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“In A Kosher Pickle”


The President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says "The Holocaust" is a myth. Ernst Zündel has been saying that for decades. He is languishing in a German jail because the Second Weimar Republic there has deemed the questioning or doubting of the 'Holocaust' to be a crime worthy of prison, something that organized Jewry wishes was the law throughout the world — to question the word of Jewish propagandists is to become a crime, just like in the old Soviet Union (which they created with internationalist capitalist money).

I've never liked counting the dead, but when they are used to silence and bludgeon the living, then, I'm against it. As a consequence, we have supported so-called historical revisionists like David Irving (now in jail in Austria facing similar charges), Dr. Robert Faurisson of France and erstwhile Canadian Ernst Zündel. Organized Jewry has gone overboard with the hand-wringing 'Holocaust'-mania, netting them billions of dollars in reparations for the state of Israel and giving them disproportionate sympathy for those who suffered and died in the fratricidal World War II (of which two whole generations know nothing of, except for that 'Holocaust' and and Anne Frank). Hollywood Jews and the media have undermined our history and ancestors by giving a skewed, narrow-minded and linear image of the conflict, further denigrating our Canadian heritage and birthright.

The Jews made a mistake by establishing a state where they would be liable to the same humanitarian rules of other nations. They showed their tyrannical Turkic-Semitic nature through thousands of shootings, bulldozings and assassinations of the conquered Palestinians. Even honest bleeding-heart liberals were aghast. It is a horrible public image of their occupation in the face of desperate suicide bombers. They've tried to recruit the media zombie-ized opportunists of the New World in a never-ending Orwellian war of terror; they have instituted torture and tried to present as an acceptable method of interrogation; so much for the humanity and kindness of 'Holocaust survivors', the same 'humanitarians' who called for a softly, softly approach to communist killers. In fact, they cozied up to them in aggression against racists and Islamists throughout the world. It's too bad that Iranian President Ahmadinejad doesn't have any nukes yet; his pronouncements would have an even greater impact. The breakaway Iranian-inspired Shi'ite sect of Islam will have to make peace with the 85% Sunni majority of Arabs, blacks and Asiatics, if they expect to gain support for their regime.

Racists, white nationalists and other racially-aware whites battling ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) in their respective countries will have to tone down their bigot rhetoric (my enemy's enemy is my ally), no matter how they treat their women. They are not the ones who are bringing the Zionists down with strapped bombs, they're not the ones lying in Guantanamo being force-fed or in the secret cellars and torture chambers of the CIA and the FSB (formerly the KGB). Muslims didn't jail Bob Smith and myself under the notorious 'hate bill' for writing and speaking our minds on our race and heritage (remember, here in Canada where the hate bill became law, "Israel's values are Canada's values" according to Prime Minister Paul Martin). Muslims didn't institute Gay Pride Parades and same-sex "marriages". Muslims didn't demand that our doors be blown off the hinges for the recolonization of Canada — nay, that's the stratagem of the liberals, communists, capitalists and Zionists. Go on a Haj, and you will see the practical and sensible discrimination for kith and kin (for those complaining about Islamic inroads into Western society. go to church; it's the same Scripture God). When I see some Born Again preachers and Christian clergy supporting white nationalists causes, then you can tell me what your missus doesn't like.

The Zionists need cannon fodder to fight their Islamic nemesis., even if they have to appeal to the bigots on Fox News and CNN, only when deluded dummies and Third World mercenaries are available. No amount of phony shell-game elections will stifle the dissent against foreign occupation and their cosmopolitan immoral culture. Jewish supremacism is facing a major challenge; they're on the ropes, but not out. They're even thinking of leaving the kosher conservative Christian "allies" because nobody likes Bush's nasty New World Order, and they'll have to go back to their communist roots; it's as easy as opening up the first McDonald's in Moscow: same face, two masks. * Like a wounded animal, they may be prone to desperate and erratic actions. Megalomania is a hard attitude for them to abandon, unless they want history to repeat itself.

Ernst Zündel, vindicated, must be walking around in his cell today with a smile on his face, happy in the knowledge that his life-work of defending the reputation of the German people, is coming to fruition, when foreign leaders start pointing to the injustice of the charges against him — and in a white country, at that (Iranians are Aryans — race trumps religion).




Hey, “Paisano!”


Why are Italian Liberal candidates promoting the Third World recolonization of Canada? They have their big businesses and big homes in Aurora and the GTA thanks to the dwindling Anglo establishment — perhaps it's because they don't have their_ that they want to empower themselves with the non-white vote. You can go to any of the Liberal riding associations or "Christmas parties" and all you'll see is the Italian Liberal candidate with his family and white staff; everyone else is East Indian, Pakistani, Chinese or black; whether it's Maria Minna or Joe Volpe, the immigration minister who wants to bring in 700,000 more immigrants into Canada (and they're not coming from Italy).

Italians were named after the ancient King Ital of the Sicans, who conquered Sicily from the Sicils. Canada's Italians are dreaming if they think that the Third Worlders will put up with their candidacies forever. Italians have lost their way here, filled with success and pride. Their politicians keep mouthing the multicult mantra, while living in their traditional private Italian vacuum. I know, I was there.

I married a beautiful Italian woman some years back in one of those big, fat weddings and did the big family Sunday dinners (usually seven courses. with bocci and brioschi afterwards) in the basement rec-rooms, while the upstairs expensive, plastic-covered couches sat in almost roped-off rooms. She could belt out Ave Maria bringing tears to the eyes of the old folks and vibrating the crystal during white carpet Christmas gatherings. I had a beautiful Adriatic (I'm from Sarajevo, Yugoslavia) princess daughter named Angela Lisa Andrews (December 18th, 1969-August 7, 1988), the first of my six children, who was killed in a car crash where 11 other people were injured. She was 18 years of age and had given me a graduation picture three days before her accident, with an inscription on the back; "As I give you this picture, so, too, my soul".


While in school in Canada I was called "the black dago" by freckle-faced idiots who would later give away their birthright for some rock and roll. I worked, hunted (soon the Liberals will confiscate your guns and hold them at the police station) and played with racially-conscious Italians who bitched about the deteriorating social climate in Canada, but very few have joined the white nationalist movement, among them being Lombard Count George Zapparoli and Joe Genovese, leaders of the Western Guard in the 1970s, who contributed a lot to the white nationalist movement of the Guard. A smattering of Italian skinheads and pizza parlor denizens, later aided the Nationalist Party; a few Fascist coffee shop expatriates have added their voices to our movement while the rest of the Italian community has been voting anti-white Liberal time and time again while the cities are becoming darker and darker.

Italy is a great repository of our European heritage. The Italians here will have to live up to that responsibility by changing their vote and support of the racially suicidal Liberal Party. For all their Catholicism, I've never seen any demonstrations by "Sopranos" families to take back the streets. Downtown Toronto's Little Italy isn't as safe as it used to be (just check the police blotter, Luigi). This is a serious time and you can't decide to play the dumb green-grocer with 'Mambo Italiano'.

WAKE UP! It's all going down, and I speak to you as I would to a childhood friend that I remember, Nino, when I was an orphan in Sarajevo. Don't be left behind, like I regretted leaving him when the Red Cross scooped me and took me to Canada when I was ten years old.

If you know your history, you know that race is all.



Tora, Tora, Tora — NOT!


