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Bloody Waiting Game


Americans have a snowball's chance in hell of victory in Iraq.

Nothing has changed on the home front in America's war in Iraq. The puppet masters of the Democratic and the Republican Party are still performing their Punch & Judy show, pretending there's some opposition to American aggression in the Muslim world. A dizzying number of withdrawal dates are voted on and passed in the paralyzed U.S. Congress while George Bush blusters and threatens with presidential vetoes and dire consequences if he doesn't get his billions for his Baghdad butchery "surge." With only a smattering of well-meaning peace groups, the anti-war movement is technically moribund, without the help of the Zionist-controlled media and the anti-patriarchal, anti-Islamist Western women. In Iraq, the situation is fluid and dramatically changing every day as various resistance groups make a racist/ethnic scramble for power and control in expectation of American withdrawal.

The lying, sneaky American forces have instituted more civil strife by now backing former Baathist secularists against the religious Sunni al-Qaeda through the Anbar Salvation Front, a collection of American-backed tribesmen opposed to foreign jihadists. One of the many resistance groups, the 1920's Revolutionary Brigades have broken up into pro- and anti-al Qaeda insurgents. Now, a new over-fifty-organization umbrella group calling itself the Popular Front for the Iraq Resistance has made a declaration offering to free all of Iraq in the name of nationalism and secularism, even though some of their members are still religiously-based.

This new umbrella resistance promises to bring the war to the Shia south and is openly non-sectarian but definitely racist and ethnically conscious. The PFIR wants to "bring back the glories of their grandfathers in the epic revolution of 1920 against the British occupation." They are appealing to the Shia Arab tribes in the south who have been treated poorly by the Taliban-inspired American puppet government, some having been massacred in January, while attempting to join a Shia holy procession.

Race always trumps religion in the final analysis. Iraq exists because it is technically Arab and nor Aryan (Iranian). Mesopotamia has been the border battleground between the two ethnic groups for centuries. The Association of Muslim Scholars appears to be a religious group allied with the Baathist secularists, which also occasionally works across purposes with al-Qaeda principles by not effectively recognizing the already-declared Islamic State of Iraq under their al-Qaeda Emir al -Baghdadi. A subtle turf war is going on, where local racial nationalism is in a fight with worldwide Messianics with a slim territorial grip, but a large foreign reservoir of recruits, and a willingness to die in the name of a god.

It'll be a tight fight requiring compromise with the jihadists who will not leave Iraq, until some kind of Sharia state is established (as in Afghanistan, Chechnya and Somalia), instead of a current military dictatorship that the equally corrupt Westerners favor in the Middle East today. It's easy to deal with a dictatorship, especially if you're a businessman.

On the war front, the Americans are losing a lot of mine sweepers while engaging the most dirty totalitarian tricks: locking down cities, cutting off all communications and supplies, denying entry or exit, and building giant walls to enslave neighborhoods. It is medieval militarized hooliganism with wooden weapons. When I read of the angry evil that the foreigners are perpetuating in the name of "goodness," I have an easier time looking at their young faces of death in the media, which AntiWar.Com dutifully supplies every weekend. Even in Somalia, the jihadist websites are talking about and differentiating the Ethiopian invaders as "Black Crusaders," showing once again that your racial identity is the most important of your aspects and attitudes, where all politics are local and hegemony is paramount.

Iraq, a European colonial creation, will probably never be put back together again, with the Kurds in the north, Iran-backed Shia in the south and the center in a racial, religious sectarian and ideological war.

The sooner the Americans get out, the sooner the parties there can sort themselves out and and stop this bloody waiting game.




Boris Yeltsin: transitional traitor


They say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but with one of the Illuminate's stooges, I'll engage in a little schaudenfreud for the buffoon Boris Yeltsin's legacy. The bully boy criminal communist war criminal of Russia is dead at 76: For a big drunk, that's a long time. As the Chinese say, "Tall is good, but short live longer."

Boris Yeltsin was born on February 1, 1931 in Butka; his mother was a seamstress and his father was convicted in 1934 for anti-Soviet activity, serving three years in a gulag. Boris worked in construction from 1955 to 1963 after his education, and in 1976 was appointed Secretary of the Soviet Union Communist Party Committee in Sverdlosk Oblast. He oversaw administration of that heavily-industrialized regions until 1985 before assuming the role of first President of the Russian Federation in June 1991, having become the favorite of Mikhail Gorbachev (the insider with the capitalists).

When the communist facade couldn't be hyped up any more because of the proletariat's basic need costs, the international bankers conference called with the "communist kingpins" and arranged to open McDonald's in Moscow, put on Armani suits, the elitist Marxist cadre became "beeznessmen," and anything of value was sold off, penny-to-the-dollar to the new billionaire oligarchs as their silver-haired window-dressing drunk ushered in democratic reforms.

Boris Yeltsin was a snake who had an unpleasant, sweaty neck like Jimmy Swaggart — and a CIA boozer I know: big, loud drunks who fronted for the criminal businessmen while society went into a shambles without explanation or apology from the Marxist elite. Strippers and drugs became the main Russian exports as the intellectual and spiritual Soviet state disintegrated to a social zero. After failing in the first Chechen War and making a phony peace, Yeltsin "put in" Putin as the new KGB apparatchik/Golden Boy czar. This hand-picked character blew up his own apartment buildings to start another Chechen war — Yeltsin's appointee is still committing war crimes in the Caucuses.

It's interesting to see the controlled media timidly trying to elevate Yeltsin's persona, predicting that posterity would see him in a better light than as the debauched and bloody crook that he was in reality. His pal Gorbachev only regretted Yeltsin giving freedom to certain captive nation republics. But that was just more convenient, more international capitalist intrusion into the former Soviet Empire.

