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Don't Kill In My Name


How would you like Chinese government troops sent by the United Nations, rushing through your streets in convoys, shooting anyone who got too close, while on a hunt to kill and capture Christian fundamentalists and other conservative Bible-thumpers and ethnic patriots on behalf of a 'progressive' new government put in place by the UN and the power brokers behind it; a new government created by a single-slate electoral system alien to your traditional system of government?

That's what Canada's doing in Afghanistan: running around shooting, killing people, capturing them and handing them over for torture interrogations...all this to back an oil CEO's puppet regime in Kabul. It's right out of a Kipling model, with British troops leading the way under the falsely-named North Atlantic Treaty Organization and its mercenary fighters, a long way from the Atlantic.

The whole 'war on terror' is in doubt by most liberals and politically-aware White Nationalists. The image of smiling Mohamed Harkat (part of the Toronto Star's "latte" race) sitting with his adoring bilingual White Quebecois wife, undermined the most serious secret allegations and innuendos that any CSIS agent could come up with. Mr. Harkat has spent three and a half years in custody on a notorious security certificate, mostly in solitary confinement.

With mounting deaths in Afghanistan, unjust laws at home, and the ugly rapes and massacres by Americans in Iraq, it'll be hard for liberals to send deserters home to go and do their duty. And the neo-cons are being isolated as they stutter excuses for their depredations and failures from Gaza to Afghanistan.

The writing is on the wall.




Rot and Rain


The North Korean regime rained on America's Independence Day by test-firing seven long range missiles into the Sea of Japan, while the rot of the U.S.A. showed itself by sending an aged and damaged space shuttle off to the international space station, while holding citizenship ceremonies for their soldiers recruited from over twenty Third World countries from Baghdad to Bagram.... reminds me of of the last days of Rome, when foreigners manned their legions and old sculpture was incorporated into new works.

Cabbage-eating North Korea is a regional power and not a direct threat to mainland USA. Japan and China will never let them have more than their peninsula, which is still divided. George Bush won't do much; expansionist China won't let him, while Taiwan and Japan shake. The rotten, inept communist regime of North Korea, clinging to an abandoned doctrine and limited by dynastic succession uncertainties, can't do much either, except saber-rattle.

South Korea is much more confident since its 1950s war and its economic and political development it could hold its own without 30,000 American soldiers who have been there much too long. They give this local problem world dimension and fear. North Korea's leader could be courted, like Lybia's Qaddafi, who wanted secular acceptance all these years (so much for his Green Revolution and the Little Green Book).

Kim Jong-il has three sons. He Inherited the dictatorship form his father, who was called 'Great Leader'; Jong-il is called 'Dear Leader', and chooses pretty-faced youths to serve in the 'Joy Brigades' to satisfy his hard-working entourage in a tyrannical society that can't feed itself (perhaps he wants the U.S. to reward him). Precision-marching Red Koreans look good, but as some once said, "Can they fight, and for how long" on an empty stomach — not an inch, without China's approval. Now, let's listen to the neo-con and Marxist semantics and propaganda....

This whole missile crisis is nothing but a brouhaha, a tempest in a teapot to get people to look the other way while Israel smashes the civilians of Gaza.




Delusional Denials and Droege's Death


As Lewis Carroll's Alice once remarked in Alice In Wonderland, things are "curiouser and curiouser."

Wolfgang Droege had a long and illustrious career in White Nationalist politics since I met and recruited him into the movement 32 years ago. He founded the now-defunct Heritage Front, which received plenty of publicity thanks to the inner workings of Canadian Security and Intelligence Service financing and government agents like Grant Bristow, et al. Wolfgang was a very proud man who wouldn't bother dealing with you if you were openly opposed to his views. No druggers would dare to voice their opposition, even if they had an opinion. I've known both his killer and the deceased for decades.

When two drunks are fighting in a park and one kills the other, it's second degree murder or manslaughter — same way with deluded druggers. Drug dealing is a dangerous business, with nut-bars, crazies and delusional people calling and begging at your door. Bad things happen, and Keith Deroux, who was convicted of manslaughter, was in that milieu for all the years I knew him: crazy like a fox, and quick to punish for small presumed slights from anyone, except his supplier. A deal was made, sealing all the dirt and discussion of the activities of Droege and Deroux, the latter going all the way to British Columbia to purchase a gun to kill Wolfgang Droege for a still unknown and unexplained reason.

The purposely naive and over-the-top comments by characters coming out of the woodwork does nothing to unravel this mystery as to why, all around. I'm sure the intelligence cops are breathing a sigh of relief at their closure of this murky episode.

Eleven years for taking a man's life: a cheap price, with little coverage and a quick cover-up — all this while the authorities are supposedly campaigning against gun violence....more stench from CSIS.




