Trudeau, The UN and First Nations

Good News for Scheer

Racemixing Never Works: White Students Need Teachers of Color as Role Models? Oh Please...

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Puppet Proxy Leaders

The Multicult Choice for The NDP is Jagmeet Singh

Why is The NDP Different From Other Parties? (They're Supposed to be Multicultists)
On Smiling, Phony Buddhist Killers Like Aun Suu Kyi

Globalist Goofs: The US "Totally Destroyed"
North Korea Once Before


Women Step Up as "Man-Babies" Have Tantrums

Fear of A Patriarchal Semitics' God, Mostly by White Women

Trump Best Defence Against Nuclear-armed World

Prince Harry in Toronto to Open Invictus Games


Mean People:  Smart Valerie Palme Calls Out Jews
for Starting All of America's Wars (She's Right)

The Silence on China and Russia (Both Run by Globalist Jew Merchants)

Greedy Bigot Libertarians Have More In Common with White Nationalists  Than the Wimps Will Admit

High Rents Breed Hunger... Raise The Welfare Rates

Moron Globalist Whites Won't Learn... Afghanistan
Will Not Be Tamed by Foreigners

America's Vietnam Amnesia: They'll Have to
Learn the Hard Way in North Korea

Globalists' UN Just a Fig Leaf Coverup for US Aggression

Never Forget Muslim Hate Crime Hoaxes

From A Naive Failed Generation, Harry Leslie Smith's
Multicult World is Over

Singh Will Test Multicult Bigots' Real Beliefs

Greedy British Colonialist Racemixers Ruined Civilizations
Not Just Their Perfect Cup of Tea
Tell This Naive Author (We Will) at

Melania Trump...Still Too Aloof

How Russia's Wealth Got Hijacked When Their Phony Commie/Jew Regime Handed Out Goodies to Comrades in Armani Suits

What The Media Won't Tell You About Saudi Arabia

The Status Quo at Toronto City Hall Is Failing Us

Decriminalize All Drugs? Not A Bad Idea


Ugly Globalists' War-dog John Bolton Should Shut Up
Tell Him (We Will) Here:

Far Left and Far Right Are the Real Opposition to
Ruling Regimes, Not Establishment Made-up Opponents

Jew Stooges Neo-Con Cuckservatives  Want War With Iran

Trump About-face on Dreamers Enrages Fans, But Won't Change
Anything-- They're Already Here

US Wars and Hostile Actions: A List

Free Speech for White Nationalists (Alt-Right)
Defended... Kind Of

National Post:  Multicultists' Boy Singh A Breath of
Fresh Air

How Canada Doesn't Deal with Jihadists

Tell Candice Malcolm--Don't Meddle in Their Wars
on Twitter: @CandiceMalcolm

Scheer's Message Still Fails Whites

Race Is All: How Segregated America Made Trump

Toronto Star Columnist Shree Paradkar:
Forgiveness Won't End Natural Racism

Tell Her to Stop Her Bigot Hypocrisy (we Will)
In Twitter: @shreeparadkar

Small Business Owners Concerned Over Minimum Wage

Nature's Way: Tribalism Marches On in the
New World Order

There Is No Common Sense from Arrogant Globalist Bullies When It Comes to North Korea

UN Just A Tool of Globalist Warmongers

Germans Take On the international Drone Murderers of America

Rotten Globalists Embarrassed by Suu Kyi's Hypocrisy

Slavery in the US Prison System

Why Canada's Refugee Policy May Be Doing More Harm Than Good

Smart Mexico Says North Korean/US Tensions Not Their Business
(Nor White Nationalists)

Sandwiched in The Koreas: The Hungry North Could Run Over the Rich South in Two Weeks

Openness is Canada's Best Asset -- Say Idiot White
Self-Loathers at the Toronto Star

Trudeau & Suzuki: One's A Twerp, the Other Sanctimonious

Globalists' War in the Middle East, Where Any Faraway Meddler is the 'Bad Guy'

Rename Toronto's Air Canada Centre "The Gardens"

Buddhist Phony Aung Suu Kyi Does Not Deserve Meddler White Wimps' Nobel Peace Prize


Female Genital Mutilation Practiced to Make Them Docile Breeders... Not the White Man's Way

Islam Hypocritical About Rohingya?

