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Toronto (Now 51% Nonwhite) Sees More and More

Deadly Stabbings: New Attack in North York

Trump Is An Idiot for Declaring Open War in Afghanistan

Hey, Russian Invaders-- Don't Cry When They Hit You On Your Own Turf after Boasting of Killing 200 Jihadists in Syria

Gitmo? Close the (Literally) Bloody Place Down! No More Money for Globalist Mercenary Torturers

Trump's Imitator Duterte Going Too Far With KIllings
of Drug Suspects

Syria Withdraws Staff From Macedonia

Biased Commie/Feminist Media Mad That Trump Sees Good
People on Both Sides at Charlottesville

White Multicult Traitors Angry Over Trump's New York Speech


Floods in Sierra Leone Kill More Than 300

Late Night So-Called Comedians' Take on Trump

Racism is As Natural As Breathing: Canada Has A White Nationalist Movement, White
Wimps Whine

Philippines: 32 Killed in Bloodiest Night of Drug War in
Racemixers' Country

Weak Ideology: Commie Rebels Surrender Their Arms in Colombia

Boko Haram Suicide Bombers Kill 27 in Northeast Nigeria

Kenyan Police Beat and Teargas "Baby Girl" Child Dies

Dysfunctional Family's Legacy: Fatherless Fields Beat His Disabled Mother,
Had Bad Temper when He Mowed Down Angry Opponent

White-hating Bastards and Bitches Topple America's White Heritage Statue in the

Greedy Arrogant US CEOs Quit Trump's Business Council -- Good News and Good Riddance

Deepak Chopra to Leave Canada Post (Good Riddance--This East Indian Cannot Deliver A
White Community Standards Service)

Stuntwoman Dies on Set of "Deadpool 2"

University of Toronto Worried Over Possible White Nationalist Rally on Campus (Why Not?)

Sneaky US Regime: Another FBI-made up Plot Like the Oklahoma City Bombing "Stopped
Just in Time"

China Imposes North Korean Import Ban to Please US Customers for Their Shoddy Products Trade Agreements

Venezuela Calls for Military Drills After Trump's Threat

Big Ben Silent: It Takes Four Years to Fix and Old Big Clock
In England

Canadian White Meddlers, Don't Go to Burkina Faso: 2 Killed by Jihadists 

Nepal Floods Farmland: Food Wiped Out

US Regime Collaborator Islamists Kill Splinter Group Fighters Wanting an
Islamic State in the Philippines

White Racists Ready for Race Traitor Nuts in Charlottesville

Commie Feminists' Public Degeneracy: Anti-racist Idiots  in
Charlottesville the Jewsmedia Didn't Show You

Charlottesville: Residents Feel Sadness and Anger

Charlottesville Residents The Battle of Charlottesville: A First-hand Account

Protect Yourself-- Punch the Anti-whites Back: American Man Hit in Germany for Giving
A Nazi Salute

Landslide Buries 2 Buses in Northern India: 46 Dead

Turning Point: Charlottesville Will Forever Be Connected to White Nationalists, No
Matter What Negroes and White Wimps Say

Tell Its Mayor -- We Will -- Here:

Car-Ramming Scares All the Anti-white Racists in Charolettesville, Virginia

Proud Ragtag White Patriots: White Nationalists Protesters in Marching
in Charlottesville Chant "Blood and Soil"

Virginia Governor: The Face of a Cuckolded White Wimp

Flags and Symbols Used by White Nationalists at Charlottesville Rally

Violent Anti-racist Commie Feminists Learn the Hard Way--Don't
Attack White Nationalists: One Dead iin Car Ramming


Rebels and Indian-Occupier Soldiers Killed in Kashmir Gun Battle


Virginia On Guard Over White Nationalist Rally Safety Precautions

Egyptian Train Collision Leaves at Least 30 Dead

Orwellian Crap: Same Old Jew Censor Laws in Politics: Putin's Regime Arrests Investigative
Journalists on Extremism Charges

Our Future Torch-Wielding White Nationalists March in Charlottesville, Virginia

Weirdo Submarine Owner Held Over Missing Swedish Girl

Cash Posner's Longshot

Denis Shapovalov: Tennis is Like Golf--It Can Have A Whiz Kid to Show Up the Snooty

Heavy Fighting Erupts in South Sudan Near Ethiopian Border

Dumb New Globalists' Evil Empire Kills 16 Civilians Trying to Control
Primitives' Land of Afghanistan

Racemixing Never Works
Australian Woman Killed by Somali Officer "Was Ripped From Our Arms: Father

Juror in Father-Daughter Murder Conviction: Guilty Verdict Was "The Right Choice"

Soft, Rich South Korea Worries About A North Onslaught: Food Sales Up, Civil Drills Expanded

Venezuela Threat: More White Meddler Military Activity Threatened by Globalist Jews'  Trum

"Fire and Fury" Not Enough: Trump Going Overboard with 'Ugly American' Threats

Not The Peace President: Trump Stupid to Bring Up Success Using Nukes-- Now He
Has Everyone Screwed for the Next Three Years

A Look at the North Korean Missiles That Could Hit Guam


Asteroid to Shave Past Earth Inside Moon Orbit

Dumb Globalist Whites Lost War: Taliban Retakes Afghan District From US Puppets
Tell Trump to Get Out ... Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump   (We Will)

Jewsmedia CNN Wimps Cut Ties with Jefferey Lord for A Sieg Heil Salute. Awww...


"Get Down!" Mock Terror Attacks in West Bank Draw Tourists

Political Censor Jews Complain About German (Nazi) Memorabilia Sold at
Pickering Antique Market

What Could It Be? Prince Edward Islanders Puzzled Over Mysterious Beach Debris


Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall Retires

In Women's Canada: Two More Suspects Arrested in Killing of Ottawa Teenager

Mob of Motorcyclists Menace Major Ontario Highways

Tossed Cigarette Butt Leads to Deadly Altercation at Starbucks

Semitic God's Pushy Christian Meddler Released from North Korea

Supposedly Christian Ukraine Fighting Separatists, Has 100 Tanks to Sell to Muslims'
Tell Their Leader No! Here:

Mass Election Protests in Kenya

Massive Wildfires in Greenland

America's Immorality: Nasty FBI Agent and Daughter Beat
Husband to Death

Two White Self-loathers Try to Understand Proud White Racists in Canada...LOL!


Tell Them (We Will) Here:

Not-so-nice US Pals Saudis Demolish Town to Kill Schismatic Shiites

Guam Targeted: North Korea Threatens Meddler Soldiers in the Far East

Trying to be Nice? North Korea Releases Buggy Canadian Christian Pastor

Should Have Been Hung: Evil White Killer of 3 Canadians

French African Colonialist Invaders Hit by Vehicle In Their Own Country

Suspect in Custody in Italian Model's Kidnapping

In Fatherless Commie Feminists' Quebec, "Racism" Hearings Held

Death Reported as Quake Hits China's Sechuan Province

Revisionist History Author Ernst Zundel Dead at 78

Disused Building, Cars Torched in Northern Ireland

LOL! Anti-Racist Google's Pro-Diversity Jews Caught in Their Own Racemixers' Crap

Protests Over "Partial Count" in Kenya Election

Singer Glen Campbell Dead at 81

Husband Caught with Other Woman Set on Fire

Must Be A Black Man from Canada in Posthumous Video, Fighting Against Globalist Occupiers
In the Name of a Semitic God

More Migrants in Montreal Requires New Shelter
Tell Trudeau to Stop the Flow (We Will) at

Manhunt for Escaped Ohio Prisoner Ends: Found in Parents' Home's Crawlspace

New War Theatre? Dozens Arrested After Bomb Blasts in Ethiopia

In Sick Feminists' USA: Arizona Woman Sentenced to Death for for Murder of 10-Year Old

French Foreign Meddler/Globalist President Macron's Popularity Fading Fast

Tell Him to Get Out Of Africa ... We Will, Here:

General McMaster: Globalist War-dog

Tell Alex Jones-- No Pity for Meddler Whites
And Tell Trump to Fire Him and Mueller (we Will)
On Twitter: @realDonaldTrump

Suicide Bomber Kills Seven in Northern Cameroon

Arab-Racemixed Tunisian Fishermen Stall "Racist" Anti-Migrant Spies' Progress

Taliban, ISIL Teamed Up to Kill Scores of Traitor-Collaborator Afghans

US Just as Brutal in the Middle East: Airstrike Kills 43 Civilians


North Korean Defector 'Treated Like Dirt'  in South Korea, Wants to Return to
North's Dictatorship


"Declaration of War": Jews Love to Censor Others' Politics, but Pornography
Is Okay... Israel is No Different

There is No Beginning: Charlottesville Virginia Unite-The Right Rally on August 12
Be There!

