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Vampires: Vanguard of Evil


I'm getting so sick and tired of vampires -- a bunch of nasty superstitious garbage that doesn't exist. Yet it's everywhere I turn in the so-called entertainment media. Vampires and vampire plots are all over the place and of every genre in the media, something that is perceived as an absolute horror, a sharp canine-toothed undead, bloodsucking demon who turned his victims into eternal human leeches, and has been changed into a lovable, funny and sexy character.

The sense of romanticism with the original character's story by Bram Stoker has he secret Victorians' rebellious swoon in order to make its antagonist desirable: Dracula fits right in with the horny, sterile sex mania arousing women by biting their necks for succor. It's a Dorian Gray dream. This elevation of the vampire to neo-hero status imbued with some half-assed monster moral code, is the antithesis of mainstream religious teachings, life view and morality. This indicates how little influence and power that organized Western religion has on the media and on society. Look at how they wimped out on the diabolical Harry Potter books and movies being force-fed by the controlled media to their children. Vampires now come in all shades, genres and ages. It's an ever-expanding genre which has found favor among Goth killers and their chalk-faced femme fatales. Some of these people exist as if they were already dead as they move furtively by us with a perennial scowl.

You sometimes wonder what started this necrophiliac behavior. They're definitely not the sign of a healthy society. When bad things and people are normalized, all hell breaks loose. The number of houses decorated with fake tombstones on their front yards and effigies of people hung from trees during Halloween, shows the plethora of the graphic, mean and shallow serial killers in entertainment horror story films like "Leatherface" of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Michael Meyers of Halloween, Jason of Friday The 13th, "Jigsaw" of the Saw films, Chucky of the Child's Play series, the masked killer of Scream, the fishing hook-slashing killer of I Saw What You Did Last Summer, Ghoulies, Gremlins, Trolls, and even the monster of the three Alien films. Vampires appear neat and almost benign compared to the blood-soaked killers that the audience has been desensitized to. The Borons (boring morons) who control the entertainment industry are so loutish, lazy and intellectually illiterate to check out the thousands and thousands of real-life historical stories of Mankind with offbeat plots, twists and surprises -- better than any repetitive fiction, that's attempting to become a religion with some sick souls.

The most insidious aspect of this campaign to elevate monsters to moral equivalency and social acceptance is targeted at kids. It's been going on for years, and its anti-social effects are obvious. They usually start out innocently: Count Chocula cereal, The Munsters, The Addams Family (the nerve!), cartoons such as Mona The Vampire, Groovy Ghoulies, Drac Pack, and Buffy, who once slayed a vampire and then fell in love with monsters who always return after being killed (most notably the demonic Angel, which was spun off into a TV series of his own). There's something very nefarious about projecting a ghoul-figure as a protagonist who can't be killed, like the devil, throughout the horror genre: Garlic, holy water, sunshine and even the cross are no longer bulwarks against the perverted entertainment industry's figures and imbue a sense of hopelessness and fear, undermining real morality in the weak-minded and in children.

Besides the bloody Dracula, blood-soaked sex-ravaging werewolves are next in favor with the anti-social queers who run the dog-and-pony show from New York and Hollywood. Werewolves, like Jekyll and Hyde, are sympathetically pictured, although their sexual ravages imitate life more than art, to the point at which it becomes difficult to rehabilitate that kind of murderer, unlike the attempt to rehabilitate the dogs of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, to the curs of Natural Born Killers. Western society's degenerate torture has already made a comeback -- can cannibalism and human sacrifice be far behind (in the former's case, the success of the four "Hannibal Lecter" films and the Thomas Harris novels they were based on is disturbing in itself)?

These creeps and weirdos have surfaced in the degenerate music industry, with sicko rock groups and so-called stars delivering an orgy of disgusting acts bordering on the hell of Dante's Inferno. Most of these old rocker farts end up proving the hypocrisy of their beliefs in royalty/retirement interviews, laughing at us, from Marilyn Manson to Ozzy Osbourne, and all the other ne'er-do-wells. This satanic herd is anti-human, and possesses an anti-human nature which deserves to be condemned and protested at every turn and occasion. It is inimical to life itself, and this ugliness should be rejected in favor of Man's better nature.

The gravity of desensitized horror should not be trivialized, as the poison that this evil spreads is deadly. The white man's way is to form a vigilante mob with torches to destroy the resident evil.




Racism: Whites’ Salvation


Any way or direction you look, white society is divided, in retreat and and in disarray, with no savior on the horizon. As Lord Acton said, "All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely". After being 'on top of the world, Ma,' for a few hundred years the white race is tumbling down from its high perch of arrogance and frivolity. The usual results are the loss of racial pride and identity, of past empires. Without exception, all white nations' leaders are traitors and suspects in the white racists' disintegration and demise. When pressured, these ersatz leaders of the white people show their globalist teeth as they live their way, through controlled election victories, by paying lip service with reactionary same old/same old patriotic clichés to preserve "their Britishness" and "the American way" for "our people". They pretend that "Judeo-Christian heritage", hockey and "Canadian cultural values " will be enough to thwart the anti-white flood inundating white countries. Without the concept of race, it's all vague hyperbole. Canadian or American culture isn't hockey and "eh", as one Sikh claimed on a radio talk show. No, it's the white race, and American culture is not Hollywood or Broadway, it's the white race. Without race in your argument, you have nothing. Racism is as natural as breathing, for a more peaceful and prosperous society.

Other narrow and deluded culture conservationists hang their hats of hope on language. If you're Haitian and you speak French, you can be a founding father politicians of the Quebecois; if you speak English well enough, particularly with an English accent, you can be Governor-General of the country (I've heard some blacks speaking pretty good German and Italian — PRESTO, they're Germans and Italians in the minds of intellectual conservatives and libertarians — especially if you've been financially successful. All these routes head to white destruction; It's the race that dares not speak its' name.

The universalist Christianity which ignores white nationalist like the plague, is ringing a death-knell of the white people. The Christian clergy has been the biggest flop when it comes to white race survival. In fact, they have often-times been in the vanguard of deadly and unequal race-mixing demonstrated by their own bitterness. They will not work to save white race until their treasures and institutions are thwarted. Fear and duress don't make for good saviors. And controlled-media-approved free speech advocates are nothing but an accommodating smoke-and-mirrors show which will not save the race.

