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Ersatz Israel


Here is an interesting theory posted on the liberal Wake Up From Your Slumber website regarding the creation of Israel:

Be Aware, Not Afraid

The Rothschilds, one of whom has his picture on the Zionist shekel note, have coveted the oil of the Middle East since the initial oil find in Baku, then in the Ottoman Empire. They engineered the genocide of the Armenians to remove their claims on the area, and have been playing "Let's burn the Semite ants with a magnifying glass" ever since.

They engineered the establishment of a Zionist foothold in Palestine and had the Golan Heights seized, because Lord Rothschild owned extensive estates there and preferred Zionist rule to Syrian. They use the Hessians to dismember the nation of Iraq in order to re-establish the pipeline from the underdeveloped oil fields in the heretofore untouchable-by-agreement oil field. They intend to make "New Rotterdam" Haifa the centre of oil commerce for the middle world. It's all part of the Rothschild's "Greater Israel" strategy and these matoids work in time-frames of centuries, not years. They intend to develop a kingdom that will rule the world consisting of all the lands that the ancient Hebrew Israelites Judah and Khazar groups ever occupied, or were held captive. That of course means the subjugation of the Semite and Caucasian natives whom they regard as sub-human.

It always involves pitting the filthy 'Goy' against each other. Nothing could please them more than Sunni and Shia going at it, with Christians caught in the middle, unless you could somehow bring Hindus into the fray.

It's all neatly planned with lots of fluid options and a long-term horizon, and they have the counterfeiting monopoly (reserve tanks) that can pull it off.

Be aware. Be afraid. Better yet, be aware.


I never like to count the dead, but somebody has to do it. That's why I was never a big fan of the 'Holocaust' researchers who were at the "Zόndelhaus' headquarters in Toronto from where The Great Holocaust Trial (the book on this case is on sale at  ) took place. Most of these nitpicking eggheads were snottily buried in their books and embarrassingly disinterested in White Nationalism, but Nationalist Party of Canada supporters provided security in the two great Zόndel trials when he was falsely charged with "spreading false news" by the blundering Sabina Citron, who privately laid a charge against him, from which the federal government took over, and lost the case on a Charter of Rights challenge, whereby that section of the Canadian Criminal Code was expunged.

However, the dreaded gag law known as the Anti-Hate Law (Section 319) was later used and Bob Smith and I were the first to be convicted for the human right of free speech. Who would have thought that little more than a decade later, the questioning of the 'Holocaust' is once against before the world, and White Nationalists have been connected with Islamic resistance to the One World Order, with the appearance of David Duke at the Tehran conference. It was good to see Duke (now, Dr. David Duke) whom I have known since the early 1970's as a young man traveling with my Canadian companions from the Western Guard on the 23-mile bridge across Lake Pontchartrain on our way to New Orleans. He was the first man I met who wanted to clone himself (which I'd never heard of at the time). Then, he was Grand Dragon of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He has had an exciting career since Louisiana and came close to becoming that state's governor (they were so scared of his chances of winning that there were bumper stickers on cars reading "Vote for the Crook'; the Louisiana voters elected a governor who later went to jail). New Orleans would have been better off if Duke had been its long-serving governor after Hurricane Katrina struck.

Nevertheless, he performed a great White Nationalist service to world understanding between White Nationalism and Islamic Believers, albeit out of step with the rest of the Ummah due to their collaborationist Shi'ite massacres of Sunnis in Iraq; I hope he told Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he's shooting himself in the foot by backing any sectarian killers pretending to be Believers — that's sick. (Why is he dealing with Russia when they massacre Muslims in Chechnya and the Caucases?) After all, it was with Iran's connivance with America that the Taliban was overthrown in Afghanistan and in Saddam Hussein's Sunni-ruled Iraq.

The hysterical response of that German harpie Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Stephen Harper and all the lickspittle Zionist neo-cons has been anxiously shrill, not realizing that the more they bitch, the more that interests are piqued as to why men are in jail for merely questioning the 'Holocaust', there in a land where al-Qaeda hates us for our 'freedom and democracy'.

The neo-cons don't make sense: Black is white white is black to them, and if you don't agree, you go to jail. It was interesting to see the Jews from Neteuri Karta shaking hands with Ahmadinejad, agreeing that the 'Holocaust' took place, but rejecting secular Zionist Israel as a doomed aberration and impossible to establish until the appearance of The Messiah (who will establish the state without force or violence). I'm sure their message will spread far and wide and angry liberals to abandon the bloody war for the present Zionist entity. As I write these words, the Supreme Court of Israel has approved targeted, select assassinations of its enemies (what's the difference between this phony criminal state of Israel and the remnants of Vladimir Putin's Russian empire?

