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Matriarchal Miscreants

First the anti-racists go beyond the pale and insult the Prophet Mohammed, figure only al-Qaeda supporters would object to the traditional non-description of the "last prophet" and then with chutzpah hypocrisy cry out for the right of free expression while denying it to their detractors for decades, and then the powerful 'Old Man of the Mountain' is embarrassed by (some will think) a God-sent accident. For its part the controlled media went strictly through the motions with one hand tied behind its back, like the ''im-bed-ded' reporting from Iraq (and not much better than the sports world spin-doctors apologists for Gretzky's problem).

Dick Cheney's cavalier CIA self showed its character under stress. His flippant arrogance is grating millions the wrong way, a billionaire-in-waiting should the talking hand stop. Otherwise, he has no official duties other than being ready to take over if the President dies (he sure wasn't ready after he shot a guy). He hasn't held a press conference since 2002, but he's the secret mastermind operating the prisons at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere. Now the Big Boss Man is stumbling and stuttering, appearing on the Zionist-friendly Fox News Channel first for an interview; he must've thought he was on the set of Murder She Wrote when he let the ranch owner describe what happened, as if he had no official position in government, having a woman front for him first. He showed the wussy side of most CIA-connected acquaintances that I have encountered in the past. Money and hedonistic boasting were their main enjoyments and they had no problem taking money from the 'Company', as one CIA stringer/shyster once entrusted me with $10,000 in a briefcase from an "aborted mission", which I helped him count. They all considered themselves "professionals," even as assassins. It's this "professional" mindset which relieves them of moral principles such as the arrogant interrogation torturers at Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib who sit around bemused in a midst of a charnel-house of pain and suffering.

The policy of shooting first and asking questions later has come to haunt their head honcho. Perhaps Cheney was thinking of Scooter Libby, his indicted chief assistant, thinking about his upcoming cooperation with the U.S. justice system, when he squeezed the trigger. Dick Cheney's arrogance still prevails, insisting he's done things all right so far, further underscoring the billionaire's public ambivalence. This is all part of the pervasive police culture that has been turned out since the 1950's TV series Dragnet , where cops are no longer public servants but public arbitrators. They're all so politically correct that they won't be asking or telling if they should find out, perchance, the immigration status of witnesses and victims in Toronto, so that illegals may have the total protection of the legal system while the legal populace has to watch out for them. So much for 'To Serve and Protect' — empty phraseology, unless they just mean it for themselves only; like the Jews one year who put up signs for their charity appeals reading 'Just Us' all over Toronto's Bathurst Street.

Ditto for the Armed Forces officers of the multicult school of B.S. and propaganda, who are quick to put all citizens in jeopardy by calling their Scripture-God-fearing opposition in Afghanistan 'scumbags'. I wonder what Canadian Forces Chief of Staff General Rick Hillier would have thought of the Indians 200 years ago: probably the same attitude that the 'professional' politician, former Ontario Premier Mike Harris had during the Ipperwash crisis ("Get those f*cking Indians out of the park") That's where a 'professional' OPP sniper squeezed one off (like Cheney) and killed a minding-his-own-business Dudley George.

The 'professionals' are everywhere, from sports to the military to child care. The other day I witnessed a young mother arguing with her three-year-old who threw his toque down in a temper tantrum, crying because he couldn't go to school. Well, she started discussing the toque situation with him, asking him , "Don't you think you might need it later?", pointing out she wasn't going to pick it up — it was his toque. She started walking away with the kid still crying, then stopped and started discussing the potential need for the toque in a one-way conversation with the kid. I almost believed I was going to be picking up a toque from off the ground later, because that was her only argument, like talking to a future potential serial killer: I better take that along with me, I just might need it. It was pathetic; now I know what they mean by "S.O.B."

And that's what these 'professionals' are, mostly — matriarchal miscreants, with no soul, no sense, no feeling. And Dick Cheney is the epitome of the 'professional'.





Ernst Zündel is as Canadian as a Macintosh apple; in fact, the apple growers of Canada should name a new variety of apple, a "Zündel-ful", after his rosy cheeks (he's always smiling). He officially ran for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada against Pierre Trudeau and spent 42 years in Canada traveling all over the place; he has a right to smile, because he's been totally vindicated.

Something that some considered unpleasant   —body counting — to get the exact facts of the massacres and murders of World War II, was turned into Holy Holocaust denial. Questions as to how victims of World War II were dispatched and whether even gas chambers were used in some places, were turned into 'neo-Nazi' accusations and "anti-Semitism". Zündel's enemies made the Holocaust a holy religion for secularists where even questioning it earned you imprisonment. Such is the tolerance of Zündel's persecutors. Now, these same persecutors are claiming 'freedom of speech' in their blasphemous cartoons of Mohammed, the same rights they denied Ernst Zündel in prison in Mannheim for suggesting that the Holocaust is a rip off (You can write to Ernst now at JVA Mannheim, D-68169 Mannheim, Herzogenriedstrasse 111, Germany).

Like Marxists, The Muslims see the duplicity, although they never spoke up for Zündel during his many trials and incarcerations; they never spoke up about the Zionist hypocrisy of supposedly spreading freedom and democracy while persecuting victims of 'free speech' with our notorious 'Hate Bill'. Why? Because he wasn't one of them; and that's all that seems to matter in their eyes, as non-believers are outside the pale of concern and compassion. Even while their brethren languish for years in prisons under the same Security Certificates that Ernst Zündel was deported on, they didn't say a public word of support for his freedoms — because he wasn't one of them. Now, the new President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, wants to hold an inquiry/conference on the Holocaust, a subject where anyone who's anyone is connected to Ernst Zündel. But I haven't heard a word of protest, or any offers of asylum and financial support, or demand for Ernst Zündel's freedom from his German Wiemar cell — because he's not one of them. (Just wait until Christians grow their beards, consider polygamy and start singing Onward Christian Soldiers).

All hate show-trials undermine the prosecutors, exposing their double-standard, when they're afraid to prosecute those carrying signs for the chopping of heads. These farcical kangaroo courts are on the same level as the verdicts of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland, bringing total cynicism and disrespect on the politically correct matriarchal system.

The controlled Canadian media, always venomous toward Ernst, and under strict orders to maintain a conspiracy of silence on White Nationalists and their allies, is in a nostalgic mood ("That's our boy in Germany" ), as the articles wistfully become bigger and bigger:
"Ernst! Come home!"

"Ernst Zündel" is a touchy subject for the controlled columnists and reporters. He gave them plenty of action and drama in the past. I know; my boys and I were there during the trial many times, eating good German rye bread, soup and sausages for lunch after the melee with the reds and Jews from the latest morning's court entrance. Ernst was always cool and upbeat, even when anarchical Marxists sent him a bomb that CSIS allowed to get to his address through their mail checking. Suspicious, Ernst drove the package around, sitting on a big bag of bird seed in his trunk for two or three days before bringing it to the local cop station, whose angry officers blew it up with a big bang at Cherry much for national security and their certificates.