All kinds of secret bigots are mincing words as "racialists," while trying to project a respectable image of white Rights activism. But in the end, the enemies of the white race buffoon them with free controlled-media publicity while they try to deny their racism. There's nothing worse than a backsliding 'hero',  backtracking and genuflecting to white race detractors and controlled media stooges, It undermines and deflates us all.

There is only one common denominator to white survival, and it's racism, pure and simple, unabashed and unabridged, fearless love, and hate where it's needed. That's the main slogan of racists...We Are Not Afraid, like the line in the song We Shall Overcome. That takes guts, which won't be found in the namby-pamby postings and reactionary rhetoric of the kosher-conservative and conspiracy blogs. Eventually (and soon), the dreaded Hate Bill to stifle free speech in the United States will come into law despite last-year-in-office George Bush's presidential veto promise. This tyrannical law, which Canadian white nationalists have been operating under for thirty years, will separate the men from the boys in the white nationalist world.

This is the final act of the globalist dictators to silence ethnic and white nationalism in order to proceed with world conquest and government (Novus Ordo Seclorum). This is when all the racialist Mr. In-Betweens will be put to the test or be charged, as we were. It's little wonder that most Canadian racists like to speak in the USA; but you know that Hillary will sign the femo-communist/globalist restrictions into law. Short of a street revolt, there's little chance that a character like Ron Paul from the Republicans will make it: Minority vote, plus women's vote, plus wimp-man vote, equals 51% for President.

It was good to see Hal Turner bury the hatchet with Bill White of Overthrow.Com, in respect to a common stand on the Jena 6 invasion. Let this be a lesson to all white nationalists of what can be done by mere dialogue. Racist white nationalism is the bottom line of commonality, as opposed to ideologies, which are not good enough and can be argued with until the cows come home. When some talk about 'Fascism', you know they are anti-white racist, and are trying to divide the white people and hinder them from developing their on homelands. When self-loathing egalitarians pooh-pooh the idea of Race and rely on secular neo-cons to rule morality, all is lost. Proud and unapologetic racism is the solution.

White Nationalism is the basic and most important concept (mentioned numerous times in the September 23 Canoe/Sun Media article Racism Goes High Tech, where the color of our skin is our uniform (funny or not) for the preservation of white civilization. Religion and ideology come in second and third. Conspiracies and factionalism can be resolved once victory is achieved: Embracing Islam with our own ethnic stamp is the only other side door.

The choice is up to you.




No Surrender In Jena!


The South of the United States a beautiful place) is also a dark and scary one, especially at night when you can't see the finger in front of your nose and there's all kinds of noises coming from the Spanish Moss-laden forests sitting in a swamp. The tough whites eating today's catch (catfish) on the stools behind the creaking screen-doored diner, are still in the process of being weaned into the unnatural multiracialism of the American empire. But every now and then, defiance still creeps through the generations for racial pride and identity -- race is all.

It was a scary surprise: All of a sudden, 20,000 Blacks, dressed in black appearing early in the morning and descending on the 3,000-populated small town of Jena, Louisiana, which is 85% white. Why? Because six black students of a newly-integrated formerly all-white high school severely beat a white student, kicking him into unconsciousness because three nooses appeared under an oak tree frequented by whites, when black students insisted on sitting under it. The white noose perpetrators were suspended while the black attackers were criminally charged — that's their main beef. Since the incident in December 2006 the Blacks have had their charges reduced, the oak tree has been stupidly cut down and the main building of Jena High School has been burned down.

Internet blogging and rabble-rousing by Black radio talk show hosts, along with the usual suspect demagogues Reverend Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, demonstrated the unity and Black Power of the Negro population in America. They came into the town peacefully with the aid of the Porta-Potties, the Red Cross and chartered buses from all over the USA, these descendants of the West slave coast of Africa, where their DNA relatives ask you, "Short sleeves or long sleeves?" before the RUF of Sierra Leone chop off your arms (babies included). Or the Butt Naked armed youth gangs from Liberia, who shoot heroin-filled syringes into their necks before they play soccer with severed heads, in the nude. Their American counterparts were paunchier, thicker and better-behaved than they were in the 1960's as they held their march past the podium where two of the Jena Six kickers stood in review of the procession of the American tribes: the Black Panthers, the NAACP, the SNLC. PUSH, the National Action Network and the Nation of Islam. They're not worried about what Whitey and the lickspittle media have to say; they had their own whites in tow — a few anti-racist cowed skinheads and some dumb white broads waiting for their day on Jerry Springer. The East African coast Oreo Obama was not there.

This impromptu march where the demonstrators were shouting "Equity with the Six Stompers" "We Are All Jena 6" "We Have No Fear" and " No Justice No Peace," showed that America that any white town can be shut down. Even the Zionist media was caught with their pants down: CNN reporters ran around like chickens without heads, favorably spinning the Jena Six perpetrators while trying to find a white frightened 'Southern Man' for a reaction. Many of the whites had fled to the safety of motels and relatives while others were packing shotguns and opening doors warily to the Yankee media — pathetic!

The kosher-conservative media conspiracy theorists and war blogs didn't want to touch this story with a ten-foot pole (or a five-foot Jew). These phony egalitarian bigots of middle class America (read; white) are embarrassed in front of their bigoted audiences to be showing support or admiration for the town's invasion. Race and racists are an abomination to the consumerist cabal who falsely preach that economic equity is the road to equality. Their Lou Dobbs-fervent denials of racism underline their hypocritical inner thoughts by masquerading as the "middle class". Their pro-Gitmo/Patriot Act justice flies in the the face of the 20,000 Black intimidators who left the targeted town peacefully..... this time.

The Jena, Louisiana one-day occupation has left a powerful impression on North America's Black population as the attendees searched various locales of racial confrontation for souvenir photo-ops . Only in the nearby town of Alexandria did two white teenagers show any local defiance by dragging two nooses from their pick-up truck. They were arrested and made into white scapegoat examples of a Marxist multiracial state determined to stamp out white pride and identity. Will the neo-Nazis hold a demonstration in their defense? That's to be seen. Or will name-calling and fear of being stereotyped by the enemy's media frighten the so-celled good whites away by the presence of the determined and uniformed.

