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Dick struck won't work


Once, I was friendly with a beautiful blonde; then, when she moved on, we stayed friends and occasionally I would see her in the neighborhood more than once sporting a black eye. I knew she was with a new guy who she initially reported how happy she was with. So I asked her, "What happened with your eye?" (as if I didn't know) and "Why do you put up with this?" To which she replied, "I guess I'm dick-struck." I tried to imagine her enjoying sexual activity and her willingness to pout up with abuse for it. How sad, but how telling.

Ever since Mary Tyler Whore (Moore) arrived on the scene (who boasted of picking up men in the Comedy Gold channel's promotional ads spouting a philosophy that's dwindled the white race) this clitoris ideology — looking for the largest living sausage to fill a hole has ruined our society because it's placed women on the hunter's role, the reverse of natural order where males are always libido ready (every man wants to be told he's the best, and that's where the trouble starts); as for females, they're ready about 48 hours out of 28 days when the egg drops. Horny women are not looking for partners and the biggest humpers are not necessarily the best fathers.

Can single mothers from race-mixed unions leave? The broken, poor homes' welfare costs and fatherless  dysfunctional families are the direct result of  the dick-struck dames moving from one man to another, while pretending romance. This 'clitoris culture' caused the disintegration of the family and disrespect for the father image, now denigrated as just an extended family baby-father — the guy who provided the sperm.

Of course, all this is just fine with the homosexual culture ruling the media. Everything is always sexified [sic] kids and normal heterosexual couples are panned. The 'big-dick culture' rules in Hollywood for every actress whom passed the casting couch test — and of course, Hollywood is imitated by modern women who all have their sexual heroes, regardless of what type.  Usually this dick-struck phenomenon is coated with the veneer of "love"— but it's really about the pogo stick. But pogo stick affairs are just a farce because they're not built on anything other than sexual satisfaction. This cock-shopping culture intimidates most men, with every woman wondering whether they'll measure up to their expectations. The idea of education for planning for life, morality, loyalty, children — they all are irrelevant in this debate. That's why there's so many single guys in the white world and lonely old white women with little dogs.

The first step against this wild libido legacy is not to cater to the politically-correct bitches' demands and condemn those who do. This is the problem of the libertarian and conservative sites: they try to water down everything while using the same anti-racist/commie bogeyman to condemn racists and patriarchs — which of course, puts racists on the defensive. Isn't that what Hillary Clinton globalists do, evoking Hitler and fascism, neither of which respected other races,  today's white nationalists do.

Second, we need more heterosexuality instead of those wimpy sperm donors of The Big Bang Theory. White men should get more serious instead of just partying. They should definitely try to marry in your early thirties  — you should have had enough experience and adventure by the time you reach that age — and prepared a "settle down" plan. Remember, every woman's middle names are 'vanity' and 'security' and she can't have one without the other.

The whole subject may sound rude and crude, but that's today's Charlie Sheen culture and whites must face what is their Achilles' Heel — their wild white women who have more freedom and rights than any other race on the planet, heading the race toward extinction.  Let's not mince words: only when the white people get their house in order will they have a chance for survival.

Finally. let's start by speaking to our women honestly.




Whites: 500 years slaves to mercantilism


As soon as greedy whites start using nonwhite labor to do their mundane and dirty work, that's the beginning of the end for the race. I've never seen any other race of people on the planet use other races' labor; whenever they did, that nonwhite society perished too, into a race-mixed hell-hole like India and Egypt in their pasts. Today, it's mostly the rich, lazy Arabs who are using non-Arab labor (mostly Africans and Asians) to do their drudgery. It seems to be a Semitic thing common to all miserly mercantile people looking for the cheapest servants and workers so that they can lay their burden down — down to destruction.

It's just so mean and selfish and thoughtless to ignore, dismiss, un-employ and put down your own race's workers willing to pick up after you and build your monuments while at the same time pretending that you're all one people. That when the term "middle class" was invented by the avaricious merchants who hardly ever mention the aspired-upon class, as if it's a secret cabal that you can conveniently break into with special privileges, definitely unavailable to these low-class fellow citizens (a term you know is never used except in derision). This is what the merchants' world has been centered on since the beginning of colonialist times in 1492 (when Columbus sailed the ocean blue). After that, everyone was waiting and hoping for when their ship would come in, having invested in a voyage to rape the Third World, like in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

This is where the Western World turned effeminate on "m'lady's" (the white man's real burden) behalf, and its been all downhill since — race-mixing, fratricidal wars, burning-at-the-stake Christians in the name of Jesus' love. It was a mad dash to literally grab, like pirates (notice how many of the Limey and French governors were former pirates). You talk about jihad today — that was nothing compared to then, where superior Protestant Anglos enjoyed torturing each other publicly in the name of God against their Mediterranean fellow Catholics. Christianity has so much dirt on its gown that no amount of prayers can wash away. It's the Christians who proselytized the natives with tricks, trinkets and cannon thunder, having no thought to their white racial integrity, except where it profited them, especially in plantation colonies.

Normally various ethnic groups have mercantile boundary conflicts and leave it to that, but mercantile colonialism was based on cheap supplies and services and over-population relief, right through North America. However, the rest of the Third World was just one big industrial plantation. With white society standards' over-seers and rules, this mercantile movement created a population explosion requiring more industry and plantations and dumping grounds for their homeland's low-class "criminals" all the way to Australia to work to fend for themselves for more plantation work. This is why the white race is in peril and steadily heading toward extinction — unless this merchant-and-cross mercantile philosophy is stopped in its tracks.

What we need is a new Luddite attitude toward free trade globalism and to shut the borders and try again to make our land self-sustainable, free from the military industrial complex blessed by the Christian anti-white racists. And we can start that today by rejecting the 500 years of global mercantilism that is sucking the planet dry. It will take whole sections of the Earth to be allowed to lay fallow like a farmer's field by leaving the natives alone, whether you have a Bible or a Koran in your hand. Politically, this will happen through natural events as their merchants' economic system collapses and more wars ensue for more no-go areas. White racists, on the other hand, must understand that mercantilism is the base problem against our survival.

Don't fall for the "almighty dollar" argument.




Needed: Isolation African style


The other day a big black with a beard dressed in a Federal Express uniform came to my door; he had a package for my son for $175.00. As we conducted our business I asked him, "Where are you from, Jamaica?" (he had that proud Rastafarian bearing). He looked surprised and happily said, "Africa." "What part," I said. "Nigeria" he replied.  Wow, I thought, here is this guy from a troubled Limeys' colonialist-construct country with a good Canadian job and he's only in his thirties. Here's Canada's sold-out white future. So, I had throw in my two cents' worth: "Boko Haram country, eh?" I commented. His eyes lit up. "You know about them?" Yeah, I said, "Northern Nigeria is gone — are you and Ibo?"

"No" he said; "Yoruba", we both said together. Now he started laughing nervously, but happy that someone knew so much about his country's people. He claimed that it was just "all politics", not isolationism from the West as the Islamist group claims. "They just want to get rid of the president" the big Yoruba guy said. "Good Luck Jonathan," we both said in unison. Now he was really laughing.

I told him who I was, repeated my name three times, announce I was running for mayor, told him I would be fair to all people. We shook hands; he promised to vote for me because I knew so much about him, I surmised. I thought about my encounter with the tribesman whose people brutally put down their fellow Ibo tribes who tried to create their own ethnic state of Biafra (supported by the feminist Catholic Church. which we touched on during our talk). He mentioned that the ruling Muslim Hausa and I mentioned the herdsmen, the more numerous Islamist Fulani, whom this Christian Yoruba seemed to fear. This African immigrant holding down a good white Canadian's job is here first of all, because of anti-racist Christianity that denies white identity or integrity of race to Caucasians more likely to question their racially-destructive dogma to nonwhites.

This new black (African) Canadian is here because of globalists' policies of job and cheap labor exports and imports to bring all cultures into one-multicult-size-fits-all desirable for the one percenter mercantile globalists. It's race-mixers hellholes that have been created all over the once white world, requiring police state rules to keep the new natives down and protect those one percenters pretending they're just 'middle class' greed-bags.

Isolationism will be the white man's final card. However Africans have already started that process, aided by a more male-oriented religion (Islam), rooted to "the Jews." and Christians' same Semitic god of fear, this time called Allah. Their movement is called "The Congregation of the People of Tradition for the Proselytism and Jihad" and they don't like their common 'Boko Haram' title (meaning: Western education is forbidden). Even though they want to spread Islam, and  they're against any globalist control like all the nations of Africa, bar none.

Brutal Boko Haram is the only new thing around: they attack, they kill, loot and burn, then they retire to their hills or forest fastness resting in adjacent countries such as Liberia, Mali, Niger and Cameroon. There's no stopping them, after they give warnings or ultimatums to opponents. They attack without mercy, usually wiping out everyone in their path, but are usually selective, once executing all naked male students who had pubic hair, other times letting female students go home with admonishments to marry when not taking any themselves. Boko Haram has spies everywhere, including in the security forces who often run away ahead of an attack. Boko Haram would make a large part of Africa lay naturally fallow, like a farmer's field, restored and revitalized.

The Earth needs a break from the sucking and sawing of the greedy globalist wreckers. Boko Haram doesn't want your job or women; they're the stay-at-home natives living simply with us at the edge of time in their own land, and it's working: Northern Nigeria is a no-go zone for white meddlers — it's ungovernable. Soon, it will be theirs. That's isolationism, African-style.

How will the white racists do it?




Wipe that silly grin off your face


I never see pictures or paintings from the entire old days, the 1940's and back, of smiling, let alone, dental posters' grinning white peoples' faces, except for the Mona Lisa, if you can call that a grin. For centuries our men and women posed with serious or self-satisfied arrogant faces with no teeth showing. You can tell a lot by looking at a picture "worth a thousand words" and see the feelings of the pre-1940 self-controlled white faces.

Aside from Hollywood (where clowns became public stars and heroes, the fans soon imitated their Hollywood idiots and started poising with silly grins and big, toothy open mouths, like when you put on that "What, me worry?" Mad magazine Alfred E. Newman character drawn by Norman Mingo from a dentist's poster.

When you put on that idiotic everything-is-beautiful mask yourself, you'll feel as certain childish bliss that doesn't want to recognize any unpleasant reality. It's the car salesman's smile and a positive assurance to females that you're no danger — even if you're no danger, even if you're hunting for them, like the old song lyric "Smiling Faces Sometimes, Tell Lies." I always look carefully at foreign dictators and Islamist isolationists. The real ones never grin like playing children or sports stars in the white world. Those who supposedly don't want anything to do with the corrupt Western World are the most interesting: they look at the globalist journalists as somebody's bad children, wary of their intentions.

The most boring uniform faces of false happiness and hypocrisy have to be these economic globalist summits where everyone has the same salesman's smile (that you can't be bothered looking at any one individual, let alone the picture).

Today's white man is facing extinction in his own homeland countries — and that's nothing to smile about; However, we must take smug credit as white race survivalists when the rest are taking then lemmings' leap. It's not pleasant watching the race-mixers mercantile empire collapse across the planet. Yet, racists know they are nature's final line — a task that requires a grim grin of confidence. The "age of women and cripples" is almost over. The social activists which put them in places of power are dying off. Their seed was not much, hiding in expensive town houses or cars commuting from urban runaway satellite towns and communities. These nice, trendy still-smiling whites wouldn't dare grin on Toronto's sober nonwhite transit riders.

Racists should not follow the social rules of anti-racist white traitors; we have to our own drum to march to. A doctor's interest into the Sardonicus society's detractors should be our demise. It's pointless to try to convince morons of their stupidity— they have to learn the hard way when it comes to racial realities that have taken thousands of years to develop for all the peoples on the planet. Control of your face is control of your body and mind. Public opinion has often been totally wrong, especially in wars. So it is with racists an racism. So, there is no need to imitate the losers, still grinning like that monkey George Bush.

Giddy comedians are making America's morality on TV, laughing off anything of importance or hostile to their anti-white propaganda. It's important to give these under-miners the "look of the old days" that their spoiled. hedonistic, effeminate parents failed to instill on their faces that allowed the white man's world to go down the drain, grinning. I purse my lips and shake my head, thinking about them. Tsk, tsk.




Gays sexing to extinction?


Since DNA and genetics is passed onto each generation and is less than ten percent of children are born homosexual in a formerly-strict heterosexual society where "queers" are frowned upon (thus forcing them to hide and reproduce) I can where that percentage of homosexuals within that society would continue. However in a gay-friendly civilization where 'gays' can openly practice their barren lifestyle, then that gene pool will dwindle in future generations. No amount of adoption or sperm-donating would change that downward trend, not even by bisexual curiosity or indoctrination peddled by the homo-loving media.

The only argument that the numbers will stay the same is if nature actually nullifies five to ten percent of each generation for non-production. Mentally, that doesn't make much sense unless its a natural cull with every generation, regardless of genetics. Eventually, all this gay marriage and special equal rights will become superfluous and deemed that way in the future.

Racists should not allow themselves to be involved in gay spats; keeping in mind that most white gays are private bigots and public anti-racists since these commie self-loather supporters are still in power and provide hedonist gays with plenty of nonwhite "entertainment" and cheap labor for cheap shopping prices and vacations. This is why anti-gravy train service cutbacks. Rob Ford supporters from the mostly-affluent gay community didn't attack him initially; the queers don't care about the poor, and Rob Ford was their man to cut their gravy train goodies and bring Toronto down to a Third World level familiar to well-off gay vacationers.

No effort is left out familiarize school kids and media watchers to homosexuality. Yet the numbers of gays are not rising, even with sports stars and pro-homo Hollywood idols publicly 'coming out' of the former heterosexually-imposed closet. The gays know this too as they enjoy their one shot at life, heedless of their DNA in their future. White racists wasting their time on anti-gay activity are missing the real anti-white culprits in our midst. All whites opposed to white racial identity, dignity and integrity. Nothing else matters.

Let us not be sidetracked with false-flag operations designated to smear and destroy us as if our enemies' media opinions should matter a hoot to us. That was the problem in Holland (Geert Wilders) here queer white nationalist leader only cared about his queer rights and wild white women's freedoms by going after the Muslims instead of the white race traitors who brought them to the Netherlands. Just like the "race-mixer" Christianity, the homosexual lobby cannot do anything for white race survival. Racial pride must be self-sustaining, unlike homosexuality's one dice-throw. Natural racism trumps all Man's proclivities, including religion, and even if we end up in a 'Tower of Babel' civilization, race-mixed people will separate according to hue and attitude, as we did millennia ago to again form new ethnicities and languages while holding a territory for new nations.

