Straight guys can't do gay and vice versa


You'd think that in this effeminate society, macho guys could pass for being gay or effeminate. Well, guess again. The sensitive metrosexual male — name any Hollywood heart throb — just can't totally cover it and sometimes, vice versa.

In the 1960's, the romantic or "screwball comedy" had its share of the unmanly, confused and silly man who let the love interest walk over him. Rock Hudson was one of that era's best-known macho actors who starred in all those silly romantic comedies with Doris Day, whose American girl-next-door image harbored a nasty ambitious streak; Day was married to one Martin Melcher, a Hollywood producer who not only made her an international star and even in 1968, helped her and CBS launch her own sitcom, The Doris Day Show.

When NBC launched The Monkees, to try and counter Beatlemania in 1966, well, these guys had their work cut out for them: A Texas folksinger, Mike, a British wimp, Davy, a former child TV star, Mickey and an unknown, Peter, went through two seasons of bubblegum rock and mugged through material ripped off from the Marx Brothers and fought over girls like wimps. For the most part, Mike Nesmith seemed to be the only one who actually played his own instrument.

Long after his death, there's still controversy over Heath Ledger, who won critical acclaim for Brokeback Mountain and his too-good portrayal of a homosexual Marlboro man. Before him, there were the famous cross-dresser pictures like Tootsie, Big Mama's House and Mrs. Doubtfire ("Hey, it's Robin Williams in drag, like Milton Berle! Looks like fun!"). Thanks to Milton Berle, whose Texaco Star Theatre on fifties' TV made gender-bending and acceptable by making it "funny." Flip Wilson became the black Milton Berle with his Geraldine character, as did Jamie Foxx on Fox's In Living Color did with his female trollop — "I was gonna rock his world".

In these days when effeminate "harmless" men are all over the movies and TV — even a few are on many kiddie shows in live and animated form — it's quite a disturbing trend to contemplate, after you've had a grim smirk about it. This is another way the matriarchy-oriented media brings down and divides white society: when there's more pressure on straight white men to be less macho, and pressure on gay actors to "be straight" well, just read about the tragic consequences of the death of Rock Hudson, and that of '60s TV sitcom star Bob Crane of Hogan's Heroes, the latter of which was profiled in the film Auto Focus.

Macho guys are becoming a scarce species in the media. The only thing close to macho they peddle is the illiterate killer Machete. Real macho men have dignity, manners and a sense of honor an manliness you don't see much of on the little or big screen: Even when they played bad guys, men like Humphrey Bogart and Richard Widmark were MEN, who had a sense of justice and took no crap they didn't invite or earn.


Joan Rivers, bad example to white women


It hasn't been the best summer for comedians. First Robin Williams dies, then Joan Rivers passes away at 81 years of age after being put into a coma at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital. Millions will mourn her. Many believe the throat clinic she checked into for surgery was responsible for her death and according recent news reports, have threatened the clinic. The media was blubbering oceans of tears for a woman who despite her accolades and the praise heaped on her as a feminine comic  pioneer, was basically a crude, rude and angry Jewess who acted the opposite of what a lady should act.

Her on-stage presence, once fame enveloped her, was abrasive, blasphemous and at times, shocking. As they said in the sixties she "told it like it is" on and off stage, right up until her death. Joan's personal life was a bit of mess: Her first marriage to an executive with the Bond Clothing empire, failed because he didn't want kids. Her second husband, Edgar Rosenberg, killed himself in 1987, one year after her talk show on the nascent Fox Network was axed after thirteen weeks.

Rivers  not only claimed to separate news media sources allegiance to both the US Democratic and Republican Parties, but also to Howard Stern that while married to Edgar, who fathered her daughter Melissa, she carried on a number of sexual affairs which included Robert Mitchum. She had a little problem with some other famous people. Early in her career she worked as a writer for Johnny Carson. When he passed her over to succeed him as host of The Tonight Show, it began a feud between them that lasted for years (until just recently when she appeared on Tonight with Jimmy Fallon). When she took the job to host Fox's Late Show, Carson was reportedly furious — she was once his substitute host, now she was the competition. Never far from controversy, or a lack of tact, she called Barack Obama a queer and First Lady a transvestite. Near the end of her life, she stirred up a hornet's nest with what could be considered the hallmark of her insensitivity, with a remark referring to those girls held prisoner in a house in Cleveland on April 22: "Those women in that basement in Cleveland had more space" than she did living with her daughter. She refused to apologize for the crack.

