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Foreign Flunkies


It's bad enough that we the meddling Norwegians in Sri Lanka, interventionist Finn diplomats, and the embarrassing ersatz Irish nationalist bearded guru of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams betraying all the Fenians who fought for a distinctive Celtic Ireland (which Adams now is gleefully opening up to Third World immigration. But then, what do you expect from internationalist communists?

Fidel Castro and his brother Raoul have never publicly complained about the American gulag Guantanamo at the tip of their 'socialist' paradise of Cuba (a case in point where neo-cons and commies work hand-in-glove while pretending to be ideologically opposed in their game of monopoly power. Castro's propped-up presence is a good boogeyman for the corporate war machine through ten U.S. Presidents. Those ten presidents allowed Castro to rampage from his home base throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa with his troops, killing thousands in the charade of the Cold War, until they couldn't afford to keep up the facade and opened up McDonald's and welcomed the "beeznessmen". Even the Bay of Pigs invasion was a planned fiasco to get rid of 1,500 problematic ex-patriate Cuban anti-communist fighters who were mounting daily raids against Castro's regime. The CIA chose the location of the invasion site -- full of sharp coral and and a one-road-in-and-out that was familiar as the locale of Castro's fishing holidays (not a town or hill to escape to). Most were captured and ransomed after two years in Marxist dungeons. Castro has served the power elite well, hence, little negativity toward him over fifty years from the controlled media.

Pervez Musharraf, the military dictator of Pakistan, was supposed to be captured in a coup, but the Americans saved him, so that he could turn on the Muslims in that country created by the first letters of the names of four major tribes (P,A,K, and I... stan). This unbeliever walks around with a dog and drinks champagne while killing believers in Baluchistan and the northwest frontier in his made-up country on behalf of Israel and the evil phony 'war on terror'; he has the blood of many Muslims on his hands.

Nearby is the puppet president of Afghanistan, oil executive Hamid Karzai. he uses the warlords of the Marxist Northern Alliance and the sucker soldiers from the Templar NATO. Recently, he greeted and kissed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a friendly pow-wow against terrorism in Tajikistan (who's zooming who?). Further west, we have the oily Saudis, who think they can buy their way through anything--always strangely silent to American depredations, particularly against Saudi Arabian citizens imprisoned in foreign lands and in Guantanamo. One day, they'll change the name of that country and drop the 'Saudi', perhaps, back to Arabia Felix, as the Romans had on their maps: Happy Arabia.

Next to the Saudis is the sandbox kingdom of Jordan, created for the family who lost out during the Arab revolt aided by Lawrence of Arabia. King Abdullah's father Hussein killed a lot of Palestinians during Black September, but the Palestinian cradle will one day catch up to this CIA asset which protects Israel's eastern border while they persecute the Palestinians in the West Bank lost to the Jews in one of Israels many wars.

Egypt is the most disappointing of countries, which proves the old Vedic adage: Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races, out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of that...all troubles. It takes foreigners to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics and history today. Their president, Hosni Mubarak, keeps the lid on Gaza for the Israel Defense Forces by allowing them to besiege the ghetto along Egypt's' border -- such camaraderie extended to the nations' population of 78 million people, while the Jews pummel the hapless Gazans with bombs. missiles, raids and assassinations.

The tall guy with the small head, Bashir al Assad of Syria is a leftover from the secular Marxist flirtation of the Baathist Party that some "progressive Arabs" have been experimenting with. Assad's father Hafez was also a killer, wiping out 10,000 Muslim believers in Homs. This guy's a big talker but a small doer. He couldn't even reclaim the Golan Heights, which Israel took from him a few wars back. Then it really could have been a new Middle guts, no glory.

The Palestinian leaders are a strange bunch: everything in half-measures and self-doubt, with a fear of being perceived too religious (even Nasrallah's Party of God, Hezbollah, regretted attacking the Israelis. If only they knew that Hezbollah would lead in what became an 34-day Israeli onslaught (Stephen Harper's 'measured response'). They're big on rhetoric but short on conviction.

Moammar Qaddafi and his Green Revolution in Libya never took off. His genuflecting capitulation at the height of the war on terror showed he's just as opportunistic as Vladimir Putin to cash in American totalitarian; he never did much to uphold and support the democratic process in Algeria when the Islamists were elected to power and then the CIA secular army canceled elections, and now happily does stooge work for the French and America: the military put-in government is the same happened with Putin's ascendancy to power....insider-arranged.

Japan is to Asia what England is to Europe. In fact, both pirate empires has a treaty of mutual defense for 21 years, from 1901-1922, each guaranteeing the other's subjugation of various Asian peoples until the Americans objected. That nation's prime minister Junichiro Koizumi visited a Shinto shrine where Japanese militarists are buried, but quickly denied any nationalist feelings or reasons, for fear of international pressure--he's a finer apologetic 'patriot.'

The phony country of India can last only so long: It was conquered and built by the British at the cost of one million lives upon their departure; with the Sikhs and the Rajpats, few will fight for it. There are 22 rebellions going on there right now, all kinds of ethnics striving for freedom and independence from Kashmir to Assam. It's just a matter of time.

For Indonesia and the Philippines, their island empires will disintegrate once the West retreats and their navys deteriorate. The more European colonial leftovers from Holland and Spain are usually sycophant followers of the war-on-terror charade.

The Third World leaders are a bunch of bowing and scraping flunkies for the International Money Fund and the race-mixed imperial powers. Their days are numbered, like all empires.




