Facebook Selfie Leads to Canadian's Killing by Her "Best Friend"
Boko Haram Suicide Bomber Kills 12 in Nigeria
Italy Arrests Dozens of "Chinese Mafia"
Professor On Leave After "Mocking" Student
Wave of Looting in Racemixed Violent Venezuela Shutters
Stores, Spreading Fear
Commie Pope's Advice to Mapuche , Another Society Destroyed by
Semites' Church in Chile

Mexico Back to Aztec's Violent Times: 33 Human Skulls Found
Mean Israeli Jews to Keep Pretty Palestinian Enemy
in Jail During Trial

Why They're Hated: Jewish Leader in Rome Says the White Race Doesn't Exist
and to Say It Does is Ignorant
The 2017 Trump's Fake News Awards
An Idiot's Idea: Cuckservative Flake Tries to Smear Trump Comparing Him
to Evil Stalin

Mom of Toronto Newborn Found Abandoned Won't Be Charged

More Horny Jew Stars: Dylan Farrow Says Her Father Woody Allen
Abused Her -- Probably

Homicide Investigation After Hamilton Woman Goes Missing

Weird Economic Religion: Russian Priest Gets 14 Years for
Molesting Girls

If North & South Korea Ever Unite, Watch Out, Japan

Oligarch Jews' Putin Re-election All A Farce with Even the Polls Controlled

More Idiocy: Looking Nasty Israeli Jews Close Off Village of Arab
Teen Soldier-Slapper

Funeral Home Mixup: Wrong Bodies Cremated
1143 Foot Bridge Collapse... 10 Dead

A Slap in The Face for Pope of Semitic Women's Religion's Destruction of
A Civilization During Chile Visit

Feminist Catholic Women-run Poland Planning More Protests to Abort
Poles... Sad!

Racemixed Modernized Rich Arabs Just Can't Do Their Own Labor
Deported US Salvadorians to for Qatar Services

Canada's Stupid North Korea Conference Another Poke in the Eye for
Nuclearized Oriental Crazy Commies

Earthquake-Causing Meteor Rattles Michigan

Ice & Snow Shuts Down Interests in Deep South

Aryan Schismatics' Iran Supreme Leader Accuses of Islam of Betraying
Muslim World
Hindus Vs. Muslims: Kashmir-- Four Pakistani Soldiers Killed by Indian Fire

Failed American Morality: Disgusting Parents Chained Their 13 Children in California
Home -- Throw the Book at Them!

Venezuela: Several Dead in Operation to Capture Perez

Mark Taylor: Is Trump Planning Mass Arrests of Pedophiles in February?

USA's Future: New California Declares Independence from the Rest of the State

US Also a Racemixers' Shit-hole Country: 4 Officers Shot on Domestic Abuse Call

Dumb Multi-ethnic State on Shaky Ground:
Prominent Kosovo Serb Politician Shot Dead

Trump Plays Golf on MLK Death's 50th Anniversary for Racemixer Idiots

Sudan, Don't Mess With Crazy Commie War-Hardened Eritrea: More Troops
Go To Their Border

Rogers.... Still Crooked

Globalist Goof on A Fool's Errand as France Takes Aim at False News

Feminist Open-Door Immigration Judges Not "Moral Police": Court

2 Americas Continues: Anti-MLK Posters Appear in Virginia

Good News: Whites in Small Quebec Town Don't Want Outside Negroes From
Black Lives Matter Telling Them What To Do

Bad Omen for Greedy Merchants in Jakarta as Stock Exchange Floor Collapses

Iraq/US's War Not Over: 38 Dead in Twin Blasts in Baghdad

Globalist Jews' Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov -- Part of the Same Putin Gang, Whines Over Red Regime in Syria

"I'm Not A Racist": Trump's Dumb Comment Needs to Be
Corrected -- We Are All Racists
Tell Him at @realDonaldTrump on Twitter (we Will)

Verdict Reached in Mississauga Triple Murder

Three Women Killed in Toronto Attacks

Common Sense Stuff: Fliers Across US Worry White Self-loathers and Racemixers

In Jew-run USA: New South Carolina Law Will Make it Illegal
To Criticize Israel

Race Is All: H&M Stores Trashed in Violent Racemixers South Africa
by Hypocrite Idiots Over Racist Hoodie

Jet Skids Off Cliff... A Crazy Location to Have A Runway

Eight Dead in Portugal Leisure Centre Fire

MSNBC Tweets Face News: You Can't Trust Globalists'
Propaganda Media

Zambia Cholera Outbreak: Riots Over Emergency Measures


BREAKING NEWS: Reports of Missile Fired at Hawaii Was False Alarm
From CNN:

From CBS:

From KHON TV Honolulu

From News Now Hawaii
More Angry Whites: Aryan Nations Member Shooting Suspect Caught

Could ISIL Stage A Comeback?

Tim Hortons' Two-Faced Canadiana

Tell The Star's Shawn Micallef on Twitter:Tim Hortons is a Greedy Globalist Traitor
to Canada...  @shawnmicallef
Toronto Hijab Attack Strikes A Nerve

White Nationalists! Take Care of Your Own First-- Then the Rest
Of The World

Judge: Chuvalo Unfit to Decide on Marriage


UK Couple Admit Burning French Nanny in London Garden

Widespread Food Price Increases Protests Force Globalist Tunisian Regime to
Deploy the Army

Trump Coming Out of the Cowardly Racists' Closet, Questions Immigration from
Nonwhite"Shithole" Countries

Tell Trump That Thousands of Religions Living Without Roofs Bring In Army of Engineers and Troops from Afar-- Fix America First!


Racemixing Never Works: Man Attacks Women on Toronto Bus

As It Should Be: White Race Traitor Trudeau Heckled Again at Third
Town Hall Meeting

Ecuador Grants Julian Assange Citizenship

Chinese Bitcoin Miners Eye Sites in Quebec, Manitoba
Qatar Foreign Minister Says: Gulf Crisis Is All Over A Woman

Liberal White Supremacist John Abarr Runs for Montana House
Send Him Your Support Here:

Norwegians Don't Want to Come to a Charnel House Racemixed Country Like the US,
Full of Criminals and Serial Killers
Armed Heist at Ritz Paris Nets Millions

More Anti-Jew "Martyrs" Made Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinian Teenagers

Bread Protests in Sudan -- Another Failed Greedy Globalist Colonialist Construct "Nation" by White Meddlers

Military of Phony Peaceful Buddhists in Myanmar Admit Killing
"Sea Gypsy" Rohinghya Muslim

What The Jury in the Lac-Megantic Trail Didn't Hear

Toronto "Crane Girl " Gets Off With Fine

Mother of 13-Year Old Victim Wants Convicted Sex Offender Expelled from University of Calgary