The Blacks in America have been left out of the loop and shunned, with their misogynist rap lyrics and anti-white criminal intent. The resurgence of the machismo, family-oriented Latinos (who are building their Atzalan) has created the white liberals and koshers' attention to the beaners and the open southern border. They can close entire cities simultaneously with their pro-amnesty marches. With the Jena march, the Blacks are back on the racial playing field of North America.

There is a cone of silence on the anti-war and 9/11 conspiracy blogs over the Jena demonstration. These liberals, libertines and libertarians have been eating the Marxist pablum of racial equity and have no stomach or brains to be white nationalists; they are bitches sitting at their keyboards.

Race trumps all. It's time for the white man to take a stand, just as the 180 adventurers, thugs, slavers, demagogues did at The Alamo, who helped build a nation with their sacrifices....precisely what the white man needs.




O. J. Simpson: Murderer And / Or Martyr?


Some people think that just because you're a white racist, that you have to take leave of your common sense and be totally tunnel-visioned and hard-hearted. The opposite is true.

I've always had a hard time believing the case against O.J. Simpson and among white nationalists, I know I'm not the only skeptic, particularly when the multicult Zionist media is involved. The diversity crowd hates to have bad examples of non-whites in their efforts to create a global commie one-race world order deathly opposed to nationalism. Just look at how slow they have responded to the hatred and misogyny in the rap music scene; just look how they hide all the non-white crime to the point of undermining police work and the justice system by not giving out the race of suspected perpetrators (it's an actual policy of the Toronto Star, and many other “ZOG” publications and media. Compare that to the publicity given when whites are involved in criminal activities against other races. It's always a CNN/Fox News special; commies and kosher conservatives are always on the same side while pretending to carry on Star Wars light saber battles with each other.

You'd never think that O.J. Simpson had been acquitted of the murders of his wife Nicole Brown and her late-night companion Ron Goldman. What would a Muslim or Hindu have done if he had seen the two of them late at night (I see Honor Killings in the headlines)? The Simpson murder trials looked promising for the prosecution, headed by a woman, until a stiff Oriental technocrat had to face the skilled Jewish defense lawyer Barry Scheck. Doubt was in the air as the forensic scientist tried to give honest answers to the sneaky, loaded questions; the only thing that Scheck missed was to ask 'Have you stopped beating your wife yet?' Marcia Clark's case was shaky from the moment of Mark 'Make-My-Day' Fuhrman's testimony concerning the "bloody glove" he found. This guy believes and promotes the official story of 9/11 (who could trust a detective like him, who I'm sure will tell Larry King and anyone else who will listen that he's not a racist?

The other day, I wrote about white suicide bombers in suits who are killing our race. Someone had suggested in an e-mail that I was attempting to "hide my hatred for non-whites and others." I don't need to hide anything politically, as Bob Smith and I have been the first to be convicted under the "hate speech" gag law brought in by the anti-white bigots: It's all a matter of communist categorizing ( I still hate anything that threatens the white race, particularly from its own kind).

The latest escapade involving O.J. and his "stuff" smells like a set-up, with its exaggerated charges and timely publicity for the Goldmans' book release, with them looking to seek revenge for their loss of a goy killing their son. You can understand how the shyster approached Simpson to write the inquirer book If I Did It: "Look, the majority of the white public believes you did it, so why not write a best-seller and put in a Clinton-esque "If" in front of the title?" The Goldmans were so against this braggadocio that when they received the rights to the exposé, they promptly promoted it to get their shekels for the $33-million low-threshold civil suit that they won — it's like double indemnity.

O.J. Simpson has made us laugh with commercials and movies. A few years ago. I had a dream about him where I was at a function with some friends (I like to write down my own dreams), when all of a sudden O.J. was walking out with an entourage, where we exchanged some pleasantries and laughs, upon which he gave me his extra bar tickets as he was leaving (we don't control our dreams).

O.J. Simpson is a favorite whipping boy and scapegoat for the media, white anti-racists and collaborating conservatives — you know, the ones who put up their noses at Nazis and 'Fascists' while their country and race is going down to Marxist and Zionist policies. They hate to face the truth of the long-term results of the new world order race-mixing and racial differences. They don't like it when the shoe (or the glove) doesn't fit, and always attack the messenger while "imagining" their feminine fantasies. He's no Sidney Poitier, Barack Obama, or other phony image of blacks that is peddled to white America (hence, the hatred) — he's not even an Al Sharpton demagogue. Fortunately, these myopic morons are self-culling with their barren wombs and wasted sperm.

O.J. knows how to play the liberal white world and their hypocrisy, even when they're hounding him. In the end, white race-mixers and their supporters, along with their bigot hypocrite supporters will lose, as Simpson is elevated to martyr status in the non-white world, in or out of prison. His life story has put a rusty nail in the coffin of high-class race-mixing as a lesson to all, whether he's a murderer or a scapegoat. The O.J. Simpson case continually keeps the media-buried racial issues front and center, and questions the very nature, future and purpose of the United States of America as a national entity: You couldn't ask for anything more.

The O.J. Simpson story is an entertaining schaudenfreud one, and an Othello-esque tragic comedy.




White Suicide Bombers


All the white people who are against white race identity and their survivalist supporters are in effect, white suicide bombers. Islamic suicide bombers blow themselves up to make a point, while anti-racists create laws and institute policies to make a point against their opponents, the same as al-Qaeda and the Tamil Tigers. I met one Tamil security guard who was proud of initiating that kind of warfare and of his 60 million family population.

Every time they put up Racism Sucks as a piece of graffiti out on Toronto's Jones Avenue, the white suicide bombers and their gladly-willing non-white compadres pat themselves on the back for another attack on white Nationalists, whether it's equating heterosexual marriage with sodomy, propagandizing the hedonistic public against hate speech ("Eeeewww, that's hate speech!"). They have classified and criminalized any outward opposition to diversity with Orwellian words like hate speech and confounded reason and fairness with the Canadian Human Rights Commission dictum that 'the truth is not a defense.'  Eat yourselves out, mental case conspirators; I wouldn't want the brick-and-broken glass-topped life and world of the disappearing whites of Latin America.