Kosher conservatives and bigots mad at the Israelis for their failure against the dug-in Hezbollah; their David didn't bleed enough against the Islamic Goliath. As for the Crusader Christian charlatans, they can always postpone Armageddon, if it means being hated and out of power for their warmongering. It's a different situation for devout Muslims: the Prophet Mohamed said there would be 73 sects of Muslims on Judgment Day and a similar number of Christian and Jewish ones -- but only the largest group of the Ummah of the Muslim community would enter paradise.

The neo-con U.S. election losses. the bombing of Palestinian families, the threat by a rabbi to sue a Seattle airport resulting in the removal of all Christmas trees (and the removal by one Judge Cohen in Toronto of a Christmas tree from the lobby of a courthouse), the cut-and-run Iraq Study Group Report, and now this Holocaust Conference questioning their victimization, are all writing on the wall for a pullback of the Zionists' aggressive agenda, if they have the survival instincts to do it....or is God, as the Neturei Karta people say, going to bring punishment upon Ersatz Israel?




Racists: Not Afraid of Muslims


Multiculturalists, communists, capitalists, feminists, crackheads, whores, thieves, queers. lesbians, professional Christians and even some "racialists" — they're all afraid of Muslims. All these groups are so afraid of patriarchal Muslim Believers that they will curtail your liberties, as they did with Jose Padilla, an American citizen who has been driven crazy by sensory deprivation for three-and-a-half years in the CIA worldwide gulags. Each fear-mongering warmonger uses the simple Muslim Believers, the Wahabbists as bogeymen to institute a new world order (Novus Ordo Seclorum).

It's the al-Qaeda, Taliban and Iraqi Resistance which has brought the multiculturalist warmongers to their knees. Some, like the born-again Bushes, are buying up land way down in Paraguay for a future back-door escape when retribution comes for the 9/11 conspiracy and consequent "war on terror" excuses. George Bush's two partying daughters are kicking up their heels in Argentina while other young Americans die in Iraq for a lie. The Bushes are a prime example of professional Christians mumbling prayers on Sunday, then bombing Old Testament God-Believers on Monday. devilishly duplicitous — just like all of the watered-down Christian clergy's shrugging silence toward the loss of civil freedoms and immoral aggression. Is this what their myopic brains told them God wants, according to the "Golden Rule"?

Most "racialist" sites take the position of their little-old-lady supporters and rail against Islam's attitude toward women. Actually, women and orphans have never had it so good in that part of the world, thanks to the Prophet Mohammad (and cats, too — whom he liked so much, that he was once reported to have cut away a piece of his robe that a cat was sleeping on, rather than disturb it). Liberals and libertines don't want any kind of moral control other than laws that punish free speech in opposition to their ways. They'll jail all, including soft 'racialists' for any infractions as these racialists' rights spiral downward. (By the way, the fertility rate for liberals in America is 1.47 per 1,000, while for conservatives, it's 2.1 per 1,000, 2.5 being the replacement birthrate level). In Australia's Cornulla Beach, they're going to stand up for these hedonistic rights to have their White women, nicknamed "Sheilas," parade about in skimpy bikinis, whether the Lebanese Muslims are antagonistic about it or lurid. Are these the Down Under 'family values" that will resurrect the White race on an isolated desert island surrounded by modest Muslims? And what about the anti-Muslim sites — what's their agenda? To get the God-Believers fighting among themselves on behalf of secularists (Sounds like a Zionist divide-and-conquer plan, here or in Iraq) ?

A dirty Orwellian "war on terror" is being waged around the world, and the only peace-loving White woman's name I can recall is that of Cindy Sheehan. Are the whores in power showing their true colors, because the people being pounded by bunker-busters are bearded patriarchs, while media bimbo bitches work for matriarchal Zionists?

We can thank the Muslims for standing up to the internationalist money-grubbers and showing up their migrant workers' multiculturalism, where "diversity," supposedly "making us strong," to be the flim-flam farce that it is. Thank God somebody believes in something....other than having another beer.




Fiji Follies


Like the high priests of finance today, planning for a world of migrant workers, the British Empire did exactly that centuries ago. The had Halliburton-type corporations like The East India Company, which grabbed up the Indian subcontinent through trade, intrigue and mercenaries, with the full backing of the British government. The Limeys left a lousy legacy across the world, seeding it with East Indian indentured labor from East Africa to Guyana and South America and the Caribbean and the Pacific, leaving behind nasty racial problems.