Lost Leaders


Apart from clean bathrooms, the Western World is in the worst position of respect and influence in the last fifty years, and you can ascribe it all to all of our leaders created by the rotten media. White world leaders are the worst, right from the bumbling Bush to the bemused Blair, to the Bilderberger-secretive Stephen Harper, to the butcher of Chechnya Putin, the disingenuous French President Chirac, the German Marxist Merkel, and all the other nameless multicult toadies in the European Union, all the way to race-mixer Jack Layton, communist Quebec separatists and the anti-White, anti-racist aspirants to the Liberal Party leadership. There isn't one of them that a White man or woman could be proud of. Instead, they all shame the White Race.

When one listens to these media-elected leaders, they all remarkably sound the same. None of them extol the virtues of the people they represent, other than to mesh their heritage into a New World Order of manipulated consumers. Culture, history and heritage are strictly pop to these scalawags: like in a mad whorehouse, anything goes. Our leaders' policies are all the same--profit through peace or war (the latter being quicker). They call it "happy capitalism" and are already using it as a motto on one of Toronto's propaganda stations: you're to get some more money to have some more fun --it's even in the U.S. Constitution: "The pursuit of happiness". Some women would say, "We never have any fun!", and that's the crux of it. No other virtue matters, as long as you're having fun -- we've all heard the chirp, "Are we having fun yet?".

Serious male considerations of life have been denigrated and set aside for the multicultural frivolous fun festival; little wonder that suicide bombers' motives are a total mystery to such hedonists -- unless, of course, their fun includes the rape and murder of hapless natives. 'Blast away, boys!', is what the leader of our armed forces' General Rick Hillier would probably tell his troops on first sight of Afghan shepherds on a hill. They're just 'scumbags'. It's this derogatory attitude of the whorehouse guard toward ethnic resistance to foreign occupation that is the Achilles' Heel of this whole sordid mess. They're so mean and arrogant that when their fall comes, there will be the old yelp of "WHAT HAPPENED?" in southern Lebanon.

What happened is, you're a bunch of no-good dirty dogs yourselves, trying to expand your whorehouse activity at the barrel of a Howitzer and cluster bombs. And their men are resisting all the way to their perceived paradise; let's see how many more fun boys you can offer for the butcher's bill of human flesh (oops, there's another who won't make American Idol, whose grieving parents still back the stupidity of opening a girl's school in Kandahar). Such a waste. But not one so-called leader of the White people dares to step out of the line of the multicult mantra of bringing freedom and democracy at the point of a gun barrel. Oh yeah, that'll last.

White women are in a self-induced coma about racial awareness: It's so fun-convenient, just bury your head in the sand and when you lift it up and come out from your door. there's a Third World waiting for you outside. By the time you're 70 years old, it's time to flee the neighborhood for the security of the old age home with the rest of the White Race's losers; Your two kids are too busy having fun, and now you're asking for a bedpan from strange and unfamiliar eyes (Hey, at least you had fun, even if it's cacophonic chaos outside, no dignity — just fun).

I watched the Liberal leader hopeful schleps the other day, speaking to a Liberal womens' group. All of the genuflecting pathetic, especially the mildly irritated "Iggy" , also known as Michael Ignatieff, supposedly a descendant of White Russian émigrés (the rich elite), along with fish-lipped ex-NDP Premier of Ontario Bob Rae (who married into the Zionist Perly family), and the sneaky Robespierre-like Stephane Dion. Every answer that everyone gave could have been put to anyone's mouth. It was all the same -- empty platitudes and exhortations for more fun feminist power. These are our "new ideas" leaders, scoundrels willing to say anything to get the female vote which keeps this crap going in the Western world.

Some dummies may call me a misogynist (I've been called worse--and liked it). And unless White Nationalists are willing to recognize the truth and act on it, they are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. Those who are willing to spit on their sperm have no business being the leaders of the White people, let alone ridicule the proud founders of future generations. As comic strip character Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

The White man has to set his own house in order before he can face the challenges of the world. Small hints of victory are on the horizon, like the ousting of the smiling warmonger Senator Joe Lieberman in the Democratic Party primary in Connecticut; the rejection by the Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission of Zionist Richard Warman's attempts to shut down Bill White's National Socialist website out of personal fear, while he hires mini-buses for anti-racist street thugs to intimidate White Nationalists at their private residences; the disastrous defeat of mommy-fied third generation Israeli soldiers at the hands of the Party of God (Hezbollah) in Lebanon; and the frightened disenchantment of Anglo and French feminist bigot politicians with multiculturalism -- all signs pointing to the eventual degeneration and destruction of their chimera world.

White Nationalists can congratulate themselves that they have been steadfast and right, throughout this White world crisis, so much so that the controlled media dares not mention their position, let alone their existence, only concentrating on the liberal Left's position of feigned fear and compassion. leading to more of the same. This proves again that for victory and survival, White Nationalism is the only option for the Western World.




"War On Terror" Fizzles


The phony 'war on terror' is in disarray, and anyone who buys into the 'war on terror' is a scoundrel or a sucker. Scoundrels don't like to risk their lives when they're promoting this activity at home and abroad and peddling the Third World War and Armageddon, all in order to keep themselves in power. The great circus impresario P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute", but the "war on terror" won't be enough to feed their grist mill for the human flesh that's being processed for these scoundrels' arrogant glory. They won't even talk directly to their enemies, but will only answer with "kill and capture", spin-doctoring their torturous methods, while claiming to be the good guys. Hear them howl whenever anyone suggests dialogue -- to them, that's tantamount to treason as they demand immediate genuflection to the power elite.

