Globalist Goof Saudi King Calls Iran The Forefront of Terror

Trump's Not Going to Be Impeached

Trump's Globalist Gorka Wants More Middle East Meddling

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Trump Right to Pursue a Pan-Arab NATO in the Middle East

Just bug out, globalist Post meddlers.
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Trudeau's Carbon Plan Will Fail

There's Still Idiots Supporting, Making Excuses for Alawite Neo-commie Syrian Regime

Tell Ted Faison to Stop the
Globalists Red Propaganda

Ted Faison at Anti-War:

The Real Danger From Trump
Is Ignored

Commie Idiots' Toronto Star Praises Jew Globalist Control:
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Regime Change in Syria: Pick Your Poison or Break This Dumb Multicult/Colonial Construct US

US Globalist Meddlers Conduct Massive Shadow War in Africa--
Just Get Out

Christian Feminist: Please Don’t Impeach Donald Trump

Anti-Trump Hysteria Serves No one’s Interests

The Buttinski Should Butt Out of Korea

The US Will Never Win the War in

Chelsea Manning Will Always Be a
Man, However He/She Dresses

Cultural Appropriation Suppresses Minority Voices...
and No One Notices

Free Trade: All Bad for Whites in Canada


Bravo! Trump Finally Fires A Swamp Creature with Lying Biased Memos

A Dumb Commie's Question: Are They Really Out to Get Trump?, Yeah--With Every Breath and Words Like Yours

Trumping Democracy in America's Empire
of Bases

The Activist Taking on UK Globalists'
Invasive Orwellian "Terror Laws"

Tell Toronto Sun Idiot Anthony Furey Canada Should Stay out of North Korea

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Elites' Globalization is the Equality of Poverty and Misery For All

A Feminists' View: Get Rid of
Mother's Day

For The Bunchberry (try the
Dandelion Instead)

The Real Saudi Arabia

All Hail The View

BC Greens Need to Talk Up
Election Reform

Writers' Union Ducks Debate

Pride Parade Now Just A BLM Protest

Lower Taxes for Disabled Canadians

Globalist America's Ready Supply
of Enemies, Like All Bullies

Fatima Remains A Miracle

The Hazards of Military Worship:
Militias Are Best

Toronto Water Needs Bacteria Testing

Overpaid CEO Capitalists in Toronto

Meddling in BC Vote May Cost Trudeau

Good News for Canada's Tories

BC Election: Close But No Cigar

Ron Paul: Comey Fired: Now, Fire The Sneaky FBI

American Kickouts of the Western World Love to Go Back and Bomb People Across the Planet

Unsympathetic Case:
When Renting to Muslims, Beware

Drudge Report Goes Pro-War/Neo-Con:
Good Riddance!

Non-Existent "Far Right" Loses
(Racism is Better)

Criticizing Israel: A Jew Worries When Jews Rule the World

Mayor Blunders on Funding Pride

New Support for Canada's NDP?
It's Too Commie, Feminist, Globalist Now

Saudi Exceptionalism; Trump Hates Real Islam, Except When You Can Make Money from It


The Globalist Feminist West's Obsession with Itself

More On Trump's Foreign Policy:

Racists Say, US should get out of South Korea and Japan.
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West Braces for Shock if Le Pen Wins in France

Two Big-mouths: The Trump-Duterte Bromance

France's Coming Election

The Anti-white Cesspool Surrounding Trump at the White House Must be Cleaned Up

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Reinstate Steven Fonyo to the
Order of Canada

Toronto Star Editorial May 4:
Time for determined action against profiling
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A Globalist Whore's Prescription for "Racism"

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North Koreans Hate the US for  Its First War Occupation

Hey, Feminist Dummies! The Fall of Raqqa and Mosul Will Not Spell the End of ISIS

Sajjan Fuss A Scandal About Nothing

Handmaid's Tale: Not Believable

Sikh's Embroidery Self-Serving

A Globalist/Orwellian 'Terrorism'
Overlord's Spin on Israel

Sajjan's Unfriendly Fire

He Should Resign... Tell Him at

Sajjan Intoxicated With Own Success

Improve Press Freedom? Get Rid of The 'Hate Bill'

'Seniors Need a Decent Drug Plan More Than Others

Yankee Go Home: The Only Way to Win America's Imperialist Wars is To End Them: Good Advice

Germany's Burden of Shame

No Free Passes for Asylum Seekers

Ontario Youth Pharmacare Should Be for All Ages

The Rise of the Brought-and-Paid-For Globalists' Generals

Challenges for the Pope in Egypt

(Feminist Christians must separate or perish)

How the Right Defends 'Policy-lite' Brown

There's no such thing as "the right"... Tell This Idiot
Bob Hepburn at  -- We will

Basic Income in Ontario?
(Why not.. the poor spend the money locally and immediately)

Fake News Starts From the Top of Globalists' Servant Country--the Philippines

No, North Korea Isn't Super-Mighty But Are Motivated to Take the Rich, Disciplined South

Impossible Racemixed South Africa Vs. The ANC

In France, Macron's The Radical

Mean Jewess's Whine Over "Anti-Israel" Bias at CBC

What Happens When You Become An Enemy of The State

Denmark Globalist Rasmussen's Stupid Refrain:
Let Uncle Sam Do It

Frightened Englishwomen: Islamophobia Can Make UKIP Relevant Again: Remember, Race Trumps Religion

Horwath's Drug Plan Makes Sense

Slimy Journalists Never Helped White Racists When They Were Jailed for Free Speech

Tell The Star's Mohamed Fahmy:
It's All or Nothing... That's the White Man's Way.
We Will, Here;

NDP-Liberal Battle for Hearts and Votes of Progressives

France's Macron -- Same Wimpy Excuse for A White Man

South Korea Should Give US The Boot and Reconcile with North Koreans

With Mean Millionaires, Feminists
and LGBT, Nuclear War on Others
Is No Big Deal

The Value of Rituals and Morality in Religion

Supply Management Unfair to Canadian Consumers




Pollsters. Media Have Glaring Anti-Trump Bias

How To Control Canada's Border

Missed Opportunity

Ontario Election all About Jobs, Jobs, Jobs..That Globalists Gave to the Third World

The Rise of the Black International... Where?

Academics and Islam: Looking Good on Feminist Commies Afraid of Muslim Immigration

Fundamentalist ISIS Will Not Be Defeated Since It Has Morphed into Other Muslim Areas of the World

Up Canada's Defence Spending... and Create A Citizens' Militia

Understanding The CBC

Why The Donald Should Cool It on North Korea (Get the US Troops Out of The South and Japan)

What Would Korean War II Look Like if the North Conquers the South: Japan's Next and we'll Get Our Jobs Back

Time To Speed UP SIU Reports

Globalists' Boy Trudeau Shows His True Colors

Just Say No to Bully Kim

DC's War Madness

White Racists Want More Isolationism, Not Globalism

Trump and Bannon's Washington Lesson

Conrad Black: Canada Must Step Up



White Feminists Now Worried About Canadian Border Security


Don't Just Rubber Stamp Pot Bill: Toronto Sun


Iraq Invader George W. Bush Should Be Hung In Public Like A War Criminal



Why Trump Reversed Himself on Syria



( Because he's surrounded by globalist Jews )

Sunny Haze Descends on Liberals Pot Plans




Sunny Ways Turn to Secrecy and Control For Fool Trudeau & His Globalist Masters

Jews Can't Have Their Enemy Downplayed: