NPC Editorials:

by Don Andrews

 Anti-racist white self-loathers are dying off, while sso any new white racists are being made every day as Caucasians look around and realize that the public places, espcially schoolyards. are racially darkening with barren whites dwindling. We all have eyes; old white racists and organizations which have held up the racial banner are overwhelmed with the need for a white racist ideology to guide the core white nationalist  electorate and future identity politics' white leaders. We're doing the best we can. Personally, I feel that I was cut out for the rolr of a racist ideologue, having a knowledge of history and brought by fate to Anglo Canada from a hard common sense survivalist Slavic land  as ten-year-old Volim Zlomislic, and  my name was arbitrarily changed to  Don Andrews (my new-found mother came here earlier, having married  a Canadian soldier). Progressive feminist Anglos would never listen to a "Zlomislic" on the need for a nonwhite immigration control and a white baby boom now!   Most of Donald Trump's following is a white racist reaction to the ruling globalist establishment --and 'they' know it. That's why Trump's appeoval numbers don't drop that much; his constituency loves to see him act like a clown, if only to irritate Trump's regime bosses while he pretends he's standing up for them. It's all a show, even the mainstream Jewish cult-run media participates in it as if they are against Trump, lnowing full well how much they are hated and distrusted  by his voting public. They like to criiticize him on little things, but stans should to shoulder with his Zionist expansionist policies of the last days of the American Empire. It's up to white racists to lead the way to Constitutional Racist States when the multicult diversity unnaturally forced together social constructs to self-destruct... and they will, and again white nationalists will be there to direct and establish their own states (who else?) A  lot of people are afraid of racism, but it's natural as breathing  and you don't have to be crude or rude to get your points across to an eager white public disappointed with racemixers'  premises and policies. Do you feel safer today than you did ten or twenty years ago in your new globalist neighborhood?  I didn't think so... Elections are coming up in Canada and the United States, with their full democratic slate to be Trump's opponent in Canada. Young Justin Trudeau might squeak in again with his Liberals and the  Greens' support the so-called Conservatives proving once again that they have nothing for whites, except cutting services or cheapskate Russian Jewess Ayn Rand ( Alisa Rosenbaum ) libertarian greed as thr new Conservative regime in Ontario under Doug Ford has done. They should expand their conservativism past their pocketbooks. In America, openly homosexual 'boy' Pete Buttigieg gas the queers and white ladies enthralled with packed audiences everyhere. Now the Jewsmedia and Trump's string pullers are worried: Can he keep up with the queer's quips and sarcasm, let alone explain why he supports Israel -- even if  it annexes more of the Arabs' West Bank land for their Semitic God-cult  state . They won't allow patriarchal Muslims' ISIS to establish itself anywhere (no "Exodus" movie for them). Buttigieg says he won't give Israel US taxpayers' money if they grab the West Bank. Let's not have any sexually self-disturbed character try to expunge Buttigieg as an Orwellian hate crime. We all know better now already. The last days of the Roman Empire, from Julius Caesar and his Marc Anthony and the rest of them, were as queer as a three dollar bill...and degenerate as well. Remember, race is all. Don't waste your time hating queers when you could and should be out there making children for a needed white baby boom. Race is all, as more and more divided whites of all ages realize, and white nationalist activists realize that their natural responsibilities.

We won't fail you.

Tell The President That war with Iran Would Become "Trump's War" (That He Would Lose)

Here: @realDonaldTrump
A Sop to the White Race?
Trump's Plan to Remove Millions of Illegal Aliens All Talk, Little Action


The Liberals Need to Do Some Soul-Searching on Immigration
Exclusivist Meanness:

The Holocaust and the Nakba--Semitic God Cultist Europeanized "Jew" and Their Downtrodden Semitic Arabs
Heather Mallick/Toronto Star:

Trump Picks a Fight With Aryan Iran

Mohammed Morsi Dead: Egypt Slammed for Predictable Death of Egypt's First Democratically-Elected President

       In Women-Run Sweden: Bomb Attacks Surge
     "Seeing Poor White People Makes Me Happy"

            Canada/Africa Trade Partner Problems?