It's been done before; didn't the gulag commies claim to be the good guys and 'liberators' (for their new world order), while democracies' diplomats hob-nobbed with them? Here in Canada, they got rid of Liberal opposition MP Boris Wrzesnewskyj for daring to suggest to talk to the Party of God (Hezbollah) but neatly ignore their warmonger duplicity when the guy who likes to compare the Party of God to the Nazis (kosher conservative Tory Jason Kenney), but is willing to speak with the Mujahedin Khaliq, a communist cult group engaged in violent rebellion against the elected Iranian government.

However, the romanticized American Idol wuss culture that they created is not ready to kill or die like professional whorehouse guards; They're not going to die to spread perversion in a patriarchal ancient Third World society, with an actual adherence to and fear of God -- that's scary enough for any Eminem "yo" wannabe.

The cabal in power is running out of recruits, to the point that they are hoping that landed immigrants, mostly from other parts of the Third World, will fill their soldiers' shoes. Also, the Americans have been fetted to recall reluctant retired military personnel and are preventing specialists from retiring: the warmongers need them. In this 'war on terror', not only do American have to contend with Taliban suicide bombers, but also, those suffering in Gaza have kidnapped pro-war Fox News journalists and are demanding that Islamic prisoners held in the United States be released (at least, this drove U.S. media spies like CNN out of Gaza. Meanwhile, Fox has toned down their anti-Islamic rhetoric).

In anti-Semitic Europe, no one wants to send their troops for a United Nations mission on the Israel-Lebanon border for fear of being shot by the Jews, then having to shoot at them again. Apparently, they are not listening to the 'war on terror' monger George Bush's exhortations to speed up the European defense of Israel. Besides, no one wants to defend an Israel that is guilty of war crimes according to Amnesty International, as well as other human rights advocacy groups.

Air travel has deteriorated into a shambles of anxiety and insecurity as the 'war on terror' drumbeaters insist on overreacting to the slightest disturbance; tourism and air travel are down, as massive expenditure on security personnel is wasted while Americans and Canadians go hungry (among this waste are the growing Canadian casualties in Afghanistan, facilitating the propping up an American puppet regime run by communists and oil executives).

The Orwellian slimebags came up with this 'war on terror' hysteria instead of offering open discussions with all and sundry who are opposed to Western World meddling. These connivers passed this war-on-terror legislation as a generically universal statement of fact, then promptly dropped 1,000-pound bombs on their opponents. Now, under this 'war-on-terror' rubric, our civil liberties have been diminished and various ethnic Canadian communities have been thrown into disarray and insecurity while we pretend to support security in Afghanistan.

Racial awareness is a beneficial byproduct of this phony 'war on terror'. The racially divided are fighting among themselves in fact, in mind, and now on reality TV shows. There are the comments of the Black former Mayor of Atlanta Andrew Young (who charged that Blacks are being ripped off by Arab, Korean and Jewish shopkeepers), along with the upcoming season of the popular CBS series Survivor. In the next competition, the four teams will be based on race; there will be an African-American tribe, an Asian-American tribe, a Hispanic tribe and a White tribe, showing that America's fragmenting is incapable of keeping up the 'war-on-terror' charade.
People are getting sick of it. A proof of point of this is Bush's claim that Israel's war against the Party of God (Hezbollah) was part of his world-wide War On Terror was disagreed with by 77% of respondents to a CNN poll.

First, doubt creeps in, then obstinacy, then anger, then resistance. Soon the warmongers will have to re-introduce the draft...then you'll see some real resistance. The population is now semi-angry and obstinate. Unlike anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan, they are not going to lose their sons to this phony war on terror.




Israel Discombobulated


Israel is in a state of malaise with respect to its very existence; it is beginning to discombobulate, while its supporters are gnashing their teeth at any and all critics. If Israel and her supporters had agreed with the old United Nations resolution that Zionism equaled racism and said, "Yeah, so what, you're all racists," and pointing to each and every permanent member of the Security Council--China, Russia, Britain and even the race-mixed USA (ethnic unity is the essence of any stable state), they wouldn't be in this quandary they're in today. Instead, they peddled their Marxist multicultural pluralistic crapolla and undermined their natural supporters. Now, they can't convince the cosmopolitan world that their very unique existence is at stake in the Middle East.

Israel reminds me of the wild Vandals, a ravaging German tribe of 150,000 who made their way to North Africa upon on invitation by the Roman governor to aid them in putting down a rebellion. Soon, they took over the Roman province, established a kingdom and raided Rome itself. Given seven days to loot the city, they carried off all that they could in five, and sailed back to North Africa to degenerate. After three generations of luxury living they were confronted by Belasarius, a general of Justinian from the Eastern Roman Empire, who defeated them in all their finery with his forces numbering one-third of the Vandals' in a set-piece battle (leaving only their name, vandalism, to describe mindless mayhem).

So, too, is the case in Israel's war with Hezbollah: 0,000 Israelis against 6,000 Party Of God fighters, the Jews hitting in disarray, their lackadaisical reservists left without food and water in open Hezbollah territory ( best summed up by the disgruntled Israeli soldier who said, "I have no idea what our mission was, but I'm positive we failed to achieve it." ) and engaging in mindless bombing of civilians, where, for one of the first times, more children were killed than fighters, and the great and fearful name of the Israel Defense Forces has been dashed into a military disaster that has angered even American blowhards.

All the Zionist backers are worryingly disappointed as the cloud of public relations drizzles like acid rain over Israel's confidence: Fair-weather friends, liberals and internationalists don't want to back a loser, condemning every Jewish community in the world. Perception is everything.