Committee Wants More Say for Acadians, Blacks in Nova Scotia Ridings
US Court: North Carolina Ordered to Redraw Congressional Map On Racial Lines

Unions Rally Against  Tim Hortons Over Minimum Wage Cheating

Murder, Americans' New Pastime: Radio Host's Daughter Reacts to Mother's Killing
in Murder-for-hire Plot

Canadian Couple Found Murdered in Jamaica: Don't Go There -- You Only
Make More There or Bring Them Here to Kill

"Trump Effect" Wears Off as Migrants Resume Their Northward Push

American "Exceptionalism" Continues as U. Penn Student is Found Dead

Ex-Deputy of The Year. Accused of Abusing Girls, is Fired
Same As Before: Ukraine's Red and Jew Globalist Regimes Loot the Country

Israeli Jews Arab Villages after Settlers Shot Dead

Reds at Mother Jones Magazine Whine That GOP Trying to Kill Voting Rights Law

Toronto: Tory Toast Over Bike Lanes in Next Election
Tell Doug Ford To Get Rid of the Bike Lanes (We Will)

Police State USA: NSA Bill Would Okay Loophole That Lets FBI Spy on Americans
Without a Warrant

Pakistan Reporter Flees Abductors

Arizona to Broaden Gun Owners' Rights

Bad Omen For A Presidency: Oprah's House  Affected by California Mudslide

CIA's Nasty Saudi Regime Learns to Lie: One Prince 'Fired' for Telling the Truth

Air Quality: Globalists Targets for Junk-Producing China Supposedly Met...
More Merchants' Lies

Man Accused of 'Swatting' Death Wanted in California

15 Dead in Mudslides in California

Morons Who Support Putin Also Responsible for Children Burned in His Air Raids
Big Joke: Oprah for For President? What About the Swiss Race Hoax and Her Sex Pervert Pal Harvey Weinstein?

Adam Strong:

Hang This Immoral Whore-Raised Idiot

So Much for Arrogant Idiot Doctors and Scientists: Headache Pill Ibuprofen Causes
Male Infertility

Sneaky Merchants of Loblaws Puts Limits on Gift Cards

Sudanese Students Stone Police on Third Day of Bread Price Protests

Start Move: North Korea Will Send Olympic Team to South

Maryland Teacher Fired for Involvement in White Nationalist Movement

NFL Idiot: "I'm Not A Racist" -- A Stupid Phrase for Anyone,
Especially a White Man: Racist Blacks Still Complain

Vanderpump Rules Star In Trouble Over 'Nazi Chic'

 Daily Life in Dangerous USA: Frantic Search Launched for after Football Reporter
Vanishes after Reporting Suspicious  Man

Iran's Rohani Knows Aryans' Iran Hates Semitic God Religion's Followers' Nestiness

Whores and Wimps Patting Each Other on Their Backs Carefully
with Sex Scandal at Golden Globes

War Not Over: Death Toll in Syria Car Bombing Rises to 25

Boyle Story Makes No Sense

"Moderate" Muslim Rebels Losing in Syria

Great Tragedy: 4 Children Die in Nova Scotia Fire

Yep! Just Like "Put-in", Trump Surrounded by Jews, Now Just a Cheapskate Neo-con Cuckservative

Fix Is In: Russian Jew Oligarchs' Puppet Putin Expected to Win Election With No Real

Live Blog: Ukraine in Crisis

US Senator: No Evidence of Sonic Attacks in Cuba

Senator Paul Says Injuries from Neighbors Attack Were A "Living Hell"

From the Feminist Bronte Sisters to This: Courtney Act Loses Her Skirt Again as She Meets Housemates in Women's UK


Roy Moore Accuser's House Burns Down

Sen. Lynn Beyak Tells the Truth, Neo-con Idiots' Party Kicks Her Out of Caucus
Support Her: We Will

There Should Be No Such Things as "Hate Speech" in Any White Nationalist Society
Tell Melissa Meszaros (we Will) Here:
Neo-Nazi Teen Suspected of  Double Homicide

In Sick Fatherless Canada: Human Remains Found

Globalists' Tool Will Fall Soon: Shaky Saudi Kingdom Arrests
11 Princes Over Economic Protest

Mom Stabbed to Death by "Ill " Daughter--No Help
from the Government

Last Gasps of A Muslim Regime: Iranians Hit The Streets in Show of Government Support
Explosion as Two Planes Collide in Canada

Angler Vanishes During Fishing Competition: Tournament Called Off

Bomb Blast Kills Four Police Officers in Disputed Kashmir
North Korea Would Be Smart to Join in Winter Olympics: It Looks Likely
Trump and the Globalists' Neo-Cons Are Exploiting the Iran Protest Movement

Four Dead in Murder-Suicide in Fatherless Immoral USA

Poor Brits Should Get Rid of Their Arrogant Royals-- Here's Why:

Victim-Jews Love the Attention to Their Suffering: Canadian Holocaust Denier Arrested

Fire Bell in the Night for Mean Semitic God's Regime in Aryans' Iran

Heavy Snow Sweeps Parts of China

Nigeria's Apostle Johnson Releases 50 Shocking Prophecies for 2018...
He's Bound to Be Right on Some

Possible "Bomb Cyclone" To Hit New England and Canada

11 Explosive Claims from New Trump Book

Mystery Powder Paralyzes Backpackers

KGB Fools at Russia Today Still Lie About ISIS "Defeat" in Syria

South African Train Derailment Kills 14

Boris Becker's Son to Press Charges on MPs Who Called Him
A Little Half-Negro

The Curious Case of Joshua Boyle and Justin Trudeau

Yet Another Horny Entertainment Industry Jew Charged
with Sexual Misconduct

Mexico's Presidential Race Allows Independents to Join In
Turkey Minister Wants To Break Drug Dealers' Legs
Mississippi Whites Try to Rally Behind Natural White Nationalists, Not Multicultists

Fatherless Face of a White Self-loather: Pretty Boy Tells Trump
To F*** Off --Last Days of Women's Minstrel Heroes
General Strike Fails as Scared Rioters Want to Keep Their
Jobs in Iran
Death Toll Rises as Iran Protests Against Harsh Semitic Religion Continues