If anything, Yeltsin showed that communists and capitalists work well together, both seeking power and monopoly, a concept which has not been lost on Red China. The idea that they are in total opposition to each other is total crock; they both have to be considered to be on the criminal side of totalitarianism and tyranny.

Good riddance to one of their flunkies — Boris Yeltsin.




ZOG” - Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!


Secrecy and backstabbing is not the white man's way. That's why "frankly speaking" comes from the Germanic tribe of Franks, who gave their name to France, which they once conquered. They couldn't understand lying for lying's sake, and the phrase made its way through history.

The police, the media and the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) agencies and their street flunkies are out to silence white nationalist patriots throughout the Western world. It's not enough that the controlled media is out to stifle any evidence of white nationalist opposition, but the police, the armed forces and street goon organizations have been recruited to do their dirty work.

The new Illuminate Empire known as the European Union has promulgated a law which will deny freedom of speech to anyone opposed to the "ZOG" version of history and political debate. The White people of 27 European nations will no longer be able to discuss or speak honestly about race or Zionist propaganda and policies with the recently-announced agreement which specified a 1-3 year prison term for "incitement to violence or hatred directed against people defined by reference to race, color, religion, descent or national or ethnic origin." Even the so-called holocaust will not be subjected to open discussion if Zionist rabble-rousers and thugs decide you are bringing them discomfort and pain.

In France, the media is ignoring the true support for Jean Marie Le Pen of the Front National, who should do well in the Sunday April 22 elections. Even in the European Jewish Press, Le Pen is favored by 30%; the Jews know that their best bet is still white civilization

Here in North America, some of the Zionist-biased commie media have refused to air the truth about the Virginia Tech massacre by hiding and censoring the killer's reasons for it. The taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) decided to not air any of the tapes of Cho Sueng-Hui, just their propaganda version of the shooting events. In the USA, they're putting on a phony show of concern for the victims' families, acting as if they're doing the public a favor by bringing them the news while at the same time suggesting censorship as they practice it in Iraq and Afghanistan through airing all the sanitized news that militant Big Brother is willing to share with the hedonistically slavish population.

Closer to home, the taxpayer-supported Ontario Provincial Police have launched a lawsuit against a concerned Canadian citizen, Garry McHale on the apparent two-tiered justice system favoring the Indians of their Caledonia land dispute barricade. Garry McHale has organized citizen protests at the barricade site, trying to raise a Canadian flag, which the OPP considered 'provocative' to the rebelling natives, just as with the CBC-taxpayer money being used to silence them. Even after McHale apologized, they still pressed charges against him for his website Caledonia Wake Up Call. Why don't the big blowhard bombastic bastards of the professional military take care of the new native rebellion blockading our roads and railways, instead of boasting of how many Talibs they have killed?

Of course the Zionists have their street thugs too, such as the paid creeps and criminals of the B'nai Brith-supported ARA and now the more obvious neo-terrorist Jewish Defense League. The JDL attacked free speech advocate Paul Fromm at a government-ordered teachers' disciplinary hearing against him attempting to take away his teaching permit for associating with known White Nationalists such as the deceased John Ross Taylor and the imprisoned Ernst Zündel. These arrogant Israeli-flag-waving goons, whose glory days are numbered, attempted to choke Paul Fromm in an elevator, even with a cop present, netting them a couple of inconvenient charges, including assaulting an officer.

These human rights silencers are not satisfied with controlling the European White population, but are now making an effort in the U.S. Congress to pass an odious so-called anti-hate gag law to put the chill into all patriots' hearts. It's not enough that there are dozens of white nationalists imprisoned in Zionist gulags — they're out to squelch even a peep from any liberal, libertine or libertarian if they should dare utter a sound of opposition to their secular, tyrannical new world order. There will be no escape or exceptions to ZOG's dictates, no matter who wins the contrived and manipulated elections.

I was disappointed when I saw on Stormfront a poll on whether Canadians should stay in Afghanistan. Their questions were naive to say the least: Should we leave and run? Should we stay and take our lumps? Should we mobilize and kick ass? Fortunately, one intelligent commentator said, The question should be: should we be there at all? If you're opposed to ZOG, then you should be opposed to any of their wars and policies. You can't allow yourself to be suckered in with sentimentality and bigotry by "supporting the troops" — that cannot be an option. You may as well support the SWAT team who raids your home looking for "hate" literature. You may as well cheer the Marxist feminists and cry over the recent death of one of their harpies, June Callwood.

These are the hosebags who ruined this country by opening their legs and our borders to the non-White world. When it comes to ZOG, I'm with the irreverent Groucho Marx, who said in a catchy ditty in Horse Feathers, "Whatever it is, I'm against it". You can't be a fellow-traveler bigot being utilized to "get them ragheads" (who sacrificed with blood more than any White Patriots against the Zionist entity). As the motto of Mossad, the Israeli secret services says, "By way of deception, you will make war." Jingoistic reactionaries are what they need for their cannon-fodder, so don't let yourself be suckered into doing your enemies' dirty work while they stab you in the back on the home front. As Wolfgang Droege said, the more difficulty for the ruling system, the better.

You can sort out the hajib and women's rights whining from your wife or girl friend when the war is over and white nationalism is in charge. Until then, whatever "ZOG" does...I'm against it!




Secular Society Sucks


As Bob Smith said, it's a bad day in Blacksburg (Virginia).

Secular society sucks: no race, no religion, no standards other than what was politically-correct , as judged by hypocritical human rights commissars. black is white, right is wrong, perversion is normal and violence is professionally glorified. Chaos and diversity is our "strength"....These are the slogans of the society that South Korean Cho Sueng-Hui lived in. In a race-mixed society, you have to be armed to be safe. All Virginians know that, except on the campus where they put their security into the hands of 'professionals.'