Racemixing Never Works Blancos Out of Venezuela's Colorados Regime

Stop Missile Tests, China Tells Her 'Tough Hillbilly' North Korean Orientals

Japan Marks 72 Years Since Hiroshima

Last Days: Rolling Stones' Ronnie Woods Has Cancer

Berlin: 2 Chinese Tourists Detained for Making Nazi Salutes in
Women-Run Germany

Semitic God's Muslims Too Brutal for White Men in al-Shabaab's

Racemixing Never Works: Black Suspect in Killing of 2 At Resort for A Few Dollars

Police Investigate Bomb Blast at Islamic Center

Let's Get This Guy: Video of Man Accused of Sexual Assault
In Toronto's Rosedale Annex


...And The Ohio Prisoner Charged with Rape After Deputy Overpowered

Professor Sought in Fatal Stabbing Caught After Manhunt

Russian Jew  Oligarch's Boy Putin in Good Shape on Fishing Trip in Siberia

Hang This Pig "White" Abductor of Women

English Women Mimic Sofia Vergara Nude

Whooping Cough Cases Top 500 Mark In Alberta: Schools Worried

Balfour's Shadow: Britain, Run by Jews, Supports Zionism and Israel for A Century

Why People Don't Like Them: Greedy Heartless Jew Shkreli Convicted of
Defrauding Even His Own Investors

Globalists' Legacy: Hutus in Rwanda Still in the Grip of Tall Tutsis

Jewsmedia Unhappy: Most Whites' Crowd Loves Trump at West Virginia Rally


White Identity Established at Trump's Rallies

Fighters, Indian Troops Among Latest Killed in Muslim/Hindu-Disputed Kashmir

Denmark Prince Refuses to Be Buried Next to Wife

Fatah Speech Cancelled in Toronto: Idiots' "Hate Bill" Started All This Censorship

Capitalists' Tall Buildings Just Torches in Fires, as in Dubai, Again

Complain to Ontario's Status of Women Minister About Free Access to
Abortion Pill Starting August 10
Ministry Contact Page:

Aidi Pulls German Eggs Over Poison Fears

Pickering Gays Threatened: Not Everyone Likes Them

Get This White SOB: Video of Violent Robbery of 81-Year Old Woman at Aurora Bank

Sellout Conference Shrugs Off Antifa White Self-loathers

Whites Get Out! It's Not Our War: Al-Shabaab Suspected in Deadly Bus Attack


Australian Jailed After Exploiting Cambodian Surrogates

Losing the War? Big Mouth Duterte Wants 20,000 More Troops to Battle
ISIS in South Philippines

Canada Opens Stadium for Migrants from US
Tell Trudeau: to Close the Border... We Will

White Racists Want Trump Out  of Lost, Costly War in Afghanistan
Tell Him at @realDonaldTrump... We Will

US Admits It Lost 2 Troops in Afghanistan

Kidnappers of ISIS Now in Nigeria with Boko Haram Faction

Montreal's Two Solitudes: Drunken Jews and Anglos

Saudi Arabia Tries to Hide Its Complicity in 9/11 Attack With CIA, Mossad

Calls for A White Ethnic State Dominate Gathering of 300 Racists
to 'Unite the Right' in Charlottesville, VA

Blacks' Complain Over "Jim Crow Bill" That Legalizes Discrimination:
Races Must Separate Peacefully


Anarchists in Buenos Aires Firebomb a Church

Meeting Held in Toronto Over Missing Homosexuals


More Toronto City Hall Idiots' "Diversity" at Work in Bar Shooting

Tell Mayor Tory to Change the City Motto to "Diversity is Not Our Strength"

Rich Tech Jew Finds Out What It's Like When Cops Raid A House


Muslims' Civil War: Suicide Bomber Kills 50 at Afghan Shia Mosque


Dumb White NATO Globalist Mercenaries Convoy Hit by Suicide Bomber in Kandahar


Meet the New Hosts of Canada's Multicult Idiots' CBC Fake News Team

That's The Way! Texas Woman, 60 , Guns Down Armed Home Invader in Dangerous
Racemixers' USA

"Sanctions" or No: Russian Jew Oligarchs Want to Fix US Ties with
Their Brother Rulers

Royals' Frolicking Fergie Not So Fat These Days

Doctor Shared Selfie of his Privates

British Jihadi Moans: 1.5 Billion Muslims Not Giving Enough Help to
ISIS Fighters in Besieged Raqqa

Bad News for US Schleps: Top Paki Taliban Leader Defects to ISIS

US' Bloody Mess: 3,799 Killed in Iraq in July

Tell Trump to Get His Mean Greedy White Meddlers (We Will)
Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump

Venezuelans Protest Constitution Vote

US Proxy War: 40 Killed in Fighting for Yemen Port

Rare Solar Eclipse Coming to US


So Much for the Holy Holocaust: Jew Vs. Jew -- "Go To Auschwitz!"

Dozens Rescued from Dangling Cable Cars in Germany

Inmate Still At Large After 12 Escape

Typical Censoring Jews Now Going After al-Jazeera; Jewsmedia Only to Exist for
Our "Truth" (Globalist Propaganda)


Tell Netanyahu He's Wrong.. We Will, Here (Contact Page)

Russia Displays Warships in Navy Day Parade

Jew Hebron Shooter of Wounded Arab Gets Him 18 Months in Jail

China's Xi Reviews Parade in Field for First Time

Typhoon Nesat Batters Taiwan

True Revelation that Jewsmedia's Jewesses Make Biggest Bucks Removed
from Sunday Times for Being Anti-Semitic

Man Burned After Package Explodes on His Doorstep

2 Dead, 4 Wounded in German Disco Shooting

"Colorados" Trying to Change the Constitution to Rule "Blancos" in
Today's Venezuela Vote

Boko Haram Bombers Attack Somalia's Capital Mogadishu:
Whites, Get Out and Stop Meddling

Just Like the Kennedys: In Pakistan, Younger Brother
Takes Over Globalists' Regime


Anti-White EU Tyrants: Globalist Goofs of the EU Stupid to Side
With Anti-Russia Sanctions

Christy Clark Quits as BC Liberal Leader: White Women-Led Parties
No Good for White Men


Failed Mission: You Can't Remove People from God-belief:
French De-radicalization Center Closes

Uzbekistan Holds Ex-President's Daughter in Custody

Deadly ISIS Attack on Globalists' Commie Mercenary Kurds
Wiping Out 53 of Them


New Policemen: Globalist Jew-controlled Commie Chinese Set Up
Base in Africa Next to US Foothold

Whites, Don't Bug Them: North Korea Launches
Long-Range Missile Test

Trump Replaces Chief of Staff "Deep State" Priebus

Severe Storms Batter Turkey's Istanbul

"Beautiful Boy" Charlie Gard Dies

Golf Cart Horror

All Jewsmedia Reporters Are Against White Peoples' Choice
Donald Trump, Scaramucci Finds Out

Like A Mafia Don: Trump's Scaramucci in Vulgar Tirade on
Deep State Tool Priebus

White Nationalists' American Renaissance Conference Today
in Burns, Tennessee

Deep State Goof McCain Screws Trump on Obamacare

Baggage Handlers Strike at Toronto's Pearson Airport

No Allah's Mercy Here: Militants Execute Ethnic Kakai Family:
41 Killed in Iraq

50 Injured in Train Station Accident in Spain

Transgender Troops Welcomed at Virginia, Despite Trump's Proposed Ban

Weak 'Man' Killed Wife for Laughing at Him

Nigeria's Liar Globalists' Regime Failed to Tell of 50 Dead In
Boko Haram Ambush on Oil Team

Nonwhite Female Killers From Calgary... One Caught in Toronto

Toronto: 46 Homeless People Died This Yea


Uniformed Police not Welcome at Calgary Pride Parade (As It Should Be)


Small Plane Crash Kills Four

Fair Rides Are Dangerous Ride Hurls Man to His Death

Burnaby BC RCMP Useless in Random Murder of 13-Year Old Girl

Trump Smart To Not Accept Mentally Defective Transgender Recruits

Hungary and Slovakia Tied Up in EU Tyranny's Fixed Rules to
Accept Refugees Replacements for Their Uncertain Ethnic Future

Anti-Globalist Boko Haram Kills 10 Regime Soldiers

Philippines' Bigmouth Duterte Wants to Bomb Commie Revels' Tribal Schools


EU Tyranny Threatens Polish Nationalists, Trying
To Get Rid of Commie Judiciary

North Carolina Manhunt for Supposed White Supremacist

Blighted USA: Disgusting Parenting-- "Dad" Leaves Newborn
In A Parking Lot

Singer Abby Nicole Dies in Accident

Fire on the French Riviera: 10,000 Evacuated

Bought and Paid For US Politicians Try to Censor Free Speech with
Anti-Boycott Legislation to Protect Israeli Masters

Poisonous Pair: Saudis, CIA Try to Pin 9/11 Dirty Work
on Qatar

Where US Taxes Are: Afghan Taliban Awash With US Vehicles

Tell Trump to Get Out of Afghanistan's Lost Mission... We Will

( @realDonaldTrump )

Making More Enemies: Trump is Stupid to Kill Civilians in  ISIS-held


Tell Him to Get Out (We Will) at @frealDonaldTrump

Shameful! Benefactor EU Has Hamas Under Control with Orwellian
Globalists' "Terror" List

At Least 26 Soldiers Dead as Taliban Storms Afghan Base

Firefighters Tackle Corsica Fires

Look Out-- Female Child Killer Out of Jail

Under Pressure Even Powerful Jews Have to Give In: Israel Removes
Metal Detectors from Al-Aqsa Mosque

Jew Globalists Allow Russia to Police Syrian Safe Zone

Most Merciful God Followers and Executions in Idlib:
Why the Jihadists Will Lose: Too Mean Even to Each Other

Globalists' Misers Sears Canada Faces Boycott -- Good Idea!

