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Pirates of the Persian Gulf


The British are biting off more than they can chew with their arrogant demands to release fifteen sailors taken into custody by Iranians for trespassing into that country's territorial waters in the Shatt 'al Arab waterway. This is the same waterway that Saddam Hussein tried to grab when he launched a disastrous and longest war of the 20th century (eight years) against Iran with over a million casualties on both sides. Who can believe the Limeys, whatever they say, on this issue? They're the masters of subterfuge, double-dealing, double-talk, and back-stabbing; that's the nature of their pirate kingdom.

British covert operations with their commandos are probably taking place on Iranian territory, even as they indignantly demand the release of their troops lovingly described as Royal Marines and Royal Navy personnel (as if the duplicitous media gives a damn about the Royal Family. It makes for good war propaganda for the neo-con dogs from Washington for a causus belli (war cause): American politicians can appear to stand firm with their reluctant British ally and its outgoing lame-duck Prime Minister Tony Blair. It could be Bush's one last kick at the can to snatch "victory" form the jaws of defeat in Iraq by attacking Iran for Israel's big boogeyman and drag the English into another quagmire similar to the World War I disaster at Kut — that's where 2300 British troops were captured by the Ottoman Turks, described in the great book The Siege. Blair's British troops can do little against Iran other than send Americans to bomb a few Iranian facilities, which will only unite the nation against their centuries-old imperialist foe from the dinky cold North Atlantic island populated by the rebels, runaways and kick-outs of Europe.

The British have been in the Indian Ocean and the Persian Gulf for the last 400 years, ever since their Halliburton Company of the 12th century, known as The East India Company, was dividing, conquering and economically raping the Indian subcontinent. The English sent privateers with government charters to rob and pillage all and sundry throughout the world. Even the infamous Captain Kidd was sent on a similar mission by English lords (as outlined in the book Treasure and Intrigue: The Legacy of Captain Kidd by Graham Harris, Dundurn Books). However, he made the mistake of attacking a large ship belonging to the great mogul "Mongol" of India, turned out to be a no-no for the East India Company relations with the British court. Ergo, he was captured and hanged as a sop to the Mongol's court.

London and the Thames have sent off thousands of cut-throats on private missions for 200 years. No wonder there's so many priceless treasures in the world "deposited" in England. The Dutch at the time claimed that all pirates were English (well, certainly the majority), and when the British took over New Amsterdam and renamed it New York, it too became a pirate clearing house for the buccaneer butchers . Things haven't changed much today — except that their privateering is done through bankers instead of pirates.

For most North American dummies, history begins with rock-and-roll and color movies; they couldn't understand the concept of a country with a 4,000 years of recorded history like Iran (also known as Persia, the original land of the Aryans, or Zens Airyana), with Aryan tribes who were civilized when the rest of the Europeans were running around in animal skins and were considered Barbarian savages from Ireland to the Urals, when Rome did not exist and only the Egyptians could claim civilization status. Even the Greek Herodotus speaks of the head of the Persian Empire as "the Great King," as opposed to all the petty Greek kings starting out at the time. When the Persians invaded at Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans stood firm, to the Greeks, it was a racial fight for survival, while with the Persians, it was to bring civilization to the petty Greek city-states (this happened in spite of the usual historical inaccuracies as displayed in the cartoon film 300 to push Zionist propaganda).

The Iranians have expanded and contracted a number of times in the last 4,000 years, from Libya to India, and occasionally, from Russia to Yemen, but never for too long, although their effect is still felt, like the ongoing rebellion of the Yemeni Shi'ite tribes today. The Iranians are also known for a quick collapse: first from Alexander The Great; then the Arab in the seventh century, when Shi'ism was imposed on the population, breaking the unity of Islam and taking the religion out of the Arabs' hands; later by the Mongol hordes, and once by the Afghans. In a case of Race trumps religion again, the original Aryans are always giving us one religious schism or another. This started with Zoroastrianism and the great god Ahura Mazda (from which the car company Mazda draws its name and logo), the rich, fire-worshiping Parsees, and the Christian Manichaeism pushing the duality of God, good and evil.

The Persians have fought the Western Aryan tribes since Roman times, holding their own for centuries. The English were so keen on trade and influence with the Shahs that they even created a cross-over Baha'i religion to facilitate their commerce and diplomacy. I remember John Ross Taylor (who was into every religion) giving me the prayer of the Bab (Bahul'lah'lah) to recite prior to my incarceration for defending White Nationalist rights in Canada. This heresy caused a lot of blood and discord, even if the Bab was capable of slicing three men through the waist with a sword.

I trust Iran a lot more than a pirate kingdom or a regime 200 years in age founded by refugees or malcontents from Washington and equipped with weapons of mass destruction. The Americans and the British don't have the staying power for a long, protracted war of aggression thousands of miles away, nor will they be able to occupy a country united in race and religion and hold it for long, as the British did in India (with the assistance of Sikh collaborators).

The British are already leaving southern Iraq amid riots and turmoil with every camp they vacate. It's unlikely that the skeptical English population will accept any ratcheting-up of this disastrous Middle East mission, let alone a new war against an old enigmatic enemy who started Aryan civilization before Britain had a name for themselves. How many World Wars does England want to be saved from?

My advice to the snobs? Apologize...and take your leave.




Punch and Judy Show


Every now and then I'm motivated to step in and say something about the diversionary non-stories that the "government controlled" media elevates in to major stories for the hoi polloi ("brain"-washed masses). They don't want the public to hear about the average of 180 attacks each day on troops in Iraq. That's lost in the endless Iraq Congressional proposals that never go anywhere, because both sides are performing a Punch and Judy Show puppeteer act for the gullible peasants that that the elite is pauperizing through their secret New Word Order (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

Well D'OH! — Homer Simpson's comment wasn't created by accident by the smart, rebellious homosexual producers who I always like to report on with their subtle, perverted propaganda of libertine liberalism by bigoted "queers" ("Oh, be nice!"), a flagship cartoon (coming out with a movie this summer. Anyways, they were doing a 'Bible Stories" episode, wherein Principal Skinner, as Pharaoh in Bart's dream, hears that Moses and the Israelites "are exodusing as we speak," according to the Captain of the Guard (Chief Wiggum), whereby the Pharaoh replies, "Good riddance to bad rubbish". Then, another soldier yells, "Who's going to build your pyramids?" Then, Pharaoh sends the chariots after the Israelites (peddling the lie that Jews built the pyramids, saving their asses from the B'nai Brith Anti-Defamation League for promoting anti-Semitism). Here, Moses was 'portrayed' by the uncertain bespectacled nerd Milhous, who needed his 'smart woman' (Lisa) to direct the course of their nation, How apropos... Oh yeah, they're chomping at the bit because they know their whorehouse lifestyle is under attack everywhere, from the Muslims to White Nationalists working for their survival.