God Bless the 32 people who died needlessly in this ersatz American civilization which is race-mixingly riddled like Swiss cheese. It's a phony, debauched, spoiled and matriarchal culture, racially at loggerheads with each other and pretending there is no ethnic turf as it separates further and further from each other. Its media and leadership are totally out of step with the frightened public perception of domestic security from their fellow Americans (good thing it wasn't an Arab or a Muslim who performed this easy mass slaughter that none of Osama bin Laden's men couldn't seem to "follow them home and do it," even with open southern borders, unlike 9/11. This time, George Bush was taken definitely by surprise by a killer known as "Question Mark".

23-year-old Cho Sueng-Hui has been in the USA since 1992, being the beneficiary of total American youth culture and living in a trendy townhouse while being allowed by a chicken-shit teacher to sit at the back of the class and wear a hat. as well as being conveniently and ominously nicknamed 'Question Mark" in this secular, permissive country. The crazy Korean Cho committed suicide with the words "Asmail Ax" in red on one arm for conspiracy spins (Washington Post). Of course using the mentally ill as violent killers is an old Manchurian Candidate trick by the conspirators (some say that Wolfgang Droege was murdered that way two years ago on April 13, 2005).

The memorial convocation service that was held showed the grief-stricken white American faculty and students: the men looking like women and the women looking like men. It's hard to be empathetic with this duplicitous crowd, which still applauded their war criminal Bush while 100 die every day in Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia for their multiCULT bullshit dreams — which have turned into nightmares for them.

These murders won't do much for Caucasian-Asian relations. The solitary stabbing in Toronto of Nicky Brown, a 21-year old white guy in a subway car by a still-at-large Asian man didn't help the situation, either. This is especially true for the sycophant South Koreans and their crappy good-for nothing United Nations Secretary General and American puppet Ban Ki-moon, much as Mel Gibson's cannibalistic heart-ripping film Apocalypto didn't do much for Latino/White relations. The lying propaganda machine media won't be discussing any of these obvious issues; instead they're trying to focus on more gun control when less of it could have eliminated Cho Sueng-Hui when he first started shooting. I like what the Texas man said to the media about it: If it had happened in his armed-citizen state, the killer would have killed two or three, but by that time, three or four people would have shot him.

The Americans love to wallow in their grief, but they never face their own flawed philosophy of a race-mixed state doomed to disintegrate, like any unnatural empire. This is why all of America's efforts in the ancient world will turn to naught: because it is rotten on the home front, where only 'professional' killers enroll into the 'professional military,' trying to peddle freedom and democracy through the barrel of a gun. In the long run, there'll be some subtle backlash bigotry — more so, as the media avoids the racial disjoint between the killer and his victims. There will be some cautious distancing by the kosher Whites toward 'gangsta' Blacks and militant Latinos. The Oriental has been looked upon as an equal in society (an attitude underlined by those such as Professor Phillipe Rushton), but still inscrutable, as shown by the massacre at Virginia Tech), which does not make for a comfortable situation.

By the day, more and more whites are becoming racially aware, whether it's over Hurricane Katrina, illegal immigrant marches or pushy, arrogant Orientals, who have historically shown little respect for human rights and dignity, and today, bear a sweet-and-sour disposition. The Koreans were known for their karate cruelty; that's why the Japanese used them for prisoner of war guards throughout their bayonet empire. Koreans are a fiercely independent hill country people, hemmed into a peninsula by the Chinese. South Korea, if it is ever united with North Korea, will be a military threat to their old enemy, Japan. It's as if they have two faces: the smiling, bowing one of the south and the cool killer face of the north. Cho Sueng-Hui showed us the latter face for his last act.

After all the crying and boo-hooing is over and the liberal hand-wringing is done, North Americans will have to get back to racial realities and reawaken their European pride, heritage and identity, before they ever bring stability to their neighborhoods. Remember, race is all.

In the meantime, arm yourself.




Phony Politicians Playing Populism


Globalist world leaders are pretending to be listening to the people with their latest declarations. George Bush is pretending to be concerned about America's open southern border with dumb visits to a large industrial fence, while putting on the dramatic concerned mask about stem cell research, as if he even knows or cares about it.

Russia's put-in dictator Vladimir Putin has forbidden foreigners to conduct retail sales (something that the scandal-ridden Ontario Lottery Commission might consider), and has suspended all foreign adoptions, appealing to Russian nationalism. However this "populism" doesn't stop Putin from arresting and beating up any protesters with his goons, or even swastika-wearing and saluting "old believers" of ethnic-based Christianity. In the French elections, their favorite put-in candidate Nikolas Sarkozy, a Hungarian Jew, is cozying up to populist Jean-Marie Le Pen by promising to consider proportional representation in a future French election system (which the Nationalist Party supports for the Canadian system).

John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, and up for a fall election, is appealing to anti-immigrant sentiment by suggesting that AIDS cases not be allowed in that country. Although it's hardly an altruistic position, even though it makes sense, this neo-con's support for foreign wars is not making him any friends there. Britain's outgoing PM Tony Blair blamed Black culture for a rise in murders in London, suggesting that the community will have to get their act together in order to fit into English society....under multiCULTuralism. Of course, his Marxist Labor Party (not much different from the Red Tories) is pushing for a totalitarian ID card for all Britons. All these steps and moves are just window-dressing displays to mollify the grumbling underclass, until things cool down. Then, it's back to the same old genocidal multiCULTuralism, which none of these leaders have disavowed.