Ernst Zündel is young in spirit, recently putting out a new book titled Setting The Record Straight: Letters From Cell 7 (available at , while his wife Ingrid Rimland works tirelessly for her forcibly-separated spouse in Tennessee. That's the kind of partner you need by your side when you're battling the forces who are out to trample freedom and human integrity; all praise to Ingrid.

"Zündel" means "spark" — to start something, a catalyst (that's what a sentencing judge called me once). And I am proud to have been associated with his history-making life.
There's plenty more to come.




The Great One??


You can understand why a people who allowed the controlled media and hockey fans to call a mature man who plays a kid's game well "The Great One" are amazed when other people who riot when their 'Great One' (who has the last word from God) is insulted. Such are the sports fans — sports being another opiate of the masses. The Great White Wuss Wayne Gretzky, Canada's beatified hero, has fallen from grace. His Hollywood wife has been accused of participating with his assistant coach in a Mafia-connected sports gambling ring. The criminal conspiracy is being investigated by the FBI and the New Jersey policeman has been accused as being part of this ring.

I'm not a sports fan, unless I have money on something. It's interesting to see how this secular-religious crowd, who foisted schleps on us who never did a thing for the White people here while the country was being overrun, react to this scandal. Listening to sportscasters discussing the minutiae of any sport, particularly hockey, is like bad Muzak (elevator music). But they're really in a flap to explain the morality of high-flying sports 'heroes'. Compared to their reactionary attitude toward White Nationalists and racial aware people, they are big kids who won't grow up. Which reminds me of the story of ancient Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire.

The chariot races were so important to the Coliseum sports mob that the fans of whoever won got all the plum jobs, right down to dog-catcher, in the city's administration. Stable fans showed off the colours of the four main horse stables: red, yellow, green and blue, the last two usually being the big winners. One year there was a dispute as to who won, the 'greens' of the 'blues'. The Nikka (victory) riots ensued, with both colors yelling "Nikka!" throughout the streets while burning buildings. Then they set upon the government and were threatening to take over as the Emperor Justinian was packing his bags. However, his ex-professional prostitute Empress Theodora said she liked the color purple, and invited 50,000 rioters to a Coliseum reconciliation games and pow-wow. The gates were shut and 35,000 were slain with arrows and swords. The stables were burned and chariot racing never resurfaced for another 150 years (how's that for a lockout?)

Sports fans are playing shuffleboard on the Titanic and wondering why things aren't like they used to be: clean fun on outdoor rinks and teams who really represented the citizenry. High-paid gladiators on skates don't impress me any more than the professional killers of the arena (they left their graffiti on the walls, and all else is lost). It's time for a whole generation of White people to take life more seriously and get involved in civic and family activity which will be of benefit to them and their future generations. Professional sports is not much better than the entertainment industry; it feeds on its own while destroying society. There's enough excitement and challenge in the world to maintain White racial integrity than wasting one's time being a sports fan, or following minstrels' lives.

Let's be fans for the White Race. The real heroes are the White Nationalists who stand up for their race, something that's required at this point in our history,




Chutzpah Hypocrites


The White matriarchal house is filled with Islamophobes, who are trying to pass themselves off as free speech advocates while putting White Nationalists and Islamists on trial (Such as the British National Party's Nick Griffin and Muslim cleric Abu Hamza) for their free speech. Blasphemy is not a concern the West — queers, seculars and communists have been attacking God, Christianity and religion in general throughout the last five decades. Only pathetic lip service is paid to our religious precepts at Christmas and Easter; the rest of the year is spent undermining the concept of God by criticizing the clergy and perverting Christian principles; not a day goes by without lurid stories of luring clerics. The Lord's Prayer and the ten Commandments are hardly ever mentioned or discussed in whole society. And now they're taking a crack at the Ummah (Muslim community) in a futile attempt to demonize the last version of the Scripture God by publishing derogatory Islamic-forbidden caricatures of Mohammad, the "last messenger of God."

All Muslims are outraged because the know that this is sacrilege and blasphemy in their hearts and minds, especially when these printed outrages are published by the same politically-correct cadre who rave on about anti-Semitism and racism. Now these internationalist dilettantes are crying foul and prattling on about their freedom of expression while for decades denying it to racists and White Nationalists. That's what you'd call chutzpah hypocrisy.

It's interesting to observe that the non-breeding feminist Scandinavian states like Denmark and Sweden were the first to insult the Muslims' life-view while pretending to be oh-so-liberal, by jailing and harassing White Nationalists and racists on a continuing basis and providing occupying troops for Afghanistan; curses from a whorehouse do not represent a high moral position, or any religion other than hedonism. Attempts by the spin-doctor Zionists like Ruth Mas, a lecturer in Islamic studies at Waterloo's Wilfrid Laurier University, to blame racism instead of the obvious blasphemy, may hold some water when you consider that all the queers and secularists are still bigots at the bottom of their souls, secretly enjoying the turmoil that their hate created. However, it still comes down to a battle between God-believers and anti-White, anti-family non- believers who are dwindling in numbers daily. The matriarchal mollycoddled non-believers haven't got a chance against the patriarchal families. It's a numbers game; the Christians will just have to pick up polygamy or face extinction, while the hedonists don't know the value of's just a matter of time. Jesus Christ has been denigrated, from the hippie-haired 'superstar' to a vampire hunter and a philanderer, with hardly any protest from the Christian believers and their shepherds. leaving the flocks to aimlessly wander into every nook and cranny of immorality. Christianity is rudderless while Islam is ascendant; for every one convert to Christianity in Africa, there are eight to simplistic. patriarchal Islam, even with more bags of rice and building of wells from World Vision, the equation is not changing. Just wait until the Whites start becoming Muslims; new converts always are the most fervent. Then the unbelievers will be running to the pulpits — and not for gay marriage.

I'm sure the controlled media checked with their moneybag-masters before they began this snowball method of denigrating Islamic principles and got the green light in this phony "war on terror". They have disturbed a hornets' nest, which they are unable to contain, as in Iraq and Afghanistan (who is willing to fight for this whorehouse where 'truth is not an issue' and brave paraplegics and double-amputees lay in veterans' hospitals, while war criminals like "Dr. Death" Donald Rumsfeld slimily spin-doctor their sacrifices in the name of freedom and democracy?)