The Conrad Black trial (first you get the money, then you get the power, then you by the claaass ) is such a smoke-story that the socially conservative element of Zionists is looking to advance by courting kosher conservatives reactionaries, especially the ones who are fearful of Islam, bragging of their pride from their whorehouse balcony. This is just a case of fallout among crooks and schemers . But I do like Barbara Amiel swearing at the lowest whores possible in the dirty two-faced media with their pearly teeth; they lie better than crack-whores.

The potential presence of Donald Trump further amplifies the b.s. — I mean, when I saw Trump advertising for The Learning Annex, where you can learn yoga, and the Hollow Earth theory (as proposed by Ivan Boyes). The Annex is a little center located in the coffee shop communist area of Toronto which has been advertising some bizarre seminar along with many other get-rich plans, a lot of holistic medicine and now, that barker Tony Robbins, — that did it for me: Toronto is a huckster city.

Aside from the never-ending, never-binding Congressional Iraq resolutions showing the puppeteer at work again, aside from that Wilson/Palme/Libby trial, the search for information on why nine U.S. federal prosecutors might have been fired, has to be the biggest pile of crap and over-dramatized concern which in the end will lead nowhere. Who cares whether one torturing henchman resigns and is replaced by another, while the same crappy system of war, torture, lies and deception continues? If you read the history of communists, heads are always rolling; That's what these internationalist bigots are.

The final straw that serves as nothing more than as a hollow log, is the two-year U.S. Presidential campaign, which the controlled media has promoted as a version of the TV series Survivor. The back-and-forth between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is a flatulent yawn. However, I was pleased to see Al Sharpton reinforce my earlier view that Obama did not have the 'Black American Experience', and was a tool of the White liberal establishment to make them feel good (ha, ha). Rudy Giuliani's such an ugly character you'd think he walked off a Sopranos set (with the uncle who secretly runs everything). He's definitely "in" on the 9/11 conspiracy, and his only real opposition is that fat-faced John McCrazy (McCain), a guy who's had a lot of time to think about the futility of war — but votes for a surge. Giuliani will be lucky to get a dribble of real opposition from him...with the exception of the gruff phony father-figure Fred Dalton Thompson from the whorehouse Hollywood headquarters (Thompson portrays a New York District Attorney on NBC's Law & Order) as another Siamese shadow puppet. The whole campaign has little substance, but plenty of illusion. After being in politics for over 30 years, I know it's not hard for the media pundits to rag on about nonsense for hours on end; hell, they can talk about a hockey trade for two hours and people listen.

Important uprisings against nuclear Pakistan's dictator Musharraf, continuing war in Mogadishu against American puppet governments by Islamists, kangaroo trials with no defense lawyers conducted against kidnapped prisoners of Guantanamo, the trial of Canada's worst serial killer Robert Pickton, nasty plans to unite Canada, the USA and Mexico into an economic union to further pauperize the White population, the siege of the town of Caledonia, Ontario and the two-tier justice practiced by the police that is virtually unreported, and the hardly-mentioned news from the controlled media lap-dogs on Afghanistan showing both sides of the conflict or daily reports of attacks...all these kinds of stories are treated the same way the media treats White Nationalist views and opinions: just controlled silence, like any totalitarian regime. Information is power, and when we have the knowledge, we can laugh at, as entertainment, the absurd idiots telling us stupidities in the media.

Internet visitors have an opportunity to bring unreported issues and situations like the brutal murder of that couple in Tennessee and to bring these issues to website commentary.

I don't ever bother to talk of the boring bribery budget (with our own tax money) that the Stephen Harper neo-con Conservatives are using to buy Quebec with, while in Ontario, the cheapskate Dalton McGuinty Liberals offer 2 per cent-crumb raises to the poor, and a 25 percent increase for the slop-bucket politicians. The only entertaining schaudenfreud news the controlled media recently revealed was the duck-and-cover flinching of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon from South Korea, and his nervy and biased conference/visit to occupied Iraq, as the Resistance shot a few rockets into the invaders' supposedly-safe "green zone."




9/11: Hoax of the 21st Century


I was discussing the Links page with our web technocrat and the number of 9/11 conspiracy website connections. He wondered why there were so many; I pointed out that the 9/11 phenomenon is probably one of the greatest conspiracies constructed by Man which had the capability of destroying people and governments and also entire institutions and cultural beliefs, as big as the 1914 assassination in Sarajevo of Archduke Ferdinand and his wife, whose consequent World War I brought down four empires.

The first time I saw the first World Trade Center tower came down in a pile of symmetrically coordinated dust, I thought that a termite tower could have stood up better. Then, lo and behold, I saw the second tower come down in the same manner. What were the chances? Later in the day other buildings in the complex mysteriously fell in a similar fashion with no plane hitting them (attributed to wind shift and fires by "professional" experts). Then there was the mad rush to secure the site, preventing ordinary citizens from offering any assistance to the beleaguered and trapped. In this super-organized police state, there would be no crowd of citizen volunteers going through the rubble as the site became a restricted "green zone" — for government schleps only.

There wasn't much talk of conspiracy as the two weirdoes George Bush and Rudy Giuliani jingoistically rallied the country for a never-ending war on terror (Islam). It was strange how Bush remained paralyzed, worried and continued to sheepishly read a children's book while his alter ego/mentor Dick Cheney disappeared into a black hole for a couple of days. The way that American leaders shock and surprise appeared, scripted and disingenuous was the same way Roosevelt whined about the Pearl Harbor attack — the "day that would live in infamy" (until we all found out decades later that they knew all about the "surprise" Japanese fleet but kept the Hawaiian military staff in the dark as well as the waiting ships and crew, since 76 big aircraft carriers were already safely ensconced elsewhere for future war use.