In Canada, we have the re-militarization of this cannon-fodder country, which supposedly bases its nationality on 3,6000 body bags at Vimy Ridge; other than the police and the army, the rest of Canadian White manhood is directed to cheer and suck it up, Don Imus and the Ryerson University White Culture Club included. The great majority of so-called political leaders do not represent the politically correct apostate population. They know better and don't have to listen to any political party bagman.

Under Bilderberger Stephen Harper, notice how none of his social conservative efforts toward heterosexual exclusiveness of marriage or gun ownership have come to nothing but a big, fat zero -- like himself. Of course, I would not vote for the stifling Green Party whose female leader Elizabeth May is being given a free ride in her Nova Scotia riding by loser Dion by not contesting it — it currently belongs to Bilderberger Peter McKay (she refused to endorse a Greens' nominee in BC because he dared to criticize and question the 9/11 hoax). In the USA, there's been talk of bringing back the draft: After Vietnam, no re-instituted draftee army will fight on foreign soil again, no matter how how much commie neo-con shills like Rep. Charles Rangel drone on about it.

The public is ahead of the politicians in so many instances and attitudes, from questions about 9/11 to 'Gay Pride Parade' celebrations (all controlled and directed from the top with taxpayer dollars doled out by the authorities). If the public had their way, those American, British and Canadian troops would be out of Iraq and Afghanistan in a flash, warmongers, feminists and neo-con communists be damned along with their whorehouse rules and edicts.

The greatest hope for the future that I observed last week was that 38% of Americans consider themselves as independent voters — the largest number polled, higher than Democrats or Republicans. Over one-third of the population see the two parties as one and the same, run by a similar-two-faced cabal with not as dime's worth of difference (if you listen to them on the boob tube and try to figure out who's who). Last week I saw a video of the very antithesis of this North American brothel: men in long beards and turbans, crouching impassively in a dry wadi (ravine) in the rugged mountains of Algeria, awaiting bombardment from the secular Algerian government jets. They didn't look scared, just a little grim and determined, not caring about pictures and videos on their jihad to victory or paradise. They are only there because they believe in something. Compare that to our convoluted society which believes in multiCULTuralism — and nothing, a civilization only mercenaries will die for against Believers.

If the White man wishes to preserve our society, it cannot be based on multiCULTural laws and ordinances, but rather with a focus on race and religion (without genital mutilation, please). Everything else constitutes half-measures that will result in us ending up as a new India and Brazil of the north, betrayed and unrecognizable to those who sacrificed their lives at Vimy and during World War II.

Canadian voters need to take the same tack as the Americans and start voting for anyone but the two major parties — especially the Liberals, who don't seem to have a clue as to what they stand for and are only a little bit against anything the kosher conservatives come up with; They are a false opposition. The NDP are dialectic Marxist yes-men antagonistic to White Nationalists and quick to cooperate with our enemies while pretending to be concerned about human rights.

As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time." That's the position today's politicians are in. It's just a matter of time before this entire phony edifice of globalization and mulriCULTuralism comes tumbling down, right from the dry wadi in Algeria.




Get Off Your Knees, White Man!


When it comes to Don Imus and the "nappy-headed ho's" — not of Rutgers, I smell more bullshit than a matador. Here we go again...another supposed tough guy American White man genuflecting in front of Marxist dialectics in line with Michael Richards and Mel Gibson.

First of all, I can't trust any minstrel in the employ of the controlled media and its sponsors, The whole episode serves as a petty steam valve for White peoples' fear and anger, where the required public kowtowing will intimidate and silence any rebellion after supposedly getting a kick in at their Black tormentors. And the Blacks are acting so arrogantly indignant, as if they wouldn't say shit if their mouths were full of it toward any woman, "black brown, green or purple," with the use of Imus' word "ho" — which has thousands of references on Google thanks to Black 'gangsta' music.

Let's see: they want to be Black when it suits them, but Whites can never be Whites when they want when looking at anything racially, otherwise they must prostrate themselves to some cult-like self-loathing mechanism before being re-accepted into this racially nihilistic society. It's the same old dog-and-pony show, and it's wearing thin, especially on any thinking, fair-minded White man, like the young guy shocked at a Negress and an East Indian who dumped a pile of issues of the Ryersonian newspaper at their office, leaving him wondering what he had done wrong to merit this kind of hateful angry response.

It appears there was a small demonstration at Ryerson University, a half-dozen people. mostly non-Whites and including a woman in a hajib (wonder if she was operating under a fatwa) who didn't like the White man's idea of freedom of speech. inquiry and truthful reporting by the Ryersonian, who had plastered my picture on a recent front page. This is their fair idea of "no justice, no peace."

Don Imus isn't going to lead a charge down Pennsylvania Avenue in the Second American Revolution — yet it will come. Lots of entertainers have nothing to do in the long run after making one statement after another; after about 50 years, their names and their tunes are forgotten. These are the very characters who were the pied pipers to the White man's precipice of doom. And now we're supposed to get excited about their Zionist bosses possibly pretending to beat up on them? Puh-leeease! It's a tempest in a teapot for which will backfire on the globalist conspirators when the double-rapping Rutgers players and the White, squirming Bill Gates clones explain the politically-correct culture's rules.

If the truth be known, keen racial awareness exists among indigenous North American Blacks who usually come from West Africa, and who have names for all their hues, often using the word "mutts" for the race-mixed females used in their videos. I didn't hear the Rutgers team or Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson complain about that; they all admit that the denigration of Black women exists, but hey, you queers and purples, shut up — that's our business, even if we call your White women 'ho's'.

The white man has debased himself to the other races as if someone was out to emasculate and castrate him — anything white is verboten; we're giving up our guns and manly outdoor activity so that the Establishment can control the non-white criminal activity. We've emasculated our young men into curly-topped 'nappys' following some Lilliths' Harry Potter fantasies. Now you can't get a White man to say 'White' if he's pointing to a glass of milk, they're so racially wussified.

