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Secularism Sucks


Secularists are those who don't believe in the need for a "fairy tale" God. They're generally against religion and any set-down generational moral code of guaranteed behavior. Generally, secularists have no fear of God or any particular afterlife: hell, heaven, limbo, purgatory. Mostly, the secularist moral code stems from the individual based upon his personal experiences in life. They're ready to make it up as they go and can't be counted on to hold any particularly moral position, as they are fearless in their shifts. A lot of libertarians, liberals, libertines and internationalist commies are anti-religion secularists: the only one they fear and trust are dedicated God-believers connected to a written-policy religion. They feel confident because they known where the religious come from , while having the advantage of shifting their moral code as it suits them: yes, we'll torture, no, we won't torture; yes, we'll preemptively attack them, no, we won't; yes, we'll do murder (political assassination), no we won't. It's like dealing with “gangstas” when dealing with secularists. It's the perfect psychological venue for a serial killer.


Because of the secularists' moral shape-shifting, they are able to prey on the weak believers of any religion; they can pander to one over others at Christmas, while at the same time introducing secularist motifs to the religious celebration, further dividing the weak believers' religion. Secularists are very smarmy in their contempt of their religious God-believers, while at the same time highlighting the presumed slights of a Fisher-Price "mommy" doll which incoherently gurgles "Islam is the light.” Sneaky secularists love to exploit minor differences between Jews, Christians and Muslims, and hardly ever point out that it's the same fearful Old Testament God that all these religions worship in different attitude and worship. Secularists have effectively effeminized Christianity and isolated Judaism. It's all about the Loving God as the blue-haired women will tell you, with no place for patriarchy and "Father Knows Best.” Most secularists hardly ever talk about their fathers — they're either estranged or dismissive of their paternal side. Non-believers are big mamma's boys, and the exposed and horny priests have insured it. Christianity has failed the white man. Media secularists have pre-empted the religious leaders in public morality. Talk show hosts and news-anchor bimbos decide the rightness or wrongness of killing foreigners thousands of miles away with taxpayers' bombs and bullets for globalist planners. Priests and ministers have become sideshow props for corpse motorcades, funerals, and little tsk-tsking, which passes for anti-war opinion. Christianity has failed the Third World man, too: Christian charities have become camp followers of invading armies in Iraq and Afghanistan. These eager stooges cower to aggression while leaving behind their own whorehouse cesspool. They'd rather bribe and coerce for new Christians in a traditionalist society with howitzers and predator planes backing them up.


Secularism is a temporary condition because it has no order, and its practitioners are all over the place, like their supporters, with little belief in anything except personal independence; Selfishness is a self-devouring philosophy.


Secularists scoff at the brazen bravery and ιlan of dedicated God-believers; they are very begrudging to give credit where credit is due about their losses. Secularists have no shame, just like Col. Saito said to the Limeys in Bridge On The River Kwai. When over ten million dollars of NATO military hardware is torched by the Taliban in Pakistan, the NATO invaders played it down as no big deal. When a report suggests that 70% of Afghanistan is in Taliban hands, the internationalist liars who never admit mistakes or defeat, just generally denied it. Professional paid media grievers for the hundred Canadians who sacrificed their lives for no good reason in Afghanistan, would never consider the hundreds of young Afghan suicide bombers who guaranteeingly gave their lives to eject the Canadian "liberators.”


Secularists are big-time militarists. They want to keep Canada as a recruiting ground for flesh to pay the butcher's bill for a New World Order. Canada is the only nation on Earth that's wasted 100,000 young men's souls in far-flung foreign wars over the last hundred years, and not one on its borders. It's a mercenary schlep country that secularists promote with their Vimy Ridge, Passchendale, Dieppe, Hong Kong, Afghanistan and other sucker situations that Canadians were thrown into. This has to stop. Secularists love bureaucracy and lots and lots of man-made laws to protect them from the evil they helped create with their anti-religious, conniving zealotry, from the entertainment media to the school boards. Even though some of them bitch about civil liberties, I haven't seen one sent to jail for their shifty principles.


White Nationalism is fine as a racial belief system in acting like a white man,. Like the old saying, "That's mighty white of you," when an unexpected kindness was performed. But even when you become racially aware, you still need some connection to the ethereal and the spiritual, especially for the children. Even the racially-aware can become monsters, and that's where a patriarchal religion comes in with fear and love from the beginning, as common sense and time-proven tradition has shown. Coupled with the awe of pomp and circumstance, a straight-talking religious code will carry you through life: Cacophonic secularism is not enough for the general public for a secure and peaceful society.


"God created race" is on top, but religion beats secularism any day.



Bitterness breeds identity


The neo-cons have dealt themselves and their commie friends a great setback for multiculturalism and internationalism. The neo-cons are the ones who pretend to be patriots and social conservatives, but it's for capitalist globalism. They took over the conservative movement and political parties all over the world with their Zionist money-backers. Now they are showing their greed and lust for power to project their hedonist dreams to be frequent-flyer vacationing millionaires.


Stephen Harper, the head of minority government, decided that he was not going to let the commies establish their own coalition government of liberals and socialists, supported by the Marxist French-Canadian separatists known as "The Bloc." The pretended outrage for the signed backing of the milquetoast separatists of the coalition by the neo-con Conservative Party" was one of the main reasons given by Stephen Harper to prorogue (recess) the Canadian Parliament and cut all parliamentary business off until the neo-cons' new proposed budget to be presented on January 27th.


The vitriol against the separatists has been generally unheard of, since all the political parties have been playing footsie with French Canadian sovereigntists plying the province with suitcases full of cash, so that they will stay in the Canadian confederation that doesn't really exist (since the British North America Act was jettisoned in 1931 and Britain relinquished law-making control to the Westminster Act). The country has never been re-confederated since then; it's all a sham. Canada, technically, is a corporation, just like all the other provinces and territories: they are listed as such in the federal exchange commission, if you check the search engines. Ergo, all this bowing and scraping before the British Crown and their phony Representatives is just a clownish waste of time, and a charade to keep the Great White North calm and stupid. That's the last thing the phony separatists want to hear as they load up on government pensions and cash from the most subservient, ass-kissing Anglo population anywhere in the world run by their women; "It's not polite to be a racist!" are the last words of the white man in Canada.


The kosher conservatives' efforts to cling to power has resulted in all the buried animosities of this unlikely unnatural country (like America) to come to the fore. It started with the usual bigotry held under the surface toward the imperfect-English-speaking Quebeckers, and even some nastiness toward the Queen and the office of the Governor-General, particularly since she is a Haitian (Michaelle Jean) who is married to a Marxist separatist Francophone. The always touchy French-Canadians have responded with anger toward their erstwhile neo-con friends with the usual accusation of "fascism" (the other F-word). Now we will have six weeks of incrimination and vindictiveness, with even the moribund and formerly silent Western separatists getting into it. Legally, they could all separate and ignore the whole farce at Rideau Hall (the Governor-General's residence). But that wouldn't be any good for the Reds and neo-cons who are totally opposed to nationalism, racism, protectionism and isolationism. To them Canada is just a revolving door/temporary workhouse where the cheapest and most docile and greedy immigrants are welcomed for their mercenary labour for the Canadian corporation. Now they are bringing all that into question and examination by the Canucks over their Christmas holidays.