Fiji is such an example, where a few thousand Hindu indentured servants are now more than half the population of the Fiji islands (even with curtailed immigration, the Hindus were able to re-populate and replenish their population). The aboriginal Fijians themselves, who got snookered by British and Dutch meddling missionaries are a mixture of Polynesian and Melanesian ex-cannibals. Some of them are large and warlike, and five years ago, George Speight and some other Fijian nationalists unsuccessfully attempted to take over their nation for the Fijians. The head of the military, Commodore Bainimarama (whom they tried to kill) has staged a military coup against the democratically-elected government because it planned to give amnesty to the nationalists. Bainimarama and his mercenary military has been very useful to the internationalists when they need UN troops — therefore, there is the muted response from Britain and the U.S. to this most anti-democratic act. Hypocritically, internationalists support pluralist anti-nationalist regimes while yapping about "democracy". Whatever this military traitor Bainimarama does, it will only be a matter of time before the indigenous Fijians have had enough and take some of their islands back.

This is the fourth time that the army has stepped in to undermine the public will there, doing the dirty work for Britain, Australia and the United States, which are quick to meddle in East Timor and Afghanistan, but use their flunky mercenaries to usurp Fijian freedom. The Fijian mercenary armed forces can't serve their internationalist money-grabbers and Fijians, too. [ see NEWS page ]

Racists' survival will triumph on all sides...Canada, NOTA BENE.





White Nationalist World-View


I find it interesting how Michael Richards went into his famous Seinfeld 'Kramer' rant of a crazed big bully who's been interrupted by some Blacks, and failed to convince the timid White racially-unaware audience that it was funny (one whiny white woman in the audience, upon hearing Richards use the "N-word", was overheard saying, Oh, my God!" as if the sky was falling). In particular, he failed to intimidate two racially-aware Black hecklers who accused him of not being funny. It may have worked in the controlled entertainment industry, but not in real life; at least, he got a lot publicity — which just might help Richards' career in the long run, and with Jerry Seinfeld conveniently appearing on the David Letterman Show after the incident, the whole affair looked like shtick (on Seinfeld, all its main characters did was scheme or put people down). Revealingly, the hairy Richards connected himself to the White race when he said on stage, "That's what happens when you interrupt the White man" (the character "Borat" portrayed by Sacha Baren Cohen, is another example of this). And that's the hypocrisy of the entire multicultural anti-racist system. Racism is as natural as breathing, but in a crunch, (or as in this case, a gambit) it comes out.

*     *     *  


White Nationalism is a new and growing world-view, particularly in North America. For White racists, it's the only way to go, and believe me, all the other races are racists, too — just a hundred-fold more so than our own. We have a lot of catching up to do, but the main title and banner of our future will be WHITE NATIONALISM, various White ethnic groups working together, recognizing their special similarities and social attitudes. White Nationalism is not white supremacism, which wishes to use non-White labor for their hedonistic existence. White Nationalism is all for the White people, not just the Lou Dobbs / CNN 'middle class'. We need all the Whites to create a self-sufficient and secure society. If you need foreign troops or foreign labor, then you have a phony state.

Already, over 1,000 people have voted for "a White Nationalist perspective" at Toronto's City Hall in the mayoral candidacy of Bob Smith this November. White Nationalists are all over the Internet, often intelligently commenting on world crises and affairs. White Nationalists ignore the White race stupidities of the past, and try not to repeat them with divisive ideas of ethnic family squabbles and misnomers like "The British race (as if)". In fact, Britain, sans the non-White immigrants, is an example of White Nationalism. from all the kick-outs, refugees and adventurers of Europe. The same situation exists in North America, only created by these same ne'er-do-wells from all of Europe and Britain...., ergo, the growth of criminal activity in America we're not dealing with the best DNA all the time).

The other day on his website, Hal Turner offered anyone who had something to say to go online. There was a lot of smart and ignorant stuff posted, including the scientific wag who explained the entire story of melanin, something that we Whites are apparently deficient in. Melanin gives non-Whites their skin pigmentation, eye color, virility and fertility. Lack of melanin gives you blue eyes and weak bones in later life. Whites were described as being 'mutants', on their way out to gradual extinction. The next post said, "very interesting", then moved on to the next subject...and that's exactly how I felt. *

As I've said before, I couldn't care less if the other races were astronauts and physicists with ray guns, and we were the pale dummies with sticks and stones — I'll still be a racist and a White Nationalist, because we are different, and no communist / capitalist propaganda can ever change that natural truth. We are a people worth preserving, in spite of all the hateful race-mixing propaganda by our deluded enemies within and outside of our nation. For Whites, it's time to ditch the hypocritical and immoral matriarchy, separate the genders at school, shut off the 'romance' crap, restore the father figure and consider polygamy — unless you want to end up as a long-lost myth and memory, like the one-time lords of the world, the dinosaurs.

