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                                                    by Bob Smith

It's not rocket science -- whites need to have more babies.

Look around -- white couples have all but abandoned the idea of the nuclear family that white nations have known up until the late 1960s. Today there are white couples who are delaying or not even thinking of having
children, citing economics, trying to be a two-income family,  and good old hedonism as excuses for not having kids.

Considering how many children are being born of nonwhite families in the US and the Third World countries wracked with war and poverty and refugees and scam artists now banging down Canada's and America's doors with their kids in tow. (Here in Canada, they just literally walk across the Canada/US border with border guards acting like valets handling their "luggage").

And let's not forget the other factors: the trends towards deliberate gender confusion with young children and also the legitimization of the LGBTQ community and whites adopting nonwhites -- North America is now aping the hot comedy Modern Family.

Fertility rates in Canada are in danger. according to Statistics Canada, the fertility rate for women. According to the 2018 edition of Canada at a Glance:"Your great-grandfather was 1 of 7 children. Your grandmother was 1 of 4 children and you are 1 of 3 kids. You are thinking of having 1 or 2 kids, or, if you happen to be a statistician, that's currently an average of 1.61 children per woman. Over the past 150 years, Canada has changed from a high-fertility society where women had many children during their lives to a low-fertility society where women are having fewer children overall and at increasingly older ages. Despite some fluctuations, the total fertility rate in Canada has been below the replacement level for over 40 years. In fact, 1971 was the last year the replacement-level fertility of 2.1 children per woman was reached -- meaning that couples, on average, had produced enough children to replace themselves. In 2011, the total fertility rate was 1.61 children per woman, up slightly from the record low of 1.51 about a decade earlier. Fertility patterns specifically the number of children born and the average age at childbearing,  affect the dynamics of population growth and the age structure of Canadian society, as well as family formation and household composition."

White nationalists know what our declining birthrates mean. Our DNA-recessive genes compared to those of nonwhites assure that we face imminent extinction in our own homelands within a generation or two. And let's not forget that when governments tax and tax and tax white families as so many have to literally decide between paying the rent/bills or feeding their kids while they chop essential services like medical care and education and dole out billions for newcomers and immigrant educational/ settlement programs and brochures.

In the 1970s whites were bombarded with self-hate and self-guilt messages, from Elvis Presley's song "In the Ghetto" to America's National Urban League's "Give A Damn" campaign of music and public service commercials.In Canada. Justin Trudeau's late dad Pierre Elliott Trudeau, shoved his disgusting "multiculturalism" policies along with open-door immigration that opened Canadian cities up to gangs, crime and drains on social services. Today, we need to press our governments at all level to first stop the mean conservatives-style cutbacks in essential services like education and class sizes and breakfast programs for poor white families and to increase family allowance payments and wages to liveable standards,

And again we need to go after the TV networks and producers and distributors of such family-ridiculing shows like Married With Children, Modern Family, The Goldbergs, Mom, the animated Simpsons and Family Guy and all other series where the nuclear family is attacked and belittled-- homosexuals are making billions from them every year creating, writing and producing this really hateful garbage; As NPC leader Don Andrews (who was brought here by fate and destiny from Bosnia Yugoslavia and raised as an Andrews) put it, "the queers and perverts who made these plots". On one of Canada's most popular comedies, Corner Gas, there is not one child in the fictional town of Dog River, Saskatchewan -- only one resident has a child, single mother Wanda Dollard, who toddler son is never seen, except from his poiint of view...curses on rge show's star/producer Brent Butt, who in real life is married to Nancy Robertson, who portrays Wanda.

We need to condemn the new "baby fathers", fictional and real, who bring children into the world and abandon them (a mainstay of the just-renewed Mom).

Only white nationalists are concerned with our future; other races can speak for their races and we respect them -- not the starry-eyed idiots who sent us on a path toward our own destruction.

We need more white babies, period. American states who have just mounted anti-abortion laws and bills realize this. Hopefully, the rest of racially-conscious whites will wake up and history will repeat itself... with next white baby boom.



Lying-- it's been seen by many people as a way many politicians get elected, the bedrock of commerce and various other developments in the past decades.

When television came about, it wasn't long before the premise of dishonesty in movies as a plot for endless comedies and dramas would transfer to the new medium-- and be a hit in almost every genre. Comedies rank high in the lie factor-- the core of the sitcom, from The Honeymooners in the 1950s to the series of the 2000's, there's an element of deception or omission or outright lying as a comedy tool.

Humans lie in sitcoms for may reasons: Hiding aliens or supernatural beings has been a staple of the sitcom, from My Favorite Martian (60s) to Mork and Mindy (70s) to Alf (late 1980s); then there's ouright law-breaking (the finale of CBS' long-running Rules of Engagement had corporate sleaze Russell Dunbar having a gay wedding with his assistant/fall guy Timmy Patel to keep him from being deported out of America. On Mork and Mindy, alien Robin Williams married and had an alien baby with his human protector. Things didn't go so well for NBC's Alien Life Form (ALF); in the last episode, he was captured by the US military.

Lying -- on TV or in real life--takes a certain form of nastiness, and when it's portrayed as part of normal life instead of frowned on as being immoral well, it's not a far stretch to allow other taboos. Lying even became the inspiration for one of  TV's longest-running game shows, To Tell The Truth, now on ABC.

Deception is all part of it, too. a "classic" Corner Gas episode  "Whataphonia", has two its main characters, indigenous cop Davis Quinton and  Toronto transplant Lacey Burrows hiding their shared fear of globes as the latter  thinks the other is trying to date her. In another story, "Game Set and Mouse" gas station owner Brent Leroy ands his dimwitted pal Hank dream up a game the object of which is to see how long an outlandish lie can be believed.

Families who lie or deceive each others' members have been a staple since TV began,  right up to today's Modern Family, which will end its run on network TV in 2020. When you hear the phrase "I'm not a good liar" anywhere on TV, it signifies that someone thinks that the ability to lie is a positive trait.

Next week, there's a lot of lying going on as the TV networks in the US try to con advertisers to buying time on their new fall shows in the yearly "Upfronts". You will be hearing about them here, so watch this space and get ready to take on the shows new and old, wherever they run in Canada and USA,
when they promote lying as being okay or "cool".

And parents, have a word with your kids about lying -- it isn't cool, it isn't right -- and it isn't the white man's way.


  By Bob Smith

"Well, that's about all we're going to get from HBO before they show something homosexual". That was in the opening minute of an episode of the long-running Fox series Family Guy, spoken by  Peter Griffin (Seth Macfarlane).

The White Man's way is a concept that has been talked about on this site repeatedly. It is more than common sense, good will and fair play. It encompasses morals-- knowing what is right and wrong and to conduct yourself accordingly. Thanks to movies but actually more so to television and to its offshots, streaming TV shows and series, we can't rely on TV to "teach" right and wrong and morals. No more sitting the kids in front of the tube and letting them see their 'heroes' punch out bad guys -- many of their idols have some looking in the mirror to do themselves.

There is so much perversion and weirdness on TV -- monsters like vampires and zombies still around like the many vampire shows like True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Originals and the new "comedy" What We Do in the Shadows now running on FX. Then we have the golem superheroes/ vigilantes still hot on TV like The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, and DC Universe's Doom Patrol and Titans, most of the others on the CW network. They're an assembly of the super-powered, the disfigured, robot/human cyborgs and yep, aliens, all out to "battle evil" and protect us. And yep, they don't like racists or Nazis (a member of the Doom Patrol, Mr. Nobody, can drain people's brains after Nazis in Paraguay used him as a guinea pig after the war). And "Starfire", a member of the Titans, is an alien whose relationship with Robin (yes, Batman's ex-sidekick) is that of as a lover.

One of the worst of the newer shows is the TV adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale, the man-hating piece of fiction written by  Canadian commie Margaret Atwood and soon to return on streaming service Hulu in the USA and the Canadian Bravo channel. Set in a future society where women are slave surrogate mothers used to repopulate the Christian-oriented new America called Gilead, all the males are evil and the women are fomenting rebellion. This show has earned new publicity with the rise of white identity and the election of Donald Trump as US President.

Also on Bravo is the second season of "Killing Eve", a nasty suspense series in which Sandra Oh is an Asian psychologist involved in a dangerous lesbanish relationship with a white serial killer she and the police are hunting.

The White Man's Morality must be defended and any medium that promotes anything contrary to such important issues of preserving white identity and survival (more white children, hatred against white males) must be opposed and complained about to the above streaming services and any TV channel/network that airs them -- and that goes for all platforms -- broadcast, cable specialty channels and streaming services (Crave, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.) Many, like Crave are owned by big outfits like Bell Media in Canada and in the US by Warner Media (CW, HBO) and Comcast (NBC). CW's new weirdo take on vigilantes this fall for instance, is Batwoman --and she is a lesbian. Old white folks? They're dumb, mean and/or crazy or feeble-mided (Abe Simpson, Corner Gas' Oscar Leroy). The nuclear family --what's that? Don't need 'em--we've got gays raising Asian kids on Modern Family. Diversity? Hell, yes -- the Black-ish family has filled the shoes of disgraced pervert Bill Cosby.

Hollywood's Jews haven't changed much-- still relying on the "Choose Me, CHOOSE ME! attitude that entices the young into their casting couch clutches and later to appear in their anti-white creations on TV and the big screen. Things won't change this fall when there'll be more of this slop everywhere, and available to anyone with a TV or a computer connection. I will guide you through the new offerings in the TV swamp in a couple of weeks when the new TV fall schedules are revealed, so visit this site, so stay tuned.

And keep complaining to the networks about why the white man's values aren't around on TV or ridiculed.



By Bob Smith

Mostly when people think of heroes, they don't think of firemen or people like Terry Fox. They go to their childhood heroes -- Superman (created by two Jews) Spiderman (Stan Lee), Batman, and the like. The ones with super powers and the ones from other planets are really popular.

And they keep on coming. People who have abilities that are more than humans, who can cause a lot of grief and can be a threat to all races. These are not the ones to be worshiped the way they are today in films and TV. They surely don't adbance the white race.

Start with Superman. He was flown to Earth by a people who wanted their kid to a kind of Messiah and promote wisdom and peace... except he had the muscle and power to bring fear to all, like the ancient Jewish Golems who went to kill their enemies but ended up turning on their creators. While on Earth, his adoptive Kansas family hid his powers from everyone, espcially the government and when he reached manhood, only then did he learn of his alien heritage. Luckily, he was represented as a force for good, but even then, was distrusted by US government officials wary of his potential, the leader of which was a black woman name Amanda Waller.

Batman started off as a vigilante seeking every night to avenge the killing of his parents in a robbery. He soon became a law unto himself and
evolved into a moody, brutal bully. No one tried to stop him, partially due to his alter ego, a billionaire philanthropist rich enough to keep his identity secret.

Spiderman was also on a vengeance mission after getting bitten by a radioactive spider. There have been many versions of him, including gay and Hispanic ones-- no friend of white peiople, he!

On Earth, he was known as "Jon Jonzz". In reality he is a Martian, who along with cops from another planet (Hawkman and Hawkgirl) participate with him in the "Justice League", who patrol planets and watch over Earth from a large satellite. Who needs big brother when this bunch can "protect" you?

There's even Super-hero-ettes -- Supergirl, Hawkgirl, an Amazon raised on an island full of women (Wonder Woman) and who later fought Nazis like Marvel's Captain America and soon this fall, the CW's new lesbian vigilante, Batwoman.

You can bet that these vigilante "heroes" are the opposite of racists.
Luke Cage and Nick Fury of the Marvel stable are black as are DC Comics' John Stewart (Green Lantern) and Cyborg. They have no racial identity, no nation and are loyal only to their own values.

They are the idols of all generations -- kids, teens and the adult comic book geeks still living with their moms and know more about the Green Lantern corps than the daily news. And keeping us ignorant with these fantasy distractions serves the Jewsmedia in many ways: politically because they are anti-racist and of course for the billions they generate in their TV series and movie franchises.

Our dwindling white race has enough on our collective plates without these modern-day Golems and their message of "brotherhood" disguised as defenders of "truth, justice and the American way", which was Superman's credo in the 1950s TV series. Indeed, we need to be concerned about their fictional outlook on life and how it affects our young, who may soon be a superhuman battle of  preserving our racial identity, with rcaemixing as our Kryptonite, the kind that is fatal.


By Bob Smith

There's a lot of talk in the Jewsmedia about "pride" -- pride in your favorite sports team, gay pride, and of course, ethnic pride (only if you're not white) to name a few.

But white pride -- that's been missing from the media, and I don't count commercials bragging about proudly-made goods in the USA or Canada or the folks sporting MAGA hats in support of Donald Trump.

If you're a natural racist, you've heard or seen in our articles the phrase "the white man's way". And you know what it consists of -- living your life and acting with common sense, good will and fair play. And if you look around and carefully observe other races and ethic groups, you know how many "ways: there are: there's a black man's way, a Chinese way, a Japanese way, there's  Hispanic/ Latino ways --There's even a way for African Americans to be "white", as evidenced on the hit ABC series "Black-ish"(the network has yet to decide to renew it for its' sixth season).

We all grew up learning what the white man's way is. It's the small things, like giving up a transit seat to someone who is elderly, handicapped or pregnant, to the large and important ones like good will and fair play (to those who also practice those beliefs).

The resurgence of white nationalism in Europe and the Trump presidency has made slight ripples in the Jewsmedia. All of a sudden, the phrases "white nationalism" and "white racism" are appearing more and more. The Jewsmedia is getting more and more concerned about how much harder it's going to be to pull off all their old diversity and multicult nonsense, everywhere from CNN to filmed drama and comedy to commercials. Major companies from the manufacturers of Tic Tac candy to Hyundai have been put on notice that racists are not happy with what they're peddling and the racial advocacy groups who whine that enough blacks/Latinos/LGBT members are "under-represented".

When radio's most popular shows of old, like Father Knows Best became the foundations of the TV sitcom, the nuclear family was king of the ratings. Then. slowly, the "family" on TV changed: the single parent (widows/widowers, as on Andy of Mayberry), the blended family (Brady Bunch) the ethnic family (Cosby Show) and the crude and wacky Fox network families (Simpsons, Bob's Burgers, and Married with Children, featuring a perennial loser shoe salesman Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neill). This fall O'Neill will head the final season of Modern Family -- the completion of the Jewsmedia's "perfect" family, complete with an Asin kid with two gay dads and a retired businessman with a way-younger mercurial  Colombia wife and her now-in-college son.

In the Semitic god-cult 'religion' of Judaism, the dad is always put down; a matriarchal culture predicated one one's being Jewish only if their mom's one, has finally hit prime time in the form of The Goldbergs. On that series, the white kids and parents are ridiculed far worse than the the dad who struts around in his underwear while his wife smothers and embarrasses her kids. For decades, the "dumb/crazy" dad has always been teamed with the sensible or suffering wife.

Morality -- the kind that would be taught on the sixties sitcoms teaching kids that it's wrong to cheat and steal, has been replaced by sleaziness, lies, deception. All kinds of immorality, the very opposite of the white man's way--is glorified, instead of learning morals through honesty and taking possession of your mistakes with an effort to do better.

The white man's way --which also includes old fashioned honesty, real respect and morals -- are pretty much gone from prime time. Kids are disrespectful, defiant, and everyone's trying to get one over on someone else. All that's left is fantasy and the unreal as evidenced by crap like the soon-to-be -gone Game of Thrones and practically every animated cartoon now running.

In about four weeks from now the US TV networks will be announcing the new fall TV shows, and you can expect more of then same anti-white and anti-white man's way garbage along with the continued effort to wipe whites' morals and standards off the screen with more "black-ish" clones and a pro-gay/LGBTQ dramas and comedies. Keep an eye on the entertainment sections of your papers around May 13 for the announcements; we will be delving into them in this space and on the NPC site.

And as always, write and e-mail the producers --their names and production companies are at the end of most shows. And get in touch with Canadian TV outlets like CBC, CTV, Global and the new crappy Canadian version of the crude Adult Swim channel (Corus Entertainment).

Get ready for the next autumn onslaught of anti-white/No-Morals TV, and stay on the attack against anyone and any show or sponsor supporting it.



By Bob Smith

Seen any good commercials lately? I haven't.

Commercial television, so we're told, is a simple idea: People selling everything from snow tires to I-Phones to vacationing in Newfoundland and Labrador. buy time during TV shows and the ads are run at stretches from a minute to around four agonizing minutes. Each can vary from fifteen seconds to two minutes (ads for charities are the worst at this). The problem is, most are so stupidly written or designed to provoke anger or have some kind of antiwhite/pro-racemixing/degenerate agenda. There are some channels, like PBS and a few kid-oriented/educational channels that don't carry ads.

The advertising industry is one of the Western world's most lucrative; its creators have been glamorized in countless films and TV shows like Mad Men, yet they produce some of the biggest insults to the intelligence of people ever spewed on the small screen. Racemixing abounds -- like in the latest as for Ferrero's Tic Tac gum, or the current Levi's jeans ad full of "diversity" dancing to some kind of African tribal rhythm, fast-flashing pro-gay/miscegenation messages, like the sublininal ads that caused a stir in the 1950's.
Some are downright creepy, like the bear family in the Charmin bathroom tissue ads arguing over who's going to pick up the bear cub's underwear.

Major fast food restaurant chains need a tweak, too. A current McDonald's campaign is set in Western Canada has farmers talking about their commitment to the environment (Mickey D's has long been under attack for its pushing sugary/bad health inducing food and beverages and tried to appease the protests by a half-assed effort at posting its ingredients). Thanks to the Jew-wrecked economy, many families today are literally subsisting on the Golden Arches.

Famous people are great shills. The American Association of Realtors used Modern Family character/realtor Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell) and his book of "Phil's -Osophies" to remind all to trust your local realtor. Jew William Shatner made a good pile for years telling Canadians that at Loblaws, "More than the price is right!". Jerry Seinfeld's first commercial gig was for American Express, appearing in a number of ads, one with Superman. Even disgraced pervert Bill Cosby once hawked Jello Pudding, Coca-Cola and White Owl cigars. Danny Trejo (Machete) and Megan Mullaly (Will and Grace) have sung the praises of America's Sling TV service. And lest we forget the ads from movie studios like Sony, Warner Brothers and Paramount hawking nasty cioming attractions like the graphic horror flick Pet Sematary and the new "Joker" movie that paints the maniacal clown killer in a sympathetic light.

On local stations, lawyers fill so much advertising time: many say they work on contingency--  you don't pay unless they win your case.

And then there is the Advertising Council, which funds and produces many of the ads (or PSA's) on TV which tell you to do stuff -- discover America's wilderness, don't waste food, don't drive high/drunk/distracted and in one memorable ad, chiding everyone who makes fun of racial backgrounds or LGBTQ people. Another scary ad for the advocacy group Truth.Org features a woman in an enclosure going on a big city street going through opiod withdrawal for all to see. Still another has a bunch of racemixed adults standing around looking dumbfounded trying to find a way to ask a friend if they're having mental health issues.

The most boring of them all are the collection of tourism ads for the province og Newfoundland and Labrador --big, long stretches of scenery lulling you with an announcer's voice reciting a poem ( one ends with a brief shot of a woman walking down a street in St. John's Newfoundland (the red light district, maybe?) But the worst is one with race traitor wrestler John Cena berating Americans that they're not really American if they  don't accept everyone of a different race, nationality or gender choice ("Love has no labels"). The worst other thing these ads do besides trying to manipulate you away from racial identity and morals is just insulting your intelligence.

So what to do about stupid, evil and offensive advertising?

One -- keep a record of all bad ads, including the time, station/network and program that they appear on.

Two -- use the Internet to find out who makes the products or supplies the services offered (Wikipedia is great  for that information).

Three -- write to the stations/networks that air them, the shows they appear on and their producers and distributors, and to the manufacturers and sponsors. And to regulators and watchdogs such as the FCC in the US and the CRTC and Ad Standards Council in Canada. And to organizations like the Advertising Council of America and its CEO Lisa Sherman at www.adcouncil.org.

Advertising responds to consumer complaints -- remember, the majority of advertising is aimed at women and people 18-49, with the money to spend. If you're not computer-savvy, write a letter and spend the cost of a stamp to let the world know you're tired of being propagandized, lied to and made to feel ashamed of being a normal white person or shamed into being politically correct.

Below is a sample of some of them-- check them out at the link addressess below on YouTube:

Joker Movie Trailer

"Because of You"

Levi's ad

"The Awkward Silence"

"Love Has No Labels"



                                           by Bob Smith

Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, isn't having a great last year of his first term of office. The SNC/Lavalin (Yawn) story is taking up a lot of his time along with the almost-every-day hyping of new "details"like the tape between ex-Attorney General Jody Wilson Rayboud and Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick. Until the news broke about the SNC scandal, many figured on Wilson-Rayboud as a future contender for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Today, Trudeau has been in her sights as well as former Treasury Board head Jane Philpott.

One of the most significant trends of the modern era is the growth of women as national leaders. Britain's "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher  managed to alienate almost every sector of her country, still became a figurehead for women's leaders of nations, and today we have Theresa May, whose own party is trying to get rid of her and is facing a possible snap election over the Brexit fiasco.

The tragic Christchurch shootings in New Zealand saw that nation get more  behind their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardem, who condemned the racist motive for the attacks and even more Muslim clothing in sympathy. Right next door in Australia, Pauline Hanson fronts its growing One Nation Party.  Slovakia just elected its first woman president Zuzana Caputova and in the Ukraine, there was the three-years of its first woman President Yulia Tymoshenko. Germany's still-serving Angela Merkel, and will we ever forget the federal Conservatives Kim Campbell who went from her short term as Canadian leader to now serving on the nation's Supreme Court advisory board. Here in Ontario Kathleem Wynne was Ontario's leader for the Liberals until her defeat to the Tories' Doug Ford while Andrea Horvath still leads the province's New Democrats.

We of the Nationalist Party don't have a problem with women leaders, as long as they are not warmomgers (like their counterparts in the US) and are against intervention and meddling in foreign wars and letting thousands of people here as a result the messes that the West starts or meddle in. The growth of women participating in politics here in North America has been so greatly significant with its many prominent political women past and present, like Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin and of course, Hillary Clinton. And let's remember the role that white women played in the election of Donald Trump; political activism is not just confined to the Democrats there as Elizabeth Warren now looks to be the favorite to challenge the GOP in 2020.

On TV, there's women running things on both sides of the border. Acerbic queen bee Emma Leroy is the real power behind the Freemason small-town drones of the hit series Corner Gas (In one episode she was elected mayor of the fictional Dog River, Saskatchewan. Also on TV, there is the final season of the series Veep on HBO, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfuss as fictional vice-president Selena Meyer, still hoping to claim the Oval Office.

Big business know the power of women-- 80% of all commerce is aimed at them. On TV, women are a critical part of the 18-49 age group, the demographic that advertisers want to sell their goods and services to. There are women-skewing TV networks such as "W", Lifetime and OWN operating in Canada and the US and women's issues such as violence and health are in the news and public affairs shows all the time.

Part of the white man's way means showing respect for women, especially those who are our mates, our wives, daughters. cousins, sisters and of course, our mothers. It's our job also to be examples and role models of what real white men are -- not bullies or potty-mouthed drunkards and louts, but mature men who participate in, promote and support the role of natural motherhood and fatherhood in  that fading entity known as the nuclear family, and to teach our daughters respect for themselves and consideration of common sense, good will and fair play towards all.

Because, let's keep in mind, that wherever we live, in so many ways, women voters run the country.


by Bob Smith

To look at TV today you'd think that you were in a time warp. There's nothing, if anything, that reflects what the racial realities are in the world, most particularly since the rise of white identity and the election of Donald Trump and the rise of white identity worldwide. With all the scenes of racemixing, homosexuality in every shape and form in all formats of TV -- news, drama, comedy and animated -- it's becoming really less reflective of what society is today. No one is paying much attention to the cries of "diversity" and multiculturalism as they did in past decades.

Starting in the late 1960s and 70s, TV tried to be "reflective' of how society was changing. Pro-racemixing/anti-white TV series were going morning, noon and night. Soon, every show on TV -- from Sesame Street to All in the Family to Family Matters to cartoons like Fat Albert and even game shows-- were pushing racemixing and that buzzword "inclusion". Blacks were just like whites, going after the American dream and never joining gangs or shooting up the 'hood. Whites who didn't like nonwhites, like Jew Norman Lear's Archie Bunker, and blacks who were poor (like Lear's Fred Sanford) were made fun of. On kids' shows and cartoons like Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go and sitcoms like Chico and the Man, blacks, Hispanics and whites got along great. On Happy Days, Fonzie went to bat for a black kid and The Hardy Boys cartoon series had Pete Jones, an afroed drum player. The Jackson 5 had their own cartoon series.

That's all over now; in the real world the races are separating as whites are rediscovering their race and choosing their own people for mates and for nuclear families -- no more gay couple/adopted Asian/old guy with hot younger Latina wife, as on TV hit Modern Family. The rise of racial nationalism has not been affecting any aspect of TV -- national news isn't covering it, this growing racial divide, and there is growing coverage of nonwhite crime (at this writing, police in Markham Ontario are hunting for a gang who this weekend kidnapped an Asian man from a garage).
No, you'll have to watch the local US news after 11 to see the racemixing TV anchors or maybe a Hispanic weather girl. Or some of the nonwhite anchors like Soeldad O'Brien and Michaela Pereira, now fading from screens.

Things are moving at a rapid pace as we enter spring in North America -- confrontations between white self-loather reds and white nationalists, the attacks in New Zealand and Holland, the US political scene remaining divided as it enters the 2020 campaign and up here in Canada, growing resentment over immigrants getting special treatment while white Canadians are denied medical care and treatment for serious health concerns like cancer and autism.

And none of this change is reflected on TV. If anything, it's being pumped up for the remainder of the current TV season that ends in May, with more on the way this fall as TV's first lesbian superhero,"Batwoman" begins next season on the CW network, which will be likely picked up by a Canadian network.

Society is coping with the first stage of a new social revolution as populism evolves into racial identity and white nationalism, a phase the Jewsmedia looks on with fear and trepidation. For once, their BS about brotherhood peddled everywhere since the 1960s is not being believed, and the median is feeling the sting of mistrust by the public no longer paying attention to their snooty pundits, handsome male hosts or leg-revealing women. Corporations like Comcast (NBC, Viacom (MTV, Comedy Central. Paramount Network) and Warner Media in the US and major companies in Canada like Corus (owners of Global TV), Rogers (City TV) and Bell (CTV, Comedy Network, and MTV Canada) are going to have to rethink ignoring this revolution if they are to survive against the competition of the Internet and other electronic platforms of news and entertainment, and cover this new phase in society, everywhere -- in the US, Europe and in Canada.  Even the golem/fantasy/superhero genre has "jumped the shark": People are just tired of it. Next year, both Modern Family and Big Bang Theory -- will exist only in reruns -- both once popular series that have premises that are no longer relevant and workable to viewers. Canada's national broadcaster, CBC, has dumped a wad of tax dollars on the new series "Diggstown" all about a black lawyer defending the down-and-out in Nova Scotia.

Chances are it won't be back after it finished its initial run. Finally we have CTV's desparate try at squeezing more life out of its most improbable sitcom Corner Gas Animated, which promises to up the ante with more incredible tales of the already unlikely denizens of Dog River Saskatchewan, which include an elderly retied businessman with a short fuse and his town queen-bee wife, a manchild head of police and a befuddled transplant from Toronto who's still trying to make sense of the town's quirky population.

The Jewsmedia (especially its news divisions) used to pride itself on being up-to-date an truthful. These days, there's two strikes against them on both those fronts and it's unlikely that TV in this part of the world will soon reflect what it is becoming:
a not-so-idyllic world where lambs lie down with lions and singing the old Coke brotherhood teach-the-world-to-sing commercial.

And for white racists, it's a sign that they are scared and worried that the BS box that is TV is starting to come apart at the seams
and nothing short of a major "retooling" (adjustment, in TV parlance) will stop the loss of viewership and ad revenue.

About time... in the meantime, don't let them get away with misrepresenting white nationalism or berating the ideas of racial identity and integrity. Call them on it every chance you get .... and stay tuned.     



By Bob Smith

The attack on the mosques in New Zealand by an angry white man in response to the  open immigration policies of that nation riveted the nation and the world as fifty human souls (at this writing) lost their lives. The accused has been given one charge of murder and may face 49 more.

All over the world, words of condolence have  been sent by world leaders and by representatives of religious communities of many faiths. Security has been stepped up at many mosque locations in major North American cities. There is an air of fear everywhere added to the grief and despair.

Let's be clear here. The accused is charged with entering two houses of worship and mowing down people of all ages, including children. Murder is not the white man's way and this white man who expressed his rage will soon face down-under justice. But we must not forget how many white people feel wherever we still have our communities, about not only the open-door policies which have allowed those with no respect and/or understanding of our culture and mores to come here in droves, as legitimate and bogus refugees and as opportunists. This goes on while our DNA-recessive whites are being kicked out of, automated and outsourced of their jobs and also passed over for advancement for nonwhites. Sooner or later, the frustration and anger of the collective will boil over among one or more of them and lead to tragedy. There is a limit to anyone's tolerance, especially when one feels endangered.