Today is the anniversary (December 7, 1941) of the supposedly great 'Tora' (attack) by the Japanese Fleet on Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian islands. For all their much-ballyhooed brains and Oriental wisdom, the Japs failed miserably. I couldn't think of a stupider plan than to "sneak up" and hit a powerful enemy and then run away; it was a plan guaranteed to make America mad. For all their suicidal kamikazes, they failed to transport troops and occupy the Hawaiian islands and use it as a staging center to keep the Americans from leaving their West Coast. Instead, they fortified a massive base at Rabaul, deep in their own sphere of influence, which the Americans easily bypassed in their slow conquest of the islands, closer and closer to Japan itself.

This blunder cost them the war, as Americans rebuilt Pearl Harbor and sent out more naval flotillas against the Japs. Yamamoto, their admiral, even said of the attack, "We have awakened a sleeping giant". Later attempts at controlling the Aleutian Islands Attu and Kiska, were pointless, with the Hawaiian islands in American hands— and they were supposedly the the military geniuses of the East! Had they held Hawaii, they would have been in a position to threaten the Panama Canal and could have even landed jungle-trained troops into Central and South America, and been an influence in places like ex-President Fujimori's Peru for all the minerals they needed.

One can see how easy it was to impose a Japanese moneybags president on top of their wild cousins, the Incas: they're always curious and nice to the natives initially (until they get all the servants they need). No wonder the American intelligence kept quiet about the attacking flotilla; it was a good excuse to get into the war against Japan's Axis ally Germany — a useless, stupid alliance that inspired American retaliation. The Axis never had any co-ordinated plan or activity; everyone fought their own private war as they saw fit, with the Germans trying to save the Italians from their over-reaching blunders in North Africa and Greece. The Japanese fought hard for their Emperor, but myopically, in spite of being unable to see the big picture. They put great fear and dread into the American armed forces, who feared losing one million men if they had to take over the Japanese home islands one by one. Hence, they resorted to the mad scientists' A-Bomb, something that America and Israel still rely on if the going gets tough (after two bombs, the Japanese folded like a deck of cards; so much for their Bushido code). They were a vicious enemy that made every white man fear to fall into their hands as their prisoner. There were no friendly 'Sergeant Schultzes' — just mean Korean prison guards and vicious torturers and executioners. In spite of all their horrendous inhumanity and suicidal attacks, they demonstrated their insecure timidity toward the white 'sleeping giant', whose schleps they have now become, from Asia to Iraq.




Blitzer’s Blunder


Recently at a rally in Syria, David Duke declared, "Part of my country is occupied by the Zionists...just as part of your country, the Golan Heights, is being occupied by the Zionists." He, of course, was referring to to the acronym (ZOG) familiar to white nationalists and other racially aware ethnic elements. in the old days I couldn't see the exact outright connections to Zionism as more to Jews in general. But over time I realized that not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists; it appears to be a secular movement of Imperial world power while utilizing some religious aspects of Judaism and esoteric Knights Templar, apocalyptic Christians (which are run by a pervasive matriarchy) and erotic secret boys clubs. And the ease with which the communism was beaten (when McDonald's opened up in Moscow) led me to believe the old conspiracy theories of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, as the late Canadian freedom fighter John Ross Taylor always insisted, all fits: "It all fits...don't you see?"


Now, Duke, through a long, illustrious career from a Seig-heiling American Nazi to an Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan — and now to international statesman with a doctorate from a Ukrainian University, can give them all what-fer. On the obvious reportage which ran on Wolf Blitzer's CNN program "Situation Room", that network was foolish to advertise the story and shot themselves in the foot themselves in their kosher conservative neo-con foot, Fox News Channel included; white American nationalists will not be in favor of fighting a Zionist war on behalf of people who have persecuted them for decades, Only the biggest village idiot would want to get those 'Osamas' on behalf of people who have been denigrating and denying their very existence. They thought they were doing Duke a disservice by mentioning his KKK past. But that kind of bogeyman isn't going to scare the people when they see the Mujahideen their boys are facing in Iraq (this is tougher than than the tunnels of Cu Chi in Vietnam) although I don't see the analogy whine of George Bush having been a cocaine user as opposed to Duke having been in the Klan. There's a big difference between committing yourself to a white Racial idea, than snorting white powder to get a quick buzz: One is altruistic, the other is selfish.

I don't want to cut anyone in the racial fight for survival; it takes all kinds. This is one time when diversity is a one method will win the day without the support of others. To consider David Duke's comments an outrage, particularly that he said that the media was Zionist-controlled (just look at the Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, all owned by the same people but still swearing editorial independence). It's just barefaced propaganda and deserves no respect. The only interest is how how tightly each network spins the same chosen stories. They're in-your-face smiling shysters, that's what this prostitution profession has become with no redeeming features. The media is a bunch of propagandist, politically correct dogs, salivating to do their master's bidding: The media blinked and broke their code of silence on white nationalist opinion for over four years since 9/11, pretending only the extreme left was against the Iraq war. But they don't mind pro-Zionist activity against the anti-feminist Taliban and their agreement to more civil rights restrictions on the fear mongering "war on terror" --just ask Jack Layton the NDP or the new left of the Liberal Party, where strangely if you vote for the NDP in the January 23 election, you'll be voting for Conservative leader Stephen Harper. Why bother voting for them at all, though? Even the big shot union reps are urging the return of the Liberals with a higher majority, if you please. It's in the Liberal left and the trendies and dykes that the Zionists will have to look for recruits to get them terrorists.

David Duke's commentary on the Iraq war and American military activity was broadcast around the world and is a turning point for Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, David Frum and all the other kosher columnists, because the American white man is saying, Hell No, We Won't Go.




They’re All Spies


There's a bunch of Christians running around asking the Iraqis and Palestinians (who have family members in Abu Ghraib and Israeli prisons) what can they do for them, gathering information on the suspects (under the guise of checking for human rights violations — and then they will duly report and complain about the same outrages to the American army, all with the approval of the torturers Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. All of the information garnered by these Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) is suspect, and I am sure will not be handed over to any Jihadists or Hamas people. And whether they are willing or naive dupes, inevitably they become spies and propagandists for the American aggression.

Christian Peacekeeper teams from the West are wandering around in a Christian-destroyed and army-occupied country, and these guys are supposedly looking for human rights violations of Americans and anyone else...yeah, right. If you believe that, I've got some land in Florida for you (about 6 feet under water).

Whether they're 'Doctors Without Borders', or Christian Scientists embedded with troops, journalists or Christian Peacemaker teams in an Islamic country, they're all spies. No one is wandering around Iraq without permission of the torturing U.S. occupiers, including the two Canadians now held hostage along with a Briton and an American by some unknown "Islamic" militants. Suspiciously, there was a conspiracy of silence by the controlled media as to the identity of the organization holding the hostages for 48 hours. Aren't they proud of their peacemaking efforts, or is it another Mossad or CIA 'Black Bag' operation? The Americans are desperate for intelligence and information in Iraq, whether it's from greedy contractors, naive humanitarians or thieving archaeologists, they need every little detail and nuance that their meddling has garnered, if it could save another boastful GI his life and limb in this war of aggression and occupation to please their Zionist overlords. It's so that they can tell more lies to the dumb American public (the way that Fox News Channel, Donald Rumsfeld and CNN do). It's interesting to see how the media highlights these "nice, naive Christians", while at the same time, the same controlled media denigrates Christmas and Christians (with a 'secret agenda') on the home front. Some of the nastiest warmongers are Born Again Christians — just listen to those pro-torturing pundits on Fox, smiling away and pretending to be defending Christmas while advocating torture (What would Jesus say?). The media bimbo bitches are the worst. You never hear any of them talking in a compassionate manner toward the 'enemies of America'...they're usually the most shrill and vicious (did you ever hear any of these Christians rally for an end to the Iraq war that they're supposed to be against?) No, they're all spies and propagandists for the Zionist war effort.




