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Boring Obama, the Obfuscator


Barack Obama's presidency is developing just about how I said it would when this site was backing his candidacy foe president, with the long-term vision of racial separation. The American anti-racist rabble has been playing the human race card of "diversity and multiculturalism" for three generations; now it's high time to put their bullshit into practice with a race-mixed liberal leader for their so-called post-racial era. These Marxists and consumerists who push the one-size-fits-all globalist New World Order have to be proven wrong the hard way with crime, violence and reactive anger in response to their communist plans to the point that even their effeminate front man's eloquence cannot subdue.

Every day you look, these days, Obama's on the boob tube, haltingly answering direct questions with hypothetical arguments and dreamy musings with his eyes a-flutter into space, broken up with long pauses and often in mid-sentence and mid-thought, making everyone ask: What was the question? Other than little flippant quips in response to pop culture issues, Obama doesn't have a clue or solid thought on any issue in particular, for sure.

Barack Obama hasn't fulfilled any of his campaign promises. Everything is still 'in the works' — Guantanamo, CIA torture investigations, Iraq troop withdrawal, the "war on terror," Iraq surge-or-disengagement, universal health care, the Patriot Act, racial harmony and a dozen other vaguely-hinted-at policies on various subjects. The only accomplishment has been to pauperize people with huge government debt while bailing out the Jew/globalist financiers which created the free trade world economy problems to begin with (his banker patrons are happy.) The United States of America now looks worse than ever as it wages war and murders villagers through killer nerd-run drone attacks and saber-rattling in the Middle East on behalf of the Zionists, under the tutelage of the Black Prince of the Civil Rights Movement (is that what they meant by the song We Shall Overcome?) Many whites voted for Obama in the hope of placating the angry Negro mobs and hoping that once their fellow black citizens were fully empowered, they might act mellower toward the frightened whites. What's their excuse now for their vicious and brutal attacks, rapes and murders of white Americans and on their own?

Many are realizing J.B. Stoner's adage: race is all, much to the chagrin of the race-deniers who have been forced to discuss race and racism with a "black" commander in chief in charge of their destiny. Not a day goes by without some liberal or libertarian bringing up race for discussion. However, without the participation of bona fide, unabashed, plain-speaking racists of all colors, their discussions and punditry are about as memorable as elevator music; the worst strain on the ears is listening to kosher conservative apologists pretending that they're not racists and making fools and hypocrites of themselves. Obama's two-cents' worth into this conversation is about all that it's worth. He’s just marking time and hoping that no one notices he's half-black from a racially-proud father and a half-white from a racially-ambivalent self-loathing mother. You could almost feel sorry for him — if it wasn't for his purposely-obfuscating nature and background.

Obama has destroyed the idea of a white United States, in the eyes of the world and of Americans. This has severely undermined the country's raison d'etre psyche, who will be looking to blame someone particularly identifiable for their loss of jobs, confidence and world standing.. The number of the dissatisfied is growing on both sides of the political spectrum and as Obama and his administration are further isolated, even from the honest and opportunistic members of Congress. Only his airy-fairy supporters are sticking to their boy... as long as he keeps the Afghan war going.

Obama has bought right into the 9/11 Big Lie and the consequent evil Cheney's "war on terror" to get a few hundred Islamists threatening America from caves on the Pakistani/Afghan border, we're to believe; only a soap opera or NASCAR aficionado could believe this Bubba crap as a reason to deprive people of their civil rights and institute a military-police state of torture and agent-provocateur sabotage a la 9/11. The dummies in America haven't learned their lessons from Vietnam and will have to have their heads bloodied in Kabul for another lesson in arrogance. That's the big thing about this war in Afghanistan, which has nor been financed and supplied by the big powers as in Vietnam. American imperial legions, with all their super-power firepower can't occupy and subdue simple, patriarchal God-believer tribesmen who are inching their way closer to the foreigners' headquarters in a no-win war for the invader.

Occasionally I have to agree with false-flag Glenn Beck, who tries to appeal to the angry leftist too by saying John McCain would have been worse than Obama; America would have been at world war for the Zionist neo-con Globalist traitors. Knowing who’s pulling Beck’s strings, it's obvious it's a lament, as his bosses are stymied by their weak-wimp- Oprah-feel-good-show marionette.

Obama, on the other hand, is irresolute, waiting for his generals to tell him what to do. He doesn't have the courage of a man to call it quits for a phony revenge mission from the last conspiratorial White House regime. This prancing prince is vacillating between courage and chivalry while he mutters about the Taliban and al-Qaeda, as if they crippled America economically while blowing three trillion dollars more of tax money on useless wars for globalists and their military industrial complex. Change, you were pushing for — where is it, you phony black Zionist stooge dilettante? Pretty soon Obama's appearances on TV will be as exciting as the appearance of the weatherman on a sunny day. Unless he’s been given specific instructions by his handlers, his monologues are as exciting as those on the women's program The View: Lots of giggles and chuckles, with very little substance. After all these useless shows, it'll be hard for the public to take any grave pronouncements seriously, particularly if it's about more war. Familiarity breeds contempt and when we see that the emperor has no clothes, contempt will escalate to attempt at making Barack Obama a one-term president and saving Americans further embarrassment that they accrued with Bush's second term. Keep chattering — you and your anti-white supporters are digging your own political graves!

Oh yeah, and heaven help him if boring Obama should ever rebel and turn on his masters.




Terrific Toronto Shines In September


Sometimes I never really know what I am going to write about until the last minute. I always like to write about subjects not generally covered, but still intrinsic to life. I always like writing about the under-reported war news activity or about how the queers have taken over popular white culture and occasionally, even at loggerheads with the “Jewsmedia's” bosses and the globalist wars.

However, as soon as I step outside, Toronto, one of the most beautiful cities in September, beckons comment, when you live in his part of the planet, in the most serene setting, you can watch 20% of the world's fresh water floating by in the last of the six intercontinental lakes (Ontario), through the mighty St. Lawrence River to the Atlantic. Lake Ontario's northern shore rises gently through arable soil to the north, up to the Cambrian Shield. Toronto, bounded by the Humber River in the west and the Rouge River in the East, rises up the lake's slope like a Stalinist cake building, with a third river and a wooded, wide and deep (Don Valley) ravine in the centre. A 16-lane highway, the 401, runs east and west through the centre of it, while the longest street in the world, Yonge Street, starts at the bottom and bi-sects the city into east and west on its way up north. Everything is in bloom in the city of 100 neighborhoods and nationalities; anyone with ten square feet of land makes an effort to plant something. Hardly any front yards are left unattended without at least some effort of amateur feng shui landscaping and some of the neighborhoods are just outstanding in their color coordinating and display. The entire southern section along the lakefront and five kilometers up, the city is green, green, green. with plenty of canopy trees closer to the city centre. The Upper Beaches, where I live, known for its Anglo holdouts and the adjacent Beaches, known for its swastika sports clubs, displays many English country gardens in their front yards.

For all the faults you might find with Toronto City Hall and its left-wing leadership, the Parks and Recreation Department and the businessmen along Danforth Avenue, have a lot to be given creit for. The giant sidewalk concrete flower boxes are overflowing to the sidewalk with beautiful blossoms of varying color. And there are hundreds of them along the way, so many that one guy commented "there's too many in this time of austerity." There’s never too many, thank you very much. The Greeks, Italians and Macedonians north and south of the Danforth occasionally sit on their porches admiring their flowers and fruit trees; Soon the East Indians and the Chinese will hopefully learn from example, although the latter grows plenty of melons on rickety props on their replaced lawns. The "Little Italy" and Greek sidewalk cafes on the Danforth are chic enough, but ones in the Downtown Annex are the epitome of the eclectic intelligentsia around the University of Toronto grounds; people-watching is big around Brunswick Avenue and Bloor Street.