Rivers tried a lot of things: She did the Mel Brooks film Spaceballs, and appeared in dramas like Nip/Tuck and the soap Another World. She was a mainstay with Melissa on the Red Carpet, spitting cobra venom at the dresses and gowns of the actresses who walked it. In 1994, she appeared on Broadway in a stage play as the mother of sewer-mouthed Lenny Bruce. Comedy — rather, her version of it — remained her stock-in-trade of sorts, and with Joan, you either thought she was a comic genius, an insufferable boor of a bitch or a comedy pioneer.

Her crude, abrasive "style" provided the template for TV characters like Seinfeld's Elaine Benes and comics like Roseanne Barr, Sarah Silverman and Judy Tenuta. She came across as an un-motherly know-it-all, a brassy, pro-war pro-Zionist and a fervent opponent of racism — unless of course, you were Jewish, therefore exempt from melting into the American Melting Pot. There was no kindness or femininity in her, despite her constantly showing up in public with facelifts and slimmed-down skirts and dresses. Joan Rivers was the epitome of today's "feminism": trying so hard to make herself look like a knockout all the way past her seventies, but still ready to give men a kick in the balls with her tongue and anti-male attitude; when called on it, she just said "shut up and carried on with her viciousness.

The problem with legends — those we put on pedestals and worship — is that much of the time, they are elevated so high up that no one can see who and what they are inside. There will be, no doubt, great tributes to her from the media and  likely even a special tribute a year from now at the Emmys. But that's Hollywood; you can be a monster or a murderer — as long as you can make people laugh and add to the financial bottom line of whoever you're working for — Fox, NBC or any Vegas showplace who'll have you — you're A-Okay. If there is any tragedy that we can learn from the long career of Joan Rivers, it is that sooner or later, the real sad, pathetic creature lurking behind the Pagliacci clown's mask shows the real face. 



The single "life": It's no life without racial responsibility


Being single isn't fun anymore.

In Hollywood, being single used to be — and still is — something akin to the highest level of calling — no commitments to raising a family, to finding a mate, to recreating your bloodline: just go out and have a good time.

And yes, the media's been promoting both the "good" side of it and the bad side on TV and in films. From the 1970's onwards, sitcoms were just loaded with singles — usually feminist know-it-alls like  Mary Richards, Rhoda Morgenstern and Murphy Brown, who in their successful sitcoms were portrayed as successful — Mary and Murphy never married and Rhoda did marry a New York contractor, only to have it end in divorce. Murphy Brown created a firestorm having a baby out of wedlock; it sure didn't hurt her ratings. As for Mary, she ended her series still single and blubbering on the shoulders of her fictional news-room's all-male cast: a neurotic news writer. a blowhard bully boss and a vainglorious anchorman, all those years and tossing boyfriends away like gum wrappers. This, at the end of the 1970's was the white American ideal.

In films, single women were constantly in trouble — doing crime (The Accused, Thelma and Louise, etc.) or facing mortal jeopardy (The Net, Charlie's Angels,  Gothika), with no male figure around to help them — usually white males were the villains — while all the time, for decades, there was no such thing as a normal nuclear family on screen or TV — just dysfunctional families with screaming and/or stupid dads and husbands and boyfriends. One recent film I saw, Hit and Run, had a guy who was a driver in a bank robbery who hid in witness protection before falling for a liberal blond broad and endangering them both when he revealed himself. In films today like The Hunger Games and cartoons like Disney's Frozen, the women don't need a man around to get them out of a pickle. Or, there's the "I picked the wrong guy" films airing all the time on the W and Lifetime channels, where girls go for the handsomest office co-worker or neighbor, only to find our he's a stalker or a serial killer and trying to convince the authorities he's evil, before her life is claimed.


It's become the style of the 'new age': have as much fun as you can, whether or not you live in your parents' basement, and instead of paying them back for getting you to maturity, abandoning them to the mercy of strangers in  a seniors' home. Forget about settling down and continuing the species in the time-tested way of the traditional family that was the bedrock of Western civilization and the white people — just go and have the time of your life until your heart, liver, lungs or kidneys go and hope the healthcare system can make your last days comfortable.

It's sad how we've gone from revering the family and the grandparents and ancestors of our bloodlines to dismantling the very building blocks of our societies. In African and Asian tribes and cultures, the old are cared for and revered — and in Asian lands even that is now changing. Those in charge of the media have even sneaked in neurotic Jewish families over the past while. This season, it's been The Goldbergs on ABC, just so you won't think they've excluded themselves from their vision of the future Gentile family, broken, with undisciplined kids, a matriarchy in charge, unlike the patriarchal culture of Muslims they never miss a chance to deride in entertainment shows or the news.