“Fatherland”...A Motherland


Even though Germans call their country the 'Fatherland', it's really a chimera. When the Romans met them, they were a collection of nudist camp tribes with co-gender swimming was common and the women were on the Spartan mode, tough as nails, often joining their men in Berserker battle. They love to conquer and settle other peoples' lands as the new overlords with tribes such as the Vandals, Goths and the Lombards. They've tried it numerous times since (which reminds me of the story of the Germans finally losing to the English at soccer's World Cup and saying, "Ah-ha! We beat you at your own game!", before the Englishman replied, "Yeah, but we beat you at yours, two times."). In spite of their massive effort to win World War II, they totally capitulated into a humiliating peace that no Arab nation would have without a whimper of guerrilla warfare and supposed ethnic unity. So much for ideology. and dignity, when nylons and chocolate were on the scene There was no Chechen-style resistance. it couldn't measure up to any untermuenchen resistance.

Father-abandoned Hitler himself was timid toward women, asking his girlfriend Eva Braun whether he could bring his German Shepherd Blondi out for a while, because her two toy terriers didn't like his dog, forbidding any conversations about the warring conflagration at the vegetarian dinner table at his Eagle's Nest retreat, where there were servings of potatoes, 16 different ways (only gossip and Hollywood movies could be discussed). As well, he foisted Magda Goebbels (who murdered her children without Uncle Adolph's objections) on his tough-talking yes-dear-Nazi chief — because she could do the tea service properly at Hitler's social events. The Fuhrer saw the erstwhile innocent faces of the photo-op kids (five girls and and one boy playing in the bunker tunnels) but never ordered their evacuation--the parents' personal concerns were more important than giving them a chance.

The "Ilsa" she-wolves of the SS were common in the concentration camps. The Mutti seems to run the show, from the Katzenjammer Kids to the Marxists of the Bader-Meinhoff gang. Today when German males marry natives, they go native and usually try to impress the English, while the Frenchmen, Dutch and Englishmen leave their progeny behind. I've never seen more resigned, unhappy couples in all my life, especially when they get older: She wants to go to Acapulco while the romantically-cuckolded man putters around in the garden.

One of their shrill childless women is the new Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, former darling of the ideological communists in East Germany. This math whiz loudmouthed her way to the supposed antithesis of her former sponsors, the Christian Democrats, under former Chancellor Helmut 'Sticky Fingers" Kohl. This second Wiemar Republic, with its Orwellian, oppressive laws toward freedom of speech and assembly, where people are for raising their hand in a straight-arm and where discussion of historical facts is Verboten, will fall, along with their meddling dreams of world influence still linger with German mercenary killers in Afghanistan (fighting for 'women's rights'). The 'new' Rosa Luxemborg's ghost would rejoice.

The jailing of free speech advocate Ernst Zündel and other German racists will not save this international puppet government any more than the first one; as the late John Ross Taylor said, "You can't kill an idea by jailing its author.", in spite of Brunhilde and her anti-racist Valkyries in charge.



Note Bene


Ever since 9/11, the anti-racists, internationalists, Zionists, capitalists, feminists, propagandists, military slimebags and multicultists want you to fight the suicide bombers and God-believers. They're never ready to lay down their own lives to maintain their whorehouse; they need some mercenaries and bigots to do their dirty work while they fill their fat faces and blather their bombast through their controlled media. In the long run, mercenaries are useless sadists, wherever they're from — Melanesia, Polynesia, Guatemala or Mongolia, judging by the press reports and death notices on AntiWar.Com What good is money and American citizenship if you're dead, and how hard would you fight if you're just trying to stay alive to open up a pizza parlor in L.A.?; their effectiveness is suspect, and their numbers are limited.

Bigots are subconsciously racially-aware individuals willing to get their licks in for a few dollars more against the "sand niggers" and "ragheads", exercising some macho brute superiority against foreigners while paying lip service to multicult society on the matriarchal home front, showing their duplicitous cowardice. As Irving Abella said, "Racists are like cockroaches; when you turn on the lights, they scatter." They're big shots in the field and wimps at home: just witness the Third World re-colonization of North America and the legalization of gay marriage. The Zionist imperialist can't get the bleeding heart liberals and leftists to do their killing for them, ans they're running out of naive farm boys and jingoistic patriots. And it's showing in the U.S. Congress with all the withdrawal-from-Iraq mutterings. It's a small wave now but will soon become a tsunami of voices to "get our troops out of Vietnam — oops, sorry — Iraq. The kosher conservatives and the feminists are shrill in their despair as "cut and run" becomes a rout as the 2006 Presidential Elections loom, with no victory in the phony Orwellian 'war on terror'. They're screaming 'The sky is falling,' like Chicken Littles, claiming with unmitigated arrogance, "if we don't change the world, they'll change us." They were changed with they made real that famous inscription on the Statue of Liberty, give us your poor, your tired, your tempest-tossed, etc., with no thought to race and reason.

"Stay The Course" is Bush's mantra, just like Hitler's on the Eastern Front (no retreat, you can all die in Stalingrad / al-Anbar province with sycophant generals peddling political propaganda from the secular Zionist Occupation Government-run White House). When was the last time you saw Bush on his knees in prayer or coming out of church? He's too busy patting Vladimir Put-In (the Butcher of Chechnya) on the back and comparing notes on torture interrogations. It's the same bunch of bastards who propped up criminal communism for years before opening up a McDonald's in Moscow when they couldn't afford to keep up the charade. (In the new NBC series E-Ring, the capitalist producers tell the story of a Pentagon-directed strike force going after a Christian militant group who have taken Muslims hostage and holding them prisoner).

In a recent article, a poll revealed that 46% of Americans said that torture was okay and 17% said they would do it "sometimes"; that's 63% total revealing that Americans are willing torturer macho brutes, ready to "change the world" with intimidation and bombs.... I think not. Kosher conservatives have called for Churchillian bombast and bluster to rally 'round the flag (Churchill was an effeminate bumbler who cost millions of lives from Gallipoli to Dieppe. It's in the DNA ; his grandson is currently shilling for the Fox News Channel (why doesn't he take the lead and become a suicide bomber?).

The whole Iraq War is built on an edifice of lies and arrogant presumptions; everyone doesn't want to be a trendy, hedonistic dogshit-walker like the multicult wimps at home. Vice President Dick Cheney wants to set up the CIA like the KGB, exempted from any rules of human rights and dignity, by trying to keep their "right" to torture in the face of John McCain's anti-torture bill. America's image is now one of sadomasochist torturers. Forget about being a serial killer; just join the U.S. Armed Forces and Intelligence Services. And these pukes paint themselves as the good guys? It's a sick society, with Harry Potter visions of harmony and justice, while the Cripps and Bloods spray the neighborhoods with bullets and the macho bitches and dilettantes call for private gun confiscation, so they won't fall into the hands of their coddled "gangstas".