‘Anti-Semitism’ Smokescreen


I've always been sympathetic to the Jews. As a youth, after I read about the SS and the Gestapo and the concentration camps I promptly blamed the new immigrant German next door and beat him up until his father pulled me off, whereupon he explained to me how he had suffered under the communists in East Germany after the 'war', put in a special cell that filled up with freezing water. later on I was to find out hat some Jews had started communism and were all brutally gung-ho for it, while others joined the anti-communist Edmund Burke Society, where koshers and neo-Nazis vied for control. One eccentric Jew, "Bill", contributed to the EBS and later its successor, the Western Guard, for years. he would call me every Monday morning at 7 AM sharp to remind me to pray for him and his wife. That was one of the conditions of his largess, which over time he increased as I became more notorious. Every month I would meet the loud and unkempt Bill at a coffee shop where he would order two black cups of coffee simultaneously as he loudly boasted that I was a friend of his. After a while I didn't do it for the money, just for the entertainment. He was very sharp. secretive and suspicious. When his wife died he informed me that his $55 a month contribution would be halved to $27.50, as I didn't have to pray for the wife anymore (just in case, I subconsciously prayed for him).

In the Western world, anti-Semitism is a hazy milieu like hiding behind a smokescreen, No one is against the Jews because they're Semites — big-boned lugs with one portion African and two parts Caucasian (one from the north, one from the east, exactly where Arabia is located. You can see it in their big eyes, heavy bodies and big frames; don't fool around with them when they get going. They are missionaries of zeal and arrogance who spread themselves from Spain to Indonesia.

The Scots were running around (the original blue men, only naked in the cold rain forest; these people enjoyed the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Romans attempted to conquer them a number of times but eventually failed, never reaching down to their Yemeni heartland. Believing them a success, they worked their crops for centuries; a popular expression was "Felix Arabia (happy Arabia)". They held out against the Eurasian Turks, winning and maintaining their own independence. The haughty Iranian Aryans (don't ever argue with any Iranian cabdriver that he's not Whiter than you) are definitely anti-Semitic, jealously pushing their own version of Shi'ite Islam — race trumps religion.

The African blacks in Darfur have reason to be anti-Semitic for the Arabs' conquering and slavery activities for centuries. But not since the North African Barbary pirates did Europe have a reason to be anti-Semitic...apart from the French riots. No, this has nothing to do with Jews, just because they hopped on onto some anti-Jew theory. Jews are Turk-speaking people: Semites and Eurasians after being mixed with the European and North African worlds. They had a second giant influx into the "Chosen Peoples' tribe. King Bulan of Khazaria forced his way into the elitist religion after losing a major battle under his old god's banner. he supposedly listened to every religion's representative, but must've figured that those who weren't proselytizing their religion and claimed to have a covenant with God was too good deal to miss. And all of a sudden it took 100 years to get the precepts down pat and everyone to convert, including Bulgars, Magyars, Avars and Cumen.

They participated in a few wars around the Caspian Sea 'neighbourhoods' and even once attacked Georgia in the Caucuses. But with the onslaught of the Mongols entire civilizations and people were dispersed by the Mongols (even today the Jews refer to these converts as the Ashkenazi — "in the trade", from their former mercantile Khazar kingdom while referring to the original diminishing Semitic Jews as Sephardic). Not a single shred of their languages remains and only now are they looking for their lost cities. becoming cosmopolitan quick-change artists. How can all this be connected to Semitism, let alone anti-Semitism? Ariel Sharon is no Semite, neither are Yarshansky, Golda Meir, Moshe Dayan or Mel Lastman; they're no Saddam Hussein or Osama bin Laden. Why would organized Jews peddle anti-Semitism when it doesn't fit? The Khazar "Three Stooges" always made fun of the Semites and the turbaned, and the ridicule is still poured on Arabs in Israel today: perhaps it's hard to br attacked when you're in a hazy milieu (the only people I know who are anti-Semitic in North America are those who've had run-ins with Arab cabdrivers and Seinfeld's "Soup Nazi"— again, objects of ridicule to the Jews.

You can't have it both ways; either you're with the Semites in Darfur and Iraq and al-Qaida, or you're with the Zionist Richard Pearle (architect of the Iran war) and Paul Wolfowitz (head of the World Bank) Khazars. So, let's stop the disingenuous crap called 'anti-Semitism'. For us, in this part of the world, thankfully, we don't have to participate in it.




They Wouldn't Dare


The next people or nation which uses nuclear weapons first against another nation in a war or a pre-emptive strike is finished.

New nuke killers will be hated for generations. And no excuse will suffice to placate the rest of the angry world. The Americans used nukes at the end of World War II to finish off the Japanese for fear of a million casualties of their own to take their home islands. No one excuses them today except mean chicken-shits.

All kinds of dangerous countries have nuclear weapons today, including Pakistan, North Korea and Israel (with 300 warheads). Extra warheads in Iran won't make much of a difference, as they have a proud and longer history of independence and culture than any other members of the nuclear club members; the British were running around painted as the real wild, nude "blue men" when Iran was already a 2,000-year old civilization (they should haver a good idea about the continuity of life).

Even if the Israelis try to pull a pre-emptive bombing run with American technology and secular Turkish help, it'll spell disaster for the Americans in Iraq; whole American puppet regimes will fall, such as the little King Abdullah of Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, Afghanistan and their pro-American leaders will be undermined for siding with the Zionist entity. The entire Iraqi Shi'ite south, already under the command of the Tehran-ordered Badr Brigades. will turn their guns on the trapped occupying forces. Syria will definitely join in the fray, with the leaders of Iran and Syria having met recently; now they are looking twice as grave and determined as the Hitler/Mussolini meetings. It's certainly not like the time Hitler met Spain's Franco (whom he had helped in his Fascist civil war victory) and asked him to help in the war effort. After eight hours of negotiations Hitler remarked that he would rather have his eye-teeth pulled out than go through that again. I remember when they changed the name of their holdout urban bastion in the south to "The City of Blood" — Kurmanshah — where guerrillas held out for four years until their front reached them again. Are all these international crises and saber-rattling for the purpose of world hegemony? They can forget about it; they don't even control their women, let alone the world.

The White world has shown its immoral weakness and fratricidal stupidity after two world wars and a phony Cold War, with secret hand-holding with the Soviet butchers, then using the same prisons later for God-believer Islamists. Such hypocrisy can't go unnoticed. Shi'ites in Iran want to be the Paladins of Islam, like the heroes of old. Israel can't fake a land invasion, it's just too small. I could see them being held as hostages; they don't want to start a new Holocaust or being driven into the sea. Their best bet is to get more religious and less Zionist — it will undermine their enemies' zeal.

America — same choice: Back to the Scriptures and dialogue before arrogant idiots start an Armageddon that they will not know the end of. "Peacekeeper Canada" should step out of the Zionist orbit and speak independently for peace and reconciliation between the the Peoples of the Book, and forget about the phony war on terror, and stop traumatizing the world with that phony war on terror and "post-9/11" crappola, acting surprised at this modern Pearl Harbor ("This day will live in infamy"), while planning yours' on others.