Overpopulation is the Problem: Whites should stop meddling in the Third World
Tell the Toronto's Star's Akinwumi Adesina at
at ... we will

    Zionist Stooge Trump's Deplorable Aggression
                                           Against Iran

Attacking Aryan Iran Would Unleash Chaos in the
Middle East

Bill Maher is the Real "Ass----", Not Fatherhood for         Trump

   Who Is Andrew Scheer?

Childless Couples Make Huge Impact with Charities
Be Wary of Trudeau's Pharmacare Promise

Pharmacare Makes Sense Today

(All Healthcare Should Be Taxed--and Free For All)
 Raptors Win: Toronto Flies High

Europeanized Semitic God Cultist  Trump Son-in Law Jared Kushner is an Exclusivist Bigot all of them

Arabs' and Jews' Wishful Thinking: Is Aryan Iran
On the Verge of Another Revolution?


Warmonger Zionist John Bolton's Long Goodbye

Why Sharia Mortgage is a Deception



  How To Truly Decolonize the Study of Africa:
Don't Meddle!

Sharia Law Returns to Ontario


The Racemixed American Empire's War Crimes
That Don't Get Punished
Plastics Ban: A Complaint Without a Solution
Rise of the Greens Says Many Things
Doug Ford's Goal: Becoming Emperor of Toronto

Ford's List of Non-achievements
Tell Heather Mallick That Antiracist Cheapskate
Conservatives Are No Good for Whites..We Will:

Toronto Sun Editorial:
Free Speech Matters

Free Speech Debate Back with A Vengeance

Policing "Political Integrity"

Afraid of Powerful Jews' God-Cult, Democrats
Biden & Buttigieg All Hint at Criticism of Israel
But Don't Voice It


People are Sick of Fiscal Conservative Misers, Including Globalist Catholic Semitic God Cultist Scheer for Canada's Next Election

Scheer Profits as Trudeau Tumbles: Semitic Cult Catholic Who's The Same as Trudeau on Antiracism
Tell Rex Murphy to Stop This BS -- We Will-- here:
Whitewashing War Crimes Has Become
The American Empire's Way

All Ontarians Will Pay the Price for Doug Ford Zapping Public Sector Wages

Ford's Unpopularity is Scheer's Problem

MP Sends Cooper Down Orwellian Memory Hole

  More Cheapskate Crap: Capping Ontario Wages

Making The Right to Housing Law: A Good Idea

Remind Author Heather Scoffield:
Whites Need a Baby Boom
on Twitter: @hscoffield

We Need An Abortion Law, Period

Tell Barbara Kay: We need a white baby boom
here--we Will:

Censorship is No Answer

Keep "Hate Speech" Away from Human Rights Commissions

(Race is all)

      The Rise of the Greens

    Fools! "I Took on The Nazis" (To Be Replaced By
                                 Nonwhites in Canada)


   Failed Semitic God Cult Nation of Israel Heads for          Elections

           South Africa 1999: No Place for Whites

            Ugly Americans, from Kermit Roosevelt
                      to Zionist Wardog John Bolton

         Canada's Declaration of Indpendents (?)

      Ford's Dilemma: We Want Less Spending, No Cuts
                      and More for the Poor, Cheapskates


             America -- Trudeau's Election Gift?

Even Ralph Nader Says Racemixed America is in
                                   Moral Decay

City Property No Place for Hate -- Says Hateful
Jews' Toronto Sun

Doug Ford's Cuts Make No Sense

Cuckservative Cheapskates Rejected


Ontario Liberals Buried Us In Debt:
Cheap Cuckservatives' Usual Excuse

Jewish Americans Will Never Vote for Trump No Matter How Much he Sucks Up To Israel
 Starting A Dangerous Precedent--Throwing A Milkshake at a Racist?

Socialist Promises

(...Are Still Better than Capitalist Greed)
(Tell Walter William here:

Miser Idiot Brian Lilley Wants More Cuts

Tell him He's a Miser Idiot Here: (We Will)

Trudeau's Dark Followers

                                                Canada's High-Tech Quandary

   Christchurch: The Same Old Story--Semitic God Cultists
                                Under Attack and Attacking


         Fox and the Democrats: Trump Should Worry

               A Strange Way of Honoring Soldiers

Tell Rosie DiManno: Keep Our Troops Home


Only 12% of Americans Support A War With Iran


                    Awkward Questions on Abortion?