Live Blog: Ukraine In Crisis

Company Harvesting Human Body Heat to Mine Crypto-Currency

Barry Sherman’s Donations Sometimes Used to Wield Political Influence

Ex-Captive Faces Sex Rap

Evil Family: Chelsea Clinton Sends Happy New Year Tweet to Church of Satan

Karma: Captured ISIS Executioner Faces Death in Iraq

Mormon Weird Cult Religion's Romney Wants to Enter Politics Again

YouTube A Sewer Pipe of Degeneracy

Man Wanted for Setting Car on Fire in East York, Ontario

Jew Bullies on the Internet Against Singer Lorde

Nine Inmates Escape From Prison

Jews Not Happy: Jews Scuttle $500 Million Anti-Tank Missile Deal

Trump Thwarted: North Korea Opens Border Hotline with South Korea

Wretched Racemixers' Caste System Protested in Hindus' India

ood Idea: Ethnic Violence Wracks Ethiopia to Free All Political Prisoners

Trump's Tweet in Pakistan's "Lies" Draws Angry Response

Tell Him Don't Meddle (at @realDonaldTrump  in Twitter)-- and to
Return to Populism and Help Poor Whites in the US or Lose in 2020

Idiot Who Wants Religion of "Peace" Mike Pence Promises to Stay in Afghanistan

Tell Him He's A Hypocrite (We Will) Here
@VP   on Twitter

Jew Masters Remove Palestinian Posts on Facebook

Imperialist UN Globalists' Mercenary Killed in Far-off Afghanistan

Throw The Book at Any "Swatting" Criminal, Especially If They Are White Men

Dictatorial African Leaders Rarely Want to Resign--Uganada is No Different

Too Great A Disparity in Pay in Capitalist/Jew-run Canada

Amber Alert Issued for Missing Daughters of Slain Texas Woman in Charnel House USA

Pro-White German MP Slammed for Pointing Out Violent Sex Offender Muslims
on New Year's Eve Party in Arabic

The Africans' Way: DRC Violence Shows Kabila Determined to Stay in Power

DRC: Another Failed Western Idiots Colonialist 'State' Smoulders With Dead Protesters

New Year Rings In Changes to Laws, Taxes and Wages in Canada

Fireworks Chaos as Barge Explodes in Australia

Anti-Globalist Boko Haram Attacks on Loggers Kill 25

Scores Killed in Anti-Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria's Borro and Yobe
Fire in Manchester UK Center Block of Flats

What We Know and Don't Know

Clashes Break Out at Iran Protests
5 Americans Killed in Crash in Mexico Coast

Two Protesters Killed in Anti-Government Rallies
Iran Suspends Channel for Allegedly Supporting anti-Government Protests
Iran State TV Reports 12 Dead in Anti-Semitic God Muslims' Regime in Aryans' Land

One Officer Killed , 4 Injured in Impossible Racemixed USA

Toronto In Midst of A Cold Snap

Oversexed Morality: Jewsmedia's Crude Rude "Trailer Park Boys" Crap:
Feminist TV Reporter Hit During Live Show

Muslims in Colonialist Construct India's Assam State Anxious Over Deportation List

For 2018, Syria's Commie Freemason-like Alawite Cult Regime Won't Last
Without Russian Reds

Crazy! Dead Jew Barry Sherman to Receive Order of Canada

Arrest in "Swatting" Prank

Anti-Regime  Aryans' Iran  Want Out of Semitic Shiite Muslim Dictatorship

Slimy Limeys in MI5 Asked Loyalist Paramilitary Group to Kill Irish
Prime Minister at Height of Northern Ireland Conflict

New Year's Eve Around The World

Why is The State of Israel Afraid of a Good-looking 16-Year Old Palestinian Girl?

American Killed on Mexican Beach

Police Disperse Arrest Protesters as Rallies Against Price Hikes by
Aggressive Middle East Meddling Regime Rise
Good Idea: White Racism Rising With Your Morning Coffee

Mean Semitic God's Muslims Kill Each Other in Kabul:
40 Shiites Slain

2 Cops Killed Outside Cairo Church

At Least Ten Dead in Egyptian Church Attack in
Semitic God Religion Civil War

US-Israel Sign Secret Deal to Cooperate Deal to Cooperate Against Iran

12 Dead in Massive Apartment Fire in New York City

New York Lesbian Couple and Their Kids All Had Throats Slit
in Gruesome Quadruple the Homicide

Their Turn for Violence: Iraqi Yazidis accused of Abducting, Killing Civilians

Blue-Tinged Snow Falls in St. Petersburg, Russia

Two Sisters Found Dead on Christmas
Give the Toronto Star Hell for Not Publishing Their Pictures (we Will)

Women Always Complaining: Toronto Cop Alleging Sexism

Crazy Anarchists "Black December" Campaign Sabotages Bank ATMs
in Philadelphia

Private Investigator Joins Sherman Probe

Why They Hate Us: US War Idiots Murder 13 in South Somalia


"Nazi" Teen Who Killed Parents "Mentally Disturbed"

2 Small Children Found Dead on Christmas on
BC's Murder Coast

Russian-Backed Separatists Release First Group of Ukrainian Troops in
Prisoner Swap

Two Quakes Shake San Jose, Ca, Hours Apart

OPP Seeking Suspect in Vehicle Theft, Attempted Kidnapping in Fergus

ISIS' Religious-Led Rebels in Afghanistan at Training Camp

Don't Send Canadians to 2 More Countries Hit With Islamists' Bombs

Syria: Air Raids Target Shrinking Rebel Held Area in Idlib Province

Here's Why A Ball Drops in Times Square on New Year's Eve

In Women's Sick Society: Newborn Baby Found in Calgary Parking Lot

 Christmas Message of Hope and Solace from Queen Elizabeth

Kiss Americans Goodbye in Japan and South Korea if Trump Starts
A War with North Korea

Tell Him on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump (We Will) Here:


Jailed Brit Laura Plummer Caged for 3 Years in Egypt for Smuggling
300 Painkillers
Ask Queen Elizabeth to Help Free Her (We Will):

Topless Protester Tries to Grab Baby Jesus at the Vatican

In Globalist Oligarch Jews' Putin's Russia, Opposition is Barred from Running
in Its Election

Pakistan, Afghanistan Appeal to Taliban for Talks in Stupid Globalists' War

Snow-caused Blackout in Nova Scotia Continues


Thousands Protest Mean War Criminal Ex-President of Peru Fujimori's
Release from from Prison on Health Grounds

Winter Weather Delivers White Christmas Across the USA

A Long Life: Bob Givens, Animator of Bugs Bunny, Dead at 99

Guatemala to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Two-Marys Religion's Leader Pope Francis Wants More Tolerance of Immigrants
in Christmas Message

Women's World: Woman Tries to Soak Revenue Canada to Change Marital Status for
Child Benefits

Fog Kills Several People at Airport

The Most Memorable Photos of 2017

Anger as Police Gunfire Kills A 6-Year Old Boy in Impossible Racemixers' USA

Dozens Feared Dead in Philippines Mall Fire

The Lives of Barry and Honey Sherman )

Model's Fatal  Fall Stuns Industry

Jingle Belle: A White Dame's Christmas in the Caribbean

North Korea Would Be Wise to Occupy Old Enemy Japan
If War Breaks Out

Vice Admits "Boys' Club Culture"

