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On July 1, Canada will have been around for just seven generations — 140 years. It was screwed from the beginning by the lousy Limey legacy of slapping all kinds of people together all over the world into Frankenstein countries to ape their own multicultural ethnic renegade island of refugees and runaways off the continent (Japans a little similar in the Far East).

The English, for easy economic, administrative and military purposes, rammed together two different linguistic religious groups for perpetual acrimony under the fear-mongering of Fenian (Irish rebels) invasion after a couple of cross-border raids against the British Empire. Ever since then, little-world-meddlesome Britain has been crying wolf to help the Empire, from the Crimean War to the Boer War to the World Wars One and Two, to the Korean War — and now with NATO in Afghanistan. Canadian cannon-fodder has always been there to bleed for the Motherland. Its funny how Anglo Canadians have to point the finger disapprovingly at East European ethnics, Somalis or Afghans who go back to fight for their old homeland, while they're being used as a reservoir of massive participation of the same ilk for the Crown (the Anglos in Canada have given away their birthright).

On the surface, Canada still looks alright, but there are signs; deep and ugly ones which show that the work-and-recruiting house is changing its denizens into a Third World work force. As one Indian youth (Indians are the descendants of the kick-outs of Asia) once remarked to me when complaining about land claims and the urgency to settle them now, he didn't expect any mercy or understanding from "Pakis, Niggers and Chinks."

Starting with the East Coast, we can see a lot of dissatisfaction with the most recent province to join Confederation, Newfoundland and Labrador, where hardly anyone lives. This province was once an independent dominion with its own government and legislature. But they too sacrificed so much for Britain in casualties and torture, that after World War One they went broke and turned themselves in to become a colony only to be dumped on Canada after a close and questionable plebiscite. The Rock, as its known, is losing a lot of its population and some of its oil revenue through pretty-boy neo-con Stephen Harpers machinations, Now, General Bullmoose Rick Hillier, present head of our Armed Forces, is thinking of running for Premier there to put the grumbling natives under control.

Nova Scotia, a Scottie-troop launching pad through all of Britain's wars, can be bought off anytime by the federal government, similar to the sparsely-populated and also undermined Prince Edward Island under their Premier, Robert Ghiz. That province grows some of the best potatoes in the world. Officially bilingual New Brunswick, which supposedly feared the Fenians after they booted out the Catholic Acadians, is slowly being assimilated into the French Canadian orbit. They were recently bought off with a new set of highways from Harper (whereby, supposedly have-not provinces get money supposedly from the haves). Quebec is a large beneficiary of that program; recently the multicultists and kosher-conservatives from Ottawa backed the mildly bigoted platform of Mario Dumonts ADQ, which undermined the rural backing of the homosexual Marxist-led Quebecois separatists, sending them into third place with Jean Charest's lickspittle Liberals, promising more federal funds next election; its the never-ending long goodbye to sovereignty, especially now that Harper has called them officially a nation, confusing them further as to what the whole issue really is — the French language or ethnicity, which showed its racist roots with the recent attacks on Hassidic Jews summer camps in the provincial interior.

Ontario's in the worst shape, with its major urban centers like Toronto over 50% non-white with whole suburbs and satellite towns (black, Chinese and East Indian), and with unsolved murders and where black gang warfare is a regular feature. Everyone's afraid that one of them is going to pop off around them. Its young people are wiggers and Beastie Dad offspring; dirty, mop-haired nerds with a delusional penchant for superheroes and horror. Disgusting crimes are being committed by these creatures — siblings and parents knifed to death in a frenzy of rage. And one never knows their names or faces because of the socially-separating Youth Justice Act. The other day I watched four young people in their early teens — a black kid in a red T-shirt, an Oriental, a fat-faced bushy blond boy and a black-dressed redhead who seemed to be in charge of the three punks. She had a juice container and smashed it right on the road, sending splinters everywhere with arrogant impunity until my friend and I yelled at her, before they defiantly slinked away. These are the same kind of 12-year old killers who get their 22-year old idiot boyfriends to slaughter their own family, including a mother, father and eight-year-old brother who gurgled to her death after his throat was slashed as his parents were gutted like a fish. Later, they all went for a hamburger and acted like nothing happened: No sense, no race, no religion, let alone humility and chivalry.


The killer in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Jeremy Steinke, was of blond Ukrainian descent and his wigger friends had no male role model for three generations that they could remember. Only in a matriarchal country would the most popular person be Tommy Douglas, the former Saskatchewan premier who introduced Medicare. By 2050, Saskatchewan will be over 50% aboriginal and things are looking about the same in Manitoba, where Indian criminal gangs battle it out battle it out regularly on the streets of Winnipeg.

Most of the North is filled with the broken liquor bottles of broken dreams, while the killer West Coast, where Robert Pickton is supposed to have killed 49 women by himself on the family pig farm, butchering them in a similar manner, according to one crack-whore witness who promised not to tell if she could get some more drug money. Vancouver is a beautiful city with a great Rocky Mountains backdrop. But you can run into a rubber-booted winter-coated bum with a grocery cart in the most affluent part of the city while the downtown is crawling with criminals, prostitutes and panhandlers, and more victims for Pickton's pig farm. Prime Minister Harper says that Canada is a successful example for the world. Maybe so, but not for many Canadians who are fed up with people from the Third World who think that Canada belongs to the world. I've heard them say it. And few are actively opposing it enough.

Recently a local TV station was promoting a special Canadian horror movie marathon for the Canada Day weekend, calling it, O-Cana-Death, With this country in moral chaos and ethnic disarray, the stations spoof is more real than fiction — unless we break our cycle of subservience to foreign powers, and find our racial and religious roots way.

Happy Canada Day to our friends and supporters.




Why Are White Women Always Against Us?


I'm writing here from Sodom North, as I hang my head in shame at how Toronto has been represented by the elected community leaders, with the shekel-promoting slogan Toronto — As Gay As It Gets (isn't it an ugly thing to be proud of?) The Gay Pride Parade, thankfully smaller in numbers than in the previous 26 years, is over, while greedy merchants count their change, selling out culture, history and decency for a few dollars more. The Boy Blunder Mayor David Miller, was out there, sashaying like a fool in a rainbow shirt and beads while queers soaked him with plastic super-soakers (who knows what was in that concoction?). Some stark-nude participants ejaculated from flat-bed trucks, getting their exhibitionist perverted jollies (and I didn't expect the politically-correct doing anything about it), while the old white-haired bags looked on with envy at their erections -- fun for the whole family, marching Ontario Health Minister George Smitherman and local homo councilor Kyle Rae would claim, I'm sure.

There are still some good neighborhoods in our Toronto. But, the images of the Dykes on Bikes parade (which took place the day before) and the Bacchanalia the following day, show that our society is deeply flawed. Everywhere you turn there are white women supporting this degeneracy, always against the white man, unless its a wimp-assed. hot dog-shit picker for her mutt. Every time I see new young mothers with their babies, they're usually pushing a flimsy stroller haphazardly, while precariously holding a mongrel pet while dressed like a street-walker. Sometimes they're in their spandex jogging suits, riding a bike with a toddler in a makeshift trailer between them. And, usually it all comes with one orange flag: Please Don't Run Down My Kid While I'm Looking Good.

Whenever one happens upon a mess, chaos or disorder, the first thing that you ask is, how did this happen, how did our glorious white culture denigrate to such a state? And if one is honest, then all people and institutions are in question. Everything has to be checked over that still exists because all is suspect, none of it having been able to stop the downfall of white society. That's why I have so little respect for the veterans who allowed white countries to go down the drain, spiritually and culturally, in a hedonistic free-for-all led by their bitches. The mad unisex equalization program has disarmed and destroyed masculinity, replaced by not the gentler, but by the weaker, meaner and unchivalrous sex. That's the real malaise of the white nationalist movement, too, where wusses and some who call themselves Nazis have backed off and backed off to satisfy their hos. Were just sucky racialists , say the pretty-boy leaders of mainstream organizations; they wouldn't say shit if their mouths were full of it.