White Nationalists demand their own land, in order to do their own labor.
Think as a White Nationalist, and you are a White Nationalist. It is the newest and fastest-growing world-view, which supersedes all religion and politics, because race is all, and White Nationalists are here to maintain theirs.

Long live White Nationalism, and good luck to all its proponents.

(*Highlights of the article about melanin are reproduced below):

" Whites cannot reproduce anything but themselves; through powerful propaganda and indoctrination we have been completely oblivious to what having white skin really means.

"Scientists have tried for years to prove that the environment was responsible for heredity. Eskimos (now called Inuit) have brown skin and broad, flat noses. Africans have broad, flat noses. Scientific studies have reported that people are dark because they live near the equator, not because they are Negroid or have a Negroid admixture. There are reported arguments made by anthropologists when referring to Arabs bring brown in color because of the equalitarian closeness. So what about the brownness of skin that occurs in mankind who live the furthest from the equator, in the Arctic?

"Caucasians have a high concentration of enzyme inhibitors that suppress melanin production, according to a study by Halprin and Okhawara in 1966. White people have calcified pineal glands. You may ask how this implies that white skin is a genetic defect. The pineal gland secretes melatonin, which activates the pituitary gland to release the melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH). It is in the melanocytes that melanin is produced. Melanin is somewhat analogous to chlorophyll in plants. What a lot of people don't know is, melatonin is also related to fertility. Those with pigmented skin have the highest counts of melanocytes in the genitalia and nipples. The pigmentation in these areas can be influenced by sex hormones like estrogens and androgens. During pregnancy, the face, nipples and abdominal wall become darkened. These areas of increased pigmentation during pregnancy are due to the increase in the production of estrogens."




Multicultural Matriarchal Meltdown


When you live in a matriarchal (read: anti-racist/anti-White) society with Draconian rules on freedom of thought, expression and assembly, with threats of economic deprivation and prison, you learn to enjoy and savor every aspect of the multicultural meltdown, especially when it shows the hypocrisy and weakness of the system. The burqa, the veil of the Muslims, is a fine example of Western neo-Marxist hypocrisy. Yes, you can come to our land and procreate beyond our numbers, but you must water down all your social and religious precepts into the secular whorehouse norms. It's very much like the double-talk of the communist regimes, with their high-faluting 'human rights' constitutions, translated into gulags and executions for 'terrorism' and 'anti-state activity in reality. Similar semantics are prevalent in the U.S. patriot Act and anti-terrorism laws in Canada and Britain. NATO is ensuring that now, that rotten union of countries supposedly fighting communism, but in essence ushered it in throughout Europe and Canada.

Our country is fighting in Afghanistan for a supposedly democratically-elected U.S. puppet regime, while our government cut off all contact and aid to the Palestinian democratically-elected Hamas government because the head matriarchy, Israel (where you're not a Jew unless your mother is) wants it destroyed).

The hedonistic women's world cannot produce enough sons to die for their libertine rights, no matter how much cold, bloodthirsty "generals" stump the countryside in poorly-attended, red-attired 'support our troops' rallies. You can't support the troops when they're doing wrong, wherever they are, in Abu Ghraib or Afghanistan. Canadian troops are killing and being killed in Afghanistan to relieve the burden on American mercenaries so they can do more killing in Iraq — it's the low moral position of an "Igor" assistant doing the master's dirty work while engaged in brutality elsewhere. There's no glory to mercenaries.

I used to agree with Wolfgang Droege over his attitude regarding 'pre-emption'. he told me that he planned to eliminate another inmate when he was in the notorious high-security Lompoc Prison in California, on learning a rumor that he was a target. I, too, faced similar circumstances in Millhaven Penitentiary, but declined to act unless actually attacked, thus holding the moral ground for retribution. It should be the White man's way. The same holds for the argument that, "if we don't attack them in their homelands, we'll have to fight them here", using 9/11 — the mysterious demolition of two buildings -- as the excuse for the revenge attacks. These are jailhouse bully rules, while they repopulate our homelands with non-White economic refugees — the rubric of multiculturalism. Without race in the equation, these arguments fall on deaf ears. Its a lose/lose situation that no snotty Dutchman like NATO head Jaap de Hoop Scheffer can fix with all his whining for more troops, using guns to enforce the new secular world order in Afghanistan along with laws to prop up the whorehouse in Holland. The matriarchal multicult is unraveling, like their communist counterparts and their decaying
gulag camps, in to the dustbin of history, and the Whiteman will have to start again with a plan closer to God and Nature's rules. It's only a matter of time.