The southern part of Toronto's west end is similar to the east's beautiful flora, but the human fauna is quite different: here we have the coffee shop communist crowd and the beautiful open and extensive grounds of the University of Toronto. The big Chinatown is located not too far from Old City Hall, while a large Goth and fashionista crowd of anarchist partiers and wannabe rock stars crawl around the Jewish and Portuguese Kensington Market.

When you reach High Park a little further west and idyllic Grenadier Pond, you'll be right smack in Eastern Europe with Poles, Ukrainians, Germans, Balts, Serbs, Croats, Maltese and Filipinos all around you, and they all love their gardens, just as pretty and taken care of as their east end neighbors, but more sedate. Just west of Yonge Street is the showpiece boulevard: University Avenue, with plenty of color and exotic leaf plants, fountains, statues and reflecting pools and colorful flowers running through its centre, to the pink-stoned palace of the Ontario Legislature; it's a beautiful sight. Forest Hill and Disneyland-like Casa Loma, just a little further north, matches old money with the Rosedale denizens on the other side of Yonge Street. Both neighborhoods are loaded with canopy trees of every description.. A secret area, open to the public, rural-looking and well-vegetated, is Wychwood Park, where you can live without ever suspecting you're in the middle of a great city.

North of the 401 is the wild and wooly area of Toronto, with pockets of government housing projects that all the politicians regret, with their continuous shootings. But they're still set in a very picturesque area, with plenty of ravine, hills and creeks both in the northeast corner of hill and dale country as the boundary Rouge River meanders into Lake Ontario through all kinds of picnic parkland right down to the marvelous Scarborough Bluffs.

The top part of Toronto is filled with small manufacturers and other commercial activities. But still we have here swaths of climax-forest greenery that some politicians saved. Torontonians love their trees (and we still have the brilliant autumn colors to look forward to); the sound of chainsaws brings out the neighbors to see if you have a permit.

There are about 200,000 Jews living mostly in the north of Toronto along the Gaza strip (Bathurst Avenue), where I sometimes enjoy a fresh bagel and watch the "Seinfeld crowd" in their luncheon bakeries, in the small strip malls on sunny mornings. There's so much to do in Toronto.

With the exception of the commercial areas of downtown, Toronto is racially and ethnically segregated according to color and country of origin. Tamils occupy most of central suburban Scarborough in the east, while Somali Blacks live in apartment complexes, sometimes in close proximity to Caribbean areas. There are at least four Chinatowns and malls. Arabs are coming to the Danforth as the Greeks and Italians move to northern satellite towns. A fancy minaret has already appeared near Donlands Avenue along with Muslim Halal stores. This could be the last Anglo-centric generation to see its horticulture, and plant husbandry — unless Canadians come to grips with racial realities and stop their mercenary Pollyanna attitude for internationalist “coummunards.” Our period's essays will show that not everyone was an anti-racist. fool or coward, and will show the way forward for future generations.

Most whites are united on preserving the environment, and that mindset permeates the citizenry. For me. it's time to forget the travails of the world and to concentrate on enjoying and exploring my terrific Toronto.




Criminal America: Clean Up Your Own Mess!


Not a day goes by without some rotten crime in the USA and they're usually really horrific, perverted, outrageous stories. If the “zombified” public really knew the extent and details of rapacious criminality that abounds throughout the country on the daily police blotters, they should be embarrassed and ashamed to peddle their world view's “sexified” entertainment attitudes on the planet's peoples with drones and soldiers. The whole country is peopled by greed-bag refugees and rogues, "the worst in the world" who pretend their shit doesn't stink with their new world addresses. But it's those with the same DNA who were losers or lost in an Old World struggle; the only thing that unites them is their presumed acquisition of a second-chance contest.

For whites, crossing the Atlantic Ocean is like going through a memory hole where only a helpful personal history is remembered. But scoundrels and hypocrite idealists don't change because they've changed their location. Things were all right initially when it came to the worn-out phrase, "In God We Trust," the population could claim like Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, "We really mean it!" For America things really went down the drain in the Roaring 20's when flappers and Hollywood took over the boat, meddling in the fratricidal World War One, "The war to end all wars." It was just another big lie for the top-to-bottom shifty "American way" moralists. Shysterism, con men and gunmen became the new 'white shoes' businessmen American symbols. Their entertainment industry became the New Morality, with Nazis being " bad" and mindless butchery is "fun," separating the generations by elevating the young over the experienced old with music, dance and idols appealing to wild white women, and further eroded the Christian religion and societal morality with the slogan and song Anything Goes. The rotten rock-and-roll's role in purposely separating the generations has led to white dames madly choosing their mates, with disastrous outcomes of violence and broken-hearted children with a grey outlook on life, with no right or wrong. Their offspring in turn have mindlessly propagated themselves to create New World monsters, which, along with their grave and grim parents, wander around the country as rapists and serial killers. Many of the rest, particularly the non-white chip-on-the-shoulder slave descendants and their white wigger imitators, join or form neo-criminal gangs for neighborhood activity.

The sad and dirty part of this story is that the secularist liberals, libertines and libertarians, are quite happy to live in a terrorized society. They don't care — as long as no one brings up the idea of racial profiling to safeguard their non-white "pets." No one censors the sex media or tries to impose a religious code of moral conduct connected to a deity. As for the “greedbag” kosher conservatives and their flunkies, police and prisons, they'll just take their chances. The amount of black-on-white crime in North America is stupendous and way out of proportion to the population of the races. You could say it's payback for past generations' treatment of black and Indian slaves but this particular violence can only go on as long as the races are interwoven in a pluralistic police state empire as the demoralized and disunited whites run away from the crime hither and thither while their treacherous governments and businessmen plot the next race-mixed neighborhood with anti-white laws and non-white cheap labor. Soon there'll be nowhere to run to, not even Alaska or the "Northwest Homeland." Every night some supposedly concerned media bimbo or big mouth picks over the latest criminal outrage in the “land of the free.” while ignoring ten others that day. They moan and moan and scream bloody murder, but nothing positive ever comes from these media buffoons, except for more disgust for America the Beautiful, particularly when they bomb conservative God-fearing villagers in a remote Pakistan valley with their dirty drones.

I'd love to slap the faces of those Bill Gates wannabe killers who press the buttons on that evil empire's invention — the nerve! The dummy warmonger experts talk about Pakistan's wild Northwest Frontier, describing it as "lawless," where sharia rules, and crime is negligible compared to the charnel-house carnage that's in America's rear-view mirror; just another case of 'Bullshit Baffles Brains' when dealing with American media "realities." Any way you cut it, you just can't feel safe in the good old USA, running on an empty spirit, with no race or religion in the majority of the 300 million inhabitants. The enormity and brutality of the myriad number of registered sex offenders (over 600,000) and murders per year (over 50,000), is beyond belief, so much so that only solved cold case files reveal them years after, thanks to the lying, obfuscating controlled media. The crisis isn't health care, and the warmonger cheapskates against it, but criminality, immorality, evil and personal tragedies conceived in hell.

The Christian clergy and preachers have receded into their Crystal Cathedrals and Pentecostal temples and empty masses, too scared to stand up to their women and queers to demand God and morality on the public scene. They are a pathetic lot who talk in vagaries; they wouldn't say 'shit' if their mouths were full of it, they're so politically-correct and Zionist-inspired for another Third World War. These people make me sick, like that guitar-playing fool Mike Huckabee and his three monkeys (see, hear, speak no evil) attitude about America the Beautiful ... as if (yeah, if you remove the people). What the religious need is some fire and brimstone sermons a la The Koran, and no truck and parcel with the globalist warmongers, and public participation in the community to demand order and responsibility for their tax money by voting against the Establishment and not suck-holing to it. I always love to recount the story of my Irish friend Mel McCready, about the plight of one of his cousins and a friend visiting a small German town where they pulled some stunt and had to run for it down the valley, with half of the villagers chasing them down below; that's the kind of disturbed ant hill reaction we need in North America whenever a serious, rotten crime is committed; those young Irishmen never forgot their frightful lesson.