America In the Footsteps of Multicult Roman Empire: Only A
White Racist State Can Renew the Civilization

Deadly Explosion Rocks Pakistan City of Lahore


No Mercy: "I Was Raped Every Day for 6 Months"

24 Killed in Kabul Suicide Bombing

Chainsaw Attack in Peaceful Switzerland Injures Five

EU Globalists' Tool Poland's President Vetoes Parliament
Judiciary Reform

German ISIL Bride Faces Trial in Iraq After Capture


Ottawa Working on New Guide for Canadian Citizens

Search on For 70 Afghan Villagers Kidnapped

Italian Football Club Celebrates Nazism: Jews Angry


Two Killed in Shooting Near Israeli Embassy

Feminists' Cuckservatives Unite in Alberta

Russia's Syria Truce Crumbles

Poland Passes Bill Targeting All Supreme Court Judges

Home Alone's John Heard Dies

2 Men Shot Dead in Diversity-is-our-Strength Racemixed

Driver Arrested After 8 Die in Walmart Lot in Human Trafficking Case in Texas

Canadian Pastor Imprisoned in North Korea

What's Trudeau Doing About It?
Ask Him at

Interpol Circulates List of 123 Suspected Members of ISIS
Suicide Bombers

Globalists' Mean Meddler Americans Build Murder Drone Site
in African Tinderbox City

Tell Donald Trump to Stop This Killing Machine at @realDonaldTrump
(We Will)


Racemixer White Whores in Minneapolis Hire Unqualified Somalis
Who Can Kill Whites at Will

Tell Their Feminist Mayor To Resign:

Mayor Betsy Hodges' Contact Page

Salvador Dali's Body Dug Up

St. Louis Police Pepper Spray Protected Outside Jail

Racemixing Never Works: 91-Year Old Man Carjacked in Toronto's East End...
Let's Catch This Bastard

Egypt's Freemason-run Globalist Regime Threatens to Deport Separatist
Uighurs Back to Commie China to Be Treated Like Animals


Globalist Meddler US Responsible for Human Toll of Yemen's War by Saudi

Rotten Phony CIA Cold War Agitators Hate Russian People

Smart Slavic Poles Protest Parliament Proposal
to Reform Judiciary

More Arab Protests Against Jews' Domination in the West Bank

Iran's Hezbollah and Syrian Red Cult Regime Launch Attack on
Border Area with Putin's Support

Two Killed as Strong Earthquake Hits Greece Thursday

Blancos Vs. Colorados in Racemixers' Violent Venezuelan Strike

Child Sexually Assaulted at Toronto Ossington Subway Station:
Suspect at Large

Antifa Moron Arrested for Rioting

Not A United Country:Rotten Imperial US War State Won't Give
Universal; Health Care to Its Citizens--Not the White Man's Way

NRA TV Host Warns Whites of Being Tortured and Killed by
Blacks in America

Catheter Found in Family's Ice Cream: HIV Tests Required

Brain Cancer: The Lat Days of War-dog John McCain

Police Investigate After After 13-Year Old Girl
Found Dead in Burnaby BC Park


Filipino ISIS Operative Challenges Christian Crusaders
in Madawi City

Immoral America:Toddler at Center of Wallet Robbery

Wildfire Near Yosemite Forces Thousands to Flee


Lake Loon, BC, After Fire

"I Couldn't Breathe": Saskatchewan Man Escapes
After Vehicle Catches Fire

In Immoral America: Another Victim of Serial Killer Identified

Anti-Khadr Protest Planned: Waste of Time for Bigots-- Racism is Best

Globalist Jews' Meddler New York Times Media Rewrites History of Iraq
War, Painting US Invaders as Noble "Fixed Democracy" Pushers on Other
Peoples' Cultures

Sick Semites' Women's Religion of Celibate Christian Priests Attracts Homos
To Abuse Shy 547 Choir Boys in Germany Alone

Turkey's Erdogan Wants US to Wipe Out ISIS So He Can
Restore The Caliphate

Look at the Huge Salaries for Globalist Propagandists on UK's
Rotten BBC

East Ukraine Rebels Announce Referendum for A New State

Uh, Oh: Taliban Seen with SCAR Rifle Commonly Carried by American Commandos


Jane Austen Honored on Women's Island of UK with New Pound Note

US-Backed Commie Kurds Take Heavy Casualties in Raqqa

Ukraine Separatists Criticized Over Call for Creation of
"Little Russia"


Canadian "Dark Web" Suspect Kills Self


Probably True: North Korea Warns Trump Attack Would End US Empire

Whittier Fire Approaches California


Natural Whites: Slavic Poles Love Trump and the Confederate Flag

No Plans to Renew Islamic Cemetery After Quebec City Votes It Down

Nothing to Worry About: Oligarch Jews' Putin Guarantees Israel's
Border in Syrian Invasion

LPGA Dress Code Body Shaming?

Walmart Accused of Racism

Jewsmedia Hides It: It's A Somali Cop Who Shot
A White Woman to Death

Russian Supreme Court Bans Semitic Jehovah's Witnesses

Drone Shows Canada Wildfire Devastation

On the Frontline of Ukraine's Ceasefire

Globalist Jews' KGBer Putin Censors Opposition to Their Regime

Muslim Cemetery Rejected in Quebec Vote

Trigger-Happy in Racemixers' America: Minneapolis Man Devastated by
Police Shooting of Bride-To-Be

Arrest Warrant Issued for Semitic Imam

Flash Flood Kills 5 Children, 4 Adults at Arizona Swimming Hole

Thousands Rally in Poland Protesting Ruling Party's Power Grab
Over Courts

Russian Invaders' Lie: Baghdadi Still Alive, Living
In Syria-- Prime Minister

Five Park Rangers Killed Trying to Free US Journalist in DR Congo

ATO's Turkey Kills at Will in Syria: Children Losing Lives, Limbs, Family

Tell Erdogan to Stop It (We Will) Here:

Anti-Violence Activist Among the Dead in Blacks
Violent Chicago

Useless and Lurid Zombie Movie Father George A. Romero
Dead at 77

Naive Canadian Group: "We're Not Racists" (Then Go Back to Your Mommies)

Vigil Held in Women's Immoral America After Two Women-Raised
Bastards Kill Four Men

London Queers March , Calling Muslims' Allah A Faggot

Putin's Boy, Chechen Strongman Blasts Claims of Gay Persecution
in Newly-Created Islamic Satrapy

8 Dead in Senegal Football Stadium Stampede

Selective Favorites: Racism Okay for Indians as Indigenous Games
Kick Off in Toronto

Statue Covered: White Heritage Undefended in Halifax

Not Everyone Loves Trudeau During Alberta's Visit

Williams Lake BC Under Threat of Wildfire

Fevered Insanity: Jewsmedia Out To Lunch Talking With Themselves
on Publicly Ignored "Russiagate" Crap

Chilean Capital Hit By Rare Snowfall

Trump, Protesters at US Women's Open

Face-Covered Cowardly Bigger Wants To Kill White Alt.Right Bigots
Too Afraid to Call Themselves Racists

Northern Lights Forecast Across Canada

Trump Dumb to Stay in the Middle East with Even More Bases

Tell Him (We Will ) to Withdraw Them -- at @realDonaldTRump

Islam's Semitic God (Arab Racemixers') Brutality Caliphate
Will Be Their Own Undoing

Globalists' Commie-Capitalism at Work:
How North Korea pays Its Bills With Russia

Sears Canada Cheats Employees Out of Bonsuses

Complain to Sears CEO Brandon Stranzi (We Will) Here:

Radicalized Couple: Whites Joining Semites Jihad -- One Family Stopped

Ugly Caste System Persists: India Set to Crown Candidate with Hindu
Nationalist Roots as Its Next President

Nearly A Dozen Assailants with Red Headbands a Magic Charms
Stab and Club Market-goers in Kinshasa

Purge Still Going Strong on Globalist Wannabe Restored Caliph Erdogan:
Thousands of Cops, Bureaucrats Fired

"Unlike South Korea, There Are No Foreign Troops Stationed in North Korea,
A Truly Sovereign State"

UK Man Who Joined Pro-Russian Militia in Ukraine Gets
5 Years in Prison

Accused Hit and Run Driver Claims He Tried to Save Woman's Life

Mafia Accused of Setting Mount Vesuvius on Fire

Sessions Tells Anti-Queer Groups Religion Is Under Attack

Well! Hawaii Soldier Thought US Government Was
Behind the 9/11 Attacks

Grenfell Tower Fire Horror Stories

Attackers Kill 11 People at Party in Violent Mexico

Just Get Out! Semites (Racemixed Arabs) Kill War Detainees (Not The
White Man's Way)