Talking about gulags, here a few passages from the book Gulag: Life and Death Inside the Soviet Concentration Camps that prove that how George Bush and former KGB head Putin as can agree on and find similar ways of fighting their 'war on terror' through these horrendous camps, past and present:

"I know of a case when prisoners Mastiugin and Khartinov were beaten by the gang commander Belov and the assistant gang commander Bakko ..they were beaten unconscious. On the orders of Belov and Bakko, I got a piece of cord, stripped the prisoners to their underwear, tied their arms behind their backs, tied one leg to their hands by bending it back. This position caused severe pain. Tied up like this the prisoners were put in the bell tower, where there was snow on the ground and the wind was blowing from all directions. Bakko said they were being put there to cool down'. I was just fulfilling my duties as supervisor of the isolation cell.." (Testimony of Krylov, prisoner in the Golgotha camp)

"At the foot of Golgotha Hill was a small chapel where 200 prisoners lived on two levels of wooden bunks. It was called the 'bloody cook-shop' as Golgotha's commander P.P. Belov used to say laughing. He used to amuse himself by unexpectedly dragging a prisoner down by his hair from the upper level and banging his head against the floor. On May 10. 1930, 'perches' were introduced at the chapel. The prisoner was forced into sitting without moving for 18 hours a day and given something to eat every three days. There were two kinds of perch: The first sort was regarded as easier, when the prisoner's legs touched the floor. The other kind was when his legs hung in the air and his extremities swelled up." (From an indictment by an OGPU Investigative Commission).

"The whole system of beating and abusing the prisoners really was a system, not just individual cases. The hired bosses knew all about it and encouraged it by never taking any action to stop it...We knew perfectly well that the same thing, worse even, was happening at Solovki, at Sekirts, at all the sub-camps. Potomkin, and other heads like him, conformed to the general situation, the general state of affairs, which became a system..." (Testimony of defendant Igor Kuriko, brigade commander, at the Kem transit camp).




Hate Is In The Air


If you don't hate those who threaten the things you love, you're a loser.

Hate is in the air, especially over the worldwide web. It's in the chat rooms, but especially palpable in the Comments sections of news stories: clever, insightful, passionate and researched tidbits of wisdom and doom. It used to be confined to a few Nazis around, talking to themselves. Now it's hip to be a Nazi. They're going to hang the traitors Rumsfeld, Bush and Cheney, and they hate their wives, too, Everybody hates Hillary "Rod-Ham" Clinton, and special disgust and disdain is reserved for Senator John McCain (known on the Internet as 'McCrazy' ): Apparently he dropped a bomb while flying and fooling around and killed a bunch of servicemen on a ship.

All kinds of American patriots and veterans are disgusted with him for making a deal on "some torture". In Bush's Military Commissions Act, he's known as Bush's ass-kisser and is considered too old and senile for a presidency run...a perfect foil for Hillary (the next president). Some have Cheney dying soon (maybe another shotgun accident). Bush nominated McCain to be Vice President, putting him in a good position for the White House, while some even have Bush croaking and McCrazy becoming the incoming president.

Everyone hates Israel -- even the Lord of the Rings crowd condemns them for their war-mongering. Even in the commentary of Ha'aretz newspaper. As for the news stories there's lots of animosity from around the world toward Jews in Israel arguing with each other. They're getting it from all ends -- people are daring them to attack Iran and predicting their destruction from the USA and the European countries, not just Muslims. The American kids of the Red hippies raised on their mothers' bottled baby formula are calling Bush and the Zionists "fascists", forcing Jews to take a side or face their venom.

It reminds me of the racial riots between the half-breed Hispanic Dominican Republic's citizens against French-speaking Black Haitians in the 1920's. The Dominican machete- mobs ran around waving parsley in potential victims' faces, asking them to sa what the parsley leaves were in Spanish, because the word "perejil" can only be supposedly properly said if you've been raised in the Spanish language. 30,000 were macheted and killed in the space of two months of rioting on one of Canada's favorite tourist destinations.

The same government is in power in Washington as in many Western countries, and these angry pundits will not be satisfied with the media charade or any professionally-controlled electronic voting system. They're calling for a Second American Revolution. They're blaming MOSSAD for the 9/11 demolition. They're blaming Israel for their losses in Iraq and Afghanistan. They hate "ragheads", but they say America deserves what it gets. They're telling American soldiers to quit the army and to stop fighting for the Jews (an army which is fast-deteriorating so much that 59-year-olds are bring called up from the National Guard Reserve. That's how well the people's insurgents are scoring against the ZOG foreign occupation professional army.