Somewhere in my archives I have written that multiculturalism was put into the Canadian psyche through official bilingualism, connivingly placed on everything from our cereal boxes to official documents and court proceedings throughout the land, whether or not there's one French Canadian around within a hundred-miles' radius. Whole lives are wasted and interest in politics is lost while interpreters drawl their English translations for the bored anglais. Every ceremony is interrupted and delayed in its presentation while unilinguals tap their fingers and roll their eyes in irritated anticipation. The bilingual laws have guaranteed that millions of English-speaking Canadians have become disenfranchised from promotion in all kinds of fields, right up to the Prime Minister; aren't the frequent-flyer internationalists always pushing for a multilingual world? Observing and listening to French-Canadian leaders in favor of the proposed parliamentary coalition only aggravates the situation, with every mispronounced English word and new demand from the Francophones. Warmonger Zionist Anglo talk-jockeys love to mimic and deride the separatists while ending up dumping on the entire province; making fun of a thin-skinned Frenchman and his precious language is the last thing you want to do.


Seeing as how the leftist coalition partners are supported by non-white immigrants and their entourage, it put them in the same hate boat with the Quebecois separatists. People are becoming sick and tired of multiculturalism and all the special "rights" the non-whites and other minorities have accrued. It's gotten so bad than even kosher conservative Jews are up in arms (figuratively) over the Draconian gag laws of the human rights commissions, preventing them from criticizing their Islamic opponents, so much so that they found themselves defending mild white nationalists.


The world economic crisis brought to you by the globalist greed-bags is ushering in the unraveling of their Utopian dream of a New World Order where one size fits all, full of serfs and masters with the humanity of Guantanamo and the duplicity and hypocrisy of the United Nations. In this part of the planet, it's all falling apart, even if on the surface everything appears calm. A new generation of justice-minded white people looking for their identity and place in the world, is developing in Canada and in Obama's America.


And that's good.



Canada's "Change"

Finally, a little political excitement in Canada!

Reminiscent of what's happening in Barack Obama's so-called "change" administration, the communists and Leftists in Canada are opting for the same situation, transferring power from the warmonger neo-cons to the internationalist Marxist meddlers. In a move that's perfectly legal, the Canadian opposition parties (Liberals, New Democrats and the nominally separatist Bloc Quebecois) are attempting to form a coalition government in Ottawa to reflect the majority public view of deluded Canadians. If nothing else, this political maneuver brings further disrespect toward the white anti-racist politicians who will be going to their black Governor-General Michaelle Jean as they wreak havoc on the country.

Good riddance to the kosher conservative neo-cons of Stephen Harper and his Bilderberger pals, who have conserved nothing except their Zionist masters' pocketbooks. This betrayal of social conservatism by the neo-con globalist politicians has been going on way too long. Their treasonous policies of free trade, UN mercenary warmonger service, and multiculturalism, has almost destroyed the social fabric of white Canadians. Canada's open-door immigration invasion policy of a quarter-million non-whites annually, is supported by all the major parties, including the separatist idiots who think that language is the ethnicity and culture required to build their ersatz Quebecois nation. Harper granted them that canard-word to describe their province of Quebec in Canada's confederation. Perversely, now the neo-con supporters are screaming treachery when the BQ separatists appear to be backing the projected new governing coalition. You never hear these 'patriots' saying diddly about the years of tax-supported financing that the government has given to these phony "independantistes" who are bringing out a new beer with that name to promote their sovereignty.

I have written before that the Marxist Bloc Quebecois pre-empts the Marxist NDP and "Taliban Jack (Layton)" in Quebec. Now, Lenin-look-alike Layton is boasting that he has an understanding with the urban French Canadian commies from way back when in support of the coalition: Surprise, surprise! The Liberal Party, after losing its last election with the Pointdexter Red professor Stephane Dion, who is still resigning on May 2, 2009 for Zionist millionaire Bob Rae or Michael Ignatieff to take over after their leadership contest; Reds and capitalists work well together as both strive for monopoly control over society, looks like it will be led by Michael Ignatieff, an anti-nationalist egghead from Harvard. That's the same Harvard University which brings out race traitors as another Ignatieff who wants to deprive white race identity and proudly touts himself as "The Race Traitor" (his website is at ). Dion was the guy who "saved" Canada for unity in the last separatist referendum (which the separatists lost by just 50,000 votes). He is an embarrassment to the Quebecois; some say his father committed suicide out of shame of his commie son.

These are no friends of the white man, but then again, neither is Taliban Jack (so nicknamed because he recommended talking to the Taliban) and who is married to the dragon lady, MP Olivia Chow. While Jack Layton was against military action in Afghanistan, he and his internationalist meddlers are all in favor of similar intervention into Darfur and the rest of Darkest Africa. If the Leftists pull the coalition Parliament government off, they'll be inheriting the neo-con economic mess of immoral capitalism, with the same "change" personnel that Obama is instituting in America. The same rats who pauperized our civilization and culture will be tasked with putting 'lipstick on a pig' while their Illuminate neo-cons sit it out and pretend that they are standing up for our traditions — again. The Harper/McKay social penny-pinching Conservatives have been an abysmal failure for the entire philosophy of small-c conservatism. They remind me of some ex-neo-Nazis and Klansmen, who make it to the big time and disparage their former comrades as fringe "extremists." People who put racists and racism down while babbling about white nationalism make a wimpy mockery of their arguments: Racism is good for everyone. One thing is certain: Canada's mercenary military meddling is coming to an end, particularly after the latest Afghan debacle. In spite of all the screaming feminist harridans and warmongering Christian missionaries the Canadian public has lost the stomach for more dead soldiers' Highways for Heroes mortuary parades, and the billions spent on foreign adventures will be demanded for the home front, in spite of the NDP, and the separatist Bloc will be required to put up or shut up when it comes to sovereignty. Petty bigotry musings will not be enough to satisfy white Canadians, as Mario Dumont's Action Democratique Quebec will soon find out at the polls. The Liberal Party and their feminist internationalist supporters will soon have to realize that the public's sick of foreign aid giveaways and open-door immigration while manufacturing jobs are taken to cheap labour pools by the neo-cons.

The neo-conservatives have arrogantly abused their social conservative base for too long and need to be taken down a notch or two to their basics by concentrating on the white voters who built this country. The tabled motion for a government change has been scheduled for a December 8 Parliamentary showdown, but even if it fails, the public knows that they have options to get rid of the war policies of the Bush legacy's leftovers: a small "change" that we can hope for.

Something's better than nothing, to thwart the New World Order, through protectionism and isolationism.
Tell them!



