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By Don Andrews

Anti-racist white self-loathers are dying off, while sso any new white racists are being made every day as Caucasians look around and realize that the public places, espcially schoolyards. are racially darkening with barren whites dwindling. We all have eyes; old white racists and organizations which have held up the racial banner are overwhelmed with the need for a white racist ideology to guide the core white nationalist  electorate and future identity politics' white leaders. We're doing the best we can.

Personally, I feel that I was cut out for the rolr of a racist ideologue, having a knowledge of history and brought by fate to Anglo Canada from a hard common sense survivalist Slavic land  as ten-year-old Volim Zlomislic, and  my name was arbitrarily changed to  Don Andrews (my new-found mother came here earlier, having married  a Canadian soldier). Progressive feminist Anglos would never listen to a "Zlomislic" on the need for a nonwhite immigration control and a white baby boom now!  

Most of Donald Trump's following is a white racist reaction to the ruling globalist establishment --and 'they' know it. That's why Trump's appeoval numbers don't drop that much; his constituency loves to see him act like a clown, if only to irritate Trump's regime bosses while he pretends he's standing up for them. It's all a show, even the mainstream Jewish cult-run media participates in it as if they are against Trump, lnowing full well how much they are hated and distrusted  by his voting public. They like to criiticize him on little things, but stans should to shoulder with his Zionist expansionist policies of the last days of the American Empire. It's up to white racists to lead the way to Constitutional Racist States when the multicult diversity unnaturally forced together social constructs to self-destruct... and they will, and again white nationalists will be there to direct and establish their own states (who else?)

A  lot of people are afraid of racism, but it's natural as breathing  and you don't have to be crude or rude to get your points across to an eager white public disappointed with racemixers'  premises and policies. Do you feel safer today than you did ten or twenty years ago in your new globalist neighborhood?  I didn't think so...

Elections are coming up in Canada and the United States, with their full democratic slate to be Trump's opponent in Canada.
Young Justin Trudeau might squeak in again with his Liberals and the  Greens' support the so-called Conservatives proving once again that they have nothing for whites, except cutting services or cheapskate Russian Jewess Ayn Rand ( Alisa Rosenbaum ) libertarian greed as thr new Conservative regime in Ontario under Doug Ford has done. They should expand their conservativism past their pocketbooks.

In America, openly homosexual 'boy' Pete Buttigieg gas the queers and white ladies enthralled with packed audiences everyhere. Now the Jewsmedia and Trump's string pullers are worried: Can he keep up with the queer's quips and sarcasm, let alone explain why he supports Israel -- even if  it annexes more of the Arabs' West Bank land for their Semitic God-cult  state . They won't allow patriarchal Muslims' ISIS to establish itself anywhere (no "Exodus" movie for them). Buttigieg says he won't give Israel US taxpayers' money if they grab the West Bank. Let's not have any sexually self-disturbed character try to expunge Buttigieg as an Orwellian hate crime. We all know better now already. The last days of the Roman Empire, from Julius Caesar and his Marc Anthony and the rest of them, were as queer as a three dollar bill...and degenerate as well.

Remember, race is all. Don't waste your time hating queers when you could and should be out there making children for a needed white baby boom. Race is all, as more and more divided whites of all ages realize, and white nationalist activists realize that their natural responsibilities.

We won't fail you.

by Don Andrews

Robert Mueller:

"If we had confidence the President did not commit a crime, we would have said so."

That's the boring summary of American politics, talking about the investigation as to whether Putin's Jew oligarchs interfered in the American election to make Donald Trump president, After communism's abysmal failure in Russia, their Jewish comrades put on Armani suits and divvied up the assets of the USSR into private hands to make instant Russian Jew oligarchs who put in Putin. Of course they put Trump into office --an international billionaire whose daughter Ivanka admired the Jews so much she named their son Jarrod Kushner (she wants to join the same Semitic God Cult) with their difficult study and initiation.

Trump is surrounded by Jews who dictate his foreign and domestic policies
(he doesn't know any more about international affairs than Married With Children's Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill). But one fact is true: Donald Trump's plain talk and white skin got him the white nationalist vote; racial identity is felt though all strata of white society, rich or poor. In the final analysis, race is all, and determines how you react to anything, no matter how small or large. We've been talking about white nationalism for decades, but the Jewsmedia have just picked up on it last year, even admitting that we exist, let alone our wishes and policies--what they'll have to deal with in the future.

Not much is going on in the United States, other than the usual -- with the exception of some people who have countered the cruel and vicious pro-abortion laws which put heart-throbbing babies into garbage cans. Abortion votes, practiced by white women, is one reason why whites need a baby boom (anti-abortion Missouri is a start).

Most of the world has kept quiet , with Jews still in power in the United States and Russia; there'll be no world wars -- they're just now deciding whether Iran will be invaded, and by whom (France and Limeyland are under their control and they could be used). But after the debacles in Afghanistan and Iraq, I doubt that the American public has the stomach for it, and with Israel so close and barely 70 years old (the seven Crusader states lasted 99 years); I don't think that Tel Aviv wants an Iranian missile. The rest of the Semites. Saudi Arabia, the United  Arab Emireates are fighting a vicious war in Yemen-- Muslim against Muslim. But there's a slight difference -- one is Sudanese, while the others are an offshoot, a sect of  Islam, Shiites, mostly in Iran, and tribes in Yemen's interior -- the Houthis (named after a man of the same name). It's like the Catholics and the Protestants battling each other for centuries for the children of their merciful Semitic cult god. As someone said, "Christianity save thousands, and killed millions.", There are the wars still going on that the great Jew powers don't condemn. Obviously, Muslim/Aryan Iran is not under the total control of North Korea which is far from Israel and need not be provoked by the ruling elite (but North Korea has China on its side.

Since a new form of Islam has been formulated by ISIS, there are all kinds of little wars in Afghanistan and Asia, where Muslim are. As a white racist I don't like the way ISIS' captives are treated as criminals, especially by supposedly Muslim regimes not as war prisoners. That's not the way you stop patriarchal Semitic god fanatics -- that only encourages more "martyrs". Their innocent children are trated badly too; that's not the white man's way.

Many white men, such as the French, are joining this female adventure, judging by the number of prisoners held in Syria alone. The Jihadists may set up many states, as in Africa and the Middle East, all the way to the Congo, where Muslims want to rule themselves; it's only a matter of time before they come into North and South America. Patriarchal Semitic god-cult Christians are useless at battling patriarchal Semitic god-cult Muslims in an age of Jewish Semitic god cult Christian feminism. Only the white nationalists stand in their way (give me a break!)

The few white nationalist leaders and organizations give strength, information and promise to the white race; leaderless, we are rudderless. Even though the mainstream Jewsmedia shuns  and shuts us out, they know that white public sentiment is naturally racial, and must heed our philosophy and policies because the public is spreading it from mouth to mouth and ear to ear. That's why Trump was needed -- if he goes against white nationalists, he's definitely finished. I haven't heard any new Democratic party candidate say a word against white nationalists or ridicule voters who had the chance of being Trump's opponent in the 2020 election, be they boring Biden or any female candidates, they don't have a chance. This time around, the Democratis need a dynamo: homosexual,  flamboyant former mayor of South Bend Indiana Pete Buttigieg (don't worry, everyone will learn to say and spell his name), if the Jews want Trump defeated-- but I don't believe the Jews control Buttigieg; he's too far down the political ladder ina homosexual hole to have been bothered with. Queers and many women won't care, they'll work hard for him.
One thing is for sure: The mainstream Jewsmedia (ABC,CBS, CNN, Fox, etc.) and all their affiliates are not trusted by the white public, which undermines their credibility with white nationalists and their supporters.

Here in Canada, politics is more boring than Biden with the exception of the Conservatives, promising again to be a Semitic God Cult-dominated, unnatural anti-racist cuckservatives (another term for cheapskate), as Ontario Premier Doug Ford proved with his service cuts-- hey Doug, people want more , not less for their taxes. Our pretty boy scion of falmboyance, Pierre Trudeau's son Justin, never says anything of any consequence-- he's just like his figurehead dad for the Canadian women's vote. Canada, like the US needs a white baby boom. We can enjoy the relative peace with Justin in charge.
But we need more white children, which I expect every white nationalist organization to promote, while advocating peace throughout the world. Please, no more wars.

The media shot itself in the foot by not reporting us, but the public still gets the message by word of mouth. Their attempts to brand us as hatemongers only makes our supporters stronger. You can't fight nature--and that's what racism is. We're all right here and happy in our political work; if there is a God out there, please bless us. If not, I bless you.


by Don Andrews
Slowly, but surely, step by step, and reluctantly, powerful Semtic god cultists Jews are moving toward racist whites' racial identity politics. They're already around a white nationalist-elected president, Donald Trump while trying to downplay our importance to their anti-racist Jewsmedia. It's not working.

The public knows Trump's base supporters are white nationalists living in an  chaotic and criminal racemixed society. Whites have had enough of idiots' oxymoron-termed multiculturalism crap and their cheapskate koasher conservatism of cutting governmnent services to please  the anti-racist greedy traitors.

Conservatism does not mean anything else, nowadays -- certainly not in keeping our white culture or ancient morals thrown out the window to satisfy their powerful women -- the only ones who
can produce new Jews from their vaginas (unless you are allowed to join the cult through a religious process). Their men's sperm means nothing without them. It's a feminist cult -- one out of two of the Middle East, the other being the rebellious two-Marys Jewesses who one claims it's a child from God as the other Mary (a prostitute) said the crucified "God's child" had left his tomb
We have it all on good authority...

In-charge Semitic God cultist Jews have courted the nonwhites witrh privileges and favors for decades. Now they see
their Biblical proverbial writing on the wall -- that race trumps religion for
themselves too, if they want a safe and secure future, as nonwhites won't care what religion you are when a race war or ethnic conflict breaks out in the racemixed impossible Disunited States of America .... Canada included.

Many white nationalists might  reject globalist Jews' interference in our politics. After all, they have tried and still are trying to shut us down and put us in jail as Orwellian "hatemongers" who cannot be forgotten. But let's not be hastily stupid and reject their attempts at satisfying white racists with bogus immigration policies that concentrate on rich and smart nonwhite immigrants who will have no pity for resentful poor whites when brown people take over suppoedly pro-poor parties like Canada's New Democrats (NDP). now headed by a once-mercenary Sikh cultist Jamgeet Singh.

Ruling Jews will have to drop their anti-semitism criminality crap and pick a side: even popular US presidential Democat candidate homosexual Pete Buttigieg, backed by loyal queers and women has been accused of anti-semitism, now becoming a badge for white nationalists. It does not bode well for the Semitic God's "Chosen People" again. Race is the issue for these Semitic and Europeanized Asiatic Khazars who joined the privileged tribe hundreds of years later en masse when their King Bulan II) decided his people needed a new god after he lost some battles to their enemies, and invited Jews -- no, forced Jews -- to present their Semitic God cult religion at his court.

If Jews are as smart as they claim, I'm sure that slowly, surely, they'll figure out with common sense, good will and fair play, that white nationalism is the political wave of the future in Europe, now browning North America, that few can deny. Unfortunately they know where they naturally belong, Semitic God cults or not, because Nature's race is all.

Proud whites are watching before your welcome.


May 10


by Don Andrews

If royalists were racists, we'd be rich.

Instead, royal families do nothing for white people or white identity. Indeed, I've seen their broken deals in history, with foreign invaders and colonialists to keep their privileged positions to rubber stamp foreign conquerers. And we've seen the results of nations like America,
(which like Canada, was started by the economic kickouts and runaways from Great Britain and who are also like the UK, witnessing the "browning" of their nations through multicult. The Royals don't seem to care about those concerns --just concern over their privilege while they frivolously play at Empire and choose a new name for their new heir in their "Game of Thrones". The new Royals are no better than the British scandals outlined in their tabloids with their made-up titles and pleasures.

Yet, in 1991, Queen Elizabeth sent a letter to the Nationalist Party and gave royal assent to her approval of our concept of European Heritage Week...perhaps she is concerned about our future too.White Nationalists don't need a ruling class-- just a lot of intelligent white racists expressing their natural feelings and aversion to multiculturalism -- what everyone should be allowed to do.  Like religion, race trumps snobbery.

You know what I mean?

May 1

Don Andrews

White Nationalism needs more ideologues.

Never let your enemies define you -- that's a recipe for defeat, like the qal-Qaeda and ISIS guys pictured as cruel monsters with their attacks in a Semitic god cult  that extol one of Allah's most famous quotations ("...most merciful", taken from the Muslim Q'uran). They failed to present themselves as an armed "Salvation Army".
So it goes for the newly-Jewsmedia discovered white nationalism and its adherents. The ruling establishment media has portrayed the political landscape as left, right and centre, reminiscent of their successful French Revolution assembly, the poor whites on the left, the church and all their schleps in the centre and the rich landlords and ladies on the right. Since then the media and the educational institutions have classified our  entire society on economic grounds, putting the
economically secure in the centre, the rich on the right and the poor on the left, denying them any conservative tradtionalist or racist feelings, ascribing
them all to the right. Recently populism has appeared on the scene, giving everyone an economic whack, like the left. Racism, too, cuts across all these fabricated, made up left/right/centre categorizations. That's where white nationalism comes in, a relatively new ideological field of thought that requires whites of varying ethnicities to cooperate as a self-interest racial group diring the present "browning" of North America.

This browning of North America is real, and will go down in history as such, when whites meddle in the nonwhite Third World and exploded the populations with unnatural love and care. You know the saying, "No good deed goes unpunished..."
Now they're all coming here with a more healthy, patriarchal attitude, and now their numbers are growing, while our "Modern Family" methods shrink us toward extinction. All this can be reversed, of course, if the patient wants to recover. And I'm sure the white race will, judging by how many see this situation for what it really is.
That's why so many millions are willing to put up with a businessman/buffon as president of the United States. They know, and he knows it's racial situation in need of a racial ideology -- white nationalism.

Some concerned citizens think the situation is so dire, they're willing to go on monster suicide missions, killing the unarmed and the innocent --women and children. That's not the White Man's Way.

Think before you act. The white race needs your brains to formulate and spread the ideology of white nationalism-- the basis of future republics in North America that even the Jews will have to bow down to race-based or any other Semitic God cultists for that matter; Judaism-lite/Two Marys' Catholicism, etc. Therefore, let's not push the cart before the horse and run amok like nut cases that our crazy enemies want people to think of us as. Let's start discussing white nationalism and its application in the social, economic and political worlds, or any other issue where it fits.

And let's correct our enemies whenever the lie about us publicly. That's the White Man's Way... a required commonality for a stable society and civilization.

APRIL 24, 2019


By Don Andrews

When a pretty-boy Pinnochio-faced homosexual mayor of South Bend, Indiana
(let's hope he's not a liar) can threaten the re-election chances of one-term President Donald Trump (voters usually give presidents two terns), you know that the white voters he represents and the racemixers' diversity-mad country of the USA is in trouble. Commanding-voice-peaked Buttigieg's name is not pronounced the way it sounds, though I'm sure all the queers will be happy that the nation will learn to spell his name). This out-of-the closet presidential candidate has a dedicated following of queers and women who will work hard --he's the perfect choice for the Jewish American Empire's modern world-- he's not black or a woman (we've had one and a female is still due but let's give the closest thing to it for now:
a gay president for the pink white and blue.
Women and white wimps elected a black president (Barack Obama) to slave their slavery conscience, but the Latino candidates today won't get the white voters who see the failed Latin countries and refugees now browning America.

It will be class warfare in the next US election-- the working class against the idle class: snooty Frasier types against delivery man Doug Heffernan of King Of Queens types. It's not going to be nice, but that will be after Pete Buttigieg wins the Democratic presidential nomination over old tired war horses like rich Jew Bernie Sanders always-a-bridesmaid never a bride Joe Biden and the feminist candidates will have to withdraw their claims and play nice with the new "effeminate" leader Buttigieg. I see the writing on the wall, as do many others at Buttigieg's well-attended meetings and rallies, were at one outing where he expected 50 people and 1,500 showed up. Let's hope Trump can act that kind of surprised  during his re-election campaign' so far Buttigieg hasn't made any particular promises of any consequence. If  Trump doesn't take the peace road toward all these brush fire wars the Jew-run empire us involved in. Buttigrieg will have a field day with him on that alone, even though selfish queers and the women around him don't seem to be very sympathetic to the anti-war movement.

Donald Trump is in a quandary right now, whether to put the homosexual upstart down before he rises in the public's minds and it's too late, but they never mention him as his potential opponent in a negative way; he risks making "Mayor Pete" the main contender. So far Trump has kept silent, while Buttigieg hones his debating skills on cute faces of admiring crowds at town hall meetings and rallies.

It's difficult to say if anyone runs Peter Buttigrieg, other than his husband (which is Cameron and which is Mitchell of TV's Modern Family?). Unlike the internationalist oligarch Jew-run Trump, it's not like that they have their strings attached, whatever the barren women and wimps around him would object to.

Like the Roman Empire in its last days. so too is the Jewish American Empire is corrupt and degenerate -- why not have some fun before the fall, like in Nero's days? Then they can elect a woman president and deal with the breakup of that empire along economic and racial lines,
like the female Prime Ministers of once-Great Britain Margaret Thatcher and Theresa May.

We are powerless to stop history, but white nationalists will be ready to make it anew.




by Don Andrews

Most of the wars and conflicts in the Third World today are the cause of greedy racemixer ex-colonialist imperialist white meddlers and their naive diversity dreamer stooges, especially in Africa and Asia. All kinds of "unified" peoples' countries like India "P.A.K.I." (acronymed for for tribes, plus "stan"/state), Sudan, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Burkina Faso plus a half-dozen  more are made-up states that won't last, doomed to breakup along racial, ethnic and religioud lines. It's something that awaits
multicult-minded anti-white nationalist North America within two or three generations. Smart white racists can't await the date.

Unfortunately white nationalists are saddled with  the Freemason establishment labels designating racists along economic lines: left, right, and sometimes the center, from the bloody and cruel globalist Freemasons' French Revolution days when they put the poor ("sans useless", without pants) on the left side of their assembly and the rich and privileged new landlords in favor of the guillotine killers on the right and the Semitic god-cult Christian priests in the center. This clever designation has divided the white people along economic lines from which they have never fully recovered in racial unity. This categorizing must stop immediately. Only those interested in perpetuating white race division, like the ruling Establishment and their anti-white propaganda media insist on labelling political groups from the left and far right, neatly ignore the race's ultimate desire for white unity. That's why they hate the very idea of a racial white nationalist state, especially in the New World...history predicts it..

White racists should dance only to their own tune, not wait for 'approval' from fiscal kosher conservatives or greedy too-individualistic followers of the Russian Jews Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum) or the two-Marys' Semitic god cult Christian followers and lovers of Zionists' Israel (the original Semitic Godcult-state now with nukes and a space program).

Race trumps religion, even though God-belief fanaticism knows no bounds. In the end they don't have common sense, good will and fair play, the corner stones of white nationalists for all racists of all races if they want to succeed. That's why white nationalists are against wars, foreign/Third World meddling and are in favor of a basic guaranteed income for food and housing.

Anything that divides the white people is no good for them. It's common sense, so let's not let lousy greed divide us on the 'left' and 'right' when we could all be goodwill populists. I hate the cheapskates in power pretending they're out to save your civilization and race before they are elected. That's not what they said. That's not fair. White nationalists are above penny-pinching budgets palying to the globalist bankers. Race and culture are more important than balanced budgets.

Whte nationalists will never sell their people out for a few dollars more that encompasses the entire world... left, right and center.


by Don Andrews

We put on our site the other day on how religious belief  had gone down by over 200% recently, not to my happy surprise.  I know there seems to be a God-need  there, but many people like soothsayers are taking to their advantage, too far. If I know my history and religions the three Semitic God-cult faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have saved thousands and killed millions. But like I say, First I was a Man, a white man, and then I "needed" a god. But people can be good, moral and principled without lying to any god-cult (religion). That's all they are-- let's not raise them to racists just because one may have a preponderance of a certain element or another. In the final analysis birds of a feather flock together.

White Nationalists are not against people of faith as long as they have common sense, good will and fair play in their minds when it comes to their racial survival. Unfortunately, only women-dominated whites have to be lectured on the importance of racial survival until it's too late. Fortunately, the white population has self-sacrificing men and women aware of the present dangers of immigration, migration and the low-replaceable birthrate. Recent tragic events have alertred the anti-white race establishment and media to the danger we pose to their inane rules of multiculturalism and divesrity that are garaunteed to create the end of our white race's voice and existence.

Whites are always hard to satisfy. by the international merchants who prefer that one size fits all. In the future when working with Semitic god-cultists I'm reminded of the time when I was the hardline anti-communist street thug leader of the Edmund Burke Society, whose motto was from one of his quotes: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing". When I was a (selfish) Libertarian like Ayn Rand, a young moderator and a late-twenties girl (my age at the time) said to me when I offered her the EBS mailing list, "Check your premises!" -- twice. I didn't know what he was talking about  until someone told me what 'premises' meant (basing an argument, theory, or undertaking on). That's what I say to all the cultists --race trumps religion.

You can always leave a cult, but never your race. No matter what the god created us that you claim says, history proves racists right.

Race is all.


By Don Andrews

I expect to be censored by the anti-white globalist corporations like Facebook and Instagram next week for advocating white nationalism on the Internet and in general politics and elections. Finally, I get some notice. But seriously, it's the last resort to the vacuous white self-loathers who have no natural argument against nature's racism, censorship, even if it means saving their own  lives, these dummies won't listen to reason...just fanatics, like their lives.

However, our goals have been achieved. White Nationalism is an option for our race, thanks to the few (but in tune) racists who have reflected the ideas and ideology of white nationalism fo our people, President Donald Trump may be right --there isn't that many of us publicly, but the national racial unity and sentiment is espoused by millions of whites like those who elected Trump president. White racists are the tip of the iceberg, racemixed America's last gasp at maintaining a white culture and civilization in North America before they are entirely swamped by nonewhite migrants eager to get the benefit of whites' society before they disappear into an isolated pocket minority. All white racists can pat themselves on the back for their resilient perseverance and loyalty to a cause that most people take for granted -- the existence of our race and culture.

Whatever Facebook, etc., do they will only elevate our importance and show the truth to globalists' consiracies against whites that anyone can see when they attack our ideology with crude censorship and criticism while having no utopia of racemixing to show for it -- just crime and mayhem, with their idiotic multiculturalism oxymoron and deadly diversity.

We at the Nationalist Party have seen it all before: police house raids, hate crime charges, convictions and prison, not to mention all the social and financial costs to bring our views forward. It's called free speech -- a staple of the white man's way to give and enjoy life as we do.  A lot has been accomplished by proud white nationalists who have introduced such concepts to the enemy globalist cultist Jewsmedia which wouldn't dare block black nationalists or separatists, just whites.

Whatever happens, you can count on the NPC leadership not to fail their mission. All racists are self-sascrifing prophets, and it's White Nationalism, or Bust!

Thanks for your support.



By Don Andrews

Donald Trump popularized the term 'fake news' when he was being attacked by the Jewsmedia for supposedly being connected somehow or othr to Vladimir Putin's Russia through his business dealings and scandalous connections, all to pry him away from his patriotic (but now white racial) base of supporters. The Jewsmedia's been  conducting 'fake newees' studies for years, starting with Hollywood Idol whore adoration and Orwellian Hatewatch stories to dull and dumb down the public as to racial realities.

The last people to define fake news are the perpetrators of it -- the Jewsmedia and their 'independent' lackeys. Only the opposition to the globalist anti-white racist media can point out fake news practiced by our enemies, giving substance to nothing really, like the SNC Lavalin case in Canada and the problems the young feminist Libreral prime minister Justin Trudeau has with nonwhite feminists in his cabinet when he tried to get contacts for his French Canadian kith and kin to save jobs in privileged Frech-speaking Quebec, where they get votes all the time. This keeps up the useless, buggy bilingualism that led to the dangerous, deadly policy of multiculturalism for all white in the new Canada. It's the same in America with the Mueller investigation, et al. There is so much time wasted on a report to come that no one knows what it's all about to begin with, let alone explain it to the mesmerized public that somehow. No one will believe any consequences as being legitimate, just like no one really  believes the 9/11 report and investigation.

There are political junkies who live off this fake news waste of time distractions while the country is being overrun by fast-breeding strangers; Jewsmedia morons print a dozen stories in one paper alone on the SNC Lavalin payoff conspiracy that goes nowhere and names no names... yeah, we're bored.
Tell them... we will.

March 21

by Don Andrews

It's sad but true: white racists (white nationalists, because we want our own Constitutional Racist State) have been empowered by a mean massacre of unarmed nonwhite Muslim civilians at prayer to their Semitic cult god, not the ideal white man's way. Children were killed and remain injured in hospital. Now the hateful enemies of white nationalists are paying attention, along with their anti-white Jewsmedia so far away to pillory us, but soon, to what we think, say and want.

White identity politics have been achieved as we have said by Donald Trump's election. Now it's time to think about white nationalism -- a phrase that almost chokes our idiot detractors every time they have to use it (LOL!) Whites' anti-racism has no future --if it does it will mean the extinction of the species as the white traitors try to replace ordinary freedom-loving whites with cheap labor from the overpopulated Third World that the same idiots caused with continuous meddling and aid that Earth's nature cannot handle.. All the racemixing arguments  for multiculturalism and diversity are falling on deaf white ears, more and more every day, no matter how hard wimpy whites try to do the cannibal Maori dance the war like the Haka, in front of the treacherous Jewsmedia cameras (don't they look stupid, unlike when really ferocious Maoris do it?)

Canada is in the news too, since Paul Fromm, a veteran pro-white nationalist/ free speech advocate demonstrated by posting the manifesto of the New Zealand killer Brenton Tarrant, to show the reasoning for his brutal action. Paul is a good spokesman for the Yellow Vest anti-globalist French movement, attacking and burning banks and ransacking a secret society's temple of Freemasons in Paris--the tools of anti-white globalism and power. From now on, when a white racist writes to the cowardly pundit traitors of the media they will listen and defintely will worry about the consequences of being rude or ignoring our ultimate beefs, Fifty innocent dead is a wake up call that we will not be ignored , even if it's only by the police as their commie anti-hate squads go into action to make more martyrs and many white racists who can become killers at 28, like the man in New Zealand who says he planned his action for two years, knowing that white traitors would not listen and change the immigration policies of once-white homelands back to where they were before this race war started.

The biggest disappointment for white racists is most of our hedonistic , feeble, and barren racemixing white women. They're the weak link  for white race survival, unlike any of the nonwhite races. We have been too nice towards them as they stab us in the back. No other race treats their women better and this is what we get in return, treachery? You'd think they're part of the feminist Semitic god cult  of Jews where you're not a Jew unless you came from a Jewish cult vagina. They are not a race, just a race, just a Semitic god cult that has been Europeanized through their wanderings; don't escalate them further.

Hopefully there will not be any more young men giving up their lives by taking others in the future: white nationalists and reasonable natural people have  comon sense, good will and fair play on their minds where murder is not included. We have expressed sympathy with lost ISIS children to b brought back to their parents' countries of origin. We have even admired the Islamists' dedication to make theocratic Muslim states all over Africa and Asia as long as they do it there. White racists are not meddlers or warmongers-- we'll leave that to the still-ruling Jew oligarchs while they last. There is no reason for revenge. Our real enemies are us.... let's deal with that.

Thanks for listening.

JAN 30/31


by Don Andrews

It's been said that at one time, all gods were true.

The other day I was watching TV, one of those "choose the dress" wedding shows
watching a whole wedding party  all dressed up (about ten of them), with the minister all in robes doing the ceremony. It must have been a Protestant church with those light wooden pews -- with not a soul in sight. Even if it was just for the TV show, couldn't they hire  some guests or parishoners? There's no respect on how it looked to the audience for their  Semitic god-cult religion once the power and fear of all and sundry.

Things are not much better the other two Semitic god-cult religions of Judaism and Islam (submission). Jews, especially in Israel, can't decide whether they want to be a religion or some kind of Hellenic Zionist secular Judaism (there's an oxymoron for you). This  is in their new theocratic state of Israel where the fundamentalist (haradim) believers will take the benefit of citizenship, but refuse to serve in "illegitimate" Israel's armed forces. What's that tell you, when Israel can't buy any Arab (Semite) country's leadership and they all go to hating the upstart state which has one more generation (twenty years) to last as long as the religious fervored Crusader states supported by Western Europe.

Ordinary Muslims in the West and East have displayed a cowardly attitude for their religion and all-powerful Allah. They have not shown any religious zeal for their young Jihadists as the unbelievers pound them daily with air and land invasions. These are fellow believers fighting in the name of Allah as they die, yet they make a mental compromise with themselves to keep quiet and/or apologioze for their zealots.

Modern white society has not had a good look at the three Semitic god-cults. It's  a Semitic of Eurasian/Dravidian/African man's mind that came up with this version of  god, with globalist ambitions for the Christians and Muslim exclusivist control  by the 'Chosen people'--the Jews. Most whites are supicious of their desires. Today, most churches are empty on Sundays; Jews are pretending that they are a race and a religion, where the female only makes Jews and Islam is being pushed to the periphery of civilization as humanity takes an interest in nature, race and identity, especially in still-white countries bedevilled by globalist cultist cults that ignore Man's need to belong on Earth.

Adios (God be with you)!

JAN. 20



By Don Andrews

Anti-whites' official multiculturalism in the white women-electors' country of Canada has brought out the natural racism of nonwhites as they appear for public office. Blacks and East Indian Asiatics show the least outward signs of racism in front of Canadian whites. but plenty behind their backs as they pretend to be more servile to the white globalist establishment that brought them from thousands of miles to our land. Some were brought as slaves, others as servants; most foreign born blacks and East Indians are generously courteous to whites, almost out of pity as they see that our social dysfunctional white society is disappearing through the lack of white childbirths compared to them. Not so with our newly-arrived Orientals!

Chinese Canadians are a force unto themselves; they are an ancient-cultured populous people who have never been colonized or "civilized" by white meddlers. Their civilization stands on its own. Now they will try to copulate with effeminate Western civilization. That's when they get into politically-incorrect public trouble when they speak the truth to their own kind about other races' candidates in upcoming elections. Case in point -- the now-removed Liberal candidate Karen Wang in a British Columbia riding who dared to remind her Oriental constituents that her opponent was an East Indian, utilizing identity politics as her path to electoral victory.

Multiculturalism will bring out lots of the kind of politicking in the future, when dwindling whites will have little to say, other than look for a white candidate.  That's the problem with unnatural anti-racism -- it's a white invention, made by unreproductive white self-loathers with a guaranteed ending of oblivion. Multiculturalism means death for a white society by a thousand little cuts.  Natural racism is on the rise with whites, too. Every day more white racism is realized as we become a minority in our own countries with wicked commies' multicult and immigration policies and Orwellian hate laws to keep whites silent. Now they have to shut up the Orientals and their natural racist tendencies.

Like the idiots' multiculturalism, it won't work ... LOL!


JAN. 13


By Don Andrews

Today there's a plethora of pro-white political activity and commentary in every nook and cranny of white society. Everyone wants a piece of the political pie a renewed white identity politics, even those who openly declare they're against identity politics,  like free speech advocate Professor Jordan Peterson, who stopped short of saying the obvious, too afraid to look onto his mirror of white self-loathing. Neo-racist commentary  comes from all over the place, whether it's the Republican Party in the USA or Maxime Bernier's new People's Party of Canada. Even in the controlled globalist Jewsmedia they have to show  they're not completely anti-white stooges to the public; Fox News is full of these pundits and the occasional individual in Trump's mostly Jewish entourage. Don't kid yourself  -- the Semitic god-cult Jews know that race is all, just like the "Yahweh" created it. Race is a natural phenomenon which trumps man-made fantasies in the final analysis.

Of course common sense/good will/fair play-thinking white nationalists don't agree with the Johnny-come latelies. However, the public lazilily lumps us all together -- they don't want to hear of an al-Qaeda/ISIS fight within the white nationalist movement --that's very depressing as I'm sure it is for the patriarchal Semitic God-cult followers killed by their fellow militants over a quote or a policy. The best thing to do is to embrace all anti-establishment neo-racist manifestations ; in essence, they're all  unwittingly working hopefully to re-establish white racial pride and identity suffocated by three generations of white self-loathers with Orwellian anti-hate laws to reinforce these unnatural idiocies of self-disrespect.

It's a slow process by the foundations of future white constitutional racist states is guaranteed. When push comes to shove and natural whites are up against the wall by lesser undeserving people pushing globalism and white self-loathing, even the anti-establishment European phenomenon of the anti-globalist Yellow Vests is considered part of the white racists' rebellion.  By then, there are the Deep State opponents are running around like the famous Norwegian painting "The Scream" every time we aee and hear the enemies of white nationalism whine, generally, they're very good at having been brought up in a matriarchy.

The purpose of this epistle is  to reassure our hard-working followers that with every election and demonstration we are on the road to victory since the rotten Deep State
 has no ideological backup other than their paid police , with the abysmal failure of multiculturalism driven by crime and now, racial separation, hoping there will not be a bloody break with the unnatural past that the race traitors have put us into because for whites we are the bulwark of the future of our race. Meanwhile, I send a thousand blessings on each and every one of our followers who have common sense, good will and fair play on their minds. Bless you.

JAN . 13


By Don Andrews

2018, like 2017 and 2016, was a great year for white nationalism and racial identity-- they've been put down for decades in a women-run white society. However, nature will out and weirdo multicult theories with no basis in history or common sense are finally going down the drain. President Donald Trump's election was the first public participation of fed-up whites try to take back their power and place in the sun, something white racists have been working on for years. Let's give credit where credit is due. If it weren't for white nationalist leaders and organizations who have been bombarding the population with the news and ideology since George Lincoln Rockwell's days (I have his personal "Mein Kampf") we wouldn't  be in the great position of white racial identity politics as we are today with millions of followers and members on the Internet.

With every new century, mankind forgets the first twenty years. We all remember the Roaring 20's the dirty thirties, the war forties the happy naive fifties, the tumultuous sixties, the the hippie seventies, the spoiled 'Goldbergs' eighties, the last-gasp nineties, nonwhites are readying for the victorious 2020's, when race is all and politics will be decided by the color of your skin, not your pocketbook as North America fragments on an ethnic basis. This is why our white nationalist politics and leaders are so important today. They are setting the stage for the future resistance, not only in North America, but in nonwhite migrant-flooded Europe too. This is why white nationalist leaders should not be in hiding behind pseudonymns or addresses, because it is our public thinking that is guiding our followers of the future. Important issues like race relations, crime and foreign racemixer meddling must be dealt with a common sense, good will and fair play attitude without the the old Jewish American Empire shibbolets of foreign in invasions for security reasons and greedy capitalist trade policies that have not even provided health care to the citizens of one of the richest nations on Earth by dividing the populace on a have and have-not basis (capitalism vs. socialism) like those at the Breibart Jews site and other so-called conservative (penny pinching) platforms.

Our enemies don't have a legitimate answer to our natural racial ideology. Therefore they delegate our policies to Orwellian  hate-mongering and censor us without a hearing. Future generations are seeing that already; judging by the great interest in our sites and policies. White nationalists, certainly, have removed the gauze of holiness from the ruling religions of mean Semite cults, unlike the primitives in patriarchal Muslim countries. Dwindling white Semitic god-cult effeminate Christians have not stood up to the plate to defend our racial integrity and nationality.  Natural racism stands on its own for all races. We don't need a racemixers' Semitic god to save  us from racial extinction because their cults work against us. Let the followers of the three Semitic cults live up to our standards of racial awareness and security as they willing in the future, or be relegated to nonwhites' territories for their racial treachery.

White Nationalists have also moved away from so-called conservatives. who only care about their pocketbooks and as a consequence , can be bought easily by any 'dictatorship' or police state. They have been a bugaboo for decades, always pretending they're going to do something for white society, but always end up just for the rich and privileged as they create more poor whites with every one of their cheapskate cost-cutting regimes while secretly being in favor of globalism and money, people and factory moves around the world. White nationalists have done a lot of growing up from years of naivete, relying on the establishment institutions to save their bacon. That's all out now.

If we go back to the loser past, we will only have ourselves to blame. Racial politics is the wave of the future. Anyone who doesn't agree with that is an enemy of the white people, pure and simple. That's how all leaders in the future should be judged -- racially. And they will be, thanks to our perseverance and foresight. If you're a white nationalist pat yourself on the back today -- you're in tune with Nature, doing God's work, maintaining his Creations.

Bless you all.




by Don Andrews

White North Americans today need a racial border wall from the rest of the racemixed burgeoning population of Latin America along the Mexican border. It won't stop the Latinos from coming in entirely or curtail their high birthrate, especially for those already among us but it will place a minimum effort to stand up and try to "preserve" our white race and subconscious identity. It will be thought of for centuries. if it's even close to the ancient Great Wall of China with all our modern day Western equipment and know-how.

Built by the largest 'family' on the planet , the Han (Chinese), the Great Wall of China was keep the Huns and other primitive Asian steppe people from descending on civilized China as they did successfully for a while, once a Hun sat on the Han throne. If it wasn't for the Great Wall, we wouldn't  have a little steppe country in Europe, occupied by so called "White Huns' who didn't want to assimilate and left walled-off Asia for the West, even if it did take centuries. Today we call this country Hungary ... race is all and the Hungarians know it; the"Huns' who assimilated are extinct.

White Nationalists of all stripes must be for building the racial wall if not only for the mental concept, but because our self-loather anti-white racist enemies have no legitimate argument against security ans dwindling white society is bored with nonwhite crime more and more every day so much that even our white enemies are afraid and certainly won't argue for open borders or face derision from any crowd. They have no cohesive argument against preserving our white identity society, especially if the opposite is mayhem and pandemonium as in the White man's last days in black and racemixed criminally-chaotic South Africa.

The races are naturally separating in so many little ways that the one-size-fits-all mercantile masters are pulling all the plugs by pushing racemixing  in ads and entertainment on their Jewsmedia. However, peacefully and with common sense, good will and fair play. That's why white nationalists are here... be assured.


by Don Andrews

You know you're on the right track when all your enemies are against action such as pulling the US troops our of foreign wars like Syria and Afghanistan. All these wars pauperize our white countries while bringing in thousands of nonwhite "refugees" and local collaborators and traitors to their own people to cause turmoil in whites' lands. The globalist Jewsmedia in particular has shown itself to be war meddlers and foreign aid proponents who are hatefully anti-white racist idiots at all times.

We have been petitioning President Trump to withdraw troops from these easteful wears that kill and cripple thousands...for what? A Put-in stooge in Russia ibn a Third World country that might last a generation? It's not worth it while billions of tax dollars that could be spent on our poor ad health care is wasted in military hardware and more foreign aid and migrants from that war-torn area that we helped to create.

Canada is the worst example of a woman-voter meddler mercenary nation for others' causes. Some people are stupidly proud of Canada's troops "keeping the peace" in Third World countries while allowing more immigrants into our country from those blighted planes. This idiocy must stop.

The "peacenik" enemies have failed to the people; the real anti-war populace are the white nationalists. We don't meddle like busybody women-- we mind our own business and hate war. That's the white man's way: common sense, good will and fair play is all we ask. Compluiment President Trump on his anti-war decisions (we will). And curse the warmongers. Foreigners, defend yourselves or die -- the Jewish American empire won't save you.

DEC 18



White nationalists have been betrayed many times by so-called fiscal conservatives, and just greedy capitalist cheapskates who don't have the milk of human kindness to take care of their own kith and kin -- a term that police agents despise. They don't want us to be portrayed as good guys.  Instead they  prefer the mean-spirited  attitude that greedy  capitalists always epsouse when they are elected to power by socially condservative and racially conscious whites. Today's cases in point are a character like Donald Trump, President of the United States and Premier Doug Ford of Ontario who embarrass and shame white nationalists, racists who care about their kith and kin and want the DNA-recessive breed to survive ina multicult/diversity soup of nonwhites brought to white countries for cheap labor and hatred of natural white racism.

There are still many kosher conservatives pretending to be white nationalists until they are so pressed on the question of racism that they're quick to deny it. Their pocketbooks are more important than their race and cannot  be trusted since they can by bought by tax cuts and trinkets for a few dollars more. You never hear them complain about the military missions; they just want their kith and kin to suffer more in service cuts to the poor that enrich the elites and leave our less-fortunate  in despair. Cheapskates are an embarrassment in any society; it's an awful policy to base your political society, always working against the koshers in the long run when the populace is sick and tired of the tight-fisted fiscal cuckservatives that real racists like to avoid. They get ousted for a more libreral regime friendler to the poor.

So it will be with Trump and Ford in the future-- unless they turn to the more generous populism that even Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's Liberals eschew. White racists need to remake their image and not allow the Jewsmedia to dictate who they are.

Are we going to leave the field to them to take care of our own kith and kin? The answer is obvious: populism is best.  



by Don Andrews

Ever since the 'fake news' charges, the mainstream media has lost touch with the public. Now they're going on and on about the Mueller investigation prior to the last election
so much that they  have left their audiences totally confused and as a consequence disinterested regarding Trump's failures and foibles during the election. There are so many names of proven and suspected liars around Trump that nobody believed anything they or what the media pundits say. If in some way Trump should be indicted or impeached from any of the serpentine conspiratorial stuff the white public will hate the anti-Trump media even more as white nationalists coalesce around the Republican Party, further dividing the unnatural racemixed nation  toward separation of the races and religions into dissolution of their 'union' Trump and company at not the end-all of whites desire for identity and racial respect that all sane people of all colors desire

The multicult experiment has failed miserably. No One really dares to promote that unnatural fallacy anymore except  the idiots in the  Jewsmedia and advertising industry still pushing failed racemixing in many of their inane ads. No one is falling for it anymore...out of fear and experience.



by Don Andrews

The sudden closing of the General Motors Oshawa, Canada is a disgusting move by cheapskates and globalists who couldn't  care less about their workers in spite of their mealy-mouthed words, just before Christmas, These overpaid CEOs should be brought to task by all patriotic Canadians for opening  plants in cheap labor Third World countries like Mexico while closing them in white man's Canada.

This cannot go unanswered, as it is a test for women-elected pretty boy Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and fiscal conservative Ontario Premier Doug Ford to show their vaunted nationalism and prevent the closure of these important facilities in Canada, not just their "we are disappointed" standard BS that we are all used to when it comes to globalist treachery. Talk is cheap -- we need action. We hope that  it doesn't become violent if irate employees should take oever the plants that rightfully belong to Canadian citizens, since our taxes  and consumerism have kept these plants operating at a great profit, if you look at their CEOs salaries.