I have no respect or sympathy for any of these New World Warmongers. They can either leave Iraq and Afghanistan now, or leave in body bags later; when they start, the butcher's bill will have to be paid.



Chickens Without Heads


Judging by the death threats we're receiving (we're not going to be shy about telling the vital truth), it's obvious that our editorials are hitting a nerve with flustered anti-racist supporters of multicult such as Justice Minister Irwin Cotler and Senator Jerry Grafstein are wearing down shoe leather, and running around like chickens without heads trying to make excuses and explanations for black crime and violence and our city streets and schools. Myopic anti-racist liberals such as Ontario Education Minister Gerrard Kennedy and his boss, traveling salesman, Premier Dalton McGuinty, are dispensing with the zero-tolerance policy in Ontario schools after their studies show that it was mostly black youth booted out of schools for their aggressive behavior. Now, if you're non-white you'll be given special consideration for that shiv you're carrying or the inappropriate advances on female students. These teaching creatures with the bodies of scorpions and the heads of social workers now mollycoddle the culprits on their way to gang warfare in our streets. So much for anti-racist equality.

On Sunday November 13 The same multicult apologists held a rally at Toronto's Dundas Square against gun violence, where there more multicult promoters on stage than in the audience. There were a few black mothers who lost their sons and a a smattering of concerned community leaders on stage. There were no black church congregants or boys from the 'hood ready to give up their guns in the audience. There were no white soccer moms or socially conscious, dogshit-walking trendies (perhaps they were too afraid to be in the downtown battle zone; more Canadians have demonstrated for their pit bulls than there were attending this politically-correct anti-gun rally). Only some music attracted a few curious on-lookers, and this rally was advertised in the papers and on radio for a week; that's how concerned their community is on this issue. To whites, it is an issue.

Guns don't kill people. people kill people — in fact, if it weren't for the security guards and stage hands you wouldn't have known there was a rally at all. But that didn't stop the multicult radio stations such as AM 640 and NewsTalk 1010 from claiming that the rally was a big success; AM 640 claimed in one newscast that there were thousands in attendance (So much for the veracity of the controlled media). Senator Grafstein blathered on about his five-point program to stop the violence "or at least reducing it significantly within one year" by giving miscreants more public money and special programs — the same old communist crap, attempting to hide the issue of race ($50 million was earmarked for the area of Jane-Finch by Prime Minister Paul Martin, while white Canadian recipients line up at food banks).

Race is all. Grafstein is the same anti-racist Jew who's suck-holing to the Indians after one of their chiefs, David Ahenakew, said that Hitler should have fried all of them, and now he is charged under the notorious anti-human rights 'anti-hate" gag. With Grafstein's blessing, the meddling Israeli government is encouraging the Indians (who have the fantasy of being independent "First Nations") to open up embassies in Jerusalem. Remember the squawking when the Quebec government attempted the same thing in France? This is a dangerous precedent and an outrage — organized minorities will have secret, official contacts with nations who are anti-racist (except for themselves), like Israel, and advance their agendas, a potential fifth column.

Behind all the shoring-up activity looms the French riots, which liberals, and anti-racists have been forced to consider and dance around with Marxist dialectics about the underclasses, disadvantaged and marginalized. They even have their resident collaborating Gunga Dins like Salim Mansur from the Toronto Sun and Haroon Siddiqui from the Star and their distortions and slimy whining. But as they say, all the king's horses and all the king's men won't be able to put the multicult golem together again; all will suffer, especially those who created it, until age-old respect and cooperation are shown to the racially-aware White Nationalist ideologues. And, until then, they are spitting into the wind.

Write to your M.P, and tell him/her what you think of this foreign meddling by Israel.




Double Talk


On Veterans Day, in front of an audience of Vietnam survivors, George Bush really laid into al-Qaeda, comparing them to America's old communist enemy. But everything they said about the 'terror' operations of al-Qaeda, while comparing them to the communists, could be ascribed to the American administration, in spades — the veterans from "the Big One' (World War II) are too old now to hang around drafty hangars or airplanes. All the old Marxist rioters demonstrators and hippies put on suits and joined the Establishment to bring in the most totalitarian dogmatic secular state. George Bush, a supposedly Born Again Christian who accepted Jesus (the Son of the Scriptures God). Muslims claim that Mohammed brought the last message from (take it or leave it at your peril. Never once did Bush mention God, the Bible, the Koran, or Allah (God) in his entire hypocritical boast, nor could he evoke the Christian Right in America or meet their social agenda. To him and his Washington cabal, Pat Robertson and their kind are a constant embarrassment.

Upon reflection, here are just a few examples of some communist dogma in full throttle in America:

There is the use of the word "Fascist" as the ultimate enemy of the state; the term used now is "Islamo-Fascist", showing that the same people who abandoned communism now do it under a new banner.

Also, the United States now practices integration, and moving people around to enforce it.

Washington today is an oligarchy run by a few people, just as a few people run Moscow under communism. In these oligarchies, the governments use arrests and charges without access to legal counsel, against all opposition. .

Moscow rules a vast prison system in Russia, where cruel and severe conditions await any and all "enemies of the state", as with the American prison system, also containing medieval conditions, facilities and torture (at present, there are over 2.2 million inmates housed in these lockups).

For several years, racial quotas in a number of areas of U.S. federal jurisdiction have been rigidly enforced and defended by the Supreme Court.

And let's not forget about about agriculture; the brutal collectivization of farms under Stalin has been matched by the monopolistic face of American farms now incorporated under what is known as "agribusiness", with large capitalist food-processing corporations such as Cargill and ADM playing a pivotal role, while family farms are becoming extinct in America.

Can you think of a few more?

No the fight is not between "freedom and tyranny" but between believers and non-believers, no matter what the semantical spin-doctoring of Bush's Zionist Occupation Government speech writers ("Islamo-Fascists", et al), says. Criminal communism and economically-minded capitalism can work hand-in-glove, as when the communists acquiesced to the opening of McDonald's in Moscow. As former Canadian Minister Eric Kierans commented, "When economics are sovereign, there is no good or evil".




“Can't Touch That”


After a brouhaha over what a big-time racist he was (another Paul Fromm in the school system), all of a sudden the Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board backed off from charging William Fabel. he was dismissed from teaching that the Holocaust was exaggerated. They don't want to tell the truth about race, anti-Semitism or immigration in the Canadian media while France is burning, continuing the controlled media conspiracy of silence of its Zionist overlords and their stooges. The dropping of the racism charges against Fabel only leaves the charges of making "sexually explicit comments and abusive remarks to students, parents and teachers."; that should spoil his reputation, but if you're innocent in the long run, who cares about what your enemies say about you? It only shows their hysterical desperation.

All this was going on at the same time Ontario Chief Justice Roy McMurtry (a self-alluded 'Christian Zionist') gave a pass to a judge's mild nine-month house-arrest sentence to a convicted predator as well deciding not to call an investigation into Justice Paul Robertson's no-jail slap-on-the-wrist sentence to some young hose-bag (we don't know her ethnic origin) who used a pit bull to commit rape on a 12-year-old boy, another result of the lenient and socially destructive Youth Justice Act, showing a great discrepancy in youth gender punishment.