I remember one guy chiding the misogynists from the North, regarding the treatment of Muslim women. Of course, he's the guy who was later arrested for Internet child porn, so he had a vested interest in his racist-bashing opinions. He's cooling his heels in a cell in Virginia now and nor for his anti-white pro-Zionist ideas, either. With very few exceptions (e.g., Ernst Zündels third wife and Chester Doles), white women have been a stab in the back to white nationalism. I unfortunately knew one who is in love with the druggie murderer of Wolfgang Droege (I remember him once being pissed off with me for being opposed to same-sex marriage). Rumor has it he was raised by such dames; a real S.O.B. who went to Vancouver, bought a gun and mailed it to his mother's and aunt's home to pick up later and go on a murder rampage, with a list containing my name. I don't know what it is with white women, but they have no respect for white men. They're always on the other side: whether its promoting war in Afghanistan, poking a stick in the eye of patriarchal societies, or being for every totalitarian legislation to stifle dissent against the Zionist Occupation Government, they're in an antagonistic competitive fantasy. Promoted by the matriarchal moguls of the Jew media and entertainment, they live their lives under these antagonistic delusions. That's how the white world has been divided and conquered.

I saw the War Against War Coalitions spokeswoman, who was inarticulate and vague in her remarks about bringing the troops back from Afghanistan (didn't they go there for women's rights?) Ergo, a poor show, just like all the Cindy Sheehans, Code Pink and other so-called anti-war demonstrators. They just don't have the fire in their bellies for the job of stopping imperialist and Zionist aggression against primitive, patriarchal societies throughout the world. With allies like these, who needs enemies?

The Christian churches have been the worst. Their phony flocks don't believe in God; its just an occasion to bring their Marxist agendas further along, particularly with some warmonger Protestants. The cowardly Catholic Church, for all their Popes peace sloganeering, have failed the white man miserably. We need a religion that recognizes and sanctifies our ethnic aspirations, not one that buries us in a world mud-pool. There's plenty of sperm around, but just so many eggs to gestate (while were at it, lets reconsider polygamy) And the frocked priests are not helping our side, either: All the educational institutions and service clubs have been just tools in the race-mixing agenda. Can you name me one white woman who gives a damn? Two? Would you want them on your jury for a hate trial? I had about eight of them, who tearfully said Guilty, when publicly polled in court, probably more out of fear than sympathy. You can tell who all the police and Marxist websites are, when they start ragging about the Muslim treatment of women, while pretending to be macho, hard-drinking tattooed skinheads as if they ever did anything against "ZOG" other than beat up a friend. They're the same yes-dear Nazis who lost the last war, relying on their professional military: when they surrender, its game over. That didn't happen in Iraq or Afghanistan or Chechnya, or in any other place where men are still fighting, not their own women — Islam is a religion that separates men and women. To do less, is to lose.

When the next breakdown comes, and anarchy reigns and vigilantes and Posse Comitatus rule the day for new Constitutional Racist States, they'll be no need for the women's vote, as chaos and common sense disenfranchise them, and this shit-assed history, peoples and times, will be hated for centuries to come. What man has done before, as Plutarch said, he can always do again, with a vengeance.




Rain on the Warmongers' Parade

Often-times, I'm bugged by the middle-aged bats with their Support The Troops ribbons on their brand new SUVs; I feel like asking them. Do you still support them when they're doing wrong, capturing and handing over prisoners to Afghan army torture? (I just haven't had a chance to yet, as they scurry off with their important purchases). Well, the universe is unfolding as it should. More people are waking up in Canada to the servile, stupid position that political party leaders have placed the country in a reservoir of cannon-fodder for the globalist wars of aggression.

In Quebec, a group cleverly calling itself the War On War Coalition (that's the trick of "ZOG", pretending there's a coalition, we're not alone in this, you know, spreading the blame for their warmongering to establish a one-size-fits-all New Secret World Order). This organization will be demonstrating against a publicity stunt of the holding of a military parade on Friday June 22. That parade will be a send-off of the Royal 22ND Regiment (the Vandoos, located at Canadian Forces Base Valcartier) to Afghanistan, in order to raise hemlines in Kabul and put up more whorehouses. The WOWC will be holding a parallel mock march opposite the Vandoos, who will be well-treated to a CFL football game featuring the Toronto Argonauts and the Montreal Alouettes.

Unfortunately, the Anglo bovine population can mostly be led around by the nose in this country, being the descendants of bureaucrats and civil servants suck-holing to a monarch 3,000 miles away — and always willing to do some killing, from Hong Kong to South Africa and from Europe to Afghanistan on behalf of their stoogy masters. They've done it throughout history, from Vimy to Dieppe: send in the sucker Canadians! There is no glory in being a schlep in a killing machine, especially since you've gotten away from the killer planners by immigrating to Canada.

The French Canadians, on the other hand, have mostly tried to stay out of it for the last two centuries, preferring to rough it in northern Quebec rather than face the conscriptors whip, as in World War II. Having run out of small-town boys to die for the cause of freedom and security in Afghanistan (as if), the neo-con Stephen Harper government is stuck, forced to use their French reserves and face the sensible and righteous criticism of the most anti-war province in Canada. They're so hyper that they threatened the anti-war protesters with severe criminal penalties for daring to send 2,500 letters to the departing soldiers not to be cannon-fodder in this war coalitions aggression, claiming that its against the law to promote peace, if the soldiers see the light.

All the columnists and talk show hosts are blowing their stacks over the nerve that these people would have, to suggest anything opposite to their handlers wishes. But the more they fret and bitch, the worse it gets for the warmongers, while the Taliban are reportedly sending hundreds of suicide bombers in a newly-released graduation video of their believers being sent to the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada That's right, Canada; as a Taliban spokesman said, If Canadians can come to Afghanistan, the Taliban can go to Canada.

The video has received suppressed exposure in this country. Why not? Its not a CIA/MI-6 production; ergo, the experts and professionals are calling the threat a stretch. Lets hope so, you bastards, because you're responsible for every explosion that happens on our soil due to your arrogant Marxist multicultural certainties.

The peace movement in this country and in the United States has been pathetic. The hose-bags who run the black-dressed rabble don't have much care for sympathy for the patriarchal Islamists (Hey dude, what's the point of going to a demo if you cant get laid,
while the old white-haired bats from the peacenik days are supporting their wimps in the Gay Pride Parades — so much for their sincerity and principles).

The term cannon-fodder, used to describe Canadian foreign military adventures in this column, will stick, particularly as the doomed mission in Afghanistan sputters out. Even if suicide bombers blow themselves up, what can Canada do? Send more troops, like George Bush, for a new surge which always ebbs into nothing (like their efforts in Afghanistan)? District after district, after short firefights and the running away of the communistic Afghan National Army, are falling into Taliban hands and not being re-taken by their hunkered-down war coalition troops. The same thing can be said for Iraq: Americans sweep in, al-Qaeda leaves; Americans leave, al-Qaeda returns. You'd have to be a fool to put your safety into the hands of infidel foreigners, and the long history of the Arabs proves that they're not.

Every dirty trick in the book has been tried to divide and conquer the people, but they're still sending the Americans back in body bags. Lets hope that our Canadian soldiers and citizens come home safely, however stupid, naďve and gung-ho they may appear now. And the sooner we get out of NATO (part of the dirty war coalition), the better.

And on Friday, I hope it rains on their parade.




The Racists Can Say, “I Told You so!”

The other morning CNN was yapping about a black basketball player bitching that Hispanics were taking over the game to the detriment of blacks, with the banner displayed beneath: RIGHT OR RACIST?

What a bunch of bullshit, how these dirty dogs and dung-heads of the controlled media Orwellianly peddle, that racists are opposite to being right. Every shred of news activity is intentionally perverted to the anti-white/anti-white policies of the assholes in power (these are the same bastards who hide the identities of criminals). Multiculturalism is a failure non-white crime predominates, as predicted by the racists and the softer racialists, services and morality have degenerated. white peoples culture has been ridiculed and suppressed. North Americans have lost their own destiny and direction from the psycho-Marxists (have you ever looked into their gentle eyes?). Through fear and economic insecurity our birthrate has dropped, and we now compete with people used to living on one bowl of rice a day. The globalists have also facilitated the spread of exotic diseases, greater than the plague. On all these things, the racists were, and are, right. There's little pleasure in I-told-you-so, except that it gives you a Noah's confidence. But over at CNN, we have evil flim-flammers peddling that black equals white and the kids are okay, with nary a forensic speck of blood on their propaganda screen from Iraq to Afghanistan.