                 Has the Day of the Nationalists Come?

          Tell The National Post: Whites Need A Baby Boom
                We Will -- at: 

         Rule-breaking You're Not Supposed to Notice

        Public Health Care Heads for BC Court Fight

Tell the Toronto Star's Pauline Worspold: There Should Be Universal Health Care


       Jody Wilson- Raybould To Tell All About SNC Lavalin


Mean Zionists' Kosher Conservatives, Saudi Semites
Pushing for War With Iran


by Don Andrews

 Slowly, but surely, step by step, and reluctantly, powerful Semitic god cultists Jews are moving toward racist whites' racial identity politics. They're already around a white nationalist-elected president, Donald Trump while trying to downplay our importance to their anti-racist Jewsmedia. It's not working. The public knows Trump's base supporters are white nationalists living in an  chaotic and criminal racemixed society. Whites have had enough of idiots' oxymoron-termed multiculturalism crap and their cheapskate kosher conservatism of cutting governmnent services to please  the anti-racist greedy traitors. Conservatism does not mean anything else, nowadays -- certainly not in keeping our white culture or ancient morals thrown out the window to satisfy their powerful women -- the only ones who can produce new Jews from their vaginas (unless you are allowed to join the cult through a religious process). Their men's sperm means nothing without them. It's a feminist cult -- one out of two of the Middle East, the other being the rebellious two-Marys Jewesses who one claims it's a child from God as the other Mary (a prostitute) said the crucified "God's child" had left his tomb We have it all on good authority... In-charge Semitic Giod cultist Jews have courted the nonwhites witrh privileges and favors for decades. Now they see their Biblical proverbial writing on the wall -- that race trumps religion for themselves too, if they want a safe and secure future, as nonwhites won't care what religion you are when a race war or ethnic conflict breaks out in the racemixed impossible Disunited States of America .... Canada included. Many white nationalists might  reject globalist Jews' interference in our politics. After all, they have tried and still are trying to shut us down and put us in jail as Orwellian "hatemongers" who cannot be forgotten. But let's not be hastily stupid and reject their attempts at satisfying white racists with bogus immigration policies that concentrate on rich and smart nonwhite immigrants who will have no pity for resentful poor whites when brown people take over supposedly pro-poor parties like Canada's New Democrats (NDP). now headed by a once-mercenary Sikh cultist Jamgeet Singh. Ruling Jews will have to drop their anti-semitism criminality crap and pick a side: even popular US presidential Democrat candidate homosexual Pete Buttigieg, backed by loyal queers and women has been accused of anti-semitism, now becoming a badge for white nationalists. It does not bode well for the Semitic God's "Chosen People" again. Race is the issue for these Semitic and Europeanized Asiatic Khazars who joined the privileged tribe hundreds of years later en masse when their King Bulan II) decided his people needed a new god after he lost some battles to their enemies, and invited Jews -- no, forced Jews -- to present their Semitic God cult religion at his court. If Jews are as smart as they claim, I'm sure that slowly, surely, they'll figure out with common sense, good will and fair play, that white nationalism is the political wave of the future in Europe, now browning North America, that few can deny. Unfortunately they know where they naturally belong, Semitic God cults or not, because Nature's race is all.

Proud whites are watching before your welcome.

    America Needs A Permanent Antiwar Movement

Ford has a Mandate to cut Spending, Says Cheapskate
Cuckservatives Toronto Sun


Cut Back on University  Double-Dipping

Bolivia's Morales Like All Latin Dictators -- Wants To Rule Until His Death

Only Globalist Racemixer Idiots Would Have the US Invade Venezuela...Whites, Don't Meddle!
The Monarchy: Childish and Naive

Tell them here:

Multicult Idiot Adam Gopuik's Idea Suck

Tell Him (We Will)

Dwindling Whites Need A Baby Boom--Heather Mallick
Wrong about "Abortion"

Tell her here (we will) on Twitter@HeatherMallick

Smart Swedes Reject Taking in Refugees to Brown Europe


The Race Crime Double Standard


Conrad Black Sticks To His Guns... (Yawn)


Tories No Good for Poor Ontario Whites
The Rise of CIA Asset Haftar in Ruined Libya


Doug Ford Spends Our Money to      Spread More Lies

Ford's Party Should Pay for Partisan Ads (Indeed)

Ontario Doctors Can't Play God

Praise Those Who Booed Ford (Agreed)
Tell Royson James on Twitter , @roysonjames


What's Trump's Plan for Iran?