Kid Rock to Run for US Senate

Memorial for Dead Pro-Free Speech Lawyer Causes Stir in Toronto

Trump Jr.'s Sneaky Russian Female Lawyer (And Clinton Fan) Attended
Anti-Trump Rally in Chicago

Russian Invaders Enter Daraa as Syrian Red Cult Regime. Hezbollah Move Out

In Sick Racemixers' America: Gruesome Remains of
Four Missing Men

Racemixed Tuareg Separatists Seize North Mali Town

Tell Trudeau: Don't Send Canadian Troops Here-- We Will

Boko Haram's Suicide Bombers Kill 17 in Nigeria's Maidouri

Pentagon's Liar US Puppets Still Bombing ISIS After Declaring
Victory in Mosul

Trouble in Dumb Colonialist Construct Zimbabwe, Ignoring
Africans' Natural Ethnic Racism


Semitic God's Jihadists Killing Each Other in Syria's Idlib;
12 al-Qaeda Blown Up by Suicide Bomber\

Israel Bill Would Tell Courts to Give Jewishness Priority
to Jewishness Over Democracy


Toronto Caribbean Carnival Celebrates 50 Years

Bad News: Red China Establishes First Overseas Base
in East Africa

Women-run Sweden Now Considered "Best Country to Be A Migrant"

Rotten  Jewsmedia's CNN Still Pushing Fake News on Russia and
The President

Tell The CNN CEO Jeff Zucker to Go To Hell (We Will) Here:

F-35 Boondoggle Costs US $406 Billion

Hooray! Jew Woody Allen Protested by Feminists in Germany

Road Closures Start Wednesday for Toronto's Honda Indy

Partial Roof Collapse in Toronto's Spadina Area

Ontario City's Topless Policy Sparks Complaint

80-Person Human Chain Saves Family from Drowning

Racists Have Had Enough: White Nationalists Respond To
Hate-filled Real Estate Dame

Campobello Island Resident Killed Trying to Save

Man Shot in the Back at East End Toronto Tim Hortons

ISIS Identifies German Man as A Martyr

Race Is All: Patriotic Hungarians Launch New Nationalist Movement

FBI: US Sergeant Arrested on Terror Charges

US Military Plane Crashes in Mississippi; 16 Dead

New Syrian-Hezbollah Offensive Puts A Lie Putin's World in Syria

Unseemly-- and A Waste of Time: Scheer to Force Canadian Government
Debate on Khadr Payout

Rally For Toronto's Cabbagetown Man Missing Two Weeks


Dumb Trespassing Charges for Selfie-seeking Siblings
Rescued from Scarborough Bluffs

Two Men Who Drowned at Wasaga Beach Identified

Dangerous Move: Oregon to Decriminalize Possession of
Cocaine, Heroin, Ecstasy and Meth

Semitic Women's Religion: Pope's Key Advisor Arrives
in Australia to Face Sex Charges

Dangerous Racemixers' Country: 3 Bodies Found
in Condo Parking Lot in Idiots' Mexican Resort Town

"Boy", 17, Faces Attempted Murder Charges After Stabbing A Man
Unprovoked--Wonder What Color the Multicult Media's Hiding?

Woman Fatally Shot at Gender-Reveal Party

Huge Crowd Rallies Against Turkish Regime

101 Killed in Iraq: Mosul Supposedly Liberated
from ISIS

Trump is Stupid to Refill America's Shame with More
Victims for Gitmo Concentration Camp

Tell Trump (we Will ) at @realDonaldTrump

Thousands Face Wildfires Burning in the
US and Canada

Fire Breaks Out in London's Garden Market


Sleeping Teen Bit in the Head by Black Bear

Trump Foolish to Produce to Provoke North Korean Dictator
with Air Force Bombing Runs Near Border

Tell him (We Will)   at @realDonaldTrump


Anti-Queer Marriage Vote for Judge Moore, Alabama
State Senate

KKK Rally's Small Racist Crowds -- Should Be Used
In Small Spaces Like Enemies' Offices, Homes

Kushner Connection:Jews on Both Sides Run US & Russia

Useless Rioting by Commie Feminists Over G20 Globalist Overlords'
Plans for A One World Order Impossibility

ISIS Vows "Fight to the Death" in Mosul

Planes Warned: Alaskan Volcano Erupts

Nationalist Khaltmaa Battulga Wins Mongolian Elections

Treachery Coming? Bad Omen As Trump Picks Up Black
Marine's Hat Blown Away by the Wind

Your Ward News' James Sears Faces Criminal Charges

White Self-Loathers Dying Off: Woman Who Popularized
"Ms." Term Dead at 78

Toronto Commie Baby-Boomer Feminists Shocked at Death of Deputy Mayor
Pam McConnell

Kashmir Needs to Be the Face of India: Pakistan Clashes Continue

Mongolian Opposition Candidate Ahead in Runoff

US Puppets Still Trying To Oust ISIS in Mosul

Kenya: Nine Beheaded in Suspected al-Shabaab Attack

Suspect Dead After Bank Standoff

ISIS Launches Counterattack South of Mosul: Takes Village

Sinai Checkpoint Attack Leaves 25 Globalist Freemason Army Troops Dead

Globalist Mercenaries: Pentagon Liars Claim They Only Killed
603 Civilians in ISIS Air Strikes-- Aren't They Nice?

Greedy Globalism Merchants Sears Canada Eyes Retirees' Benefits

Poland's Arrogant Catholic Feminist Ignores Trump's

Give Her Wimpy Husband Hell in The Semitic Women's Religions' Country

This STD is Getting "Smarter".. and Harder to Treat

Lots of Money for Foreign Aid, A Lousy Life for Canadian Indians:
4 Indigenous Youths Take Their Lives in Northern Ontario

International Students in Fake Marriage Schemes to Canada

ISIS Now in Bangladesh, Vows to Spread Across Country

Four Homes Damaged by Fire in
Toronto's Little Portugal

Violent Racemixed People: At Least 14 Dead in
Gun Battles Between Mexican Gangs

32 Athletes Pose Nude for Vogue

Ronda Rousey Opens Up on Home Invasion

Earthquake Rattles Western Montana

All Bets Off: North Korea's Kim Jung-un 
Happy with Missile That Can Reach America

Truck Accident in Central African Republic Kills 78

Controversial Teacher Aims to Offer Crowdfunded University Degre

More Queer Stuff on Jewsmedia's Will & Grace Revival

Giant White Wanderer About to Break Off in Antarctica

Globalist Mercenary's Widow Goes After Money Canada Will Give
Ex-Gitmo Child Soldier Khadr

The Conveniently Forgotten (by US Jewsmedia's) Shootdown of
an Iranian Airline's Flight 655

Indigenous Mom Hit  by Trailer Hitch and Thrown
from Car, Dies

Belarusians (White Russians) Protest Against
Russians Military Drills

Giant Duck Big Canada Day Draw

Black Barber Shaves Confederate Flag in White Customer's Head

Australian Doctor Working for ISIS, Challenges Old Trump
to Put Boots on the Ground

Ugly American Hedonist Parents in America Allow Truck to Roll Into
Pond with Kids In It

Portugese President Speaks Out over Stolen Weapons

Dumb -- Trump Bombing Primitive Separatists for Globalists' New World
Order in Far-off Somalia

Tell Him to Stop  It (We Will)  It Only Makes More "Terrorism"
at @relDonaldTrump

Not Our Business: North Korea Tests Another Missile

ISIS's Old City of Raqqa Wall Breached by Well-Equipped
Globalist Forces

Bolivia's Wrestling Cholita and Parkour Won't Be Fighting in
Gaza When ISIS Takes Over

Radio Program From Scared Japan, Fearful of
North Korean Invasion of Disarmed Islands

Canadian Among the Injured As Nonwhite Goes
On Rampage with A Gun

Bad Omen: Queen Silent for Canada's 150th Birthday

Hundreds Protest Killing of Black Man in Montreal:
Racemixing Never Works


Violence: The Middle Name of Racemixed Country, Brazil

Bizarre Mystery Sea Monster Washes Up
On California Coast

Egypt's Freemason -run Army Worse Than Tianamen Square

France Mosque  Shooting Injures 8

Globalism Falling Apart: Tens of Thousands Flee Thailand Over
New Labor Laws

Rescue Helicopter Crash Kills 8 After  Volcano Erupts

Pennsylvania House Explodes, Killing One, Injuring Three

Arrogant Cuckservative Fatass Chris Christie Lounges on Beach at
Park He Shut Down

Dancing in Nova Scotia

Manitoba Powwow

A Bittersweet Canada Day in Nunavut

Indigenous Communities Protest "Repugnant" Canada Day

Semitic Women's Judaism-Lite Catholics' Pope Sacks Top
Investigation of Prevalent Sex Abuse


Total Eclipse of the Sun Coming to Canadians and Americans
This Summer


Crowds Form Largest Living Maple Leaf

Body of Missing  5-Year-Old Boy Killed by Monster Father Found
in Crime-ridden Immoral California

