy will further divide and eventually strengthen White Nationalism as thinking Whites see the Arborite-thin intellect of the feminists and the race-mixers in their giddy support for nothings. Even Ron Paul supporters from the Left and Right are still sticking together in favor of freedom, liberty, and justice over the anti-White Zionist-controlled media and politicians and talk show hosts. Only agent provocateurs and narrow-minded idiots could break this human rights bond against communist (not fascist) totalitarianism.

Organized Jewry also shot themselves in the foot by pursuing an Indian chief, David Ahenakew for a drunken rant when he suggested that it was okay for Hitler to fry them. He was convicted under that odious hate legislation (the conviction was thrown out after two court appeals). But the CJC is still pushing for the matter to be dragged on to the Canadian Supreme Court. This is where I spent over $60,000 appealing our conviction, to lose by one vote. Can you imagine how ordinary poor Indians Look upon their middle-class tormentors? The Jews have played Left and Right, back and forth for centuries, like George Lincoln Rockwell wrote in White Power: First they're friends with the crew, then friends with the captain. And now they're just friendless in the unfriendly frequent-flyer "middle class.'

Whites have tried -- they've really, really tried, especially their women — to integrate with non-Whites, having been brought up on the milk of human kindness. They've changed their cultural standards, accepted murder and been murdered and degenerated to the grunting Goth and Beastie Boys "culture" to fit in; alas, but all in vain, while the self-loathing and non-breeding anti-racists disappear. Special thanks go to the childless Whites who stood by their race in their lifetime: theirs was the most intuitive sacrifice.

Stupidity usually can't last more than three centuries. No one ever knows their great-grandfathers, but they sure as hell can DNA-genetically imitate them. As Plutarch said, Whatever Man has done before, he can do again. By reading history, we can reclaim a new, mature White racial pride and not be stuck in the middle in other peoples' nightmares.

Let's do it!




Race Thwarts Islamists


Race is the alpha dog of all human activity. It certainly triumphs over religion ideology and customs, as has been shown throughout al-Qaeda's world operations. Wherever they have attempted to revive traditional Islam they have run into ethnic/racial problems which undermine their efforts to set up a religious state.

George Bush's trip to the Middle East in spite of all al-Qaeda threats and warnings of bombs and bullets is progressing without a hitch. The sight of Bush waving a scimitar in front of sword-dancing Arab sheiks in the Arabian Gulf shows the success of the hypocritical and anti-racist American forcers in dividing the Iraqi population along ethnic and sectarian lines in opposition to the Iranians (Aryans). The Americans made a big deal of the fact that their Iraqi Emirate is run by foreigners and that al-Qaeda has had to resorts to using an Arab actor, al-Bashdadi, as their front man/Emir.

The US, and the Zionists, have already made a big effort in separating the non-Arab Kurds from Arab Sunnis and ther pro-Iranian Shiites while pretending they're against ethnic cleansing and racism. The only Islamist activist American that al-Qaeda is a Jewish convert, Adam Ghadan who comes from a typically American dysfunctional family. They haven't been able to recruit any Whites since John Walker Lindh (from another broken home). Al-Qaeda has a wide open Southern American border and yet they haven't brought one Taliban suicide bomber or one team of guerillas into the United States to wreak havoc like the odious American home-grown criminals and school shooters. How they supposedly got nineteen 9/11 suiciders for a pre-emptive shot into the States is both amazing and suspicious, with nothing since,

Al-Qaeda and their fellow co-religionist are having a hard time dealing ethnic/racial divisions among their supporters in Pakistan's Northwest frontier where leftover mujahideen Uzbeks from the Soviet Afghan invasion and their failed attempt in Uzbekistan have left them stranded in Pakistan. Uzbek customs and attitudes are grinding on their Pashtun hosts and their neo-con-run Paki army and American agents are again exploiting the differences, leading to clashes and tribal warfare. Even Arab jihadis from the Koran land area unwelcome in some tribal districts.

When I look at the pictures of the camera-shy Taliban (see our Opinions page for more information) they remind me of Geronimo, Oceidola, the Seminoles, Crazy Horse and all the other racist Indian chiefs who are remembered because they said No to the White man and fought for their land, with one leg or one eye, like Mullah Omar, head of the Afghan Taliban Emirate).

Remember how the Europeans used the Indian collaborators who stupidly hunted down their own kind? The same goes for the Pakistani and Afghan, Kipling's Gunga Dins, who used to murder their own kith and kin by the forked-tongued invaders. These same liars will go back to their country. Some will vote for Obama, some will vote for McCain and some will become murderers (123 that that we know of) and that's what they've learned from phony matriarchal whorehouse America.