New Zealand has a population of five million, about one-sixths' of Canada's, with a history of indigenous peoples and settlement similar to its neighbor Australia. About twenty percent of its population is Maori. Rarely does something like this happen in a nation that boasted a murder rate of 64 in 2014. But also like Australia, New Zealand is women-run, in this case by the Labour Party's Jucinda Ardern. And there has been a rise as in many white countries, of Muslims in urban areas like Wellington and Christchurch (where the killings took place). As NPC Leader Don Andrews says, race trumps religion, and those worshiping a Semitic god-cult will pose a threat in the minds of many of the dominant white population. Furthermore, if you have a pro-commie government that's big on human rights, and "diversity" and "inclusion", that sets the stage for a lot of fear and resentment. And when any government ignores the legitimate complaints of those whites who come to these elected white self-loathers, sooner or later there will be consequences as tragic as those of Christchurch.

The Jewsmedia has, as expected, been front and center worldwide on all platforms,  with its anchors, "analysts" and pundits clutching their pearls, wringing hands and unanimously condemning yet another 'terrorist' act of violence. Yet there is a new wrinkle, the recognition of  white nationalism as an ideology and a movement, and it goes all the way to US President Donald Trump and his base of support; many white  self-loathers blame him and his base of support for the massacre. A new attitude is forming with race traitors and white self-loathers -- that white racists and white nationalists have and practice a cohesive ideology that has as its foundation that racism is as natural as breathing. Locally, there was talk of growing racism; Jewish leaders condemned it on radio and radio and hosts harkened back to a white nationalist who polled over 25,000 votes for Mayor of Toronto (Faith Goldy) in that city's 2018 municipal election. That shook up a lot of local self-loathers. Needless to say, the so-what attitude Canada's politicians have expressed about the dangers of multiculturalism and diversity has been added to the reams of provincial and federal tyrannical Orwellian anti-hate laws for which people such as myself and NPC Leader Don Andrews were jailed for.

The Christchurch Massacre was indeed a tragedy, one that might have not have happened if New Zealand's leaders took a look at what is happening in Europe and not turned their backs on the legitimate concerns of white New Zealanders.

The blood is on the hands of elected race traitors and white self-loathers now twisting themselves inside-out and attending vigils and marching in sympathy for the victims. We are entering new territory as white nationalists -- one of optimism as the Jewsmedia can no longer even ignore white nationalism, but also one of concern as those in charge of nations worldwide are staring out their windows and forming and choosing how each of them will react to the growing anger of white people. It is the hope of all real racists  (those who know and practice common sense, good will and fair play) that our concerns over this disastrous social experiment of forced racemixing will finally be listened to.

The only alternative in the future may be more of the "dark days" referred to by New Zraland Prime Minister Jucinda Ardern. Let us all pray and work to let another racial/religious massacre happen again.




by Bob Smith

This is a bonanza time for "superheroes". The main two marketers of these golems -- Warner Media's DC  Entertainment and Disney's Marvel Studios are awash in TV and motion picture projects now running (Black Lightning, Arrow, Suprergirl, Gotham) and just arrived (Captain Marvel), with more on the way (a new Batman film, Shazam!, and the new fall series Batwoman).

And aside from sending the message that golems -- vigilantes and
super-powered beings from Earth and other planets who take the law into their own hands to beat bad guys -- are a good idea, the superheroes of the Jewsmedia keep us nice and distracted from the news of the day -- the wars and rise of nationalism in Europe and elsewhere, and the turmoil involving new groups like the Yellow Vests in Europe (who just according to reports, raided a Masonic Lodge and trashed the place).

People are waking up -- here in Canada, in the USA and in Europe -- as to who's running things, who's waking up and seeing finally what they used to call the "hidden hand" behind world affairs, so the Jewsmedia has amped up the variety of fake news called superhero fantasies. Never in the history of pop culture (now there's an oxymoron) has their been such a glut of super-strong heroes, disabled heroes  (Daredevil, Professor X), young heroes (Teen Titans, Young Justice) and cartoons galore distracting us. And not just in films -- there's video games, online games, the original "graphic novels"
(In one, "Identity Crisis" , super hero's wife commits murder.

Many of us hang up the comic books or sell them when we become adults . And many of the developmentally stunted collect and read them still, along with collecting the "action figures" with a passion that makes me think they have lost their minds. With our DNA-recessive race dwindling faster and faster from racemixing and nonwhites' proliferation all over the planet, we don't have the luxury of immersing ourselves in the stupid fantasies of flying humans, genetic mutants, even villains forced to put down other villains and films like Warner Brothers' Suicide Squad.

Take a look at just a few of the currently-running golem dramas now on -- most have been renewed for the 2019-2020 TV season:
Daredevil (Netflix; Stan Lee, Allie Goss and Kris Henigman
Black Lightning (CW, producer Sherri Schechter)
Supergirl (CW, producer, Sherri Schechter)
The Flash (CW,Aaron Helbing, producer)
Arrow  (CW, Ben Sokolowski, executive peoducer)
Gotham (Fox, Bruno Heller, producer; this series is running its final season now).

This fall, CW will introduce Batwoman, a spinoff of the Batman franchise, which will feature TV's first open lesbian vigilante
There have already been gay and Latino versions of Spiderman to add to the multicult world of golems. And again, it's your turn to sound off on North American networks like Fox, CW and Showcase in Canada who air these shows. Also, go after the  networks who air cartoons and programs geared to the very young and teenage audience like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Freeform in the US and YTV, ABC Spark and Teletoon in Canada. Write to the sponsors and tell them that racists are watching their fake news/distraction fantasies...and we are not amused.


 Clockwise: Arthur Spooner, King of Queens; Oscar Leroy, Corner Gas;
Frank Barone, Everybody Loves Raymond


by  Bob Smith

Does the name Oscar Leroy mean anything to you? How about Arthur Spooner? Or Frank Barone or Archie Bunker?

Theses are the name of patriarchs of the respective sitcoms Corner Gas, King of Queens,
Everybody Loves Raymond and All in the Family-- carrying on a long pattern of seniors white men and the elderly in a negative way, portraying them as mean, cantankerous, rude, crude and crazy towards everyone, especially their TV families. The Jewsmedia moguls such as Norman Lear (All In the Family), Phillip Rosenthal (Raymond) Michael Weithorn (King of Queens) and Corner Gas (Ivan Fecan, head of CTV, the network Corner Gas debuted on) are all responsible for this insult to fathers and attack on patriarchy, along with teh actors who portray these caricatures -- and that's dangerous for white people and our society and cultures.

In true propagandist fashion, humor is used to portray the senior white man in this disgusting manner and all its variants. Let's start with Oscar Leroy, who ran the small-town gas station/store years before turning it over to his long-suffering son. He picks fights with everybody, mispronouncing words, flying off the handle at the least perceived slight, How his gas station was still around when he handed the business down is anybody's guess. Everyone in town makes fun of him, including son Brent and his queen-bee wife Emma, And today he lives on in the current cartoon version of the series, still voiced by Eric Peterson. In an episode that has him ina beef with liquor salesman Wes, he yells to justify his nuttiness, "I'm a senior!" repeatedly --it's the last line in that story.

Then we have Arthur Spooner, the father of Carrie Heffernan, who lives with his daughter and son-in-law Doug on King of Queens. He's given to bursts of loud yelling and bursts of temper at any time. He sued the Rice-a-Roni company for not giving him a consolation prize on a game show.
He burned down his living quarters and as played by Jew comic Jerry Stiller, is basically a slightly less manic version of Frank Costanza, the screaming dad of loser George on Seinfeld.

Archie Bunker was a template for the crazy older white male, with bigotry added to make him a thoroughly reprehensible man who was the Jews' version of racists in the 1970s the show still airs around the world and in Canada on the Corus channel Deja View.

The white dad and grandfather was once a scion of respect, morality and wisdom classic TV (and radio) series like Father Knows Best, My Three Sons and Andy of Mayberry presented white men who gave good advice to their kids and were respected in their communities. These days, white dads are buffoons, maniacs, lechers ogling other men's wives and totally irrational people bordering on the insane. And by puting down older fathers, the Jewsmedia directly attacks the existence and validity of the male as the head of a family, the patriarch who on TV has gone from the reliable bread winner to the terror of the neighborhood: on Raymond, Frank Barone was in combat with the world. In his own words, "I tried nice once. I didn't care for it." He insults his sons, rejects his wife's cooking when his daughter in law makes an Italian dish he loves and has no compunction about leaving his front door to get the morning paper with his house robe open.

And let's include here TV's animated dads -- the brutal clueless Homer Simpson, crude and disrespectful Peter Griffin and still-on-TV "old fashioned Texas good 'ol boy Hank Hill (King of the Hill) and his crackpot dad Cotton. King of thr Hill came from the perverted brain of Mike Judge
who also voiced the character.

To a lesser degree we can toss in the straight dads of Modern Family -- manchild Phil Dunphy and Jay Pritchett, who is an older version of portrayer Ed O'Neill's previous "Psycho Dad" Al Bundy -- now, cranky and still sizzling over his gay son Mitchell despite having a beautiful daughter and a young Colombian wife.

Actors like O'Neill, Eric Peterson, and Jerry Stiller need to be slammed for portraying white seniors and dads as idiots, and companies like 21st Century Fox (Rupert Murdich, CEO), Canada's Bell Media (Randy Lennox, President) and others need to be scolded and damned for this practice -- not to mention FX (Robert Iger, CEO), the Comedy Network (George Cope, CEO) and Sony Pictures Television.

Dysfunctional families who squabble are great fodder on TV, not just for whites: Kim's Convenience and Black-ish also have dads and seniors who are portrayed as nuts. But whites need to get mad at the TV producers, actors and distributors who get away with this, live action or animation. Attacks on patriarchy and the concept of fathers and grandfathers are from the fevered brains of queers and perverted writers and the Jewsmedia's production houses.

Why should they make any more money instilling ridicule and hate against a cornerstone of oyr race's survival?

                           In CARTOONS

                                       By Bob Smith

The Fox Network has been the hallmark of cartoons that have no rules. For years, Sunday nights have been the domain of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons, and Seth Macfarlane, who gave us Family Guy, Cleveland and American Dad.

At one time no broadcast network would dare show any cartoon on a Sunday schedule, let alone the kinds that make fun and slam the Semitic God Cults, especially Christianity. The Simpsons led the way, going after Judaism (yes, Judaism): In one memorable episode where Jew clown Krusty studies for his belated bar mitzvah, Lisa asks Bart "What is it that Jews value so much?" to which Bart replies "Those stupid hats?" In an early episode, after Marge give him hell for not attending church, Homer gets paid a visit from God and he complains about having to go-- and God gives him a pass. But it is Christianity that that has been targeted by The Simpsons constantly in its over-thirty year run. Home's neighbors are Ned and Maude Flanders, ultra-Christians who just can't win: their home is the only one destroyed after a hurricane, wife Maude is bizarrely killed by a T-shirt cannon knocking her over a stadium wall, and even local pastor Timothy Lovejoy can barely stand is super-piousness. Ned is the target of a lot of Homer's barbs and in one story, a widowed Ned falls in love with an adult-movie star as he fantasizes that his grown boys are now Jewish movie producers. But even that pales in comparison to that of Family Guy's Griffin family, where Jesus Christ himself is not just portrayed as an easy-going yuppie, but is revealed as a virgin and embarrassed by it, and so selects the woman who will take tht virginity -- Peter's wife Lois (she backs out of it).

God hasn't exactly smiled on Jews and Israel lately: surrounded by hostile neighbors, a growing Semitic God-cult that hasn't been wiped out (fundamentalist Islam fighters) and a not -fully cooperating President Trump in Washington, many Jews are surely thinking, "It looks like the 1940s in Europe again..."  Yet, they are now seemingly turning on the matriarchal God-cult religions they have nurtured. fostered and lived under for centuries. We know they control TV and they don't like others in their own and related cults (Christianity/Judaism Lite). and when you have the sense of entitlement and arrogance to think that "the Lord shall set thee high above" others, it's just natural you will bristle at being told by a priest or a rabbi that you're never good enough in God's eyes. Then comes the phase where you include your own in for parody and derision. Judaism's adherents have insulated themselves from attacks from the outside and have weathered the "criticisms" from those who see Israel killing and decimating the Palestinians and using the Holocaust and "God gave this land to me (from the Theme from Exodus)" as an excuse to trample on Semitic Arabs, and other dispensations.

Humor has long been a winning way for Jews to distract whites away from their shenanigans --that along with sports, crime and constantly playing the underdog card when there are the now-growing instances of hostility against them and against Muslims, and in a world where adults now watch cartoons as their kids did, there are more ways to deride Christianity, Muslims and when it's convenient, themselves. One message many Jews have pushed "tolerance" and diversity, while they put out another-- case in point: a cartoon where Homer suspects that the family of Bart's new Muslim playmate are planning a bombing. Even religions such as Buddhism  (embraced by daughter Lisa) and Hinduism (East Indian store manager Apu) get a going-over. Yet it is still hide-in-plain-sight strategy ("Yeah we don't like non-Jews, but it's comedy -- what's not to love?").

Jews are at a crossroads in 2019. People aren't as forgiving of them these days or tolerant and there's increasing suspicion among non-Jews concerning their ways, and their influence and laws, politics and the media, It's in North America, it's spreading across Europe and it is growing.  Comedy has been one way to propagandize the masses to fight their enemies, long since the days of radio, the war movie TV/film factories, from The Three Stooges to the mini-series Holocaust to Wonder Woman to the new Law & Order: Hate Crimes coming this year to NBC, they will be doubling down on the anti-nationalist/anti-white/ pro-Jews' agenda and messages.

Stay tuned -- and try not to laugh too hard.

The Entertainment Industry Does Not Reflect White Culture
by Bob Smith

We're in the middle of awards season -- the Grammys and the Golden Globes are  done, next come the Oscars, the Tonys and last of all the Emmys for TV this summer. Hey, aside from maybe, a minstrel like Lady Gaga, anyone see any white faces? 

White culture --its accurate portrayal and history -- isn't shown or respected on TV or in films anymore, or is shown from the Jewsmedia's whites-are-evil exploiters/nonwhites- are-good perspective. TV has always been the champions of promoting racemixing and homosexuality. If it isn't done outrightly , in shows like "black-ish" and its spinoff, "Grown-ish" or the ultimate propaganda comedy Modern Family, it's done subtly. Vintage and recent sitcoms like The Odd Couple, Laverne and Shirley and 2 Broke Girls have slyly tried to get us all used to the idea of LGBTQ long before there was so much as a "LG". Racemixing? You can start with I Love Lucy, go forward in time to NBC's Kentucky Jones, a 1964 sitcom starring McCloud's Dennis Weaver as a horse trainer appointed guardian of a Chinese boy, The Courtship of Eddie's Father on ABC in the 1960s.(White  widower and his son portrayed by a Latino boy Brandon Cruz and featuring a Japanese housekeeper. and then there's the black middle-class family like the Huxtables (The Cosby Show) or the Johnsons (black-ish) The Winslows (1960's Family Matters), ad nauseaum. A 1970s series, One Day At A Time (created by Jew producer Norman Lear), ran for years on CBS, about a woman who scoots off from her husband with her two daughters in tow to restart in Indianapolis . A Latino-themed revival of it now runs on Netflix starring Rita Moreno.