Al-Shabaab Claims Killing , Wounding Dozens of Globalist
Mercenary Invaders in Janale

Israel's Ex-PM Ehud Olmert Released from Prison

Blancos Vs. Colorados: The Same Old Story in Unstable Venezuela,
A Racemixed Country at War

Whites Arm Yourselves: Critics Slam New NRA Ad



Tell Globalists' War Stooge Donald Trump to Stop Poking North Korea
in The Eye with War Threats:

And that Universal Health Care with One-Payer Should Be His Plan

And, That  Democracy is Broken When Government Agents Can Murder Across
The World At Will With Drones

Tweet him: @realDonaldTrump
Contact Page:

Globalists' Aircraft Carrier Docks in Israel to Fight Their Only
Armed Opponents of ISIS

Canadian Flag Swastika: Anti-Semitic Graffiti Appears on
Vaughan (The City Above Toronto)

Hang Him High: Evil SOB Arrested in Murder of Chinese Grad

Small Plane Crashes on California Freeway

Manhunt Underway in Pa. Road Rage Killing

In Colonial Construct Philippines: Duterte's Reality Check--
Muslims' Mindinao Lost to Jihadists; Americans Can't Save It

Alex Trebek Among 99 Named to Order of Canada

NDP Leader John Horgan is Next British Columbia Premier

Trump Tweets Draw Fire

Awwww... Putin & Trump: Two Globalist Jews' Boys to Meet Next Week
at G20

Germany Now A Commie Feminist Censoring Jews' State with
Anti-Free Speech Laws

StateBig News: Gaza's Army of Islam Joins ISIS Now on Israel's Border

Trump's Pals: Censoring Racemixed Semites in Saudi Arabia
Fine Hotel $27,000 for Airing al-Jazeera

Toronto Man Sought After Fire Guts Two Homes at
Queen and Carlaw

Girl Killed, Soldiers Wounded in Lebanon Raid on Refugee Camp

Black Army Vet Beaten to Death by Another Black After
Saving Two Teens

Violent Catholic Racemixed Philippines Like Their Bloody President

Toronto Hostage Incident: A Toronto Star Editor's Account

FBI Joins Search for Starbucks Worker Missing Since Taking
A Break

Indigenous Protesters Erect Teepee on Parliament Hill Against
Whites Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday

Sarah Palin Sues New York Times

Battening Down for Canada Day Over ISIS Threats

Globalists' Blah Blah Blah Terrorist Putin Whines About Foreign-
Supported "Terrorists"

Jews' Rotten Treatment of "Already Dead Gazans":
Karma Will Bite Them Back

Tell Netanyahu... We Will

Venezuela Actor Behind Copter Attack on Government Building
with Grenades

Small Groups Behind Canada's  Anti-Islam Rallies Not Racist
Enough and Working for Feminists

As If She Needs It... Queen Gets $10 Million Raise

Toronto Trump Tower Bought by One of His Russian Oligarch Jews
Who Run Putin

Vancouver Crow Says No to Posties

Sick War Nation With A $700 Billion Pentagon Bill, But No Money for

USA Woman Allegedly Raped by Co-worker Fired from Bank Job

Mean Bigoted Jews Abduct Yemeni Jews' Babies for Experimentation
in Christian Idiots' Israel

ISIS Counterattacks in Retaken Parts of Mosul: US Globalist Puppets

Stolen Helicopter Attacks Venezuela Supreme Court
with Four Grenades

Ukraine Hit by Cyberattack

Good News! Whites Are Sick of Loudmouth Feminist Dame
Megyn Kelly As Her Ratings Drop

Car Bombing in Southern Israel Leaves Top Mob
Official Dead

Al-Qaeda in Mali Releases Kidnapped Swede After 6 Years

Google Fined by EU for Favoring Their Shoppers

Professor Fired for Wanting All-Black Graduation (Separation
Is Best)

Philippines VP Visits Refugees Fleeing Fighting: Duterte
Unseen for Days

16 Killed in Boko Haram Attack in Maiduguri, Nigeria

In Women's UK: May Faces Backlash Over DUP Deal

Globalist Legacy: War-torn Iraqis Allowed to Stay 
in Warmongers' USA


Globalists' Plan: Racemixed Countries Like South Africa Make Millions Live
In Shacks

Dirty Globalism Again: Greedy Capitalists Using Indian Cheap Labor
to Put Americans Out of Work

"Northern Populism": Best for White Nationalists

3 Dead, Including 2 Children in Mississauga Crash

Smart Quebecois Don't Care about Minority Whines
in History Float

'Most Hated Man In America' (A Jew) Goes On Trial
For His Avarice

No Same-Sex Marriage Allowed in Natural Georgia in the Caucasus

SDF US Puppets Advance in ISIS Capital of Raqqa


Multicultists' London is Finished

Make You Own All-White Nation, White Men in
South Africa... Never Mind Torturing Blacks

Last Stand: Allah's ISIS Still in Mosul with Suicide Bombers

6 Dead After Tourist Boat Sinks in Colombia

Don't Go There: At Least 11 Killed in Violent Racemixed Mexico

Taste of The Future: Canada's First Blacks-Only Graduation

ISIS Suspected: Attacks on Police Officer in the Largest
Muslim-Populated Country of Indonesia

Smart Move:
Dozens of ISIS Fighters Pardoned During Rebel Offensive in Raqaa

No Future in Multicult Canada: Remote Ontario
Native Community in Shock Over Third Girl's Suicide

Holy Mecca Targeted by Suicide Bomber: 6 Hurt

Blame Limey Colonialists: Policemen Beaten to Death
by Enraged Crowd in Indian-Occupied Kashmir

Separate Blasts Kill 47 in Colonialist Construct

Jews' Globalist Goof s Russia, US Open Bases in Syria to
Save Freemasson-like Cult Regime

Slimy Saudis Try to Shut Down al-Jazeera

Multicult Tower of Babel Tower Fire Started with A Fridge

Lots of Stabbings in Multicult Toronto: 15-Year Old Killed

Globalist US Complicit: Inside Yemen's Secret Prisons,
You Can Hear the Screams

Arrogant Doctors: Nurse Suspected of Killing Up to 60 Children

Venezuelan Troops Fire at Protesters: One Dead

Egypt's Freemason Army Regime Kills 7 in Connection to
Violence Against Christians

Too Greedy: South Korean Handed Three Year Jail Term for
Bribing Daughter's Professors

Car Bomb Kills 7 at Somali Police Station in Capital


Ancient Caliphate of Turkey Wants to Rule Sunni Muslims with
Military Base in Qatar

Christians' Anglicanism: Church of England  Colluded with Bishop Who
Abused Boys, Says Archbishop

70% of Ontarians Don't Like Lesbian Kathleen Wynne's Regime

Day of Rage in UK Protests at 10 Downing Street

Tell Donald Trump to Rescue These Whites from the Taliban @realDonaldTrump  (We Will)

All the Manson 'Family' Killers Should Have Been Executed...
No Parole For Any of These Monsters!

So Much for The Phony UK Monarchy: Prince Harry Says
No One Wants to Be King or Queen


Racemxing Never Works:
Arab Immigrant A "Good Person",Quiet Family Man, Stabs US Cop in The Neck

"Blancos" (Whites)Call for Civil Disobedience to "Colorados" Regime in
Racemixed Venezuela

Lost Mission: Deadly Car Bomb Hits Afghanistan's Globalist Regime
In Lashkar Gah


Killer Luka Magnotta To Wed: This Disgusting Creature Should Have Hung

Poor in Elitists' Britain Need to Speak Up More

Ask the Queen to Represent Them (We Will)

US Puppet Saudi Arabia Royal Succession Change Undermines Kingdom

Women Meddlers' Australian Globalist Regime to Start Bombing
Arabs in Syria

Tell Their Fool PM Turnbull to Stop It... We Will

Blame Anti-racist Whites: Moroccan National in Brussels
Tries to Blow Up A Train Station

June 24: Anti-Gay Marriage Morality Rally To Be Held in
Harrison, Arkansas That Degenerate America Really Needs

ISIS Currency Used in Syrian City

Diversion Attack for Marawi: Islamist Militants Withdraw from
Philippine School

All BS: Globalist Liberals' New Anti-Terrorism Measures in
Women's Police State Canada

White Racists Rising: Anti-Trump Whites and Blacks 
Defeated in Georgia Election

Black Suspect Sought in Danforth/Main Sex Assault in

Stupid Bitch Outraged Seeing Confederate Flag at
Community Center (Tough)

Dutch Journalists Kidnapped by Colombia's ELF

Meddler Australia Halts Air Raids on Far-off Syria for Fear of
Russian Invited Invaders

Black Suspect Sought in Main/Danforth Sex Assault in Toronto

Mormon Cult Church Labels Same-Sex Couples "Apostates"

Liberals Set 15-Day Limit on Solitary Confinement... Don Andrews'
Was Held for 58 Days