There are those who claim that al-Qaeda is a CIA construct which makes the whole war on terror a giant farce. The idea of the Islamists obtaining and setting off weapons of mass destructions is about as likely as the pathetic efforts of shoe bomber Richard Reid, and the guys who blew themselves up in the London subway all individual efforts without a backup plan or attacks other than an airline ticket to Pakistan. Its just a lot of Zionist hype top keep the whole goyim world on a constant war-footing to protect their dying state of Israel while pushing their deadly internationalism in the West and pushing ethnic sectarianism in the war zones. Divide and conquer has been their policy wince their secret societies inceptions.

If George Bush makes it back without a scratch we can put the world caliphate conspiracy and stop the phony threat and canard of their following us here, and us battling them over there , and tell the warmongers to shut up or drop dead because the same old dog and pony show is a flop. Kosher conservatives and their supporters hill be beating a broken drum. Apocalyptic evangelical un-believers who want to kill fervent followers of the same Old Testament God can go to hell with their lies and money, as they don't have on e leg to stand on.

The shameless, dirty rotten controlled media has already switched their sights to the Iranian target, having exhausted the Islamic threat. They are omnipotent, as history will tell you all politics is local, even in Somalia, North Africa and Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, Chechnya, India, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Caledonia Ontario or Toronto schools, wherever there's fighting going on, it all comes down to who you are, not what you are: race is all. The Taliban, freezing and hungry are standing up the mega-machines and bombs while were on our keyboards, showing how the human spirit is indomitable.




American Elections Fixed


From the beginning to the end, the American elections are fixed. No two ways about it; they're rigged to have the insiders win, from registration to the mechanical counting of the votes, everything is formulated and staged, including their graphs, interviews, debates and candidate's exposure. It's all carefully orchestrated like a Hollywood whore show.

When dealing with the controlled, Zionist anti-White media, it's like dealing with programmed spies and agents with an agenda from their bosses. After all, most media flunkies are just like those whores, whose motto is Choose me, chose me! Ergo, they're as pliable as a crackhead in need. These soulless creatures on the talk shows and the print columnists and reporters are all geared to smear and slander any of those in opposition to any anti-White racist globalist plans. Dealing with any of them honestly is a fool's game that one will rue; Tenderfoot Ron Paul supporters are finding that out the hard way.

As a racist ideologue and activist, I and my friends have been the objects of a lifelong vendetta of lies, innuendo and sarcasm from the barkers of the evil and shameless entertainment carnival owners. Like the vampire, they are vanguard of our racial, and cultural and historical destruction; to treat the media morons with courtesy is the height of naiveté, which will leave you with egg on your face.

Isn't it interesting how Ron Paul's numbers are exactly as the controlled polls predicted and hardly ever digressed by more than a percentage point from beginning to end in the New Hampshire primary? Even Hillary Clinton's slight margin over the Obama-rama campaign pumped up by the raceless media traitors, was within their four or five-point margin range that the conspiratorial pollsters boast about (in the great city of Rome, guess who sat on the throne for four years? Phillip I (Born 204 AD, Died, 209 AD), the son of an Arab horse trader; it will be the beginning of the end if Obama makes it. History loves to repeat -- with different props) . Other than minor nuances, why even have expensive elections when the results are already in the pollsters and Diebold voting machine bags?

When the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are raging with plenty of brutality on both sides are we to believe that these funny-talking pacifist New Englanders are all gung-ho for a nut bar Washington insider (John McCain) who doesn't care if US troops stay in Iraq "for a hundred years" ? Notice how the warmongers media didn't say squat about this killer who, the rumor goes, didn't learn any compassion in the Hanoi Hilton POW cells; he probably collaborated with the commies (which someone will soon 'swiftboat' him on). Why not? He's pushing the same Marxist agenda of internationalism and diversity that some dummies and agents love to describe as "creeping fascism". Only whores and their minions could vote for such a fear mongering torturer who pretended in a media charade at one time of being at odds with the dummy Bush. But they still keep torturing and operating concentration camps and secret prisons all over the world. with the aid of the immoral new KGB known as the CIA.

Ron Paul supporters will have to become even more boisterous, particularly toward any member of the lying media as they did with that slimebag Fox News reporter Sean Hannity. Otherwise, they will not be heard or even acknowledged of their existence by the mouthpieces of their enemies of enemies of freedom and liberty. Nice guys finish last, but Ron Paul's supporters can see to it that his message of fairness and restraint at home and abroad is heard by the entire herd of sheep.

Win or lose, Ron Paul and his supporters have a wonderful lifetime chance to make a difference and hold back the hands of the doomsday clock for America will a return to mind their own business in alignment with their constitution by backing away from Empire and the globalist economics of White poverty and social chaos. All other issues like climate change and the middle class and the phony war on terror are red herrings and sandbox-playpens for dizzy dames and their love-starved mama's boys that lead to nowhere.