I've read the 500 questions on the 9/11 conspiracy, the first one being just as important as the last. None of them have been answered satisfactorily by the official version. Many more questions have arisen since, especially the BBC's announcing that Building Seven of the WTC had collapsed 20 minutes before the actual event (oops). Now we have the announcement by the Washington liars that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, whom Americans have been torturing for years, has finally "confessed" to orchestrating the 9/11 attack. Oh yeah....really? Not even Forrest Gump could believe this crap. The supposed mastermind-leader 9/11, a fellow called Mohammed Atta and his devout Islamic co-conspirators were carousing and drinking in strip bars prior to their martyrdom effort to get into paradise, just like Allah would want if! The missing hijacked planes were flying around for three-quarters of an hour off the radar and no jets were scrambled. Many suggested that those flying drones were ground control-directed to the exact floor on the World Trade Center buildings, as no manual controls could make those turns. Everyone knows that jet fuel doesn't burn that hot, nowhere near the heat required to bend every steel girder neatly all the way — only poisonous thermite can do that.... Hence, the slew of cancer cases that appeared among the 'controlled cleanup' crews. It doesn't help that a certain Silverstein from Israel, who had just bought the nearly empty buildings months earlier made a full insurance collection on the tragedy, or the reported dancing, cheering Israeli 'religious students' who were quickly picked up and whisked away after the incident. And who can ignore the near-empty buildings that morning and the reports that some chosen people received warning phone calls to take a sick day on 9/11.

It's hard to say who is responsible for this dastardly deed which launched two major wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and pitted the world into Believers against non-Believers, with a secular democracy launching a new inquisition of torture and murder; it usually comes down to who benefits the most. Even al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden never took credit for the 9/11 attack. And we're supposed to believe the word of those who claimed that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Can you imagine the mujahideen making a spectacular attack, then just hiding in caves for the next six years without any follow up war activity in North America? Give me a break. Every fundamentalist Islam attack since then has been a local affair. So much for al-Qaeda's tentacle world network and the B.S, that liberals and feminists push for more war in Afghanistan, while suckling on the 9/11 big lie.

This is one of the reasons why there are so many 9/11 conspiracy opinion sites on our links. It's up to the intelligent reader to come to their own conclusions as to the perpetrators of the biggest hoax of the twenty-first century. The truth is out there, and anyone who doesn't look for it is a schelp of the system.




Quebec Quacks


Canada's latest census figures are in — at least some of them, pointing out that the country's population has grown by five percent in the past five years. almost all from immigration.

What the controlled media and government opposition is not saying is where the new inhabitants came from: mostly from the non-White world, and very few from assimilable Europeans. Capitalist businessmen importing cheap labor at a dizzying rate, which is replacing the White Canadian population and its culture all over the country, particularly in small towns and suburbs connected the major Anglo urban areas. One little sleepy village called Milton, Ontario, just outside of Toronto, grew like a Gold Rush town by over 70% within the last five years. Can you imagine the social disruption in that place and the angst of its bucolic residents when Canadian men start grumbling? They can look straight at the missus and themselves for their hedonistic choices in life.

I remember a nice neighbor I had, who had been married for five years with a pretty wife. I asked him one day, 'Hey Carl, when are you going to have some kids?" (I had five running around my house at the time), to which he replied that his wife had offered to have a kid — or a boat that year for their cottage property. He laughingly told me that he had chosen the boat.

Unfortunately, it's no laughing matter as the country's complexion changes day by day. This is the state we're in, where frivolous hedonism trumps reproduction and family, where men have to beg and cajole and bribe their female partners to make a lasting impact on society and their raison d'etre. The Nationalist Party, and its forerunners (The Edmund Burke Society and the Western Guard) always advocated large White families and an immigration moratorium, particularly from Third World. Obviously the Canadian population has selfishly rejected these policies and opted for the position of being strangers in their own land.

There has never been any real opposition parties in Canada of any consequence. They're all politically correct multicult propagandists looking for the quick and immediate fix for economic benefits: cheap labor, et al (Hey, you could take your missus or girlfriend for another abusive Third World vacation...these are the reminisces you'll be having while you search for your dentures later). This situation is similar in every Western country: White women have failed the race, and the White men have been emasculated and too afraid to ask, let alone lecture or demand anything.

Most of the immigrants who come to North America are economic losers from elsewhere, with the exception of of some criminals who have "bought" their way in through investments in the land from ill-gotten gains. Hardly any of these immigrants. in my opinion, have produced economic benefits for regular Canadians --if you don't count the slave-wage service jobs in dirty little coffee chain shops. However, they've taken lots of jobs that would have been decent-paying had there been a lot of boss-as-immigrant compadres (when was the last time you saw a white man or woman working in a Chinese business (or a roti shop)?

Internationalists, capitalist/communist businessmen and bureaucrats have put their money and multicult watchdogs into every significant political party and association, making sure that these destructive policies continue with the assistance of the dirty controlled media. The charade in the United States Congress over the war in Iraq and Afghanistan shows the acquiescence of the so-called opposition to the Bush regime's neo-con policies. These "democratic" Marxists are all in favor of legitimizing the one million illegal immigrants that have flooded across the Mexican border. The cuckold capitalist Bill Gates is in favor of that, and more. Businessmen have no borders...only racists do. and those who run away from the terms are part and parcel of the problem. When the people are stupid, you don't emulate them by pandering to their idiocy by apologizing for the names your enemies call you: "Ooh, I'm not a racist, I'm a racialist" (even some members of the National Socialist Movement are crying the blues). When you start worrying what your enemies call you, you're lost if the commies, capitalists and Zionists will give you a pass for differentiating by a couple of letters.

Now we see the call by some kosher conservative newspapers like the National Post for our women to have more babies (yeah, the patriarchal Orientals, and the family-oriented East Indians and Muslims will). As for the White population, they don't have a chance, except the fertile and racially aware -- until the secular democratic White man opts for a more natural relationship with the White woman by adhering to racial and religious principles . And that is the crux of the problem. White men have to grow up and forget about being entertainment idols, burying their heads in the sports pages, and walking the mutt and picking up steaming dog shit. Forget about the games on the Internet and dumb demonstrations in front of the homes of White racists. By the way, the proposed Hal Turner demonstration by the "Anonymous chatroomers" went off-kilter when the hateful Citizens Against Racism tried to join in on the April 21 demonstration at Hal's house, and the whole demonstrators' efforts were undermined. The rebellious kids on the Internet refused to be a "private army" for the Anti-Racist Action types. Therefore, the focus of the demonstration had been confused, appropriated and dissipated. Chalk one up for Hal.