Large multinational corporations should be broken up and submit to the laws and needs of the countries they orginate in. Otherwise they should be kicked out and we will start our own companies, nor for driverless or electric cara, in our supposed future. Anyone who doesn't bring up the facts of these corporations operating cheaply in blighted Third World is a globalist and an anti-white racist who dies not have our best wishes at heart -- just their pocketbooks.

We encourage all to join the fray against internationalist greedbags and their political flunkies, by sending emails, tweets, letters and phone calls to newspapers, media pundits and politicians to save our automaking economy that effects millions of Canada with this anti-white treachery in a country full of immigrants and migrants favored by anti-racists. Don't let them get away with it.


by Don Andrews

Being in the White Nationalist movement for about 50 years, you should know that I have all kinds of "friends" of every color and from every religious persuasion. Believe it or not, I believe in the principles of common sense, good will and fair play to all and expect the same in return; there are the ones who are friends with me, political and non-political, from coffee shop methadone addicts to longtime followers.

I met Steve "The Jew" --that's how he was known in our circle -- (I'll leave out his last name for the sake of his family) at a crowded coffee shop where we happened to share a table. Soon he found out who I was  as did mots of the denizens there and we exchanged comical banter from then on. Steve The Jew was a gambler: horses, casinos, and sports events. Occasionally I'd give him two dollars to bet on a horse of his preference at the track and he'd return with up to $25 in winnings. Eventually he'd get to the shop and hold the table for us a our seating arrangements. Steve had a bad habit of holding out his hand to anyone who out theirs in their pocket and came out with money to pay for anything. He was a bit of yutz with his wimpy mannerisms and very slow , deliberate walk, but he made it to the coffee shop from the native housing complex he was able to get into or to the local synagogue on Saturdays. He wasn't crippled, he was just physically slow but mentally agile. He would dish out clever rebuttals to criticism; he knew very well who I was -- a white supremacist neo-Nazi racist. He never had any arguments against my political position. I think he looked upon me as his thug Semitic protector. Steve was so inoccuous, but funny, that he was regular at my kitchen table suppers I held for hardcore followers and political hangers-on at my monthly Sunday afternoon dinners. Steve was a good listener and had his own chair in a crowded kitchen-- a big rolling chair because he stayed still and close to the table. Every now and then I drove him to his Semitic god cult's temple (synagogue). He always assumed I knew all the Jewish high holidays and celebrations. I never once had a political or social disagreement with this Europeanized globalist Jew (remember, race trumps religion). We only discussed the foibles and failures of the many coffee shop characters that we knew of all races and sexes. Suggested agents and other undermining types often gravitated toward Steve, but he never repeated any of their criticisms and seemed there as telephone pals.

Steve the Jew had a family in high professions; a doctor/cousin of his told him he had a form of throat cancer and had only six months to live. I wailed at the news with him on hearing it. His last days were spent at a nearby hospital in a private room. It was rumored he had lots of money because he collected coins and stamps, some of which he gave me out of the blue
and out of friendship; all that knowledge, prayers and money couldn't save him as he died at the fairly young age of 58. On my last visit to the hospital the poor guy couldn't speak and had a pad to write down his thoughts in very small printing; I had to get close to his face to read it. His last words to me, sadly were "Do you have any painkillers?" About a week later I was informed that Steve had died peacefully at the hospital. His family came to clean out his apartment; the rest was given to "You Got Junk".

After he told me of his cancer, I said to him, "Hey pal, you made an impression of your life with people", and gave him a hug; I think I saw his eyes glaze over-- I know mine did as I left.

Steve knows that his wandering spirit is welcome in my house, like all my friends in the next dimension.  Take care, pal.




by Don Andrews

I was talking to a new guy I met the other day who knows all about me and conspiracy theories, but I was surprised to learn that he didn't even own a television. I touched on some political propaganda emenating from the entertainment Jewsmedia. I told him he was crazy-- if you want to advise others, you'd better be informed, especially about the Jewsmedia.

I try to watch all the "popular stuff" occasionally for entertainment but mostly for information about the methods and angles that racemixing, diversity, perversion and globalism is peddled on the airwaves and in print by our enemies. One of the most popular shows, that's been running for ten years, has been the insidious propagandist fantasy comedy "Modern Family", filled with perversion and immorality.

This show has males, but no men in its cast: the males are either homosexuals (Cameron Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett), or childish buffoons (Phil Dunphy) or older crumudgeons (Jay Pritchett, played by Ed O'Neill, like the slob Al Bundy he played on Married With Children). The women are all loud macho feminists such as Phil's wife Clare (played by Julie Bowen, a real-life lesbian), and Gloria, the bosomy young Latino married to the old white drone. They also have children for the young viewers, immoral examples that many fans have watched grow up for the show's ten-year run.  Not only do queers and lesbians watch this childish comedy-drama, but also the kids and fans of couch potato O'Neill, not to mention Latinos who take great pride in watching the old white guy under the thumb of one of their own because of her big tits and ass.

It's a wide-ranging audience that's roped in to peddle the subtle propaganda of the clever, conniving, snooty queer writers who show their personal bigotry, with the show's snide remarks about the homosexuals adopting a Vietnamese girl with anti-Oriental quips like that of Luke Dunphy: "I didn't know her eyes could show emotion", or neo-complimentary swipes at knowing Jews who "know a good deal when they see one". It's the latest kick of the Jewsmedia to pretend  they are on the white man's side, ffrom Briebart, to creating phony  Nazi groups to control the conversation.

Comedy is the best way to bring a point across without being real; that's what the editor of the scurrilous about the anti-Jew paper the Your Ward News said when confronted with threatening charges here in Toronto, Canada -- he was "just kidding".  The Jews see the writing on the wall-- that race is all, and everything else is second, including the Semitic god-cults that have come from the Middle East (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). which by the way, anyone can leave, unlike a black, white or Oriental person. Judging by the empty churches, many whites are choosing to do so.

Modern Family is so white-centered, with blacks and Orientals occasionally appearing but having very minor roles, so much so that you wouldn't believe it is set in California, full of Latinos and other races. But you wouldn't know it, because diversity goes out the door when frightened, haughty homosexuals are in charge. It's only out there for show and to bring pressure on the rest of us for multiculturalism and racemixing, and the precious diversity that they don't practice.

You can't stick your head in the sand and pretend that this rotten world doesn't exist. Whites must take over their media while demanding the anti-white identity sentiment does not permeate the public. Modern Family is not the only so-called comedy with anti-white propaganda, from afraid-to-be black "Black-Ish" to the new show that makes fun of old people "The Cool Kids". White racists must be on the ball to condemn and demand changed to these so-called rude and crude (the Jews' way) comedies whenever watching this "funny" crap. So in this age of e-mails. texts, tweets and blogspots, you have plenty of work to do.

Turn your TV on.



by Don Andrews

It's a human tendency to rest on your oars when they think the job is done The enemies of the white people have been pointed out and proscribed by the President of the most powerful country on Earth, Donald Trump, president of the USA. However the resurrection of white pride society and culture is far from over as our dwindling white self-loather enemies and their globalist racemixing propagandist media dwindles with every new election in the white world. Our unnatural anti-white racist race traitors are losing ground everywhere through their barrenness attrition and racemixing and going full throttle to bring in nonwhite migrants from all over the world to brown our civilization and the DNA-recessive white race to extinction. But nowadays  they are worried
that white pride and identity is rising to the point of no return to thwart their evil globalization plans. This, all to the handiwork of white nationalists everywhere who have spearheaded the white renaissance movement to the notice of a clever businessman who got himself elected president-- Donald Trump.

Oh sure, the so-called conservative (cuckservatives) globalist Jews have noticed the trend and are trying to buy into the white nationalist revival by pretending to agree-- just to a point with white identity conspirators in politics in politics and culture. But they are to waylay the movement into cheapskate cost-cutting, which ends up making more poor (whites and  nonwhites) that the reaction to their mean-spirited policies could be done if nationalist populism  is not adopted -- a word that Jew-surrounded Trump has not yet adopted. Now it's up to white nationalist leaders and their followers to direct the resurrection of  white race and culture  with every tweet, e-mail, letter and phone call to our media's enemies when they step even slightly  out of line and appear to be denigrating our race and culture through the promotion of migrant and immigrant invasions and anti-free speech  anti-white  Orwellian so-called hate laws-- the tyrants' last effort to silence his critics.

White Nationalists' credibility has risen --nor only from the occasional advocate who "pops off" in a murderous rage but from our natural racist position that none of the white race traitors or other nonwhite racist hypocrites can argue with The racemixing Semitic God cults and religions are going down the drain, helped along by Islamic fanatics and arrogant Jew cult overlords. No one needs to belong to them-- it's all voluntary, so don't whine when you're confronted for past and present anti-white anti-white race evil perpetrated by all the cults, Judaism, Judaism-lite/2-Marys' Christianity, and its patriarchal successor, Mohammed's Islam. Only our natural white racist feelings , common sense, good will and fair play can save us from the white breeds planned for by our enemies.

Let's double down on our important work..Are you with us? Our future depends on it.




By Don Andrews

American Jews have overplayed theie hand with all the hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth around the massacre of eleven old Jews in a rich Pittsburgh synagogue. Instead of citing the tragedy as the work of a maniac as Trump said, they've gone all out to align themselves with the anti-white race traitor enemies of our people, calling on Trump to denounce his reported white nationalism and giving grist to the mill for the 21st century theory that globalist Jews are out to replace whites in their own countries with cheap and more docile servants. Their Semitic god Bible promises them 10,000 slaves each at the "end of time". When you consider how few oligarch Jews run so many of the world's countries, from Russia to the USA , to Britain and France, etc., they could be reaching that end-of-times point.

Israel's Netanyahu and its media played down the massacre in Pittsburgh, letting the American Jewsmedia spread fear among their Semitic religion's cult followers go into a panic over the resurgence of Neo-Nazis, fascism and natural racism. Israel needs new citizens and they're hoping that the USA's "Goldbergs" will pack their bags and come running to a foreign put-in-place tinderbox country in the Middle East (not bloody likely). First of all, white women voters still run North America into a multicult cesspool, worse than Brazil. There are not normal white racists (nationalists) to fill the streets that even their leaders are surprised at the groundswell of popular support and you'll know it's true. Soon it will be the subject of publicity and positivity. White Nationalists have a lot of catching up to do because the public is much more populist and racist than the wimps and pundits of the Jewsmedia and would have you believe because they fearfully know the truth already by the comments, tweets and emails they receive daily from the ordinary Joe by the vitriolic comments. They are hated more than they like to admit as they nervously  smile on your screens knowing that they're peddling bullshit (fake news).

President Trump is still surrounded by Jews. His daughter's still trying to be one. I hear it takes seven generations (140 years) to be fully accepted as a Jew by all Jews. Kushner hopes that they make some daughters; otherwise they'll be no Jews in the next generation for this new matriarchal Semitic god couple.

Today I read that the epitome of Jewish American matriarchy, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, just turned 90. That's a long busy, nosy life. As soon as she's gone, so will the last three generations of the meddling Jewish-American empire that over-populated and racemixed the world purposely with military intervention and "aid".

A friend of a friend had their one-week-old baby circumsized because the father was I shook my head in disgust -- why put the child through such pain? -- it has to be conscious when it's happening. The parents aren't Jews or Muslims and the evangelical Protestants are out of vogue. Who knows? Twenty to forty years from now you may be asked to drop your drawers  to prove you're not a member of an end-of-penis skinned cult (Muslims and Jews) at the point of a gun -- or do some explaining, as the Judaism-lite Semitic cult (Christian) churches are almost empty. Today's spoiled brat/women-raised kids will accept superheroes but not Semitic fantasies, especially when they fear the lilting "Allah Akbar" before they blow themselves up fo the foreign god. Nativity scenes just don't have the respect or adoration they used to, with such fanaticism around.

Trump and company have unbottled a natural genie which needs to be around when good deeds are done, saying things like "That's mighty white of you", things that most are afraid to say. This genie of white racial identity, pride and isolationism will not be put back into the multicultist bottle-prison of lies unless we  do it ourselves because racism is as natural as breathing and the planet is over-populated by  nonwhite peoples' empire. Common sense, good will, fair play and isolationism is required  and will be imposed by the natural racist genie.

Tell all our enemies: resistance is futile.


by Don Andrews

The three Semitic God globalist cult religions (Judaism, Christianity/Judaism-lite, and Islam (the Semitic patriarchal reaction to both), have caused a lot of murder and mayhem on the planet since their globalist spread, with fire and sword and with whites' treasures. Far from being the religions of peace they are arrogant, matriarchal exclusivists or racemixer invaders and interlopers. Their arrogant belief in their Semitic religious philosophy knows no bounds, right to the point of  DNA-recessive white racial extinction. The fact that most  people have been cowed into a cowardly white self-loather position, afraid to be called a racist,  shows their power and  establishment of their La-la Land in the last days of the Jewish American Empire started by merchants.

However, many sane and brave white men and women remain who see the threat to their white race civilization and the nature of their opposition to their very existence. We are called white racists and white supremacists -- take your choice. We are not afraid nor will we be mollified by racemixers fake news propaganda lies emanating from their news and entertainment Jewsmedia. Yeah, they run it all and nothing happens in the First or Second world on the planet without their approval, including setting up nasty false anti-Semitic  organizations to discredit and disrupt  natural white nationalist activity in a self-destructive racemixed society they have created against our wishes and to our dismay in spite of many warnings and pleas from white racists all over the world to the goy marionettes. The ruling
Jew establishment can bring down teh hammer and put white nationalists  into "re-education camps" like the Chinese have done to the Muslim Semite cult Uighurs. Islam, Christianity and Judaism are not a race -- Only racemixer Semite god-cults that people of various and races belong to. The are the world's imperialists, not natural racists who want to mind their own business and live in their own comfortable secure state, confident that their neighbors will do the same. These are all natural desires because race trumps religion (of any racemixers' god).

If the Jews are supposedly so smart, they should realize the facts of life and offer the hand of friendship and understanding to those who are so natural that they are not encumbered by religious fantasy stories of a foreign people. Many have joined the "lite" Alt-Right (Briebart, Infowars, etc.) yet still holding out on the most fundamental feelings of Man-- his racial identity, all the rage now with DNA testing that no one can take away from you or excommunicate you from because race is all -- and don't think that the Jew Semitic cult members don't know it. I am proudly 69% East European (Slav), 20% Mediterranean (Greek). 4% Finnish and North Russian, 2% Iberian (Spanish) Peninsula and the rest, Middle Eastern, having been born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, a longtime province of the Roman, Greek and Turkish Empires invaded by Slavs in the 6th Century A.D. What's your background, Jewish cult members?

Give us a hand!


OCT. 19


by Don Andrews

Hamiltonians are lucky to have  such a talented, energetic and intellectual candidate like Paul Fromm, running for Mayor of that beautiful city. I've known Paul ever since his university days. He's a tireless worker for white culture  and civilization in Canada, something Hamilton doesn't want to lose. Paul Fromm's ads on Hamilton radio station 94.7 New Country FM are clear and to the point: Gridlock and lack of upgraded infrastructure and lazy privatized construction is wreaking havoc in Toronto and Hamilton, wasting peoples' lives, time and money, and traffic jams that could easily be alleviated if it weren't for lazy anti-car politicians living in a globalist La-la-land.

Here in Toronto we have three pro-white candidates running for Mayor: Chris Brosky, Faith Goldy and Dr. James Sears. They're aall good candidates , but our man is Chris Brosky is best. I'll be interesting to see the combined white nationalist vote in this metropolis. These votes are the seed for the maintenance of whites' civil rights and heritage for future generations -- same goes for Hamilton.

I'm sure our enemies will be watching and counting. Do your part -- mark your ballot for Paul Fromm for Mayor of Hamilton. Remember, if isn't written down (your mark) it didn't happen. Good luck, Paul!

OCT 11


By Don Andrews
     Nationalist Party of Canada

It's not the white man's way to gloat over your victories. In fact it's an embarassment, especially when guys like President Donald Trump and the "popular" Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin go on and on about the confirmation of the obfuscating Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court. Sure, we hate the white race traitors here at the Nationalist Party of Canada just as much as our common sense white nationalists would. But it's with good will and fair play, to undermine our enemies further , instead of claiming ridiculous stuff. like Trump announcing that Kavanaugh was proven "innocent" (by whom?-- his superlative mind?) Remember, Trump won't last; storm clouds are on the horizon for this openly Zionist president, surrounded by Jews like Rosenstein from the FBI who gave Kavanaugh a free pass with a very limited invrstigation.
Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin does no white man a favor by advocating the legalization of rape to get back at Kavanaugh's white female accusers. It's just disgusting.

Of course our enemies would love for white nationalists to look like mean idiots, so these kind of pronouncements are always elevated by the Jew Establishment and the reds to further divide the white race to immobility, instead of acting in unison, male and female alike; We already have the problem compassionate white women being naive to the point of the edge of the extinction of our race when dealing with nonwhites.  

I've been in the white nationalist movement for over 40 years. I have seen a lot of virulent anti-Jew propaganda. Who benefits from that -- except the Jews and anti-racists; they love the power of victimhood and some idiots give it to them "daily". Who could be paying for that? Certainly not the white Nationalist movement;  We are poor and divided (bringing up the Nazis and visions of concentration camps doesn't help to bring us closer to our people. It only makes us look like nut cases and scary -- just what the Jews ordered). So if you're looking for that, you won't find it on our site because it not only do we have  common sense but also good will and fair play towards all... the only way that we can move forward and gain the public's trust. Fortunately, most white people are just that way inclined.

Just because someone is vicious towards our enemies doesn't mean they are on our side... Keep that in mind.

OCT 14


by Don Andrews

Globalism is the enemy of nationalism  and racial separation; a rich merchant class wants  all boundaries to the movement of goods and people as the merchants need to make a profit for the few elites' luxury items.

There are other kinds of globalism, like the two Semitic god cult religions stemming from the elitist Jews' god: women's Christianity and Semites' patriarchal Islam. They both wish a globalist-ruled world where DNA-recessive whites would eventually with their racemixing. Both religions will use force to establish the rule of their Semitic god version of life on Earth. The effeminate cult of Christianity is in decline, failing to stop nonwhite invasions of their once-white countries and aiding their destruction by accelerating the nonwhite populations through their missionary work.

Men's Islam, on the other hand, has taken up the gun among proud primitive peoples to kick out the foreigners among various nonwhite racial groups from Afghanistan to Somalia, from Morocco to Mozambique, etc., their fight helps our fight to curb globalist expansion while showing to whites the meanness of the Semitic racemixers' religion. Let them fight it out -- whites need some isolationism because foreign meddling will eventually destroy their kind through globalist assimilation.

Therefore we say, a pox on all globalist racemixer efforts-- whoever is part of it.




by Don Andrews

The obfuscator Kavanaugh case of modern-day  male ribald youth and the consequent feminist backlash shows there's a need to reform America's Hollywood casting-couch morality. After all, these are the idiots responsible who put the idiots on screen and on TV for  the short-attentioned to imitate Belushi-like clowns of the seventies and eighties. And even now, the deceptive, crude and rude are all over the screens for those idiots to imitate.

America's Semitic God Christian churches have forgotten their moral position -- with the exception of homosexual marriage, etc., so much. that the only people around to set an ethical moral code are White Nationalists who know the history of our progressive race and the meaning of common sense, good will and fair play. Any belittling of the need for a moral renaissance for our dwindling white race undermines our future in a mad funhouse. White racism is a serious business and never more needed than today as whites are being replaced in almost every neighborhood; in a city like Toronto, which once prided itself as being 98% Anglo-Saxon, now down to 48% nonwhite.

White Nationalists may comment on current foreign affairs and external threats, but the real problem is our own mental attitude toward the importance of race and ethnicity, especially with hedonistic dummies who don't know their history. It's up to all White Nationalists to insist on a moral decorum with White Nationalist groups and individuals, that we're all on the same public platform that our followers can adhere to.

Doing Important work can also be enjoyable.



by Don Andrews

Seeing President Trump crying for his flawed nominee for the US Supreme Court  Brett Kavanaugh was a pathetic whine for the eltists, especially when he talks about the privileged rich guy's family, So much dirt has been thrown around Kavanaugh definitely looks dirty; his opinions on the anti-white/anti-family Supreme Court will be tarnished by his presence.

None of these early white neo-racist politicians are that important, including Donald Trump; the main achievement of his presidency is that he has made it to earmark the Republican Party as the White Peoples' (Blancos, South American style), where the Democrats with their traitorous anti-racist female leadership of whites and Jewesses that will eventually morph into the non-whites' party (Colorados, South American style) after their barren white supporters are dead and gone.
This will not change no matter how mnany Jews and Zionists are advising Trump for any future candidate coming from the white neo-racist identity voters dwindling everywhere almost into oblivion, until desparate separatists take over from all-white Constitutional Racist States fofr a severe and prosperous future,

Trump must be reminded that continuing support for Kavanaugh is losing him sympathy with his white women voters. US Senator Flake probably won't vote for Kavanaugh anyway, since the FBI doesn't give anyone a clear pass, they just investigate. Like I said, Kavanaugh is burnt toast whose stench will lasy unless Trump shows some unusual humility and grace in the face of all this scandal and asks Kavanaugh to withdraw his candidacy, nicer than he acted when he arrogantly applied for the job in the Senate interview.


SEPT. 25


By Don Andrews

While the "fake news" MSN, CNN, Fox, ABC, CBS,CBC, ABC, BBC, NBC, etcetera, focus on the waste of their Mueller investigation and the Kavanaugh disappointment, globalist meddlers have set off three potentially dangerous war situations in the Middle East.

First of all, oligarch Jews' Putin the advanced S-300 missile system into Syria despite Israel's Netanyahu pleading and objections --this after an Israeli jet hid behind  a Russian plane to avoid Syrian missile battery detection and an attack that killed 15 Russian troops. Russian troops must be defended abroad, or "nationalist" Putin will lose popularity in this globalist military adventure to keep a Freemason-likw cult red regime in power in that Works War I colonialistrs' made-up country Syria. Who knows will be manning the missiles? One thing is for sure -- Israeli jets over Syria are in danger -- one could be downed soon.

Second, Aryan Iran has suffered a 'terrorist' attack during a military parade in a city occupied by mostly Arabs who want to form their own new country called "Ahvaziya". 25 were killed, including children. ISIS also claimed responsibility. Whatever the case, this is another example of Sunni Semites versus Aryan Iranian Persians trying to interpret the originator Arabs' Islam according to their 'Shia' view of Mohammed's dreams and teachings.  The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has pledged great retribution -- they're just waiting for their pin-prick excuse because they blame the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel for the parade attack. Who will they hit?

Third, in the northern part of  the colonialist construct of Syria, a bunch of  Sunni CIA-backed jihadist rebels are holed up in the city of Idlib; they were about to be wiped out by the Putin-supported red Syrian regime and their Russian pals when NATO member Turkey stepped in to tell them to lay off or face Turkish troops moved to their border. Aryan Iran is on the Shia side of the Muslim divide and the Syrian dictator Assad; they all met and decided to form a no-war zone around Idlib for now. But it can't last -- the rebels want to keep attacking and the Red regime wants them wiped out and Idlib restored to their control. Something, or someone, has to give with Putin on the Turkish leash. How long can that last? While all this is happening the Saudis and the Iranians are conducting proxy wars in Yemen with Shia Houthis under attack and losing ground to Saudi-backed rebels while the population starves.  

The sooner whites stop meddling in nonwhites' affairs, the better for all.




by Don Andrews

President Donald Trump had better get out to the Carolinas and help out with the relief efforts right after Hurricane Florence passes through to cover his big mouth tracks about Puerto Rico's hurricane fiasco.  You never want to re-victimize victims with the Mantifort betrayal looming on the horizon and all of Trump's bought pals knuckling under to the Deep State.

Trump's only hope is to be so popular with the poor and blue collar whites that all the Mueller investigation/fake news mumbo-jumbo will be forgiven and forgotten. How about a few rallies by his supporters throughout the country for charitable donations. Trump just keep his populism's popularity to counter his anti-white globalist enemy, the mainstream media.

Tell Him... we will.



By Don Andrews

Populist Ontario Premier Doug Ford was way off base when he tried to reduce the size of Toronto City Council from 47 to 25, right in the middle of an municipal election when nominations had closed. Talk about disrupting city politics -- that's what the Ford brothers did to Toronto traffic to a standstill with contractors extending projects as far as they can.

White voters have had enough of anti-white racist fiscal conservatives. Doug Ford will be one-term premier of Ontario if he further antagonizes and disrupts the city's politicians and voters. Tell Doug -- if he's a true populist  -- not to appeal the court's decision when he had plenty of time to present his case had lost to a Dalton McGuinty-appointed judge. Show some class, Doug and make amends to Toronto  and do not appeal the decision or use the "not withstanding" clause, or suffer the consequences four years from now in the next election. ... We will.

PS: Ford would be better off getting together with
Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and Mayor John Tory to tackle murder and black shooting sprees in Toronto first.



by Don Andrews

Canada's answer to Donald Trump, Maxime Bernier. must be on the right track. You know it when all the anti-white mainstream media is against his views. The French Canadian politician had the audacity to suggest that multiculturalism has failed in Canada and everywhere else, for that matter. The newcomers are not assimilating into a Western white culture. but are establishing their own ghettos of race and religion while terrifying the old-stock Canadians (white settlers) with their arrogance and birthrate. No sane white man or woman can be happy for their children's future in this diversity Tower of Babel temporary society.

English-speaking white Canadians trust the limited vocabulary of French Canadian politicians, from Jean Chretien and onwards -- they think they don't know enough English to lie publicly, so they're given a lot of leverage when it comes to their public opinions and hopefully they mean them. "Progressive" Conservative (an oxymoron if ever I heard one) left the neo-liberal PC party under the lack-lustre leadership of a deep-state Andrew Scheer to form his own party... hopefully, soon enough for next year's slated federal election. Whether Bernier is successful or not in this endeavor won't matter in the final analysis. Sure he has shown all Canadians that the globalist Progresssive Conservatives couldn't care less about anything conservative, especially when it comes to conserving white society and civilization in Canada. No one can honestly vote for these kind of effeminate feminist cuckservatives and expect white society standards in Canada. This political party has been stabbing us in the back ever since the open-borders prime minister John Diefenbaker's days, just like in the United States in the past; it's difficult to tell  who is a liberal and who is a conservative in Canada's Parliament;by the way they talk to the public they're all the same. These kind of cheapskate fiscal conservative  Tories need to be put out to pasture for a decade  or two before they're ever trusted again by Canadian conservatives and growing white nationalists.

Even pretty boy Justiin Trudeau's Liberals are tkiing stock of the anti-diversity/anti-multicultural open-borders grumblings in Canada not to mention growing crime rates by nonwhites, particularly blacks and Asians/ The unanimous opposition to Maxime Bernier's concerns about immigration and multiculturalism by the media show they too know Canadians are fed up with their unnecessary lies and treachery by hiding nonwhite crime and its culprits, all the way to the police forces who are always show to describe and/or name the criminal perpetrators, while solely focusing on the victim who is usually white.

Canada is usually about ten years behind the United States culturally and politically, so we know initially that any Maxime Bernier party will officially be anti-racist, as natural racism rises proportionally to the failed racemixers' USA, who would never countenance any new busing programs. I think that the Canadian Englishman Jeff Goodall put it so
succinctly , that even the commie and kosher Toronto newspapers printed his letter:

" Since massive Third World immigration was foisted on us some 50 years ago, all four political parties have been in politically correct lock-step regarding multiculturalism.

Hate crime laws and human rights commissions have been created to deter any resistance, so not only are we voiceless, we are also penalized and censored if we try to express any opposition to our dispossession. Bernier is setting up a political party that will speak for us on these issues, and I believe the support he is going to receive will be massive"
(Toronto Star, August 26).

Just as I said, Toronto's October 22 mayoralty election has three white nationalist candidates: Chris Brosky, who we're backing, Faith Goldy and Dr. James Sears. All their votes can be considered as racially-aware white nationalist votes -- the hope for the future of civilized Toronto now under attack from mostly-black violence. The same can be said for any future vote for Maxime Bernier and any of his party's candidates. These will all be natural white racist votes that hopefully Bernier's candidates will respect. They are the future of Canada, that we are helping to guide with your support.

Thanks to all!

By Don Andrews

It's sad, but true: some of the most talented and knowledgable advisors around Donlad Trump can't be trusted by the white people's leader (yes, the white people's leader). That's been confirmed by a continuous  white-base Trump support in spite of all the accusations and innuendoes in the mainstream Jewsmedia who are secretly in league with those Jew advisors.

 Most Jews are globalists, as cited in Henry Ford's book The Intrenational Jew, and couldn't give a hoot for other peoples' racial and nationalist pride, just going along for the ride at Trump's basically white rallies where the attendees feel invigorated afterwards. Whether its his personal lawyer Michael Cohen or longtime close friend David Pecker of the National Enquirer, they both betrayed him. Same goes for Attorney General Jeff Sessions (whom  Trump is fearful of firing because another Jew, Rod Rosenstein, is waiting to take over before Congress could approve a new nominee. Even Trump's ruling oligarch Jews in Russia (ex-commissars who divvied up the spoils after the Soviet Union's breakdown) can't be trusted. Who knows if the have a 'Golden Shower' video -- I wouldn't put it past Putin's KGB; He's the only guy who appears to have something embarassing on Trump, judging by his snooty demeanor. Hey, Vlad, you're just an appartchik, put in a position of power by more powerful forces.

Don't expect President Trump to say anything on any of this. But you never know: on Thursday he spoke in favor of white farmers being murdered and dispossesed from their land in once-apartheid South Africa. What other president would dare say that? Even the anti-white race Jewsmedia was taken by surprise, since they never once mentioned the slaughter in the nineties of white farmers in blighted, racemixed South Africa, which like most racemixed states, won't last. CNN's feeble excuse was in their Trump's "misinformation" whine -- as if that passes for censorship.

Trump is right to talk of the plight of poor whites in America. His warm reception in the coal country  of West Virginia proves it. His supporters couldn't care less while the pundits and anchors on the mainstream Jewsmedia run around like Chicken Littles ( "The sky is falling! "The sky is falling!"). However, the last thing Donald Trump should do is to start any war or conflict with white Russia, Eurasian Turkey or Aryan Iran. These are old empires whose people see the folly of American and their politics.  These areas should not be treated lightly or disrespectfully as the cosmopoltian Jews around Trump and Israel often do, especially multicult, degenerate Limey Land (UK), always acting to get inrio the fray and bitter at the loss of their old Empire. Trump must be a  peace and peosperity president ... that's what the people at his rallies expect, not globalist mischief and disrespect from the Middle East, Afghanistan, North Korea and Japan.

White Americans don't want an empire -- they want a proud, nationalist state, as many new candidates in their November elections realize. The crap that CNN and  all their imitators are peddling for multicult and diversity and against the white man's leader Donald Trump; they're not buying it. So let's watch the marionettes and puppet masters play their useless games, strictly for our entertainment, as all television was declared to be by the US Supreme Court (including the news) after the fallout following rigged games shows like The $64,000 Question. It's all an act.

But don't forget to send greetings and messages of support to President Trump anytime he deserves it, and tell him to tell his ersatz friends:

"You're fired!"



It's a rough crowd that comes to the New World, especially North America, as I'd like to call them, the kickouts and runaways  of the White world -- mostly greedy losers looking to get rich, also known as "American Exceptionalism". However, there is another elemet of losers that were totally against being sent to the new wild continent -- African slaves, mostly the US French pimps and whores, and petty criminals, to Quebec, and untold United Kingdom "orphans" known as Barnardos. (Oh yeah, and my once-"orphan" self). Many of them are still the underclass or low-income level for reasons of their own. They're our white poor who don't see material wealth as a sign of  life's success. They are not ideologically stupid because they are the essence of white racism and the white culture way. If they didn't have money, at least they have class by knowing that race is all.

This idea really irks the new nonwhite arrivals who judge everything by what they see: The dazzling white civilization that whites have built in North America that they are now incrementally taking over by our low birthrate and their high birthrate and our open borders to all, as if this wasn't even a settled country. Their rudeness must be corrected, clearly and legally, whenever encountered, since they don't have any  respect for white racists, as I'm sure we would with common sense, good will and fair play when on their territory -- unless you want them all to play Gunga Din flunky race traitiors (as played by the Jew Sam Jaffe in the 1939 movie) . That's called imperialism.

The most irritating and haughty of the nonwhites are the East Indians and Asians. African blacks may be more dangerous coming from a patriarchy, unlike  North American blacks, especially from East Africa such as Somalis, Ethiopians and Eritrians. I know an Eritrian cab driver; we always discuss the conflict of the Horn of Africa. He knows who I am. Whenever I insist on buying him a coffee you feel like he really appreciates it, with his gratitude-filled smile. In that area of Africa it's still common for tribes to put notches on their firearms for human kills and if it was by stealth, you get more respect. Nigerians and others from that area will soon get some more with Canada's dumb Mali mission  and learn to mind their own buisiness in future Boko Haram mosque nests. The Vatican's failed state of Biafra  brought us their loser Christians -- now we will get some Muslim opportunists fleeing the Boko Haram war in Nigeria's south.

Asians have always been haughty. especially to the poor. Koreans are curt. the Chinese
are oblivious and the East Indians are dismissive of poor whites, as if they're lesser humans, and that some kind of
caste system existed in the new white man's land (if not, they're ready to practice or impose one).

Don't let them do it. This is not a snooty class-ridden Limey colony, even if some rich still act as if it is. Any nonwhite immigrant's anti-racism should be condemned for what it is -- hypocrisy, judging by their countries' histories. We don't need any lessons from them or even dirty looks. Remember what happened to whites in China during the Boko Haram Chinese-style racist Boxer Rebellion and read how they chopped off a ten-year-old redhaired girl's head, the daughter of a missionary where her mother waited, holding her hand. Do not allow any of these people to complain about natural white racism -- or did they come to change our civilization?

Now is the time to be engaged in something greater than yourself  -- saving your race. It's better than money; All poor racists making history know this.

Stand up for your race and culture!


by Don Andrews

I was talking to my first wife the other day, an Italian , who said that whites were the only race whose people are at war with themselves. She agreed; "yeah, really!" And she's not particularly political when it comes to white nationalist activities, But ordinary whites know that there is a struggle going on for the soul of all white nations whether they are going to stay white or become polyglot multicultural murderous places like Brazil (see our news page). Right now the white bureaucrats, regimes, police forces and media are all against the white man. They're the enemies of our racial survival. They also know that racemixing never produces any more whites, due ro our recessive DNA. It's almost like a punishment from Nature.. you mix, you cease to exist; that reminds me of my nightmare when during a dental procedure
I heard the words, "God is Vanity!"(see elsewhere on this page)

It's the ordinary white people who are extraordinary in their life-choice who are white nationalist heroes of today, battling hypocrite bullies at political rallies in elections and on the Internet. While the races are separating with the advent of multiculturalism and diversity's criminality, which our white self-loathers are also also the to answer for, blaming the problem on inanimate objects like guns ignoring the black elephants in the room. More and More white nationalist racists are being made every day all over North America, Australia and Europe (South America's gone) . The South African whites failed to make any all-white states with all-white labor (so much for colonialism--it makes more nonwhites).

Right now there is a scramble for leadership and unity of white nationalists, never mind that left wing/right wing French Revolution/Freemason commie crap that equates us with our enemies. Essentially, there is no need to unite the various white nationalists organizations: it would only make the movement easier to undermine and mislead. The ruling Establishment tried it with the degenerate Roseanne Barr's program as a Trump supporter and Breibart, Infowars, Matt Drudge and others like them, who still won't declare themselves as white nationalists and racists while pretending to care for the whiteman's plight. Their shyness and respect for what their enemies think when accused of being racists says it all.

The last two generations have nothing to teach us about racemixing and social harmony
prosperity and security with their mass immigration of nonwhites. Pointless costly and bloody wars (Vietnam, Iraq, Somalia, Korea, etc.), show that it's up to white nationalists to give future whites "what-fer". We are setting the stage for a natural racist renaissance for our race where the term of gratitude "that's mighty white of you" is again respected. White racists will win the white race civil war and the time will come when we 'll be as smart as the Chinese, the largest family on the planet. But for now, we'll have to contend with the white self-loathers, opportunistic hedonists and globalist greedbags who are dwindling anf dying off every day with their dumb ideas  that almost destroyed an angelic race. As the Cabaret song (written by two Jews) says, "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" .... such irony.


by Don Andrews

The dwindling white race cannot put its trust into one leader or even two or three, as the Third Reich showed. We must all be leaders in our own right when it comes to our survival, that only unnatural white self-loathers wouldn't care about. There are many political roads to travel and still save your own DNA-recessive kind from extinction. Therefore. there is no need to rely on any particular personality to achieve and maintain our goal to live on the planet.

Initially, most white racists relied on conservatives who have who have since morphed into disgusting, wimpy, greedy "cuckservatives" besmirching that political slant for generations; today's cuckservatives only care to conserve their personal pocketbooks after succumbing to selfish praise of the little Russian Jewess Ayn Rand ( Alisa Rosenbaum), calling themselves individualistic libertarians. Fiscal conservatives became all the rage along with a  greedy profit attitude leading to all kinds of so-called free trade deals that saw white society jobs go to Third World cheap-labor places that exploited those populations. Remnants of these cheapskate blowhards remain in politics today, when race is the issue; one even got elected President of the USA, much to his surprise. You can see it at his rallies when he first appears at the podium.

Donald Trump knows he can say no wrong to the admiring 98% white crowd here to hear him ramble on against the white race's enemies, especially the even more surprised and disappointed racist white idiots who thought that an anti-white feminist Hillary Clinton  would breeze into the White House. It didn't turn out that way  -- that's why Trump can ignore their daily mainstream media scandal updates that the vast majority of whites couldn't give a damn about while the nonwhites don't understand the white self-loather mind to appreciate the difference between collusion and Russian meddling with their minds during the last election. The media is talking to themselves, while being too afraid to condemn all Trump's rally rousers as white racists who couldn't care less about the imperfections of their in-your-face new anti-Establishment leader. The white public knows the media is responsible for not only  flushing
useless foreign wars but bringing all their refugees here. No one is perfect, an accepted policy, especially if you are willing to challenge the enemy establishment against our race.

White nationalists of every political stripe should contest elections wherever there is a need for them. In Toronto, we have three pro-white nationalist candidates for mayor alone: Chris Brosky (whom we are backing), Faith Goldy of Charlottesville's "Unite The Right" fame, and James Sears, an ex-doctor  turned anticommunist activist. showing that multicult "diversity-is-our-strength" chaos is in need of overhauling and  repair to restore law and order and house the homeless and feed the hungry in Toronto. That's where our racist policy should begin, to right the wrongs of cuckservative globalist sellouts and restore human dignity and hope for a white civilization in our city.

Come out and vote -- the world is watching and the last thing we need is to be betrayed again by greedy cheapskates called Trump Conservatives or Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who ignore our racial desires in Ontario with mean cuts to the white poor ruined by their anti-racist globalism. Vote for your existence on October 22 in
Toronto's Municipal Election.




Well, we have our candidate for Mayor of Toronto that the Nationalist Party of Canada is going to support, and it's Chris Brosky.

No one is perfect, and certainly non hard-pressed white nationalist candidates; pro-white nationalist Chris Brosky got involved in a murder at the age of sixteen in Texas, got sixteen years for the crime after 10,000 blacks complained about him getting a lighter sentence as a delinquent white Canadian (Chris holds no grudges). Chris, now 44, survived it all and is back in his Canada with no criminal record and has taken up community service in his poor neighborhood of all races and faiths in downtown Toronto .

Chris Brosky  knows the city and I've traveled with him, pointing out all the  dragging privatization  construction jobs, unsynchronized traffic lights and hardly-ever-used street-disrupting Mayor John Tory-imposed bike lanes (like on Woodbine Avenue) that  congest traffic everywhere. Chris is very concerned about the homeless and I've pointed out to him the appearance of vast numbers of panhandlers and overcrowded, bedbug-ridden overnight shelters that plague our beautiful brick-and-tree-canopied city of Toronto. The allocation of tax dollars to foreign refugees and housing angers a lot of poor Canadians of all colors, while Canadian single mother families have to go to emergency shelters because of the lack of affordable housing.

The mayor of a city can do a lot by gentle encouragement and public vitriol to help ease the housing crisis in our beautiful city. He can start by encouraging little old cat ladies living alone over-housed in two and three storey homes, to rent a room or two and we can all benefit, instead of poor whites fleeing to small towns from violent multicultural cities to create affordability like in the United States.

Chris Brosky is a "wise guy"; he once had a statuette of Buddah in a necklace; he likes to think he thinks and he's had lots of time for that -- he's well-read, too, and knows his history, so he can plan for the future to maintain a white civilization in Toronto. But most of all, Chris Brosky is a man of his word and handshake. Chris knows my peasant Slav (Bosnia) background (my birth name was Vilim Zlomislic). "Two chickens," as he puts it, with a DP accent... my words mean what I say", so I'm taking Chris at his word because there are two other candidates who can be construed as white nationalists running for Mayor of Toronto as our white renaissance (Trump. Ford, etc.). One of them is James Sears, testing the limits of free speech with his Your Ward News and its new world order conspiracy stuff, and Faith Goldy with the kosher conservative Sun Media -- until she attended the white nationalist Charlottesville, Virginia rally recently.

I don't know these people, but I do know there's a desire by many whites to unite, if not in violent Charlottesville, then at least in the safety of a secret ballot "X" mark (not even your name will be known. Our enemies will be watching the progress of the three white nationalist racist Toronto mayoralty candidates. All their votes can be lumped together to see the core and strength of white racists in the city and of those who  came here from the Third World to enjoy the benefits of a white culture-- their votes are in there too. These three candidates may not win, but they represent the wave of the future to keep this city safe and secure. This is your chance to preserve the past and ensure the future by spreading the word that
Brosky is Best ... all else will follow.

Good luck Chris, on October 22nd. You have my vote.


I've been in North America since 1952 and I've never seen a US president treated so badly by the mainstream media of every facet. The globalist media hates Donald Trump so much that they try to make up a revelation crisis ever 2-3 days from some unknown source and run with it. Right now they gave about 6 or 7 conspiracy theories against President Trump, either personal; of foreign. When did you ever hear the mainstream media being against communism, the KGB and the ex-Soviet Union and Russia. Well, they're all that.