Modern Family isn't the first show to spotlight homosexuality. Twenty-six before that series' debut in 2009 came "Love, Sidney", starring Tony Randall as a homosexual who becomes a surrogate dad to a single mom and her daughter. "Brothers" was a cable series on US network Showtime (and also ran on Toronto's City-tv) featuring a gay man with two jock siblings. Later, homosexual couples were pushed as recurring characters in series like Roseanne (Martin Mull and Fred Willard), Two Broke Girls.

White nationalists and white racists have been relegated to stereotype Nazis and neo-Nazis on shows like Walker, Texas Ranger and the upcoming Law & Order: Hate Crimes, and films like Cobra, Sylvester Stallone's 1980s film about a cop who battles a group of neo-Nazis who despise the poor and weak (an interpretation of Nazis courtesy of producers Menaham Golam and Yoram Globus).

Nonwhites have really been showcased in drama and comedy. The US and Canada FX channels have had the dramas Snowfall (how blacks were front-and-center in the rise of meth in the 1980s, and Atlanta, centered around a group of blacks trying to break into the music business. The LGBTQ crowd is well-served by the just-renewed series on FX "Pose", set in New York's "ballrooms", places that cater to homosexuals, drag queens and transgenders.

There are no good whites on TV or the movies --they are either flawed or evil. Once, Charles Bronson's New York vigilante in the film Death Wish drew cheers every time he shot a mugger. Today, vigilantes are the sport of derision or laughter, like the "new" Batman or blind costumed defender of New York's Hell's Kitchen, Daredevil, or the profane wisecracking smartass Deadpool. In relationships, there are "baby fathers" who shirk their responsibilities like young black males, like in the sitcom Mom ( a common theme in these shows the man is either involved in criminal activity or dodging support payments).

Mostly it's comedies that sneak in degeneracy as sources of laughs and semi-criminals or "anti-heroes" that get treated as icons. They sure don't practice or engage in the moral standards that are the white man's way; that's especially true in the new animated version of Corner Gas, where the population of fictional Dog River, Saskatchewan is even more violent, immoral and crazy than in its original run.

The producers and sponsors of these shows and films need to be chastised and condmened constantly, now and in the future as new films and TV shows appear. Let them know that racists are watching and they aren't happy.



When the team of Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster created the story a baby arriving on Earth from the doomed planet Krypton, they had no idea, perhaps, how popular Superman would be. Many don't know that Clark Kent (Supe's alter-ego) actually worked for The (Toronto) Daily Star, not the Daily Planet. But many love this character who was really nothing more than an illegal alien hidden by the Kansas family who adopted the alien baby.

Today's version of Superman isn't totally a hero, at least in the eyes of the fictional US government who doesn't like the idea of aliens with super powers "Helping" humanity. And they were right. That's because superheroes in reality , so to speak, are little more than modern-day golems, the famous monsters created by Jews many centuries ago to protect them from their enemies.

And so it is for superheroes. Captain America was created originally to fight Nazis like The Red Skull. Before taking on aliens, Nick Fury (of S.H.I.E.L.D. fame) led a group called the Howling Commandos, also Nazi fighters (oh yeah, and he was a white guy). So did Wonder Woman in the 1970s. In more current versions of Superman, Lex Luthor gets elected as a sort of Trump-ish President of the United States, always warning the US of Superman's "secret agenda" (a similar theme occurs in the currently running TV series Supergirl). In the comic series The Watchmen, masked vigilantes are illegal.

Many of the DC Comics characters of the "Justice League" are at odds with the government who doesn't know how to control these people  who palm themselves off as good guys -- same goes for the fictional USA of Marvel's X-Men franchise, wherein giant robots are created by a general to control the mutants roaming free. Ironically, as the golem did to their Jewish creators, they turned on their creator/masters.

Let's remember that in real life there are no "superheroes", but Jewsmedia creations under the supervision of outfits like John Stankey's WarnerMedia (DC)and Disney's (Marvel Studios)  Robert Iger. Because of the 'hero'/Earth protector status of many of these vigilantes, they are given permission to break the law to get really bad guys like The Joker, Scarecrow and the Toyman. No person in the real world would be allowed to take the law into their own hands wearing a mask.

Most importantly let's remember that they are fantasy, fed to the insecure and the lonely as a substitute for having a meaningful and productive life. When we make icons of those modern-day golems and those who protect them we give in to the idea of one people righteously creating, then allowing the unnatural to commit violence and death, we create a situation that is dangerous to racists and to the existence of the white people.

Keep this in mind when you see movies like Black Panther or the upcoming Captain Marvel and Shazam or shows like Black Lightning, Arrow, The Flash and coming soon on the CW TV network, the lesbian Batwoman.

To be continued...



by Bob Smith

An effeminate black guy skateboards in on a white housewife telling her to add Unstoppables Fabric Softener to her laundry.

WWE star John Cena lectures Americans that it's not patriotic or American to be afraid of nonwhites or LGBTQers.

A black woman makes sure a white driver isn't texting.

These are just three of the examples of weird commercials and PSA (Public Service Announcements) over the past few months in North America). Commercials are getting as bad as the shows they interrupt. The PSAs are getting more and more political and raceless -- there's "Dr. Spruce, a woman in a lab coat telling us of the joys of the outdoors, for the US Forestry Service. A white dad  is railing about how he can't keep his black wife and daughter on schedule while extolling the virtues of Tide detergent. And Queen Latifah goes on about how Girl Scouts don't need to just sell cookies anymore.

Many of these are partially financed by the US taxpayer through various government departments like FEMA (you should see the doomsday scenarios in the "prepare for disasters PSA--which ones are from news footage and which are CGI?)

We can put aside the silly stuff -- but buried among a lot of public advertising and major corporate ads are messages that are pro-gay, anti-racist and anti-white in open and subtle ways (the current ad for the Lyft rider service ends with a black female cop asking the white passenger if he's been drinking). Almost all PSAs in the US are funded and/or done by the New York-based Ad Council, who buy time on local TV stations and networks to remind you not to text and drive,or to be not wasteful with food--right after another ad asking all to feed America.

Anyone who's had to pay a lot for the essentials like laundry soap or home insurance can relate to a lot of these ads from so many  US government departments, from the Department of Transportation to FEMA, telling us what to do. But it's been getting so crazy and dangerous with the pro-racemixing ads and the pro-homo PSAs, it'll make you think about selling your TV.

I heartily advise viewing them -- many are available on YouTube -- and writing to any TV station or network who airs them and to any US department who uses your taxes to tell you to so something you don't want that is destructive to racial identity.

And the address of the Ad Council is

Write them, too.



                                   By Bob Smith

As long as movies, TV series and stand-up comedians have been around, marriage and the foibles of husbands and wives have been the source of comedy. Jew Henny Youngman's famous line "Take my wife--please!" has launched the careers of many comics from the past  and the careers of popular performers like Roseanne Barr and Ray Romano. Lately, the traditional husband/wife/kids concept of marriage has been minimized and under attack to the point where it is considered irrelevant, especially on TV.

Marriage now can be anything -- you've got Cam Tucker and Mitchell Pritchett of Modern Family, always riffing in the famous to-the-camera "confessionals" and sniping as gay as can be about their friends, interior decoration and their adopted Vietnamese daughter Lily at the head of the procession. Years ago, TV shows like Bachelor Father, My Three Sons, Andy of Mayberry, and Julia (TV's first black mom/widow) started it with the single widow/widower. The Brady Bunch was based on the concept of a a single man and single woman raising a blended family. Later came "Diff'rent Strokes", where a rich white guy adopts two orphaned black kids and the short-lived "Mixed Blessings" where a Cree and a Ukrainian raise a family.

The Showtime Channel in the US aired a sitcom called "Brothers" that featured three brothers, one of which was gay and who revealed it to all on his wedding night. It ran  from 1984-1989. There were a lot of US station who refused to air the show when it went into syndication, while others only aired it late at night.  "The Odd Couple" and "Laverne and Shirley", with the benign concept of same-sex roommates, introduced gay marriage by the back door to get people used to the idea of gay marriage.

Later on, the idea of no mom-and-dad families took root with "Sabrina" (not the dark new version, but the version based on the Archie Comics series). Here, three witches-- two aunts and their niece -- living in the suburbs. That was followed by two versions of the witch-sisters series Charmed. Let's not forget Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie -- both about couples where the husband is kept in the dark about their wives' use of their supernatural powers.

But the idea of portraying traditional marriage as irrelevant and derided has been going on for years. Husbands and wives trying to outsmart each other has been the fodder of successful comedies for years -- The Honeymooners, I Love Lucy and today's King of Queens and Rules of Engagement (where a married couple chums with a sex-crazed sleaze whose idea of fun is dissing a cute engaged couple) can all be seen on TV in various countries.

One of the best weapons of the Jewsmedia to destroy something is to make it an object of ridicule, to make it seem unworkable and "old fashioned". The idea of as monogamy that was the cornerstone of TV nuclear families like "Ozzie and Harriet" and "The Life of Riley" was made fun of every week, and the non-traditional family even made its way to dramas like Bonanza, where widowed dad Ben Cartwright (Jew Lorne Greene) had three sons who did not look like they came from the same mother.

In 1966, ABC was worried about their campy version of "Batman" and introduced the character of Aunt Harriet to dispel rumors of Middle-aged Bruce Wayne sharing his mansion  (and a cave) with his teenaged ward.) That was the last time TV responded to Christian worries about a fantasy show. Today, the Semitic god cult's Roman "father", Pope Francis, with his obliviousness to matters like gay marriage and the still-seeping Catholic priest abuse scandals. has shown his true colors.

The "old ball and chain" is how husbands and their male pals refer to wives in comedies -- there is no affection, no warmth in so many comedies past and present. Married couple Lucy and Desi Ricardo slept in separate beds, as did other couples. On Fox's Married Children, whiny Al Bundy (Ed O'Neill) shared a bed with wife Peg and always tried to avoid being intimate. That is how marriage was and is portrayed now.

Cartoons like Family Guy and The Simpsons, with their dumb, loud and destructive anti-role model dads, have set the tone for the no-morals, no-respect for tradition 'families'. Needless to say, you'll never hear "Honey, us whites are dwindling --let's have more kids" (an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond was centered on Ray, who wanted to have more kids, in combat with with wife Debra, who was happy with three; the children on that show were basically props, with one tragically committing suicide a few years ago).

Same-sex, "gal pal" sitcoms like Two Broke Girls and the Netflix series Grace and Frankie (starring "Hanoi Hannah" Jane Fonda) are sadly the way of the future as will be same-sex dramas (The CW network hopes to run "Batwoman" this fall -- TV's first lesbian  crime-fighter-- give them your thoughts on it at www.thecw.com).  And remember, TV isn't just broadcast, but also streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Canada's Crave (owned by Bell Media). White racists need to get on these companies and services and object to any show that derides traditional marriage and families.

And make sure you write to the advertisers --they will listen.



By Bob Smith

It's hard to imagine how long television would have lasted without fantasy. These days it is dominating prime time superheroes, vigilantes and sundry other golems have never enjoyed more popularity on TV, let alone its resurgence on TV. And that's not including monsters and aliens.

JK Rowling's Harry Potter books can be credited --or blamed -- for the rise in fantasy based cinema, TV and now video games like Warcraft and Skylanders. This spring, HBO will start the final (we hope) series of Game of Thrones. And Marvel and DC/Time Warner continue to rake in billions on fare like The Avengers (above) , The Defenders and Daredevil. And the golem/sci-fi films like Aquaman and this summer Men in Black 4 will show up in theatres and soon to be streaming.

I cannot stress how important it is to underline how much of this hypnotic genre is dangerous. Whether its with prosthetics and makeup, animated cartoons or CGI, fantasy has replaced real drama and funny comedy as choice entertainment for millions of adults along with kids. It's a great Jewsmedia distraction from the real world and issues regarding race and racial identity. It's buried in messages of tolerance (best demonstrated in the X-Men films and related series, and in the six Star Trek series and continuing soon with the seventh, Picard) and acceptance of the bizarre as possible and normal.

And because a lot of it is violent and graphic, it's basically "fake life" as opposed to the fake news that's already all over the place. On "Gotham" (also ending this year), we are to believe that the US government has allowed that town to fall into criminal anarchy so deeply that it has cut it off from help or federal forces -- no we'll just let a masked guy save it from nut jobs like the Joker and Professor Pyg.

Comedies aren't much better: you have Big Bang Theory, fronted by an arrogant physicist whose snootiness would have put him in traction in teh real world. On  Corner Gas, there's a small Canadian town populated by a brusque bully businessman (Brent Butt) who employs a mouthy single mom and was raised by the business' former owner, his screaming maniac dad (Eric Peterson) and his tart- tongued mom who everyone in town is terrified of. His best buddy Hank lives in a nice little house and has no job. Another comedy on Canadian TV was Dan for Mayor, whose premise was so stupid and right from Mars (local dufus runs for mayor and wins -- much to everyone's supply) that ABC stole it for one of last season's prime time failures, The Mayor.

The loyalty that millions have to these hits on screen and in movies is disturbing because when you spend so much time watching all this unreal tripe, you lose sight of the real world -- including race. And that is what the Jews who run the visual media count on, especially now that the networks are starting to pick what's coming in the next few months and in the fall. On FX, there is yet another vampire series this spring: What We Do in the Shadows. This is from the station that made the black-fueled drug trade in shows like Atlanta and Snowfall big hits, and deals with vampire among us -- talking about models, making supermarket runs, just like normal people. Putting monsters and freaks among us -- what better way to make them accepted?

TV can't run without advertising and with all the fantasy series running like Power Rangers, Legacies and all the idiotic Japanese-style anime (and the Corner Gas cartoon) showing no signs of letting up, the pressure on advertisers, stations, networks and TV regulators (FCC, CRTC, etc.) must be amped up as TV approaches the end of its year. It's time to get busy, white people (especially you parents who let your kids (young and grown up) watch it on their screens and devices. There'll be more of it some summer and fall, so get busy abd get those letters of complaint.

And remember: racists have no time for fantasy-- except to fight the effect it has on whites and to encourage all to live in the real world...and that includes racial identity.