Race Trumps Religion.. Tell Fatah About It (We Will)

Who Has Been Begging for War?

NDP Wants It Both Ways on Niqabs

 (NDP... an anti-white feminists' /"commie" party)

Trump's "Alpha Males" are Useless if They Are not Racists

All Change Is The Same: Freemason-Run Army Rules Egypt-- Just Like Turkey (Sissi Will Stay)

Free Speech Haters. Listen to Jewess Joan Rivers: "Grow Up"
  (Critical Jew Censors Started It All)

Minorities' Shared Secret: Don't Air Dirty Laundry

Guatemala Is on The Verge of A Crisis

North Korea:  A Reality "To Be Dealt With"... If You
Are A Globalist White Meddler

How Brexit Turned British Politics on Its Head

Small Business Owners Betrayed by Trudeau

Tell Trump...@realDonaldTrump

Pulling Out of Afghanistan: The Best Option

The Plight of The Rohingya

(It's Sad, But It's Not Our Business.. Tell Peter Goodspeeed--
We Will) -- at their Email:

CBC White Self-loather Neil Macdonald Claims Trump is
Operating Straight From the White Supremacist Playbook
Tell Him He's Wrong Here (We Will)

Stop Saying Spending Was "Slashed"

 (Fiscal cuckservatives only worry about money)

Reappraise Sir John A? Definitely

A New Dawn on Canada's Indigenous File?

A Bible Kept Him Alive

Can Any of Canada's Past MPs Pass Muster?

In Judging History, Check the Blind Spots

Abortion Campaign Abuses Free Speech, Says Commie/Feminist Jewess Censor
Tell Heather Mallick Free Speech Is the White Man's Way --
We Will -- Here:

Taliban Losing in Afghanistan -- A Feminists' Daydream (And
Not Likely)

If Sir John A. Goes, Why Not Pierre Trudeau?

Same Old Ottawa Song on Border Fiasco
Ask Trudeau When He'll Change His Tune at  (We Will)

Canada Must Not Follow U.S. Lead on North Korea

Tax Revolt? It's A Cheapskates' Diversion When Race is
The Issue

Anti-Imperialist William Blum Still Fighting Jews' Capitalism
for Socialism, When Race Is All

A Canadian Crisis of Confidence

Why Stop at Confederate Monuments?

Canadians' Border Fiasco Frustrations Grow

The Globalist Media Swoons Over Trump When He Foolishly Embraces War
Tell Him to Be The Peace President (We Will) on Twitter

The Color of Your Skin Will Be Your Uniform: What Civil War II
Will Look Like

"Credit Where Credit Is Due; Trump and Afghanistan"
National Post, August 24/Terry Glavin

Tell this white warmonger/meddler to lay off-- he's
threatening white homeland security:

How Germany Dealt with Neo-Nazis

Tell this dizzy dame that censorship and jail won't work:


Unnatural Catholic Jew Racemixer Michael Coren 's World Collapsing...

Tell Him (We Will) at

His First Mistake -- The Donald's Pathetic Flip-Flop on Afghan War Encouraged by His Generals... Sad

Tell Him He's Wrong -- We Will
On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Anti-White "Fake News" Journalist Liars Fear for Their Lives From Proud Whites

Toronto Star Editorial August 22: Hateful Bastards' Anti-White Spin:
"Oppose Hate, Don't Amplify It"

Trump's Flawed Afghan War Victory Recipe

Wimpy Semitic Religion Follower's Spin:
Learn From History--Don't Erase It

Trudeau Can Thank Trump for His Popularity (Otherwise He's Just A No-Talent Justin Bieber)

Freemason Military Industrial Globalists Put Naive Trump Into More War in Afghanistan...All Blood Will Be On His Hands