Thought crimes are introduced just as surely as any Taliban territory; the only difference is that in God's territory, the rules are still man-made, recognizing traditional law, instead of the flavor-of-the-month American Idol women's' fantasy.

Whites are the only race I know which will make it their raison d'etre to kill in the name of their women's' agenda. I don't see that happening among the Blacks or even the Oriental dragon ladies here to watch their P's and Q's when traditional male customs are involved. Every time the anti-racists whack the hell out of male institutions and fathers, the blow up another suicide bomb.

No other race but the white race is so embarrassed and silent when categorizing themselves racially in front of non-whites. Whites are the only race who insist on others to maintain their uniqueness while hounding their own "supremacists" sick is that? Other whites see themselves as just melanin-deprived freaks who need to become wiggers or Buddhists. Whites are the only ones inviting other races into their countries by policies supported by democratically-elected and moneyed idol politicians with their whores' votes and making themselves dumb is that?

I can't think of another race who de-racializes themselves in to vague neuters when confronted as racists. Can you imagine a Chinese or Jap saying he isn't Chinese or Japanese (Okay, maybe a Japanese in China)? Some white bigots become irritatingly evasive as non-religious Jew revealing his Jewishness. It's becoming confusing even to Jews, what with secular Jewish neo-Nazis attack all who stand in their way in Israel itself. Whites are the only race with a giant guilt complex spiritually supported by their historically abusive religion today.

Christianity's priests have become emasculating, except when it comes to hating white racial ideology and its advocates. Whites are the only race that runs around the planet (e.g., Doctors Without Borders) sharing our medicine and technology to expand the others races' health and population, causing further problems worldwide (meddling never helps).

White race businessmen have the least racial loyalty in pursuit of their self-indulgence to the point where they have made the planet into an army ants' nest of destruction. with hedonistic travel and commercial transportation, sucking the planet dry for a few thrills more. With a workhouse plantation mentality they've outsourced the prosperity of the white race. Whites are the only ones who lose by a four-to-one ratio in gene exchange mating with other races. In that context, they haven't got a chance. Isolation and self-sufficiency is the solution... but first the internationalist — consumerist system has to be expunged.

Whites are the only ones who insist on gender equality and codified it into law and either under that banner (or The Cross in the past) they go out of control and plague the planet with ideological war. I remember the Russians pushing this communist crap in the past but I just can't remember any Chinese Red Guards handing out flyers at the Eaton Centre. These kind of interventions bring other abuses to the target area, such as the recruitment of collaborators, the division and destruction of the victims' society; It's not Blacks and Orientals coming from their continents to do missionary work. All the aforementioned are fatal attitudes of the white people embroiling themselves into the overwhelming reproductive world while dispersing non-whites throughout the planet and the white race to oblivion. Only whites revel in sexifying youth for non-reproductiveness.

All white leaders are traitors to the white race. They're all a bunch of anti-white racist chicken-shits who bellow about other racists. They're all immoral monster white suicide bombers, and worse, like The Night of The Living Dead, they keep coming back throughout their political lifetimes.

A culling of the white race is in progress, from mostly internal and some external forces. The job of the racist ideologues is to keep the concept and history alive for posterity, whatever level the race will eventually settle to.

Racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past. They're here to correct them.




Ron Paul, He’s My All


As it appears now, out of 300 million Americans to choose from. Ron Paul is the decent American's' best hope to lead a divided, disintegrating state. Everywhere you turn on the independent sites, there is approval and interest in the Texas Congressman's bid for the Presidency. Ron Paul, a family man with six children, has won all kinds of straw polls, phone-in and e-mail surveys throughout the United States. However, the Zionist controlled-media sabotages, misinforms, obfuscates and hides his grassroots groundswell campaign. This lying conspiracy by the conspiratorial media columnists and pundits is all-pervasive, especially from those who pretend to be representing fair and balanced reports, from the liars at Fox News to CNN hypocrite Lou Dobbs. The only time the globalist collaborators in the media even mention Ron Paul is to impress and institute upon the American public his "guaranteed fringe candidacy."

Ron Paul ran for the U.S. presidency under the individualistic, disorganized Libertarian Party banner, receiving just under a million votes, a feat in itself when you consider how the two Tweedledum / Tweedledee parties in America have the ascent to political power locked up. Libertarians are generally fiscal conservatives who find a home in the Republican Party, like Ron Paul. This affords him a bigger public platform in the long and boring, drawn-out two-year Presidential Campaign controlled-media American Idol 'reality' show. Paul's candidacy has surely embarrassed the contrived and scripted television / news / entertainment industry, who are still operating on the 1960's Supreme Court ruling made after the revelation of the rigged $ 64,000 Question scandal, that gave them carte blanche to lie, cheat and falsify ; the Court ruled that it was to be strictly entertainment.

Ron Paul is a square peg in a round hole that the media crooks cannot and will not accommodate. Otherwise, their raison d'etre would be non-existent. Paul's appeal crosses all political lines; from anti-war pacifists to gung-ho Constitutionalists, he strikes a hopeful chord in all kinds of white American hearts who have read more than one book in their lives. Many supporters are willing to bury their personal prejudices and conspiratorial beliefs to give the Texas doctor a chance, particularly when he talks of common sense, good will and fair play in domestic and foreign policies. Ron Paul is not an interventionist, doesn't believe in pre-emptive strike first and ask questions later and is definitely against Americans poking sticks in the eyes of God-believer Islamists to create more enemies for the United States; he is the total antithesis to the warmongering Giulianis, Romneys and McCains. Paul wants to secure America's borders, particularly the wide-open one with Mexico. He is head-and-shoulders above the Bush-Lite "Hillarys", and is down-to-Earth and plain-talking compared to the vagaries and hyperbole of the token Obamas and Reaganite Thompsons (by the way, what did Reagan even say or do that was philosophically memorable, other than to tell that Illuminate schlep Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall"? Ideologically, all Reaganites are running on empty).