There's no excuse for the media to be vilifying racists or racialists, other than that of a lying conspiracy. Today they're not much better than Comical Ali, who raved about the Iraqi military successes while Baghdad was being occupied. He got off with a slap on the wrist like the stooge that he was for the corrupt military which conspiratorially capitulated. That's why a racist should be opposed to a professional military, which has shown how easily they can be made a tool of a warmongering elite; a compulsory peoples militia modeled on that of the Swiss is a better route. Look at the case in Pakistan, and in Turkey, where a professional army props up a dictatorships regime and the propaganda from the Pentagon and the daily honest-to-God media reporting.

These so-called news scoundrels are embedded with the biased invaders. None of these anti-racist/globalist schleps ever does any independent reporting, especially from the other side. Racist have been against the media for years, and these serial killers of the truth both know and fear it. We can never expect them to tell the truth about their enemies. Without racism, you lose the argument, you start stumbling and backtrack (you don't want to be a party-pooper in a whorehouse world).

This is why I respect the Islamists they don't ask for mercy. They don't bitch about the word terrorist, if it means fighting their enemies in a defensive jihad. Unlike the kosher- conservative fellow-travelers who peddle the fear of the world caliphate (unless it was voluntary, I would be against that, too). Racists got it right when they see that race, in spite of religions claims, trumps it. Darfur and Northern Ireland are just two examples: in one, the Arabs want to sit on the Negroes; in the other, the Scots used to sit on the Celts.

The white peoples guilt after the women's emancipation (that emancipation, and the matriarchal elite who took over the entertainment and news industries) has led us to a desolate situation, where well have to share the continent in future separate states. Populations are on the move all the time in North America, abandoning and coalescing into ethnic neighborhoods: Racists saw all that coming.

Everyone has a different spin, as long as they all have the same general idea for white nationalists in North America. I noticed Paul Fromm pitching for a computer for "mathdoktor" Terry Tremaine, the ex-professor who started up the National Socialist Party of Canada. Apparently his home was raided again and he needs a new computer to replace the one that the political police seized. In cooperation, we give the web address below where you can assist him in this matter:

To conclude, racists are not supermen — they just have a real and subtle understanding of life, better than that of the bow-tied bozos from the Ivory Tower or the glamour-puss morons on the boob tube.

Convince me otherwise.





To take the pressure off an unpopular dirty regime in power, the U.S. controlled media and its pundits have embarked on a farcical presidential campaign, two years ahead of the scheduled election. There is so much unanswered evil in the country, so full of monsters, rapists, killers, fraudsters and foreign wars, that the only way to keep the publics mind off the important issues is to have another American Idol eye-candy extravaganza. And the majority of the American boobs are falling for it.

The contestants in this phony fixed show are the biggest collection of ugly me-too wannabe bor-ons (boring morons), who consequently have little innovation and independence. The eighteen non-entities are under the tight control of the two Tweedledum-and-Tweedledee Republican and Democratic political parties with carefully-constructed participant rules for political power in America. That makes it next to impossible for any other parties to be officially registered because of financial and bureaucratic constrictions, while at the same time pretending to be umbrella organizations for all political (correct) thought. No wonder the politicians are so far removed from the public wishes and aspirations. The Republican-controlled White House contenders are the worst showing that they haven't learned any important lessons from George Bush's disastrous reign. Oh sure, they don't want to be associated with him, just his deadly war on terrors destructive policies.

Crazy John McCain and Soprano shyster Rudy Giuliani are the worst slime-bag warmongers, with Mitt Romneys Mormon militarism coming in second. That guy could sell refrigerators to Eskimos with his quick phony smile and car salesman's explanations for Americas failed policies, foreign and domestic. Duncan Hunter is as bright as Elmer Fudd; he's the vicious dummy who's been gung-ho on the failed Iraq war since day one, the typical American white shoes businessmen, with few scruples and plenty of excuses for Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib. Kansas Senator Sam Brownback and former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore are just two more of Bush's yes-men, and hardly worth a mention.

Mike Huckabee is big on Christianity, the kind that goes around with fire and sword; like the Islamists, hell find a Biblical reason to whack the non-believers, even if they are worshipping the same Scripture God. Hey, but they're not doing it his way; I'm sure Giuliani is looking at him as a running mate for bringing in the sheaves (voters). His Christian compassion is as phony as a three-dollar bill.

I was hoping for a lot from Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul, since the former is always yapping about the middle class (read: whites), when it comes to immigration and the Latino invasion from the South. But like Ron Paul, he proved to be a disappointment by not raising the issue of the swamping of white America, even though he did suggest a moratorium on all immigration as his cover. This suggestion was quickly pooh-poohed by all the anti-white Nationalist candidates, including the libertarian Paul, who no doubt wants to selfishly be able to keep his servants at the cheapest price (didn't his idol, the Russian Jewess Ayn Rand, once write a book entitled The Virtue of Selfishness)? Libertarians are not racists, just private bigots who believe that money and the thirst for hedonism equates everyone. Paul didn't say a word about the continuing torturous never ending war on terror. He shut up, as advised, about the 9/11 conspiracy, bleatingly reminding everyone that he was against the Iraq war from the onset: It was a mistake to go there, its a mistake to stay, weakly calling for an immediate troops withdrawal. Speak up louder or be forgotten, Ron Paul.

The eight Democratic Party contenders are so bland and vague, that only a political science teacher could find them in opposition. Joe Biden and Christopher Dodd are so mildly opposed to the Iraq war, you'd think they're related George Bush. They make a lot of bluster, the sum total of which is zero, and they're going nowhere. A lot of people spoke up about Mike Gravel, but I didn't hear him say anything of consequence, while Dennis Kucinich was the only one against the Iraq war at one time, but now is towing the same neo-con/commie line that we cant withdraw the troops right away — as if.

Half-breed Bill Richardson is the dark horse, and I don't just mean his skin shade. He's got all the credentials any employer would want. He's the pampered prick who advocates international meddling in world situations. This Illuminate stooge is a danger to us all, especially to the whites in the U.S. Southwest. He presides over the state of New Mexico, which shares an open border with Mexico. He pretends to be with the common man while he worked for the globalist supermen.

John Edwards is a has-been who represents the new, milder, softer and sensitive Southern man, guaranteed for the dust-bin of history. He did a crappy job for Al Gore and can be expected to do no less for anyone else, or himself, in the far away two-way race. Barack Obama is the quintessential successful native of Americas mission schools. I don't think he's spent any time in the hood and can never understand the loser/slave heritage of Negroes in America, and being the son of a Guess Who's Coming To Dinner arrangement of Kenyan diplomat; he loves to quote American history, as if he'd been a part of it, as if his female constituency understands. This minority Gunga Din supports aggressive war in the world, as long as its under the rubric of fighting terrorism.

Last but not least, we have Hillary Clinton attempting to be an Eva Peron or Imelda Marcos, running for the big power in America, as if the Clintons had enough. She's been given an easy ride from the controlled media jerk-offs and bitches, while flip-flopping in any way that can get her elected. Her policies are the same as those of fat-assed feminists like Nancy Pelosi (and also Laura Bush): sell out. Hillary and Obama would make a fine team to go down the drain of the multicult philosophy that has ruined America.

The country, whose constitution was formulated by a bunch of secret daisy-chain conspirators, is coming apart. Recently there was a motion in Vermont to secede from the ugly Union of world troublemakers, while the various racial populations have already separated, fleeing from one neighborhood after another. Without God and race, this nation cannot stand united for what? The world will breathe easier once it's gone, but the chorus line show must go on, and on, and on.




K*I*S*S Keep It Simple Stupid


I remember in the old movie The Blob, when it was suggested to bomb the hell out of the all-consuming amoeba, and the sheriff warned the military not to do it because it would spread all over the country. That’s about the same-case scenario for the attacks on al-Qaeda, the puritanical Wahabbi interpretation of Islam. The more you attack it, the further it spreads and the stronger it becomes throughout the planet.

I’ve been waiting for years for the desperate Western-oriented Palestinians to turn to their religion; there have been half-starts, with controlled groups like Hamas (Israel financed it originally as a lever against Arafat’s commies). Now, Allah ahs entered the fray (in whose belief you can stand up for days of urban or rural bombardment against entire armies and empires. From Morocco to Indonesia, from Russia to China, to West Africa to the Caribbean, al-Qaeda groups are sprouting up wherever traditional Islamists are persecuted or under attack. They fight in the deserts (Sahara and Gobi), they fight in the mountains (the Caucuses, Himalayas and Atlas), they fight in the jungles (Ethiopia, Philippines and Thailand).