In Canada the Liberals are talking about de-demonizing Hezbollah by taking them off the official Orwellian terrorist list (there'll be a lot of hand-wringing over that), especially after the pluralistic liberals saw the carnage wreaked by the Israeli jet pilots hiding behind their visors and helmets from the Hague's International Court of Justice. Zionist Stephen Harper pulled his own parliamentary minister out at the last minute, knowing what the bad news was going to be. The French disappointed Israel by first lobbying for an expanded UN force on behalf of the Arabs, then refusing to fully participate because the UN defence force rules were too tight. Brainless George Bush, who first said that Israel had won, is now backtracking and begging for more UN troops for the Lebanon mission while lamely offering Lebanon $230 million to fix up what American bombs had wrecked. No one's heard from British Prime Minister Tony Blair or "no-clue" Condoleezza Rice (who no doubt will be trotted out to confront Iran next).

I knew things were looking bad for Israel when I saw them abandon their northern towns over the threat of Katyushas, and then timidly drag themselves back to the intact towns, days after the ceasefire. The Lebanese of Southern Lebanon were jubilantly rushing to their flattened villages within hours of the ceasefire's announcement, in spite of warning flyers from Jewish jets overhead (just think, if Israel had been invaded, how they would flee -- and there isn't much space to do that). New York, Los Angeles and Miami are looking sweeter all the time: aren't there large Hispanic populations in those cities that they could use for serfs instead of the Palestinians? It could inspire a new sitcom called Chico and the Mensch. The Palestinians can forget about new Jewish settlements; not even the poor Khazars from Russia will take that chance, with a new Nebuchadnezzar on the horizon toward Iran.

This is the price of duplicity and hypocrisy as practiced by the pluralistic Zionists throughout the world, while supporting their own racist state in the Middle East. Don't expect egalitarian multiculturalists to die to preserve it. Israel has three choices:

(1) Open their borders to the Palestinians and share the wealth in a pluralistic, democratic state and hope for birthrate to not disappear, like the multicultural mess their supporters created in Canada;


(2) Keep the special Jewish nature of the country by giving up all territory held from neighboring states, from Shebba Farms to Lebanon, from the Golan Heights to Syria, and give all of the West Bank and Gaza to the Palestinians, release 10,000 Palestinian prisoners and stress to Muslims their connection to the Scripture God, then arm to the teeth and hope for the best; or


(3) be used as a flunky by neo-cons and apocalyptic Christian holy warriors as an attack dog, until it is pulverized and overrun.

When hedonistic America, anti-Semitic Europe and the antagonistic Third World have had enough and couldn't care less--for Israel, if they're so smart — the choice is theirs.




Anti-Racist Protesters Passé


Puzzled police were running around like chickens without heads, unsure where two dozen aggressive Anti-Racist Action demonstrators were going to land on Saturday August 19, in their final destination to protest the growing popularity of the ideology among youth of a "local fascist leader". One cop even told me at Toronto's Christie Pits where the pukes were gathering (after I identified myself), "Yeah, I believe they're coming to your place."

Paul Fromm says he's not a "neo-Nazi", but the slimebag yellow journalists and management of the Toronto Sun still put up a banner headline on August 20th Protesters Target Neo-Nazi's Home, designed to promote their anti-White propaganda against a man who stood up for the rights of Canadians of European origin for decades. There is no justice in their hearts when it comes to White people standing up for themselves and their heritage and history from the rabid haters of anything that hints at White pride and unity. Anti-White stoogette Natalie Pona of the Sun can crow to her genocidally evil masters that she has done her dirty work as ordered, with the proof of her being nominated for the Walter Duranty Award for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism (Print Category); the journalism school where she may have graduated from because of minority quotas should be ashamed of itself.

Twenty-five hired terror thugs had lied their way on to a school mini-bus under the name "Youth Against Violence" — who REALLY paid for that bus?. As far as they're concerned, their supremacism is the only racism allowed. The bandanaed and camouflaged punks were out to demonstrate against a local "fascist" leader, in tune with their puppet masters' dogma, from George Bush on down, ranting about all fascists, (including "Islamic fascists") -- a moniker applied to all the enemies of their injustice. It took two-and-a-half months to, after setting the August 19 date, assemble a motley crew of 25 S.O.B.'s ...not exactly a flaming success. However, these twits did outmaneuver the police and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS, quick to monitor White Nationalists with agent provocateurs, didn't know diddly as to the one location the intended intimidators were heading to. This is both criminal and pathetic for their so-called 'intelligence services'). The schleps from the ARA who organized this raucous fizzle did manage the night before at 1:45 a.m. (just after the bars closed) to throw two eggs at my residence (we almost caught them; maybe next time) and taped a dozen riot posters on utility lamp posts on my street showing a baseball bat smashing a swastika, two weeks before hand. On August 19, we were ready for a warm (hot) reception, as the police chief and the Mayor had already been advised of. Plenty of pictures of the faces of the criminal culprits have been obtained-- we'll be looking forward to meeting them somewhere. some time, to challenge their intolerance and hatred of our racial dignity and identity (of which they have none,... or perhaps by then, they will come to realize racial realities). This whole nihilistic atmosphere of anger and contempt toward racially-aware Whites starts from the top, and goes right down to their single parents.