Ron Paul is the only candidate that I've heard of who is concerned about the loss of civil liberties of ordinary Americans in this phony Orwellian "war on terror", constructed to establish police state tyrannies in the white world. Islamophobia is a stillborn child of hedonistic whores and anti-racist consumerist whites whose religion failed to procreate without teaching father-respect; if your religion ignores your race, change it, or change your religion: Commies and capitalists fear patriarchal families and natural traditions.

The rest of the goof candidates are all in favor of fear mongering and suppression of individual rights in the name of "homeland security", a prison-planet virus that has spread throughout the free world. I am not a fan of the Russian Jewess Ayn Rand's libertarian ideology with every man for himself and the belief that free enterprise will save and equalize us all, while totally ignoring the issue of race (None of these self-centered libertarians can agree on who's a libertarian, anyway; Bob Smith calls them 'better-dressed anarchists with table manners' ). Hopefully. Ron Paul will cater to the mass of disenfranchised white nationalists with no one to hope for).

Fortunately, these issues are moot points compared to the immoral mess that the Zionists, neo-cons and communists have plunged America into. Ron Paul's realistic answers to America's problems are sobering lights at the end of the tunnel for the country. The Americans here have been so propagandized by the conniving controlled media that Ron Paul may on occasion have to speak to them in politically-correct language...which should not detract from his appeal, particularly when you consider the effort that the kabalistic masters have made to isolate him in his presidential bid.

There is little chance that Ron Paul will get the Republican nomination for President, when one considers all the traitors in charge of both big political parties. However, his official candidacy elevates him in the minds of the ordinary voter as an acceptable possibility to the brainwashed public, even if he ran as an independent afterwards; David Duke almost did it for Governor of Louisiana, with a more checkered past, leaving the Jew establishment in a last-minute scramble to elect a crook who went to jail later for his crimes.

Signs of this kind of desperation are already appearing, such as The Republican candidates' debates, where Christian Zionists like Mike Huckabee are utilizing the last refuge of a scoundrel — patriotism — to attack Ron Paul's anti-Iraq war stance. It won't wash, except in the minds of idiots, who don't vote anyways.

Compared to the madman torturer Tom Tancredo, who wanted to bomb Mecca, and that bullshit artist Duncan Hunter, Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air that America needs to resurrect itself to respectability and dignity. In the 2008 Presidential race, Ron Paul is still the best chance for America the Beautiful.

Or, as expressed in Annette Funicello's 1959 song lyric, "Ron Paul....he's my all."




Jews Agree With Us


Who'd have thought it?

It's strange when you agree with your adversary, especially the white nationalist-baiter of the Canadian Jewish Congress Bernie Farber. He's the guy who's pushing for funding of religious Jewish schools, as Ontario Conservative Leader John Tory promises (and which 600,000 Catholic students already receive). Farber knows there won't be any Jews without the Jewish religion, since religion and God-belief is a panacea for man's brutishness and savagery within the believers' community. That's what Numa, one of the founders of Rome, gave as a reason for the creation and worship of the gods, which the early Romans put on with gusto.

3,000 other religious schools, from Muslim to Hindu to fundamentalist Christian, are getting the same taxpayers' support. The globalists, feminists, secularists, hedonists , libertines, communists and probably the neo-con consumerists don't want society broken up along human spiritual needs and understanding; They want a microchipped, one-size-fits-all orange-jump-suited world (the masters look their happiest when they kill and capture). The tide is growing against the enemies of religion, no matter how realistically enlightened their scientific answers are. These dog walkers are not reproducing; they're too sophisticated for that. The future looks like a religious free-for-all, especially with the zealotry of new converts, like the Germans in Germany (ooooh,...the Germans...of whom, 18,000 have recently converted to Islam).

The shrill voices of the feminists believe their fear of a resurrected moralistic patriarchy, removed from the capitalist/communist/consumerist matriarchy now in existence. These are not the plans for a secret world order. Even Bernie Farber has to act consistent with the raison d'etre of his tribe. They're being caught as being in agreement with our policies, much to the chagrin of the United Church and Unitarian self-loathing Internationale — after all, with whose help was Canada re-colonized by the Third World?

It's Farber's multicultural support that will bring white nationalists' wishes to fruition, as the religious and ethnics realign in the future. This funding program proposal by John Tory will not damage his chances for the October 10 election for 13 million Ontarians, but will give the pro-gay marriage neo-con the aura of social conservatism. Everyone wants a level playing field, and the Catholics haven't done anything in particular to tame this over-sexualized violent society, other than mealy-mouthing platitudes and fully supporting multiculturalism. So to be fair, since they're supporting the ethnic changeover of the country and waiting for the bishops to announce support for Tory and for Bernie Farber's plans.

The Catholic Church, with its long history, unlike the recent Protestants (who have nothing to protest about anymore), had a great chance with its confessional intelligence services and its army of priests, but failed to take an interest in North American white society. Instead they pushed the Filipino and South American crowds for new and faster-reproducing recruits — after all, they do call themselves the Catholic (Universal) Church...they just forget the 'Roman' part. As for the social planners like Dalton McGuinty and the Marxist union leadership-supported Howard Hampton, and particularly from the arrogant and erudite witches and warlocks of the leaders' unions who fear their Wiccan ways, they can't compete with other gods again.

The dirty hedonistic media of all stripes and perversions is dead set against conceding one point that threatens their "Whorehouseworld." Their attempts to pile abuse upon the God-believers, juxtaposing dinosaurs and Skidoos, shows their petty hatred for any attempts to rein them in. But in the end, this arrogant and derisive attitude is tenfold avenged in the minds of the believers against the controlled media. When was the media less respected and more distrusted than today? (And tomorrow, it'll be no better than Pravda).

All God-fearing religions should be respected and afforded the same taxpayer backing and a community of communities. Each religion has to respect the other, if they are living in a common sense, good will and fair play way. Otherwise, it's war, and then, the establishment of their own homeland.