Racism is as natural as breathing, and racial awareness is one of the last ideas that old whites adopt. "That's mighty white of you," is the old racial morality compliment with which they hope the "others" treat them, too. There definitely is a racial attitude, even to crime, that showed in England, where criminals and police hardly ever carried guns. In the final analysis, you need religion to keep the people quiet; even the Romans admitted that.

Christian churches have to be vocal in their demands to support the total family unit, and not wait for secularist handouts wherever it suits them. Parental participation in the choosing of a partner should be one of the main policies of Christian advocacy (and get those damn guitars off the altar). White Nationalists must demand that the entire community's apparatus be predicated to solving crime in partnership with police. Deriding religious moralists won't bring about a peaceful, harmonious community; the secularist criminal codes are no replacement for a moral life based upon God-belief. Even if you don't believe it, you'd better pay lip service to it, for the benefit of rebellious youth and evil-doers, by living a life of example instead of hypocrisy, which belongs in a closet.

The races and ethnic groups will separate into their own neighborhoods and enclaves until the violent and culturally unassimilable will be separated by a border for white society's preservation. We have a better chance of accomplishing that separation than the disappearing whites of South America (who went there to live off the land and the numerous slaves and natives), before we become the Brazil of the North. North America is due for a moral revival, especially since the politics, elections and crime have proved that there is no "Moral Majority."

For the crime victims of America, it can't come too soon.




Media versus Internet: Clashing Realities


Since the birth of the Internet, two widening divergent realities have developed in the mindset of the world's society. The controlled mass media of the power elite's monopoly has been broken . Now, news and information is available and being utilized by the politically active members of society, beyond the control of institutional authorities. Subject matters previously not discussed and shrouded in a fog by paid experts are now open to investigation and knowledge by millions across the planet.

So much information is available on world conspiracies, crop circles, UFO's, mystery tube clouds, Freemasons, the Illuminati, Morgellons, “birthers,” Chemtrails, 9/11, vaccines, health hazards, aspartame and detailed war crimes and information in every nook and cranny of Earth. The major globalist “ZOG media” is continually playing catch-up in a defensive pose on a daily basis. This is why the mainstream media fills their news desks with eye candy bimbo broadcasters — to draw the ordinary too-busy-getting-rich nincompoop to the screen.

I had a friend once, Mel McCready, who used to pride himself in being Joe Average and being in-the-know about everything that a media general entertainment fan should know. By osmosis, he'd heard of my viewpoints, facts and truths, presented by racists. However, since these truths were not in vogue with the politically correct, he found it safer to accept the cowardly but prudent course of survival. The mass media know there are millions of Mels out there; hence, they always have to keep up the anti-racism/anti-fascism/anti-Nazism diatribes and propaganda. The enemies of the white race know this to be a continuing fight, 64 years after the defeat of Nazi Germany, as the whole world turns against the Jews, according to the line of an Israeli rabbi to ex-president Jimmy Carter, who's always visiting the Middle East, but never accomplishing much, It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain to figure out that the recent much-publicized media opus of the "ten-thousand-and first" killer anti-Nazi movie Inglourious Basterds by Quentin Tarantino. It's your typical Hollywood-created history crap of Jew heroes butchering Col. Klinks and Sgt. Schultzes, without the Hogan's Heroes laugh track. The dummies that have benefited from the anti-racist pablum of self-loathing are happy to applaud their self-destruction with blood-and-guts mirth and merriment. These sons of bitches have been raised on perversion and torture as a hoot and a laugh, through the myriad of sicko films and entertainers, without the benefit of race, religion or fathers; to these shallow minds, the message is clear: if you don't like the Jews, it's okay to kill you.

The situation is very dire for the 'Chosen People' at this point in history, from being on "top of the world, Ma!" for the last 60 years, to being now on top of the hate list of most of the world's peoples. Israel doesn't dare attack anyone right now or start a nuclear confrontation with Iran. The White House negro Barack Obama may be forced to follow their lead, but the rest of the media zombies don't have a religious, moral or ideological reason to die for them. The ideology and intellect is on the Internet; with the exception of a few big-buck media-financed sites, the rest of the blogs are against the globalists' and Zionists' machinations.

One of the basic projects of the mass media is to whitewash and misdirect all negativity, unpleasantness and dirt revealed on their masters. That's why we hear nothing about the Swedish newspaper's accusations of human organ harvesting from captured and killed Palestinians by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The same goes for the horrid details of CIA torture and threats — just a gloss-over cheerfully announced by pretty, dumb broads, of "enhanced interrogation" methods and idiotic sidebar concerns about damage control for America's image by sweeping the criminal dirt under a rug. How America can go around dictating how people should live on the planet with their circus elections and whorehouse morality, is the shame of the 21st century.

The mass media keep the population dumb and stultified; its so-called in-depth reports are engineered to support the elite's orders for change or the status quo, and with all the major political parties in the same pocket of the globalist internationalist bankers, it's very difficult to show the differences in their choices. That why they came up with the just-two-color schemes of red and blue states. with red for the supposedly conservative Republicans and blue for the supposedly Leftist Democrats. Of course in Canada the colors are reversed on the two supposedly diametrically opposed but same Conservatives and Liberals (are you confused, yet?). And, that's why their slip is beginning to show with the media's lame labeling and pretending of Democrat versus Republican. Without the caption under the Speaker, it's impossible to tell which party the Red and Blue Dog politician is from, judging only by his pronouncements.

The Internet is a two-edged sword that can easily cut you, too, through agent provocateurs' supporters, spy agencies and the ultimate plug disconnect. The elites know that millions may have been educated on a certain public concern, but even hundreds haven't met each other, so their opposition against the media rulers can only be passive at best, while FBI-trained Hal Turner got the rest.

The leftists on the Internet are bemoaningly lonelier than ever since the Jews' left their groups. Now they spend their time defending themselves against charges of anti-Semitism, while the Jews act more like Nazis and racists, that they dare not yell at for fear of persecution and prosecution. Unfortunately the feminist leftists lump themselves in with the kosher conservatives, both whining about women's rights (which is destroying the white race and Muslim immigrants).

When it comes to a patriarchal society, they're both bird-of-a-feather wimps, fighting for the globalist/Zionist cause while condemning it. This is why the anti-war movement is so puny; only the courageously insightful speak our against the evil bloodletting invasions in Iraq, Afghanistan and anywhere else that patriarchal God-believers are being murdered by CIA torturers and drone assassinations. America has come full circle to evolve into Murder Inc., itself. The longer the Internet is free, the wider this divide will evolve, with the media masters and their bosses in charge of a useless, selfish mob of supporters looking for quick fixes in bread-and-circuses, while the mercenary race-mixed armed forces exhaust themselves into defeat and retreat to the “greedbag” consumerist homeland with no thanks from the boob public concerned with its own survival or the Internet thinkers.

This flim-flam show and charade by the controlled media will eventually come to a grinding admission of upheaval and duplicity on the economic and war fronts becoming worse with every spun "report," so much so that the men behind the "Wizard of ZOG" curtain will not be able to hide. The Emerald City saga will be over and America will have to go back to a dusty Kansas reality that those on the Internet have known and grasped for a long time.




Hamas Unmasked


A libertine friend of mine commented the other day that it was a slow news week; he usually has the pulse of the public in mind. True, there was no natural or man-made disaster or another pop star popping off. However, a very significant event took place in Zionist-besieged Gaza, where a patriarchally-robed figure appeared at a mosque podium, guarded by a tough-looking middle-aged bearded jihadist with a younger, face-covered and armed member guarding the other side, while the Islamist patriarch (Abdul Latif Mousa) declared an Islamic Emirate in the Rafah part of Gaza. Six hours later he and his group of companions were dead at the hands of the supposedly Islamist Hamas security thugs...So much for Hamas being an Islamic resistance movement against Israeli occupation.

