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Whorehouse Warriors


Canada is in the news again for mistreating prisoners of war in Afghanistan before turning them over to American puppet regime torturers of Karzai's cabal (that about all he really controls). Only a few years ago an entire airborne unit was disbanded because a few aboriginal-background Canadian soldiers tortured and killed a youth in their compound in Somalia. The aboriginals' treatment of captives is a grim story of historical brutality already. Our chief of the Canadian Armed Forces, Rick Hillier, called the Taliban "scumbags who needed to be wiped out". There's little wonder that this bloody attitude should continue in the minds of hired mercenary killers of our armed forces. Everyone knows of their sex/sadism of the Americans in Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo and Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, much akin to hateful libido serial killers penetrating America, where the media glorifies Hannibal Lecter cannibals.

The other day a Toronto wannabe talk show host, Montreal refugee John Moore of CFRB 1010 radio was railing against Islamists and condemning those who would accommodate or compromise (with compassionate conservative Christians) their social principles of morality. Moore vowed, no compromise with the Muslims, refusing to be in favor of lengthening women's skirts, and arrogantly unwilling to downplay the public homosexual and hedonistic agenda, which this site has advocated in this oversexed society for years. "We won't give up our (sexual) freedoms!," he proclaimed, while at the same time agreeing with the country becoming a totalitarian communist police state suppressing all other freedoms. Moore brought up the case of a 22-year old Nicaraguan refugee, Alvaro Crozco, who supposedly crossed many borders, braving foaming rivers, upon realizing just prior to his thirteenth birthday that he was a homosexual. Apparently, Crozco spent five years in the U.S. living with a Christian family, hiding his sexual predilection and finally was beckoned to Canada's gay-friendly shores. However, he could not convince the Refugee Board that her was in fact gay and now, the sneak is appealing his case.

Moore invited a heterosexual and a homosexual to come on his program to unknowingly give them a "queer test" (a contest to determine who's the horniest for what hole). After some difficulty in obtaining a "homo" male, he did in fact, get a Neil and an Anthony on the air and proceeded to ask them frivolous dumb questions (to the question what's your favorite movie?, Anthony said "The Wizard of Oz" while Neil said "Star Wars"). The final question was: What would you make for me for supper when I came back from work, equating gay couples to an Ozzie and Harriet 1950's family sitcom situation. Although breathlessly excited, after his queries, Moore concluded that Anthony was the gay one (quelle surprise!) To the listener, both "contestants" seemed flip-of-the-coin queer. After Moore thanked them profusely, Anthony asked if he could just say one final parting word, announcing that "I would go to war for short skirts", whereby the Barnardo dummy Neil immediately added, "I'd just go to war." The queer was willing to kill for the sexified society and his continuing libido, while the dummy was just willing to kill, period. Soon after, more morons called the show, one describing himself a "pornoficator" yelling, SEX, DRUGS AND ROCK AND ROLL TO THE END!", while Moore compared Islamists to Nazis — just like the 'anti-Islamo-fascists" spiel.

This is what passes for entertainment in Canada, where over one hundred pedophiles downloaded children screaming in agony while being sexually attacked in Putin's Russia from a 2,400-customer worldwide pedophile ring operating (with 500 found in the USA). Media monster Moore boasted that he has no sentimentality, just like the Kansas Bind/Torture/Kill BTK murderer, when he dissed his fellow now-dead tragic trollop Anna Nicole Smith. This is their ugly collective face behind their American Idol smiles: no mercy and no remorse in Whorehouse North America. It's little wonder that torturers get their jollies in such a social milieu.

However, for all their hatred and intolerance toward their moral and conservative and liberal detractors (with little difference between the American Republican and Democrats, they're all just fluff) these libertines are unbowed. Scum always floats to the top, waiting to be scraped off. The very fact that they are worried about a "Chamberlain compromise" and "beheadings" shows that society is turning against these immoral party pukes in small but significant increments.

Recently, a friend of mine went to a local Catholic Church, the Shrine of the Little Flower in Scarborough, to find that all the women wore respectful lace head coverings while the sermon was being conducted in Latin, just as the Muslims recite the Koran only in Arabic, connecting themselves to the traditional past. Designers are worried about justice-minded liberals sick of their wars and rampages in the Middle East, while the polled public in Canada stated that 6% of them would not want to live beside pious Muslims and 17% didn't want to live beside perceived libertine gays. This, in spite of all their 9/11 lies and the evil 'war on terror' bullshit; looks like their controlled media propaganda machines have failed. Even the odious Youth Justice Act, which hides criminal culprits and gives three year sentences for murder, is going to be reviewed by popular demand. Meanwhile, the delusory lifestyle of the "Whorehouse Warriors" is dwindling in numbers and driving them hatefully crazy in the last days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

There's still hope for Whorehouse America.



Showdown In Iraq


I'm driving around in bone-chilling Toronto temperatures, thinking, what's the most important thing to write about other than the usual cases by the 'hate industry' against individual citizens expressing their distaste and anger toward this anti-White New Order (for example, the case of the Canadian Human Rights Commission vs. Terry Tremaine ).

At the same time, great events are occurring in Iraq, where the Sunni resistance to brutal American invasion and their vicious Shi'ite Islamic schismatic collaborators is about to climax. Abu Omar al-Baghdadi is the new Amir of the self-proclaimed Emirate of Iraq and is threatening a great offensive against the occupiers, collaborators and finally, the Iranians. He claims that 75,000 Americans have been killed in Iraq; most of them, they say, are foreign recruits, Latinos, etc, looking for the promised Green Card and American citizenship. And if he is half right, that would be ten times the official count of the conspiratorial regime in Washington — time will tell, just like the truth about 9/11. No wonder Bush is not putting up a fence on the Mexican border. Initially, many of these dead 'nobodies' were buried in body bags in the Iraqi desert and dumped by helicopters into the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. The Iraqi Resistance ordered fishermen not to fish in certain areas. Some Islamic news agencies such as Jihad Unspun got wise to it and other methods have been employed to get rid of the great loss evidence.

Normally, I don't trust any news reports, particularly from communist and Western-controlled media sources who are famous for spin, half-truths and outright lies. The Muslims have a greater obligation to tell the truth to their worldwide ummah (community). They just can't lie, pretend and walk away without incurring disbelief, depression and anger, like 'Comical Ali', the secular Baathist ministry of information spokesman for Saddam Hussein's regime. Although they did tell the truth when they said they had no weapons of mass destruction. Muslims are made to appear to be allowed to trick their non-Muslim opponents when at war and occasionally, to exaggerate their victories. However, I have not caught them in any outright big lie policy, when compared to the commie multicult set; the commies fly right into the face of nature itself.