It's a big cycle, where queers play a small part in today's "history bleep." Old methods and attitudes have failed the unsure, effeminate white race and must be discarded. I can't stress that enough. The whites who brought on this deviation of our people are the real problem — not hedonist oddballs going toward extinction in a society they created. Bigotry can never replace racism.




Globalists' military defeats help racist isolationists


White racists should always be happy whenever they hear of isolationist natives kicking out foreign meddlers, whatever their cover is (peacekeepers, aid workers, etc.). These natives don't want to come here to take your women and jobs; they want to stay in their traditional homelands on their terms regarding nature and God. For all the thousands of jihadists fighting in Syria, Iraq Afghanistan, Somalia, Caucasus, Nigeria and Yemen, they couldn't be bothered to send a dozen suicide bombers during their adolescent Super Bowl festivities as revenge for US drone murders. What's that tell you — that head-choppers are nicer? All this shows that is that it's the American military machine which is causing these conflicts. keeping puppet regimes in power with US troops.

No 9/11 follow-up of jihadist activity after such as supposedly large Islamist attack show that there are no roots to any foreign war fighters. But it does show the conspiratorial opponents' self-destructive act, to give an excuse for a police state and a murder-and-invasion campaign  against any dictator or self-ruled area not under capitalist globalists'  and UN control (where reds rule, too).

Whites may take back some of their rights in race-mixers' America and anti-racist idiots' multicult Canada, mainly due to a diminished  globalists' military supremacy challenged and stalled by motivated religious racist natives over there. None of the globalists' wars are a success, from Kosovo to Libya to Bangladesh: Foreign-imposed solutions bug the locals who need to remake their own borders and states, especially in the colonialist-construct countries that plague the world with their cheap labor factories.

Fortunately, nature will out, as race and ethnicity re-take precedence and new countries are formed without outside influence. This is happening in Africa where isolationists crisscross three Western colonialist borders: Nigeria, Cameroon ans Niger, in pursuit of their Islamic state. The same story is happening in Syria with the Islamic State of the Peoples of the Levant is making a cross-border emirate involving Arab Sunnis trapped in Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. These guys (sometimes called Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham') have taken much fought-over Fallujah from the US puppet regime, militarily unable to match the zeal of the ISIL jihadists in house fighting, now pretending they're surrounded the insurgents whose capability is now in three globalist-recognized countries. And the same situation exists in the Russian-occupied Caucasus; the war in Chechnya has spread the conflict to Ingushetia and Dagestan with the Muslim Jihadist Emirate straddling all Soviet colonialist borders.

"Mullah" Omar's Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is ready to  re-emerge within a year or two after US troops leave another lost war that the police state  grunts can't boast about to war-weary taxpayers. The Taliban already holds much of the hinterland with shadow governors operating everywhere; only big cities like Kandahar and Kabul remain similar to Baghdad in Iraq before the "Saigon Curtain" drops on another mercenary fools' mission that had nothing to do with "homeland security." If the police state could stop crime without abuses and the military could bring world peace. white nationalists would have a harder time convincing others of globalist follies designed to race-mix most of the USA out of existence.

Nonwhites' valor and sacrifices have bloodied and bowed the behemoth of military and mercantile globalism — and that's good for racist isolationists to put their house in order everywhere next.





The other day I heard a supporter lecturing a fellow supporter on how it's all a one-big-conspiracy and how the government really created and controls al-Qaeda and uses the fight against the Muslim puppets to enact a police state. Of course I'm prιcis-ing [sic] this, but you get the gist of it. Since it seems next to impossible that two planes brought down two signature buildings, crumbling very, very neatly, floor on top of floor like a termite hill. Then all of a sudden, another building went down mysteriously. And what's even more unlikely is that small group of al-Qaeda extremists infiltrated America with no previous terrorist actions of consequence — no warning and no continuous tweeting on their success during this greatest media event of this century, and no later follow-up guerrilla actions or hijacked planes into any other building or bridge — yeah, that is all hard to believe.

After 60 years of prosecution and persecution white racists have been beaten down to a public one-percent following. White nationalists should be the last to be dismissive and act arrogant or cocky when talking about primitive isolationists courage and foresight when they blow themselves up among foreign occupiers and their stooges. I don't want to hear the loony-tune crack that they're all CIA-brainwashed zombies. You know they're local patriots, doing their darndest against new world imperial troopers and their gadgets.

If you still object, then you lack the three precepts pf a white racist: common sense, good will and fair play, without which, no victory is worth it. Don't be a jealous bigot because life is still sweet in the anxiety-ridden white world. There are others who are more desperate and self-sacrificing to scare their herd and their pasture on their terms.

Whites may be freedom-loving, but few are self-sacrificing for causes greater than themselves, especially in a hedonistic society. Meanness is often a substitute for guilt and I see a lot of that in the New World Order's military, especially their lack of respect for the enemies they torture and mistreat. Even criminals are treated better. To ignore all these suicide bombers and insurgents as the Establishment's zombies is disingenuous and cowardly, especially if you're talking about the trampling of your rights in the homeland because of them.

The New World Order elites are actually having problems in far-off and remote places, often poor and arid, without cover or succor — easy to drop a drone missile on. One leader after another is murdered by an American regime that knows no bounds. If the old Soviet Union pulled this stunt around the globe, there would have been nuclear war. But for all their rhetoric, they were a bunch of ideological phonies. I've never seen an empire go down with a whimper like the USSR did, except the hated, bloodthirsty Aztecs when the Spaniards grabbed their emperor Montezuma.

Don't allow bigot-baiting to pull you in and give succor to our enemies who have trampled on us, but are now doing down in ignominious defeat. Racial amity with spheres of influence is possible on the planet as long as we follow the racists' motto; common sense, good will, fair play will always win.




Racist voters fashion our future


The strongest of ideologies are born at the time of defeat. That's when the believers refuse to be wiped out, when they're at their lowest level of popularity; so it is with white racism and nationalism.

After my interview with the popular magazine Vice by two good-looking reporters, the young Chinese one asked me what kind of vote I expected for mayor of Toronto; I thought for a second that I'd go with the truth: "About one percent," I said. That's the bravest of the white voters of Toronto who came out for my mayoralty campaign in 2010, when "cutting gravy-train" anti-poor and working-class Rob Ford came to power. And since so many racially-conscious whites have fled the city, it's hard to say whether four more years of multicultural crime and anxiety, if we'll see the light and vote for something more important than themselves: their racial identity.

The rich whites can run and hide and pretend that things are all right because they've got their bigot baiting and serving talk show hosts on the airwaves and their phony hero of thoughtless bigots, Rob Ford to keep things in order. However, when it comes to conservatives in North America, it's all about money and war and the importation of cheap labor, especially from conflicts they put the Canadian military's nose into — killer countries like Afghanistan and Somalia, while opening doors under the guise of humanitarianism from refugee camps across the planet. These are the ones who were able to run away from their embattled countries and their history and traditions for a crack at white Canadians' jobs. Initially, oppressed whites will flail about looking for their old institutions and religion to protect them. But I don't think any wimpy Christians in Canada will carry the white nationalist flag. Racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past. That's why the task of maintaining and developing a white racist ideology bereft of the baggage of the past

I'm very proud to have participated in this racial survivalist effort that flows with and mirrors nature. Nations and peoples didn't pop up out of the ground all of sudden and now are opening their eyes up and want to get to some hippie "Cumbaya" moment into a mercantile convenient multicult world of elites, security and servants, something that today's Jews may one day rue for supporting the police state in numerous editorials recently in the press and on the air.

I told the Vice magazine reporters that my white racism's motto was "common sense, good will and fair play", which I'm sure the Chinese reporter easily understood when I told her it was common sense to want to survive with an identity; that we must all have good will towards others and that our relations must be based on fair play. Otherwise, we must fight injustice.

North America is forever race-mixing, but it will separate and coagulate on ethnic and racial lines, as nature intended. This will take a long time — not that it's not happening now in Toronto. Everything that has led to this social collapse of a once-happy white culture must be rejected, unless they publicly admit the error of their ways.




Too many asexual fathers screw the white Christian family

First, you've got the Father in heaven, who we ask for sustenance and forgiveness and the right path. Then, you've got the big "Papa" (Pope) who rules over all kinds of celibate men who never had any children or lived with a woman as a lustful man. Then finally, there's the biological true father on the bottom of the Christian totem pole struggling to impress his woman and children that he matters, too.

The real father has to tolerate his closest heterosexual mate (and his children) and her genuflecting and confessing in a dark closet her most personal intimate acts and feelings to a celibate stranger for fatherly advice. Calling someone "father" is using a very sacred title, while calling more than one "father" lowers the esteem of the word. The same goes for Mother Teresa and Mother Superior, connecting the word to barren occasional do-gooders and certainly disconnected with daily motherly feeling for their kids.

The Catholic (which means "universalist") Church is basically pre-empting real fathers and putting them into Archie Bunker-like redundancy, even among the same Protestants with gender-fied sexification [sic], beginning with The Lord's Prayer. With this anti-real-father attitude of Christianity, it's easy for the religion to fall into feminism. Judging by the empty pews during Sunday Mass (wit the exception of a few women) it's easy to see the malaise which is plaguing the matriarchal religion, followed now only for social rituals; no wonder they fear the natural patriarchal Muslims with their large father-ruled families, answerable only to the Koran and sharia laws that favor a male protector and breadwinner over extinction-based women's-rights families.

Half the churches in Toronto could easily be closed with very few parishioners missing them (except for their beautiful structures), mostly empty or rented out to new aggrandizing converts for different ethnics of the Third World. The former white Christian families didn't move; they went extinct due to the feminist, fatherless society brought in by the asexual fathers and their greedy globalist Christianity that turned our to be a treacherous to the female-obsessed white race too weak to survive in any programmed race-mixing by globalist interests.

The Catholic Church could change its policies and traditions: they have already, many times. They've stopped torturing and burning opponents at the stake (that's good). They've stopped using Latin, dangerously disconnecting their adherents to their sacrificing start in Rome (that cost them a lot of pomp, history and mystery). Now the new Pope Francis is accepting a deviant sexuality. Maybe, if he's so fair and liberal, he will consider the damage done to the feminist/liberal white race over the centuries with the multi-father confusion undermining patriarchy and reproductive families for the future.

Let's stop this too-many-fathers baloney wrecking our race. Tell Jesus Christ's representative on Earth to stop calling them "father." Hopefully, with his multi-father birth and lack of fathering on Earth himself, he will understand.




"Satanic" Sochi games doomed from the start

It's immoral for a tyrant to put on airs publicly and extol his virtues. That's the case with the dreaded secret police dictator Putin. Never did I see such a mighty Marxist-committed empire disband with such a whimper, their mostly Jew[ish] "apparatchiks" putting on Armani suits over cast-away Bolshevik uniforms, while abandoning Marxist revolutionaries all over the world. The same thing is happening in supposedly communist China, too (so much for the fraud of communism). Oh yeah, there was that drunk Yeltsin with his Hollywood-white hair standing on top of a tank when the pathetically-few Marxist believers holed up in the "Parliament." There has been no anti-communist revolution in Russia yet to pay for the sins of that unnatural anti-racist ideology that killed millions of ethnic separatists. After manning ex-independent European satellite states with their neo-communist agents, Yeltsin and his globalist puppet successor "Put-in" carried on the same brutal suppression of minority peopled as the Czar and commies, especially in the Caucasus. Don't forget, we are all called Caucasians because we supposedly from the Caucasus mountains, filled with independence-minded different ethnicities, but still mostly white.

The Chechens are a unique type, demonstrating a little Orientalism in their eyes but fiercely independent and proud of their Caucasus culture. The Russians could easily get out these tiny mountain states like Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan, where the independence spirit against tyrants and occupying infidels is bolstered by their belief in a god called Allah. The Russians got our of Georgia and Azerbaijan, which I never heard of before (a new state for the Azeris). The Russians got out of Armenia with rich friends everywhere (they say it takes two Jews to beat an Armenian in a deal). Russia could easily make deals with the little states, Islamic emirates or not. They all want to sell their stuff, particularly oil, in Chechnya. Russian tourists can still flock there; their money would probably go further in newly-impoverished emirates and they wouldn't have to worry about being blown up in a bus or railway station or being kidnapped. Russians know how these people have been trying to reverse their occupation for centuries, yet they act as if they're doing them a favor by holding them down with brutality and puppet thug dictators now.

Who are the Russians, anyway? Slavic peoples living along major rivers, raided by some red-haired Viking pirate called "Russe"? That's a fine start. Russians are still holding down a lot of independently-minded majorities as far away as Irkutsk. They gave up the Ukraine, populated by the kick-outs of Russia. That was their West. The Cossacks, who were supposedly freedom-minded but willingly subjugated other people for the Czars as far as the Pacific. Ernst Zόndel once told me when I mentioned the Ukraine, "Isn't that where the wives beat their husbands?" Today's commie/feminist Ukrainians want to join the degenerate race-mixing EU and the West — for better shopping.

Getting back to the vengeful Chechens, they are willing to give up their lives to destroy the tyrants' Satanic Games, starting with soft target bombs and Southern Russian cities for the over-100,000 Chechens murdered by Yeltsin and Putin.

Let's stop this madness and give Chechnya its freedom, or the billions-in-costs Sochi Games are doomed, spiritually and physically.

Canadians, and all white nationalists, should not attend these Satanic games.




White racists need a new militancy in North America

The same-old/same-old is not working. Just because you like your swastika, your KKK bed sheet or your Establishment-approved degree's prefixes, or the crazy broads in the conspiracy movement or the message board blowhards, that doesn't mean you're making any headway for the fear, love, respect and advancement of white racism. All of the fore-mentioned methods have failed. Oh sure, there's the coterie of characters; judge for yourself, the fear and loathing a proud white man faces and the usual apology that follows for any natural racist reaction, which self-castrates the white race.

New methods must be adopted, unlike "Opposite George" in a Seinfeld sitcom's episode, where everything the Jew[ish] loser failed in before was achieved by his opposite reaction to his wimpy former self, which resulted in great success and admiration for the former 'nebbish.' One of the first ways for white nationalists to gain more attention is to stop being former poor copies of their historical loser-heroes. And they must have been losers, starting with Hitler and all of his invader baggage and the subsequent foreign labor race-mixed empire, with Germans as the new top caste in a new multicult empire, similar to the multicult apex-of-capitalism India. You can rehabilitate your hero some other day in history fan clubs — after we establish a white nationalist state, where we do our own labor in our own land. National Socialism does nor work in a capitalist, race-mixed state as the cheapskate-bigot Obamacare opponents are quick to connivingly tell you.