Hardly any police network can penetrate them. The old standard of giving a clenched fist or Nazi salute is not enough; you have to get down and pray five times a day, shoulder to shoulder with your intended targets, live a chaste and primitive life (in this over-industrialized and polluted world, “primitive” is not a bad thing), study the Koran in Arabic by rote and memory and be separated from women and maintain your composure on a sustenance salary. Now how many CIA, CSIS or MI-5 agents can we get to do that for any length of time to be of any real value and escape a missile strike, without losing their heads for treachery? This is a man’s movement, with no time to cry about losing commanders: the jihad goes on.

All this worldwide battle activity brings out the petty amateur plotters and planners on the home front through agent-provocateurs. That’s all that "ZOG" can get, as their “big prize” conspiracy arrests continue. Most of these ‘terror plots’ are eventually besmirched and unraveled in the course of time, (like Jose Padilla) . From the regimes tied to the “Weapons of Mass Destruction” war lies and some kind of 9/11 conspiracy, everything is suspect, especially their official explanations and scenarios. The going-nowhere spoiled-brat anarchists and communists at the nihilistic G-8 protests are no match as enemies of the New World Corporate Empire, compared to those on Jihad.

America is practicing the worst kind of gunboat diplomacy since its colonial empire days. They think nothing of blasting villages in the hills of Puntland (Northern Somalia), while preaching multiculturalism on the home front. Would they dare do that to a Norwegian, Scottish, or Chinese village? It’s a bigot’s hypocrisy: each bomb spreads the fame of the Islamists and hatred and dread of the Evil Empire, of which Canada is a partner due to its membership in nefarious NATO.

And what of the fighters, themselves? They’re usually dismissed by bombastic “Colonel Blimp” characters as dummies and mercenaries while giving them what-for. You can’t expect the controlled media journalists to get any story past their “chosen” masters as to the nature and motivation of the Islamic Resistance phenomenon. Yeah, sure, the Tamil Tigers brought in the suicide bomber, but the Islamists have overtaken and spread it like wildfire. It’s the greatest new single human endeavor I have ever seen in my lifetime, which threatens every elitist leader on Earth.

The idea that they will follow us here if we don’t defeat al-Qaeda over there is a big, fat lie. If they wanted to, they could have sent 200 suicidal jihadists across the open Mexican border with arms and ammunition to put the whole country into a state of terror. But no, like a man rightfully on defense of his own territory, they attack there and die there, trying to get the message out to the aggressor: BUG OFF. Besides, the warmongers are not bringing planeloads of their supposedly more moderate collaborationist cousins to out continent every day, seeing it as a point of future conflict. That’s why the whole “war on terror” is a sham and a lie, predicated on Marxist dialectics, which hold no more water than a spaghetti strainer.

The Islamists are Luddites of a sort: they don’t need all the frills of a hedonistic matriarchy; ergo, they’re easier on a planet that needs a rest from Mankind. The one-world concept destroys the planet. That’s why in this case, diversity is the Earths strength, instead of Monsanto/McDonald’s’ mediocrity and monotony (don’t put all your eggs in one basket). This is the only way white people can develop themselves without going sideways. Stopping or waiting for others to catch up to a one-size-fits-all media/multicultural society. We need borders, walls and tariffs: Good fences make good neighbors. Otherwise, we are finished, like the redheads in our midst.

We should not be fighting them, but encouraging them more to be themselves. As Louis Riel said to his Métis people as his advice before facing the Canadian hangmen: “Be Métis. Be more Métis.” This is the advice that should apply for all of us: to save a diversified, renewable world, where if it’s rotten in one spot, there’s fire everywhere else. The Islamists are pointing in that direction.

The CNN yawn-fest Democratic Presidential Debate showed that with the white racial suicidal policies of the Marxist left and the Mushy liberals, nothing has changed, just more dumb and dumber. The army has a saying for most problems: K.I.S.S. — Keep It Simple, Stupid.




A Second Look At The First Nations


Whites in North America are only allowed to have their racial identify when they're bring asked to take the cost and blame for something, like racism (which by the way I hate to repeat, is as natural as breathing).

Justice Sydney Linden was asked by the Ontario wimp-assed Liberals to investigate whether there was any fault with the previous kosher conservative government in the death of native protester Dudley George. This occurred when the Indians, keeping to their brazen style, occupied a provincial park in Ipperwash, Ontario, claiming it was unreturned land from the federal government. Ex-Premier Mike Harris reportedly blurted out at a meeting to "get those fucking Indians out of the park," even though he denied it, "ZOG" supporter Linden ruled not to believe him and called it racism. This is the same anti-white Nationalist apparatchik turned down Bob Smith's and my appeal to the Ontario Supreme Court of our Orwellian conviction on charges of 'promoting hatred,' for standing up to white peoples' rights in Canada. We could expect no less from a cohort of retiring Ontario Chief Justice Judge Roy 'Beanbrain' McMurtry.

On the surface, there a lot of "support" for aboriginals in Canada; just don't get specific as to what people really think of the Indians in this country. For generations they have been mollycoddled and sometimes, absurdly so, by the clergy, who denied them their ancestral culture. They were left in a state of limbo while being propped up by an inadequate welfare state on the reservations. With the advent of Third World immigrants and the Black Civil Rights movement, they've generally been left by the wayside. Other than their casinos and the tobacco smugglers, they appear to have lost their way as to taking any positive direction other than demanding more and more through land claims. The Indians are so feared and favored by the police and the Establishment that they can and do take the law into their own hands, barricading roads and railways with the cops meekly looking on, claiming in typical police dialectics that "we were not hired as peacekeepers, but are hired to keep the peace". It's similar to: "I'm not the fig plucker or the fig plucker's son, but I'll pluck the figs until the fig plucker comes (say it five times, please).

A large number of Indians off the 'rez' (reservation) fill the local jails or are crack and junk panhandlers with a deep hatred for the white man who beat them in a 400-year war and stole their land. One Tim Hortons in Alberta recently put up a sign in a drive-thru window announcing that they would not serve "drunken Indians", much to their outrage; while their women disappear from the red light districts into Robert Pickton's pig farm -- with the assistance of their partying sisters.

For all their suffering and white handouts the Native population has strived to reach the pre-white invasion levels. The Province of Saskatchewan is expected to have an Indian and Métis majority by the middle of this century, thanks to our selfish women and hedonist lifestyles.

The two-tiered justice system ignores native women's' culpability in the serial killing of 49 fellow victims, which one prostitute witness at Pickton's trial led to comment, "I don't think he's in this alone," without any judicial follow-up (hoe convenient for the minority-fearing police).

Indian chiefs don't have much of a vision of what exactly they want for their people on "Turtle Island" (North America). They usually spew the regular Marxist matriarchal drivel about anti-white racism and 'human rights' while spewing their own kind. Occasionally one of them will comment on a heavy subject, like Chief David Ahenakew, who, while under the influence, tried to explain to fellow warriors why Hitler had to "fry the Jews." He got a slap-on-the-wrist thousand dollar fine for that one, and an unanswered demand to return his Order of Canada award.

One day, when North America breaks up (and it will; anything which gets large has only one way to go), the Natives will once again play an important role in setting the boundaries, as they have in the past, because their reservations will be places of guns, refuge and warriors, judging by the present hands-off attitude of the authorities to the aboriginals' agenda.

Even though the natives are hostile to their white conquerors, compared to the way other Third World immigrants would treat them, they'd be wise to stick by the white man. Occasionally I see an Indian in Chinatown and wonder why their Asiatic cousins don't hug them after they built the Great Wall, forcing their tribesmen go east across the Ice Shelf, then hang a right for the salmon (I wonder how many natives or land claims there would be if Kublai Khan's fleet reached America instead of Japan?).

With that thought, now, let's 'smoke-um' peace pipe.




Immoral America Unfit to Rule


There will be a lot more screaming in the U.S. combat hospitals with many more relatives receiving bad news for the next three months.