The course forward is very clear: confront the political and media liars, if not in person, then by e-mail and phone calls. Jam their communications with spiteful invective and harangues. Tell them 'what-fer', in no uncertain terms. It works. Just look at the worried, stuttering faces of the puppet pundits when they relate the number of e-mails they receive from irate Ron Paul supporters after the slightest dirty trick against Dr. Paul. Don't worry, they read them with fear and anxiety, looking for the one they think they can take to the police with trembling hands. It's Tora, Tora, Tora! on this manipulating media — one way to get satisfaction.

Big or small, attack them all with your brainpower and verbiage, whatever the medium. A few thousand people can make a big difference in the arrogant attitude of the front faces of an insidious world conspiracy. Even if Ron Paul doesn't make it to the nomination of the card-stacked election, he will still have a chance to run as an independent and connect his informed followers for future generations across the continent. We can show that the pen/keyboard is mightier than the mercenary sword...because there's always heart in it.

When America becomes a failed state, Ron Paul's stalwarts will have the key in their minds to raise the Phoenix from ashes for a new State(s). Unlike the Red hypocrite hippies who produce nothing; hope and optimism is empty rhetoric without action.

Let's get to it!




Sissy Americans Need A Savior


So far in the US Presidential election, it's a case of bullshit baffles brains, where there's little substance in any of the candidates' policies other than the vagaries of change (to what?). Barack Obama had a respectable show and surprising results in Iowa, a prime example of rebellion without a cause. The majority of young women who voted for him is the underlying problem of the American Idol electorate,

Obama has nothing to say after the word "change" that sounds anything different than what warmongering Americans have now. Huckabee's "family values" and his Christian identity rhetoric are as obscure as his bellicose voting record along with his personal life. Yet the old females and the cuckolded voted for his get-tough-on-security-and-civil-rights, for fear of patriarchal Islam. Only Ron Paul, who garnered 10 % of the Iowa Republican vote with the aid of 30% of independents, stands for human rights principles and a sovereign constitutional state.

Fred Thompson and John McCain appeal to the securitaté of the nation; I've never seen more desperate eagle-eyed, thin-lipped supporters than those around McCrazy and his pal Joe The Zionist Lieberman — a pox on all their houses.

There's a wide estranged-gender gap in America, particularly among the the Whites who have brought themselves down to this low position in self-respect and population on the planet. If it weren't for immigration the US would be another lost Virginia colony — except Utah. They're entrapped in a fatuous romantic love machine that doesn't even reproduce itself for the next generation. Without love, White men here have very little influence over White women, that not even money (which has been allocated to females by the courts) can buy. Compared to the non-Whites races White males are the most sissified suckers, looking for love in all the wrong places (including with guys and non-White women). Abu Ghraib guard meanness doesn't cut it; neither does macho military bombast of fighting "the bad guys."

They're still a bunch of wusses who can't tell the missus anything without the cops being called and them being charged. They have no influence once their murderous sons and daughters, whose fates are ledft in the hands of court edicts administrated by creatures with the body of a black wide spider and the head of a social worker. I don't mind Obama being champion of the race-mixers and deluded anti-racists; they deserve him after all the five decades of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner claptrap. he can be their new houseboy. However, it's the arrogant evangelical Christians, who need a kick in the ass and use their own brains, instead of their Elmer Gantry preachers pushing for their phony war against terrorism and their Muslim same-God Believers brothers. Why? Because the Muslim women don't have the same power for the hucksters to flim-flam their way into government. Do they pray to God every night asking for support to crush fellow God-Believers because they don't worship him the same way?

Iowa's Midwesterners were a disappointment to White Nationalists by voting for Obama. After having the entire controlled media on their doorstep forever a month they failed to impress the world with any day of thought on their ballots, instead choosing to appear oh, so-me-too-politically-correct, like the wimps in rural Cudworth Saskatchewan whose hose-bags rejected European Heritage Week to keep up with their urban Marxist friends. Females are first to fall for vacuous fad. "The Live Free or Die" New Hampshirites may have more brains and gusto, as they have longer-settled New England confidence to vote for idea and not the big-smiled shiny wrapping. As one of the original revolutionary states, they may have put more thought into their presidential choices regardless of gender and Madison Avenue packaging of the likes of Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani (the tough guy in a dress) and vote for liberty agenda of Ron Paul, whose principles never swayed in any debate. New Hampshites may see through the Bush/Clinton Bobbsey Twins who bring endless war, and opt for the only presidential 'peace' candidate left, Ron Paul. Dr. Paul can't please everyone's agenda on the Left or Right. However, like the doctor that he is and the oath he took, to do no harm, it should be good enough for a first step toward achieving his limited-Constitution goals of securing the USA for the sole benefit of its people, and not the globalists who are out to pauperize us all. Criticisms of Dr. Paul for not saying this or doing that about 9/11, the 'war on terror, and immigration, are not valid this early in the game. First he and his supporters have to convince the main obstacles standing in the White-man's way: White women; that's a job for all of us, using every peaceful means possible. Mitt Romney has that Mormon survivalist chameleon capacity that he could talk his way into the White House; He got the folks in Wyoming convinced that following "raceless" Obama is like following the Pied Piper to oblivion, where your color is no different than jelly beans.