Al-Baghdadi takes credit, probably rightly so, for Iran's and North Korea's nuclear progress as he puts it. The Iraqi Resistance tied the Americans down to the point of immediate inaction toward their other desires in the so-called 'Axis of Evil' (a phrase created by Zionist David Frum). The Iraqi Sunni rebels have morphed into a religious Islamic resistance with good dose of Arab racism against the Iranian "Persians." The Baathist National Socialist ideologies have been supplanted by simple God-Believers, another reason to go to the next dimension (even on the Baathist website, Saddam is seen reading the Koran). The rampaging, raping executing American mercenaries and their badder and sadder allies will be unable to hold entire neighborhoods in safety day and night for weeks "in the field" against the planned Sunni offensive; the Resistance may lose a few neighborhoods and the Sunni population driven out of others, but they're already advancing on the smaller city fronts. taking over entire sections, towns and villages that al-Baghdadi is offering Palestinian Sunnis who fled the Shi'ite sectarian cleansing to neighboring countries. The Resistance has "homes" prepared for them in towns and cities where they have driven the Shi'ites out the Iraqi Resistance assumes that Bush will attack Iran, which will weaken it for their onslaught later, after the Americans have signed a truce of defeat to get the hell out of there. Only a Shi'ite back-stab against the Americans could prevent even that, if Bush bombs Iran. They'll be caught in a traditional pincer of implacable enemies.

The Zionist-controlled media, including the Western satellite controlled al-Jazeera network, prefer to talk about fallen American diaper-wearing astronaut idols or friendly fire incidents from three years ago or the wrath of God tornado destruction in Florida (did you notice how a church was totally demolished, including its name sign — except for the three letters on the broken piece on top of the rubble spelling G.O.D.?) These same media liars spun the tale that a doomsday religious cult had attacked Najaf, while in fact it was Arab tribes of a Shi'ite persuasion attempting to attend Assurah celebrations, when they were set upon by Iranian Shia Badr Brigades loyal to America. The ensuing massacre of 150 men, women and children by American gunships, is now considered a massacre waiting to be avenged by the two victims' tribes. All the conspiratorial media showed was a little videophone clip of cowering collaborators watching a U.S. helicopter shot down by tribesmen. All the rest of the reporting on Iraq is sanitized banality. Even on YouTube. it's all CIA-certified (with the exception of one or two whining wounded or whooping hicks blasting a mosque in a tank.

Whenever I hear of some daughter and boyfriend who wiped out an entire family, or a new sex-crazed serial killer, I say "no religion." They can't be trusted, because I don't know what their secular principles are, much like the communists of the past. At least with religious God-Believers, you know where you — and they — stand, and what you should be able to expect to what they proclaim. For now, I'll take their word over that of the lying Western media, and I believe that this is the Illuminate's last shot at victory in Iraq and it doesn't look good.

Mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters: write to your Congressman and save your loved ones, by demanding that the U.S. bring them home before the coming showdown in Iraq.




Confused Xenophobia


Xenophobia: fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners

Bigot: 1. One who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc., 2. A prejudiced person.

Racist: One who practices racial discrimination, segregation, etc. (All natural human reactions)

The original Quebecois (pur laine) are the most conservative element in Canadian society, particular in the rural areas of the province. Every small town or village in its interior has a beautiful large Catholic church dominating the landscape, which is preserved and encouraged. The population growth of the Quebecois with large Pflouffe-like families (the Pflouffes were a fictional TV and radio series about a Quebec family of a dozen members ), which has given their ethnic group a powerful political position in Canada. Marxists, anarchists, feminists and hedonists have undermined the Catholic Church today, rendering them near-powerless and scattering their flock in confusion and false ideologies.

Recently the openly homosexual pretty-boy Andre Boisclair (leader of the supposedly-separatist Parti Quebecois attempted to remove the crucifixes from the Quebec legislature because of his Marxist adherence to multiculturalism. Most pur laine PQ supporters were outraged at this Robespierre act of the New World Illuminate. Boisclair is out to imitate the grinning loser Tony Blair, leader of Britain's New Labor Party (half neo-con, half communist) whose multicultural policies have led to British White schoolboys not knowing what it means to be British. We can expect the same for Quebec, where the opposition, the ruling government and the controlled media are of the same anti-White bent. Hence, the PQ has dropped dramatically in poll popularity throughout the population. It was one thing to have a "queer" drug user to be the father of a new country, but this was going too far.

In Herouxville, a small rural community of 1,300, they came up with a wacky number of xenophobic town resolutions against lapidation (stoning) and the carrying the ceremonial kirpans — small daggers (elsewhere, governments stupidly allow Sikhs to wear a concealed weapon, even in schools, while a pen-knife found on a White Nationalist could net you a $1500 fine, as it did to me). Also banned were face veils (except on Halloween) as a "traditional religious custom", and in favor of Christian holidays, Christmas decorations and the Christmas tree. Herouxville's "declaration of norms" says: "We would like to invite...without discrimination in the future, all people...that would like to move to this territory. 'Without discrimination' means to us, without regard to race or to the color of skin, mother tongue spoken, sexual orientation, religion, or any other form of beliefs."

Still floundering further, they go on to say, "We consider than men and women are of the same value — a woman can drive a car, vote, sign checks, dance, decide for herself, speak her peace, dress as she sees fit respecting of course the democratic decency, walk alone in public places, study, have a job, have her own belongings, and anything else that a man can do." The town's pre-emptive Muslim-anti-stoning legislation made world headlines, but alas, it's to no avail with their confused preamble and politically-correct backtracking: all show and no go, when it should have been the reverse. That's what happens when you become an apologetic racist. Without racial identity, you have nothing except meaningless Orwellian double-speak. This is similar to the Caledonia, Ontario standoff, where natives and Whites are tripping over themselves attempting to be multiculturally correct, but have nothing but their empty words at the end of the day.

A big backlash is brewing in Canada toward the lying diversity-is-our-strength multicult propagandists who are taking advantage of the phony war on terror rhetoric to spread fear and loathing against a patriarchal religion which has brought their simple followers to equal power in the dwindling White techno-world. All the White whores and genteel "racialists" will divert our race from its path toward extinction. The solution is simple: White racial pride and identity needs to be stated proudly and unequivocally for all to understand. White people need to re-examine themselves, historically and spiritually as racists, who are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but to correct them — time to stand up and be counted for a guaranteed brighter future.




Israel On The Edge


Things are looking bad for Israel: The supposedly Semitic state is surrounded by Semitic haters. When the Jews were scattered throughout the Roman world after their lost revolts in the first and second centuries against imperial power, you didn't hear much about them (except for the occasional ghetto riots) in Roman lands until the eighth century, when a Turkomen people (the Khazars or Khazar-Eurasian nobility) adopted the elitist "God's Chosen People" religion in the 9th century.