Immoral America is not fit to rule the worlds, let alone destroy ancient civilizations. The non-existent opposition to the acquiescence of the double-talking Democrats to Bush's continuation of the Iraq War Funding Bill is a despicable, mean and stupid act by the the American people and their conspiratorial controlled leaders. Ever American knows deep in their hearts that they cannot occupy and change ancient peoples and their civilizations and settlement by force, as they did to North America. They're just not going to stay there long enough to make a lasting difference. The threats of ICBM missiles do not sway a primitive-living people. American flunkies they put there will last only so long, so the whole war procedure for the summer is for more evil and nasty bloodletting, for no good reason. This callous continuation of the Iraq war for another three months has undermined all the so-called altruists and do-gooders in America; they're turning a blind eye to their country's killings by unnaturally peddling their "feeding of deer in Darfur". The myriad of stupid excuses and wild plans by the War Party supporters like Rep. Duncan Hunter display a Bizarro World of 'reality' , just like Stephen Harper's Afghanistan war supporters (their final clarion call is 'Think of the women!).

America's Christian love-religion leaders are hypocrites, only concerned with who will back their positions and power with public platitudes. Don't ask Mitt Romney and the Mormons for compassion and mercy (they're the ones who dressed up as Indians to wipe out wagon train-loads of settlers through Utah after disarming the newcomers on the pretext of Mormon scrutiny through Indian territory).

What about all the famous academics, Emerson and Will Rogers wannabes? They exhibit zero sacrifice for their careers when it comes to standing up against the daily killings in Iraq and Afghanistan; the anti-war bunch are frightened and embarrassed for fear they'll be shown to be in support of al-Qaeda as they rush to their "pub nites." The Catholics in particular are to be condemned for all their Hail Mary's — and not one in front of the Pentagon to stop the daily misery in the East. They're just concerned about their shekels for the collection plate as they advocate for the amnesty of twenty million Latino adherents. To them, there are no national borders, just like the Islamists. They're playing with fire in the Southwest. The Armageddon crowd is as doomed as Jerry Falwell: they can just forget the love and rapture crap, as I see little of that in the Abu Ghraib war they're supporting.

American women are the worst, allowing their mothers and sisters to kill and die in Iraq. Their legacy will have in the dysfunctional families and handicapped veterans trudging and wheeling around. These are the mothers and daughters of the Love Generation...what a joke! At least in Britain, only 11% of their population supports their troops in Iraq. I hate those assholes and witches who are opposed to the war in Iraq, oh, nooooo..., but are quick to send mercenary killers to Afghanistan, buying into the 'War on Terror' B.S. and the 9/11 conspiracy. With deluded mental midgets like them, democracy sucks.

The real sickening sight is the kosher conservative "occasional racialists" who harp on about fears of an Islamic takeover, harping which in reality aids and abets the Zionists. They may as well be considered as fellow-travelers with their narrow-minded bigotry as to the solution to white race survival (they'd rather be dead than "green").

One poster at the Daily KOS website said, "If the enemy is truth, goodness and the American way, how do we combat them?" Ordinary people can do a lot by attacking the very tentacles of their international NATO war machine, the media and the military with e-mails, phone calls, jeers and boos against every schlep of those establishments, whenever they open their ugly mouths to peddle their lies and propaganda. Remember, it's the dirty dog media which has been hiding the horrendous black crime of the murders of Chris Newsom and Channon Christian, and have been forced to explain their criminal collusion through an upcoming CNN Paula Zahn Now special this week about that gruesome sex-and-murder outrage.

Call them down on it, denounce them, expose and denigrate them for the bloody immoral creatures that they are (and do the same to their politicians). It's like when you give hell to the receptionist-- it all ends up being magnified to their bosses and co-workers into a groundswell of stress.




Sons-of-Bitches Society


I used to say that this was the age of women and cripples, before I became one of the latter; Never have women and cripples had it so good in all of recorded history. The white race has been going down the drain ever since it became a Judeo-Christian female society when Constantine the Great accepted blessings from his wife's crucifix-worshipping god of women and slaves on his death-bed. It took a while for the frocked priests to spread their effeminate religion with fire and sword. But it was all downhill after that for the white Race. Later, their materialistic and romantic frivolity set loose an orgy of land-grabbing "discovery" with the backing of Columbus' Queen Isabella of Spain, the Pirate Queen Elizabeth I, and the feminist French Court. Entire civilizations were wiped out while the planet was divided up for hedonistic commercial reasons to satisfy the fur-wearing fops of the Christian world.

The White Empire days were a phony mirage of civilization, waiting for the final nail in the coffin of the white world with the emancipation of women in the 1920's, taking our race into the final spiral of oblivion. Western societies' adherence to the so-called Judeo-Christian heritage further guaranteed its downfall with the ascendancy of Zionist Elite which operated under the matriarchal view that you're not a Jew unless you come from a Jewish vagina. This crazy connection has brought in the unisex world, where males are relegated to a drone role as the surface-thinking queen bees attempt to raise human colonies irrespective of race. It just doesn't work.

The other day, one of my minstrel tenants was arguing with others over household matters, quipping that they were all losers who couldn't play his guitar. Another guy threatened to break it over his head — it's that very crotch-strumming instrument which has assisted in our society's downfall, particularly when it appeared at the Christian altars, "Kumbaya-ing" us to death. Everything is dedicated to the shit-ass entertainment industry, feverishly supported by white women; from Barack Obama to American Idol, the fawning bitches are everywhere. You can blame it on the crime in this son-of-a-bitch society, where the fathers are absent and the cops and treacherous emasculated teachers are required to fulfill the role. These are the whores who brought in the Young Offenders Act and its replacement, the Youth Justice Act (which provides a slap-on-the-wrist penalty of three years for murder, and which prevents public condemnation of abhorrent behavior, like their former fear of the Scarlet Letter).

When was the last time you heard someone say the verboten words "I am a white man /I am a white woman" ? Even CNN, when they described a headless body found in Iraq in an American uniform while searching for three missing soldiers, would only say that the corpse appeared "Western"; nothing has anything to do with Race, according to these bitches and their whorehouse pimp and guard supporters, unless the blacks or Indians are promulgating it (another CNN example is their calling the majority of white people "just the middle class"). It is total treachery on the part of the white race's non-breeding Achilles Heel — white women. Ball-busting bitches have caused untold misery for millions of their children in the pursuit of their happiness.

Aggressive foreign meddling to re-order other cultures' male societies is firmly backed by the narrow-thinking female electorate: Just look at the number of harridans and torturers they bring out in support of their dirty war against the patriarchal Taliban, or the phony 'war on terror,' because it's against those bearded, baggy-dressed jihadists who never seem to worry about their women's opinions while fighting the foreign devils — the jihadists are primitives with cojones that can match and beat any mercenary military from the whorehouse mano a mano. That includes the firm stand of the 200 al-Qaeda in the Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp against the military might of the Western-backed Lebanese army (I'd like to see the Western degenerates match that!). The same goes for the Afghan and Iraqi resistance to the Empire brothels' troopers. Most of the demonstrators demanding a secular state in Turkey, I notice, are women and old commies from Ataturk's Jewish Masonic past.

Keep in mind the old Chinese saying that the oldest man can beat any woman, glass jaw and all. All the other races know that, except the dumb whites who listen to their wild women whose middle names are vanity and security (what good is the former without the latter?). Un-supporting, denigrating, betraying bitches have caused the downfall of a myriad of deluded, lovesick white nationalists. I know one big lummox who's still playing the romantic game at 50; he's become a patsy for a young little crack whore: Pathetic — he may as well feed the pigeons in the park (they'll still shit on him, but they'll come back the next day. Such a waste of a life...) .

I love all the hand-wringing and concern over the latest Toronto school shooting. (white nationalists have warned about this four decades ago with graffiti all over the city reading "More Niggers More Crime" The sooner they segregate the schools the better, just like the communities). What else do you expect from this son-of-a-bitch society where fatherhood is irrelevant? All they can do is call for more Big Brother control and fewer civil liberties which have disarmed Western man in more ways than one, leaving them open to the tender mercies of the matriarchal police state, in line with the secret One-World-Order Isis-worshipping conspirators. The Indians lost this continent tribe by tribe, one at a time, each backbiting and sabotaging the other in a matriarchal society over a period of 400 years

(Source: The Encyclopedia of the American Indian Wars 1492-1890, by Jerry Keenan, W.W. Norton Publishers).

