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American imperialism: Counter-productive to whites

It's a hot news week and most of it's bad for the United States of America, right across the planet. The worst is the NSA's spying on all, a program of information collection that rivals any totalitarian tyranny that has come before or exists today, The Walt Disney view of nice Americans is shattered in foreign lands. Naive rubes they may be, but they seem to have a nefarious sneaky side, as if it were natural.

Well, it should be — aren't these the kick-outs and runaways from the rest of Earth, looking for a better life? Americans kind of stumbled into world power after helping the British Empire beat the Germans in the last part of World War II and faced the consequences of their imperial fantasies and World War II's end. This left only the Americans economically viable with the propped-up wartime allies: the communist Russians playing the new boogeyman for ridiculous military spending programs to the moon.

Obviously there's a cabal which rules Washington and it's not the representatives of the American people. How a guy like Barack Obama gets elected president can be fixed too, he's just a figurehead. The Edward Snowden affair is in the news every day. All kinds of Latin American presidents and dictators are commenting routinely on America's morals by offering asylum to him. News readers across the planet are considering whether they would rather live in Nicaragua or Venezuela or Bolivia. On the run from the CIA, FBI and the US military, in most people's minds, Snowden is the good guy. It's strange how much one man can color a country; lucky for him he's young and harmless-looking.

On the other side of the world in Egypt, the US has their feet in shit. Most of these Arab countries have a Freemason-run army whose loyalty is to their globalist imperialist master first. Turkey and Egypt are prime examples, just as in Algeria in the 90's, when the Islamists won the general election fair and square and the commie-trained globalist military took the reins of power and still controls it. That's when the al Qaeda- style Islamists take to the woods. These fundamentalists are now in almost every Islamic country. Belief in a God is greater than belief in an economic system like communism that counters Nature itself. Few communists will blow themselves up for their cause only here on Earth, while paradise awaits the believers writing their names in the blood brigade wanting Americans and modernists out of North Africa, Boko Haram (Western education forbidden) kills their own children who dare to go to Western-style schools.

The best path for the West is to stop meddling and allow some parts of the planet to lay fallow and concentrate on North America and is population of over 100 million dollars spent on food aid, that even Mexico doesn't have.

The first step is to stop all US wars and bring to heel the US military brass war party. Bring the troops home and rebuild America, because you were never meant to rule the world.




Racists: Only voice of opposition to "multicult" tyranny

No one speaks for the white man— definitely not any of the so-called conservative Republicans or Tea Party cheapskates in a race-mixed state. Now the category has expanded to men in general. There's no male-interest, publicly-known voices or faces . and certainly not the Hollywood queers or dilettantes. The feminist movement is so proud of itself that they had the nerve to boast about some white broad who split her house down the middle between herself and her spouse, with the poor kids' bedrooms leading off from the hallway border. How pathetic. I loved the picture with the smiling wife and the miserable male husband skulking behind her. After having attacked the male's sperm pride-of-ancestry with their unnatural coercive anti-racist propaganda and dictatorial commie laws required for any dumb commercial pluralists' nation — and are they ever dumb! They can't write, even in cursive, anymore. That's the price of the multicultural criminal that the elitists can benefit best from with their world-wrecking economy. The same multicult feminists are now out to destroy gender positions: first raceless, now genderless. If the Gay Pride official government adoration continues, we can become genderless workers and consumers, just like in an ant hill.

Christian traditionalists haven't been much help stopping the social decline. Instead, they've become war fans going out and getting some isolationist primitive God-believers who don't want us in their lands and would never think of coming here unless we came there with our military and merchants, instead of having common ground with serious God-believers of the same Old Testament God that their master Jews bow to. They're going to attack them as some new phenomenon, Orwellianly called "terrorists" — crazy guys who just wake up in the morning wanting to terrorize people, but not like their TV darling serial killer Dexter, which I'm glad is going out of production. Compared to the bombs these "Christians" put on the primitives, the latter's bombs are piddly in retaliation — and mostly, police-inspired, just to keep the propaganda going.

It's the same story with the words 'hate' and 'hatemonger', as if there's some generic professional line you cross and automatically become this new evil character created by the same idiots the Christians support in their assassinations across the world. When was the last time you heard the Pope condemn in a public speech this kind of international Murder Incorporated in the interests of the guys of the Wailing Wall of their God?

Most pro-racists, nationalists and patriotic groups haven't moved out of the bigot box after parroting the anti-white regimes' policies by using the word 'racist' as an epithet instead of being in-your-face racists to all and sundry liars and hypocrites. I hate to hear bigots apologize for using the word "nigger" or any other racist word's usage. Once you realize the white race culture and civilization is at stake, you don't worry about any bigot words. No one is speaking out for the white man when most of the pro-white groups' main concern isn't race, but the culture of patriarchal Muslims and anti-racist voting women to cover themselves up with. I've said it before: you can change your religion but you can't change your race. So much for the anti-Muslim sandbox charade.

The conspiracy guys try, but fail to speak for the white man in a roundabout way, they're still all a bunch of wusses when it comes to women and typical cowardly racist bigots for being against the Muslims, nor really for the religion or their dizzy dames, but because it's easy and accepted by the bitches. So I'm not impressed when I see this crap when you know the basic problems between the female white woman and the male white man and the power imbalance in the last days of their dwindling society.

Real racists know these half-positions of certaintude won't work and that in the final analysis, the color of your skin will be your uniform, unfortunately, just like a different ant hill's scent, because under these conditions (but without the dictatorship of the female queen), and if all goes well, society will separate as is now going on in Syria, another pluralist, multicultural, foreign-made conglomerate-made-impossible state.