Being single, while maybe giving one a sense of independence, also "frees" one from the basic purpose of our existence — to continue the bloodline and reproduce as God and nature intended. Today, in a world of no morals, degenerate sex. LGBT rights, the traditional family is ridiculed, frowned upon and under attack in law and elsewhere. It's time for white men to grow up and face responsibility, and I can't think of a better time than Father's Day for men to commit to their racial responsibilities.  There comes a time to stop hitting the singles' bars and think about creating a family — then, being the man in it.



Naive skinheads


You don't see a lot in the newspapers these days about skinheads. Time was, wherever they congregated, so did trouble — fights, property damage, and other assorted mayhem. Most of them were — and still are — white racists who cultivated an image of menace here in North America, in Europe and elsewhere.

Not that long ago, white racist leaders saw the potential of them and Nationalist Party leader Don Andrews saw that they were in need of guidance and education. After all, if you're going to stand up for an ideology, know what you're fighting for. McDonald's restaurants became gathering places as dozens of clean-shaven, tough young men gathered  years ago to learn about white nationalism from Don, who handed out scores of books for them to read.

Today. racist skinheads seem to be a spent force: united together by race, yet so much of that anger was manifested and fueled by alcohol and "Oy" rock music. The CBC movie White Lies in a sense immortalized their thug image, as did films like American History X, reinforcing the nihilism and violence attributed to the skinhead movement. Like all violent gang members, skinheads lived for the idea of a mob yet showing a sense of naοvetι when it came to politics, history and yes, racial ideology.

I've known a number of skinheads in my life. You can have a bit of an intelligent conversation with them, but before long, it's back to the partying and the self-destructive behavior. You see, it's not enough if you're young, energetic and tough and committed to a cause — you've got to do your book reading and know what you're standing for. You've got to be a real racist who respects other races, not an Archie Bunker bigot. And, with skins, there's that naοvetι that made them ripe for the pickings when many got tired of flexing their mental muscles and decided to get behind the Heritage Front, that we paid for with tax dollars galore and was run by your friendly neighborhood fed spy agency CSIS.

In the 1970's, we had a lot of toughs in the days of the Edmund Burke Society and the Western Guard — Gerry Doyle, Jack Prins, a.k.a. The Masked Marvel, Paul Hartmann and so many others. The difference is, they kept up on the news, they weren't just commie wallopers and hell raisers who put the fear of God into the left in those heady days. Politics isn't just about making sure you can say, speak your mind at Allan Gardens and not worried about some Trotskyite giving your a hard time — another Guard activity of the old days — but about a group of people knowledgeable and united in a common idea and who can discuss it intelligently and rationally. Discussion is one talent many skinheads sadly to not excel in. And that pretty much is what finished the skins in Canada, that and the revelations about the Heritage Front and the violent death of its leader Wolfgang Droege.

There will always — at least for the time being — be skinheads, but they are a shadow of their former image. If they are to resurface as a movement to be taken seriously, they need to pull back on the thug image and start being more articulate about race and politics in Canada. Otherwise, they will remain locked in the past: violent, disorganized and in one sense like the leftist anarchists — rebels without a clue.


Privatization — Tool of class warfare


My dad once worked for CN, or back as it was known then, Canadian National Railways. CN was one of Canada's best known companies — its 1960's squiggle logo was so famous that it was ripped off by companies like Central Vermont railway and the CW TV network; it was also one of Canada's biggest crown corporations, evolving into many divisions such as hotels and trucking in order to keep up with its major competitor Canadian Pacific.

A crown corporation for those not in the know, is a company operated and owned by the government of Canada, but run supposedly like a private company, and financed by you, the taxpayer. Today, two other crown corporations, the CBC and Canada Post (now run by a Pakistani), are under a lot of scrutiny and fire — the former for selling hockey to Rogers Media, the latter for its plans to stop door-to-door mail delivery in major cities, now underway.

The thing of it is, companies owned by us aren't supposed to make a profit — they're supposed to provide services, like postage stamps, delivering goods, or just "entertaining" us. What's more, when a government is in charge of a company, there is a certain amount of accountability after there's a screw-up that's expected, unlike private corporations. As it is, quite a few of these outfits have had their feet held to the fire over the obscene amounts of money made by their presidents and CEO — every cent of which comes from you.

The CBC and its many divisions and networks — sports, news, regional and northern services, radio, French channels, online store, et cetera — is a bloated, outdated and money leech that many people,  critics, government spokespeople, and others, have been braying for years to privatize. Canada Post has also come under scrutiny. It's had years of steadily rising postage rates, labor unrest, decreasing services — it now wants to replace city door-to-door delivery with "Superboxes" — and general mismanagement.

The biggest treachery of privatization of government-run businesses is how it comes a tool of class warfare — many people in Canada can no longer afford to travel by rail, or they live near railway lines that recent events like the Quebec train derailment have emphasized the lack of safety and proper planning. The owners of the railroad responsible for that tragedy have yet to cough up a cent for their corporate contempt.

