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Christianity: Waiting For Their Big Bang


Christianity has failed the white race. The religion that came into society through the bedroom, propagated by women and slaves, supposedly spread throughout the tribes of the white people with the promise of peace and prosperity: a religion burdened with a bureaucracy of millions expanded its power and wealth with fire and sword.

Christian massacres brought into line reluctant ethnic tribes like the Saxons, Vikings and Lithuanians, who removed any accepted crosses the world over as late as the 1450's.The white female-friendly religion launched a massive commercial crusade against the non-white world with forced conversions and civilizations' destructions. Patronizing, myopic whites instituted their life-view on the black and yellow races while ignoring the racial differences and their gene code. White "peace-loving" Christians battled each other across the planet while their non-white subjects looked on with awe and skepticism at their Wahabbist fanaticism to spread their brand of worship of the Prince of Peace. Through the facade of religion the Christians developed a commercial empire which required safe and cheap labor, facilitated by the whiteman's inventions in economics, industry and medicine, with the resultant non-white population bomb foisted on Earth. This white overlordship of our planet could have existed for a millennium if their female-friendly religion had not festered in universal suffrage, leading the women-oriented white nations into a population depression that required non-white labor to keep white-frilled society going. After World War II the concept of a Judeo-Christian heritage was pushed to include that original matriarchal and cosmopolitan religion (you're not a Jew unless your mother's Jewish), opening the doors to further non-white immigration for greedbag consumerist plutocrats.

It wasn't long before the watered-down Christians accepted the third manifestation of the Judeo-Christian scripture-God, Islam, the thinking being that Muslims didn't fear or adhere to the Old Testament god any more than the Jews or Christians. They were wrong, because they ignored the realities of race and racial outlooks toward life itself. Christianity today is under attack, even though it is a shadow of its former self, because its hierarchy is filled with non-believers and Marxist ideologues. These so-called moral standard-bearers have failed to protect white ways and culture as it deteriorates into a whorehouse -- as they once did. Church leaders here have undermined Canadian culture by allowing themselves to be chased off the public forum by commie secularists. They have allowed the procreative institution of marriage to be equated with sodomy. The same treacherous leadership has endorsed white race-undermining multiculturalism while saying nothing against the white-pauperizing free trade "no-deals." The same church's nonbelievers failed to condemn imperialist Western foreign policies, dirty wars, concentration camp incarcerations and torture and secret prisons. So-called Christian leaders have failed to honestly address the racial crime epidemic and school violence. They have failed to protect the sanctity of life of those most vulnerable — in the womb — by allowing abortion on demand to be the law of the land. And most of all, at Christmas, the birth of the Man/God whose name they took, they failed to extol His virtues publicly by allowing him to be shunned, trivialized and ridiculed through sick "art" and "entertainment." And, Christianity ignored the white poor, concentrating on missionary work for non-whites.

Now, Christianity is open to attack, even from nuthouse nerds yelling threats and exhortations that 'We killed your Christ and we're going to kill you, too!" in malls and church parking lots. They have allowed the perverted controlled media to hide the details and relevant facts of the Harry Potter mop-topped psycho killers, for fear of a righteous backlash against “ZOG.” As the old saying goes, Christianity has saved thousands and killed millions, born and unborn. Unfortunately for the Christian clergy the Muslims have become the yardstick for God-believers who are willing to kill and die in accordance with His Testament and Last Word. The only way that the weak sister of the three religions will survive will be to match the zealotry and devotion of the" Last Word" religion. Any war or petty childishness on how to worship the same Old Testament God fomented between those three religions could only be done by egocentric non-believers.

Christian compromise with atheists and secularists must end for the religion to survive the population deflation of the white world's tap-root. There's still a chance; as Gerald Brennan said: "Religions are kept alive by heresies, which are really sudden explosions of faith."


We're still waiting for the Christian Big Bang.




How The West was Lost


Immigration is the greatest issue facing the white people of the Western world, especially since it's not coming from the old white world anymore. The Europeans are deciding to get together and work as if they have a unified heritage of common-life attitude denominators, while acting confident enough to pursue their historical national cultures under the European Union. They have their own fears of non-white immigration culture-destroying compromises. In North America of course, the United States is being invaded from the southwest, while Canada has been declared an open country belonging to the world according to the propaganda treacherously being peddled to the non-white immigrants by our ruling elite.

The American West was won and settled by a mean bunch of bastards. What the Cossacks did for Imperial Russian expansion into the East, the cowboys did for the United States in the West; when one looks at their stern desperado faces and compares them to the lawn chaired and binocular ed Minutemen counting the Mexicans running into this new Azatlan, you know the West is lost. Frontier fighters are a tough and shady lot, like the few slavers and adventurers who stood their ground at The Alamo and wrested control of Texas from the Mexican-populated state, running the place as a country for ten years before they and a similar bunch in California, with the same population ratio, revolted and joined the United States to make it a coast-to-coast continental power.

The rest of the southwest was taken from Mexico with an attack and occupation of their capital by President Polk's Mexican -American War of 1846; that's when the Mexicans started calling the Americans gringos as they marched past, singing, "green grow the rushes grow," and yelling back to them, "Gringo! Gringo!"

The Cossacks did the same in same in Siberia for the Czar, battling many tribes and more ancient civilizations to establish white man's suzerainty. Mexicans and Indians became second class citizens who became assimilated or a socially-shunned work force for cheaper labor and endured indignity that a white man would not tolerate. With this available serf class, the large white family was unnecessary and the population began to decline as they became more and more attached to their hedonistic pursuits, from line-dancing to NASCAR racing. The cowboy has been so neutered and sissified that most of their adventurer blood has probably wiped itself out, like Butch Cassidy and the Some-Dunce Kid, who went to prey on other Latinos in Bolivia. The way it looks now, the best that the whites can do is congregate in pockets of self-sufficiency, like the original mean Mormons (The Church of Latter-Day Saints is a white American invention which will survive the Latino invasion).

The Hispanics are sticking together as a racial ethnic entity, with the assistance of the Catholic Church, which hasn't learned its lesson after being wiped out in Mexico in the 30's and 40's. Marxist Latinos are famous for their duplicity and dialectics; Spanish haughtiness helps. They call one of their organizations La Raza, then go around and accuse white people of being racists in typical Orwellian logic; they are the only ones who can discriminate. The Mexicans are basically Eurasians with lower demands and endurance of the Asiatics and the cunning avarice of the white man. How are you going to beat them, unless you have your own border and do your own labor, with everyone armed to the teeth in case of emergency, while pursuing your la-dee-dah romantic hedonistic life, and no free trade or cheap labor? Katie Elder sons didn't reproduce from the crop of saloon girls, mail order brides and Mexican servants (the neurotic Western woman today has a much of a chance of keeping up reproduction with the senoritas as the cast of Seinfeld).

Bilingualism has already ruined one country in North America, with French and English on cereal boxes and places you couldn't imagine. It was the thin edge of the wedge for official multiculturalism, which has questioned the very existence of Canadian if it wasn't enough.

This is what awaits the Unites States, which has a less docile population than authoritarian Canada. It'll be hard to stop bilingualism without accepting the racist label, because without that all arguments are lost and backsliding begins. The dummies who are fighting for a pluralistic state and are only against illegal aliens have lost the argument, like the torturers of 'illegal combatants' in Guantanamo. Guys like CNN's Lou Dobbs who are ragging nightly about the Mexican invasion on behalf of some mysterious middle class. Dividing people according to how much money they have is a fat red herring. The Mexicans are here, and it's a fait accompli until as J.B. Stoner said in the 1970's they build a mined and manned border. This Zionist Stooge main purpose is to divert attention from the US Imperialist warmongering and the race issue.
They know the U.S. Latino army will never drive then illegals out, but by keeping them illegal, the bosses keep paying them cheap wages.

The Cisco Kid and Pancho have the last laugh. The West is lost.

Everything that grows big eventually breaks up into smaller pieces and the mishmash immigration population that's been brought in from across the planet for consumerist reasons will facilitate that fragmentation and white nationalist states will be part of the future's history maps.




Cheeky Schreiber “Moons” Canada's Elite


The liars are all scared of Karlheinz Schreiber, who assisted and was instrumental in bringing internationalist neo-cons to power in Canada, with the much-hated sovereignty traitor Brian Mulroney. The old Conservative Party had a wimpy Red Tory, Joe Clark, in charge and the cheapskate greedbag Conservatives, with the assistance of European (German) money the kosher conservative Franz Joseph Strauss and his agent Walter Wolf, used arms dealer Schreiber to funnel money and airline tickets for the 1983 Conservative Leadership Convention review of Clark in snowy Winnipeg, which just missed the 70% mark that the principled peace-loving Tory considered sufficient.

Who knew when bagman Schreiber had a falling out with his fellow internationalist warmongering buddies, when Mulroney didn't deliver on a $300,000 cash payment in a hotel room, and with $200,000 still waiting from a special slush fund? Schreiber gave money to all kinds of people, Liberals and Conservatives who could help him -- He has the goods on a lot of characters in Canada. When the pliable Second Wiemar German government charged him with some tax evasion fraud, his former pals were quick to arrest him and hold him in the notorious Toronto West Detention Center (where Ernst Zündel was held for two years with no credit or compensation.

The give away-our-birthright, white-pauperizing, free trade Mulroney has been in and out of court defending his tattered reputation, receiving over two million dollars from the Canadian government in a libel suit about another government purchase (the Airbus deal, the company of which Strauss is chairman). When Mulroney was prime minister, he sent a limousine to pick Schreiber to bring him to his residence in order to gain private employment. when Mulroney was to resign as prime minister two days later. Schreiber said about it, 'If there is a face for a liar, it's Mulroney's'.

There's a lot of rotten apples in this basket, including the McKays, Peter and his father Elmer (Stephen Harper is part of the second generation of neo-con one world meddlers). Peter is known as the boyfriend of millionairess Belinda Stronach, and as a Bilderberger he supposedly warned his father not to deal with the likes of the Peter Lorre-like Schreiber, who's embarrassing the Canadian neo-con Zionist elite with his Old World- style responses to befuddled trendy reporters and politicians.

The Zionist controlled media has been denigrated and wrathful towards this diminutive Louie Dumbrowski, soda shop owner of the Bowery Boys films., calling him a 'waste of time' and a flim-flam artist who shouldn't be listened to but quickly deported to a German jail and oblivion. Karlheinz Schreiber is a European type who knows how to give stultifying answers to inane political questions, now reluctantly called before a special Parliamentary committee to get to the bottom of our ex-prime minister's questionable dealings. Little old Schreiber was brought to the committee in handcuffs to testify and later escorted by two burly security men. He was led up the steps to his home in Ottawa to pick up documents for further questioning this week. It was a pathetic and unnecessary overboard security detail of this phony 'war on terror' for Zionists' security. As he moved up the steps, his beltless prison pants drooped down one of his cheeks to moon his detractors and the security detail. Schreiber was totally oblivious as a Mountie leaned forward to cover his apropos for his detractors. The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee, Paul Szabo, apologized profusely for Schreiber's humiliating treatment at the hands of the indifferent security. He said that it was not the Canadian way.

None of this massive open-door immigration from the Third World would have happened in Canada (these immigrants believe that Canada belongs to the world — their diversity will lead to white peoples' adversity), had the Conservatives been true to their name; for a few dollars more, a bunch of hedonistic feminist penny-pinchers with a fiscal philosophy similar to Reaganomics took over the small-C conservative movement from the top and transformed themselves into liberal internationalists while feigning interest and dangling socially conservative promises that they never deliver on, like the sanctity of heterosexual marriages, and restricting abortion. Neo-con internationalist capitalists are only interested in bigger markets for bigger profits, with no interest in history, religion, race or nationalism: These are only hurdles in their mad dash to enjoy their one-time-only life. Their names will live in infamy on the lips of future generations of white men who will curse their greedy short-sightedness in future conversations.

Karlheinz Schreiber will help with his revelations and revealing the shoddy treatment meted out to him by his former kosher conservative friends. Canada is used to financial scandals involving French-Canadian Quebec and all their federal grant schemes. But when the sacred traditional Anglos are involved on neo-criminal shenanigans, the whole foundation of the stodgy ruling elite is undermined and debased. The new leaders from the new untainted political parties are required to set an honest white Nationalist course for our country, because the old ones can't be trusted.

Thank you, Karlheinz Schreiber.




Bombastic Boobs Run/Ruin America


After the last U.S. presidential debate (this time, by the Republicans) I was really bugged about Americans; is that the boring best they can present? With the exception of Ron Paul (who rebutted a world order conspiracy skeptic with loads of facts), Tom Tancredo and the Democrats' Dennis Kucinich. The rest are a bunch of mimicking parrots for their globalist Zionist masters.

It was so disheartening to hear the jingoistic whoops and cries to win the lost wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by the white-bread Lou Dobbs middle class and then staying cowed and mum, while that used car salesman Mitt Romney dissed the Confederate flag, their history and their heritage. The cowardly cowed crowd turned themselves inside -out with political correctness by pretending sympathy for an old Army general who wanted his rights, too, by claiming the present Army policy of don't-ask-don't-tell wasn't enough "support for the troops".

The white American businessman is well-known throughout the world as a bullshit artist with an agenda and most of the nattering presidential candidates are just that. Mitt Romney is the slickest and meanest, who won't tell if he'd approve waterboarding, keeping his victims (enemies) in suspense. He lied right on the podium by omission when he said to a question that he believed in the Bible, but not literally, especially when you consider that this Mormon believes Jews escaped the cross and taught the Indians "what-fer" until their civilization screwed up and an angel told the Mormon founder Joseph Smith in a dream where to find the historical
"hieroglyphic plates" to write the Book of Mormon, translated through more of his dreams. The Mormons are about as much Christian as the Muslims, whose Koran relies on Old Testament tales and includes the 'prophet' Jesus' miraculous birth. So why is Romney freaking out the Islamists -- it's the same Scripture God, you phony!

A long time ago I was enthralled by a good-looking middle aged woman speaking on fluoridation with a crisp English accent. I didn't really understand what she said but it was all in the delivery, and I was impressed by her Anne Burton was a constant companion of Ernst Zündel. She claimed to have been with Britain's MI-6 (James Bond's department) and often limited access to Ernst. Her activism elevated her to the Executive Council of the Western Guard the predecessor of the Nationalist Party. Having grown tired of her onerous lectures, I began spinning a coin on a table while she was talking. She slammed herb hand down on the table and declared me a "pompous bombastic bastard". I liked and agreed with the last two. But Hillary Clinton (and the rest of the Punch & Judy show puppets) are definitely all three...and a bitch too. Again, with the exception of Ron Paul and the Iraq War, all the American candidates are singing from the same songbook, not unlike the three Pakistani opposition leaders brought into the country by the duplicitous Americans.

Talk about double-talk: John (McCrazy) McCain, first complained in the debate that the Iraq war was lost, then later was lauding the success of Bush's 'surge' and declared "We're winning". After giving a somber tsk-tsk dressing-down of Romney's waterboarding and declaring torture to be un-American, he proceeded into as bellicose tirade of getting those Muslim extremists all over the world because "they're going to follow us here", unlike the commies from Vietnam (the Vietcong didn't need to -- the Reds are already in Washington, pushing through their new world order with McCain's acquiescence).

The Guess-Who's-Coming-to-Dinner Sidney Poitier Oreo Barack Obama is strictly part of the dog and pony show of in-your-face anti-white racism. This guy's got no connection to the ex-slave blacks and is simply a consequence of the phony hippie revolution and doesn't have snowball's chance in hell in racially-imploding America. But he's a solid Zionist shill "so let's put one of them in", the fat Hollywood guy with the big cigar says. The guy with the face and the size of the Creature from the Black Lagoon, Fred Thompson, has the depth of Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction, thrust into a presidential campaign, this actor just bumbles and mumbles his way through every question, flicking his lizard tongue. But judging by his youthful and beautiful blond wife, he's just a horny toad. Basically he's got nothing to say. He just doesn't know his lines, much to the chagrin of that same Hollywood mogul. John Edwards represents the new sucky south, along with his neo-clone Lindsay Graham. With them, the South will rise again -- only this time, it'll be black and Hispanic.

You can't look at Rudy Giuliani without thinking about the Mafia and this fast-talking Sopranos wannabe could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge with offer you cannot refuse. His 9/11 bravado only satisfies the boobs waiting for their same nightly news from the three networks. He demonstrates the corruptness of the Christian conservatives who are willing to bury their beliefs like Pat Robertson, if it'll bring them closer to Armageddon. In the old days, this shyster would have been deported.

Mike Huckabee is another Zionist Christian reverend pretending to be The Old Fashioned American while as Governor of Arkansas, he was funneling special grants to illegal immigrants' kids to expand their education while pretending to be against the Latino invasion. Huckabee's (and Tom Tancredo's) main thrust seems to be to thwart Ron Paul. Tancredo suggested bombing Mecca as reprisal against the Islamists while appealing to the middle class against the Mexican influx.

Bill Richardson thinks he's the New America (Wal-Mart did have T-shirt's reading Brown Is The New White, so maybe in the lost US Southwest, he's got a point.

Chris Dodd (Democrat), Joe Biden (Democrat), Mike Gravel (Democrat) and Duncan Hunter (Republican) are all nondescript party hacks who will up the ante on "me-too-ism" when the Grand Master says for them to. One thing you know is, they're as phony as a three dollar bill and going down the same way as the dollar.

Cosmopolitan refugee America has been pursuing an imperialist world policy since its inception after having defeated and swallowed the continental native nations and expanding throughout the world. Now the ancient world is shocked at the uppity-ness and arrogance of the world runaways. They know their pedigree and they're not going to put up with the bluster and bullets anymore.

The American public needs a large dose of humility and reflection before it ventures out to conquer the world again.

Ron Paul could help.




Emerging Emirates Challenge Challenge Globalists


Contrary to what the greedbag globalist media says about their wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Somalia that the situation is improving and everything is looking rosy, an old phenomenon is challenging their new world order plans. Ethno-religious emirates, based on the latest interpretation of the Scripture God are emerging in the Islamic world.

In Iraq, the al-Qaeda-supported Islamic Emirate of Iraq, formed about two years ago is the main adversary fighting American invaders. Claims that the surge is working by Zionist toadies are marginally true due the fact that the Americans have bought some of the traditional tribal sheiks with millions of American taxpayer dollars to formulate "awakening" and concerned citizens' militias to battle al-Qaeda Islamists, instead of the Shia government in Baghdad and American occupiers. The surge is just that -- an ebb and flow of troops into a troubled area, while ethnically cleansing Sunnis out of most of Baghdad to Shi'ite control. Ideologically left-leaning National Socialist of the secularist Ba'ath Party have also been splintered by American bribery and fear of stringent Muslim religiosity. This shows how ideology can be easily divided by foreigners, unlike race and religion. Moderate Sunni Islamists of the Association of Muslim Scholars have been pre-empted by an American front group, the Islamic Scholars Council, which backs American raids on the AMS. The Zionist governments' have financed ersatz racialist groups like that in North America (Heritage Front): if you can't beat them, pretend to join them and create your own sandbox organization to gather in the suckers. All these American machinations have somehow redirected the insurrection inward, causing more blood and anguish to the reluctant host population, but the war is still going on unabated as Arab society in Mesopotamia undergoes a re-order and a cleansing of foreign influence. Other than al-Qaeda and the emirate in Iraq there's no one else really fighting the Americans there, as the Kurds and Shi'ites cut out their own ethnically and religiously based mini-states. With over a trillion dollars and thousands of casualties dead and wounded, the Americans still can't put a lid on the Islamist Arab resistance to their whorehouse way of life. Al-Qaeda's emirate in Iraq holds sway all around Baghdad and north to Kurdistan with an emirate administration get up throughout the towns, villages and city sectors in central Iraq. The people know that professional military might and neo-communist Baathist ideology did not save them from the Western onslaught and the Holocaust , for them the worst since the Mongol invasion, when they built a pyramid of 70,00 heads after the sack of Baghdad. For the Americans there's three doors to choose from--all marked EXIT, unless they become the lost army, like in Stalingrad, if their dummy leaders (except for Ron Paul) attack Iran.

In Afghanistan, Mullah Omar's Afghanistan emirate might soon be expanding across the phony colonial British bureaucratic Palestine border. The Taliban already control 54% of the country, according to the globalist think tank, the Sinilis Council. This is all in spite of lies and spin from NATO and Bilderberger Canadian politicians that things are improving, while patronizingly pointing out the number of their women going to school, acting in the worst colonial tradition of eco-friendly simple civilization-wreckers for their overpopulated frequent flyer world . Fortunately, the naturally happy simplicity of some men is more than a match the Techno-Imperial Troopers from another world. Additionally, you don't need years of semantics-philosophy (like capitalism and communism), leading to nowhere, not even to virgins. Simplicity always wins over complexity in the long run. Here, it's an endurance contest of who can keep it up longer before someone from one of their National Post mouthpieces yells Enough, already!

The writing on the wall doesn't look well for Stephen Harper and his kosher conservatives and lickspittle Liberals with Harper pal/warmonger John Howard's kick-out in the Australian election. You can except their diggers (soldiers) will try to just do that from Afghanistan as the new government-has promised already to pull their troops out of Iraq. God forbid that there should be any major Canadian casualties since the French Canadians there now: Bye, bye, conservative Quebec support. Districts, towns and villages change hands three or four times between NATO forces and the Afghan resistance. Can anyone say it will be different five, ten, or twenty years from now if foreign troops are still there? Staying there longer only makes the eventual NATO defeat harder to admit. Soon the Taliban will be at the Canadian base gates. We don't need our own Dien Bien Phu just because they speak French. Weren't Vimy and Dieppe enough for "our" international soldiers? The Taliban have encircled Kandahar already and have pushed on north, west and east, with only one corridor left to escape: Kabul. At this rate, and since they'll be able to bring in more armaments and ammunition from Pakistan's northwest frontier, the jig will be up for NATO in spite of their indiscriminate bombing air superiority within one or two years.

The existing emirate in Chechnya has decided to expand throughout the Caucasus; with that of course, the Jihad, too. The way Russian society is dwindling with flawed ideology instead of religious morality for over three generations, eventually they'll lose the stomach for their occupation, pull back and come back later as tourists, like Leo Tolstoy. Little Chechnya is where the whole Jihad concept has developed to heroic proportions. When the main wars are done in Iraq and Afghanistan, the jihadis will flock back to the Caucasus.

Somalia's sharia courts were defeated and dispersed by American air power and Marxist dictators' led Ethiopian troops. Somalia is another European colonial creation which the people of the horn of Africa will have to hammer out the new boundaries of. It shattered after its last dictator in 1992 with the north and the west into Somaliland and Puntland, with their own administration and militia. Puntland and Somaliland are fighting over a border province; Puntland wants to be left alone, Somaliland wants to establish all the old colonial borders, including the Ethiopian and African Union-occupied Mogadishu. Then there's the Sharia courts who renamed themselves The Shabaab, trying to take over Mogadishu and the south, too, and troops are under attack and holding back deployment while pressure is being placed on Ethiopia to get out of Somalia by even modern Arab states. It's only a matter of time before an emirate rises there, too.

These patriarchal primitive religious states are the only violent obstacle to the globalist plan for a one-world order as they try to set one (caliphate) up, too. And that's the irony of it.

But which one is better for the planet that needs a rest?




Zero Hour For Zionists


Pride goeth before the fall...The Jews have been in power one way or another , particularly in the Western world ever since the advent of communist commerce and their matriarchal ascendancy in the Christian world, especially in the Northern European Protestants'. As Lord Rothschild said, he didn't care who wrote the laws, as long as he controlled the money, while he held back crucial victory information on napoleon's defeat of Waterloo and spreading the rumor on the London Stock Exchange that Wellington and the British had lost, and were buying up all the depressed stock, thanks to his messenger pigeons. The Jews have been in charge of most lucrative Western economics, including the slave trade.

Frivolous commercial greed spawned the Western colonial empires, which was mimicked by the gowned Catholic Jesuits, undermining the Christian raison d'etre, through their slave mines throughout the world: Commerce for commerce's if Man is a working mule. Today the self-chosen people here have achieved such acceptance in the corrupt Christian world that they are proudly in the forefront of leadership, under the secular rubric of Zionism while pretending to respect religion: Anything that goes wrong will be their fault in the eyes of the compliant public. Having a monopoly on the media, they've been able to take over the educational system, putting even more emphasis on themselves through their Holocaust mantra . They have pushed through minorities' rights at the expense of the undermined majority, separating the generations through the hedonistic endeavor of music. They have disconnected respect and heritage. Organized Jewry has attacked their opponents with gag laws and prison, frightening the general populace with their vindictive power. In spite of Anne Frank save-the-chestnut-tree stories (one chestnut sold from that tree sold for $10,000 on E-Bay), the fear and loathing of the former World War II sufferers is now buying them new sympathy.

The Jews left the Leftists when their internationalist money-bags couldn't afford to keep the communist fraud criminals in Moscow; it was a miracle how easily McDonald's opened up in the heart of the communist peoples' proletariat, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist brutal Soviet empire. That reminds me of what Ed Morgan, a director of the Canadian Jewish Congress complained about the leftists in an opinion column in the November 21 National Post. In it, author Jonathan Kay said: "Radical anti-racism had not only become a cult of censorship, but a mental toxin as irrational and destructive as racism itself." Morgan replied with an old joke — "In Italy, there are two kinds of fascists; fascists and anti-fascists." That proved that the entire Cold War was one enormous sham, like James Bond and the phony "war on terror". The peckers were all on the same side. Unfortunately for globalist fraudsters, a lot of deluded dummies believed the secular anti-God humanists against the chosen people's' barbarity in the Middle East. Now the Zionists are battling the Left for their inhumanity, and the Right for their tyranny over them. They're stuck in the mushy and volatile middle, trying to recruit ignorant bigots from the Right and libertines and women from the Left in their war against strict, patriarchal Islam.

The hedonistically-motivated middle is not a good recruited ground for zealot soldiers, that they have been forced to rely on foreign mercenaries and despots to stay in power, further eroding their image. Their mercenaries' adoption of MOSSAD torture interrogation practices, backed up by former civil liberties/human rights champions like Alan Dershowitz and others, has undermined their humane reputation and the countries under Zionist Occupation Government. Zionists and their supporters are on tenter-hooks throughout the world. They lost the Lebanon War to irregulars (Hezbollah).
They lost control of the Internet: Consider what Bernie Farber of the Canadian Jewish Congress said recently, claiming that the racists are a former shadow of themselves, then worrying and warning the public of racist Internet presence and influence: "They think they are a lot bigger than they are." In all my forty years in white Nationalist politics, I've never seen so many racially-realistic and aware exchanges of information and instant activity as I have seen on the Internet.

They lost the impetus to war against Iran. Their Zionist proxies have lost the initiative in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. They failed to stop the 9/11 conspiracy theorists. They've undermined themselves by fudging their Palestinian enemies into good ones (Fatah) and bad ones (Hamas). They've lost the public trust and respect of their police forces and military through overzealous Tasing and detainee torture transfers and civilian bombings. They've lost control of one legitimate presidential candidate in the fixed two-party system: the Ron Paul Revolution. Their controlled mainstream media has lost credibility for their biased, scanty and whitewashed reporting, particularly on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've lost control of their own Marxist programs, human rights commissions and tribunals, who are slow to punish their Islamist enemies, and sometimes even stand up for them.

The Zionists and globalists have lost credulity with their Orwellian oxymoron slogans "multiculturalism" and "diversity is our strength" if. Every time they support minorities' special rights and custom change they erode the support of Robocop bigots. Black crime, Oriental exclusivity and ghettoizing has further eroded belief in their talking head propagandists.

Zionist Christian evangelicals have lost respect, undermining their Zionist overlords in the process, particularly when they're willing to back Israel towards a doomsday instead of Christian morality by the Pat Robertson-endorsed, gay-rights, pro-abortion
Rudy Giuliani. The Zionists have failed to sell 'Islamo-fascism' and the "Good Way" concept to the amnesiac public worried about the depreciating dollar because of wars for Israel.

Technically, the Jews in the world today don't have a political ideological base. They'll either have to give up Israel into a pluralistic and eventually Arab-dominated state to satisfy the Leftists, or lay off the hypocrisy and old hatreds by admitting their own world racism (like the UN resolution against Israel), join the white Nationalists, close down the embarrassment called Israel and convert to a religious Vatican or a theme park (Scriptureland) for all three religions to visit.

The Leftists will never accept them again -- the honeymoon is over. In spite of Marx and Engels, they've blown it with their vicious attacks on well-meaning humanists. Judging by the latest complaints in the Zionist media about anti-Semitism in the Leftist ivory towers and protective zealotry of their enemies by the professional anti-white anti-racist persecutors, they're leaning our way.

When common sense prevails, better late than never, because zero hour for the Zionists is fast approaching.




Canada: Robocop State


They love to humiliate and intimidate.

There was a time when Canada was known for its Royal Canadian Mounted Police (what's that tell you?), the red-tunic-clad officers with their boy scout hats who always got their man, whatever that means today. Now we are known as eager Igors (the assistants and facilitators to Afghan dungeon keepers and the war for the Jewish 'war on terror" acolytes to the ‘ZOG’ in Washington).

For years, white Canadians where present-day stock derives (aside from the French "pur laine" opportunists and kick-out immigrants) from obedient civil servants Army retirees, American reactionary Revolutionary War losers, United Empire Loyalists, refugees and a half-million street kids (Barnardos, named after the diminutive Jewish doctor who ran one of the child labor 'home boys and girls' immigration process into Canada) from the British Isles. They grew to two million over a spread of fifty years from 1888-1938. It's a cowardly and obedient bunch preferring the lickspittle approach to life rather than revolution. It's little wonder they've been used as cannon fodder in foreign wars throughout the world by Limey slimebags for over a century, and never in defense of their own soil, the Mackenzie Rebellion of 1837 notwithstanding. Even in the War of 1812-14 with the new United States, if it wasn't for Tecumesh and 1,200 Indians, we would be an American state. It's easy to see how a police state. It's easy to see how a police state can, with a pompous military on top, squander Canadians lives like wheat sheaves before a combine; from the Boer War to Afghanistan, they've even convinced some of the bovine public that he country was born at a battleground/slaughterhouse in a useless white fratricidal war, at Vimy Ridge in World War One. There's a genuflecting attitude toward those with guns and authority in Canada. That's why it's been so easy to set up a long-gun registry and quick gun confiscation as soon as there's any household problem.

The police chief and their cub reporters are big on the propaganda to stop the Conservative Party's promise to scrap the $2 million registry before Parliament now. They're afraid of the public, particularly now that "diversity-is-our-strength" propaganda is being peddled. They don't mind embracing it as long as it's at the end of a Taser wire. They're afraid to manhandle their "diversity" suspect brothers because they may not respond in a white man's manner and they're fearful to appear as a politically correct apostate before the anti-white police boards.

It was a black RCMP officer who Tasered our white brother from Poland, Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver Airport. Could you imagine a black traveler from Nigeria or a black Canadian being zapped at a Polish airport? Could you imagine the hue and cry from the kosher conservative and liberal media? That it took over two weeks after Dziekanski's death before the police finally released the tape to the private individual. There wasn't any media reporting or activity from the police sycophants. Now these "war-on-terror" weasels are attacking the reputation of the concerned citizen, Paul Pritchard, who taped the killing. They accused him of attempting to be a reporter, as if that requires any more talent than learning to hitch-hike. Warmongers Charles Adler, John Oakley and Craig Bromell of AM 640 radio are good examples of the controlled stooges who peddle neo-con aggression.

Throughout history, empires have been run by cosmopolitan Praetorian Guards, from the Roman and Byzantine to the Ottoman Empires. Often-times these quasi-military police forces have also engaged in enterprise. The original military-industrial complex. In the old countries, particularly in Southern and Eastern Europe, it's the village palooka who has the police job; it's not considered to be a top-of-the-world posting, where people live in mono-ethnicity. However, in a multicultural/multiracial state with no religion or moral simple view, you have to have whorehouse guard views, where there's a mad rush to get happy as much and as soon as possible — it's in the Constitution, under "the pursuit of happiness." The gangsters and police are in vogue while fortunes change and lives are lost and everyone's dancing as fast as they can.

The cops have removed themselves from the public. They look upon the public as pieces of meat, items to be handled. They follow their orders like robots and have little contact with the public, except the minority pressure groups they favor or fear. Their arrogant behavior is endemic to the entire class of hedonistic heartless frequent-flyer to help a fellow white man in distress while he looked for his mother and luggage for ten hours. The refusal of the authorities under the supposedly compassionate evangelical Stockwell Day to put a moratorium on the use of tasers in Canada belies his insensitivity, even after 300 deaths by Taser on the North American continent since 2001. No wonder few believe Christians' hypocritical bleatings. Not one cleric has voiced his opposition to the police state methods of shooting tasers first and asking questions later (if you can). The four RCMP giants just stood around smirking and grinning while a man lay screaming in agony and dying on the airport floor. No one even offered the man CPR to revive him...he wasn't one of them.

And, oh, boy, do they whine when one of them falls by the wayside (at one-tenth the rate of construction workers). The guards come from all around and all over the place with their funeral marches and twenty-one gun salutes down highways named after those who kept puppet-torturers in power in Kabul.

The solutions are not simple to a Robocop police race-mixed state. The first thing that has to be done is to get rid of the professional volunteer military from where you get the worst Abu Ghraib abusers and switch to a national service citizens' militia capable of defending the country in a protracted invasion, and no threat or use to foreign entanglements and wars. The second thing to be done is to bring the policeman back to the community, mirroring the neighborhood population and the rejection of new pain-producing torture tools which deny human dignity. Funding for these vicious weapons should be cut off and discouraged. whether it is for pepper spray, stun guns, tasers or nerve rays now being developed for crowd control. Terrorizing the public into submission with pain and torture heads us back into the bad old days, still existent in the non-white world, which our white police brothers have denigrated to emulate. Then, we can support our police and troops without fear and reservation.

Wake up, Canada!




Scared Of “Doctor No”


Ron Paul is known in the U.S. Congress as "Dr. No" — but that nickname is furthest from the truth.

Ron Paul is on a roll. He's picking up supporters. money and international interest every single day. It's all up, up and away for Ron Paul. However, dirty political conspirators and their controlled media lackeys are attempting to ambush him and his Republican presidential campaign for 2008.

The Republican Party is made up of stodgy reactionaries and neo-con globalist national traitors who are supporting re-vulcanized party hacks who haven't got a chance of beating "Bush-Lite" Hillary Clinton. Mitt Romney is too connected with the morphing Mormon cult who believe that Jesus escaped the cross and came to the Indians in the New World. Rudy (or is it "Judy"?) Giuliani is a criminal-connected libertine with a pro-gay/pro-abortion messy social life. Frog-like Fred Thompson, the old washed-up actor trying to imitate a do-nothing Ronald Reagan, only with a young wife. Old Wacky John "McCrazy" McCain would do better if he let his outspoken mother run the show instead. Then there's Mike Huckabee, the bloodthirsty warmongering minister who wants to spread the gospel — and the phony war on terror — at the barrel of a gun.

None of these guys have anything in common with Ron Paul's views and opinions, if you check their political me-too voting records and compare it to the Lone Ranger from Texas who stood out against four hundred-plus legislators time and time again in opposition to their Zionist Occupation Government-warmongering votes. Their majorities have proven to be wrong over and over again as they lead the mighty United States of America over the abyss into degradation and desolation.