150 Years of BS Evil: What the Hell Happened to Marxism?

Immoral Whites' Assassination Complex Lives On

ISIS Losing Terrain Wherever  Globalists' Mercenary Troops Are Around : Attacks Up

Don't Privatize the Lost-Cause Afghan War -- Just End It

Once-Prosperous Detroit: The City That Blacks Destroyed

Caledonia's Barricades Are Back--Wimpy Cops Scared of Indians

Complain to Premier Wynne-- We Will:

Hypocrisy in Charlottesville

Globalist Jew pushing Orwellian 'terrorist' label. (Tell him to stop his anti-white propaganda at  --and he's getting A Walter Duranty nomination)

Globalist Jew Robert Reich Knows White Nationalists Mean
-- to Create an All-White State

The Disease That Refuses to Be Cured:

(An arrogant, rich people will always be hated)

Toronto Star Editorial:  August 13
It's Not About Free Speech

The red Toronto Star knows nothing about the white man's free speech desires.... Tell them so at their email (We Will):

Trump Fatigue? It's White Racists' Turn to Make News, Pal
Tell Jim Warren at jim, ... we will

Reds Know About The Clintons, Trump and White Backlash

Donald Trump Way Too Bellicose on North Korea

Tell him on Twitter (@realDonaldTrump )  We Will

Dumb Move: Trump Has Started A Nuclear Hysteria That Will
Be Hard to Shake

Globalist Jews' Trump Plays With Our Lives With
"Nuclear War Chicken"
Tell Him to Stop All US Wars (We Will) on Twitter

Tell Trump to Let the Blancos and Colorados' Regime Settle Their Own Affairs in Racemixers' Venezuela

Populism Needs the Criticism It Deserves

Return of the Strongman

The Jewish Role in the Porn Industry...No Censorship Here

Will Haitians force Trudeau Into Being Hard-hearted? (Not Bloody Likely-- Canadian Racemixers Won't Protect Our Border)

A Nuke-Free North Korea? Dream On Globalist Fool

Canada's Supreme Court Colonial Roots Are Showing


Stop Dumping Kids On the Street


They're All Semites! When Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia Join Hands

Toronto Cops "Not Finest"

Jobs Coming Back: A New Nuclear War in Korea Will Take Japan and South Korea Out of World's Economy

America's Ukraine Hypocrisy

Does Toronto Need A Casino? (No-- Gambling's Never Any Good)


Natural Ethnic and Racial Nationalism is Here to Stay, No Matter How Much Globalists Try to Stifle It

Wounded White Globalist's Lament: My Return to Afghanistan
(Stay Out, Whites!)

Ban The Bomb

Trump Doesn't Get A Square Deal

How NAFTA Hurt Canadian Auto Jobs

 (All globalist deals hurt white workers)

Always-the-Victim Jews Love to Be Re-Victimized

Keen To Say Friends With Your Exes?

Rethink Decriminalizing Drugs

"Postnational' Hooey (White Racism is The Way)
Tell Trudeau (We Will) at

How the Ontario Liberals Buried Us In Debt

Carbon Pricing: Globalists' Latest Big Scam

White Idiot's "I'm Not A Racist".. Stupid Phrase Ever Uttered

Canada's Sanctuary City Crisis: Diversity Will Kill Us

Khadr Payout: PM Dodges Victim's Dad (Don't Go On Globalist Missions)

Polls from Diversity is Chaos:Are Intelligent People More Racist?


Is The World " Juden Mude" -- Tired of the Jews?

A Racemixed Empire's Day of Reckoning Is Here

Useless North Korea Sanctions: Isolating the Isolated

Threats to Western Civilization Include Universalist Semitic God Religions, Globalism and Multiculturalism

Groupthink --and Who Knows What: Other Group Things Pervert Torturers at the CIA Perform

The End of Globalism Will Come When Dumb White Over-populaters Leave the Third World

Tell Justin Raimondo (we Will), Here:

Anti-Globalist Trump's Wall: The Second Frontier


Donors Flocking To Sikh NDP Leadership Hopeful

In Cheapskates' War State America, Republicans Still Bad on
Health Care

Tell Trump That Universal Health Care is Best...
Tweet Him, @realDonaldTrump

Coverage is Slanted and Scant

NDP Hopefuls: Populist, but Unfortunately All anti-Racists and Bigot/Hypocrites

Canada's Next Top Mobster?