In a multi-cultural society every group is running away from each other, and soon, there will be no place for whites to run to. Eventually, white nationalists will have to take a stand — just like the al-Qaeda-connected Palestinians in their refugee camp, with race and a patriarchal religion, as our courage and spirit to withstand the professional killers of the son-of-a-bitch race-mixed world, when the Cold White Race War heats up.

Where there's a will, there's a way....and we've got it.



The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean-Brain


Roy McMurtry makes me mad for his hypocritical arrogance. He is one of the destroyers of Canadian society whose name will be remembered with grinding teeth by white nationalists of the future. He's the Benedict Arnold of the white race, always in the vanguard of anti-racist vitriol. As the treacherous Establishment goes, he's had a brilliant career. moving up from representing the Toronto Police, to retiring as Ontario Chief Justice and an architect of the duplicitous Marxist document known as the Charter of Rights and Freedoms ( if).

McMurtry in a recent interview, claimed that he was for "individual rights and dignity'; where was mine, and Bob Smith's dignity, when as Ontario Attorney-General, he charged us with his biased law worded "promoting hatred against an identifiable group," which is just a tool to silence the opposition with bullshit fears of imagined consequences? Where was the freedom of all those charged by Human Rights Commissions' kangaroo courts, all operating under that Soviet charter that he's so proud of? Roy McMurtry calls himself a 'Christian Zionist'; I don't see any Christian charity in denying the human right of free speech, whoever wants to hear it: he's more like the New World Order thought police. Aside from having dated an ex-girlfriend of his, I was once questioned by him in an official police inquiry when he acted as the cops' lawyer.

Former Soviet Premier Alexi Kosygin had come to Toronto, and the Nationalist Party (then known as the Western Guard) had planned some protest which included a piglet with "KOSYGIN" written on it, and which was let loose at the Ontario Science Centre, where Kosygin was to speak. It had all the cops running around trying to grab the porker on foot and on horseback, causing the horses' rumps to smack around the Ukrainian and other East European anti-communist demonstrators, which in turn resulted in some pushing back in a Cossack-like police dispersal of the protesters. (Later, one of our members, Geza Matrai along with another member Gerry Doyle, dogged him to Ottawa, where Matrai wrestled Kosygin to the ground, screaming "Freedom for Hungary! Freedom for the Captive Nations!") The kosher conservatives had to act quick to protect their ethnic votes and called for an enquiry that was headed by Judge C.O. Bick to establish the reds (this was the same C.O. Bick who rejected the NPC's 13,500-signature petition for officially registering as a political party in Ontario, claiming some of the signatures looked familiar and harassing others with anti-racist questions over the phone -- In the long run it was a blessing in disguise which relieved us from government regulations.

Roy McMurtry made his name at that inquiry and after that became a Pierre Trudeau clone, mouthing all the New World Order "blessings" without concern or consequences for the traditional majority in opposition": "I don't think the majority view is the correct view," he said in an interview in the Globe and Mail; "The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is really a document to protect minority rights." So much for his belief in the democratic process; that's the respect he has for Canadian culture and tradition — full steam ahead with the Bolshevik revolution, which will transform which will transform Canada into a rotating world workhouse as an example for other economic bloc countries, especially the communistic Charter of Rights.

I remember Roy's ex-girlfriend complaining that he didn't pay enough attention to her; he certainly did pay attention to enforcing his Charter of Rights: Asked which of his judicial rulings he would most like to be remembered for, McMurtry stated: "The same-sex marriage case. I was pleased to be a part of it. It stressed the importance of individual right and particularly, individual dignity...There's a segment in our society that believes that being gay or lesbian is immoral. Gays and lesbians have faced unfair discrimination over many years, but to me that's so obviously wrong. That's why it was important that the court judgment not only recognize the legitimacy of same-sex unions but describe it as a marriage."

You know, America is full of uncontrolled immigration, particularly in its early history, when adventurers and ne'er-do-wells flooded in, from the California gold fields to Ellis Island (they even erected a welcoming statue to the poor and destitute). Canada, on the other hand, is a more stoogish society, with a carefully-controlled work force made up of Barnardo street kids, military ass-kissers and a "connected" slave-owning elite of U.S. Revolutionary runaways and bureaucrats. Who's going to swallow more shit from this ruling elite?

To Americans, Canada is a warning: This could happen to you. This is why the police and military are omnipotent in a multicult consumerist whorehouse. I noticed that Toronto Star columnist Haroon Siddiqui in his May 20 column* covering McMurtry's retirement and perhaps fearing being labeled a terrorist, didn't make any critical comment on the powerful Roy Bean-Brain McMurtry, the only judge and law north of the American border (Siddiqui did promise more in his Star column to appear on May 24th).

*Read it at our Opinions page




New World Disorder


Like Gandhi said, first they ignore, then they make fun of you , then they attack you, and then, you win. The consumerist one-size-fits-all new secret world order as becoming desperate, and are in disarray all over the map. They can't win in Iraq, no matter how often they 'surge.' They can't attack Iran: the public has had too much of Iraq as they search for the missing soldiers. They're losing district by district to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Their warmongers can't keep up any respectable public office as their torturers like Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld and their bureaucratic flunkies get the boot. They can't pass any amnesty immigration legislation or build a swollen border fence for fear of a backlash from whites, blacks and Latinos, either way.

In Canada, they can't deal with the aboriginal economic blockades and disruptions or young black Nationalist youth, angry at having Malik Shabazz (of the New Black Panther Party) stopped at the border. They can't provide airline security with suspicious bungling of Air India bombing , or elevate the tattered reputation of their police and spy services.

In the Presidential campaign the internationalist hedonistic secular conspirators can't shut Representative Ron Paul's mouth (he is running on the Republican ticket) or elevate the esteem of the Bush-collaborating Democratic Congress, as more and more Americans look for a common sense, good will and fair play longshot candidate over the controlled media-approved phonies like Red Hillary Clinton, middle-of-the-mush opportunist Barack Obama, crazy flip-flopper John McCain and libertine Sopranos character Rudy Giuliani. In a poll, 73% of those surveyed expressed dissatisfaction with the direction of Congress and of their country.

All the neo-con unbelievers are terrified of Man's need for spiritual rule and guidance that they they've trotted out snotty limey-accented Christopher Hitchens to belittle and attack religious believers and their creeds, as if "logic" and materialism were enough for Man's existence. We put excerpts from Hitchens' new book God Is Not Great on our site because it's important to know from what angles they are coming from. Father Thomas Rosica of the Toronto Roman Catholic Church Diocese attempted to answer some of Hitchens' criticisms of religion and Christianity in particular, but did a poor and dismissive job, ironically comparing Hitchens' view to the Flat Earth theory and pointing out the lack of spiritualism and imagination in his views. But he could have just quoted Numa, one of the founders of ancient Rome, who pointed out that the Gods were created because of Man's savagery on Earth, that only the promise of reward and punishment in an 'afterlife' could keep Man's barbaric nature in check. In fact, it's one of the first aspects of civilization: when God is invoked (our God of the Day's appearance proves that throughout the planet). We don't know what we're doing here and where we're going. But these are not questions for power-mad capitalists and communists and their fellow travelers.

The vicious attacks against Jerry Falwell upon his sudden death show the hatred of the ones who are always supposedly fighting the same enemy through the courts, police and the army. Falwell was not thoughtless with his apocalyptic support of ersatz Israel. But he had the sense to know, like Ron Paul, that American whorehouse aggression in the name of freedom and democracy may have sparked the 9/11 reprisal, not because they hate our freedom and want to set up a worldwide caliphate, as the Zionists keep harping about. As Paul pointed out, America has been bombing the Middle East for over ten years, and that U.S. foreign policy should reflect the Golden Rule by considering, how would we feel if others were doing the same to us? That 9/11 conspiratorial snake Giuliani almost had a bird, smugly demanding that Ron Paul apologize.

Longshot Paul came in a close second to Giuliani in the recent 10-man Republican leadership debate broadcast on Fox News Channel (35% of all Democrats polled believe that 9/11 was an inside job; Just the other day, there was a new car with a bumper sticker that said the very same thing with the additional words saying Even Jesus Hates Bush.