Even the Cold Warriors of the various intelligence agencies  are secretly working  against Trump with made up stories of collusion with Russian hackers and meddling in the 22016 election. Oh please, when hasn't either side meddled --or should I say, used the other side to advance globalist goals on the planet?

Of course the mean media source of this animosity toward Trump isn't because of he's a degenerate world jet-setter like themselves-- it's  because Trump was elected by a white identity majority. Donald Trump represents the aspirations and feelings of the white Americans of all economic levels. He is their knight in shining armor that no scumbags from the degenerate press and media can tarnish --and he knows it. Didn't he boast that he could shoot someone on a New York street and get away with it? He's probably right because that's how much the white people need a champion at his rallies.

Vladimir Putin can count on naturally racist Slav to back his pro-nationalist leadership , bare chest and all.  But the idea that white people in North America are all racist at the secret ballot box, has unnerved our enemies after three generations of racemixing; our enemies have been unable to quash our white pride and unity, marked with an X for Trump in November 2018's midterms and as president in 2020, that no made-up scandal will change, except to tone it down a bit until  regular and real people take over the business, instead of catering to white self-loathers, nonwhites, queers and perverts only. In the meantime it's fun to pose and posture. twist and turn with exaggerated emphasis on nothing, trying to bring Trump down. If they were smart. they would stop and play the Roseanne game of "I'm Not A Bigot" and try to derail white identity with sitcom perversions. Instead they are making more Donald Trump voters and sympathizers every time the tweets a sacrcastic rseponse to their vitriol. giving strength to more Donalds, benefiting from the white racial renaissance in North America.

Stay safe, pal.


by Don Andrews

Over 60% of Russians believe there's a world elite  that runs the planet. This has been the case since World War II when the phony Cold War began, where the white Russians were pictured as our enemies, not international communism,in which a Jew-run Soviet clique tried to violently impose  with various Third World countries while we did nothing  for the captive nations of Europe  and Asia-- not one underground rebel movement was initiated  or supported by the globalist Jew-run American administrators and if any did develop from, ex-patriates, they were  soon betrayed by the CIA, like in Albania and Cuba's Bay of Pigs purposeful fiasco to get rid of anti-communists.

Sure the collapse or the Soviet Union, was due to the financial impossibility of communism and the failure of hypocrite Marxist true believers. The international merchant elite clique divvied up the spoils and imposed their thugs and schleps to rule the satrappy states from the Baltics to the Mongolia, all communist revolutonaries were abandoned, as were all nationalist-minded leader by the West. Aside  from a  few Jidhaists enclaves and hellholes, the whole world  is theirs to rule with  the merchants' dream of one-size-fits-all. Ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin and globalist billionaire Donald Trump  are the two main front men for the cabal. all others are extras, including communist-now-capitalist China, which couldn't have survived  without Russia's help during the little-red-book Marxist era (neither could  Russia without Canada's wheat and aid). Isn't it amazing how the fake Jewsmedia never discusses the fall of communism in any great detail?

Everything looks so promising for this merchants' world government with the the exception of natures's natural racism lurks around every corner, even in religious garb (jihadists)  to bring back the natural order that the merchants have disturbed with its racemixing agenda. Everywhere you look, there is another racial nationalist trend emerging. with  first a minority, then a majority, enough to propel a President Trump's white base to victory. It's the same as Putin's neo-nationalist white base to bring back the glory or greatness of racially-proud people. Even the last Czar of the Romanovs and their family were rehabilitated after the brutal massacre by Marxist thugs. Both Trump and Putin know the world wants peace for white nationalists to genuine humanitarians; we're all against foreign wars and big country invasions that never succeed or end in victory: Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya and Iraq are good examples.

The second objective of the Trump-Putin base backup, is peace and security coming from their own kind. Diversity and multiculturalism are dead--in fact they were stillborn when they started. These ideas are for the walking dead. from whites who will be lucky to be recorded in history.Trump calls Putin a competitor, not a foe, because the belong to the same world gang -- they're the schleps  of their elites, and mindful of their base. That's why we get all this double-talk, except when it comes to pushing their weight on reluctant  regimes like Iran and North Korea.

Notice how the UN has became irrelevant except for the big powers' veto to change anyrhing the Security Council. A special  oligarchy elitist world government is in charge with nationalism playing up front as phony as the black diversity trendy French football team made up of Africans who won the World Cup.

As white nationalists, we must look at the world in a naturally racist way and avoid all the Jewsmedia shibollets about Russian  election tampering, the boring Mueller investigation or any other Jewsmedia war talk and warmongrering because they don't  speak for us, not like Trump and Putin, who'd betray us on a second as long as they are part of that globalist cabal-- We must work for our white  migrant  invasions. Let's put the pressure on Putin and Trump to keep their promises for their white nationalist base abnd push for peace and prosperity for all without interference to any.


by Don Andrews

What about all the Islamist attacks and suicide bombers during the World Cup series in Russia? Not even one lone-wolf knife attack, or a car or truck attack at any of the football venues against the globalist invaders like the UK, France, Germany and Russia originating from Mulsim lands. So much for the jihadist threat  that the news media  has been bellowing about since 9/11. It's all a fixed farce.

In a country the size of Russia, with millions of Muslims (including the feared Chechens), the Jihadists couldn't muster one attack in the name of their Semitic God Allah, famous for his militancy payback as hundreds of tourists entered Russia for the football tournament, but not one attack took place by the loyal Islamic migrants, whether Taliban, al-Qaeda, ISIS, al Shabaab, Boko Haram and a myriad of smaller Jihadist organizations could have sent one suicide bomber to Allah's paradise of virgins, to wreak havoc on Russia's commie/capitalist  security apparatus or even against the fans from the players' countries.

The same situation existed for Canada Day on July 1 and the US July 4 Independence Day celebrations -- nada, nothing, nishta, zip, zero, in spite of all the Jihadist website encouragements. Both Canada and the US are bombing Muslim lands for globalist interests. However, not one easy-living North American Muslim was willing to give up his life and/or freedom for Allah's sake in rich, hedonistic and lazy New World,

What's that tell you?

It's obvious that the Jihadists in the Third World  lands are more desperate and willing to die for their Semitic rules' and culture to get rid of the foreign invaders and their degenerate Western ways, proving aggressive globalism is the cause of their misery.  Globalist meddlers, especially whites, give the Third World leaders and people false expectations while propping up their population to unsustainable levels, causing mass migrations and an invasion of white peoples' lands. In all the wars in Muslim countries where foreigners have invaded, there's no shortage of suicide bombers, but they couldn't encourage even on Jihadist to give up his life , those in the 9/11 conspiracy manufactured by Israel and Saudi Arabia.

There's still about a week to go before the World Cup is over in Russia, but I'm betting that the white hedonists have convinced enough people of  the isolated and made-up Jihadist nations' threats to the West were so ingrained in the public minds that the various security agencies' sting operations were basically unnecessary, aside from one black patsy for the FBI bomb trap, and that was well before the World Cup started. Don't forget who started the Mujahideen (Gods' warriors) were none other than the CIA when the Afghans were battling the Soviet invaders before their empire folded due ro costs and the commie and mostly-Jew bigwigs, became overnight billionaires to put teh Jew Yelstin and his boy "Put-in" into power in tandem with other globalist elites.

However, white nationalists must inform the populace that violent Jihadists in our midst are security apparatus anomolies and tell everyone that we don't need to send troops to invade, occupy and change the local populations' psychology. It's all a total waste of time, from Afghanistan to Somalia from Iran to Iraq. These are costly fools' errands that white people must not be involved in, because when we go over there, we end up bringing them back here under the guise of fighting  fake news wars.

White Nationalists are more opposed to foreign  interventions for any whining liberals, libertines or libertarians . We need to rebuild our culture and institutions to reflect white race pride and survival and reject all globalist wars that encourage migrant invasions that the white race has created. That's the task ahead, not fighting over two billion mostly nonwhite Muslims and agitate their leaders to our detriment. White nationalists and isolationists are the true peace party that will guarantee our racial survival.
Tell the world.


by Don Andrews

Good news for whites: Our enemies are in disarray. Everywhere you look, dwindling white self-loathers and globalist greedbags are losing white race support while gaining their sanity. Whether it's anti-white Hollywood celebrities or anti-racist newspaper columnist and reporters or local elections, the white race in North America, particularly in the minority-ridden United States along with white nationalists and patriot groups are on the rise to reclaim American society for white civilization rules and standards. They continue their efforts by the globalists' Jewsmedia whining all the way everywhere afraid of the Trump effect on the white populace.

The races are separating in North America, no matter how hard the anti-white media propagandists try to spin it. Most sane whites can see the chaos and criminality of oxymoronic "multiculturalism" and hedonistic idiots' love of dirty "diversity", the modern motto of Canada's black gun crime capital and largest city, Toronto, all thanks to the sacrificial efforts of white racists now in every generation of white people since the lazy, spoiled baby boomers, the hedonist Generation X and mean millenials. White nationalist Trump-electing activists are everywhere for our naive enemies to cry about: there is no way back to their mudhole society, no matter how much vitriol or new anti-hate censorship laws that are instituted and they know it.

White nationalist persistence pays off; never give up since you are doing nature's work trying to maintain your kind on a planet where "God is vanity" where one blade of grass won't move aside for another in the sun. This natural attitude will continue and accelerate as our barren self-loather fools disappear in the near future, just as homosexuals' DNA will vanish over time judging from their shrinking attendance in their gay pride marchers now mostly filled by family onlookers gaze to find the "queers".

Black and Latino  violent crime has further separated whites from adoring their sex-and-violence culture, where only white fools venture where angels fear to tread. Rappers are out of style now -- unless you want to end up dead like them, and so are Hispanic actors and singers, too connected to the swarming masses at the US border in the south. No one wants a merchant invasion, not even ordinary American Latinos.

Anti-white globalism means interference in nonwhites' wars that most whites are sick of, no  matter how many glowing interpretations of white meddlers in these conflicts that never end until the globalists' white mercenaries get out of Afghanistan, Somalis, Mali, Iraq or Syria. It's all for naught, especially with KGB Jews' Putin's invasions. The white public is sick of foreign war involvements (are you listening, Justin Trudeau?) Make sure to tell him and Trump, too, the latter surrounded by Pentagon goons and Jew globalist warmongers.

Now is not the time to slack off and rest on our gained political laurels. White nationalists must double down on all the enemies of the white race, especially now when they are whining their way to oblivion in yje neatr future. Let's guarantee their natural demise with a little help from us. Just a little push more and their abomination will be gone, hopefully, forever... Ugh!


July 1st, Canada Day is coming up soon. That's the day White Nationalists can show their patriotic pride by displaying our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland flag on cars, apartment windows, balconies, and home entrances.
With the World Cup soccer series going on, Canada is seeing a lot of foreign flags on cars. If you put a Canadian flag up, be sure to keep it on your car when the World Cup is over. Everyone loves your patriotism, including the cops, who probably figure, this guy isn't trying to hide displaying our beautiful flag for all to see. I love passing other cars with Canadian flags displayed- there's a warm feeling of belonging around us.

There are still some businesses who use the word "Canadian" starting their names, but they're not flying the Canadian flag. Never mind the old acorn about it being  globalist Lester Pearson's attempt to get rid of our traditional Anglo trappings . This flag is the best and the easiest to recognize and copy or draw, and looks great in any background -- summer, autumn, winter or spring. It's warm and friendly and pure like our snow in winter. I think it looks the best.

Let's pressure all businesses, firms and companies operating in our country to fly the Canadian flag on their porches and apartment windows, staring this Canada Day weekend. God Bless all my friends and neighbors and supporters. May fate give you good luck and happiness.




by Don Andrews

These kosher conservative Zionists are housing immigrant families in chain-like dog pound prisons. Donald Trump has lots of mean Jew globalist advisers around him who should be condemned by White Nationalists and racists with comon sense, good will and fair play and told that separating families  by force is not the white man's way of humanity.

I encourage white nationalists to beseech Trump to take the compassionate path, not the mean Semitic way and order this inhumane practice to cease immediately. Otherwise he will go down with the neo-con warmongers.. as they deserve.

Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump

By Don Andrews

Racemixers' North America is wiping out white humanity, all because multicultists, the pro-diversity movement and globalist greedbags with the naive aid of white self-loather traitors are dwindling our white race in North America by a thousands treacherous cuts. It starts with their rabid hatred for natural racism--their only real enemy.

None of the blather on the Jewsmedia matters regarding Russiagate, the Mueller probe and a a host of other made-up "crises" put out as news, while the rest of the planet burns and starves ans natural white racial pride is considered as extremism by the awful boring morons and mannequins peddling the propaganda of the  globalist elite rulers for our eventual extinction.

DNA-recessive whites, when racemixing, are further hobbled by their women-centered society with a facade of a father figure around in today's modern society. True fathers must take more responsibility in the raising of their children instead of leaving it all to the kindergarten teacher and mother, often known to react way too late when children  act abnormally. There's no fear of the father, no family, I say, and I don't mean abnormal fear of an idiot but as a sane man with common sense, good will and fair play to his kids, the same way he would treat others to prepare them for the world.

Real fathers must step up and condemn  neo-criminal behavior and music that glorifies it, along with immoral programs on TV and in the movies. That's our job, to pass out judgment; only white women and criminals would complain of your judgements. Real fathers must condemn this latest rascal fad of "baby fathers, a sure recipe for for more criminality and immorality in the future. Speak out and definitely , don't praise or mimic the smarmy rappers who boast about it. It's not the white man's way -- another phrase that needs to be used when raising children.

As whites become a minority all over the northern continent (there's hardly any in South America now), white men and women mistake a greater effort to stay together instead of acting like Hollywood whose who are the bane of  a real family with the spoken words of queers and perverts in their mouths, like The Simpsons and Family Guy.

White Nationalists are for large, white, stable sensible families, whatever economic status they are; stuff is temporary -- our existence must not be.

To all the good fathers of the white race, congratulations to you all for your dedication and perseverance.

God Bless you all -- and keep it up!


  by Don Andrews
Surrounded by globalist Jews, US President Donald Trump is mindful of the America-First/White Nationalist/isolationist loyal supporters who are his electoral base when dealing with the globalist cabal leaders, especially visible at the G7 meting without Russia (Trump, trumpeted out, should be at the Quebec-Canada get-together). You could see it on the faces of the other leaders, their marvel-eyed looks at Trump: "What was this white peoples' upstart going to do or say next?" (Germany's Mama Merkel's face shot said it all, along with spoiled pretty boy Justin Trudeau of Canada, who seemed embarrassed   that he had to put up with this young uncouth guy). It was as if Rodney Dangerfield  had become US President and they were all snootily scared. That's the power of natural racism, especially in the minds of white self-loathers like Trudeau, Merkel. Macron and that slimy-looking guy from the EU's multicult tyranny.

Trump is between a rock and a hard place; he wants to male peace with North Korea and let South Korea defend itself or unify. That over-stretched globalist tool The Pentagon must give up some of those tax dollars if the "Fence" and the US infrastructure to rebuild America is to be accomplished. They're wasting trillions on a world- meddling empire that won (thankfully) last and further overpopulated the Third World while stoking wars in far-off places  for more and more nonwhite refugees over here. All this must end and soon will, in spite of continual entertainment globalist Jewsmedia propaganda to "thank the troops" for their globalist mercenary service bringing over millions of nonwhites from their US-sponsored war-torn countries. This is why any gung-ho bigots must be challenged for their dangerous naivete.
Natural racism never gets old; only the present-day ideology  that is presented with new opportunities with every generation, from posters, pamphlets graffiti and rallies to the Interet sites, these thoughtful people have sacrificed their lives to ensure a safe future for their own mind. You couldn't ask for more. Racists of any color have to have an overview with a knowledge of general history to interpret the situation for their people. That's why race trumps religion as well as all other economic  concerns of class (left or right). Without racial integrity there is no white privilege or white society that so many others have taken  advantage  of. Also, racism rules and we are the interpreters for our kith and kin...and that's a high calling.
Racists are required!

by Don Andrews

It's always unseemly and disconcerting when ex-victims become the victimizers. So it is with Jews today, especially in Israel. it's difficult to understand why Jews are so mean. especially toward their opponents; their motto is, 'Never forgive and never forget'. How can you make a compromise with people with people like that? I thought that the Semitic god said "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord"-- at least that's what the wimpy feminist Jewish version of Judaism (Christianity)  says. We never get satisfaction towards our enemies, just some ethereal made-up entity that gets it all (unless you're Jewish, of course).

Jews today are losing  lot of original post-Holocaust sympathy with their mean machinations against their Semitic Arab cousins in besieged Palestine and Gaza. Liberal-minded whites whisper under their breath against Israel's depredations in the Middle East and occasionally raise the ire of the ruling Establishment Jew politicians when they show any sympathy or understanding  toward the Palestinians' plight. Disgust and hatred is just smouldering under the surface of a lot of commies and so-called social justice warriors concerned about everyone except their own race. In top of that, there's the ever-present neo-Nazi, racist and white nationalist hatred toward political censor Jews out to silence all nationalist, ethnic and racial ambitions of people who wish to live in a homogenous society where they can go to bed peacefully at night knowing that generally speaking, their next door neighbor believes in  and wants the same, contrary to a globalist Jew attitude where one size fits all and they and a few of their non-Jew schleps are the elite. That's why we hve so much political censorship , where freedom of speech is reserved for the politically-correct in their ersatz Orwellian  world. People are in jail in white man's countries for speaking the truth , and  presenting the facts of the evil of of their multiculturalism -- just ask Tommy Robinson in the UK. I too, along with Bob Smith, have been in jail for freedom of speech principles.

Jews never offer dialogue with their detractors -- they'd rather use the prison, the cudgel or the bullet if you're in the Middle East, to silence you. They're so haughty that they couldn't read this editorial with an open mind, but will look to ways of ensnaring you into court. They say it takes two Jews to beat an Armenian in a deal; that's how sharp they think the Armenians are, early Caspian Sea cousins of their Khazar  ancestors forced to switch to the elitist 'Chosen People' Judaism religion in the first millenium when their King, Bulan II, lost some battles and asked a Jew god for success for his Eurasian people who were dispersed by the  Mongol hordes into Europe in the centuries to come. Now we know Semites, or the racemixed people called Arabs. can be pretty mean with their hand and head-choppings, according to their mean god's wishes and dictates and now you mix them with a Eurasian element and Europeanize them a bit to bring forth the mean modern Jew who will have no truck or favor with any perceived enemies, but will utilize their mercantile powers to silence or eliminate them. You hear that kind of stuff enough from the Jerusalem Post on how they're going to support the besieged Gazans or the West Bank Palestinians from various politicians  from the top on down, threatening war all the way to Iran-- and these are the ex-Holocaust victims, you tell me? How ugly, and inhumane to do the same as your tormentors did to others who had nothing to do with it. Common sense, good will and fair play people abhor this warmonger rhetoric. But don't expect the controlled Jewsmedia to advertise these inhumane travesties;  the white nationalists' main enemies are still the barren white self-loathers who are dying off at a rapid rate because racists are here to stay by their own definition while the whiners will be long dead and gone. Vanity and Nature's  and "God" 's way  and race traitors are out of step. In the long run, time is on our side and everything is going our way because  self-hatred never reproduces no matter how preemed and primped you are. The white people are looking for guidance, and it won't be for any multicultists' pro-dirty diversity idiots who had their day, wrecked it, leaving racists to plan the future.

There's still a little time left for Jews to "get jiggy with it" and make peace and amends with the white nationalist constituencies in every country when they realize what side their bread is buttered on, because the Third World nonwhite peoples are even more racist and dangerous for globalist Jews. They say that history repeats itself-- hopefully, some fair-minded Jews will realize that whites are still their best bet for survival and a decent future for their exclusivist, genital-mutilating cult's pain, perpetrated on hate so early in life, along with the cruel kosher killings of animals, allowed to bleed to death upside-down with their throats being slashed -- nasty practices that we have compromised and accepted in white society.

Now we're waiting for Jews to show some humility and humanity. I hope it happens, but as President Trump says, "we'll see...".

by Don Andrews

White Nationalist politics will fail if we don't embrace populism for the poor. That's why natural racism is as easy as breathing: you can speak your mind among the poor without political correctness being the rule, like with the greedy upwardly-mobile middle class and the rich, where bigotry abounds in an awkward pledge to anti-racism ideologies. The poor have far less to lose and care less for accumulated stuff than the rest of us; They can't be intimidated as easily with losses of job or position if they don't toe the politically correct lies on race.

Although I've had money, having been a landlord, I still feel  comfortable with those in need of the living amentities. Without the poor, conservative politicians cannot win, something that Progressive Conservative leader of Ontario Doug Ford needs to learn soon before the June 7 Ontario provincial elections, where he has a shot to be premier after the disastrous spending spree of Liberal lesbian Kathleen Wynne.  Conservatives of today won't stand for much more other than keeping their pocketbooks closed, ever since the greedy US Tea Party libertarians took them over while eschewing traditional rules and mores of our white society by giving it over to libertine queers and perverts, all the way to supporting gay marriage and equalize it to a union called a family. That's why we call them "cuckservatives"... the cuckolded out of their principles and into their pocketbooks peeking out for "more, please sir". Doug Ford must appeal to the poor by raising the welfare and Ontario Disability Support Program payments and providing free dental care. Dentistry is a science that has been left to rot while spacecrafts are being sent to Mars. Learn to grow some teeth, first, you fools!  

I don't like the class divisions of "left" and right" based on the Freemason French Revolution days to divide the people against each other along economic lives, which can only lead to what's happened to them in the countries of Central and South America with the forever-running wars between the Blancos (whites) and the Colorados (coloreds) about to hit a crisis point in Venezuela.
If you are a white nationalist, Freemason terms like left and right should not be used. You're either a natural racist or a weird white self-loather.

It was white identity politics that elected Donald Trump president of the United States. It wasn't the Tea Party greedbags or neo-con globalists. Racial politics as the way of the future, especially in any Tower-of-Babel democracy, doomed to separate in every direction, because that's Nature's way, they are still teary-eyed and whining over Trumnp's election and his loyal white racist supporters. Now it's Doug Ford's turn to win over white Ontarian voters with a more populist appeal to the poor of all colors who will thank him at the polls on June 7th.

Come on Doug -- do your stuff.

by Don Andrews

Of course, Trump's first mistake was pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal with Israel itching to regime-change Shi'ite Muslim-minority Iran. Now we have his second big mistake, which stinks to high heaven -- his appointment of torture-witch Gina Haspel (who shows what commies, feminists and torturers are really like) to head the meddlers and assassins of the US imperialist  institution known as the CIA. Make no mistake, while this secret society is supposedly fighting jihadists (but really those trying to hold territory). All CIA agents and their flunkies are anti-white racist propagandist actors paid for by the same white identity supporters of Trump.

Torture is an ugly method of extracting information and punishing your enemies. It should not be the white man's way. Anyone who advocates torture is part of the Nazi and fascist mean losers who are so brutal that the Jews  were able to raise a whole world against them and all their good works and deeds are now in the realm of infamy for their lack of human kindness and compromise with the enemy. That's not what the new  white nationalist movement should stand for. White racists are here to correct the mistakes of the past, not repeat new ones with the foolishness of the past that Trump is now embracing, with that torture dame Gina Haspel who promised not to do it again... maybe.  It doesn't make Americans look evry good and its not a shining example for any future constitutional racist states.

Donald Trump needs to show more sympathy, compasion and understanding of the enemies facing America, instead of their great world empire killing their opponents with kindness and undermining their inspiration to fight. Trump's going to do more of the same  with bombings, assassination and rough interrogations, which make more enemies for the ordinary American citizen every day as they live their lives under a cloud of insecurity that the CIA aims to fix, motivating America's enemies more every day. Trump is not the be-all and end-all of the white American people. He's just a symbol that whites have loyally coalesced around in spite of all his personal pecadellos. However, if Trump involves the US in another  disastrous foreign war, all bets are off until another white knight champion shows up while white identarians and traditionalists are elected to Congress in the upcoming  midterm elections. So make sure that you vote with friends and neighbors for the white man's way, and a white privilege society....the only place you have safety and security under warmonger torturers and criminals.


Don Andrews

Whites, you can pretend you're not afraid of your society and civilization being replaced by nonwhite
cultures and ways, but I hear and see and read about it every day in my life without seeking for it. You're worried and finally afraid of what's happening to your neighborhood, at your workplace and in the schools. I can see it in the very tense reactions to any nonwhite company that most whites avoid. or are now shunned out of when the majority (ike now in only 48% white Toronto, once called "Toronto the Good" when it was 95% white). There is a lot of political correctness pretending to go on in white society that everyone ignores until a white racist is around. People open up to me, with bigot venom on nonwhites so often that I often  have to dampen it down to talk about the issues with common sense, good will and fair play -- a hallmark of any White Nationalist if he wants to get his ideas of natural racism for everyone across.

Racists, especially white racists, have neen so malligned by the globalist greedy racemixing establishment that ordinary people are scared to speak up for fear of losing their job or school placement, that this life-or-death crisis for whites has fallen into a few brave souls' hands tp rescue the race for a future that looks grim at best. Whites can sit back and know that there are people who care more and do more about this colored population-replacement every day while they go about their lives in a new and sickly-treacherous element of our spoild brat people called "white self-loathers". A house divided cannot stand; our white race is the only one with this suicidal malady due to our women-and-shopping-centered society which mostly votes for the anti-white globalist politicians. However, sadly, things are changing for the better with more women joining our ranks (we've just had a nurse take our an NPC membership --and welcome to you!)

Donald Trump's election by a largely white nationalist base and the emergence of other pro-white candidates is US elections is a good sign of our racist agenda to create Constitutional Racist State (CRS). The balkanization of north Africa along
ethnic lines will happen, mark my words: anyone who knows history will vouch for what I say.

In fact, racists are so important that the future globalist cabal is out to exterminate tthem any way they can short of murder. But, by the looks of the deluded idiots of "Antifa" (anti-facsist asses), violence is the chosen method that their monster disguises openly show. Entire ministries have been dedicated to wiping out white racism, while other races' racism thrives while hateful Antifa idiots cry against their own very existence.

In the final analysis racism will triumph becsuse it is as natural as breathing, and part of a vain God's plan (if you believe in one). The conclusion? Racists are here to stay and point the way to a happy, guaranteed future that no politician can promise...and a little bit of racism goes a long way.

Are we waiting for yours? Sacrifice and honor await , when you are a racist.


By Don Andrews

Maybe Kanye was partially right.

If the Jew- run Marvel comics' "Black Panther" movie is an inspiration to black pride and black racism, they can kiss themselves goodbye, Actually, there's very little North American black pride in their African heritage when your consider the number of groups and organizations in Africa who want the white slaver colonialists out and the little support they get from ex-patriate once-enslaved blacks across the planet. Blacks in North America are trying to live up to the white man's standards by also living in a matriarchy, unlike their African kith and kin where the children and their women. You would think that 400 years of ex-slavery would make you hate teh slavers' ways, but instead it brought them generally in line with the whiteman's feminist society.

Supposed black separatists like the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrahkan (who knows all about Jews and their globalist power) never says a word in favor of Nigeria's Boko Haram, which hates colonialist foreigners and is Muslim, too. Even the Somalis who make it to the white man's North America keep quiet about anti-foreign invader al-Shabaab's efforts on the Horn of Africa. No Black Muslim ever praises Africans' efforts to oust the foreign occupier and enslaver in al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (West).

Most North American blacks don't know anything about the colonialist rebellions made in Africa to get rid of the oppressors like the Mau Mau in Kenya or the Frelimo inside the Portuguese colonies of Mozambique and Angola, let alone their own slaave rebellion's heroes --not Jew Quentin Tarantino's filtering of it in the film Django Unchained--not even Nat Turner.

Inside of all their black rap bravado and killer threats for black identity rappers it's still all about their women and sex, especially white women. It's like having a secret black mistress at a Ku Klux Klan rally -- that's how much racial pride they have. The Black Lives Matter organization was all about a few activists appealing to white commies and liberals while trying to scare the wimpy bigot cuckservatives into silence. There's very little African ancestry pride, I couldn't care less if anges landed here with modern technology and we had clubs and spears --I'd still be a white nationalist. It's as if North America blacks are ashamed of their ancestry/continent's achievements because they know very little about it and the people struggling to free themselves from overpopulating "white angels" who think they know better, In fact, the only African men in North America which left an imprint are the Rastafarians, named after "Ras" (prince) Tafari, who later became Emporer of Ethiopia Haile Sallasse after he defeated the Italian colonial invaders in the Battle of Adawai and cut off the testicles of 1500 of their officers and sent them back to Italy, an insult Mussolini never forgot and paid them back with bombs and mustard gas occupying the country for seven years, leaving them with a civil infrastructure only Italians could build after 3,000 of their farmers were expelled back to Italy. Ask any ganja-smoking Rasta because most of them don't know their religion's name origin.

There will be no "Wakanda" envisioned by golem-greedy Jews' superheroes; it's a childish cartoon, like most of their men that will never be created. Black pride should include black separation-- unless of course they think that they can't do without the white man. In that case, spare me your "proud racism". Start it by supporting black culture-proud movements in Africa and speak out against any American military imperialism inundating the African continent. Then we can speak as racists, with common sense, good will and fair play to each other that all should have.

But stop the phony hype.


There is no way that white racists can rehabilitate the new dirty word "diversity", which means the end of the white race. You never get any white children out of diversity unions, proving the great JB Stoner's phrase "Racemixing is forever".

Here in naive, effeminate-ruled Toronto, white self-loather idiots have pinned "diversity is our strength" motto for whites,. making a city once known as Toronto the Good (with a 95% white population into a minority now around 49% white. Diversity is a word which should be anathema to white Canadians and a death-knell for our civilization made for whites' privilege; without it, there will be no white standards' society.

I couldn't care less if prominent white nationalists like ex-KKK (a shamefully-titled one-time "Dragon" lauds it on his site's masthead. It's still wrong, trying to cater to the commies and white idiots' dumb philosophy of being in favor of deadly diversity for our race. You can never appease unnatural, anti-racist white mental cases or the hypocrite nonwhite bigots using their foolishness for their own elevation. Many sane-thinking whites have already learned what the loaded word "diversity" means for their neighborhood and country where they are not allowed to feel proud of their racial history and background with communist-style Orwellian "hate" laws awaiting to jail them if they should show their racial pride. That is why the SOB pundits and announcers on the Jewsmedia TV and radio are pushing --"wonderful diversity" -- on the white populace.They're worried  the whole idiocy of multiculturalism is about to fall as whites see the failure of globalists' diversity on their lives, economically and socially. Only a few hedonistic rich morons enjoy diversity to the point of gluttony as they search out the latest expensive bistro or restaurant serving their weird food enjoyed on one of their many trips abroad. What will it be-- today: Thai, Peruvian or Egyptian costly meals for metersexual conisseurs while poor whites line up at our overcrowded food banks for past-due-date grocery products that barely feed you for more than a couple of days. I blame the rich anti-racist trendies and pro-diversity propagandists for white poverty in Canada; they brought the Third World here to take our jobs and women under their evil banner of "diversity".

The more diversity you have the more racial separation will take place as middle class whites run away from the suburbs that have been invaded by nonwhite immigrants flooding across our open borders, especially in New Brunswick and Manitoba, while our military languishses in their barracks or monitors nonwhites' squabbles in far-off Africa or Asia. What a waste of our tax dollars without a whimper from any globalist traitor patriot general worried about their pensions.

The larger the nonwhite communities get, the more special rights they will be asking for: Sikhs, Muslims, Tamils, Arabs, Somalis, Chinese, etc., will feel strong enough to set their own standards in their bailliwicks. The French Canadians did it with their impossible bilibgualism, which led to only moronic muliculturalism; already there are districts where even cops don't venture into much. That's what dirty diversity does; it separates the races over time. That's Nature's way, fortunately for dwindling whites, there is hope for the future of a constitutional racist state for our race, but only so big -- no thanks to the white race traitors who are responsible for all the anxiety and depression for our people that they can never be forgiven for it unless they have a road to a Damascus Saint Paul "Epiphany" (and also, switching sides to support the existence of the white race unapologetically. Our job is to remind them of their racial treachery while representing the white man's point of view in the process to achieve a white racial renaissance golden future for our race.

Let's get on with it!



By Don Andrews

Women-dominated white people are the least racially-conscious. That's why there are so many white nationalists and racist organizations try to remind them of their multicult folly. As a consequence, every time whites complain about white peoples' racism, more white racists are created. Whites are forced to think about their racial identity, social mores and history when they're accused of discriminating against other races and the false racial pride taken for granted.

The Chinese, Orientals and blacks and the racemixed Semites and Latinos never worry about their racism toward others, especially whites, who they love to live among en masse. Even under abusive racemixing colonialism whites never flock to nonwhite countries, unless they were greedy criminals and militarists and slavers bound for extinction, like in South Africa. Every time a black person complains about discrimination in white society, ordinary whites are aroused to think: why are they being treated that way? Is it because of something nonwhites are doing that causes other whites to discriminate? Is it because of past experiences of store clerks' knowledge of the frequency of black shoplifting as   a constitutional right for white enslavement?

Are they burglars or bandits going home, so they are accused of criminality (and their numbers prove it, hen you look at the US inmate populations). This same argument can be used on Latinos in rape states: North American natives are no exception when you check Canada's prison population; for many it's hard to live up to the white man's community standards and penal code provisions. That's why we often say on  this site that racemixing really never works and the exceptions you can come up with prove the rule.

Matriarchal Semitic cult racist Jews are ion top of the hate list for many white nationalists as recent figures show in Toronto, with a 28% jump in hateful incidents against the 'Chosen People' in 2017. Of course this can be attributed to the pro-multicult  Jews themselves, who seem to hate living in an ethno-nationalist society. Jews are the white race traitors at the forefront of open-door immigration  policies, especially from the Third World under the guise of refugees they brought in thousands of anti-Israel/anti-Semitic Muslims Semites eager to carry on Mohammed's hatred of the Jewish tribes he had to fight to re-establish the third patriarchal religious version of the same Jews' Old Testament god, calling him Allah instead of 'Yahweh'.

Jews never ask why they're hated of their enemies; for all their peace-loving b.s., they still practice "never forgive or forget' their enemies' slights, whether it's "Haman" cookies on Purim to break their opponents ritually from over 2,000 years ago, to old Nazis in their 90's in criminal courts today from World War II crimes from 73 years ago.  Vindictiveness seems to be part of their religion's credo while accusing others of meanness and intransigence. When will Jews offer an olive branch to the anti-Semites in their midst? Don't hold your breath...

Of course all this racemixing and multiculturalism would be impossible without anti-racist white race traitors who are forever holding propaganda seminars to convince white that they have a proud an positive racial identity in the so-called anti-racism cause while at the same tome promoting nonwhite racial pride. These are our real enemies that globalists can't do without-- they're the ones to go after all the time, from the smallest point to the biggest issue. These traitors should be held to account ; they are at the crux of the problem. They are the paid propagandist media pimps, teachers, politicians and bureaucrats to be condemned unequivocally before you ever complain about "niggers" or Jews. However, paradoxically, the more the race traitors do their dirty diversity work, the more white racists evolve.

We couldn't need them more than we do  today.


by Don Andrews
Nationalist Party of Canada


The three Semitic religions of exclusivist Judaism, Christianity (Judaism-lite-feminism) and racemixers' Islam are no friends of white nationalism. They are all universalist and seek to dominate the world, either as a "Chosen people" or as total membership in their mean Semitic God's cult. None of their leaders are happy until they rule the planet and all who are in it by fire and sword, although they all pretend that it's voluntary (...or else).

Jews don't proselytlize unless you are famous or powerful. Then they're all there to help you become part of their God's chosen people. Sometimes it takes seven generations to be fully accepted or you can simply become a Christian, a feminist religion for their servants who still must respect the original chosen people God-believers who are closer to their Semitic God who requires less adulation for a woman-centered white race. For the more violent, aggressive racemixed black population, there is the patriarchal reaction to matriarchal Christianity, Islam ("submission") with hardline Sharia rules to keep the raucous quiet-- but it's still connected to the Semitic Jews' cult god. Even Christians' "immaculate Mary" is honored as having produced a prophet Jesus. They're all connected, yet they all hate each other over how their god is to be worshiped to the point to torture and massacres against each other. That's the version of a god you want to follow?

These three Semitic god religions have caused untold misery and murders throughout their history when idiot followers were convinced that they were doing while pushing their globalist agenda across all nations. What have they achieved with all their misplaced zealotry and destruction... a few fancy churches and mosques? They have all been a failure when it comes to world peace, the preservation of civil nations and the white race.

Semitic Christianity has almost destroyed white countries throughout their racemixing of a recessive- DNA white race eager to spread their cult among nonwhite people and open immigration policies that the churches support. These Semitic religions do not represent the white man's view and needs because they ignore nature's rules of survival of the species. That's why their churches are empty today.

No one really believes the Christians' dogma or the Jews' or Muslims' . especially when they see the carnage and brutality that these so-called God-fearing believers have wrought in the Middle East every day on the news. Whites are against all these wars and beheadings in the name of "Allah" and are turning against these organized killer religions that so very little for them while dragging us into another pointless war that pauperizes us further through expensive and wasteful military actions... for what?

It's high time to reconsider these  Semitic cults' usefulness and waste because their rotten Judeo-Christian heritage has brought us to this low point for our racial survival's future. We don't need anti-white racist Christianity or racemixing Islam if we want  to survive as a white society. Doing things the white man's way in tune with nature is better than constant conflict created by Semitic cults out to destroy us as a race in civilization.

It's death or survival. What's your choice?


By Don Andrews

Sometimes I think I'm too hard on the English, possibly out of Slavic jealousy because the British islands are the top of the lot of the European people, where all the dissatisfied kickouts and runaways of the continent , conniving with the highest fairness toward Man through English common law (innocent until proven guilty). This is unlike most of the rest of the world or Europe, where the Napoleonic Code applies (you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent).

I love the English language, a hybrid of so many other peoples' words, compared to other languages. It's eaasy to listen to, great for oratory too. I could hear more of their accents in Canada, not just on Russian TV. Now that Brexit is finally about to take place this year. The British islands will  be looking westward next, and we're waiting.

Canada needs a large influx of the original English-speaking settlers before we lose our British identity. Nonwhites in Canada are reproducing at a rapid rate while the swamped white population sadly stares at their loins. Canada needs new English, Scottish and Irish blood to fortify our white culture and maintain our traditional privileges. Only a large migration fromn the United Kingdom can do it. We're counting on you, like you counted on Canadians in all your wars. Here's your chance to remake yourself instantly as soon as you arrive in Canada--you're a special person with a Limey accent that most here assume is a sign of intelligence.. yeah, really.

Canada is a big country; as soon as you land to stay here, you known your options are so many, from jobs to scenery, and all the new American
 aid available, all the wide-open spaces are at your disposal. You are a new man or woman. Same goes for females, except you get more . You would be suprised how far your British accent goes from a white Canadian who's only heard it lately with an East Indian slant.

Now is the time for White Europeans to flock to Canada, before any upcoming Middle East conflict that will send Jew refugees scurrying back to Europe and North America, where all sympathy will revert back to them again. I don't care how you get here, even it's across the New Brunswick and Manitoba open borders, where Haitians are crossing from the United States with impunity, then given refugee status by Canada. Some others are doing the reverse, entering the US from here. Trump may call for a wall up her too. So hurry and start a new horizon, life and adventure in our vast, beautiful country. We need you to revitalize white civilization in the great white north with our beautiful red maple leaf flag on our white homeland background that you will enjoy.

Start now to emigrate here..Canada awaits you!


I couldn't believe my eyes when I heard two times, "thank you for your service" on the first episode of the reboot of Roseanne. The media's main attempt to steer the thought process and ideology of the anti-establishment "deplorables", now morphed from real-life  to a degenerate and immoral depiction of an ordinary American white family. The first "thank you"  came when Roseanne's estranged bisexual sister came to the door and thanked her military for their former military service --who knows where? Then the lesbian sister wanted to thank the "deplorable" black girlfriend of son DJ for their service some time in Syria. This was over the amoral anti-social screaming family that transformed into some kind of conscientious "patriots of the state" wherever their troops have been sent. It was blatant propaganda for some kind of a new war or conflict coming soon.

President Donald Trump seems distracted...he's not just popping off hints here and there. One thing is for sure-- he's not in charge: it's all the Jews around him. Putin too --that's why Trump dismissed US-Syria intervention, putting out that it will end soon ("the other guys will take care of it") , meaning Putin's Russia and former colonialist meany France. Trump is also self-depreciating himself a little too much as to his presidential capabilities and loves to shill with the CIA and Pentagon ("We're beating the crap out of ISIS every day"). This is where the majority of Americans' taxes go-- the bloated military at the service fo globalist interests. They're spread all over the world like Roman Legion's empire, that even the Russian troops to the Middle East and occupy Syria to save the commie-like Freemason-friendly Alawite cult regime. That war's almost over, since the majority of the rebels are run either by the CIA or NATO's Freemason army-run Turkey.

North Korea sounds like it's been bought off-- their nuclear ambitions with Big Brother Chinese assurances. The Americans can't win anywhere and unarmed Japan will be occupied in a flash. The only other place the Pentagon may need your gratitude for their service would Iran. The "quick pre-emptive strike" idiot John Bolton is in place to press his unruly whiskers against Trump's ear to do just that. Israel would love it. That's the only Aryans they fear. Sure they made nice with their Semitic  cousins the Saudis with their false king's glad-handing of the Jews' America-Israel Political Action Committee (AIPAC) conference. Israel is safe on the Egyptian side also ruled by the Freemason army generals. Egypt has had a long history of being ruled by mercenaries since the Mamalute days. Made-up Syria's no problem, only Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza remain to be concerned about. That's why the globalist Jewsmedia is giving short shrift to the Gazans casualties along the Israelis border, and the UN (blocked by the US) is refusing to even allow an investigation, as to what' happening in Gaza. They don't want bad publicity for armed Jews shooting down unarmed Arabs. Every liberal's soul will be outraged. You can't start a war on behalf of a mean people. The support won't last., even if it's manufactured by Hollywood degenerates thanking the troops for their service while putting the population in jeopardy go far with every invasion and drone assassination across the planet. Do you notice how the US takes out all kinds of Ialsmist leaders but the Jihadist groups never do the same. Hmmmm...

Someone's planning a war. It's very telling the same way Trump was specific in congratulating Roseanne's 18 million viewer ratings and not the sitcom context saying "They're talking about us...we'll see". Let's keep watching and condemning Roseanne and her sponsors and producers anytime they cross the line against white nationalism (the "deplorables" ideology). Today, tell President Donald Trump: no more wars. Bring the troops back to build America's infrastructure repair storm damage and guard American borders. Then we can thank them for their service. This applies to the globalist mercenary military of Canada, too. This is called  "nationalism".