Christians’ Christmas Chance

While the hateful, hedonist, secularists are scrambling scared with war and economic collapse, this is the time for Christian God-believers to shine with faith and succor for the people. Every Christmas, it's potentially the Christians' last chance to bring God into the public square before the religious and the God-believers become a cult farce for the weak weird. The Christian God — by the way, it's the same Old Testament God of fear and love, vengeance and miracles of the Semitic Jews who started it and the Semitic Muslims who imitated them (Allah) — who covers all bases for life.


Obviously, the multicult internationalists who have the same aim as the Old Testament God-believers — to rule the world — wanted their adversaries off the scene. Initially the globalist conspirators explained that all gods and religions had equal merit and told the Christian clergy to move over for some rabbis, Imams, monks and pagan priests. The Christian clergy couldn't have been confident fundamentalist believers, and capitulated: Protestants first (because they don't know what the hell they're protesting about anymore other than their horny preachers. The Catholics came second, especially when they accepted libertine government funds for their broken school systems and ever since they started singing their Mass in English, demystifying the connection to St. Pater. All of their clergy, with an occasional exception, are way too silent during the breakdown of society's moral code and standards, so much that the early church fathers would have called our civilization an abomination, even with all its marvels. That's why the Islamists are such mental strangers to the ex-altar boys. They can't believe in something strong enough to blow themselves up, when all the Catholics believe in is "Bingo." With its money, power, buildings and past glory, you'd think that their parishioners would be the spearhead of moral outrages as crime, war and civilization, rather than an occasional by Father Raymond de Souza in the National Post or Father Thomas Ruzicka in the Toronto Sun, supporting their multicult bosses' plans and policies with a "Me, too!" Their admonitions are about as scary as a butterfly in your face. When was the last time they advocated that Catholics attend an anti-war demonstration or a letter campaign in the name of the Prince of Peace and the Holy Mary?


Over the past 50 years since the hollow globalist victory over nationalist, racist fascism, Christians have been downgraded from ceremonial to do-we-really-have-to (have one) ever since they brought guitars to the altar; attracting wayward youth, they kissed themselves goodbye. You have to want God — He doesn't come seeking you, except in Mohammad's case. That's why the Koran is still the last. There's a lot of fear and threatening in that book, kind of like the same stuff in the Jews' Old Testament, which the Catholics kind of ignore, concentrating on the salvation/last-chance-of-Jesus story. The Protestants are likewise (except the Evangelicals who put that fire and brimstone fear into the young'uns early enough, so much so that most of Middle America is a little naive, but they're pretty good people). All of Christendom will be required to bring the Old Testament forward, and ditch the Jesus Christ Superstar/Godspell philosophy (look at the dummy generation it raised). 


The Catholics seem to have run off the sex field; they're not advising women to have four kids, hardly ever bitch about abortion and they've got less to say about homosexuals than the Mormons and the sexified entertainment industry. Their fear and self-loathing during the pedophilia scandal shows their lack of faith in their God to understand the imperfection of Man, including their own vain selves and move on. There are souls to be saved on their own doorsteps. Then there's the problem of the Christian clergy's religious white supremacy, utilizing the great pride of white nationalists in their peoples' achievements while priests appear as demigods in Third World countries, collecting an ex-cannibal society to the church's bosom — until the next massacre, while ignoring the white peoples' plight at home. This attitude is not friendly to white race survival, with internationalist plans to pauperize us to the Third World level. Christians are more internationalist than the Illuminate multicultists. They've got to drop that crap — no one likes people who are loyal somewhere else.


Priests who aren't having sex or never had it, or who have never had to live with a woman, can't advise a man through any latticed confessional. They just don't know how. and can't understand — a drag queen could advise you better. Eventually the celibacy stuff will have to be reserved for pious, sexually suppressed monks. Today's clergy is in the bishops-with-the-battle-ax days, so to connect with the older white males, they're gonna have to 'get jiggy with it'; the common-sense Slavic Orthodox Church priests (I always liked  Rasputin) do it.


This Christmas, I encourage the Christians to demonstrate their faith publicly, with Christmas carols in their church neighborhoods, with lights and religious displays, call-ins to talk shows and political representatives in your town and/or city, and to include the story of Jesus' birth on taxpayers' property displays. Ask disc jockeys to play real Christmas carols (pester stations and sponsors until they air them). Hold candlelight vigils opposite abortion clinics. Take church delegations to bring gifts to the homeless shelters (charity begins at home). And complain vociferously against films and plays with gratuitous sex and violence.


Christians should store food, guns and ammunition in the event of societal breakdown. They'll be the first “Minutemen,” prepared to meet the crisis with organized, fair and balanced minds. They saved our civilization in the Dark Ages, and as Plutarch said, what Man has done before, he can do again.


Onward, Christian soldiers!



Ubiquitous Jews Foster Fear

They're everywhere, they're everywhere — especially around their new servant, President-elect Barack Obama.

That's the meaning of ubiquitous: someone or something that appears to be everywhere at the same time. We have an ongoing joke with Bernie Farber, head of the Canadian Jewish Congress, who was once described by a former Heritage Front writer as ubiquitous. He apparently asked the writer once why he was calling him that (in a personal encounter), and when it was explained to him that he appeared to have his nose everywhere, he grunted off. More recently, Bernie Farber was asked to write a review of the book Bayou of Pigs by Stewart Bell on the KKK invasion of the Caribbean island nation of Dominica in a Toronto (Red) Star article.

There, Farber referred to me as the 'ubiquitous' Don Andrews, dealing the racists one 'ubiquitous' back. Upon further reflection, I realized that most ubiquitous people in Western society needed to be pointed out, so I'm upping his "ubiquitous" with my editorial title (I'll see your ubiquitous and raise you one). Jews appear to be in every single facet of Western civilization from top to bottom, and all around, whether it's business, finance, justice, entrainment, police and the military, unions, education, foreign affairs — just name it: They're probably there in one form or another, controlling supply and demand, transport and diplomacy, diamonds or religion. Even during World War II, Pope Pius XII couldn't be canonized by the Vatican, which had to bend their knee to Jewish disapproval because of the Pope's dealings with the Nazis.

If Israel didn't exist and didn't continue to perpetrate their barbarity on the Palestinians, many white egalitarians would have a difficult time pointing out the ethnicity of the Western warmongers; now the self-chosen tribe is continuously disparaged by the Leftist ,meddling do-gooders for their uncompromising bellicosity towards their enemies. Many anti-war people are seeing that the entire Orwellian farce known as the War On Terror is entirely for the benefit of fearful Israel and their worldwide Zionist supporters. Ubiquitous Jews are being attacked from every angle and all sides under various covers of Zionism, globalists, Bilderbergers, the Illuminate, and the industrial-military complex.