Around the far-off Caspian Sea, the Khazars had an empire controlling other Turkomen in a caravan crossroads area between Slavs to the north and the remnants of the Greco-Roman Byzantine Empire to the south and west. It took a couple of hundred years for this Turkish tribe to get a handle on this one-god Semitic religion. However, their mercantile empire fell apart and the population became refugees with the advent of Genghis Khan's Mongol hordes consisting of more Asian than Euro-Turkic tribes. East Europe was the "beneficiary" of these new refugees, where they were actually invited into the short-lived Polish-Lithuanian kingdom from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Most of these Ashkenazi ("in the trade") stayed in the shtetl Pale and the ghettos of Eastern Europe and Germany, overwhelming the smaller Semitic Sephardic Jews.

I'm sure hardly any of them made pilgrimages to Ottoman-occupied Levant, where they had become a minuscule minority until the rise of the Zionists, with the aid of the meddling French Revolution conspiratal Illuminati. With unadvertised secret arrangements such as the Balfour Declaration (another lousy Limey legacy), the English gave away land they didn't own to their new monied partners as long as they supported the two White fratricidal world wars. Millions were lured from persecution and poverty to the new California-like Zion under the boot of British occupation. But the Semites' opposition to these new Euro-Turks continued, as it had toward the Ottomans by most Arabs. Besides, these guys weren't even Muslims, but failed followers of the original Scripture God. it's a mission that's bound to fail, because race and ethnicity always trump religion in the final analysis.

Today, after a few techno-war victories over poorly-armed Arabs, the Ashkenazis are exhausted from the stress and pressure of having to prove their bloody worth against a patriarchal population boom continuing against their mother-centered religion. Usually, a people's toughness lasts about three generations and a new raison d'etre for sacrifice has to be invented to keep the people strong -- and the phony war on terror is not it, as they head into their fourth generation holding out on a sliver of land in an angry, unfamiliar neighborhood in the Middle East.

The addition of more Ashkenazi economic settlers from Russia gave them a small boost, but in the end it will not be enough when Florida and Canada look so inviting to the economic refugees. That is why we have so many applications for entry from Israel. This is why their immigration to Israel has sharply dropped off. This is why they are relying on their kosher-conservative conspirators (neo-cons) throughout the world to battle for them, from Afghanistan to Iraq. This is why they're asking the American George Bush Skull-And-Bones Satanists to attack Iran, hoping to survive the aggression unscathed.

Israel's image is heavily tarnished in the eyes of compassionate people throughout the planet with the use of cluster bombs, killing of civilians and the destruction of their infrastructure, arbitrary jailings and repeated torture methods (now adopted by Cheney's government) and continual saber-rattling against their neighbors. The former "victims" have become the new proficient victimizers whose supporters are against the human right of free expression throughout the Western world, all the while setting the moral example with Israel's President up on sex charges, ans corruption galore in the Knesset. Already, the pundits are talking about the end of the Zionist dream, while some of their most religious fundamentalist followers of their scriptures (such as the Neturi Karta) have already stated that present-day Israel is an ersatz state set up by secular Zionists, ignoring the will of God who alone will send a Messiah to direct them to a real Israel when HE chooses — not Man.

The phony Crusader states backed by all the money and thugs of Europe only lasted 99 years. Can Israel last another 40 years, two more generations of willing warriors ready to go over the hill in a frontal attack, or will we have another modern-day Masada, with a Persian and Arab free-for-all rampage that no mercenary "G.I. Joes" can stop?

No matter how much money that Zionist millionaires like Conrad Black and Barbara Amiel plan to give to undermine titular pro-White groups like the British National Party and their allies (because the leftists have been repelled by their actions), it won't work. In spite of all of their 'anti-fascist' rhetoric, only a new Oswald Mosley can save Britain from its lack of new-generation identity. They can't rely on the evangelicals and bigot opportunists to save them, as they'll only fight to the last Jew in Palestine.

The other day I heard anti-White stooge (and Walter Duranty award nominee) Mike Stafford on Toronto political police radio AM 640. This neo-con called Ernst Zundel's supporters "neo-Nazi socialists" (are you listening, NDP Leader Jack Layton and CUPE President Sid Ryan?). They're trying to suck up to anti-Muslim bigots who won't criticize and self-inspect why the White race is in trouble. There's no point in repeating the mistakes of the past.

When Israel falls, all the kosher horsemen and all the neo-"conmen" will not be able to put Israel back together again, because it is not based on race connected to the original religion.



Anti-White Thuggery Tolerated


Democracy and freedom in Canada is such a farce — it's only there for yes-men who agree with political correctness and occasionally some controlled media use as steam valves when comes to discussion of race and immigration and social mores in this economic border area called Ca-na-da. While people in general have been abandoned by capitalists and communists who only look upon the population as a workhouse force, the same way they imported, used and abused the Barnardos in the land. White people up here are generally too terrified to say diddly about race and their racial identity. That's why there's a dearth of publicity-known White Racists in the country (one of the reasons you have to put up with me....there's no money in it ).

The Zionist-controlled media, working in tandem with the pliable police, are quick to jump down anyone's throat who might issue the slightest tendency toward recognizing racial differences as applied by the two-tiered Ontario Provincial Police justice in Caledonia, Ontario. The abuse dumped on Gary McHale by taxpayer-paid gun-toting authorities, is despicable, even in spite of McHale's racist 'denials.' Paul Fromm is their other target, a man who once said, "I'm not a racist" (maybe just a 'genteel racist' as the Jewish-owned National Post described Jared Taylor, an originally-invited American speaker to the chicken-shit Dalhousie University which backed out at the last minute, but let their Black professor, David Divine mouth off by himself in an 'Orwellian debate' at "Da-Lousy's" hall of lower learning. The police acquiesced to pitiful anarchist vegan sons of bitches with no father influence who physically shut down Jared Taylor's intended speech in a rented hotel room (and are now, with their thumbs in their mouths,, supposedly must investigate the Zionist-sponsored Anti-Racist Action goons. They're definitely self-loathing, hateful communist criminals who spit on their own sperm pretending to be doing good while wanting to kill one of their own. I was in jail with these types. They're like bad kids who need to be dressed down and kept an eye on before they do something even more stupid.

This police state country is so against freedom of thought and expression that they created their own "racialist" organization, the now-defunct Heritage Front in the 1990's. They plied it with agents and money, the total bill probably exceeding a million dollars over the space of ten years and they had the lickspittle media elevate and hail this group to number one standing in Canada for a while before the agents brought the house down with criminality and suspicion, disappointing and hurting many hopeful White Nationalist sympathizers while agents still buzz around the Nationalist Party, spreading disrespect and fomenting rebellion, discouraging anyone from a leadership role...something they fear the most.