By Don Andrews

There are three different paths of doing White Nationalist policies: sneaky, straightforward or just outright mean. The sneaky method is most popular and cowardly. It's usualy bigots and wannabe racists trying to get into power without being revealed who they are by pretending they're just nice conservatives, or free speech advocates and historical revisionists doing "scientific research". This is the most popular and wishy-washy way of representing the white man's point of view without saying so. It's usually waiting for the enemy to reveal you as an anti-Semite and a racist; even the Jews have into the line of politics with sites like Breibart and Infowars. These people beat around the bush and always deny that they are racists. They usually scared bigots, officially eschewing racism. Even David Duke's gone down that road and also quick to condemn nonwhite racism and separation They'd rather have blacks. Latinos and East Indians around as servants in a  future apartheid country where most manual labor is done by nonwhites-- and we know how that turned out in South Africa. You can't rely on someone else's labor and call yourself a nation, as the white farmers of that blighted African country found out, stripped of their possessions and often, their lives. You'll never that these cheapskate cuckservatives sticking up for white working man; many libertarians are involved within these bigot groups. They believe in Jewess Ayn Rand's theory of "the virtue of selfishness". Certainly. God Is Vanity and all is vanity on the planet. But let's have some reason and common sense with t. Life cannot be left to the hedonists alone for our future...we know what happened to Rome.

Fortunately most of these Tea Party types have been rejected with their narrow economic concerns. The sneaks never really care about the social considerations of racemixing that wreck chaos on any once "happy" society. South Africa was a model police state of these failed efforts; with all the power and people that apartheid state had, they didn't look to the future to concentrate a white population in any area for a future viable white country in Africa. It seems the whites were so naive and confident with their half-measures that their society fell overnight without a whimper. When it comes to race, it's all or nothing, as any extinct people and civilization might attest to. On top of it all, there is always the embarrassment of denying your own racial pride and identity in front of your enemies, all to score a few approval points they are not racist. A classic example was the idiot for the La Meute group in feminist Quebec, supposedly for the  "pur laine" (Original Front) settlers, but at the same time, the fool denied that they were racists, giving fear-fodder to our enemies who could beat us with it in the future. Who can be against that kind of namby-pambyism? No one except shysters... and we have plenty of them in a feminist bloc vote-run Canada. As I've said many times, "I'm not a racist" is the stupidest phrase you can utter, no matter what color you are. These bowed-headed, afraid-of-femininst whites are going nowhere.

The second method of operation against our enemies in some ways is even worse than  the cowardly bigots. This path of politics is filled with mean and vicious hate. I'm talking about the Daily Stormer types (like Canada's Your Ward News. which has just been charged under Canada's Hate Bill) who soared to popularity in a flash because the Jews and their needing them, so they can call them a hate site, something that Canadian Security and intelligence Service (CSIS) spy Gerry Lincoln, who did our site for awhile, called our politics. This nomenclature comes straight from the police desk; The Jews love to be hated publicly, If enablrs them to use victimhood when you draw big-nosed caricatures of them, and calling them kikes and every other name and putting all the blame impossibly on them, showing how astupid ans naibe our white race is for all the scientific brainpower and innovations. In teh long run most people are turned off by such continuous vitriol against the 'chosen people', with ongoing  hate, and destructive to both sides, especially the haters. It takes a lot of energy not to hate every day, without any solutions or compromise in sight for the future tht haas become a pointless exercise. No wonder so many rational people leave, these groups and individuals, when there's no happy end in sight. without another Holocaust in their eyes. Haters never blame the white man's shortfalls, except against "fat chicks", like some homosexual dilettantes. Haters never blame their own kind for the chaos they have caused, usually concentrating on weak nonwhites and individuals for getting on the refugee and immigrant airplanes heading into our white countries that white race traitors recruited for greedy globalist interests. I know one guy who yells at Arabs on the streets, but when I suggested to him he yell at Trudeau, he fell silent. Hate "will find a way" alone.

Obviously the middle road is best for white nationalists to form  their own country and state. That's the road we have taken and advocate for. Without a Constitutional Racist Ethno-state as our goal whites will dwindle down and die with the sneaks and the haters who never seem to care what's going on in the planet with other races and ethnicities, as long as they're getting their "gelt" and jollies  White Nationalists have achieved a lot in the last two generations, having alerted the people to their racial identity and future white power (a slogan the visionary George Lincoln Rockwell) created. With Donald Trump's election, Rockwell's dream has come true that the treacherous Jews mass media has disparaged. The anti-white race globalist police forces (FBI, CIA, etc.) have been undermined and now there is the idea of whites working an voting together  without the constraints of the Establishment's divisive terms left and right designations. Saner voices have appeared on the White Nationalist side; undermining all the the anti-racists' lies and globalists' propaganda.

A white race with common sense, good will and fair play is the only way forward, no matter what our detractors say, because they know we are right, as they die off for self-loathing stupidity and naive hatred for natural racists of all colors, especially our precious white race.



By Don Andrews

The military industrial complex is desparate to restart a second phony cold war for profit. However, it's hard to start public fear of brutal communists in the West with Reds giving up their ideology voluntarily for cappitalist billionaire benefits as the Jew apartchiks in Russia did, knowing full well that the Marxist system has failed socially and economically. The only way forward is to create a crisis against a refime that rules fellow kith and kin whites in the former imperialist Soviet Union. Hence, you bring in the other imperailsts, the English, with long experience with dirty tricks, spies and colonialist assassinations.

Of course it is illegal, immoral and criminal to kill one's opponents in other countries, something that all major powers have to do today across the globe, with drone and missile assassinations of their enemies, which the US is infamous for on a daily basis. However when the British turn a Russian spy into a double agent, then allow him to wander around the populace unescorted with his daughter everyone else is pout in jeopardy, as with the nerve gas poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, showing total disregard for public safety, somrhing the UK women's police hypocritically cries about regularly.

Globalists have a tricky fine line they have to walk pushing for a borderless one world order while pretensing that their nation and state are the only things that matter with spies and public pronouncements of phony nationalism to make their countries "great again". It's all a farce, just like the rebels' war in Syria that America's CIA spies support against the Freemason-like Alawite cult regime aided by Russian invaders. When a Russian jet was shot down over Syria by US-backed rebels, the CIA saw to that the pilot's dead body was in Moscowe within three days for a syaye funeral. Trump's buddy Putin demanded and arranged , much to the chagrin of real jihadists who know the value of a Russian pilot's body for a prisoner exchange that never happened. Israel heeds all kinds of Arab opponents' dead bodies as future bargaining chips with their enemies. Obviously the Russian invaders are not US enemies in Syria just doing their duty to keep globalists' boy Assad alive and Israel safe from Jihadists.

Snooty elitist slimy limey regimes are the last to be trusted; they are always causing others to join a war they goaded. World War I and Workd War II were waged to save Britain they seem to have an arrogant attitude toward other white nations with their idiot Commonwealth that benefitted only a few on top of their caste-like society where "royals" are treated like racemixer Anglos who are never brought to account. They cannot be believed, especially when it comes to a "causus bellum" dirty wars that have taken millions in lives and caused untold misery thanks to limey meddling.

White Nationalists must reach beyond the traitors' regimes and refuse to kill other whites on some made up reasons or over-treacherous spies' lives. From the British Isles to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean, we are all one dwindling race trying to survive in a nonwhite world. The last thing we need is another suicidal fratricidal white war. Race above regimes is the white racists' policy. That's the only idea that makes sense. Rotten regimes can be replaced.. a race, never.

Let's not fall for war Zionism again, something the rich elites are good at, sitting there in their pirate islands while others fight their snooty wars; White Nationalists say no thanks to more wars.

by Don Andrews

Of course, we all know that comedy and that the best way to bring in unpopular idea and mock the ruling establishment and its traditions. This has been going on for years in Hollywood against white society and its higher morality rules. Aside from the insidious sitcoms like Archie Bunker's All In The Family and Married with Children and Roseanne (soon to be revived on ABC). Then there are the two popular and still-in-production  white-society-undermining cartoons The Simpsons and Family Guy, both purporting to be an example of moral American life, just like the previously-mentioned idiocies. The Simpsons has been underming morality for over 30 ugly years, all for a few dumb jokes that poke fun at the ordinary white working male American. The Simpsons' family morality is simply criminal, felonious and constantly immoral, with the criminal kid Bart (who could fit the profile of any school mass murderer)while the mother Marge is the drudging housewife/"brains" of the family. There are no good moral examples with any of the main or ancillary characters -- they're all either perverts or idiots, like Homer Simpson. Only the pre-pubescent little girl Lisa has any idea of a moral code, usually based on commie feminist ideology with her mother Marge being a willing apologist stooge of her disgusting husband and family father. All thee plots usually revolve around some kind of neo-criminal shenanigans or stupid misunderstanding, usually by the idiot father. That's what we mean by "fatherless family" when the old man is just a useless idiot, projected millions of times into the minds of gullible children who grow up to be old man-child, game-playing fools and lonely lesbians; the worst base to procreate another generation.

The other evil nonsense is the erroneously- named Family Guy. Here's another family with an emasculated, self-centered conniving "father" like the fat-assed Peter Griffin, who comes up with loony schemes in each episode, proving over and over again that the father of the family is a moron who doesn't deserve any respect from anyone in his household, not even a talking dog, who is utilized many times for bestiality perversion, with all and sundry in his metrosexual snooty reach. You'd think the gay villagers combined to write these episodes when you consider the inordinate number of homosexual allusions in every episode to be topped off by suggestions of murder and incest by the youngest member of the Griffins, the talking baby Stewie, including sex with Brian the dog. Again, all the time this blighted Griffin family, there is an oversexed pervert or an aye-aye-ready father. It was in one of these evil prograns it was suggested that if  you're stealing, "be prepared to kill". The only sane person again in this cartoon is long-suffering wife Lois, while her not-so-great-looking teen daughter Meg (something the gay writers abhor) is pilloried endlessly.

Lately the degenerate producers of these two cartoons have tried to catch up with the Me Too times and the white racist Trump election phenomenon. They know they're in favor of the latest tighten-up-morality society, so they pretend to be relevant with Make-America-Great mockery, while the public is turning in disgust against them. The Family Guy image of a heterosexual teen images is another recipe for public and private disaster witn the depiction of the lazy fat lout son Chris; another fatherless family where the patriarch is a hedonistic mental midget, just the way they portray Chris.

White Nationalist rallies are fine and dandy, but let's not forget the hard daily work required to put a stop to degeneracy and pro-criminal chaos by condemning in the harshest tone The Simpsons' and Family Guy's creators on every stupid and undermining plot and images they show, because these people are responsible for the social mayhem and misery they have caused to  American children, adults and family by their bad and evil example. Curses on them and all their efforts; we're sending our complaint bow.  Don't worry--like the discredited fake newsmedia, they're listening.

Write to Matt Groening, Sam Simon and James L. Brooks at Grace Films/Fox Broadcasting

And to Seth Macfarlane at Fuzzy Door Productions at Fox:


by Don Andrews

The greatest fear the multicult globalists and their obfuscating propaganda media have is white racial identity politics, which the Orwellian overlords call "hate". The love for and desire to maintain your white race has become a hate crime for whites in their own countries, silencing millions for their natural feelings. and has left only the bravest to publicly declare themselves racists, white nationalists and white supremacists, while the rest of the racially-aware hide behind freedom of speech and feminists' Muslim fear in advocates and new "Make (fill in the blank) great" populist politicians likw Donald Trump.

The ruling Establishment knows they have lost the confidence of the white public with the downfall of their fake news, biased media, secret police institutions (CIA, FBI, CSIS, etc.) and a myriad of lost foreign wars and dumb interventions  that produce chaos and more pointless killings every day. Therefore, they have instituted a cone of silence on white nationalists to isolate them from public discourse, never giving them any credit for the white public's voting record who rely on our opinions of who or what's good for our race.

Everywhere you look there is a concerted effort by the anti-white media race traitors to sanitize the news by either burying it or minimizing it with vagueries, especially on nonwhite crime, where we never hear a racial description of culprits --unless a video makes it obvious. Now when there are eleven robberies, like in the trendy part of Toronto by criminals, they are just referenced to as "youths", similar ro mail mass robberies and riots, too... just "youths". Racial recognition is only allowed for nonwhites: now when they are among whites, they are called racialized, as if whites are not a race.

White Nationalists are against foreign wars and overpopulating white meddlers who always bring the Third World back here. The white public agrees with us and looks to us for our policies and ideology as the iron core they can count on, just like our planet Earth. The mainstream controlled media is basically frustrated; they can't pin anything on Trump or make him lose his 33% white base, come hell or high water, because they know there is an enemy of white people who don't play fair, hypocritically fighting only against whites' racism, while elevating and kow-towing to the "racially" empowered nonwhite masses.

Mean disrespect of their elders by the craybaby boomers ans neo-criminal hedonistic Generation X has peoduced mean millennials who owe no one nothing, opening them up to question the last two generations' failed globalist presumptions, especially on race and war. They realize that race is real and that war is useless ...exactly the same sentiments of sane white racists. They also know that there is no such thing as a 'social justice warrior', just white self-loathers and greedy globalists like East Indian-dressed Justin Trudeau and his rich pals.

All the Establishments' idiots have fallen, from Hollywood's whores to Pentagon pimps, from their fake news announcers to
to unpatriotic sports stars; the racially-aware white public doesn't believe or respect any of their thanks for our continuing opposition of them and their evil anti-white works. The white population has a lot to be grateful to our white nationalist movement and looks for our opinion and guidance to lead the way to a peaceful and prosperous white privilege society for all time... you're welcome!



by Don Andrews

The greatest fear the multicult globalists and their obfuscating propaganda media have is white racial identity politics, which the Orwellian overlords call "hate". The love for and desire to maintain your white race has become a hate crime for whites in their own countries, silencing millions for their natural feelings. and has left only the bravest to publicly declare themselves racists, white nationalists and white supremacists, while the rest of the racially-aware hide behind freedom of speech and feminists' Muslim fear in advocates and new "Make (fill in the blank) great" populist politicians like Donald Trump.

The ruling Establishment knows they have lost the confidence of the white public with the downfall of their fake news, biased media, secret police institutions (CIA, FBI, CSIS, etc.) and a myriad of lost foreign wars and dumb interventions  that produce chaos and more pointless killings every day. Therefore, they have instituted a cone of silence on white nationalists to isolate them from public discourse, never giving them any credit for the white public's voting record who rely on our opinions of who or what's good for our race.

Everywhere you look there is a concerted effort by the anti-white media race traitors to sanitize the news by either burying it or minimizing it with vagueries, especially on nonwhite crime, where we never hear a racial description of culprits --unless a video makes it obvious. Now when there are eleven robberies, like in the trendy part of Toronto by criminals, they are just referenced to as "youths", similar to mail mass robberies and riots, too... just "youths". Racial recognition is only allowed for nonwhites: now when they are among whites, they are called racialized, as if whites are not a race.

White Nationalists are against foreign wars and overpopulating white meddlers who always bring the Third World back here. The white public agrees with us and looks to us for our policies and ideology as the iron core they can count on, just like our planet Earth. The mainstream controlled media is basically frustrated; they can't pin anything on Trump or make him lose his 33% white base, come hell or high water, because they know there is an enemy of white people who don't play fair, hypocritically fighting only against whites' racism, while elevating and kow-towing to the "racially" empowered nonwhite masses.

Mean disrespect of their elders by the craybaby boomers ans neo-criminal hedonistic Generation X has produced mean millennials who owe no one nothing, opening them up to question the last two generations' failed globalist presumptions, especially on race and war. They realize that race is real and that war is useless ...exactly the same sentiments of sane white racists. They also know that there is no such thing as a 'social justice warrior', just white self-loathers and greedy globalists like East Indian-dressed Justin Trudeau and his rich pals.

All the Establishments' idiots have fallen, from Hollywood's whores to Pentagon pimps, from their fake news announcers to unpatriotic sports stars; the racially-aware white public doesn't believe or respect any of their thanks for our continuing opposition of them and their evil anti-white works. The white population has a lot to be grateful to our white nationalist movement and looks for our opinion and guidance to lead the way to a peaceful and prosperous white privilege society for all time... you're welcome!


By Don Andrews

The citizenry of a racemixed multicult fatherless criminals' society needs guns to protect themselves. The cops usually arrive after the violence; they can't assure your safety or future security. Most white Americans know this and are arming themselves accordingly. All these anti-gun demonstrations and controlled pundits' efforts to disarm the white population in the US will fail, as these are the very same anti-racist idiots and fake news propagandists who told us that multiculturalism and Third World immigration would be good for us. You can't trust the naive and establishment pimps for whites' well-being and future existence in North America now growing at an alarming rate, destroying white cities like Detroit, Toronto and once-white Chicago.

Canadian urban whites have been all but disarmed, with the exception of some rural areas where a man can still defend his property, like the farmer Gerald Stanley facing four drunk thieving Indians in Saskatchewan. However, this has not stopped nonwhites from possessing handguns, using them with impunity night and day in what cops foolishly call "gunplay" , as if it's not that dangerous when black criminals try to kill each other with unarmed whites standing around. The anti-white media is also responsible for these outrages, not only for advocating for more nonwhite violent immigrants from war-torn countries used to violence and criminality from the middle east, Africa, Philippines, Jamaica and Latin America , all known for their high murder rates and poverty; then the anti-gun nuts blame law-abiding gun owners.

Feminist, fatherless parenting with too many failed single mothers acting as the male role model, failed their sons, who need a form father's hand to direct them to a moral path in life. Here again the anti-male media comes into play, always picturing the father as an absent idiot or a cuckolded wimp as queers and feminists are raised on a pedestal they don't deserve-- what do they know about a healthy family when their anti-tradtional  hate towards toward all heterosexual male surfaces ?

The whites' dysfunctional Modern Family turns to drugs to sedate their male offspring. Never in history have so many boys been drugged by their lazy, hedonistic, pre-occupied "parents". Most of these keep-quiet drugs have suicisal warnings that are ignored too late after a school massacre or some other outrage of a twisted teenager.  The Hollywood entertainment media is also responsible for the lack of decency and morality by pushing criminality with TV shows like Breaking Bad and video games Grand Theft Auto, glamorizing crime and minimizing its evil caused to victims. This is where mean millenials get their ideas without empathy or sympathy toward their fellow man, Millenials have no "god generation" to learn  from or lean on, since the spoiled, treacherous baby-boomer hedonists are no example, nor are their neo-criminal fatherless Generation X parents. What can you expect from them except more of the same? Only the racially-aware whites are normal and know the score --that a new moral patriarchy is required to stop the madness... and it starts with you.

There is nothing funny about crime-- all crime. There's no such thing as a robbery or burglary "gone wrong"; it's already wrong. White racists must be in the forefront of crime fighting, especially when its done by whites. We must set an example to our race and others' that we will shun and fight all crimninality in our communities with neighborhood watches, Big Brother volunteering and working with the police to stem rampant criminality. We are all responsible for our family members who might go astray, taking the easy road to hedonism with crime and callous immorality--that's the greedy coward's way, and definitely not the white man's way, that we can be proud of all generations present and future.

Ask Donald Trump to start a real war on crime.... We will.

by Don Andrews

Globalists want a uni-world open-borders movement of people and goods. The whole place is a giant plantation at the disposal of the elite .01% of the population, That's called an empire or a multicult one-world order with former nations reduced to tourist spot ethnic enclaves and lost memories of glorious pasts. Unfortunately for these egomaniac greedbags that's not Nature's way. While opposites may attract, same stays together; birds of a feather gather together; all empires fall because they are held by Man's force, a fleeting object if there ever was one.

Globalists have been in charge of the world since World War II and the UN. We saw that with the wimpy fall of communism, the clenched-fist/wild-eyed look that faded into Armani suits and criminal debauchery in all the Marxist -Leninist satrappys without a whimper, even in Mao's Little Red Book in China. What a farce -- the entire phony Cold War was for military industrial complex profits, and some are tring to resurrect it.

The only opposition globalists have today is the religious patriarchal version of the Semitic Jews' god, Islam's Allah, which the globalists helped launch in their great war game fun in Afghanistan with the Mujahideen and fighting Russian occupiers and the CIA's creation of al-Qaeda . Anyone who takes credit for something they did not do (like 9/11) is suspected as a willing stooge, as qell as al-Qaeda's quick willingness to attack ISIS jihadists who attempted to hold territory instead of staying just an Orwellain "terrorist" threat that can be used anytime by
their supposed enemy masters. Primitives holding territory is the globalists' biggest fear, hence the quick response on ISIS by all concerned. I don't like the primitives' brutality. watching a young man with his  hands tied behind his back, on his knees and looking up at a sword-wielding monster who's about to chop his head off in a marketplace with kids and elders crowding around, some gleefully, while another helpful watcher rushes up and puts the youth's head down so that the swordsman can get the job done, with decapitated bodies laying in a pile with more to come. It's a cruel racemixed Semitic religion meant for them, not us, but that's who's fighting the globalists right now and putting up a barbaric revolt against the elites and the mercenaries in far-flung areas of the world. Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Somalia and Yemen -- they're still all there, fighting the globalists to a frustrating standstill; victory is hard to declare for a needed withdrawal from a war-weary citizenry; Nineteen years in Afghanistan alone, and still the Taliban control 40% of the country, while controlling 70% of the military with some 60,000 fighters. I wonder how whites would do against Chinese occupier UN troops?

The sooner these foreign invasions end, the sooner we can close our borders to all the refugees and globalist greedy collaborators flooding our country from all those ISIS-infected countries mentioned above.  These people have lived for isolated centuries with their Sharia in their own lands. Let's leave them. there; the jihadists are doing us a favor. Still, no thanks to brutes.


by Don Andrews

White Nationalists are separatists by nature and ideology. Therefore we have to support all other separatists' efforts to get away from ourselves. Not all separatist movements are racially or ethnically directed; some are religious or economic efforts by fanatic or geographic movements to establish a nation or a caliphate that could be in opposition to white racists' goals. However, all separatists are chipping away at the anti-racist globalists' empire on the planet, making it weaker for us to establish a constitutional racist state, wherever we have the population and the desire to form an all-white state, doing all our own labor and as self-sufficient as possible for others.

There are a lot of new nationalists in the world and more considering going their own way, apart from all the so-called United States and geographic 'unions' (the EU) or colonialist and commie empires hanging on by a mercenary military thread, like India, Pakistan, Russia. China, Indonesia and South Africa. They are all due for a separatist unraveling to come soon; even in South America, new countries will form, based on the ethnic and cultural heritage of the past.

White Nationalists don't have to like other separeatists to be in favor of their wars or endless elections (like in Catalonia or Quebec) to take benefit from these separatists often too afraid to speak the white racist way to achieve their independence goals. Often, stupidly denying they are racists, while clamoring for their  sovereignty, especially in commie/ feminists' French Canadian Quebec, which is more concerned about the patriarchal version of their two-Marys/Semitic god religion... Islam ("submission"). Without natural racism, they have nothing, except their French language -- a small foundation for a state in a racemixed nation, similar to Portuguese- speaking, large. racemixed Brazil.

People are the most comfortable when they know that their neighbors have the same like-minded thinking as themselves when they go to bed. No one wants uncertainty and anxiety for the present or the future - exactly what muliculture and diversity does to a society. The globalist elites know this. That's why they have to set up police states and laws to keep everyone quiet on the surface; only the entire Establishment is geared to stop any info that would undermine the shaky diversity edifice that is always ready to collapse at the first sign of a public crisis that their globalist Jewsmedia always tries to minimize or hide, like rampant violence crime and Third World natural racism disguised as freedom movements to undermine white privilege that we once enjoyed.

Other peoples' racist and ethnic efforts to establish their own countries, like the Kurds or Uighurs only hurt the greedy globalists in charge of the world being sucked dry of resources while overpopulating the planet for more customers to exploit. The less that naive, hedonistic whites meddle, the better for a planet with too many people on it made by white greed and naivete. Breaking up the globalist elites' empire is the white racists' policy, whoever is doing it.
We're for it...
Let's join in.


by Don Andrews

White nationalists must support other peoples' racism. If you are a common sense, good will and fair play White Nationalist, white racist or white supremacist, then it's only natural to support other races' racism as the idea that only whites are racists is too stupid to consider when you know that proud blacks, Orientals, and even proud  racemixed Latinos and Arabs are all racists in their own rite. When I hear any white conservative bigot complain about anti-white racism I know that they just want to be slave owners and have all the nonwhites at their service in their society... a guarantee of a racemixing white extinction.

There are many racial and ethnic groups around the world trying for their own natural ethno-state by gathering all their peoples in one country to live in a common-life attitude-- what makes others feel safe and comfortable. White Nationalists must support all their efforts, whether they are Catalonians or Kurds, since many international borders are fake constructions, based on globalist economics or held down by foreign powers. White Nationalists don't care about globalists' borders that deny fledgling racial ethnic states yearned for by the people.

The majority of today's modern nonwhite Third World countries are colonialist constructs, slapping together various antagonistic tribes, religions and ethnicities -- like Iraq (I.R.A.Q., --the first letters of four major tribes) and P.A.K.I.-Stan("state"). Others are economic exploitation areas obtained by colonialist bullets and bayonets, like Nigeria, South Africa and India, held together by then colonialist-trained militaries, and left over sops and grants like Jordan and Syria from World War One and Libya and Algeria from World War Two. None of their borders are natural; no wonder there's so much conflict, mostly because they're greedy, creepy white meddlers and exploiters who created these dumb new countries that the locals are now stuck with.

I used to love to stare ant gaze at and research historical maps, empires and countries that have disappeared. One thing is sure -- nothing is permanent hen it comes to the boundaries and borders --it's ever-changing across the centuries with kingdoms and empires of new states that recede like an ice age into a myriad of newer states because that's the human way, to live in peace with their own kind, confident that their neighbors want the same. That's called nationalism, the kernel of all civilizations and their path that whites in North America are on, when a people want to reunite themselves, whether they're Germans or Koreans, White Nationalists should not stands in the way, as we expect them not to meddle when we do the same.. Their success is our success in mutual respect and racial amity. Isn't that what we all want -- the less whites meddle, the better off for the overpopulated planet that we've created. The white race needs a rest and a renaissance from all its foreign meddling and new World Order crap  that guarantees all of us to become paupers in a globalist society ruled by a Jew-chosen people and their goons. Recessive DNA whites will have to learn to mind their own business, not put their effeminate noses into everyone else's problems while they're saving someone, somewhere with greedy white consumerism and military spending, unlike the hypocrite Delisu production Star Trek with its philosophy of not interfering ion other peoples' culture, did so in every episode, we must be true to our word ... don't meddle, don't interfere and don't invade, as the road to hell is paved with good intentions --look at the mess that we have wrought. We need to mind our own business.  Or do we need a nuclear war to wake us up?

Let's remind our politicians and our women in the forefront of all this meddling foolishness. That's the way forward if we are to have a future.

by Don Andrews

There is a white Aryan revulsion at meanness and brutality against the three Semitic religions: Judaism, Christianity (Judaism) and Islam, the patriarchal reaction to matriarchal Judaism. They all follow the same Mideast Biblical god of racemixed Semites (Arabs and Jews) and their nastiness is beginning to chafe the white race from feminists in North America to Aryans' Iran. Hardly any country wanted to stay Muslim after the cruel Semitic  regimes were kicked out of power and sometimes, foreign troops, whether they were from Portugal, Spain, Sicily,  the Balkans or the Ukraine. A god should mirror the people, not vice versa, since it's a man's mind's creation: blind obedience to made-up idiocy leads to "righteous" invasions and massacres.

I've never met an Iranian who doesn't refer to himself as a Persian, still dreaming and relying on their once-great Afro-Eurasian empire that a few thousand Greeks and Macedonians put to an end so quickly with Alexander the Great, as their leader; throughout history Iran's history everything appeared calm  and peaceful, then a quick-change regime and world attitude would appear. That's the case with the present Muslim schismatics (Shiites) regime in Tehran -- it can fall, just like that, because of the Euro-Aryan peoples' minds (they're till Zoharastrian sun-worshipping Persians), especially when they see the brutality of the other 85% of Sunni racemixed and nonwhite populations' brutality. They're probably ashamed to be Muslims when they see ISIS extremists acting like savages, that the whole world has seen, when they were the main civilization of the Persian Empire . Then, in came the black-clad Mullahs to tell them how moral and civilized they are, representing the Semites' Allah, "the beneficient, the merciful".  It just does not compute. During World War II Whites from the US, Britain and Russia took over Iran within two months and held it as an oil supplier for the West eventually leaving it to the Coasack last Shah of Iran as a friend of the West-- thee direction most Iranians too as well.

Present-day Iran doesn't want a war with anyone, especially after they had hundreds of thousands of casualties fighting the Semites in the Iran/Iraq war to a standstill under Saddam Hussein. The atrocities committed by Sunnis and Shiites on each other are horrendous, especially among Shiite minorities in Sunni lands like Yemen and Iraq (a phony acronymed country if ever there was one). Iraq and Afghanistan are as bad as any of the Catholic/Protestant burnings at stakes and pointless wars on how a Semitic god should be worshipped, with glitz and glamor. The Rome Mediterranean way bore a hardness and starkness -- the North European schismatic Protestant way.

Don't expect Shiites to do anything about Israel; they're hated in the Arab Muslim world, since race trumps religion. I think that the Iranian people are sick of foreign adventures in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen; money that could be better spent on the population instead of proseletizing a minority Aryan view of a Semitics' god and religion. The sooner the Persians abandon a theocratic regime, the  better, as the future will open them up to the world , which has graduated from religious regimes of a foreign war-made entity.  Let the religious racist cult Jews, the anti-white racist Christmas and the polyglot Arab Muslims fight among themselves  if they're so stupid to be so inclined.

But White Nationalists must stay the course of peace and prosperity through isolationism and racial pride to maintain our white privilege civilization for our future  existence with white Constitutional Racist States, or fooled into any new war until our goals are secured.


Gerry Lincoln, the longtime activist with Canadian white natrionalists (I've known him for at least 30 years) is dead. He was in his late sixties. He agreed when I called him a liberal libertine libertarian. I believe he died by his own hand around November 5th or 6th, shortly after he was at a party at my house on November 4th. Gerry Lincoln was also known as "Gerry with a G" and "his nibs" in my circle of characters. He constructed this website  and I used his technical abilities to post 200 news stories every day by a guy who was the antithesis to white nationalism and white tracial identity for over a decade, for about $400 a month ($200 cash and his cable and Internet connection). I knew it was too good to be true for a non-believer to put so many hours  into a website that he argued was not political, but a "hate site", as he referred to it in the couple of years after I stopped paying the cash part of his endeavors, but carried on with his Rogers cable connection. Of course I told Gerry that those words were straight from the police station (or his handler spy agency) during our monthly breakfast club meetings in a fancy restaurant, until I relieved him of his duties  last March 2017, after training another real white nationalist to do the postings. It seemed to all downhill after that for Gerry with a G, so much so that about two months ago on the telephone he told me that he had no reason to live and had nothing to do all day and was contemplating suicide, when he could achieve the right drug cocktail to go up in a high. I argued with him, "Don't you want to see what happens next?", but apparently, it was to no avail.

Gerry Lincoln had a long history with the white nationalist movement. He may have been one of the founders of the CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) creation, the ersatz Heritage Front under the Bavarian thug Wolfgang Droege and the now-in-hiding (under the assumed name Nathan Black) Grant Bristow. I sent them all to Qaddafi's Libya on a free junket when his regime needed white faces (him and sixteen others) during some national celebration. Gerry Lincoln also worked with the Holocaust skeptic Ernst Zundel, who gve the Jews plenty of publicity  from their re-victimhood of Germans counting bones while denying the existence of gas chambers through snooty "experts". Some reported later that Zundel didn't mind Gerry with a G sitting at his computer in his bunker with a Jewish prayer shawl ariound him doing research. Gerry  loved to boast about that and also driving his Jewish girlfriend's car, whom we never saw. "His nibs" was happy to announce that he was an AC/DC metrosexual who preferred young men (or women who looked like them). Gerry Lincoln had a popensity for the sexually crude and  perverted, announcing on a number of occasions, I suppose to agitate more moral white nationalists, that he loved the lips of that mental case killer Luka Magnotta, who chopped off his Chinese boyfriend's head and sent the video all around, which Gerry captured.

Gerry Lincoln was the amtithesis to moral White Nationalism. in fact he was my antagonistic muse for writing a number of editorials to answer the hedonistic white man's perversions and I-don't-care attitudes. I usually referred to him as a wag or a dilettante (I'm sure he knew who I was speaking about when he put up my editorials with his often-stupid illustrations I didn't always check to see the insidious sabotage of my idea illustrated with creatures from the perverted "South Park"  that Gerry loved. Now I'm told by some of his associates that he did it on purpose to undermine our racist ideology to satisfy his secret handlers and friends. Gerry had contacts with the Jewish Defense League (JDL) and the white self-loathers of the Anti-Racist Collective idiots and all my ex-active Heritage Front enemies whom he boasted as dropping into his basement dungeon-like apartment (that would look good seeing someone running screaming in a horror movie). If I didn't like them, Gerry with a G liked them. If someone was an instigator, an agitator or a trouble-maker at my gatherings, he was for them, but all so subtly, just like the sabotage he put throught the NPC website, trying to make a laughing stock of natural racism. I put up with this fotr the last five years because Gerry Lincoln was sick. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at Mount Sinai Hospital and last the avereage time limit of five years after the diagnosis. He was walking pretty slow in the last couple of years and had to stop for a breath after a block or two of walking. But Gerry was a proud man who dismissed all suggestions of illness to white racists' concerns, pretending he was just fine in front of the white nationalists that he looekd down upon. At my house he had a special plate and a special place and was served food and drink by youirs truly with his snooty desires. He was the best-treated guest ever. I always saw to it that Gerry had his favorite fruits and vegetables--watermelon and asparagus and lots of my turkey stuffing and potato salad. I think he tried to project an august figures, as seen in the film about the Emperor Caligula, who married his sister.

Gerry's family and origins were a mystery to us. He was pretty secretive about his private life. I told the Ontario coroner after his death that I would take his box of ashes if no family showed up; the cops are supposedly looking after that matter.

Gerry had his human side at least, to cays, especially my grey tabby Marcus, to whom he brought special treats when I brought hiim to the house. I used to say to the cat, Gerry's coming, Gerry's coming, just to see if his ears would pick up--and they did. On a number of ocassions, Gerry called him "my god", showing how much he cared for people, especially  those he disdained for being ugly of poor. No one liked his snobbery, but we put up with it because he did so much work on the site.

Gerry had lots of money in his wallet according to those who saw him open it, filled with undred dollar bills. Yet he was always again to take a twenty from me and complaining I wasn't giving him enough, adding insult to injury after I fired him, the hundreds duisappeared. I was told he started paying  his rent by cheque, the last one in November bounced: Another indication he was planning to leave this dimension.

I hardly ever talked to Gerry unless I was inviting him for a breakfast, even after I fired him. I felt sorrry for him for him and kept the cable TV payments going until October. I remember him almost begging , pleading for me not to cut his cable service, promiding me he could pay the $220 a month without a problem, at the end of November --one of the few as I was dropping him off at his spooky redstone apartment building saying " You know, Don, I would never screw you" for the money which I thought was rather peculiar, considering his sabotage of many years.Anyway, I agreed to it and another him if we had any money on him to seal the deal. He gave me $60 and offered to get the rest that he had in a drawer but considering how slow he walked and how long it would take with me parked on a narrow street, I said, give it to me later. Lesson: Never turn money down when it's offered

Gerry Lincoln hated two phrases: the first was "kith and kin" (What's that, he would complain); the other was "cuckservative", since he adored Ronald Reagan and had a big- framed picture of the warmonger Hollywood idiot, and oh, how sad and perplexed he was when our words "white nationalism" came into vogue.

Gerry Lincoln was a challenge to my mind with his I-don't-care attitude and attachment to hedonism. He boasted that he was called "Dr. Gerry"  in the past because he could always find the veins of druggers waning a fix. Gerry liked the Jew Quentin Tarantino, for his brutal murders of whites in the slave upriding film Django Unchained, which he watched numerous times and his favorite comedian was the crude and rude Seinfeld creator Larry Davis of the "comedy" Curb Your Enthusiasm. He also liked disgusting radio host Howard Stern.  He couldn't understand why we like Corner Gas (Simple inocuous, Canadiana humor). Gerry was so disappointed when that disgusting  torture-murder series Dexter was cancelled. Now he was in love with the wimps and feminists' Game of Thrones, which he couldn't get enough of. He said he had no friends but I've heard of guys he visited in the Dominican Republic and New York (agents have no problem crossing borders, even with a long history with white racists). His nibs was very concerned about dying and laying  around doing nothing for days before the stench caught anyone's attention. Fortunately for him a few of us cared, we demanded his apartment be opened by the police after no one could contact him for five days. There, Gerry was found leaning over ona a couch, the TV and computer  running on Ingrid Rimland's website (she was the wife of Ernst Zundel) who Gerry called had offered him to move to the USA and live with her to do here site. When the stretcher came with two weak men (one Chinese one white) and they carried him in a blue bag crowd, his knee burst and the stinking mess was all over. When the stretcher-bearers attempted to take the 200-pound Gerry around the twisting  stairway for the basement he fell out and tumbled all the way down in the bag. Finally they got him and one of them said that they had to step on his stuck-up knee  to crunch it down before taking him to the coroner. It's not the dignity he craved.

I told Gerry I would  spread his ashes in a  beautiful wild park along the Scarborough Bluffs, since he  explicitly said he did not want any funeral, grave, memorial or eulogy.  Sorry pal, you got the last one. You can complain to me about it in the next dimension.

As I have said in my prayers, God Bless Gerry Lincoln, missed by his friends and foes.


(B.S. Forbidden)

We must protest anti-white presumptive propaganda. Even though the multicults' racemixer world is crumbling and separating, the commie globalist mainstream media is still pushing the "fake news benefits" of their LGBT and pro-deadly diversity nonwhites' criminal chaos society. Anti-white racist idiots know it's not too popular to be pushing perversion and racemixing with the white voters' election of Donald Trump as president. They are afraid to be too explicit with their deceptive anti-white nationalist propaganda, but they are still carrying on as if they have not been revealed as sex perverts and fake news liars along with their favorite personalities and politicians. So instead of trying to convince people as to their social veracity, they just assume that all agree with their nefarious presumptions--that's worse than advance billing: Simple little phrases or attitudes they hope will wheedle their way into the public psyche, that it will be accepted as "fait accompli" (case closed).

"Not that there is anything wrong with that" is probably the best-known example of reference to homosexual sex. Larry David and his neo-criminal cast of "Seinfeld" are best-known for popularizing that devious phrase, suggesting that no one or anything is contrary to the barren queer society and their practices and attitudes, which couldn't be further from the truth.

When you consider who writes TV and movie scripts, you realize that it's filled with homosexuals, perverts and other anti-social white self-loathers and metrosexuals ready to put their two cents' worth into any white society situation,and not for its benefit. It's common currency subtle propaganda against white race survival to picture all young white men as "players" who don't to get married, have kids or settle down. Another queers' lie to keep  them for themselves, while the opposite is true: Hating young, not-so-good looking is another nasty attitude toward possible mothers while whores are elevated. Pregnant women are usually shunned and dismissed as breeders, while the general public is enthralled to see and/or help one. These media creeps hate a natural family, especially if it's big. They are hindering the existence of our race.

If you're an old hedonist, well, you can just go to China and bring an adopted kid back--that's the media's suggested normal, which is way off as to how most whites feel. Media manipulators like to lower the topic of conversations to lots of references to body parts, particuularly asses and penises or women's breasts. Sex talk interjections are common in all TV and film. Men are supposedly ready and willing to pretend they are queer to gain a job, citizenship or a living space, according to these diletanttes , while the oppsoite reigns. What do they care -- they hate traditional society with every utterance.

Jokes about killing, dismembering or burying ina a shallow grave are routine with anti-white perverts trying to accoustomise us to violence in their multicult charnel-house they seem to love --unyil it hits them. Calling murders, robberies and 'burglaries gone bad' suggests the culprit is a victim, too, after he was doing something bad to begin with ; it only trivializes the original crime. Cops are bad at this stupid media acceptance propaganda of a criminals' racemixed state, common south of the border  in US black cities and in Latin America.

White nationalists don't accept that. Mainstream Jewsmedia just won't stop pretending that all whites love blacks' basketball and football... not true. Many couldn't care less to go to one of these games and would make great offense to being called a "bitch"-- a black lexicon word that the queers seem to love. The Fact is, some of these "comedies" are so  unfunny to most people, they have be accompanied with continous canned laughter at the so-called funny spots, because no regular person would laugh at the filth and immorality spoken and suggested in them.

Again, it's up to the white racists  to confront and complain at every turn until the perverts get it -- enough is enough. Your day is over, your barren numbers are depleting like Africans' Boko Haram ("Bullshit forbidden").

It's only a matter of time, because by their very definition, white racists are her to stay, and the first step is to clean up our house.

We will... out of the way, fools!


A House Divided: The White Man's Way Needs Fixing...Or Else

Of course, there is a white man's way, from their cradle nations (Ireland to the Urals, Scandanavia to the Mediterranean. and every thing in between), you can count certain life-ways that you and your family will be generally safe, and no one will eat your dog. The old saying "that's mighty white of you" is no longer, due to ordinary white women's naive and deadly anti-racism supported by globalist rich whores. White men are always out to please "m'lady", even if it means extinction for the whole race. That's how lonely, needy and neglecetd they feel, that the only solution is to bring the whole world and its riches to their dames, even if the planet is plundered. Eighty percent of all globalist polluting commerce is directed to white women and their fantasy needs.

The whole white race is cuckolded. You can tell by the "dandy" way men have dressed over the ages: men in tights, men in frills, men without trouser belts -- More and more feminized, while still staying mean to control patriarchal nonwhites in their original costumes styled for a thousand years.

The White Man's Way elevates their weak, spoiled women to equal say in life-threatening matters through the franchise -- the final nail in the coffin of the once-great "angle people"  DNA-recessive white race that racemixed charlatans will turn into some kind of religion and worship on a future day.  It's not just skin color, you fools -- it's a minsdset supported by their DNA that motivates the Whie man not to racemix with other races. or lose their identity. Most white women couldn't care less until they're surrounded  by nonwhites and their different lifestyles that they can now practice without whites' restraints, mores and laws. That's the White man's Achilles' Heel that needs to be protected with the water of the River Styx.