No Victory in Iraq or Afghanistan


The neo-cons, communists and all their propaganda are wishing hope on hope for some kind of "victory" in Iraq and Afghanistan. To hear them spin it every which-way, the 'surge' is working in Iraq, and the security is improving in Afghanistan. Actually, the opposite is true.

The Americans are running around like chickens without heads from city to city and province to province in Sunni Iraq, making deals with the devil to give a semblance of success. The arming of secularist Baathist insurgents in Anbar and Diyala province will end up a failure in the long run, as these groups are nothing but local old sheik-run warlordships which will eventually succumb to the traditionalist Islam of al-Qaeda. These new collaborators, like the Revolutionary Brigades of the 1920's and the phony Islamic Army of Iraq, have the same faith and determination as the nominal Christians who put up gaudy devilish Halloween displays in our part of the world. Their Comintern principles will fall on deaf ears to the newly re-Islamized God-fearing population: These traitors will be begging to get on the helicopters and airplanes when the Americans are forced to turn tail and run. Already their leaders are being popped off one by one by God-believer suicide bombers, which the Revolutionary Brigades cannot match.

Iraq's Shia south is totally beholding to Tehran, even if they are squabbling among themselves as to what faction will run the various oil-rich southern provinces. Maqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi army still get their orders from Iran — how else could he announce his six-month hiatus of military actions by his fighters, unless they have been told to make a deal with the Americans and the Tehran-supported Badr Brigades who effectively run the Baghdad puppet government?

You can tell who's doing most of the fighting against the Americans in the Sunni 'Triangle of Death' by the sparse reporting of attacks on the secularist resistance sites compared to the plethora of action on the Islamist blogs. Of course, we know how easy it has been for communists and neo-cons to lie and hide events and information since the Soviet Union, (and now CNN and Fox News). We know how easy it is for them to twist and turn the facts with obfuscations and omissions to propagandize their best foot forward while sanitizing the blood, guts and gore, and the ugly details of hundreds of daily battle incidents.

You know the treacherous American government in Washington is in trouble when George Bush flies over for a quick photo-op with amoral male and female G.I.'s mugging for the 'Prez," thoughtless of the carnage and the four million Iraqi refugees that their freedom-and-democracy has cost: No sense, no feelings from these liberators. Americans can't trust their two parties-in-a-bag politicians run by Zionist and globalist interests to make the world 'one-size-fits all' and preserve the pet state of Israel. With so much power and control over the lickspittle media, none of the polls can be trusted. Just who the hell supports this dirty rotten war except this conspiratorial cabal and their kosher conservative minions doomsday Christians and. lesbo feminists? Certainly it's not the live-and-let-live common sense, good will and fair play people, particularly when you read their 'everything's rosy' warmonger blogs like The Mudville Gazette, Sweetness & Light, and Strategy Page.

The War Party is running out of explanations and excuses, with no happy future scenario in sight other than the vagaries of an amorphous three-state Iraq in perpetual battle with each other until the Persian advance is checked into Mesopotamia. The American presence there is just adding fuel to the raging fire which is getting hotter for them to stay much longer by the day, after the mess they created in violently dismembering an ersatz colonial state left by the Limeys in World War One.
As for the temporary Kurdish state in the north, they'll get theirs from the Turks and the Iranians for collaborating with MOSSAD and the foreigners once the Americans leave — unless they join the Islamists. In the end, there will be only one solution for the bankrupt Americans who tried to change the Middle East into their own whorehouse image: Get out and stay out.

The war-hungry NATO alliance of meddling European countries using Canadian and American cannon fodder for the matriarchal plans in a patriarchal land, is also doomed to failure. The Taliban (I love when the enemies have to say the Taliban. as though it were an edifice or institution which is permanent and indestructible.. "Taliban" just means 'students of Islam') cannot be defeated without going into the wild northeast frontier of the English made-up state known as Pakistan. If the Russians can't beat the Chechens in a hundred square miles of mountains, gorges and ravines, don't expect foreigners from cushy backgrounds to gain victory in an area ten times that size: It's a military logistics nightmare-land, which provides recruits to liberate their fellow Pashtun tribesmen across the phony Durand Line drawn by some Englishman during Kipling's days of adventure. The Afghan war is the favorite of the feminists and the libertines eager to put down any form of patriarchy, while the internationalist crooks on top, from the Kremlin to London to Washington reap huge capitalist benefits from the all-time-high revived heroin trade which the Taliban had cut down by 90% in their last year of power in 2001. The blatant falsehood that the controlled media, columnists and pundits spread that the Taliban is the main beneficiary of the increased opium production is another big fat lie, totally ignoring the fact that the majority of the drug is grown in the warlord Dostum's north. Western Afghanistan, ruled from Herat (founded by Alexander the Great), has become an Iranian fiefdom; America's puppet Hamid Karzai is still basically just the mayor of Kabul.

The Taliban's latest diplomatic success while negotiating with the South Koreans for their hostages, and their increased activity into Northern Afghanistan, Konduz and Masir e-Sharif, and their constant successful attacks on southern convoys, is proof of their resurgence, and the spring and summer offensive that NATO commanders were originally derisive of. Whatever ground the foreigners hold, it's strictly a transitory measure; as soon as it's handed over to the communist Northern Alliance and Afghan National Army, it again falls into Taliban hands. It's well known that the night in Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban, while the foreigners hunker down in their temporary bases anxiously waiting for dawn.

This failed meddling mission will go the same way as the Soviet invasion, which lasted ten years — there will be three more years of death and destruction on both sides — for no good reason other than the pride of kabalistic globalist generals and their capitalist backers.

It's unfortunate that conspiracy-informed white nationalists, some filled with their own gung-ho blather, have not turned more forcefully against these useless the two useless and self-destructive wars. Instead, we have abandoned the opposition to anarchists and the liberal Left whose slogan is: Get Out of Afghanistan and into Kyoto". Tree-huggers don't stop wars against patriarchs. However the media and the controlled politicians present the invasions, eventually they will have to leave in defeat and ignominy for the terrible death and carnage they have caused.

As they say, the road to hell is paved with "good intentions." And when it comes to the lying American administration and their supporters, they amount to zero.