At the same time the Liberal anti-racist Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty stifled our own Canadian poor and vulnerable by cutting back a $250 diet supplement to assistance recipients (unless a doctor can produce an existing medical reason for the supplement). Look out, food banks: this is going to hurt a lot of sidelined Canadian citizens thanks to the world's hypocritical do-gooders. Charity begins at home, Mr. McGuinty — don't you get it? This program has cost a measly $14 million; we got a ship down to the site of Hurricane Katrina's garbage for three days to show our flag in b.s. photo-ops for $20 million (so much for the big three ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government)-controlled parties caring about the people. They're mean, mean, mean and nasty, nasty, nasty. As former Canadian Cabinet Minister Eric Kierans said, "When economics are sovereign, there is no good or evil", and traveling businessman McGuinty (now peddling in China) should think twice and institute a guaranteed income for all Ontarians.

And Jack Layton Lennon/Lenin, head of the Marxist anti-racist New Democratic Party, is still with a corrupt federal Liberal Party and government, whose thievery the Quebec payoff known as the Gomery Report, quickly indicated. The other day, in typical Marxist dialectics (read: sneaky b.s.), he said he couldn't support he government unless...

That's enough to show what unprincipled criminals the communists are. As the old saying goes, you can always trust a communist to be a communist. These race-mixing wimps have betrayed the blue collar White working class of Canada by bringing in hordes of Third World cheap labor and undermining the family social fabric with their libertine views. From John Lennon to Jack Layton, the only time they're tough is when they're talking against their detractors — just look at Layton's arrogant attitude toward Conservative leader Stephen Harper: you'd think Layton had over 90 seats in the Commons (as Harper's Tories hold), not the 18 of the NDP.

All three parties are ZOG-controlled, so nothing will change after the next election but the bombast. We recommend that our site visitors check out the programs of the non-elected parties until there's a "White coup" in any of those major parties.




Bush Whacked

George Bush's trip to South America was no Flying Down To Rio. It was just terrible. First, he had to face Zionist Occupation Government-abandoned communists and the epitome of racemixed South America, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez jumping up and down with 10,000 others after a two-hour harangue against Bush and his imperialist ZOG policies. Then, Bush had to walk In single-file behind Chavez' admiring crowd — a real prom from hell. No united communiqué was issues by the 33-nation Summit of the Americas, and later, Bush uncomfortably praised Chavez and Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, who was glad when the no-questions-allowed press conference was over. He gave Bush a three-clap applause, then moved to shake his hand before escorting him off, as though on a vaudeville stage. It was funny to see Princess Chiclets herself, Condolezza Rice, and the rest of Bush's entourage, clapping like seals to his departing back.

The merchants are trying to get a big free trade deal and telling you that it'll be good for your exports, instead of concentrating on self-sufficiency. They'll have everyone waiting for the food shipments to come in from China — sell, sell, sell, as the avaricious capitalist greedbags move from one country to another, utilizing their cheap labour and uncontrolled resources (the people at home are further controlled by their trade policies, forcing various societies to be equally poor at the same time while a special elite lives in halcyon hedonism). Reminds me of some of the white people living in haciendas with tall walls and shards of glass embedded in the concrete, with dogs and barbed wire, security guards and gates...while the Chavezes get ready for another revolution of the masses. Our own minority government Prime Minister, Paul Martin, was there shilling for the international businessmen threatening to carry on the hucksters' oxymoron of "free trade", even with the five major South American nations disagreeing with him. Rapaciousness over security and sovereignty, greed over heritage, is the message; we're all just a bunch of consumers with phony economic boundary lines that mean nothing to internationalists.

Getting back to George Bush and the media-underplayed failed mission to Latin America, I think it frightened him into displaying some humility as he realized how hated his policies are around the world. He'll probably wrap himself in the "war on terror" jingoism to raise his morale — at least he'll get Western women on his side by being their champion against the "bearded ones."

An "al-Queda attack" would be helpful to his image, unlike the Muslim riots in France which CNN and Fox News are attempting to describe as 'discriminated youth' and France's participation in the war in Iraq, instead of pointing the finger at Marxist anti-racist immigration policies, as seen by many in this country.

In essence, we can say that President Bush was economically Bush-Whacked.



European Alzheimer’s

We talk a lot about White civilization and White pride on this site, not because we think it's superior to non-White peoples' lives dealing with their own natives, but because we consider it unique in human rights, dignity and justice. The standards are so high compared to the rest of the world, in compassion and altruistic generosity, that many of the eastern tribes of White people can meet the standards. In a horrific book on torture through out the world, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that only Scandinavia didn't use official torture. Everywhere else, it's been practiced with zeal and custom, even in the so-called enlightened Anglo-Saxon world. Now I am ashamed to report the sanguine nature of suspected East European nations (the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria) may be providing CIA dungeons for American torturers. It's despicable. These are the same captive nations whose whiny exiles who pleaded to their Soviet occupiers. I was so scared by their horror stories that I started my political career opposing the expansion of communist tyranny in 1965 (in 1967 I aided in founding the Edmund Burke Society, whose motto was "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"; Since then, the Jews have stopped supporting communism openly, which has withered on the vine in the Third World. The Belorussian community gave me the Captive Nations Eisenhower Award for "freedom and independence for all captive nations of the world,', right in front of all the Toronto mayor and some city councillors.

Now the kith and kin of these people are providing torture chambers for the kitsch New World in a policy of protection for their former secular Semitic torturers. Every East European I ever met showed that they hated Jews after a sentence or two, no matter what their position was in society — Lithuanians, Latvians, Ukrainians, Estonians, Hungarians, Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Slovakians, Romanians and Belorussians — all told me the same anti-Semitic tales. All sought to influence me in political activity while I tried to make excuses for affable Jews I knew, even though their organizations were attacking the concepts of White Nationalism with hysterical zeal.

It's hard to take the losers' refugee words seriously without authentication. And now these same people are rooting for their international overlords and bogeymen for a few dollars more; to hell with their culture and history and martyrs against tyranny, to hell with morality and independence, if we can just get dollars from an American military base, even if it does help our hated enemy. Stripped of racism, these countries have lost their raison d'etre (they might as well appoint our black governor to the European Union). White peoples' home bases have been undermined by a pernicious gang of communist/capitalist chameleon criminals. They even fight among and jail each other, as in Put-in's regime. This same gang is in power now wearing suits because there was no anti-tyranny/anti-communist revolution, except those colour-coded ones by the same elite (orange, yellow and blue, carefully staying away from red). I've seen Hollywood plots better than this, but Hollywood supported them so maybe that's where they came from, this same international gang of merchants destroying the nation, one people one culture at a time with the IMF, the World Bank, the UN and international mercenary consortiums advocating a worldwide Wal-Mart (otherwise, they'll bomb and strafe you).

Where are the war crimes trials for the communists (two accused went to jail, one in the Baltics and one in Poland), the same kind as the Marxist professors who have big influence on Canadian campuses, with freedom of speech only for approved subjects that their masters taught them? The rest is Orwellian anathema; otherwise, the corrupt and anti-human nature communist crappola would fall on its face, as in the kibbutz experiments in Israel. People are not the same, you morons!