Many have said in the past that Hamas was created by Israel in the first place to undermine the commie secularists of the Palestinian Liberation Organization run by secret CIA asset Yassir Arafat, who had more friends among the anti-religion Leftists in the Western world than you can shake a stick at; to the Zionists it was a neat way of undermining a corrupt Red Liberation movement (when was the last time you ever heard of Marxists liberating anyone into anything but their own prisons?). Because of the supposed Islamic extremism of Hamas, which was regarded as akin to al-Qaeda by the "ZOG" media, the Western Jew-controlled governments had an excuse for their secularist women and kosher conservative wimps to refuse recognition or cooperation for any peace settlement by refusing to deal with terrorists ever since Israel was established in the same way. It has been a government shell-game that they have been playing all along, while courting all kinds of meddling Europeans, utilizing the plight of their citizens to get world sympathy. In fact, one of the main reasons given by Hamas apologists is the usual dictatorial excuse that only they can possess arms and only they can be the anti-Zionist opposition in Gaza even though they haven't delivered independence and sustenance to the people.

The Hamas mask is off, this time for good, in the eyes of real God-believers. Their religiosity is not much better than that of Saddam Hussein's and the Baath Party's (an Arab form of National Socialism that failed miserably in Iraq). Hamas always ignored the advice and aid of al-Qaeda number two man Ayman al-Zawahiri, and strangely dismissed their jihadis as irrelevant, particularly when it came down to collecting freebie goodies from European Leftists and feminists. To them, it is more important to present a downtrodden, starving, bombed-out and homeless installed mass to the meddling European do-gooders than to have all the population as God-fearing mujahideen. Their heaping of abuse on Mousa and his little Soldiers of the Companions of God (Jund Ansar Allah) army by calling them 'insane' and 'un-Islamic', holds about as much water as the US/Pakistani puppet regime, who refers to their paid mercenaries as martyrs when they succumb to Taliban attacks. It's a favorite tool of the intelligence agencies all over the world to false-flag front purporting to be their opposition when the old adage of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and pull the strings from behind on their leadership. Of course, the conspiracy theorists conveniently include al-Qaeda in that bunch. That way the secularists don't have to deal with the frightening fact that some people really believe in God, and will die in confidence for His rules.

These so-called Hamas Muslims extremists should have proclaimed a Koranic Emirate themselves, according to Islamic tradition and not played the West's democratic election charade of blowing up balloons and throwing confetti every few years while the same cabal stays in power. People are so blind and stupid with their trust in the democratic process that they've handed it over to machines to do the counting. This democracy delusion is so dangerous that recently an American military invader in a Taliban town said that their entire war effort of blood and dollars was "worth it"; even if just one voter turned out in a Taliban town that was recently taken over. The white man must immediately cease and desist this feminist farce and globalist empire mission or be buried by it, swamped and out-voted. Only the white racists care.

Genuine God-believers are very hard to defeat because you can get to their all-powerful ethereal God-leader; the Western- controlled media has been caught off guard when one of their stooges (Hamas) is shown to fall out of character by their brutal attacks on other God-believers. No self-respecting, God-believing Christian could be in favor of attacking fellow God-believers in good conscience, as the fundamentalist TV evangelists often advocate against Muslims. They're just empire-building greedbags.

There are certainly no God-believers among the whorehouse guards sent over to Afghanistan and Iraq to torture and kill conservative God-believing people while spreading their drugs and pornography in their country — in fact, there are very few God-believers among whites in general, and definitely none who will sacrifice their lives for their beliefs. So, it's understandable that there is muted praise for Hamas' brutal action on the beleaguered citizens for putting down those who stand up for Allah. Some of the criticism leveled at the latest stillborn Palestinian Emirate reads like Fox News and CNN diatribes for Westernized Palestinians. The more they criticize the emirate concept, the more Hamas shoots itself in the foot for its very raison d'etre, trying to show that the CIA Fatah stooge Abbas had contacts with the emirate-proclaimers only amplifies Hamas' irrelevancy in the Middle East, which is strongly supported by that other God-believer exterminator regime of Syria's Assad, whose father killed 10,000 Muslim Brotherhood members in Homs when they tried for a similar emirate (Godly state).

It will be difficult for the Zionists to keep up the same hand-puppet activity of refusing to negotiate with one hand or the other, playing a Punch and Judy show while expanding Israel settlements and threatening to nuke their neighbors. Didn't Hamas just eliminate America's fiercest enemy, an al-Qaeda offshoot in Gaza? The Palestinian people are probably the most downtrodden of humanity on the planet, and anyone with an ounce of justice and decency could never try to stop a movement dedicated to the overthrow of oppression, especially since they have seen that only the God-believing mujahideen can stand up to the evil super power techno-empires and fight them to a standstill and eventual retreat with primitive weaponry and self-sacrifice. The Islamists have done that, from Somalia to Afghanistan, Chechnya to Iraq.

The one thing about the Islamists which gives great hope for their survival is their non-reliance on individual personalities and leaders, unlike Western societies: when one falls, another is ready and willing to take its place, showing that the idea of God-belief is higher than an ideology, and only second to race.

Religion is a man-made concept, while race is a God-creation; the precept of God is evolved. That is why different ethnic groups still battle each other, even though they pay lip service to the same religion, but worship in a different manner. There will be no caliphate, just God-believers and Hamas is not amongst them.

The world has not heard the last of God's history-making warriors in Gaza. Time, and Allah, are on their side.



White Women Wreak Havoc on Race


The main and basic problem for the white race is the relationship and adversarial power of white women and their society and politics. Any way you cut it, you always come down to the same denominator: the white race is doomed to extinction because of the inordinate power of the female gender in the increasingly dwindling white population.

This inescapable conclusion is hardly ever dealt with in most racist or 'racialist' (little racist) discussions by most white nationalist groups and advocates. We have a number of commentators and organizations such as Jewish doctor Henry Makow of Save The Males and fathers' rights groups, complaining about their experience in the political situation over the last 50 years, so much so that one can speak with some authority on the subject of the dwindling white race and its waning power in Europe and North America. We are not concerned with little old ladies' contributions, book sales and our image to hold back on what needs to be said. White women are betraying the white race almost en toto. Wherever you turn on any issue — on male integrity, immigration, foreign wars, and modesty in Western culture, white women are found on the opposite side of the controversy, screaming epithets at racists and isolationists — unless it is against patriarchal Muslims in our midst. Foolishly. there are myopic reactionaries who parrot their invective pretending to be racialists, with no game plan for white survival.

Women's concerns are not racial concerns and the few who understand racism for everyone are rare and treasured anomalies who get pilloried by their "sisters." Donna Upson is a fine example of a true believer who sacrificed her future and freedom by spending months in solitary confinement before and running for Mayor of Ottawa (Canada's capital), she received just as many votes as truly when running for the same position in the much-large city of Toronto. Yet, she is ostracized, condemned and attacked as a dangerous person by the feminist media, police and their agents, and the naive, who know the dangers of a white woman standing up for her race.

White women are behind the tortures, inhumane prisons, dirty drone bombings in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and meddling in non-white countries across the world from Darfur to Myanmar (Burma). women icons and pseudo-martyrs are the favorites of the Zionist matriarchal-controlled media, wherever they appear in the news, shilling for internationalism, globalism, free trade, consumerism and feminism in any country that the commie/capitalist cabal targets next. The number of female warmongers, particularly the bimbo bitches of the mass media, proves the error of the term gentler sex. I can't think of one nice, compassionate female autocrat of the past whose dungeons and injustice I wouldn't fear at the time. (Even on the white nationalist Stormfront message board site, a certain "Cydonia" mouths off some nasty killing and control advice on how to 'take care' of the Islamists in Afghanistan, recommending extermination for all God-believers opposed to the American whorehouse invaders, that the reactionary monitors put up gleefully. Stupid, or what?)