I thought that the KKK was supposed to be an "invisible empire." That's what they need to go back to: infiltrate the white territory and see to it that it becomes racist-white in a thousand different invisible ways. They should take the same notes from al-Qaeda. Yeah, start thinking outside the box, bury your bigotry for a bit and learn how the most primitive people are standing up to the 'federales' that you fear so much, only not with mercenary Marines, jets and killer drones yet, if you dare to establish white enclaves. And set up no-go areas for any anti-racist white traitors, no matter how much money they have.

It's nice to know about about "the Jews" — we already know about "them" from their heavy-duty involvement in mercantile race-mixed one-size-fits-all zones (countries). In fact, some of their religious cult racist machinations and policies in Israel should not only be pointed to, but lauded as survivalist with the same racist ideas that deny their world servants. With all their degrees, experience and information, white nationalist "Jew specialists" should go after their white race traitor-enablers, starting with the military and their security forces. We all have friends and family who should be derided and condemned for their support in suppressing white nationalism.

There's a lot of so-called conservative sites and organizations who have adopted the libertarian escape hatch mostly concerned about money. These cowards' places are no help to white race survival. They must be attacked for their bigoted anti-racism: "If you're not with us, you must be against us" has to be the new white nationalist attitude. They should be lucky to get the racists' approval, instead of the other way around. I know that we in the NPC are always on the lookout for unnatural white race traitors; many conspiracy sites and organizations fit this cowardly category, too — the same goes for them. Spell your white loyalty out, it's the greatest urgency now. Then we'll listen to your conspiracy theories. Otherwise, it's all just hot air, like Wikileaks, and Snowden's and Manners' stuff — a lot of time wasted with no benefit to white racists. And of course, all those whistle-blowers are politically correct: one is even Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender (LBGT).

The next bunch due for some radical change are all these white nationalist eggheads at all thee useless conferences. Stop crying about the stupidity of other races while you can't control your own white whores. I'm tired of soft-spoken Bob Newhart milquetoasts worried about patriarchal Muslims taking over the country as if they're big-time Christian believers themselves (Newhart just recently turned down an invitation to speak at an anti-LGBT Catholic conference). Dedicated white nationalists must insert their opinions in every situation, local and foreign. The NPC never shies away from condemning Canada and foreign regimes amicable to white nationalist to white nationalism and ethnic pride, particularly if their have representatives in North America. There's no slight against the white race too small to respond to, esp0ecailly media jocks and race-mixer advertisers. White racists should be the most-informed polticos around, particularly on world events and foreign conflicts — no better way to learn, than from others' experiences. That's why we have a War News page updated daily on the NPC website, covering every nook and crannies' conflicts on the planet. Information is power; anyone who reads the entire site will be greatly empowered.

Racism is a perfectly natural feeling; entire ethnically-based nations are awaiting their racist leaders and ideologues. The NPC ideology of white nationalism is here to guide you down that shining path toward our "Golden Dawn" renaissance, as has never been seen before, without the narrow-minded mistakes of the past. Proud white men are never defeated unless they give up — and that's not the white man's way (another term that should be utilized in public discussions and forums, with common sense, good will and fair play as our guiding motto. White nationalism will be achieved when all this unnatural idiocy and madness are swept away and informed white nationalists will be there to guide the white nations because racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but to correct them for a sustainable white race society based on our precepts (nicer than any sharia society). Who could ask for anything more?

The future starts with you. Join us.




Middle Class: Elitists' Greedy Puppets

The middle class is an escape hatch for bigots, made for their merchant masters.

And the greedy term 'middle class' is a very divisive ploy in the destruction of white society. It puts economics first instead of national or racial loyalty in an eager bid to be economically satisfied in a dog-eat-dog world. The term 'middle class' doesn't denote patriotism; it suggests that a lower class has been left behind and a rich class is to be achieved as a life-purpose. It's not very uniting for a group of people claiming to be citizens of one country; Obamacare has put the lie to that with the greedy middle class anti-racist hypocrites nor wanting to to pay for health care for all, citing costs, while the same Zionist war-run congress votes unanimously to triple aid to Israel, through a budget of which about 53% of tax dollars go to the Praetorian Guard at the Pentagon. This, of course, doesn't include the billions spent on the rest of the security of the police state, started by a bunch of greedy merchants who formed a secret society cult. Merchants have no loyalty to ethnicity. They'll sell anything to anyone if the price is right — that's the merchant-mind. Unfortunately, the whole world is at the mercantile cultists' disposal. Freemasons have a lot of friends and leverage, except in a few primitive area where the feminine hedonistic lifestyle of shopping doesn't exist.

Racists must denigrate those who push the master-merchants' snobby 'Seinfeld' consumer society bigots and racial hypocrites hide behind the 'acceptable' masters' middle-class designation and stupidly go along with the master's austerity programs, with saves the race-mixer regime more billions to put into their military and police apparatus while cutting social services for white society. That's what they're trying to do in all the urban areas of Canada (including Toronto — like cutting home delivery of mail and privatize it for their friends. I'm sure they're rubbing their hands, thinking of all the lucrative ways they're going to make money now on basic services that a country was once proud of having. And you didn't hear squat coming the middle class out in the suburbs when their basic service was taken away from their fellow citizens in the city.

Of course, the merchants don't want to pay high wages and are always looking for servants to do the same labor. so they're against unions. I've heard middle class morons attacking unions, too — the same organizations that brought decent living standards fought for by their all-white forefathers. It's self-flagellation leading to extinction for a few dollars more. How van [sic] you regard middle class dummies this way? The middle class "greed bags" are big on elitist not-in-my-backyard multicult social integration projects that they supposedly agree with the middle class; generally, they couldn't give a hoot about their fellow white poor, ignoring all kinds of globalist corporate plant closures in small towns, leading to unemployment misery. Even the big-shot union fat cats are silent and inactive in stopping these globalist job-stealing outrages that have been going on for the last two generations.

I'm telling you, don't wimp-bore me with your middle class concerns that spell stupidity and avarice while your race and culture goes down the drain. If you care about the white people, and the civilization they have created in their own homelands, you won't hide behind greed-bigotry. If you want to save the race, "speak racist" — or don't speak at all.




Racists, stop adoring the Limeys

Slimy Limeys, with their supposedly-new anti-terror legislation, will stifle freedom of speech and thought even further in their idiotic multicult state. The new laws will give the police the power to ban any groups that they disapprove of, especially those opposed to multicult integration — meaning, white racists. Anyone who promotes the imperial Commonwealth lie of England as a beacon of democracy and freedom for white man's survival is a fool, and a scoundrel. If any country needs revolution, it's that archaic globalist island that has spread nonwhites across the planet with their meddling and piracy. The kick-outs and runaways of the European continent on to the islands off the coast are always a problem to the Continentals, as Asia has learned from the Japanese.

There's just too many British warships in a lot of naive lands by people who don't know their history or couldn't care less about the consequences of meddlers and empire-builders forcing different people under their world-view/multicult authority. The English say they're proud to be English, and yet they don't really know who they are, like the supposed IRA nationalist Gerry Adams who is fighting for Irish heritage and independence but said that Africans would make very good Irish citizens.

When you ignore race and ethnicity, you don't understand history. You're flying in the face of nature. How and why they had all these different nationalities and continue to develop, if it weren't by natural selection for the similar-looking and like-minded to develop over the millennia as ethnic entities. Now the commies and feminists are led by the globalist merchants (read: Jews) to establish a one-world-order under their monetary control. Have you ever seen shopping elevated to national holidays with everything meaningful brought down the generic "Happy Holidays" (especially if its of white origin)?

Another meaningless race-mixing position is the commercialized British royals adoration spearheaded by the feminist princess ruling Seinfeld's America. The British royal family are nothing but shills for globalist multiculturalism which favors diversity over natural racism. None of the sad situation will change until loud white women are restored to their naturally-intended state of motherhood under the direction of fatherhood, especially in a DNA-recessive breed like the dwindling white people of the planet when it comes to race-mixing. Don't let their accents fool you: the English are not ones to follow for white race survival in their disunited-greedy class society that is permeated with snobbery. Anyone can put on airs. especially kick-outs and runaways who seem to revel in it (have you talked to a Jew lately?).

Don't get me wrong; there's a lot I like about the English, especially their hybrid language, their valor and their fish and chips. But that doesn't mean they right about everything, even an ideology-for-life. Look at the mess thy made of their island. Even though they held a global empire, ransacked and exploited for a few hundred lordly mansions while their people walked around in Dickensian rags. Their dilapidated urban housing and mine-shaft subway (the tube) are other examples of their regime's upper crust care for their people.

Th[e] English have nothing to preach about to white nationalists anywhere, as they are a bad example for our survival — except how not to do it. The treacherous Downing Street regime is the epicenter of a lot of wars, and meddling by a hypocrite people who should not be emulated as their latest anti-white police state laws show.

Now, let's stop the adoration of self-destructors and white self-loathers.




Run as racists for public office

In the separation of multicultural forced integrated society, there's a natural separation progression, Whites are just now realizing that a race-mixed society is not so hot. After having been fed the one-world commie propaganda of "Everything is beautiful" and then seeing its failure. It takes awhile to sink in that the race itself is threatened with extinction in its own homelands.

White racists are like Sears, and heroes of the breed, and yet are vilified and ignored in their own society: only fear and a mental malaise could instill that lemming ideology. A race that's technologically smarter than others, yet not smart enough to guarantee its own survival, just shows you how smart "the Jew racists" are in this over-romantic Jonestown society.

When I write about racists, I don't mean the everyone-should-have-one/pro-slavery race-mixer bigots, or the gung-ho killer meddlers who involve the white man in enough continuous wars to rival any Genghis Khan or the nuke-em-all boys. No, I mean the racists who respect other races' identity ans sphere of influence. That's the only way we can get along on this planet. Isolationist, non-interventionist foreign policies, with a people's well-paid, well-equipped and well-supplied militia guarding the homeland in every town — who's want to invade that beehive?

I've been in this movement since 1967 and have gone through three successive organizations representing modern white nationalism — a new ideology in the English-speaking new world from Australia to Canada: White men rammed and squeezed together by necessity in an increasingly nonwhite world. All of my organizations were infiltrated by police who set out to ensnare members whose reactionary criminal acts brought charges, and sometimes ignominy, to them. It's hard not to take responsibility for those under your leadership as I have on two occasions for my 200 acts of vandalism (that would now be considered acts of 'terrorism') across the city of Toronto against race-mixer reds, netting me penitentiary time and later for speaking and writing my mind along with Bob Smith in jail under the anti-free speech 'hate crimes' laws in Canada.

That's the position that beleaguered whites are in today, requiring anti-free speech police state activity to disrupt and destroy the white man's identity. Very few will come out and state their racist feelings under these conditions. A lot of the time its losers and neo-criminals who have nothing to lose. But many great leaders started off that way upon getting serious. Someone suggested Stormfront's message board (at ) that there should be a united national party, not a bad idea. But for now we don't need to repeat the mistakes of the past. We have the Internet. Our NPC website garners hundreds thousands of hits every month, reaching almost a million with 3.000-4,000 visitors, reaching over 70 countries per month. As soon as someone somewhere stands up for the white race, let's advertise it and spread its fame. When bigots like crack-smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford can be supported by on-third mostly-whites of half-nonwhite Toronto, all because he made a few racist and homophobic slurs, so can white nationalists who really mean it.

I'm running in Toronto for Mayor again on October 27, 2014 to show the world (especially anxious Canadians) how many of their kith and kin they can count on in a multicult city like Toronto. Those voting for Ford are too scared and hiding their affiliations; the last time, it was about 1,000 heroic souls. That's the hard core racist support for the NPC in this city (including two or three dozen in the inner circle around me). I recommend that everyone considering themselves white racists register for any municipal election across the country. Initially it's not the vote count that matters, but the united nationalist effort on behalf of white people's interests that benefits.

Even independents can work together in a common front — when it comes to survival.




Don't be shy white guy


The old white farts who brought in all this multicult mess deserve the disrespect and ingratitude of their seed and the new nonwhite immigrants. I don't care for whatever-feigned fantasy reasons and a cruel world where libido and hunger satisfaction, are the only natural perks — the rest are all in-your-head Disneyland dreams, even if they're like the loving couple who jumped off their balcony together recently in Toronto, lovers to the end, "for richer or poorer. in sickness and in health." (good words to start any life-novel).

This is where the white man fails himself, in romantic daydreams, right from the hippie days. I don't see these old fools now ready to dance with or embrace their multicult brethren taking over their neighborhoods — no, just a lot of scowling and forlorn faces, is the legacy of the lustful 'love generation' of the Sixties. Old people are depicted today as senile, immoral thieves, pretty close to the love generation. But the males fail to assert themselves, running away from the ignorant Archie Bunker image which has subtly persisted to this day of the Angry Old White Man Idiot. I don't know of one decent, sensible, strong senior in the media. Perhaps it's due to their matriarchal society, particularly shown in their sitcoms. No one speaks up for the old white guys, and the only time they ever get any public respect, ironically, is for their globalist mercenary military service for their Empire to the UN. These are the very instruments who brought about a multi-racial society of fear and loathing (and there's plenty of both, don't kid yourself). It's called Remembrance Day in Canada, on November 11, and celebrated worldwide with the wearing of the poppy.

Senior whites know the future is bleak for a white society as they see their traditions torn down by their spoiled sons and daughters; the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. The latest generation can pretend for a while of a race-mixed civilization at their girlie-concerts and their I-Pods on the tense subways.

But they know the demographic writing is on the wall, especially with their over-romanticized and screwed up relationships. Matriarchies can't compete with patriarchies when it comes to reproduction. They have only one positive choice to make and that is to start acting and thinking racially in regimes where they are considered non-entities as a racial group.

Racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past. We must stand up and be counted.



War-torn Syria: A fine example of multiculturalism

I'm not kidding when I tell you that anti-racism is a natural self-loathing-culling mental disorder of the White race. Yeah there is a white racial identity, something the worst-diseased white self-loathers will go so far as to deny. No other race on the planet really follows or believes white anti-racists self- depreciating baloney but they will all definitely take advantage of white lemmings' society.