The Japanese failed with their hit-and-run tactic, and so will any Israeli or American surprise attack. Since they can't occupy the entire Middle East, they'll have to retire to Fortress America, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And the mess on the home front will lead to deprivations, poverty, restricted world travel and political upheaval and reaction against the neo-con bloodthirsty Churchillian characters who brought us to the abyss — again. Surely even ZOG can't be that mean, greedy, paranoid or stupid.




The New Old Man of The Mountain


Hashashin: high on hash; assassin; An Isma'ili cult offshoot of Islam which produced terrorist political murderers throughout the entire Middle East 1,000 years ago . emanating from castles and strongholds ruled by a grand master, the Old Man of the Mountain, which neither Turks nor Crusaders could eliminate until the arrival of the Mongols (by the early 14th Century, Dante had used the word in the general sense of the professional secret murderer, after the Crusaders brought their hocus-pocus an incorporated it into their secret societies. This evil is now in vogue with the "Old Man" in Washington.

    Could you imagine the outrage in the old days of the Soviet Union if they openly bombed their opponents with missiles and rockets in sovereign countries? I remember when America refused to participate in the Moscow Olympics during the Soviet invasion of
Afghanistan. Communist agents went around surreptitiously assassinating their enemies with poisoned umbrellas and car bombs . Of course why always denied it — no self respecting (loathing) red would openly admit to murder (their favourite modus operandi); it was all hush hush and 'hoosh hoosh' , as comedian Terry Thomas used to say.  The Kremlin killers affected an air of public morality. although they used all kinds of inhuman depredations on their victims throughout their evil empire. That evil empire died when the international moguls opened up McDonald's in Moscow and switched to Armani 'beeznessmen " suits, peddling a phony air of respectability, like the Butcher of Chechnya Vladimir Putin, white shoe poser American businessmen and their professional mercenary military droves who have no qualms about using Green Acres huckster Haney sales slogans like  " the War on Terror" to blast innocent men, women and children in a foreign land into smithereens from the sky .


And I have no respect for that toupeed Gunga Din Musharaff  (the American puppet who won't protect his people) in that alphabet soup country made up of the initials of four tribes P , A , K , and I (combined with 'STAN' — Pakistan — which will probably split into three or four pieces) ; there's already a revolt in Baluchistan and trouble in Kashmir and in al Qaida's Northwest frontier . And it's all done without as much as one crocodile tear shed . They have this cult mantra that is all pervasive to the controlled media . It's like living in a compound with loudspeakers : " The war on terror is good (costing into the trillions now in Iraq) " ; " Racism is bad " ; " We can't afford to get out of Iraq now " ; " Diversity is our strength " ; " Gay marriage is good, polygamy is bad " ; and " Guns are bad , Blacks are good " , to name a few.

     For two days CNN and Fox News Channel have eagerly used over the possible assassinating of Al Qaida's number two man Ayman al-Zawahiri. Nature abhors a vacuum. Without ever mentioning the killing of innocent human beings including children because the American people have to be 'secure' — I say to hell with the American people . I'm not tolerating this injustice and these murderers to set my life attitude , no matter how big they are . I'm always hard on big guys and good looking people ; they've been given a great advantage by God , and they have a greater responsibility to be good , fair and compassionate. I don't see much of that in present day human flooded America  especially in the South, where Azatlan looks more real all the time. Yesterday's Indian cannibal killers. replete with blood guttered pyramids are flooding in from Central America
's jungles , like the M 13 gang . But the Americans keep blithely dropping bombs on ancient cultures and expect to be forgiven in the next episode, like an adolescent serial killer refusing to mature until someone gives them a good swift kick in the behind and then tells them to stay down. When I look at the old Westerns and see the simple minded greed of the lynch mob pioneers , to think that these guys are on " top of the world now , ma " ; and as a White man I'm ashamed of our European source countries' response . All these supposedly big time thinkers and snobs haven't got diddly to say to the Coca Cola executive. The moral intellectual milieu of Europe are a bunch of hedonistic wimps . Only David Irving stands out, now imprisoned by the one time mighty Ostrogoth nation now turned into yodelers for foreign tourists (they should have kept Anchluss intact). Even Conan the Schwarzenegger is silent. To put the blame on the Jews and Israel and the Turkic/Semitic enclave for the moral activity of American international banditry is the cowardly bully shirking his responsibility.   

 The tail cannot be wagging the dog. There are no excuses for these international kidnappings, bombings and assassinations, and certainly not the one of " We were scared in the war on terror, so we had to hit first " — didn't Jesus say, turn the other cheek? Or at least, he would have wanted to go out to talk with the Pharisees . But not these 'In God We Trust' on their money 'Believers' ; the Americans are treating the rest of the world as unconquered Indian Territory. But Islam is more than the Indians' last gasp sundance rites: Islam is a actual patriarchal lifestyle with plenty of willing " extras " for Jihad. Even the shrinking matriarchal White America's technology will not save them from the turmoil at home and the attacks abroad. It's only a matter of time before they'll have to regroup and circle the wagons like the many cities, towns and countries they have abandoned at home and abroad. America needs a higher moral code of respect and dignity for all Mankind, with a view to live and let live.




For No Good Reason

I can't stand these arrogant professional killers — you know, "My country, right or wrong; Let's kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" gung-ho jocks and morons, hired mercenary killers like our Canadian commandos in Afghanistan.

I once fantasized of being a soldier of fortune. I even had a private international mercenaries' club called "The High Sierra Club", complete with mountain-illustrated letterhead. I got to meet and correspond with all kinds of characters throughout the world who sent in their impressive resumes of military prowess and experience while others were just farm boys dreaming like me. It was all high-flying for a couple of years, but the more I met these characters, the less I liked them, particularly the arrogant, narrow-minded hedonists. One such fellow was right out of Hollywood with twinkling green eyes which captivated all the women. He fought in the Congo in the 1960's revolt. We called him "Katanga" (where he had spent most of his time). One day he was sitting around, telling tales of his activities and boasting of his marksmanship, pointing out that he and his friends played a deadly competition by shooting anyone who came within close distance. I said, "You mean, you shot any ordinary people?" He said, "Yeah, why?" After that I just stepped out from my mind from the entire milieu.

These mind-set types are in for an unpleasant surprise, the longer they stay in the ancient, dignified, independent Islamic Afghanistan; Allah has no mercy for the unbelievers (I've searched the Koran). They'll learn that you don't have to look like a Schwarzenegger-cum-Calvin Klein model to be feared or respected. We all know what happened to Pat Tillman (the Americans were so scared in a firefight, they shot him by mistake); Bravado doesn't cut it.