"You Deserve It.. I Did My Best": White Man to Muslims in
London Van Attack

British Multiculturalism At Work: One Dead, More Injured
in Can Attack on Muslims at Mosque

Racetraitors: Madrid Protesters (Mostly White Dumb Women) Want
More Africans in Spain

Mali Resort Attack: Four Dead

Mexican Brewery Puts Swastika on Trump (We Don't Mind)

Overboard: 31 Sentenced to Death in Freemason Army-run Egypt Over
Prosecutor's Death

French Mayor Arrested for Clashing with White Patriot

Venezuela's Colorado Regime Slams Jews' Twitter for Blocking Account

Kashmir Clashes Leave 10 Dead

Raqqa for America's Kurds: US Fighter Shoots Down Syrian Red Cult
Regime Plane

New Target: Bahrain Bombing Kills Policeman, Wounds Two

Mistrial Declared in Bill Cosby Case

Cards for Fathers Lost in Grenfell Tower Fire

Just A Few Muslims Turn Out to March Against Orwellian 'Extremism'
in Cologne

Walking Dead: Anti-Fascist White Self-loathers Are Sick and Violent:
Be Careful White Patriots

Man Sought after Allegedly Exposing Himself to 9-Year Old
In Store

Man Who Offers Victims 'Blessings' Suspected of Multiple Assaults

Globalists' Tool Helmet Kohl, Who Unified East German Commies and the West
German Stooges, Dies

Niagara Falls Daredevil Dies

Even Merkel Knows Russia Sanctions Totally Unnecessary Just for Second Phony
War Profiteers

Israeli Policewoman Killed ISIS Claims Responsibility
Palestinians Deny It

Dumb Cuba Blockade Just for War Profiteers... Communism Has Failed

Nature's Way: White Racists Don't Apologize for Their Pride, Jew Bill Maher Whines

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Claimed Killed by Russian Globalist Invaders
in Syria... Revenge Coming

Live Blog: Ukraine

Scores of Dead Line War-torn Philippine City

Good News: Swiss Parliament Blocks Attempt by Powerful Jews
to Criminalize Israel Boycott

ISIS Captures New Territory in Afghanistan

Typical Slimy Limey Globalists Media Accused of Hiding True Death Toll in
London Grenfell Inferno


Globalist Goof  Theresa May Finally Visits Apartment Tower Fire

Globalists' US War-Meddler Tillerson Working for A Regime Change
in Iran (Fool!)

Hide Beijing Protesters Clash with Police Over School Dispute

ISIS Captures Territory Around Former bin Laden
Stronghold in Afghanistan

Gingrich Is Right: Deep State Goon's Mueller and Russia
Probe is Rigged ... Tell Trump on Twitter:  @realDonaldTrump

Judged as 'Extremists': Putin Honors Jehovah's Witness as Model Family

Fix the Evil in the American Whorehouse: Slain Mother,
Daughters, Found Face Down on A Bed

Possible Dirty Bomb on Docked Ship Prompts Evacuation of Terminal

Many More Than 17 Killed in London Fire as People
Jumped Out of Tall Tower Residence

London's Grenfill Tower Won't Fall, Unlike Explosive-Laden
NYC's Twin Towers

Picture Released of Commie-Feminist Shooter of
Capitalist Republicans

Globalists' Mercenaries End al-Shanaan Restaurant Siege:
12 Dead

Shooting at UPS Office in San Francisco

Suspect Identified at UPS Shooting

Qatar Withdraws Meddler Troops from Djbouti/Eritrea Border Mission

Fatalities Confirmed at London Tower Block Fire

Alex Jones: Muslims Celebrate London Fire (Though Many Victims Are


Gunman Opens Fire on Congressman Playing Baseball

Alex Jones: Shooting Attack on Congressman Was Media-Inspired

"Nervous Tic" When Jeff Sessions is Lying?

Ronda Rousey Dethroned by a One-Hit Wonder?

Give All Americans Health Care with One-Government Payer
Tell Donald Trump the Present Situation is Mean In a Globalist War State

@realDonaldTrump on Twitter

US Troops with Weak "Moderate " Rebels in Syria

Racemixers' Violent Baltimore to Flood Streets with Cops
After Rash of Killings

Calgary's "Canada Creep" Twitter Account Closed

Georgia Jew Gets Lots of Globalists' Money to Fight Trump...
Don't Elect Him

Poor African States' Qatari Opinions Bought by Rich
Arab States Like Saudi Arabian Ex-Slavers

What The Okay Hand Sign Means for the White Militia Movement Means
According to Their Sworn Enemies

Mean Jews Again: Israel Approves Electricity Cuts
for Poor Besieged Gaza

Manhunt for Cop Killer in Arkansas

Don't Go There: Two Severed Heads Found in
Tourists' Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Andrew Loku Inquest: Black Men Perceived as More Threatening--

Dennis Rodman Visits North Korea Again

Tell Them: No New Wars (We Will)
Dennis Rodman on Twitter: @dennisrodman

Dozens Killed in Bangladesh Landslides
After Heavy Rain

Blancos Vs. Colorados Regime: Venezuelan Opposition Rallies
Broken Up by Tear Gas

Serbs Will Separate: Kosovo Ex-Fighters Declare Victory

Indian Troops Kill 7 Kashmiri Youths

UK Moped Thief Gets His Comeuppance

Opposition Arrested: No Freedom in Oligarch Globalist Jews'
Putin Regime

Kosovo Serbs Vote in Snap Election

Outrage as Woman Strips as Jews' Wailing Wall

Commies' Legacy: For Turkmen Visitors Tour Guides Are
A Must "At All Times" During Asian Indoor Games

UK's Election Results

UK Labour Party Gains 150,000 More Members in 3 Days

Typical Semites: Arab Censors Block al-Jazeera in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

Quebec Inuit Village In Shock After Stabbings Leave
Four Dead Including Suspect

Toronto Police Searching for Missing 13-Year Old Girl

America's Whorehouse Society: "Mom" Left Tots to Die in Hot Car,
Ignored Their Pleas for Help-- Public Execution Needed

Dead Woman Walking: Globalists' Theresa May Clings to Power

How An Iranian General Duped the US Command in Syria

Manning Explains Leak in TV Interview

Protestants' Anti-Gay Party Now Propping Up British Government

3 UN 'Peacekeeper' Forces Killed in Mali

Tell PM Justin Trudeau-- Don't Let Canadians There:


Bad Omen: 80 Ducklings Die in Front of Lincoln Memorial

Arrogant Melania Trump Finally Moves into the White House

Ex-NYPD Psychologist Gets Only 3 Years For Shooting Husband

Glenne Headly of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Dead at 62

Trump Is Right: Establishment's Sneak Comey Cannot Be Trusted

Angry White Man Charged: Orwellian Hate Crimes Charges Won't Stop
Breakup of Racemixers' Disunited States of America

Beach Patrol Makes Controversial Call on Topless Sunbathers

Alleged NSA Leaker Denied Bail

Globalists' Legacy: 2,000 Jobs to be Eliminated at
Hudson's Bay Company

Water Supply Running Low in Southern Manitoba Communities

Good Riddance to the Next Dimension:
Triple Murderer Executed

Jesse Ventura to Work for Globalist Putin's Russian TV
Propaganda Machine

The Loretta Lynch Bombshell

CMT Awards Red Carpet

Saudi Arabian Footballers Fail to Line Up for Minute's Silence
for London Terror Victims

Successful Calgary City Hall Protest by Canadian Patriots Not Undone
by National Pee

Seven Dead in Mexican Prison Riot

Mostly Jewish Audience at Obama Montreal Event

Portland White Supremacist Charged with Killings of Ant-racist
Meddlers Declares His Innocence

Defiant White Racists Hold Portland Rally for
Free Speech

Muslim Woman's Tire Store Attack Probed

US Puppet Saudi Arabia Issues Ultimatum to Qatar as
Military Confrontation Looks Imminent

5 Indian Farmers Shot Dead as Protests Mount

Double Iran Attacks Claimed by Sunnis' ISIS Against Their
Shia Schismatics

Dying A "Happier" Experience Than People Imagine: Scientists

Slimeball Jerry Seinfeld Comes to Rude Kathy Griffin's Defense

Tell Him to Shut Up with His Evil immorality. Here
on Twitter, @JerrySeinfeld

Woman Wanted in Canada-wide Warrant After Man
Shot in Markham Ontario

Live Blog: Ukraine Crisis

Racemixers' Legacy: Australia's Melbourne Attack an Act of Terrorism
by Somali Migrant

Authorities Stifle Rif Women in Morocco

The Faces of White Race Traitors (Mostly Bitches) in Portland
Protesting Patriots' Free Speech Rally

The Real Problem: White Race Traitors Open Gates
to Nonwhites in America

Key Arab States Cut Ties with Qatar for Supporting Terrorism

The Canadian Who Died in England

Never Mind the Whiny Limeys: 245 Dead in Iraq on Sunday

Canadian/EU Globalists' Rotten Free Trade Deal Protested in Madrid
-- No Good for Either Side, Just Globalists