Bolivia's President is Right:USA is a Jew-run Threat to International Law, Just Like Putin's Jew-run Regime

Tell Him Here (We Will):

Keeping Us Scared: Russia Sanctions Fuel New Cold War Profits Since Jews Run Both Sides


Audit the Globalist Wardogs in the Pentagon

The Only America-First Policy Is For Whites to Get Out of Afghanistan and the Rest of the World

Tell Trump ... We Will, @realDonaldTrump
Trudeau on Rolling Stone Cover: No Big Deal --They're Just Rotten Rockers

Trump is Not Home Alone: 45 Million Whites Are Watching Out for Him

Nelson Mandela, White Idiot FW deKlerk Sold Out Potential White Nation in South Africa That Would Have to Do All Its Own Work

Mean Cheapskate Sikhs No Good for Poor Whites

Tell the Star's Thomas Walkom... We Will
at :

Globalist Idiot and Future Duranty Award Nominee Edward Keenan Griping Over
Trump Boy Scout Speech

Conservatives: Fiscal Idiots Useless for
White Race Survival

Tell John Robson at the National Post
(we Will):

Why Deny Boy's Parents Their Own
Hail Mary?

A Gaza-Sinai Islamist State --
Coming Soon

Worried Russians Want US to Attack ISIS and Not Worry About the "Invasions"

All American Wars Are Just For
Globalists' New World Order

Putin's Jew Cronies: What You Should Know About Oleg Deripaska

The Eighth Man in Donald Trump Jr.'s Meeting Room: Putin Crony Mystery Jew

A Wake-up Call on Canada's
Health Care (Too Many Nonwhites Cluttering The System With Overusage)

G20 Summit Continuously Void of Logic,
Just Jew Globalists Showing Their Power

Dumb Whites' Feminism Result of
Women-Centered Race Near Extinction..
Must Be Destroyed

Donald Trump is The Inspiration for Complainers

Jews Still White Over Khadr Payout

Obama's AWOL Anti-War Protest

The Russian Revolution at 100

(Tell Rick Salutin they rule today with globalist Jew merchants at )

How Anti-Muslim Sentiment Threatens Religious Freedom

(Racists, stay out of Semitic religions' wars)

Making Pearson Airport Public

Not In Charge: Oligarch Jews Globalists Run Trump, Putin--White Voters Screwed

Black Experience Project: Canada's
'Big Lie'

Tell Vicky Mochama:  Racemixing Never Works (We Will) at

Occupied Palestinians Have a Legal Right
to Defend Themselves

Muslim Cemetery Decision A Setback for Multiculturalism in Globalist-Screwed Quebec (Toronto Star, July 20)

Canada Must Resist Trump Threats
On Free Trade

Flexing Military Might Bending to Trump,
Despite Liberal Spin

Obama's Bums: Commie Feminist Anti-War Protesters Don't Mind Blowing Up Patriarchal Primitive Muslims

NASA Didn't Go To The Moon

Why The NDP Is Silent About The
Khadr Deal

Governments Drown Us In Debt

Heather Mallick, Toronto Star:
Self-Hate and the Actions of Nations

(Arrogant Jewess wants whites humbled..tell her to go to hell with her hate at -- we will)

Khadr Case About Saving Money... Really?