Ron Paul's chances among non-Whites are achievable too; He is against the other phony "war on drugs" so that the pharmaceutical conglomerates can control everything. Many Hispanics and Blacks are languishing in American gulag prisons due to meddling social engineers, determined that all of society should suffer under the same yoke of political correctness. Some Blacks are even making videos to put on YouTube in support of Ron Paul with the same urgency as White Nationalists. Ron Paul has such great growth and opportunity among non-Whites have top analyze and take advantage of this year. At the minimum, Ron Paul's candidacy for President of the United States is splitting the opposition and bringing new hope to all Americans by connecting them to their historical lineage of their unique nation, that Fox News or any other controlled media can ever take away.

Wake up, America! Don't waste your vote on Dr. Feelgood candidates, vote for "Dr. No," Ron Paul. He'll put a stop to America's downward spiral. His policy of non-governmental interference can save the sissy Americans' lives from future imperialist blunders and this Marxist prison planet.




The Great “Fascism Farce”


All the jerk-offs and bitches who complain about "Islamo-fascism" and the "new American fascism," trying to surreptitiously link the worse violence, terror and injustice with fascism make me sick, when I look at the bigger killer-dog communists. South America is looked upon by the White world as a place where crime, corruption and cruelty are commonplace.

We know little of the worse White and non-White brutes who invaded South America with a sword or in chains. As soon as Pizarro's conquistadors landed on the civil war-ravaged Inca shore; they rounded up Indian chiefs and burned them to death in a hut to extract information on gold and loot (the Indians thought that they ate the stuff, judging by their avarice).

Since Pizarro, a few hundred madman criminals toppled the overly-venerated Inca emperor, held him hostage and got him to fill a room full of gold and silver, then reneged on his release, and garroted him instead of burning him at the stake because he converted to Christianity, then began their own reign of terror on the widely-dispersed eco-friendly population. And, they mostly did it with horses and little gunpowder. This continent was invaded from the north and west by the Spaniards and by the east by the Portuguese, from the Iberian Peninsula, where Napoleon's soldiers would be boiled in oil 300 enlightened years later. The Portuguese ruined and changed their own economy and their DNA with African slavery. They created a large race-mixed state with only a language to unite them. Today, their north is mostly Black, the south is kind of White and the interior is a totally mixed bag, even the town of Americana, founded by U.S. Confederate soldiers fleeing Yankee emancipation. I met a beautiful girl from there once, a smart strawberry blonde. Today, at their annual dress-ball, most of the girls are a little dark-looking.

The annals of South American exploitation are not like the friendly Lewis and Clark expeditions. They're filled with brutality and massacre and until the turn of the last century the natives were treated like dogs while the Whites fought like gangsters with each other. If it weren't for their tropical beauty and their isolated position, the South Americans wouldn't be able to sell us a bushel of their 'Latin lover'; bullshit about their fair-mindedness and bloody history of a thousand revolutions, along with their myriad tyrants.

I hate two-faced people, no matter what their colour: those who believe that bullshit baffles brains. That's why I have no respect for the Leftists neo-cons, Zionists, Trotskyites, communists, Marxists, feminists, pinkos, libertines, and anyone else on that side that you can think of.; Today, one of these groups; darling organizations, FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) is holding 700 hostages, men and women of all colors, including three crew-cut CIA operatives as prisoners of war. This rotten FARC organization has burned villagers alive in their huts and murdered in a wide swath of territory beside that pompous Marxist Chavez's oil-rich country of Venezuela. Where are al the international bodies and those commie champions of human rights from Cuba and the Zionist-controlled media to alert the world to the great human rights calamity that exists on that continent. Can you imagine the if al-Qaeda or the Taliban held 700 hostages? Just look at the medias when they are holding a few; the rule of thumb is that the commies always get a pass, because they're the inspiration of how a Soviet world empire could exist, a new world order, if you like. The Reds are part of the same cabal, and the kosher conservatives are the new cons to peddle the lies. They never blame the Reds: "It's fascism, don't you know, WHOOOOO-OOOO!" It's a great way to obscure the enemies of nationalism and White Nationalist racial identity, the antithesis to their plans, along with their other enemy, the God-believers (of course, I prefer to be both). They use the "fascist" line at the same time to connect White Nationalists to the perceived "fascist" enemy. Even Ron Paul fell for the Leftist lexicon by saying that fascism will come to America dressed in the flag and carrying a cross. Doesn't he know that Abraham Lincoln hands rest on two fasces in the Lincoln memorial and that the US Senate is emblazoned with that symbol? Let it come, Lord, let it come; that's exactly what the country's missing! That's why they're all over the world peddling whorehouse America with a few Christian charlatans hating their Islamist brother-believers of the same Old Testament God. That's why the Mormons have to be allowed into the same God-fold, regardless of what they say happened to Jesus, just like the Muslims and Jews.