Stephen Harper's attempt at militarization will go nowhere. Who wants to die for 'women's rights' in a foreign land on behalf of a multicultural anomaly called Canada? Recruitment is down, and the new-world-order pimps in Ottawa are lying to us again. Oh, I loved watching the grim White veterans march past their new Queen's representative, the Haitian/African Governor-General Michaelle Jean, Canada's Head of State. Is this what they fought for? Let's drop this dumb monarchy-- they never saved Canada from the Third World. but facilitated its' takeover. We need a totally independent people's republic.

There's all kinds of "lock 'n load" suggestions. Save your brass and buy 'guerilla glue'--it expands. Everyone hates the "Demon-crats" and the" Re-pig-licans". The whole government is considered to be treacherous for the open Southern border while Blacks, Jews and homosexuals are downloaded on. These commentators are the thinkers...they can compose, write and most of the time, spell, having thought out their positions, putting racially-aware bigots at their intellectual command. These are the thinkers and ideologues for future generations. Their thoughts are not nice toward the 'World on Terror' evil doers and those who stand by and watch.

There was one chilling simple comment on the Ha'artez newspaper's website from a Jew in America who said: "Two Israelis were boasting about their plans to attack Iran and wipe out Hezbollah and Hamas in a new round of dirty warfare...'You guys don't know what you're talking don't know the mood in this country. It's changed. If you did, you wouldn't talk the way you do."

Like in the Bible, the writing is on the wall. When the conspiratorial cabal pulls another horrific stunt (as they did from the Battleship Maine in Havana Harbor, the Lusitania in World War One, to Pearl Harbor in World War Two, to the Gulf of Potemkin, and finally, 9/11), who will respond?




Americans Fooled Again


Hurray! Rumsfeld the Goon is gone, and Jewish Zionist Nancy Pelosi will be the Joan Rivers of communist, anti-White propaganda and policies. That arrogant man-monster turd Donald Rumsfeld, who is the cause of the deaths of so many young men of promise in an impossible invasion that has ruined a country, has lost his power. All he can do now is give damaging interviews to the Pinocchio flip-flopper in the White House and remind every one of his years of failure. The way Pelosi is cozying up to Bush (and vice versa) show that the same shameless schleps are in power.

I am confused when reporters are talking about a candidate: which is the Republican and which is the Democrat anti-White idiot clone? What's with this "red and blue states" scam?...more confusion and lies, relegating entire states into populations under the control of one controlled party or the other, while independents and others go unrepresented. In Canada, red is for Liberals (democrats) while blue is for conservatives, opposite to what the mendacious American media insists. One day. they'll have White states, Black states, Brown (Latin) states, Yellow states and if the tree-huggers ever get masculinised, maybe some pristine Green states might exist.

In spite of this two-party shell game, independents did very well where they ran, often reaching 25% of the vote. Most heartening for Americans' freedom and security, isolationism works for their peace and unity. Marxist and capitalist imperialism leads to ruin and dissipation and continual war. Some say the the defunct Federalist Party morphed into the two parties, based on Alexander Hamilton (part Jew). The Jews have done really well in Washington, raising the number of senators to thirteen from eleven, and the number of Jewish Representatives in the House jumps to thirty, with six new faces. Look out, Iran, and look out for Israel's last gasp; notice how they're all bowing to each other: "After you; no, after you", knowing Americans expect disengagement from Iraq and Afghanistan and the shitty 'war on terror' against believers, from manufactured fear and economic and imperial reasons.

I just can't believe that Iraq war supporter and Bush's kissing buddy Joe Lieberman won fair and square: How about that "coincidence" that Democrat, Ned Lamont losing in 2006, with the exact amount of votes that the Republicans lost by in 2000 being so astronomically high. Electronic voting machines (or anything even semi-automatic) can never be allowed in a secret ballot election. As Stalin said, "It's not the votes that count, it's who counts the votes."

Lieberman will probably end up as Chairman in charge of the Homeland Security Committee. This flim-flam exercise will only stop when intelligent Americans stop voting for these two slippery charlatan entities. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, fool me three times, and I deserve everything I get.

WAKE UP America! You have been fooled too many times.




Serpentine Responses


Have you ever noticed how many liars and obfuscators flip their tongues out so quickly, and lick their lips like reptiles, even when they are not talking? I began noticing this after hearing the outlandish theories that a bunch of lizard aliens inhabiting human form, etc., are running the world. That could be one clue. Another could be their serpentine sayings like 'If you went on this wild goose chase...' All the world's leaders look so shoddy with their mealy-mouthed responses to the death sentence by hanging imposed on the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein by a puppet government installed by foreigners.