Recently the Zionist-controlled media has had to sit up and take notice of Ron Paul's funding miracles when millions were raised within days over the Internet and young supporters are popping up at every election venue enthusiastically sporting Ron Paul signs and banners. On CNN, Wolf Blitzer had to recognize this exciting phenomenon and interviewed Ron Paul, asking about his lone-wolf contrary voting record against intrusive government policies and laws, and the Iraq War and the 'war on terror'. I also liked his answer to Blitzer's question of why he's not supporting the troops in Iraq: Ron Paul told Blitzer that the best way to support the troops in Iraq is to bring them home, then he further pointed out that a large proportion of his campaign's financial support came from the very troops trying to get home, as Blitzer's jaw dropped in amazement. Ron Paul, a man of principle, explained them all very clearly; that the vote left that stuck in Blitzer's craw was his vote against a medal for Rosa Parks (the black dame who refused to go to the back of a bus and was used as a symbol for the Civil Rights Movement). Ron Paul explained that he was quite prepared to give $100 of his personal money for the medal, if everyone else in Congress would chip in the same amount, because he felt it was not the government's job to be "doing good." Later, on a rehashed CNN weekend program, Blitzer only mentioned the Rosa Parks aspect of Paul's voting record, hoping to cast him as a bigot against blacks. Well, it worked — only the opposite way. Now, thousands of old whites who have been slow to turn to Ron Paul after years of stupidity-voting know who Rosa Parks was, and they'll be fighting on Ron Paul's side of the civil rights movement. Ron cleverly pointed out that Rosa Parks is a hero because of the way she utilized peaceful civil disobedience, hinting the path to his followers.

Ron Paul's too hot to touch for the frightened controlled media: Just mentioning him, they're screwed, as he is the antithesis to all the other controlled-party candidates of both the Democrats and the Republicans. His mind-stopping issues in the controlled political debate are akin to opening Pandora's Box to the treachery that has occurred under the Bush and Clinton regimes to America. The media is still tippy-toeing around Ron Paul's campaign, particularly since he has immersed himself into the two-party monopoly. As his popularity polls keep going higher and higher, all the neo-con, kosher conservative and liberal pundits will have to turn their heads and comment very carefully, however derogatory they want to be. Dr. Ron Paul will be hard to attack with his truth and honesty; the warmonger enemies of America are fearful of his anti-war message and his gold standard fiscal conservatism: A man of principle is not easily malleable; These social termites will attempt their usual smear campaign against Ron Paul's specific supporters or his family. Failing that, they may have to up the ante with violence along the lines of what happened to Huey Long and Robert Kennedy (because these enemies know that leaderless, we are rudderless ). Of course they'll put the blame on some wound-up psychotic nut-bar...and there's plenty of them in America, like those two teen Jewish psychos who tortured and chopped up a man as a thrill-kill in Detroit.

Ron Paul can beat harpy Hillary Clinton in any fair fight when the white men won't vote for her and the women's vote is somewhat split. Minorities don't vote; it's not in their nature. The democratic process didn't come from Asia, Africa or South America -- it's a white man's invention and procedure. Now, all that remains is to get the white men behind Ron Paul by encouraging all blogspots and organizations who have not joined the doctor's bandwagon to talk about his candidacy and campaign. Across the patriotic political spectrum of the Left and Right, Ron Paul's the true uniter of this phony political division brought to us by the conspirators of the French Revolution in their seating arrangements for their rubber-stamp assemblies.

The biggest miracle about Dr. Ron Paul's campaign is the number of young people who have joined it — most of them white, unafraid to think for themselves, from 9/11 to American foreign policy. This shows that the desire for freedom and unity is genetic and endemic in the white race.

The politicians in Washington have no conscience, having been able to keep these brutal foreign wars going, with the one, single exception of Ron Paul, proving that having a majority is no guarantee of goodness or correctness, which all qhite nationalists know anyway.

The United States needs a savior, a man of principle and time-tested ideas. All those around him must have the same dedication, to show the world what the real American way is, not threats and bombs and torture, but justice and humility in the pursuit of peace, prosperity and happiness. Now it's time for all good men to come to the aid of Dr. Ron Paul's party.

Sometimes, "No" is the only answer.




Integration: Tried and Failed


White Nationalism is being aided from all quarters, not just the jihadis fighting ZOG troops and bleeding their regimes economically dry, but the "I Have A Dream" Martin Luther King guys' integration ideas are turning into a real nightmare.

It all started off innocently enough, with the Guess Who's Coming To Dinner/Lilies of the Field/ To Sir With Love black Sidney Poitier poster boys, to Afro-wigged revolutionaries. Then it went to angrier gangsta rappers, and their killer imitators. Now, white society is filled with fear of Bloods and Cripps and violent school thugs in their neighborhoods. Every imaginable excuse is given for the black schools' dropout rate and their community's criminal activities, Every social-worker sobriquet is utilized to hide the inherent racial differences , like "disadvantaged" and "at risk youth", as if they've just been emancipated after years of servitude to Simon Legree Canadians. Nothing could be further from the truth: the entire Canadian school system has been downgraded and dumbified to make the new immigrants feel comfortable in a country that can't identify its own culture beyond hockey and Tim Horton's' Donuts. The "eh" culture has buried our historical and racial head in the sand so much that only 50% of youth aged 18-24 could name Canada's first Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald.

You can blame most of this malaise on the lazy, self-centered frequent-flyer flatbed-riding teachers. .. they're the worst in white history. These same liberal libertines recently fought successfully against faith-based school funding, leaving the Muslims to their own financially-funded ghettos and their own curriculum. Now the blacks want the same. Their mothers and leaders realize that they can't compete with the demands of a depreciated white school agenda, where only the opportunistic mercantile-class Chinese excel. It was inevitable. At least this time, they can't say they're being forced into segregated schools. White liberals are all up in arms over this disappointing hurt to their Marxist fantasies of the equality of talent of the races. The baby boomer dreamers don't want the blacks to leave the white schools. How are they going to push against white heritage and history when the minorities are getting their dose in the proposed black schools, like the patriarchally-growing Muslims; it's all very scary to them and their anti-racist policies: After preaching so much about black culture and black pride, how can the Toronto District School Board turn them down on Afro-centric black schools where students can excel at their own peer level and develop their own racial consciousness, without constantly having to tone it down for other communities' acceptance (I see Afro dance groups developing)?