CBC-TV is the only government service many can still afford. It is required carriage on many Canadian cable and satellite systems) and we've all got a beef with those vampires of our wallets with anti-racist propaganda in its news and entertainment programming. In Canada, it follows the grand tradition of the original limeys who came here and just as they did in other lands, plundered and made billions while those in their own land suffered since the days of Dickens; things haven't changed much there, except, not for the better — nonwhite crime, degeneracy, scandals and child molesters working for the BBC, and so on.

A favorite target of corporations are unions — they are blamed for the riding prices and rates we all are paying. Extremists have gotten into a lot of them, and unions must now face the prospect of not listening to them as their power grows and many unions now join bigger labor groups, like Unifor. Capitalists couldn't be happier when unions saber-rattle — it just gives them the excuse to point and say, "See? Here's why we have to raise prices." This creates an all-out class war between the elitist super-rich and families working multiple jobs just to keep the bills paid and the lights on.

Like a certain Indian caste, corporations providing needed goods and services become untouchable — there are no laws to make them control their seedy business practices and to curb them from providing shoddy service to customers only worthy of a Third World nation — certainly not white standards. It's time we stood up against selling Crown Corporations to the greed bags of industry and the internationalists and elitists who constantly yap about "high standards" yet continue to roll out services that are a disgrace and products that are defective and as the recent General Motors recall (and others) prove, dangerous to the public. Remember, people, it's YOUR money too. that's up for grabs.

Governments must provide services to their citizens and spend their budgets accordingly, not blow insane amounts of dough, like $40 million on the Afghanistan mercenary mission-farce that can feed the hungry and house the homeless here. On US outlets like CNN and Fox News and syndication, "pundits" like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh are anti-racists; not one has uttered a peep in defense of white values, but rather, enjoy the class war of rich versus poor just so that can stay secure in their locked, gated mansions and yap about Obamacare (not for one-whites, please) and watch the class warfare continue and grow and count their money, like cartoon tycoon Scrooge McDuck.



Flight 370: Mystery in the air


Now, here is a mystery worthy of a big-budget film. A large Malaysian Airlines airliner with 227 passengers aboard, leaving Kuala Lampur bound for China, and totally vanishes from sight — from visual tracking, radar, electronic surveillance. Gone — just like that.

At this writing, the plane and all aboard it have been missing for 23 days days. And it's the stuff a lot of active minds are already forming conspiracies and speculation over what exactly happened as pieces of the debris (so we're told) have been seen in the waters near Australia and China and recent reports have the French also involved in the search. Let's examine some theories making the rounds:

The Uighurs: are the nationalist group who want a separate state of their own and have been subjected to imprisonment, harassment, persecution and human rights abuses by Red China. They have already been identified with a number of violent attacks, one of which involved 29 people. They certainly have reason to be angry and many around the world are sympathetic to their cause.

The CIA: Let's face it, they have the brains and the resources to cause some mischief for the commie/capitalist Red Chinese. It's hard for any major super power to keep a dedicated nationalist group at bay, but when they get help from other super powers' clandestine organizations, then it's a real challenge.

Industrial Espionage: The reliance of capitalist industry has set the stage for an anything-goes scenario where rivals for government contracts and in the case of Malaysia Airlines, passenger dollars. Boeing, which manufactured the plane, is a leader in the air and aerospace (and defense) industries. Bad things that can affect their stock mean good things for competitors, so what better than a disappearing plane?

UFOs/Alien Abduction: Don't laugh — there is enough evidence that has given this theory a renewed degree of credibility and acceptance, most particularly the level of secrecy the US military has given to all things UFO.

Sabotage/Computer Hacking: In a high tech world, anyone with enough computer savvy can figures out the most complicated of programming, and there have been allegations that someone on board Flight 370 was in possession of a flight simulator, and you can't get those at Best Buy, people.

A New Bermuda Triangle: One theory goes that an electronic fog believed to be in their area where the plane lost contact , as in a theory explaining the Bermuda Triangle's history of vanishing planes, may be the culprit.

There are other questions to be answered here that may never be answered: Was the equipment and/or tracking devices indeed turned off deliberately? If so, why? Why was there such a lapse of time between the time when Flight 370 allegedly went off course and the first signs of its vanishing came to light? Experts are already saying that given the backup systems and GPS, flight recorders and transmitters, it is highly unlikely that everything could be shut down at once. And, in terms of why more isn't known about Flight 370, a lot of nations involved in the search for debris and bodies don't want anyone to know about the electronics and high tech they're using; sorry Globalist New World Order Security comes first. Yet, this incident does bode ill for the already-troubled globalist airline industries and private companies and airlines like Air Canada and British Airways run by their respective governments. Many travelers will be reluctant by now to fly and risk ending up in [a] Stephen King novel scenario.