Mandela: Media Mannequin


I'm so sick and tired of the white guilt icon Nelson Mandela story — it's like fish tales in which the fish get bigger with each telling. At first, he was in jail for 23 years; now they've upped it to 27 years for the man described as the "liberator" of the Black people in South Africa.

I never agreed with the old white apartheid regime anyway, based upon native cheap labor, and similar to societies in South America and Israel. Once, I met the foreign minister of South Africa, some guy named Robb, at a urinal stall and asked him about the development of an all-white state, which he quickly dismissed, pointing out that the eggs have been broken and 'the omelet has been made.' That's how addicted they were to their Black servants, far removed from the hardy Boer Trekkers. Since Mandela's "liberation" most of those privileged white schleps have fled South Africa to peddle their idea of the 'omelet' in other lands.

Mandela comes from the Xhosa tribe, and had his circumcision done with a spear, after which he and the rest of the boys buried their foreskins somewhere secret in order to become men of an extremist nation who lost their freedom in three wars with the British. The Xhosa are pretty extreme and had the habit of burning everything they owned and killing and destroying all their livestock and foodstuffs, leaving absolutely nothing except their spears and clubs before going to war. This large tribe shares the artificial colonial country known as South Africa with an equally extremist tribe, the Zulus (renowned for idiot sacrifices to prove a point, like the time one of their chiefs ordered 2,000 of his top warriors to march into the sea and drown in order to prove their loyalty).

Along with a large number of resentful, arrogant half-breeds, "Cape Coloreds" and a few smaller tribes, the remaining white population has to contend with general crime and white murders, the numbers of which are way up, where lonely white farm-steads are attacked by merciless gangs who wish to leave no witnesses: That's the South Africa that media mannequin Mandela crows about. This whole racial situation has happened before in a capsule, on the island of Hispaniola in the prosperous colony of Santo Domingo. Here, the globalist revolutionaries freed the half-million African slaves, who battled it out with the 100,000 half-breeds and drove out and killed the 50,000 whites (it's all graphically written in one of my favorite prophetic books, The French Revolution in Santo Domingo — a must-read for any serious white nationalist).

There's plenty of pride for the Black man and his native roots, and no room for a white nationalist representation or a homeland. The recent unveiling of Mandela's store-window statue opposite the British Parliament had all the anti-racists, anti-white commies, and globalists a-twitter; after all, Mandela is one of their flag bearers.

Nelson Mandela, once "described" as a terrorist by the phony Western anti-communist elite, was resurrected as a reconciler to placate the dumb servant-addicted whites of South Africa who were lulled into the anti-racist 'democracy' B.S. of believing that all people would be treated equally in the new regime, but then woke up to the new terror known as South Africa, while the controlled media hides the truth from the world. Unfortunately, the white South Africans are still so deluded with anti-Fascist/anti-racist/anti-Nazi past propaganda that all they can do is bitch and whine about the "Black Nazis" and "Black racists." Hey, if they had such organizations, tactics and philosophy, they wouldn't be in the crybaby dilemma they're in today. If you can't do your own labour, don't call yourself a nation; you can't have your cake and eat it too.

The same myopic problem occurs among snotty 'patriot' and pro-white organizations in North America who constantly complain about non-white attacks and depredations while at the same time putting down neo-Nazi and racist demonstrations actions against the same. Their 'softly, softly,' rubber chicken circuit speakers at conferences will lead us down the drain, just like the white South African suckers.

All of Africa needs realigning and a redrawing of their boundaries left behind by money-grubbing white imperialists who have used the continent as a large plantation. It's little wonder that Africans are having major economic problems, while they try to shake off the yoke of globalist users, for basic self-sufficiency, instead of commercial exploitation ushered in by European opportunists.

The planet needs an ecological break from white meddlers, from Darfur to Zimbabwe. The need to be left alone to their own primitive devices, and more in tune with Nature's laws, instead of aping the white man, like the Mandela mannequin and the mish-mash flag that he represents.




White society gone to the dogs

White people have to be willing to be self-critical for survival.

Dogs are the sacred cow of the Anglo world. The fact is that they're so important, they've supplanted children. It wasn't until Michael Vick was accused of killing and abusing dogs that this Black idol was publicly booed at his court appearance; no murder of rapes and murders of young white women have solicited that kind of reaction. Not even the mindless Black sniper killers Muhammad and What-His Name, have been received with such hatred. Free trade, NAFTA, and all the pauperizing policies against white North America, were all fine and dandy with the dog owners and their friends until of course, they had a few of their pooches get sick and die as a result of poisoned globalist Chinese goods. All the poisoned and dangerous appliances and toys were only looked at after some dogs died.

Everywhere you look in urban white society, there's young women and men waiting for fecal matter to extrude from their canines' anuses, then picking it up with bare hands and placing it carefully into a plastic bag to swing around on their daily walk: oh, what a lovely sight. Often-times, the one-child parent may be pushing his offspring in a carriage while taking cared of two of their precious pets. The number of viruses and bacteria that are spread through this vulgar practice is unaccountable (Would these dog owners do the same potty practice for their children for 14-20 years? I doubt it, as they try to rush their kids out of diapers).

At one time not so long ago, people got rid of their dogs when they had a kid. Now they buy a couple of pit bulls or rotweillers: "Don't worry, they won't hurt you..." — famous last words. Dog owners themselves are a special breed of people. They're a little bit like their Frankenstein creation: nasty, stupid and aggressive. They've even lobbied for their own parks for their mutts to run around in Canada, while children have to cower at the edges, fearful of the mongrel creatures. Dog ownership has become a substitute for rearing children. Now it is common practice for owners to have what once only 5th Avenue penthouse capitalists used to enjoy: dog walkers.

These men's' companions have become so important that the keys to households are given to dog walkers to pick up Fido from their houses with SUV's and take him for a walk on the boardwalk. This practice has become do popular that they had to enact special bylaws in Toronto enumerating how many dogs that a dog walker can safely handle (it was recently reduced to six).