I never liked Saddam Hussein and his neo-Marxist Ba'ath party, especially when he attacked mullah-run Iran on the behest of Western powers. He failed to topple the Shi'ite Revolution and only ended up entrenching them under a baptism of fire in the longest war (lasting eight years) of the twentieth century, with trench warfare, gas attacks and the rocketing of major cities. After one million casualties, he made the Iranians ready to take advantage of Bush's Iraq occupation. The CIA asset Hussein was back-stabbed by his former friends Rumsfeld and other Zionist neo-cons when he became useless and independent. The same fate befell other U.S. foreign flunkies like Somoza, Marcos, Noriega, the former Shah of Iran, Kibella, Milosevic and even Mugabe (will Musharaff, Karzai and Malaki be next?). All tried to satisfy their money-grubber masters from the International Monetary Fund and Washington unsuccessfully; Saddam is the latest.

George Bush's ugly puss gloating over the hanging sentence was unseemly for a president. But what do you expect from a torturer who is fighting in court right now to prevent a victim from telling his lawyer what the all-American CIA goons did to him during their infamous interrogations. It's similar to one of their serial killers demanding silence from their victims, or they'll get more or worse.

The dirty American "entertainment" industry which produces sick and stupid popular movies like Saw I, II and III shows where 'Bubba's' heart is. Then, they dumbly wonder why some pig murders little girls ion front of a school blackboard. Well, duhh...!

Crocodile teary-eyed Tony Blair, looking a lot older, droned on about how he's against the death penalty for anyone -- then happily went on to point out the thousands of Saddam's victims, while Iraq burns with the assistance of British troops. Such a charlatan!

Canada's Foreign Minister Peter Mackay didn't know what to say about the death sentence (Canada does not have the death penalty). However, he was sure that Saddam received a transparent trial from an illegal foreign-imposed court with politically removed and imposed judges, witnesses testifying from behind curtains and hearsay evidence. Yeah, sure. Peter, no wonder you fell so hard for Belinda Stronach. What a rube — another Dudley Do-Right dummy wants you to connect the massive 50,000 young dead men legacy, which bled the Anglo Whites dry in that stupid poser bigot conflict known as World War One' the war party is using the war dead to prop up their never-ending war "over the hill" to death -- for no good reason. Prime Minister of a minority kosher-conservative government Stephen Harper wants to compare that slaughter to the 42 dead in Afghanistan and "pass the torch" to the next generation, as in John McRae's In Flander's Fields ("the poppies grow" — to fight tyranny and the "terrorist totalitarian" Taliban. Give me a break, Steve. The only similarity I see is the poppy fields. Triple-alliterated "T's" don't scare me, but your potential body count comparisons do.

Saddam Hussein, who requested to be shot as a military man and was denied it by the alien overlords, will get the last laugh because he shouted "Allah Aqbah ("God is great!")". Ancient Mesopotamia has gone back to old-time religion with a new fire that will drive the unbelievers out. The phony country created by European racists called Iraq is finished, broken into three pieces: Kurds to the north, infiltrated by Mossad agents spying for the Turks whose help Israel needs; the south, in the hands of the Persians from Tehran; and the center, evolving into an Islamic Emirate run by Sharia and Arab nationalism. Who can conquer whom? No secular Saddam strongman is on the horizon, like the Freemason Attaturk, who kept Turkey together for the Western powers.

The time to get out is now.




American Accessories to Crime


All Americans have a change to redeem themselves of being accessories to crime on November 7, 2006. These midterm elections can be the turning point in the world's negative perception of the so-called "home of the brave and land of the free".

Americans can say no to the pre-emptive war, torture, kidnapping and murder only if they don't vote for any Republican or Democrat. Each of these organized, perverted criminal whores' gangs is controlled by the same schleps and foreign interests deadly to anyone's ethnic pride, freedom and independence — anyone else but them.

John Kerry's supposed blooper denigrating the gung-ho American Forces killers in Iraq "edjumacation" is a tempest in a teapot charade: "If you don't get good marks you'll end up stuck in Iraq." Well? Kerry/Cohen is a cousin of Bush's and belongs to the same hocus-pocus secret Skull and Bones convenient.

There isn't a scintilla of difference between the two flavors of chocolate being offered to the dumb goyim (why else would there always be a 50/50 vote split? The people are bamboozled), and if they take this Jim Jonestown Kool-Aid, they deserve the consequences of endless war, and their leadership of shameless and barefaced liars and weirdoes.