Israel Worried Syrian Red Cult Regime and Iran's Hezbollah Near
Their Golan Bases

Jews Worried: 3 Images Become the New Face of Palestine Resistance

Queen's Cousin Apologizes Over "Offensive" Jewelry

Legacy of Race Traitors: Ontario Premier Wynne Worried over Rising Racism

"Bullets Fell Like Rain" as  Mexicans Fight Over Land Dispute:
5,000 Displaced in Chappas

Lights Over LA Baffle Onlookers
Elites of Toronto Reeling Over Sherman Murders

"She Was A Blessing": Drayton Valley Grieves for
Teenager Found Dead in Idling Car

Canada Abstains on UN Trump Plan Vote

Good News: Swastika Trail To Keep Its Name

US Homeland Security Vs. Landowner

ESPN Pundit: Trump Is A White Supremacist

Weird Religion: Ohio Priest Kills Himself in Chicago Amid Investigation

Nutty Teen Sentenced in "Slenderman" Case

Jews Lose UN Vote 128-9 to Condemn US Embassy Move to Jerusalem

Stallone Rape Accuser Files Police Report

Armed by Israel, Honduras' Illegitimate Regime Returns the Favor at the UN

US Says Shiite Houthis Supported by Iran Cannot Be Defeated Militarily
in Rough Yemen
Raccoon Attacks Baby

Nervy Sinai ISIS Almost Kills 2 Freemason Army Regime Ministers With Guided Missile;
Other Officers Killed

Judge Declares Mistrial in Bundy Case Over Withheld Evidence

Don't Go There: 6 Bodies Hung From Bridge in Criminals' Mexico Near Los Cabos
Tourist Resort

Scottish Police Cannot Interfere in Palestinian Protests in Scotland

Trump Screwed Poor Whites Who Don't Benefit from His Big Ballyhooed Pro-
Corporate Tax Plan

Christians' Feminist/Semitic God's Birth Ruined by Trump

Woman in Brawl at Chuck E. Cheese's Restaurant

Winners and Losers in US Tax Bill

Wikileaks Lawyers' Office Stormed by Professional Hooded Raiders

Rich Royalist Imperialst Britain Full of Homeless at
Tell the Queen What She Will Do About It, Here:
Egypt's Freemason Army-Run Regime Won't Tolerate Any Opposition, Especially
from Lower Ranks  in Their Army: Presidential Candidate Arrested

Not Guilty: Feminists' Quebec Frees Young Muslim Couple After Years in
Jail for Phony Terror Case

Cardinal Law, Connected to Coverup of Kids' Sex Abuse, Is Dead

Outrageous: Rich Globalist Greedbag Weston Company Admits Fixing Bread Prices in
Complain to Trudeau (We Will)

Anti-Jew Mail Sent to Synagogues Across Canada
Not Worth It: More Than 9,000 Killed in Invader Globalists' Battle for Mosul
Shiite Qatar's Only Land Border with Sunnis' Saudi Arabia Closed

BC Snowstorm Leaves 75,000 Without Power


Very Rich Shermans Murdered, Had Lots of Enemies in Civil Court

Trail of Donations Show Causes Shermans Held Dear

Feminist-Raised Disgusting Creature Millard to Be Tried for
Father's Death

Evil Twitter Politically Censoring White Nationalists in US & UK, Kick Groups
Off Service
Complain to Donald Trump (on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump)
and to UK PM Theresa May (@theresa_may)


Man Accused in Attacks Targeting Homeless Now Charged with Racial Hate Crime

Charlottesville Police Chief Resigns in Wake of Neo-Nazi Rally Report (Good Riddance)



Neo-Nazi Triple Murderer Sentenced to 3 Life Terms,
Claims He's Innocent

Wrong, All Wrong: Trump's Globalist Jews Push For Second Phony Cold War & Tensions for Military Profits

Ethiopia: As Violence Flares, Internet Goes Dark
Yawnsville --Two Phony Racemixers: Prince Harry Interviews Obama
Nordic Resistance Fights Race Traitor Women Regimes That Brought
Nonwhites into Scandinavia

Aryan Christmas Decorations in Latvia

Vancouver Concert Promoter Bans Nazi Symbols at Shows

10 Women Killed by Semites' Air Raids on Yemen Wedding

Disgusting Duo Found Guilty of Another Murder Laura Babcock

Hey Fools, Race Is All: Conspiracy Broadcaster Fired by Jews for Mentioning Jews
in A Canadian Conspiracy

Jews & Cops Try to Hide Billionaire's Murder/Suicide in Toronto

"Blancos" Whites Gain in Elections in Racemixed, Mostly Colorados Chile

Austria's White Nationalists Return to Government

Meet Harvey Weinstein's Toronto Lawyers

Still Fighting Fires in California

Wife of Semitic God Pastor Charged with Child Sex Abuse


Little Women-Run Island-Nation of Britain to Ban Women's
Traditional Role in Advertising...Merchants Love It
Toronto Lawyer Charged with Baseball Bat Attack on Muslim Family

Man Charged with Orwellian "Hate Crime", Accused of Vomiting on Gay Couple

5 Shot, Including 10-Year old Girl in Violent Racemixed Fatherless L.A.

Army of Firefighters Takes on California Blaze Continuing to Grow

Sikh City: 3 Charged in Brampton. Ontario Brawl

Barry and Honey Sherman: Powerful Rich Canadian Jewish Couple in Murder-Suicide

Honduras Opposition Blocks Roads in Post-Election Protests

Israeli Troops Kill 4 Palestinians at Friday Protests

False Flag Operation: Suspicious New Boy Andrew Anglin's Negative 12 Rules,
Right from A Bigot Government Agent's Desk

Paul Ryan: American Women Need to Have More Babies

Globalist Semitic Religion's Missionary Meddlers Phony Country Causing Ethnic Violence in South Sudan

KGB's Putin Says Not to Worry About Spies

Same Anti-Whites: "Entertainment" Media Jew Control Continues
with Disney/Fox Deal

Where Are Thee Rohingya's Arab Co-religionists? Race Trumps Religion as
6,700 Killed in Burma

Heterosexual Rite of Marriage Upheld: Gay Marriage Banned in Bermuda

A Seinfeld Problem: Israeli Court Rules Terrorist Bodies Can't Be Held as
Bargaining Chips...It Will Make Them Look Bad?