White racists are that holy water, appearing at just the right time to save their people with a common sense, good will and fair play that will peotect that Achilles Heel and save the body of our people. However, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past by jumping on the Nazi repitition wagon which failed miserably and big time, making everything harder for the white racist survivalists to overcome their cruelty and unwarranted over-confidence.

First, let's not jump into any anti-patriarchal Muslim wars. We will lose in the long run; mercenaries will never totally destroy God-believers, especially when almost two billion passive adherents are watching their fundamentalist believers slaughtered in a pro-martyrdom Semitic men's religion. Martyrs always get more recruits, even centuries later. Wars against God-believers is a lose-lose situation: look how Roman-persecuted Christianity spread, even when white women felt sorry for the Jew Jesus' liberal Semites, thrown to the lions that Christianity conquered Rome through Caesar's bedroom. Once this women's religion was in power the merchants became peominent and the search for more goods and services (loot and slaves) gripped the white woeld that the supposedly manly mean Vikings participated. White colonizing always came second. White men will have to start criticizing their wild white women if they don't want to become insects like ocassionally breeding drones in a fast-approaching Queen Be white soceity.

I like the candor of our Slavic white race family members ; they tell it like it is, no, not the globalist liar/hypocrites. The ethnic nationalists in Poland and Hungary, too, who knwo the foolishness of commie-feminist doctoring of the equaity of the genders of the nation-wrecking utter stupidity of "multiculturalism" and wimpy and idiots' "diversity". There's hope, still: where it's really needed in this effeminate Anglo world with the selection of Doanld Trump by traditionalist white Americans who are way ahead of the President's globalist cabinet and his warmonger advisors. Hopefully, Trump will trealize this at his next rally that he will hold while the globalist/anti-white media race traitors hold their annual dinner.

Nationalism, populism and isolationism are what whites need to get their gender role-house in order, before the rest of the nonwhite world takes it over. Think about it.

And tell Trump .... we will.


Feminizing white men started a long time ago with the entertainment industry, ever since the queers appropriated the man-union word "couple" in their sitcom The Odd Couple, the peceursor to gay marriage. The chracters of that series were supposed to be interested in women, having broken up with their wives. However they spend more time interested in each other, acting like it was just like any other heterosexual union. Later, the Hollywood snakes brought us Three's Company, turning the world topsy-turvy, when everyone knows that three's a crowd. By undermining the male/female heterosexual union with a heterosexual guy playing a homosexual who lived with two dames (as if his pronouncement of queers would be enough for two girls to safely live with him; John Ritter was just saying he was queer and homosexuals wouldn't just their penises into a vaginal hole after putting it into an ass hole, they'll put it in anything).  This same I'm-gay-and-I'm-not-interested-in-vaginas theory is played out over and over again in Will and Grace, where every episode includes suggestive heterosexual intercourse with a dizzy dame who judges her men by homosexual standards ... and guess what? The adoring women around them start acting like drag queens and demand the same 'sensitive men' as partners.
White men have been acting effeminate with their ridiculously tight clothes and fly-away hair since the bloody Beatles and their stick-figure manliness. Needless to say, all kinds of tight-clothed rock stars dressed in black also emerged, pretending to be tough guys to the rowdy girls. We know where all this ended up -- with the wimps on King of Queens, The Middle, Modern Family and Everybody Loves Raymond -- all afraid of their women, unlike Muslims.
The image Hollywood promotes of a modern white man is for their own Jewish matriarchy: afraid of their mothers and wives and coupled with the arrogant homosexuals' propensity to push their cause. The white man becomes a wimpy potential bisexual... Hollywood's dream in every sitcom and denigrating society in evil "adult" cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy, South Park, Bob's Burgers, et al). As a consequence of this insidious gender-bending, the white men have become whores with hardly a virgin at the altar on her wedding day while the groom has become a lucky drone, picked to mate fir awhile with the  drag queens' bride-creation while others will become old whores to parade and play with again and old mean dames with dogs.
White racists can counter this threat by being generally dismissive to the entertainment industry and teaching their children that being a fan is not a life. We should also complain anywhere and anytime these undermining morons peddle their false news lifestyle agenda. However, all is not lost. As I've said before, the liberals, libertines and homosexuals are wiping themselves out when they start coming  out of the closet, as now they are not secretly breeding in phony heterosexual unions, as in the past and the selfish liberals (who didn't have enough children to sustain their destructive diversity opinion in future public discourse and in elections.
Nature rejects the weak and unnatural. Only those who have enough vanity to believe in themselves will survive... because God is vanity.


Anyone pushing war with fundamentalist Muslims is either a  globalist goverment agent or a naive, mean millenial bigot who couldn't care less for the white race's future or a common sense, good will and fair play morality.
The threat is now patriarchal Islam, and not nuclear-equipped red feminism. How the times have changed as hypocrites are revealed. The Muslims are not coming here to rule our land with troops or on horseback; white traitors brought them here. That's where the rot starts. Now these same white white self-loathers want to silence any opposition to Muslim practices with similar legislation that Jews brought in to stifle criticism of the themselves (the 'hate bill'). Sound familiar? These are the censor-proponents of oxymorons 'multiculturalism' and 'divesity'. Now they want dumb whites to get excited about killing fundamentalist Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Somalia and Africa's Sahel, where globalists' beheader/pretty-boy (Ridsdel and Hall) Justin Trudeau wants to send 750 Canadian troops for globalist mercenary service. They should be building clean water supplies for poor Canadian First Nations people in the north, where they're committing suicide an an increasing rate.
Just imagine communist Chinese air raids and assaults on fundamentalist Christians holding out against the new world order, and you're a nominal Christian you wouldn't like it -- nor do millions of other nominal Muslims in sympathy with their co-religionists. Religious wars are very mean and stupid. In the end they mean nothing since they were based on that to begin with (unless of course race is at the bottom of the issue). Northern Europeans rebelling against Mediterranean whites (Protestants versus Catholics) Northern Ireland Celtic Catholics versus north European Protestants -- it's the same in Islam: Caucasian Iranians (Shiites) versus racemixed Arabs (Caucasian, African and Dravidian). Race is all; religious wars are ridiculous. Look at the empty churches today after centuries of brutal prostyletizing.
Whites must concentrate on their racial situation. It's not a joke, and those who mock us the most will be the first to cry when their neighborhood changes. "White hedonists-- get real or perish" is order of the day for the white race. The Muslims are here with their patriarchal sharia; the party's over.
White racists don't want to live under a harsh semitic (God's rules, supposedly the most merciful with little to shiw for it from His followers. The more we meddle and mix with this bellicose religion, the more we will lose. Racemixing never works and recessive whites' DNA always disappears; the less contact, the better in the long run. Whites have been fooled before by bought, phony leaders, counting on their reaction to far-off brutality in some foreign land. Let's start minding our own business and stop cheering like children when the globalists' military forces create more enemies for themselves and the USA, with costly raids, bombings and invasions, while cheapskates fight over required universal health care (that should include dentistry) at home.
The Muslims are not the problem over there. The war-dog white race traitors are here. Keep that in mind when you tell your leaders and news outlets. White racists say to Trump and Trudeau: No more wars! NO MORE WARS!

We already know that when guitars appeared at the altar and the liturgy was in English and no m ore in Latin, severing the connection to the ancient church and the advent of the Internet, real; Christian belief among whites disappeared, too.The equalization of reproductive heterosexual marriage with same-sex unions further destroyed the sanctity of  that institution connected to the Middle Eastern Bible story Today, with the Internet , we see all the real wars and depredation of the Middle East instantly. We don't have to rely on fabricated  greedy, brutal Crusader stories to keep the globalist merchants' Crusade going for another hundred years and invasions that resulted in the  seven Crusade invasions that resulted in the expulsion of the Western white man from the mysterious Middle East.
Videos of immaculately-dressed al Qaeda's al-Zawahiri and pictures of jihadist suicide bombers waving their fingers in admonition of of the infidels doesn't make us feel warm and fuzzy toward the Nativity Scene. It's all from over there and their mean, cruel head choppers who will set you on fire or drown you in a cage -- unheard of in Western civilization since Christianity's religious wars of Catholics versus Protestants The whole religion is filled with blood: drinking wine, an imitation of Jesus' blood; eating crumbs and hosts as the imitation of eating Jesus' flesh that even the bloody cannibalistic Aztecs would oppose (no wonder Christianity is popular in violent racemixed places like Latin America and the Philippines: Killer Aztecs with greedy killer whites (Conquistadors, Cortez, Pizarro and their settler followers. And we're supposed to be about peace and love? Let's remember , race always trumps religion, and the natural way will come out.
The whole Middle East is a mess, and Christianity's leaders are as much to blame as the Pentagon for the continuing wars there. When was the last time you heard a priest, cardinal or bishop.. or even the Pope, advocating against any particular invasion or "humanitarian war" launched by the West. Well they have put their foot in it this time in the Middle East. The minority Christians in that area have been forced to flee it, being looked on as collaborators with the new greedy-for-oil Crusaders, but they've undermined Middle Eastern Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, with so many  suicide bombers for Allah. The  white man will soon be looking for  other gods, like the  Soldiers of Odin ( a god should reflect the people), but still lacking a generic all-powerful god without Middle East specifics, After all, Christianity was a liberal reaction to Judaism by a young rabbi who preached in a  temple: Jesus, and who must have been married to preach there (Mary Magdalene?), claiming he was the Son of God from an unmarried woman -- Mary. Initially, Christianity was just Judaism lite, a women's religion, schismatics who were told by Jewish priests to reform until one of the persecutors, Paul, changed sides and opened the doors to non-Jews and a Western women-centered society. Thus it became the official religion of the Roman Empire through the bedroom (the Emperor Constantine's wife).
With the white man fighting to survive as a racial entity there's little time  for internationalist racemixing religions; Christianity will have to become more patriarchal and isolationist  and racially and culturally respectful of all peoples, especially the whites before White Nationalists start putting crosses on their rifles while protecting white civilization in North America,  Tell the preachers, tell the clergy, tell the Pope, We will.


America started out as a white man's country, run by Freemason globalist merchants who eventually had to relent to the demands of their free-willed citizens to make a Second Amendment to their constitution -- the right to keep and bear arms -- in the fear of all despots is an armed citienry. These are the people in 2016, imitating their forefathers to potential globalists' elites' rule of equal world-pauperizing free-trade schemes to destroy the pesky hard-to-rule white race of tyrants and foreigners, because they're armed.
These natural, simple-thinking folks gave the best answers in support of Donald Trump to Jewsmedia reporters with their inane multicult questions and phony morality and entertainment, whorehouses. These armed whites stood for hours at Trump rallies and the polling booths, showing that whites are the nicest people on Earth in their kinship and fellowship to racial minorities. They didn't use their use their guns like in anywhere else in a nonwhite world. These whites were patient when they were called names, realizing the media was just a propaganda machine for no-borders globalist Hillary Clinton. No one wants to part of any registry anywhere; if a police state/censor/commie-feminist state commie feminist should win the vote, they've already got your phone number.
Donald Trump knows his constituents and White Nationalist base's ideology to bring nationalism back in vogue and teh jobs and the economy back to America; whether Trump builds any particular wall or ups border security, the very patient white people will be satisfied. Trump's campaign has educated  many white Americans as to who rules the world. The globalist elites don't want  an outsider resurrecting White America. They have racemixed most large American cities. But the small towns, farms, ranches and the hinterland are still under white man's rule, similar to when Andrew Jackson introduced his Jacksonian democracy with his muddy-booted supporters. The racemixed American empire, undermined by the women's franchise, won't last as long as Rome, which really began its landslide internally when feminist Christianity took over, worshipping the offspring of an unmarried woman (Mary), making Christiabity "Judaism lite". With Jewish rebellion, Rome also had a chance of turning the clock back to a patriarchy under the emperor Julian the Apostate, who for four years turned on official state-religion Christianity, which had found its way to Emperor Constantine's bedroom. Julian persecuted and hounded Christians out of office, including teachers. After his brief reign and death, everything went back to the way it was --the masculine ardor of Rome was gone.

Let's hope Donald Trump's reign doesn't end up the same with sneaky society-entrenched commie feminists all over the place, especially in urban America. The rot is deep. White self-loathers have been preaching anti-white racism while elevating everyone else's. All this should be new with the inauguration of a Trump presidency: they don't want their feminist politically-correct unnatural edicts-- Trump supporters will be looking very closely at the Cabinet he chooses, knowing full well that powerful Jews are everywhere who are against them. Now he tries to deal with  them. Many people will be pushing for more military industrial complex profits (with US militarism for globalists' intent). This is where white racists and Bernie Sanders' bun-headed  supporters agree and should bombard Trump and his advisers to lay off the phony neo-con feminist-inspired ISIS war (not one suicide bomber or attack has happened from that big globalist boogeyman in America, even though they sent about 200 troops in the last few months , especially to defend their Mosul stronghold.. what's that tell you? They're only a threat to colonialist construct regimes, not to ordinary Americans. Can you imagine (after the great "9/ll feat") they couldn't muster one after the slaughter on election day. It shows where their priorities lie: settling old local scores and getting rid of degenerate Western secularists in their own racial way, which we should not be ashamed of, considering our carpet bombing, brutalities, Agent Orange, white phosphorus  and barrel bombs. Whites cannot be policemen of the world without race-mixing themselves out of existence. Donald Trump must start  withdrawing occupation troops  all over the planet and rebuild Fortress America, from the Mexican border to Canada. American White Nationalists, should bombard the multicult Justin Trudeau Liberal/libertine regime with good advice and condemnation of our unnatural police state laws (e.g., no free speech) and our open-borders immigration from the non-white world, which may one day become a threat to America, just like Mexico. We will do our best to do the same.
When an isolationist white-ruled America, everyone prospers, and a white renaissance is possible.
We wish Donald Trump and all his supporters that we are with them holding the True North strong and free under white racist principals of common sense, good will and fair play.


White racists, now is not the time to compromise with our enemies.  Everything that this Canadian white racist site has said has, and is, coming true. The oxymoron "multiculturalism" has proven to be an  anxious, frightening failure for white people. The ongoing cold white race war with its zombie white self-loathers versus white identity-and-integrity racist whites, is heating up. Globalist free trade deals have proven to be a disaster on the white working class, undermining our reproduction, jeopardizing our future into a minority status in our own homelands. Foreign wars and so-called humanitarian missions have drained our tax dollars and brought millions of nonwhites from war-torn Third World countries into our neighborhoods of further tax expenses. That dirty commie-twisted word 'diversity' (no matter how David Duke explains it) is still a commie policy and has intimidated white culture and society into a background status of a society that used to be. Nonwhite criminality has risen way out of proportion to their numbers and police are hampered from politically-incorrect but necessary methods like carding and racial profiling.  I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that matriarchal commie/feminist globalism is wiping out the DNA-recessive white race in all their homelands affected by globalist racemixing, to pauperize the planet's people into serfs and elites. Wasn't every Jew promised 10,000 goyim slaves each in one of their holy books?
While the internationalist Jews may be in profusion in the leadership of anti-white globalists, there are many whites (47% of them women in particular, Hillary voters) who are the Achilles Heel of the race. They are brutal, that's their way and you're never going to change them as history has shown. Among the other 50% of white women are many who stood happily in Trump rally lines, showing that not all is lost. Even though Trump was a sexual crudenik, these women knew race is all and ignored the taunts of neighbors and nonwhites to cast their ballots for their race's flag-bearer Donald Trump. His supporters are way ahead of him in racial realities and if he does not deliver or brings more war over there (and mayhem here), then he can expect heckling and his allies (which the Jewsmedia hates) will jump on as proof of his ineptitude and naive white white racism (as we stated months ago).
There's a great danger that President Donald Trump  will surround himself with Jew and neo-con warmongers and feminist interventionists and embark on another foreign fiasco military mission that only serves globalists and feminists always screaming about the primitive and brutal "ISIS! ISIS!". Another Middle East War will definitely bring the jihadists here, since not one of them blew himself up during the election. You can see where their priorities lie: Sanaa, Yemen, Aleppo, Mosul, Sinai and Mogadishu -- all Muslim lands. The Islamic State Caliphate will carry on in one of their many 'provinces'. Let's not develop one here by destroying them there by a dumb globalist mercenary policy that spreads them all over white lands. The commie feminists want to dampen down the white peoples' fervor by compromising  Donald Trump and his cabinet through the globalists' Jewsmedia and so-called racemixing human rights groups. President-elect Trump needs to be reminded every day that war is hell for all concerned and we don't need any more of it in this multicult mad house where whites are afraid for their future.

White racists should involve themselves in every local re-development project to rebuild our infrastructure and factories to make our countries self-sufficient (isolationism and protectionism should be Trump's proper goal; there can be no Constitutional Racist State without it) , since we already have everything for survival, and anything else we may desire, I'm sure the Chinese and Arab merchants will comply with. I say, let's not have any compromise with the walking-dead loser white self-loathers and build a white civilization for our future generations that will stand the test of time. When it comes to white race survival, it's no surrender.
Let's go-- we have a Constitutional Racist State to build.


NOV 25


The honeymoon is over between Donald Trump and White Nationalists (in fact it was never consummated), even though it was a silent armed rural whites' uprising to show their displeasure with Manhattan commie-feminist Seinfeld crap/Establishment policies that are ruining white society economically and socially. The November 8 2016 election was truly a racist roll call, in which 70% of whites voted for Trump, but only 53% of them, women. The rest don't matter; they are the walking dead of the dustbin of history.
President-elect Donald Trump has made it very clear that he doesn't want the support of white racists, white nationalists or  white supremacists -- not evn the pro-diversity "reformed" David Duke kind. Trump goes one step further -- he condemns racial pride, separation, racial feeling and identity. And even further, he muses, he wants it investigated and a solution to come forward to quench that face of enthusiasm that manifests itself in his 99%-white rallies. Trump's fretful bemused face while pondering why white racists would support him contradicts his choice of Briebart's Steve Barron as his top advisor, a guy who knows everything about the pro-white identity movement, filled with all kinds of government front groups and pro-war activists all undermining the existence of a future white society, and replaced by a multicult globalist madhouse requiring a police state.
White racists here have their own agenda for a White Nationalist state; Donald Trump is just an Alexander Kerensky bump in the road. Hopefully there may be an eight-year economic renaissance delaying the inevitable -- separation for another generation. However, the demographic writing is on the wall: whites will become a minority in major cities, fleeing them, then controlling the vast hinterland where white militias will flourish.
If the white rural voting public had known that Donald Trump was hailed by those who stand up for him in little groups and sites all over North America, they wouldn't have trusted him to being racist as all these chicken-hearts are now. White Nationalists gave legitimacy to Trump by not rejecting him. but by embracing him as a potential independent anti-Establishment flag bearer. This gave the mainstream Jewsmedia the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot by calling him a racist -- exactly what the white people in the hinterland wanted to hear: a no-holds-barred billionaire racist as they would be if they had his bucks. That's why Trump's unscripted speeches are the best to rally the crowds, instead of the droning monotone videos he's peddling now of his first hundred days. All I say is, I don't want any new wars.
White racial identity and integrity has been established in the public mind -- you've never heard so much white-this and white-that since the Selma riots. Donald Trump can go on pretending he doesn't know anything about White Nationalists although his close pal Steve Bannon said, "I'm not a racist". One thing is for sure: white racists don't need to grovel and suck-hole to phonies, whatever their power-position is. We don't need to repeat the mistakes of the past. As soon as Donald Trump does or says anything white racists don't like, speak your mind and shout it from the rooftops, even if Trump uses it to prove he's not with us; the white people instinctively know that we are right, since we proved it with Trump's election.
 However at this time, I say good luck to President Elect Donald Trump, and may he lead the United States with common sense, good will and fair play... as all sane white racists espouse.


After decades of self-loathing,brainwashing by the globalist Jewsmedia and the effeminate school system, Whites are realizing only now that they are a people who have something in common with life-attitudes, looks and capabilities that are unique themselves. No matter what the fake news media and the pointy-headed paid professors say, we are not going back to the old extinction ways. Even Nature has delegated if whites copulated with nonwhites, it's curtains for the white race for the white race with its recessive DNA when mixed with others. Southern White Nationalist J.B. Stoner capsulized it correctly when he said, "Race is all".

Racists have not been needed since the 1920s, when the KKK Invisible Empire was around and the public knew why they existed. However, since those heady days when thousands of Klansmen marched in their robes through Washington DC, the commie-feminist propaganda apparatus has been operating full-time to destroy white racist leaders and organizations and defame them with malice and hatred, then call them "haters" in Orwellian double-speak, just like the homosexuals and the lesbians appropriated the word 'gay' from the vocabulary. So have the white self-loathers and their politically-correct police stooges appropriated the word 'hate' to describe their opponents, giving much less meaning to the word 'love' as a result. Still facing all these obstacles, white racist leaders still emerge, to bravely put forward their policies along White Nationalist lines in North America. They are the real heroes of our time for White peoples' history. White racists are the ones who said no to brought-in invasions of nonwhite immigrants and refugees into our once-white homelands by bureaucratic race traitor bigots who never have to deal with the resulting chaos in their ritzy condos and gated communities; these traitors only come out for more vacations and government-sponsored trips to abuse and recruit more Third World countries while destroying our own.
If it weren't for White Nationalists and the white racist ideology at the core of Donald Trump's circle, there would never have been a President Trump, brought to you by the large white rallies (that he should have more of). If it weren't for white racist activities and their continual persistence against the mainstream globalist Jewsmedia and pundits, the enemies of the White people would not have been discredited as "fake news" conspirators and have a free hand in peddling their lies through the propagandist talk show hosts and endless 'expert opinions' on the benefits of multiculturalism and ugly diversity being shoved down the public's throat. If it weren't for white racists the white populace would be disconnected and demoralized about its future. But they know the kernel, the seed of its identity, is still alive and well, showing the shining path forward to a Constitutional White Racist State where whites do all their own labor from top to bottom, with common sense, good will and fair play toward others in their own homelands.

Our anti-racist enemies are flabbergasted and flustered with their failure to establish a 'post-racial' society. But that's what happens when you wish against Nature ...failure. As white racists, we live happy, contented lives  knowing we are in tune with Nature. White racists enjoy life. I know; I watch Jew sitcoms like Modern Family (the queers on it are so funny). And what a pathetic joke is the lout  from Married With Children (Ed O'Neill) who appears in this old white chasing big Colombian tits. Half of the cast, including the gay guys and the purportedly skinny blonde Claire, are homosexuals, too. It's fun to see them tackling heterosexual family matters Another funny sitcom is Everybody Loves Raymond, with a great cast and a cute woman (Patricia Heaton) as the wife. Frasier, too, is often embarrassingly funny, with "gay" brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce) trying to play a hot heterosexual. Hollywood's full of them on today's TV screens and movies after decades of women's lib feminism putting manhood to the ground. We all like to judge the gaudy 1980's costume on The Golden Girls, even though wild white women feminism pervades the sitcom. And don't forget all the "reality" shows like Swamp People, Alaska Law, Bering Sea Gold, Mantracker and Survivorman (that's my favorite, with Les Stroud, a real Canadian adventurer.

Yeah, white racists are just regular people with an important mission: to guide our white civilization into the future. Without us, all would be lost for the white race, as God and Nature intended. Thank, and God bless Nature for the White race and all others who want to maintain their future the same way.


White identity achieved in Canada too

Monday, February 27th is my birthday, not April 20 as some dilletantes at Wikipedia posted. They didn't know my actual birth date, so they just put down April 20th — what every Neo-Nazi would probably like (Adolf Hitler's birthday) True I was born during the German occupation of Yugoslavia in 1962 and left behind to be taken care of by various little old ladies running private orphanages; for the next ten years, I didn't know what my birthday was until I was reunited with my mother in 1952 with the aid of the Red Cross, who dragged me kicking and screaming over here, to get on a plane to be transformed into a Slav/Mediterranean "Andrews" after my mother became a war bride to a captain in the Canadian Army after the war, since she was taken to Germany with her sister to work in their factories and hospitals. This is why I feel I have a destiny to comment politically on a country that fate brought me to, from a Zlomislic to a front-of-the-line Andrews — the most trusted name in North America. That's why the three Jewess singers changed their name after a survey to the Andrews Sisters. I could have had a quiet bureaucrat health inspector's suburban life, but necessary politics got in the way. First, the anti-communist Edmund Burke Society, then white racial identity — the Western Guard/Western Guard Party and the Nationalist Party — all which made my notoriety for a missing old world and time-proven racial identity ideology. My early organizations members and supporters, had high hopes of changing the commie Canadian political trend of the 1970s. But the police and the media were more powerful, along with their white race traitors. They brought in globalist Jew censor laws and jailed my friend Bob Smith and myself for writing against the fake news benefits of multiculturalism and are continuing to this day this madman's multiculturalism.

After fifty years of persistent political activity we're achieved a lot, starting with the discrediting of our sworn enemies: the globalist Jews' mainstream media. Our ideological enemies are in disarray, with no hippie "cumbaya" songs to soothe the revealed racial  realities. Even young white whores are afraid to go with the Black Lives Matter guys for one fear or another. I love to see the media pundits trying to defend their rotten commie positions. Even a Jane Fonda rear end won't help, or a man of the cloth. There's another bunch of Christian characters always against us white nationalists, trying to explain away nonwhite crime and the dangers of racemixing . These Roman-collared are only good for public occasions, judging by their empty churches; no one is praying there for diversity.

Then you have the police and all their dirty, spy institutions. Nowadays it's not just minorities and blacks who generally fear and hate them; whites are worried that they're not doing their job, with all the nonwhite crime predominant in major cities. especially shootings. With the advent of Forensic Files and other such investigative programs, people want more from their cops when young women go missing and end up in some half-breed gang's sex-slave ring chained up in a whorehouse. These certainly aren't the Ozzie and Harriet 1950s' all-white world days.

And what about the Jews? They were riding high on victimhood until their Gaza phosphorous fire-war — then people saw their other face. Since then, it's all been downhill in their public moral standing, and all the Seinfeld episodes didn't help, so much so that even its Jew[ish] producers put its stars in jail for a year at the end of the series for not helping their fellow man, what you call a shot in the foot. White society's traditions and morays have gone to hell in a hand basket, in two fatherless-family generations. Oh sure, on occasion, the old man would have been around, over the woman and the kids were raised as neo-criminals (Generation X) and men-wimp millennials. There isn't a man among them, starting with Justin Bieber. That's why feminism failed. They can't produce men, only big babies. Check them out, up to fifteen years old, at the gaming sites.

All our enemies are discredited, dying off and in disarray. So who says I'm not a success? I've eaten for 75 years and I haven't been eaten — and that's an accomplishment. As for the world, the one New World Order globalists have a primitive enemy worshiping an invisible, unreadable leader. Fundamentalist Islamists are trying to set up little areas of control in remote parts of the world. They're doing well in Syria and the Sinai and the Taliban hasn't been able to kick them out of Afghanistan; now they've spread their suicide bombings to Afghanistan, and South Sahara (Sahel), They are the jihad territories of various groups. Tell Justin Trudeau not to send Canadian forces to that head-chopping region; he doesn't need more souls to answer for after he allowed John Ridsdell and Robert Hall to be decapitated for a few dollars more and for his posturing. How does he sleep at night? Or show any gusto towards his wife with that on his conscience— he's an immoral Generation X-er, too.

The white peoples' flag (the Donald Trump administration) is doing as well as expected, when you stop to think of what his enemies feel he reprsents — white nationalism. Sure, he's got a lot of Jews around him. They can play nationalist, too, like in the Dreyfuss affair. That's the only thing that will save them. Hopefully, some will learn, before ugly anti-Semitism spreads again. Globalism is deadly to the DNA-recessive woman-centered white race. It's a recipe for extinction and when the whites are gone, I don't think the Jews will want to be around; remember, when economic times are tough, people don't like the rich and cultish.

The future is natural racial identity politics, and white people have awoken to their identity, whether they admit it or not. Now you have to look around and see where and how you're going to carve out your territory, starting in your neighborhood(s), what's viable and what isn't to make it homogenous. That's how new nations start, and there'll be many in race-mixed America and in the European Union's feigned unity.

Carry on.

Thank you, white-awakened Generation X

I like "Generation X" even though they are a bunch of lost-soul party pukes spawned and raised by irresponsible hedonist baby boomers. It's a defeated Generation X that joined the populist movement in North America to elect Donald Trump president, and there isn't hat many of them — another failure of the baby boomers. Generation X are the unemployed and under-employed angry whites sick and tied of their treacherous baby boomer parents who destroyed white society with racemixing and open borders to the Third World's masses. Generation X has a lot to be angry about, especially and the so-called "greatest generation" naive fools who willingly joined a second white fratricidal war (World War II) for globalist interests.

Generation X are the rudderless, leaderless offspring of selfish baby boomers who gave their broken families' children little help and instruction regarding social morays and a family future. No wonder every weirdo fad was tried at one time or another while looking for the meaning of life: Punk, Skinheads, grunge and the most stupid of all, hero worship of "slime bag" Hollywood "stars" and degenerate sports personalities of all shades and races. Only white nationalism has endured the test of time for a real and natural identity for these lost souls. Now the parents of these spoiled brat millennials from fatherless family homes from the free-sex baby boomers' immorality, which hopefully, won't be repeated by their  emasculated offspring millennials.

No one wants to be Generation X, because they have nothing to boast about and as a consequence little is said about this forgotten generation because everything turns out for the worst when the fake news lies about the benefits of multiculturalism, free trade and open immigration that drove Generation X into the arms of any savior, Donald Trump, who promises to correct the mistakes of the past and restore the Generation X white society with sound economic and social policies that they clamored for at Trump's rallies. Sure, there are some old baby boomers with guts still around, but it's Generation X that has about 20-30 more good years to go before they're gone and able to make a difference to the future of the white race on the planet. Even though they are generally shunned and ignored, Generation X is still our greatest tool for a white cultural renaissance by not being as naive or Pollyannas like the 'greatest generation' and the baby boomers to instruct and advise millennials in their lifestyles and re-establish the white family unit with the grandparents  who were listened to and respected unlike the previous generations which mocked and derided them. Already Generation X has been successful in distrusting the anti-white globalists' media and have spread that distrust to the millennials of racemixing [sp], institutions and perpetual globalist 'humanitarian' war advocate. The elites would have a hell of a time instituting a war draft in this day and age compared to the former blindly-compliant generations who trusted their leaders and institutions to their own destruction. Every Gen X-er has witnessed the hypocrisy of nonwhite racists like Black Lives Matter and all their nonwhite sports and entertainment idols and they won't be going back to racemixing with the senior citizens unless they teach the millennials that family comes first, unlike the baby boomers.

Generation X are the political thinkers today, much to the chagrin of the Establishment media and the paid pundits. They must stay involved in the political public discourse. I never forget the lies their starry-eyed baby boomer parents told them about the true racial realities of life. And, judging by the racially-segregated protests, concerts, and rallies of their millennial children, I'd say they've been taught their lesson: racemixing never works. And that's the bottom line achievement for Generation X. So I say as I raise my drink, "Salut!" to Generation X — you've all come a long way, baby, and served our white nationalist cause well.

Trump must be the peace president

American white voters are President Donald Trump's real leaders — he's just following in their footsteps and fulfilling their wishes on jobs and immigration. Donald Trump dares not disappoint his working class white voters and their white nationalist groups and leaders across the world, or we will be holding the president's feet to the fire over betrayal and broken promises.

Thugs for white nationalists have been busy defending President Trump's executive orders and cabinet choices. They haven't got the guts to be real racists with "common sense, good will and fair play." the Trump cabinet is filled with women, Jews and American nativists looking to make America great again — I presume for Americans, not for the globalists' world order which denies nature's rules on race and ethnicity with commie phrases like "multiculturalism" and "diversity." I wish that David Duke would take that dirty word from his site's banner. Could someone give him a big donation, please?) White nationalists have been busy advising President Trump on his cabinet choices, too. Fortunately, he has listened and scrubbed suggestions of bringing in the likes of Elliott Abrams for Secretary of State. His general Mad Dog Mattis' appointment should satisfy that urge among white bigots. That's the real danger facing white America and the Trump presidency: In the good old 1950's of single-earner families, we had no truck or trade with half of the nonwhite world, China and the Soviet Union and their satellites and families still went out for a Sunday ride in safe neighborhoods, when the races were practically self-separated. Those were the sunny days for white people, especially in North America, Unfortunately, hedonistic women and Hollywood media perverted this idyllic world and opened up white countries' borders to immigrants and the women shoppers' merchandise, as domestic jobs and white masculinity disappeared. Women are meddlers, especially. especially white women; they think they know it all and literally play God's Gift to Man.

Today, servile white thugs are holding down and battling in lands of nonwhites for their humanitarian women's and globalist merchants' interests after a myriad of different wars since the 1950s against hostile natives. This is the mess Donald Trump inherited, aside from the crime aside from the crime and economic dissolution in the United States. He musn't [sp] put his foot deep in the mire, and we're here to give him some friendly advice because he has listened, and changed his mind accordingly, even on dirty torture, which should never be the white man's way, that race-mixed Semites and nonwhites seem to enjoy.

Donald Trump is surrounded by Jews; he has little choice. His son-in-law Jared Kushner is a Jew and his daughter Ivanka is becoming a Jewess and his grandkids are Jews. Trying to get rid of them won't work; that's been historically proven, like you will never get rid of the jihadists. They're Muslims fundamentalists. However, the Jews know what side their bread is buttered on. They run Putin's Russia, NATO, the EU and the World Bank and America. Therefore, just like the days of the 50's we had the phony cold war agreement for the commies to rule half of Europe, Russia and China; there were no wars or any communist armed rebels supported by the West in any communist captive nation, and when nationalist anti-communists gathered to start a liberation invasion as in Albania and Cuba (the Bay of Pigs), the CIA was right there to ensure failure. The fix is in today in Syria, where the Jew globalists are propping up Red multicultist Assad's regime — a dictator who has reputed to have hung 30,000 opponents — and he's still in power, holding about half of his country with globalist Putin's air force. How long did Khaddafy , Milosevic and Noriega last when the globalists turned against them?

These foreign wars are not in white nationalists' interests. Therefore, all lowbrow narrow-minded warmonger bigots should be ignored to say the least. Any failed war, raid or invasion will be Donald Trump's downfall. Real white racists should make every effort to convince President Trump to curtail his unnecssary [sp] saber-rattling because there are war-devil enemies around him, itching for a fight. Let's all make Donald Trump the peace president, who brought America prosperity, that will dwindle the ranks of his shrill opponents and appeal to the idealistic, young, antiwar Bernie Sanders supporters. White nationalists are the only ones campaigning for peace.

As for the advice Donald Trump gave to the president of Iran, he should apply it to himself: "Better be careful. You're playing with fire."


Multicult Canada threatens white America

White Americans had better think twice about their southern border with Canada, while they might think is a white man's homeland with a red maple leaf on the flag, but is quickly morphing into a racemixed country where whites will soon become a minority in the major cities like Toronto today.

America is already surrounded by violent racemixed Eurasians and blacks on its southern front where globalist over-populaters with their foreign aid and free trade deals have caused mass migrations toward Canada, under a globalist stooge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is more than eager to repopulate white Canada with nonwhites in a country that was once 98% Caucasian. Unfortunately, Trudeau the Beheader  allowed two
Canadians, John Ridsdell and Robert Hall, to be decapitated for the sake of a few dollars more in the Philippines refusing to pay the Muslim jihadists' ransom, as if that taught them anything. Trudeau calls himself a feminist and we all know what that means: a barren white population, and judging by all the black heads in Toronto's schoolyards, you know that whites are finished in that neighborhood.

Canada was settled by pioneers chosen by the British Empire; their qualifications were usually judged by a "yes sir/no sir/three bags full sir" attitude, with another half-million children swept over here from the streets of Great Britain and Ireland or from families judges too burdensome on the state as a servile white working force. There are not too many white rebels in Canada since William Lyon Mackenzie led his 1837 gun-and-pitchfork attempt to wrest control from rich Tory Americans who ran away with their slaves to rule Ontario as the Family Compact. Even with all the 1,000 commie feminist street mobs' fire and fury was corralled by Toronto cops in an operation called "kettling" they all meekly stood in a driving rain and surrendered one by one to be beat in kennel-style conditions during the G20 protests against globalism. So you see, for all their bluster, it's a very timid politically-correct polite population that fears authority without much-rebellious valor.

British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec are full of nonwhites, and they're spreading out to make their own little mosque on the prairie Muslim towns and communities, like the Sikhs who run Brampton Ontario, or the Chinese who run Markham Ontario or the Tamils who run most of Scarborough and all the Chinese and East Indians in British Columbia. They're all growing and expanding, while the old whites are dying off under their tender loving care in old age homes. I'm telling you, Canada is a multicultural basket case that has already imploded into ethnic neighborhoods; towns and cities will be next.

American white nationalists will have to take a greater interest in Canadian politics, personalities and events if they don't want a Third World Trojan Horse sitting in their midst of their continent. American white racists will have to involve themselves in criticizing white race traitors in Canada for their open door immigration policy. The same goes for the American native organizations (called First Nations here) , who should be petitioned to speak up about their new nonwhite masters who will rule the land in the future and the natives' destinies. Already there are fears for Indian treaties in the future, with mostly nonwhite new Canadians being asked to swear allegiance to the old white man and Indian treaties. I guess the chiefs looked around and saw nonwhites beating indigenous minorities under their rule to remind them to be nice. LOL

We don't have a Donald Trump in Canada or anyone like him, aside from a Conservative Party leadership candidate, feminist Kellie Leitch, who worried about patriarchal Muslims attempting feminist lifestyles as Canadian ideals during citizenship swearing-in ceremonies, and a big-mouthed little TV mini-star of CBC's reality show Dragon's Den, Kevin O'Leary, and his globalist salesman's agenda. No politician has the guts to say anything remotely racial or pro-white — that's how politically-correct-disciplined Canada is, a pathetic path to white racial extinction.

Aside from those who make the news there are a few good white nationalist activists in Canada doing a great job considering the Draconian commie censorship hate laws and human rights tribunals that try to hunt down patriots in this ugly feminists' dominion where the woman's vote, white race traitors and globalists' mercenaries.

Wake up white Americans, and take an interest in Canada for your future safety.


Good news: Liberalism and conservatism dying philosophies

We all know that commie feminism is failing, but these sources of liberalism and fiscal conservatism are also on the ropes. The white voting public is sick of cheapskate globalist politicians only out to fill their own pocketbooks through free trade and feminism — the sources of all mechandising [sp]. For years now, white nationalist traditionalists have been relying on so-called conservative politicians to save the society values and destroyed white privilege and culture in various Western nations with greedy open-border immigration policies for more Third World cheap labor and more shoppers for profit for globalists.

Aside from support from angry white women, anti-white race liberalism is going down the drain, too. Everyone fears what a feminist victory would mean for a white society: more nonwhite immigrants and the stripping of rights from men to make any Western country look like a whorehouse where "wild white women" are the prey of migrant rapists and newly-emboldened nonwhites in an impossible multicult society. The term "liberal" now stinks to high heaven and is more associated with the libertines now more than ever before and opposition to the politically correct is censored as the perverts run wild. Liberalism is in its death throes, when only wild-eyed commie feminists and wimpy white men like Justin Trudeau adhere to it. Liberals know their political philosophy is dying. Only some white wimps and radical feminists are willing to stand up for their losers' ideology in the last days of their blighted reign. However, the public does not want a mean clone of the same feminist liberalism that fiscal conservatives represent. That's why they're called 'cuckservatives' [sic] by white racists who have been snubbed by these traitors for too long, and it's time to return the compliment. Aside from a feminist like Kellie Leitch, who suggested a Canadian test for Canadian values for new immigrants, not one of the sixteen contenders for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada has said anything of consequence politically to elicit any traditionalist white support for a party that claims to be conserving white people's values in Canada. Even that much media-ballyhooed supposedly-Trump imitator Kevin O'Leary has said nothing of social conservatism — just ways to get more tax dollars for moire [sp] cutbacks of white society social services to satisfy their greedy financial contributors. O'Leary sounds more like any Jewish businessman, promoting his products with superlatives worthy of a circus barker. There isn't a conservative among any elected Tories willing to speak publicly about his or her views while our country goes down in an unsustainable morass. White nationalists know their shrill, unhinged white self-loather enemies on the liberal spectrum of politics. But the greater threat is from cuckservatives' [sic] traitors willing to sell us out for a few dollars more in destructive free trade deals out to pauperize whites and elevate nonwhites to our level.

With Donald Trump's ascendancy to the presidency, all the liberal and fiscal conservative traitors will be exposed for their lack of loyalty to the white race, its history and culture that we are witnessing every day in the new president's executive orders driving our enemies nuts. White nationalists know that white racism is the only route to travel to re-establish a white-standards society which all politicians will have to return to if they want to get the white man's vote. Now's the time to flex our racist muscles, first of all by not denying our natural racism, also open to other races, since this is a two-way street. We must make it clear what we stand for. Don't use terms like 'right' and 'left'. And remember you can't placate commie feminists. There's no turning back with a commie/feminist leadership if Trump fails. As I said before, you can't run away from racism because you're only only running away from yourself. Vague terms like right and left and liberal and conservative are all meaningless without racial identity and integrity in this Orwellian world. We can start by declaring ourselves proudly and publicly as white racists as common sense, good will and fair play. Now, what dying liberal or conservative snake wants to deal with us?

They stand for nothing — therefore, they mean nothing.


Donald Trump's white Inauguration Day

It took a little while before I realized that happy crowds that were on CNN were all white and I was getting "dear moments" tears as the humble, eager and stern faces turned into smiling children when they realized that they were making history, appearing on-screen at the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump. Not only did I not see any black faces, but did not see any Hispanic or Oriental faces. One fellow watcher commented that the inauguration was so white that blacks would have had to paint themselves white to attend.