The black community's dream to develop ethno-centric schools brings to mind the racial issue to the awareness of other Canadians, which can only benefit their survival. All these globalist edicts, laws and jingoism (e.g., "diversity is our strength") will fall by the wayside as the  population has one more chance to ascend its racial awareness. Otherwise we face becoming the same as South America, where the white man has to be a scared brute to stay on top of a race-mixed population. We don't want to establish a caste (Varna=color) system, like in the apex of capitalism in India. Nowhere and at no time in the world has a race-mixed country or empire lasted long without breaking down into its ethnic components. The South American Indians are re-asserting themselves as the stressed whites dwindle. Racial separation is the only sensible solution, for everyone except the "loser user"; if we don't, we'll end up like the Ainu. Even dictatorial police and armies can't keep the races shunning each other. The excesses of the Orwellian 'war on terror' are exacerbating the process, from the Left and Right of the political spectrum to the benefit of white separatists (one example being the Soviet-style anti-white and hypocritically-named Human Rights Commissions and tribunals and their dirty, biased rulings.

The entire North American continent is at a crossroads of white race survival. Whites have failed to produce an imitable cultural example to their youth other than matriarchal hedonism. The lower economic elements have resorted to imitating black rappers and race-mixing. The latest mea culpa was from "Dog" Chapman (boo, hoo), genuflecting on television over the use of the word "nigger," directed at his son's girl friend, undermining the toughest white posers -- the guy even offered to commit suicide on the anti-White/neo-con Fox News Channel. How pathetic.

White Nationalists (all whites working together in America) have one slim chance with Republican Ron Paul's candidacy for the U.S. presidency. They could make him a presidential contender. The more you see Ron Paul, the more you like him, because he's a man who thinks on the principle of the original non-intrusive American Constitution (What we need is a Constitutional Racist State homeland where we do our own labor). The controlled media pundits are afraid of him as he gives common sense and succinct answers to goading questions. He appears unflappable, buttressed by his modest principles on human relations. They say when money talks, bullshit walks, and I believe there'll be a groundswell of financial support from small donors, like the almost five million dollars he raised in one day.

It seems like everyone is aiding and abetting the White Nationalist cause for separate ethnic states; some unwittingly and unintentionally, with their "reasonable accommodation" debates. While others are trying to solve the gang violence and the drug problem and anti-racist political police looking for "nipper tippers" of Chinese fishermen in rural areas, and community housing gunfire, they're all patronizingly considering race. Like Ron Paul, White Nationalists have their own common sense, good will, and fair play answers to society's problems.




Paul Fromm: The Best Prime Minister Canada Never Had


It was a despicable display of crass hypocrisy when the communist and taxpayer-funded Canadian House of Commons voted unanimously to bar public space at the Parliament Buildings Press Gallery for a statement to the media by Paul Fromm, head of the Canadian Association for Free Expression to complain about the Soviet-styled Canadian Human Rights Commission. Only Louis Riel (the attempted father of Manitoba and the Métis nation in Saskatchewan and Ernst Zündel have been banned before (today Ernst Zündel is a world-renowned researcher and Riel has had a holiday declared in his name every year in Manitoba). This is the same parliament which is sending Canadian soldiers to die in Afghanistan on behalf of freedom and democracy while denying it to Canadian citizens who don't agree with their multicult globalist sellout policies. The rotten motion was put forward by a kosher-conservative Jason Kenney , undermining Paul Fromm's destiny.

I've known Paul Fromm for 40 years since that fateful cold winter evening at a now-demolished downtown Toronto hotel at a chance three-man meeting. Bored during a bathroom break, I challenged the bespectacled University of Toronto student and an Ottawa high school teacher (Leigh Smith) to meet in a week in the same hotel's cafeteria if anyone wanted to start an action-oriented organization. Surprisingly, all three of us were there the following week to start the Smith-suggested Edmund Burke Society, named after the Irish parliamentarian (they informed me that he had said "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." I was a philosophically-unread New Canadian who never heard of the guy and wondered if it didn't sound too much like the American John Birch Society (named after the first American to fall under the communist Chinese). Although I worried about the name's similarity to the John Birch Society, I agreed with the other two.

The Edmund Burke Society was a smashing success, particularly against communist influence at the University of Toronto, and in the city itself with my connections I provided the street muscle to silence the Red intimidators against Paul Fromm on campus, which some residents learned the hard way. Paul Fromm was elected numero uno student council representative. Besides his successful studies, he orchestrated many meetings and expanded our EBS political connections throughout East European ethnic communities and the Nationalist Chinese network while arranging for the organization's prestigious booth at the Canadian National Exhibition for two consecutive years and writing and editing the EBS periodical Straight Talk. Paul Fromm is a networking, diplomatic dynamo who went on with his own organizations such as the Canadian Association for Free Expression and Canadians for Foreign Aid Reform, after the EBS changed its name to The Western Guard — all this while serving as a high school teacher for twenty-three years before being hounded by the same politically-correct hypocrites as the dummies and knaves who barred his use of public property without trial or recourse, designating all White Nationalists as second-class citizens in Canada.

For a while, it looked as though Paul was going to make it into establishment politics when he won a seat on a Catholic School Board in the Toronto municipal elections, then was appointed as a Treasurer, coordinating the activities of eighteen Metro Toronto ridings for the federal Progressive Conservatives (now just "conservatives" again). However. those who never forget and never forgive raised such a hue and cry with their disproportionate power, sidelining him to the White Nationalist and historical revisionist circles to help beleaguered truth-seekers and free-speech advocates against government oppression.

Paul Fromm is kind of an all-round affable and witty man, sort of like a successful Joe Clark with common sense ideas to keep our heritage and security, and who would have made a great prime minister when the country needed one , faced with capitalist cheap labor demands and Marxist internationalists opening our borders to a deluge of Third World immigration. The crooks and traitors in power could never support Paul Fromm's candor, and now they have to deal with the public truth of their hypocrisy on full display while they mealy-mouth the same words like "reasonable accommodation" and thinly-veiled anti-Islamic edicts and terror laws to put a lid on the mess they made without a Paul Fromm in power.

Not so long ago and before Ernst Zündel was deported to the second Weimar Republic in Germany, a book came out entitled 100 Great Canadians; Ernst Zündel was one of them. Paul Fromm is another. Long after the old politically-correct rubber stamp parliamentarians are gone and no one remembers their names, survivalists and White Nationalists will remember Paul Fromm, through stamps, coins and societies, because he is one of Edmund Burke's good men. 


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