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U.S. ends ban on flights to Ben Gurion

The FAA removed its ban on U.S. passenger planes flying to and from Tel Aviv Wednesday night, a day-and-a-half after stopping all the flights citing security concerns. Israeli officials have been lobbying Washington to reverse its decision which was put in place after a Hamas rocket struck close to the airport on Tuesday. Other international airlines followed suit, canceling many flights to Israel's Ben Gurion Airport in the last two days. [ More ]



Train with crash bodies leaves rebel town

A refrigerated train bearing the bodies of many of the 298 people killed in the Malaysia Airlines plane disaster pulled away Monday afternoon from a rebel-held town in eastern Ukraine. Dutch experts called for a full forensic sweep of the Flight 17 crash site and told armed separatists guarding the rail cars that the train must be allowed to leave as soon as possible. Four days after the crash, investigators still had only limited access to the crash site. [ More ]



Ukraine at potential turning point after crash

The crash of the Malaysian airliner in rebel-held eastern Ukraine is being viewed as a potential turning-point in the conflict — either, the international revulsion over the death of all 298 people on board will force the warring parties to seek an end to the violence, or the disaster will stoke the fighting as the recriminations escalate. The Boeing 777 was almost certainly shot down, but who did it remains hotly disputed, with most blaming pro-Russian separatists. [ More ]


Israeli troops battle Hamas, uncover tunnels

Israeli troops uncovered more than a dozen cross-border tunnels and battled Gaza militants on the second day of an open-ended ground operation Saturday, as the Palestinian death toll climbed past 330 and diplomats scrambled to revive cease-fire efforts. The Israeli military said it had severely diminished the arsenal of Hamas, the Islamic militant group ruling Gaza, but the militants have continued to fire rockets. [ More ]



Buses with migrants rerouted amid protest

Homeland Security buses carrying migrant children and families were rerouted Tuesday to a facility in San Diego after American flag-waving protesters blocked the group from reaching a suburban processing center. The standoff in Murrieta came after Mayor Alan Long urged residents to complain to elected officials about the plan to transfer the migrants to California to ease overcrowding of facilities along the Texas-Mexico border. [ More ]



  Judge strikes down Ky. gay marriage ban

A federal judge in Kentucky struck down the state's ban on gay marriage on Tuesday, though the ruling was temporarily put on hold and it was not immediately clear when same-sex couples could be issued marriage licenses. U.S. District Judge John Heyburn in Louisville concluded that the state's prohibition on same-sex couples being wed violates the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution by treating gay couples differently than straights. [ More ]



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Missouri man shoots wife because he ‘got tired of her’

NAYLOR, Missouri (Raw Story) - A Missouri man reportedly told police that he shot his wife over the weekend because he was “tired of her.” Ripley County Cpl. Earl Wheetley was called to a home in Naylor on Saturday evening where he found Carolyn Leonard “laying on the front porch covered in blood.” The woman “stated her and her husband was arguing, and he shot her” in the shoulder, Wheetley wrote in an affidavit.[ More ]


'Love thy neighbor'? Nuns sue nearby strip club

STONE PARK, Illinois (AP) -  A convent of nuns in suburban Chicago has filed a lawsuit against a neighbor, a strip club they say plays throbbing music while the nuns try to pray. The Sisters of St. Charles named Club Allure Chicago and the village of Stone Park in their lawsuit. They claim the club violates Illinois zoning laws, which require a 1,000-foot buffer between adult entertainment facilities and places of worship. The sisters' property in Melrose Park includes three chapels.  [ More ]


‘Allah’ handle gets Turkish Twitterer sentenced to 15 months in prisons

SOMEWHERE-IN-TURKEY (Washington Times) -  A Turkish Twitter user learned the hard way that Muslim hardliners mean business when they preach against disrespecting their god’s name: He was sentenced to prison for using a social media handle that included the word “Allah.” The man adopted the Twitter handle “@CenabiAllah.” He was arrested and charged with “humiliating the religious values accepted by a part of the people.” [ More ]