White racists should continue to speak with common sense, good will and fair play.




Africa Needs New Borders

Although this is a white nationalist site, we have to keep up on other races' activity on the planet. Africa is one of the most natural racist continents on Earth. I envy their survivalist sensibilities; 92% of Nigerians oppose same-sex marriage unions as marriage. preserving the special status that procreation has. Wacky feminist ideas of equality with males in every sphere is ridiculed while racial differences and tribal clan and family connections still rule the day.

A lot of interesting news comes from Africa daily — important events where isolationist s take over territory and towns from powerful globalist -backed regime forces, like what's going on in Northern Nigeria now are given less press than an Occupy story. Africa is the one continent where those wishing to impose a one-size-fits-all commie New World Order is challenged with guns. Most of Africa's country borders are about as phony as a three dollar bill, made by European race-mixer colonialist bayonets, Some of the places aren't even real countries, but slapped-together administrative areas formally handed over by foreigners often battling each other for the spoils of Africa North Africa is mostly "race-mixed," where even those according to nature's laws gave separated themselves into recognizable tribes from the Egyptian border all the way to Morocco and Mauritania, a far-flung Roman province. The former Barbary Coast Pirates of North Africa who enslaved millions of whites right up to the 18th century are so race-mixed now that they think they're part of Europeans especially in Tunisia. Where they have a bare-chested commie "femen" movement trying to insert itself into their culture.

The entire West Africa coast all the way down to South Africa and the part that sticks out towards South America is loaded with brutal rebellions and Muslim-Christian "countries" along the former slave coast. The whites are almost finished in Namibia; using black labor was their first deadly mistake. Only all-white redoubts will survive. Only in Angola is the peace held by communist cadres.

South Africa is another example of "race-mixers'" hell — you can get 4-5 countries out of that place, including race-mixed city-states like Johannesburg. The Xoxhas and the Zulus never got along before commie pluralists. With all their fists and slogans they can't compete with brutal racism. Let's see if the Boers can pull another 'Great Trek' and set up (this time) a strictly all-white state and d o all their own labor—anything less is doomed to be a "race-mixed" epitaph.

Up the East Coast of Africa, you'll still get some of these commie counties left over from the Soviet days in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. They won't last either, especially Zimbabwe, once Mugabe goes like Nelson Mandela soon. Further up the coast, Tanzania and Kenya are forced anomalies with a former overlord Arab population seething underneath, especially in Zanzibar. If you want to see what the blacks did to the race-mixed Arabs on that former slavers; sultanate island, watch the old film "Mondo Cane" — you'll see their dead bodies. Going still further up, we hit Ethiopia, still too large for its boots, holding the Ogadon Desert and planning a giant dam that the Egyptians worry will screw up with all their farming along the Nile, which the immediate neighbor, the Limeys' made-up country of the Sudan (now broken up in two, North and South Sudan), Arab and black, which agrees with the dam project. Of course Christian missionaries provided the arms and ammunition for the South Sudan breakaway as they are further in the interior. All of Central Africa is a mess: Mali, Niger and Chad are all under threat of Islamist isolationists, all the way down to Burkina Faso ("Land of Upright Men") and Nigeria's Borno state, where the local primitive insurgents run the roost, down deep into Cameroon's forests. The Central African Republic (CAR) is in the worst state of rebellion. Could you get a more generic name than that for a place the colonialists left — now the tribes are at it again, as in the old days.

Al-Qaeda ("the Base") in the Islamic Maghreb in the Islamic West is very busy nowadays, setting up strongholds across the Sahara. Their populist sharia law won't put up with race-mixing Tuareg overlords (The "blue men of the Sahara") unfairly rule black Muslim tribes — hence the disunity against foreign forces in Mali by the Muslims. Again, race is all. As for Morocco and Algeria and Tunisia in the mountains, the Riffs and Berbers and Arabs don't want to live together necessarily, they all hate the blacks.

The former brutally-run Belgian Congo is always in turmoil. Even Madagascar has its racial problems and the government is always near a crisis. Let me mention Somalia first, where al-Shabaab (the youth) Islamists are challenging the African Union globalist puppet regime's soldiers who have no business in that land. Weirdo places like Puntland and Somaliland have emerged as natural little countries . Then there's those two crazy race-mixed places, the new commie dictatorship in the former Italian colony of Eritrea, which won its independence from the commie regime in Ethiopia after 340 years of trench warfare, proving that race is all. Finally there's ancient Egypt, saddled with a Freemason globalist-run army and millions of Christians in the north and many more Muslims in the south at each other's throats. Sounds like another good reason to bring back the ancient boundaries of north and south Egypt that the Pharaohs boasted of conquering. Obama is making a quick trip to Africa, Senegal, Tanzania. South Africa: two safe, one iffy, but requiring location that many Africans are nor impressed with. Nor are they with general Western morality. Speaking for a white man's perspective, I'm for the aboriginals who want to stay there and be primitive. White men have meddled too much to the point that has imitated existence is in jeopardy. Feminized whites can't compete with Africans on their turf, especially in reproduction. Trade is fine, but let's not industrialize and turn Africa into a great plantation for a few to enjoy. You can see what's happened in Asia.

I'm looking forward to more exciting news from Africa in the future — the former colonial 'white man's burden' which doesn't need to be carried at all.




White racist site keeps ideology up

Things are going well on the NPC site. Usage is up, so are the numbers of different countries, with the Americans always on top. You're always better somewhere else. like Jerry Lewis in France. Nevertheless the NPC site offers a wide variety of interests to racism of white nationalist variety needed in North America for their basic cultural and racial survival.