New York State Cities Try Luring Refugees,
Need A New Strategy


Threat of Violence against Anti-white Ruling Jews at Alarming Levels for Race Traitors


For Iranians, the War Has Already Begun

War With Iran Would Spell The End of the US Republic

Even Old Jew Bernie Sanders is Against a New
US War with Iran


Caste System, Et Al: Bollywood and the Politics of Hate-- They Should Know

Trudeau: Bribing Us with Out Own Money

Why Men and Powerful Semitic God-cult Israel  Will 
Keep on Bombing Poor Besieged Gaza


Jewess's Philosophy:Why I Finally Came to My Senses and Stopped Being Anti-Racist Libertarian


Idiot Sports Fan's Shout After Raptors Win:
"Kawhi for Mayor!"

The Military Industrial Virus

 Beyak Suspension: Who's Next?

Don't Fall for Iran's Latest Charade, Claim
War Jews and Globalists

The Norman Committee: No One Understands It--Or Cares

Who Wants 700 Million People in the USA?

Sad Case: Canada's Sikh Minister of
Defence is An Arms Pusher?

GM Canada Jobs
Tell The Toronto Sun More Nationalism Is Needed

Contact Them here:
"Religious Headgear and the Search for Meaning in Quebec

Police Should Get Warrants to Search Phones

"What I Saw in Gaza Changed Me Forever"

Holocaust Memorial Day-- What's That?
The Public Couldn't Care Less

Ontario Budget Cuts: The Ugly Miser Part
of Cuckservatives


Wake Up, America-- No One Wants to Listen to
the White Race Traitor Clintons


AIM and The Illusion of Oppression

Ford & Kenney: Cool the Rhetoric

Not as along as they're anti-white nationalist--
tell the Sun here


With Globalist Jews Surrounding Trump,
How About Another Jolly Little War?


Why Flirt With Commies?

Tell the Sun's Brian Lilley that anti-white nationalist
cheapskate cucksetrvatives are scared, Here (We Will): (Email)

America's Dumb Venezuelan Standoff

A Personal Message from Antiwar.Com's Justin Raimondo

Memo to Doug Ford: Invest in Daycare in Ontario

You Can't Trusted Fixed Election Polls


Jason Kenney: Jews Love a Cheapskate Cuckservative


Dykstra Investigation Flawed: Report
(with Globalist Traitor Harper's Protection)

Bolton & Pompeo: Trump and the War-Jews and Neocons
            Around Him

Trump's Troika of Tyranny Meddling in Venezuela,
Latin America
Tell Him To Stop It, on Twitter

           Trump: Just Another Jailer of the Cuban People

        Trump's Dumb Crusaders March to War

Slinging Dirt: A Jew Who Rules Trump Writes About
Mueller's Own Mysteries


White Nationalists Agree: It's Time to End All Foreign Aid

Tell Pres. Trump:  @realDonaldTrump (Twitter)
And Justin Trudeau: pm@pm.gc,ca (email)

Men Are Victims of Domestic Violence Too

Cheapskate Doug Ford Defended by Jewsmedia Toronto Sun

  Biden Vs. Bernie: Retread Old Men Can't Beat Trump

 Jason Kenney Back in Ottawa:
Greedy,Anti-white Racist Tories Not Enough

 Behind the Kenney/Trudeau Quarrel


         The Fix Is In: Mueller Report a Total Waste
of Time for theFake Jewsmedia

Maduro Still in Charge in Venezuela
(Tell Justin Trudeau That Canada should mind its own business....we will. His Email: pm@pm, )
Trump's Challenge: Will The Real Moron Please Stand Up on
The Venezuela Situation?