Getting back to the East Europeans, I'm just so disgusted with their Alzheimer's memory and lack of foresight in their co-operation with the Zionist Occupation Government in Washington and the European Union. Stop your collaboration in the new World War of Terror an seek diplomatic accommodation where international anti-nationalist tyranny and imperialism reigns today (e.g., Chechnya, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Thailand and Algeria).

Work for peace, not for the Yankee Dollar.




Paris Is Burning


The French think they're so smart; if it wasn't for their language, you could almost believe it, until you see how much meddling and nastiness they've spread throughout the world, and occasionally against each other. Sure, a French priest gave the Vietnamese their alphabet, but they also militarized these people and now they're flooding into France.

Charles Martel ("The Hammer") stopped the Muslim Moors at Tours, but French imperialism has brought North Africans to the capital Paris itself. They're rioting in over ten neighborhoods and the nation's Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin cancelled a visit to Canada because of their racial problems that the controlled media tries to hide and misrepresent.

If you can speak French, you can be a Frenchman — from black Guadeloupans to ex-cannibal Kayaks in Polynesia, they're all a department of France.

On the home front the government has instituted Draconian measures to keep their education system secular, particularly when it comes to Muslim head scarves. They want that revolutionary woman at the barricades as the symbol of France, and all the bloody excesses of that civil war and the bloody excesses to put down those revolutionaries. And in 1970 and 1971 came another bloody suppression of the Paris commune as both sides went to massacre-lengths to make their political points. Of course they had their own bloodletting during World War II and right afterwards, so they're hardly the epitome of harmonious living whenever they get some political idea in their heads; whether it's Richelieu, Robespierre, Napoleon, or de Gaulle, you'll find the Frenchman from Morocco to Mauritius, from the Caribbean, from Paris to Madagascar, South America (French Guyana) to Tahiti, from New Caledonia to St. Pierre and Martinique, and pretty well all over Africa. They've got their fingers and their two cents' worth in.

They're not always successful but you have to give them points for trying....very trying. Of all the European nations which will be taking a re-interest in Canada, the French will be the first there (and as usual, will be the last to leave). They're known to abandon places after a desperate effort; North America, India, Mexico, Vietnam, North Africa and the Middle East, usually because their home base has become overrun or undermined. This time, it's because of their acquiescence with criminal conspirators and their Marxist ideology, setting up the country to be part of another Roman Empire; what they couldn't do with the bayonet, they hope to succeed with briefcase (just like the Japanese) to spread their culture (language), in a subtle battle with the expanding English language.

After the Paris commune insurrection, whole sections of neighborhoods were ploughed clear to separate those neighborhoods in case of future uprisings. However, it won't make much difference now that many of them are in African hands (close to ten million non-whites reside in France, six million of them Muslims). Unless they revert to racial awareness and ethnic cleansing, Paris will continue to burn. Even though the rest of conservative France doesn't like Paris, they have a psychological bond to their sparkling capital run by criminals and Marxists since the French Revolution. They have a saying: As Paris goes, so goes France.

Now, Paris is burning.




Shape Up...Or Ship Out


White people are so arrogantly naive (particularly their women); they think every other race should be like them. After they conquer a native people in their own land, they're quick to put brassieres on their women or teach them to sing "Bringing In the Sheaves" pretending that those natives want to be just like us through assimilation. They're quick to destroy their gods, religion, language, culture, totally ignoring the psyche of the people who created it. This is particularly the case throughout the Americas, where the slogan is, assimilate or be marginalized. Those natives who are racially aware and cling to the old ways are corralled into little Siberias with greedbag bureaucratic White overlords (like the Hudson's Bay Company, soon to be run by anti-racist mogul Jeff Zucker). Here, they call them reservations — "the rez"— where thousands of unassimilating Indians live in squalor, attempting to live up to White people's rules; sporadically, natural resources or gambling casinos bring temporary economic relief before white shysters take them to the cleaners and bringing them back to square one. Occasionally, young men escape the 80% unemployment rez to look for meaningful employment in the White man's world: downtown Toronto hostels, jails (22% of the inmate population is native) and parks are full of them, begging and partying on the public dole; not much difference from the poor aboriginals of Australia.

It's one thing to conquer a people, depriving them of most of their land, but it's a gross human rights violation to deprive them of their dignity and identity, much like the myopic do-gooders with their Kevorkian methods are doing to White Nationalists today. This patronizing genocidal policy stems from their peddling missionary-inspired Indian Act, which doles out $20 billion in aid for this dehumanizing program. Ever since I was a youth I was for the underdog Indians, not for the greedy cowboys. I was always disgusted when the Indians lost through the lack of unity and continuous collaboration with the palefaces...that's what happens when you're not racially aware and you side with a foreigner against your own. Every Indian chief's name I can remember — Pontiac, Tecumseh, Poundmaker, Red Cloud, Roman Nose, Geronimo, Crazy Horse, American Horse, Osceola, Sitting Bull, Rain-In-The-Face, Gall, Dull Knife, Joseph, Looking Glass. Quanah Parker, Cochise, Captain Jack, Black Hawk, Bigfoot, Black Kettle, Victorio — was a racist leader of his people who said no to the White man's machinations. Today they're all gone. No one remembers cowardly collaborators.

The latest health crisis at Kashechewan* is just the tip of the iceberg, with the alcohol, glue-sniffing, drugs, vandalism, unsanitary conditions, ineptness and negligence everywhere. This is the price of collaboration with he White victors. But like their native-assimilated French Canadian cousins, their leaders are reluctant to stop suckling at the Canadian taxpayer's teat instead of demanding and establishing real sovereignty. They'd rather collect their government checks and play with semantics, with empty words like "First Nations" and "distinct society" then work for independence. I didn't hear any opposition from the collaborating chiefs when the immigration doors were flung wide open to
Third World re-colonization. Nor did I see new Chinese immigrants hugging their long-lost Asiatic cousins since they built the Great Wall to keep the nomads out (lucky they didn't settle the country first, or they would have gotten the 'Tibet treatment'). Not that the early White settlers were any nicer; and it doesn't help Indians much that they are a compromising matriarchal society, judging by the power and influence of women in the wigwam.

Canadians owe a lot to the Indians, not only for the land they've taken but also for the stupidly-spilled blood on behalf of the White man's fratricidal wars. Foreign aid money should be redirected to the defeated suffering peoples in our midst. At least we know it'll all be spent in Canadian communities by an unmaterialistic people, until they are fully assimilated into the Canadian mosaic or establish their own nation-states.

And let's pull our troops from costly foreign alliances and entanglements like UN missions and NATO. Anything less would not show common sense, good will and fair play.

As for the anti-racist collaborating Indians in Canadian society...shape up, or ship out.






For a while there, I was really worried — I thought I was going to be proven wrong: the people prefer peace to safety. But I was relieved to see that my premises were correct. Race-mixed societies need the gun, not just like the gun, as in Europe, the American West, South Africa, Mexico, and Sao Paolo, Brazil, because the state can't guarantee your safety in a race-mixed society. Brazilian voters rejected a total ban on selling guns in that country by a 64 to 36 vote, even though their prime minister himself backed the ban. This doesn't seem to be the case in homogeneous societies, where guns are the preserve of citizens for hunting, sport, pride of possession and occasionally, tools against anarchy and tyranny. Every patriot should have one.