Peruvian President Garcia bombed the hell out of the Pacific island prison on the native Marxist Sandero Luminoso. The place is loaded with race-mixed hypocrisy, mirrored by the Internationalist communist supporters. Further down the continent ex-Marxist Salvatore Allende's Chile, which co-operated with a European foreign power (Britain) to undermine the defensive war effort of their border partner Argentina in the Falklands war. Apparently, had the Argentines held out for another week, the British, out of fuel and ammo, would have had to head home. Argentina has its own who have disappeared in its 'dirty war' against its Marxist rebels. The fact that there is so much Marxism on that continent shows the dissolution and failure of the feminist Jesuits. The histories of Bolivia, Paraguay, Ecuador and the mostly White Uruguay are full of revolution, rebellion and repression between Colorados and Blancos and the Genghis Khan-like invasion of Paraguay by its four neighbors resulting in the deaths of nine-tenths of their male populations. Afterwards, everyone rushed into the defenseless country.

The Latinos are just Eurasian New Turks in South America. Reds are like criminals who are quick to respond with and use capitalists' methods and trappings as their international financiers dictate.

Today South America is still the last frontier where the saying in parts of Brazil is "Every White man, a boss." Eventually it will further disintegrate and coagulate into ethnic states like the north and south of Bolivia, now ready to separate as Evo Morales' natives reclaim some of their land ands heritage to the applause of the international Marxists who are hypocritically dead set against their own White Nationalist identity. I once read a book titled You Can Trust A Communist To Be A Communist, with a lot of deluded dialectics; they can excuse any infamy — it's like dealing with a clear criminal like Pol Pot.

Red crimes are all over this world and still continue, from Nepal's Maoists to India's Naxalites to Ethiopia's, Mozambique's, Angola's and South Africa's Marxist governments to South America's Sandero Luminoso (Shining Path), FARC. the Tupac Amaru, Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales, and Cuba's and Nicaragua's commies. They are even some oil-pipe-bombing Reds in northern Mexico. So for anyone to say that "fascism" is the enemy and the culprit, they're either dumb or lying through their teeth, because the war on terror isn't against these brutes and barbarians but against the secret few who keep the Old Testament God-believers going.

The FARC hostages is the tip of the iceberg that exposes the "fascism" farce.


No doubt the same liars will will blame "Islamo-fascism" for Benazir Bhutto's murder, the very same people who lured her to Pakistan to have her eliminated so that they can keep the neo-cons' favorite weapon; the "army" in power in all these Western puppet Gunga Din collaborator dictatorships, from Algeria to Pakistan. How come there are no clear pictures of the actual assassination made available, with all the controlled media present? And who would want to benefit from it? Certainly not the Taliban or al-Qaeda, since Bhutto wasn't even in power yet, no matter what the threats against her.

Strangely, George Bush made the announcement and condemnation of the assassination, then ran off the podium faster than the Road Runner (beep, beep), a la his 9/11 act, in response to al-Qaeda being happy to claim success. Whoever did it (both sides are all big boasters), you can trust the Pakistan Intelligence (just like the East Indian convenience store owner who took off with millions of Ontario lottery winnings of other peoples' tickets).




“2007 - Year of the Racist Reactionary


Anno Domini 2007 started out with great concerns about America's losing war in Iraq and the proposed "great surge", which ended up as an expanded civil war in the invaded country by the U.S, who armed Sunnis against Sunnis. Soon Middle (White) America was awakened to the power of the Hispanic mestizo population. Massive demonstrations for immigrant amnesty shut down about a dozen American cities throughout the southwest. Such racial unity surprised their White-bread employers, which led to the vote-squashing for any illegal immigrant amnesties. Soon American Blacks demonstrated their unity and power by descending on a small Louisiana town of Jena in Louisiana in protest of three nooses hung from a schoolyard tree against Black encroachment. That scared the already frightened Whites even more. Thanks to Nazis and other outright-proud racist Whites, anti-Black crime demonstrations were held in a number of U.S. cities, which garnered more publicity for White Nationalism throughout North America. Efforts by neo-cons and their Zionist masters to start a war with Iran were thwarted by the outcry from Left and Right activists against the conspiratorial clique in Washington, buttressed by US Intelligence agencies refusing to go along with the plan by pointing out that Iran had stopped their nuclear efforts in 2003. However, the thinking Left and Right have united together without touching in a desperate reaction and revolutionary change for Ron Paul, figuring that a great man who does them no harm is better than the Marxist one-world planners in Washington.