Right now, those in charge of Jewsmedia TV are starting to put together this fall's TV schedules and discerning all the "new" ideas for dramas, sci-fi shows and sitcoms. One, The CW, has just announced plans to air  for the first time on television, a superhero/golem series that will have as its central character a lesbian.

"Batwoman" was tested last spring as part of a story arc on the network's Arrow and The Flash series, and if approved, will start this fall.  It's not the first time TV has thrown in the lesbian part of the LGBTQ agenda; Cable and specialty channels have featured over the past while shows such as "The L Word", "Pose" and "If These Walls Could Talk" feature lesbian/drag queen and related themes.

It's not really a new thing -- TV's been trying to sneak it in for ages, with shows like 2 Broke Girls, Xena and Laverne and Shirley; the latter series about two brewery workers in Milwaukee in the 1960's, was a classic in portraying two women roommates with no boyfriends (the two men in their lives were a pair of losers named Lenny and Squiggy) and the show, produced by same the team who did the first version of The Odd Couple (another attempt to sneak in gay acceptance) and before that series, came buddy-gal comedies where women treated men like garbage and sex toys. One of the staples of "I Love Lucy" featured idiot husbands whose wives were always scheming to put one over on their spouses or always battling over kids, finances and infidelity. On Mary Tyler Moore, she didn't end the series married and had a new boyfriend each week, spending more time with gal-pal Rhoda than with a man in her quest to 'make it on her own'.

Nowadays, the gay and LGBTQ  even have their own networks (OUT TV and Logo) and shows like Queer Eye, Don't Quit Your Gay Job and Transamerican Love Story have had no trouble finding advertisers. a testament to the power of the LGBTQ communities.

Now, with the addition of "Batwoman" to broadcast television, queer characters will be given more exposure to younger and younger audiences. The "female empowerment" theme is films like Wonder Woman are a thinly-disguised lesbian "safe" interpretation (doesn't Wonder Woman come from an island  full of women?). Gays and lesbians already have cracked prime time in lesser roles (On Modern Family, gay dads Cameron and Mitchell have a strained relation with two lesbian moms).

There's a better than chance that elevating a lesbian to a lead role on a series will open the doors more to equating gay marriage to traditional marriage (thereby portraying the latter as not normal and the exception) and fading away among dwindling whites. And that is the danger for all whites.

When the new fall schedules are announced in May I will be addressing this issue more, so stay tuned. In the meantime, grab some paper and start being on the lookout for what the LGBTQ crowd is preparing on screen and streaming.

Read related story here:

And I'd like to wish my fellow followers and supporters here and on Facebook of the Coptic Christian faith a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

DON SAYS, January 13,
also available at www.natparty.com/DSA.htm:



By Don Andrews

Today there's a plethora of pro-white political activity and commentary in every nook and cranny of white society. Everyone wants a piece of the political pie a renewed white identity politics, even those who openly declare they're against identity politics,  like free speech advocate Professor Jordan Peterson, who stopped short of saying the obvious, too afraid to look onto his mirror of white self-loathing. Neo-racist commentary  comes from all over the place, whether it's the Republican Party in the USA or Maxime Bernier's new People's Party of Canada. Even in the controlled globalist Jewsmedia they have to show  they're not completely anti-white stooges to the public; Fox News is full of these pundits and the occasional individual in Trump's mostly Jewish entourage. Don't kid yourself  -- the Semitic god-cult Jews know that race is all, just like the "Yahweh" created it. Race is a natural phenomenon which trumps man-made fantasies in the final analysis.

Of course common sense/good will/fair play-thinking white nationalists don't agree with the Johnny-come latelies. However, the public lazily lumps us all together -- they don't want to hear of an al-Qaeda/ISIS fight within the white nationalist movement --that's very depressing as I'm sure it is for the patriarchal Semitic God-cult followers killed by their fellow militants over a quote or a policy. The best thing to do is to embrace all anti-establishment neo-racist manifestations ; in essence, they're all  unwittingly working hopefully to re-establish white racial pride and identity suffocated by three generations of white self-loathers with Orwellian anti-hate laws to reinforce these unnatural idiocies of self-disrespect.

It's a slow process by the foundations of future white constitutional racist states is guaranteed. When push comes to shove and natural whites are up against the wall by lesser undeserving people pushing globalism and white self-loathing, even the anti-establishment European phenomenon of the anti-globalist Yellow Vests is considered part of the white racists' rebellion.  By then, there are the Deep State opponents are running around like the famous Norwegian painting "The Scream" every time, we hear the enemies of white nationalism whine, generally, they're very good at having been brought up in a matriarchy.

The purpose of this epistle is  to reassure our hard-working followers that with every election and demonstration we are on the road to victory since the rotten Deep State  has no ideological backup other than their paid police , with the abysmal failure of multiculturalism driven by crime and now, racial separation, hoping there will not be a bloody break with the unnatural past that the race traitors have put us into because for whites we are the bulwark of the future of our race. Meanwhile, I send a thousand blessings on each and every one of our followers who have common sense, good will and fair play on their minds. Bless you.



During the holidays, I hope you've been able to catch up on the sitcoms on both sides of the border.

Seen any men lately? Real men? It's getting harder and harder to find guys actring like real, mature, moral  white men on TV instead of the wimpy and/or conniving idiots that pass for men these days.

Modern Family tops the list. A recent episode aired in syndication has retired businessman Jay Pritchett trying to discourage his young son Joe from offering his mom's underwear to girls and women --  Jay's advice? "It's creepy and European". (Email Fox TV about that one). One minute, he's a bully picking fights with his manchild son-in-law and having trouble coping with a gay son, and the next, blubbering on the shoulder of his friend Shorty when he learns he is moving to racemixed Costa Rica. He can be as crude as Al Bundy, the loser shoe salesman/husband Ed O'Neil played in Fox TV's eighties hit Married with Children.

Then we have Rules of Engagement, which ran for years on CBS and was produced by the company owned by Adam Sandler, the Jew "comic" who went from Saturday Night to starring in crude comedies about guys teaching children how to be gross in public. ROE revolves around Jeff Bingham, a bullying cementhead jock married to pretty Audrey and their friends: engaged couple Adam and Jennifer and their sex-crazed  sleazy CEO pal Russell Dunbar who's rude, crude and treats his South African assistant Timmy like the Brits treated the natives of their former colonies. Timmy, by the way, is the perfect gentleman, cultured and the moral center of the show (he ends up marrying Russell at the series' end to stay in the USA).

Next up is recently- renewed Last Man Standing starring Tim Allen. The title refers to his character Mike Baxter, who runs a chain of outdoor camping and sports stores,who is also the only male in the house with his three daughters and wife. Baxter's attempts to be a proper dad are always foiled by the daughters, one whom operates a diner in his flagship Outdoor Man store; tomboy wannabe Eve,and would-be fashion designer Molly. At work, his Basque (?) business partner Ed is the many-times-married voice of kindly cynicism and his "frenemy" is his black neighbor/security head Chuck. There also is Kyle, the show's resident lovable dimwit and at home it's Ryan, a liberal from Canada who briefly ran out on his wife and son.

The anti-white male ploy of having sneaky, effeminate, and idiotic dads as males and husbands on TV actually goes all the way back to radio (the sitcoms Father Knows Best and I Love Lucy and their stars began as radio comedy actors), back when the TV networks began as radio networks (CBS, NBC Red and NBC Blue). White men rarely fare well as macho tough guys except maybe in action or police dramas. Nowadays, teh "harmless" effeminate metrosexual is a big drawing cars on TV. On the new Fox comedy The Cool Kids, there's not a tough guy among the four senior citizens trying to maintain their big shot status at their retirement home when a women moves in and takes over.

And right now, "pilot season" starts in the US, when the major networks develop and pick which shows will start this coming fall to replace other "bad white" shows like Big Bang Theory. Many will appear on TV while others will be streamed on services like Crave, Netflix, Audience and Hulu. This is the time where you can make a difference by making them know how sick you are of whites being put down on prime time TV.

Contact the networks and organizations like the FCC in the US and the CRTC in Canada (by the way, one show that tries to show the real TV industry in Canada is FXX channel's Made in Canada starring Rick Mercer). Write, e-mail and tweet them and their sponsors. It isn't hard--just remember that Crave is owned in Canada by Bell Media and Audience by AT&T (other major media companies like Disney, Fox and AT&T own Hulu).

But hurry-- the networks will be announcing their fall lineups in five months.



It happens every Christmas season-- some big controversy over a symbol, statue or depiction of the Nativity or Christmas that is added, omitted or altered. One such debacle is on now at Montreal's St. John's Oratory, where a nativity display features Mary and Joseph looking very modern, and the three wise men riding Segways and bearing gifts and coffee from Amazon and Starbucks (you can bet that in Catholic-heavy Quebec there'll be a backlash, yet there's a big yawn factor here).

Once upon a time, anyone who had the temerity to portray the Nativity in any other context than its original Biblical one would not be leaving town a happy person. Today, now that Christianity has evolved from a Judaism-lite/two-Marys (Christ's mother and Mary Magdelene) to returning to a brown-skinned Semitic god-cult that they basically began as, the "White Christians " are starting to look less and less relevant. It's been a long time coming. A women's religion eventually transforms into a religion of hate --in Christianity, it's hatred of men now, and hatred of the concept of the traditional family.

Although Christianity loves to peddle itself as a religion of peace and love, a good reading of the Bible and history show it was, and is anything but -- look at the Crusades, which was basically a war between the matriarchal focus of Christianity and the patriarchal-based Islam. And take a look at many who in the past and present (Latinos and Eurasians, most racemixed) whose "Christian" values then and now fall short of the commandment "Thou shalt not kill". Christianity has totally failed to defend and protect white traditions while also working with other religions and groups to wound our people by supporting abortion, "family planning" and the feeding of the Third World. It sure didn't "defeat communism".

In modern Christianity, there has been a resurgence of Christianty-versus-Islam, with many "God-fearing" warmongers in America and Europe out to drone, blast, bomb and murder Muslims on foreign shores, keeping alive one of Chistendom's surviving pillars (the protection of Zionism and Israel). Billions of dollars that could feed the poor and house the homeless in these parts of the world combine with young men and women's lives lost in stupid nasty wars that only bring more of them (along with other nonwhites) to our shores as angry Muslims and "refugees".

Christmas was celebrated long before Christianity -- then it was known as the Solstice, and still is recognized today in Europe. Christianity was and remains a Semitic god-cult that demands blind devotion and obedience to three fathers -- the Pope, the Bishop, and the father, in that order.  I was raised Catholic and I can tell you first hand that fear played an important role in its growth and survival; when you see a kid in grade one getting strapped right in a schoolyard in full view of all the kids by a nun as I did in Scarborough as a boy, it leaves a real impression on you. Today it's used from everything to promoting homosexuality and the destruction of the traditional marriage and family to Christian charity rackets to feeding and multiplying Third World like World Vision in the face of DNA-recessive whites who are bombarded with Christian messages supporting women's rights, female priests and "brotherhood".

That's a major reason why "Christianity" is taking on a darker hue among mankind. Think of all the changes in the last century Christianity went through: If you change any part of a religion's core beliefs that have been around for centuries, then it really isn't a religion anymore. Church attendance continues to decline as the Vatican has made a mess of its scandals stemming from the coverups of sexual abuse among priests. Even the above-described "new Nativity" and the lack of outrage is testament enough to see how really "Christian" those who follow the "Good Book" really are. It has descended into a main target of Jewsmedia comedies, variety shows and cartoons, but still remains a force that white racists face as we enter a new year in this new century. One thing white nationalists cannot do is to keep plugged into the fallacy that our race can be be protected by hypocritical Christianity-- if anything, it is one of the greatest dangers to our racial survival. We must all be on the alert and ready to condemn that hypocrisy at all opportunities. After all, how long could Zionism and Israel have survived with its "Judaism-lite"?

This is why we must be keen observers as white racists with real common sense, good will and fair play, not the song and dance of racial suicide that passes for today's ever-darkening Christianity.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


By Bob Smith

Look around you--the races are separating.

Except maybe on television and films, which we're told, are supposed to reflect the modern world.

The newest area in which the Jewsmedia still tries racemixing propaganda is on commercials. It runs from the images that have been on TV for years (I'll go into this in a bit) to a bizarre new ad for Rona featuring Goldilocks in cartoon form dating the son of the Three Bears.

During the holiday season, there's lots of ads for liquor and wine, and three of them are really peddling racemixing: Now running are ads for Jackson Trigg, Bodacious and Innisfil wines prominent featuring racemixing couples boozing and snuggling on couches. It's part of a pattern trying to reinforce the lie that different races are happy to mate en masse still (some even go in reverse with a black woman cuddling a white man). Others that have made the rounds hawking racemixing flog Tide Detergent,  Volkswagen Tiguan, Chase Bank, Coors Light beer, Credit Karma. Macy's, Land O'Lakes Butter, TJ Maxx stores, the list is endless.

Jews know how important it is to promote racemixing (yet, how many times to you see, say, a yarmulka-wearing man walking hand in hands with a black woman or an Asian woman, anywhere on TV?); that's why they promote the hell of it to non-Jews only (we're a religion, okay?) They can see over the past while that populism is being embraced by whites all over and that means whites mating with their own race. One of the heaviest pushers of racemixing was the 2016 film "Loving" based on a real court case involving a racemixed Virginia couple forbidden to marry. This tactic has been rebooted now in ads, carrying over from racemixed themed TV series such as Modern Family, Hawaii Five-O and The Goldbergs, which regularly integrate nonwhites as major cast members and recurring characters.

Not long ago, really the Christians frowned in the US South on racemixing. Those who saw the horror of allowing it to happen can see the lawlessness all over North American cities when the races were conned into miscegenation. You don't see Christians anymore with fire and sword fighting now against the nonwhites multiplying against the DNA-recessive whites now dwindling soon to extinction. Once separation of the races was upheld by American whites with the same resistance and fervor as the early days of black-born rock- and-roll and jazz. Even some"top forty" stations banned black music (the Jews who ran the record companies found a way to sneak it in--through whites covering versions of black singers' hits. As film studios and TV promoted singers and dancers from Sammy Davis Jr. to Michael Jackson and Kanye West and Drake, generations of views of MTV, VH1 and MuchMusic got soused on Motown, blues and "gangsta" hip-hop to the point where white idiot whiggers believed their best shot at a girl was to breakdance like idiots.

Commercials are the latest to push the dying racemixing "lifestyle", like Calvin Klein's fragrance "Eternity". Ads are designed to appeal to the young, the demographic with the most dollars to spend--and the demographic drunk on racemixing that's being peddled everywhere from home improvement stores to Sesame Street.