Iraq Propaganda


There's so much propaganda on Iraq that it's impossible to come to the real truth, other than the underestimated American claims: Surprise visits; photo-ops; Representative John Murtha advocating pulling out of Iraq immediately, launching and suspending his bid for Speaker of the House if the Democrats win in November; Fem-lib Nancy Pelosi, putting forward a proposal for troop re-deployment from Iraq; the use of "approaching a turning point" as a propaganda phrase; tough talk from the Iraqi Shi'a puppet prime minister; all this while waiting for a realpolitik response by the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Muhajer.

Unless the Shi'a attack Americans, especially during the new proposed American sweep of Baghdad in an attempt to turn the entire city of six million into a Green Zone, there'll no peace in Iraq. Shi'a represent 10 % of the Muslim population (the rest of the one billion Muslims are Sunnis).

Iraq is a Western imperialist operation, which, like similarly-created African states, won't survive. Only a dictator can forcefully mend this kind of country together, such as Tito of the former Yugoslavia.

Bush's five-hour visit to Iraq isn't going to do anything for his Christmas wish plan for the puppet government to disarm the militias, particularly the Badhr brigade run from Tehran by Ahmadinejad's Revolutionary Guard. American troops creeping around the streets of desert towns and smashing doors of private homes with sledgehammers daily, will not endear them to the Iraqi people.

The guys are going nuts over there and should be brought back quickly for psychiatric examination, all 140,000 of them.

Sistani, the American collaborator cleric, issued a fatwa against violence through a representative on June 14 in Montreal. That kind of action won't endear them to the Brampton 17.

World Cup Report II

The Australian match with Japan was a trial run for the real thing at some future date. Japan's anthem was short and nondescript, while the Aussie one sounded like a mournful church hymn. The shorter Japanese played sneaky and threw themselves against the Australians' goalie, preventing him from catching an easy ball, which further shocked the Egyptian referee, who allowed the goal. The Aussie coach's two-handed push in the chest of a Japanese official didn't help. The Japanese kept close to their opposition's taking the ball away many times: Their pushing, sliding methods earned them plenty of yellow card warnings (two of them, and you are out with no replacement). Finally, after another Japanese foul, in a wild melee through three pairs of legs, Australia tied the score. The Anglo East European and Mediterranean White Nationalist Australian team came back with two more goals to destroy ther Japanese 3-1.

The moving American anthem, was written by Francis Scott Key, a besieged American at the Battle of New Orleans against the British (who didn't survive the bombardment when the English retreated into the night). However, two shots on their goals resulted in two goals, even though the Americans controlled the ball from 40% to 60% of the first half. America's playing didn't do much better in the second half, with the tough Czechs yellow carding their way to another goal, for a 3-0 victory.

At least all the Italians sang their nostalgic national anthem, as did the players of Ghana, whose anthem sounded as if it were composed by an English music teacher. Ghana was the first African country to achieve independence from the dissolving British Empire. It has a long history as the Ashanti Empire, and to their credit, Ghanans have survived intact, unlike their neighbours in West Africa. The Ghanans played vigorously, keeping the Italians on their toes in a fluid game of lost chances on both sides until Italy finally scored for their many fans, with a striker shot through a forest of legs. The White-coached Ghanans couldn't get it right and handed the ball to an Italian player who easily deeked the Ghanan goalie and shot the ball for another goal, giving the Italians a 2-0 victory.

The South Korean and Togo anthems sounded about the same, especially when the Korean anthem was mistakenly played twice; they sounded as if they were hymns written by a church deacon. The serious Koreans had their hands on their hearts while the Togo players looked around nervously — it ws interesting to watch, a battle between Oriental hillbillies and African hill people; both teams' coaches were White. Togo. a thin slice of a country, was once a German possession until the French took it over after the Great War. Togo's players were all over the Koreans, even though the Koreans played skilfully. The Togo jet-set fans were ecstatic with their first goal. After running down the Koreans with their giant legs, one of the Togo players was kicked out of the game, while the Koreans scored on the foul. The determined Koreans came back with their winning goal for a 2-1 finish (there will be plenty of celebrating in Toronto's convenience stores).

France won the cup in 1998; suspiciously, when the tournament was held in France, their team was a colossal disappointment in 2002. The French national anthem, first sung by the mobs of the French Revolution in Marseilles, still arouses. The French, hung up on their language, think that anyone who speaks it is French, throughout their tropical empire, hence, most of the French players were Black, and the rest, North African. None of them sang as their White fans cheered, the Swiss didn't look homogeneous, and I couldn't tell in which language of the four official ones they were mumbling their lullaby anthem. Six of their players could have played for other nations' teams, as the Swiss population keeps dwindling away. Both teams played in such an amateur, slow and erratic manner that the French fans hooted their team. The erratic, angry Russian referee handed out yellow cards like confetti. The Swiss team was full of dark holes (like their cheese), and the French ended up in a 0-0 tie (like the number of goals they scored in the last tournament).