Anti-gay GOP candidate outed as former female impersonator

KERNERSVILLE NC (Raw Story) -  A GOP candidate for North Carolina State Senate — who supports the state’s ban on same-sex marriage — has been revealed as a former female impersonator and drag show emcee by the co-owner of the club where he once worked. Steve Wiles worked at Club Odyssey until 2010 under the name ‘Mona Sinclair,’ former club owner Randy Duggins told the Winston-Salem Journal.  [ More ]


Bolivian villagers punished thieves with swarms of venomous ants

COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA (Gawker) -  It's nearing the midnight hour on this special blood moon evening on the East Coast, but whatever time it is where you are — day or night — prepare yourself for horror. Near Cochabamba, Bolivia, two men who stole motorbikes from nearby Amazon villagers, were tied up to two trees and tortured ruthlessly by venomous ants. The two men were held for nearly three days until family members came to repay the $3,700 for the stolen motorbikes.  [ More ]


Nun tells students: Masturbation and ‘lack of masculinity’ make you gay

CHARLOTTE, NC  (Raw Story) -  Officials at Charlotte Catholic High School in North Carolina apologized to parents and students on Wednesday following a guest speaker’s remarks condemning homosexuality at a school assembly. “The statement she basically made was that homosexuality was something developed from lack of masculinity or a lack of father figures in one life,” one student told WSOC regarding the speech from Sister Jane Dominic Laurel. [ More ]


Islamic "clerics" ban Muslims from living on Mars

SOMEWHERE-IN-UAE (Haaretz) -  Humankind's quest to visit Mars suffered a setback this week, when Muslim "clerics" issued a "fatwa" against setting up home on the red planet. A group called the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment, based in the United Arab Emirates, has ruled that an attempt to dwell on the planet would be so hazardous as to be suicidal - and killing oneself is not permitted by Islam. [ More ]


Iranian poet executed for 'waging war on God'

SOMEWHERE-IN-IRAN (Al Jazeera) An Arab-Iranian poet and human rights activist, Hashem Shaabani, has been executed for being an "enemy of God" and threatening national security, according to local human rights groups. Shaabani and another man were hanged in an unidentified prison on January 27, rights groups have said. [ More ]


Back to the 8th Century: Afghanistan plans stoning adulterers to death

SOMEWHERE-IN-THE-CAVES-OF-AFGHANISTAN (Al Jazeera) -  Afghanistan's government is considering restoring stoning for adultery, a punishment used by the Taliban during its time in power. "Men and women who commit adultery shall be punished based on the circumstances to one of the following punishments: lashing, stoning [to death]," states article 21 of a draft of the new penal code. Article 23 specifies that the stoning should be public. [ More ]


Ha! Ha! Syrian rebel 'beheaded in case of mistaken identity'

SOMEWHERE-IN-SYRIA (BBC) -  An al-Qaeda affiliated rebel group in Syria is reported to have asked for forgiveness after beheading a fellow rebel in a case of mistaken identity. A video recently posted online showed members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) brandishing the severed, bearded head of a man.  [ More ]


Israeli "police officer" rapes two Palestinian boys

RAMALLAH, Palestine (Kawther) - Two Palestinian children were sexually assaulted by an armed Israeli assailant dressed in a police uniform. The perpetrator, driving a white car with Israeli license plates, approached the two boys while they grazed their goats in a field. With his firearm visible, he ordered them to strip from the waist down and sexually assaulted them one at a time. Asked to comment, Paris Hilton said, "that's hot!" [ More ]



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San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

Read more:
San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

Read more:

San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

Read more:

San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

Read more:

San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

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San Antonio teen accused of killing dad with ax reportedly laughs at his booking

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Harper: Canada ‘steadfastly in support’ of Israel


Canadian teachers held in Indonesia over alleged child sex abuse


Calgary Jewish group criticizes police for not staffing rally


Anti-Israel protesters take to Parliament Hill


Charges dropped against four arrested in Project Traveler probe

Nigel Wright likely to be 'chief witness' at Duffy trial

TTC vehicles involved in almost 18,000 collisions since 2009


Hate crimes in Canada up slightly in 2012: StatsCan

Con man shot dead in targeted attack in Surrey, BC

Tributes to Doug Christie


Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:
Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:
Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:
Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:
Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:
Victoria lawyer Doug Christie, who defended Zundel and Keegstra, is dying - See more at:

Tori Stafford killer Terri-Lynne McClintic admits prison assault



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