So what's wrong you say with a race-mixed red population like ancient India or more recently, Brazil? Nothing, if you have the money and the security guards and put up with the maudlin lies of multicult harmony all your life in a darting-eyes divided state. The white men and his ways cannot compete on a reproductive species level with any of the other races. Whites soon disappear in a multicult globalist world; that's why the greedy white elites and colonialists were wrong with their brutality and avarice, over-populating the Third World to a bulging point, and now spreading them into the white world to re-populate it with cheap labor that's used for tyranny. Don't forget, very few of the Third World countries of today are white elitist creations (snobs like T.E. Lawrence, etc.)
Hardly any won their independence or borders from their then and still-colonial masters.
Real nationalism is the antithesis to elitists'' imperial globalism guaranteed to cause the decimation of the white race hardly breeding today. In white Western society, white racism can be found almost anywhere, even if public racists are few and far-between.

So, I'm standing in a Tim Hortons line behind a big "Sopranos" family guy with a scar on his face (which made him look fiercer); he was agitated by the line's length and the full, loud coffee shop, and I said, "It's Tamil country", to which he looked puzzled, as a young Tamil turned around to see who else knew about the Tamils. The big guy rolled his eyes and I pointed out what I thought about his scar, saying, "Was it playing hockey?" "No" he said, "I was brought up in the States and got jumped by a gang in a rough area." I didn't need to tell him about anything, I concluded. Next day at the same maneuver I stood behind a young tough guy with a student knapsack (you know the kind that grow those rebellious, wispy beards) and along comes a white guy on crutches trying to maneuver out of the shop with a hot cup. The young punky guy offers to carry the cripple's coffee out the door and leaves the line to do his good deed for the diminutive handicapped fellow. Of course, when he came back from his act of kindness I point to his former position in front of me, which he accepted gratefully surrounded by all the nonwhites. I quipped, "It's the White Man's Way," to which the invigorated young Anglo responded with "Amen to that."

In an unnatural multicultural society, different races and some ethnic groups will coalesce, regroup, coagulate and develop neighborhoods, towns and even cities. Oh yeah, they're all pretending they're getting along together with endless compromises and coalitions, but in the end, it's who's big enough or nervy enough to separate race-mixed states, like empires that are due to fail. Those who are pushing for multiculturalism and anti-racism are the true enemies of the white race.

White racists must concentrate on the mental disorder permeating their kith and kin. Racists should not be distracted by the empire's problems of survival; racists must be against those of their own kind who are advocating extinction. That's where the fight is — not "terrorism" primitive-minded jihadis or Obamacare, another sign that a race-mixed state is so mean and divided that health care is not available to every citizen.

Challenge the voluntarily-mentally ill white anti-racist snobs at every turn you can, while you can. Remember Syria.




Fate works in mysterious ways


I like to claim that I came to Canada by fate and destiny. Who else can go from "Zlomislic" to "Andrews" in one fell swoop?

Recently, my dear mother Rose Disley died on August 31st at 90, leaving a treasure trove of custom jewelry, perfectly preserved closets full of dresses and a few old photographs of my early years in Canada, and a picture of the Zlomislic Croatian Clampett couple who started one side of my genealogy from Bosnia. Recently a relative from the Zlomislic side asked me if I knew who my father was. I told him I didn't know (although this 'bastard from Bosnia' has a picture of young guy in a uniform during winter, posing against a wall behind two officers with daggers sitting on chairs while a young pal stood behind him). Two other well-dressed characters with fedoras stood on each side of the four military men, looking like an intelligence unit if the Yugoslavian army (mostly now Serb after the Germans invaded the historically-friendly Catholic Croatian lands. The young brooding guy with the big lips is supposed to be my dad, I was told once without further explanation (it's the East European way).

Some of the pictures remind me of my reluctance to come here and belong to a woman who said that she was my mom, after living a vicarious life as the mascot of a boarding house with a fake "Seka" sister and "Teta" Aunt Mara, who looked after me. I owe much gratitude to Fred Andrews, my mom's first husband, who naturalized me with Canadian citizenship and Ken Disley, a funny Limey electrician who made me laugh during rough times, some of which made me run away twice: Once at age 13 for a week in Montreal, where I was captured, but refused to give my name as I spent the week in a Catholic nun-run reformatory, and another time at 16. That's when the nuns made me kneel with my hands stretched out parallel to the altar for teaching a French Canadian kid the English words to the new radio hit song that all the kids knew in the good old days: "Dav-y, Dav-y Crockett, king of the wild frontier..." (a little different than the rap of today). That lasted two months, until the cops caught me in Hamilton; That only took one sleepless night. The Montreal fiasco failed because I tried to cross the frozen, Steamy St. Lawrence River over a railway bridge, when a train came across a nose-length away from the passing trains, while my hands stuck to the freezing metal girders over the wide river way down there. I found warmth on a polished wooden bench with a hot stove going in a railway station at midnight, much to the arresting Mountie's interest. The Hamilton arrest related to picking a rose in that city's botanical garden after being snitched on by a busybody girl.

The house I stayed in after arrival here (in a DC-10-24 Langford) is longer there, having given way to the Danforth subway, but Wilkinson Public School on Donlands Avenue is still there, where I had my first fight in Canada on a stairwell after being pushed. Upon explanation of my recently-arrived fate, an English stairway polisher named Barry Lane became a great childhood friend until we moved to Scarborough and the smart-suburbanite middle-class kids at Fairmount Public School, who placed me at the bottom of the class academically and socially.

I'm not a boastful person. However, I did hear (while knocked out in a dentist's chair) that "God Is Vanity". booming from a low-clouded sky over and over, causing me a two-day headache. So, I finally checked Google on yours truly, and was surprised that other more-talented "Don Andrewses" were lower on the list than this notorious guy who cane to Canada to develop an ideology of white nationalism. One of my Croatian relatives recently asked me what side I was on in the battle between Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats. I said, "What? We're in Canada, pal; we're all white men here first."

No matter how evil it may sound today, "Zlomislic" (meaning, to think of something evil — the Zlomislics claim it's the name given to them for their rebelliousness by past tyrants — like Rambo); under Andrews, is, and will be much more acceptable and required reading and studied in the future.

That's some fate and destiny.




Racists — Rightists and Leftists

Racism transcends the entire political spectrum. Natural racists are found from the extreme left to the extreme right, and everything in-between. The idea that racists are all right-wing and conservative is a narrow, myopic view that hinders white racists publicly.

Once it was assumed that conservative traditionalist values could be found in the right-wing establishment parties of church and landlords. However, these globalist conniving religions and elites have ulterior agendas, having been taken over by race-mixer multicult imperialists. The rightists are useless for white nationalist support, being themselves interested in globalist power and hedonistic money-grubbing.

This is where the libertarians come in: these egotists hate to pay for anyone else, especially their cheap-labor nonwhite help. Libertarians are not very social — they hate socialism as much as they hate freedom-depriving communism. This egocentric movement won't sacrifice themselves for their fellow man, and certainly not for something as unpopular as racism. Lonely libertarians are too anti-authority to participate with their racial kin in any fight for white identity and racial survival. Libertarian snootiness hampers white unity, especially with the working class. Anti-union talk is common among the new neo-cons.

It's difficult to approach the so-called leftists with kosher conservative misers on any meaningful racial discussion seething in their rank and file. Racists must shrug off any sure affiliations with right wing groups opposed to racism "officially." Working with and depending on right wing groups who have not declared their white nationalist sympathies is pointless; they'll only stab you in the back ideologically, if and when they are contacted by any media reporter. Racists (and the softer version called white nationalists) must stand on their own, with no apologies. Even Christian traditionalist groups are realizing this act by inviting known white nationalists to their seminars: The Soldiers of Christ Training Institute is even going a little further, inviting those who don't embrace the Christian faith. After all, first you were born the race that you are, then you begat some religion that was put upon you, however sexual-organ-mutilating. weird, etc., that it was.

Your skin is the color of your uniform. Every commie knows that, no matter what delusional anti-racist public hysteria clouds his mind into Orwellian acquiescence. White nationalist friendship and understanding must be extended to the natural racists on the left. We must ignore the propaganda sputterings [sic] of the traitor globalist union bosses, and beat them to the punch by showing our concern for the working man.

Racists should ignore the continual fight against Zionism — it's a distraction from racist/white nationalist endeavors. It's better to show the Jewish hypocrisy of talking from both sides of their mouths by pushing multicult anti-racism against whites while practicing racism in Israel and in their communities. Disdainful "short shrifts" are what hypocrites of any color or religion deserve. After pointing out the Jews' role in multicult anti-racism and world power, we must again turn back to our white population, regardless of political affiliations on any enemy's fabricated spectrum.

White racists, avoid religious schisms and controversies of how to worship the same Old Testament God by their religion. No racist stops being a white man because he joins a religion: the DNA remains the same and the culture and civilization will be according to race, not religion. Race is all, and race trumps all. Race is like water: it finds its own level no matter what the mixture, as the many proud ethnically-based countries attest to; Koreans can tell a Jap or a "Chinaman" — no problem. The same goes with the Hungarians with Jews, Bulgarians, with Turks, etc.

White nationalists need to spell out their demands and plans for a white workers' country, starting with names and boundaries: Constitutional racist states should be established, like The Northwest Republic, and my idea of a Great Lakes Republic, encompassing all the head waters. Let's change a little direction, and concentrate on ourselves for the future.




Racists, out of the closet

White men are so intimidated today that they don't even dare to have any heroes. There are no publicly well-known white fascist leaders who speak on behalf of the white race unequivocally, like all the nonwhites of varying extremes. Other than David Duke, the North American white public know hardly any others.

Please don't bring up the anti-racist libertarian bigots like Ron and Rand Paul, who sucker weak 'racialist' secret, snooty bigoted types into thinking they're supporting the white race. Rand Paul wanted to legalize all the illegal Mestizos just the other day (so much for white nationalism). Of course there are a lot of egghead professors who tinker with racism, always softening it up for their intellectual audience. This lack of courage by Jared Taylor and others only gives confidence to our enemies and undermines frightened white supporters into parsing racism, like the 'brainiac' speakers going nowhere and doing nothing after the mandatory book table at their conferences.

White racists are stuck voting for the Zionist war machine, the Republican Party, now taken over by globalist misers and libertarian cheapskates willing to tolerate a virtual police state to keep their lifestyles, based on cheap nonwhite labor at home and abroad. There are no isolationist white politicians, very much required during these globalist economic times, wrecking the white community standards, with anti-union policies that guarantee a lower living-level and labor injustice. All these economic problems are directly linked to the feared anti-racist policies of the globalist traitor-regimes voted in by vindictive women out to undermine the white patriarchal family that once brought peace and stability to their homogeneous neighborhoods of open doors.

Crime is another major area of life that has skyrocketed since anti-racist multiculturalism and "diversity" became the rule. It's a shame and a black mark on all police veterans and armed forces not to have spoken up racially against the criminal deterioration of cities and towns to horrendous new forms of crime that they were supposed to save the civilians from. So much for all these street heroes and war heroes; without racism, their efforts are nothing and result in mayhem.

The anti-racist white politician is about as useless as teats on a bull — they only time they recognize their racial identity is when they're accused of racism, then continue with apologizes from these politicians supposedly who have authority, teaching the rest to grin and bear anti-white laws and measures designed to help the nonwhites in every sector of public life. To anti-racist white self-loathers, whites are never victims, just perpetrators. All nonwhite perpetrators are given excuses and reasons for their bad behavior, except those racist whites Oh, only if they were.

Everything is stacked against the white man who wants to proclaim and maintain his racial identity and integrity, including his unconvinced white women partners. That's where racial pride must start, on the home front. Tell your friends and relatives: yes, you're a proud white racist, and expect everyone else to feel the same about themselves in all races. You have nothing to lose being yourself, ever! That's the individual sperm of the white man now laying as a dormant door-wipe, keeping the peace in a delusional, anxious race-mixers' society.

Racism is the only route to take.




Negative nerd anti-racists doomed

Meanness is best practiced by the "Mommy Dearest" do-gooders, The politically-correct anti-racist humanitarians have the perfect cover to appear as public angels while privately deriding their heritage and "white privileged" society benefits that they're quick to deny their poor.

Anti-racist nerds are the new winners and heroes. Right from the nerd-perverts' haven Hollywood entertainment dictums, these self-loather bigots are contemptuous of losers or all colors. but will bend over backwards (or forwards) for ethnic minority recognition for all except their own "invisible" white race. Sitcoms like The Big Bang Theory are a case in point; same goes for all the white egos on radio and TV. They all look down on the white man and are quick to advocate a cheap labor race-mixed society; if they have to pay the white man's living standards' union wages, there isn't one media personality who will stand with or for their racial kin.

This narrow-minded meanness permeates throughout the rich, who know how to say no with dismissive aplomb, like Thurston Howell and his wife Lovey of Gilligan's Island, This kind of cold nastiness is peddled as strength and resolve, even masculinity. No wonder torture appeals to these snots, that not one of the privileged class has ever spoken out on this un-white evil.

On a continent populated by losers and runaways, the last thing you need is more misery. By dividing the culture into a middle class, a poor class, etc., you set the stage for loneliness and greed, the great disparity in CEO's salaries and wages. It's like in feudal rimes — the only difference is that everyone is pretending that they're all the same (in theory and lip-service anyways).

"Slimy white anti-racist 'winners' "— I only say that sarcastically because they're so judgmental of their racist opponents that "loser" is the first epithet thrown at white nationalist activists. These "nice" hypocrites understanding never allow any compassion toward their own. In fact, if they even agree to belong to the same race or ethnic group, won't that cost them? Anti-racist white self-loathers are quite warlike. Multicult globalists are quick to offer "nuke 'em" solutions to anyone who stands in their hedonistic way; they only have one life to live and you're not going to stop the party for principles, on with the show!

Of course all this libertarian selfishness isolates all kinds of whites when family and history are ignored and individual pleasures and lonely living are their fads.

Unity of action by racial designation is a loser's waste of time, while the nice winners watch Dexter getting his jollies torturing killers to death, wow, what a useful high! There is little altruism with anti-racist enforcers high on authoritarianism. Dis you ever hear of them offering an olive branch and dialog with racists? Zero tolerance is their commie mantra, while slagging racist fascism. Anti-racist whites have no feeling of community, no feeling of belonging — except in the fitness clubs, puffing and sweating with strangers. Anti-racist lonely white self-loathers want company in their misery, hence, they're always against large family life and working together on everything. "Move out" is their solitary advice to all those sticking with their parents and helping out with their grandparents, instead of dumping them into old-age homes with strangers.