Even though TV does not reflect the new trend of natural racial separation, they'll continue to sell you more besides soap and Cheetos. This holiday, grab a pad and pencil and jot down companies, services. products and charities (this year the Salvation Army joins them) that promote racemixing. Complain to the regulators and the stations, networks, and stations who carry these commercials and of course, companies like Proctor and Gamble (their latest is a spot for Pepto-Bismol that is clearly designed to make you reach for it) and make a New Year's resolution to give no mercy to any TV entity or commercial product promoting racemixing.




by Bob Smith

Did anyone notice how few (not counting the Obamas) black faces were in attendance at the service for now-deceased George Herbert Walker Bush last week? Mostly it was an all-white service that bordered on a solemn hoopla to say goodbye to America's longest-living president.

Say what you will about America's forty-first president-- he did represent the typical American: proud, vain, in love with themselves and also he was the father of the meddling invasions that exist to this day globally. And before sax-playing swinger Bill Clinton took over it was George HW Bush who had access to the nuclear "football"...and in his own way he set the stage for the setup of 9/11.

Let's put aside the other events just before and during his term -- the "collapse" of the USSR as their oligarchs became briefcase Bolsheviks, the reunification of Germany, etc. Bush put his own filthy mark on world history, one that has deep roots going back past his days in the Navy and  to Yale University where he became a prominent member of the infamous Skull and Bones Society and its Freemasons, just like his daddy Preston. This outfit, like so many Freemason groups, prides on "building leaders" by tempting you as far as they can to get their hooks in you and then, you are theirs.  Don't forget Ronald Reagan, his biggest booster, and how the "great communicator" ended his life senile after his "defeat" of communism.

Bush climbed the ladder quite well, going from US Ambassador to the United Nations to the head of the US Liason Office in China after Richard Nixon stepped across the Great Wall and paved the way for NAFTA and cheap Chinese goods and the theft of jobs, factories and massive unemployment that was and is the legacy of the despicable free trade scam that just got a reboot under Donald Trump. In his bid for the US Republican nomination he uttered his most famous phrase "Read my lips--NO NEW TAXES!"-- then, later as President signed off on a  bill that would pick American pockets even cleaner.

George Herbert Walker Bush, despite the solemn sendoff (which by the way featured some of the worst marching I've ever seen--maybe they can take a tip from the best marchers in the world -- the North Korean military), was the darling of racemixers, commies, warmongers, liberals and libertines; he had something for everyone, from the Gulf War to the deposing of Manuel Noriega, to the continuing presence in wars like Afghanistan (how many lives has that lost mission taken?). NPC leader Don Andrews was a pawn in a plot to take the island nation of Dominica and install Eugenia Charles as a fig leaf --it became a best-selling book by Canadian writer Stewart Bell.

Bush was a true "cuckservative" (now-deceased CSIS agent Gerry Lincoln loved that term--he even had a GHWB poster)-- to his dying day he, like so many of them, thought he was doing good when all the while he posed a clear and present danger to white nationalists and white racists by being a globalist capitalist squarely in the talons of Jews. It explains why Donald Trump, elected to office by white men, wasn't fond of the Bushes. In a way, George Herbert Walker Bush helped to pave the way and give reason to angry whites ticked off with the bullshit that was the Republican Party and its leading lights, including his son "Bush 43".

Georege HW Bush represented the Republican Party that the Jewsmedia's phony reporters and pundits lamented was tearing itself apart over before it gave Trump the GOP nomination: phony, lying, deceitful, pro-war and pro-racemixing, elitist and quite content to suck the teat of globalism (We've got one here, Premier of Ontario Doug Ford, who just stood there like a dummy when the bastards at General Motors killed their plant in Oshawa and by extension, the city of Oshawa itself).

Bush 41 truly was the "Grand Master" of the "Grand Masters", ending up in all the right places at just the right time, including his one-year stint as director of the CIA (can you think of a better position to have been in when you decide to start and maintain wars?).

Though there are those who want to see him canonized, there are keen whites who would like to see him fired from a cannon. Bottom line-- George Herbert Walker Bush was no friend of white people, and those like him who will join him in the next dimension will no doubt see what his true crummy legacy was will ask him when they meet him , "What the hell were you thinking?".

America and the world aren't resting in peace today-- and I hope he isn't.

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by Bob Smith

For those who haven't seen it, there's a popular show airing on Jewsmedia's ABC, on City in Canada and in syndication called "Black-Ish". The title says it all ; it's centered on an Afro-American family trying so hard to pass for whites, they (and the show) undermine black pride.

The series has a number of "blacks" involved as actors and producers (Anthony Andrews, Larry Wilmore, Traci Ellis Ross, e.g.). but in its fifth year on ABC, doesn't come anywhere near reality of black families (or what passes for them) in their fatherless society in America today. From the day-to-day lives of its Johnson family, you'd think they are embarrassed to be black in America. They even adopt the not-in-control dad/screaming mom/conniving bratty kids magic formula that's been the hallmark of US-made "family" sitcoms for decades.

There are few black sitcoms new to TV lately; the only other new  "black" sitcom is Fox's "Rel" (producers, Josh Rabinowitz, Gerry Cohen) and even that show tries to blend in with Fix's other sitcom/cartoons by coming off as kind of "white-ish". The two best-known black-oriented drama series (both on FX) are Atlanta and Snowfall, are closest to portraying real black life; both center on young 'gangsta' wannabes involved in rap, robbery, murder and drugs. Fox's "Empire" (producers, Malcolm Spellman and Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment) centers on the struggle of a Motown-type black record company to stay in business.

Comedy, as the Jewsmedia's found out, and made fortunes on, is the best way to push a message of tolerance (a.ka.: racemixing) to whites on TV that is so readily available, and not just on TV sets these days. And the "reality" blacks as portrayed on sitcoms is as phony as hell, pioneered by the old Bill Cosby
(who assaulted women and is now in prison) series where he played a living-large  doctor married to a school official, with a few of the best-behaved kids you ever saw, so good that the just-deceased George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara lamented that Americans should be more like the Huxtables and less like The ("white") Simpsons (Mike Scully, a former Simpsons writer, now works for Fox's new "Rel".

Today's so-called "black sitcom couples" are nothing more than yuppies with slightly darker skins, wanting it all -- and unlike George Jefferson, they aren't racists; a number of blacks intermingled with whites and in white neighborhoods in recent years, such as Deacon Palmer (Doug Heffernan's co-worker buddy on King of Queens), or Danni (Oscar Madison's negress assistant in 2015's reboot of the queer-themed The Odd Couple). Doesn't it kinda make you wonder why Black Lives Matter isn't checking this out?

But seriously, if black people want to express black pride, then they should press the networks and movie studios for more real representations of them in American life; these days they get upset only about their reputation of being "over-represented" in prison and crime statistics and the negative images of criminals and disrespectful rappers. And along with that it would help a lot if their leaders got to work on the crime problem -- black crime is their community's problem, and the solutions to it (like promoting families with caring moms and strong responsible fathers) must be part of it.

As Don Andrews says, race is all -- and black people truly should be proud of their race, and show that pride by promoting separation, not integration and racemixing, and not be content with an Oprah-style image created for them. Plus once the black man has been sissified and emasculated the way white men have been, like Jay Pritchett and Murray Goldberg have been, it's all over for families and later, society.

It's dumb and false to portray or expect black families to live by white standards, though the Jewsmedia keeps it up. As racists, we must stand up for all racists to expose this hypocrisy and fantasy and phoniness.

"Black-Ish"? Try being less "White-ish", Afro-Americans and Afro-Canadians.
Whites, let's all fight false images of all races on TV and the media, because we all have a stake in it.



If you've ever seen a performance of  Al Jolson (real name: Asa Yoelson) or any TV or movie interpretation of Robin Hood, chances are you've seen a minstrel -- an entertainer who sings. Minstrels have been with us in fact and fiction for centuries and today they're also in movies and TV, more commonly known as actors. They are beloved by white women and teenagers who pluck the stores dry of tabloids and magazines like People and National Enquirer and the singing kind have been on channels like MTV and VH1 in the US and other Jewsmedia platforms.  They're against white people and racism and are all race traitors, singing of perversion and brotherhood and encouraging racemixing  and white race depletion and destruction in songs, TV, movies, videos, streaming -- you name it.

Rome was one of the first sources of entertainment, where one could go and watch men battle to the death in arenas and see Christians torn apart by lions. Give the people a nice distraction and you can do anything you want -- that was the strategy of tyrants like Julius Caesar, and it worked out well for him (until his death) . The same rule goes today with those in charge of the Jewsmedia-- keep the people occupied  and distracted with showbiz and sports and you can go under the radar and tax and racemix them literally to death. Tyrants, like many actors and athletes, are so in love with themselves. Many engaged in some of the most horrendous behavior ever witnessed and chronicles ( latter-day media titans like Penthouse magazine founder Bob Guccione made a nice profit producing a film about Caligula ). Today, the stench from the Weinstein  scandal and all the casting-couch auditions and mayhem that resulted in the backlash known as the #MeToo movement continues.

I've been interested in  the media for years, not like the pathetic fanboys and silly white women and girls who idolize the likes of effeminate fools like Justin Bieber and any boy band you can name from the 1980s on , but to keep track of the influence they have on society and the danger they pose to our race. The male singers are far from manly, singing songs as they have since after World War I about love and romance. That carried on after the Second World War and the Korean conflict  (it was just after Korea that the jiving and jazz dancing evolved (or devolved) into the sex-oriented crazy rock and roll that overtook "pop" music and stayed, destroying generations with its noise and god-awful songs, from the sixties to today.

Whites have even taken to aping black "rappers" as these whiggers like Canada's Snow and America's Eminem got rich imitating the blacks "gangsta" songs, wardrobe and rude, crude in-your-face attitudes of rebellion that began with Elvis Presley and those who followed his style and gyrations (early TV footage of him only showed him performing from the waist up over concerns about rock's influence on the young--that dissipated when Jew-run record companies saw rock becoming a major profit source of world entertainment).

Sports, especially the violent ones, has replaced the ancient brutality of Roman death spectacles, with major corporations like Rogers, Bell and TV networks owning and having big stakes in sports like football, hockey, boxing and mixed martial arts (the two top presenters of the latter are UFC and Bellator, owned and run respectively by Art Emanuel and Jew-owned (Sumner Redstone) Viacom which broadcasts Bellator matches on its Paramount Network,

Jewsmedia, especially now, has a big stake in keeping whites distracted with songs, and sex and violence laden TV and sports. Whites are starting to wake up worldwide and seeing who's been promoting violence, racemixing and the dwindling of the normal white family and heterosexuality (TV's Modern Family leads the pack of that propaganda onslaught).

One of the biggest challenges white racists have had for years is trying to get our race to ignore and to expose and oppose  these impresarios and their creations. It's become doubly hard when that propaganda has become so pervasive and easy for the young to access. And yet we need to redouble our efforts -- to condemn perversion and disgusting, crude false representations of "culture" and "art" that does nothing to uplift white culture, but only insults and damages it. We need to wide up our kids to it, and not only on the Internet but everywhere else it is shown, and to go after the studios, radio and  TV networks, concert promoters and also go after any company that advertises on these shows or sponsors them.  

White people must unite and condemn rude, crude and perverted "entertainment" in all its forms and platforms, in private and in the government departments that regulate it, like the CRTC in Canada and the FCC in America. Complain to your legislators at all levels. Just recently here in Toronto we had a riot that stemmed from a feud between an American rapper and Toronto's darling Drake, resulting in injuries and arrests --but luckily, no deaths...this time.

We don't need any more new "minstrels" to distract our future white generations astray much like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Entertainment already has a cult-like hold on young people. For their sakes, and the future of the white race, we need to break it -- now.


It's disgusting that General Motors has chosen to pull  more globalist treachery by shutting its Ottawa plant. This free trade greed must not stand.

Contact Prime Minister Trudeau at


Along with Ontario Premier Doug Ford

and demand they help stop this threat against Canadian workers.

and curse General Motors HQ (CEO, Mary Barra)
Box 33170
Detroit Michigan

GM Canada:



                           STAN LEE:
                GOLEM CREATORS

By Bob Smith

As a kid, superheroes took up a lot of my TV and comic book time. There was George Reeves, TV's first Superman, Spider-man in cartoon form (voiced by Canadian actor Paul Soles) and campy Adam West (RIP) as Batman. Later on in life as I got smarter, I learned about a legend of Judaism called a "Golem", a monster that was created by a rabbi in 16th-century Prague as a protective creature of the Jews there. The monster then destroyed all that stood in its way. In literature, specifically the comic book and visual industries, superheroes are the contemporary Golems, fictional 'heroes' like Superman, Captain America, Nick Fury and many others, used to protect the media masters and propagandize the goyim  to embracing things like anti-racism and racial self-hate. Captain America and Nick Fury, two of Marvel's early protagonists, went after Nazis, most particularly a villain named  Red Skull (Fury went on later to fight a civilian internationa outfit called "Hydra" as the civilian head of SHIELD, a US-based spy organization that battled Hydra and later on TV, mutant and alien threats. Oh yeah, Fury went from being a one-eyed white US Army sergeant  in the comics to being a black "Shaft"-type today). Marvel has upped its black hero quota of late with the ttreaming series Luke Cage and the CW series Black Lightning.  

This week marked the passing of Stan Lee, one of the most famous Jewish creators (real name, Stanley Lieberman) of their own golems -- comic book superheroes such as Spider-man, the Fantastic Four and The Avengers, The Hulk, Daredevil and Black Lightning. Lee got picked on a lot at school -- being the target of tough guys, he was the prototype for Peter Parker, a nerd science whiz who was bitten by a radioactive arachnid. In real life he'd be dead, but Parker gained a spider's powers and proportional strength, and when his uncle was murdered by a robber, he stopped showing off his new-found abilities and became a vigilante.

Fantasy is the backbone of the success of all comics. And dazzling the eyes and minds of young people (and many older ones) with an alien who crash-lands on Earth as a baby and then illegally harbored by a Kansas family before learning he has super strength, hearing, and vision, has been very lucrative for the estates of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, who created Superman, and for DC Comics and its corporate parent Time Warner. Another mega-hit for DC was Batman, created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, both of Jew ancestry. He was a self-made golem after witnessing the murder of his parents and went from a straight-laced costumed crimefighter to a disturbed vigilante pursuing criminals as warped as he was.

Lee made himself billions as founder/head of Marvel before it was sold to the Walt Disney Company. Many Marvel titles outsell DC and the films made from their heroes are lately doing better than the newer Superman/Batman films. Jack Kirby, who was a Marvel artist for years, came from New York's Lower East Side before defecting to DC and creating one of Superman's most fearsome enemies, the warlord alien Darkseid.