Some conspiracy sites are going all-out, blaming the Jews for this and for that. Their cosmopolitan native usually finds them on the wrong side of immigration control advocates. Their espousal of a pluralistic multicultural society where they can be one of the controlling minorities flies in the face of traditional conservatives. The Jews' advocacy of black civil rights has made them enemies of crime-threatened whites. The Jews' support of hate laws and denial of total freedom of expression pits them against libertarian free-thinkers and individual rights advocates. The Jewish support for war against Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan puts them in direct opposition to peace, fair-play and justice advocates. Their enemies keep mounting up, and we haven't even come to their traditional ones.

The world has an impression that Jews are rich or at least, better off than most other ethnic groups with secret political power and connections. That doesn't help to endear them to the dis-empowered and disadvantaged. Even though Jews seem to be friendly to minorities, in other instances, they're on the side of the oppressor when it comes to ethnic freedom-liberty conflicts such as Sri Lanka's oppression of the Tamils, and other Israel aid to oppressive regimes in Africa. Jews always seem to be opposed to nationalist liberation struggles; they don't want 800 countries. These internationalist vacationers would rather have a one-world government. Borders are an anathema to them...unless it's Israel's.

Jews employ a lot of people, whether they're Palestinians in the Middle East or Latinos in America. It brings them into conflict with a workforce totally alien from their dinner table (look at the problem the kosher meat packers had with their illegal alien workers in the States); when you're so powerful to have servants, you're bound to engender a lot of resentment, however hard you try. Sadly, the ordinary hard-working schleps are included in the general animosity of the non-Jew work force. It's hard to say who's a true friend of the Jews. In my opinion, none can be trusted who are genuflecting to them now and their psyche and practical (sometimes over-reactionary) nature, makes them embarrassingly too harsh for white liberals. The Kosher conservatives are buyable, until their money runs our. The Christian zealots support-price (their conversion) is too high. The general public is prepared to suffer only so much in the loss of their freedoms for Jewish security.

The best refuge of a scoundrel, is good old-fashioned patriotic jingoism, with a 180-degree turn against internationalism, if they ever hope to resume their golden days of summer camps and Borscht Belt comedians of the 50 and 60's. They're already edging that way with dramatic outrage against the multicult human rights kangaroo courts and dumb university facilitator-thought police at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. They were caught off-guard bu opportunistic Muslims who used the Jews' laws against them, prompting a freedom-of-speech campaign by the same dummies who clamped down on it. Now the Jews are going to let Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty collect race crime statistics to control the black gangs in Ontario. They're even thinking of letting Prime Minister Stephen Harper change the odious Youth Justice Act which has been protecting young criminals for decades when they ran the phony youth culture movement.

Jews are careful now to back off from the "Xmas" and "Happy Holidays" in favor of "Merry Christmas" for their downtrodden Christian flunkies. What Abraham taketh away, he can give back, and when you've got your nose into so many nooks and crannies, you're bound to get it punched or socked. Some people only learn the hard way, but geez, haven't the Jews been going through this over millennia? You'd think they'd learn by now.

"Ubiquitous" is not always a good thing, if you have to look over your shoulder. Sometimes, it's better to mind your own business, but they probably won't, and history will repeat itself.



It's Good To Hate The Media

The deceptive, duplicitous media deserve derision.

I don't know any branch of society which deserves greater condemnation, distrust and disappointment than the whorehouse media. They're just a propaganda press corps for the internationalist ruling elite. They're liars, obfuscators and slimebag secret-keepers and spies on almost every issue, from the decrepit state of our seniors' nursing homes to international news and war.

The media's bosses' control is total — not just on the big news items, but little ones, like the kidnapping of the busybody meddler CBC reporter Melissa Fung in Afghanistan. You would think with all the foreign press there, that someone would have broken the story in Bulgaria or India., of this minor kidnapping incident. But for almost thirty days her abduction was a kept a total secret. If they can do it for a small news story like this, what could they do for a major event like 9/11 or the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Only a bit player like Canada was able to get the blackout requested. What could the Americans insist on? Technically, there is no free press other than on the Internet. When you look at the whitewashed, sanitized Reuters, United Press International, and Associated Press sites, they're as bland and boring as The Honeymooners' furniture: "The surge is working"; "Iraq has democracy"; "The Taliban are being beaten" and "the stock market's up today" — it's a Zsa Zsa Gabor world, like the Huffington Post, "dahling!"

I despise the media for their communist spitefulness when dealing with the white nationalists, Fascists, racists and Nazis (there hasn't been a fascist since Mussolini in the 1940's, but the agent provocateurs and saboteurs keep peddling the canard that the New World Order is "fascist," thus protecting their anti-racist Marxist masters, even on the Internet). They always semi-pretend that they're nice with their serious phony faces and feigned courtesy. I like looking into their eyes with derisive disdain. What do they know — they're just schleps of some secret half-breed Indian cult- leader Jim Jones hand that they feed from, whose multicult policies policies will level them out like the poor victims and saps in the Guyana jungle. The media flunkies are as stupid as the ones who mixed the Kool-Aid. Only in this case, it's for the whole white race. Oh yeah, they think they're so smart and with it, like the snotty libertines who produce today's culture through The Simpsons to Family Guy. Thankfully, King of the Hill has been cancelled, but they can't give up peddling race-mixing to the rednecks and Joe Lunchpails, so another network may be picking up the bigot propaganda show.

The media are the worst of the investigative professions. No one goes to or joins the other side and sees what it's like in the hills of Tora Bora or does a Norman Bethune with the Tamil Tigers when they're up against the wall (or why don't they check out the pirates in Somalia?). The existence of the "in-bedded" war reporters must be the biggest scam as well as an in-your-face suggestion of just how closely they may be working with Western invader forces. These arrogant war correspondents have the compassion of Stalin's stooges, dutifully reporting everything they are told. There's something sleazy about the profession, including their easy acquiescence to injustice if it threatens their neo-star status. Don't they all want to write a book? They're perfect for politics: they have an easy symbiotic relationship with the tricky and the slimy. If you've ever watched their love stories on the main networks' evening news, they're all over each other while country goes to pot. They hardly ever ask hard questions, they rarely press for an answer, they're always genuflecting and submissive, smiley and grateful and mellowingly wrapping up every issue. I'm just tired of even writing about them, they're so instinctively incestuous with their bosses — they're all the same family. That's the main point always to remember when you look into their eyes.

I hate the media's conceited attitude toward solutions to today's problems caused by their support of these same failed policies of economics and racial harmony. Like the Illuminate-controlled President-elect Barack Obama, they trot out the same secret daisy-chain faces for Barker Obama's promised "change". They're just playing ring-around-the-rosie with the same deck of cards marked Republican at the bottom and Democrat on top. Until the bloggers start really E-mailing, these paid pimps will ignore the obvious Obama personnel-choice hypocrisy, but like black-on-white crime, 9/11 counter-evidence and patriotic and white nationalist meetings, you won't hear a word of it — unless the police are called.