The Brazil and Croatian anthems were both respected by their players with pride and singing. The Christian-crossing Brazilians were all brown, belieing the estimated 30-40 millions of Whites in the country. The Croat players looked skyward as the haunting strains of their anthem filled the Frankfurt stadium. The fast-paced first half showed the energy of the Brazilians, who out-shot the Croats, finally scoring at the end of the first half on the Green Lantern-dressed Croat goalie melting in with the turf. The World Cup winners of Brazil made a good enough performance in cruise control to win 1 - 0 over the strangely satisfied Croat fans right to the end. The Croats will have to do better if they hope to beat the Australians in their group; Brazil had better speed up their passing plays if they want to keep the World Cup.

The Spanish players, before their match with the Ukraine, did not seem to know their anthem, as none of them sang it like their fans. All the Ukrainians held their right hands on their hearts while singing their anthem, whose over-orchestration left no particular impression. The Spaniards scored their first goal early in the game while the Ukraine team looked on in disorganized disbelief around the net. Three minutes later, another goal didn't help the spirit of the fair-haired, good-looking Ukrainians, who were no match for the hard-faced Spaniards' fancy footwork, and after two more goals later in the game, the Ukraine's pretty-boys were sunk by the aggressive Spanish playing, to a final score of 4-0.




Ominous Omens


America is racking up martyrs against itself, from Slobodan Milosevic to Abu Musad al-Zarqawi. After dropping two 500-pound bombs on a house in Iraq, the invading American forces finally killed their main antagonist and leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The smug, arrogant gloating by the controlled media flunkies is unmanly, and shows the Ugly American and their allies' unseemly adolescent nature. Bush, Blair and Rumsfeld couldn't resist their self-adoring boasting while resistance bombs still go off in Baghdad. It was just sickening to see the smug mugs of the neo-con Fox News Channel tittering like high school girls on the news of Zarqawi's elimination.

You'd think the second coming had arrived, describing the assassination as a victory in the phony war on terrorism and potentially as a "turning point" in the American occupation of Iraq, the Americans quickly showing the cleaned-up face of the Iraqi al-Qaeda leader. It won't make any difference, as the Mujahideen slogan is 'Victory or Martyrdom' — in the eyes of of his followers, they prayed that Zarqawi would receive the latter, waiting in paradise for his brothers. American guns and bombs will not defeat the resistance, and the hedonistic American psyche will not allow a long-term stay and victory. There are plenty more Zarqawis in the patriarchal Muslim world, while the matriarchal West looks for more Green Card applicants to fill their ranks from the jungles of America; it's a no-win situation.

In Canada, the kosher conservative pundits and Zionist apologists in the media and the politico are falling over each other with bigot suggestions against the 17 Canadian Islamic alleged conspirators to capture our secret Prime Minister Stephen Harper and hold him host rage until Canadian troops are back room their dirty war supporting the American puppet in Afghanistan: "Charge them with treason!" "Bring back the death penalty!" "Limit immigration from Islamist countries!" — all this playing to the socially conservative and silently racially-aware White Canadians, who don't hear a word of it.

After some windows were broken at mosques in Quebec and an Islamic centre in Ontario by some reactionary bigots or perhaps agent provocateurs, the Canadian native Attorney-General of Ontario James Bartleman held a hasty meeting with Imams to treacherously rant and rave against racism. He said nothing about the White Canadians in Caledonia, Ontario right under his nose, due to the continuing blockade and illegal occupation of any by his people (everything is anti-White in this country). The very conspirators and idiots who brought the Third World multiculturalism to Canada now have the nerve to blame racists and racism for the turmoil here. The very same macho blowhards who sent trained killer Canadians to Afghanistan to kill and capture them have the chutzpah to lie by intimating that their aggressive invasion has nothing to do with the turmoil at home. These duplicitous bastards have convinced the Arborite-depth mentality of our soldiers to think they can defeat the Taliban there and therefore, our problem will go away here: That's why our mission in Afghanistan, is so important, eh? It's the kind of dumb Tim Hortons thinking (oh yeah, oh, yeah) that has made us lose sight of any concept of Canadian culture; never mind the b.s. about a 'global village'.

I'm pleased to say the majority of White Nationalist organizations have stayed away from being cheerleaders for the so-called "War on Terror", but instead have taken the attitude that "my enemy's enemy is my silent friend--for now", in spite of police agents and internet posters to the contrary. Race trumps religion and ideology, and all religions are universal, so there's no point attacking any of them (unless they're practicing cannibalism and human sacrifice).