Future generations of White people will curse the men and women of today for not stopping the immigration invasion when they could here, as the continent disintegrates into squabbling ethnic entities. "Oh, Canada, we stand on guard for thee?" Yes, stupidly, in Afghanistan, while the home base is being destroyed. God Bless the White Nationalists who saw the problem and offered solutions to a giddy, ungrateful White narcissistic North American population. White Nationalists need to ignore not only the ruling clique, but also the official so-called opposition: In Russia, they're a little more blatant about it, and the official opposition just declared its support for Vladimir Putin.

Stand by your own leaders and those who express your ideals.... by ignoring the rest.




White S.O.B.s


Last week, one suspected informant told me that another suspected agent provocateur said that police were going to shut this website down (my house has been SWAT-team-raided at least three times already, as well as being firebombed half a dozen times: no biggie). The first suspected said to me that he asked why they hadn't already, to which he supposedly replied that they're working on it and building a case now (Yawn). Websites come and go and the Internet is the easy way to participate in White Nationalist politics as they run away from liberal lickspittles. My attitude toward informants and agents is, better the devil you know than the devil you don't. In Canada, I can think of at least ten organizations who regularly spy on White Nationalist groups and leaders: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS), Toronto Police Intelligence, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), B'nai Brith, The Canadian Jewish Congress, Canadian Military Police, MOSSAD, the CIA, the FBI and a number of other national security agencies recently created during this phony 'war on terror', not to mention other foreign intelligence service I have known, including M-I-5, the FSB, etc. Most agents disdain the other agents — after all, how good is your information if the other guy has it?

In the old days we met people in coffee shops, restaurants, bars and street corners and planned activities eye to eye, without having rubber sex dolls sitting on their laps behind their keyboards (like I'm sure some of the perverts who have brought down Hal Turner's site on numerous occasions over the past three months). Life did exist before the Internet, and the treacherous dirty horror media and entertainment industries have done their work. I am so sickened to read the natural-born sex serial killer postings by white youth bastards against Hal Turner, his wife, his aged mother and his 12-year-old son. Only fatherless sons of bitches could be so sick and ugly and produce such sick and ugly utterances. This is the second generation of white children produced with no race and no religion, and their desultory madness and attitude is showing in all the crime, evil and hatred they perpetrate. On April 20th, Hitler's birthday, these white sicko perverts plan to show up at Hal Turner's house with Afro wigs and bow ties, parodying the tough 'gangsta' race that they want to belong to (which doesn't want them, not even for sex, unless they're in prison: April 20 will be a good day for White Nationalists to show their mettle). These S.O.B's are just a bunch of bigots, one one hand supposedly dissing "faggots" and on the other hand transsexually dressing up like them.

Some of them know their social isolation in multicult North America by agreeing with some of Hal Turner's racist sentiments. but need some power-trip satisfaction; they're quick to jump on the treacherous Zionist-controlled program of zero tolerance towards White Nationalism. They love to use the Marxist nihilist dialectic of 'no-tolerance-for-intolerance' as their way of silencing their opponents and open the world to chaos. They love kicking people when they're down--that's the way of the coward. They count on the Marxist establishment for sympathy and protection. This is the wussy self-loathing White mob looking to make easy political hay for themselves and and their oversexed hedonistic activity, which sometimes results in video rape cases of 16-year olds (see our Crime Page, for one such case involving a teenage gang sex attack). Some of them claim they have nothing to live for behind the keyboards in their mother's basement and are willing to be 'martyrs' against a Hal Turner, languishing in jail for the next 30 years; if only they could let go of their erections.

No other race is burdened with this self-hating illness and racist denial. It's definitely a White disease which goes right back to the construct of the White family and male/female relationships dominated by a shrill Zionist matriarchy, and White Nationalists who run away from labels like "racist', "fascist", "Nazi": or "Ku Klux Klan" dishonor us, worrying too much about what their enemies call them, using sucky terms like "racialist." Showing wimp concerns about "fascism" only show the anti-racist growling dogs your fear. Pandering to dwindling kosher conservatives for acceptance shows your fear and weakness. I remember when Paul Fromm was elevated to the University of Toronto Student Council with the most votes how embarrassed I was listening to their draggy sessions when Paul applauded some racially-unaware conservative's comments, and the schlep would turn around and mockingly tell him how he didn't need his applause. I wonder where that sniveling jerk is today in race-mixed Canada: suck-holing to the koshers never works. I've said before that we are in a Cold White Race Civil War, where we have to get out own racial house in order before we tackle any exterior problems. This is one reason why this site chastises different ethnic Whites and their past and present performances on the world stage. It's not enough to bemoan and blame others for our low self-esteem and outright negativity towards our race.

We have to get to the root cause of identity malaise by standing together against all enemies in our midst. We cannot move forward in such disarray until our house is in order. Whoever Hal Turner is, it doesn't matter: he has made his name and proclaimed some things that needed to be said. When free speech is under terror and threat by White race traitors and others, let's stand together or hang separately...that's the White man's way. Racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but are here to correct them.

These deluded White race traitors, just like some of their Zionist backers, are becoming more and more desperate, as Israel has been polled now as the most hated country in the world. I predict that eventually, if they are really "smart," the religious Jewish racists will beg the White Nationalists for support. Then, what will you say to your doctor, dentist and lawyer?



Green Herring


Global warming is a crock...I don't buy it. It's the proverbial red (green) herring to misdirect the gullible concerned public from the real concerns of race survival and the loss of national sovereignty and identity throughout the planet. There are so many 'facts' on both sides of the issue, that obviously, the case is more arguable than the Theory of Evolution (even though that appears to also be highly suspect). Most of the scientists involved in the propaganda of global warming are paid by one internationalist group or another and as a consequence can't be trusted, like that internationalist anti-racist David Suzuki and his ilk, while the scientists who oppose his bunch are usually half-right or half-financed by the same internationalist conglomerates and capitalist interests (businessmen have no boundaries; only racists do).