That's pretty much where we stand, until a reliable source can identify enough surviving pieces of the aircraft to form a plausible explanation for what happened to Flight 370 and its passengers and crew. The days and weeks to come will hopefully provide some answers — for those interested in the truth, for the globalists who just might be trying to screw the investigation if any of them was responsible for the vanishing act in the sky — and for the families and loved ones of those still wondering, and agonizing with tears and frayed nerves about what became of those who literally disappeared into thin air.

Friendly skies? Not any more.



Always smiling in Hollywood's fantasy world


Why is everyone smiling?

If it's a TV sitcom, usually, it's an expression that despite everything being in chaos, people grinning ear to ear seem oblivious to. It's a trait shared by a lot of musicians and sports idols, too, not just the running-for-election clowns trying to win you votes on the news and the debates.

Hollywood loves smilers. Remember the lyrics of the Mary Tyler Moore Show theme, "Who can turn the world on with her smile?" "Ol' Mare" did it every week, despite her roaring boss Lou Grant pompous ass anchor Ted Baxter, and her many dumped boyfriends and other calamities, she braved it all with thousand-watt grin that could blind a deer. Yet, Moore's personal life was a mess; she was a victim of diabetes, which debilitated her as the last years of her show went by, and her son committed suicide over the phone, an eerie event reflected in the film drama she starred in, Ordinary People.

Fantasy has kept Hollywood in business for years — not just the superheroes, the popular upgrades of fairy tales on TV and on screen, but the presentation of the casting couch trollops and hunky/harmless leading men and pop sensations like Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and Matt Damon to name a few. When the media sees you smiling, they know you're not thinking about the hell you and your communities are experiencing, poverty, crime, depravity and degeneracy, etc. Just keep on dancing.

The 1950's and 1960's had the "happy family" comedies, like Ozzie and Harriet, Hazel, Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Father Knows Best, Make Room for Daddy — despite whatever crisis or peril the characters faced, it was all smiles in the end. For Ozzie's son, Rick Nelson, the real world came to him when he learned his fifties' smooth crooner persona didn't work. Listen to the words of "Garden Party" before he lost his life in plane crash. In Fantasy Comedy prime time, there was one bottom line: at the end of each story, everything goes back to where it was at the start — just like real life, right. On Full House, the pain of a killed relative was never explored beyond the pilot episode.

Nowadays, there's less and less grinning on comedies as "real life" problems are "tackled" — abortion  on All in The Family. gun violence on Fresh Prince of Bel Air — Carlton gets shot, the breakdown of families on Roseanne. etc. Yet, on Married With Children in the 80's, things like petty crime, kidnapping, deceit, con games, serial killers and
school bullying were played for laughs, with Al, Peg and their devil's spawn kids and neighbors having a grand old time victimizing each other and the outside world.

Even in the sixties, sitcom crime and violence was a hoot: On The Andy Griffith Show, Deputy Barney Fife was taken prisoner by an all-woman gang; an episode of The Lucy Show, the trouble-prone redhead and her pal Viv were taken hostage by an armed bank robber and ended up tied to a sofa in a candy store as he made his escape. For good measure, Lucy ended up having her face shoved in a pile of chocolates. Yeah, violent crime's really funny. On Seinfeld in the '90s, the victim of a serial killer was made the butt of humor by Jerry, George and Kramer — "He killed again, Kramer! You're in the clear!" On The Simpsons, the late Ed McMahon  hosted "America's Deadliest Executions" as part of one its Halloween specials.

It's time we all wiped the smiles off our faces when watching this unbelievable world: sure there's plenty of real crime documentary shows on the broadcast and cable channels, but people are still laughing their heads off about the smiling faces blissfully oblivious that they exist in a word being peddled as normal, while just blocks away we have murder, robbery and cops getting blown away in places we thought were safe — like Moncton, New Brunswick.

It's time to take life a little more serious, people; many still think the nuclear families of early TV comedy and the smilers who inhabited them are predominant in society. And remember, crime is not funny, no matter if the sitcom crooks are cracking jokes while waving a weapon around.



White man's public life span over 40 — who cares?


Well aren't we feeling old. Remember the films Logan's Run and Wild in The Streets? In those flicks, once you got a little too old, life really started to go south, you were hunted by the government or put in a special work camp. These days. for white men 40 and up, there's not a lot around we can enjoy. Not music, not on the telly. not pretty well everywhere.