I remember Brad Love telling me how the police had told him that he wouldn't be in any trouble for writing sarcastic letters to politicians on crime and immigration if he had belonged to a political party, showing they are more afraid of the Lone Wolf approach (who might just 'go off' at any time). They are very fearful of a blatantly racist organization, particularly one that requires a member to sign an application asking for respect toward non-White racists; unless the government controls the "racialists" their answer is sabotage and silence toward all our activities. The media barons know this charade can't last; that's why they did a giant piece of propaganda on Taylor's political coup. They also know things are abuzz on the Internet, where over 33% of the population doesn't believe in the official 9/11 story, but suspects a Mossad conspiracy to bring America into a phony war on terror that the ersatz state of Israel has been battling — Hey, look! we're all Jews now!, some dummies will say. Why would Building Seven of the World Trade Center implode the same as the twin towers, not having been touched by any debris or low-temperature jet fuel? Just one of 500 equally valid questions on the 9/11 cause belli.

Canadians may pretend to be smarter, sweeter and suckier Americans who wouldn't say shit if their mouths were full of it. But in the end, race is all, and is coming through in their minds and hearts. they are slowly waking up from their slumber and realizing that hey have been betrayed by the multiculturalist diversity-is-our-strength crowd. Just look at the characters that crawl out in opposition to White Nationalist leaders — cat-killing Klebolds and "anarchist" hooligans (and not too many, at that) doing the bidding for the Diversity Moneybags suits. it took those hooligans months of advertising to stage a home invasion demonstration against 'a local fascist leader' last summer: just 25 thugs turned up in a park with bandannas to be respectfully escorted by compliant police, many kilometers from Paul Fromm's house. they put posters near my home and threw eggs at my house. We nearly caught the punks, but they wouldn't tell the clueless police where they were going to do their dirty deed and low-life demonstrating as they yelled, "HEY, FROMM! Show us your Aryan gonads!" — that's the level of their discourse and the evil dogs who sent them to destroy our race.

If this intolerance of totalitarian thuggery continues by the police state of political correctness, it can only lead to more vandalism, serious injury or even death (one ARA goon called for Jared Taylor's decapitation. It's like the inhumane act of siccing mad dogs against the most socially and politically marginalized and persecuted, and then crying when the victims' outrage returns in the form of suicide bombers, as in Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan. Sorry, but they deserve it, when the human rights of free speech and identity are arrogantly trampled on (ask George Bush and the suits around him how the 'war on terror' is going). In Canada, it's the same: people using bottom-feeder criminal idiots to do their dirty work. As Nietzsche said, that which does not destroy me makes me stronger, and you're never stronger than when you stand up for common sense, good will and fair play, and for our white survival — it's living a life that matters.




Surging To Disaster


The Iraqi Resistance to American occupation is just amazing. They have brought the entire might of the Western world to a bloody standstill. Their sacrifices will live on in the history of the ancient world for generations to come, just like the defeat of the German by the Russians.

The Resistance does not have a navy, air force or safe-haven country to operate from, unlike Vietnam or the Russian Front: their battle is everywhere. Their families and homes are under constant attack (including their women), yet they carry on. They have to battle their own snitches, collaborators, but they persist. Only the Chechens equal them in dedication and resistance.

A vast array of enemies are fighting against, not just the American Marines, SEALS, Rangers, Paras, ordinary G.I. grunts and MOSSAD agent-provocateurs. On top of that, there's Shi'ite traitors to the land co-operating with the Great Satan's whorehouse mercenaries, the Badr Brigade (run by 'liberals' from Iran) and of course, the 'Conservative' element from Tehran has their proxy dog in this fight under Moqtada Sadr and his loosely-arranged Mahdi Army, and a few other militias loyal ro American oil interests. The Iraqi resistance seems to be broken up into two main groups: the religious fighters aligned with al-Qaeda who have already declared an Islamic emirate and the National Socialist Baathist Party of Saddam Hussein, supposedly run by the tall redhead al-Douri. Uruknet ( , Al-Basrah ( ), Electronic Iraq ( and Jihad Unspun ( back this element, while the Islamists are reported on by Jihad Unspun. Like the Taliban. they always ask Allah to plant their feet firmly on the ground to face the enemy battlefield and suicide bombing success.

The Baathists show no scorn for the Jihadists, but duly report their deadly exploits while trying to explain the Shi'ites religious massacres, such as when all those named 'Omar' are immediately killed because the original 'Omar' (a companion of Mohammed's) supposedly usurped the Caliphate, denying Ali the grandson his supposed inheritance. That's the big deal of this schism: the majority say that any pious person can be Caliph, while the Iranians, who were conquered and converted by a Shi'ite, demand a Mohammed-bloodline succession.

The Americans have been able to exploit this bitterness and jealousy for control of Islam to break the phony country of Iraq (made up of first letter of the four main tribes by the meddling imperial English after World War One, just like "P.A.K.I. Stan"). The European mongrel English don't seem to have any understanding and respect of other peoples' ethnic identity.

The Kurds in the north of this Frankenstein country are Sunnis, but their failure to set up any kind of country for the last 2500 years, in the same area since Xenophon's time, says a lot about collaborators with Western infidels. They always appear to be other peoples' schleps, while working for Zionist interests now.

The main battle is centered in the center of the "country" right now where the population is respectful of the Resistance; they are often seen waving to gunmen setting up an ambush or calling out from a minaret "God Is Great", and reciting verses of the Koran to encourage or warn fighters during battle. It's all very inspiring —unlike our milquetoast churches and clergy, which have forgotten or are embarrassed of its bloody warrior past.

Twenty thousand extra troops will not make much difference (except in Bush's butcher bill and the "official" body count. Two months, four months or six months, the end result will be the same for the New World Order plans as they run out of hired killers, whose suspected torturer veterans, will be the most hated loser psychos in memory? No one saw them bleed on the evening news, just their macho bravado fighting a never-ending supply of willing and abused ragtag fighters for their pride and religion, where no leader is indispensable and no sacrifice is too great. The same goes for the 'Tim Horton's Brigade' in Afghanistan battling the 'Victory or Martyrdom' mujihadeen, with their gunships, helicopters and night- vision goggles and crullers. Oh, they are so brave trying to impose their degenerate, dwindling world order on shoeless shepherds and paradise-seekers (God help this doomed aggression if Israel does the unthinkable and attacks Iran).

You have all shamed us enough. Come home now, before you're trapped and annihilated.




White Wusses, Weasels, Weirdoes and War Monger Meddlers


The other morning I was at the coffee shop, having a few minutes to spare before starting my day and out of curiosity (as is my habit), I was at a coffee shop. It was a miserable rainy morning as I took a window seat at a four-chair table in an almost empty shop. After being absorbed with the morning paper I looked up to see the entire place full, and a husky Black guy standing at the chair diagonal to mine, holding a muffin and a coffee in his hand and looking for a place to sit. I motioned to the chair. He smiled politely and thanked me in an accent.