In Canada, White liberals, feminists, Reds and kosher conservatives attacked the patriarchal Muslim religion and all its public trappings, concentrating on the hijab, female modesty and parental control. Meetings were held in Quebec in front of some phony steam valve commission under the Orwellian purpose of "reasonable accommodation" . Even the Red separatists in the province formulated a manifesto to ensure Quebecois values of homosexuality and women's' rights, while others in Canada included these commie ideas to be the essence of Canadian culture along with hockey and Tim Horton's Donuts. The Jews and neo-Christians who came up with the Red philosophy of Human Rights Commissions, Tribunals felt themselves constrained against the Muslims who are utilizing the Charter of Rights and Freedoms in typical Marxist fashion, now that they have turned against their own hammer-creations, particularly when the Muslims started using the same tools against their creators. Now the most famous phrase in the country is, "I'm not a racist, BUT..."

The Zionist neo-con Right is peddling the 'war on terror' and security as a new religion while the soft commie Left has made climate change their new worlds religion, while the majority of the unwashed population has been foisted with the entertainment industry as their standby religion while race looms over them all.

The Canadian and American public has been politically demoralized with the lack of character and fraudulent financial and sexual actions of their elected leaders. No one trusts anyone — hence, all the minority governments. There's a reaction against the businessman who appears to have no political boundaries or loyalties. This was particularly highlighted by the rising Canadian dollar and the gnashing of businessmen's' teeth. It was just despicable to hear the whining about Canada's upgraded power and economy. There's also been a slow and anxious reaction to violent crime, mostly non-White, with the exception of a few Harry Potter mopheads and Goth nihilist killers. Every excuse and phrase in the book is used to mask the perpetrators of urban crime committed by non-Whites in North America. Red rags like the Toronto Star actually have a policy to keep the suicidal policy of multiculturalism intact while it unravels before the public. Like Pravda, they just keep on lying through their teeth right to the end. Media pundits are using language that would have sent them to prison ( like myself in the 1980s ) through their own gag laws. The public is still way ahead of them: "I'm not a racist, BUT"...

There's a lot of anger out there for the disenfranchised, de-cultured White majority who have been led down the garden path of hedonistic promises by one-world government leaders. As CNN's Jack Cafferty said in his book, it's getting ugly out there, from 'nipper-tipping' to non-White gang violence to Christmas-bashing. Whites have come back with a cultural celebration of Christmas, even by unbelievers, while pro-multicult, politically-correct, scared bureaucratic censors and proponents have tried to remain anonymous and gone incognito behind government bureaucracy and the controlled media.

When I had a minor garbage pickup problem at my house and complained, they sent over a Tony Danza look-alike supervisor. I told him "we were racists here", to his bemused surprise. "When anything minor happened, we're like a disturbed ant hill, looking for the trouble." He said that he understood, and we've never had a problem since. And that's the same way that our weak White society has to keep its dignity and identity for our future generations. Judges and senators should be elected, to answer when our culture is attacked. Salaries of family breadwinners and minimum wage workers have to be raised with tariffs and taxes on our imports and pauperizing free-trade deals must be scrapped. The armed forces have to be withdrawn from wasted meddling invasions for foreign interests and the military budget slashed and reconstituted into a civil service militia for all Canadians to participate in. All military entanglements like NATO and the UN should be abolished. A moratorium on immigration must be instituted, with stringent emphasis placed on European backgrounds for new citizens.

Knee-jerk reactionism is the first sign that there's something wrong, but it is not enough, without the hegemony of a racial state. This party called for a White Canada as early as 1972. Thirty-five years later, it's better late than never. Today is the end of the beginning on the road to a White Nationalist state where we have our own land and do our own labor.





“What Did You Do In The Ron Paul Revolution, Daddy?”


The American presidential election campaign has turned into a game show example resembling Survivor, with most of the contestants being media-familiar whores and all generally peddling the same mind-set to some extent, even Ron Paul.