  Meddlers Screwed:
Details Emerge on Failed CIA Coup in Venezuela

  Don't Meddle: The Tragedy of Venezuela is the of Tragedy of      The USA

The Rise of Doug and Rob Ford

Looking to the US for China Trade Relief

Jews Don't Like Anti-Zionist Parades--
John Tory Puts The Organizers on Notice
Run, Hide, Fight: A Grim Creed for US Synagogues as Extremist Attacks Rise. Arrogant Jews Never Ask Why

Tell author Matt Kwong to investigate, here:

Sikhs Taking Over Canada's Military

Complain to Trudeau--we will--

Don't Forget--Retread Biden is a Globalist
NAFTA Supporter

Mild-Mannered Faith Goldy Caught in the Patriotic White Nationalist  Net in Canada, Rejects White Guilt

  Neocon Wardogs Bolton & Pompeo Must be Fired if There's Going to Be Peace in Venezuela

Tell Trump on Twitter (@realDonaldTrump) We Will
    The Rise of American White Nationalism

  Not Such A Poor Strategist: al-Baghdadi Still Alive and in Power, Despite Worldwide Jewish American Empire Reach


 Fake News: What Made Robert Mueller Angry? Who Cares?

    Idiot Self-loather Stephen LeDrew Moans    Over Trudeau 'Racism' and Will Spike "Hate"

          Rockettes Try to Integrate Famous Danceline

      Cheapskate Doug Ford Not Waging War in Teachers...
                                      Just on the Poor
Why Canada is Part of China's Big Bank
Blame Anti-racist Multicultists


 The US Can Finish ISIS-- But Only if The West Winds Down Its
Proxy Wars

      The Racemixed United States of Incarceration


    Will Putin Help or Hurt The North Korea Situation?
                             (They're both kinda commies)

        Zionists' Crap: Blaming Poor Palestinians for Gaza

    New Film Shows Toronto Housing's Dangerous Underbelly

    Frank Graham Distorts Bible's Message on Homosexuality

   Lots of Suspicion Against Anti-white Racist Christianity from
       the Middle East Semites: Kellyanne Conway is Right

  Race is All:
Video of Indigenous Teen's Arrest Show State of 'Normal'

Conservative Wave Won't Last Without Natural White Racism

Tell The Toronto Star's Jaime Watt Here:
(Navigator email):


                 A Day of Revenue Reckoning

Tell Bank of Canada Governor Poloz to Stop
All Foreign Aid (We Will) Here:

The Muslim Cult Reflects Its Semitic Originators
Tell Luqman Ahmed at
We Will

  US Democratic Hopefuls Seek Safe Way to Criticize Israel and the Ruling Class/Chosen People of the Jewish American Empire

    Semitic God Cultist Jared Kushner -- Not Marla Botina --
                          is America's Real Foreign Agent

                               The Real "Hatemongers"

Tell Gerry Nicholls: They're Just Useless Anti-racist Cuckservatives here

Jew-Suckholing Europeans Look the Other Way as Semitic
     God-Cult Sets Up Their Apartheid Israeli Zionist State


                Family Caregivers Need More Support

              Jagmeet Singh Tells of His Life of Abuse

        6 Things To Know About the Sri Lanka Bombings

      The US Budget Will Never Balance Until the Wars End

     How Do You Like Your Jewish-American Empire--
                                    Coarse or Polite?


Semitic God-Cult Christianity Has Done Nothing to Preserve
                                        The White Race

Tell Alex Jones Here (We Will):

Globalist Goofs: CIA Asset Haftar Revealed in Libya Civil War

 The Destruction of The Palestinians Will Be Israel's Undoing

        The Spectre of A New Maoist Conflict in Nepal

                 Abolish Foreign Aid -- All of It

         Foolish Trump Now Owns  the Yemen War


       Advocates: Ontario Cuts Will Hurt Crime Victims

                 Ontario Tories Appeal to 'Beer Drinkers'

Don't Worry About the Gun Lobby -- The Public Must Be Armed
                        In Case of Invasion or Traitors

Tell the Star's Bob Hepburn-- we Will:
on Twitter, @BobHepburn

   Queer Mayor Pete and the Crackup of the 2 Marys' Semitic God Cultists

Cheapskates and Greedbags Won in Alberta
Tell the Sun's Lorrie Goldstein

      NO to NATO: Time to End      

                                                   Aggressive Militarism

Canada's Border Crisis: Browning Canada is No Good
for Middle-Income, Poor Whites