Our site attempts to opine on various subject matter connected to white race survival, even if its far-off Africa where colonialist race-mixer globalist forces are propagandizing against nativist/isolationist movements like Boko Haram or al-Shabaab. The globalists are spreading refugees across white lands for cheap labor or crime. Reactionary bigot politics won't do — they failed in the past, bringing us to this decrepit state where the Big White Hunter Explorer is afraid to say he has any identity at all in his own lands while having his tax dollars used to spread meddling globalism. Same goes for the false fear of fundamentalism Islam. Some people can really believe in a god and try to live according to written commandments; just stay on their territory with your male genital mutilations. That's why Islam will never catch on with Europeans. Same as Christianity's initial failure among Romans and Greeks until St. Paul said they didn't have to do it.

The Muslims have their own fight going on between Sunnis (Arabs) and Shiites (Iranians): A race-mixed austere bunch trying to stop fun-loving bloody-sacrificing Persians (mostly white guys) from taking off with their religion. This racial schism is similar to that of Mediterranean whites vs. Scandinavians and Germans, Catholics and Protestants, neither of which wishes to be rule by the other — as usual, race is all.

While white nationalists can believe in any conspiracy they must at all times adhere to common sense, good will and fair play from a racial-ethnic point of view, down to the most viable level. Wherever pluralists states start a breakup, racist interests must prevail with the "schiz-mates" even if we don't participate. Pluralism must be voluntary, not dictatorial. That is the case in Syria and most of the Third World with old colonialist race-mixers' imposed borders.

I haven't seen one other Internet site like the NPC's that provides so much information on wares around the world or concentrates on stories and articles dealing with European culture or world history. Our Crime Page shows evil across the planet, while our Science Page tries to keep our readers informed on the latest in technology. On top of all this the Nationalist Party of Canada tries to give a variety of opinions on various important and occasionally trifling subjects to the public, not to mention our own on a daily basis and archived. as well. If it's about race, ethnicity or nationalists, we're there.

The NPC staff is proud of their efforts to bring the news from a white man's view to inform our racial nation. Enjoy!




Racism is eternal


With all today's news and "revelations" it's easy to forget about much-maligned racism, the root of some social ills when attacked, and the natural solution to our problems in the future. All kinds of surface-thinking knee-jerk bigots back the anti-racist globalists' "war on terror" Orwellian policies. They consider it to be a cultural Christian war on the race-mixed proponents of Islam. Religion mirror the people, overly-strict types and those who need strict rules of behavior, like unpredictable race-mixed people going for sex. Sacrificial control habits such as circumcision are common among Semitics and their extremist Anglo Protestant imitators.

Race trumps religion, when the unnatural opposite is instituted; like the globalist, religion opposed to racism, that creed will destroy both. Religion is at the service of the race, not vice versa. It's a code of expected conduct among similar people, left to its own devices among different racial groups. Religion devolves voodoo-style into a new religion. Warring on behalf of religion is ridiculous, especially when the idiots are worshiping the same Old Testament God among Jews, Christians, Muslims and their many sects and offshoots. Usually it's race and ethnicity at the bottom of the conflict: Caucasian Iran's Shi'ites against race-mixed Arabs, Africans and Asian Sunnis. This dumb inter-Islam civil war has been going on almost since its inception. That's what happens when religion is forced on other peoples than their race-mixed desert originators. There will no world caliphate.

It's crazy to help the commie/feminist/anti-racist state become supreme in every corner of the world, to battle mosques members in your own country that this pluralist anti-racist regime brought into your neighborhood: That's why I couldn't believe it when the media's favorite feminist bigot Geert Wilders went to Damascus to praise a pluralist regime there. Race is deeper than religion; you cannot change your race, like you can your religion (well worth noting). Defending or fighting for a religion which does not respect the defense of your race or ethnicity is madness. Racism is eternal — it will out. It's subconscious, just like your subtle racist first view on public transport. It's a social safety mechanism, whatever your race.

Which race's social standards will rule in an initially pluralistic New World society, is the conflict that we are in now. White racists have an important task to participate in politically. While naive dummies may call it 'hate' and try to proscribe racist activities, we know our real effect is ten times what they will admit. After you scrape it all away — all is race.




Greedy colonialism white race's big problem

No other race practices colonialism like the whites; Orientals and Africans may migrate or immigrate, but have not gone out to grab territory across the planet. The Chinese didn't come across the Bering ice bridge to America and the "blacks" only came across Straits of Gibraltar into Spain and Sicily, led by (race-mixed) Arab invaders for a few hundred years before they were kicked out; same goes with the race-mixed Eurasian Turks into the Balkans driven out of after 500 years of occupation.

Some arrogant naive whites seem to think that re-ordering the world according to their excessive needs is the only way. All white colonialist manifestations could be slightly excused of they benefited the colonizer's entire population, but they don't. Instead the home citizens suffer with unemployment due to the cheap labor market the colonizers have created by brute force. This has happened to most (if not all) European colonizers, especially the biggest — Britons. This trend continues today with whites' jobs outsourced. It's one thing to set up your own race's colony in an "empty" part of the planet, like parts of North America, but an entirely different matter when greedy colonizers overwhelm primitive cultures by force and make them work for them — isn't that how slavery started?

Unfortunately, with greedy colonialism, that's not the end of the story: Not satisfied with abusing labor in the colonies, they bring the population here under any disguise, but mostly for cheap labor again, and votes for the grateful traitorous government in future elections. This, of course, lowers the standard of living for citizens of that country who have a heart-and-mind connection to their historical land — unlike an African or Asian immigrant.