Jefferson, Et Al.. Anglo-Saxon Traditions
Okay If Women Don't Run Their Society

North Korea Not Our Problem: Don't Bug Them, They'll Turn on Japan

Marcus Gee on Freedom of Speech at
A Toronto Library

Ryerson Name Change Would Alter Traditions, Brand

Israel's Endless Fake Victimhood

Pro-Torture Jews Like Michelle Mandel Still Whine Over Khadr Payout

Why the "Left" Commie/Feminist
White Self-loathers Hate A White America

Gingrich Is Right: The Media Would Ignore A Bank Robbery in Progress to Go After
Trump & GOP Supporters

Toronto Star July 13: A Stench That Won't Go Away

Tell these Star Morons: To Hell with
Traitor Conservative Antiracists:

Last Colonialist Gasp: 'Victimized' Jews
Feel Free to Practice Meanness on
Occupied Arab Population

US Jewsmedia's "Russian Meddling":
Just a Globalists' TV Soap Opera

Nuclear Ban Approved: Now What?


Original Semitic God's Jew Globalists Don't Want Muslim God-believers in Their New World Order--That's Why They're Fighting Them

Khadr's "Odious" Deal

Tell Author Azzezah Kanji It's Our Legacy of Missionary Missions, Here:

Khadr Deal: Legacy of Canada's Globalist Mercenary Service Sucks

Khadr: Liberal Millstone

Tell Anti-Racist Fool John Moore Canada
Should Not Participate in Globalist Wars

We Will...


Is Trump On Course with War With North Korea?

Comment on Khadr: Canadians, Stay Out of Globalists' Mercenary Missions

Eliminate Poverty? NDP Says We Can

(Start by first cutting all globalists' mercenary missions and foreign aid)

Khadr Payoff Insults All Who Serve 
( Globalist Mercenaries

Eyeless in Gaza

The Khadr Payout--Comment

Candice Malcolm: Kid Gloves

Tell Her-- This is the results o a
Globalists' Mercenary Mission
(Twitter: @CandiceMalcolm)

Joe Warmington: Khadr Payout Not Right
(Then Don't Go to Globalist Wars,


Globe and Mail Squawker Laments The
"Summer of White Male Grievance"

Tweet Her, @lizrenzetti -- It's White Male Privilege We Need, Stupid!

The Criminal Laws of Counterinsurgency

Fighting ISIS With Friendship

Stop The US State of War!

Khadr Settlement Overboard

Advice to Imperial DC:
Cool It on North Korea

Toronto Star: No Room for Racists in Military

Globalists Meddling America is Back...New Round of Hare at G20

If Only It Was True: Trump Supposedly Turning America's Back on the World

Globalist Scam Carbon Pricing Losing Popularity

Khadr's Undeserved Jackpot... Say
Globalist Jew Warmongers and Anti-Racists

Who Pays Arab Zionist Collaborator

Ask Him (we Will), Here:

Finished Nation: The Metapolitics of

Desperate ISIS Holdouts in Mosul, Raqaa Show the Power of Patriarchal Religion to Get Rid of Foreign Occupiers

Hey, White Men -- We Must Declare Independence in North America

Step Back, Arrogant Morons-- Lessons for US Foreign Policy from Failed 'War on Terror'

Czechs and Others Know: An Armed Population Best Against Invaders

Make Canada a Republic : Shed Colonialism"

2017 No 1967, But A Great Party

No, it's Better-- Tell This Christian
Party Pooper Here:

How The Jewsmedia Killed Free Speech:
With Attacks on Racists

Tell Lorrie Goldstein (We Will)

Free Speech at the Frontlines

Royson James: For Canada, I'll
Stand My Ground

Canada Needs More of The World, Says Dumb Feminist Rosie Di Manno

Tell Her -- No Way, We Will, at

Tom Walkom: Why I'm Celebrating
Canada Day

Calling Islamophobic Violence ‘Terrorism’ won’t Make Muslims Safe

(Tell This Fool Azeezah Kanji that it's a natural reaction to deadly multiculturalism... We Will:)

Grenfill Fire: Snooty British Treat the Poor Like Crap

The Truth About CNN

Social Media Blamed for Anti-Semitism as People Learn About Powerful Jews,
German President Moans

Get Us Out of NAFTA!

LOL! War Idiots Tillerson and Mattis Try to Clean Up Trump's Jew Son-in-Law Kushner's Mess in the Middle East

More Hot Air From Trudeau

Dirty Capitalist Bastards Won't Pay Severance to Laid-off Sears Employees

Complain to Their Greedy CEO Over This Injustice:
Brandon Staarnzl:

And to Stupid Justin Trudeau

Fifty Years after Lovefest. ’67 Witness the Rise of ‘Sourpuss Nation’

A Place Full of Canadian History

Down and Leaderless, ISIS Will Develop New Leaders to Hold Territory for Muslim Fundamentalists, Unlike CIA Child al-Qaeda

Of Course Populism's On The Rise.. People Are Sick of Crappy Globalists

National White Racism Returns: The Politics of Contempt

Trump Delivering on His War/Neocon/Capitalists' Promises But Failing With
Poor Whites' Needed Populism

Tell Lawrence Solomon... We Will, at

Canadians Deserve Extensive Reporting on Refugees

Tell Trudeau and Sun News: We Don't Need Any More (We Will)

Tackling The Islamist Agenda;
It Starts With the White Race

Dump Toronto's Panhandling Laws


Race Is All: Cheapskate Libertarians Like Rand Paul Make Us Sick (No Wonder Racemixed America  Won't Work)

The Corbyn Effect: The NDP's Hard Turn

Economic Inequality?
he Economic Gap is Too Big for a White Society, Tony Speer..
Tell Him Here:

"Overt Racism"? Whites Are Finally Rising Up

Please, Get Out of Afghanistan -- Now

Trump Could Be Right About His Critics

Globalist Canada's' Stupid Excuses for A Security Overhaul

Globalists' Tool/White Traitor Mulroney
Gets New Role

Denouncing Terrorism In All Forms? -- How About Getting Western Troops Out of Dumb Foreign Conflicts...

How To Think About Putin (Put In by Russian Globalist Jews)? He's Just A Mean Stooge

Most Americans Couldn't Care Less About Israel's Existence

After ISIS War, There's No Need for A US/Russia Collision as Long as Jews Run Both Sides

Multiculturalism and Globalism:
Violence Abroad Leads to Violence at Home

Human Rights: The Zero-Sum Game in Crazy White Women's Canada

Pot Rant: Hey, Lesbian Jewess Levey, Mind Your own Business

Tell Her, We Will, Here:

Whitemen Aren't Afraid: Islam Just Genital Mutilation/Penis Peeling
Tell Them It's Wrong... We Will, Here:

Stop Blaming Trump

The Global Order Myth No One Wants

Globalists' Dirty Drone War: Who Must Die from Above

Assassination is Murder--Even When The CIA Slimebags Do It

Life in a Very Sexualized Culture (Thanks to Your Perverted Jewsmedia)... Tell
John Robson at

"Treat ISIS Videos Like Child Porn"-- A
Naive Stupid Jew's Answer to Their
Enemies' Propaganda

Give Kellie Leitch an Apology? No Cuckaservative Race Traitors Deserves It

Tell Anthony Furey (We Will)

Canada's Paris Pledge: We Need to Get Out of It

Tell Justin Trudeau at
We Will

Weaponized Canadian Drones Likely to Make us Less Secure

Liberals Play Partisan Games With
Our Immigration System..
. They're Our Real Enemies

Tell Lorne Gunther at
Were Race Relations on the Obama-Trudeau menu?

The Populist Winds of the Wild Rose Province--Useless With Mean Women Leaders

Trump Worse Than Watergate, Says
Establishment Goof Andrew Coyne

Andrew Scheer, The Ultimate Politician-- All BS, and An Anti-Racist Fool

Want to Stop Terrorism? Get Out of The
Middle East,10376

UAE Needs Qatar's Gas to Keep The Lights On

Lessons from Bureaucratic Snake
James Comey

Greedy Fiscal Tories Make Trudeau's Job Easy, When Traditionalism is Needed

Semitic God Muslims' Sectarian War Not White Racists' Problem: Iran Vs. ISIS/Shia Vs. Sunnis