Tell Toronto Star Editor Irene Gentle Here (We Will)

Trudeau's Neo-Nazi Insult:
Pushing Fake News Like SNC Lavilin Won't Work
Tell Lorne Gunter Here (We Will)

   Who's Up, Who's Down in the 2020 Democratic    Presidential Field

  Assange in Prison as His Cowardly Collaborators Brandish Stupid Prizes

                Where Gentification is an Emergency

Osama bin Laden Won the War-- His Fanatics
are Still Out There Fighting

Old Rich Jew Bernie Sanders No Match for Dumb Women's        Choice Neuter Male Mannequin Buttigieg

Julian Assange, Political Prisoner

Patriarchal Fanatical God-Believers Cannot Agree on Rules:
in Yemen: ISIS vs. al-Qaeda. Where's Allah?

Will Trump Have A Tipping Point? (Only if He Rejects
White Nationalists' Support

Tell Jaime Watt (We Will) here

The Fake News "Surge" in Hate Crimes

   Ford's "Populist" Budget:
                                       To Hell with Tory Cheapskates!

"White Supremacists Ate My Homework": Wimp-ass
Cuckservatives Too Afraid to Be Called Proud White Nationalists...To Hell With Them!

                      Quebec's Dress Code Divide


As the Useless Mueller Probe Winds Down New Russiagate
                                            Myths Begin

Ford Fights Feds' Carbon Tax Scam Grab (A Basic Income For
                                      All is Needed)


Trump's Fighting for Michigan...Who's Fighting for Windsor?

Ask Trudeau (We Will) at his email:

Good Advice: Stop Listening to the Spymasters and Generals

Semitic Anti-Racist Cult Christians Still Dying in Africa (Yawn)

Quebec Ban: Idiots Supporting Unnatural (Ugh!)

            Scheer-- Just Another Greedy Cheapskate

Tell Jim Warren -- We Will

   Fantasy Feminist Hypocrisy in New      Zealand When"Race Is All" Is Ignored

    Anti-Racists' Chilling Censorship on the New Zealand
                                   Mosque Shootings

  "Admirable Responses to Christchurch": Just Childish Crap

Tell Farazana Hassan here: We Will

David Duke is Right On New Zealand Shooting and Disarming
of the Populace: What If China Invaded?

Tell  the Toronto Star's Heather Mallick That White Women
Are Failing Their Race

We Will.... Email:
The Globalist Jews' Iran Obsession Keeps Getting Worse

            From "Enemy of the People" to "Hate Criminal"

      Canadian Liberals Spend Big in Budget -- For What?

White Racists Agree: What If They Started a War and
No one Showed Up? (Don't Meddle)

No Playbook for Trudeau on SNC -- Just Feminist
Women Troubles
Tell Susan Delacourt on Twitter--

Wilson-Raybould/Philpott: A Fake News Tempest
in A Teapot


Toronto Budget Propaganda:
Smarmy Cheapskate Conservatism

Lavscam Will Increase Regional Tensions

There's No Scandal Here (When Dealing for Quebec)


The Lesson of Adam Capay's Ordeal


Canada is Going to the Moon .... Why?
Cheap Conservatives Again: Toronto Tenants Relying on Food Banks

Tell Doug Ford to Be More Populist (We Will)


Even Anti-racists Want to Boycott Israel's
Semitic God-Cult State


Get it Straight -- Anti-Zionism is Not  Anti-Semitism
Since Jews Are Not A Race but A Semitic God Cult

Pansy Pence's Pathetic Catholic Claptrap and Rich Jews' Concerns that Socialism Sucks--Poor Blacks Know Better
Last of the Dumb Anti-Racist Whites
(Tell Anti-racist fool Nicholas Keung at the Toronto Star:
we will: )

Ford's New Revolution: Too Much Cheap
SNC Lavalin: Tell Heather Mallick It's Just Another
Fake News Scandal
Her email:

Don't Go Soft on Pharamacare, Justin

Britain's Witch Finders are Ready to Burn Anti-Zionist
Jeremy Corbyn

Abu Ghraib: Evil White Torturers Shame The US,
All Should Go On Trial

The Changing Face of North Korea

Zionist Idiots: Only Morons Would Want a War With Aryan Iran
--Not White Racists

The King of Pyongyang

Under Oligarch Jew Rule: The Kremlin's Military Posture Reconsidered

Tories' Autism Plan: We're Sick of
   Cheapskate Cuckservatives
Tell The Sun's Brian Lilley at

Trudeau's Broken Open Government Promise

Both Jew-run US Parties Defend Israel...
What about Defending America?
SNC Lavalin's Integrity Collateral Damage
   Smollett's "Lynching"
(Natural racism rules-- Tell Larry Elder here)

The US and "Little Sparta" UAE
Major Jewish Groups Keep Silent on Netanyahu's Deal With Extremist Party

Trump's Bigshot Scared Jew Pompeo Won't Allow Alabama Woman Who Joined ISIS to Return to USA

Pro-Globalist Breibart Jews Against Venezuela's Maduro with Ridiculous Threats Against The US.What Can He Do?

Tell Breibart: Don't Meddle (We Will)


Why Some African Americans Doubt Kamala Harris' Blackness

Prisoners of Their Own Religion: The Cultlike Group Fighting Aryan Iran

Black Student: Let's Save the World From The Whiteman
Semitic Cult Jews' Orders: The First Rule About
AIPAC-- You Don't Talk About AIPAC

Can't Trust Them: A Jew Tells How AIPAC Really Works


              By Don Andrews

It's for white racists to set what the white man's way should be. Rape, like torture, is not the white man's way.  As soon as you enter those two-way realms of behavior you are no longer operating as a white man-- you definitely don't deserve the pride and respect of a common sense, good will and fair play creature and should be dealt with accordingly. Unfortunately lately there have been the appearance of rapists in "our ranks" that makes me sick. These rape proponents and rape defenders undermine the entire white nationalist movement, sullying white man's behavior with violent racemixers and Orientals infamous for torture culture and rapist attitudes toward the weaker sex and their opponents. Oh, they're so brave: is that what supposed on the internet are interested in? Natural racism is on the rise. Initially there will be true believers and opportunists on hand. Let's not allow these johnny-come-lately characters to spoil the white racial awakening movement by not forcefully condemning any rape or torture crap as soon as it appears anywhere, anytime. Anyone who persists in this kind of evil and crudeness mirroring Jewsmedia TV run mostly by frustrated women hating and disparaging male Jews.  We don't need any more bores to represent proud whites, thank you; Donald Trump and his crude Jewish entourage may have unwittingly ushered in a White American racial identity  voting bloc, but they are not the end-all for white race survival which will require a new natural moral code,provided by  real racists --  and it does not include bloody rape and torture.

Tell the dummies....

Trudeau Secretary Quits Amid Scandal

The Hostile Reaction to Amber Alert is Unreal

The Dirty Neo-Con Revival

Not Enough Willing Cult Settlers as Israel's Judaisation of Palestine Failing

Why Are These Professional War Peddlers
Still Around?

Trudeau and Lavscam Author of His own Misfortune

Pence and US-Led Anti-Aryan Iran Circus in
Warsaw Unravels



If Tulsi Gabbard is for Real, America Is Ready
for a Genuine Peace Candidate

All Zionist Roads  Lead to Genocide to Satisfy
"God's Chosen People"
What Ilhan Omar Said About Jews' AIPAC Was Right


End All Interventionism -- Not Just in Venezuela


No US Victory in Afghanistan

Tell the Toronto Star's Tom Walkom the Entire Invasion Was
An Idiot's Idea (We Will) here on Twitter:


Jewish American Empire's War Against Aryan Iran Becoming More Likely


Canada's Next Headache: The Provinces

Abrams' Ascent

Semitic Saudi Corruption is Big Time:
Crackdown Recovers $100 Billion


American Cuckservatives and Capitalist Greed
Have Betrayed the White People


Venezuela's Political Future--It's Not Our Business
Tell the Star's Thomas Walkom (We Will)
on Twitter: @tomwalkom