I went to England. I never saw such general poverty and disrepair; grey and depressing, if it wasn't for the beautiful mansions that the rich built for themselves all over the countryside. If the best the powerful colonialist masters could do for the general public, with their mine-shaft windy, winding stair-cased entrance to their so-called subway (commonly known derisively as The Tube), the old colonialist rich have given very little to their fellow man, but have availed themselves of plenty of the bounties of the Earth in an unbalanced way.

This is the point when colonialism goes against Nature's intentions. The races aren't meant to mix together; Man didn't pop out of the ground in different parts of the world. He started in one area and branched out to get away from the other races. That's nature.

European colonialists have done some god-awful things on three continents — practices that they wouldn't dare try on their own kith and kin, like the torture of the Mau Mau prisoners in Kenya. Lately, however, the historical incidents of cruelty and massacres flip the balance scales of justice easily against all colonialist race-mixers. These culprits know that no whites are ever produced from their activities that assimilate into their heritage and culture and change it forever or causing social turmoil.

Colonial construct countries are an abomination. The only represent territories the foreign master could grab with his bayonets and have no connection to social society, except by those same guns. All kinds of these phony nations exist, in parts of Asia and especially in Africa; the ones in the New World are old creations.

White nationalists must not give up their natural moral opposition to leftist self-loather dumb whites whose concern is not our race and culture. I say, To hell with colonialism.




My mini-guide to Toronto

Toronto, the beautiful city, is in the news because of its Mayor, Rob Ford, accused of smoking crack on a mysterious phone video that no one can find. It's not the best publicity for Canada's top English-speaking city, clinging to the gently-sloping north shore of Lake Ontario,the last of the five Great Lakes that hold one-fifth of all the fresh water on the planet. No one should miss the magnificence of the Scarborough Bluffs and the natural wonders along Lake Ontario on the eastern side of the city; you'd think you were on a deserted island.

Toronto is picturesque and strategically located as the preeminent city of Canada, staring across the lake across from New York's vacation lands and farms. You couldn't ask for a nicer setting. I've lived in Toronto since 1952, when I was brought over as the first kid from begin the Iron Curtain to meet my mother I had never known, thanks to Yugoslavia's Tito's kindness to break with Stalin's Cold War policies. At one time, the city was known as Toronto The Good, for all its empty sidewalks on Sunday mornings; Protestants ran the show then. the hard-working kind — like Northern Ireland's Freemason Orangemen, bigoted against anything Roman Catholic or "Papist." All that changed when their newly liberated womenfolk failed to have enough kids to fulfill the labor requirements of an expanding economy. "Diversity is Our Strength" is the oxymoron phrase that became Toronto's motto, and changed the entire character of the spreading metropolis. adopting Metro Toronto as the key in amalgamating the various functioning little cities around the city's core into a megapolis that is today definitely divided ethnically and economically.

I've run for Mayor many times and once I came in second out of eleven candidates, when David Crombie ran and had a heart attack. That's when the elites ran to the Ontario Legislature and in a Friday night emergency session, changed the law that would prevent a fascist racist from becoming the new mayor, leaving it up to City Council to choose a replacement: The Toronto Star's headline read: "Toronto a Heartbeat Away from a Fascist Mayor."

Toronto has all the peoples of the world in its borders. Every culture is represented somewhere. In the center of the city you'll find some of its 'old money' in the Beaches. Rosedale and Forest Hill. As the Jews and later the Italians got richer they moved further north from their Kensington Market stores and Little Italys on the east and west sides of Toronto. The same goes for the Chinese and East Indians taking over entire subdivisions in Scarborough, similar to Sikhs overwhelming Brampton and Mississauga.
Toronto is a very leafy city, with plenty of solid brickwork. It's hard to find a truly slummy area in the traditionally well-maintained streets and gardens. Only some high rise complex buildings are crime 'ghettos' that are well-known to our generally mannerly police. Very few areas are considered too dangerous for pedestrians.

Toronto has the best-looking women in the world strolling on our famous longest street called Yonge, no doubt about it. Such variety — you're never bored people-watching in Toronto. There's plenty to do here, from a giant zoo to the CN Tower to our world-class Royal Ontario Museum, even if modern artists put boring glass and concrete in tandem with traditional classic architecture. Toronto is easy to get around: your cheap one-price transit ticket can get you across the city with easy access to all the many popular tourist locations. In spite of its diversity, everyone puts on their best Anglo manners in public, and many are ready to offer assistance, as if you're in a small town. Every kind of food and dining can be enjoyed in Toronto, which boasts of four Chinatowns (they separate themselves according to what part of the world they came from). Toronto has a Korean, Pakistani, Polish, Ukrainian and Greek shopping districts. You don't need to travel anywhere for exotic food. Toronto even has trendy/tony districts and the black-dressed goths culture underground that usually doesn't get up until the afternoon.

Torontonians are nice, helpful people who have a pride in their city that no scandal can diminish. It's a great meeting place to live in.




Racism 101


When I was a young guy, I liked to joke around. In fact, I still do as I have done throughout the decades. Only there's more seriousness in my thoughts and lines. I used to be criticized for my 'joker' attitude; not that I wasn't serious — it's just the way I accepted grave situations and give them the emphasis and respect due. Ironically, I have been arguing that the most seriously about the most serious problem at present — white racial extinction — slowly, surely, but eventually that no South African "Orania" can save.