This two-year investigation into the alleged conspiracy of the 17 Muslims falls very neatly into the government's plans to renew the Draconian police state Anti-Terrorist Act, which the schleps at the 'Gob and Pail' (Globe and Mail) readily recommend that CSIS and the RCMP work hand in hand to keep their masters in power. Don't be fooled by reactionary rhetoric: our enemies' glass is half-empty, and draining away fast with little in reserve for unwilling and proud White Canadians.

(However, for the next thirty days, whatever the Americans do will be a secondary unpleasant activity compared to the worldwide attention over the World Cup — unless of course, they win a possible final series against Iran).

And speaking of second comings...

The ancients were big on omens and they were far from stupid as Hollywood has portrayed them. The had other interests, and one of them was the presence of omens precluding great events, and lately we've had a few of them: a floating ribbon-like rainbow appearing in America, along with twin bisons, a three-armed baby in China, a habosh storm in Arizona and the eruption of the Merapi volcano in Indonesia.

...Ominous omens, indeed.



Gay Marriage Charade


I've never seen a more naive and loser campaign than the revisited Gay Marriage Vote Charade as scheduled by neo-con Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the half-hearted constitutional amendment by George Bush to federally sanction heterosexual marriages. Both neo-cons decided on their social conservative concerns early in their campaigns to threadbare victories, then neatly ditched their flock for the neo-con "war on terror" on Muslim countries.

The first arrogance Harper showed was when he opened his campaign was to "revisit" the gay marriage law undermining the family unit and White culture — then he never mentioned it again. Harper doesn't want to discuss or debate the merits of heterosexuality and the traditional family, even though he's got the stomach for it. He's afraid of the women's vote. on whose coattails the homosexuals got their rights. CSIS and the RCMP don't want to have to deal with "dykes on bikes" and Secretive Stephen wouldn't dare reveal the root thinking of his Christian upbringing, otherwise he'd have the degenerate media howling at him (he'd rather be at Bush's ranch planning the next attack on Iran).

Harper's already muzzled all the Conservative backbenchers in Parliament ao the public won't be part of the debate; there'll be no town meetings or panel discussions (or invitations to 'R.E.A.L. Women' to present their case to Parliamentary committees. No, just a quick vote which will fail due to all the Marxist, secularist and internationalist neo-cons. Even John Tory, leader of Ontario Conservatives, is in favour of gay marriage. This entire game is an exercise in futility and a slap to all the Canadian God-believers.

No, the sky hasn't fallen since gay marriage was declared in Canada, but a lot of men's fears have sunk with the further loss of their special position of father and husband and the traditional position of the opposite sex. Just look at our dropping birthrate; that's why we have to import people from the Third World just to get the housework done. There is no specialty anymore to that achievement of men, when Patty and Selma of "The Simpsons" are doing the same thing down the road. The spiritualism of that kind of natural union has been stripped, even though the rituals are the same. Traditional God-believers are discarded and disregarded in the eyes of society. Anger and resentment are brewing over those betrayals that no AIDS-decimated Gay Pride Parade marchers with water pistols can extinguish.

And what about George Bush? He looks uncomfortable talking about any sex, let alone homosexual sex. What could he say to sway votes in favour of any laws against gay marriage? Nada. Of course, it is proper that all things are permitted during the last days of a degenerate society and gay marriage is one of them, greasing the fall; until Canada re-orders itself ethnically, this issue will grow in our civilization for another generation, when disease and demographics have reduced gay power and support.

The clergy has a great opportunity here to present the the arguments of history and Scripture teaching, an opportunity they failed in when they did not speak out against foreign aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. And they have an opportunity to appeal to both young and old to the traditions of White society in the maintenance of the seed of our existence...the traditional family. Let's hear now from the priests, ministers, Imams and rabbis. This is your second chance to speak up for civilization.




CSIS Sting Stinks

I'm not impressed by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service's arrest of twelve adults and five juveniles in a "terror plot". It appears that CSIS obtained the three tons of ammonium nitrate and supposedly delivered to the Islamic 'plotters' — and that's when they sprung the trap and arrested the 17 suspects. This was reported to be a two-year investigation by CSIS and RCMP (sometimes said to be the best frame-artists in the world, as I heard from an intelligence cop), who are well known to infiltrate organizations and use agent provocateurs such as Grant Bristow of the old Heritage Front in order to suss out or entrap suckers and the naive. Now, only punk police agents will be busy agitating the situation on the basis of secret police CSIS allegations.

Toronto's doll-faced Mayor David Miller claimed that "My number one priority has always been public safety", but didn't tell anyone. That's how urgent this case is; that he could muse about city and subway security and safety, and tell us everything was okay, while knowing the frightening truth for six months; it doesn't stand credulity. CSIS spooks seem to have been spooked themselves when the purported targets were their own bosses' offices...ergo, the raids and the flag-draped press conferences of Dudley Do-Rights and spymasters mugging over the severity of the emergency.