I've owned dogs as a kid. It's a very needy high-maintenance animal, which goes to show that a lot of time is being spent on a lot of dogs today by a lot of people. Dog owners themselves are not a pleasant bunch — they're a little on the pugnacious side, I'd say. having mobile jaws and a nose at their disposal to check out and intimidate other peoples' children and dogs: "Don't worry, he won't hurt you," is their infamous refrain. I haven't known a dog who hasn't bitten someone at some time; you can't trust these owners any more than the dogs, whom they often look like and imitate. The animal is a real Zelig, although I've never seen one in any of Woody Allen's movies. The dog is basically a loud extension of the owner — like Hitler's German Shepherd Blondi: the Führer had to ask Eva Braun if she could put away her two terriers for awhile so that Blondi could come out and play at their Eagle's Nest retreat in The Alps. Of course, all the concentration camp Commandants love their dogs; just like their Commissar counterparts, as white people were stacked up like cord-wood for disposal (dog owners, because of their selfish caring commitment, are usually on the side of established authority. Dog ownership is a lonely white man's daydream. Unlike the Orientals who eat them and the Africans who kick them, in the white world owning dogs seems to cross genders, the animal often replacing a human partner. It's the lazy way out and the mute mutt can't tell or complain on you for any indiscretions that anyone would know about; Now the four-legged offspring have become the females' favorite.

Dogs are wasting a lot of peoples' precious time, just like the entertainment industry, while the country is going to hell in a hand basket and war becomes foreign policy. Instead, the peace movement's Baby Boomers and their children are marching with hot bags of dog shit.

I can understand a dog on the farm or a working dog, but not the monsters they have at Abu Ghraib, which the Gauleiters and gulag-keepers would really love (they're hard on religious and God-fearing types). To 'sic' a dog on someone is one of the worst things you can do; it's like setting off a mongrel terror, with no certainties as to the outcome....except more terror. That's how they hypocritical 'war on terror' is being fought, with more terror. from the dog to the supersonic bomber. It's not a pretty picture.

The amount of food, resources, energy and dog bites expended to the dog-ownership industry is a total waste, better put toward more useful endeavors, like childbirth and the economic and social sovereignty of our nations. Dogs have been elevated to an iconic status, showing that the people of these nations are in trouble by prioritizing creatures over humanity. To some, it's another reason to fight the dog-hating Muslims who are busy producing children ( like Mohammad, I, too, am a "cat man" ).

Dog-mania is a symptom of a corrupt and corpulently degenerate society. Let's stop this wasteful pastime before all of white society goes to the dogs.




Elvis Presley: Toxic Minstrel

Next to the androgynous caterwauling bloody Beatles, Elvis Aaron Presley did more harm to the white people than any other Jew-controlled entertainer in the Western world. The street-walker and Hollywood whorehouse slogan of 'Choose me! Choose me!' promoted by the globalist cabal has divided and ruined the psyche and raison d'etre of the white race. Elvis Presley is the original successful but moody Jethro of the Beverly Hillbillies. used by the elite tribalists to divide white society in age and gender. This symbol of a youthful Apollo swinging his hips and genitalia (like an early Chippendale's dancer) in your face while masturbating a guitar, was a shocking lesson for all white males that, if you wanted to get a female, you'll have to imitate this beltless buffoon promoted by the media shlock-jocks. This anti-racist/anti-hero's whining party-puke renditions were coupled with a hatred of the white-bread establishment traditions and morays, while extolling the "virtues" and beefs of the race-mixed half-breed.

Elvis usually played the part-Indian, part-Hawaiian or Creole roustabout who punched his way into white society, with the only goal of getting one of our women. This theme was played over and over again ad nauseam through his more-than thirty movies, and songs like In The Ghetto. Presley's rebel-without-a-cause (other than his crotch) divided society: to be popular and get your own girl meant swallowing your own common sense and pride, while paying lip service to his screaming female fans. Elvis was the poster boy for rebellion, anti-authority, and the so-called 'youth culture', bereft of any intellectual depth (like his agents and lifestyle).

It's hard to dislike Elvis on a personal basis: He appeared as a shy, sad character with an occasional outburst of race-mixed emotion. We can all bemusedly empathize with his fascination with guns and karate and his taste for peanut butter-and-banana sandwiches and fries and greasy burgers. His Jethro-like naiveté in the hands of the conniving Southern hustler Col. Tom Parker, who had him conveniently marry his daughter Priscilla while running his financial empire, showed that Elvis was not a man in charge of his life. The constant presence of partying goon and thug backstabbing bodyguards as his constant companions showed his ineffectiveness in controlling his environment.

His weight problem and drug addiction highlighted his depressed persona and isolation, leading to many little bizarre acts, anecdotes and a final tragic ending, with a drug-induced heart attack on a bathroom floor at the age of 42. His star life was not an inspiration for anyone, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of millions of bingo babes and burned-out rockers tripping over their beer cans on the living room floor.

Elvis Presley was white society's bridge to the Blacks. He brought in their music, rhythms and moves to the dance floor and introduced a whole generation of self-loathing white kids to race-mixing, sex, drugs and rock-and-roll. Unlike Muhammad Ali, his brief drafted army career gave the illusion of patriotism, further reinforcing the myth as an American idol. Elvis' anti-Herculean cult has isolated thousands of white women to the hopeless fantasy that he is still alive with the latest sightings that "he's been seen in a Home Depot in Tupelo, Mississippi" or "in a Burger King in Walla Walla, Washington", thirty years after his death (only UFO watchers outmatch his sightings).

Like all mama's boy in a matriarchy, Elvis "was good to his mother," while his father was alleged to be the nebulous abusive background character. True to ideological form, his widow went on to marry the wannabe white/black entertainer Michael Jackson, underlining Elvis' negative legacy. His estate, Graceland, like his bust statues sold in tacky discount stores, epitomizes the non-reading populous, Arborite-thin American culture (I even thought of buying one of those busts as kitsch art, not as a household god in Trailer Park America). He was even placed on a commemorative stamp.

It's difficult to speak ill of the dead, especially when their lives were a naive tragedy used by nefarious characters with an axe to grind against the white race. It's important to connect the dots: the picture and toxic influence of Elvis' life has had on white society is not a pretty one.

As an epilogue: Elvis has left the building...dead. Now, let's bury him.


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