As soon as whites use nonwhite labor, they're finished. The rich are too stupid to reproduce. We need our own ditch-diggers and dishwashers (not to mention farm workers) and paid properly. When union bosses start discussing the dwindling racial makeup of their workers, then the white race will have a chance against the dangerous problems that are never discussed in cheapskate economic circles looking for the poorest-paid worker to suffice in a society going down the drain with the white creators. Herculean problems face white race survival, especially in North America and things are looking grim everywhere for white families. However, the economic dummies want to differentiate between their low, upper or middle class. They're all one white people, and they'll have to start thinking seriously together, instead of with old-fashioned political party affiliations, which have betrayed them for all these generations.

The other day I talked to a guy who agreed with everything I said, and then some. Holy, geez, the guy was almost to the right of Genghis Khan as to what he wanted to do in this country. But in the end he assured me, emphatically, that "I'm not a racist." I told him who I was and he went on from there, and I reminded him that every time a white man says I'm-not-a-racist, he lied through his teeth, while the Sidney Poitier "I'm-not-a-racists" are just plain smiling and lying. Wasn't Barack Obama the result of the inspiration-propaganda in the film Guess Who's Coming To Dinner (with that witch Katherine Hepburn, race-traitor Spencer Tracy and the international black man Poitier)? And like Obama's mother Ann Dunham, her name is not remembered — like most "race-mixers."

The main point of this diatribe is to condemn anyone who claims he's not a racist, especially of your own kind. The less we hear of that whining-surrender, the better for whites' ego and confidence, which surely needs uplifting. I've never heard anyone win the argument or mollify the opposition by crying out 'I'm Not A Racist' (probably uttered by more important people than you can shake a stick at) and yet you know it's said by nearly zero of the abuser bigots of Hollywood and in high politics. The media's infamous for baiting concerned whites with the 'racist' label, as if it was already an illegal position under the law to believe in.

Don't fall for that trap, just because they have a number of biased laws on the books and legislated proclamations. White racial confidence starts with you. Next time someone asks you "Are you a racist?" ask them, "Why don't you admit it, too?" The whole world is racist, like nature and he knows it.




An independent Canada needed


Canada has never been independent, let alone nationalist — unless it's about a sports event. Canadians are easily propagandized into believing that they live in the best country in the world because these globalist serfs still have Anglo standards, clean toilets (soon to change with crazy commie multiculturalism in charge). Canada has served as a British globalist warehouse and workhouse. That's why they grabbed about a half-million children from the poor-houses and street waifs, and dumped them for cheap labor for farmers, et al, from 1888 to 1938. This beaten-down DNA has been used over and over to kill others across the planet. from colonialist troops killing white Boers in South Africa to Europeans under an ersatz colonial Commonwealth flag that some white idiots still cling to — the very Commonwealth that ushered in the white rape-destroying multicult laws into Canada.

Only myopic morons filled with themselves would cling to such mercenary service war memorabilia. I don't remember any Royal Canadian Legion objecting to the Third World open-gates immigration takeover foisted on us by a dilettante frog from Quebec, the used-car millionaire salesman pock-marked icon, Pierre Trudeau. Oh, how they cried that they were not racists when the Legion first put up a small fight against Sikh members who wouldn't take their turbans off in one of their holy-of-holies memorabilia rooms. But they soon relented under effeminate anti-racist commie pressure — and these are the dummies we racists have to respect? Please — I hate posers,

Not only militarily, but financially and economically, raw-mineral-rich Canada is run by foreigners from Washington (instead of London) nowadays. The Jew-dominated Americans give orders to the UN, which traitor Canadian politicians use as a fig leaf for their mercenary missions at the service of American globalization, instead of the British Empire. The top-of the world-ma Jews (who comprise 0.2% of the world's population but 11% of the world's billionaires) also run Canada much more openly in a settler-chosen servile DNA population accustomed to obeying orders. The Barnardo charity-dumped orphans and the remnants of native survivors are the only unknown factors in a very obedient country where, at the G20 a few summers ago, 500 ordinary citizens and demonstrations were corralled at a major Toronto intersection in something the authorities called "kettling" — like animals going to slaughter — for five hours, three of them in a driving rainstorm as one by one they were picked out by the police and arrested. The others meekly and frightfully looked on, the massed, shielded riot cops dragging their fellow citizens away until others just gave themselves up to be arrested then housed in filthy kennel-conditions in a makeshift warehouse prison at a local movie studio, just like in the 1960 film The Time Machine starring Rod Taylor, where everything was provided for (except the fact that they were kept for food for the Morlocks).

Once white nationalists recognize the mistakes of the past in Canada and embrace our beautiful red-maple-leaf-on-our-white-homeland-background (surrounded by red sunshine) and jettison holding onto time-proven-wrong memorabilia and put them in museums, we can move on in unison without giving fear of favor to any white ethnic group in Canada. That's the meaning of white nationalism. White nationalists in Canada must work against all international treaties that undermine our sovereignty, in particularly those who involve us in military obligations alliances like NATO, which is useless for Canadian nationalism. What if we were invaded by say the Chinese? Would we have those other European powers to get rid of them, including Turkish troops? The Canadian military must be changed to assist and maintain an unbreakable underground resistance in the event of occupation. That's why the Canadian militias must be vastly expanded and all kinds of food supplies, ammo dumps, guns, boats and even small aircraft must be prepared and stored across the country for potential future use; F-35 jets won't stop any occupation of this vast land. Canadian politicians should by racists to stay home more. Gallivanting across the globe only encourages more gallivanting — same goes for all these charities in the country. Make them put their money where their mouth is by helping the Canadian poor, filling bed-bugged homeless shelters every night. Is that the best way to live in the best country in the world? Please tell us you care and keep our charity where it begins — at home first.