I'm well-acquainted with SWAT team assaults, having been a recipient of them on a number of occasions. One in particular occurred when six of us were poring over a large map of the world, some of us in fatigues, playing the board game Risk, when police busted in (it was part of massive series of raids which included 16 other homes). They were really concerned, and had some of us up against the fridge with guns drawn (that's the time I spent three weeks in prison awaiting bail on bogus charges that we were going to disrupt the 1976 Olympic Games when the Israel team was playing at Varsity Stadium). A lot of hullabaloo about nothing, but it looked good in the papers back then, especially for the "Canadian Securitate".

The Canadian-Idol CSIS spokesman Luc Portelance gave a feeble attempt to denigrate the al-Qaida's adherence to Koranic verse as a hate ideology — another new Orwellian re-definition, like the word terror, a method turned into a purported lifestyle (as if). He further spewed the same old line that this had nothing to do with Muslims or any other community. Too late, pal... now, Canadian Muslims have young heroes whose womenfolk will not abandon them. Now, together in prison, they'll get halal meat, and will bond together, praying five times a day and memorizing The Koran, and there'll be offers of marriage from virgins.

The Canadian military will not be as boastful as their head honcho Gen. Rick Hiller (who called the Taliban scumbags). Their mean words will create the anger and hatred on Canadian soil, and there'll be no one crying for medals for the longest sniper kill. Only Toronto Police chief Bill Blair and macho mouth Hillier puckered their mouths up in dramatic determination while secretive King Stephen Harper droned on about the safety of Canadians, waiting for his master's voice in Washington.

A little persecution goes a long way...look what it did for the early Christians and more recently the Jews. Only last week, CSIS's head honcho warned about "home-grown terrorists" and Anglo-Saxon converts to Jihad.

CSIS agents and their flunkies will have to answer defense questions, and not hide behind the security certificate provisions, as in the Ernst Zόndel case and those of other foreign Muslims still languishing in Canadian jails (some for over four years). Their treatment can only improve the conditions of incarceration for the 17 Muslims now on similar charges mostly based on guilt-by-association. Toronto made it onto the international news, but not for a good reason, as the tourist trade would prefer. These arrests show that in a country viewed internationally as being benign, rage and anger can grow when that nation's foreign policy takes Bush's schlep path.

Multiculturalism has brought patriarchal Muslims here. Why should Canadians be terrorized so that our soldiers can enforce raised hemlines in Afghanistan? The Establishment thinks they can be hammered into an egalitarian non-believer mush, as they have intimidated the Christians. They're wrong; it's against the racial instincts of those people coming from throughout the Ummah.

How fortuitous to make these world-attention-getting arrests, just prior to our security services explaining their extraordinary powers and civil restrictions in front of the Supreme Court of Canada this week; even the embarrassing vote by CUPE Ontario about Israel is off the front page, as the profiles of those arrested and already available now, take precedence.

Paul Fromm, internationally-known White Nationalist, while representing Glenn Bahr at a Human Rights Tribunal, was able to find out that, for two years Edmonton Police were regularly posting on the White Nationalist Stormfront website. The cops would not reveal who it was, but it was instructive to learn what the official Big Brother line was against political and religious 'extremism' in favor of pejorative denigrating of non-White minorities, and always choosing the lesser of two evils, e.g., voting for Bush even though admitting he's a liar (and in favor of whores' rights against medieval religions right out of Da Vinci Code daisy chains. Let's just stop attacking Muslims in Kashmir, Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Philippines, China and Guantanamo Bay.

After these arrests, Canada will not be the same, because the world will look at it differently as having taken a side in the phony war on terror and being used as its battleground. There's nothing for White Nationalists to applaud in this situation: It's a sorry situation brought on by the Zionist Occupation Government's own policies.
To paraphrase Martin Niemoller, the anti-Nazi bishop who returned to Germany only to be executed while defending his flock: " First they came for the racists, but I was not a racist so I did not object. Then they came for the Christians, but I was not a Christian so I did not object. Then they came for the Islamists, but I was not an Islamist, so I did not object....

And then they came for me...and there was no one left to object."



Ugly Americans Exposed


Does anyone think America can hold off Iran from eventually building a nuclear weapon? This is a nation with a 4,000-year-old culture; Iranians (the true Aryans) have been a world power in their region throughout recorded history. They were "the East when Rome was the West". George Bush's neo-con and Zionist allies are the new boys on the block and right now they're flubbing it throughout the world.Their imperialist efforts are not based on reality, but on Da Vinci Code megalomania — all doomed to fail, like Canada's internationalist meddling in Afghanistan.

These crude neo-cons had the insensitivity to make their grandiose offer of willingness to talk with the Iranian government (provided that they first capitulate)...all this, right in the middle of the funeral for President Mahood Ahmadinejad's father. That's where we saw Bush and Cheney send their Girl Friday, the Chiclets-smiling, Black-Mary Tyler Moore, Condoleezza Rice, lecturing the Iranian regime. The sad point of this charade is that the servile controlled media played it up by not realizing they were exposing their mean media bosses in Washington and Jerusalem.