700 Club: Trump Will Be Re-elected

Greece Workers Strike Against 2018 Budget

Still Willing to Die for Allah: Somali Suicide Bomber Kills 18 at
Police Academy in Capital

Defiant Moore Lists What's Wrong With the US

Live Blog: Ukraine in Crisis

Whites' Greedy French Over-populating Colonialism Also Complicit in 1994 Rwanda Massacre

Islam Broken: Iran's Shi'ite Houthis Suck-holing to Dead Commie Saleh's Party
to Fight Sunni Arabs

Red "Historian" Contests Roy Moore's Views on Slavery

Roy Moore Vs. The US Constitution?

Canada Fuels War on Russian-speaking Separatists with Weapons
for Globalist Jews' Regime
Tell Trudeau -- No More Wars -- We Will

Israel Pro-Commie Jew General Threatens to Tear Palestinian Apart and Throw
Them Across the Jordan River

After A Failed Rebellion, Communists Sweep Racemixed Nepal Elections

Over-sexified Roy Moore's Loss No Big Deal to White Nationalists While More Racists Are Made

Jews' Warmonger Whore Haley Pushes for War With Aryans' Iran
Tell Her to Shut Up (we will)

Lawmaker Killed Himself After Sex Abuse Allegations

Live Blog: Ukraine in Crisis

LA Police Probe Claim: Roman Polanski Raped Girl in 1975

The Fix Is In: Alabama Supreme Court Blocks Digital Ballot Preservation
at Eleventh Hour
NYC Explosion Self-Inspired by ISIS Online Propaganda Sources

NYC Suspect: Every Time The Globalists' Wars Go There, They Bring Them Here


Roy Moore's Wife: We're Not Anti-Semitic; We Have A Jewish Lawyer
6 Nigerian Soldiers Killed in Boko Haram Attack

Slavs At War: Life in the Trenches on the Outskirts of Donetsk

"Die-In" Held at Toronto City All Over Opioid Crisis

Survival, Race is All: Croats Honor Convicted War Criminal

Globalists' Pentagon Control Will Defy Trump's Transgender Ban

Jew Larry King Accused of Groping, Bruising Woman

California's California Fires Burn Out of Control

Tribalism: Race Is All in Alabama Election Tomorrow

US Asks Israel to Extradite American Israeli Man Who Killed His Mother

Protests as Trump Speaks at Anti-White Blacks' Civil Rights
Museum...What Did He Expect?

He Said, No, No: Trump Tells Crows about Free Trade Disagreement
With Trudeau

Blancos "Whites" Disunited in Venezuela Election, Helping
Colorados Racemixed  Nonwhites to Stay in Power

Antifa Nuts: Public Political Criminals Must Be Contained by All White
Nationalist Vigilantes. Watch Out -- Thugs Who Hate Their Owen Kind are Dangerous

2 Off Duty Police Officers Killed in Highway Crash

Indian Soldier Kills 4 Colleagues

Ex-Georgia Leader Held in Ukraine Starts Hunger Strike

Commie Mercenary Kurds Snubbed  by Made-up Iraq's Leader...
Form You Own Nation, Fools!

Arabs' Day of Rage in Jerusalem: Nothing the Jews Can't Handle

Meddler UN Globalists Angry Over Killing of 15 of Their Congo Invaders

At Last, Toronto Homicide Detectives Work To Piece Together the
Last Moments of Murdered Tess Richey

Manitoba Premier Under Fire for "Heel" Remark

BC Drug Thug Jamie Bacon's Girlfriend 'Overdoses' to Death

Idiot Commie Feminist in Florida Gives 15-Year Sentence to Man Who
Put Bacon in A Mosque

Ex-Wife of NBA Player Charged with Murder

Blacks, Latinos Are Serial Killers: Here Is One Black
Monster in Florida

Sunnis' Saudi-Backed Forces Seize Yemen Coastal Area

Defector: Thousands of ISIS Fighters Left Raqqa in Secret Deal

Arrogant East Indian Bilks OHIP for $200,000

West Bank Clashes Over US Jerusalem Move

Bryan Singer: Another Media Jew Accused of Rape

Catholic (Universal) Follower Pence Not Welcome by Semites  in Palestine

Jews Get Their Way: Jerusalem Recognized by Trump as Their Capital

Big Liars at the Pentagon Admit They Have Four Times as Many
As Many Troops in Syria as They Said Before

Overbaord: Music Teacher Sues Toronto School Board Over Song Defamation

In Racemixers' Hell Hole: Arrest Over Brutal Indian Killing Video

A Holocaust Denier Jap Buys Hirohito's WWII Memoir

Germany Offers Money for Refugees to Go Back Home

Protesters Clash in Kyiv Over Aborted Arrest of  Saakashvili

The Jewish People Will Be Forever Grateful, Netanyahu Says on Jerusalem Capital
Recognition from Israel


Victim-Seeker Israeli Jews Put On the Spot with Jerusalem Recognized as Their
Capital, Now they must Be Nicer
Southern California Burns

ABC Reporter Soaked by Wildfire Water Drop

Globalist Goof Americans' Evil Invasion of Afghanistan Results in
More Civilian Casualties

Racist Rejects Plea Deal Over Attacks in Sacramento, CA.

Other Adult, 2 Children Found Dead in Nasty Fatherless USA

US Supreme Court Divided on Gay Wedding Cake

Jewsmedia Helped Pervert Weinstein Hide His Crimes

Saskatoon: Two-Marys Catholics' Religion Return $25,000 Donation Over Sexy
Women Fundraiser

Honduras Police Refuse to Crack Down on Protesters

Dumb Move: IOC Bans Russia From Upcoming Winter Olympics

Colombia Shootout Between Colonialist Rebels Kills 13

Colonialist Legacy: Cameroonians Flee Government Troops in
English Speaking Region
World's Largest US Military Base Camp Humphreys in North Korean
Sights, Mired in Corruption Scandal

White Nationalists Create "Operation Homeland"

Jewsmedia Hides Race: Hamilton Police Identify Alleged Shooter of
19-Yewar Old Good Samaritin

Complain to City News (we Will) at
Semitic God/2 Mary's Catholic Mike Pence's Wife is A White Self-Loather
and Anti-Trump Idiot

Tell Him Here (we Will)
on Twitter: @vp
Races Separating: Protest in Tennessee After Athletes Threaten to "String
Up A Nigger"

SOB Globalist Trudeau Afraid of White Populism, Tried to Buy
Them Off with Cheap Chinese Trade

Disgusting Rich Fatherless Canadian Bastard in Laura Babcock  Murder Case
To Make Closing Arguments

Texas Police Officer Shot

Hadi Calls For Uprising in Yemen Against Saudi Arabs

Iran's Shiite Houthi Forces Kill Former Commie President Saleh

Meghan Markle Forced to Stuff Her Bra for Game Show

Napoleon's Home: Corsica Wants Independence After Local Elections

Philippine Army Claims They Killed 15 Communist Rebels

Trump's Globalist US Mercenaries Poke North Korean Regime in the Eye With More Useless Military Provocation "War Games"