Canadian white racists should talk more of the uniqueness of the Canadian psyche, especially in comedy like the subtle, mean, bittersweet shows like Corner Gas. And, the Canadian concept fair play from the emotional, adolescent attachment to sports, which are morality plays in themselves. Most Canadians are mannerly, laid-back complainers; they'll let the extremists do the yelling (and that's our choice) because they're all bigots in one form or another, And why not? Racism is as natural as breathing — and so are Canadians. Let's guide them in Nature's path.




I'm just following my fate and destiny


"You have balance and foresight and you can envision the ideal direction events should take" reads a Chinese fortune cookie that chance gave me a couple of years ago, vainly still cherished in my wallet. I also have another: "Your perseverance will pay off soon " and the names of the Seven Dwarfs on the same minuscule scale that someone gave me after I failed to name them all, bulging in my wallet like Seinfeld's George Costanza. Dopey, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Bashful, Sneezy and Sleepy are the names of those creepy fairy tale's dwarfs; I can slightly lighten the load and throw that list out.

My perseverance has paid off in many ways: I'm a notorious character filling a void that no one wants or thinks they can do a better job at. An establishment German once remarked, "You're on Google!" — that's all he cared. "You're in history!" he said.

Coming to an Anglo culture as a 'mature' ten year-old 'ex-orphan' from the hills of Sarajevo, Bosnia, and having my name changed from Z to A (Vilim Zlomislic to Donald Clark Andrews) is getting destiny's breaks and fate's direction, with my empathy for the downtrodden underdog — as long as he has an ounce of goodness in him — that is my bottom-line position, whoever you are, whatever your cause is. I was called "the Black Dago" by the freckle-faced red-haired bully who used to hurt me after school and got the girl who I liked. But now he's probably afraid to go on my white racist site.

I beat up a German neighbor kid once, as the closest revenge I could get for the death-camp Jews. After reading about it, the kid's father dragged me off and told me about his tortures in flooded and cold prison cells of the postwar commies her had escaped from. I read about them and hated commies more because they were still in power and saw their followers growing in strength in 1960's Canada. I worked against communists with the Edmund Burke Society, that I founded with two very different characters: An unhappy music teacher (Leigh Smith) and a nice, nerdy university student Paul Fromm), chatting around urinals in a downtown Toronto hotel during a break from a boring, droning libertarian organization. I offered forming a more activist group, on the condition that all of us appeared in the hotel cafeteria, same time, one week later. The rest is history. Stanley Barrett's University of Toronto Press book, was meekly titled "Is God A Racist?" after my assertion that "God is a racist" appeared on a well-distributed leaflet (otherwise, He would have created one coffee-colored race which would split up again, like in race-mixed Brazil, which has no term to describe your exact racial background).

Today, the street-communist threat is finished: they're in power and trying to explain and police-state control their vaunted multiculturalism. We failed to stop them. Neither militant violence nor respectful book sale meetings convinced the media-propagandized public from unnatural, suicidal, anti-racism madness. We may have lost the battles, but we are winning the war by default. Nature and history are on our side. People are waking up to all the progressives' lies and shibboleths that are hard to believe in: "Black is beautiful", "Free Trade", "Race is just skin color" and "There's good and bad in all people."

Perseverance has paid off — today I'm practicing the first fortune cookie's revelation, as fate and destiny directs me on behalf of racially-aware and racially-proud white people in Canada. Fighting for one of God's creations, the white man, is more important than killing others in "jihad arguments" of how to worship the same Old Testament racist God that three major religions recognize. Oh — here's another fortune cookie note I can toss out: You have natural poise and potential for fame.




Current events: all good for racism and isolationism


Racism is in vogue, thanks to globalists. After exhausting and risking themselves with the 9/11 conspiracy buildings' takedown, the globalists' New World Order can only afford a little terrorism — which will have to go a long way to fulfill their fun-grabbing torture police state. Hence, the marathon reporting on the two Boston Marathon bombs. However, they have shot themselves in the foot. with changing stories and too many FBI connections that will never satisfy the growing number of Doubting Thomases (probably close to 30% of the thinking population and 50% of the political activists, especially on the Internet).

Things are looking bad for the onelturalists [sic] and their race-mixer international meddlers and women's rights warmongers. No one one wants to hear from them, either from the pro-immigration embarrassed Left or the ever-hateful bigoted Right or white racists of any persuasion. Outraged callers are asking for immigration controls and non-interference in foreign conflicts. Neo-con Zionist bigots are being forced to take responsibility for drone murders, along with the feminist white witches who support assassinations for women's rights, of course, against these "dreadful al-Qaeda monsters."

The police state that instituted unnatural anti-racism, anti-white-pride cruel laws, is in reputation repair mode, after that massive big-city shutdown looking for two men who committed four murders: no big thing in a country with 50,000 murders a year along with daily shootings, gang drive-bys, police shootouts, and grisly family rapes and killings one a routine basis — just check our Crime Page, it's sickening! The public now knows what the main interest of their government is: the few armed individuals around the planet who will fight the and empires' injustice and empire inimical to their concept of the meaning of life. Didn't one of Tsarnaev brothers say he didn't have a friend among the hedonistic materialist Americans? He didn't understand their aloof Seinfeld manners.