Most of those concerned about global warming, polar bears and melting ice floes are totally unconcerned about the disappearance of their own White race. The Earth has been changing for thousands of years, with species coming and going as non-White overpopulation takes over the world with the aid of White technology and meddling. The Kyoto Agreement is nothing but a sham for burgeoning underdeveloped countries to get the wealth of the White world through a guilt contract that transfers funds and technology to non-Whites under some brownie-point-buying scheme to meet the artificial targets set out by the internationalists to undermine Western living standards and independence. It all smacks of the New World Order that the war criminals from Washington to London to Tel Aviv are attempting to set up under the guise of humanity's betterment, while the bombs keep dropping. It's sickening to see the likes of that criminal troll Dick Cheney and his lickspittle lap-dog Dudley Do-Right Stephen Harper feigning compassion and concern while they spread war and torture throughout the planet in the name of "secular democracy."

This is exactly where the no-religion crowd finds false faith, in a false-flag operation of guaranteed zero results and ultimate failure. But it keeps the secularists too busy to think about water-boarding, renditions, and the loss of their individual rights and national sovereignties. The majority of these with-it activists are mostly wusses and women who don't have to answer to any personal moral code of hedonistic life-activity while bemoaning global warming. Even neo-cons are paying lip-service to this environmental distraction with empty promises and politically-correct clichés to play to the hedonistic liberal hobby concerns.

As I've stated before, I'm a primitivist, bordering on a Luddite, who feels that the Earth is overpopulated with a parasite called Man, who has in the Western nations created all kinds of poisonous and polluting leisure products that are totally unnecessary, and also the antithesis to the Earth's nature. The planet needs a rest. The majority of the environmentalists are a cowardly lot; they are politically correct, self-loathing pleasure seekers too afraid to tackle the ugly issues of war, injustice, and the grip and speed of evil militant empires on the planet. These stupid environmentalists have taken over entire cities' agendas with shell-game recycling schemes, wasting the precious time and energy of millions of peoples' lives, laboring for nothing while the cities drown in crime and garbage. I'm all for re-greening the cities and countryside, but it never really happens — except flatulence from the politicians (now that's real global warming).

When you have a guy like Al Gore (the prima donna of the green crowd); then see his connections to the highest Illuminate conspirators, and then see so-called Green Parties in Germany and elsewhere peddling internationalist Marxism and bunker-busting 2000-pound-bomb wars in Afghanistan, while keeping silent on torture, cruel incarcerations and the human right of freedom of speech (while Ernst Zündel and others languish throughout the world, including Canada), then I know it's all cruel hokum and a public farce. You just can't trust the green herring crowd.

White Nationalists should be more concerned with racial ecology and the destruction of the White way of life and its principles. The first step is non-interference with other races' and cultures' lives. Our planet itself has a natural selection order, where you don't feed the deer in Darfur...or anywhere else. Just like the ozone layer which repaired itself in the South Pole (where 90% of earth's ice is), the less that Man interferes, the better.... God, through nature, will do the rest.






The other day I was having a coffee with some hangers-on ('androids,' as some jealous wag dubbed them), chatting about Ernst Zündel's worldwide publicity upon his five year incarceration by the second Weimar Regime in Germany. Everyone was excited about their connection to a historical figure, boasting of their punch-outs with reds and anarchists during one of Zündel's many court appearances, and taking part in their political participation. Yes, I said; Bob Smith and I are 'field commanders' for White Nationalism in this area. That's what the resistance to foreign aggression calls their publicly-recognized leaders, from Chechnya to Iraq to Afghanistan. They have brought the all-powerful nuclear forces of Illuminati Imperialism to their frustrated knees. They liked that.

Recently a local leader in a Nazi group of the National Socialist Movement in Florida was shown to be an FBI plant after organizing a Nazi march through a Black neighborhood to protest the crime in the area. This revelation turned out to be a big story for bloggers and their commentators, most of them voicing disapproval for the uninformed National Socialists and the heavy hand of the Anti-Defamation League in such groups, for the purposes of better fear mongering and donations from the Jewish community, yada, yada. But what are the keyboard warriors doing with their absent precious bodies? Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

The computer and the Internet have removed their warm flesh from the field and turned into anonymous belly-achers. Sometimes the secret security forces out-maneuver themselves and bring destruction on their heads with their moles and agents. The Bolshevik Revolution would not have been a success had it not been for the 1905 riot and massacre of the Labor demonstrators carrying pictures of the Czar and icons, organized by a "union" head by a secret police (Ochrana) operative. The government Cossack mistakenly went nuts on the protesters, killing many and setting the stage with hate and anger for a decade before the 1917 Revolution. The Ochrana stooge shot himself. Here in Canada, we had the Heritage Front, fronted by Wolfgang Droege and run by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service agent/able assistant Grant Bristow. "Rights for Whites" was his slogan, looking to corral all dissidents into his "racialism," leaving them open to racism charges.

I recall (since Bristow joined the Nationalist Party) that he was always against the development of 'field commanders,' new leaders or groups — too hard to control, egomaniacs and cultist leaders, his bosses figured. But that's exactly what the White Nationalist movement needs: more, not less, public figures and demagogues in every city and community. Canada has plenty of silent martyrs to White Nationalism: just look at the dozen Canadian Human Rights roster of the convicted people (and waiting to be convicted) by kangaroo courts where the truth is not a defense. Unfortunately most of these Internet denizens' names are unknown until they appear in a notice of conviction or a fine and/or prison — then they are heard from no more, undermining the frightened public's confidence, unlike the field commanders.

White Nationalist politics is a self-sacrificing life where the rewards are victory or martyrdom, living a life that matters, spreading your glow to those around, giving them meaning and purpose. It's a great feeling — Try it! You'll like it. The White race is waiting. There's no money in it; just a life-connection to human history at the edge of time, with a grim smile. Of course not everyone can be an internationally-known David Duke, crossing borders without problems and attending conferences and seminars. But their communities still need White leaders — everyone's name can be a flag in their neighborhood.