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Any talk of 'gunplay' and gun violence is a poor propaganda attempt at hiding the culprits because of a failed immigration policy. For each bullet that is fired, i wish I could tweak the snobbish noses of the White pasty-faced policy makers and greedbags who initiated the death-cult of multiculturalism; in the future, their ranks will be cursed, then forgotten. Today they are twisting in the wind trying to come up with excuses and explanations for the 'gunplay': (It's poverty! Let's give them $7-an-hour jobs, as if that would take care of it; How about more basketball teams, heaven help us all if they stop playing basketball! Or, let's have more hangout places and recreational centers, they just want drop-in rec rooms, no programs, please.) And where are all the shooters' irate fathers? We need a Million Man March in Toronto during Caribana! Where are all the churches, all the reverends, Monsignors, and rabbis, even the Imams — let's do some missionary work in the 'hoods.

Another recommendation by liberal and kosher conservative commentators is for stiffer sentences, so that we may become like the American gulags, with over 2 1/2 million inmates in the prison system (this is the massive cost of multiculturalism, with the general population terrorized until the killers are released).

Can you imagine if this was White racist gun violence? There'd be vigils, peace marches and riots to "Stop The Violence", while they piddle around, afraid they might be patronizing racists, 'cause that's what they are: the silent ones who haven't said a word about their brothers' problems. And the police? Oh, the police, they tried to tell the politicians fifteen different ways within their politically correct constraints, but the multicult morons march straight ahead, like lemmings flying into the cliff.

Well. White Nationalists don't wish to take the lemming leap of Jim Jones' Youngstown racial suicide as expressed by multiculturalism. We'll be here to deal with the future while Trudeauesque Marxist dilettantes have long pranced by in history, and sure, there'll be a White Canada — we just don't know how big it will be.

But it will be a little more resourceful, without massive foreign trade and immigration, a proportionally representative democracy in a techno-agrarian state with a large compulsory citizens' militia. Canada is famous for its military and all who wish to be acquainted with the gun on a proper level should join the Canadian Reserves: they pay $10.00 an hour... not bad for a part-time job.

In the end, separation is the only solution: first, the neighborhoods, then the towns, cities and the country.




Canadians Complicit in American Atrocities


The phony war on terror launched by the Americans is really a war of terror against their Islamic opponents , from the sex tortures at Abu Ghraib, to the force-feeding tubes in their throats, to the shackled spread-eagled prisoners at Guantanamo Bay concentration camp, to the indiscriminate bombings of Afghan and Iraqi villages and now, new terror atrocities revealed in a new video by an Australian journalist of the burning of Taliban combatants' bodies (forbiden by the Koran). In the October 21, National Post, "the body burnings were part of psychological warfare operation aimed at demoralizing Taliban fighters," reported Australian Stephen Dupont. The story continued, "U.S. soldiers pointed the bodies of the two Islamic militants toward Mecca, lit them and shouted religious taunts at other combatants over a loudspeaker....One of the U,S. soldiers in the video reportedly mocked enemy combatants as cowards for allowing their comrades to be pointed west, an apparent attempt to ridicule Muslim prayer practices." Canadian soldiers have already dug up Mujahideen bodies and taken DNA samples before callously re-burying them.

These outrages are continuing while Canadian politicians genuflect to the sadistic American regime, providing cannon-fodder killers who render Afghan captives to American torturing interrogators.Canadians have American killers' blood on them, which doesn't seem to bother the kosher and Christian conservatives. There's a meanness here that doesn't deserve to exist — a pox on all their hypocrisy and weasel words of denial. This myopic meanness is so all-pervasive that some idiots on the extreme right have taken up the cudgel against Islam as if it was a race. These same dummies would have us believe Islam-and-polygamy is a danger to the Whiteman's cause; they're the same morons who will choose Chinese lawyers * to defend the Whiteman's principle of free speech in Canada looking for loopholes while losing his integrity. We are all familiar with loser lawyers taking big bucks from White Nationalists, then denigrating their characters in the courts and the media. these charlatans should be dismissed and the accused should plead their own cases when dealing with anti-racist multicult death laws; no need for the the two-faced costly no-win failures. Better to tie up the kangaroo courts and speak for yourself and you will be remembered (who can recall any words of wisdom from these hypocrite attorneys?)

Canada should stop all co-operation with the expansionist. war-hungry NATO meddling of the American forces, withdraw our troops from Afghanistan and let the Afghans decide their own future as they've done for millenia, or face tragedy and abroad as a result as a result of our grievous interference. Send a letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin and to your local Member of Parliament to stop these outrages that Canada is complicit in. As for the arrogant Americans, we quote Newton's law (based upon Devine design) : for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction...

Wilma's coming.




Spin-Doctoring Quagmire


It's just like the self-loathing degenerates who told us all that the races are the same and that oxymoron "multiculturalism" was good for you; now they are out to say that the majority of Canadians believe that our country's multicultural society helps guard against we extremism (yeah, bring more contentious groups into the country and you'll have greater peace), with no care about the once-dominant successful European culture is destroyed. Hey, anything for the weasel security to continue their hedonistic existence (See the Globe and Mail story "Canadians In Poll Value Diversity But Demand Loyalty Above All" at

Fat chance, the same way the American settlers were loyal to the government when they moved into Texas and California; and the same way the Chinese were loyal to the Malays when they set up Singapore, and the same way the Barbarians promised to be good Roman citizens once they were let into the territory. After awhile, there's no loyalty to an economic entity that Canadian politics have built. In the end, there's only loyalty to your ethnic and racial origins, your personal family and friends: when the color of your skin becomes your uniform. Loyalty from new alien colonizers? Even the Gurkha and Sikhs would finally succumb to natural separatism. Multiculturalism is a low self-esteem, suicidal daydream for White people in Canada. These anti-racist schizophrenic dilettantes blow hot and cold with intolerance, depending on the local crime rate and fear of the God-believers; more jails, tougher sentences, higher taxes — it's all for your security, to protect you from the monster Blob that they created. Unfortunately, most of these low-reproducers won't be here to face that fear, the level of which has grown steadily year by year in Canadian society. We should place a moratorium on immigration, particularly with a mind to stopping the Third World recolonization policy that will destroy this nation as we know it by depressing the White population. The controlled media won't even print the word 'White' capitalized (unlike their descriptions of Blacks, East Indians and First Nations).

Our Defense Minister Bill Graham has no problem spin-doctoring to the media, claiming the Taliban and insurgents were not aiming at the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan as shells fell inside the compound. An October 13 National Post article quoted Royal Military College professor Sean Malloney: "It's the only potential target in the area; there's nothing else on the street they would want to hit. I'm not buying that this was a coincidence...these things aren't accidental — this is a deliberate targeting of Canadians." How dumb do they think all of us are? We just don't have the right to capture. murder or hand anyone over for torture to anyone else in a foreign land, even if we don't respect other religions. Canadian troops should immediately withdrawn from all foreign countries and as for Afghanistan, let the Afghans settle their own differences rather than prop up oil tycoon puppets like Harmid Karzai. Canadian soldiers should not be meddling mercenaries for hire by global monetary barons utilizing NATO or the UN or Americans. Bring our troops home, before tragedy strikes.