by Don Andrews

It's been said that at one time, all gods were true. The other day I was watching TV, one of those "choose the dress" wedding shows watching a whole wedding party  all dressed up (about ten of them), with the minister all in robes doing the ceremony. It must have been a Protestant church with those light wooden pews -- with not a soul in sight. Even if it was just for the TV show, couldn't they hire  some guests or parishoners? There's no respect on how it looked to the audience for their  Semitic gof-cult religion once the power and fear of all and sundry. Things are not much better the other two Semitic god-cult religions of Judaism and Islam (submission). Jews, especially in Israel, can't decide whether they want to be a religion or some kind of Hellenic Zionist secular Judaism (there's an oxymoron for you). This  is in their new theocratic state of Israel where the fundamentalist (haradim) believers will take the benefit of citizenship, but refuse to serve in "illegitimate" Israel's armed forces. What's that tell you, when Israel can't buy any Arab (Semite) country's leadership and they all go to hating the upstart state which has one more generation (twenty years) to last ads long as the religious fervored Crusader states supported by Western Europe. Ordinary Muslims in the West and East have displayed a cowardly attitude for their religion and all-powerful Allah. They have not shown any religious zeal for their young Jihadists as the unbelievers pound them daily with air and land invasions. These are fellow believers fighting in the name of Allah as they die, yet they make a mental compromise with themselves to keep quiet and/or apologize for their zealots. Modern white society has not had a good look at the three Semitic god-cults. It's a Semitic of Eurasian/Dravidian/African man's mind that came up with this version of  god, with globalist ambitions for the Christians and Muslim exclusivist control  by the 'Chosen people'--the Jews. Most whites are suspicious of their desires. Today, most churches are empty on Sundays; Jews are pretending that they are a race and a religion, where the female only makes Jews and Islam is being pushed to the periphery of civilization as humanity takes an interest in nature, race and identity, especially in still-white countries bedevilled by globalist cultist cults that ignore Man's need to belong on Earth. Adios (God be with you)!


Homosexual Killer McArthur: One Pathetic Man

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By Don Andrews

Today there's a plethora of pro-white political activity and commentary in every nook and cranny of white society. Everyone wants a piece of the political pie a renewed white identity politics, even those who openly declare they're against identity politics,  like free speech advocate Professor Jordan Peterson, who stopped short of saying the obvious, too afraid to look onto his mirror of white self-loathing. Neo-racist commentary  comes from all over the place, whether it's the Republican Party in the USA or Maxime Bernier's new People's Party of Canada. Even in the controlled globalist Jewsmedia they have to show  they're not completely anti-white stooges to the public; Fox News is full of these pundits and the occasional individual in Trump's mostly Jewish entourage. Don't kid yourself  -- the Semitic god-cult Jews know that race is all, just like the "Yahweh" created it. Race is a natural phenomenon which trumps man-made fantasies in the final analysis. Of course common sense/good will/fair play-thinking white nationalists don't agree with the Johnny-come latelies. However, the public lazily lumps us all together -- they don't want to hear of an al-Qaeda/ISIS fight within the white nationalist movement --that's very depressing as I'm sure it is for the patriarchal Semitic God-cult followers killed by their fellow militants over a quote or a policy. The best thing to do is to embrace all anti-establishment neo-racist manifestations ; in essence, they're all  unwittingly working hopefully to re-establish white racial pride and identity suffocated by three generations of white self-loathers with Orwellian anti-hate laws to reinforce these unnatural idiocies of self-disrespect.

It's a slow process by the foundations of future white constitutional racist states is guaranteed. When push comes to shove and natural whites are up against the wall by lesser undeserving people pushing globalism and white self-loathing, even the anti-establishment European phenomenon of the anti-globalist Yellow Vests is considered part of the white racists' rebellion.  By then, there are the Deep State opponents are running around like the famous Norwegian painting "The Scream" every time we hear the enemies of white nationalism whine, generally, they're very good at having been brought up in a matriarchy. The purpose of this epistle is  to reassure our hard-working followers that with every election and demonstration we are on the road to victory since the rotten Deep State  has no ideological backup other than their paid police , with the abysmal failure of multiculturalism driven by crime and now, racial separation, hoping there will not be a bloody break with the unnatural past that the race traitors have put us into because for whites we are the bulwark of the future of our race. Meanwhile, I send a thousand blessings on each and every one of our followers who have common sense, good will and fair play on their minds. Bless you.



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