Globalists' Red Cult Regime's Assad Boasts His Colonial Construct
Country is Winning War on Separatists and Jihadists With Foreign Help

Police Gunned Down 8 Minutes After Attack

Live: London Bridge Attack

What Happened in London: How The Jihadist Reprisal
Attack Unfolded


Evil Ideology of Anti-racist Bitch Feminist May : First Challenge
for White Racists

7 Dead: Colonialists' Imperialists Capital Attacked by
3 Muslim Jihadists in Random Stabbings

Anti-racist Fool Corbyn is Right: UK's Foreign Wars and Meddling
Brings Reprisal Terror There-- Stop All Nonwhite Immigration

More Lies from Racemixed Dictator-run Philippines on Jihadist
Attack: 36 at Casino That Muslims Don't Like

Commies, Feminists, Beware: Trump Urges End to
Political Correctness That Will Destroy the White Race

Jew Brother of Man Who Dismembered Lost and
Kidnapped 8-Year Old Boy Found Dead in NYC

Anti-racists Doomed to Extinction: White
Wimps March Against Trump

War Crime: Globalists Use White Phosphorus Against ISIS in Mosul,
Just Like Jews in Gaza

Stampede in Turin, Italy Injures Hundreds

Russian Oligarchs' Jewboy Putin Denies
Meddling Charges

Black Lives Matter Won't March in Toronto Pride Parade

2 Dead in Ottawa Byward Market Shooting

18 Dead in Taliban Funeral Attack

Whites Are Rising: Pat Dollard Launches "White Majority Movement"

Shameful: Naive Anti-white Racist Women's Voters Put Gay
East Indian in Charge of Ireland

Democracy, A White Man's Thing: Lesotho Votes for the
Third time in Five Years

UK's Kate Hopkins Case: Fighting for 'Far Right' Feminists
Won't Save Whites -- Only Racism Will

Globalists Vs. Boko Haram's Isolationists: Several Die in
Double Bombing At Cameroon Refugee Camp

Man Dies Swimming with New Tattoo


Desperate People: Palestinian Teen Girl Shot Dead After
Stabbing Jew Soldier

Dumb Movie: Commie Globalist China Regime Bans
Ramadan Observance for Uighurs in Separatist Xiang Ang

Taliban Threatens to Kill Foreign Hostages

Arrogant Feminist Bitch: Semitic Women's Religion Killer
Cites God for Killing 8 Seniors


Privacy Breach of Public Service in Canada Reveals Salaries

Toronto Police Identify Suspect in
Sex Attack

Debt-ridden Lesbian-Led Liberals Lose Another Seat
in Bankrupt Ontario

Jewsmedia's All-White Enemies Come Out Over Trump Quitting
Globalist Scam Climate Change Pact

Taliban Warns Vengeful US Puppet Regime After Deadly Blast in

Puppy Stolen, Woman Pistol-whipped in Downtown Toronto
Home Invasion

Feminist Theresa May Stands For A Racemixed,
Globalists' UK

Philippines Attacked Again by 'Lone Wolf': 34 Dead at
Casino He Burned Down

Racist Rant: Hey Whiny Globalist Meddler Americans, 3,050 Died
in Iraq for Your Aggressive Idiocy in May

Tell Trump (@realDonaldTrump ) --Bring All Troops Home


Good News: Trump Pulls Out of Globalists' Racemixing
"Climate Change" Scam

Parents Uninformed About Killer Volunteering With Kids


Shiites' Powerful Pro-Iran Badr Brigades to
Enter Syria

US is 'The Satan of Our Times' Says Somalia's al-Shabaab

Lebron James: Blacks Riding High in Whiteman's Society Still
Bitch Over Some Graffiti

Tell Him to Go Back to Africa, or Make His Own Black Country If
He Doesn't Like an Unnatural Racemixed Society (we Will)
On Twitter: @KingJames

Elderly Jewish Man Attacked in Los Angeles Neighborhood


Islamic State Video Fighting in Philippines' Marawi

Screaming Nude Argentinian Women Protest Domestic

10 Philippine Troops Killed in Botched Air Raid

Globalists to Blame: Hundreds Killed by American Bombs
in Mosul: 117 Killed in Other Iraq Violence

Firefight to The Death in Criminals' USA

Now It's No Talks: You Can't Trust Racemixed Philippines President
Duterte's Words

200 Civilians Killed in Botched US Air Raid in Mosul:
Where's the Media Outrage?

CNN Fires Mean Jewess 'Comedian' Kathy Griffin

Dumb Ethnically Racemixed Macedonia Gets New Government
6 Months After Election

Canada's Shame: Karla Holmoka Shows the Evil of
Women, Volunteers at Schoolyard (Should Have Been Hung)


Racemixing Never Works: Venezuela's 'Blancos' Still Protesting
'Colorados' Red Regime

8th Day of Fighting Jihadists in Marawi: Philippines
Advised to Surrender

Marawai Battle: Jihadists in Philippines Using Child Soldiers...
Where Are Your Old Suicide Bombers?

Wimpy Bigot Pro-Trump Rally Organizer in Portland
Scared of White Racists

Portland White Racist Killer: "I Hope They All Die"

Merchants' Empires: British Lawyer Shines Light on "Dark Shadows"
of Colonial Evictions

Obituary: Manuel Noriega, Just Another Globalist CIA
Stooge who Didn't Follow Orders

Globalist Stooges Still Wont Get Out Of Primitives'
Afghanistan Suicide Attack Leaves 80 Attacks

In US Mess: 84 Killed in Iraq Tuesday

Russian Jews' Globalist Regime in Tune with
US Fire Missiles at Only Armed Opponent ISIS

Tiger Woods Addresses His Arrest and Charges  for DUI

Globalist Cuckservatives: Dwindling White Anti-Racist
Smiling Idiots

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Scared of Racists, Wants to Censor Them More
By Denying Their Rallies

Tell Him No (We Will) Here:

Poodle Locked in Suitcase Dumpster on BC Beach

Fake Crash Proves Lethal in Kentucky

Minority Government Formed in BC

Growing Fears of ISIS Foothold in Southern Philippines

Wary South Koreans Don't Want Too Many US Missiles Against the North

Peshawar Residents Occupy Power Stations to
Protest Electricity Costs

Cyclone Mora Hits Bangladesh: 350,000 Evacuated

Globalist US White Meddlers' Ugly Legacy:
More Bombings in Baghdad

New Ecuador Leader Says Assange
Can Stay at Embassy

Blancos Vs. Colorados: Venezuela Protests Show
Racemixing Never Works

Panama's Former Ruler Manuel Noriega Dead

NDP’s Jagmeet Singh, Pat Stogran go Toe-to-toe in Debate

Blood & Honour 'Thought Criminals' Convention to Be Held in
Calgary on June 2... Be There

Tel Aviv LGBT Film Festival Targeted by Anti-Israel

Bloodshed Buildup in Portland


How Appropriate: Sodomite Was Speaker of the House in
Globalists' USA Regime

A Few Islamists Still in Control of Marawi In Spite
of US Puppets' Airstrikes and Army

Tear Gas at Hated G7 Globalists' Meeting in Sicily

Fear of Angry White Racists: Nearly $1 Million Raised for Antiracist Victims and
Killer White Man


Indirect Talks with ISIS Fighters to Exit Their Capital of Raqqa for Southern
Syrian Stronghold Contradicted by Mattis

America's Torturing Puppets Forever "Almost" Defeating
Allah's Isolationist God-believers in Mosul

Woman Dies After Falling From Cliff in Milton, Ontario

Toronto Police in Schools Program Back on the Block--
Stupid Multicult Legacy

Islamic State Still Controls Philippine City of Marawi

Don't Go There! 4 Cb Drivers Killed in Mexican Tourist

Globalists' Cuckservative Andrew Scheer 'Wins' Party Leadership
in Canada

Vengeance Coming: US Murders A Pakistan Taliban Leader

Overboard: Don't Confront Angry White Racists Ignored
and Hated by Jewsmedia: 2 Killed Defending Muslim Woman
From Racist Rant

Globalist Jews' Russian Meddlers Lay Siege to Raqqa Against
Their Only Armed Opposition

American Feminist Parenting: Woman Locked Kids in Trunk as
She Shopped

Globalists' US Puppets Not at Old City of Mosul  Yet
In Spite of Past Lies

Palestinian Prisoner Ends Hunger Strike

Degenerate Lives: Another Anti-racist Rocker
Gregg Allman, Dead at 69

Philippine City of Marawi Still in ISIS Hands

100 Dead in Sri Lanka Flooding

G7: Just A Globalist Stooges' Gathering, Expecting Trouble

Racemixer Hindu Arraogance: Yoga Guru Flees to Mexico

Lived a Long Life:
Zbigniew Brzezinski Dead at 89

Greek Ex-PM Recovers After Blast

White Western Meddlers Should Get Out of Africa, Luring Migrants to
Our Way of Life While Exploiting the Continent

Dozens Dead in Tripoli Fuighting as Libya Dismantling

In Tutsis' Burundi: "You Must Wed": Western Whorehouse Morality
Rejected by Most Africans