White idiots' anti-racism has lost us our very raison d'κtre. With no past to be proud of as a people there is no rationale, no time-proven path to the future, just the here and now (sounds like Judaism, or Seinfeld-ism, something even harder). It's basically nihilism — and that's a hell of a way to live.

White racists, be positive and compassionate if you want to survive, because the mean nerds won't.




Bigotry without racism is bupkis

Cowardly bigots' cheapskate attempts at economic racism are doomed to failure. Racism is alive and well— it never went away, no matter what the globalists' police and prison-threat anti-racists and their mantra try. Routine racism has morphed into financial and economic isolationism and segregation of the ruling anti-racist lip-service white elites and middle class. Oh, how I hate that dumb material term used to categorize humanity by its possessions — a practice that's wrong from the beginning, especially in war, when those who had horses and armor became knights and later, officers who bought their commissions without any battle or military experience.

Greedy whites in a race-mixed society want to avoid confrontations while benefiting from Third World cheap labor servitude — which leads to gated communities and ghettos. These positions are achieved through privatization drives and Tea Party tax cuts for the benefit of the rich; note how the Tea Party rich never mentioned nationalism through protection. The libertarian tax-cutters hardly ever mention billions spent on military missions, because the dollar as at the bottom of their morality or common sense. It's a joke when I see their own "Don't Tread On Me" snake flags, fighting to separate their tax dollars, from welfare to their nonwhite servants and poor whites. These misers don't care if they divide and degrade white society living standards, as long as they can escape a la Seinfeld.

These new "neo-con" conservatives have no traditional values or respect of former generations' time-proven morals, let alone racial identity and pride. They're all wimpy "meatheads" hiding behind adherence to meaningless, contradictory anti-racist slogans like "diversity is our strength" and "multiculturalism." Even though the so-called right wing worries about a police state and drones, guys like Ron and Rand Paul are not radical enough to tell the racist truth about America and its criminal wars and assassinations, instead of clamoring for bigger welfare cuts while spending billions fighting the Orwellian police state's "war on terror." The dumb libertarian idea that if everyone can get a chance to get rich, we'll just sing 'Cumbaya' together. They're right in with the globalists' austerity measures to bring the unionized white world to a Mexican middle class level in their race-mixed New World Order.

The white nations did best when they were isolated from the rest of the world, except as tourists. They do best when dealing with each other economically with similar levels of development: Otherwise, there is abuse that is detrimental to both sides. The same goes for the local level of life. Racial coagulation will, and is, taking place, quietly envisioned every day when guns are purchased in race-mixed North and South America (e.g. Blancos versus Colorados) for safe and separate communities. Not even language will keep race-mixed societies together. They're forever splitting and splintering, even in ancient race-mixed Syria today.

Neither the police state nor the nickel-and-dime-ing can save whites in a race-mixed society. Only separation and isolationism can achieve it for a safe and prosperous future, guaranteeing our existence.

Let's take the more natural, noble road to survival.




White men living in misery in Canada


Nanny state Canada is one of the worst places to be a man, especially a white man. Other than prostate medical check ads, there us nothing for the white man in any federal, provincial or municipal government agenda: rights for women and minorities and perverted lifestyles are all over the place, with more being suggested and proclaimed every day by white self-loathers and their nonwhite pet pals.

Cops are the main problem, with the brooding military brass always in the background to ensure a prison-country peace, with bloated taxpayers' budgets. Canadians are paying through their noses for their own enslavement and social betrayal with those taxes taken from dwindling job choices as the filthy rich have sold out their workhouse citizens by shipping jobs overseas to Third World cheap labor. All the while they claim uncontrolled excuses of a globalist economy totally unnecessary to bountiful Canada.

Every hand is raised against the male ego in this carefully-chosen servile immigrant population proudly administered by a flunky bureaucracy imported by the British long ago, with lots of new non-white yes-sir/no-sir kowtowing traitors recruited from that race-mixing British Empire misnamed a "commonwealth" of non-whites. This enabler population browbeats the rest. These traitors know the truth of racial differences but are too cowardly to stand up for truth for a quiet, safe life of TV-watching — the sum total of their life as an accomplice to white racial genocide in North America, complaining about non-whites and their unfriendly ways and manners, let alone their unpleasant looks. I always remind the whiners, 'don't forget, they didn't invade us, they were brought here by your friends and neighbors who voted in the neo-con/commie/feminist globalists and anti-racists. They usually shut up and rethink their fellow white citizens' responsible for this anxious criminal multicult mess peddled by the Orwellian reds' mantra "diversity is our strength." Tell it to the out-of-town Canadian guy who was stabbed in the throat for asking a brought-in nut case to leave people alone on the Toronto subway. Or better still, tell it to the family of Tim McLean, who was stabbed, decapitated and cannibalized on a cross-country bus by a crazed Oriental brought here by blue-haired church unbelievers and white man-haters.

Most anti-male societies like the commie ones are run by women, especially middle-aged hags who rule the roost through an effeminate universalist religion that came to power the bedroom in ancient Rome, These over-the-hill broads have a chip on their shoulder, aptly demonstrated in all the English-language soap operas and even sitcoms like "Corner Gas" (a canceled "comedy" on a Canadian TV network) depicting life in small-town Canada (same as in communist China: Men are just a bothersome addendum that they wish they could dismiss watching hockey or some other meaningless enterprise or frivolity, like in their own lives.

Recent decisions by the feminist Canadian Supreme Court on free speech prove that every word has limitations on it, and nothing is sacred in human rights, as described by the commie human rights tribunals. Women love to move the goal posts in arguments and in life, right down to what a marriage really means (any hole will do now). Gender is irrelevant all-of-a-sudden after centuries of natural common sense understanding to procreate and raise the next generation. Now it can be supplanted by non-white foreigners to carry on in a feminist world-view of your community and civilization.*

The speed with which Canad[a] has been transformed from a white man's country into a race-mixed, anxious hell-hole took just three generations of cowards and idiots. The ensuing mental malaise toward a bright future has further depopulated the white denizens of the country into a below-replacement-level birthrate that won't change until the men take over Canada again.

I admire the Islamists, who go on jihad without worrying about their women or family approval; they don't look back. This is the way that white men can resurrect themselves in Canada and in the rest of North America, when standing up for white men's rights and a white man's homeland. Most idiocies last at the most, eighty years (about three generations of a dumb idea-memory, like communism). Now it's time to put an end to that unfair, suicidal, anti-racist evil, feminism — even if it takes disenfranchisement for race traitors. Otherwise, their "new Canadians" will turn the white man's tombstones into cobblestones.

Or, are you so miserable that you don't care?




Zombie popularity: Sign of a sick society


I've written about the suave vampire, able to suck his way into dumb women's necks as romantic (if you can believe it). Dracula is the foot-in-the-door for the horror genre of the sick minds of society eager to popularize their bloodthirstiness to the point of the heart-rendering blood sacrifices of the Aztec religion. They want to have that kind of authority, because that's the psyche of a psychotic mind, much similar to that of a perverted bully: cowardly in the center but vicious on the outside, whether through game-playing or in real life.

Zombies are the dirty, messy, gruesome public part of these demented minds which consider growling, cruelty, horror and pain as some kind of porn. like in their stupid zombie parades; the sickest part of it is that there's a lot of females among them. Originally zombies were supposed to be half-dead useful terror-tools allegedly practiced in voodoo in Haiti and other places where black African slaves were dragged away to the New World, by their various African forms of "juju" (black magic). However, since the weirdos in Hollywood got hold of the "undead", they've twisted them into ravenous, mindless flesh-eaters that can only be stopped by a shotgun blast to the head. This, of course, necessitates a lot of mindless murders of infected human zombies, desensitizing people to massacres. It's just like the way they desensitized the population in the entertainment media.[sic]  regarding torture of that Orwellian category "terrorists", who are given less-than-human conditions of dignity. especially in a billions-and-billions-of dollars- war on terror fought in the taxpayers' name. to protect "our" multicult values of human rights — totally detrimental to the existence of the white race. Zombie-ism brings out the ugliness of society: the more bloodied you are, the more appealing you are to be avoided and ignored. Horror and mayhem is exalted, showing little pity for the end-of-times catastrophes (it's a joke to be bloodied).

Cannibalism is another common-place activity in horror films and now in real life crime, going hand in hand with zombies. It's already been trivialized by participating in dumb zombie games and parades. There's a proliferation of zombie movies and TV series, and they all have in common one thick-headed idea — that some big macho thug can be their savior, some kind of immoral "Dexter" superhero is what "the Jews" always want — their "Golem guy." Neo-criminals can't save a community but organized along racial lines, the Posse Comitatus would take care of the problem quickly, in any community emergency pestered by any "zombie apocalypse."

Too much has been wasted on zombies; think of the tax money these perverts' pranks and the newspaper ink and headlines that give the imprimatur that this is for real that somehow, some idiots might consider in their minds when dealing with 'terrorists' and other nonexistent monster anomalies, now propagandized daily into the minds of fatherless feminists' spawn (Yikes!).

The whole zombie concept would be totally ridiculous, if it weren't for the sickos among them and the civic acceptance of such carnivorous cannibalistic idiocy, especially in fun. Where there's no fear, there's no respect in society, and zombies are part of that disrespect, by young idiots who know not what they do. There's a lot of fear and anxiety in today's multicultural crime-ridden societies, with real bodies and CSI-type bloodshed from all over — the last thing we need is spoiled middle-class brats acting like victims' corpses on our TV screens — and don't forget the children.

Enough with the zombies, already.



Jihad: The last great adventure


Whether you like it or not, there's just one modern mission in the world: the Muslim religion's jihad, or "struggle" available in at least a dozen regions across the globe. It's an individualist quest for excitement and spirituality open to all who embrace Islam and become "slaves of Allah" as one devout bomber proudly told a U.S. court.

It seems easy to declare for Allah's religion; all kinds of people 'convert' all of a sudden, especially visiting Saudi Arabia or on the front lines of battle in various mujaheddin [sic] war theaters, including three Christians that I read about on a Muslim site from Egypt. One thing is for sure: the jihadi recruits are serious and motivated with a sense of persecuted injustice that they're out to correct in traditionally Muslim lands. Jihadists aren't coming to Canada to bolster "Little Mosque on the Prairie" compatriots in the lands of the infidels. No, they are going to old Islamic countries in the Third World and Russian- and Christian imperialist-occupied lands of the old Soviet Union empire's tyranny. Jihadists come from all kinds of countries, including the suppressed homelands which are usually in a state of socialist disintegration, requiring a big shift back to morality (the original purpose of organized religion, to keep the people quiet and nice, according to their temperament.)

A jihad 'adventure' victory or martyrdom, is now available in all kinds of topography, but mostly, it's outdoors. Today's jihadi can go to a lush Caucasus forest or a barren Sahara desert or a Somali jungle or a mountainous Pakistani village. It's all there for the foreign jihadi, welcome with awe by the locals everywhere (What? Someone willing to die for other peoples' rights for nothing except social acceptance?) Many jihadis marry legally; being a Muslim, nothing stops you from having four war-theater wives and families — if you made it that far.

You don't have to blow yourself up to prove your faith; not every jihadi dies in battle or stays in the same conflict until "victory"; if emergency situations occur there or elsewhere, many jihadis have seen action in other wars.

Although Muslims hate the old Crusaders, many were inspired with the same goal: to re-establish real Christianity where it started. The Holy Land is also important to copycat Mohammed's Koran dictums. Every Crusader who returned after fighting for the cross was a war hero, even if his mission was to look good (just like Prince Harry did in Afghanistan for the ladies at home.) However, unlike the aggrandizing, greedy Crusaders, the jihadists' booty usually are rifles, SUV's and other useful insurgency materials. Jihadists' rewards are fame and reverence from the believers, not only on their websites and local lore, but in the minds of Muslims in the area who marvel at such God-devotion so much that they visit the graves of the fallen and continually declare the perfume-like scent of these neo-saints' corpses.

It's hard to say where I would go if I were a jihadist, a word modern Muslim Americans try to water down and re-define, calling a whole conference on it. Obviously the globalist military industrial complex doesn't want any war-like opposition (especially in the name of God) against their world empire.

Syrian jihadists kneeling in prayer have the whitest arms; I only saw one set of black arms out of fifteen I saw praying. It's the most modern neo-commie state pretending to be religious, like the "In God We Trust" phonies. You don't want to get captured in their CIA/KGB torture chambers which America secretly supports with $5 billion in aid. That's why there's no UN justice in Syria. But they all go nuts for "easy pickings" Mali, where there are 3,000 jihadists, who are going to bankrupt and bleed commie/feminist/colonialist race mixer France.

Al-Shabaab ("the youth") in Somalia, I hear, is going to change its name. But they're still holding on in the hinterlands, where an American jihadist has made his name acting like a local warlord already. There, too, the jihadi numbers are small compared to those of the African Union forces and commie/colonialist neighbors around them like Ethiopia and Kenya. There are other places, from the Philippines to Chechnya, from Yemen to the Islamic Maghreb (North Africa). That's how wide your choice are along with the power of your mission, judging by the required host of armies that are arrayed against you.

Jihadis are not racist, but they're not against racists, either. Mecca's Haj proves that in many ways. It's like "The Magnificent Seven" many times multiplied. But fighting on the equal level alongside the locals, with humility — not like the white meddler, over-populating, greedy race mixer invaders. It's more a personal quest, while at the same time fighting globalist polluters out to set up a New World Order/race mixed police state. And that's good for white race survival.

Hey, there's a lot I don't like about Islam, including male genital circumcision and head- and hand-chopping. But they didn't invade our homelands, they were brought here by our white race traitors. Direct your hatred at the traitors first and put our white house in order before we tackle the other races. Jihad is old-time religion by the book, which will take these societies to that sustainable level, unencumbered by pervert/consumerist/feminist lifestyles. Isolationism and non-intervention (except to achieve those goals that jihadis are fighting for) is the best-side solution for white countries' survival on an overpopulated, polluted planet.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of — their religion.




Childish lives can't last


It's little wonder children grow up to be teenage nut cases and loser comic book guys, no matter how Big Bang Theory/nerd-smart they are or what important cogs they are in the military industrial complex carrying on drone World War III murders with their help. They still end up living children's lives, some a little more fairy-tale "Grimm" than the over-expectant barren Pollyannas playing with cats and dogs or their intimate companions (I know a few of them in their fifties). There's plenty of lonely. short-haired lesbian recruits on the way — unlike the long-in-the-tooth biker gangs.