Most of these beautiful bimbo bitches, pretty boys and curmudgeon queers have a surface mentality that is Arborite-thin. They hardly ever say anything historical, classical or international, unless a bomb goes off somewhere. But you wouldn't know it by the tone of their voices. They say that bullshit baffles brains, but it's hard to maintain; the media egomaniacs like to hear from you for better or worse (we have the Walter Duranty Award for the worse ones). And as for the others, try to influence them with your letters, E-mails and phone calls to try to convince the "Sgt. Schultz" in them to a fairer way.

Generally speaking, the media are bought whores, and it'll be hard to find a soft-hearted one. With the media in a few internationalist hands, it's not likely that the employees will revolt. As a consequence, they have to be judged as a fifth column in our midst working for the outsiders. The latest financial meltdown was not predicted by the mainstream media, but by Internet websites, undermining the bosses' schleps. They've lost a lot of credibility in their biased coverage of the presidential elections. They're trying to reposition themselves now that that the Punch and Judy show is over. Only Mr. Sardonicus, CNN's Lou Dobbs, was allowed to offer opposition to the $700 billion quick-gimme bailout that they're still not sure where the money's going to. Everyone else just bought into the taxpayers' swindle, with "Mr. Independent" Dobbs throwing in the towel, too, as time went on. Who cares if GM and others are bailed out for a few extra billion, when you're already in for a trillion (Save the auto industry, just get rid of the management and unions and start from scratch)? You won't see the media masters advocating tariffs and a better American car industry; they're working for the New World Order, like that Limey Gordon Brown who suggested Chinese troops for Afghanistan — no opposition to either concept by the mass media.

Like the most ancient professions, the media will always be buyable, and the only way they can be thwarted in their unfairness and injustice is to encourage independent-minded investigators and researchers to bring us the truth in the news, so that we may deal better with reality and not repeat the mistakes of the past through deluded sycophants' eyes, like today's mass media.

For white nationalists' survival, it's good to hate the media.



Gays Lose Goodwill

There used to be a period known as the Gay 90's in the 1890's, with can-can girls, Oscar Wilde and vaudeville: they came to an end. A century later, we had the Gay 1990's, with sex parades, HIV and gay marriage. And it looks like that may be coming to an end, also.


If the queers don't wise up and stop their hateful violent reaction to the banning of gay marriage in California through the referendum of Proposition 8, the public will soon wish them to be put back into the closet. The topsy-turvy homosexual agenda is dawning on the general public's psyche, and the citizenry is becoming fed up with their shrill secularist  demands, contrary to the tenets of Western civilization's family values.


The other day, a couple of well-groomed young white Mormon "elders" knocked on my door, proclaiming the Book of Mormon and their Church of Latter Day Saints. I invited them in and told them who I was, much to their amazement, particularly the young German-accented elder. After telling them that I read their book and praising the originality of their made-in-America neo-Christian sect, I admonished their church for its cowardly back-off from polygamy and original anti-black membership; a religion that compromises on its original principles is not admirable. They "bobble-headed" in agreement, but being salesmen and survivors of religious persecution, (running away from their original communities three times before they even got to Utah) their principles didn't seem to matter that much. The young men were aware of the hatred generated by  lesbians and homosexuals against their church for promoting Proposition 8 in California and were prepared to accept persecution as they had in the past, they said. Judging by the way the Mormons have capitulated to the American government in the past, even allowing their women and children to be taken away by Texas social workers, don't expect much of a fight on their part from queer attacks. However, their victimization by the homosexuals over Proposition 8 is scaring other co-religionists and God-believers; it's that they will face the same spitting, yelling, threatening and assaulting lesbians and angry macho "Village People." The sore-loser gays are instilling a mood of fear and loathing in their arrogant refusal to accept the democratic process, unless the vote is going their way. No one likes a sore loser, even if they're flexing their semi-nude pecs on a flatbed truck in a Gay Pride Parade. 


The scenes of sexually-specified characters jumping on top of police cars, struggling and kicking at cops with white rubber gloves for fear of AIDS, is not a pretty one. Their vicious vitriol, coupled with their secret friends' political clout, is spreading the hatred throughout  the Internet and into the homes of benign citizens determined to get into a hassle with the sexually-oriented perpetrators. They would rather vote against them in a secret ballot and let the religious people take the public gay-flak. Queer couples are probably the most powerful in our emasculated society. They're unified in purpose and pleasure, and are the darlings of the matriarchal ruling elite, which is against fatherhood, anyways. However, without public goodwill and a feeling of fair play through a legitimate referendum, their Sodom and Gomorrah cause will be swept away in a righteous flood.


After years of battling the Islamic "God-believers" because "they hate our freedoms," the Western populace is now turning traditionalist to an extent that no Barack Obama family can stem. Homosexuals have a lot to say in our Western whorehouse culture, having connected themselves to the vindictive feminists. Their innuendo-filled crap is all over the TV, radio, magazines, movies and on the Internet: Notice the lack of condemnation on the news networks toward the gays' angry protests and goofs like that Keith Olbermann crying crocodile tears for gay rights and the lack of support from the chicken Catholics and the charlatan evangelicals for the Mormons. Even ex-body builder and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (the sixth 'Village Person') was whining for his pals. Awww, isn't that cute.


The homosexuals achieved their ridiculously-equal status by appropriating the sacred word marriage to include their unique "love" to a large degree because they were persecuted in some conniving highly-publicized gay-bashing. In an ironic twist, they are losing that good will, just like America did in 9/11 with their own arrogant brutality. The anti-racist ARA went down the tubes going down the same road, too; heaven help 'Obama-rama' if they should pull the same violent stunts against any good 'ol boys and their guns.


Even though liberal Connecticut has notoriously okayed gay marriage, Arkansas turned against gay adoption through a referendum, in spite of the white women's vote there. Interestingly. blacks in California and Arkansas, while voting for Obama, chose to vote against the gays. The two communities were never close: one is too snotty, the other, too violent. Now they're switching their roles with Obama's upcoming presidency. Not a good omen for gays.


They may snidely snicker and dismiss and degenerate God-believers and all the patriarchy they stand for, but secularists and queers are subconsciously terrified of the nerve and suicidal bravery, that the Islamist religious zealots have withstood the Empire's onslaught and still keep coming. No one is saying "Bring them on!" anymore.


Like the poor, we'll always have the queers with us, as a certain percentage come with every generation in spite of the fact that they don't reproduce...much. Homosexuality seems to be a natural phenomenon. Queerdom should not be used as a cudgel against people, nor should we pervert general society to fit their ever-increasing demands out of proportion to their numbers. It's the antithesis of a democratic society to give special rights because of your sexual orientation to get excited. The pendulum is swinging back.


Gays...don't push it too hard.



Racism Looking Good

The good news keeps on coming.

All racists, especially white nationalists, are in an advantageous position with the election of Barack Obama to the American presidency, surrounded by the usual Zionist suspects. It will be a short honeymoon (if any), after the petty media meow-attacked Michelle Obama's tacky red-and-black dress the very next day after her husband's victory to be the first Afro-American race-mixed president-elect; They've had other race-mixed Eurasian presidents, with Indian blood in them, like (Tecumseh) Ulysses S. Grant.