But the tide has turned, and they are losing as more and more White Canadians are looking for something to believe in besides 'gangsta culture' and American Idol--and there's nothing more basic than race, which the bosses of these dummies understand perfectly. Hence, the new focus on White Nationalists and the growing appeal of it to socially disenfranchised Whites, that no two-legged barking dogs can stop. They can bomb and demonstrate all they want but like the Party of God (Hezbollah), we'll still be here at the end, stronger than ever, with an ideology more basic. I had to laugh at their chanting mantra that they yelled outside the back yard of Paul Fromm's town house: Nazi! Nazi! Nazi! Out! Out! Out! -- It was very similar to the old Hollywood Nazi slogan "Jeuden Raus (Jews Out)!" How original.

The police and the politicians will have to play catch-up with the public's mood and forget about their politically-correct crap, because every neighbor that I spoke to (including a Muslim) about the possibility of an impending demonstration by anti-White racist goons) resulted in surprise and derision toward the paid perpetrators: Good neighborliness breeds good neighbors in Toronto's Upper Beaches, and elsewhere.

We encourage all citizens of good will to remind the police and local politicians who are so keen on fighting terrorism that they get a handle on the activities of these anti-White fraudsters and conspirators. Otherwise, their unholy 'war on terror' is nothing but a giant sham to keep the enemies of White people in power.




Media Fanning War and Promoting Tyranny


The "celebs" of the supine controlled media are in a frenzy of frustration and suppressed anger because their bosses failed in the war against the Party of God (Hezbollah) and that al-Qaeda can't seem to get its act together. The spineless cowards hate what they consider a premature ceasefire in southern Lebanon, and that all of them are questioning and assuredly predicting none now. Oh, how they're blithering about the Party of God/Hezbollah aiding the people, cleaning up and rebuilding within hours after the still-holding ceasefire. Shouldn't the Lebanon government be doing this?, they whine, willing to let the people wait and suffer for fear of losing a propaganda point in an already-lost game. That's how petty and angry they are, especially the meanies on Fox News Channel and the half-truth tellers on CNN.

And the pity is, there is no one to oppose them in all the politically-elected of America. They're all in lock-step with the Zionist Occupation Government; this useless war proved the racist right -- again. Their 'concerned' faces urge totalitarianism when they bemoan the fact that the Limeys can treat their citizens like crap and hold them for 28 days without charges. Should we have these laws here?, the slimebags timidly suggest. I've heard tell that the taps are on to shore up the Zionist embarrassment that a Walter Duranty Award nomination is considered proof positive of total schlep activity by their bosses.

The media is nitpicking over politicized police allegations and jumping at any claustrophobic woman, wholesale cell phone purchase, economically opportunist Egyptian exchange students, and shampoo/baby bottle possession discovery as the next al-Qaeda 9/11 fifth-year commemoration. It's hard to keep a straight face and push for the Orwellian 'war on terror' with blind Bush, who claimed that Israel had won the war. And this is their leader in the 'war on terror' that young Canadian men are dying for no good reason in Afghanistan, because Bilderberger Harper can't think outside the box.

The American media is right out of the loop, navel-gazing and repeating the same "Hezbollah started this war" mantra over and over ( yeah, and they won it, too ) . The Canadian media is mostly Zionist-controlled, with the exception of the homosexuals at the CBC who still pine for the commie days. They're afraid of the Party of God, just like Fatah and the mercantile secular elements in Lebanon. Only the BBC in Britain is gradually shifting from the American myopia, realizing that the rest of Europe views the American war parties as anathema. These sons and daughters of the Me / rock and roll generation were taught little peace and love by their hippie parents: they're the meanest bunch of bitches and bastards who put on a show of pious concern for national security.

These hypocritical promoters of tolerance and diversity are the worst vilifiers and intolerant twerps when it comes to anyone questioning their holy grail of anti-racism and internationalism. They have spawned the bully thugs who take the law into their own hands with assaults and vandalism, such as the anti-fascists of Anti-Racist Action (just a bunch of bums on retainer for the potential lobby groups). These paid pimps don't know the meaning of the term 'individual dignity' and easily acquiesce to stress interrogations, sensory deprivation, force-feeding, shocks, X-ray surveillance at airports showing the entire anatomy, wiretapping and electronic surveillance.

These media pimps aren't against Israeli nuclear arms, a $3 trillion war in Iraq, or an annual sum of $5 billion going to Israel. They're not opposed to Israel kidnapping and the taking of women and children in Israel and Iraq. They have no problem with torture renditions, kangaroo courts and indefinite detention without charge, secret trials and evidence, directed assassinations, indiscriminate mega-bombings, environmental damage in Lebanon, Chechnya, Afghanistan and Iraq, or with War-On-Terror-created refugees, civilian casualties and nuclear weapons.

The in-bedded lickspittle media are also not adverse to fanning war and promoting tyranny, abortion, low minimum wages, "pre-emptive war", high gas prices, the Bush administration's exporting of jobs, the sameness of political parties' policies, Third World immigration, a politicized military and Pentagon pronouncements, the erosion of civil liberties, Internet censorship, bombing on behalf of 'freedom and democracy', immorality and vulgarity.

The media isn't opposed to religious ridicule and blasphemy, high wages for corporate CEO's and light sentences for corporate fraudsters, communism, foreign ownership, non-White racism, military pacts and foreign adventures and the concept of war as the only policy in dealing with Islamists.

These minstrel-worshiping media charlatans have been put in charge of our culture and approved-way-of-thinking; Hollywood whores couldn't do better. But this time, the people are not following. The people are sick of their idol-worshiping "gangsta lifestyle". People are turning away from their wars and their ways, and if they don't slow down, they'll soon be cut down in their mad charge into oblivion.