We've lowered our school standards and instituted zero tolerance toward violence to protect these minority attitudes and we've never abandoned our culture to the rappers instead of imparting our own, while we're too busy picking up dog shit. The sissy White man has accepted feminist de-fatherization and the Youth (In)Justice laws, which conveniently hide the identities of young perpetrators on behalf of the multiculturalists. Hell! Some commie papers like the Toronto 'Red' Star boast of their crime news meddling on behalf of the Black community. They would never highlight the rape and murder of the beautiful young white couple Channon Christian and Christopher Newsome of the University of Tennessee, by three Black sadists in that state. They are only interested in in White-on-Black crime — if they can find any (just read the tone of the white wimps who hide behind freedom of speech, and their dominatrix 'ho's' in The Ryersonian university newspaper, to get a good idea of their cowering existence):

"We have been accused of being racists, sexists and many terrible things and for the last time, we are not. We think that people who are bigoted should be sent back to the fringes of society where they belong. We were members of the 'I'm a white minority' Facebook groups and are not ashamed of it. We did not join it because it was a 'white' group; but instead to focus the debate around freedom of speech.

The Ryerson Students Union would have you believe that when you have a couple of people who happen to be be white get together the reason has to be racist. How can we as a white people fight for the equality of all people, they ask? They say only white minorities can. We say that is a load of bull. Sadly after fighting for free speech, 'nationalist' organizations tried to hijack our cause and equate it to theirs. We have a problem with that because we disagree with 'nationalists' even more than we do with the RSU.

RSU won't tell you how multicultural the Facebook groups became. To all the peoples of different cultures I commend you because you recognized that our cause was not to create a 'white' group; it was that we can't be denied having a group. We would never join a white culture group. "

Adam Bakos and Brian Petz, Ryerson Engineering students.

The answer to all this is to tell it like it is and to tell anyone, Black, brown, red or yellow 'what-fer'. They know who they are and you know who you are, so let's stop the groveling and bowing. The more people who do. the more that people will feel relaxed in their own place.

Get off your knees, White Man!




Vimy A Break!


As Popeye used to say "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more!" You'd think it was Remembrance day all over again.

This 90th (not 100th) commemoration of the World War I Battle at Vimy Ridge, when Canadian soldiers were allowed to attack (as a unit) fortified German positions and take most of the impregnable ridge in an Allied trench war offensive that eventually sputtered and failed, with the loss of 3,598 dead Canadians in seven days. Because Canadians were known as 'Have Gun Will Travel' suckers, to kill anyone around the globe on behalf of the British Empire and did it as a large identifiable unit at the Battle of the Somme, the hired guns were finally given recognition by the bloodthirsty British commanders. this is what the globalist neo-cons wish to preserve and portray — suckerhood into nationhood. Canadians have been willing flunkies for Anglos' and Americans' imperial designs for generations, whether it's killing White Dutch farmers in South Africa (the Boer war) where their British masters starve 60,000 of their women and children in the first concentration camps, ot the Russians in Archangel during the Bolshevik war, or sent into certain captivity in Japanese horror camps from Hong Kong, or wasted cannon fodder probing German defenses as Dieppe, or brainwashing North Korea prison camps, or to die in the dusty hills of Afghanistan trying to impose Western consumerist modernity ...Canadian suckers are there.

The entire controlled media are in full force propaganda mode to ratchet up the bloody usefulness of the Canadian military for “ZOG” purposes. Don't jimmy with Vimy is their mantra, while they attempt to define what Canadianism is, as sacrificing military meddlers on the altar of some spurious and vague concepts of freedom and democracy. All this, while at the same time turning the screws on personal freedom and liberty (other than whorehouse activity) at home. War promoters always show their incipient bigotry and hypocrisy. A current case in point: radio pretty-boy John Moore of Newstalk 1010 in Toronto, talking on his show as if he was speaking as a Canadian soldier in Afghanistan to an Afghan: "Hey, what's the problem? You've had lots of soldiers come here before, only this time. we're the good guys," playing the good cop/bad cop scenario of superiority over the patriarchal natives. It's in these little things that these weasels reveal themselves.

Most Canadians have no idea about Vimy (no, not your "cousin Vinny"), even though the media will attempt to elevate the percentage of its general knowledge for their masters' purposes. History has barely been taught in Canadian schools for the past two generations: What do the Third World immigrants care about White fratricidal and futile wars in Europe at the turn of the twentieth century? Nada, nothing. And certainly that last two generations of hedonists have little interest in their parents' lives, particularly if it's going to interfere with their modern live-for-today/no-religion morality. It's a strange crucible to build a nation on: killing for someone else and having the recognition and the words said, "Hey, you guys all have the same badge"...not my idea of building a nation, unless you're looking for mercenary recruits for your foreign adventure. With such shallow-held views, it's little wonder that they lost their country to other mercenary opportunists of the world flooding here by the millions. No race, no religion, but hey, we're professional killers — and good ones, too.

That's why historian and Zionist Jack Granatstein is so concerned that we not forget our military history. This whole week has been turned into one big long mourn-a-thon, and now that six invading Canadian soldiers have been blown up by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan ("doing what they loved," according to the warmonger media), they can really go to town and hype the military jingoism to an overtime fever pitch that the old Marxist regimes, envious that only the naive and bloodthirsty idiots would fall for it.