I let a little time go by while he was humbly fiddling with his muffin before I said (as is also my custom — to find out where foreigners are from), thinking his accent sounded a little English, "Are you from the Caribbean?" He looked up, surprised, and repeated, "Caribbean?" "Caribbean," I repeated. "No," he replied, "Kenya," which I answered with "Kenya?" "Have you been to Kenya?" he said, his eyes brightening, "No," I said, "I just read a lot.. Hey, get out of Somalia, leave those Sharia courts alone! (the Sharia courts recently brought six months of peace and stability to Mogadishu and Somalia)". "Yeah, yeah, Somalia...very smart people." Somalia is a land where sneaking up on your enemy and killing him in an ambush is admired and where nomads still walk around with kill-notches on their guns that not even the French and English imperial powers could completely control (and America will do not better).

Then I threw in, "Get those Ethiopians out, too," to which he added further dirt by suggesting they wanted to cut off the Nile on its way down to Egypt, as he shook his head. To which he added, "Ethiopia is going to break up." I reminded him (demonstrating with my hands) that the commies used a pillow to assassinate Haile Selassie. I didn't know how to explain or gesticulate how they buried him under a latrine afterwards.

The stranger really became jovial and said, "Oh, yes, I met him when I was 11 years old, and I shook his hand and saw his little dog Rensa (or something African-sounding)." His eyes sparkled. Oh yeah, I thought, I met the man who shook the hand of Haile Selassie...I only got to shake the firm-gripped hand of the Dalai Lama, whom some look upon as a god (and who was a Buddhist who would not sanction the 'killing fields' for Tibetan independence).

Of course, Haile Selassie's name used to be Ras Tafari (the hero of the Rastafarians), who beat the Italians at The Battle of Aduwa in 1896 and cut off the testicles of 1500 as punishment for daring to invade Ethiopia from Italian Somaliland (which was rechristened Eritrea). Mussolini revenged that outrage in the 1930's, losing 1,500 more Italians, using gas to take over and build roads, bridges, schools and railways with 300,000 Italian settlers over six years of occupation. The British and South Africans kicked them out for another 5,000 Italian dead.

Then I asked him if he was from the tribe in Kenya known as the Kikuyu. "No, no, not Kikuyu," he said.

"You're not with the Mau Mau?" I asked. "Oh, yes, Mau, Mau, 1953." He seemed to know about it, then said that he was an Arab. I thought, an Arab? He looked pretty black, but he did have a middle-aged white beard. I said, "You guys used to control the coast from Zanzibar." This rally brightened him up. I thought about Zanzibar, and how it was forcefully incorporated from the mainland into Tanzania and the Black Kikuyu killed thousands of Arabs: I remember the piles of bodies in the old move Mondo Cane and how they enforced race-mixing upon their former slaver Arabs.

I asked, "Do you remember Tipu Tib?", which drew from him a blank (He was the Arab slaver who worked with the English to keep the nations down while they looked the other way).

At this time I had to go, and smiled a goodbye to him, thinking how stupid the Americans are, bringing back the warlords and the corrupt commie playboys booted up for the last fifteen years in Nairobi's hotels, because everything will go back to the way it was in the Sudan, Somalia, and Darfur/Chad. The days of Tipu Tib are back again with the same old Anglo imperialists trying to set up a New World Order for their fantasy boys' and girls' brains. I also thought how different this Black guy was in demeanor and manners compared to the loser slaves brought to this continent. There was a certain dignity about him that I couldn't explain (better to leave them over there and keep our noses and forces here, what with our myopic immigration policies and aggressive foreign adventures in the false pretense of security threats from far off Sharia courts and setting up "Little Houses on the Prairie" here

As I drove away, I also thought about how much meddling the White race has done to Man and Nature throughout the planet historically, shifting populations and destroying ancient, simple cultures. My coffee companion didn't get here on an African machine, nor did most of the other non-Whites. Third World burgeoning populations don't exist because of their endemic food, health and sanitation methods. No, it's all our fault for this dangerous soul explosion, brought on by our arrogant interference.

Enough with bringing our self-absorbent to the abyss of history! All this has been going on for the past 500 years. It's time to rethink our existing predicament, to stop and reverse our downhill slide to extinction.

Curses on all the frequent-flyer White worldwide warmongers, wusses, weasels and weirdoes. Charity begins at home.




Newspapers Left Behind at the Epoch


Nowadays, news appearing in newspapers is anywhere from two to three days old in many cases, from the time it appears on the Internet. Many times, major stories and opinions are stale and editorial writers are as slow as snails to react to major news.

Who bothers buying the New York Times anymore? It used to be a status thing, reading it in a coffee shop. Reading papers used to be so common, many readers knew the editors' names by heart (remember the days of the 'crusading editor'?). Now, they're as boring as the rubber-chicken circuit. Editors used to be vanguards of change and progress; now they're sheepishly keeping silent, or subtly aiding their neo-con money lords in the evil Illuminate 'war on terror.' Most of their columnists are playing catch-up with opinions that I've already expressed, and none of them make any effort to investigate things such as the outstanding evidence of stories such as the 9/11 inside job conspiracy or the Oklahoma City bombing. They took the lying word of the government about "weapons of mass destruction" from both U.S. political parties and treated as a fait accompli (case closed).

You just know something's up when every media outlet and political person pushes the propaganda that black is white, and anyone who says otherwise or wishes to fully participate in this phony 'freedom-loving' charade (but holds an opposite view) should nor pass "GO" but go directly to jail...enough said. These so-called newspaper crusaders (many of whom are nominees and/or recipients of the Walter Duranty Award) are neophytes who are part of an industry of "Yes sir, two bags full, sir." These wastrels betray themselves and their racial instincts by wussing around and hoping for a better day.

I love attacking the media; they are the scouts for bastards beholden to their bitches in the last hedonistic days of White empire, where only the simple will survive. I really despise the 'in-bedded' bedbugs who are in with the military whores, and their smarmy petty reporting. Curses on them in particular.

The other day it was brought to my attention that a Diana Zlomislic was appointed editor of the Toronto Saturday Star, a paper that's been a big commie anti-White Nationalist megaphone for many what were the chances of that, and of her being a good-looking dame, too. That's my proud original name: Vilim Zlomislic. It's not a popular name here, but might be in Croatia. I think the Star probably covered the story when I was the first shaved-headed ten year old boy to come to Canada from behind the Iron Curtain thanks to the dictator Tito. Soon after I arrived they tried to Canadianize me with Hockey Night in Canada and Roy Rogers, and to do the wall-to-wall carpeted house thing under the Anglo-acceptable adopted name of Donald Clarke Andrews — from Z to A in a flash. But, like the Jesuits said, give us a child at the age of seven and he's ours forever: as a mascot at a large, friendly boarding house living on the bottom floor with gypsies and goats, on the streets and hills of Sarajevo, the Young Pioneers had already formed me. Dwindled Whites are now being considered for high posts (no matter how foreign the names sound) in the receding Anglo society. Regardless of your talents, we've got it covered from both part of the problem, the other part of the solution.