This was the first time there were six still-living presidents there, and their appearance in front of the thousands of Trump's white supporters elicited only mild, scattered applause. Peace advocate Jimmy Carter received the warmest applause, while the rest of the racemixed [sp] Washington inner circle crowd received sitcom-style applause (mostly from bureaucrats). All the speeches were pablum, including Trump's — the same old platitudes politically-correct crap. The ministers' and the rabbi's prayers weren't as good as Hallmark cards; some of them didn't even say "amen", and many of the prayers and speeches ended abruptly and almost in mid-sentence, I thought. Trump's motorcade to the inauguration was not fast and furious, but slow and winding, and in some areas, spectators were standing in a drizzle, but no one ran out and blew themselves up. No one jumped out of a manhole or sewer grating. No one shot a mortar from blocks away. No one sent a drone with explosives, No one launched a ballistic missile like the North Korean had promised with a "surprise" and no Russian hackers put out the power grid on Trump's inauguration. Of all the over-one-thousand suicide bombers that ISIS claimed credit for in the last year in their local fighting areas, they couldn't find any to send to America, as all their fnger [sp]-pointing jihadists always threatened to do. They don't want to disturb the dragon — all they want is their land back free of foreigners, and their "Boko Haram" ideas. ISIS wants its own Islamic globalism, so they're no pals of white nationalists. However, they are the enemies of our enemies, the mercantile race-mixers fighting for control of every inch of planet Earth while destroying white nationalism and the white race. Any war against primitive patriarchs advances matriarchal globalism, and is no good for the white race; when our DNA-recessive women choose who they will mate with, we are finished as ethnic entities. Donald Trump will have to be reminded continuously not to enter any new wars or international murder campaigns, because his enemies are waiting for him to fall.

Donald Trump's appeal to American patriotism probably fell on deaf black and Hispanic ears. although the majority will be mollified if he brings jobs back to America with "patriotic protectionism" as CNN's Van Jones coined. That'll be their excuse for keeping quiet and leave the nut-case lesbo-anarchists and their ilk to make lonely idiots of themselves, and nonwhites will reject them. Interestingly, the Mexicans turned over big drug lord 'El Chapo' on Thursday, without any bullets or bayonets. When globalists elevate nonwhites to our level, it only pauperizes and dwindles us. White nationalists should not concentrate on Donald Trump keeping his promises more than his enemies will, in spite of all the warmongers' ballyhoo. Everything went well on Trump's white inauguration day. Let's hope his presidency does as well.

Good luck, President Trump.


Racists love Russians

The last thing the white race needs is another fratricidal third World War and the enmity and division associated with it. The Russian people are not our enemies — they are our fellow "kith and kin" as described our European Heritage Week designation: "This celebration includes our North American European origins, from Ireland to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean" — that includes our Russian friends.

Russians are the stay-at-home Slavs, spreading out like an amoeba as their population grows. Even the conquest of Siberia and other Asiatic and Muslim areas was accomplished by the violent cowboys of the East, the Cossacks who lived in the wild Ukraine ("The Frontier"). Occupation by Russians of faraway nations conquered by them after Western invasions like Napoleon and Hitler didn't last all that long, even if they were brutal in revenge and retribution.

The word 'bistro' (hurry up) comes from the French, when Russians demanded quick service at Paris cafes after Napoleon's fall. Today's Russians are run by a  new aristocracy: Jews and criminal oligarchs who divvied up the USSR's assets after they exchanged their comrade uniforms for Armani suits. "Put-in Putin" [sic] runs one of these phony neo-communist conservative regimes: he was one of ex-Moscow mayor Yeltsin's bare-chested pals, arresting anticommunist dissidents and German nationalists in Reds' East Germany when he was tapped to be the globalist news media's Yeltsin's choice. I'm disappointed with the Russian people that they've accepted this new gang of greedy criminals to rule them  without much opposition. Though Yeltsin is playing the conservative Orthodox church agenda with his  sign-of-the-cross crap and keeping old traditions alive again. We know that billionaire Jews run the white Western world through the Bilderbergers and all the other elitist conferences, so there will be no real war with the new 'nationalist' communist KGB regime and their Jew[ish] oligarch backers. The other day the World Jewish Congress declalred [sp] Putin's Russia as a welcome place for their people, so why all the Western media hysteria painting Russia as an external enemy? The only reason would be to keep the military industrial complex humming for the two globalist world-controlled regimes who are in their services for a multicult one-world order of serfs and elites, just like the ugly racemixers [sp] of the Indian caste system which keeps everyone in their place under pain of death. That's not the white man's way.

The other day I received my DNA makeup after one of my sons insisted on finding out who the hell I was. I'm 69% East European (Slavic), 20% Mediterranean (Italian/Greek), 4% from the Caucasus Mountains (where whites get the name Caucasian), 2% Iberian (Spanish and Portuguese) 4% Finnish/North Russian (Laplander, maybe?) and 1% Middle Eastern/Semitic. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, which was held by the Russians and their legions for a long time, which would account for the Italian, Greek and Iberian influence. As for the four percent from the Caucasus and one percent from the Middle East, the Turks held Sarajevo for centuries; The only mystery is the four percent Finnish side. These DNA traits have given me a natural, simplistic understanding of the nature of Man and the weird women-centered Northern and Western European matriarchal madness of my surroundings, under my destiny-intended Anglo-Saxon name Andrews, without my choosing.

White racists must oppose all hateful machinations against our fellow white men, regardless of ethnicity. Only the regimes are rotten, not our white brothers and sisters. White racists must be first to promote peace and isolationism and prosperity by being quick to condemn all multicult wars and interventions that racemix [sp] and pauperize our people. Let the racemixed [sp] patriarchal Muslims fight it out in their own bailiwick, without our interference. Don't worry — they'll still sell us everything we need, like good Arab merchants. White Nationalists need to oppose all foreign aid and alliances like NATO. Donald Trump is surrounded by neo-cons, worse than war hawk Senator McCain. These Jew[ish] bankers and international merchants must not be allowed to drag us into more foreign conflicts while our people are lining up at food banks or to pay hydro bills. White racists must oppose the bloated military budgets sending mercenaries of globalists. All military should be re-purposed to their people for reconstruction and social work services, while training a citizens' militia in case of an invasion. Remember "fighting them over there brings all of them here."

There is no a "casus belli" for any war with the Russians over the disputed Crimea occupations or Russian/East Ukraine separation. Let the people solve their own problems there, as they have for centuries, without dumb Western intervention. As for the former 'captive nations' for which, now's the time to arm their citizenry to the hilt, like the hardly-ever invaded Swiss and stop whining and risking the entire white race with another genocidal war for your ethnic pride, relying on globalist super-powers to help you — we don't need it.

Today's white nationalists have a great advantage — the anti-white mainstream media has been discredited; same goes for the pro-war intelligence services' liars. Now all we have to face and fight are the globalist merchants and the military brass, both of whom are faint to public criticism: our computers do that. White racists are the seed and watchmen of our culture. We won't fail our obligations, because that's the white man's way.


2017: Let's have a white racist baby boom

Where are all the white babies? Where are all the white toddlers? Where are all the white kids in black-headed schoolyards?

Anyone who says the white race is not under a demographic threat is either a naive liar and/or a globalist conspirator white self-loather. The other day, I was sitting in my busy coffee shop when a poor-looking white couple came in to get something small fir themselves and their little white boy who the father sat on a chair beside me. I looked up from my pages and said hi, looked at the poor little kid, and pulled out a twenty-dollar bill (the smallest denomination I had on me that day). I offered it to the father to pay for the coffee and donut, and then I heard the father offer the twenty to the mother, who was greatly surprised and said, "Where'd you get that?" as he pointed to me. Apparently the takeout bill had already been paid and the mother was offering the twenty dollars back with great thanks; the father kind of held it out to me, to which I realized that I was stuck, and waved it back to them and said "It's alright, Happy New Year" much to their glee and profuse gratitude.

There are thousands of poor whites struggling to support one child in Canada, which guarantees you poverty if you're a single parent with child. Canada's social assistance system is abysmal for a single-parent family with one child. It improves a whole lot if you can have two children or more thanks to the Family Child Benefits Act. But it's a hell of a task for one parent to raise any children without the assistance of a partner and a better social assistance program for the poor in a country filled with nonwhite immigrants lulling in a myriad of agencies, government grants and programs for the nonwhite immigrants that Canadians brought in as refugees from every corner of the Third World — but nothing for poor white Canadians.

The whole anti-baby agenda was hatched during the 50's and 60's by with the introduction and promotion of abortion as a phony altruistic world social concern when there were only two billion humans on the planet. Now, that figure is eight billion and none of the globalists say anything about it because today's baby boomers are the nonwhites of the world. The whole anti-white baby policy is still eagerly in vogue, especially with homosexuals and feminists who look upon pregnant women in general as ugly and unnatural, while their overly parade their barren sex on every sitcom or discussion. Babies are looked on as an inconvenience to their hedonism and children are considered a disturbance to these party snots. The entire traditional white family concept has been turned into a "Modern Family" freak show, where patriarchal pride is totally absent. No wonder the racemixed [sp] jihadists are contemptuous of us. The only babies and toddlers that are enjoyed are those of dysfunctional celebrities and the rich (e.g., the Royals). The rest of white society is silent, glum and ambivalent to white racial reproduction, like a team facing a 10-1 score; who cares if you get another goal? The malaise has set in and the race is demoralized — except for their racists.

So much time is wasted by white racists arguing over the Jews' Holocaust, whining about Obamacare and fretting over hacking, balancing budgets and combating patriarchal Muslim jihadists over there while their countries go nonwhite thanks to white race traitors over here. This must change. You wouldn't believe the number of children of black-veiled women around schools in East Toronto' under their anti-feminist society's rules. You'd be lucky to find one or two white-skinned children and never see a blond-haired kid in most of Toronto's elementary schoolyards. This is the great evil that the anti-racist white self-loather have wrought on our women-centered rotting society. The extinction of our species is their ugly legacy knowing full well that our white DNA is recessive. You won't get any white children from any racemixed [sp] union. As the great white nationalist JB Stoner once said, "Racemixing [sp] is forever", as all Aryans found out in places like India, Egypt, Brazil and now Europe and North America. The same chaos awaits when whites will be just a memory in a not-so-far distant future, worthy of myths, angels, and extra terrestrial aliens 500 years from now. Nature's great white experiment will be destroyed by the participants' own hands for another drink, a toke and a few shopping dollars more in a hedonistic orgy of stupidity and naïveté, much to the nonwhites' delight.

There's only one thing to do — have more babies, come hell or high water, whatever your economic and social circumstances. Get those kid markers on your life's playboard, if you expect to win Nature's game of existence. Where there's a will, there's a way. Let's have a baby, regardless of who or what is marrying whom. Put up the sign BABY ON BOARD to secure our future and you will definitely be a part of white man's history, and whenever you see or hear a disparaging word or condemnation of all-important white "breeders" make sure you slam these naysayers down. Tell them to go to the dustbin of history where they belong, with the best revenge words against our enemies:

"We're having a baby!"


White racism: 2017's shining path

2016 was a horrible year for multicultists, white self-loathers, globalists, anti-racists, commies and feminists and they're all dying off with the advent of a Donald Trump presidency and rallies and the campaign victory for a purported anti-Establishment outsider. North American whites have regained an identity with their unflinching support against a candidate hated by a mainstream media working for a borderless one-world empire who will racemix[sp] the dwindling DNA-recessive white race to extinction. It should not have been so if the all-powerful, overconfident, know-it-all racemixer[sp] media had not pointed out Donald Trump's main supporters by their racial skin color, uniting North American whites for thee first time in a hundred years since the heyday of the KKK marching on Washington DC.

North American whites clearly knew they were getting a rotten deal by that mainstream media, and only mentioned when pilloried for some natural racist activity and ridiculed by the Establishment's mostly-Jew comedians. This will not be so in 2017, thanks to the efforts of a few white nationalist activists at their keyboards, their letter-writing skills and their unabashed white nationalism, along with our common sense, good will and fair play white racist nationalism, which trumps religion and ideology (left and right). This powerful living-standard philosophy has come to the fore in spite of Jew regimes' censorship and prison threats for speaking your mind — always a white man's privilege in a white society.

On the home front, "c'est change, plus ca change" (the more things change, the more they stay the same), with our spoiled brat Justin Bieber — I mean, Trudeau — 'Sunny Ways' oppression. Can you imagine he's too cheap to save Canadian citizens' heads from decapitation for a few dollars more while hiding behind the stone-faced globalist warmongers who won't pay ransoms publicly, as if he's some Donald Trump tough guy. How can Justin Trudeau sleep at night with the severed heads of John Ridsdell and Robert Hall staring at him? So much for ha commie liberal hypocrisy. You can expect his popularity numbers to drop and dumb feminist voters to be ridiculed for putting this compassionless goof in power. Canadian whites should not let up in criticizing and condemning anything this mean fool does, including his entourage like Sikh Defense Minister Harjit Sajaan, who's ready to send 750 Canadian troops and police to jihadist-infested Mali to see if they can have another decapitation, so that the mean brat can put on his globalist 'insensitive hat' at the expense of Canadian heads. Another of Trudeau's flunkies is the treacherous feminist Chrystia Freeland, out to sell us out in another bogus free trade deal with the European Union's tyranny. Can you list any jobs, factories or industry which has moved to Canada because of free trade?

The white populace in the United States has been identified — now all they have to do is to establish their integrity and convince their Hillary-voting 47% white women to start thinking racially or be robbed, raped and killed in the future. Donald Trump's white voters must not allow him to get America into another no-win war, especially against ISIS or North Korea. Any white men or women pushing for either, or for more interventionist bombing and commando raids, are only asking for the Muslim jihadists to come here. Unlike the white man, they love revenge and they have a patriarchal religion to justify it. Hopefully, Donald Trump will not make these mistakes: with so many smart Jews around him, if they want a peaceful presidency, his cabinet will have to pay heed. Jobs will come back to the United States, NAFTA will be re-negotiated to exclude cheap Mexican labor from taking our jobs, and a sense of US isolationism will set in, which is necessary to rebuild the country's infrastructure and solve its multicult crime wave, especially in cities like Chicago and Baltimore.

As for the rest of the world, at best, we'll see the ISIS Islamists go from the cities to the hinterland, like al-Shabaab in East Africa and Boko Haram in the Sahil. But they'll still be there, ready to pounce on secularist, globalist regimes once the white foreign meddlers leave, as we should. I'd rather see the Third World living in a more Earth-sustainable manner in their areas of influence, rather than in overpopulated ones, then seeking asylum in white countries like the feminist globalist commie Angela Merkel wants. White meddlers are ruining the planet. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and these white traitors are leading us there. White racism is rising and will continue to do so in 2017 as more and more of our people declare themselves proud white racists who applaud other peoples' racism and their desire to live and build a future, as nature intended; anything that's forced together (multiculturalist empires, e.g.) will fall apart. It's up to white racists of our society to pick up the pieces and rebuild another civilization according to our needs and natural desires, as opposed to greedy oligarchs trying to set up a New World Order that Nature eschews.

We in the Nationalist Party of Canada will do our best to pave the ideological future for white racist Canadians and wish all our friends and supporters a prosperous and a Happy 2017 New Year. Thanks for your support, and keep it up.



Whites’ Christmas: Christianity's last stand

I was brought up in a communist state, under the globalist communist dictator Tito, who ruled over a half-dozen different ethnic nations forced together by globalist elites after World War II:"Yugo"slavia or, "Land of the southern Slavs"). Globalist merchants don't care about your millennia, history, language, culture, music and ways. To the elites, their attitude toward the serfs is one-size-fits-all.

Getting back to Christmas: My first recollection of Christmas was a strange celebration, with real Christmas trees and real lit candles (Slavs love to take chances)
, when the ruling tall black-dressed dowager with a tight-hair bun was going to give me a present or some actual coal in a sock depending on whether I has been good or bad, according to Saint Nicholas. I vividly recall laughing. I was about 6 or 7, with a group of two or three other orphans; Teta ("Aunt") Katia took care of me when she was chasing a teen tenant who lived in our big three-story house with gypsies, donkeys, chickens, and a white goat in the walk-out cellar. She was hitting him pretty hard with a long switch, when he turned, cowed and pleaded, "Woman! Have Mercy! It's Christmas morning! " Apparently the teen had been caught copulating with the goat. That's my first Christmas story , until I was dragged here to Canada by the Red Cross, where I was forcefully transformed into a Hockey Night in Canada Canadian and given a lot of shirts and my first toys.

As suburban types, my Slavic mother and her second English husband went to the United Church, like all wannabe suburbanites and enjoyed the Christmas Nativity scenes, with not much else of Christmas, other than  the United Church's anti-racist politically correct blah, blah, blah, that literally put me to sleep on more than one occasion. My mother, of course, being a Croatian Catholic, put on the kerchief and dutifully went to Midnight Mass. Oh yeah, and on Easter's Palm Sunday, we got a palm frond to display for the rest of the year. I didn't see anyone who really believed in Christianity, God, Jesus or the Resurrection; they were just going through the motions, unlike in Islam. It's tough to be a martyr when the Son of God was already martyred for you.

I respect all religions, even fearfully, but they are Man's creations and therefore, fallible. I was angry when an "X" replaced Christ's name into "Xmas."   Since then they appropriated Christmas as a mercantile holiday season, thanks to Judaism-lite, effeminate Christianity.

That was the beginning of the Christmas Christians' religious slide, like "Season's Greetings" and "Happy Holidays". denigrating Christianity's culturally historic Merry Christmas. Can you imagine merchants changing the Muslims' "Allah Ahkbar"? That shows you who the God believers are. I thought there would be a patriarchal religion revival with the Baptists for awhile but they just turned out to be mean, greedy conservatives, who had the intention of starting a Jesus Christ/Prince of Peace movement but backed every dirty war abroad like globalist mercenaries.

Christians have been so busy running around,
racemixing[sp] and trying to get new nonwhite Third World adherents. Once the white meddler missionaries here go or are killed off, them the nonwhites will start their own version of Christianity, like Kony's Lord's Resistance Army in Africa or the Taiping rebellion in China, where 40 million died, when the Orientals instituted their bloody version of Christianity thanks to the missionaries. Today's churches are really empty and eagerly advertising to have their spaces rented. Christians are still going through the motions, but fewer and fewer of them are in the white man's world  have actual God-believers, just going along for the sleigh ride, coupled with a myriad of Christmas-themed films from Hollywood Jews and/or homosexuals, with nary a mention of Baby Jesus or any Christian references, like in Bing Crosby's days with "White Christmas." There's nary a mention of Jesus Christ, and no talk of God. Christianity is basically a woman's religion — it glorifies the son of an unmarried woman (they don't know who the father is) with claims of Herculean contact and an "immaculate conception"... that's a good excuse. Sure enough, it came into being in through the Roman Empire and proceeded on with fire and sword. Talk about nasty women, from Joan of Arc to Mother Teresa.

The only way that female Semitic Christianity has a chance of resurrection (getting white men to believe in it) is if white men let them, which would mean a tightening of their morality and wildness (good luck with that!). Universalist Christianity has led to the edge of the extinction abyss. It could be
patriarchalized[sp] if white women cooperate. Then we can save this Christian civilization they have benefited so much from, and in, through racism and isolationism. That's my wish for Christmas, for our race to endure.

Merry Christmas to all of you. Let's keep it that way.


Don't be fooled — no such thing as left and right: just white self-loathers and white racists

It just makes no sense for proud white racists and nationalists to equate themselves with their extinction-minded enemies. That is exactly which so-called white nationalists and other pro-white patriots so each time they call their enemies 'leftists' and equate themselves with white race traitors by referring to themselves as 'rightists' or 'the far right', as the media would have it. No one wants to be 'far' anything on a political scale; we all want to consider ourselves reasonable (unless of course, you're nuts). Whenever we use Establishment terms that divide the white race on greedy economic terms (middle-class, etc.) and archaic meaningless, manipulative Establishment lexicon like left and right and centre, we lose in the public's mind, who greatly wants to mind their own business, and let the left-and-right meaningless morons fight it out. First of all, we can't run around and try to convince politically correct cowards to have racial pride, so why appeal to them? Let the public appeal to us. After all, white racists are the ones who are the kernel of their society. If they haven't figured that out in a globalist racemixers'[sp] world out to extinguish our white recessive DNA, then they're lost, just like our white self-loather enemies.

The globalist multicultist establishment has already appropriated the natural human emotion of hate as a great no-no, to the point that white nationalist thought, racial identity and integrity have already been designated as "hatred". There are fools who refer to them that way now. White racists should have their own nomenclature and let our enemies learn them. We should never follow their terminology or political Orwellian designations like "terrorist", "hatemonger", "hate speech", "extreme rightist", etc. Have some pride, guys.

As for the word "anti-Semite" and the laws they bring in for "hating": all Arabs are considered Semites and only one-half of Jews are the original Middle Eastern types; the rest are Eurasian Ashkenazi ("in the trade"), so it makes no sense to hide anti-Jew hatred behind the Establishment's "Anti-Semitism" crap. Words are very important. It's the difference between saying "Jews" instead of "Jewish people" when it warrants softening up and humanizing the situation for them, than for anyone else. You can tell the truth-tellers by the words they use.

I'm appealing to all white patriots at this time of white race revival, not to use these divisive terms, but to have the courage to name their detractors and deadly enemies as white self-loathers, commie feminists or greedy traitors — which would include mean libertarians, too. These bastards will never build a white society or maintain white community standards, so why equate yourself with the scum of the land as a 'right', opposed to a 'leftist'? Please, have some pride and prejudice towards our sworn enemies. We don't need their approval to exist, since they will be in the dustbin of history soon, with natural racism rising in their barren, hedonistic wombs.

What's our future — white self loathers, or racists? Nature will judge.


Natural Tools of Race Survival  
Hate and terror are powerful tools to maintain our white race of course; the same goes for all other races, like the Latinos' "La Raza" in the United States and groups like "Boko Haram" in Africa, which utilizes both hate and terror. This is why the ruling Establishment like to apply Orwellian realm designations and terms to these natural practices when a people or a society  is under threat of extinction. This is why the New World Order globalist elites have gone out of their way to squelch popular opposition and armed opposition to their unnatural multicult rule. Of course the armed establishment reserves these powerful tools (hate and terror) exclusively for themselves with "shock and awe" invasions, international drone murders, carpet bombings and torture and concentration camps and secret dungeons to terrify the hell our of their armed opponents while at the same time continually propagandizing the evil of 'hate' on their most dangerous opponents — white racists. There isn't a day that goes by without some North Korean-style invective, threats and denunciations of white racists from the Establishment's media, schools, churches, entertainment figures and politicians. This is why it's such a big deal to these race traitors, when a white man or woman should open up in a public place with a racist rants against someone or a situation. The nerve of them, the very nerve of them, that these race traitors say "we thought we had terrorized them into keeping their hate at home". Unfortunately for the anti-white globalist imperialists, the racist white genie is out of the bottle, called upon when conditions are intolerable for people of a certain color or ethnicity, with the aid of a billionaire's election to the United States presidency. Donald Trump has given life to the necessary white racist angels that have come out to save their race, and our white self-loather and and nonwhite racist hypocrites are scared as hell, and in the same instances, giving up or going on the run.

The other day I was in of Toronto's Chinatowns. As I crossed the road and proceeded on my personal mission (head down) I noticed a giant black guy sharply pass me and quickly turn around, as if he was going to punch me in the head. I was preparing for the blow from above as he raised his fist back, and I looked at him square in the eye. Then he looked at me, turned around, then turned back again as if he was really going to do it. I again sternly stared up at his face and contemplated how I was going to retaliate if he threw the first punch while I was looking at his crotch; I thought I'd better not say anything — he might be mentally ill. I don't like to get into fights with nut cases. Then he turned away again and walked on, muttering the words, "Trump fan." Soon he came up to a black woman at a bus stop, chatting her up with a gold-toothed smile and paying no heed as I walked by. Soon he came up to a black woman at a bus stop and chatted her up with a gold-toothed smile, paying her no heed as I walked by.  I told this story to one of my two sons who glibly commented, "See dad, racial profiling does work!" I did get out of a white car with a Canadian flag on it, and I do have a short-cropped white haircut on an elderly head, which the basketball negro must have noticed when I crossed the road. We both laughed.

The basic gist of this story is that white men have been dubbed as white racists, which the media and the white-man-voted-in traitor regimes have continually spewed out hate against the best of our race: older white men, who have kept our white society standards and ideals for millennia. Thanks to white racists, our people are still here, described and referred to as an entity with an identity, with the candidacy of one man as president of an impossible race-mixed nation who probably won't survive two generations more. They say that the more things change, the more they stay the same, or so it appears, with Donald Trump's new Jewish and warmonger cabinet choices and politically-correct scripted speeches against bigotry and prejudice, while disavowing and condemning his white racist supporters for an America that won't last, with two and a half million more nonwhite and race traitors (mostly white men) voted for Hillary Clinton than for Trump.

Donald Trump can stop some white society jobs from leaving the United States and possibly bring some back. However his cabinet choices suggest that it will be pretty well business as usual, because as usual with a mad dog general Michael Flynn in charge of agitating nonwhite racists and religious fanatics across the planet while bringing more here from their war countries. So far I haven't seen anything of any value proposed by Trump for an economic renaissance for white Americans — except reactionary meddler policies for more war with primitives who couldn't mount one attack during the Thanksgiving Day Macy's Parade, or election even though ISIS was begging for them, without the FBI's help). So much for that "terrorist threat." Protectionism and isolationism should be the white racist agenda, not further pro-feminist matriarchal meddling against a natural time-proven patriarchal society that our white traitor whores are always in favor of.

The only good thing of this Establishment's generic labeling of their white enemies is the media's decision to drop the nonsense "Alt. Right" term describe white bigots, government agents, libertarians, cheapskates and all other "I'm-not-a-racist" wimps with the same rubric as "neo-Nazis." All of a sudden white racist ranks have been augmented by all kinds of wimps and conservative thinkers, tripling our numbers in the public's mind. Our task now is to keep up the pressure on our white race traitor enemies who are in psychological disarray after learning that white racism has a lot of popular support, way more than our membership numbers. We must keep in mind that we are the kernel, the seed that the white population relies on when it comes to what's good for them. because we've taken the time  and have the courage to face down crazy Orwellian denunciations as hate mongers and domestic terrorists; two methods we can all use and will be necessary to establish a constitutional racist state in the future, with love for our race and hate for our enemies. That's the natural way.


White racists still love Donald Trump, but . . .

The honeymoon is over between Donald Trump and white nationalists. Iin fact it was never consummated, even though it was a silent armed rural whites' uprising to show their displeasure with Manhattan commie-feminist Seinfeld crap/Establishment policies that are ruining white society economically and socially. The November 8 2016 election was truly a “racist roll call,” in which 70% of whites voted for Trump, but only 53% of them, women. The rest don't matter; they are the walking dead of the dustbin of history.

President-elect Donald Trump has made it very clear that he doesn't want the support of white racists, white nationalists or white supremacists — not evn[sp] the pro-diversity "reformed" David Duke kind. Trump goes one step further — he condemns racial pride, separation, racial feeling and identity. And even further, he muses, he wants it investigated and a solution to come forward to quench that face of enthusiasm that manifests itself in his 99%-white rallies. Trump's fretful bemused face while pondering why white racists would support him contradicts his choice of Briebart's Steve Barron as his top advisor, a guy who knows everything about the pro-white identity movement, filled with all kinds of government front groups and pro-war activists all undermining the existence of a future white society, and replaced by a multicult globalist madhouse requiring a police state.

White racists here have their own agenda for a white nationalist state; Donald Trump is just an Alexander Kerensky bump in the road. Hopefully there may be an eight-year economic renaissance delaying the inevitable — separation for another generation. However, the demographic writing is on the wall: whites will become a minority in major cities, fleeing them, then controlling the vast hinterland where white militias will flourish.

If the white rural voting public had known that Donald Trump was hailed by those who stand up for him in little groups and sites all over North America, they wouldn't have trusted him to being racist as all these chicken-hearts are now. White nationalists gave legitimacy to Trump by not rejecting him. but by embracing him as a potential independent anti-Establishment flag bearer. This gave the media the opportunity to shoot themselves in the foot by calling him a racist — exactly what the white people in the hinterland wanted to hear: a no-holds-barred billionaire racist as they would be if they had his bucks. That's why Trump's unscripted speeches are the best to rally the crowds, instead of the droning monotone videos he's peddling now of his first hundred days. All I say is, I don't want any new wars.

White racial identity and integrity has been established in the public mind — you've never heard so much white-this and white-that since the Selma riots. Donald Trump can go on pretending he doesn't know anything about white nationalists although his close pal Steve Bannon said, "I'm not a racist." One thing is for sure: white racists don't need to grovel and suck-hole to phonies, whatever their power-position is. We don't need to repeat the mistakes of the past. As soon as Donald Trump does or says anything white racists don't like, speak your mind and shout it from the rooftops, even if Trump uses it to prove he's not with us; the white people instinctively know that we are right, since we proved it with Trump's election.

However at this time, I say good luck to President Elect Donald Trump, and may he lead the United States with common sense, good will and fair play, as all sane white racists espouse.


White armed Americans rule again

America started out as a white man's country, run by Freemason globalist merchants who eventually had to relent to the demands of their free-willed citizens to make a Second Amendment to their constitution — the right to keep and bear arms — the fear of all despots is an armed citizenry. These are the people in 2016, imitating their forefathers to potential globalists' elites' rule of equal world-pauperizing free-trade schemes to destroy the pesky. hard-to-rule white race of tyrants and foreigners, because they're armed.

These natural, simple-thinking folks gave the best answers in support of Donald Trump to media reporters with their inane multicult questions and phony morality and entertainment whorehouses. These armed whites stood for hours at Trump rallies and the polling booths, showing that whites are the nicest people on Earth in their kinship and fellowship to racial minorities. They did't[sp] use their use their guns like in anywhere else in a nonwhite world. These whites were patient when they were called names, realizing the media was just a propaganda machine for no-borders globalist Hillary Clinton. No one wants to part of any registry anywhere; if a police state/censor/commie-feminist state commie feminist should win the vote, they've already got your phone number.

Donald Trump knows his constituents and white nationalist base's ideology to bring nationalism back in vogue and the jobs and the economy back to America; whether Trump builds any particular wall or ups border security, the very patient white people will be satisfied. Trump's campaign has educated many white Americans as to who rules the world. The globalist elites don't want an outsider resurrecting white America.  They have race-mixed most large American cities. But the small towns, farms, ranches and the hinterland are still under white man's rule, similar to when Andrew Jackson introduced his Jacksonian democracy with his muddy-booted supporters. The race-mixed American empire, undermined by the women's franchise, won't last as long as Rome, which really began its landslide internally when feminist Christianity took over, worshipping the offspring of an unmarried Mary, making Christianity "Judaism lite." With Jewish rebellion, Rome also had a chance of turning the clock back to a patriarchy under the emperor Julian the Apostate, who for four years turned on official state-religion Christianity, which had found its way to Emperor Constantine's bedroom. Julian persecuted and hounded Christians out of office, including teachers. After his brief reign and death, everything went back to the way it was — the masculine ardor of Rome was gone.

Let's hope Donald Trump's reign doesn't end up the same with sneaky society-entrenched commie feminists all over the place, especially in urban America. The rot is deep. White self-loathers have been preaching anti-white racism while elevating everyone else's. All this should be new with the inauguration of a Trump presidency: they don't want their feminist politically-correct unnatural edicts — Trump supporters will be looking very closely at the cabinet he chooses, knowing full well that powerful Jews are everywhere who are against them. Now he will try to deal with them. Many people will be pushing for more military industrial complex profits with US militarism for globalists' intent. This is where white racists and Bernie Sanders' bun-headed supporters agree and should bombard Trump and his advisers to lay off the phony neo-con feminist-inspired ISIS war. Not one suicide bomber or attack has happened from that big globalist boogeyman in America, even though they sent about 200 troops in the last few months, especially to defend their Mosul stronghold. What does that tell you? They're only a threat to colonialist construct regimes, not to ordinary Americans. Can you imagine (after the great "9/11 feat") they couldn't muster one after the slaughter on election day? It shows where their priorities lie: settling old local scores and getting rid of degenerate Western secularists in their own racial way, which we should not be ashamed of, considering our carpet bombing, brutalities, Agent Orange, white phosphorus and barrel bombs. Whites cannot be policemen of the world without race-mixing themselves out of existence. Donald Trump must start withdrawing occupation troops all over the planet and rebuild Fortress America, from the Mexican border to Canada. American white nationalists, should bombard the multicult Justin Trudeau Liberal/libertine regime with good advice and condemnation of our unnatural police state laws, e.g., no free speech and our open-borders immigration from the nonwhite world, which may one day become a threat to America, just like Mexico. We will do our best to do the same.

When an isolationist white-ruled America, everyone prospers and a white renaissance is possible. We wish to tell Donald Trump and all his supporters that we are with them, holding the True North strong and free under white racist principles of common sense, good will and fair play.


White racists oppose Canada's globalists' mercenary mad Mali mission

Canadian heads may roll in Mali (in the middle of Sub-Sahara Africa) because Canada is a globalist mercenary reservoir for UN one-worlders whenever they need white sucker citizens to pay for their New World Order expansion in every corner of the world. Justin Trudeau, our pretty-boy prime minister, is a mean spoiled-brat Justin Bieber of politics, covering his bloodied hands of jihadist-decapitated John Ridsdell and Robert Hall when his self-proclaimed nasty-women feminist regime, refused to pay a measly six million devalued Canadian dollars for their lives in the Philippines. Then Trudeau had the nerve to call his regime's polices "Sunny Ways" while signing another Canadian economy-destroying free trade agreeent[sp] with Europe (the Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement). White racists are opposed to colonialism, which leads to racemixing[sp] and the transfer of nonwhite populations to the white meddlers' home countries. White racists are opposed to meddling foreign war missions to bring peace and stability and to elevate the social situation there in a "layered approach" as the multicult Trudeau asid[sp]. The more you elevate their nonwhite societies and populations, the better chances of them moving here and replacing the rebellious white man with cheap labor. Trudeau wants to bring in almost a half-million people, mostly nonwhites, into Canada, after this slow-start year with 300,000 coming in to take your jobs and daughters and homes and citizenship benefiots[sp] that have taken generations of white settlers to achieve.

In Canada, the Conservatives and Liberals are the same as the red state/blue state Republicans and Democrats — you need a program or subtitles to differentiate who's who. They all mouth the globalist merchants' anti-white racist lie: they're all ashamed to be white men and women and are quick to apologize for any politically correct 'gaffe' they may have made. They are rubber stamps for the UN, having been nurtured since primary school that the UN is the end-all and be-all for the world. It's an organization-tool of the globalist oligarchs, mostly Jew merchants, to take the raw materials in any part of world like Mali to putting down any armed resistance to their earthly rule — such as ISIS, which has sprung up like little cancers on the globalists' bloated bodies all over the world, still holding the last seeds of "God-believers" ready to fight for Allah's playground, where they are his servants.

Mali is such a place, where the Jihadist Sar-Dine — "army of religion's helpers" — roam the north along with al-Qaeda in the Maghreb (West), who have connections all the way up to the Mediterranean and have geld the north for while, including towns and cities. Beside these two, Mali (named after an old Arab empire 300 years ago) also has racemixed[sp] ex-raider Tauregs (The blue men of the Sahara, from the cheap dye on their clothes), trying to re-establish their short-lived state of Azawad, until French white meddler colonialists put it down. All three groups are beheaders and want to get back at the globalist French-installed regime in Banako. "ISIS" and Boko Haram aren't far away wither — I'm sure they'd love to capture any one of the 600 tax-paid fools sent to overpopulate an area Nature did not intend with their "peace and prosperity." Remember, whenever we go there, we end up bringing them back here — as translators, national and ethnic race traitors, all coming here to destroy our society with a thousand cuts, sometimes for real.

Canadian white voters haven't learned much after their lost missions in Afghanistan and Somalia. Now, according to a globalist poll, 70% are still naive enough to want to involve Canada in another ridiculous misnamed peace-keeping mission. Thank you women voters and 'macho' wimps, now ruled by the mercenary-religion Sikh head of our armed forces Harjit Singh Sajjan. Once, white Canadians turned away boatloads of these mercenaries: now they're running our armed forces — no thanks to the anti-racist morons who brought them in.

Let's not be cheerleaders for globalist wars just because some dames like it that you're against Muslims. The Canadian armed forces should be serving Canadians, and not with the bromide "If we fight them over there we won't have to fight them here" since we brought them here already. In every case, vast Canada is generally indefensible. Anyone can land here en masse and occupy major parts of the country, but never properly all of it. That's the only defense an enemy would be worried about, landing in a  giant armed Switzerland with a people's militia and underground bunkers, weapons and storage depots all over the place, and the population can make it hell on Earth for any occupier and get rid of them in certain area, like the Taliban in Afghanistan, only better.

That's the white racists' goal. As for Mali, hell no, we won't go!


Trump can save white America for a while

Barack Obama's rule is the apex of white America unless Donald Trump wins. The constant propaganda by the controlled pro-globalist mainstream media is a white self-loather's pipe dream. Not even America's blacks care for their racemixed [sp] president. They all know he's an Establishment Oreo cookie character pretending to be black and even putting on a black minister drawl when the public requires it. Most cowed whites are too afraid of the politically correct  Establishment's tools, media and polls to honestly answer to their views on Obama —  maybe some lonely dog-sitting baby boomers. But who the hell could like that strident, loud negress [sic], his wife Michelle? Hag Hillary and Michelle on a rally stage is like the lynch mob leader and her old commie white race traitor assistant, trying to whip up a mob of hatred towards any proud whites like those thousands lined up at Trump rallies who are smartly arming themselves for that final Django Unchained showdown that will re-order the Disunited States of America.

Most white racists have been restrained in their criticism of the globalist stooge Obama and his disconnected family from most white communities (but the Obamas are around plenty for commie/feminist dinners and university speeches and globalist entities, which put this racemixed [sp] pretty-boy shell in power). After eight years of his rule, Obama shows little sympathy to any proud whites who cling to their "guns and religion" as he once quipped. That same arrogant, snooty, dismissive, ungrateful attitude prevails for this White House negro chosen to reign over white heritage and society. He couldn't care less. That same attitude prevails among all his black mainstream media supporters. They're all rude and flippant toward white peoples' concerns and committed to vote for Donald Trump. There's no olive branch of understanding or empathy for all the poor and unemployed whites of America. They're not even given the dignity of an identity unless they're being dismissed as Trump's white working class voters. The word "race" is never applied by these nonwhite biased pundits in connection to white America. It only comes up when blacks talk about their collective racial suffering by racists whose identity and integrity is never revealed. Like Obama, they're all proud of their blackness while whites are pilloried for their pride.

Obamacare will probably be Barack's presidential memory: that a black guy started it and it didn't work out. That's not much of a legacy. Obama will be in the history books, noted as the first black man to become president of a racemixed [sp]empire called the United States of America that started falling apart; the Roman Empire was founded in a similar fashion when an Arab, Phillip, became "Caesar" for a few years celebrating a thousand-year founding of Rome. America won't last that long, even though it was started and populated in a similar vein as Rome —  by kickouts[sic] and runaways from other places. However, greedy merchants used black losers as slaves to do their dirty work; That developed into a cancer that can be prepared only by separation in an impossible oxymoron multicult society run by women voters, an unnatural phenomenon, never before seen in history.

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle can yell and drone all they want because the white people are not listening. The globalists'
racemixers[sp] nightmare has arrived with immorality, crime and violence everywhere for everyone. That's not the white man's way. Donald Trump can stop the economic decline and alleviate crime for a while if he stays out of foreign wars and dumb interventions against primitive patriarchs who don't want population-exploding white meddlers and globalist agents in their midst. Now what's wrong with that? Only the greedy and racemixers'[sp] inhabitants want to attack them, as if Obama's mass bombing brutalities are better than Jihadist executions.

All white racists should make an effort to convince their white kith and kin in the US to vote for Donald Trump on November 8. It's a white “racist roll call.” History awaits you.


Holocaust denial is a waste of time for white racists

Digging up bones and skeletons is a dirty business which enrages the victims and wastes the perpetrators' supporters' time; everyone comes out smelling and stinking.

When I say 'white racists' I mean all those characters hiding behind watered-down definitions, from white nationalists to the alternative right, for white racial survival is the glue that keeps us together. Holocaust deniers usually have an ax to grind, from Ernst Zündel's German chauvinism to the I-won't-be-silent feminist Green Party leader Jill Stein, They're usually academics and like to argue over specifics, while their math professors and ordinary teachers like Jim Keegstra want the truth — even if it hurts. Then they find out the hard way that the Jews run the show and are above a white man's way society's rule of free speech, to the point that they can silence you. These people are so concerned about historical details now allowed to be made public while their entire race was proscribed with unfair anti-free speech "hate laws" and all of their "snot-bag"[sic] associates, themselves included, failed to condemn when racists were being rounded up during our days fighting commie feminists, in police raids and multiple charges (Bob Smith and I were the first in Canada to be convicted, not Keesgstra [sp], under the "Hate Bill" and fight the case all the way to Canada's Supreme Court at the cost of over $100,000,only to lose 3-2 in the feminist court, with the dirty law being upheld).

There's no doubt that Jews were persecuted and massacred in World War II by all kinds of regimes, especially Hitler's — so let them have their Holocaust, already. One and a half million, three million, six million — it'll soon be forgotten by most of the world, like the Armenian holocaust or the two Tutsi ones. Jews are ethnically cleansing Arabs from their homeland; people see how they treat them on their TV screens — why question it now, and bring up their woes with "Did 6 Million Really Die?" Everything is suspect and it wouldn't be the first time that Jews created a neo-Nazi frint[sp] group yo[sp] keep attacking them on their great sorrow — that should have a few more weirdos and of their mother's basements.

Race is the issue here; historical digressions failed to concentrate white nationalist efforts against the race traitor white politicians. "The Jews" among us are feeble — they can't seem to do anything entirely for themselves. Even a lot of the ones in Israel rely on Arab labor to do their dirty work. It's greedy feminist white society that enables them to rule the roost. They couldn't do it without us; it is we who will have to run it. It's as easy as that. The Jews themselves will learn the hard way when chaos and the race wars start, what side their white bread is buttered on. The Jews precious Holocaust has already been diminished in the nonwhite world, especially in the cruel Orient, with the new Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. Compare his murderous style in his war against "druggers," with over 3,000 dead, to Hitler cleansing his country of Jews in the Holocaust. He apologized to world Jews later, but the damage was done in the minds of millions of nonwhites. No big deal.

I love the pomp and circumstance of the past (North Koreans are the closest in coming to good marchers). But even though Herodotus said, "What man has done before, he can do again." White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past. There's no need to regurgitate them.


Racism is a serious business

Murder, rape and chaos are the result of multicultural anti-white racism, so obviously, Nature's racism must be the serious alternative for peace and prosperity and a future identity.