Abstinence Missing At AIDS Conference


Like many diseases suffered by mankind, AIDS is one of the worst, where a pimple can kill you as your body's immune system is disarmed by a microbe. AIDS is most prevalent in sexified societies where there is no religion. HIV's origins are unclear, anywhere from monkey meat in Africa to mad scientists and conspirators experimenting with fire in secret government laboratories. For all the money in the world that's available, no cure or vaccine has been found-- only drug combinations to keep the disease temporarily at bay. Sex education, condoms, and all the advertising in the world can't stop the spread of the disease in hedonistic, Western-oriented societies, spread around by frequent flyers and sex tourists.

Abstinence is the only word that I haven't heard at the Toronto AIDS Conference that has been running since Sunday and goes until Friday August 18, where 24,000 delegates have come together in our beautiful city. You don't expect Bill Clinton and the jet-set billionaire Bill Gates to advocate that idea (Why doesn't Gates just manufacture AIDS drugs and distribute them himself to the world, instead of relying on vague foundations, multinational corporations and multi-figure donations if he is so concerned?). Instead, they propose to hedonize the entire planet with condoms and women's lib: "Stay the course", like in Iraq, and don't question the morality of the problem.

The late White Nationalist J.B. Stoner from Georgia shockingly proclaimed, 'Thank God For AIDS'. His view was that it was a way of getting rid of not only criminal drug users, but also homosexuals and errant Whites and non-whites off the life-board -- harsh and insensitive, but true to his viewpoint. However, I believe that more sensitivity and compassion are required, coupled with responsibility and moral considerations for all concerned. Anything less is equivalent to the German concept of schaudenfreud, laughing at other people's miseries because you don't like them. Even some of these same people would be screaming Marxist / neo-con intolerance toward our racist ideology. We don't need to be spitting vicious epithets at their sad situation; we're not sick.

The majority of the Toronto conference delegates appeared to be macho women and homosexuals, with a smattering of hand-rubbing pharmaceutical company representatives and doctors. Some of these dummies suggested more male genital mutilation (circumcision), so that the world's sex party can go on...any excuse except abstinence and sexual self-control. No major religious figures were invited to present an alternative attitude. Only our kosher conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper was invited, only to be vilified at the conference for his supposedly Christian fundamentalist outlook. He declined with thanks, and was a no-show (he's too busy hiding from the public in Nunavut, up in Arctic Canada, after his blundering remark that Israel gave a "measured response" in the destruction of Lebanon and the deaths of of over 1,000 civilians). His Bush policy in Afghanistan is not faring much better, with casualties and coffins flying in every week from the Taliban war zone.

Popular minstrels and their lifestyles are no examples of restraint role-models. In fact, they are the antithesis of how this disease should be fought: less sex, not more (try telling that to the Gay Pride Parade celebrants, another venue that should be abandoned as its participants dwindle).

You might say that this is Nature's way of dealing with excess, like lemmings. Nature seeks a balance and the Western world has gone overboard with Israel's bombing campaigns and its lame justifications. The majority of the population doesn't want anything to do with it, as they don't want anything to do with Israel's problems in the Middle East. The AIDS issue and Israel are being stigmatized and are being abandoned.

Now is the time to re-asses the AIDS crisis and to re-introduce the long-lost words of responsibility, fidelity and abstinence — all missing from the Toronto AIDS Conference Agenda.




Spin-Doctoring defeat


Any way you cut it, Israel and her supporters have lost this war with the "Party of God" (Hezbollah). Israel's great boast that they have degraded Hezbollah and will have it disarmed according to the agreed-to UN resolution could have been achieved by handing over a dinky area known as Shebba Farms to Lebanon and undermining Hezbollah's raison d'etre. Instead the Jewish state has wreaked havoc on a mercantile-oriented democratic, pluralistic made-up state by killing over 1,000 of its citizens, mostly women 3,000 more and causing $10 billion worth of infrastructure damage. Israel's losses total 150 dead (mostly soldiers) and 1,000 wounded. That's what you get with arrogant over-reaction, acts of revenge beyond the pale (the Shtetl strikes back). These were not Semitic war decisions, but angry anti-Semitic actions against the Arabs from their new Khazar neighbors, who refuse to not only wheel and deal, but talk to their enemies -- just listen to the mental-midget mindset on Fox News and CNN.

The whole Zionist establishment will have to climb down and should stop pushing for a cosmopolitan communist/commercial area if they expect to identify with, and get the support of, the racially-aware Whites of the world. This hateful demonizing campaign called 'The War on Terror' will have to be abandoned for dialogue, as the anti-racists have already brought in the people and the problems to each and every White country throughout the world. Racism is as natural as breathing and the Jews are really good at it; only like-minded people for their own racial identity can emphasize. Frequent-flyer cosmopolitans and armchair communists are so hypocritically disappointed with Israel's behavior. The Left is not a base that Israel can count on, and reactionary anti-White kosher conservatives will never lead the racially aware. Nationalistic Jews in and out of Israel will have to turn to other ethnic nationalists, particularly those who look like them; all else spells disaster for Israel (I hate to see them crying at the gravesites, baring their young soldiers: they look like characters from a North American mall, and matriarchally, can't take it). The sooner the Jews get out of the anti-racism business, the better for them and for Western society. They can't suck and blow at the same time.