I have to chuckle when I see society's rebels naively posing in front of posters of Lenin and red star flags — they won't get you back your White rights or society. Criminal nihilists do little good with a lot of blood; communism is the death rattle of multiculturalism for the White race and communists are in power throughout the world. Otherwise, Ernst Zündel would not be in jail for five years for speaking the truth, so these "rebels" are only shilling for the system. If some field commanders fall by the wayside because of poor principles, they will make more room for White race patriots to learn from their errors, lead and interpret events for the racially-aware constituency who the system elevates to "racist ideologues." Just like that. Don't worry about left or right, as they are meaningless terms coined by the French Revolutionary conspirators to keep the people permanently divided according to what side their representatives sat on in their Illuminate embassies. Everyone can be a racist ideologue.

I've see a lot of racists come through and many burn out into obscurity, but I've never heard any regret their excitement and participation, agent and good citizen alike. Usually it is the biggest thing they've ever done. Even the few who supposedly recant their love for their race are still nostalgically loyal. They known that the color of their uniform is their skin. Whorehouse liberals, liberties and libertarians are a lamp unto our people that should not be hidden under a basket. As the famous hymn goes, "Let it shine, let it shine...."

Let's have some real White Nationalist "participaction."




Beware of the Kill-Bots


Get the insane asylums ready. The war and "surge" in Iraq is going from bad to worse; the Resistance of the Islamic Emirate of Iraq has thwarted the American and Shi'ite collaborators' efforts by going on the offensive before the occupation forces draggingly went to their much ballyhooed "surge" into the waiting truth car bombs, IEDs and snipers. George Bush can yak about comparing the Iraq war to the American Revolution, where only one-third of the American population sided with the Illuminate Constitutionalists — but it won't wash, except in the sectarian brutality against civilians.

Secular libertine American soldiers are going nuts in Iraq. They land at night from hovering helicopters, kick down doors, arrest and head-bang prisoners, destroy furniture and kill any resistance before departing, like evil futuristic Empire Troopers. Often, they wear ski masks and sunglasses (assassins worried about being identified for future war crimes trials, operating like faceless SWAT teams). At other times, they're not so "nice: like the time they bound and executed sixteen fishermen and dumped their bodies in a river; the floating bodies were discovered two days later. Or, when they dropped by helicopter into a small farmhouse, rushed in and bayoneted four youths to death, verbally abused the mother and took off. or when American troops kidnapped a six-year old schoolgirl to hold hostage until her suspected Resistance father turned himself in, much to the mother's anguish.

American troops are in a hysterical rage, smashing, looting and destroying everything in their path, out of fear, in a country where every hand is raised against them, including the Kurd and Shi'ite rapist collaborators. This is not like Vietnam, where there were plenty of pretty girls and brothels. The slovenly in-bedded media and their lying masters have shot themselves in the foot by sanitizing the troops' actions and injuries that few boob tube viewers feel any sympathy for the crude grunts. As a consequence, you can expect to see the amputees begging and selling pencils on America's streets soon enough. These flustered frustrated soldiers are also venting their spleens on the people and the environment: Cutting down papyrus reeds and tall grasses along the banks of rivers — and when they grew back surprisingly fast, the soldiers poured oil all along the banks to kill the roots. Still, their N-9 gunboats are being sunk on the Euphrates, in a new offensive of by the Resistance. In spite of "security operation." which locks down entire cities for ten days, always threatening to come back like serial killer-rapists attempting to terrify their victims into silence and acquiescence. Incidents of gunfights between American soldiers, and recently, a bayonet attack on each other, show that the Americans are losing it in an orgy of angry destruction. No matter what their firepower is, they can't stop the snipers or the Resistance's new armor-piercing rockets which are setting Abrams tanks ablaze, along with the heavy mortars that are setting their fortified camps into a panic. The Iraqi Resistance is operating in larger units, with larger and longer-lasting attacks on patrols and convoys.

The Kurds and Shia sectarians are attempting to do some ethnic cleansing from Baghdad to Kirkuk; that's why the Resistance is blowing up bus terminals used in the effort, including the targeting of Shia mosques, where Sunni prisoners are brought in for interrogation, torture and execution. Even the Hezbollah gunmen are targets for the Resistance as their mercenary Asian truck drivers, who don't get a chance to recant, apologize or be set free (like the Taliban operates). There'll be no mercy for the Zionist-influenced commie Kurds who use Marxist dialectics for Sunni ethnic cleansing with the Orwellian phrase "normalization of the situation in Kirkuk" law.

There are hundreds of dramatic stories every day behind which the dirty Zionist-controlled media hides and obfuscates, preferring to highlight trendies being rescued from mountain tops and Maury Povich musings of 'Who's your daddy?' regarding a dead trollop, and living trollops like Britney Spears shaving her head. The American army is made up of the most mentally-disturbed psycho soldiers the world has seen since Genghis Khan.

These natural-born killers acting out their fantasies like their Zionist masters' Hollywood Nazis (without the ideology) will be a threat to all American when they return. They are the biggest bigots in Mesopotamia while their America goes to hell in a hand basket as a dirty rotten whorehouse where the bullies have no racial identity, pride or chivalry and the criminal Dick Cheney want to leave Iraq 'with honor' What a laugh — no White Pride/World Wide here. They are already becoming the most hated mercenary army the world has seen; now some sycophant no-conscience idiots are calling on the public to "support the troops" — like the controlled parties in the U.S. Congress.

American forces won't be able to stay much longer in Iraq, as they're increasingly under more brazen attacks. The coalition forces' combat outposts in newly taken areas of Baghdad neighborhoods under the Orwellian name Operation Imposing Law, are suffering heavy casualties outside their bases — it's a lot worse than Fort Apache, The Bronx. Yet, notice that not many soldiers are asking to come back; they're having too much fun while pretending to know what the mission is.

This site has been calling for the the troops to be brought back as soon as possible. In this situation it's a case of 'be careful what you wish just might get it from a bunch of psycho-soldiers who don't know the meaning of humility or chivalry, coming home to roost like a new batch of serial killers. Only a genuine racial and religious revival of compassion and humility can save America now.

America, beware....




When Victims Become Monsters And Make Martyrs


There are so many ugly cases of murder in Canada where the perpetrators pretend to be victims prior to their disparaging acts of evil. Karla Holmolka is one; even that dog Robert Pickton claims to have been abused as a youth.