The incredulous public won't follow any regime that it doesn't believe into any protracted war — and that's good for white racists, as war brings more foreign influence, especially if there appears to be a quick victory, the economic occupation and population exchange begins. Just look at all the Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, Chechens, Kurds, Arabs, Somalis, Eritreans, Pakis, etc. around you. Without isolationism, no white nation can or will stand, as all other races' DNA is dominant in any successful copulation. There is no country in particular in Latin America where white births are outnumbering nonwhites in their continual social-upheaval squabbles between Colorados (nonwhites) and Blancos (whites) now mostly just representing the rich and the middle class. Globalism spells death for the white race.

The surprising number of callers to radio talk shows citing conspiracy theories has the "race-mixing" jocks flabbergasted. They don't know how to answer the charges of government complicity in establishing commie police states. Yes, they're Marxist efforts, because fascists would never push mindless anti-racist laws and edicts for those dummies who love to equate the two from their liberal Christian -suck backgrounds who never helped the white man's identity or integrity ever, anywhere.

The whole racism renaissance has been done on the backs of the Islamist god-believers who scared the bejesus out of libertine women with patriarchal overlord-ship. Racism is the only worthwhile ideology to adhere to when all the other shibboleths have failed. Breed, and racism, is a way of thinking that unites all the lookalike creatures immediately. It works — once racist realities set in, white pride begins.

There is no other sensible route; nature will triumph to make racists the winners again.




Senior drivers under pressure in nanny state Canada


I lost my driver's license because I fainted at home in nanny state Canada. They're out to get the seniors in this country and drive them to obscurity in their homes.

In this hypocrites' country, the doctor at the emergency room asked if I had a driver's license, which I've had since the age of 16 and he informed me that the Ontario Ministry of Transport would be advised of my fainting episode (a "syncope"), and that my license would be canceled without further ado. I was shocked and dismayed and wrote a letter to the ministry about the fundamental injustice of being declared unfit drive, and having to prove myself healthy and innocent — the old unfair Napoleonic code, which most of the nonwhite Third World ascribes to, unlike our much-fairer English common law, which deems everyone innocent until proven guilty by the authorities. I paid $100.00 to have a tribunal of one retired doctor judging the "seizure" designation that the emergency physician put on my case to the Transport Ministry. I knew that I didn't have a seizure, but an over-heat-caused syncope, possibly from stress, and lack of rest and improper diet one week prior to the 2012 Christmas at six a.m. in my bedroom.

The seizure-designating hospital, which did not witness my fainting (syncope) directed me to a neurosurgeon, who suggested that I could take a low dose of Dilantin for six months (even though I disagreed with the seizure diagnosis, this know-it-all wasn't listening) and then he would send a letter to the Transport Ministry advising them of my "seizure-free" six-month time lapse. When I asked him what was the fastest and surest way of getting my license back, I agrees and took the prescription. But fifteen minutes later, I called from a subway pay phone and told the receptionist to tell the doctor that I would not take his "just in case" dangerous, side-effects-carrying Dilantin. I told her to tell the doctor that he was a snake. After going through a CAT scan. an MRI and ECG test and after all of them came back normal and negative, I was shocked at the pill-pushing physician and his closed-minded bedside manner — not to mention that I had met him on January 2nd for the first time and never ever got not received a "Happy New Year" greeting from him, which I pointed to him and the old tribunal's MD adjudicator, the doctor's poor bedside manner.

About a month later the tribunal doctor heard my sob story, pleading and begging for my license ans put it all in a perfunctory manner in his seven-page report of the turn-down to get the license back. Fortunately for me, a very helpful and friendly transport ministry employee advised me on specific requirements, that my family doctor would need to express to get my license back on the syncope/fainting standards applied by the ministry, which they finally accepted, having no real proof of a seizure taking place. The ministry takes seizure and shakes much more seriously than fainting which requires three months with no incidents, compared to six months for strokes and seizures before the consider you for license reinstatement. Now I had to prove that I was fit and successfully treated by a physician before the ministry would consider a license reinstatement. I got a fan, I fixed my sticking sliding window and finally my family doctor had to inform the ministry ("yes, yes, the patient is now very cognizant of his health situation"). After 110 days of anguished pedestrian-ism and a bureaucratic nightmare while watching my car rot in front of my house, I received the good news that my license had been re-instated.

These are the hoops that senior citizens who have paid their taxes and supported this country for decades have to endure to get a little respect and common sense in anti-male/anti-seniors/feminists' Canada. It's been an experience, but as they say, all's well that ends well — but the should be a better way.




A bobblehead PM for a plastic Canada


Canada is known as the sucker country of the world. There's no other place in the world where multicult, anti-white and unnatural idiocy reigns supreme. The self-imagined "natural ruling Canadian Liberal party is about to crown the son of the multicult commie globalist (and dead) prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, who opened the floodgates to nonwhite immigrants to Canada, making entire neighborhoods unrecognizable, from the peaceful unlocked-door communities of their white past. Justin Trudeau is the mop-haired of the two Trudeau brothers (the other, Sasha, died in a skiing accident).

Justin appears to be a nice young man, an artiste straight from a Montreal coffee shop — no, no! He's just some nice young guy. He doesn't stand for anything (or he could — we just don't know). He's an unknown, empty vessel full of bluster, jargon, full of sound and fury and saying nothing, in the words of Shakespeare. He's as duplicitous as French-Canadian separatist — no one knows what they want, either, even while the rest of English Canada is wasting precious amounts of time listening to recorded messages ("Would you like that in French or English... ENGLISH!!" costing me more angry seconds that I'll never get back thanks to official bilingualism. I don't know whether to choke or puke on its opponents. This is the kind of fantasyland ordinary Canadians have to waste their lives on, not to mention all the multicult crap Justin's father brought in.