I don't need to go on at length about how things have changed in my own life; I'm a little older than 40; I lived in the times of the Korean conflict, the beatniks, Vietnam, hippies, the "love revolution" feminism (there's a misnomer), animal rights, "global warming" the Fox, UPN, WB, CW networks  and the turn of the century after Y2K. These days, though, there's nothing around for the white man once you're past 40.

If you've got a still-functioning brain, the media is starting to ignore you in favor of the metrosexual under-forty slick guy who looks harmless to feminist women in need more of a good time than continuing the family. Unless you're a Hollywood star, the average public life span for white men these days is 40. If you're forty and upwards (continuing into the elderly years), you're not going to be portrayed much in the media — except for being cranky, or crazy.  On TV, the best-known images of the older generation are Abraham Simpson or any of the older cast of Duck Dynasty. Or the disgusting Archie Bunker as the representative of the senior generation. sour bigoted idiots who every now and then get into semi-criminality or display their still-going libido?

Let's face it, when we get up in years, our participation in important things like politics has been replaced by unseemly things like Antiques Roadshow, the newspaper puzzle page, or sports featuring black idols on the gridiron or baseball diamond. There's no women available, save for The Golden Girls (how many times have you seen guys 40-70 years with some young chickadee on his arm smiling sweetly at him?)

Feminists and the LGBT crowd, as portrayed in the media, are not pro-father (the kind that real men should gravitate toward); straight old girls are portrayed as sex fiends, like the four regulars of Golden Girls, or Katherine Helmond, in her recurring roles on Soap, Who's The Boss? and Everybody Loves Raymond (another show where's there's a mean "old coot " (Peter Boyle), along with Seinfeld's Jerry Stiller as George's constantly screaming dad Frank. So how do you fight this media barrage of propaganda? For starters, get active — don't just sit there growling at the paper or the TV. Participate in life. Get into politics on a racial basis, join or start an organization. Who knows? You could end up on Wikipedia like Don Andrews and the Nationalist Party, making your mark on the world. It's a way better way to be remembered than "That guy could really hold his liquor" or, "Best bowler in the province."

Many older people are now looking around them, seeing what's what and who's behind the rot in society. Many, feeling ineffectual and angry and frustrated are turning on Jews, as has happened repeatedly in history. And don't think there's not a lot fear here and in Israel as the ones in charge watch as their form
er allies and slaves aren't their obedient doggies anymore.

So get with it. When you hear something on the news you don't like or read a piece in the paper you know is B.S. call the station. Write a letter, email or tweet them. The only thing you should abstain from is voting for any candidate in any election who has nothing to offer to white people or who actively opposes racism. These are the ones who put you down, and your values and your sense of history and racial identity.

In other words, gripe, bitch and moan. Participate in this world. There's no better way to spend your twilight years than to be a player. Forget about being trendy or fitting in — hair styles, like clothing styles, come and go. Men of courage, principle and ideology are remembered longer than the hula hoop or the Rubik's Cube.


Where are the Father, Son and Holy Spirit on degenerate TV?


Oral Roberts. The Crystal Cathedral. Jimmy Swaggart. Billy Graham. Remember when religion was on TV?

Now, Jimmy Swaggart may be a bad example to add here, but many remember him as a leading televangelist before his fall from grace (no pun intended). Yet, the loss and decline of many of these people (along with the disappearance of religious programming and the cavalier-level amount of swearing and blasphemy elsewhere on the airwaves is kind of troubling.

In our secularized society, we have pretty much lost the ideas of faiths, religion and belief in God. Little wonder, since so much of it has been expunged from TV, replaced by kids' shows, reruns and a growing amount of blasphemy (taking God's name in vain). In the fifties, on TV you couldn't say the word 'toilet' on TV: Jack Paar lost his NBC show over it. And on I Love Lucy, the word pregnant was verboten.  Fast-forward to nowadays, where middle aged Frank Barone (Peter Boyle) on Everybody Loves Raymond utters "Holy crap!! as his expletive once a show.

Now, even on religious broadcasters like Vision and CTS in Canada and CBN channels in the US, religious and faith based programming is relegated to late night and Sunday morning  "ghetto time" in the parlance of the TV industry.

A decade or so ago, dramas that were oriented around spirituality, like Seventh Heaven, Touched By An Angel, its spinoff Promised Land  and Joan of Arcadia, were catching viewers' and critical acclaim. They're gone now, replaced by the likes of True Blood, The Originals and Grimm, as monsters, vampires and other otherworldly specters take over prime time. The closest you get to religious discussion is on Fox News or CNN, where there's never a short supply of big-mouthed bigoted 'pundits' yammering about how groups like the Taliban have 'corrupted Islam.'