Trump Can't Trust His Globalist Unelected Jew Son-in-law Kushner
or His Unelected Daughter Ivanka

Anti-White Racist Globalist Renew Invasion Mandate of Far-off
Mali Amid Patriarchal Primitives' Deadly Objections

Trump Pushes New NATO Member Aside--Montenegro
Foolish to Join NATO

Tell Montengro's PM Bulatovic (We Will)

Colonialist Construct Philippines Transmogrified into Invasion

Anti- Fake News/Globalist Jewsmedia Gianforte Still Wins 
Montana Election In Spite of Assault Charge on Jew Reporter

Send Him Your Congratulations

Christians Targeted: Egypt Needs to Split in Two (Lower, Upper
Egypt) as in the Past

Taxpayers' US Puppets in Iraq Back to Their Semitic Torture Ways...
Get Out of the Middle East, White Men

Time Square's Crazy Antiwhite Latino's Rampage -- Victim A
Canadian Girl Still in Critical Condition in Racemixer Jews' NYC

Death Row Hioudini: Alabama Executes Tommy Arthur,
Hired Killer. Good Riddance

After ISIS Attack: Martial Law Turns Philippine City into Ghost Town

Gunmen Attack Coptic Christians in Egypt

On Women's Island: Manchester's White Feminists Get Ugly Tattoos of
Worker Bees Over ISIS Attack

Racemixer War Globalists to Blame for Manchester Revenge Carnage:
Beautiful White People Killed

Firefighters Battle Large Blaze at Toronto Recycling Facility

Globalist Canadian Commie Feminists' Media Still Suckholes to
Naive Pretty-Boy Justin Trudeau

Give Them Hell... We Will

Philippines Under Attack by ISIS

Crazy Anarchists in Montreal Attack Businesses

Elitist Globalists' War-tool NATO to be Used in
Fighting Armed Opponents Like ISIS

Three Semitic God-religions Come Together
in Manchester on the Surface


Wise Words from China: No One Should Bring Chaos from the Korean Peninsula


A Colorado Wins: Socialist Moreno Sworn in as Ecuador President

French Journalist Held by Turkey Begins Hunger Strikes

Trump Pals Freemason-run Egypt Blocks 21 Websites,
Including al-Jazeera

ISIS Forces Rampage Through S. Philippine Muslims' City:
21 Killed

Manchester Attack: Limeys Mad at US Paper for Revealing
Images of Explosive Device

After Manchester: 16 Civilians Killed by Globalist US
Forces in Iraq

Clashes Erupt on 'Jerusalem Day'


Globalist Tool: Out-of-control US Military Lost Track of $1 Billion in Taxes


Tell Donald Trump : No More Troops to Afghanistan:
"Like Adding Wood to Fire" (We Will)

And Tell Him There's Mean Cheapskates Around Him Causing No
Money for the Poor or Medical Help
Tweet him, @realDonaldTrump


Globalist Stooge Saudis in Trouble with
Al-Awasiya, City of Resistance

Philippines' Childish Bigmouth Duterte  Invokes Eastwood and Jesse James to
Fight ISIS


March Against Sharia Waste of Time When Racism Needed by
These Mostly Antiracist Fools on June 10

Aryan Shi'ites Iran Condemns Sunni Jihadists Bombing
in Manchester

Jews Love Limeys: Tel Aviv City Hall Lights Up in Solidarity
with Manchester


Black Congressman Threatened with Lynching


Woman Arrested : Globalist Stooge Trudeaus Can't Take Any Threats

Limey Actor Roger Moore Lived a Long Life: Dead at 89

Hot Dog with Razor Blades Found in Regina: Let's Get This Guy


Anti-racist Idiot Jew Jon Stewart Scrapped: People
Sick of His Rudeness and Crudeness

Trump Pays Homage to Judaism-Lite Christians' Pope of
Women's Semitic Religion of Unnatural Anti-Racism

Wild Globalist Antiwhite Racist Britain Attacked by
Semitic Patriarchs' God-believer


The Price of Aggressive Globalism: Suicide Bomber Kills

22 in UK's Manchester

Panic and Chaos After UK Concert Blast

Manchester: "You Could Still Smell the Burning Flesh"

He's No White Man Yet, Pro-Multicult Media Lies About
Latino Times Square Killer. Complain...We Will

Statue of Confederacy's Jew Judah Johnson Still Standing

Fatalities at Manchester Concert

Price of Globalist Aggression: Fear in
Britain after Shopping Center Incident

Here's Why Blow Us Up in the West: Globalists Kill
7 Jihadists in Yemen

Tell Trump to Stop His Orwellian War on Terror
at @realDonaldTrump on Twitter...we will

Moldovan Prince Halt LGBT March After Attacks by Counter Protesters

Protesters Clash Amid Fears of More Unrest in Tunisia

Fox News "Disgusted" at Network's Promotion of Dead

Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory


2 Arrested in Disappearance of  Woman and Murder in Sikhs' Brampton Ontario

Ten Afghan US Puppets Wiped Out by Jihadists

Toronto Woman, 50, Found Dead Inside Mississauga Apartment

Live Blog: Ukraine Crisis

Pro-ISIS Channel Circulates Suspicious Video of Purported
Manchester Bomber That White Race Traitors Brought into Britain

Venezuela's Colorado Red Leader Attacks 'Fascist' Protesters
(Blancos) for Setting Man on Fire

Biased Zionists' Trump Has No Chance of Achieving Peace
In the Middle East

Live Coverage:Trump Visits Iconic Semitic Women's Religion Church
Before Western Wall, Praying for Jews

Canada on Board for New TPP Deal
Let's Get Out of It... Tell Trudeau
at   (We Will)

Charges in Murder of Brampton, Ontario Woman

Sad: 8-Year-Old Boy Found Dead in Canadian Provincial


Globalist Assad's Assets: Russian Paratroops Move to
Syrian Border Triangle

Gun Battle Kills Four Rebels in Indian-Occupied Kashmir

German Female Meddler, African Guard Killed in Kabul

Suicide Bombers Still Willing to Die in Lost  Mosul:
120 Killed in Iraq Sunday

Hamas Decries Trump's Orwellian "Terror" Allegations
and Rightly So

Notre Dame University Students Walk
Out of Pence Speech

Yemen Protesters Call for Southern Secession

Venezuela: Thousands Cross Border into Colombia for
Better Opportunity

Bomb Blast at Bangkok Hospital Injures 24

Britons, Don't Lose Your Vote--
You Have One More Day to Register

Old Nazis Useless in New York Hamlet on Long Island

Syrian Red Regime Push Against US Held-Border Post on Trump's
Visit to Middle East

Trump Bounces Along With Arab Sword Dances

Whites in Canada Have Enough Nonwhites Particularly Sikhs Ruling
Them (No Thanks)

Look at Their Ugly Faces: Nonwhites, Commie Feminist Traitors
Out to Racemix Italy

Duterte: Jew-run West is Just "Double Talk". Wan ts to Talk
with Russian Jew Oligarchs' Regime & "Red" China

Three Sentenced to Death Over Hamas Commander's Killing

Clashes in Afghanistan as Taliban in Advance in Their Spring Offensive

North Korea Tests another Missile

Spoiled Feminist Rebel Melania Trump Forgoes Wearing
Headscarf in Saudi Arabia

That's The Way: Patriots Stop Mama Merkel's Censor Laws
In Germany

Did a UFO Crash in Antarctica?

An Almost Royal Wedding of Pippa Middleton

New Brunswick Island Cut Off From Mainland
Due to Storm

Perverted Homosexual Anderson Cooper Brings Up
Bowel Movement Crap on Trump

Fatherless US Society: Man Accused in Death of
Quadriplegic Girlfriend

Horny Jew Weiner Pleads Guilty in Sexting Case

Toronto Jew Baseball Player Suspended for
Homophobic Slur

CIA Asset General's Troops Kill 141 People in
Libya, Mostly Unarmed

ISIS Has Lots of Suicide Bombers for Iraq: 50 Dead

No Free Speech in Any Globalist Racemixed Regime: Italian
White Racist Slammed Over Comments on Black Politician

Man Charged with Removing Transgender's Testicles

President Rouhani Still in Charge of Iran with Mullah's

Trump is Coming: Gaza Protests Injure More Than 100


Only Racial Separatism Can Solve Venezuela's
Political Crisis

Women-Elected Jew PM of Ukraine Warns
Fellow Jews in Israel to be Vigilant

Still Can't Trust Him: Israel Pulls Out All the Stops for
Trump Visit

Dozens Injured by Israeli Forces in Palestinian Protest

OPP To Fire GPS Darts at Fleeing Vehicles to Avouid High speed

Globalists' Pretty Boy Macron Visits Colonialist

Satrapy of Mali and War Against Local Patriots

Canadian Senator Apologizes for Using N-word
White Fools Afraid of Niggers and Women

No Guts, No Glory For Cuckolded Anti-racist Southern Whites
... Stop This Desecration

Black Lives Don't Matter to These 3 Niggers Accused
of Killing a 6-Year Old Black Boy in Car Theft