The anti-war movement is stultified and has stagnated because of the antagonism of libertine white women shown towards the conservative Islamists, costing taxpayers billions because of women's antipathy towards maleness. These foreign wars bring untold misery to the conflict fronts, while undermining the home fronts with non-white refugees and the abandonment of peaceful resolutions and live-and-let-live principles. Even feminine Christianity has fallen for this crusader song, while undermining itself as the religion of the 'Prince of Peace.' White women's flighty principles have destroyed the very meaning of a heterosexual relationship by gay marriage. This is how little they think of the sexual connection between themselves and men, that they're willing to denigrate to the status of "any hole will do." This suggests that their anti-male hatred and resentment runs deep, to the point of insignificance of the union and family under the vague excuse of "love," which has shown to be an entertainment crock since the hippie and rock-and-roll era.

Unless an economic war or natural catastrophe strikes, white men are stuck with this stacked, first-past-the-post electoral system where women vote in a bloc along with their queer and non-white allies to deny any democratic representation of white male interests. The white race can rue the day they introduced universal suffrage and signed its own death warrant into the hands of frivolous traitors looking for fun. With wars, torture and mega-criminals bringing down the economy, while selling off the country to foreigners and cheap labor, white women are unconcerned, until they hear that they might not get to see their favorite doctor under a new U.S. government-funded health plan suggested by Barack Obama. That's the only thing that gets these broads hyper as our race and sovereignty go down the drain: so much for their compassion for the uninsured and the homeless. They're just a bunch of selfish hypocrites who love to clutter the patient waiting rooms for their hypochondrial malaise.

White women have become the worst mothers ever, with each week bringing a report on a new murderous outrage to our Crime Page. Yet I haven't heard one shrill voice of family responsibility and advocacy from the feminist pundits of the controlled media who are as harsh and flippant towards the raising of children, as Joan Rivers is. Many single mothers (and I do mean many) have raised their daughters to be wannabe Hollywood whores, and their sons to be irreverent criminals and killers while boasting and flaunting their singular "surceases." One rarely sees or knows who the father of a criminal culprit or victim is, while step-dads and boyfriends litter the media police reports on newscasts. Lies and obfuscation are the order of the day when these "parents" are interviewed over another missing child. Libertine women, with the aid of the politically correct anti-fun police, have aided and abetted the horrendous crime explosion regardless of the massaged statistical numbers the police put out to mollify the public.

Women have chased manhood — just like God — off the public scene, leaving no refuge or corner for strictly-male activity, from the cradle to the grave, and creating a bunch of deluded wimps who worry what the Taliban is doing to their women — that's the sum total of what passes for white manhood today. Oh, they need the whips of the Taliban, too!

Racists, get your women in line! Reclaim your manhood and stop worrying about love and frivolity, and get down to the task at hand: protecting the white race, where your women have failed miserably. All the rest will follow.




State of the Top Ten Nations


I always enjoy checking the Earth's nations' visits from across the globe to our website, and they are right to visit, because as ethnic primitivist nationalists, we keep an eye on the various countries' progress and continuance on history's ever-changing world map.

We start with number one on our list of site visitors, from the race-mixed United States of America whorehouse, which received number of hits in July, and who have an obvious understanding and concern for their nation's probably-temporary pluralistic makeup. For a country built on the B.S. of "the pursuit of happiness," they're hell-bound to go down the drain, like any drunk or druggie; it's just a matter of time. The horrendous forms of crime and frequency of racial violence now directed at whites is a sure sign that this commercialized empire will fail and splinter into ethnic enclaves under the guise of local territorial economic interests. "Black" Obama's appearance at the apex of the political public scene has fully undermined the rest of the world's confidence in the whites of America who admitted to the world that they are officially the Brazil of North America. Any home front negativity towards Obama reinforces the "divided" concept of the United States to the rest of the planet, making the American way appear weak and disoriented; without a new white nationalist political movement free of Zionist Occupation Government control. The future looks bleak and filled with angst. Ever since the Americans were shown what criminal brutes some of them are underneath with their psychological and physical torturers and drones and killer activity, the people have lost trust in the so-called American dream, now a nightmare.

Canada (number two), is still in the stooge stage for the big-power ruling elites who love to use it as a resource centre, from natural resources to human cannon-fodder, for their enjoyment and globalist empire plans. Cosmopolitan Jews and hocus-pocus servile Freemasons who run anything of any consequence have such a stranglehold on the entire body politic, police, military and media, that the chances of real change are next to nil, particularly since the early white settlers were chosen for their subservience to authority. The weather is like that of Iceland; it doesn't help in a country where most rebellion attempts fizzle out.

Number three on our list of site activity is the once-Great Britain. The magic and mystery of the "culturally superior" Englishmen has taken a beating, when Gunga Din cabinet ministers are telling them what to do. Once again Britain is being invaded, but this time the Lords and "Guv'nahs" are openly acquiescing to the New World Order anti-nationalist immigration policies. No disorganized John Ball rabble peasant revolt will topple the upper class traitors and their commie minions, but an Oswald Mosley blackshirt brigade could take over the government by adopting a fascist/racist policy. Fourth-place Germany, like Britain, is taking a keener interest in our site. United Germans always have delusions of grandeur, which can really hurt their neighbors; even when they were 500 states, cities and principalities, they managed to export mercenaries to do other peoples' killings. The European Union is burying Germany into a white Nationalist mix that some parts will frown on and look inward to isolation and separatism. Then, racists and Nazis can be bigger fish in a smaller pond, for the benefit of the dwindling white race.

China, with its large population, comes in at sixth place in the 78 countries that visitors came to on our site in July. Who would have thought that Mao's poorly-dressed descendants would own greedbag North America lock, stock and barrel a couple of generations later? The whites used to worry about the Japs taking over all their companies in the Eighties, but the internationalist media and economic pundits acclimatized them to that capitalist scheme. Now the dreaded Mao-suited commies supply, own and feed them while the Pentagon is chasing primitivist God-believers (the last resistance to the globalists' one-suit-one-size-fits-all new Red Empire). Eventually North America and China will tire, and turn on each other, and the whites will be out of Asia, to the racists' benefit. China will just go back to what they used to be, whether it's a Han or a Manchu invasion or a Tai Peng rebellion or Boxer nationalism or a Red Guard communist cultural revolution, they'll go back again to being the traditional Confucius' China, even if it splinters into warlordships as before.

My friends, the Italians, are in seventh place of foreign activity. Italy, too could go the course of Germany into various independent districts, where a rich history exists already under a dodge or a duchy. With their long experience in politics and peace and war they're failing the rest of the white world in the offering of good advice, instead they are miring themselves in female titillations of their leader's sexual escapades. Come on, paisanos, let's get serious.

I always like to pillory phony countries, especially when they mistreat their citizens or ignore the plight of their kith and kin, like India (number eight) does in occupied Kashmir and their Tamil Nadu expatriates suffering in Sri Lanka. Remove the mercenary Sikhs from the equation and there would be no India. I don't know what makes the Sikhs such pliable globalist servants, other than the fact that their history and religion started out that way. India should definitely be split up into a number of states by ethnic nationalists with more dignity than the pluralistic cheap-labor resource it has become for globalists. In this apex of capitalism state, they are a dangerous tool for cosmopolitan consumerists out to swamp the white nations with shoddy products and immigrants.

The French come in ninth place, but can never be counted out in the world affairs, since their chip-on-the-shoulder arrogance is backed up by an unused military without glory since Dien Ben Phu. The French are hyper-language pushers and the more they do, the more people hate them.

Rounding out the top ten 'State of the Nations' is Russia, where visitor numbers are growing larger with every month's report. The Russians are a curious people, generally stay-at-home Slavs who accept foreign ways to run and ruin their society. Their name stems from the first red-haired Viking "Russ," who established a route kingdom over the Russian Slavs. It's one thing to accept foreigners as your leaders, but another to impose yourself or impose puppets on top of others. Russia needs to get back to its ethnic roots and stop imitating the Western whorehouse ways of their matriarchies. God-belief and naturalism could be the shining path for the Russians — here, there's still hope for an ethnic revival in spite of the criminal oligarchs still in charge of state affairs.

The rest of the 78 countries appearing on our list are presented to you in order of popularity on our site.