World public opinion will not support a nuclear war to save Israel. No matter how much media babble and Hollywood propaganda they peddle and pretend that right is on their side (not the racist right), and that's all that matters. The rest of the neo-con schleps can be bought off with Air Miles, and, for the bleeding hearts and other socially-conscious racially unaware White leftists, the Jews will have to suffer once again before they can be viewed as victims. Who wants to go through that, just like the stupidity that many Israeli reservists are witnessing by being used as cannon fodder occupying little strips of Lebanon under Hezbollah fire? Instead of withdrawing, their stubborn, stupid arrogant pride and passion for power will entail the loss of more Jewish lives like in Afghanistan--for no good reason.

They may as well shut down this loss leader, and forget about nationalism and go back to cosmopolitan wandering and waiting for the Messiah, because what they have now, is just a mess.




Embarrassed In Tel Aviv


The mighty state terror of the Israeli Defense Forces have failed to cow the followers of the "Party of God" (Hezbollah). They have failed to kill and capture their quarry. They are angry and embarrassed in Tel Aviv that the world has to see their war faces while thousands of civilians died. Much of the world is shocked, as when I compared the Israeli attacks to a blitzkrieg at a local Greek butcher shop: all the staff, young and old, male and female, jumped up, and I heard three voices yell, "Worse!".

The Zionist-controlled media has been playing up the alleged "super plot" to suicide-bomb ten airliners based upon information from police forces, which harbored IRA assassins and bombs, shot an innocent Brazilian for looking 'wrong' and raided the wrong two Pakistani brothers, killing one and wounding the other. And now, we're to believe a "plot" that George Bush knew months ago involving suicide bombers going through a trial run begs credulity (already, 24 Pakistanis have been arrested and two have been released).

Israel is bogged down with not much more than 4-5 miles into Southern Lebanon in a raggedy line. Soon they'll be picked off in the hilly country. Either way, it's ridiculous for the Israelis to think they can kidnap or assassinate anyone they want to in the world, than act so arrogantly indignant with their new mantra that "Hezbollah started this." Israel must be embarrassed at their yahoos who support them, like Bush, mouthing against "Islamo-fascists" while claiming to be not against any religion: These are the same words that the Anti-Racist Action in Toronto uses when they plan to march against the home of a "local neo-fascist leader" (possibly yours truly) in their efforts to intimidate and terrorize their opposition.

Israel is embarrassed at the derision and criticism leveled at forces for their "half-assed" measures, from blustering American military experts. In 1982, before Hezbollah's inception, it took the Israelis just three hours to reach the Latani River, and only 48 hours to get to the outskirts of Beirut (mind you, they spent 88 days kicking the armed Palestinian Liberation Organization out of Lebanon. This time, they are forced to accept an embarrassing UN ceasefire resolution, in spite of their massed tanks' bluff for a larger invasion at the eleventh hour. Even the Shebba Farms will have to be returned in 30 days, and their total retreat from Lebanese territory is to be facilitated by the expansion of an existing UN mission that had bombed earlier. The object of this UN force will be to have the Lebanese government and army take over southern Lebanon -- a government with the popular Hezbollah already in it.

The fear, hatred and destruction that Israel has created with its onslaught will not dissipate. Further IDF activity against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank won't be ignored by peace-loving people: Unless Israel sets up a fund to compensate Lebanon and the Palestinians, that hatred will fester for the next round of one-step-forward-two-steps-back Israeli war policy to oblivion.

I am embarrassed for the Israelis and their bloodcurdling warmonger supporters and their lies. It's so agonizing to see them at the center of attention and the possible cause of nuclear war and the peoples' general desire to get on with their own lives, especially when they inconvenience air travelers. All this could eventually lead to their abandoning Israel. When America votes for a United Nations resolution (while at the same time Joe Lieberman is defeated), Zionists and their supporters can't be too happy about being publicly abandoned in their passion and fervor to destroy Hezbollah: What can you expect from a nation of hedonists who pride themselves on the pursuit of happiness? They're certainly not going to die for any Messianic reasons. Even if you control every bit of that society you'll have to give theses people what they want...and it's not war.

Israel has been embarrassed by its failure to achieve its puffed up goals. Now, they and their pundits don't appear so smart, and none of their dummy supporters had the courage to tell their puppet masters that their aggression was not a 'measured response' (Stephen Harper included).

All the greedy businessmen and Zionist-controlled Western neo-con governments have to do is stop attacking Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Kashmir, Chechnya, Thailand and The Philippines, and for Israel to get out of Gaza and Palestine. Then we'll see the folly of their lies, and then, we'll see peace. The first step is ceasefire and dialogue with all concerned.

Where's their Woody Allen when they need him?




War On Terror: Cruel, Clever Hoax


The Orwellian-named war on terror is right out of the pages of some futuristic dictatorial nightmare where Big Brother decides and changes the meaning of words and the population follows in lock-step. The word "War On Terror" have as much meaning as the title that the starving people of North Korea have been propagandized to call their communist tyrant Kim Jong-il: "Dear Leader." Both represent a murderous attitude toward solving the elimination of their opponents. Anyone who subscribes to either of those oxymoron phrases is part and parcel of the killing machine, whether it's bombs from the sky or public executions in North Korean stadiums.

Neo-cons, Zionist dreamers, one-world conspirators, communists and mercenary killers have all bought into the cultist misappropriation of the word terrorist similar to the way that the homosexuals have undermined the word 'gay'. These people are masters of dialectics; using sleazy salesmen semantics they have the population bamboozled through the Zionist-controlled media, while conducting their own terrorist operations. Their chutzpah is barefaced and colossal, just like their smiling schleps Blair and the Arborite-thin brainiac Bush.