And why are Canadian troops there — to enforce a democracy that is against a people's religion? The Koran is all the democracy you'll get: Islam has no use for an ungodly farce every four years. The majority opinion would have it that we're here to liberate their women (I presume with or without their husbands' and sons' permission, but on the say-so of a clique of oil executives in Kabul and the American-controlled UN as a cover). It's a Shell-mocracy — Bob and Doug McKenzie going to war for women's rights, with all the old crotch-rockers yelling, "Right On!" This is all so stupid; this is all so wrong. Worry about your own women, you idiots and get some kids into the cribs, shut the door to the Third World recolonization and get the 'Katangas' out of Afghanistan. The Taliban were supposed to have been defeated in 2002, but you can't suppress an idea with guns and Guantanamo. There's going to be a lot of payback. particularly over how the "civilized" Westerners and their communist allies in the Northern Alliance treated the Talibs (students).

I like Mullah Omar (who is now planning a new offensive); he's my kind of historical aesthetic leader, true to his word and his religion that he wouldn't give Osama bin Laden up to the Americans, even if he had to leave his mud palace in Kandahar and his favorite pet cow. One-eyed and on his motorbike, he has eluded his pursuers, with all their modern technology and the Earth-axis-jarring bombing of Tora Bora. He's supposed to have one of Mohammed's capes: a simple brown one (not like that puppet 'Wizard of ZOG' Karzai's Emerald City-green cape). He is Islam's Caped Anti-crusader: every morning he rises, says his prayers, has some tea. looks at his companions' bearded faces and dispenses orders and decisions through carefully-controlled couriers about the latest jihadi volunteers from the four corners of the Ummah looking for victory or grave-shrines which are popping up all over the countryside. That's why the Americans burned their bodies — such is the fear and zeal. Even the Canadian Mounties can't "get their man".

This is their country; all politics is local. We won't be changing the mind-set of this eternal land, whatever Hollywood says. From Alexander the Great to the Soviet occupation, no invader has been able to sustain himself for more than a couple of generations of independent Afghans. Let's get our boys back before they get hurt for no good reason at all. Write to Conservative leader Stephen Harper and and to the supposedly anti-war NDP leader Jack Layton at the House of Commons, Ottawa, K1A 0A6, and tell them what you think.



Give Up Your Criminals


It's disgusting and pathetic: the whorehouse excuses that anti-racists, politicians, columnists, pundit and letter-writers come up with to excuse the Black criminals rampaging through our urban areas, particularly Toronto — every crappy excuse imaginable is used, with the exception of race and the Third World re-colonization and immigration policies. Here are 25 pitiful excuses, but the one I saw some woman carry at the Jane Creba candlelight vigil epitomizes them all: "Racism+Poverty=The Shooters".

•  Not enough basketball courts and recreation facilities. As if that would stop Blacks from bringing guns and drugs into the neighborhoods. "Pick-up" guns have been available for generations.

•  Not enough positive role models. They expect us to fabricate Black Hollywood-style role models. What you see is what you get; isn't that what the community was proud to say?

•  Not enough government funds. With thousands of subsidized dollars poured into their communities such as Caribana (they'd better speak to their leaders and as where it is).

•  Calling them (Former Ontario Premier Mike) 'Harris' Children'. Mike Harris cut welfare to everyone, not just the gangstas' mammas. But they're not shooting people in drug-turf wars.

•  Neighborhoods are being left behind. An outright lie. Perhaps dangerous neighborhoods are being avoided too often by Toronto Police? All the services provided to all the neighborhoods in Toronto.

•  Marginalized youth. A cheap attempt to include the Black 'gangstas' among all youth. The Western world is totally hung up on 'youth culture' to the point of being exclusionary to seniors — but certainly not our darling 'youth'.

•  Absentee fathers. Perhaps if there was less emphasis on lust and sensuality and more public approbation of the single-parent experience by the media and politicians there would be more fathers staying home. Denigrating any kind of sexual union doesn't help the situation; lots of White kids have had their fathers yanked out of their life but they're not picking up the gun.

•  'Baby fathers'. A media-popularized term denigrating fathers to the status of a genetic-input only unit, a la Maury Povich.

•  Hundreds of years of slavery. That's worse than the 'Holocaust' drum-beaters; get over it, it didn't happen to you. This is really reaching. Everyone's ancestors were suppressed by someone at one time.

•  "This is not Canada" — Paul Martin. This is exactly the multicultural Canada the Liberals created, with all the tension, mayhem and violence that Martin and the Liberals refuse to take "credit" for.

•  "This is not Toronto" —Toronto Mayor David Miller. Miller's such a leftist liar . Yo, this is the Toronto you pander to with you pop and rock and roll music every New Year's at Nathan Phillips Square, promoting lust and crime.

•  American gun culture. Again, placing it on the gun, as if it had a mind of its own. While Americans aren't killing each other in shoot-em-ups, it's usually a Hispanics or Black [problem: 1,500 murders a year in tiny Jamaica alone, with similar numbers in race mixed South Africa.

•  It's not about race. The plaintive sound of every Liberal lair who fears that what mommy taught him could be wrong.

•  Victims of institutional racism. All I've seen is institutionalized anti-racism where Whites need not apply, such as in the federal Works Department — another poor attempt at muddying the waters to hide the truth.

•  Racial profiling and police harassment. An attempt to tie the hands of police trying to solve cases quickly and performing pre-emptive crime prevention, and letting the public know who the criminals are, unlike the Toronto Star, which has an officially-admitted policy of hiding the race of wanted suspects if they are Black.

•  50 Cent. Singling out one gangsta rapper takes peoples' minds off the ball, while MTV and the sleazy entertainment i9ndustry promotes hundreds of others.

•  Music videos and video games.
All kinds of people enjoy action-video games, but don't pick up guns and crack in response.

•  The "Thug Life" Code of Silence. Elevating of the thug culture's code of 'rules' only solidifies their hold on the community, instead of promoting our White cultural values of assisting police in the maintenance of peace and order.

•  Lack of jobs for "youth". And they mean high-paying jobs, to..none of them are going to stay at a menial job when they're repeatedly told by liberal politicians they should be managers and CEOs — without experience. The majority of youth are gainfully employed and wish to rise on their own merits instead of by the colour of their skin.

•  The media perpetuates the canard of "hopelessness" in the Black community. A nasty, disingenuous concept which would require us to 'hug a thug' for the rest of our lives. The only hopelessness is in their liberal excuses for Black crime.

•  Loose gun laws. With a $2-billion gun registry and the hyperactivity of the police , most White people haven't seen a gun for decades. Those gun laws only punish the law-abiding citizens and deprive collectors and marksmen of their enjoyment for the sake of Marxist anti-racist babble.