Neo-Nazi Site Founder Andrew Anglin : "Troll Storm" is
Protected Free Speech in the US

Anti-White Globalist Jew Billionaire Soros Registering Felons to Vote Against
Roy Moore in Alabama

Brutal Vacation: Ottawa Confirms Canadian Man Killed
On Negroes' Trinidad

Warrants Withdrawn for Lukewarm Separatist Catalan Leaders

Honduras Opposition Leader Calls on Army to Rebel

Anti-White Meddler Suicide Bomber Kills 17 in Nigeria

Young Girl Kills Herself Over Bullying in Fatherless USA

Toronto Police Seek Help In Identification of Woman Fighting for Her Life After
She Was Hit by Van in Scarborough

In 52% Non-White Toronto: 6 Injured in "Stab City"

Alleged "Sons of Jesus" Claims Deadly Sinai Massacre

Who Killed Tess Ritchie? Toronto's Cops Useless

Frenchman Tells of Daring Escape from Siberia After "Falsified" Child
Pornography Convictions

Live Blog: Ukraine in Crisis
Globalist Sisi's Freemason Army-run Regime Too Brutal to
Win Sinai Back from ISIS Nasties


Murder on America's Border: The Story of an anti-Immigrant Vigilante

Girl, 8, Killed by Quebec Idiot's Snowplow
Scalp of Edward Cornwallis to be Sold Online by Mikmaq Natives

Show Your Face: Stupid Judge Suspends Face Covering Section of Controversial Quebec Law

Globalists' Pals: China Will Not Export Their Phony Communist System

Typical:  US CIA Globalist Caught in Turkey for Suspected Coup Links
Jews Rule Both Sides: Second Phony Cold War with Russia for Globalists'
Military Profits--Russian Parliament Bars All US Media

Real Press Freedom: Waste of Time in a Feminist Jew-Run Censor State Canada
with Evil Orwellian "Hate Laws"

Missing Transgender Gender Woman's Body Found in Toronto Ravine

Sheilah Martin: Another Woman Appointed to Canada's Supreme Court by
Commie Feminist Justin Trudeau

Mentally-Challenged Man Claims He Was Enslaved

Christianity/Judaism Lite: Catholics' Semitic God Worshiper Pence Ready to
Fight for Original Chosen Peoples' Same Semitic God of Jews

Rotten Jewsmedia: Now Matt Lauer's Accuser Says He Called Her to His
Office for Meeting--and She Woke Up On the Floor

Mean Killer of Stephanie Rengel Gets Prison Leave

New Lead in Tampa, Florida Killings

Report: Globalists' Mercenaries in US Special Forces Massacred

Snake Den: Canada's Globalist Traitor Mulroney in Cahoots with Corrupt Billionaires
Financing Catholic Globalism

Ukraine's Jew Regime Discuss Closer Ties With Israel

Leave Them Alone! North Korean ICBM Carried a Dummy Nuclear Warhead

Violent Latinos Again:  2 Human Heads Found Outside Broadcasters
Office in Mexico

"Professor" anti-Racist Idiots Try to Have White Identity Without
White Nationalism

Canadian Official Defrauded First Nations

Gunman Fires From Highrise in Reno

Day 31: Clive Bundy Declines Court Offer for Release From Jail During Trial

Trump Hits Out at Globalists' May Over Tweet Criticism

Gunman on the Run After Robbing Las Vegas Casino

Ontario Working to Ban Eye Tattoos After Mishap

Overpopulating Idiot White Meddler Macron Has No Business in "Nation of Upright Men"
Burkina Faso

Joe Biden in 2020?  Semitic Catholics' Bloc No Good for Whites

Multi-ethnic Ethiopia Falling Apart: More Than 20 Killed  in Ethnic Clashes

Anyway You Cut It: "Pocahontas" A Race Traitor to Native People, Helped and
Racemixed with White Invaders


Globalist Greedy Merchants Again: Shell Involved in Brutal  Abuses on Nigerians

Angela Lansbury: Sometimes, Women Must Take The Blame
Russian Bishop Claims Last Tsar Murdered by Jews for
Ritual Purposes

Semitic God's Pope Defends Ethnic Rights in Myanmar, But Not in Europe
Remind Him to Do the Same for Whites (We Will)

3 Killed, 5 Injured in Israel's Jaffa Building Explosion

No Free Speech in Canada: White Race Traitors and Their
Ilk Close Down Another Pro-White Meeting in Ottawa
Complain to the Ottawa Library (We Will) and The Mayor
(We Will)

North Carolina Should Stop Everything and Find 3-Year Old Girl Missing
From Her Home
Tell Trump To Help (We Will) at @realDonaldTrump

Qatar: Saudi Arabia is A Bully That Risks Destabilizing the

Pentagon's Pinnacle of Liars: Thousands More US Troops in Iraq, Syria Than Admitted

Disgusting Anti-White Idiot Canadian Justin Trudeau New Apologizing to LGBT Civil
Servants with Monetary Compensation

9 Dead in Ontario's London Area from a Bacterial Outbreak
Racemixed Useless Royals of Women's Island Britain to Wed

Who is Meghan Markle?

Hariri: Snake Prime Minister of Divided Cannot Be Trusted with His Globalist
Saudi Silence

Globalists' Mercenary Kurds Too Slow to Declare A Nation

Nothing Will Happen: Semitic God's Religious Leader Lands in Buddhists'
Myanmar to Talk about Racial War on "Sea Gypsy" Rohingya

Overpopulated Planet: "I Was Beaten with Iron Bars" --Refugee on Papua,
New Guinea's Manus Island Camp

Roy Moore's Accuser Has "Violent Temper" History of Criminal Fraud Against Own Family

Toronto Argos Win Canada's Grey Cup Football Championship
Racemixing Never Works:
Texas State Trooper Shot and Killed in Impossible
Racemixers' USA

Black Football Bastards Rape 14-Year Old Girl

Good News! Whites in Quebec Against Multicult Policies of
Race Traitor Trudeau Regime: 44 Arrested

In Feminist Evil Country: Teen Driving Missing Grandmother's Car Caught
Near Canadian Border

Yemen's Criminal Investigator Killed by ISIS in Aden

Childish Confessions of a Deluded White Wimp Who Thinks White Constitutional Racist States Will Nor Appear in North America

Search Continues for Argentina's Missing Sub

"Red Warning" to Air Links Over Bali Volcano

Anti-Blasphemy  Pakistan  Protesters Defiant After Deadly Crackdown

Christians' Mean Semitic God-Worshiper Youth Pastor Held in
Shooting Deaths of Family Members

Stray Dog Defends Woman from Mugger

What's Going On in Separatists' Luhansk?