Canada doesn't need a large "professional" military to be used by the globalist overlords, one that brings shame, anger and enmity from distant civilizations. Canada needs a people's militia to defend only the homeland from invasion, one that no professional military could stop. Our borders are just too big for that, but we can make any invader suffer for that folly through a protracted guerrilla campaign (like the Taliban's); make them suffer and lose. If the people are the military, such as in Switzerland, with thousands of well-equipped food and gun depots and armories, any occupation's fall would be just a matter of time. A compulsory citizens' militia could provide needed income for many 'weekend warriors' and civil defense participants, instead of wasting billions on interventionist aircraft and heavy armor and artillery. That would be a Canadian military force that I would be proud of. We'd even have a use for the near-empty Legion halls and could develop our own military medals and awards for genuine service to the country, whether used for emergencies, rescues or invasion, instead of the folly of Vimy. We could also get rid of the sanguine talking heads from the professional military along with their lies and distortions which have led to thousands of dead Canadians for the personal glory of an elite sellout few.

A lesson from history: Thanks to the earlier sensible role of the American National Guard, which was not supposed to fight on foreign territory, British colonial Canada was "saved" from being overrun in Southern Ontario in the War of 1812. After initial victories, the National Guard refused to press the attack, abandoned the occupation of Upper Canada, and retreated back across the American border. Similar rules should be imposed on all militias and state National Guards today, which will lead to fewer wars of aggression.
When the globalist Bilderberger Stephen Harper and his stooges call for more blood and sacrifice, let's tell them in the next election: "HELL NO, WE WON'T GO!" and bring our troops back from Afghanistan NOW.




9/11 Cold case Conspiracy Heats Up


Some things, I don't enjoy writing about, like the flippant and callous Canadian emergency health care system. But others, like the flap and tizzy that the controlled media has fallen into over new questions on the 9/11 Hoax of the 21st Century, is really a pleasure.

The 9/11 conspiracy by Zionists, capitalists and communists for a new world order, is the greatest crime ever perpetrated in Western Civilization since Nero blamed the Christians for the burning of Rome. Those working to unravel this unsolved mystery are the greatest detectives of our time. Ernst Zündel publicly stated that he intended to discover who was behind 9/11 just prior to his kidnapping and rendition by FBI agents on an immigration technicality to security certificate/no-rights Canada (and finally to a five year prison term in a near-incommunicado German jail).

Fully one half of Americans and possibly over 50% of the rest of the world consider 9/11 to be something other than the "official version" of the events, which conveniently led to a torturous never-ending 'war on terror' for the benefit of the elitist conspirators. A thousand unanswered questions and incongruous situations about the World Trade Center collapse and the whole supposed hijacking scenario of 'dedicated jihadists' are waiting for an answer; they just won't go away. Instead, it will have a snowball effect as more people are opposed to warmongering American foreign policy (70% in the latest poll want to know what is the basis of the causus belli).

Entertainment personalities who are have made their money or want to up their ratings or misdirect the investigators and the public, like Rosie O'Donnell and Roseanne Barr are asking questions. The mainstream. "controlled" media has gone into reactionary hyper drive with vicious attacks and suborned "experts" from Popular Mechanics to stop "", operated by pretty-boy Ethan Czahor to shut the debate down. Kosher cornball Glenn Beck of CNN Headline News is outraged that Rosie should be allowed to question the conspirators' Holy Grail. Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly wants to throw Rosie off the air, while broken-down Danny Bonaduce wants her shot for daring to bring up questions on WTC Building Seven's strange collapse, announced twenty minutes by the BBC before it happened. One media Jew asked, "Will Rosie deny the Holocaust?" — thus coupling the two for further silencing.

All of them claim Rosie's questions are too "radioactive" to be on the controlled mainstream media without bothering to explaining or trying to answer conspiracy investigators' claims. As Shakespeare said, methinks thou doth protest too much. Since the international ruling elite has dumped the "loony Left" since they opened up McDonald's in Moscow, these utopians (who the Reds usually get rid of first) have become fair game for these paid pundits,. All you hear nowadays is the Left this, the Left that, regarding Iraq and the 'war on terror', and pretending they represent the other sober half of society. And of course, you can go a little further to the muted, hidden Right, where you will find the gnawing conspiracy theorists alive and well, in spite of the Zionists' pretensions even among the bigots who just don't like Arabs.

Wouldn't it be nice if the more prominent leaders on the real Right spoke out more firmly and frequently on the unanswered questions regarding man-made calamity which put their sworn enemies into the "war security" driver's seat in the Western world? In any crime, it's always a question of who benefits. Some 9/11 hoax investigators worry that the correct people won't be accountable (e.g., Zionists or Mossad) if the investigations are sidetracked. However, I consider all open debate on this Pearl Harbor 'surprise' beneficial to put the warmongers on notice and out of business (it is better to light one candle than to curse the darkness).

The squeamish media have their hands full trying to promote a make-war-on-Iran attitude regarding the fifteen British troops' release from Iran, attempting to whip up public sympathy for the Iraq occupation troops, because they were occasionally blindfolded and kept in solitary confinement for about 13 days (nowhere near the brutality officially sanctioned by “ZOG” forces in Bagram, Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib and other secret CIA dungeons; Their woman-like whining reveals perhaps a little too much leaching plastic in their modern diet has effeminized them). The "surrendered fifteen" can dish it out but can't take one-tenth of their own medicine handed out daily to Islamic prisoners. Talk about convoluted chutzpah. These are the same Anglo-American forces who are protecting the Mujahideen E- Kalah (MEK), a private Iranian dissident army that the West itself designated as a terrorist organization readiness for a future Anglo-American offensive against the regime. The duplicity and hypocrisy is not lost on a fair-minded person — it's another ungrateful Limey stab in the back. Now, if we could just get the "praising" Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to admit that they had little (if any) connection) to the attack on the WTC other than nervously cheering on 9/11, we could move on to the real suspects.