But getting back to the shrinking newspapers and their slow-time reporting: They are shrinking in size and content, especially the neo-con rag known as the Toronto Sun with all their bellicose bellyaching (they're soooo tough. Then, you have the horsy-set snots from what I call the "Gob and Pail (Globe and Mail)". Oh yeah, I subscribe to it: you have to know what the dummies are saying, and it's great for wrapping fish in, which I honestly try to avoid. Like listening to a drunk, I know how boring it is. Then there's the National Post, so sneakily trying to be like the ordinary Joe Canadian; I really think it's published first in Tel Aviv (it should be called the Daily Bagel) . I love their convoluted explanations for immorality and war. The beauty is, we can say anything we want about them on the Internet, 'cause their masters have sworn them to silence (LOL); not that I have anything to say to them. My words are written just down just like theirs, and we'll just see whose ideas come to fruition, of lives worth living or enslaved drudgery at an epoch time. Then there's that tiny little giveaway fish-wrap Now Magazine. It's about as tame as a coffee at The Big Carrot: trendy traitors playing with themselves. And one more slug at the "Red Star": how you have fallen, schlepping in with the power elite (or were you always with them, pretending to be blue collar?).

The Internet paper readers are already plugged into every conspiracy idea in the world. They're not as easily convinced as print edition readers: With a click, they've seen everyone's opinion on the latest news, from chatrooms to websites. That's the level that the newspapers are at in terms of prestige or authority. More and more people are turning to the 'Net for news and opinion, when one website comes and goes, another one is on the horizon.

Newspapers should become more relevant by dropping their politically-correct multicult agenda and treating all readers of all political persuasions with respect and dignity, bar none. They should tell the truth about crime in the cities and stop getting behind secret social engineering projects hand-in-hand with the government, and do true investigative reporting and campaigning on the real social issues plaguing this country, including our dirty war in Afghanistan, our unnecessary membership in NATO and the stupid multicultural policy of the ruling elite.

No respect.




Over-Sexified Society


When beards are "in" and men are in power, all the sexual perversions are in the closet, similar to Victorian days. Perversion and weird practices are still around but men's modesty keeps them minimal and underground, even though you still get the shocks of the Jack The Rippers and Bluebeards — and the occasional Oscar Wilde. Under vain matriarchy (every woman's middle names are vanity and security), sex is all over the place. You can't escape it, from American Idol to bus shelter ads. Nudity, frivolity and perversion are the rage. Entire generations pass their lives in genitalia satisfaction. People live for their bodies as if their form is omnipotent and a guide to their future. Modesty clashes with women's' vanity; therefore there is very little of it.

Men's' entire lives are spent catering to women as the females go from one form of 'entertainment' to another, with the dumb White males rushing, each with their proboscis to emulate the latest female fad, from The Beatles to rap, regardless of their antagonistic and destructive origins. It was the dames who swooned over the unisexed Beatles while the young men were attempting to imitate them to get laid.

The same story goes for the ugly Rolling Stones and their ambiguous sexuality. All kinds of idiots become assholes to emulate those morons, snapping their fingers to a few ditties of "music" which was once accurately described as "organized nonsense." Now this hedonism has evolved into alien 'gangsta/pimp' hip-hop, while the sucky and mean Whites have opted for bands from The Beastie Boys and The Killers to the also sucky, trendy boy-band sounds of the Barenaked Ladies...nothing inspiring here for any White man, just organized nonsense for a bunch of White race losers on their way to extinction.

Of course we know who runs the 'entertainment' industry — like everything else with big money in it: the wimpy sons of a mean matriarchy. White Nationalists have lost thousands of potentially good men to this over-sexified society that tells them: if you don't have a romance going on, you're a nobody. I call them "Yes, Dear!" Nazis. Even Goebbels couldn't escape the harridan Magda, put on him by the overly-female friendly Hitler because she could do protocol tea service for Der Fόhrer's dignitaries so well. The miserable matriarch Magda selfishly poisoned her six kids rather than give them a chance of survival after the war.

Feminist sexuality has been creeping into the White Nationalist movement since the ascendance of the political 'pretty boy', appealing to women of all ages. In the 1970's American Nazis were sexified with the appearance of the homosexual NS Kampfruf. Now it has degenerated into sexual Satanism and imitation 'gangsta/pimp' activity, with the arrests and pending trials (even involving computer activity and supposed admissions of pedophilia) from prominent White Nationalist colors us all.

Usually I'm cordial with political fellow-travelers (it's only common sense, good will and fair play). Ergo, I'm always suspicious when supposed political allies are unresponsively rude and dismissive. What are they hiding — or don't I fit into their daisy chain? Silence is not the answer: It only breeds more speculation and doubt when the public knows about alleged outrages, but the movement is kept uninformed and treated like mushrooms (keep them in the dark and feed them bullshit). It doesn't inspire confidence from our dear leaders as to what the hell is going on. You can't blame everything on ZOG, especially your crotch activity. Some White Nationalist leaders need to take a cold shower, then make some public statements of distancing themselves from the accused, until the matters are resolved, instead of rallying around the flagpole — it won't work. Instead of accusing others of misogyny, take down the altars to Prussian Blue and cut out the 'body beautiful' program. Let's get down to real politics of the totalitarianism and abuses of the torturing regimes set up by the chosen matriarchy's agents in our culture. Let's do some men's things, and the good women will follow. I have been blessed with, and have maintained six wonderful new 'Andrewses' from four willing women.

Good women always want the guy who doesn't seem interested, and slough off the begging dog-man. You can always tell which groups are the ladies' men — Islamophobes, afraid that they might be forced to tell their women 'what-fer' under a new regimen with a five-times-a-day military exercise: prayer. And, Father Knows Best — this time, for real. Now if they could only get rid of that male genital mutilation (circumcision), the Muslims could have something viable in the dwindling degenerate Western society. That's how Saint Paul opened the doors to Christianity's converts, by abolishing that perverted, primitive behavior.

No one can improve on God's original works. Western society and the White population would immediately improve if the women were put back in the kitchen and children were allowed to be children, and the queers were put back in the closet. Anything less is mayhem in an over-sexified society.




As the World Churns


2007 looks like an exciting year with a lot to look forward to. First of all there's the failure of Bush's bullshit bulge in troops for Iraq — as if that's going to do anything but bring more casualties on both sides. It might take a month or two but soon the American public will see that they're just not bloody well wanted in Iraq or any country with racial, religious and cultural principles. Only consumerist matriarchies want GI Joe and his gun. Then we have to see if the treacherous Zionist US congress will introduce commie 'anti-hate' regulations (yeah, that's commie, not fascist, for all the little punks on the Internet who got their history from "ZOG").