On another note, the dictator Putin (the Butcher of Chechnya) is trying desperately to clamp down on the revolt in the Caucasus and on information pertaining to it. The latest location is Nalchik, where the Mujihadeen attacked police stations, transportation facilities and an airport in a show of force to Russian imperialist occupiers. The cooperative absence of the Western capitalist media shows their deep connection to their communist pals — it's all the same hand. (See News Page for related story).

And what about George Bush's dog and pony show on Wednesday, the staged, prompted "interview" with ten U.S. soldiers in Iraq? The entire episode was rehearsed to spin this war in a positive light, and the White House had the nerve to deny that the soldiers were coached and choreographed. It was sickening to see military personnel used in such a way to promote an increasingly unpopular war. The whole "exercise in freedom and democracy" was as phony as a three dollar bill.




Pakistan Pulverized


With thousands dead in the northwest frontier demolished, Pakistan, which has been broken up before (Bangladesh) and its Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) puppet-dictator president Pervez Musharraf, are on the brink of big trouble again.

That wild and independent northwest frontier ruled by the Koran, has always been friendly to Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen (unless the Americans can be seen to be pouring in billions of dollars into the devastated country (a measly $100,000 that was promised would be a drop in the bucket). The deeply religious people there are desperate and will be thinking of God's retribution for working with the foreign infidels against the holy warriors. The toupéed anti-Muslim hypocrite Musharraf, shown by the media drinking and carrying around a dog, is no paragon of Islamic virtue; Pakistani army commandos hunting al-Queda in the hills will not suffice as humanitarian aid, regardless of Western controlled media propaganda stories. Musharraf and his phony colonial-made country of Pakistan ('PAKI', stemming from the initials of its four major tribes and 'STAN' meaning state), armed with an A-bomb, will not survive indefinitely, being split on ethnic lines from the Baluchis to the Pashtuns to the Kashmiris and the Punjabis, and having no religious caliphate to keep it together. Even Musharraf's days are numbered as he fails to deliver needed aid to the devastated frontier. No other modern-day Ataturk (Freemason Jew founder of modern Turkey) imitator is on the horizon; Musharraf is the perfect high-profile, genuflecting 'Gunga Din' shilling for a good time through Western capitalists (Rudyard Kipling would have loved this up-and-coming bat boy). Every time I see him I cringe at his lickspittle mannerisms; He's got about as much class and feng shui as Pakistanis in Canada who wear their traditional garb with a hockey jacket (don't they make traditional winter coats in Pakistan? It's definitely a fashion faux pas).

America may be aped in the big cities of the subcontinent, but it's a different story in the hills and mountains of the Hindu Kush where they don't dare show their faces unless it's in disguise as commando killers. Eventually even the nuclear bomb's secrets and components will fall into anti-Zionist Occupation Government hands — it's only a matter of time. With the entire countryside a wreck it'll be next to impossible to control the Kashmiri Mujahideen trying to wrest their territory from the Frankenstein British-created empire known as India, where up to twenty insurgencies are active for separation and independence (if it wasn't for the mercenary Sikhs who seem to have given up on their own Khalistan, the whole place would have fallen apart long ago).

It took a million lives to separate India and Pakistan into two phony countries, and it will take many more to dismantle these commercial conglomerates. And all of the men of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund will not be able to put it back together again.




Sad, But True...


I'd like to consider myself a simple man: simplicity survives. Thus, I keep to the old adage, K.I.S.S.—Keep It Simple, Stupid, in editorial comments and opinion, with common sense, good will and fair play. A few observations on today's news:

Serbia is in a state of malaise. An item in the October 6 Globe and Mail stated that the nation had marked the fifth anniversary of the ousting of Slobodan Milosevic, "with his democratic successors expressing regret over the slow pace of change since the massive population uprising." Its pro-Western president Boris Tadic told the AFP news agency, "There are very few in Serbia today who can be satisfied with the results recorded by Serbia" since Milosevic's overthrow. Obviously, the Serbs need a strongman; none of this will be forthcoming in Serbia's Western minstrel democracy.

From Reuters News: Spain said it will take "extraordinary measures" to deter African migrants from storming the borders of its North African outposts after 500 people tried to burst through. It will invoke for the first time since a 1992 agreement with Morocco, allowing them to send back to Morocco sub-Saharan Africans who made it over the razor-wire fences into its enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla. This is a scene right out of the prophetic fiction novel The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail: It should be read by all white nationalists.

On Wednesday, the Associated Press reported the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate voting to impose restrictions on the treatment of terror suspects, and "delivering a rare wartime rebuke to President Bush." Senators voted 90-9 to approve an amendment that would prohibit "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment" against anyone in U.S. custody, regardless of where they were being held." It's the best thing the Senate has done, despite its bi-partisan usage by the international money manipulators. But the fact that they had to do this after many years of human rights concerns and the fact that there hasn't been great public revulsion to the methods employed by their boys "over there", speaks volumes to the B.S. nature of the American salesman (the Soviet constitution is beautiful, too, if you read it—but it doesn't look that way in the gulag, or from Guantanamo Bay or from any other gulags where the new benign empire reigns supreme).*

Criminals are natural liars. And I had to wonder at Canada's National Newspaper (The Globe) whining about anti-Americanism (without it, we're finished). They were bitching in their October 6 editorial The Anti-U.S. Tang about Paul William Roberts winning the PEN Canada Paul Kidd Courage Award. Roberts, author of the book A War Against Truth, received the award for his "willingness to put his career on the line in the tenacious pursuit of the story" and the "the courage to be unique and take an independent viewpoint". Can you imagine what whores the media know they are, that they created a prize for anyone who would risk his career for the truth? And as for the Globe putting down conspiracy theorists, isn't that the first time of a potential conspiracy. The editorial railed about Roberts arguing that Hurricane Katrina would bankrupt the USA, that China's economy would overtake America's, that America attacked Afghanistan in 2001 to push an oil pipeline through to Pakistan instead of uprooting al-Qaeda, and that Afghanistan's Taliban leaders did not actually support al-Qaeda. So, the snobs in the Globe boardroom can stop treating us like idiots.

I think the last gasp of the Americans is coming on fast. People aren't even listening to the controlled media's excuses as to why the bombs are going off. It's "because of the Parliamentary election, the upcoming constitutional referendum". The last days of the dead-enders...hey, America, you've bitten off more than you can chew. It's not criminal communist torturers or secular capitalists you're fighting, but some men's' need for God-belief which can never be extinguished by any frivolity. Meeting this human desire head-on will only result in continual conflict, just as zero-tolerance toward racially aware whites is self-defeating for all concerned. Just check the way these anti-racist hypocrites treated a black student when it came to zero-tolerance of violence ** (exceptions were quickly made).

Injustice breeds contempt, and that's all they deserve, considering the recent Americans' successful raids along the Syrian border. The 2000-casualty mark is approaching fast and it will look worse when it climbs further during this upcoming Christmas.

Finally, we have Hockey Night In Canada. I remember how I was forced to watch it; my mother wanted me to be "a real Canadian." Then, it was an almost exclusively a white sport, something to do with blacks having weak ankle supports. But even though they could see each other's white faces yelling and screaming together, they never thought enough of their common background and similarities that they even got together to stand on guard for Canada against a Third World re-colonization program put in by the dilettantes in Ottawa. They just waited around like sheep while the hockey moguls bargained and the whites were revived as zombie citizens.

That simple, I never want to be.


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