TV is as good as anyplace to measure how a society circles the drain. In my boyhood, on the cusp of the Catholic Church being made almost totally unrecognizable in the 1960's (folk/rock masses, elimination of the use of Latin, women priests, etc.), the best-known religious host on TV was Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, who, from the 1950's until 1968, 'simplified' religion for all of us, making it 'relevant' for those of us who were too darn lazy to make the effort to accept that many parts of many long-established religions were supposed to have parts we weren't meant to know. It was a good excuse to toss out the traditional liturgy of hundreds of years, including interpretation of those morals-based parts of it, like The Ten Commandments.

Today's TV comedy families are crude and disrespectful of all things religious, if it is mentioned anywhere at all. Even Death does not warrant any respect: the about-to-return HBO series Six Feet Under is a good example. Elsewhere, priests and ministers are portrayed as idiots, hip, doddering or sex maniacs. Tradition is mocked or labeled as 'irrelevant.'

On one hand, it's little wonder why religion is ignored or targeted for ridicule in TV (and films). On the other, it is a tragic testament of our tolerance of the disrespect for some of Man's most sacred beliefs, which are the bedrock of every civilized society he built, now showing signs of crumbling everywhere.

It's just another sign that secular degenerate television hasn't quite hit rock bottom but it's getting there.



Fathers hated by the media


The other day, I got wind of another hare-brained idea from the Toronto teachers and the elementary school board: doing away with "Father's Day" and replacing it (and Mother's Day) with "Love Day", to recognize and celebrate the destruction of the traditional family in our society.

That reminded me of how dads have been under fire for so long in films and TV, especially this fall. One of NBC's heavily-promoted shows is Sean Saves the World, where Sean Hayes plays a dad who is gay and trying to keep connected with his kids.

Another new offering is set in the 1980's called The Goldbergs. Here, dad is an Al Bundy-type ignorant oaf whose assessment of his son goes like this: "I raised a moron."

Since the late fifties and I Love Lucy, through the 1960's and My Three Sons (widow dad needs an elderly, crotchety guy to help him raise his offspring after the death of his wife), to the later TV dads like Archie Bunker, Fred Flintstone, Peter Griffin and Homer Simpson, dads have been clumsy, ineffectual, idiots, effeminate, non-manly or just plain crazy. The only TV dad that ever came close to being viewed as the idea of a perfect TV father was — you guessed it, Cliff Huxtable (a.k.a., Bill Cosby).

With the real world feminized and the nuclear family all but totally destroyed thanks to reds and tyrants across North America in the educational system and other parts of government and media, it was and is a cakewalk to flog the ruination of the Western white family all over the place.

The male, for years, has been the backbone of the family, the strong father whose guidance to his kids balances love, wisdom and when necessary, discipline, not the dad of today's TV who lets his kids run the house while the missus is off "fulfilling" herself or holding down a job just to help keep the bills paid. Enough is enough.

Keep an eye this fall for the new shows, many of which I've covered in past columns. Or check out what's on in syndicated TV's "fringe time" (7-8 pm, 11-midnight). Count the reruns of shows where dumb dads are paraded like it's normal, that this is the new ideal we should laugh about, or admire, or just used to. And jot down some sponsors and let them know how you feel about white men/fathers being ridiculed and maligned seven nights a week. And give the networks both barrels, too, in snail mail and e-mail. And also, let's try to stop this campaign to wipe out Father's Day, a dream of lesbians, degenerates and reds all over.



Racists are the new moralists


There's no shortage of things on the tube and other media that buttresses the fact that in our Sodom-filled times, racists are the new moralists. Let's take a few cases studies:

Bounty Hunters: This Canadian/US co-production reunites Southern comedians Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engvall as, bounty hunters, who in the pilot episode encounter a baby left alone in a car (sound familiar, news hounds?) They decide to take the child as they pursue a fugitive— real smart. Foxworthy is one of the producers of this one. The whole thing is treated as a lark, along with a sub-story involving a  girls' night out involving three female good ol' girls who drink and vomit and chase guys in Speedos as their idea of fun. Remember, this is a cartoon.

Sleazoids are big on TV too, in dramas like Dallas and comedies like Married with Children and virtually every sitcom that's been on for a few years on both sides of the border. You can't watch a crime show, fictional or reality-based. without lots of blood or sexual assault or brutal twisted murder; there's just as much violence and sickness displayed on the procedurals like Criminal Minds as there are on documentary style shows like Mystery Detectives, Murder She Solved and The Killer Next Door. The ultra-violence of films going all the way back to the original Psycho (which now has its own A&E spinoff Bates Motel) to the serial killer/slasher films like Friday The 13th and Halloween have inspired God knows how many twisted creeps to acts of horror.