Ukraine in Crisis: Live Blog

Woman Walking Her Dog Killed by A Hunter

6 Children Shot on Cleveland's Racemixed Streets

Minority Sufis' MosqueGlobalists Tool, New Saudi Prince Calls' Iran's Leader a "New Hitler"

Small Town Ontario Street Name "Swastika Trail " Irks B'nai B'rith

Greedy Capitalist Uber Not So Great After All, Paid Hackers to Keep
Data Breach Quiet

Oregon Occupation Bodyguard Gets Probation

AC/DC Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Denies Rape Charge
US Citizens Warned to Stay Away From Warmonger Saudi Arabia

Why They Hate the US (Don't Cry When They Blow You Up):
US Kills 100 Local Somali Patriots

Jews Unhappy: German Greens Support Hamas Event

Bad Optics: Trump To Deport 50,000 Haitians allowed into USA After Earthquake

Fake News: Disgusting Jewsmedia at Newsweek Dares to Compare Trump to
Hippie Monster Manson

American Whites Should Ask Donald Trump Why Are They Helping Saudi
Arabia Destroy and Starve Yemen

We Will... On Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

llinois Man Faces "Hate" Charges Over Remarks Made
To Muslim Woman


Globalist TV Jew Propagandist Charlie Rose Also Accused in Sex Harassment
by 8 Women

Jewsmedia's CBS Spin: There Are Hundreds of Hate Groups in America:
Here's A Look at Some of Them


Blow to Globalists' Stooge Merkel as German Unity Talks Collapse

White Monster Man Manson (Who Should Have Been Executed) Dies
In Prison at 83

Where Are the Evil "Manson Family" Killers Now?

Trump Unhappy With Ungrateful Blacks He Rescued from Chinese Prison for Theft

Lots of Stabbings in Multicult Toronto Area: Woman Seriously Wounded
in MIssissauga Attack

Stupid, Wimpy Hollywood Jews' Superhero Golems "Justice League" Stumbles
at the Box Office: Grow Up, Fools
More Degenerate Rockers Die: AC/DC's Malcolm Young Checks Out at 64

Wimpy White Self-loather Antifa "Chicken Man" Arrested

Whites Have Had Enough: KKK's Invisible Empire Warns Anti-White Woman

North Carolina Confederate Flag/Freeman Lovers Find Out Race Is All

Las Vegas Tourism Reeling from "CIA" October 1st Massacre

Russians Happy: "Arrogant" Saudi Arabia on the Brink of
War With Iran and Lebanon's Hezbollah

Yemen at the Brink

Three Inmates Break Out of Jail

Globalist Elitist Hillary Clinton Defends Jew Sen. Al Franken, Ends Her Popularity

White UK Mother Converts TO Islam, Murdered by Her Muslim Husband
for Wearing Western Clothes

An Upstart Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman Threw
A Tantrum Felt Around the World

Ugh! Another Crude, Rude Jew Globalist Propagandist:
Michael Moore

Massive Fire Engulfs Senior Living Facility Outside Philadelphia

Immigrants Disappear in Washington County That Voted for Trump

Commie/Feminist/ Sexual Harassment at "Vice"

Meteor Lights Up Phoenix Sky
Four Suicide Bombers Kill 18 in Northeast Nigeria

Chilling Video Links Suspect to Tampa Serial Killings

"Missing" Explorer Meets Yaifo Tribe

ISIS Promises to Release "Christmas Blood"
Jew Senator Propagandist Al Franken Apologizes for Sex Assault
of Sleeping Woman .. He Should
Tell Him on Twitter (we will)   @alfranken
Live Updates of Bundy Ranch Trial With Commie/Jew/Feminists Spin

Publisher/Editor of Your Ward News Hit with Jew Censor Hate Charges


YouTube Jew Censors Remove Any Opposition to Their Globalist Oligarchs' Rule

Anger in Iran Slows Help for Quake Survivors

Your Ward News Frustrates Commie Feminists
KKK Grand Dragon Under Investigation for Threatening Fellow Students
at Florida University

Duterte "Insulted" by Trudeau: Idiots White Meddlers Not Wanted

Trudeau Determined to Keep "Peacekeeping"
Tell Him -- Don't Meddle (We Will)
Italian Nationalist May Have Joined ISIS

Ukrainian Nationalists Don't Want a Hungarian Flag: Old Austro-Hungarian Empire Hated

Women's Bloc Vote Continent/Country Australia Unfortunately Goes for
Unnatural Gay Marriage, Further Undermining Heterosexual Reproductive
Gunman Kills Four in Racemixer Idiots' America

Corey Feldman: There is A Pedophile Ring in Hollywood

From Comrades to Billionaires: The Face of A Thuggish
Russian Jew Oligarch Behind Putin

Drowning A Better Option: Rohingya( Sea Gypsies)

Second Phony Cold War Big Farce: Oligarch Jews'/Putin's Russian TV
Station Forced to Register as a Foreign Agent by American Oligarch Jews' Regime

Prince Charles Challenged Over Claim That Foreign Jews Are
To Blame for Middle East Turmoil

Trudeau: I'll Take Our Manila's Trash (Let's Get Rid Of This Embarrassment)
Tell Trudeau -- We Will -- at his Email:

Phony Feminist Jewess Arianna Huffington  Turned A Blind Eye to Sexual Misconduct

Sunnis' Routs Shiite Militia in Syria Border Town

Globalists' Mercenaries of US Army to Be Even More Nuts

Anti-LGBT Groups Stand Behind Accused Roy Moore

Bannon: White Supremacist Support for Trump A "Media Fabrication"


Detroit Officers Fight Each Other in Undercover Operation Gone Wrong

Myanmar's Nasty Buddhists Don't Mind Setting Muslim
Children on Fire

Why They Hate US: American Globalists Kill Somalis in 3 Drone Murder Strikes

Enough with Honoring Evil Wars: Globalists' War Memorial
Defaced in Montreal


Racemixing Never Works: Four Niggers Murder Two White Girls

Independence Day! 60,000 Join in White Nationalist March in Poland

ISIS Recaptures 60% of Town Lost to Syrian Red Regime

Childish Idiots' Hero: Star Trek Oriental George Takei Accused
of Sexual Assault

Woman Who Married Mother Pleads Guilty to Incest
"Doctor" Pleads Guilty to Breaking 6 of Sen. Rand Paul's Ribs

US Senate Candidate Denies Child Sex Abuse

Why Roy Moore's Law School Professor Nicknamed
Him "Fruit Salad"

Yet Another Hollywood Actor Admits He Was Behaved Sexually

War Not The Answer, Globalists' Stooges Agree after Russian Invader Troops and
Air Power Secure Freemason -like Cult Regime in Syria (Yawn)