This entire episode smells of desperation on the part of the neo-cons in a feeble, anxious attempt to take the high moral ground: "See, we offered to talk them, if they agreed to give up." The U.S. just don't have the votes in the United Nations, with Russia and China objecting to sanctions. Besides. other than a minority of Western sycophants, Iran is supposed to be a martyr-oriented Islamic nation where the Ummah (community ) works together — much harder to economically topple than a secularist state like Canada.
Sacrifice is their middle name. Unlike in World War II, the Russians won't be able to able to help in its occupation.

In Iraq, whole cities like Ramadi are in the hands of insurgents, particularly at night. The situation is deteriorating, and the pablum of the natural-born-killer culture is coming to the forefront, with horror pictures of children begging for their lives, being shot by angered American soldiers in Haditha (and who cares why they murdered women and children; the fact is, they did it, and now the exculpatory media are trying to find excuses). Only heartless psychopaths would be in favour of this ugly war, and it now appears are they are getting their jollies.

Everywhere, America and its puppets are losing: even their teetering puppet Karzai in Afghanistan is again ragging about American soldiers' trigger-happiness in the capital of Kabul, where they shot protestors against their dangerous driving dead with fifty-caliber rounds . And in Somalia, the Sharia court of the Mujahideen have all but defeated the CIA-backed so-called anti-terrorist warlord alliance, taking most of that nation's capital of Mogadishu.

Bush and the neo-cons will try to change the agenda with an attack on Iran, with bombs going off there every day and soldiers acting like animals in the eyes of the world, as well as the American people now sick of foreign 'nation-building, peacekeeping and preventative aggression.' Besides, no one in the world believes them. The Americans haven't learned their lessons from Vietnam and it appears that we will dragged into another world conflict because of the leaders of this race-mixed empire, out to make a new world order.

It doesn't look good for America...and another hurricane season is starting.




Neo-Con Quandary


Organized Jewry and their neo-con and commie allies, who never have to worry about being proselytized by their partners, are up shit creek without a paddle. They're desperate, and now have to whip up the Western world against Iranian President Ahmadinejad by comparing Iran to Nazi Germany, while at the same time asking the goy to look away from all their Hollywood Nazi real outrages throughout the world.

The Jews have already had their run-ins with the Iranians (the ancient Persians), where they have for a long time been their captives and subtle masters (Esther). For fifty years, they have been peddling anti-Nazi propaganda of every shape and form; from Hollywood to comic books, from the schools to the church, with the 1001 "evils" of Hitler and the Holocaust, the public has been "Muzaked" with it all. Nazis have been accused of torture, collective punishment, holding family members hostage, secret prisons and concentration camps (Guantanamo, Bagram and Abu Ghraib), secret trials, security certificates, warmongering, misinformation, massacres, executions, indiscriminate bombings, disproportionate use of force, diplomatic lying campaigns, starvation sanctions, destruction of homes and villages, targeted assassinations with great collateral damage to civilians, and a generally dehumanizing attitude toward their opponents: They're all the favored methods of the Zionist/neo-con/communist never-ending "war on terror". These days, they are proud of their methods. often defending their efficiency and necessity through their controlled media, while braying like donkeys that they are the 'good guys'.

The neo-cons (neo, meaning "like" con — supposedly conservative), are the worst bastards. The only thing they're conservative about are their purses. These mean money grubbers will do anything to increase their power and wealth in their 'pursuit of happiness'. These are the robber barons and carpetbaggers of old, and like the appropriation of Da Vinci's name, these secret daisy-chain wannabes have misappropriated the conservatives' former good name by paying lip service to their social concerns. Neo-cons belong to all parties. Witness the anti-abortionist Liberal MP Tom Wappell, who's against one form of murder, but not another by voting for the extension of the mission to kill people in a far-of land. Wappell and a few homosexuals from the Liberals, like MPs Scott Brison and Bill Graham (along with international torturer Liberal Party Leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff) support the whores' war in Afghanistan and the supposedly hated Conservative PM Stephen Harper, in the slim margin vote win of 149-145 in the Commons, voted to send our cannon fodder to Afghanistan for the new Novus Ordo Sectorum (Secret World Order).

Today's commies have been abandoned by the bankers while the remnants of this criminal conspiracy carry on working with the Da Vinci and Zionist conspirators; When was the last time you heard a Marxist slogan from so-called Red China or Fidel Castro's Cuba (who looks the other way while neo-cons torture the God-believers in Guantanamo)? The international conspirators and money grubbers have a hard row to hoe, because while they were preaching the "evils of Nazism and anti-Semitism", they were at the same time emasculating the White Race to mirror their own. leaving few recruits to battle the one-billion patriarchal forces of Islamic Jihad — all that's available are gung-ho nuts, professional killers and Third Worlders looking for a Green Card. Even naive Canadian cannon-fodder recruitment is down.