When They Come for Trump, They Come for You, White Man

Ugly Globalists: Atrocious US-Backed War on Yemen Continues

ISIS Attacks on Tehran Expose US-Saudi Lies About Iran

How 6 Days of War Shaped the Next 50 Years

No Condemnation from Judaism-Lite Cleric for War's Horrors. Tell Him Here:

White Colonialists, Globalists, Responsible for Islamic Terrorism
Tell Tarek Fateh at ... We Will


No One Trusts Them: CNN's News Stories Mostly Made Up Fake News Distractions

London: Blowback to Globalist Anti-Racists: They Brought Them There

Tell it to Colby Cosh on Twitter at
@colbycosh   (We Will)


Terror in Europe Affects Canada
and all Globalist Meddlers

50 Years Ago: Israel's 6-Day War and Consequent Occupation Started With A Lie

Naive Trump Submits to Neocon

Tell Him to Stop Interventionism
(On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump)


What's Happening in the Persian Gulf? Racemixed Semitic Arabs at Odds With Each Other

Making Sense of Recent Protests in Morocco: "Rifs" Want Their Own Country

Trump Exposes Paris Mirage

Legacy of Globalist Racemixed Idiots
in Central African Republic Ensure Carnage of Imperialist Merchants

Keeping an Eye on Low Caste Dalit "Untouchables",
But Not Allowing Them High Position Jobs Like Reporting in Their Multicult Society

Hound Homolka for Life

http://Karla Homolka should be

hounded for the rest of her life

Abolish the Department of

Homeland Security

Abortion Clinics No longer Need Sweeping Protection

Kathy Griffin: Wake-up Call?

Anti-Noreiga Panama War Spurred Americans to More Globalist Aggression

Trudeau & Scheer: Two No-Good- For Whites Globalists

Portland is Not as Liberal
As You Think

Abolish Memorial Day

Tories, Getting Behind Anti-Racist Globalist Scheer? Oh, Please...


Americans' Exceptionally Arrogant Bullies; Will Their Wars Across The
World Ever End?

The United States of Insanity

...What Do You Expect from the Kickouts and Runaways of the World?


Of Course it’s Islamist terrorism.. That Globalist Aggression Aroused

Manchester: Can't Trust UK Spies

Putting an End to Torture : Get The
Hell Out

Unless a Conservative is A White Racist He's A Globalists' Traitor--in
Britain or Elsewhere

The Myth of White Terrorism

Foreign Elections Influence
Canada, Too

Manchester: We're All Vulnerable

Manchester: What We Can Learn

Jihadism: Antiracism's Legacy:
Deal with It, Fools

The Manchester Debate:
Stop Globalists' Aggression, Racism and Isolationism is Best

To Stop attacks Like Manchester, End the Globalist Wars

What Did You Expect? Blowback for Globalist Aggression on
Primitives at Manchester


Trump Foolishly Joins Sunni Side in Muslims'
Race-based Sectarian War. Tell Him No More Wars
@realDonaldTrump on Twitter

Dylann Roof: Hero?

Cultural Approbation Brought to You By anti-Racist Idiots: One
Jew's Spin

The Ugly Truth Behind Saudi Arabia's Love for Melania Trump

Two-Faced Donald Trump Phony as Hell in Saudi Arabia

Globalist Goof Saudi King Calls Iran The Forefront of Terror

Trump's Not Going to Be Impeached

Trump's Globalist Gorka Wants More Middle East Meddling

Tell Him No.. We Will, Here on
Twitter at @SebGorka.