This socially un-reproductive phenomenon starts with the children's programs on TV with good monsters and aliens galore, many in purportedly real-life modern family settings; there's always a secret alien or monster that's smarter than mankind, and protected by a human family.

A lot of this crap started with that mean Jew Dr. Seuss, whose wife committed suicide after he achieved fame and dumped her — all kootchy-koo/baby talk idiocy that makes no sense. Then it is neatly institutionalized into regular life. The plots are as bizarre as the characters, with the emphasis on the ghoulish and the impromptu/idiotic. Even in the cartoons, which pretend to give a good message, evil is now celebrated as being interesting, exciting, wild, crazy and fun. And then, society expects this youth-adoring culture to show restraint and morality. Later TV sitcoms are not much better than the undermining children's menu; most modern sitcoms rely on perverted and Three Stooges-style comedy; they don't even reach the Harpo Marx level of entertainment.

Since the main cultural institutions of the white race have failed our civilization, they have allowed it to be diluted, mixed and overpopulated to a minority status in their own homelands. None of their advice should be heeded for a resurrection of the race and the white man's way. Everything has to be scraped down to the bare essence of our culture, which is race. That is why racism is the bottom line of belief and identity to achieve a white civilization again.

White racists — not renegades, apologists for libertine/libertarian pundits, are the only ones who can describe racist beliefs and visions. Racism is a serious business. It's the basis of our community which decides whether you spit, squat or defecate on the street. The same goes for the individual right that are unavailable in most Third World countries. It'll take a while before people feel comfortable calling themselves proud racists after being beaten down by a commie/feminist police state through every propaganda orifice, especially the treacherous seedy media. Don't expect the intellectuals to have any racist guts first; they'll run away from their shadow. they don't have the cojones to stand up to minorities, let alone the courts.

White nationalist leadership will come out of desperation, and in an servile chosen immigrant colony like Canada, obeying orders is a virtue, even if it means that you'll be dead for no good reason, like the over 115,000 who died who died on foreign soil, supposedly defending Canada (Afghanistan and Mali being the latest hot spots to prove our suicidal stupidity as tough guys for globalist thug service.)

The United States is full of wild and crazy guys — adventurers, scallywags and murderers who projected their DNA from their pioneer past, many of them un-confident enclaves with openly racist policies and attitudes that will develop all across that blighted race-mixed impossible nation. Cowed Canadians will take a little longer, as racist radicals will emerge because of the feminist nanny-state's evil anti-racist programs. Anything that is not natural cannot sustain itself and will not survive, like the childish idiocy of multiculturalism.

Be confident — and assured.




Africa's Racist Wars


There's a hot black race civil war going on in Africa. We know about the cold white race civil war that Anders Breivik tried to heat up, but they're not fooling around with hand-wringing excuses in the white man's world for stunned inaction as the "multicult" wave washes over them.

It's the traditionalists against the greedy willing slaves of colonialist/globalist control for a quick profit and the aping of their masters' morality. Different tribes and Islamists have risen up against the fake countries and regimes, ready Askari stooges to kill fellow Africans similar to the anti-racist race mixer foreign interlopers and invaders. They're all out for sex and money, as each rotten ousted regime has shown in these ersatz countries created by race-spreading colonialist bayonets for the benefit of the few and the detriment of many back home white states.

The warlike Tuaregs ("blue men") of the Sahara are one example of a race-mixed people who are trying to establish a state where they have a racial understanding of superiority with blacker tribes for mutual benefit; Azawad is a mini-state in a corner of Mali. However, it's Islam and the dreaded simple sharia law that rules that is proving to be the biggest problem to re-colonizing Africa for the corporations. Islamists cut across all racial shades but are considered to be more white, like most of those who call themselves Arabs across the Sahara and Sahel. However in northern Nigeria, a whole nation-tribe, the working class Fulani, have turned against Western immorality, if your please. "Boko Haram" means just about that — Western education is forbidden, and they can't be put down, even by their Hausa overlords collaborating with the Westerners. Even the name of Nigeria's president sounds as if a Western mission school gave it to him:" Good Luck Jonathan". Little narrow Gambia is another place where their leader told European Union meddlers where to go with their foreign aid, id it meant having to follow UN and other globalist rules that have tried to turn peoples' cultures and traditions upside-down along with financial chaos (they also instituted a four day work week.

White racists should be happy when Third World cultures go back to traditional sustainable levels; it's their business and if some don't want it, they should fight their own kin without calling in foreign white devils' roiling, with bigoted race mixers' superiority, which will be their undoing. "Race mixing is forever", as southern white nationalist J.B. Stoner once remarked, It certainly is for the weak-kneed whites in any such unions, as all these north African countries show. A whole German tribe disappeared in north Africa just after three generations of conquest; the once-feared Vandals are no more, their DNA existing somewhere along the north African coast.

Race mixed people separate themselves: the Berbers, Moors and the Riffs are all ethnic nations that will have to "will out" from under the foreign yoke if they want to assure their survival eventually — and inevitably. It's the natural way — especially if they are pushed by new foreign race mixer powers.

And, it's just started.




Racists are not colonialist white devils


Colonialism kills the white race. Race mixing and cheap labor take the stuffing out of white nations, numerically overwhelmed and economically denigrated, while their traditions and customs are abandoned by the state for minority rights.

Britain, the prime example of colonization and multicult nonwhite empire, is a sad example of the legacy of colonialism; major English cities are now majority-nonwhite, while the new colonialists overtake the slow-breeding white feminist world. Things are so bad in Britain with their anti-racist idiocy in force for three generations, that English schoolboys have to be taught anew their natural identity.

Canada is another prime example of the follies of colonialism. Initially the pliable white losers from Britain and France were sent over, but the globalist greed-bags got tired of paying white society-standard wages and went on a massive anti-racist/anti-white identity campaign and enacted a pro-colonialist bondage on a nonwhite commonwealth (including participation in every colonial and international war as Limey mercenaries. Just think of the thousands of Canadians mowed down in World Wars I and II alone, when they were used as cannon fodder in difficult situations. Then you have the nerve to fly the Union Jack in reminiscence of that abuse, you masochist morons?)

Colonialism sounds exotic and adventurist, but it's mostly murderous and nasty, especially with its end results: After the native population had been bombed and bayoneted into submission, the greedy administrators established factories and plantations, where everyone works — or you get your hands and legs chopped off (as that thug Henry Stanley did for the king of the Belgians in the Congo) or are forbidden from growing any food crops, and only work on the master's plantation or be a slave, like in Kenya. Dr. David Livingston didn't know any better, as he spread "race mixing" with his medicine meddling and his church connections, guaranteeing an unsustainable population explosion and more cheap labor and economic refugees to the white world.

Colonialism is abuse itself, with exploitation in the home country, where jobs are taken and economic standards are lowered, while creating greater expectations in the larger population of the naturally formerly-nonwhite world. Remember, there were once only thirteen million people in India when the British imperialists landed there; look what benevolent colonialism has done for the planet and for nature in that part of the world, with a billion there now.

For some reason (probably greedy white women) it's the white man who is a colonial imperialist, and the more mixed and weird he is, the more of an imperialist he is; that can certainly be said of all the refugees and runaways making up Churchill's "British race." The French are a dark, weird bunch, often-times nearer to each other than the natives. Portugal and Spain are the same, well-trampled-on by all kinds in ancient history. The Germans were late on the scene by trying to catch up on their usual arrogant brutality. The refugee pirate islands of Japan were the only Oriental colonialists, pretending it was for everyone's economic benefit while they raped and looted their way through the continent.

It was greedy colonialists who couldn't make the then-al Qaeda local native resisters work on their plantations, so they opted to bring Africans, packed like sardines, to slave on them. Avarice seems to have overcome compassion with these new settlers in the colonies.

The whole concept of colony and colonies is as derisive, as any English barmaid will show you, if you don't speak their dialect. Yet, the ordinary working class of all these homeland countries didn't benefit a bit from the treasures stolen by the rich — which you can still see in their mansions and chateaus and ancestral fortunes with fig-leaf titles for their skullduggery. Mullticult colonialists are pervert-hypocrites against white racism (while crying over the lack of recognition of same). Their very patronizing attitude about what kind of society and governance their nonwhite benefactors (pets) is bigotry itself. Never argue with a hypocrite.

All colonialist-construct countries left behind by the imperialists are a bloody mess, with ethnic and racial problems along borders that are the administrative conquerors' limits — even for Canada. These phony countries mirror the empires that created them— going down the drain the same way Britain has since Queen Victoria's multicult Diamond Jubilee at the turn of the last century. It's just a matter of time.

Racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but to correct them; never let sentimentality get in the way of reason. Common-sense racists (and I'm not talking about nut case haters, but political thinkers) must be against foreign wars and Third World intervention. It doesn't really matter who is against us, because they're all wrong for working against the white man for their hedonistic pleasures. Have no pity for white mercenaries sent in to kill, maim and overlord over natives for women's rights, more race mixing and mineral resources (they've been paid for their dirty work with Cancun holidays).

I was surprised at how weak that French commando looked, sprawled out dead on an al-Shabaab ground sheet. The professional military must stop being a tool foreign intervention and concentrate on rebuilding their own economically-depressed, already paid for by taxes. I trust the natives more than I trust the colonizers who have been often accused of speaking with forked tongues, the Canadian federal government being no exception, with its varying lying accounts of their failed Somalia rescue mission and its daily obfuscations on their mad Mali mission (where they've already suffered casualties and downed choppers.)

The evil actions of white men, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, or now, Mali, shame all white racists. When it comes down to colonization being imposed on the Third World and meddling, racists are not with the white devils.




Women can’t raise men


Mothers make poor fathers for their boys. I'm not say they don't try; but mothers are strictly mothers in the eyes of their offspring, no matter how much they hunt and play with their cats.

We've seen all kinds of terrible crimes committed by young men and seen their mother 'spokesman' giving excuses later in a press conference, asking their wayward son to surrender. Perhaps it's the lack of respect that was ingrained into the boy during the marriage break-up, or all the perverts' crap on the boob tube that shows through the male offspring, without any strong hand to control their urges the urges in youth; I've never met any real male who was scared of his mother's admonitions or threats to stay in line with society's norms.

What idiot failed to teach the Columbine killers or the Connecticut massacre punk Adam Lanza, under tutelage of his know-it-all teacher/mother morality and fair play. Women are quick to take pills for what ails them; Same story for their kids— the most heavily-drugged characters in any historical society in the West, All you have to do is listen to some of the side effects of some of these supposedly-helpful drugs advertised on TV (and that's just the ones we know of; they certainly make some people psychotic). All these weirdo killers have a connection prescription drugs. Mothers and the perverted entertainment media — that's where the sickness begins.

There is nothing elevating or inspirational in a positive way about the entertainment industry. In fact. they are responsible for a lot of the mayhem in society: copycat killers and a myriad of other monsters are regularly imitated in real life. From cartoons to movies to sitcoms to video games, the same Dexter-thinking perversion dominates and influences young minds without fathers or cuckolded ones in a feminist/SOB society.

Women can't properly raise boys. let alone house and family-oriented and -imbued girls in broken single-mother homes. It's not much when they remarry. The children have to deal with strange men trying to be their fathers. The entire Western society is feminist today, the males having been driven off the public scene if women are not allowed. Boys have a choice: become boy-toys, or be shunned by females and go without a family. With sacred marriage now open to homosexuals, the whole family idea seems like yesterday's dream in Western society. Anything manly has been driven to the boondocks and Hicksville if young men want to be feminists' stooges.

The idea that guns are the problem only shows female hypocrisy, refusing to take responsibility for their actions (so typical of many of them). The media is full of these commie bitch liars and obfuscators who won't take the blame for the race-mixed whorehouse they have created in America —an S.O.B. society that needs some traumatic incidents to correct itself. Already some TV programs that belittle family life. like The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park, should be next.

Positive change to this corrupt society will take time, but I think that we have turned a corner on pampered, effeminate youth. Few people will tolerate the arrogant ignorance taught by their mothers in the future. It reminds me of mouthy little twerp whom I wrote about in Don Says (you can read it in our Archives), who didn't want his weirdo behavior commented on — until he was confronted by me.

We have an obligation to show wayward youth the way, if that waywardness is encountered.




Don Andrews: The REAL Protest Mayor of Toronto

I registered as a candidate for Mayor of the City of Toronto on January 8 (I fancy the number eight as my lucky number; laying sideways, it is the runic symbol of eternity —even if I don't believe it, I do believe in superstition.) I've run before on a number of occasions and came in second and third place in the top ten candidates most of the time; once there were 46 candidates for Mayor of Toronto, so it's not ad if I don't have constituency. In fact, the time I came in second out of eleven candidates when David Crombie was re-elected mayor, the sneaky City Fathers ran up to the Ontario Legislature one weekend to change the laws, whereby the runner-up would not be appointed mayor if the beauty queen Crombie could not fulfill his job (Crombie was having many health problems, his communist/capitalist pals were not taking any chances: the Toronto Red Star once reported in their headline: Toronto — A Heartbeat Away From a Fascist Mayor.)

We 'fascists" — and other racially-aware whites — can expect no justice and fair play from these merchants and Marxist goons, just like the time these same schleps denied the Nationalist Party of Canada provincial party status, after one and a half years of personally-witnessed footwork and the 13,050 signatures to get the benefits of an Ontario-registered party (10,000 were all that were required,) we were denied status on the grounds that some of the signatures looked similar (well duh, they all wet to the once-Anglo school system.) The elitists play fast and loose with the rules to suit themselves ... something i intend to do with my campaign for Mayor.

I intend to be the "Opposite George (from the Seinfeld episode)," totally opposite to the treacherous globalist City Council, the total antithesis of their anti-white/anti-racist, racially-suicidal attitude. I am the nemesis to their maudlin campaigns of bowing Buddhists. All the other candidates for Mayor agree about the Utopian diversity-is-our-strength crap. My X-ballot-markers will be the expression of the truest opposition and protest vote that no Douglas Campbell can offer.

Voting for George Smitherman or multicult-supporting Italians is the same thing. If Rob Ford or John Tory were in the race, it'd be more of the same compromising and back-tracking, like Harper or Obama, on a lower level, while the white race goes down. Complacency leads to extinction: This city's gone through some drastic changes thanks to the deluded hedonistic voters who allowed the European population and viewpoint to dwindle from 98% to 49% white, in two generations of politically-correct stupidity. Voting for the same betrayers is pointless and un-noteworthy; it's just following the other sheep to the slaughterhouse as the city deteriorates from Toronto the Good to a pirate port.