The writing is on the wall, and as someone once said, "Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad", and judging by their hysteria, they're on their way.




Da Vinci Decoded


I don't think Leonardo da Vinci would be happy to hear that the Jews from Hollywood are spreading the rumor that somehow or other he is involved in 21st century blasphemy and heresy against the teachings of the Catholic Church. How clever of them to use the great inventor Da Vinci's name in conjunction with another attack on potential believers to the traditional Christian doctrine and the accusations against Opus Dei, a liberal lobby in the Catholic Church.

In the past we had The Passion of the Christ, which would have revolted any humane being with its blood and gore throughout. Only sadomasochists stayed for a second showing, and there just aren't enough women and slaves nowadays who can be emphatically revolted to gain adherents. It's like a slasher movie posing as religion...who needs it? The Da Vinci Code, suggesting that Christ was just human and not divine, undermines the Christian connection; even the Muslims consider Him a God-connected prophet whom the Christians got wrong and wonder why he sent Gabriel to talk to Mohammed for the Last Scripture God.

Poor Christians — they're subtly under attack everywhere, from sex accusations to dogma. And the clergy's politically correct activism acquiesence has made them "back-stab-able". In the internationalist/commie/neo-con kosher conservatives conspiracy axis, only one will come out on top, and commies and capitalists have worked together before (who do you think propped up the Soviet regimes?). This triumvirate of mutual interest is opposed to any real believers' religion; That would be out of their control. The cabal of characters who think they can run the world put on their faces of religiosity be being secularly contemptuous to them all. The clergy who are part of that kosher conservatives cabal, the real believers, should remove themselves from this axis and drop the politically correct commie crap with a genuine respect for the differences in race and the nastier aspects of the cabal's "war on terror" machinations.

Speak up, or you'll be gone. As someone once said, at one time all gods were true, and there are over 3,000 in Man's past.



Sun Downer


You can say one thing about White people in North America — they're going out with a whimper. No one's against a bit of race-mixing to add new blood to the soul (but we don't want to end up like some parts of China, where, because of inbreeding, one half of the village population walks the other retarded half around by the hand). But who could be in favor of being wiped out while the presumably White editors of the bigot-steam valve Toronto Sun put out a front page story and an insert section in their May 14 edition promoting their Chinafication of our future Toronto. You'll be seeing a lot more White bums on the streets and an exodus of Whites to the small cities when this anti-racist-lauded future dawns.

The Sun is run by a bunch of kosher conservative neo-cons and frustrated reactionary militarists, but the word 'conservative' refers only to their purses. They're quite happy to share in the sell-off of Canadian culture and tradition for a few dollars more that can be spent on their hedonistic pursuits (yawn). They're all part of this frivolous matriarchal culture, quick to strike first and ask questions later. like in any whorehouse. Hateful mouthings, gag laws, civil exclusion, torture and prison are their methods of communication with their opponents while they bray about "womyn's" rights in Afghanistan and send people there to capture and kill for it.

This Mother's Day, most White mothers have nothing to be proud of (except for the mothers of White Nationalists), for the racially-unaware loser generations they have brought into this planet. They have not sacrificed and stood by the fathers, and put in the years of responsible normal living to let their offspring choose the best and most common sense methods of social survival. Ever since the days of the Charleston and the flappers, the image of the White woman has been dragged down in the rest of the world's eyes; they are not exactly the epitome of chastity or responsible virtue, as witnessed by the morons who arranged with dumb glee this Sun propaganda piece on Whiteman's civilization's downfall.

When I see the skyline of the city of Toronto from various vantage points, I occasionally remark to visitors that, "That's the city they want to take over", and, "No. we're not going to give it up — we're going to fight for it, street by street, neighborhood by neighborhood, ravine by ravine." This November, the White citizens of Toronto will have an opportunity to display their determination and steadfastness for their proper representation and notice in the democratic process — that they are here and will be heard from — by voting for the very capable and astute Bob Smith for Mayor of Toronto.

God Bless you, Bob.

* The entire Toronto Sun editorial staff has been nominated for the next Kevorkian Prize for Racial Suicide, the final winner of which, The Kevorkian Prize Committee has decided, shall be chosen and announced at the end of this year.




White Women: Our Achilles Heel


I've often wondered what the problem with the white race is. Why are the white people so altruistically masochistic, right to their own racial suicide? At first glance one may believe it is Christianity, originally the religion of women and slaves, as its ancient detractors labeled it. But why would white men choose such a religion dictating monogamy and servility? Obviously, it's the white man's attitude toward his females that is at the crux of the problem.