Fuel Crisis Hits Yemen Capital as Saudis Tighten Yemen Blockade

Same Old Crap: How the Anti-white Media
Wants to Deal with a White Nationalist

Arrogant Mean Latvian Bitch Gets Only 4 Years for
Homicide of Fiancee

Evil Rich Spoiled Feminist Spawn Dillen Millard Calls Ex-Girlfriend
Victim: Needs Herpes

US Feds Arrest Bombing Suspect Near Anti-White Racist Vigil

Typical, Looking for Victimhood: Black Cadet Wrote the Racist Graffiti
Found at Air Force Academy

"Fog" Fate Keeps Trump from DMZ Visit to
Threaten North Korea More

Election Loss: Trump Most Appealing to White Urban Voters

Race Is All-- Tell Him
on Twitter, @realDonaldTrump

Useless Anti-racist Fiscal "Conservative" Defeated in Virginia Election by Transgender Candidate

Disgustingly-Raised White Monsters: More from
The Laura Babcock Murder Trial

Communism-- A Failed Evil Ideology -- Marks 100 Years of Torture and Killings

Where The "Cops" Fail: Crazy Multicult Feminism Leads White Men to Depression and Murder

"He Saw Me, I Saw Him": Hero With A Gun Saves Parishoners
at Texas Church Massacre

Children's Mini-Mosque Playground Causes A Stir

"Neutralize Iran" Trump A Fool to Side with Shaky Saudi Kingdom
Tell Him (we will) on Twitter:

26 Dead. 29 Injured in Massacre at Texas Church:
Worst in State's History

Mean Crazy Irishman: Texas Church Shooting Suspect's
Violent Past

Semitic God's Children: Jew's Wife Sarah Sanders Reads Christian
Devotionals Before Lying to the Press

Catalan Leader Granted Conditional Release

Shaky Kingdom: Saudi Helicopter 'Crash' Kills High Ranking Prince

Mean Jews: Israeli PM Won't Return Dead Palestnians' Bodies

Paradise Papers: Canadian Rich Are Not Patriotic, Hiding Their Money in
Offshore Accounts Not to Pay Taxes... Curses on Them All

Quebec, PMs, Bronfmans, Kolber Hid Funds:

American Woman Wins NYC Marathon

Don't Take Them Down: White Nationalist Posters Appear at Stoogy
University of Toronto

Arabs' Saudi Arabia No Match for Aryan Iran in Any New War

Shaky Kingdom: The Reason Behind Saudi Purge Revealed

Evil Commies Again: Sen. Rand Paul Attacked in His House
Evil White Self-loather Antifa Live Video from NY and LA

Canada Screwed: Nonwhite Immigration Minister of Feminist Voters' Canada
Dismisses Trump's Security Concerns
Tell Him He's an Anti-White Fool Here (We Will)
Why They Hate Us: Globalist White Invaders Kill 14 Civilians in
Air Raid in Afghanistan

Racism, Fascism Rising-- Antifa Fails With Dumb Protests
Anti-Trump/White Self-loathers' Antifa Revolution to Start Today

Murder-- America's New Pastime: Man Accused of Killing Fiance's
Mother In Court

Snooty Useless Limneys' Governor-General Should Resign Over Her nasty Arrogance
Tell The Queen Here (we Will):

Ontario's LCBO Names First Cities for Marijuana Stores

Pro-White "Proud Boys" Drawing New Recruits Daily

Overpopulated Pakistan Says It's Willing to Use Nuclear Weapons
--Watch Out, Overpopulated India

JFK Assassination Rumors of CIA Link  to Oswald:  You Know Something
Is Conspiratal and True

Earth Overpopulated with 8
1/2 Billion, Mostly Nonwhites, Humans Dominant
Cause of Climate Change. Blame Third World Idiot White Meddlers
Another Idiot White Meddler: US Woman Arrested in Zimbabwe

Quebec Woman Gets 7 Years for Cocaine Smuggling in Australia

Piece of Crap Pig Paddock's Brother Bragged About Massacre of
Whites Done for More Gun Control

Slavs' Macedonia on Shaky Ground with Jailing of 23 Albanian Separatists

Catalans Too Scared to Stage Exit from Globalists' Stooge Spain, Now Arrested

One Dead in Rare Shooting in Marrakesh, Morocco


Trump Calls to End Deadly Diversity, Visa and Political Correctness
After NY Attack

Latino Victory Fund Deletes Their Anti-white Ad After NYC Jihadist Attack


How The Deadly NYC Attack Unfolded

Georgia Neo-Nazi Accused of Threatening to Kill Senator

US Representative Defends Association with Holocaust Denier

Tennessee Racemixers Confronted by Proud Whites

All Degenerates Hollywood Jews: Kevin Spacey Flew on
"Lolita Express" with Bill Clinton

Immoral Antifa Thugs and White Self-loathers Okay With Pro-Pedophile
Demo Signs ("No Pedo-Bashing") at Cernovich Protest

US and Globalists' Mercenary Kurds Lose Key Crossfire to Iranian-
Controlled Militia, Cuts Off US Land Supply Syrian 'Rebel' Schleps

Ingrid Rimland Zundel Has Passed Away

To Hell With November 4 Anti-Trump Rallies:
Whites Say, Don't Attend!

Man Who Wanted to Kill Globalist  Oligarch Jewboy Putin Killed is Wounded

Spacey's Skeletons

Commies' Whine: Supposed Neo-Nazi Plot Against Mental Case
White Self-loathers

White Nationalists Chant Patriotic Slogans at
Tennessee Rally

Stranglehold Idiots: Ugly Jew Censors Again, Ban Roger Stone from Twitter for Life


Universalist (Catholic) Pope of Women's Semitic Religion Can't Save White Culture or Race
Tell Him He's Out to Lunch With His Anti-white Racism and Racemixing

Elderly Couple Dead in Cobourg, Ontario Hospital Shooting

Canadian White Voters Have Had Enough Pandering to the Nonwhite Immigration Invasion: Traitors Worried



New Gun Law Conspiracy: FBI Setup Artists Wiped Phones and Laptops of Vegas Massacre of Whites by Pig Paddock

The Black Church Shooter Hidden by the Jewsmedia

Globalist Propagandists of al-Jazeera Ask, What Price
Have Kurds Paid for Ethnic Secession Vote?

Form Your Own Country! White South African Farmers Being
Wiped Out in Racemixers' Violent Regime

Present Catalan Leader Useless with Obfuscating
Answers on Independence for A Natural Ethnic State



Jew Woody Allen Pretends He Didn't Know the Extent of Harvey Weinstein's

Sexual Predator's Actions... Yeah, Sure


How Weinstein Made A Fortune from Films
Allegedly Featuring His Victims