The Story of a Mysterious Canadian Flag That Appeared on a Whitehorse Mountain

The Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign (founded December 2010) is dedicated to having the beautiful red maple leaf/white (homeland) background flag displayed across Canada and will be calling on companies, institutions and government facilities to proudly display our flag and to replace flags that are worn.

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Canadian Flag Day: A Message for the Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign

This year, we're proud to have contacted at over 100 companies, institutions and legislators to ask them to display the Canadian flag.

Here's a reply from Mandarin Restaurants:

Dear Bob,

Thank you for your email. As we are about to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday, here at Mandarin we are extremely excited to be a Canadian company. We have been in operation for over 35 years, starting out as an a-la-carte restaurant in Brampton, to now expanding across Southern-Ontario to 26 locations.

As a proud Canadian company we honor and celebrate Canada in many ways throughout the year. During the month of July we host our Celebrate Canada promotion with a wide variety of Canadian favorites such as, poutine, tourtiere, salmon glazed with maple and so much more! Every 5 years or so we even host a free buffet on Canada Day for all Canadian citizens to enjoy as we thank them for their continued support and patronage to Mandarin.

We thank you for your continued support of Mandarin and we look forward to serving you in the near future.

Best regards,


We've also received positive responses from Canada's banks, including CIBC, Scotiabank, and RBC.

Flying the   Canadian  flag has been a great way for "white racists" in Canada to show their national and racial pride, and will continue to in the future. Our beautiful red maple leaf on the white homeland background is a design that instantly recognizable for miles around and looks great any time of the year. White nationalists have embraced our flag as our sign, our symbol of a Canada we have fought for since the 1970s and the increase if [sic] flags we have spotted just in the Toronto area alone has made the effort more than worthwhile.

2017 marks Canada's sesquicentennial, our 150th birthday. I can't think of a better way to celebrate it than to have Canadian flags flying from every neighborhood in the land, on every government building, school, church and media and corporation head offices.

You can do your part. When you go to a Canadian restaurant (or an international chain operating in Canada, ask them to fly a Canadian flag as a sign of how proud they as Canadians and to serve Canadians and be good corporate citizens. And if the flag is torn or worn, ask them to replace it.

Let's all celebrate our great land with our beautiful national banner. Fly it at your home and get a smaller open
flying from your car. Show everyone your national and racial pride, not just today or on Canada Day, but every day.

Happy National Flag Day

Bob Smith, Coordinator
Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign


Loblaws to Fly The Maple Leaf Proudly

Received from Loblaws Lid., in response to our request to fly the flag at all Loblaw stores and subsidiaries (Zehrs, No Frills, etc.)

Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you for your email addressed to Mr. Weston.

The Canadian Flag, is a national symbol that speaks for all citizens and Loblaw Companies Limited follows government protocol. As such all flags, currently at our stores, distribution centers and corporate offices, will remain at full mast.


Barbara Chaulk
The Loblaw Companies


Celebrate Canadian Flag Day

Learn more about our flag at

Keep them up

CFPPC sees lots of Canada Day flags and decorations

By Bob Smith, CFPCC Coordinator

I'm greatly pleased, proud and gratified to see the number of Canadian flags and similar-themed decorations up at locations across Toronto in my travels and to see and hear them all over this great land before, during and following this Canada Day.

This Canada Day, it was great to see the flags, maple leaf banners and other decorations saluting our country and our beautiful red maple leaf on our white homeland background still up after July 1st. In my travels here in Toronto, I've noticed mostly white households across the city sporting the maple leaf, unlike non-white areas, whose people should be Canada's biggest boosters as they enjoy life in this globalist game-show.

It's great for the CFPPC to be part of the success of this massive show of Canadian pride and our red maple leaf on our white homeland background banner all over Toronto and across Canada, before, during and after July 1st, in person and on the news reports in print and TV.  I'm even happy to see those using beer ad slogans. Keep them all up and let's keep our nation
al pride visible and glowing throughout the summer.


To learn proper flag protocol, visit the government's Canadian Heritage page,  RULES FOR FLYING THE FLAG


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