Self-loather anti-racists like to dismiss natural-order racists as kooks and mean idiots. But they are the only white men and women who have stood up to the powers of the state and expressed the same views that millions of white people are, walking around, mumbling and grumbling about in this globalist multicult bizarro world that has been imposed upon them. Racists are the true leaders of the white people when they are facing extinction. This is no laughing matter. It happened before and it will happen again — when weak, recessive-DNA is mixed with nonwhite genes, you don't get any white people out of these unions. Just look at places like India and Egypt. Even all of North Africa, where there were once whites living there— and now they're all coffee-colored, and will themselves eventually separate according to topography and customs. That's what happened in Spanish-speaking South America; Portuguese-speaking racemixed [sp] Brazil is next.

Racism is as natural as breathing. That's why there's such extraordinary globalist propaganda and laws to suppress it. That goes for every race's racism. Whites have been a little slower to resist anti-racism and commie-feminist enforcements, because of their frivolous, female-centric society that undermines the white man's belief in a gender equality (if you're so smart, how can you be so stupid as to be against your own race?) Do you think whites could have flooded any nonwhite country with the assistance of their women — Or that there wouldn't be any bloodshed? What do you think all these Boko Haram, Taliban and al-Shabaab groups are all about? There would be new Boxer Rebellions if whites tried this in China. That's the guts of the serious white nationalists today. I'll never forget reading the book Massacre in Shenzi, when the haughty white missionaries dismissed the fervor of the Boxer movement when a skinny old man stood outside their mission, racially ranting and raving at the foreigners, much to their own chagrin. The same story goes here: globalist anti-racist whites have created an anxious atmosphere for whites in their own land, and now whites are waking up, especially in America with the all-white Donald Trump rallies. White self-loather anti-racism for politically-correct propaganda is tantamount to North Korean megaphones blasting at the south — It's just white noise now. Donald Trump surrounds himself with different colors of people, but he knows his white base, which is tolerant, and not mean-spirited, inviting all to vote for the next landslide President of the United States. These are the beginnings of a white revolution that usually starts off slowly and then fails — until harder voices take over and correct the betrayals.

Racism is in the forefront, and now is not the time to step back and apologize that you were "just kidding" or hide behind cartoon memes. Racism isn't something to flip-flop over; you can't be a racist one day and an anti-racist the next just to curry favor with dames or the media. You can't parse the words "racist" and "racism" with "racialist" and "racialism"; "Lul-ifying [sp]" something doesn't make it more palatable; it just makes you look like a sneak. Racism is not a game — it's with you every day in a hundred little ways, choices you make and attitudes you take in a multicult society where there are no guarantees or expectations for your foreign neighbors or your own kind now that there is no moral standard of any particular religion, heritage or way that you should act. Life becomes a more-locks-on-your-doors Seinfeld world without the Jews' money just to survive, just to lolligag around. White racism will have to bring back moral order, based on the white man's way. That's why we must deal harshly with white criminals taking advantage of this chaos. Let's not elevate serial killers and torturers. there's nothing funny about that, or re-hashing other peoples' evil with unnecessary, mean "Grandpa Lampshades" idiotic references. White racists should not be here to repeat the mistakes of the past, but learn from them. Without common sense, good will and fair play you're not going anywhere. internally or externally in this white racist "Surviviorman [sp] " operation that we are succeeding so far, while the 'post-racial' morons grind their teeth in ignominy.

Sure I have a good time participating in white nationalist politics that our disappearing white enemies refer to as 'hate' with their hateful faces. There is a satisfaction and joy in being proven to be right and even some 'schadenfreud [sp]', when our enemies get the comeuppance they deserve, but all in all, being a racist is a serious business, one that all whites have to practice every day in a globalist racemixers [sp]' society, while a few of us practice it publicly, thoughtful of our audience and supporters.



Nature says white racists are the flashlights to the future

Here we go again. White racists are going to be asked to participate in another useless foreign invasion and war against a Third World country for globalist interests, not against a dictator, but a god and a religion of two billion people — Islam, with all the ballyhoo and propaganda against the primitive patriarchy ISIS. We've seen this before: Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, and it's all been a failure. The Taliban is still in Afghanistan holding about half of the country, and Islam's caliphate jihadists are everywhere, especially in Muslim countries. Remember, every time we send our troops to fight them over there the anti-racist multicult bring their primitives here to take your jobs, women and neighborhoods.

Now the Canadian mercenary military fools of the globalists are planning to send our troops to Africa to help keep the lid on locals for globalists' economic interests and their free trade scams which have pauperized the population of white countries by transferring jobs and money to Third World cheap labor places. Oh, I know it's easy to get on the bandwagon with the neo-con warmongers like Bill O'Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and all the other "cuckservatives" [sic] littering the conservative ideology organizations. But we must stop ourselves from joining that jingoism fabricated by the mainstream media, the sworn enemy of white nationalists and push for peace on the foreign front while vigorously engaging in a civil war short of violence against our mental-case white self-loathers in tyrannically-ruled regimes with dumb white women's bloc votes.

Don't forget that it was the multicult anti-racist feminists and commie-capitalists who brought us ruin, social disorder and loneliness in our once-thriving white society, so why would you fight for them now, when they're having difficulty with their invaded primitives striking out any way that they can on our territory? This puts to the lie to the idiocy of if-we-fight-them-over-there-we-won't-have-to-fight-them-over-here mistaken theory, since the multicultists' forces have their arms and legs open to nonwhite natives looking to economically better their lives after they've seen the well-equipped imperial troops. You can whine all you like about all the victims and numbers of Islamic lone-wolf attacks, but they can still beat you with their dead body counts from Western meddlers, invaders and occupiers and their drone murder missiles, which make just as big a bloody mess as a truck running over people. Check the daily body count just in Iraq on our War Page as an example.

The future looks grim for whites in North America, even if Donald Trump gets elected. The so-called whites' hero is contemplating a globalist for his vice-presidential pick, who could easily be put in charge with so many nut cases out to get Trump. Even if he chooses well it could only be a sort respite/renaissance for white values before demographics puts us back down the drain because of our barren "wild white women" who will listen to no man, except effeminate rockers and black rappers — that's why the problem is not in the brutal ISIS caliphate, but here, where young white men have become tight pants-wearing sex drones waiting for their arrogant women's call, to please and genuflect. Only after riots, chaos and a new racial civil war. will an all-white society develop, guided by a racist ideology called white nationalism. That is why the NPC site and other sane, outright racist groups and ideologues are so important as a flashlight to a peaceful and prosperous future without the use of non-white labor.

Stay strong and keep your batteries loaded — don't give up. Our time will come: Nature guarantees it.


21 reasons why I like "Black Lives Matter"

I like Black Lives Matter because they are bringing normal racism to the forefront in the face of all our multicult problems. I love it when Black Lives Matter doesn't want white members or participation in their group. BLM makes whites think about their race and whether or not they matter.

I like Black Lives Matter because they agitate the black community to people being racist — that's good for separatist racism.

I like Black Lives Matter because they don't want to want to appear to be connected to Establishment blacks, especially "Uncle Toms" the subtle bane of white society.

I like Black Lives Matter because they put the anti-racist/pro-hate-law police on notice that whatever program the multicultists support, race is all.

I like Black Lives Matter because they point out natural racism, too, in the antagonism of Asiatics toward blacks in general.

I like Black Lives Matter because they showed the duplicity of the gay community when they signed a large charter to make the BLM's sit-down protest disperse at the Toronto Pride Parade — a tactic that infuriated many groups who had to swelter and stand in the hot sun for two-and-a-half hours, not the half-hour, as the liar media reported, before the parade proceeded.

I like Black Lives Matter because they're blunt and forceful with their vitrioloic [sp] utterings at press conferences and too-few confrontational media reporters and I'm sure the blacks know who the slime bags are.

I like Black Lives Matter because their name is such a simple, yet to some, controversial, statement that needs to be somehow confronted.

I like Black Lives Matter because Toronto's neo-conservative mayor John Tory was intimidated or fooled by them to give them some civic honor for doing good work in the black community.

I like Black Lives Matter because they fooled the snooty, know-it-all Toronto Gay Pride organization to give them an honored guest status at the parade before the surprise sit-down protests in the center of the parade route at Toronto's Yonge and Carlton intersection. This makes us all think about race in any public place.

I like Black Lives Matter because they forced the lying so-called post-racial mainstream media and the rotten commie pundits to talk about race, something they want to avoid and pretend that eveything [sp] is hunky-dory in a multicult world.

I like Black Lives Matter because their message will be vindicated and the races will further grow apart with every future police shooting of a black man in questionable circumstances by a non-black officer, be they white, Asiatic or Latino.

I like Black Lives Matter because they appear be led mostly by loud black women, black soceity [sp] in America is a matriarchy, unlike in Africa), feared by all whites in a "race mixed" idiots' society.

I like Black Lives Matter because all the anti-racist white self-loathers, whether they're supporters of Bernie Sanders or the Clintons, are afraid of them because they've disrupted both candidates' rallies where the lily-livered whites were too afraid to even lift a finger — which must have made them all feeling undermined and bitter at their anti-racism.

I like Black Lives Matter because they've shown the public how much a few people can accomplish with precision actions. It's a lesson to all white militia neo-Nazis and white nationalists. Say what you will: Black Lives Matter has done white racists' lives a service.

I like Black Lives Matter because now there will be a decrease in the playing of and listening to black music and whites acting like wiggers.

I like Black Lives Matter because they proved that "race mixing" never works in a large, jittery police state that has to enforce it.

I like Black Lives Matter because they have put civil rights groups on notice for activism and eclipsed, undeemined [sp] and embarrassed the usual mainstream media flunkies like Al Sharpton, whom we haven't heard from for a while, as racist radicals are accepted as part of BLM.

I like Black Lives Matter because of their instant demos, when we caan [sp] see the young commie-feminists, mostly globalist Jews, like in New York showing their faces in flighty solidarity with they [sic] black goy that they don't respect, whose ancestors ruled the slave trade that brought the black complainers here. They both know it, and we get to see the race traitor hypocrites' faces.

I like Black Lives Matter because their actions and those that inspired the Dallas shootings, will help elect anti-Establishment Donald Trump.

Finally, I like Black Lives Matter because because they're racists and I'm a white racist — immediately I have respect for those who truly respect themselves of any race. Even just one of my 21 reasons that I like Black Lives Matter is a plus for white nationalism, whether Black Lives Matter agrees or not.


Gender benders undermine white society

White society is discombobulating right at its most basic level: the procreation of the species — you know — sex. There seems to be a great effort by the commie-feminist regimes and their media tools to cloud sexuality, particularly when it comes to the gender of white people as advocated by LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender — and sometimes "Q" — questioning your gender identity) activists. If that doesn't confuse you enough and not haze the whole procreation cycle, I don't know what will.

These powerful en vogue social activists leave out and pay little heed to Nature's survivalist element, who they derisively call "breeders," and have done so as early as the pro-homosexual Seinfeld days — "not that there's anything wrong with that" — in that comedy series, children were looked upon as nuisances. Nowadays it's common place in every movie and TV show to have some homosexual references, even if it's purportedly a heterosexual romance, there's always a gay friend around to advise the silly heterosexuals (the last thing this guy wants to do is to settle down and have some kids, probably fearing that their little brats will grow up just as rotten as their unsupervised selves).

This whole homage to a sexual kick of a barren minority has demoralized necessary "uncool" fatherhood; no wonder there's so many crazy bastards and bitches around, egged on by the sex-and-horror media establishment's media. You can expect more mindless mayhem, especially in a rootless, immoral, unnatural, multicult society All the ingredients are here for depression, anxiety and future social chaos when the color of your skin will be your uniform. You won't find this sexual ambiguity in other major racial societies, certainly not in Africa or Asia or with Slavic whites, much, It's again a white woman's problem, where they have no sense, when the supposedly scared [sic] bonds of marriage to make a family are given away to include sodomites equating their vaginas to anuses and denigrating the procreation process.

Anyone can walk into transgender washrooms, anywhere, depending on how they feel that day, to stand at a urinal or sit, or check out what they're missing. It's all utterly confusing chaos, like the last days of Rome, with social uncertainty in the millions, when a lesbian regime in Ontario under Kathleen Wynne introduces gender ambivalence by excluding all references to males and females on future government documents and licenses. What do you think the gays' agenda is — to try to recruit more people or less to their sexual proclivities? If you know the right answer to that, then you know that white racists are the only traditionalists with the future in mind for our existence. Even the naive hippie generation and their offspring realizes this, in Brexit votes and at Donald Trump rallies, Racism is not a dead horse that we're beating; racism is as natural breathing, something well worth repeating.

Whenever you get the chance, speak up for white racist integrity and identity and gender against the dwindling lying white multicult traitors. I know we will. [ Related ]


This is "Fly the Flag Week" for July 1st — Canada Day

The seven days prior to July 1, Canada Day, is Fly The Flag Week — a chance for Canadians to reclaim their heritage by publicly displaying our beautiful red-maple-leaf-on-our-white-homeland-background flag.

The other day I was driving and saw an interesting flag abandoned on the road. I always fly a small Canadian flag for myself, so I wanted to see what foreign flag was being flown by some driver in Canada. It turned out to be a green and red flag from Guyana with the word "Guyana" written on it, so that the natives would know the name of the British colonialist-construct state. I kept it as a souveneir [sp] under my car seat. I ran into someone from Guyana, an East Indian. Sure enough, it was someone I knew, an older tenant, and I was able to offer it to him. But the arrogant immigrant sniffed at it, saying that he had no use for it, and that "I am a Canadian." I told him that I was miffed at his rejection of his heritage with that "I'm-a-Canadian" crap. I asked him, "Did you follow the Limeys to do their work wherever they conquered?" That put him at a moral disadvantage, since most East Indians were deposited around the British Empire by the globalist British imperialists for cheap labor. That's what's happened in Canada now. They're replacing the hedonistically-barren whites of Canada who are used to white society standards of living, replaced with a more Third World coolie class that's more profitable and manageable with bullets and bayonets than the free and just-spirited white man.

Don't let our red and white banner fall into Third World hands. I don't want to hear about the Union Jack and the Red Ensign, the flags of the elitist traitors who betrayed Canada. White racists should not rely on failed and treacherous symbols of the past. Canadian flag-flying shows your patriotic nationalist spirit and your own patriotism to the white society of the safe open doors of the Sixties — when the white people chose this flag as a new beginning, without the trappings of the British multicult monarchists and forever-mercenary military service for the "race-mixed" Commonwealth and the United Nations. It's the only new Canadian symbol that has garnered respect across the world. The Canadian white population chose it in good spirit, hoping for a white society future — even if they are betrayed by politicians with a globalist agenda. There should be no discussion of what is the flag of white nationalism in Canada — it's our red-maple-leaf-on-our-white-homeland-background. End of story. On Toronto's leafy green streets, the red-and-white maple leaf flag stands out, with pride and gusto, flapping and blowing in the wind into inumerable [sp] positions. It's magnetic; it's so simple, yet so smart. There's few places in Canada where you won't find a maple tree, whose leaves will remind you of our flag.

Yes, this our land and our flag. Let the world see you fly it proudly and with glee in your heart, whenever you come home or go to your car. I love it. Fly the Canadian flag this week, and show your colors.


Globalists starving poor whites

The food prices are god-awful in Canada, and in the United States, too. Poor people are struggling to eat a balanced and varied diet instead of globalists' gruel to survive. Rotten free trade is the cause of all our economic ills; not only has it taken well-paid manufacturing jobs to the serf-like Third World, but has destroyed white society values in white countries. Globalism depends on the movement of supplies, products and cheap labor, swirling through the world in a multicult madness that is getting some kickback from Third World armed primitive "god-believers" (jihadists), but also from the exasperated beaten-down white man who goes crazy against our white society self-loathers and erupts in violence to start a race war, or kill one of the enemy, like pro-refugee commie feminist UK MP Jo Cox, killed right on the street in broad daylight.

Globalism has made it very difficult for poor whites who can't even envision making a family, considering the high prices of food and housing — that is, if you can find a stable white woman who isn't gaga about globalism in every vote and on every issue, when it comes to a bigger globalist union for more shopping, white women are frivolously for it. Later these same pro-open-borders bitches will be whining about massacres by non-whites — oh, sorry, I mean guns — as they would have you believe. The privileged white woman has been bamboozled by globalist merchants who have raised prices across the board while sneakily cutting down on their size, contents and quality. Beef has been taken from whites dinner tables; even hot dogs and bologna, the staples or poor whites in Canada, are the same high price as the smallest steak you can buy.

There's no point quoting official statistics or Cost of Living Indexes. They're all manufactured by the same liars who claim unemployment is so low, while ignoring the millions who have stopped looking for a job in a hopeless, uncertain future looming ahead of them. No wonder the people at Donald Trump rallies are so angry at all the globalist puppet leaders, like that smiling slimebag [sic] Prime Minister Justin Trudeau whom we have in Canada. Trudeau's just a pretty boy chess piece for internationalist war dog oligarchs who wouldn't allow him to save two Canadians, John Ridsdel and Robert Hall who were beheaded, by not paying a lousy ransom — as if that would teach the Abu Sayyaf Philippine jihadists something. Blood-on-his-hands Trudeau has spent five times more on foreigners in the last one hundred years than what has been spent on Canadians — I'm talking about billions. He and all these anti-poverty organizations must be condemned for their silence and inaction to supply adequate resources to the poor to pay these ridiculous prices for necessary products to survive on with dignity in Canada.

I'm asking all white nationalists to make that an issue at every opportunity to our powerless pawn leaders whenever and wherever they appear. Canadian white nationalists say, "charity begins at home." Demand your rightful share of a dignified life in a white society Canada. Also, complain to every food distributor and manufacturer whenever their prices go up or reduce the size of the packaging. Who knows? You may get something for free, to boot. Tell them that white racists stand for a nationalist economy, not a poverty-stricken global economy destroying our society.

Death to globalism. [ Related ]


Donald Trump should not go to Israel

It makes no sense for any candidate of a country that he's going to 'make great' to make a pilgrimage to a little foreign state thousands of miles away. It's been announced that Donald Trump, the white Americans' standard bearer, is going to Israel before he is crowned in July at the Republican National Convention as their presidential candidate. First of all, it's way too premature and shows early groveling before he's even a president. Second, shouldn't other nations' leaders come to him if he's going to "make America great again"? — he has to be greater than Mohammed. Third, it will demoralize his White Nationalist base; everyone knows you have to deal with the oligarch Jews, but you don't have to go suck-holing to them. It's unseemly, any way he cuts it. Trump could be putting himself in jeopardy — who knows what can happen in the Middle East; if he gets back safely, many of his supporters will think he's just another bought schlep. The majority of Trump's supporters with their baseball caps know the Jews run things and are opposed to him on every channel and in every newspaper. Trump's potential Bernie Sanders/anti-Establishment crossover voters (the pro-Palestinian/boycott Israel types) also know that Jews run the show. They won't like Trump paying obedience to them, either. Some Jews are even trying to organize a Third Party candidate to suck in the cuckservatives [sic], you know, the anti-racist cheapskate white self-loathers who call themselves conservatives — the only thing I've seen them conserve and fatten are their pocketbooks.

Let's admit it: Donald Trump is not going to get the Jewish vote — that's Hillary's domain with the bitches behind her who run their society. So far, Donald Trump has taken the take-no-prisoners approach and has never taken anything back except hyperbole. The frustrated paid media propagandists can't pin him down, no matter what crap they throw at him, leaning forward menacingly during interviews; Trump leans forward, eager to explain his maudlin side, to the reporters' exasperation. The people don't trust the media, so it doesn't matter what they say about Trump — they've already made up their minds for the white racist roll call on November 8, 2016. Prophetically, Trump himself envisioned the same situation when he said that he could shoot someone a a New York street, and people will still be cheering for him. So, why does a guy like him need to go to a foreign country and prostrate himself to a foreign culture of a minority-cult religion? It makes no sense, and as a consequence will only bring skepticism to the Donald Trump for President conspiracy theorists.

Donald Trump should concentrate on being that all-American guy and appear on every corner of his country, sometimes out of the blue. His ad-libbed speeches are the best — you're getting common sense war talk with background and knowledge of degenerate high society. He always has an answer, and it drives the lesbian Hillary Clinton crazy. It's hard to imagine horn-ball Bill and hard-nose Hillary together. Donald Trump has a lot of fodder for the gossip mill, and Americans love scandal. Trump traveling around the country with his entourage, enlisting local musical talent serenading the people would be a 2016 summer hit — Fun and Frolic. Let Clinton and her race traitor sycophants grind their teeth: Trump has to pump up the 'America' in 'Make America Great'. He should stay home with the people when he's President.

Remember, real people love Donald Trump.


Good news, white self-loathers dying off

They're whining, they're crying, they're dying. Everywhere you look and read, mentally ill, demoralized white self-loathers are in trouble. The shoe is on the other foot — now, with white nationalists on the attack against their foremost enemies against white race traitors in cahoots with globalist Jews, commies and sex perverts, facing a radical reaction to their chaos-ridden, unnatural multicult society. Donald Trump rallies show the true situation in the white world, with only a handful of white self-loathers participating in the spitting, kicking, punching and rock-throwing nonwhite protests of large, white Donald Trump events attended by Trump supporters and their kids.

White self- loathers produced hardly any children, if at all, and their offspring are clinging to the internationalist Jews' Bernie Sanders for a voice in politics. Sanders' white supporters are not inundated with other racists who have sided with the multicult ruling Establishment and have shunned the vague commie propagandist Bernie, whose initials "BS" might as well stands for bull shit when it comes to any policy or agenda that would change the multicult chaos that "BS" supports. It's the same as Hillary Clinton.;There won't be any change from the Democrats.

For generations, the white racist movement has been tied to conservatives, delegating us to only one side of the political fence. However, after the conservatives became effeminate, anti-racist 'cuckservatives' [sic], white racists have been able to shake off the stultifying conservative traitors and appeal to all the political panorama available, including socialism and populism, giving us a greater vista for political success based on white racial identity and traditions. No wonder the white race traitors are upset with the new paradigm that eschews capitalist control of racists. The Internet has afforded white racists a propaganda tool greater than any rallies or leafleteering, where like-minded white patriots can join together in their verbal vitriolic attacks on our white self-loather prime enemies' agenda: they're feeling the heat and are whining like crybabies about the abuse they have to take from their supposed "kith and kin" over their treacherous anti-white racist dirty actions and agenda, and they're all alone with few young recruits to join them as our demographics dwindle to the survivor core — us.

White racists are in the forefront of and are at the base of Donald Trump's campaign, which he dares not undermine or mock: we are his vanguard and flank-protectors ready to assail any anti-racist white merchants of death, whose leaders are so few in number that even their "Jew backers" are willing to step forward and slow down their anti-white treachery, like Bill Kristol, desperate to stop the white racists' Trump phenomenon, as racism is as natural as breathing. This only puts Jews in the crosshairs of struggling whites — a dangerous position for the future. People remember who was on their side in any struggle for survival, and our enemies had better think twice. Just like I said before with the homosexuals, there's only so many of them and if most of them come out of the closet to live a barren life, those genes will not be passed on. So it is with the white self-loathers whose current demise will result in a new, proud, bright future for white racist identity and integrity, with white constitutional racist states on the horizon to safeguard our existence.

We are all looking forward to it.


White nationalists, let's keep Trump on track

Donald Trump seems to be suck-holing to the Establishment; Ted Cruz has said that Trump will disappoint his supporters. The nearly all-white rally crowds of thousands at his events are looking forward to their hero to trump all the anti-"white privilege" race traitor gang. He hasn't done much in that direction since he called the Mexican migrants druggers and rapists and promised to build a wall better than Israel's against besieged Gaza, tunnel-proof, and all. Those were the heady days of white reaction to the globalist ruling Establishment that billionaire Trump was rebelling against. Even his rude comments on privileged feminists didn't bring him down on the Establishment's media channels, much to their chagrin. Even when he referred to the women's bloc vote by pointing out Hillary's gender, he's still riding high with the white masses.

Lately, things are changing with the Trump campaign. He's hired a young hot-shot lawyer from the globalist Goldman Sachs firm to raise funds for his campaign. I don't know where all the money's going. Then we have the pandering to the new pretty-boy on the block representing the insiders in Washington, Speaker of The House Paul Ryan. The nerve of this nobody — to stand in the faces of Trump's masses shows that he's a bought-and-paid-for anti-populist. Then there's the rejection of ex-KKK Grand Dragon David Duke, now that he's seen the light proclaiming human rights and 'diversity' on his website's masthead and has spoken against being a natural racist, the only way he can separate, because racism is for all. Come on Donald, give Duke a break — you can use every vote you can get in the upcoming November 8 white racist roll call form the last days of Empire America. Trump's rejection of Duke's support shows that the feminists are in control around the billionaire; they can't have any truck or trade with racists, now or before. Hmmmm. Jews and feminists are not good news for the white revival campaign.

Aside from his reactionary pro-globalist warmongering, especially about some six million primitives in far-flung places on the planet, another feminist enterprise that will surely bring real terror to America, uncontrolled like 9/11, Trump is backtracking on banning Muslims to America while at the same time stupidly offering congratulations to the new Muslim mayor of once-Great Britain's capital city of London, Sadiq Khan, who arrogantly turned down Trump's offer to visit. It's just incongruous and convoluted. Oh yeah, Trump is also planning to take a pilgrimage to Israel to pay homage to America's globalist masters before the election; this seems to be a must for all US politicians, independent billionaires included. The US aid going to that country is staggering: the money could be better spent on public projects to revive the country out of its depression, and employ millions.

No one expected Donald Trump to re-establish a white privilege society. He's no Hitler and doesn't have any ideological henchmen around him, just advisers to show him how to be president and deal with the media stars that he probably admires. However, the white revolt sparks he has ignited will last beyond himself; the American public is fed up with a perverted, amoral multicult society that these Clinton and Bush and even Reagan, politicians brought in with their globalist meddling, meanness and merchants, benefiting free trade deals and wreaking havoc on the planet. The white revolution will not go away until the races separate, whether Trump wins or not.

White nationalists, let's keep Trump on track; he knows where his base is.

Contact the Trump Campaign:


White racists in the vanguard of their leader Donald Trump have a role to play

Donald Trump knows what side his bread is buttered on. That's why he's very careful not to upset the millions of white racists who support him in North America and worldwide. He's even getting the respect of the nonwhite races: notice the careful apology of Vincente Fox of Mexico, and the quiet, reserved response from the Han in China in reply to Trump's accusation of their economic rape of North America, with all their shoddy dollar-store goods and unsanitary-raised foodstuff exports. They all know that isolationism white racists are the base core of Donald Trump's campaign. These patriots want to make their country safe and great as it was in the fifties and sixties. They don't want to meddle, invade or re-model the peoples of the world to crazy multiculturall [sic] specifications.

When questioned by the bearded no-jawed Jew Wolf Blitzer and asked to condemn the anti-Semitic attacks on a Jewess who did a nasty article on Trump's wife Melania in the snooty liberal GQ, Trump side-stepped the question and refused to condemn any of his hard line racist supporters active in hounding our enemies in cyberspace. He just repeated over and over that the GQ article was against his wife for reports from other people, having not read it himself, a smart move. It was the same way when Trump feigned ignorance of the most prominent racist in America, David Duke, though he foolishly condemned the use of the word 'racist' to curry favor with wimps and women. Embracing his supporters is the smartest thing Trump can do.

Looking at Hillary Clinton's interview with the fawning media's Blitzer was like listening to a teacher's interview — yawnsville. This so-unattractive woman, especially with her line of clothes and her cosmetic surgical smile, is like a large globalists' ventriloquist's doll with the mouth parts moving the same way. She sat in the big chair, uncomfortable in her big, big, thighs in some black pants and a buttoned-up black three-quarters' length jacket that could have come from a Star Trek wardrobe closet Clinton didn't endear herself to anyone when she rolled her necklaced head back in too loud and nervous cackle-like laughter when Blitzer suggested that Trump might get down and dirty in the campaign and bring up her philandering husband Bill's story. Pretending surprise, she laughed off the scandal threats, knowing underneath that Trump will bring up and say all kinds of points and ideas on the Clintons' secret neo-criminal lifestyle and background. Add to that Hillary's annoying voice and she should be easy to beat. In fact, I predict that she will have a nervous breakdown during the campaign, since she's always been molicoddled [sic] never had to face a real man other than her cuckolded Bill. Most Trump supporters don't want more war and foreign interventionism and meddling. They would rather concentrate on elevating their own economic and hedonistic situation. This is where white racists have to be vocal in every form: The more internationalism, the fewer white people the more foreign wars, the more "racemixing"; the more multiculturalism, the more crime.

I don't think Trump is that well informed on international affairs, but with white nationalists' help, he's learning on the job and has shown a willingness to alter his position when faced with facts. The globalist Establishment will do anything in their power to misdirect and/or take over Trump's campaign with shyster lawyers and advisers. That's a game where white nationalists come in to make sure that doesn't happen. Ted Cruz said Trump will betray his supporters. When Trump secretly talks to globalists' KGB man Putin. then shies away from mentioning the reasons, it's not good for the transparency that the white public desires. Anyone who claims the oligarchs' "put-in" Putin is independent or some kind of savior is probably part of the same cabal that runs the Kremlin and the CIA. That's why Canadian spy-service ex-neo-Nazi agents are traveling back and forth to Putin's Russia and separatist East Ukraine rebels are represented by an ex-CIA agent-spokesman on Putin's Russian TV channel where Jews are prevalent. As usual, the chosen people are running both sides — in Ukraine, with the Kiev Jew regime supported by the Azov Battalion. It's plain to see there's very little rebellious activity against the globalist Establishment — except for ISIS, or possibly al-Qaeda.

White nationalist supporters are ahead of their leader Donald Trump, taking advantage of participating in a legitimate democratic election to ensure that the billionaire blowhard keeps his promises. Barring an assassination, the stage is set for a white revolution in America.

Stop the globalists. We all have a role to play.


Love is killing the white race

It sounds crazy, but it's true — this initial lust-fascination with white couples described as "love" is literally destroying the white race.

It's a female thing, love. it is hard to define, especially when the family union is destroyed because fickle women don't love their partners anymore and the whole social and economic components of the family are wrecked because of an indescribable feeling that women cling to called "love". Children are left in the lurch, fatherless, and poor since in a feminist society they're always allotted to the so-called mother of the failed union. No wonder we have so many young weirdos and serial killers in white societies that have no firm hand to discipline the children, of which many turn out to be spoiled brats and whores who perpetuate the modern dysfunctional unions that pretend to pass as families, something the anti-white entertainment media always promotes in their dramas and sitcoms. Their motto is,i fyou're not weird, you don't belong on TV.

The disrespect by the offspring of broken-love couples has no connection to the past or the traditional and historic morality which created our once-stable society until feminism and multiculturalism were forced upon the populace. How anyone could be seriously in love with the modern entertainment's (and Hollywood's) bitches is beyond comprehension, and their continual breakups and new boyfriends and partners become just more game show situations, sometimes last not much longer than the shows themselves.

The vague love-dominance unions are built on shaky ground and leave male partners in fearful wonder. in limbo of how long can this family last with more and more fantasy love propaganda coming through the airwaves in sound and pictures. Every time you hear it on the radio or on TV, it is predicated to the media's love machine, where criminal black rappers are now the standard-bearers for successful love and sex stories that are alien to mostly more-reserved white men. There's a great disconnect, not only with the negro voices cooing several love lyrics and crudity that most white men would be embarrassed to recount. Only the young spoiled brats and sons of bitches of broken homes regurgitate the black-imitating/Justin Bieber white men's degeneracy. It's little wonder that any of these young white women who dance up a storm at negro-"racemixer" nightclubs would make for required-to-be stable and staid mothers in the idiots' multicult society. Multiculturalism means that anyone cannot act out any way they want to, since there is no structure or history to a multicult society other than the criminal code, which they all love to condemn. No one has to act like an Irishman in Ireland, or an Italian in Italy or a Pole in Poland or a Bengali in Bangladesh. That's multiculturalism — you make up your on rules and try to get away with as much as you can.

Love is a whole institution in itself, filled with lies and baloney and gossip, which has become very prevalent in Western society, with its cell phones and I-Pads. Lovers lie a lot — in fact, that's their first instinct as evidenced in dramas, sitcoms and movies: telling the truth has become no big deal, as young males have become just as duplicious [sp] as their bad-mannered. whispering-in-public text messages — always up on the latest stories and triangles that only result in quick sexual gratification and nothing solid to show for all the courting and wooing that they never used to do to obtain a female companion in the past. All that has changed, since cuckolded white men (even the so-called conservatives) have given in to this anti-family stupidity (that never produces stable marriages) that rules today. Steadfast families are the exceptions, not the rule; when fantasy enters a couple's dialogue, common sense goes out the window and the door. That's what happens when women choose their mates without input from friends and family: Chaos, broken homes, despression [sp] and desperate acts of violence are the order of the day in a feminist bitches' love-society.

I'm not saying there's no such thing as love, caring for someone without reservation, but common sense, too, is an ideal situation. I've seen a few old couples walking around — some had children, some most haven't; they've just become interdependent on each other for friendship and economic reasons. But it certainly isn't the initial lustful love that keeps them together in that one-bedroom apartment.

Love is way overrated and should be chucked by white racists if they ever hope to defeat anti-love patriarchal Islam. It's the white man who treats his women the best in the world — and he's about to pay for it with natural extinction, especially when his women's religion of Christianity, which conquered the Roman Empire (Constantine and the cross) and ended up ruling and ruining white society, even today with their insane altruism which forgets that vanity is god. And without self-love, you will not survive. as a grass blade or a person. The less love-talk, the better for the white man and his survival, because that's the institution that is at the base of our malaise, and because a house divided cannot stand and our white houses are on a precipice, as unencumbered non-whites repopulate our homelands with gusto.


Racism? — Take it outside

White women are weakening the white race. White women are the most unnatural creatures on the planet — worst than a black widow spider, which at least copulates with its partner to resproduce [sp] the species before eating him. White women are totally disloyal to their race: even if they're frightened bigots against aggressive nonwhite males. they're still stupidly anti-racist, which is not faked when pretty boys and effeminate fools suck up to their anti-racism by being anti-racist, too, although claiming to be pro-white. White women are the wildest, out-of-control crazy creatures, always pushing the gender war against their white male counterparts. White women would have the entire female gender of humanity as unnatural as themselves, with their International Women's Day, women's rights and women's lib, which never, ever talks about men's rights or a heterosexual family; even with those who put on airs surrounded by one or two spoiled brats, the male sperm donor "man" is still somewhere at the back of the line, even when they go for a walk.

This is the third rotten white women's generation, since "Rosie the Riveter's" suppposedly [sp] greatest generation of loudmouthed macho racemixing [sp] bitches like Lucille Ball (how can you love that harridan?). White women like their women of their entertainhmen [sp] media from New York and Hollywood mogul schleps — none of them want a problem with their mothers or wives in their religious feminist cult where you're only a Jew if you came out of a genuine Jewish vagina. So for all the Hollywood Jews' posturing as macho "cowboys" and "gladiators", they're still a bunch of wimps, no matter what their women say. But that's their choice; it need not be ours, as thinking, natural. common sense/good will/fair play white racists. No, not 'racialist' (don't lillify [sp] and soften the word thinking it will be more palatable to your wild white women— it might not work). It's not worth it when entire cultures and civilization are wiped out throughout Europe and North America through miscegnation [sp].

White women are always for progress — they're a shrill, hyper bunch of characters, and violent, too. In fact the only time I can recall being beaten up was in my youth, demonstrating against some commie-feminists on the southeast corner of Toronto's Carlton and Sherbourne opposite Allan Gardens. I didn't know two or three of them would pull me by the hair over a pew while others rained fists on me. I took the beating and got out. The main door's church window was damaged in the final melee (and still around today), before I went out and pouked [sp] my guts out. That was way back in the 1970's. Since then white women have gone overboard in their dedication to nonwhite entertainment idols. White women have had plenty of abortions, too and the single-parent weirdos they've brought are all candidates for TV's Forensic Files. The same goes for white women: There are shallow graves all over North America full of victims killed— hirchhiking [sp], camping, walking aline [sp], bar-hopping and livintg [sp] in Mary Tyler Whore apartments, hoping not to be some criminal's statistic.

They say that 80% of all trade is directed toward women. This is where international matriarchy-dominated Jew merchants come into play to provide goods and services for a global economy, deadly to white civilization and the planet's environment. Who do you think wants to go on holidays all the time? The "We never have any fun!" whiners. These feminist hedonists have brought the world here and all its ills. A workman's type middle-aged white guy in a McDonald's lineup the other day told me he had a virus for 28 days, then it came back later in the year: the latest "Iranians" brought it here as refugees. I corrected him ("the Syrians, you mean, they brought it here... and it's all the Pakis, niggers and Chinks taking over the country") — to which he agrees with aplomb; I only turned around to see if anyone dared challenge me. When you dump 25,000 Syrians here from the Middle East with their own peculiar immune system and the bugs they carry who knows? He may be right.

The white men are unhappy, angry and brow-beaten by the treacherous politically-correct media; they're sitting alone in coffee shops or their little rooms; outside the old white broads have found their soul mates and life companions, bending over with their fat asses. picking up their little dog's shit; they'll be going back to their over-housed houses, waiting to sell them to Chinese and East Indian buyers with their big families whom they brought here. The last days of this unnatural wild white women's new world order civilization will be the tossing of all those vacation pictures of the dead round-eyed white devils.

Racists can reverse the suicidal trend... don't leave home without being one.


Criminals' immoral delusion — Make America great again

Donald Trump's promise to "make America great again" is an empty slogan. America never was great, certainly, in terms of morality, from its very inception. It was a violent slave state empire and warmonger society, killing others at will in the settlers' orginal [sp] homelands. America was founded by overconfident and avaricious opportunists and losers, just like their numerous criminals today. I've never met a criminal who wasn't overconfident. Behind the synthetic state and sleek facade, the United states is a house of horror, a dangerous place, where ordinary people doing ordinary things — pizza delivery drivers, school kids, paper carriers, store clerks, joggers, people repairing flat tires — are being robbed, raped, abducted, tortured and murdered on a regular basis by their fellow Americans, while politicians and other selfish hedonists prattle on about America being great again.

Thousands of murderers, torturers and rapists sit in execution cells awaiting the never-ending appeals. This scum of the world often outlive theior [sp] victims in plea-bargaining deals with stupid and naive courts instead of being executed forthwith for their heinous crimes against their innocent victims. The Holloyweood [sp] Jews' enterainment [sp]  media bellow the criminal cases, trying to save tthr [sp] one or two percent innocent from the evil perpetrators while ignoring the mayhem behind the scenes that these beasts are created. Only the most spectatcular [sp] crimes are given big publicity, while other murders are occasionally mentioned in small print somewhrere [sp] as a matter of course. The entire country is filled with sneaky cunning bastards and bitches ready to strike anytime and anywhere , even in parent-occuped [sp] gomes [sp] where the culprits sneak in and rape, kindap [sp] and kill young women and children while the parents sleep. Usually the full length of the American criminal depredation is never truly brought to justice for all his crimes. Prosecutors are choosing to concentrate on the easiest winnable case while other crimes go unanswered for. The criminals are not just men, but women, too, sometimes, particularly, killer couples who have no mercy for their victims. I remember in the fifties, when I was dragged to this greedy country there was a saying: "If it's weird and unusual, it must have happened in England" — the first refuge place for runaways and kickouts [sic] of the continent. Now its "race mixed" America, but tenfold. The media yammers about 'Islamic terrorism', which is really reprisal for white meddler attacks in Muslim lands. But, you have a seven-times-more chance of being killed by a fellow citizen in America than by any terrorist's revenge for their aggressive foreign policy, which is out to rule the world with their cultist Freemason new world order crap that the corrupt elites are trying to cement.

These same runaways and refugees of the Old World have the audacity and nerve to impose their multicult unnatural policies on the rest of the planet's population to make them just as criminal as they are. The only 'exceptionalism' Americans have is that they are they are more greedy, effeminate and hedonistic trhan [sp] any other people on the planet, technically run by their women's votes, another unnatural idiocy they're pushing around the world. That's why Donald Trump may not win the presidency, no matter how hard he tries, since isolationism and protectionism are the only sensible paths to right a country that was never great before. Japan did for 300 years after their disastrous Korea invasion until the American navy bomed [sp] their ports and demanded more trade for their greedy merchants. And how did that work out? A new Japanese empire with millions of deaths that followed through their mean wars. No wonder people still shout Yankee Go Home! in many parts of the world.

Until Americans turn inward and look at themselves in the mirrror [sp] to see their failed dysfunctional families and society, nothing will change — except that history will repaet [sp] itself, and that all empires, even if they don't call themselves empires, will go down teh [sp] drain in disarray, until bew [sp] ethbic [sp] entities develop on the North American continent — and certainly not the ones based on language alone, like the feminist/ commie efforts in Quebec, who support the same "race-mixed" idiocies that created the United States. Donlad [sp] Trump's presidential campaign may not be victorious to get him to the White House, but it has certainly revived white racial identity and politics in America that will not go away with his departure, for potentially creating more moral white states on the continent in the future.


Racism rising — white self loathers dying

It's a privilege to be a member of a racist organization; definitely, it's not a right or a favor that you're doing for that group by joining a pro-white organization. Unfortunately it's been the other way around for the last two generations because of the evil mainstream media condemnations and propaganda against white identity politics and the consequent anti-white regime laws and police interference in these worthy organizations. This tax-paid-for interference is rightful political assembly has seen the destruction and demise of many pro-white groups, some created by the security agencies themselves, like Canada's infamous neo-criminal Heritage Front which was formed with white nationalist and of a CSIS operative Grant Bristow who was thanked by a Canadian Parliamentary committee for his political civil rights/disruptive work in undermining the white racist movement in Ontario. This sneaky snake is now hiding in Alberta under the name Nathan Black. It cost the government $7 million tax dollars for this conspiracy.

Its leader (Wolfgang Droege) was allowed to peddle cocaine to strippers and was waved on many times by the cops when thy checked CPIC and found out he was one of them, while pretending to be pro-white advocate: "Equal Rights for Whites" was their lame slogan, ignoring necessary white privilege which guarantees a white society. One of the Heritage Front's "in crowd" is now working for Vladimir Putin with regular trips to the Donbass, Eastern Wave, where the Russian-speaking separatists rule. Of course, Yeltsin's boy Putin was put in by globalist Russia Jew oligarchs and probably cooperates with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, the mother of the Heritage Front. This character now lauds the Soviets, having long forgotten his "Howdy Himmler" persona. He was one of the first to join an assist CSIS's treacherous Heritage Front, which went down in flames after Droege was gunned down by a jealous druggie customer over a wayward white woman, who left our three kids behind in search of a skinhead/motorhead lover, then switched to Droege's druggie assassin.