As I've said before, the African part of Obama comes from an Arab slave trader who helped the Europeans control the Kikuyu, especially during their Mau Mau rebellion. Obama has no black American's slave-survival genes in his hotsy-totsy background. His personal infusion into the black Chicago ghetto milieu to get a feeling of that survivalist defiant spirit was easily dumped after twenty Jeremiah Wright years for the cosmopolitan white imperialists. He's their boy, and the choice of that little arrogant Zionist Raham Emanuel as his chief of staff proves it. white nationalists can almost sit back and enjoy the fireworks and attacks against the loneliest black family in a White House in the universe, while the Zionists around him duck and cover from the insults and innuendos from the Left and Right. The so-called post-racial period has now become the most racial. Everyone's ready to take umbrage against the latest Zionist manifestation administration. All criticism will be weighed in the race scales: most will register. The part that I like best is how the kosher conservatives bigots will be racist clothes-closet-outed, kicking and screaming and then, finally accepting their "well, so what?" racist position. I don't know of one person who has ever totally shaken a racist accusation, especially not Bill Clinton and the cabal of characters who will be running Obama's administration. The flak from the effects from both Left and Right will soon become so intense that you'll have to take a number to get in on the Obama attacks.

I will feel the worse for the two little black girls trapped in the White House, and for Michelle Obama, who will have to explain to her ex-slave survivors' community why there's so little change that was promised, while the same warmongers surround her sellout husband. The Zionists have a tiger by the tail. The canard that the Jews all voted for Obama and are now happy that he's elected with effusive congratulations, is just that — a big, fat lie that they're putting up with, similar to Berlusconi's racist US election assessment. Obama ignored the black civil rights movement, stung by their general exclusion in his victory of the black, Latino and liberal white coalition that isn't about to go away and not hold his feet to the fire for their welfare demands. They've already positioned themselves in ready opposition, should the warmonger-spending Zionists not listen. The Latinos want amnesty for 10-15 million more voters. Whoever's going to stand in their way had better not have a Jewish name or a black face. The Hispanics are dreaming of a Latino president, too, in the race-mixed United States of America and then, an Azatlan ( Ralph Nader had Gonzales on his ticket); don't expect the Latinos to support Obama if he doesn't deliver.

The rest of the world really applauds Obama's election with more of a sigh of relief than of joy. America can no longer be considered a white empire in the eyes of proud European nationalists and it'll be such a betrayal and a very, very, short honeymoon if the new black president of the USA should carry out any more bombings and aggression, regardless of the slogans. It'll seem ironically unseemly for the black prince to turn evil, and America will be loaded upon as an aggressor society to be wary of and ready to fight against. Didn't Obama stupidly promise to kill capture bin Laden and expand the war in Afghanistan? How are the Leftists going to take that? Won't it look awkward, with white anti-war protesters against the black overlord? I can see the perception of racist ranks soaring as the anti-war true believers protest too much. The Christian fundamentalists will have a field day clicking their tongues at hoe Obama handles the gay marriage and abortion issues. Some will start calling him the Anti-Christ and if he never visits Reverend Wright's church after becoming president, he'll be just another "uppity nigger" in the eyes of the neighborhood, who was never really one of them, as they found out later. But to Obama's credit, he did marry the weaker race of himself and tried to understand the black experience by working in Chicago.

If I were a Jew, I wouldn't want to stand beside Obama over the next year, when the American dollar tanks to about ten cents and Obama has to take the flak, like Montezuma on the Aztec balcony with the Conquistadors' swords to his back and an angry rock-throwing native mob in front. Americans have been accepting excuses for years for their government's failures. They're less likely to accept them when they see the contrast between themselves and their rulers. Isolation is on the horizon for the American milieu if Obama does not expand the white pauperizing free trade policies, especially if he does nothing about NAFTA; the unions' rank and file will soon leave him.

White nationalists will have to stick together, if not in organization, than in thought, just like the white racially-awakening Obama presidency. Begrudgingly that has subtly been achieved in spite of the post-racist white Obama supporters. They're about as transitory as May snowflakes. White nationalists should stand their ground. We represent a compromise common-sense, goodwill and fair play ideology for the racially aware and the new generations. We've done most of their thinking and research for them, and just like the past movements and experiences, our descendants can build on us. White nationalism is common sense for the white people in North America, establishing states where we have our own homeland and do our own labour: "E Pluribus Unum" — Out of one, many.

In the meanwhile, let's enjoy the show, as white nationalists are sitting pretty.



Time to ditch the lousy Limeys' legacy

Let me get it straight: I like the English people particularly their diverse-faced beautiful women and their sarcastic, sardonic men. But they can both be real bitches and shysters who often work in unison, considering the number of couples involved in murders. I have been to England twice: Once when I was over there on my first refugee Red Cross flight on my way to Canada as a reluctant as a ten-year old from hills of Sarajevo. That's when I encountered fish and chips, and as sauce that I thought was blood — ketchup. From "Z" (Zlomislic) to "A" (Andrews) as I was known in my new life in Anglo-Saxon 1952 Canada, I was totally immersed into Royal worship at the newly-crowned Queen Elizabeth II and thought she was a goddess, until, at fifteen, I realized that the Queen was no different on indignity than the rest of us. On my second visit to England not so long ago. I was disappointed at the popular blandness mixed with the treasures of the British Museum pilfered from around the world. I enjoyed the creepy visit to the old pub opposite the museum, with good food and dark corners where Marx supposedly hung around while working on his horror manifesto Das Kapital. The public transit subway (the "tube"), accessed by a windy mineshaft stairwell and knee-to-knee cramped cars contrasted sharply with the splendor of the government buildings and palaces. It was a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to have to live there.

"The Sceptered Isle," the British race, as Churchill pontificated, turns out to be a pile of hokum. Britain and Ireland, lying off the European continental coast, has been the receptacle of rebels and runaways for eons. As soon as you jump into a boat from the continent. the English Channel will land you on the Limey Coast to start a new amnesiac's life in the Pirate Kingdom. Whether you're a Spaniard, Frenchman, Italian, Norwegian or Phoenician, you get a brand new start as an Englishman, ready to pursue your economic elevation in the island's consumerist globalist empire. With so many different ethnic and now racial elements on the island, a cruel class structure has developed based on how much stuff you have for your position in the British pecking order Establishment.

Britain was a quiet place of refuge for centuries before they started making their large navy on the heels of their privateer pirate successes which brought stolen loot taken by fire and sword to Elizabethan England. Piracy was their official policy for awhile, with knighthoods and political power handed out to the most successful sea marauders. These practices of economic acquisition were expected to include conquered colonial possessions and the utilization of millions of non-white foreigners to fill the coffers of the upper classes of the totalitarian state. This practice continued for 500 years as the sun "never set on the British Empire." While they were building commercial infrastructure for higher economic payback from the plantation colonies, the English instituted a Draconian regimen on millions of non-English subjects, often contrary to the colonists' historical desires and past. These commercial enterprises spawned whole genetic generations of bootlickers, Gunga Din collaborators and ethnic traitors to their people, further suppressing their ethnic cultures and destiny.