What are you — brow-beaten, to embarrassed to have a White Viewpoint Candidate for Mayor of Toronto? The embarrassment is back on you for ignoring the prideful growing racial realities around your self-loathing self. I asked a white mother of seven what she thought of people who were oblivious of their racial identity. "Sad," she said, "Real sad."

Am I too early? Should we wait until it's 25%, or 10% whites in the city before you utter a silent peep in a polling booth with a simple "X" for your life?

I don't know what's in the DNA code of the descendants of civil servants of an empire and its chosen servant schleps. Maybe it's 'your Master's Voice', especially if he wears a uniform, But I'm looking to the spirit of 1837 to get your vote; the Family Compact guys vote for Tory's choice. I'm appealing to the common sense of European who can see that the Anglos dropped the ball in maintaining their cultural attitudes. Aren't you tired of saying Me, too, when you don't mean it, at the clone political parties and candidates? The race-treacherous media are run by my ideological enemies; their reporters are nothing but spies and agents looking to bring you down — something I will certainly not participate in. It's more important to see the racially-conscious bare-bones vote of the determined and committed than how many voted for Rocco Rossi's liberal vision of the city. Keep in mind, the racial issues, and that globalist warmongers are against us, and not the petty reasons you don't like Don Andrews — which historically register nowhere when you mark your ballot on on October 25th.

I have lived in this city a long time, coming from the hills of Sarajevo, a shaved-head reunited orphan from behind the Iron Curtain, Vilim Zliomislic. At ten years of age I made the papers ("Are You My Mum?" in 1952) . Soon I was naturalized and Anglicized with Hockey Night in Canada, renamed Donald Clarke Andrews. At school I was bullied for my fat lips and East European complexion by a ginger-headed ruddy, pimple-faced love rival; he called me "The Black Dago" a Limey colloquialism for Spanish holiday waiters (from 'Diego,' or 'gift from God') — how ironic that now I'm appealing to self-protecting bigotry. I was educated at Wilkinson High School, Fairmount Public School, R. H. King Collegiate and at Ryerson University. I took up Public Health — it was the easiest course for a no-particular talent guy and had a work-holiday for fourteen years working for the City of Ottawa and Scarborough.

I've always been for the underdog. if they have any good in them,. Once after I read about the crimes of the SS, I had to be pulled off the German next door neighbor by his father, who explained to me his treatment at the hands of the commies in East Germany. Soon I was the existing communist menace and created a number of political organizations, starting with the Edmund Burke Society, and received the Captive Nations Eisenhower Medal (1969.)

I had a number of brushes with the political police due to agent provocateurs and my optimistic zealousness. After a grueling 3-month trial I received two years in the Big House and survived to operate some rooming houses where rent was cheap for folks who moved in with grocery bags (and moved out to higher positions the next year.) I've eaten among the bottom feeders and have not been eaten yet. Along with Bob Smith. I was the first to be convicted under the notorious Jew-protecting "hate laws" and spent a fortune taking it to the Supreme Court of Canada, only to lose by one woman's vote, and earned more solitary confinement jail time just for that; you can say that I have paid my dues for my ideology. I've never stopped since. And I'm a successful father of six wonderful Andrews children who do their own thing and put up smilingly with their dad.

This 2010 Mayoralty Election campaign gives my ideology an opportunity to pronounce on a number of issues that will not be discussed by the same-old-same-old politically-correct agenda gang. Sure, there are many things the city needs to correct, but don't hold your breath for solutions to gangs and graffiti clean-up, black crime solutions, low, low welfare rates, congested traffic and transit costs, poorly-coordinated stoplights, treeless streets, rundown strip malls, expensive and complicated garbage removal, unsolved murders (28 in 2009,) ugly architecture, loser sports teams and a host of other issues that we can discuss between now and Election Day. To the Establishment I would be the worst mayor ever — they would hate to see me using the office as a bully pulpit for issues that matter.

Could I do the Mayor's job, and yell at forty-four globalist stooges to come to order? I've run rowdy racist and union meetings — no problem. I'm familiar with all parts of Toronto and various ethnic neighborhoods and their national histories, white and non-white, (after all, racism is for everyone) all who can count on the white man's pledge of common sense, good will and fair play. Recently I met an intelligent well-read congenial ex-skinhead who spent 16 years in prison for a stupid drug deal gone bad that resulted in a black drug dealer's murder (he was caught in the wrong crowd; in Texas, everyone's guilty, even a Canadian remotely connected to a murder.) After dismissing and pooh-poohing a number of his hopeful pleas and outlook, he called me jaded and cynical — the very attributes need, with the help of City bureaucrats, to deal with Toronto's council and the city's problems. Yes, I can do the job and appeal to Ben Kerr's voters.

Imagine, if a cash-strapped mayor of a major Canadian city asks for talks with Mullah Omar to end Canada's useless mission and leave in peace, so that the over-half-million dollars spent per soldier could be used for the betterment of Canadian citizens and society. Imagine if a Toronto mayor talked directly to any ethnic citizens' grouping about the inordinate crime in their community and brought the eyes and approbation of the entire city on the community to straighten out. Imagine a mayor who would declare European Heritage Week on behalf of the contribution of citizens of European origin (the only group so far denied 'pride' in the city of such parades.)

I would be such a mayor, and I hope you vote for me.




Stand on Guard for Canada Only


Some subjects have to be re-stressed, particularly practices that bring trouble and infamy to a nation and its citizens, such as Canada's historical mercenary military activity on behalf of empires, big powers, and now, globalist totalitarians.

It's the old idiot "Igor" (the evil scientist's assistant) scenario once again for Canada's image on the historical record, from the Boer War killing and hurting whites in concentration camps for the Limeys. to the present NATO/UN invasion of Afghanistan, killing and capturing local dissenters for rape and torture in communist dungeons. For the Canadians to pretend that everything is on the up and up and copacetic with the heroin warlord Tadjik government in Kabul. with only occasional bleats of beatings and torture incidents practiced on the former victims that the modern UN empire troopers captured, is a cruel and hypocritical fantasy. The military thugs are so involved in their macho, sadistic enterprise of killing the ancient local resistance that they fail to see the forest for the trees for having set one military boot into this war-torn country for more foreigners' bloodletting. let alone pat themselves on the shoulder for what good boys they are for rescuing their victims.

Only idiots and hateful feminists and their protectors can be convinced that the Taliban in Afghanistan is a danger to our national security and to the minaret-frightened females with no racial awareness who are stoking Canada's war in Afghanistan. They are playing right into the globalist schemers by squandering our financial resources on an impossible idiot idea of changing the traditional mindset of Afghan society. That's where the middle class spends the poor people's money and benefits, which should accrue when living in an enterprising white society. Billions are spent on these stupid wars because of an anti-nationalist politicians who saddled our armed forces with the globalist NATO alliance (Wait till the new year, when the Paki Taliban has promised a new offensive against the US government stooges in the Northwest Frontier; then we'll see NATO further stymied and thwarted in their mission aggression in Afghanistan as their supplies are destroyed and the Islamist offensive spills across thee Afghan/Paki border.)

Canada is too vast a land to be defended against an invasion; only a well-stocked, supplied and trained citizen militia makes the occupation of such a large mass of land a hell to hold for the invaders. The one or two set-piece battles lost and a surrender signed by a complicit military globalists is a stab in the back for the citizenry to a servile occupation, which can take generations (even hundreds of years) to throw off the yoke of the foreigners if the original occupants are still around. The servant-selected population of Canada is well-known: civil servants, indentured and military retirees have falsely elevated the top brass as an unquestioned authority, causing the deaths of 115,000 Canadians on foreign soil in other peoples' fights. Canadians, probably outnumber any other mercenary volunteers in history. A sucker military "thuggery" has even attempted to be raised on the raison d'κtre for its birth and supposed independence from the meddler world colonialist British empire. The British Isles are the first cauldron brew of white nationalism represented by all the dissident runways of Europe. After about a couple of hundred years of unity they set out to develop a successful pirate kingdom and empire. They've been interlopers and invaders for a long time, screwing up the planet economically for the benefit of a very few spots. These have been the masters of "Igor" Canadians sent to do their dangerous dirty work and suicidal show missions from Hong Kong to Dieppe to Afghanistan. Send in the mindless suckers...they're too afraid, like Igor, to say no to the master and will go down in flames in the white castle built on globalist sand.

Canada's matriarchal monarchy subordination must end if any nationalism and sovereignty-assertion can be made. All treaties and alliances that undermine our independence have to be abrogated. Internationalist politicians and generals cannot be trusted with their secret daisy-chain oaths: these elitists have little regard for human life or compassion as they run around covering up torture and sovereignty-betrayal to the UN and for free trade agreements. The military knows its history and the enormous human sacrifice, family misery and the need for immigrant labor they have foisted on this country in the past. Initially, the were generally for the white worker and white recruit — until their globalist masters told the Canadian Igor to fling open his house doors for a swarm of cheaper labor and upkeep than the big palooka Igor (who is now only needed for his goon service for the master's plans.) It's not a pretty picture. No matter how many medals and flags you cover it with, it's still mug work for the thug.

Igor Canada is treated in about the same way. The not-so-idiotic Igor in the old TV series The Hilarious House of Frightenstein heard the Count's explanations, reasons and plans inanely explained, just like those of the globalists in Washington and Brussels, for their ever-changing plans and justifications for worldwide aggressions and a war of fear against a few hundred devoted Islamists in far-flung Muslim resistance spots in the world. For that, we're burned with maimed and lost lives and taxed billions. The bloody-minded propaganda media shares a large responsibility for these immoral missions that greatly subvert Canadian society with the consequent influx of thousands of unassimilable refugees from the mercenaries' hot spots. These media bimbos and dilettantes are directly responsible for the gun crime, general insecurity and anxiety for the future. These warmonger barkers must be verbally blasted in response for the evil they foment, whenever they open their big mouths. Anyone with half a brain can joust with these baby-boomer brats, who are only up on the latest entertainment crap and know every little of the world and its past.

All is not lost. Ex-master country Britain has its own social problems as they deal with the upper classes' betrayal of non-white immigration; nice people living next door to Big Bad America are more likely to be antagonistic to their takeover bully reputation. Canada's yearly quarter-million tsunamis of non-white immigration stems directly from their destructive belief as a universalist "no-man's land" open for settlement to the planet. Having based their culture and raison d'κtre on a globalist women's religion and feminist consumerism. The male population have become eunuch mercenaries at the service of of foreign liars. The whole place is a rotating globalist whorehouse of (and for) foreign servitude. This is what happens when racial history and pride is forgotten and attacked.

America's insensitive arrogance and grandiose self-delusion guarantees a cold, insensitive shoulder and a reluctant Igor to participate in their aggression. NATO's all but falling apart; that will be sealed in a couple of years of Afghanistan-grinding. Isolation and protectionism is the only way to go for Canadian society if we are to maintain our independence and standard of life. Globalism is now a dirty word as the ex-servant Igor sets up his own household and starts his own white nationalist family and does his own labor. Wake up, Canadians, and stand on guard for Canada!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our supporters; enjoy your heritage and consider your spirituality.




Climate Cultists: Globalist Dupes


Whoever's trying to unite the planet's races under one benevolent dictator New World Order government, they'll need more than evil military might to accomplish this task. They'll need some window-dressing do-gooders as their silent approving comrades operating under the guise of a "planet problem" (crime, drugs, climate,) to be the basis of their takeover artists' evil plan to conquer the world.

Even if God came to unite Earth, there'll always be some dissidents from His imperfect creation by Himself. So, the whole effort is futile, forcing God to deal with his Sodoms and Gomorrahs. However, most of the characters in this obvious world conspiracy of globalization consider themselves demi-gods, out to rule the world with an iron fist in the velvet glove with the effeminate tool of the climate cultists ("It's the climate, dude!") The global warming useful-idiot fellow-traveler of the New World Order are the biggest fool-tools: on the one hand they're supposedly opposed to the industrial military complex taught to them by their white-sandaled hippie fathers. But with their far-flung easy-obsession climate concerns, they're able to feel smug about themselves, like an idiot who cuts off his nose to spite his face. They will have enslaved themselves to the non-white world for easy occupation and further free-trade pauperization in the American and Chinese new mercenary empire; China's already preparing new policies for expanding UN troop deployment. The self-loathing anti-white racist climate cultists will bury our recessive-gene race in a tsunami of spermatozoa and that'll be the end of the story, because as the great white racist J.B. Stoner once observed, race-mixing is forever. Or, like the ex-white South African government speaker commented when queried by me at a hotel urinal, as to the chances of an all-white statelet in South Africa. He quipped: "The eggs have been broken; the omelet has been made." The feminist-oriented climate cultists care not for racial realities; deluded by their failed Marxist rhetoric these people still peddle the Soviet evil empire's policies, while conveniently ignoring the torture and mass murder supported by these internationalist banker-supported Marxist goons. Oh, but they weren't real Marxists, these wimp-assed morons moan. Well, they weren't the real racists; I can point to the German Nazis' narrow-minded views.

The idea of promised 'green jobs' in a new innovate economy is just a pie-in-the-sky myth: Globalist companies will just move the manufacturing to China or India, further eroding white society. While white nationalism is for a more, natural and eco-friendly economy, we concentrate in sustainable self-sufficiency on our home front, while encouraging parts of the planet to lay fallow for nature's repair and renaissance. A natural depopulation of the burgeoning Third World would help in that direction — if all white meddlers would butt out with their aid and economics.

The climate cultists claim that 'diversity is our strength' (except, of course, when it comes to their sorry asses.) They never think ethnic, or white nationalist protectionist or isolationist; they're always with the legs-wide-open crowd. They're very self-centered and will hear no views but their own, much like the neo-con kosher conservatives they supposedly despise, (hey, look, we're just like them!) just like their phony hippie forefathers who put on suits and cut their hair to usher in the biggest greed-bag generation of tight-assed criminals. These are the bastards who gave our sovereignties away to foreigners while they made big bucks for more frequent-flier vacations to new exotic sex spots that are en vogue. These two-faced climate cultist characters used to whine about the tiger cages of the US puppet government prisons in Vietnam; now they accept torture and concentration camps and secret CIA prisons against a patriarchal enemy detested because of the fathers they disrespected — or never knew.