The surge of fantasy's popularity has been a troubling one-- the more that kids and adults indulge in it, the less they think about what they should -- the crumbling of our society's morals and sense of racial identity (the same strategy that the Jews who own and market comics, videos and movies and TV series have). The modern-day Golems of Stan Lee are cheered and applauded. Even evil super villain teams are recruited to go and kill just like US soldiers, as is the plot of the film and comic series Suicide Squad. And one of last summer's biggest hits was the cannibalistic half-alien Venom.

Thanks to technology, there is so much of it available easily to everyone, where in the comics whites are nerds and are given the ability and opportunity to be golems themselves -- for revenge (Batman, Spider-man) or for the protection of "democracy", despite many being reluctant to be heroes initially: The X-Men are humans born with super powers that the "evil" US military wants controlled, and there's a new generation waiting for the Jewsmedia to "entertain". In the comic series "Identity Crisis" the wife of a superhero, lonely 'cause hubby's away from her arms fighting crime, kills another hero's spouse and makes it look like the work of a bad guy, endangering the families of other heroes.  Even they are willing to cross the line.

THIS is what kids are supposed to have for heroes, not the explorers, discoverers and trailblazers and pioneers who forged the white man's civilization? Whites need to boycott, deride and teach our youth about this dangerous entity that grows in popularity every day. Golem creators did not die with Stan Lee -- There are more Golem creators putting out comics, movies, TV shows and other media now and more to come in the future.

It's time to replace this dangerous fantasy in our kids' heads with knowledge, history and respect for the White man's way.
as they say in the cough syrup commercials, let's end this.

Talk to your kids--and make your feelings known to the comic companies and TV and Movie studios.



by Bob Smith

What is it good for?
Absolutely nothin' ! "
-- Edwin Starr

Ah, the Sixties. Remember all the anti-war songs that hit the charts, like that one, and Eve of Destruction? And Lord knows how many others  that came about?

In the sixties, every Canadian boy and girl didn't get out of school without knowing cold " In Flanders' Fields", John McCrae's haunting poem that  marks Canada's Remembrance Day. That poem, a tribute to the fallen of this nation in two world wars and in Korea, has become part of this nation's history.
It says to us, never forget the fallen.

Fallen for what? Why, globalism, manufacturing, warmongers wanting to distract us from their shenanigans by sending millions of us off to hostile lands, making enemies and setting up BS "enemies of democracy who want to destroy us" after the charade/conspiracy of 9/11, courtesy of the CIA and other collaborators.

There are two images of war that stand sharp with me: One my Uncle Seamus, who got too close to a grenade and lost his face and his sight in World War One. The other, an image of wounded American soldiers in the disgusting Jew (Kissinger)-led Vietnamese travesty.

White Nationalists are against war. We are against sending our men and women to meddle in conflicts that are not our business and end up with them dying and disfigured and maimed -- and also with an angry local people and refugees who come here from their ruined lands for shelter -- and for revenge. Yet we still do it, sending people insanely to Somalia, to Angola, to Mali, to Afghanistan, to name a few, on our own and as part of our wretched "commitment" to the globalist UN. What else do we get from it beside the dead and wounded who need care?

Emptier pockets. Projected figures for Canadian military spending are $25.5 billion dollars (how much of that could feed our hungry and house our homeless?) and it goes up and up as we play host to globalist makers of weapons and planes and all manner of killing machines and weapons of destruction. War is big business.

Why are we kicking down hut doors in some of the desolate and poor areas of Earth? Because our globalist leaders are joined by so-called racists who are really warmongers who want more war to "stimulate" our patriotism )always a great con, especially in racemixed America, who will never learn that when you kill people over there you bring what's alive over here).

In World War I Canada lost over 56,000 troops; in World War II, it was 42,000. In the Korean war (again not our business); 516 died there, and in Afghanistan, 159. We have yet to tally those we lost or will lose in Mali, Mozambique, and many other areas of Africa, Asia and the Middle East we have.

Then there's the reconstruction. The Marshall Plan rebuilt Europe after defeating Nazi Germany at a cost of billions, only to today see immigrants flooding into Germany and other European nations to kill, rob and rape their hosts--that's why populism and nationalist political parties are on the rise over there, as here in North America. And there is the reconstruction of those minus their limbs, their sight and their mental health from PTSD--more drain on our money; it's gotten so bad that North American veterans are getting shafted on both sides of the 49th parallel while billions are wasted giving false hope to others on one hand and destroying them and their homelands with the other.

White Nationalists are 100% against war, and no, it's not just the cuckservatives and the Jewsmedia pundits who glorify war on the news, on TV and in films, but those two-faced sneaky "patriots" who beat the drum for war (say, where are all those anti-war people from the seventies?) Even the women are MIA  from the protests against war these days.

No don't count on the former peace-loving Semitic cult-god Judaism-lite Christians or the real McCoy followers of Judaism to speak up against war, as long as there's fresh-faced young kids being trained to go up against and die for the only real resistance to globalism. Canada must adopt a policy of isolationism and non-intervention when comes to fighting -- or rather, not fighting -- other peoples' battles. And any time you hear any "racist" --or that matter any radio/TV host, military "expert" or TV pundit banging the gong for war, get on their case about it --in tweets , by letter and e-mail.

Fighting needless bloody and terrible wars when we don't need to and should not is not the White man's way.

Something to think about, this season of Remembrance...

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Bill Maher thinks that jokes about a guy named "Chester the Molester" are funny. He is one of many reasons why white nationalists need to pay a lot more attention to the crudeness, rudeness and filth that passes for TV entertainment these days.

Maher started doing stand-up routines and later, got his own TV talk show Politically Incorrect on ABC and Comedy Central before hitting it big again with his HBO series Real Time. It's on here that his blue humor --not to mention  his hatred of nationalism, racism, populists and Donald Trump -- are showcased by him and his guests. Still on stage there are plenty of so-called comics whose material falls nothing short of disgusting. Many of them have gone on to other careers in TV sitcoms (Everybody Loves Raymond, Single Parents) talk show (Ellen "Degenerate") and a few ended up hosting game shows like Howie Mandel, Bob Saget and Drew Carey.

A lot of the sitcoms past and present need a going-over as well. Homosexuality was hinted at in all versions of The Odd Couple from the mid-Seventies to the version that was cancelled last year by ABC, who still managed to resurrect Roseanne Barr's series-- without her, and now called The Conners. Barr's death of jher screeching matriarch was that she died of an opioid overdose. (Next week, son DJ gets beaten to death , LOL!)

Then there's "Mom" which began in 2013 on CBS (now also in syndication), created by the creep Chuck Lorre (2 And a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon), centered around a mother-daughter teen of recovering addicts who sit around and give each other support and excuses while dealing with "fun" scenarios like cancer and suicide and in the case of the show's lead characters Bonnie and Kristy Plunkett, dabbling into stealing and fraud (Bonnie once lost her friendship with her paraplegic boyfriend after he learned she forced a handicapped sticker to get a parking space.) These two, and those in their AA group, are held up as sympathetic characters rather than criminals-in-training and trainwrecks. Neither Bonnie nor Kristy batted an eyelash when Kristy's daughter Violet gave up her baby for adoption.

Just finished its thirteenth year on cable's Fox-owned FXX channel is It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, starring diminutive Danny DeVito (Taxi) playing another sleazeball who owns a bar and hangs out with homosexuals, a dizzy blonde harridan and various other sexual degenerates and sneaks. It'll be back for a fourteenth year.

On the FX channel is one frightening anthology series titled American Horror Story. Each season of this series is a different multi-part tale; the current series, Apocalypse, follows a murderous cult of witches after a nuclear disaster. FX is also home to Mayans MC, just renewed for its second year. It's "heroes" are the members of a Latino motorcycle gang that has no rules and not limits on their brutality. It is a spinoff of the popular Sons of Anarchy series.

On today's TV, brutal and graphic violence not only is horrible and disgusting, but is big business. Many shows are skewed to younger viewers, like the new streaming series on Netflix "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", based on the "Teenage Witch" series of live-action and cartoons, are dark and disturbing, following in the pattern of other monster and occult-themed series of the past and present (The Originals, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and CW's new Legacies and Charmed). They air on all channels and are available on Canadian networks and on streaming services like Netflix and Crave TV. US and Canadian broadcast regulators like America's FCC and Canada's CRTC.

White Nationalists need to be the guardians of media morality, not only in news and public affairs and the Jewsmedia operations who run them, but also in other forms of media series, dramas and comedies. There is no morality on scripted series -- just violence, crudeness, criminal and immoral behavior and characters. Solid and persistent pushback is needed and letters and emails sent to these outlets and to the regulators and to the mnajor corporations flogging their products and services on their evening series and in syndication, where these shows pop up at any time of day.

Although Canada has far less of them than the US, there are still shows like Corner Gas, with its bullies and sneaks populating a small Canadian prairie town, to the awful Trailer Park Boys, a terribly popular show starring three criminal types unrepentant and not supped by the local authorities, who spend the entire series in scams, robberies and going in and out of prison.

This is what passes for entertainment these days on TV-- imitatible behavior of crime, making it look "cool", moral and sexual perverts and disgusting low-lifes held up as hilarious role models.... certainly not the white man's way or his morals. They all need to be condemned at every opportunity, to the stations and networks that air them and to the broadcast regulators.

So get going. Write to CEOs Bob Iger (ABC) Richard Parsons (CBS),Bob Greenblatt (NBC). Gary Newman (Fox), and to the Federal Communications Commission (USA) and the Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission and to sny advertsier or charity buying time on these mean and violent shows. Make you voice heard --they will listen. We do and will.


By Bob Smith

These are not good days for America's Jews, and it has more than the attack on an American synagogue to prove it.

 The brutality of their brethren on the other side of the world in Gaza isn't winning them any new friends and is straining their relationships with allies. There is a growing resentment and awareness of their presence in politics and the media, and one of the latest ways they present themselves-- well their Jewishness is almost invisible as the suburban Pennsylvania family of the popular ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, now in its sixth season.

The Goldbergs, created by Adam F. Goldberg, features said creator as the youngest kid in a family of the 1980s. Yet, save for their names and one mention of  Rosh Hashanah, and their names, you'd never know they were Jews. They take great care on this show to present this clan as a typical sitcom family.

Dad Murray (Jeff Garlin) is an Oscar Madison-type slob who after a day running his furniture store called "Ottoman Empire", likes to lounge around in his living room a la Homer Simpson-- but without his pants. His hyperactive wife and (s)motherer of his kids is Beverly and she  likes to strut around in pantsuits and tight-fitting skirts, with the wildest hairstyle since Bozo the Clown.

As for the kids, we have the above-mentioned movie buff Adam, her totally obnoxious teen jock/wannabe wigger Barry and her boy-crazy,  smart daughter, Erica.The Goldbergs celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving, but never have they been sren in front of or in a synagogue or asking a rabbi for advice. They never seem to have any problems with people who don't like Jews and there's nobody who hates them as Jews -- they're just irritating.  The series is produced by Adam F. Goldberg along with Happy Madison Productions, run by Adam Sandler (yes, that Adam Sandler) and Sony Television.

On TV, the sitcoms dad/husband is either a slob (Murray Goldberg and Doug Heffernan of King of Queens), dumb (Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin) or whiny (Everybody Loves Raymond's Ray Barone), a smirking man-child (Modern Family's Phil Dunphy), a blowhard (Murray Goldberg and Modern Family's Jay Pritchett) or a schemer (again, Doug Heffernan). Putting down men is integral to a Jewish culture focused around a matriarchy (see below). The mom and thee daughters are smart or are also the moral center of the family. That's the modern sitcom.

This weekend, a man walked into a synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and killed eleven of the congregation with an assault rifle  before being taken into custody. On that very evening, Donald Trump summed it up by insisting that an armed guard would have stopped it. In the coming days, you will be seeing more articles, news features, etcetera, all about the rise in anti-Semitism, security being boosted at synagogues and the growing worry by Jews over Donald Trump supporters and angry whites. Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got on board, calling the attack "horrific".

Early reports about the suspect, Robert Bowers, included one claiming that the Jews were "committing genocide".  That's not the kind of image of the Jewish American family being peddled on shows like The Goldbergs -- that they are killers or worship a religion that okays killing their political enemies and/or non-Jews.Yet it is an image that many will wonder about in the light of these killings in Pittsburgh.

We've said on this site that Jews would possibly one day need the help of white nationalists and racists when things reach the boiling point again and again, here in North America or elsewhere in the world. Remember it's an exclusive club, Judaism;  you're not really considered to be a Jew unless you came from the womb of a Jewish mother. Now. more and more people will again wonder about this "chosen" people and will do some research on their own rather than let TV, movies and the publishing industries tell them. As this year winds down towards Christmas and Rosh Hashanah, you can bet that many American Jews (as well as Canadian Jews and those in Europe) will be looking more concerned over their future and their safety, and shows like The Goldbergs may well be a future artifact taken to illustrate the last days of the Jewish American Empire, when again, the lessons of history will not be learned --and again, as the old adage tell us, those who fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it.

It will be interesting the the coming days. Watch them with care...

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by Bob Smith

In all the excitement of the municipal elections here in Southern Ontario with five (by my count) white nationalist candidates running to lead the cities of Toronto and Hamilton, it's easy to miss what is going on in the media, Slowly, the media is starting to move toward natural racism.

It's more than the reaction of the broadcast media to the "new media" of the Internet and streaming TV  in an attempt to stay "relevant" to a younger audience --the desired demographic of the older networks like NBC, ABC and CBS and news networks like CNN and Fox News. And once again, it goes back to the support of white Americans for Donald Trump as the Republicans head for the midterm elections on November 6 and the critical control of the Houses of Congress.

More and more, you are hearing about white nationalist groups like the Proud Boys and their activities, along with other interesting developments: Just this weekend, it was revealed on the Huffington Post website that deep-stater Representative Steve King was featured on Australian white nationalist television, stating that he felt that European culture was superior and that the continent and America were under threat by Muslims and Latinos. The Internet has bolstered a lot of the news anchors, commentators and pundits who have taken a greater interest in racism, populism and white nationalism by mentioning racist activity on level inseen in recent years, on both sides of the border. Here, the Canadian media is giving a grudging nod to new Ontario Premier Doug Ford, who still needs to stop cutting needed programs and acting like a Mike Harris miser; the media's big concern about Ford now is his alleged ambition to one day replace Andrew Scheer as head of the federal Conservatives.

We as white nationalists understand the shift in attitude as populist and racist political movements experience a rebirth and rennaisance in the US, Canada and in Europe. At this writing the UK media is flabbergasted with the turnout of Brexit protesters who want a new vote on it. That alone proves that when those in poer push the right button, they ends up facing a lot of anger. In North America, especially on TV, it's a little different.