11th place, European Union; 12th, Afghanistan; 13th, Japan; 14th, Spain; 15th, United Arab Emirates; 16th, Sweden; 17th, Indonesia; 18th, Iran; 19th, The Netherlands, 20th, Ireland; 21st place, Turkey; 22nd place, Austria; 23rd place, Malaysia; 24th place, Czech Republic; 25th place, Thailand; 26th place, Hong Kong; 27th place, the Philippines; 28th place, Brazil; 29th place, Saudi Arabia, 30th place, South Africa.

31st place, Cyprus; 32nd place, Poland; 33rd place, South Korea; 34th place, Romania; 35th place, Singapore; 36th place, Mexico; 37th place, Belgium,; 38th place, Latvia; 39th place, Bulgaria; 40th place, Vietnam; 41st place, Finland; 42nd place, Argentina; 43rd place, New Zealand; 44th place, Pakistan; 45th place, Slovak Republic; 46th place, Denmark; 47th place, Norway; 48th place, Colombia; 49th place, Hungary; 50th place, the Former Czechoslovakia.

51st place, Malta; 52nd place, Chile; 53rd place, Macedonia; 54th place, Sri Lanka; 55th place, Ukraine; 56th place, Algeria; 57th place, Estonia; 58th place, Ecuador; 59th place, Luxembourg; 60th place, Ghana; 61st place, Israel; 62nd place, Taiwan; 63rd place, Jamaica; 64th place, Greece; 65th place Namibia; 66th place, Portugal; 67th place, Myanmar; 68th place, Ivory Coast; 69th place, Panama; 70th place, Cuba; 71st place, Egypt; 72nd place, Peru; 73rd place, Albania; 74th place, Kuwait; 75th place, Lithuania; 76th place, Faroe Islands; 77th place, Switzerland, and in 78th place, Aruba.

Thanks for your interest!



Flaccid European Nationalism Needs OOMPH!


Any way you cut it, European nationalism is a big disappointment. After centuries of fighting for their ethnic independence and a number of attempts by empire-builders to deprive them of their natural freedom the Europeans, with their women in the vanguard, have bowed down and acquiesced to an ethnic culture-destroying European Union of a dictatorial communistic persuasion. In fact, they have been so deluded by globalist imperialism and cosmopolitan economic control, (advanced by the Marxist- capitalist media) that in some instances they are begging to join the nationalist-destructive European Union, led by Illuminati commies.

This cultural and white racial debacle is spearheaded by the race-mixed Unites States of America and their puppet institutions of NATO and the UN, which is out to bury the white race, is a stew of the non-white masses. Most of this Utopian premise is based on matriarchal-meddling Christianity and race-mixing feminism, all concerned more with the plight of non-white minorities in far-off missions on continents — whites loathing their own freedom-loving white people. These are the main culprits pushing their deadly disease of anti-racism, which is out to deny the very existence of white people as a group. As a consequence, white nationalism in Europe has generally devolved into Islamophobia, considering the bitch-mothers who brought the supposedly race-consciousness of white males only when it comes to dealing with women's rights. That's the main crap usually whined about on "racialist" (little racist) chat rooms: "Ooooh, the way they beat their women, we sure don't want that here!" Well, pal, if it meant preserving my race by changing my religion, which do you think is more important?

Entire economies are destroyed by the massive war costs to put down the patriarchal jihadists fighting against the white man's new emasculation through every institution of Western society; little wonder that the more environmentally-friendly Islamist natives of northern Nigeria are in revolt against the entire Western educational system whose consumerist feminist frivolity is sucking and destroying the planet dry. Some of the worst anti-white Nationalist offender "nations" are from Western Europe particularly Angela Merkel's Germany and Nicolas Sarkozy's France, which have tried in the past to dominate the continent with the bayonet but finally managed to succeed with the briefcase. Hitler's and Napoleon's superiority complexes prevailed among the know-it-all elites, now under the control of their Jews and women in the highest echelons of leadership. Italy too, is run by a womanizer (Berlusconi) whose sexual prowess guarantees him the Gina Lollabrigida vote. Portugal and Spain are way down on the glory list compared to their past: They have become just tourist whorehouses and rubber stamps for the Americans on international affairs, The Iberian Peninsula clearly shows that capitalist and communist monopolists work together with very little differences in their main political parties. The machismo in these two countries is about as equal to the wimp-assed Ernest Hemmingway, who took such a commie interest in the Spanish Civil War. The Portuguese, already race-mixed since the 15th century, seem to love the idea, particularly when it brings cheap labor (as they did from Africa) to create Brazil's violent society.

The Balkans should be ashamed of themselves after enduring 500 years of Eurasia (Turkish) rule, they're now succumbing to snotty Western European wimps that Hitler would have been surprised by after they fought him so hard. The ersatz state of Macedonia is one of the biggest US aggression schleps, all the way to Afghanistan. These Slavs, who fancy themselves descendants of Alexander the Great although they never arrived in the area until 1200 years after his power), are all gaga about Western immorality in North America — unlike their leftist Greek neighbors who are reactionary-loud only in their barbershops. If it wasn't for their alphabet, they would have been assimilated too, long ago.

The way that the Serbs capitulated to race-mixed America from thousands of miles away after 78 days of vicious brutal bombings (including cluster bombs), says a lot about who runs that country, too: Why kill Croats and Bosnian Muslims for your turf only — to open it up to new whorehouse rules from an internationalist European Union? Pathetic!

When money talks, phony nationalism walks. Bulgaria and Romania have once again become schlep nations for outside powers. These nervy hypocrites are eager to send invader troops thousands of miles away on the behest of foreign-controlled international institutions and military organizations (next time you're a captive nation, fight your own fights).

The Scandinavian countries are the worst — naive, again like the women who run them and the men who are too afraid to speak up, from Norway all the way to the Baltic states. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will soon go the way of Prussia, who persisted until the nineteenth century, even though the native Pruss had been annihilated long ago by the Saxons. This is the price of a pluralistic empire — like the Marxist Soviet Union — enforced pluralism from the Illuminati plan for a globalist empire, whose pluralistic governments are ready and willing to provide mercenaries for their planet/plantation, that race-mixed America is filling the shoes of, for now. Some of these countries, like Denmark, pretend they're fighting for Christian principles that most major Protestant organizations, having no powerful Catholic church to "protest" about, have switched to secularist globalism as their new panacea for a raison d'etre (where would the Protestants be without their Third World "missionary" work?). I don't think most of them believe in God — they just showcase it on their home fronts.

Britain, that repository of all the dissatisfied elements n the continent, has been pretending to be a race — without the ideology of white nationalism.; That is why they've been bamboozled into accepting their former non-white colonialist workers to replace their underlings. It's not the first time that the British Isles' public has been betrayed by their moneyed upper crust in free-for-all cosmopolitan capitalism. Non - racial thinking can easily lead you down the garden path to mayhem and extinction, just like Enoch Powell had warned them about in the 1960's. Ireland is a prime example of communist liberation and independence, after centuries of Bobby Sands-type sacrifices; the Red IRA leader Gerry Adams recently advocated importing Africans to the Emerald Isle as "good Irish citizens."

The Dutch always appear to be merchant consumerists — no wonder internationalist Jews like them, and settle in that country. Their men are big shot warmongers on the public scene and miserable pipsqueaks in their bedrooms. I'm particularly disdainful of their brutal Afghan participation — this from a country that always yammers about being liberated by foreigners, so they can in turn be oppressors for foreigners.

After three generations of brutal communism, most of the "id" stuffing has been beaten out of the Russians. They are the biggest zombie electorate, akin to George Orwell's concept that whoever controls the media runs the show. Their lack of religion has led them mostly bovine drunks willing to sit on the Caucasus people with bombs and torture. Russia and the Ukraine would do with more breakup to their true boundaries, once other nationalities have had enough.