Psycho, the original, was made in the early sixties, and there are few films that can match its level of violence and horror, though many have tried. The new Bates Motel series (along with the TV version of Hannibal and the many series about monsters (Being Human, Vampire Diaries and the new fall CW series The Originals), all display a dark, disturbing world of twisted fantasy. Today of course, even on broadcast TV, you can get away with this level of brutality in the name of 'entertainment'. And parents don't seem to care that letting kids have access to all this sick mayhem is affecting their minds; the church-goers have dwindled over the past decades, so moral lessons there are in short supply, let alone mom and dad being around to talk to kids about morals and values. It is sad that some of the most successful films and TV shows feature violent crime zombies, werewolves, vampires, all made to look glamorous and appeal with youthful actors or action film-style quick cuts and blood galore, desensitizing kids to the consequences of violence.

Racists are pretty much the only ones pointing out the morality dearth in the media; you don't hear it anymore from the pulpit or much on it from the televangelists; even Fox News Channel hardly utters a peep (understandable, when you look at a lot of what its broadcast sister network peddles in prime time).

So it's up to the racists to tell you, and there's a lot more of it readily available than there's space to list here. You don't even have to go online, just flick on the TV. Take a survey of your own of the objectionable sex, violence and depravity sponsored by cola companies, stores like Target and The Gap, and virtually every major food and snack company you can name.



How much is a kid's life worth?


Can someone explain to me what has happened to the parents in this country — particularly the female ones?

The Friday July 5 edition of the Toronto Sun tells of a sad story of a two-year old girl who drowned in a bathtub in North York the previous day.  This follows on the heels of two separate other incidents, each a day apart, where young children were left in cars during a heatwave, with both dying from the intensified heat of the sun.

The question here must be asked after all those of the police and investigators: Why aren't the mothers of these departed little souls held accountable? The death of any child is horrific news. Yet, for several years, our society has gotten so crime-ridden, so crazy and populated by so many selfish and evil people, the reported death of a kid and teens only causes these days (if that) a short spasm of sadness, anger and indignation. In our horrible society riddled with commie feminism that discourages the natural role of the nurturing mother and replaced it with the arrogant women's libbers out to "fulfill" themselves with everything from job advancement to partying and boozing and carrying on like British sluts of days gone by. we have created a nightmare world for our kids.

It's simple or used to be. When a man and woman decide to form a family to recreate the next generation the natural way (and not through test tubes, sperm clinics, turkey basters, frozen DNA, whatever), they have a natural, moral and in most places, legal obligation to care for that new life/lives they create, to watch over their progeny with the care of the African lioness. Party time is over — It is their job to feed, clothe, educate and protect them from birth until the moment each of them is as ready as they can be to function as human beings independently. And they have to put the emphasis on that word, "safety." In a world where both parents now work and leave the care of a child in the hands of a sibling or a complete stranger, there is a sad attitude of disconnection that has pervaded the modern world. When a new child comes, mom and dad have to say goodbye to the partying and the irresponsible behavior and now should focus on their child. That kid is supposed to be priority number one to infinity, not handed over to someone else when mom wants to kick up her heels. It's all part of the separation/alienation of the family pushed by commies and feminists and queers and hailed as "the new normal." Nowadays, just try and find a family that still sits down to dinner together. The same-sex marriage and the total destruction of the so-called nuclear family has removed the sense of protection and responsibly we as a community used to have towards our kids.  I remember when the big fear was predators lurking to take our children. Now we have to look at what's become of our society and its neighborhoods where too many young kids, even at home are safe no more.

Last I heard, we are supposed to have laws on the books somewhere that are supposed to protect our kids from abuse and neglect and to allow authorities to remove kids from dangerous situations and home environments. Every time one of those hot car incidents is known, cops and social workers need to swoop down on the home ASAP and check things out. And no child should ever be given back to any "parent" who subjects him or her to any potentially lethal situation. Neighbors and family members need to call police wherever there is loud noise in a home with children or at the first hint of violence.

And as for the common sense things: you can bet there's a lot more dog owners who wouldn't think of leaving Fido in a closed car on summer day than moms who just scoot into the bank for a moment and leaving their children inside a smoldering death-trap like car in 90-plus-degree heat. It speaks volumes about the disgusting priorities of our female/queer-run society, where the life of a child seems all too cheap when it becomes an inconvenience.

We all need to shake our heads and realize the kind of craziness has created self-absorbed parents trying to scrape every bit of convenience from a world where they already committed themselves to the ultimate job of keeping their own kids safe from harm. We need to restore and reinforce the idea of responsibility to parents for the kids, and to back it up with criminal penalties. Now.

It's a sad day when teaching our children well isn't enough; now we have to be reminded to keep them safe, as well.




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