Trump Right to Pursue a Pan-Arab NATO in the Middle East

Just bug out, globalist Post meddlers.
Tell them.. We will   E-mail:

Trudeau's Carbon Plan Will Fail

There's Still Idiots Supporting, Making Excuses for Alawite Neo-commie Syrian Regime

Tell Ted Faison to Stop the
Globalists Red Propaganda

Ted Faison at Anti-War:

The Real Danger From Trump
Is Ignored

Commie Idiots' Toronto Star Praises Jew Globalist Control:
Tell Them No.. We Will. Email:

Regime Change in Syria: Pick Your Poison or Break This Dumb Multicult/Colonial Construct US

US Globalist Meddlers Conduct Massive Shadow War in Africa--
Just Get Out

Christian Feminist: Please Don’t Impeach Donald Trump

Anti-Trump Hysteria Serves No one’s Interests

The Buttinski Should Butt Out of Korea

The US Will Never Win the War in

Chelsea Manning Will Always Be a
Man, However He/She Dresses

Cultural Appropriation Suppresses Minority Voices...
and No One Notices

Free Trade: All Bad for Whites in Canada


Bravo! Trump Finally Fires A Swamp Creature with Lying Biased Memos

A Dumb Commie's Question: Are They Really Out to Get Trump?, Yeah--With Every Breath and Words Like Yours

Trumping Democracy in America's Empire
of Bases

The Activist Taking on UK Globalists'
Invasive Orwellian "Terror Laws"

Tell Toronto Sun Idiot Anthony Furey Canada Should Stay out of North Korea

We Will... at

Elites' Globalization is the Equality of Poverty and Misery For All

A Feminists' View: Get Rid of
Mother's Day

For The Bunchberry (try the
Dandelion Instead)

The Real Saudi Arabia

All Hail The View

BC Greens Need to Talk Up
Election Reform

Writers' Union Ducks Debate

Pride Parade Now Just A BLM Protest

Lower Taxes for Disabled Canadians

Globalist America's Ready Supply
of Enemies, Like All Bullies

Fatima Remains A Miracle

The Hazards of Military Worship:
Militias Are Best

Toronto Water Needs Bacteria Testing

Overpaid CEO Capitalists in Toronto

Meddling in BC Vote May Cost Trudeau

Good News for Canada's Tories

BC Election: Close But No Cigar

Ron Paul: Comey Fired: Now, Fire The Sneaky FBI

American Kickouts of the Western World Love to Go Back and Bomb People Across the Planet

Unsympathetic Case:
When Renting to Muslims, Beware

Drudge Report Goes Pro-War/Neo-Con:
Good Riddance!

Non-Existent "Far Right" Loses
(Racism is Better)

Criticizing Israel: A Jew Worries When Jews Rule the World

Mayor Blunders on Funding Pride

New Support for Canada's NDP?
It's Too Commie, Feminist, Globalist Now

Saudi Exceptionalism; Trump Hates Real Islam, Except When You Can Make Money from It


The Globalist Feminist West's Obsession with Itself

More On Trump's Foreign Policy:

Racists Say, US should get out of South Korea and Japan.
Tell Trump at @realDonaldTrump on Twitter... We will.

West Braces for Shock if Le Pen Wins in France

Two Big-mouths: The Trump-Duterte Bromance

France's Coming Election

The Anti-white Cesspool Surrounding Trump at the White House Must be Cleaned Up

Tell Trump (@realDonaldTrump)..
We Will

Reinstate Steven Fonyo to the
Order of Canada

Toronto Star Editorial May 4:
Time for determined action against profiling
Tell them and their self-loathers they're wrong... We will

A Globalist Whore's Prescription for "Racism"

Tell Azeezah Kanji she's dead wrong at .. We will

North Koreans Hate the US for  Its First War Occupation

Hey, Feminist Dummies! The Fall of Raqqa and Mosul Will Not Spell the End of ISIS

Sajjan Fuss A Scandal About Nothing

Handmaid's Tale: Not Believable

Sikh's Embroidery Self-Serving

A Globalist/Orwellian 'Terrorism'
Overlord's Spin on Israel

Sajjan's Unfriendly Fire

He Should Resign... Tell Him at

Sajjan Intoxicated With Own Success

Improve Press Freedom? Get Rid of The 'Hate Bill'

'Seniors Need a Decent Drug Plan More Than Others

Yankee Go Home: The Only Way to Win America's Imperialist Wars is To End Them: Good Advice

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We Will, Here;

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( Because he's surrounded by globalist Jews )

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