With the departure of George Bush's lap dog Tony Blair and the revolt against the Gunga Din Pakistan dictator Musharaff, the impending constitutional re-armament of Abe's Japan and the cozying up of the two Koreas with mutual train runs and the civil secular/religion split in Palestine and Turkey, the Western neo-cons' only slim hope is the new Zionist-friendly Sarkozy of France to be of any assistance in the almost abandoned phony 'war on terror'.

As the old saying goes, those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad. I hear a lot of teeth gnashing and mean muttering from the advocates of the last two generations brought up without race or religion, as all people of common sense, good will and fair play opt for the tightening up of morality and pride in their ethnic origins, because a desire for God and racism are as natural as breathing. No piece of paper, human rights charter, or constitution can impress a heart to humanity.




Inseparable Separatists


The French language separatists who. like the song, Never Can Say Goodbye to their host Canada, have once again demonstrated their 'independence hypocrisy' to the entire world. Andre Boisclair, their pretty boy, proudly homosexual loser leader, has stepped down in acrimony after losing the last Quebec provincial election to a minority Liberal government, with the supposedly separatist Parti Quebecois coming in third place to the neo-conservative Action Democratique Quebec — led by another pretty boy, Mario Dumont. I love to say, I told you so, as we did in this column when Boisclair was elected by the Marxist PQ feminists to be the first homosexual leader as the proposed "father" of the new nation of Quebec. and soon becoming as ethereal as the Sikh Khalistan. Boisclair's resignation after bitterly complaining about the lack of support from the Bloc Quebecois, the blackmailing "separatist" stooges in Canada's federal parliament led by the commie Gilles Duceppe.

Duceppe immediately resigned the blackmailing Bloc to run for the dwindling provincial PQ. However, 26 hours later, he reversed himself (apparently he forgot to check with his wife), and after finding out the Marxist cadre would be supporting the feminist Pauline Marois, who had already lost two prior leadership races and wants to shelve sovereignty for "good governance".... another stalling technique of the never-ending long goodbye from the Anglo taxpayers' purse. Pauline Marois is another communist who supposedly wishes to build a state strictly on the French language--if you can speak it, you're in like Flynn, wherever you come from: Haiti, Africa, Vietnam or Polynesia, wherever French leaders have made their pompous presence known.

I've never seen a language elevated to religion status, and more than that: If you can oui, oui, or non, non, you 're genetically one of us, biped or not. I'm so sick of their arrogance that one day I can see their antagonists burning French grammar books and telling these prissy dilettantes where to go, because they don't have the nerve to do it themselves.

I've said it before: Leaderless we are rudderless, and the separatists are exactly that in Quebec with their insane language — nationalism that includes anyone from any French school class and a willingness to never walk alone-- unlike the Taliban, where some supposed anti-Zionist pundits are raving about the death of their top military commander Mullah Dadullah, killed because of too many interviews with the spy media. They have religion and ethnicity, and culture and language on their side. The Taliban's leaders can be replaced easily; Dadullah's departure is just a blip in their resistance to foreign occupiers.

The rudderless, so-called Quebec separatists are in state of limbo until a straight-talking pur laine leader steps forward to take the helm. Until then, the sneaky kosher conservatives and the sponsorship scandal Liberal bagmen will have a heyday in Quebec (the red NDP has been pre-empted by the Marxist Bloc Quebecois) This will all be good for Canadian unity — until the Taliban pops off a few recently-posted French Canadians from the Van Doos regiment this summer for their latest humiliation and the irritation of the anti-war French Canadian population. For now, there will be no sovereignty referendum or Quebec Independence until the so-called separatists got rid of the reds in their ranks and their leadership. This will be a difficult task without the participation of the moral compass Catholic Church and a a genuine disgust of the multiracial English Canada and its drift into the Zionist circle as useful "Igor" idiots for the New World Order.

Until then, I must continue to read French on my cereal box. Quelle domage....




Can’t Trust Anyone In A Police State


When I was charged by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police many years ago on conspiracy to commit arson charges and vandalism (with the aid of a paid informant who joined our ranks on behalf of the police), a friendly local cop told me that the RCMP are the best frame artists in the country. Naturally, I didn't pay much attention to it until I was convicted and had time to go over the intricate image of lies and activities of the police and their informants.

The Air India tragedy, where 330 people were blown to smithereens in 1985 by Canadian Sikh extremists seeking to establish their Sikh homeland of Khalistan (pure state), is the finest example of a frame-up. Just try to follow the complicated path by which Sikh militants planned, tested and planted the bombs on an Air India flight while all the time being shadowed, monitored and wiretapped by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (which recently reported receiving over 14,000 applications for spy work; 100 were chosen) and RCMP agents. It would be tragic, but kind, to say that the entire terror episode was case of bumbling and bad luck. Unfortunately, only a naive idiot could conclude to that innocent scenario. That's exactly what Bob Rae, the Zionist/Marxist NDP ex-premier leader of Ontario surmised when he was appointed to head an investigation into this mas murder after the kosher conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper promised the relatives and the large Hindu community to re-examine the murder. Bob Rae strangely kept comparing the bombing to the Hoax of the 21st Century 9/11 Conspiracy. He knew that his review was nothing more than a whitewash that would not stand the test of time on the facts. Ergo, like Pontius Pilate, he recommended a further public inquiry, now underway under Supreme Court Judge John Major — who can call witnesses to testify under oath, subpoena documents and make further investigations. Even Major's commission is not calling all the relevant witnesses like the Indian Secret Service and embassy staff, which gave plenty of warnings about Sikh militant intentions to target Air India planes, or the airline ticket booking agents and RCMP officers who allowed baggage without the owner or passenger to be placed on a plane and who called in the Quebec Surété (Montreal Police) dog and dog handler to re-check reported black objects and wires X-rayed in some suitcases after the plane had departed, with an RCMP escort, to its doom.

When CSIS agents were intercepting all packages and mail sent to Ernst Zündel at his Toronto headquarters, they allowed a packaged bomb ro be delivered to Ernst, even after they had supposedly transported it to Ottawa for special screening. Zündel was suspicious of the package and did not open it, but foolishly drove around with it in his trunk, sitting on top of a bag of bird seed. Eventually he took it to Toronto's 51 Division police station when the officers freaked out and angrily took it to Cherry Beach on Lake Ontario, where it exploded with a big bang. Later it was found out that a bunch of commie/anarchist animal rights nuts had sent the bomb to Zündel as part of an anti-racist campaign. No one was ever charged with that depredation after the femo-commies were caught and plea-bargained their way to sweetheart deal sentences.

Canada is noted throughout the world by the symbol of its police force, the Mounties — that should tell you enough about the police state mindset: populated by nicer, naive Americans. Canadians love their armed forces and police to the extend that it's a case of the three monkeys of see, hear and speak no evil. "Support our troops" is their mantra, even if they are lying and mistreating prisoners of war. Some idiots have pinned the beginnings of Canada's nationhood on the number of dead bodies on foreign battlefields while in the service of foreigners' causes such as Vimy Ridge. This is why getting to the bottom of the truth on anything to do with the military or the police can only be obtained from future time-vaults.

The Sikhs are a favored minority in the country. Hard-working and respectful of authority, they are a useful prop for the thin edge of the wedge of multiculturalism. They are allowed to carry hidden little daggers (kirpans) for last-resort protection in public and in schools. Even the Mounties will change their uniform to accommodate turbans and beards, where all will have to doff their hats (except the Sikhs). It is well worth a prominent Sikh commenting on the Air India catastrophe, Kuldip Singh, chairman of the Sikh Society of Ontario, in his letter in the May 11 National Post:
"Many of the Sikh temples and individuals who were treated with kid gloves after the 1985 Air India bombing were given this latitude not just because they were minorities, but because they delivered buckets of ethnic votes to the Liberals. On the other hand, the Hindu community, which constituted most of the victims of this tragedy, was not organized to vote in this manner. As a result their lives were considered expendable.
Racism was indeed part of the Air India tragedy. Ethnic minorities who vote en masse for the Liberals are shielded from scrutiny regardless of their actions, while those who fail to do so are exposed to terrorist acts and racist indifference from those who are supposed to protect us from harm...Canadian minorities are forced to vote Liberal or suffer the consequences.
" (Multicult Bilderberger Harper is right in the Liberal line).

These are the dirty tricks, deals and trade-offs that have to be practiced in a phony multicult country held together for economic purposes on which a former Canadian finance minister, Eric Kierans, commented: If economics are sovereign, there is no right and wrong.