Europe has too look inward, to sort itself out, if any of these nationalities are going to survive as ethnic group by putting a moratorium on all immigration, and withdrawing from the globalist mercenary army doing the bidding of the world planners. Otherwise, many of the ethnic peoples will become nothing more than a few full-costumed tourist attractions for the entire burgeoning non-white population. They'll go the way of the Tibetans and the Uighurs when faced with real racist nationalism, which will one day even replace the cosmopolitans, as sure as a chemical equation. Only a racist ethnic ideology can replace the sectarian and pseudo-religious zealots in charge today.


The Irrepressible Racist European Heritage Week


The original and white-mild European Heritage Week, started by yours truly, with the aid of the Nationalist Party, is in its fifteenth year in Canada. White Canadians asking for, and celebrating their racial identity for one week of each year, is no big deal compared to the myriad non-white festivals or official government-supported observations. European Heritage Week official proclamations have been dogged by some of organized Jewry and myopic “raceless” whites throughout its history. However, each year produces new celebrants, activities and supporters, to its enemies' chagrin — an idea whose time has come, and is an irrepressible ware that cannot be stopped by self-loathing and Marxist propaganda. In fact, it can be said that the opponents of the rightful idea of European Heritage Week have only made the commemoration and celebration of our racial heritage more renowned and widespread.

It is peculiar that Jews in general, once they get the money and the power, often try to buy "class" (said with a Barbra Streisand Bronx nasal whine), should be against the recognition of European culture and peoples' contributions to North American society, It seems that racial and ethnic identity is strictly reserved for themselves, while fearfully denying it to the goyim. But even that kind of anti-racism is falling by the wayside as the Jews and their Zionist collaborators lose more friends with their bigotry and has few options for new allies. The mass media lickspittle pundits and reporters love to suggest that there is no such thing as European heritage in an effort to undermine the concept of white nationalism and Caucasian racial identity. They know that white men demand more than a consumerist corrupt society — the only thing that they can deliver. Any fair-minded person will agree that Europeans have similar life-views towards major subject matters, whether it be the treatment and position of women and children, crime, corruption and compassion and personal freedom and integrity. There is a white man's way and a white man's View, even by the idiots who work against such concepts, no matter what lies the paid pimps may say,

European heritage cannot be separated from racism, which works when applied to everyone, regardless of background. It is a serious effort to denigrate European Heritage Week while recognizing Black History Month or Chinese New Year (the Chinese are the best racists in the world), which only the Jews could get away with, with their white skins, as they put pressure on cuckolded white-washed servants. And it is an insult to our pioneer ancestors not to spend one week at the beginning of each Canadian Thanksgiving Day in recognition of their groundwork achievements for the infrastructure of a European (white) society (some of whom would be spinning in their graves if they could see how their descendants have squandered their birthright for a few dollars more and another hedonistic high). Some genuflection to their memory is definitely required.

European Heritage Week is intrinsically higher than any of today's religious celebrations; what have they done for the white race? Race always trumps religion, which is usually catered and slanted to its ethnic originators.

European Heritage Week should be a time of racial contemplation, cultural and moral assessment. Historical reading is a must. Charity and friendliness to fellow whites is the golden rule. Sharing your celebrate with others is an assertion of your existence of a particular kind for the most interesting and curious people on the planet. It could have been a throw of the dice or it could have be a carefully-planned DNA path of fate, or divine design, but you're part of a special minority of human creatures crawling on the planet. Let's not waste our instinctive specialty and celebrate and promote European Heritage Week this, and every year, because the concept guarantees you a feeling of belonging in an important state for a social creation.

This year, the Nationalist Party is making an effort to reach citizens in small cities and towns across Canada, right down to the village level. Racially-aware whites must realize that they're not so stupid, scratching their heads when they see the dwindling whites and the degeneracy of big cities of Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver, that they're right on with their racist subconscious — and that's coming from the folks living in The Big Smoke, with common sense, good will and fair play people; that's where we find the most support for European Heritage Week. However the dates, months or even wording is changed in the future, or by some other promoters, the concept of European Heritage Week is definitely here to stay, and to all those who intend to celebrate and promote European Heritage Week, kudos and good luck.

(Check the European Heritage Week page for our 2009 flyer design and for additional information).



"Raceless" whites hurt us most


The biggest problems facing the dwindling white race are the whites who are purposely and publicly racially unaware. These are the capitalists, communists and hedonists who view mankind as one race when it comes to white nationalism or inconvenience to their useless lifestyles. Usually these anti-white racists are in favor of other races' self-identity as long as whites are still accepted in their race-mixing efforts among non-whites. However, if their globalist utopia is threatened, they're quick to turn against the "backward" non-whites with drones and invasions, all under the guise of progress and imperial internationalism.

Most of these "pretend" anti-racists are quick to turn against the patriarchal nature of the problem; non-whites are branding and interpreting their religion as "extremist" as the real reason for their warmonger attacks. These jerks are the first to deny being “racist,” the most popular refrain of hypocrite cowards. Even among those who claim to be white nationalists' denial of racism is heard while lauding the virtues and accomplishments of white people. These phonies are quick to speak out against non-white racially-aware organizations their own "for our people" activities. You can't have the non-whites twiddling their thumbs waiting to labor for the next project for whites, whether it's picking fruit or “nannying” their white kids. That's the Jew way — conserving racism just for themselves, while lip-servicing anti-racism in the public forum through edicts, media and the law. White women are infamous for this frequent-flyer attitude toward the non-white world. It's a fantasy world bubble that bursts on the next generations of deluded whites. "I'm not a racist, but..." is their most infamous utterance, showing their personal bigotry the first defense against foreigners, but that's where it ends as they put on the mantle of controlled Zionist media promoted political correctness. The goofs know the truth and facts of race, but don't have the guts and interests of their race's future to be counted on our side.

It's a waste of time and a case of missing the target to attack Muslims and their "male" society while letting the white traitors off the hook for their treachery. The white race has been involved in a "cold" civil race war since World War II, with the race-betrayers attacking the common sense policies of our forefathers heaping abuse on the racially-aware and jailing their proponents and leaders using the police forces, now swamped by non-white crime. These “raceless” non-whites have brought untold misery, anxiety and hopelessness to millions of white victims of their anti-racist Marxist ideology. Whole neighborhoods have been ruined and families completely destroyed by their pro-race-mixing laws. Jobs have disappeared thanks to the capitalists, realizing that they can be traitors to their ethnicity by bringing non-white cheaper labor in while shipping other jobs out for even cheaper labor outside.

The “we're-all-one-race” crows have decided to bury us in the swamp of non-white sperm by pretending to spread our (white) way of politics throughout the planet, giving the excuse to blow billion of our tax money on far-off invasions spreading women's rights, while creating more non-white refugees to replace our hopes and desires on the home front. The white racially “raceless” are the common denominator of most of our problems, economically and socially. They are the enemy, not the Tamils or Muslims they brought here. The same can be said of the feminist racially-unaware dummies. Look how they whine and worry when the Latinos show their pride with massive demonstrations. These feelings of racial unity among the Mestizos are totally alien to the anti-fascist morons who are as stupid and naive as the citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah. The only difference is that these anti-white racist cowards can see the writing on the wall, but attempt to keep on dancing as fast as they can.

Next on the obvious targets of white nationalist anger should be the lickspittle non-white who prattles against white race advocates, like pet parrots for their white traitors ... Go back to your country and try this unnatural crappy idea there and see if you can keep your head, liar opportunists! The same goes for the Indians, too, talking with a forked tongue, denying racism for whites while demanding special status for their "Indianness." Black American and commie Latinos are infamous for calling white efforts at identity as "racism," while calling their groups black-this and black-that, or La Raza (the race). The Han Chinese are the most successful racists on the planet but their commie imperialism has overstepped their boundaries when you see the Tibetans and the Uighars fighting back for their cherished identity. Stop the bullshit, and you'll be at least respected for your honesty, “Reverend” Sharpton.

White society is so emasculated that the entire male population is waiting for feminine approval, looking for a partner for a fractious short term union with no sense. This was and still is the problem with skinheads and white identity groups, white women who seem to always embarrassed and abandon the male racists driving them to desperation and dissolution. Did you ever hear of jihadists worrying about the loyalty of their women and families; what's that tell you? No wonder mercenary armies cannot beat them in the final analysis.