•  It's "the Year of the Gun". The dirty dogs who invented this blithe comment (again suggesting that guns kill people instead of people killing people) need a swift kick in the pants; it's more shifting of blame to inanimate object instead of their gangsta 'darlings'.

•  "Crime Is Down in Toronto" — Often repeated phrase of Police Chief Bill Blair, Mayor Miller and 'Lenin"-Layton of the NDP. So what? If the White criminals are not doing break-and-enters for fear of landing in Toronto's Don Jail 'jungle' range, the comment is totally irrelevant when you consider that a 15-year-old girl can't go shopping near the city's Eaton Centre without being killed by Black 'gangstas'.

•  "...(This is) the consequence of exclusion.". — This excuse that our dumb Prime Minister Martin gave for the death of Jane Creba shopping on Yonge Street; she was killed, in his anti-racist mind, because we didn't hug the thugs who killed her. Sick....

•  "Gunplay" and "Caught In the Crossfire": Media mental midgets came up with this crap that guns were 'at play', and the innocent victims were too naive to get out of the crossfire. Hey, you SOB's, there should be no gunplay or crossfire anywhere in the city. These are words that truly want to make you puke, every time they're uttered or printed by the media wusses. Perhaps if some of them were caught in some of the 'gunplay and crossfire' , we might hear a different tune from these culture perverts. And as for the Black community, they should make sure to get everyone to church, and to check the guns at the door, because what Man has done before, he can do again. And the Black community must cooperate with police and give up their criminals. With only 25 of the 78 murders in Toronto in 2005 solved, our police need help; You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it.

What Man has done before, he can do again.

Time to call in the army; bring those tough-guy professional from Afghanistan back to the country they're supposed to protect. The terror is here in Toronto and creeping into other urban areas in Canada. Enough of sniping at shepherds' shadows in foreign countries; Time to set up checkpoints around Canadian neighbourhoods and jail and expel the arrogant criminals. Remember, all politics is local.

Send David Miller, in his last year of his mayoralty, a letter demanding that he do something substantial and effective for the safety and concern of our citizens. You can write him 100 Queen Street West, Toronto Ontario M5H 2N2 or E-mail him at:



 Proudly Looking Up

Things are looking up for white people, common sense and decency. You wouldn't know it by the headlines and the over-concentration of the media or Third World culture but the situation is getting better. White people in general are realizing that the MuchMusic/MTV crap and Hollywood propagandists are not being heeded. White people are sick of the 'gangsta' violence culture and they're turning a deaf ear to whining minorities with every criminal outrage. The holy 'Holocaust' is being questioned and even outrightly denied by Islamic state leaders (Iran) and powerful Islamic organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, bring into question Zionist zombie propaganda. The very nature of the Zionist Occupation Government overlords is under scrutiny, including their ugly modus operandi: kidnappings, assassinations, concentration camps (Guantanamo Bay), secret prisons, rendition, torture, 'torture-lite' nuclear double-standards vis-à-vis Israel and Iran, invasions and occupations. All all looked upon with abhorrence by decent racially-aware Whites and real Christians.

The enemies of White Nationalism have never looked so weak and hollow, forcing them to fall back on the use of criminal elements and undemocratic spying techniques. Even the drive to disarm the law-abiding population is faltering as more and more people realize with every murderous death of a beautiful, young, innocent showing that certain people kill people, not guns. The $2 billion Canadian gun registry has proved to be a major flop in crime prevention; now the Conservatives have promised to scrap that crap.

The Conservatives promise also to revisit the insane same-sex marriage law in Canada; even decadent Rome didn't approve of it even through it happened (Elton John's "wedding" could never compare to Nero's in terms of opulence). The proponents of gay marriage, including the queer media are so afraid of the public opinion that they dare not bring it to the election debate. And things are not looking better for the next generation, which has generally been alienated from the homosexual community by AIDS.

Random Black gang violence throughout the city of Toronto, including the downtown, has really scared the dogshit-walking trendies who probably never attended a Caribana, unlike their parents. The races are separating of their own accord, not that some of them ever intended to mix, like the Chinese (with only Chinese on their tombstones).

For all the nuclear weapons and big bombs, the seed of the rogues and refugees remnants of Europe in America can't match the velour and dedication of the ancient world: they're trying every door to get out of Iraq while they've almost snuck out of Afghanistan and left the Canadian saps holding the bag. They can't afford to lose any more football stars and if the Islamist sites are half-accurate, there are big losses, there already are loud calls to bring the troops back home (the Taliban reported killing 81 casualties among Americans in a recent engagement in Helmond province. Canada's outrage at black crime in Toronto will undoubtedly head to a re-investigation of immigration policies of this country while the majority of the white racially-aware quietly move to the Conservative Party as their home (most East Indians and Sikhs consider themselves White as well), while the differences between the Liberals and the NDP and their constituents are of a darker hue.

Arrogant George Bush and his cronies are on their way out — the world is looking for a nicer, humbler American president (humility is almost an unknown in the United States). Every continent and country has seen the potential for race riots that no Hollywood crapolla can cover up. The minstrel is in the vain: I can't remember our performers or entertainers of the far-off past, each one's fame is strictly localized in time, like the aging fans of the last gasping hurrah for the Rolling Stones. Most whites instinctively hate the 'new music'. And the whining of the cuckolded Barenaked Ladies certainly won't last as long as the medieval tune Greensleeves. Howard Stern is off free radio and onto an audience of a couple-of-million- subscriber satellite radio SUV snots. There they can use the F-word in their SUV's and feel emboldened before they get home to their virgin matriarchs ordering them to take the dog and the dogshit-bag out for a walk. Some of these people I'm seeing less of, and occasionally I see them finally walking a child.

Hope spring eternal for White Nationalists standing up for their rights and not recanting under the pressures of anti-racist inquisitions. I salute all our supporters and site visitors and wish you a prosperous and lucky New Year in our noble cause of human dignity and identity.