All this new-found wealth dragged back to "Merrie England" didn't do the general population much good as they tried to compete with cheap labor and products. After 300 years of pillaging, bombing and killing all over the planet, the British are still living in Charles Dickens poverty in the poor houses. Only a few schleps on the top and the avarice-obsessed wannabe middle class got a piece of the colonial booty while the British citizens in Ireland and Scotland starved. The treatment of their own population is just atrocious. No other ethnic group (unless they're also a mixed bag conglomerate like Russia and France), has treated their people worse. Huge penal colonies were developed in the furthest corners of the world for "transport" of their own people into slave-like servitude and Simon Legree brutality, from Australia to the Caribbean. In a country rich other peoples' gelt and swag, thousands of debtors were shipped out of their homelands as indentured servants. Their whole culture depends on the accountants' book of capitalism. The British are good at putting on a front, stiff upper lip and all that jazz, but don't look too far beyond, as their whole edifice of phony snottiness is based on B.S. The Limeys thought nothing of using non-white troops to kill fellow whites, Frenchmen, Germans or Boers, just like they think nothing of using Canadian mercenaries for over a hundred years to die in useless causes for their masters, ready to betray them for commercial gain. They wiped out a whole generation of Newfoundlanders in their World War I tiff with the Kaiser, so many that the Newfies were so broke and demoralized that they turned themselves into the Limey overlords, giving up their parliament's independence after the war. Conveniently, the Limeys shoved them on Canada after World War II, when they were finally broke themselves, and indebted to their aggressive American scions. The English created the British Commonwealth of nations, a guarantee of race-mixing and pauperization of their white colonies. This internationalist attitude of the Pirate Kingdom had led to the easy acceptance of multiculturalism by the ruling elites in Canada and Australia, without any consultation or referendum allowed, as all the major parties are in their tow. We all know the violence, uncertainty, anxiety and misery that the white population has suffered in even reproducing itself with these Marxist anti-white policies. Now the Limeys are nowhere to be found, except in the persona of their non-white Queen's representatives, who wear their rulers' mantle over our so-called democracy that isn't. Even the English common law dictum of 'innocent until proven guilty' has been abandoned to fit into the race-mixed totalitarian state with the Orwellianly-named Human Rights Commissions, where truth is not a defense: so much for the protection of the Crown when it comes to individual rights and freedoms.

The biggest and most tragic joke against the British overlordship is that the English don't know who they are anymore, as their upper classes have sold them out again to the international marketers (Britain Day was just cancelled in the British Isles recently for fear that it might offend their large minorities, and white school classes are being conducted to teach the English kids what it means to be a Briton in their multicult society.)

North American white nationalism needs a racially-based common sense set of principles to operate with which stand up to colonialist internationalists and their nasty ways. The English pomp and circumstance has failed the white man in this land. It's time to jettison the phony farts and their egalitarian treachery or they will be the death of our race, bringing the same death that they've brought upon themselves. Let's say goodbye to all the meaningless trappings of former subjugation and declare Canada a republic and put the Monarchists into the history books where they deservedly belong. We don't need a stamp of approval from a foreign power which ruined themselves and many other cultures to run our affairs. We don't need to go across the planet to kill people because some internationalist warlord wants us to. 100,000 white Canadians and their dead descendants would be here today if we just stop our military meatheads from offering our citizens as mercenary "peacekeepers." The English failed to keep God in the public forum and allowed our society to embrace perversion and secularism in society. Everywhere you look, the Limeys are standing in our way for racial independence and a white republic, having been conned by their "Yes, guv'nah" elitists into accepting anti-racism. The sooner Canadians move toward a republic, the better, because we don't know whether or not one day Britain and the Crown's possessions could be handed over to a European Union dictatorship. It won't be the first time Britain's been ruled from the continent, like in the days of Rome and later, the Normans.

How many times have we heard English accents promoting internationalist anti-racist, anti-white dogma in this country? Aside from the English language, the rest of their slowly subservient mindset can go. Canada, like Australia, was not founded on a schlepper's battlefield for the Limeys. Neither Vimy nor Gallipoli is the crucible that we need for the beginnings of a proud racist republic. Our genetic code is enough. Let's get rid of the feminist matriarchal monarchy, which pays no respect to fraternal male dignity and looks upon our population as a reservoir for wasted flesh and blood. To safeguard white Canada, we need a white Republic in our immediate future.

Let's work for it.




Obama's Warmonger Surge Won't Work


Arrogant Americans of all colors need a put-down; most of the world is secretly hoping for one, even if everyone is a little hurt economically. The anti-Iraq war peaceniks' candidate is rattling his saber for an expanded war in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This black stooge Messiah of the world, who may very well become the next president of the most aggressive race-mixed nation on the planet is advocating a Bush/McCain military surge of bombs and manpower on a nation blighted by over 40 years of war and destruction (Afghanistan); It makes him no prince of peace. Unlike McCain, who would attack Pakistan sovereignty sneakily, like Bush/Cheney, this smooth talker would give them unilateral notice of all-out war on the hapless villagers in the Northern Frontier. This black guy sounds and acts more like the Paki/India Gunga Din and the Askeri-fezzed troops who collaborated with European imperialists to enslave their African kinfolk.

While the giddy young white women of America are groveling for their big young colored icon (thanks to their anti-white racist whore mothers and racially aware wimp fathers), Obama promises to wipe out the patriarchal Establishment in Central Asia. This falls right in line with the naive nasty bitches who support these dirty wars of imperialism in the elitist pursuit of a New World Order. All the Leftist anti-fascist, neo-commie idiots on the Internet end up serving the Trotskyite neo-con war effort with their silent approval of Barack Obama's surge plans. Obama's supporters show their double-talk so-called anti-war duplicity regarding Iraq by uncritically accepting his anti-al-Qaeda rhetoric: a bogeyman created by the neo-cons for hayseed ignoramuses in America. The mammary powers of America guarantees that this two-faced stupidity will be buttressed by the memory of America's victory over their poorly-armed and disunited natives. The Pentagon bozos will attempt to do the same murderous buying and arming of any minority or dissident element against America's opponents as they did in Iraq, Fortunately for the natives in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it won't be as easy to accomplish this civil war agent provocateuring, as the area along the two countries' borders consists of mostly one tribe, the Pashtuns, with a solid foothold in their religion, unlike Saddam's former secular state of Arab socialism (the Baath Party).

It's amazing how the formerly Christian women's anti-war movement has gone. Now the same blue-rinse set babes are supporting our troops in their killing efforts abroad, revealing the underneath viciousness of feminism, which embraces war when it's for their general cause. I haven't heard a word from the Pope or any other prominent Christian clergy speaking publicly against this expanded Obama outrage, which gets nods of approval from the evangelical charlatans and bigots.