The latest rumors regarding these terror warmongers say that a British tabloid has pictures of Hillary Clinton in bed with her 'Susan' friend (Hillary asked 'Susan' to dress up as a dominatrix), while George is supposedly friendly with Victor Ashe, his Ambassador to the Vatican. When someone is a proven or suspected liar, then all rumors are relevant; who knows? They could be true. Usually the most strident are covering up something, and there's tons of them with the warlike evangelicals and kosher conservatives like pill-popper Rush Limbaugh, Rev. Ted Haggard, Mark Foley, and all those nasty dilettante aficionados of modern cartoons, from South Park to The Simpsons. It is a collusion of communists, capitalists and "Christians", where an old Marxist like Charles Rangel is considered a moderate. They all want an amoral monopoly in the end and will stab each other to get it.

Don't vote for them, or for Joe Lieberman...they're all in it together. Voters, give America a new moral direction. Support your troops by bringing them home from Afghanistan and Iraq, and free yourself from ZOG. All the war parties' efforts will bring you destruction and dishonor that no bombs will recover, and no tortures will save. Scoundrels don't deserve security and staying the course will kill them as soon as this election is over: watch the gas prices rise, troop levels rise and new ID security cards implemented, and new threats exposed or launched. The fix is in and the controlled media is part of it. They are as phony and crude as their child "Borat" (Sacha Cohen).





Witches and Warlocks, Begone!


Secular libertines and "religious" charlatans have diminished the white race, both morally and physically. Zionists, neo-cons and evangelical flim-flam artists are the bane of our people. They have totally feminized and and emasculated white males luring them into a grip of hedonistic ecstasy and mindless commercialism, sapping the numbers of our population by objectifying children as toys and elevating the perverse and the unnatural.

They include witches like the loathsome murder suspect Hillary Clinton, torturous bitch Lynne Cheney, the child pornographer/author of "Sisters" and torture apologist Laura Bush (wife of the chief warlock wuss, George Bush) and the numerous Hollywood whores like Madonna and Angelina Jolie — race-mixing Third World child kidnappers, U.S. "front man" Chiclets-face Condoleezza Rice, and ugly German chancellor Angela Merkel. Canada is replete with secularist acolytes like Governor-General Michaelle Jean, Belinda Stronach, human-rights "advocate" Louis Arbour, former Multiculturalism Minister Hedy Fry, former Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson, newspaper columnists Rosie DiMatto (Toronto Star), Christie Blatchford and Margaret Wente (Globe and Mail), and numerous other media bimbo bitches, not to mention torturer Michael Ignatieff and super-Zionist Bob Rae. Their shrill voices are in the vanguard of anti-White Nationalist screaming -- if it's good for the White people, they're against it.

Also part of this bunch are disgusting creatures like water-boarding torturer Dick Cheney, mindless killer Donald Rumsfeld, bloodthirsty ("if you're not with us, you're for the terrorists") George W. Bush, mean Cheney lookalike John Howard of Australia, smiling British moron Tony Blair, our pasty-faced warmonger Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Russian thug Vladimir Putin, of whom John Raimondo of the National Vanguard had the nerve to defend along with his killer machine, and many other odious creatures masquerading as humane.

Most of these wicked secularists have a backup plan to show their religiosity by trotting out some scary and mean evangelical phonies to cover their asses. But, you know that these are not Believers in the one-God concept, because they're quick to wage war against any other Believers in the same God over any social or economic differences with their secularist Satanic masters. ZOG and the commies know that if you can't beat them, pretend to join them until you have the Believers fighting among each other, baying to kill other God-fearing Believers in an instant — after torturing them, of course. None of these born-again Christians shirk from bombing other people into the Stone Age for a few shekels more (pass the plate, please).

On November 7th, White Americans and others will have an opportunity to toss some of these devils out of their positions of power and influence and into the dustbin of history if they vote for the Third Option: The Constitution Party or Independence, wherever available. Don't stay home, as some angry White Nationalists have advised, but show your displeasure and concern for your community and your country by voting for anyone but THEM. The same applies to the November 13 Municipal Elections in beautiful Toronto: Don't vote for the controlled media-approved deadbeats of Miller, Pitfield or LeDrew. There are 35 other candidates, and the most viable is BOB SMITH, where your vote will be NOTICED.

America and the Believers need a revolution, which has already been started by other one-God Believers, like the Taliban, al-Queda, the Somali Sharia Courts and patriotic freedom fighters in Chechnya, Iraq against other secularist demon-run governments throughout the world.

There should be no war between Believers, where only non-believers profit while they pose and prance, pretending that they care about anything but themselves, like the symbol of the New World secret orders that divide and rule. Anyone fomenting discord is suspect, born again or not. Stand up for your community, stand up for your race and vote the evildoer witches and warlocks out on November 7 in America. and on November 13 in Ontario.

Go to hell, you dogs and bitches! Hallowe'en is here!




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