Racism works when it's available to everyone; it's time that white men adopt it unequivocally. There's no time to waste on suck-asses and hypocrites — who should be attacked verbally and ideologically at every turn and utterance, regardless of their position in society. That's the NPC policy towards traitors. There is no point arguing with these idiots just to tell them "what fer," with no ifs ands or buts. There is no point trying to convince the “raceless” whites who have declared an open civil war against their white patriots long ago.

White nationalists, racists, Nazis, fascists, white supremacists — all must turn their focus to winning this internal struggle and relegate these traitors to the garbage bin of history where they belong, regardless of their religion or color. However the barren, myopic, "raceless" whites endeavor to contradict nature's laws and God's creations. On the bright side, these fools will be off the life-scene first, in the final analysis. Racists, by their own definition, are here to stay. We can shout with confidence: down with the traitors!

And, long live the white race, long after they are all gone.


FASCISM: Face to the sun!


The biggest boogeyman term bandied about by commies, Zionists, globalists, conspiracy theorists and their dummy followers is "fascism." Gosh, the fascists, the fascists, they'll get you! Unfortunately even well-meaning liberals and libertarians have bought into this bogus fear that they've tarred their "fascist" enemies with the same brush. I'm not going to rehash all the hyphenated "fascisms" that are thrown out at a second's notice to describe their approbation of Red Internationalism and police state policies. First of all, there are no "fascists" around, not even in Italy, where the whole thing started with Mussolini's pomp and circumstance and the Blackshirts who got it all from Count de Nunzio in his takeover of Trieste from the Slavs on the Adriatic after World War I, and Hitler, who borrowed the show for his marches and Nuremberg rallies under the National Socialist banner; that's the main connection that the schleps and stooges who yell "fascist!" really fear. In other words, if you're a fascist, you're a racist, a Nazi, a white nationalist and possibly an anti-Semite. The Jews in Israel, of course, have been described as "fascist" too, by leftists. Ergo, fascism is open to every race and nationality, which is anathema to the globalist plantation and their queer and perverted feminists and libertines.

The World War II veterans are largely responsible for this undermining idiocy of hatred and self-loathing: "I was in the Big One!" is the tired and treacherous refrain that you can hear from theses naive, emasculated sons. Recently when a couple of whites fed up with the police inaction to obey court orders and throw the natives off disputed land in Caledonia, Ontario by starting a "Caledonia Militia" to do the police's work, one of the chief organizers yapped on about not wanting any racists or Nazis joining his group because his dad fought the Nazis in the last war. Hey, pal, you won the war, but lost the peace, when you look at the takeover of race-mixed Canada by non-white minorities and perverts.

I hate chewing my cabbage twice, but I have to say that the World War II veterans are the biggest disappointment to white civilization in Canada. They're a bloody joke who only mewed and whined a bit when the Sikhs wanted to wear their turbans in their holy-of-holies Legion halls. The rest of their lives, they spent listening to the "missus," while grumbling on useless frequent-flyer foreign vacations. Meanwhile a quarter-million non-whites have been flooding into Canada every year for the past half-century, when that dilettante Pierre Trudeau opened the flood-gates for their "hosebags" and international businessmen — now look at the country, and the crime, pollution and economic and social despair: The very bastards who bitch about 'fascism' are responsible for this race-mixed mess.

The snotty university professors are some of the biggest culprits in this propaganda circus of blaming all the evils on "fascism" — these are the goofballs who parse words about freedom and liberty while all the time recommending restrictions on speech and thought, ruining and sending dozens to jail for politically incorrect thought crimes. Then they have the nerve to point the finger at fascism? They deserve a particular disdain and hatred because they know better.

The Jew media of course is infamous for peddling fascism as the ultimate evil. Their reporters are a bunch of lickspittle dogs that deserve a kick in the ass for their outright hatred and lies toward our white nationalist heritage and activity. They hate to tell the truth if it's of no benefit to their globalist masters who have pauperized the white population by supporting free trade and mercenary imperial wars under the guise of peacekeeping. Commies are good at duplicity — even the North Korean news cites "fascists" as their enemy while promoting Korean unity and nationalism against foreigners (including fellow Orientals, like their former occupiers, the Japs). So much for the "The Internationale" for these national fascists who, by the way, do the goose-step even better than the Germans, particularly their skirted women soldiers.

The leftist ideologues (and 9/11 conspiracy theorists in particular) like to prattle on about the dangers of fascism to salve their consciences for their hatred and fear of Zionists, especially since the Israeli brutality in Gaza and their continual threats of Middle East wars. They think they'll save themselves from "ZOG's power" and charges of anti-Semitism. Most Jews privately (probably) consider multiculturalism a threat and a failure and the Third World types as undisciplined servants (remember how they treated George Galloway, the British leftist MP who dared to criticize Israel?).

The entertainment industry run by Hollywood's Jews cranks out reel after reel of anti-Nazi/anti-racist propaganda of every genre. It's little wonder dummies pick it up coming out of a theatre (who have never cracked open a history or philosophy book), but get their political pablum from the media moguls. Television is loaded with anti-fascist rhetoric to the point where its become cliché chic by describing fashion and style-setters as "fashionistas," imitating Latin America, which is big on commie dialectics, their internationalist Jesuit teachers having done their work well. Meanwhile every Latin American hypocrite state could easily be described as nationalist neo-cons propped up by fascist militaries.

One of the saddest aspects of blaming everything on fascism are the patriotic American organizations who whine "it's not fascism when we do it," even though the U.S. Senate is flanked by two giant fasces symbols and its carpet has the design throughout. Lincoln's statue shows him resting his hands on two fasces as well. Yeah, these guys are going to condemn their history and heritage for the sake of looking politically correct by condemning fascism? Go figure. Fascism is a very nationalistic and ethnically-oriented concept. There's a lot of order, belonging and responsibility in such a state; not exactly what whoremonger and hedonist would favor. Some write that fascism is the answer. Yeah, right, but not in a pluralistic state with no real basis of existence other than commercialism and militarism. Fascism has a spiritual, religious connection — something all the libertines and Ayn Randists would abhor. One thing is for sure: when surface thinkers yelp about fascism, you know they're not serious about anything to reverse the trend of race-mixing and degeneracy. Whining organizations are a dime a dozen without any positive plan to resurrect and sustain the race and ethnicity.

The secret police love such groups — that's why they fingered the Heritage Front and defended all kinds of wannabe patriots, with an "equal rights for whites" mantra, accepting the race-mixed state (interestingly, for the second time in my political history, I've come into the possession of all the correspondents and correspondence of that police front organization in a case of a last-man-standing scenario). However, that didn't stop the Jew Asper family-owned National Post reporter Joseph Brean from claiming that our party was defunct in a typical Marxist fashion, under a picture of me, described as a "racist rabble rouser." Truth and fiction is the usual fare by Red writers. Real white nationalist leaders and organizations don't run away from names and labels, whether it be racist, fascist, white nationalist or white supremacist. Personally, I don't care what you call me; just don't call me late for supper.

So, stop the bullshit and stand up like a man; as the fascist Spanish anthem's title says: Face To The Sun!



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I have to snicker at the hypocrisy of CNN, Fox News, BBC, etc., when they all of a sudden laud the Internet and Twitter in support of the secularist, shorter-skirts failed insurrection in Iran. As the old proverb says,
"Virtues all agree, but vices fight one another." That's why the globalist/commie/capitalist axis is doomed to destruction and the true believers will reign triumphant over the nay-sayer "sex-ularists": new attitudes and methods have to be utilized to battle narrow-minded bigotry from being used for the globalist warmongers who undermine us with their matriarchal prison-planet plans.

The Nationalist Party of Canada, and our website, are premiere performances in the battle to save the white Race. We will endeavor to do our best with the means available to us to guide and promote White Nationalist Unity and co-operation throughout the world, with respect for the sovereignty and independence of other peoples on Earth.

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