Man is repetitively boring, and history repeats itself with a few minor adjustments. Once there were some small mud-islands that some middle-class refugees peddled to, escaping the scourge of god, Attila the Hun. Anyway, they drained the swamps and built canals and developed "the most severe republic" according to Edward Gibbon. Venice became the top of a 1200-year consumerist mercantile empire. Their campaigns for the dodge (Duke) were elaborate election efforts where the elected winner threw gold ducats to the adoring crowds on Inauguration Day. Venetian men worked so hard on making money that they traveled the known world (e.g., Marco Polo), while their wives were left behind with arranged "Casanovas" for the duration. Venetian women married seven or eight times, while only the first-born offspring inherited everything. The rest had to scramble to make end meet. Eventually, the dispossessed conspired to revolt, were kangaroo court-tried and executed, while a specially-powered "Committee of Ten" were established to watch over the state's national security. The state limped on for another 150 years earning its money as a spy network until Napoleon put an end to it. Aggressively mercantile and capitalist Venice can be held responsible for the fall of the Byzantine empire, when they aided Crusaders in the sack of Constantinople. But at the same time, Venice saved Europe when they defeated the Turkish fleet at Lepanto in 1571, the last time oared ships were used in a sea battle.

The United States Empire is not expected to last 1,200 years at the rate they're going, with their racial and religious mix, and nothing was more ominous than the characters running for the U.S. Presidency (other than Ron Paul). Paul comes across as a serious grandfather who's read his Constitution and knows his individual rights. His Honest Ron/matter-of-fact explanations to goading questions on 9/11, the NAFTA Superhighway and the North American Union, Israel, and the 'war on terror', are pacifying and give the aura of concerned confidence. Ron Paul is America's crossroads morality choice. He's the only one with compassion and heart in his eyes and voice.

Mitt Romney looks presidential — he's the window-dressers' choice (those living with an Arborite thin-consciousness and brain). Romney's crocodile tears don't impress me, especially when he pretends to be crying from relief and happiness when he supposedly heard that the Mormon Church was willing to accept Blacks as members. Apparently in made-in-America Mormon mythology believed by some farmers across the lake from Toronto, the Negroes failed to fight the evil ones and were excluded from Mormon membership. And he's crying because the myth has been allowed (Huh)? Give me a break!

The media's doing everything in their power to undermine Ron Paul's message by throwing in going-nowhere loudmouths like Alan Keyes to drown it or trumpeting the unbeliever ex-reverend Mike Huckster Huckabee as the Christians' champion. Judging by Huckabee's chatroom commentators, they're the most vicious Christians you could run across, with hatred spewing out of their pores toward Ron Paul "Satanists" and "KKK". These cheapskate Christians just can't believe their eyes at the $6 million figure raised in one day to Ron Paul's campaign.

Fred Thompson. who calls himself the 'Clear Conservative', is so clear that he's practically invisible. He should be the one of the first voted out, along with Tom Tancredo, whose anti-"Islamo-fascism" suggested that the USA bomb Mecca. McCrazy John McCain won't quit until his mother tells him to, and Rudy Giuliani is the isolated Jews' favorite, with his 9/11 'war-on-terror' trumpeting.

The Democratic Party is a political abomination, pretending to be all things to all men, while in essence they're just an appendage of the same internationalist puppeteers (with the Republican dummy on the other hand). The globalist puppet-master is lazy — they just provide eye candy: A Black, a Hispanic and one woman, with no revolutionary ideology. Female-titillating Barack Obama is for Madison Avenue-style change, but to what? Bill Richardson is for more of the same free-trade that has pauperized North America, and Hillary Clinton (hated by half of the nation) could only win against a total reprobate or nincompoop Republican; surely the GOP can't do it twice. The rest of the candidates of both puppet groups are finished; the controlled media wouldn't dare resurrect one of them as they did with Huckabee. The conspirators have New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg at their disposal to buy the Presidency with.

The Roman Empire was sold a couple of times to the highest bidder, the rich merchants lasting a few days as emperors. The whole world is waiting for America to make the right choice; even thinking minorities are supporting the Ron Paul candidacy for the Presidency. (See You Tube video HERE )

The political choices Americans will make in 2008 will decide the future speed-up of the eventual breakup, revival, peace or acrimony, and for White Nationalists in North America, too, it's whether we go out with a whimper, or come back with a bang.

"What did you do in the Ron Paul Revolution, daddy?"




The French Fraud


When I was a young boy growing up, for the first ten years of my life in Sarajevo in the former Yugoslavia, I thought that our Serbo-Croatian ways and language was the center of the universe, and that all the rest of the world's humanity were imitations or aberrations of my world. After the Red Cross found me and whisked me Toronto, (The Good) Anglo Canada, I soon had all those delusions slapped out of me and became an Anglicized Slav. In high school I was introduced to an even more difficult-to-pronounce language: French by a honey, hairy-legged teacher. I was surprised at her anger: Whenever someone greeted her in English. It was a tense and sorry atmosphere where you were prancingly pronouncing at the tip of your lips words like prayers. The reason given for learning this new way of making faces was for "world diplomacy" — to appease some ranting tall Frenchman somewhere (Gaulle?) on the world stage.