White men are very independent, putting great stock in individual freedom and liberty — Hence, the lack of male unity and bonding toward daily issues. This kind of narrow individualism leaves white men very lonely, and so they pick on their female partners to be their equals; this is where all the crap starts. It was a white man's idea to give women the vote in the 1920's, and eventually, homosexuals equality to their much-vaunted romantic unions. All Western democracies have gone down the drain since universal suffrage, involving them in futile, fratricidal wars in a mad drive for economic gain for more frills for 'the missus', while the babies disappear in an orgy of hedonism and abortions (even the Butcher of Chechnya Vladimir Put-in is crying the blues about the dwindling Russian population thanks to three generations of matriarchal communism). No kosher conservative pundits or romantic "racialists" dare speak a word of opposition for fear of being cut off and lonely; In my career, thousands of well-meaning, thoughtful White men have put down the picket sign and gone to bed like good little 'Yes-Dear Nazis' never to be seen again.

Edward Gibbon, who wrote The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, always kept referring to the effeminate East, but he was wrong, dead wrong: the so-called effeminate East shrugged off matriarchal Christianity by adopting the patriarchal version of the Scriptures God — and look at their numbers today. The jihadists and Mujahideen don't have to worry what their mothers, wives and girlfriends think, nor are they participating in Gay Pride Parades. The recent resignation of MP Maurice Vellacott as chair of the committee dealing with aboriginals (another female-oriented society which lost the continent) came after he had the audacity to criticize the grande dame and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Beverly McLachlin, for its activist and tradition- tampering with Canada's Constitution. This tampering resulted in the equalization of gay and heterosexual marriage. In his resignation letter, the kosher conservative Vellacott said, "I have no regrets about speaking out for equal justice for aboriginals...and racism against my First Nations nephew, niece and cousin", showing him to be another genuflecting idiot for political correctness and anti-White racism.

The matriarchal Jews, masquerading with Whites (and you're not a Jew unless you came from a Jewish mother), are right now at the center of White Western society, leading it down the drain to oblivion. Just because you're mean doesn't mean you're tough, and there are so many mean and anti-individual rights manifestations in the secular matriarchal Western world, from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo to the phony 'war on terror' and the stripping of civil rights, all supported by the female/multicultural bloc vote.

Even from the so-called right wing and racists, you hear their women blather about crime and inequality, but never any outright positive White pride. We can't be led by half-believers and lickspittle compromisers. Many of these female Archie Bunker bigots fear and loathe the male-dominated Islamists and the new modesty that will be imposed upon their debauched whorehouse to the point that they'll get their sex-starved reactionary bigots to do some killing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur or Iran.

However, as they say, history repeats itself, and Man is a creature of habit, with two boring positions on the dial: Tight and loose. Western culture is under pressure, with little raison d'etre other than the next holidays, sports championships and shopping. Eric Kierans said that when economics are sovereign, there is no right and wrong. And the end result is anarchy, where all the totalitarian laws will not being order. As the pendulum of history swings back from the multicult Roman Empire to the days of the Republic Familias, White Nationalists will be in the vanguard.




Revenge Of The Cradle


America is divided.

The Southwestern United States, including Texas, California, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado, plus vast tracts of sparsely-populated areas were taken from the fledgling Mexico by some tough hombres. 150 years later, the "Million Burrito March" intends to take it all back in the name of profits and cheap labour.

While George Bush is yapping about lax immigration laws in Canada (and they are lax), if he just looked around, our immigration laws couldn't compare to their open border with Mexico, where illegal aliens are literally running across day and night. This southern sieve situation has resulted in up to 20 million illegal aliens from the southern jungles and barrios, the status of which the marches and boycott are attempting to legalize through a mealy-mouthed, splitting-semantics amnesty. La Raza and their future Atzalan have moved a step closer to their realization with the singing of "The Star Spangled Banner" in Spanish.
White Americans have been busy in their degeneracy trying to imitate the Black 'gangsta' culture, their families and their racially-aware-oriented servants were busy procreating in their macho Latino society side-by-side with the effeminate whites. CNN's Lou Dobbs and all the lukewarm, anti-white, racist kosher conservatives couldn't put a damper on the spirit of unity and peaceful association during the massive marches and protests: That's racial pride (Alarmed whites can only e-mail their Congressmen in opposition to the proposed amnesty and demonstrate the political will to vote in November for White Nationalist candidates). But these are just short-term, stop-gap measures which will only work in conjunction with the re-establishment of the family, which built the nation. This will be a Herculean task when one considers the conspiratorial entertainment and news media (great example: an 'analysis' of the event between Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo Rivera) and the clergy, in opposition for their private corporate agendas.

Black pride and white racial awareness pale in comparison to this demonstration of La Raza, which should serve as a wake-up call for us. As the ancient Hindu text once said, "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding; and out of that...all troubles."

That's the point where America is at today.


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