Hopefully, recognized real Right-wing leaders will step up to the plate and put the lie to the kosher conservatives that it's not only the Left who's interested in truth and justice, by being as brave and brash as Rosie O'Donnell in solving the 9/11 cold case conspiracy hoax of the 21st century which will make regimes and empires fall.




“I Hate Canada”


Before any civilization falls apart there are always telltale signs, particularly when compassion and trust don't exist in the population, usually replaced by fear and loneliness, as in the case of the White people in America.

The other day, I received a call from my daughter at her high school; she had an upset stomach. We had been to a house party the previous night, and I thought that Alka-Seltzer and rest would do the job. It turned our that the pain was becoming so excruciating to my healthy, stoic daughter (who hardly ever complained), that we decided to go to the Emergency Unit of the largest hospital in Toronto's east end, Toronto East General. The place was full, with 50-60 people after a full-moon night, with plenty of uniformed security guards, EMS personnel and Toronto Police. You have to sit around in a wheelchair or on a gurney moaning and crying in pain before anyone gets to you (unless you've been brought in by ambulance).

After about an hour of excruciating pain, my daughter had to answer questions to a middle-aged, tense Black woman behind a glass barrier that resembled a prison's visitor's cubicle. After this, the crying and grimacing sufferers were instructed to wait in heavily-glassed fishbowl room with chairs. The stretcher cases were pushed down a dead-end hallway to groan in a corner. By this time, my daughter was throwing up from the pain, in a fever and experiencing cold hand shivers, and crying silent tears because it hurt for her to sit up or stand around her kidneys. At this point I asked a triage nurse, a young, big crew-cutted lug who could have fitted in at Abu Ghraib if he could do something, as my daughter was in a lot of pain. To which he replied, "Everyone here's in a lot of pain, " (a smart, mean prison guard answer). I remarked, "I didn't need any smart answers, I just need help for my daughter." I asked another tough-looking, middle-aged short haired Scottie for help. She replied "You can see, we're all busy here," as she was chomping on a sandwich behind the glass. I pointed out that I did not like her attitude and would report this, to which she smugly sneered to a co-worker, "He doesn't like my attitude." At this juncture, the crew-cut wannabe cop yells out, "SECURITY! SECURITY!...You better sit down." I told the crew-cut I would complain about him, and he said something I really didn't get, but he later arrogantly handed me a small piece of paper and said, "Here's my name." It was "Yves, R.N." What chutzpah, but still, no compassion

I sat down, seeing my daughter still in agony, when a short, Black female security guard and a basketball player-sized White guy asked, "What's the problem?" I pointed out that I didn't like the nurse's attitude towards my daughter, to which she asked, "What's that?" I said, "security." Both of them looked at each other and understandingly walked away. After checking up on my daughter, I ran off to complain to the hospital administrator about the situation. Down an empty hallway, I found well-dressed Marla, one of the hospital vice-presidents, who appeared to give me eye-contact assurance along with a funeral home owner's sympathy that the situation would be rectified. It had been two hours now, and my daughter had not yet seen anyone, while I kept emptying the vomit container.

Afterwards I saw a Nancy Pelosi-like dame talking to some of the nurses, and about two hours later my daughter was wheeled into the further recesses of the ER near a nurse's station manned by s skinny church-going Black woman and an angry-looking young Oriental. Three doctors were casually yapping to each other, one with a curled upper lip and curly white Harpo Marx hair, snottily wanting to know why that patient in a special closed-door big-windowed room won't wake up when he yelled
“GET UP!” at him like a prison warden. Finally the Oriental admitted that they gave him a sedative to knock him out because he was a druggie who wanted to leave, so they put him out; and now the doctor complained that he's got bed bugs. I'm waiting for one of them to check my daughter but the three of them just chat among themselves like Olympian gods on a golf course as the nurses kept their heads down, pretending they're working. At this point, the doctors start taking off, to which I yell, "Is there a doctor here, I need a doctor here!" But like in the film Shane, they never turn around and look back.

Time passes and I'm pacing; my daughter's still retching in agony with nothing to bring up; I've talked to Greeks, Macedonians and Italians. Some have been waiting longer and they all compliment me for my outbursts. However, they were all intimidated by political correctness and security (but, the Greek confided to me, "One time, this country good place, not now, not now; the Italian said, 'Scarborough General is just the same"). I complained to the skinny Black nurse at the station about my daughter's pain again, and I got another flippant answer: “We're very busy today.” When I ask for her name, she readily gives it me: Thelma. "Yeah, right on, I thought, Thelma...that figures." After the exchange with Thelma, they woke up and shipped out the druggie somewhere and brought in a young light-colored, lanky East Indian with a rakish tie and jeans...and in handcuffs. I'd heard his outbursts earlier in the waiting room. He was worse than the big old White guy with lots of hair being led around by a short-haired female cop and a serious-looking East Indian; he only screamed out "OOOWWWW!" every now and then when they moved him around for registration, etc.

The angry East Indian in the ER isolation room, still handcuffed, started kicking the door and yelling out in cadence "I HATE CANADA!" At that point, I wasn't feeling much love for it myself for all the blowhard boasting of multiculturalist morons that "Diversity Is Our Strength." So far, all of the crying, complaining and arrogant people that I had seen in that now six hours of no doctors in attendance, or an ounce of compassion. Oh, yeah, there were two — to their credit. I told them I would give it to them on the Internet: A White older woman named Vivian (from from good old White days), who spoke up for me, even approaching a demigod doctor, and Almeda, from the Constant Care Volunteers. She was a Black woman with a real Christian heart, who gave me a tract for a gospel meeting and was unafraid to meekly ask one of her 'sistahs' about my daughter's plight. After another hour I finally got to see a smiling Young East Indian intern who thought the problem could be a kidney stone and ordered a CAT Scan, morphine and Gravol to be fed into the intravenous line that had been placed into my daughter's arm earlier.