I'm also looking forward to the embarrassments to the White House torture regime over protests by compassionate liberals to close Guantanamo Bay on January 11th, and later on February 5th, The Occupation Project to shut down the war machine for Iraq. That's hard to do because the anti-Zionist White Nationalists are still playing the bigot game over Iraq while the leftists don't have the Jews in the Zionist media on their side anymore, except when it comes to anti-White Nationalist — wake up, White Nationalists and participate against these ugly meddling wars which bring more internationalist New World Order.

In Canada, we're waiting for more casualties from the announced Taliban campaign to oust the invading foreigners while the soviet-style 'Human Rights' Commission makes their decisions regarding the human right of free speech against Marc Lemire and Jessica Beaumont. And of course, there is the libel case against Paul Fromm by that Red apparatchik Richard Warman. And of course, there is the resolution to the never-ending story of separatist native land takeovers in Caledonia, Ontario and who knows what else. Elections in Canada don't matter: it's the same cabal all around — unless the NDP or the Green Party make any headway, it'll be business as usual for this suppliant NATO Illuminate regime.

And as for Australia: When will the Australians wake up and stop meddling in other peoples; affairs as Bush's bully-boys (ditto for the English and the Europeans).

Of course, I'm waiting to see if religion has taken a strong enough hold in Somalia to launch a credible insurgency against the Marxist Ethiopian invasion and the puppet government put in by Western powers from the stooge countries of Kenya and Uganda. Years of secularist criminal warlords had their women yelling already at the Islamists retreating from their gunships and tanks, "Fight Your Own Jihad!." Hit and run will be their best tactic, as Ahman al-Jawahiri advised them. Don't the Kenyans remember their own bloody Mau Mau rebellion against foreign occupation, and shouldn't the Ugandans worry more about their own Lord's Resistance Army rampage in their own country? Shame on those regimes for being stooges of the internationalist money-grubbers: Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

I'm waiting to see what the Serbs will do when the Albanians declare Independence in Kosovo. Will they run away again under NATO bombs, or is the wealth of the West too enticing for their women to join the European Union and their former persecutors of NATO?

Some things are certain: Chechnya will stay in a state of rebellion until the Red butchers leave and India and Pakistan will slowly disintegrate thanks to their lousy Limey legacy and their empirical borders. Fiji will stay in turmoil until the East Indians leave or are eaten by the aboriginals.

Israel's going further down the drain, with fewer and fewer immigrants while more are leaving and making plans to do so. What foreigners will they recruit for their army — Uncle Sam's? And who will come out on top: religious Hamas or communist Fatah (aided by Bush and American satrap Egypt)? Same story in Lebanon: religious Hezbollah or Western-backed secularists (where even some Christian Believers are siding with Hezbollah).

Who will dare to attack Iran: Israel or America? One could lose a country, the other an entire army. It's happened before. Stagnated North Korea will have to do more than test-fire missiles if they want to survive — plenty of loot south of the 49th Parallel. It's just a matter of giving an ultimatum to the 30,000 American troops to get out or face a similar scenario as Iraq. Will Americans willingly go to die in the far east por nada once again? I don't think so.

Will China undermine the US by switching to the Euro unless they back off their invasion of Taiwan (where are the Americans who want to die for Taiwan to be an independent province)? And how long can this charade of an insolvable country in deep war debt go on before a new depression his the country?

White Nationalism is at a crucial stage throughout the world. Will their leaders survive the sex and fraud and "ZOG" pressure after effectively spreading important concepts of White Nationalism, revisionism, 9/11 and other world conspiracies, now parroted by liberal and leftist websites? Will the leaders work together or stand arrogantly alone? These are some of the questions to which we're waiting for answers in the exciting year 2007.

It's great to be alive at the edge of time.




Never Too Old


The other day an old friend of mine announced that as soon as he gets the "big" old-age pension check, he'd be devoting a certain amount of it for political activity and travel. An excellent idea, I thought: when you get older you shouldn't just abandon all your life principles and attitudes, but further enforce them and give them greater weight and purpose. These are things that inevitably mark your life (they never print your bank balance on your tombstone).

I'm always impressed with seniors who are in the fray right to the end; they're the most reliable. Napoleon led his grand armie, broken down into the Young Guard, the Middle Guard and the Old Guard. He usually threw in the Young Guard for initial attack, the Middle Guard if they were having trouble, and the Old Guard veterans to save the day and win the battle, like at Borodino. They were too little, too late at Waterloo. Louis Riel delayed his surrender at Batouche to the government of Canada forces in the Northwest Rebellion; there was a 90-year-old Mιtis grandfather whose request he acquiesced to, to kill more Englishmen.

The nationalistic Boxers of China were advised and harangued by kung-fu octogenarians (if you read the book Massacre at Shensi). The entire firepower of Western aggressors, when visited upon Tora Bora in Afghanistan, netted a small number of bearded old mujahideen in tattered rags (even I could have fitted in). You're never too old to be in the battle and as your short time goes on, you're less tolerant of fools and bullshit, just like Saddam Hussein at the gallows. I'd like to see smart-asses like Red Green or Al Bundy show as much courage and dignity.

Recently I have been getting into near scrapes and trouble, like the other morning at McDonald's, where I left off a few expletives at some bottom feeders with whom I have to deal, when economically checked as a White Nationalist. Suddenly an older guy with white hair accosted me about my language, pointing out that he had a grandson on the other side of the franchise playing some dumb game. I immediately apologized because I was in the wrong, but the pecker continued to gratuitously heckle me, at which point he walked away. I announced calmly, "You face is turning red." Immediately he swung around, pulled out his wallet and flashed a police badge, which made the losers run, while I ignorantly yawned in his face. Much to his impotent chagrin; he left first.

Last week, I pulled out of a street parking position a little too precipitously. There was only one car speeding down, blowing his horn like a nut-bar. At the light, I turned left and he turned right. I rolled my window down to see what the problem was: It was a big, young Black guy looking at me incredulously. "What's your problem?" I said, giving him eye contact, to which he was further flummoxed as he went into a harangue, while I'm crazy smiling at him. "YOU JACKASS!" was the worst he could throw out as we turned our corners.

I hold the biggest grudge against the generation ahead of me: They're the jitterbugging schleps who brought all this crap in. They deserve no quarter or excuses. This is where our hatred should be directed — at our own politically-correct, hedonistic milksops who are quick to point the finger at racists as they disappear from the planet ("What did you do in the war to preserve our race, Granddad?"). My crew-cut and hippie generation has a lot to answer for when you see how society has deteriorated and our racial pride has gone down the drain while they were rocking and rolling (and you can't blame it all on wild White women.

Now is the time, like those old Tora Bora warriors, to stand up and be counted in our struggle for racial identity and dignity. The battle is never lost until you give up, and you're never too old to make a difference, like our dearly departed White Nationalist friend John Ross Taylor.