Chip On The Shoulder

Not too long ago I was in a now-toni-trendy bar in Yorkville, Toronto's attempt at Haight-Ashbury in the past, where I previously stopped some hippie commies from burning an American flag during the Vietnam War days. All of a sudden a big Black guy in a fancy suit roughly reached over to use the bar phone while ordering his drink in a high-faluting English accent. His rudeness irritated me so I asked him inquisitively, "Where are you from?". He looked down at me and with accentuated syllables answered, "Af-ric-a". With that weird action I was convinced he was from there and, making it my business to know about tribes and nations in Africa, I asked, "What tribe?" He looked at me, astonished, and said, "Harlem." Obviously, this guy didn't like the question and attempted to frighten the White man asking, by invoking the image of the dangerous Black ghetto of Harlem, New York. After awhile I just went to the other side of the bar whereupon I was informed that this Black guy, a large version of Kofi Annan, was the once-famous, Afro-sporting Black member of the once-popular race-mixed TV series The Mod Squad, Clarence Williams III. Clarence Williams probably didn't know anything about Black tribal nations like the Tutsis (who sit on top of the Hutus in Rwanda and Burundi) or Mandela's Xoha, who used to destroy all their homes and cattle before they went to war, or the Yoruba and the Fulana, who put down the Ibos in Nigeria and prevented them from setting up their own state in Biafra (during my anticommunist Edmund Burke Society days I had Dominion Regalia make the first Biafran flag with a sunburst for the Biafran students at the University of Toronto, which they proudly displayed at a news conference). Clarence Williams III had a chip on his shoulder with his phony Africa-Harlem-and-now-Kwanzaa crappola. But the horror of slavery has united all Blacks, whatever their hue, into one. Blacks have been elevated by the media and entertainment industry to dizzying pedestals; history has been perverted to claim all the Pharaohs, the blond Greek, black wig-wearing Cleopatra and even the red-haired Hannibal, as their own. Blacks are pictured as macho techno-nerds in tons of movies and TV sitcom families (I've never met them). Crime is spiraling out of control in their neighborhoods, but the Zionist Occupation Government authorities are only concerned with the the phony 'war on terror'. Special laws are introduced to disarm the law-abiding population while commenting that White Canadians should "hug a thug" today.

The White population has bent over backwards and forwards to appease and embrace the 'gangsta culture', but alas, to no avail. I'm glad they're on ZOG's side, such as massacring Indian allies of the past; you never know when they would next embarrass your side with a new outrage. This is 'Black Power' at its worst, the same arrogant disrespect and hatred toward Whitey and his establishment, pure and simple, when fifteen Black thugs started shooting up downtown Toronto on its world-famous Yonge Street, the largest street in the world, blasting away and killing an innocent fifteen-year-old bystander. Jane Creba, in the prime of her youth, killed for some phony self-centered machismo. The lack of witnesses coming forward to put into practice what they preach is a blot on the entire community. They should stop letting the thugs represent them; as Louis Dudek said, anything that will alarm the public is news.

The killing was the same threatening response that Clarence Williams III gave me in that fancy bar. Well, Clarence, I've got news for you: The days of race-mixed couples walking the streets are long gone, compared to your 'Mod Squad' 70's. White people are looking at all young Black males with fear and suspicion, particularly if there's two or more in a group. Whites are moving out of the Black crime-infested areas for Whiter neighborhoods. Blacks are being ostracized, in spite of the millions of tax dollars pumped into their community groups. Soon, your Black area will become their identity and Clarence's sarcastic comment will become a self-fulfilling fact. You will be the tribe from not only Harlem. but Stockton, Detroit, Chicago (and in Toronto, Malvern, Jane-Finch and Regent Park). These will be your tribal names long after the anti-White and self-loathing Paul Martins and Jack Laytons and their seed are gone. But our offspring will be here to deal with the New World Tribes, and we will decide what is Canadian and what is The Canadian Way.

The clock is ticking... as the poet Robin Skelton said, 'When law replaces custom, the community dies.' Let's call in the army to set up checkpoints, cordon off the areas, call in the army to search for the shooters and show them we mean business, no matter what their race or nationality.



Show Trials


Totalitarians love show-trials...right from their early communist days, to Nuremberg, Ernst Zundel, James Keegstra, and to my own and Bob Smith's trials for the Orwellian crime of 'spreading hatred'. The outcome has already been decided, but they need a theatrical farce to publicly demonstrate their magnanimity toward their opponents. These are kangaroo courts featuring star-chamber justice, where "the truth is not relevant", as it is in all human rights commission tribunals, particularly the landmark ruling against John Ross Taylor, where the above was quoted from.

The sight of prosecution witnesses talking behind a curtain with false names and voice-distorting microphones is not much better than the Queen Of Hearts' court in Alice In Wonderland, where the main refrain was "Off with their heads!". A number of Canadians are persecuted/prosecuted for their natural and God-given right of free speech — a White man's must. Brad Love, Marc Lemire, and Richard Winnicki are some of the latest victims of Queen Of Hearts' 'justice'. The most current case centers around Reinhard Mueller, who changed his name to Reni Sentana-Reis, went before a jury of heart-suit number-cards. And of course, these terrified 'suits' found him guilty for calling Jews 'demons' and denying the holy 'Holocaust', even though he claimed he was one of them, like a Messiah chastising and leading them out of their sin. (they didn't listen to Jesus in the temple; why should they listen to him on the Internet—off with his head!)

When Bob Smith and I faced hate charges against an identifiable group (Blacks) we had a competent lawyer who presented all the liberal arguments for free speech, etc. But the system was out to silence dissent in the midst of a Third World cheap labor recolonization policy, so all the human rights arguments fell on deaf ears. I received a one-year sentence and Bob, three months (later, after costly appeals to Ontario Appeals Court and finally the Supreme Court of Canada over a five-year period, the convictions were upheld by a 4-3 margin). We served reduced sentences of three months for me and 30 days for Bob in local "jungle jails". In retrospect, I should have listened to the old judge's adage: The man who represents himself has a fool for a client. I should have painstakingly tied up the court with my ignorance and stupidity toward the ignorant and stupid charges; no respect for those who disrespect human rights.

Every one of these eerily-inspired cases should become a glaring milestone of challenge to tyranny. No one should escape on a technicality (no matter whether you shouted 'Roma" or 'Gypsy') as long as you told the truth. Unfortunately, we need more martyrs in the course of human rights, free speech and racial awareness — martyrs that the controlled media will have to report on considering their conspiracy of silence regarding the Whiteman's viewpoint. Like the revolt in Iraq, it'll take all kinds and many angles to being the occupier down. Every little bit helps whether we admire it or not. Each case is written down for posterity when our grandchildren will ask, "What did you do during the White civil race war and the Third World occupation of our country, Gramps?"

I'm sick of establishment lawyers connected to their anti-racist organizations, denigrating their racist or 'anti-Semitic' clients, genuflecting before these kangaroo courts to build their careers. When was the last time you heard of a lawyer working pro bono for a right-wing client standing up for tradition and race? It doesn't happen, as they are sucking on the same totalitarian teat as the prosecutor. When the law's an ass, let's show it by blundering through their bullshit and saving our dollars for the jail canteen (it's easier than strapping on a belt and blowing yourself up at an Iraq checkpoint — and a lot safer). You can read about your antics the next day in the paper.

White Nationalists are not criminals. We are freedom fighters in a unique situation in North America, populated by a myriad of people. White Nationalism is historically a new concept with a unique challenge and opportunity for White race awareness and unity. People of European heritage have a chance to work together with a new understanding as to importance of race and heritage. White Nationalists, racists and Nazis are the proud new ideological pioneers in thought and action, and by our own definition, are here to establish a White homeland.