After graduation I worked and lived n a rooming house in the old French part of our nation's capital, Ottawa. As a health inspector I heard French spoken but everyone spoke to me in English without hesitation, including the two nice old French ladies who ran the rooming house and insisted that I eat their delicious food, while bitching about me privately in French. I had a girlfriend who spoke French and I went to Hull, Quebec across the Ottawa River, and never had French pushed on me anywhere, except on the packages manufactured by international companies who were always selling in Quebec. Basically, there was no need of the language.

Then, Quebeckers and women elected that pock-marked internationalist dilettante with the French/English moniker of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a scion of a used car sales mogul.
This arrogant, sexually-ambiguous character, was the worst asinine globalist front-runner; this pecker had everybody enthralled with his get-tough-on-Quebec-separatists War Measures Act of 1970 declaration when his fellow Marxist travelers of the Front du Liberation de la Quebec conveniently overstepped their existence with bombs, kidnappings and finally, the killing of a hostage. These criminal thugs were soon handily rounded up and given transportation to a Canadian airport, then flown safely to Fidel Castro's Red Cuba (most of them have returned and have been accepted by the new Marxists of the Parti Quebecois. I remember the day the twerp Trudeau declared the state of emergency; I was up north on a friend's farm, with 41 other guys with guns, practicing military maneuvers, playing GI Joe with the scourge of the Reds, the Edmund Burke Society. Half of them went home the following day, but I stuck around to finish the maneuver, feeling brave. Soon after, this drama queen act made him the idol of the Montreal Jews and Canadian Anglos ; they were more than willing to let him repatriate the Constitution, put in a minority-based culture-stripping Charter of Rights and Freedoms and adopt the divisive concept of bilingualism a mare esque ad mare (from sea to sea), making two-thirds of the population second -class citizens. Trudeau's anti-nationalist Red battering ram (no it was not fascism), for you dummies out there who are willfully deluded by Marxist dialectics), led to the dispossessing multiculturalism. Trudeau and his pals passed the hated "hate-laws" to gag us with in as a result of the Cohen Commission report on "hate propaganda", and in the end, Trudeau's Marxist thinkers betrayed the Montreal Jews with their French unilingualism, driving thousands of them to Toronto to escape the language police.

The threat of separation in an artificially cobbled-together country by foreigners is always "to save the nation", especially if it's a farce already. like bilingual Belgium today. Canadian identity, culture and nationalism have been going down the drain since Trudeau's bilingualism, which saps the patriotic consciousness into a dichotomy of competing interests and fears. Why do the French push their language so much on everyone else? Is that all they've got? It shows a fearful insecurity, like the missionary or the Jihadist or the hyper insurance salesman. It's buggy and annoying, and if you dare question them in their own language, you may as well talk to the wall. Aggressive whiners are not nice -— I find them very selfish and snotty.

The French have more schools, clubs and world meetings to propagate their language than you can shake a stick at. The taxpayer costs to Canadians has been enormous; all the duplications and translations — it's disheartening to hear Canadian publishers speaking on matters through a hesitating male voice translator. You'd think it was the UN, and not the Canadian Parliament. No wonder that the Third World immigrants think Canada belongs to the world, when the so-called intellectuals and political leaders have allowed Canadian culture to be denigrated, with a head-scratching, to hockey and Tim Horton's donuts, instead of Anglo-European. Trudeau allowed his Quebec commie friends to be exempt from equal application of bilingualism, allowing it to become an official province, not pressured to sign or abide by any of his globalist edicts he let Quebec have control of their own immigration policy. True to anti-racist Marxism, they brought in non-White French-speakers from across the globe. This led to their own racial problems with their long-winded 'reasonable accommodation' steam valve hearings.

The French-speakers throughout English Canada are dwindling in number, even though the government-funded institutions are still there. The French language doesn't carry the old romanticism that it used to. Aside from the hypocrisy of frequent flyers, it's a dead language in most of North America, kept up by bureaucracy and as an official wedge for de-nationalizing multiculturalism.

Quebec has become isolated in the minds of most English Canadians, a place where there is a lot of bribery, scandal — and Celine Dion, and the only new French words the Anglos have learned in this generation are Cirque de Soleil. If the pur laine Quebecois don't want to separate, considering the great deal they have in Confederation, they should hang in with Canada and participate proportionally, without the French tail wagging the English dog. Official bilingualism has to go, and multiculturalism has to be dropped as a degenerative and suicidal policy. Chinese and Hispanics are waiting in the corridors for their special rights. Like all frauds, the fraud of multiculturalism has to be exposed and rejected.

I like the Anglo system of the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, unlike the Napoleonic code of everyone being guilty until proven innocent. North American white nationalism requires a single language, and English is just fine.


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