Besides police operations, a racist organization has to contend with all sorts of nut cases, some benign and some subversive, like the guy who pretends he's your loyal follower and admirer, then inserts crazy ideas into meetings and conversations like "The Earth is flat, and I can prove it! And the Jews are behind it, fooling us that the earth is round!" Those statements come from either a mental case or a conniving bastard who knows how to destroy the seriousness of our racist mission by equating his cuckoo theories to natural racism. "Well, you guys believe in racism, and I believe in this. It's just as valid." Needless to say, this able-bodied fool will be ostracized from future political and social events for his idiocy and for his persistent scheming to minimize the white nationalist movement.

Another naive nay-sayer said to me, "You're beating a dead horse" referring to racism. "Well, he's just as blind and childish as the agents on this point, since racism is rising everywhere and really never left the scene, but was waiting for a billionaire spokesman, Donald Trump and his views on globalist migrant invasion policies for racists to raise their heads around the white world. The 'dead horses' are the anti-racist white self-loathers and their hedonistic ilk white traitors are rueing every day as the racist roll call for the November 8 elections in the United States. Trump or no Trump, racism is here to stay, with all its warts and wing-nuts. And natural racism is getting stronger every day with the death of the barren anti-racist wimps and whiners as their pieces are removed from the game board of life while our racist "kith and kin" are still here.


Racists say, “Hell no, we won't fight your Muslim wars”

White racists should not kill patriarchal nonwhite Muslims for matriarchal anti-racists, Jew and Christian globalists. If the globalists win against the only armed opposition to their NATO, then there will be plenty of race-mixing and a multicult society, where whites will be eventually washed out and a nasty caste system — "Varna" = color system established as in chaos-ridden India. The elites and Jews love cheap-labor servants and soon poor whites will be on a sustenance-serf level of existence, when the UN's mandate is everywhere. Immigration will become a right and soon, migration will take place, like in the European invasion of today. Is that what you want?

Obviously, Islamophobia is feeding racism — a necessary commodity for the survival of the species, which effeminate white society lacks. White women of Western society are alarmed by the Islamic state caliphate, which will deny access to commie/feminist concerns and meddlers to far-flung little area throughout the Muslim (almost two million population) world. So, they've started these humanitarian wars for women's lib, trying to import democracy, a concept totally alien to the native populations. During this interloper process, they raise the living standard of the nonwhites and over-populate the area to unsustainable levels, while bringing millions more here. In the old days, they called it greedy colonialism, but now it's taken on such a proportion that only isolationism and protectionism can prevent the migrant waves.

Invading and waging war in nonwhite countries just brings them quicker over here. Therefore any forced military alliance like NATO is a further danger to the white race. Many bigots and private racists are hiding behind Islamophobia, women and human rights, promoting war for the globalists. They cannot be followed either, even if their name is Trump. Unfortunately, whites are bogged down with a virgin-feminist religion of Semitic origin, tying us continuously to the race-mixed Arab world. So even the get-out-of-NATO smart guy Trump has to sound bellicose for the evangelical who can be pretty bloodthirsty, like the Semites following Allah — if you check your history. Definitely, don't believe the media hype—on any issue dealing with Muslims and war on the Islamic State: they just want to suck you in.

There's a "god-read" in Man, and the more violent the breed is, the more strict and violent a God they need to keep order. That's why they have Allah and we have poor Jesus to wail at on the cross. Today's white men don't have the same zeal as the Crusaders for Jesus' religion, whose churches today are half-empty, and filled mostly by women. Whites would be better to shut themselves off from the great jihadi-reservoir Muslim world than to spend trillions on useless wars and failed military missions to bring their society to a depleted white man's level. Eventually the Muslim congregation, Ummah, will fall upon itself, because race trumps religion, and Nature knows best. The populations will decline and their part of the world will lay fallow for the planet to resurrect itself and we'll still be able to buy anything from the famed wheeler-dealer Arab merchants, from dates to oil.

Islamophobia is a boon to white identity and nationalism — all kinds of white people are learning how nasty, mean and cruel the Jihadists are and how dedicated; everyone knows that the Islamists don't get up in the morning to enjoy some serial killer's terrorism; they're doing it for a fanatical religious concept of a God and are willing to die young with his name, "Allah Akbhar" — God is great, on their lips. No sane white man, racist or not, has that dedication to the creator entity and the promise of a paradise given to one guy in a dream, Mohammed, promised throughout the centuries. This is outside the realm of reason in the "Modern Family" white world. The best thing to do here is exclude these God-believer people from our society and isolate their countries from our commerce and watch them implode, racially and sectarian-wise. We never traded with China and the Soviet Union for fifty years and everybody had a job, belonged to a family, left their doors open, had reasonable food prices, remained only with our partners in the family, men were respected and women were adored and protected. Now who doesn't want that?

We can participate in Islamophobia, but not in globalist wars.


Racist roll call for the 2016 American presidential election

The cold white race civil war is heating up on Donald Trump's US Presidential candidacy. Of course, this internal racial civil war has been simmering for decades, ever since the commie rock-and-rollers of the sixties and the so-called women's liberation movement. On November 8, 2016, all Americans will participate in a racist roll call, especially whites. It is the white man's last chance to turn the racial clock back for a white standards' society against all the commie/feminist, cuckservative,[sic] unnatural globalist crap that's been foisted on the DNA-recessive white race, leading to its minority states and eventual extinction.

The lies have been drawn with violent Latinos, blacks and white race traitors on one side and conscientious whites on the other, as they vie for a Donald Trump presidency. The strange fact is that Trump does not publicly recognize any of these machinations during the 2016 election, but his detractors and bloodthirsty enemies know that race is all in this campaign, as witnesses by the numerous references to racial voters in the mainstream media, rhyming off raising bloc voters on racial basis: "African Americans", "Latino voters", "working class voters" and even "white Americans" are commonplace in their propaganda's vocabulary, unheard of in this so-called post-racial society. In-your-face, dumb, unnatural anti-racist American whites are learning who their enemies are every day, some of whom claim are do-gooders, like the Anonymous bugs and the austerity cuckservatives.[sic] feminist commies, black and white professional agitators and violent Latinos, have taken off their Guy Fawkes faces to show their true colors. White Americans are coalescing at Trump rallies, walking away invigorated in the company of thousands of fellow racial compatriots, much to the chagrin of the media pundits on the air and in print. New voters and Democratic Party crossovers are boosting the white nationalist numbers to swamp the lazy, demoralized and unnatural white race-mixers and their nonwhite pets, with whom they have little contact for justified fears of violence and rejection. The old cheapskate conservative order is thankfully out of the racist ranks, having betrayed the movement over and over again, from the John Birch Society to William Buckley's National Review traitors. The beauty of this white racist insurrection is that it's out of anyone's control — not the cops' and their agents, the mainstream media propagandists, or even Donald Trump and his staff, who know what side their white bread is buttered on if they have any hope of victory for this brave man and great American who had the nerve to stand up to them, for whatever his reasons — pride or our people. All the doomsday talk of a Trump presidency makes no sense. Donald Trump can easily unify the country. Isn't that what the nonwhites want — more stuff for their great American Dream?

This white nationalist realization of their identity bodes well for whites' racial future, integrity and independence when the great race-mixed Evil Empire falls apart. Barring some bloody riots and chaos, the future looks bright and shiny for the white race in North America. if we answer the racist roll call.

God bless us all.


"Race-mixed" entities spur white identity in Canada

The United States has its large "race-mixed" population generally referred to as Eurasian Latinos or Hispanics, being so close to Mexico and Latin America. Here in Canada we have a "race-mixed" Eurasian community which is directly from countries in the East Indian Orient that produced nations and cultures of similar-minded types. Canada has hundreds of thousands of Tamils, mostly Hindu low-caste tea pickers from Sri Lanka since the ruling Sinhala wouldn't work for the greedy Limey merchants who brought in a foreign workforce from the over sixty million Hindu in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu (Tamil homeland), who started suicide bombings and were left behind for the Sinhala to brutally deal with. Some Tamils are Christian, thanks to Portuguese colonialist missionaries of the past. They're usually a small, quiet from a violent past when their civilization ruled with fierce gods in southern India. However, they can bring up 50,000 protesters suddenly, in one day, as they showed Torontonians when they blocked traffic and major expressways in protests. The low-caste Tamils' failed rebellion had a lot to do with their Hindu race-conscious religion, which allowed their massacre by the Sinhala even though populist Tamil Nadu and nuclear India were only a few shallow sea miles away from the Tigers' peninsula stronghold. It seems that racial loyalties to the low-caste is frowned upon by the "race-mixers'" Hindu religion.

Besides the Tamils, we have the always-ready mercenary Sikhs, coming from tribes that used to farm during the season and kill for money as mercenaries for either Muslims or Hindus in the off-season until they formed their multicult-styled own religion. The English beat them in three wars and hing [sic] their king; the Sikhs were so down and out, at the point of extinction until the Limeys realized what god fighters they were and set up institutions to re-teach them religion and a war cry for imperialist service across the world, like the newly-armed Tamils who have a territory in East Toronto's Scarborough neighborhoods (Tamil country); the Sikhs have whole towns like Brampton, Ontario and farmlands (Holland Marsh) to north and east of Toronto. Sikhs can pull 100,000 in orange, for any public event, and often do in their bailiwick, with swords, too. In a multicult world, turbaned Sikhs are the vanguard of intruding into white culture — they're even allowed to carry little knives, kirpans, hidden secretly, for their own defense), by the Canadian courts. They have members of Parliament; one is the head of our Canadian Defense Department, quite appropriate for a colonialist country which always offers mercenary service for globalists' wars. Remember the concert for Bangladesh, when the small Muslim Bengalis kicked out the bearded Pakis and formed their own country after a bloody three-year struggle? Of course, Canada had thousands of refugees after that war, like the 25,000 Syrians here today. Bangladesh (Bengali state) showed that race trumps religion, when the colonialist construct idiocy of East and West Pakistan, 1,000 miles apart, was dissolved in blood, like most colonialist merchants' boundaries made by greedy white meddlers' bayonets.

Other Muslims from the Middle East and Afghanistan, Somalia and Eritrea can be lumped in together as "race-mixed" peoples, even among themselves. Race is primary — you don't hear of too many Somalis marrying Afghans or vice versa. Even if these Muslims hate ISIS and their barbarism, they're still Muslims and hate secular whites as degenerates in a whorehouse cultures. All these new arrivals are out-breeding unstable hyper wild white women. The coalesced families of the present non-white racemixed minorities is outpacing our white population into a meaner civilization. Unlike Latinos, nonwhites in Canada, will not unite in any 'La Raza', the race, to form an Azatlan, but will make their own territory, proving their politically-correct anti-racism is a lie, wherever they mouth it. That's what I said to a Bengali father and son in an argument unrelated to myself when a young man complained of my "1967 racism." "Hey pal, I'm a white man and you're a Bengali; I respect you and your identity if you respect me." Don't tell me about racism, after you kicked the Pakis out, which by the way is not an ethnic group, but an acronym of the first letters of the four tribes (PA.K.I.) and — "stan." state — another colonialist construct that will fall apart.

Whites in Canada are in the process of establishing a racial identity, and that's our main task today— becoming white nationalists in a multicult sea of future enemies.


Tell Donald Trump what's good for white people is good for the country

In a race-mixed globalist warmonger police state it took a billionaire to bring the natural message of white nationalism to mainstream media discussion. Whatever your reservations about Donald Trump's candidacy for president, especially torture and "bomb-them-all" foreign policy utterances, Donald Trump's latest white racism has come at an opportune time for a breed of humanity going extinct, especially in North America. In fifty years of political activity, I've never heard such a propaganda onslaught on an individual since Hitler. Unfortunately for the media, they're already in the disbelief column in the public's mind after being fed tons of lies of the benefits of "race-mixing," multiculturalism. free trade and pro-"human rights" wars, like their masters that no one trusts — the media schleps — with every new slanderous shibboleth against Donald Trump.

Trump has wisely chosen to obfuscate around his non-existent KKK and David Duke endorsements. White nationalists don't like turncoats and so far, The Donald is still (wink, wink) on our side. Trump could very well make it to the presidency if enough poor white non-voters decide to exercise their franchise; even just to get back at the Establishment and their overpaid capitalist cronies. Many Bernie Sanders supporters will hold their hypocrite bigot noses and vote for Trump rather than that lesbian bitch Hillary Clinton. They don't want more Clinton crime, corruption and cover-ups — they want the real deal entertainment of a Donald Trump presidency. It'll be the 'less-educated' and the well educated, voting with their blood or kith and kin, as demonstrated by the furtive glances they make when entering a "race-mixed" city bus and look for white faces.

Donald Trump will rope in all kinds of disparate minorities, keeping race in mind — the main component in the breaking of empires. Many Latinos will quietly vote for wall-builder Trump. They don't want more of their kith and kin over the border; they know what corrupt criminal/"race-mixer"-standard Mexico. Peaceful Latinos would rather live under common sense, good will and fair play Anglo racist rules, than live under an Aztec cannibal culture — same goes for a lot of Asiatic economic immigrants. They don't have any big plans for building a new China, they're looking out for Number One — ask any Dragon Lady. Even if Trump should lose or be incapacitated or assassinated, white nationalism and white unity and identity will last longer than his campaign. Soon they'll be calling him a new Hitler or Mussolini and a racist, which thousands of whites are naturally adopting as their man.

Donald Trump knows that his base of support are white nationalists whose pulse he needs to listen to. This is our opportunity to advise him that what's good for the white man is good for the country.

Tell him. That's out mission now.


Hillary Clinton hates whites

Every vote for Hillary Clinton and her like is a vote for the death of the white race. I used to think that anyone saying "I'm not a racist" is using the Big Lie Technique that Hitler put on the Jews in Mein Kampf. That is the stupidest thing you could say, and can still; "race-mixed" couples especially know this. You never get to the bottom of the white self-loathers' problems following the advice of commie feminists like Clinton and her ilk who recently advised whites to recognize their supposed white privilege in a "race-mixed" anti-white racist society and act with humility in front of nonwhite racists. This is totally against all of Nature's rules and is a guaranteed path to the loss of identity and destruction, like the ancient Hindu adage warned them before they became the "race-mixed" cesspool of today: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the corruption of races; out of the corruption of races proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of that, all troubles."

This is the very situation we have today with feminist hags advising our young wild white women and their effeminate suitors to divest themselves of their racial identity and social attitudes and lower their heads to minority demands — an excellent prescription for extinction. Unfortunately, they white self-loather mantra has been beamed out for the last three generations by the churches, the media and feminist bloc-voted-in politicians. Still, these millions of naive spoiled-brat hedonistic idiots and professional students hypocritically go through the motions of anti-racism, while carefully avoiding the dangerous minorities. I haven't seen too many black faces or "race-mixed" rallies in Hillary's or Bernie Sanders' events. Have you?

White society is in a state of a cold civil war, with the same whites arming themselves to the teeth and the insane self-loathers. hoping for a Kumbaya miracle that they haven't seen since the musical Hair. These whites know they've lost the multicult war as their barren ranks dwindle, compared to the armed patriarchal breeders. The race-mixers can't turn to nonwhites for protection from us, who look upon them with derision (you morons). Like the Jews that they admire, they know they will have to seek white nationalist protection from the nonwhites' machetes in every neighborhood in the white world.

Sure, the whites have caused a lot of trouble in the world and enslaved a lot of people. Others have as well; don't forget to Mongol hordes and Africa's Barbary Pirates who enslaved millions of Europeans throughout the Muslim world. Unlike the latter two groups, whites have foolishly gone further toward their first step to self-destruction by raising the living standards of the nonwhite world and increasing their populations for more power to them. It's the same spoiled, rich, unnaturally altruistic elite which brought the slaves to America. I'll bet there's a lot of black Clintons who took their slave-owners' names. So far, when the lazy white "race mixers" who tell the natural white racist society to show humility and lack or racial pride, it's nothing but evil and disgusting advice and shows real chutzpah that needs to be condemned.

Tell Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to lay off the white self-loathers' rhetoric because race is all and they know it. [ Related ]

Hillary Clinton Email
Bernie Sanders Email 


White tourists ruining our race and planet

When Canada was a healthy white country, affluent citizens went no further than to Myrtle Beach and Florida for occasional vacations. Then the Snowbird Phenomenon started when the economically-comfortable seniors started spending their winters in Florida and other sunny American area, spending worthy Canadian dollars on others. Now the situation has changed for the worse; our Canadian currency is worth only two-thirds of the deflated American dollar. The unpatriotic "greed bags" are opting for the Third World Zika-ridden Latin American and Caribbean nations to exploit, creating more nonwhites wherever they go by unnaturally upgrading their economies by tourism that requires more and more servants and destroys the natural habitat of these already-overpopulated countries.

Through the anti-white policies of multiculturalism, the white race traitors have brought the greedy worst of the world to act out their inhibitions like never before in a feminist police state that's easy on nonwhites like they have never seen before in their strict sharia and traditionalist homelands that would see their heads on a chopping block for minor criminal offences. Whites don't need to go to any blighted Third World nations to get their cultural experience, since it's been brought to our white homelands by our own white race traitors in spades. Chinatowns, Little Indias, Arab neighborhoods, criminal Somali apartment enclaves, Jamaican gangs, Nigerian fraudsters, Eritrean murderers, Sikh towns — they're all here in Canada now. There is no need to go to Cuba, Jamaica China or Africa to give Canadian dollars for the "adventure." It's all here in Toronto's subway and downtown core where white liberals glance around nervously looking for a friendly white face in case of trouble or a confrontation with the new arrivals from all over the nonwhite world. Interestingly, most of these new immigrants act as if they built this country and its infrastructure with a confident arrogance that leaves no room for nativist Canadian patriotic pride, further depressing the white population to irrelevant identity.

Most Canadians don't have the financial means to go on foreign holidays. However, those who do are causing a lot of misery to the rest by not only increasing the unsustainable population of the Third World country, but by taking our precious dollar out of Canada, pauperizing more whites in the process. This has to stop. White nationalists should berate the frequent-fliers and vacation abusers whenever they can and promote holidays in our large land mass country, reminding the public of all the diseases the internationalists bring to Canada and America, besides all the nonwhite maids and nannies they sponsor her. Isolationism and protectionism must be the order of the day, if this deadly suicidal mess on whites is to be reversed. This stupid globalist mindset also involves us in many foreign conflicts that don't concern our daily lives and costs even more lost billions in Canada's willing role as UN and NATO mercenaries, which in turn bring more nonwhite foreigners to our shores to replace our barren modern feminists, making us scared strangers in our own neighborhoods.

Next time, when you hear someone wanting you to look at their latest pictures of their Zika country vacations, tell them no, and condemn their treachery to our country, race and future. There is plenty to see and do in whites' America and Canada. Patriotism begins at home.


Racists, demand food bargains from globalist merchant traitors

Canadians are hungry for some good food and they can't afford it, thanks to the mindset of the internationalist mercenary globalist regimes that have ruled and ruined Canada over the last three generations. This is what the globalist free trade deals have brought us. Anything of any value at the food stores are beyond the economic reach of poor Canadians while the poorly employed can barely afford a beef steak or a roast, only on special occasions or high holidays. Even the one-time poorest cheap "meat" staples such as wieners and bologna are now considered a treat, because of high prices that the internationalist food companies have priced out of bounds.

In a country where wheat and other grains are plentiful, an ordinary loaf of bread is an expensive item, since most of it is exported to foreign consumers by big commercial farmers who couldn't give a damn for the ordinary Canadian since he doesn't recognize or comment on the myriad of multicult nonwhite faces, claiming brotherhood through citizenship with them. White Canadians have become strangers in our own land, now they're hungry too for the good things in life. Unfortunately, there's nowhere to turn to complain and since the politicians have all become mindful of the women's bloc vote which guarantees that these globalist politicians always end up elected, on some politically correct platform that naive dizzy dames think are so cute and proper. All pro-world economy bastards are to blame for this social malaise; this is evident in the faces of the elderly, the handicapped and the working poor. Only trendy metrosexuals and other hedonistic bon vivants love this situation, lining up at the latest fashionable dinky eatery in freezing weather to buy thirty dollar breakfasts and chatter away about concerts, homosexual sitcoms and violent perverts' movies. I know. I've heard them. Thirty dollars is the weekly food budget for those on fixed incomes, if they plan right to the next monthly check. I know, I've seen their pathetic garbage food buys at the checkouts. No wonder there's so much petty crime in the poor neighborhoods, mostly unreported and unpoliced.

The greedy merchants have done us no favors either, importing crappy products from China; cakes that taste like they've filled with air and sawdust and other non-nutritional chemical concoctions passed off as cheap food. I've never heard of one food company CEO complain publicly on how they have to raise prices and explain to the public why and when it will end. I've never heard one politician ask the big food chains to reduce the costs; in fact the whole food industry and pricing of staples seems out of everyone's reach, except the rich, uncontrolled capitalists on top. When Dwight Eisenhower warned about the power of the military industrial complex that rules the world, he should have called it the mercantile industrial complex because when this one percent greed-bag [sic] elite which rules the world with their grunt military who haven't fought a patriotic war (defense being their raison d'être) since the Russians' rebuttal of ovrerlording [sic] Germans in World War II. I don't like the merchants — there's too much hype and anxiety and their greedy gluttonous actions are naturally unsustainable. Sell, sell, sell; buy, buy, buy, make more people and more customers — it's always more, more for the very few. As white nationalists, we have to be concerned not only about our ideological enemies in various 'professions' — journalists, teachers, clerics — but we must be concerned with the stomachs of the poor and the welfare of our supporters, because that's where most of them are. Gouging, price-fixing, exorbitant fees and ridiculous over-packing to cheat customers out of product amounts — all this has to be our concern if we want to win the hearts of the people, that we not only have the concepts of good will and fair play but common sense, too. Napoleon said that an army marches on its stomach. So too, does our movement. When we see obvious unfairness in the cost of food, we must immediately complain to the consumer ministries of the governments, the CEOs and anywhere that company advertises and declare your opposition to their public presence.

Remember, food is one of the few categories where "any publicity is good publicity" does not hold. Let's start our campaign today, wherever you are and demand common sense, good will and fair play prices for our daily bread food supplies.

Complain now.


A four-year weekend at Bernie's (Sanders)

You know that whites can't take race-mixing — it's Nature's punishment for sliding back to savagery, without the help of white man's dictatorships and ideologies, religious or otherwise. That's why if you care about Nature's idea of race and the multitude of ethnicities and their desire to live harmoniously separate, you know that a pro-race-mixer American president will be detrimental to your health and survival. Just look at the anxieties and hopelessness that all individuals have in a multicult "race-mixed" society, whether it's in South Africa, India, Brazil or Mexico; fear rules the day at dusk and dawn and no one is safe.

I saw Bernie Sanders, the old George Burns lookalike Jew, wanting to play God of America at a town hall meeting with internationalist media/CNN moderator Anderson Cooper, also a Jew, feeding Sanders boy scout questions and receiving boring pablum answers from him. However, when a  planted audience member's question came from a younger Bernie, asking him how Sanders could bring in the evangelicals and the racially-motivated, the old commie Jew[ish] senator only considered the nonwhite racial concerns and pointed out how as a young student, he wanted blacks to have racially mixed dormitories (it turns out now that blacks are setting up their own exclusive racist dormitories in colleges — so much for Bernie's efforts.) The old pretty-boy Jew Cooper jumped in to smear all whites with this interracial idiocy by commenting on how young white men "like you and me" went to help blacks. How amazing — Bernie Sanders didn't object to being called white, even when he's participating in bringing our race to extinction. But don't expect him to identify with them otherwise. On the matter of how to woo the evangelical vote, Sanders wandered off into vagaries about his faith that even Jew commentators in Israel thought were pretty vague. What do you expect from a commie — white racists and evangelicals? They don't count with Bernie, and there's no hand of friendship or understanding toward any of these groups concerned with race and religion.

Being a commie feminist, Bernie Sanders is all for an anti-"ISIS" war
from ground and air, by buying mercenaries from Arab regimes to get the old "God-believers" holding insignificant little parts of the world to lay fallow for natural resurrection. So much for the old hippie/commie peace movement phonies and pro-war whores now. Sanders and the "love generation" failed us, and to prop up that diseased body would be a four-year Weekend at Bernie's, referring to the cult hit movie about two young men dragging a dead guy around his house and pretending he's alive.

Bernie looked very shaky on stage. and his face was as sallow as the last sleepy Alzheimer's of Ronald Reagan's second term of his presidency. Bernie's vice-presidential running mate, Hillary, for party unity, would love to step in. Then you'd see a new anti-war movement led by white  isolationists, not commie internationalists. Bernie went on about he was concerned about police shooting blacks and crime going up in a "race-mixed" society. I was thinking, who is he talking to — dumb PBS bitches and deluded artsy-fartsies? Everyone nowadays is scared of blacks. You saw how fast the feminist protesters ran away from the Black Lives Matter thugs. I haven't seen a "race-mixed" pro-black or pro-Latino demonstration anywhere for a long time, have you? If there's ever an outrage perpetrated by a racist or a government-protected vigil is required, even then. it's mostly anti-male or made up of naïve white women. The unnatural "kumbaya" days are gone and will never come back unless aliens invade the planet. All of that generation — including Bernie, will soon be dead. Fortunately for white racists, the tide has turned and neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton will be able to bring back their deadly "race-mixer" policies.


Globalists versus Islamists: World War III update

Every now and then it's important to catch up on numerous little wars on the planet. War is the apex of human conflict. The main fight is still between ancient "race-mixed" survivalist people versus the mercantile globalist imperialists armed to the teeth with weapons capable of destroying civilizations. Fortunately for the more masculine, patriarchal nonwhites, they have a harsh religion to temper their violent souls: Islam, the Semitic Third World reincarnation of intolerant, 'chosen people' Judaism after its effeminate liberal failings of the first 600 years of Christianity in a cruel society. And fortunately, the Christians were able to flee and proselytize with fire and sword to feminist mercantile Europe.

Starting in Syria and Iraq, the "Islamic state" is making a few inroads in the former, while losing ground to American puppets in Iraq's Ramadi. None of the other Syrian rebel groups are making any inroads against the Russian-backed Alawite cultist Assad regime; in fact Assad's troops are making headway in the Alawite stronghold province of Latakia. They're out to seal the border with Turkey so that no foreign fighters come in through that area. All the Russian and coalition bombings haven't done anything in particular other than wipe out some oil trucks and a few "ISIS" administrative centers. That's a lot of bombs on an estimated four million people in "ISIS" territory with no much to show for it, except wasted tax dollars, including Canadians' whose globalist-committed military is still carrying on bombing raids, even though our pretty boy prime minister Justin Trudeau ordered them two months ago It seems that the idiots in NATO are running our defense department  they're the ones who brought you the failed Afghanistan mission, where the Taliban is doing fine, thank you very much, grabbing more districts monthly while the US stooge Afghan army appears ready to fall apart or deserting to the Taliban. The Afghan Taliban has their own little problem with an "ISIS" "province" in Kunar, spreading rapidly and smarter and more dedicated than the Taliban. The Americans are talking about troops; like it's South Korea there, forever and a day. And you know how the support of South Korea has cost North Americans millions of jobs thanks to the military mercantile connection. While the "islamic state" isn't doing so well with its caliphate home base, don't forget, it can be moved to any other province on the planet, from Indonesia to Mauritania. The Libyan "islamic state" province is probably doing the best next to the one in Yemen and even though fighters' salaries have been cut by half, recruits are still pouring in.

"Al-Shabaab" has stepped up their military and suicide bomb efforts to show future jihadists that they're the most successful in dedication and action, not the even more radical fighters of a new "islamic state"-province there. Even "Boko Haram" on the west side of Africa has to prove their mettle and convince new recruits that they are more powerful than the new-kid-on-the block "islamic state" fighters. All these fights are taking place while al-Qaeda groups vie for power and influence over the "islamic state" and all their opponents. Only in Yemen is al-Qaeda strong, holding territory and towns since the globalist backed government, also collapsed and the Huti Shiites, backed by Iran, have overstepped their traditional territory and face Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates troops and mercenaries from Africa. The "islamic state" is definitely multiracial and is opposed to natural ethnic nationalism, considering it to be below Allah's edicts. Tuareg "islamic state" fighters in Mali are attacking Tuareg national separatists; I guess their god Allah is an anti-racist. So you see the dichotomy of their downfall is in their religion.

The "jihadists'" war in Egypt's arid Sinai is of interest; here the "islamic state" is pretty well running the countryside while the Freemason Army-run regime's troops hide in their compounds. The more victories "ISIS" has here, the closer they will be to oppressed and besieged overpopulated Gaza, full of willing recruits but now held down by a Muslim regime controlled by the European Union, hence the Jews and Israel. Once Hamas goes down, all hell will break loose and Israel will have to re-occupy Gaza with the Freemsson [sic] Army's help, if they can do it while the world watching.

Finally there is Libya, where the "islamic state" definitely controls Mediterranean seaports while building boast and tunnels for a possible upcoming invasion by American Marines "to the shores of Tripoli" again. If "ISIS" loses on the Libyan coast they can always go deep inland to the oasis area not far from their northwest African province.

Right now everything is tense; what are the globalists going to do next? Who will survive and where can they go next, is crossing the minds of all the mujahedeen of all islamic statelets. The Iran-Saudi Arabia Shiite/Sunni conflict is garnering a lot of sympathy for the Sunni "islamic state," wherever they are, as imploding Muslims try to prove who's the greatest servant of Allah, just like the Protestants and Catholics did once, while they burned each other alive for heresy and blasphemy. Sound familiar? You bet. That's why religion should serve the people divided ethnically by nature, not contradicted by fake "race-mixers'" religions. Otherwise, the people will not survive as whites are finding out today.

Think about it, and read our "War Page" when you can.


Foreign aid charities — enemies of the white race

Aiding others to undermine yourself makes no sense; that's the case in all foreign aid, especially to Third Word countries who get overpopulated with white meddlers' help. Where do you think the white meddlers will bring them? That's right, right here to our white homelands. All foreign aid is conducted by white anti-racist self-loathers. There can be no rhyme or reason for this madness of digging wells, bringing medicine to make more people where only a certain lower number can naturally survive and sustain themselves in that particular land. White charities and white meddlers have create a catastrophe in most of the Third World where the population now depends on foreign aid for daily sustenance. All kinds of weirdo 'countries' made by former white colonialist slavers are at the root of the environmental crisis on the planet — 'countries' like Pakistan, India, Nigeria, that are fake states made by colonialist merchants who made the boundaries with bullets and bayonets, forcing dissimilar peoples unhappily together into globalists' regimes. Some are so rich that they can afford to make and possess nuclear weapons, like the Frankenstein states of Pakistan and India, while their citizens still starve on the streets. These regimes are as phony as a three dollar bill and some are nothing but acronym people, like "P.A.K.I"-stan and "I.R.A.Q." — the first letters of some of their major tribes, so there's no such things an "Iraqi" or a "Paki." They're just ethnically-faceless acronyms, which deserve no respect from white racists, since they hide the true identities of the peoples represented. Most of these merchant-made countries will eventually collapse through ethnic and religious antagonism and turmoil, since nature never intended them to be together to begin with.

Unfortunately our white self-loather enemies in the heating-up white race cold civil war are still in charge of our regimes and tax dollars through the antagonistic and anti-racist white women's bloc vote, which keeps pretty boys and media -slick types in power. Most of the time white nationalists have gone along with helping less fortunate non-whites without complaint or protest, but all this must end — TODAY. From now on, let every voice, text message, email, tweet, letter and vote demonstrate our rejection of the foreign aid concept which is not only conducted by our feminist regimes, but also by a myriad of charities aiding foreigners to buy goats and sheep for their kids to breed and eat and make more foreigners who want to come here and take your women and jobs. These so-called do-gooders are the worst of the anti-white racist fools in our society that need to be expunged from the body politic and exorcised from our society. This is not mean or miserly: it's called common sense, good will and fair play, according to nature's rules, that racists operate under. As soon as we confront the idiots and change the discourse, from not how much we're giving, but why give at all when it's going to hurt us in the long run, we'll be well on the way to achieving a total stoppage to this self-hating delusional madness embraced by the naïve and anti-white conspirators. I would rather give money to a street panhandler than donate to the destructive, anti-racist white self-loathers any day. It's still worth saying — charity begins at home. Don't let the white home-wreckers win; otherwise our white race is finished — like this column.


White meddlers beware

Effeminate feminist busybodies are the enemies of our people. There are no other people on Earth who are so female-centric than the white race; everything revolves around their women, to please their whims and desires right to the point of deadly "race-mixing" with other races, which never produces another white person. Sure their men are brave and ingenious, but when they're working for their women's interests it's just another nail in the coffin of nature's white breed because that makes them more successful conquerors and meddlers over and in more primitive nonwhite societies eager to copy our population-increasing inventions and foreign aid. That concept in itself is unnatural and in the long term, destructive to the white helpers determined to bring nonwhites up to the white economic standards and social practices. All this is against nature's laws, where vanity is God and no other plant or animal bends over or steps aside for another, except n the female bloc voter-run white race.

Whites are the biggest interventionists in history, running around like nut cases, worried about every nonwhite minority in the world while neglecting their base homeland's to the invasion of other races on their own invitation. All the Pakis, niggers and Chinks you see around you in the impossible, unsustainable and unnatural multicult society are here because meddler whites brought them here, housed and fed them to eventually out-populate the white moron meddlers, with no care or foresight to the maintenance of heir own white society — that's the frequent fliers and their internationalist proponents. Nothing will change for the white man until these unnatural suicidal practices and white self-loathers are stopped; to do that, we need to heat up the cold white race civil war raging on the Internet, letters to editors, and our ballot boxes by challenging all the white race traitor meddlers machinations in our homelands, instead of the opportunistic nonwhite immigrants. These white meddlers are not just minority Jews, but the majority feminized whites unnaturally addicted to their women's views like lemmings over a cliff. There has to be more in-depth anger and derision against globalist white traitors, who are the pied pipers of our race's extinction, especially when they promote more wars and foreign aid, instead of concentrating on our poor, depressed and disadvantaged kith and kin with protectionism and isolationist policies that would prevent the anti-racist rich from exploiting nonwhite labor as their servants, instead of utilizing and elevating their own labor force. Once a people starts using other people's labor, they're finished, because they have rejected their own poor and disabled, and karma will see to it that they are replaced by the fast-breeding foreigners.

The essence of the white man's crisis in his fawning relationship with his white woman, now going on since the merchants sent Columbus and the greedy Conquistadors to get more "stuff" for them. Effeminate whites are hyperactive, like their women, poking their noses into everyone else's business. except their own rotten dysfunctional families and unnatural foreign aid policies. Most white men have become like them; David Bowie was a fine example, like all the internationalist Jew-run rockers that taught young white men to gyrate and dance like animals in heat for their female chosen mates. It might work in the animal kingdom, but I haven't seen any civilization come from them.

White racists have an opportunity to change this destructive curse to oblivion by opposing all international interventionist wars and speaking out loudly in any way possible against the meddlers' agenda guaranteed to destroy our recessive DNA breed, because "race-mixing" is forever, and cannot be undone, but our race, civilization and society can, and will be if we don't act. Edmund Burke said, "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" and it certainly would be evil, and tragic, when our dwindling race disappears.

Stop the white meddlers.


Race trumps Islam too

All "race-mixer" religions are trumped by racism, because race is real and natural, while religions are ethereal and man made. So it is with Islam and all other race-derived religious schisms, including Christianity, North Europeans didn't want the rule of Mediterranean whites as they protested and made their own versions of Protestant Christianity, from the Church of England, Anglicans, to Germanic Lutherans. Same goes for Islam, white Aryans, Iranians, rejected the rule of "race-mixed" Arabs and formed their own version of Shi'ite Islam, the Party of Ali, as opposed to the 'true path' Sunni original, austere Arab version of Mohammed's God philosophy, suited for more violent and race=mixed peoples. The idea that the base argument between Sunnis and Shi'ites is about who qualifies as the Caliph (Pope) for Muslims: either any pious man, (race-mixers' Sunni version), or of a direct hereditary line from Mohammed's relatives, is now a moot point. When you see how the Aryan Shi'ites have fancified their religion with pomp and circumstance, saints and liberalism, it contrasts with the barren and stern, 85% majority, Sunni side. Of course, the anti-racist controlled media never wants to give natural racist considerations on how to worship God. That's why only universalist, anti-racist religions will always splinter and shatter — because nature's laws of race and racism are being ignored. This proves once again that a religion must serve the race, never vice versa. The fight between Turkey (Eurasians) and Iran (Persia) and all Arab countries is a subtle racist war, and it will not end until Islam and Christianity admit that race is all. Saudi Arabia's Muslims already practice bigotry and subtle racism during the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, when all blacks, including Americans, are cosigned to African lodgings and white Muslims, to their own.

If white meddlers would leave the jihadists alone in their own lands and spheres of influence, they also will implode, as ISIS and al-Qaeda are already battling it out, even after they defeat the globalists' secular forces. They start beheading other Sunnis, while the Shi'ites of Hezbollah — Party of God — watch from the sidelines, waiting to see who their Sunni opponents will be. Certainly, it is a danger to import millions of antagonistic Muslims who look down on non-believers like no other religion, except for the so-called God's Chosen people, the Jews. Muslims' adherence to a cavalier god who is using the universe's humans as playthings, is a scary concept from the Middle East, where all three main religions sprang from. It is not the compassionate white man's way, looking for a benevolent deity to worship. Religion is supposed to keep the people quiet and united, not terrified and bowed — otherwise, what good is it for peace and happiness? Race-mixing religions bring neither. White nationalists are better off to worship nature and understand its ambivalent benevolence, rather than hook up to "race-mixers'" pro-diversity religions that will destroy our breed.

Let the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, etc., fight it out. Let the jihadists reclaim their lands from the globalist merchants and their mercenaries. Let the Earth lay fallow in far-flung places and rejuvenate itself, while we establish our identity, integrity and birthright in our homelands. because nothing else matters, since race is all.


White racists exploit war on terror

The globalists' Orwellian war on terror is a total farce that white racists should not participate in. You saw and heard all the hype for Christmas and New Year's attacks, supposedly by the archenemy of today's globalists, The islamic state, and other jihadists throughout the world. But nothing happened, except for a couple of supposed plots closely monitored and probably engineered by globalist regime police agencies as make-work projects to make them look good. Meanwhile, thousands of al-Qaeda, "Boko Haram," "ISIS" and other jihadists militants kept on fighting  in their local Third World spheres of influence over the holidays, but not one organized dozen took the time to attack the daily bomber-invaders of the West in the White man's lands. Not one of the globalist leaders has been targeted by suicide bombers, proving once again that the Muslim "Reconquista" is strictly in the nasty colonialized Third World, ruined and overpopulated by international merchants and their degenerate ways. That's one of the reasons why they hate us, even when they participate with us — like the phony Gulf Arabs who put on a New Year's 2016 welcome with fireworks, while a 63-storey Dubai skyscraper hotel was ablaze on the other size of the river. What's that say about their mercantile slavishness?

While the phony war on terror to denigratingly categorize all armed opponents of the globalists' empire (which includes capitalist/communist Chinese monopolists, "put-in" Jew oligarch pretty boy dictators and Freemason worshipers of the cabalist New World Order and all their petty satrapy "democracies" and benevolent dictatorships on the rest of the planet, rule the planet), now I'm supposed to believe a $4 million fundamentalist Koranic country and a few thousand al-Qaeda originators are a threat to the globalist Goliath? Give me a break.

There are a lot of conspiracy stories pointing to the Mossad-CIA origins of the "mujahideen," which morphed into al-Qaeda and the Taliban, which then morphed into the "al-Nusra" Front and the islamic state, all with strings, still, to the Western agencies. They're played like puppets through mediator countries like Turkey and Pakistan for some grand public distraction to keep the military industrial complex going. If things get out of hand with one of these globalist Secret Service-evolving divided flunkies somewhere, then we'll have a big war on "ISIS" where billions are spent on bombing foreigners while instituting a stifling politically-correct security state in their homelands. It's all a big farce and a big game for the dummies who don't know "ISIS" from ice cream: "Why don't we just call them all terrorists?" they whine, like the State says to do. No one gives a damn whether they're the localized terrorists are trying to form a new country in the Sahara like Azawad  or trying to get rid of foreign immorality inroads on sustainable African societies like "Boko Haram" translated as "foreign fraud forbidden". Everyone has been lumped in as a terrorist, perverting another word, like 'gay'. These policies have backfired in favor of natural white racists, with the Western public's willingness to associate terrorism and terrorists with foreigners. This policy and view has prevented white activists from being lumped in with the concept of terrorism. White racists' attitudes are looked upon "losers" or "oppressed, angry" white men going overboard, sparking interest in the perpetrators' beliefs. Whatever the case, in the latest globalist cause, white racists should not participate or be taken for granted by any politician who pretends to be on our wide with words, but not deeds. Why should we care if parts of the planet are unavailable to greedy merchants and in the hands of isolationist primitives who will allow the Earth to lay fallow like farmer's field to resurrect itself from commercialism: Look how self-sufficient isolated Cuba became.

Racism is a natural philosophy — that's why it will outlast any unnatural machinations, like a one-world "race-mixed" order, just when nature was trying to allow  different groupings of people to carve out their little spaces to live comfortably along their life-view lines and sleep peacefully at night knowing that everyone else was the same. That's why we have so many ethnic groups and nations — and some big shot billionaire idiots are going to mix this Earth-pot by force? I don't think so.

And the cracks are showing, especially in the depths of the globalists' egalitarian beliefs, when they're screaming their Chicken Little phrase that The Sky Is Falling! "ISIS" Is Coming! By the way, only three percent of Canadians consider terrorism should be a priority of the government in a recent poll of our country. showing that the massive media's pro-war campaign has failed miserably. As white racists, we should delete the use of the word 'terrorism' in political terms; Let's keep it to the daily horror show of murder and mayhem in America, were even Jew Jerry Seinfeld has four locks on his apartment door. Just like the words leftist, rights and centrist, they don't mean "diddly" to the white nationalist cause.

Race is above politics and religion, and especially wealth. over which white nationalists should never be divided by terms like "middle class." This should be our project for 2016 — to talk with one sensible voice on political issues, particularly when the mass media-disillusioned public is seeking answers with common sense, good will, fair play and a sustainable agenda under them. Remember, everything eventually reverts to racism.

Good wishes and good luck to all my supporters for 2016.


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