There's a lot of pretending going on in Canada and a lot of grumbling that the police state ascribes to (hate and hate-mongering), like yours truly. But Orwellian labeling will always fail because it's not connected to reality and nature. But, back to the daydream called "Canada": The people are sick of $60-billion mercenary military missions like Afghanistan, while being asked to tighten their austerity belts. The multicultural police state is very costly, too. Taking big chunks from government budgets and boastful war allegiances and alliances are not what the ordinary Canadian wants to hear from the neo-con internationalist Tories already working with a minority government. Just Bieber — I mean, Justin Trudeau — is ready to pick up the women's bloc vote; I mean, he's better looking than his pock-marked-faced father, he's got more hair and even stripped down to the waste for a boxing match against another Canadian palooka, a Canadian senator named Patrick Brazeau, who's now in trouble with the police. And these are the subject matters we have to talk about in Canadian politics.

There seems to be an animus between men and women in Canada, a silent ongoing confrontation — and I'm not just making this up. You can even sense it on the streets. Let me put it this way: the dames don't look at you like they do in a Mexican park (walking around and giggling). There's an unsaid tension expressed in veiled exhilaration, like the original Trudeaumania. Now it's coming back in more assured doses after four decades of feminism.

Canadians in general have little knowledge of their white history and are always arguing over what "Canadian values" are, usually settling on women's rights and health care for woman and hockey and globalists' military missions (since the Boer War) for their men. Racial pride for whites is considered verboten, while nonwhites' cultures and histories are elevated through whites' tax dollars. This is some of the great, evil, anti-white-racism that white traitors have wrought, with destruction and extinction on the horizon.

Whoever dizzy dames vote for the Liberal Party, they're still run by the same globalist forces that run the Tories, so there'll be little popular input — except for targeted multicult supporters. Everyone else is screwed, and the nation is economically unprotected from the cheap labor in the nonwhite world. Unnatural anti-racism prevents the New Democratic Party (NDP) from pointing out the folly of free trade deals with Third World countries (or anyone, for that matter). The NDPers wouldn't know 'nationalism' if it slugged them in the face, particularly the new bearded guy, its leader Thomas Mulcair, who has little to say about the values of white civilization in Canada. And yet, he's supposed to represent the white working man and the society and neighborhoods he has built, He has to bring the NDP back to its roots, with protectionism and isolationism in his public vocabulary. Otherwise, he just leaves the field open to another Trudeaumania.

For white racists in Canada, they have to consider all political parties, because racism is neither right nor left, and to be entrapped on one side or the other is to be disloyal to your race, What's best for the white man is the best candidate.

And that's our bloc vote.




Just one more "crazy Asian war"


How else are you going to get the greedy criminal American imperialists who think they deserve to run the world, back into their own bailiwicks? War and fear — that's the only answer big criminals understand. Isn't that why we were armed to the hilt during the long Cold War, when they taxed our finances to the hilt as the politicians kept the commie regimes' finances fed with wheat and credit?

Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union after just one costly war won by the God-believers in Afghanistan who wore their secular enemy down after ten years. The same thing is happening to the Americans now. Imperial America is much more widespread across the planet militarily than the old Iron Curtain entity; it will take a lot more than a few thousand mujahideen [sic] to kick the greedy globalist capitalists and their military industrial complex out of the cheap-labor market in Asia, where the majority of North American jobs have gone. But just one more crazy Asiatic war like Vietnam could to the trick on the Korean Peninsula, where I'm sure the Chinese neo-con/commies would even have to object to a North Korean US invasion if they could pull off another Inchon-type landing. If the Koreans can attack the South with the same precision that they march with, it'll be curtains for future Korean immigration to our convenience store cashiers, just as a start.

All kinds of benefits could accrue for a North American society sick of globalism and its pauperizing austerity "banksters," somewhere we can't see or reach, all kinds of land-hungry greedy merchants and immigrants from the neo-con/commie mainland of China would be curtailed in their current invasion of the once-white man's lands. All kinds of stupid free trade agreements could be ripped up or not renewed if Asia was a no-go area for white businessmen.

I remember the golden 1950's and 1960's in North America prior to that crazy Vietnam war. There were plenty of jobs, opportunities and future for all capable students, without the dirty globalization cost of education-indebtedness hanging over everyone, even today, before they get a job. I remember when crime, especially involving sex and murder, were rare, and the only home invasions would have been an unwelcome guest at a Christmas party. That is of course, before globalism and the liars' better way of doing things today. There's nothing wrong with the Koreans being united in the hilly mountain countries that the Chinese pushed them into. Let the Orientals decide their own political future — neo-con globalist factory or an isolationist agrarian military state. Where do you want the Koreans, here or there, instead of keeping them in limbo with nuclear bombers and billions of tax dollars to keep them divided?

The other country that the Americans have to get out of is Japan. Tokyo is totally radioactive and all commerce and contact spreads radiation. And who knows what that can cause to your health, immediately and later? Making the Japanese pretend they're peaceful and nice by providing for their security with North American tax dollars is just plain nuts. China, Japan, Korea, and the phony colonialist construct countries of The Philippines, Indonesia and India, need to be let free to sort out their own population and political problems — and believe me, they've got plenty of them, historical and in the present.

Only a Third-World economic-level living standard is available for most whites under the UN globalist plan for society on Earth. It's stupidity to impoverish our own lives for the sake of commercial advantage in Asia for a few globalist elites and their anti-racist race-mixer pals. Of course, isolation will elevate racism; sadly the deluded, emasculated white population is counting on "love" to save the day. There's no future for the white man on Planet Earth without isolationism. And a good way to start that is with another "crazy Asian war."





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