Flaky females are their first supporters, fearing the social sexual constraints of a Taliban. Party pukes and reactionary bigots are their second line of offence...but their casualties are mounting. It seems that every week in Canada there is a military funeral to commemorate the phony war on terror and a life lost for no good reason; if this keeps up they'll have to speed up the funeral march and change the Last Post to "Post Time" (the racetrack starting anthem), while meaningless Bible quotes are sonorred by the preachers participating in this useless charade.

This dirty war on terror while practising more of it, has undermined and hurt millions, from Guantanamo to Brampton, from Afghanistan to Iraq, from Somalia to Lebanon, all in the name of some b.s. new order. Blood for more blood is what the advocates of this carnage have in mind, while its proponents conveniently disappear into World Bank CEOs and the Canadian Senate. There'll be no war crimes trials for these dogs of war...just interviews on their suppliant networks, democracy by decree. Fear-mongering is the weapon of this evil war on terror, appealing to the most hypocritical elements of the citizenry. "War On Terror Terrorists" breed public anxiety and undermine future hopes and plans in every Western state where hopelessness leads to instant hedonistic pursuits--goodbye family life and procreation in this poisoned atmosphere, a terrible end for our civilization. The one-sided nature of the War-On-Terror Terrorists and their stubborn, stupid and losing 'stay the course' dogma (like Hitler at Stalingrad), further guaranteeing our civilization to bash its brains against the wall.

Many of us are concerned with one social issue after another during our lifespan. But it's hard to be effective singly. That's when religion steps in and offers the answers and panaceas for social order based on our historical roots. Fair-minded people with hope for the future participate more in their own activities which would put the pressure and onus of the lonely priests and preachers with their empty pews to take heart and pick up the leadership of their congregants before the War-On-Terror wolves scatter and destroy their flocks. Only the God-believers can put a stop to this madness.

When you go to another country to kill, no one should be surprised if you come home in a box. Tell Stephen Harper to call for a ceasefire immediately in Israel, Lebanon and Afghanistan. The grieving relatives of those who have died in Afghanistan should remove their blinkers and sue Harper and his flunkies for their needless loss.

Bring our troops home...No ifs or buts!




Say "No!" To NATO


The official military of Big Governments have become arrogant, aggressive and propagandized for the power cliques' foreign adventures, while jeopardizing their own civilian populations: Witness the number of enemies Canada has made in the Islamic world with the crude bombast of of our boastful officers while being unable to protect this country in any meaningful way from determined and unconventional opponents. Look at the quagmire of the largest world military in Iraq (USA). Look at the massive destruction Israel's air force has wreaked upon Lebanon and Hezbollah (still there holding the line and firing rockets into Israel's civilian cities). The Sri Lankan army, air force and navy can't handle the Tamil Tigers, nor can the brutal Russian armed forces squelch the Mujahideen in Chechnya. All their high-powered propagandists can do is to destroy the lives of civilians.

The Syrians and Egyptians don't dare put their organized formations into any set-piece battle for fear of Israeli jets (in most of these countries the armed forces are used by the elite to keep the populations down). Slobodan Milosevic's Yugoslavian army didn't fare much better, folding en toto, even though ten percent of them were destroyed in three months of bombing by NATO. The Ethiopians couldn't beat the peoples' militia, the dug-in Eritreans. Neither were the Indian and Filipino armed forces able to get rid of their separatists; the same for the Nepal army against the Maoists or the Colombian army against FARC, or the Ugandan army against the Lord's Resistance Army (the rebels are still there and it's an inconclusive draw).

Today, Canada's and America's generals peddle their peculiar propaganda on behalf of their tax-supported censored soldiers, often contrary to the citizens' wishes. The government enrolls our country in dangerous and useless military agreements such as NATO and NORAD, which threaten our safety and besmirch the good intentions of fair-minded people in their respective countries. These military agreements were supposedly made to protect us from communist aggression and invasion, until the bankrupt puppet-masters controlling both sides opened up a McDonald's in Moscow. Now, this farce called NATO has evolved into a Praetorian Guard reserve to push Godless hedonistic imperial power throughout the world. Let's get out of it. Millions are being wasted, along with lives and property, on one-world dreams of control by the snotty snits on top. NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer is a prime know-it-all example of this Da Vinci Code-type conspiracy. European Union Secretary-General Javier Solana is another one behind the scenes of the Bush/Blair blather. Like the professional soldiers of the Condottieri of the Renaissance, they became an industrial military complex selling protection, intrigues and propaganda (and also, much like Dick Cheney's Halliburton Corporation of today).

A peoples' militia, ingrained in the community and lightly and strategically armed, has proven to be the bugaboo of these professional mercenary killers in the armed forces of governments; that's why Israel is attempting to ethnically cleanse southern Lebanon. And the Americans have done the same thing in Iraqi cities such as Fallujah. There, only collaborators and officially-stamped stooges need apply for residence -- a stopgap measure that just won't work in the long run as their manpower and equipment wears down, down, down. (I'm sick of the bloody and bloated body-count baloney on the number of insurgents and Talibs killed by Americans; it didn't help them in Vietnam, and it won't help them today, with a a one-billion reservoir of Muslims available for Jihad).

Massive military spending on mega-project hardware is a waste that shows its frailty, particularly when you have to run around the Third World and bribe minorities to join the fray: it's all doomed to failure. Canada should get out of NATO and all foreign military entanglements, including the United Nations, because in the end they will only spell disaster and denigration for our country and people.

Tell your politicians and so-called public representatives that we should opt for peace and security in our own land by refusing to forcefully meddle in other people's problems, and expand our militia for our national security, because that is where our safety begins, as all politics is local.

Say NO to NATO!



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