We will all probably never get to the bottom of the Air India conspiracy, since the main bomber was conveniently killed in a shootout in India, while other witnesses are dead or don't remember, and others sit in high positions of respect — like James Bartleman, who was head of security for the Foreign Affairs department at the time of the tragedy, and only thought to inform the public of a tip that he received (which was ignored and never brought it up again for 22 years). Bartleman should resign.

You just can't trust any of them in this phony 'war on terror,' to elevate the power of the police state.




Waiting For Castro To Die


The other day I was watching the Oliver Stone movie on Fidel Castro entitled Commandante, made when Castro was looking frail, even before his operation.

It was another fuzzy, feel-good Hollywood production with the communist Cuban leader actually doing retakes of certain scenes and interview questions, "just like an actor", as Fidel himself suggested. Most of Oliver Stone's prissy questions were of little substance or meaning, with the exception of two: (Stone to Castro:) "How would you like to be remembered — as the great patriarch dying peacefully in bed, admired by his people -- or in handcuffs in a courtroom docket in America's New World Order, defending the rights of communism/socialism?" Guess what — hypocrite Castro chose the latter (as if!). Two times, Stone asked him whether he could withstand the New World Order, for which Castro, looking puzzled, had no answer. He agreed later that if the NWO didn't succeed, there would be dire consequences for the planet, which he didn't particularly want to return to with ten billion people on Earth. He did have one good insight: "Whoever controls the media controls the world, which in turn controls all other cultures." Twice, Stone again asked him through an interpreter, and giving him more time to respond, "When did the Soviet Union decide to pull their economic and military support for Cuba?" Finally, Castro despondently replied, "When the Americans told them to," showing that the international capital wagged the Soviet and American powers.

Fidel Castro was, of course, the big bogeyman that the CIA maintained in Cuba for 50 years to keep their war machine well-oiled, and lubricated with tax dollars. Castro gained a lot from their purposely-brought Bay of Pigs anti-communist invasion: Imagine the propaganda of starting the liberation of a country with the landing on the Bay of Pigs, in a one-road-in-and-out swampy peninsula familiar to Fidel in his fishing holidays, the waters offshore filled with jagged, sharp coral reefs and no promised American air support. The pesky anti-communist Miami Cubans were all neatly captured and held for economic ransom. Later, Castro allowed Soviet missiles to be placed in Cuba by Nikita Khrushchev, only to have them publicly pulled later as a "victory" for President John Kennedy, with the added iron-clad proviso that there would be no further attempts at regime change in Havana by and future American administration. This dirty little deed gave a free hand to the Kremlin stooge to export Marxist revolution throughout fledgling states in Africa, the Caribbean and South America. Thousands of race-mixed Cubans were shipped to Mozambique, Ethiopia and Angola, setting them off on a killing spree whose effects are still being felt today, thanks to the CIA and KGB collaborators in that biggest phony conflict known as the Cold War.

When it came to the child Elian Gonzales, who was successfully reunited with his father after his mother took off with another man for the United States and lost her life, Castro claimed that Elian's state-employed father had convinced him after a number of meetings of how important Elian was to him (he had tried eight times to have a child with his runaway and now-dead wife), and that it had brought tears to Castro's eyes. That's the anti-patriarchal, overpopulated world hater that I'm supposed to believe brought the state-controlled crowds out to demand Elain's release (maybe with some Cuban machismo and the help of the phony Fidel)?

Fidel Castro's useful idiot acquiescence has long been over since McDonald's opened up in Moscow, (which he didn't seem to mind for Havana, either, when asked by Stone while touring a free medical school for Latin American foreigners, and chatting to the obviously grateful students). Fidel did seem to be liked by the people on the street who at first appeared, looking to see their glorious leader in the neighborhood (infiltrated with government agents), but cautiously warmed up to approach and touch him. Young schoolgirls tittered with the excitement of being near the longest-surviving communist dictator on the planet. much like his buddy Boris (the drunken apparatchik) Yeltsin. Castro at 80 seems to be the exception to the Chinese proverb 'short live longer.' But, like Yeltsin, with apparent little purpose. He appeared to be a disappointed man, trying to eschew some Cuban pride, how in all his years in power they never tortured anyone, while allowing the Guantanamo concentration camp cruelty to exist on his island with little criticism.

Castro is in favor of abortion, women's' rights, secularism and anti-racism — not much different than his liberal supporters. Oliver Stone complained to the interpreter that Fidel never laughs, even when he tried to make a joke about changing seats in the back of a van because he wanted to be near the secret papers in his briefcase and his gun, repeating the 'cold war' joke. Castro, of course, has been quiet toward the depredations of the Zionists and the phony 'war on terror,' except to bemoan terrorism itself, which he has practiced for decades when it comes to anti-communists opposed to his regime, as in the Posada affair and the latest attempt by three soldiers to hijack a plane and escape the proletariat paradise. Castro's communist stooge days are over; He complained that there were 100,000 prostitutes in Cuba at the beginning of his reign. Today, after most of the whites fled the island prison, there are still 100,000 waiting to service the cheap-skate tourists. Only now, they have professional degrees, and wait for Castro, who has served as a left-behind schlep in a criminal conspiracy of massive human rights abuse, to die.



We Are The New Indians


I'm a firm believer in the theory of Territorial Imperative nicely put in the book by Robert Ardey and not in vogue today by internationalist money-grubbers. There's nothing like owning land and standing on it as your own. And so it is on a grander scale with tribes and peoples.

In the past I've had a few problems with my home invaders — mice (they're so stupidly noisy), food and grain moths (fragile and annoying), raccoons (dirty and destructive) and carpenter ants (who snap crackle and pop when they are crunched). Some people don't like to kill any living creature, which I consider nonsense and madness, because the invader will just take over. There can be no compromise between any lifestyles, as it would make no sense to try to co-exist, imperfect it may be, but that's the way I was created. No sir, I don't like them on my territory; they are beyond the pale of their outside world and, you've got to kill them all and let God sort them out, as they say, because my home is my domain and sphere of influence that no interlopers can change for their benefit.

Four hundred years ago, white men came to North America to establish a new home on the Indians' territory. If the Indians had acted as I do toward my home invaders, in unison and agreement, I wouldn't be writing this editorial today. Their matriarchal society blundered and was so bedazzled by the white man's guns and trinkets that they let them stay for the first Thanksgiving, instead of tora, tora, tora (attack, attack, attack), like the Japanese on the invading Mongol fleet. They allowed one of their own loud women, Pocahontas, to save one of the invaders, marry him, go to his homeland across the ocean and inform further the invaders on the status of the 3,000 braves of their tribes and neighbors. Hernando Cortez had similar indispensable luck and aid from a native princess in his conquest of the Aztec empire.

The new Jamestown colonists were not Quaker types, although they claimed to be the first Christian God-believers; it didn't stop them from inviting the Indians to a peace council and poisoning 200 of them they wiped out villages with women and children, while other Indians stood by, more concerned with trading with them than expelling the marauding aggressors who are now bringing in black slaves from another continent to to do their dirty work. Little did they know that this was the beginning of their own end, when one day they would not even be allowed to consider themselves a race, like today.

This is the sad state of this mercantile occupation 400 years ago where the victory over the disunited and narrow-minded Indians is barely celebrated by a race that dare not speak its name. The low-profile Royal Visit of Queen Elizabeth to the site (and then, appropriately to the Kentucky Derby) shows how far the Crown has fallen in repute. It almost makes no sense, compared to her multicult New Year's Message ever year. In Canada, one of her local representatives, an Indian named James Bartleman (Ontario's Lieutenant Governor and a former security expert) working under a Haitian Governor-General (Michaelle Jean), for over twenty years, failed to mention that he had a five day warning of the bombing of Air India jet which killed over 300 new immigrants on their way to his continent. This sucker should resign.

History keeps repeating itself and now we are the new Indians -- and if we don't act with Territorial Imperative, then we can expect the same, sad shoddy and scandalous takeover as did the Powhatan Conference of thirty tribes which faced the Jamestown settlers and the sneaky, nefarious plans of the Third World immigrants who have already established beach-heads throughout the continent; it is a threat more dangerous than global warming.

It's time for our people to operate as a White Confederacy of Understanding, if we want to maintain our civilization and existence in the new world through white nationalism.


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