Now we have the latest case of the killers Michael Briscoe and Joseph Lebourcan in Edmonton, claiming to have been abused children as an excuse for picking up a 13-youth girl hanging around a mall, and raping and murdering her at a local golf course — how they were poor street kids hooked on drugs as mitigating facts for bludgeoning their victim with a wrench as part of their sex monsters' orgy. We can take their victimization card right back to the 9/11 excuse characters. They bombed the hell out of foreign lands from Iraq to Somalia to Afghanistan. Some, like the Canadian military and Zionist neo-cons, like to get in on the killing as good friends and allies of the American 'victims', such as madmen like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Gen. Rick Hillier, who are making Mujahideen martyrs in Afghanistan. Others who can't get out there to do some killin' are on the home front to maintain and implement odious laws under the Anti-Terrorism Act, with the cheap excuse that they're trying to solve the 1985 Air India case.

The disgusting part is that there are women among them too, such as MP Anne McLellan and Marlene Jennings, and the usual Marxist-Zionists like that loser Bob Rae and ex-justice minister and frequent-flyer to Israel Irwin Cotler. Plus there are other supposed Liberals who are all in favor of jailing people to testify against their will or stay in jail, like the half-dozen Muslims locked up indefinitely under the shit-assed 'security certificates'. This is the hypocrisy that passes for freedom and democracy in this Marxist thought-gulag called Canada...standing on guard only for their own monetary internationalist interests.

Ernst Zündel* is a martyr of the big Holocaust 'victims' actions — he dared to question their 'victimization' and was thrown into the German thought-gulag prison for five years for just written words. Even the supposedly-formerly victimized minorities are calling for the heads of White students at Toronto's Ryerson University (administered by its president Sheldon Levy) for daring to suggest they should have some 'White Culture Clubs'. One boring bozo, Paul Mott (ugly partner of the married duo 'The Motts' on Toronto radio CFRB) claimed there was no such thing as White culture; imagine such self-loathing creatures are propagandizing our social mores (let them know what you think at their CFRB website e-mail address, ). And, there is this misnamed "Human Rights Commission", now persecuting a dozen White Nationalists, including Marc Lemire, for daring to express their political opinions on world events while hiding behind their name and government authority to be speaking on behalf of concocted 'victims'.

The Israelis are supposedly the biggest victims of the past, acting like the worst monsters of the present and future, threatening a nuclear holocaust to anyone who dares to question their "victims' rights" to establish a nasty, matriarchal torturing and killing machine in the neighborhood. These great 'victims' forget the indignities that were visited upon them while figuring out new ones to visit upon their neighbors.

Everyone feels sorry for real victims and they don't mind a certain amount of back-at-you revenge for their sufferings, which they meted out to the statist Nazis. But that was years ago, proving that they're no better than their former tormentors, when they should be more compassionate, having already suffered. Most of us can look the other way to their depredations until they start losing in Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan and whining to others, “More troops! More troops!” — a whine that fair-minded people need to ignore, along with the spin-doctoring propaganda that the sky is falling — unless we "surge" some more.

I say to hell with the 'victims', if they're torturers, and to their race-mixing "Igor" assistants, whatever uniform they wear. Enough is enough. Let's put a stop to their warmongering "hatred" that has become a lapel pin they wish to put on every one of their 'victims' because they're oh-so-nice, while they spew bloodcurdling drivel toward their enemies, perceived and otherwise. With the introduction of the Internet, they've lost a lot of their propaganda bite. And, their blood exhortations are falling on deaf ears every day while they make martyrs of their real victims. The White Man's way is for common sense, good will and fair play, and these so-called victims have none — otherwise, the world that they run would not be in the state it is in today.




Europe Needs Fascist Fatherlands


European Nationalism has been brow-beaten and bought out.

I don't trust the European Union and NATO when it comes to maintaining the nationalism of the various low-melanin mutant tribes of the White people — mutants who have been dominated four-to-one by any mixing with the other races, to the point of extinction. Just look at what's happening to the redheads of the White nations. They're expected to be as extinct as the dodo bird by the end of this century at the current rate of internationalist race-mixing. So it will be the case for other elements of the dwindling White race.

EU laws are Draconian double-speak, like all communist proclamations; they look good on paper but in practice, they're not worth the paper they're printed on. Look at the way Germany treats historical dissidents like Ernst Zündel or their stupid fines, penalties and jail sentences that France and Austria hand out. It's the new Holy Roman Empire, without the "holy" in it, and with bureaucrats and mercenary forces ready to invade and occupy anyone's land if you disagree. Bosnia and Kosovo are good examples where the Serbs failed to continue the struggle, lacking a belief system of cohesion and perseverance. In spite of NATO bombings. Milosevic could have held Kosovo, since only 10% of their military and hardware had been destroyed by three months of constant bombing. Now the Serbs wants to enter into a partnership with their former bombers for economic and military benefits (they can take some lessons from the Chechens and the Taliban: Never surrender.) They don't deserve Kosovo in spite of their long history there.

Just like Canadians don't deserve Markham, Ontario and other future Chinese cities — that's the price you pay for fleeting economic benefits (thank you Chinese businessmen; please don't use our tombstones for cobblestones in the future when we're just museum memories). That's the price you pay for your rejection and lack of White racial awareness...ignominy (even English school children now have to be taught what it means to be British, in the advent of their coming into the EU; soon all of Europe will become a London-based international pirate port).

Arrogant NATO is the bully boy operated by bankers, media barons, arms dealers and anti-White Nationalist political barkers, if one checks the list of attendees at the recent Riga, Latvia conference; the Latvians should know better, serving new, aggressive occupiers, as if their time as a captive nation meant nothing. I remember what Hitler supposedly said about them: They were "kind of dumb, but made good executioners." Their silly loud women seem to be running the show today — not a good sign for a population regeneration.

Some of the states in the EU are so narrow-minded and stupid, like the Slovak Parliament, which voted against independence for Kosovo, forgetting that no one objected when they peacefully broke up Czechoslovakia for their chimera independence. Slavs will never be able to regain their lands with the baby crib or the bayonet as long as they're members of an empire run by international finance and military megalomaniacs, like that snot, NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. They, and others, will have to get out of the matriarchal, degenerate West, in spite of their ability to have fast food and clean toilets.