And we will be here even when the anti-racist whites' tombstones are used as cobblestones by the foreign colonists.




White Slaves


Recently, I was in a branch of Toronto's Book City, where you can find books with such titles and topics as Five People You'll Meet In Heaven, A Hundred Ways to Sleaze Your Way to the Top and Why He's Not Your Type. On sale, overlooked by the "hoi polloi", you can get a $40 book for only $9.99. Such is the case with White Gold by Giles Milton (316 pages, illustrated, published by Hodder and Stoughton), a work containing stuff teachers never taught me in school. We all know the Hollywood movie story of 'The Wind and the Lion' (Sean Connery as the Arab chief versus U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt), very loosely based on a true story — a one-time occasion, I always thought, and it all turned out fine. But now, I found out in White Gold, a million European hostages were held as slaves, all of them captured by Jihadi pirates: men, women and children captured in their churches and their beds in England, Wales, Ireland, Iceland and Newfoundland. not to mention France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece and Russia. These raids were made by Islamic raiding parties, who took their "white gold" , more precious than any other merchandise, through slave labor, hostages and the payment of enormous ransoms. Thousands of these harrowing hit-and-run horror stories have never been recorded, with the overwhelming emphasis being made on the 25 million black slaves transported to the Americas.

Nevertheless, this is the White peoples' and Christian history, when the Islamic world had equal power and had greater opulence than Europe, judging by the accounts of most of their leaders at the time (1600-1755). They were just as Saddam Hussein and King Hassan of Morocco (who traces his family roots to the same ruling class of the time) were, arbitrary and merciless, with holy men and dervishes doing their dirty work, capturing large numbers of Whites for slavery and ransom (whenever the citizens' government decided to deal and pay off the slavers for the British citizens; Other nationals didn't fare so well). On reading the book, I see the mind-set of Osama bin Laden and company. It's pretty scary, reading of the captives facing forced conversions and circumcisions, particularly the accounts of the Hornacheros (named after the town of Andalusia, Spain). These were Morisco Muslims who started the war of revenge as corsairs against the Christians, similar to al-Qaeda's dream of taking back Andalusia today. Four thousand Hornacheros of the one million ethnically-cleansed Muslims were kicked out of Spain in 1610 by King Phillip III. The interesting aspect of the 'sea jihad' was that it went on for so many years. It showed how the Muslims reacted to Christians and Europeans when they had equal power — Arabs using Blacks to enslave Whites, and then plundering and enslaving into Central Africa to bring back more Blacks to enslave Whites while some greedy, inhuman and hedonistic Whites were capturing Blacks to work for their prosperity in America.

Slavery is a very ugly institution and all the Scripture-religions allowed it at the time. Christian Whites were the first to abolish slavery. Human dignity and integrity is the Whiteman's way — or it should be. The fear and terror the 'sea jihad' aroused throughout Europe has many parallels today, except that the Muslim states were eventually defeated, occupied or neutralized (only the occasional mad mullah gave any trouble to over-stretched White supremacy). And while we've been trying to re-arrange and mold the world to our matriarchal and monogamous image, the patriarchal and polygamist Muslims have bounced back, with a one billion population explosion, and a New Jihad has begun: only this time, we are in their lands.

White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but to correct them.




Hopeless In Iraq


The Iraq war is the most sanitized, media-controlled Big Brother operation since George Orwell's 1984. the most you'll see of it is a burning or bombed-out vehicle. The in-bed-with journalists' on the scene reports are about as exciting as a military exercise. There are no on-the-scene reporters, just a lot of propaganda babble and overblown estimations as to the importance of each succeeding vote which further divides the country into three sections.

The Shi'ite south is run from Tehran by the Badr Brigades and their puppet Sistani. America can't act against Iran as long as they have sitting-duck troops in Iraq. The Kurdish north is basically a statelet, with its own flag — the first time a segment of millions of Kurds have come up with a long as the Turks allow them to. And, there is no Saddam Hussein to re-conquer them. The Sunni center will probably re-assert themselves in their own territory once the Americans start re-deploying and, becoming more Islamist, will spread the news to Syria and the little king in Jordan — all colonial creations. Without the Badr Brigades the new central government in Baghdad will be as ineffective as the puppet Karzai's administration in Afghanistan (his power is so limited, he is often referred to as the Mayor of Kabul, even with the support of foreign mercenaries). Everyone's talking about 'six months', both Republicans and Democrats. If Zarqawi still blows up military columns and everyone is still huddling in the Green Zone, it'll be time to pack and run, just like in Vietnam. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. Bush's pronouncements not withstanding, American hedonists are becoming impatient with the already Goodbye-Charlie motions passed by the U.S. Congress, aimed at the Iraqi people, how they've "done enough for them", and it's time for them to carry more of the load. All these liberal leftists who are wringing their hands with "We can't leave now, it'll be a terrible mess!", are agreeing with Bush's aggression. They didn't have such complaints about Vietnam; now they're in unison with the kosher conservatives foisting "democracy" on others for profit.

In my opinion, the sooner they get out, the better, as every day (they say) they further radicalize the population of future generations. And every Iraqi 'Gunga Din' supporter of the Americans is going to try to get that Green Card to drive a taxi or open up a falafel house in New York. they'll be little future for these collaborators once their protectors leave. No Western polling can be trusted as to what kind of government the Iraqis want, but 83% want the Americans to leave now. The longer the Americans stay, the further the Iranians can consolidate their power and continue with their uranium enrichment, and the longer the Israelis will have to wait to bomb their facilities.

George Bush enforced the naive belief into the hearts of thousands of relatives of the dead and wounded that their sacrifices were worth it.  It's all a sham, like the totalitarian laws to fight generic terrorism in what Big Brother said is a new kind of war where he sets and changes the rules. Please...there's nothing new under the sun, not even the lies. The lie of international brotherhood? Not until aliens arrive here.

Canada should get out of this phony Orwellian 'war of terror' and stop meddling in the affairs of other peoples' cultures and religions by respecting their borders and closing our borders to them. Military alliances which embroil us in foreign meddling conflicts do no service to our interests and culture. Time to mind the affairs of our own degenerating society and solve the problems of our multicultural policy which has undermined our very heritage. Businessmen have no borders--racists and patriots do. All we need are listening and trading posts while we develop a white renaissance. The former colonial world is going back to the natives from Africa and the Middle East to South America, where Evo Morales was just elected to be the first indigenous president of Bolivia. He has promised to be Bush's greatest influence nightmare* Coupled with Chavez in Venezuela, Americans have new problems in the Americas, where their Mexican border is totally porous in Fortress America.

Time to bring the troops home and place them on the Mexican border, as David Duke says.


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