A lot of intelligent but cowardly white men and macho broads have escaped their fearful duty of confronting the alien immigration onslaught by burying their boy-like heads into nature studies. They're chasing butterflies, while their communities and race are going down the drain. To justify their cowardice, they've exaggerated the importance of their work to a whole new big bogeyman picture — global warming (oooh, as if it hasn't happened before without Man's input or output.) It's a justification connected to an important problem that any science enthusiast could connect himself to. It's a psyche. Tellingly, most of the propaganda and mainstream media is on the side of the climate cultists, and only reluctantly and belatedly they were forced to admit to the controversy over the cooked-up scientific e-mails sent around by these climate cultist experts. The mass media is controlled by big money, and it can get even bigger by having no boundaries on the planet. So here they are again, leading us to world empire run for the benefit of the many by a few — goodbye, white race.

Climate bloggers, for all their compass-role eco-concerns, don't mind war. killing, uranium depletion and planet-jarring explosions, if it's against anyone who might be interfering with globalist plans for world hegemony. The only non-believers of their sacred screed are the God-believers too exact and demanding for their zealous loose beliefs. Climatology is an escape hatch for immediate world problems around us, right down to the community and neighborhood. Climate cultists' airy-fairy carbon tax receipts (a formula to further denigrate our dwindling world-flung economy) is the kind of crap they offer as a solution to global warming. It's just plain stupid and dangerous and contrary to the principles of racism of common sense, good will and fair play. Climate cultist zealots have split the Left wing up into believers and non-believers in the global warming carbon tax scam of Marxist globalist wealthy population redistribution; the avant-garde believers consider the climate cultists as parrots of the "Fascist" deceivers.

Climate cultists are cowardly fools who should be actively dismissed out-of-hand for the naive policies that they propose which will lead to white race extinction.

They are just boobs for the globalists.




Propaganda Media: Public Enemy #1


Next to serial killers, the worst scumbags undermining and terrorizing white society are the very vocal and prominent town criers of the mainstream media. In many respects they are a lot worse than the pervert monsters lurking in society because these paragons of vice and immorality are prominently posing as the paragons virtue of peace, prosperity and human rights. The reporters pundits and broadcasters of the cosmopolitan Jew-controlled mass media. The whores of this profession have wrecked and destroyed entire cultures, countries and peoples' heritage and identity on a regular basis for the last 60 years.

I hate writing about these "slimebag" hedonists who hate everything about the white peoples' past and have no heed or care for our race's future. Their receptacle bodies are on the same level as the Hare Krishna shells, without meaning or knowledge of any history or environmental species concern for our future, while they blather about purported eco-concerns and pedal the global warming scam to pauperize white society. These globalist bastards are hard to battle, not only because of the obfuscating propaganda of outright lies ("diversity is our strength") but because they hold the megaphones in their bands continually churning out politically correct crap. These SOB's and bimbos continually utilize every aspect of human communication to peddle their commie-capitalist monopolist bias, from cartoons to comic books to movies and media specials to magazines. Like cockroaches, they're everywhere, spreading their oily stench and ugliness under the rubric of "progress." Those dog-loving fruitcakes spread war and misery throughout the planet under the guise of women's rights and humanity, by dropping bombs and sending killer mercenaries to far-flung places supposedly on the white taxpayers' behalf. Most of these characters are haughty white secularists and Zionist internationalists and selfish libertarians and libertines.

Media morons hate racists and white nationalists with a passion. In fact they hate all people who believe in anything in particular which might be opposed to their whorehouse rules and that's their greatest weakness. They believe in nothing except their petty selves' private parts and have little real knowledge of anything outside their own narrow interests. That's why they always have their mouths agape when primitive suicide bomber God-believers strike and undermine their modern whorehouse empire's mighty imperial storm troopers ("WTF?") — and then they bury their heads in their anuses and carry on with their media show hoping that no one has noticed.

The mass media sleaze artists are totally responsible for shielding the warmongers and their nefarious plans by providing fig leaf excuses for the militarists and baby-question interviews and examinations of the globalists' evil plans to sell our society out through free trade deals and cheap labor immigration policies. These are the weirdoes who promote and equate gay marriage to heterosexual family units and life, denigrating traditions and customs of established religious morals with murderous Marxist "logic," while conveniently putting the blame on fascism (already preached as an evil by their treacherous teacher buddies to their mamma's boy students.) Without the lickspittle media, the global-warming carbon tax, needless and questionable vaccines, United Nations relevance, unnatural Hollywood offerings, homosexual parades, purported weapons of mass destruction in supposedly enemy countries, 9/11 staged paranoia, totalitarian police states and travel laws, Oprah's Obama's and Tiger Woods' stat status, aggressive invasions for women's rights, genetically modified food, anti-white-pride campaigns, multiculturalism and general acceptance of "enhanced interrogation" (torture) and a host of other campaigns, would be nothing.

One of the dirtiest tricks of controlled media is their shadow puppet shows of creating their own controlled "enemies" and pretending that they're are in diametric opposition to "rival" allies in their globalist new world order plans. None of these kosher conservatives' capitalists' disagree with the warmongers' plans of empire and their "leftist" opponents only disagree won how to best implement and win their "human rights" UN wars. Attempts to woo the so-called rebel independents., false-flag goofs like Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are trotted out to perform their act. Only stooges, agent-provocateurs and useful idiots are ever aired.

They say never judge a book by its cover, and in the case of the controlled media that proverb has greater significance. The servile, slick servants of the globalist media are the most dangerous hypocrites in society. The contents of their book's message are scenarios of chaos and degeneracy with plenty of blank pages concerning the good intentions of the authors. They have nothing, zilch, bupkiss, to offer the concerned white public, as to hope and answers for the future. Like Little Nipper, the RCA mascot, they're increasingly waiting for their Master's Voice. And that's their sum total — not much better than Nipper's brain.

Fortunately, not all is lost. The Internet has given voice to all kinds of formerly unheard-of characters and concerns, bypassing and undermining the media tricksters and the Illuminate bosses. At one time these news reporters could band together with secret notes and understandings to stifle all kinds of incidents and ideas from the public venues. And they still try it for a day or two when their race-mixing darlings and non-white protιgιs get into trouble, until the reading public has so much information already from their Internet connection that they just look downright stupid and conspiratorial — if they didn't get their two cents' worth of whitewash into the fray, whether it's about Tiger Woods, Climate-gate, or 9/11; their information control is unraveling at the seams.

But it's not enough to see them sheepish and red-faced for avoiding the news. They need to be verbally attacked and brought to account for their lies and head-in-the-sand attitude concerning the topics that matter to the struggling public, promulgated by the bought "newsies" policies. People are fed up with with the sugar-coated suicidal viewpoints these stooges have heralded, from, the civil rights explosion of black crime in white society to the destructive internationalism of lost jobs and heritage and the spoiled-brat status of their barren wild white women, and emasculated manhood. The mass media's biggest barkers, the talk show hosts, are now regularly under attack from the well-read "internetters," and who show their frustration with intelligent callers, leaving only reactionary sports bozos to agree with their nefarious agendas. Recently, talk show globalist anti-white barkers are doing most of the gabbing, too afraid, too afraid to present their "irrefutable" race and conspiracy angles to the public; they've been forced to nervously and dismissively comment in Internet issues, in diametric opposition to their bosses and they're so worried that the bosses have brought out Jesse Ventura as a fellow 'conspiracy believer' false flag.

The paid pimp columnists fare no better nowadays when they get tons of nasty E-mails from in-the-know readers; it's so much faster and cheaper than a letter. We do our probative bit with both through the Walter Duranty Award for Obfuscating Propaganda, and it's working; you can tell by the hedging and insecurity of the pimps' conclusions. Of course their greatest Achilles' heel weakness is their finances — people have stopped buying their rag newspapers. Now they can easily skip from their agenda's propaganda with a click of a mouse to get the rest of the story on the strictly-Internet sites; soon they'll have an audience of the Wall Street Journal and will be as exclusivist and unconnected to the general public as trying to understand the Journal's cartoons. They'll be talking to themselves, and they can't afford that.

The purpose of this editorial is to emphasize the deadly effect that the very arrogant, yet fearfully less smug, big mainstream media (of which, interestingly, 90% is controlled by Jews) has on society around the globe. Still, with their one united word , for a little while longer they can transform part of the planet into a devastated hell; e.g., Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, or turn a time-proven society into a pirate port by turning institutions, communities and populations into strangers, and throwing civil society into a police state-guarded brothel.

Things are no so bad: the media is already distrusted. Stand up to these media traitors. Spit on them (metaphorically) wherever they spout their evil lies, right up to the last of their old-fart days for the havoc that they have wreaked.

"Mala qui pense male" — Evil to those who think evil.




Oprah Winfrey: The Aunt Jemima Syndrome


We don't have to greatly concern ourselves with whites living lifestyles and ideology against their race survival, but the audience of Oprah Winfrey in that category is worthy of psychological examination of its prideful suicidal practices. Keep in mind that in the American white population, most are the bottom feeders of white race avarice: these are the former losers who made it big on slavery, tobacco, cotton, oil and other natural resources. This rebellious nouveau riche, where anyone could become a millionaire or president in self-delusion, hated to serve each other. Hence, enter the other races. When slavery was abolished, most blacks became status-symbol servants, and the closest ones to a white family; a housekeeper or a nanny would no doubt have the most influence on the white patriarchal showoffs.

The first misstep of the white patriarchy in North America was not doing their own labor, regardless of their women's commercial desires. This Aunt Jemima figure was a tougher version of Uncle Tom, with a continuing insidious undermining of the "white chillun," who often confided and listened to the servant while rebelling against the old man. When the white men lost their identity and became just fans of the entertainment industry, the broads were gushing as Afro blacks replaced their manliness, while the Angela Davis women scared the beejesus out of their white employees ("You better check yourself before you wreck yourself!") Enter the more manageable Latinas, Filipinas, and Chinese.

The hippie days are over, and the Symbionese Liberation Army ideas were all blown up , and the racial crossover Michael Jackson is dead. So all they have is the reassuringly benign Oprah (she's rich isn't she? so she must be good — the standard for morality in America.) And the best part about it is, she's safely on TV, but if you believe in the social justice crap of meddling globalists, watching her can make you feel safely good: What a good white person I am.

Oprah Winfrey is not that smart. She's certainly no William F. Buckley with a clever turn of a phrase. "Oprah" is strictly a gossip-and-game show: I've heard more clever lines given to Aunt Jemimas in soapy black-and-white movies.

Mammy Oprah Winfrey's backing of Barack Obama (the son of slavers) as the shining and understanding voice for the descendants of ex-slaves) is hypocrisy in itself. This shows that organized black society is basically a matriarchy, no matter what macho posing black rap stars do. The old black Mamma is boss; didn't 92% of them vote for Obama?

The Jew-controlled mainstream media just loves Oprah Winfrey, not because they fear the blacks, but because she sissifies whites, right in line with their globalist race-mixing agenda. Jews like servants — in fact they even have servants in their religion — the shabbas goy (Isn't it written somewhere in some book that each Jews will have 10,000 slaves, like the trade they used to run?) They're big on servants of all races. They love/hate their servants and even make movies about their idiosyncrasies. Jews are big on Mother — how about Oprah for a day? The best bet for the Jews' future is to join the white racists and have their own country — and do their own labor. (Oy!)

If Oprah is supposed to be some hands-on-hips tsk-tsking, eye-rolling Aunt Jemima authority figure, then she's totally failed to admonish her protιgι's foot-dragging promiser Barack Obama. And she's a convenient stooge for the warmonger imperialist government that utilizes the media to spread their propaganda. This nice black lady is in lock-step with globalist warmongers — when was the last time she led a march against American wars of aggression? What has she said about free trade or legal and illegal immigration? As an Afro-American, what has she said about her country bombing Somalia and special imperial operations in the Sahara? What's Oprah's explanation for the disproportionate and massive black crime from North America to South Africa and other race-mixed societies? Just because you have money doesn't mean you're interesting — or have anything significant to say. That's Oprah Winfrey to me, whatever her color. And don't tell me she doesn't use that to her advantage wherever possible while decrying racism.

Racism, or the fear of racism, is the very reason that whites have heard of her. Coming from the civil rights era, Oprah Winfrey is totally oblivious to the civil rights of Americans under the Patriot Act or the strike-first-and-ask-questions-later American murder foreign policy. She's so filled with herself, like the mothers of gangsta killers, that her reputation is as phony as Hollywood.

Oprah Gail Winfrey was born in rural Mississippi, and later moved to a poor neighborhood in Milwaukee. Wisconsin, then as now, is a state of liberal Scandinavian women. She was born, by her own admission, to a pair of teenagers and later, before a nationwide television audience, admitted also to being molested by her uncle and cousin, thus establishing her victimization credentials.

Nevertheless, in 1983 she had landed a job as a host of a Chicago TV morning show, later renamed The Oprah Winfrey Show. The show was nationally syndicated in 1984 and has made a fortune for her, its syndicators King World (run for years by Jews Michael Roger King) and CBS, and launched her to a career that saw her becoming one of the wealthiest and most influential black women in the world, but also the first black woman billionaire in world history. In 2000, her estimated net worth was $800 million, and in 2008, the annual income she made from her program, her production company Harpo Productions, her magazine "O" and her stake in the Oxygen cable TV network among other media enterprises, was estimated at $275 million.

Her daily talk show has always had a feminist bent to it and the celebrities interviewed are primarily feminists and blacks. Her promotion of "liberal talent" backfired on her when a character who authored a book about his tragedy-filled life (promoted by her Book Club) turned out to be a fraud, much like the politicians she supports. She has further advanced the careers of other talk show hosts like Dr. Phil McGraw and "Dr. Oz," both shows of whom are produced at her Harpo Studios in Chicago.

Although she has has no kids of her own, part of her gushy "charitable" led to her founding of a school named after her for girls in South Africa, which quickly became the centre of a scandal involving student sexual abuse. One of the best-known areas of her personal life involve her 23-year relationship with her boyfriend Steadman Graham, a man who agreed to have a "spiritual union" with her when plans for their marriage in 1992 fell through — a real metrosexual feminists' ideal man.

The Oprah Winfery syndrome is peculiar to North America and demonstrates the human nature of new-found pride and rebellion. it demonstrates the weakness and transience of the American almost-civilization, which Leonard Brockington best described when he said that "America is a country that has passed from barbary to decadence without even having known civilization." If Oprah Winfrey is your apex, it's time to turn off the lights and lock the door before you leave.

"I Remember Mama" was bad enough, but Oprah Winfrey takes the cake.




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