Look at the misery that NATO brought from the Balkans and Afghanistan; it's a bad bargain for Canada, which has made us complicit in murder and torture that some Americans seem comfortable with (water-boarding, anyone?). These alliances, leagues and detentes will all be historical passings, but the nationalist spirit of belonging to a family bigger than your own (even if you don't have one) is a burning desire for mental and social security that no free trade deal can satisfy or "Diversity-Is-Our-Strength" can fool. Birds of a feather flock together, and so it is with people. Our race is our home and destiny that no multicult carnival can replace.

Soon the European tribes will turn on the Empire builders, just like the 1,000 White Nationalists who came to Budapest last week on the anniversary of the defence of that city from communist invaders. It's time to dismantle the New World Order called the European Union and their negative NATO guard dog, and be masters in your own house, with pride and pageantry for the new Fascist Fatherland and renaissance of the white tribes of Europe.

I'm so sick and tired of hearing all the whining about the "Bush fascists" or the "Christian" fascists. If they only were, they'd be working for the best interests of the white people...and that isn't to open the doors to the race-mixed worlds' cheap labor and pauperize the people that they're accused of racially working for — it's impossible: The internationalists know that it's easier to control people in large blocs than a hundred little pieces; That's why they want a North American Union also: it's easier to move cheap labor around and pauperize the white people.

Only more patriarchal regimes can save the ingenious mutant race from its self-absorbed matriarchal hedonism.




Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner . . .  Again!


The pro-race mixing and anti-racial identity-undermining movie of the 1960's Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? is about to repeat itself on the 2008 American Presidential Election all over again. That movie starred the ugly, skinny loudmouthed Hollywood harridan Katharine Hepburn, two-timing Marxist phony Spencer Tracy and the darling of the Civil Rights 60's, refined white-hating black poster boy Sidney Poitier. In this film Poitier played a doctor coming for dinner to announce and receive nominal approval for the whore couple's daughter. No one remembers her, just like they don't remember or know little of Barack (meaning 'blessed Muslim' in Swahili) Obama's "socially progressive" mother who married a Black Muslim from Kenya. This time, the offspring plan to eat dinner at the White House after he announced his candidacy for President of the race mixed, still-United States of America.

The hippie and communist 60's and 70's produced a lot of nice American black idols and mass miscegenation. This Marxist propaganda in turn led to a media government assault on white identity, making "racism" and "racist" into pejorative terms, coupled with "fascism" and "Nazism"; 45-year-old Obama is a product of that time. Those are the main epithets that the new generation of racially self-loathing Americans can bandy about, including: Islamo-fascism, homo-fascism, Euro-fascism, Zino-fascism, and even Christo-fascism. (However, even the old nominally Christian right-wing poser Beltway Boys, Fred Barnes and Mort Kondracke of Fox News Channel, whinily objected to being described as 'Christo-fascists' and slammed the secular feminist workers of John Edwards' campaign who denounced the Catholic Church and their anti-gay anti abortion policies from the office). Barnes said with bitter derision, "Had any of Edwards' staffers said anything about Muslims, gays or lesbians, they would have been fired." For the first time, for him to throw in Jews among the favored minority list, shows the beginning of detachment from Zionist policies which have brought hatred and disrepute on their 'Christo-fascist' backers.

I'm ashamed and embarrassed to say that even those groups calling themselves White Nationalists, who turn against the views and symbiology of their movement's radical groups, have fallen for this communist crapola, readily confusing the dumb goy. Abraham Lincoln's arms rest on two 'fasces' at his Washington memorial; how could this be anything but planned and purposeful? What do you expect from the rotten school system under the control of Marxist teachers who have been peddling this propaganda for five decades: at the root of all evil is fascism and racism.

Barack Obama wants to raise the salaries of $47-an-hour-plus social activist teachers to give them a livable wage. We know that he's happy with his mission school education, while at the same time, planning to outlaw the sale or transfer of any semi-automatic weapon in America, so that only the government goons will have weapons, therefore denying the people last-chance protection from government tyranny and rampant criminal gangs.

Obama won't get the black vote — he's not one of them. He didn't suffer, strive, and struggle as a loser slave and captive for the last 300 years in America; he has no empathy with their experience. He's from the winner/slaver class of East Africa and a spoiled White effeminate class of America; most Blacks know ( by his African name alone) that no Mr. Johnson or Mr. Jefferson ever whipped him on a plantation. One of the books he wrote, Dreams From My Father, speaks volumes of his attachment to that parent, while the public has little information on the rest of the story. Some even consider that Barack Obama is a Muslim apostate who deserves punishment for his abandonment of the religion which gave the mumbling Prime Minister of Australia John Howard a chance to claim that al-Qaeda is praying for Obama's presidency, because he wants American troops out of the failed mission in Iraq — a no-brainer.

Basically, Obama is eye candy for a race mixed nation where whites are floundering for an identity other than 'I'm a dumb American'. His speech style is worthy of any rubber-chicken circuit conference or seminar. He's the motivational speaker with a lot of airy promises and little substance; he chose to stand in front of a Greco-Roman building in Springfield, Illinois, dedicated to Lincoln (who killed a million Americans to preserve an Illuminate union). Obama called Lincoln "a uniter, not a divider" -- the same claims of George W. Bush. It reminded me of the 1,000th anniversary of the founding of the city of Rome in the third century, when the son of an Arab horse merchant, Emperor Phillip, sat on the throne during the last days of the race-mixed Roman Empire: Soon after, Phillip and his mother were murdered by the Roman mob, and the empire was all but finished one hundred years later. Judging by Guess Who's Coming To Dinner...Again, America won't last that long.

Americans are facing a dismal lot of candidates for president. The Bushes and the Clintons are trying to make the elections into successions; if that lying Hillary gets in it'll be a 24-year rule of the two cabal families. Rudy Giuliani's so connected with the 9/11 conspiracy that the future after the election would be more of the same. John McCain's just crazy — he'll jump from one "surge" to another. The rest of them haven't got a chance, unless Al Gore comes in; he may enter the presidential race because of the legacy he had built on his work for the environment and the election stolen from him in 2004. Gore would have a chance to present a real kinder, gentler America instead of the torturing Whorehouse America it is now.


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