Another hour after that, a bubbly feminist-cut doctor informed my daughter that she did have a rough, granular kidney stone, which, if two millimeters across will always pass, but if it were five millimeters, hardly ever: Hers was three millimeters. "Take two Percocets, or ‘percs’ as they're known on the street," she said to my daughter; "And here's the Gravol, in case you bring them up; you'll pass it in the next 24-48 hours — if not, you'll have to come back here." By this time her mother, friends and family were on the scene, so they had a lot of concerned people to deal with.

Possibly, like the angry young handcuffed East Indian who yelled “I Hate Canada,” I too hated it for what it's become: an isolationist, every-man-for-himself attitude without thought for the future. Multiculturalism had made us a nation of fearful and resentful strangers. I particularly remember rushing down a long hallway to my daughter's ER cubicle past a retching, grasping woman on a gurney with a full container of red vomit and the cherry-faced old Ulster man whose Orangeman descendants had built 'Toronto The Good,' as he silently and pitifully watched his soiled, agape-mouthed wife on a hallway gurney. He looked totally lost.

Just like this country....



Iraq Splinters


In most of Iraq, anarchy reigns. The Iraq war was started on a pack of Weapons-of Mass-Destruction lies, in an atmosphere created by an even larger hoax of the 21st century, and splintering all involved, particularly Iraq. The Arab resistance to the Anglo-American invasion has brought out the weakness of the multi-ethnic artificial state created by greedy European imperialists after the fall of the Turkish Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I. The name itself stems from the first letters of the four Arab tribes in the region, so the whole concept of "Iraqi" is specious. The phony country (which only a dictator could keep together, like Tito or Saddam Hussein) has fallen apart along ethnic (racial) and religious lines: Kurds in the north, Shia in the south, and Sunnis in the middle, as the Americans are contemplating a pullout and the English have had enough of Middle East politics after their creation of Israel (via the Balfour Declaration).

There is a scramble for territory and power. Al-Qaeda, the relatively new boy on the block, is in the vanguard of the Iraqi resistance, providing dedicated believers for a myriad of suicide bombings which has the secularist, National Socialist Baathists in a mesmerized flap of anxiety and envy for their future in the Land of Two Rivers (the Euphrates and the Tigris). The establishment of their Islamic Emirate of Iraq and the appointment of the al-Qaeda al Bagdadi as leader, has tweaked the noses of the old-style 1920's Revolutionary Brigades, splitting that resistance organization into a pro-al Qaeda /Islamic Hamas group, and the stand-alone Islamic Jihad, who have created their own 'religious' association of the Muslim Scholars in Iraq or AMSI (these scholars, however, were invited, and boast of going to the anti-Islamist military government of Algeria, which has killed 200,000 of its people to cancel an Islamist victory with U.S. and French support), a la the Taliban (religious students). They issue their own war communiqués without the usual prayers and flourish of the al Qaeda militants. They, too, want an Islamic emirate, but not the serious Wahabbi style religiosity. They promise not to cut any separate deal with the Americans and their puppet Shi'ite stooges without the inclusion of all resistance groups.

I doubt if al Qaeda, from their stronghold in Bakuba, trusts them, as there already has been incidents of American and puppet agents working with their collaborators in the so-called Anbar Salvation Front targeting al Qaeda mujahideen, particularly in Fallujah, where al-Bagdadi's militants have struck hard at the foreign occupation collaborators successfully. The Americans, of course, are very interested in promoting, this internecine fight, along with their Saudi allies, who are no doubt fearful of al Qaeda bases next door to the kingdom, mindful of the fact that the Wahabbis put them into power as far back as the 1800's, but are now cavorting with the infidels who are building permanent bas3es on one-time Wahabbi land.

The Shi'ites are doing no better, having first treacherously collaborated with the foreigners on the advice of the Mullahs in Tehran and their main Iraqi stooges al-Sistani and thr murderous Badr Brigades financed by Tehran, but working closely with American troops. The Mahdi Army, more conservative, less organized, and late on the scene in Iraq, appears to be on the skids after their sullen leader Muqtada al-Sadr bugged off to Iran, fearing an American Sistani assassination; his organization is in tatters, with every man for himself, forming local power structures, particularly Bagdad's Sadr City, where they're occasionally taking potshots at American troops with explosively-formed projectiles (EFP's) on the increase.

This unjust war does bring out the insanity and the ridiculous in the Western world's leaders who have the nerve to whine about al Qaeda blowing up martyred civilians, while the ugly American forces have caused the deaths of at least over half a mullion Iraqis; methinks these phonies doth protest too much. Of course, the social divisions in America have been further exacerbated by the evil course change of the attack first/prevent-a-war policy. gladly embraced by the military mercenaries of the all-volunteer torturing US Army — little wonder that someone burns them in effigy alongside Bush, to the wailings of the neo-cons and their Zionist masters. I have previously said that they would be the most hated returning army in American history, and it's coming true. George Bush's too-late visit to the Walter Reed Hospital and apology for the crappy way they treat their hired guns further points to the arrogant disdain the Zionist elite have for their schleps. Israel didn't do much better for their poorly-equipped suckers in Lebanon last summer: It's the nature of the beast. The next few months, (unlike the 'surge', that has long since ebbed because of al Qaeda bombs and attacks in Bagdad outlaying provinces, will decide which kind of government Mesopotamia will have: shysters in collusion with foreigners, or religious believers proud of their ethnicity.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Gulf State, beware.



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