The conspiracy theorists are pretending to be worried that if Obama gets in, that, because of his worldwide popularity, and gigantic rally crowds, that he will be able to set in motion any Draconian edicts against the civil liberties of Americans. The neo-cons have left a dirty bag of mess for him to hold on his potential inauguration and hope that the use of a non-white front man will achieve the rest of their war plans for the world to swallow. But the opposite will be true — the honeymoon will soon be over with Obama, as his treacherous Lieberman-like partner Joe Biden has predicted: "Don't forget, I told you so." This phony Cassandra prophet is right out of control, worse than the amateur Sarah Palin, requiring Obama and others to clarify his doomsday scenarios by the accommodating mass media. Not one interview of Biden was conducted to explain his negative prophecy, showing the power of this backstabbing shyster who wants to be president the same way Lyndon Johnson became president. I've never seen more inane excuses and misinformation about the bastard Biden's bombshell.

This Illuminate chaperone thinks all he has to do is to yell from a rally podium to do his vice-presidential job and he'll be loved by the same admiring crowd for the black changeling to be accepted and believed. It won't work if the Democrats win the U.S. Congress, promising a gentler and more compassionate, introverted nation. We know that the kosher conservative Reagan neo-cons could not deliver it.

The people are sick of war and paying for it while they go without the basic necessities of human dignity in supposedly, the best country in the world. The 85% of blacks who support Obama won't sit idly by watching their standard of living go down even further while the military and Wall Street mercenaries take trillions from the public coffers for their elitist empire dreams. The war's cannon fodder hicks won't eagerly sacrifice their lives for a black president unless he brings immediate prosperity to their rusty towns. The war-willing Hispanics won't follow their negro El Jeffe if he is not more favorable to their open border immigration/amnesty desires. The old fart stodgy conservatives and latent racists won't follow a colored leader for an internationalist agenda, even if it's backed by the neo-cons. Obama will be left alone in the Oval Office like Julius Caesar, just prior to the Ides of March.

If and when all this happens, as Biden predicted, America will be left more divided than ever before its final collapse and regional and racial dismemberment. Considering the meddling and destruction it has visited upon the planet like the old British Empire, it too will go down the drain while trying (like the Limeys) to figure out who they are, and while the rest of us take a satisfying sigh of relief — like when a bully goes down.



Racists Lucky Obama's Running


For White Nationalists, in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, it's heads, we win, tails they lose. Racial awareness is everywhere, thanks to the U.S. president candidate Barack Obama. White Nationalists have never had it so good when it comes to the population, considering that their opinion is in the presidential race. While most observers would think that racially-aware whites would vote for the old white candidate John McCain, not so with the insightfully informed white voters who know that their race needs a wake-up call and a kick in the pants from their matriarchal anti-racist deluded comfort. The propaganda panacea that we're all the same is only maintained by capitalist money and the communist media. Everyone else associated with these liberal and libertine world government planners knows the knows the truth: Racial differences matter in society's structure and civilization.

Race has been used as a buttress and a bat for all kinds of reasons why Americans will not vote for a Barack Obama. The greedy kosher conservatives and neo-cons who are usually the first to utter surface bigot comments, then quietly bow and scrape in apology to the ruling elites, are darkly hinting at the terror of a takeover of the White House by a black man with their "No-Bama" campaign. Hope on hope, they're counting on the hillbilly hicks to tell Obama "what-fer" while boasting of their support for diversity and multiculturalism. At the same time, these bigot "anti-racists" are quick to point the finger at Michelle Obama and Reverend Wright for their black racism, wanting to have their cake and eat it too. These same neo-cons are big against the internationalist-minded commie Bill Ayers, and at the same time, support internationalist UN meddling missions in Afghanistan and Iraq. These penny-pinching conservatives speak with the forked tongue of a snake, as they are not loyal to any principles except their purses.

It's as if the white race didn't exist before the Barack Obama candidacy, except in the minds of White Nationalist ideologues, racists, Nazis and fascists. Goofs in the media up here (in Canada) doubted even the veracity of a European culture as we in the Nationalist Party have been battling for recognition through our European Heritage Week proclamation campaign. Coward words like "the middle class" and "Joe Six-pack" serve as codes for the white people, further damaging our racial identity and integrity. The phony Sarah Palin was supposed to tap in on the downtrodden working white man with her 'hockey mom' coffee shop wisdom, as long as white racial identity wasn't mentioned, while pointing the finger at the black

candidate with scary predictions, Two-faced conservatives are poor advocates for the white people.

Leftists, liberals and libertines have been caught off guard dealing with white racial awareness, usually playing it down as if it shouldn't exist while they're in pursuit of their world and hedonistic Utopias. Even the conspiracy theorists and 9/11 conspiracy "truthers" are stuck with the race issue while dealing with a potential black president surrounded by the cosmopolitan conspirators. How could an "oppressed" black man be part of the elitist cabal and how to attack his policies?


Barack Obama's handlers know fully well that if he wins the presidency and then screws up when the American dollar collapses or Israel starts a war, that all the racists from all the races will be pointing the finger at him and bring an even greater division in the unlikely Empire of the West. The Zionists, too, are worried just how far a black man who doesn't know the secret handshake (that's what Obama said) will go in support of a militarily bellicose ersatz state in the Middle East. Jewish polling shows a definite 2-to-1 preference for the sure war-horse John (Bomb, bomb, bomb-Iran) McCain. White Nationalists always want their opponents to be headed by an unreliable leader, and no matter how much Obama has groveled before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, they just can't fully trust him or his pro-Palestinian supporters. The Zionists could end up hoisted on their own petard of egalitarianism and diversity that they have been pushing for decades to the young. who will be voting for Obama.

I love watching the slimy worms wiggle on their own hooks of hypocrisy at "cat-fight" Fox News Channel (these kosher conservatives embarrassed themselves with their pettiness), trying to explain the 175,000-voter rallies for Obama while McCain walks alone. Of course, these phonies are terrified to identify white voters by race, and at the same time recognizing black and Hispanic identities contemptuously. To these greedy capitalists everyone's just an 'American consumer.' Borderless businessmen don't care about race: I've seen blacks and Hispanics behaving better, where only a few agent provocateur whites have created any threats or trouble in this historic campaign.

The people of the world are looking at race-mixed America to see whether the American Dream belongs to all their citizens, and how a black president will treat the White Nationalists in their country. Woe to him if he does it unfairly, and woe to him if there isn't any real change in the direction of the country. Racists' voices of all colors will be heard better under the leadership of a race-mixed president, unlike under another treacherous white man from the elites. Only through racial awareness can a White Nationalist state ever be established. Vote,  we're on our way.

And in the meantime, hopefully no one will take a shot at Obama, and Illuminate saboteur Joe Biden will shut his mouth (Obama should get rid of this treacherous snake).


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