Geronimo fought for his people until he was 76 and the British and French never caught the Mad Mullah of Somalia, although he fought them for 22 years. There is something usefully glorious about "No Surrender until victory or paradise'. You've got nothing to lose but your ignominy.

Fight on!




Dignity Matters


There is little dignity in Whorehouse America, and Saddam Hussein's ghoulish execution proved it. There'll be no glory or rest for anyone involved in his shoddy show-trial and the ugly spectacle of his public lynching. The dummy George Bush said that this execution was "a milestone" . It will be a millstone around his neck and all the arrogant apologists left and right in future political activities. a dirty shame for their political and religious views, especially America's Shia puppet minority of Islam.

Only Saddam Hussein came across with some dignity in front of the gallows and rope that snapped him into the next dimension. He was cognizant and cool, making sure to say the necessary slogans and clutching the Koran — unlike the weird, silent departure of government stooge Timothy McVeigh. I wouldn't want to be a Shia or Kurd in Iraq, or anywhere near the Sunni majority who were heavily insulted by the sacrifice of a human instead of a sheep at the beginning of their celebration of Eid-ul-Fitr. Foolishly, Iran agreed with Israel (finally) on a subject which will further isolate Iranian President Ahmadinejad from the rest of the Muslim Ummah.

The silence of the other Western-suppliant-Arab leaders will help to guarantee their eventual downfall, not to mention their acquiescence in the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia (with the help of the Jew-nited States) and the fall of the Islamist courts' government. Smartly, the courts gave up their main cities, sparing their destruction by the foreign proxies. Mullah Omar did the same thing with the Taliban five years ago, and you can't say they're defeated today, either.

I notice that in bloodthirsty America over half of the population purportedly agreed with the hanging of Saddam Hussein, showing no shame, on the Left or the Right on how they invaded Saddam's country on false premises and principles, killing 600,000 of its inhabitants. Not surprisingly, the Australian convict mentality was next in gung-ho agreement. Not to worry — both of these killer countries are in a no-win war (remember Vietnam and Gallipoli? They'll be visited on you on you for your macho meddling).

The secularists of the Ba'ath Party are mindlessly hoping for a united Iraq (a White colonial creation), where their best bet is for a peace deal with the U.S. invaders. But that's gone now, dropped down the gallows along with Saddam. They now vow to keep fighting, even to prevent the invaders' departure. Eventually they'll have to negotiate with al-Qaeda for their safe passage out of of this ancient land of death.

I was disappointed with the naivetι and cold-heartedness of American commentators on various blogs and websites (e.g., New Republic, Liberty Forum, Digg.Com, Raw Story). Most of them were vicious little Harry Potters, like the racially-unaware American Idol dummies who hacked Hal Turner off the net last week, petty little cowardly bastards with skewed, hedonistic, whining "principles" of selfishness and arrogance, just like their crappy country ( I enjoy it every time Mother Nature gives them a, hoo). And as the blogger from Iraq at said (see our Links page for link) "Who cares about the 3,000 dead Americans, 3,000 Iraqis die ever month!". All this while their country slides into a military dictatorship under the Patriot Act and the Military Commissions Act.

These dignity-debased dogs, the same as those Abu Ghraib guards, wanted Hal Turner to post a picture of himself on his website with the words I Surrender printed in ink on his forehead. They're the same kind of psychos who make videos of skinning cats alive while they dress up as wiggers hoping that Black 'gangstas' won't pick on them.

Get the latest Gameboy, babies — that's all your lives are worth, while hanging onto your precious computers and I-Pods. The government could pull the plug on your world, just like commie-capitalist China. So spare me your 'anti-fascist' crapola; It's sad way to begin the new year, with orchestrated death and destruction, while dummies are playing video games and White women are running around wild.

White Nationalists have an obligation to display a chivalrous moral tone, respecting human rights and dignity. Anything less is beneath us, equating us with our enemies.

Happy New Year to all men of common sense, good will and fair play. Good luck and God's blessings go with all who fight for dignity and our way of life, because dignity is the last of our possessions.




Great Year For White Nationalists


2006 has been a great year for White Nationalists — no ifs or buts. The ever-expanding NPC website has scored nearly ONE MILLION VISITS this year alone. Our warmongering enemies are down and out in Iraq and Afghanistan with the resurgence of the Taliban and Jihadi resistance in Iraq, no matter what the lying media spin-doctors and their sycophants claim. The Zionists have been stymied in their aggression against Hezbollah in Lebanon and the newly-elected Hamas in Palestine.

Our enemies' propaganda machines have been undermined by the outspoken leader of Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the International Historical Revisionist Holocaust Conference that he held there. The presence of David Duke demonstrated the alliance between Muslims and White Nationalists in their struggle against the secular one world cabal, leaving the war-recruitment bigots in frustration and disarray (there can be no war between Scripture God Believers).

The number of White racist commentators on all manner of websites has proliferated, much to the chagrin of the libertines and communists. The belief in the 9/ll conspiracy demolition has spread across all thinking White Nationalist bloggers. No one is buying the official story except Zionist shills; the evidence is overwhelming against this big lie.

Now, White Nationalist personalities are springing up all over the White Western world, presenting their viewpoints and leadership, sometimes elevated by government persecution and prosecution. White race introspection and positive ideological innovation is evidenced by a plethora of archival writing for future generations (remember, if it's not written down, it didn't happen!)

Positive communication between the racially unaware freedom fighters and white nationalists has expanded; communication and acceptance of white nationalist ideology by other non-white racists has begun and constructive criticism of naive nomenclature has been publicly aired. The idiotic anti-white racist rabble has been thwarted and sidelined to thuggish ignominy.

The alliance of kosher-conservative neo-cons and communist internationalists has been revealed; no thinking person believes in the bastards anymore on free trade, immigration, the environment and religion. In spite of a controlled media blackout, white nationalist news and ideology has spread throughout society. Jailed racists and revisionists have stood steadfast in spite of their incarceration and suffering with the slogan of "No Surrender." The never-ending 'War On Terror' lap-dogs and propagandists have been ridiculed and dismissed as totalitarians and satanic Templar stooges.

White society has moved away from black 'gangsta' crime culture. A wave of revulsion has begun against the immoral media and entertainment industry right up to the beauty pageants. Draconian anti-liberty laws against freedom of speech are being exposed, from Austria to Canada.

Canadian White Nationalist members and supporters are on the increase through municipal election candidates and the promotion of European Heritage Week throughout the country, in particular in Toronto. White racial awareness of massive Third World immigration and the violent activities of non-white immigrants and aboriginals is emerging. A growing cynicism and skepticism of the internationalist money-grubbing media is on the rise.

Praise and compliments to all white nationalists throughout the world for their great accomplishments and determination. Good luck, prosperity, and blessings to all in the forthcoming year!


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