It's all about ratings. Remember, it's called commercial television for a reason, and when viewers see something they don't like -- evil-intentioned or gross comedies, anti-white/pro-racemixing dramas or even biased news, the sponsors get an earful along with the networks. When ratings go down, it means networks can't charge large rates for commercials, and that hits the bottom line at NBC/Comcast, CBS. ABC/Disney, Fox, etc. and even on corporations that own cable stations and networks like Viacom (MTV. Paramount) and HBO (Time Warner)

The shock of the popularity of Donald Trump has been replaced by a sort of grudging acceptance at first of the white American base that propelled him to power. The shape of that power and its future will be decided in the USA in a few weeks' time and will set the stage for the next US elections. Democrats are still a tizzy, ruderless and reduced to falling back on scandal as they try to pick a viable candidate to lead them. In state races now on, it's gone totally bizarre: One Georgia hopeful, Stacey Abrams, is running a commercial showing her leading challenger Brian Kemp pointing a gun at his son.

And DON'T FORGET to Vote on Monday October 22 in the municipal elections  --
in Toronto, for Chris Brosky for Mayor and in Hamilton,
for Paul Fromm.


MACHO MELANIA (October 14)

Imagine, if you can some of the past First Ladies of the United States. Most of them that we know or remember had a sense of dignity as befits the wife of the leader of the free world. Jackie Kennedy, Betty Ford, even America's first black First Lady Michelle Obama, brought an air of glamor and style to the White House and earned the respect of millions around the world.

Now we come to Melania Trump, who refers to Donald as "the administration" instead of "my husband" when responding to criticism of him. She likes wearing pantsuits instead of dresses. Who is abrasive, combative, harsh and condescending to reporters. And who really doesn't have much of a clue about politics or government. Her latest kerfuffles also include the famous "I don't Care" jacket she wore during a visit to a detention center housing migrant immigrant children (she explained later it was in reference to the media).

To a degree, all members of the families of US presidents like to how a degree of dignity, civility and class. Controversy is frowned on, as it can injure a president's popularity and make him vulnerable to the machinations of his enemies in his party, the other party, and those who aren't fans of America already. Melania doesn't come across as a very warm person. She has refrained from holding her husband's hand in public and there's not a lot of affection seen between her and her kids. Even her accent, though sort of nice to hear (it's comparable to that of Lisa Douglas, the Hungarian wife of lawyer Oliver Douglas of TV's Green Acres or "Sophie" , the thick Polish-accented member of the cast of 2 Broke Girls) can be hard to understand.

In democracies, we expect the wives of our leaders to have a certain image -- to look good, be well-educated and well-spoken, and of course, be supportive of their husbands. Melania has not endeared herself to the American people as has some of her predecessors like Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama and even Hillary Clinton (it was rumored that during Bill Clinton's presidency, there were more photos and videos footage of him and Hillary together than of himself).  She has opted for a singular image that is reminiscent of her days as a fashion model. A lawsuit was filed by her against the London Daily Mail who accused her of being an escort (the Mail ended up paying her $2.9 million in a settlement).

Many who support Donald Trump also like Melania, but she still has work to do to win over the fence-setters and even those who don't like him. She needs to adopt a softer, more feminine image and to take more care about how she dresses and comes on with the traditional and social media literally everywhere. As the incident at the detention center shows, she could a little more compassion for the plight of the kids caught in a limbo they can't do much about. And she needs to be more warm towards her husband. People love it when their President and First Lady show their love -- look what it did for JFK.

Melania Trump is one of the best-looking women in the free world, and there is much she can do, albeit has a duty to do, as First Lady and it's not just being an unofficial ambassador, it is projecting an air of warmth, compassion and humanity that the United States held as symbols and became magnets for those oppressed in other nations. Now, as midterm elections loom and the Republicans face a lot of angry Democrats in state elections hungry to even the score for losing in 2016, she needs a makeover of the heart-- to convey that she is a First Lady concerned with the well-being of all Americans, and who can articulate to the press with an air of class, not be dismissive and defensive.

And some dresses and skirt suits wouldn't hurt either. Come on, Melania -- you can be more beautiful and a greater First Lady at a stormy time in US history, and be remembered with the fondness of those great days of the American Camelot.

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This October 22, as Toronto becomes one of many communities in Ontario to elect their municipal councils, mayors and school trustees, Toronto's election will be like no other. Despite Doug Ford's idiotic slicing of City Council in half, there will still be over 30 candidates vying for mayor, and for the first time, there will be not one, but three white nationalists in that race.

In the late 1970's Nationalist Party leader Don Andrews changed the rules when he came in second place, prompting such a shockwave that the authorities ran screaming to the Ontario legislature (Queen's Park) to change the rules relating to mayoralty elections. Previously, if an elected mayor was unable to serve or complete his term, the second-place- finisher would be sworn in. The Toronto Star's headline said it all: Toronto Was "One man's heartbeat from a fascist mayor" (See our Activities page). That rule was taken of the municipal books that very night.

This year, there are three white nationalists in the running, Faith Goldy (who's quite a dish); Dr, James Sears, anti-communist/anti-Zionist publisher of  Your Ward News and now facing the tyrannical Section 319 "Hate Bill", provisions of Canada's criminal code under which Don Andrews and I served time for after an expensive legal battle fought all the way to Canadian Supreme Court), the NPC-supported candidate Chris Brosky.

Torontonians haven't had it really good over the past years. I personally have seen Toronto go from being an almost exclusively-all white city to a metropolis with less than half of its population (48%) are now white. Citizens have had to deal with the "new Europeans" and the multicult, "diverse" Toronto  everywhere -- on the already-congested roads, running wild in nonwhite gangs and their violent agenda of robbery, assault, rape and murder, along with foreign-language street signs and information pamphlets (you've probably seen the City's Toronto election info flyers in over 20 languages) aabd of course, dealing with civil servants you can barely understand if you're trying to get your driver's license renewed or apply for social assistance, many of whom have a cold attitude and a chip on their shoulders or here as "refugees" waiting to jump the line for money, food, lodging, et al -- all the time acting as if it's owed to them.

The spike in the city's violent crime has been  aided and abetted by the red race traitors at City Hall who have taken carding and other tools away from police to investigate, gather intelligence and otherwise try to stop nonwhite criminals from committing crime before it happens. Many police now fear going near areas that blacks and other nonwhite gangs have taken over. They also have been at the center of the wreckage in areas like Saint James Town and Regent Park and have made Toronto Housing a nightmare for its' poor tenants.

Traffic lights citywide are broken  and unsynchronized. Potholes are not repaired, construction all-year round, combined with Mayor John Tory's stupid bike lanes have already aggravated our traffic chaos. None of these problems have been dealt with Tory coos about his "transit vision" and money gets flushed out of taxpayer pockets (spent on stupidities as a giant "TORONTO" sign in our civic square  that could have gone to find clean and safe housing or help our poor.  It's been a long time that this town
has been referred to as 'Toronto The Good' as crime skyrockets, city services suffer, snow piles up and traffic chaos grows

Neither Tory nor civic planner/candidate Jennifer Keesmaat will do anything about all this. While Faith Goldy and James Sears are getting media attention (and also that of police provocateurs) , Chris Brosky is our choice as a white man's candidate.

Chris Brosky is a gentleman, a real; breath of fresh air from the flotsam now at Toronto City Hall. He acts properly around women, is well-read and great in conversation. And he cares about his community, studying what needs to be done and keeping in contact with the poor and the disenfranchised whites struggling due to City Council neglect and the disgusting cheapskate attempts of "conservatives"  and those who support "Ford Nation" to cut off vital services to the poor. He has advocated for the poor and knows they need more in welfare to live on here in Canada's largest city.

Chris is a serious candidate who's had a rough start in life, having been convicted and jailed in an incident that involved a man being killed in his native Texas. In the aftermath of the trial 10,000 came to try to lynch him. He knows and can relate to the man on the street as well as having the ability to make a difference and make Toronto a safe and liveable city again.

Let's face it, none of the candidates will win the election October 22. But keep this in mind: every vote for any of the three white nationalist candidates is a vote for the white poor and white unity -- and it will be noticed.

October 22, will be Toronto's next racist roll call. The reds will skew it as unimportant, but it is. You can make a difference that will show up as a sign of our growing strength by voting for Chris Brosky for Mayor. The media can spin and hide whatever they want -- white nationalists will make their presence known on October 22 and that will leave a permanent impression on our city and give hope to whites who will make their mark as their step towards being part of that racist roll call.

If you have questions on the election, get in touch with the City at

Faith Goldy's website:

Dr. James Sears site:



by Bob Smith

When it comes to portraying what real white men should be and how they should act, the  sitcom Last Man Standing, starring Tim Allen and starting again on Fox after being cancelled by ABC, falls on its face in an epic fail.

Allen's last hit show, Home Improvement, was a takeoff on his standup act which parodied manliness and macho. Last Man Standing's premise has him as a partner in a chain of stores that sell camping and hunting equipment, with a Basque American actually running the business. There, he uses his "vlog" to promote his conservative/anti-Obama views (which was the reason why he was kicked off by ABC). At home, his all-American macho image falls apart as he heads a household with his geologist, an attractive, though at times flaky, wife Vanessa, and his three daughters: Kris, who married a slacker and had a kid with him before he took off to Canada and returned; Eve. a kind of-manly girl who tried out for West Point but was rejected, and  loopy Mandy, who wants to be a fashion icon.

Allen's on screen alter ego Mike Baxter isn't the only man to come off badly: His dufus employee Kyle) who Mandy falls for) irritates him with his naivete and stringy-haired hippie locks. His son-in-law Ryan gets into regular arguments with him over politics and how he raises the son that he abandoned (guess who gets to look like a fool?) and he even hold back on his faux racism with his black neighbor Chuck (whom he employs as a security guard).

Last Man Standing is one of the latest efforts by Jew producers like Chuck Lorre (Roseanne/The Conners, Mom), Steve Levitan (Modern Family) and
LMS's producers Martin Adelstein and Shawn Levy to distort, demasculinze, parody and ridicule white American males. Allen, is an executive producer and whose own conservative views are a cornerstone of the show. In a time when the media is still falling over itself to explain the phenomenon of Donald Trump's white supporter base, Allen is being cagey about how much a mention the President will get or influence the shoew's plots, but has endorsed Trump in the past:He said in a recent interview
with "IJR":  “Let's stop banging on the pilot's door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he's still flying,” he added. “You might not like how he's flying the plane, but let's let him land it.”

You have to ask yourself if the  character of Mike Baxter  resembles or comes close to any Canadian man. let alone an American. Allen, as Baxter and Tim Taylor; on Home Improvement he was just a guy pretending to be macho and manly as the audience laps it up, laughing all the way (the answer of course, is no). He comes off as mean-spirited, a little crude and an outright amalgamated parody of the average white male Trump supporter, not a white nationalist who, as we have, have criticized Trump on the Jews  around him and now are telling him to dump accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, though we are the seed and the kernel of Trump;s supporters, not the cheapskates of so many conservatives who look down on the poor (and who cut the government programs the poor need when they get elected to office), but uphold and praise capitalism and the wretched free trade that has thrown so many whites onto the street and killed jobs, factories and local economies across the US and abroad.

No. Tim Allen nor Mike Baxter are any "Last Man Standing"; they are a shameless parody of those who rose and chose a man they saw as a white savior after years of kosher-owned GOP and Democrat administrations in Washington. The few verbal gems Allen/Baxter comes up with on his show don't mask the fact that shows like Allen's are, as the US Supreme Court ruled years ago of wrestling shows and quiz shows, aren't to be taken seriously, but only as entertainment.


by Bob Smith

If you look at the history of the white people carefully enough, you will see that some of our most renowned figures (and those of other races) were traitors to their kind;  The yammering thugs of outfits like Antifa aren't the only race traitors out to destroy white identity.

One might dwell first on the early Americans, the kickouts and runaways of England, who started the United States of America and who almost made a go of it until someone had the bright idea of using cheap labor to do their own labor instead of building and maintaining an all-white society.  Instead, they went to Africa and shanghaied entire tribes of blacks, and not only worked them on plantations but used their women for (ahem) entertainment purposes.
A well-known movie was made about a US "Founding Father" and his dalliance with a racemixed woman (Jefferson in Paris). Little wonder the inscription on his monument in Washington reads, "Nothing is more certain in the book of fate is that these people (negroes) are to be free..."

Racemixing didn't go well for the ill-fated Indian princess Pocahontas and white John Smith, who almost literally lost his head over her. She betrayed her people over her lust and today is better remembered, sadly, as a Disney cartoon heroine.

Then there was Francisco Cortez Gonsales of Spain, the conquistador who killed Incan ruler Atahualpa and claimed the Incan Empire for Spain. He ended up being killed by the son of his former brother-in-arms Diego Almagro.

Christopher Columbus is perhaps the most famous explorer now reviled for his abuse of native Taino people of Hispaniola, a man whose name is attached to a national US holiday and a number of US cities.

And of course, famed in American Western legends and movies, there are the Indian scouts who served the US Cavalry, helping them hunt down the "Geronimos" who would be captured and put to death or placed in exile with what remained of their tribes on reservations.

Many years ago, the NPC put out ideological slogan leaflets., one, coined by NPC leader Don Andrews, which said "We are the New Indians", a reference to the gradual displacement of white people by the non-white newcomers crashing Canada's borders as they do today.

The bigoted police agents among us didn't like it, understandably, as they always tried to sabotage our ideology at the behest of their paymasters. They didn't any depth of perception, and that included the real racism  that is the cornerstone of white nationalism, with common sense, good will and fair play, something missing from the merchant crowds and those of yesteryear who pillaged other lands and saw other peoples as those to be worked or conquered or destroyed.

Racemixing is forever, and it bodes ill for all races who engage in it -- promoted everywhere in the media and on social media to all ages, in films, TV, news, kids' shoes and commercials. This is a virus we need to contain and eradicate, like a cancer that seems like nothing at first, but must be excised before it claims the body infects.

Today, we have thugs like the ARA and Antifa who are violent and who white nationalists have had to confront physically in the past and will do so again in the future. These sick, self-loathing race traitors remain a main danger to our survival just by their willingness to engage in violence to shut down demonstrations or rallies and speeches by white nationalists. It's a worldwide movement including anarchists, Black Bloc, students and anyone they can con or intimidate into supporting.

And their first targets are determined white racists determined to fight to preserve our racial heritage and identity. That's why we have to get tough against all racemixing -- of all races, by all races as a necessary step to preserving our white identity and to condemn racemixing and any and all  anti-white self-loathers who defend and promote it.

That is what's called real racism.

by Bob Smith

Well, how do you like the municipal elections so far?  Are you having fun trying to find out who to vote for, or if your candidate can't run in your new redrawn (thanks, Premier Doug Ford) ward?

Toronto is becoming the laughing stock of Canada thanks to Premier Ford's insane invocation of the federal 'notwithstanding' clause to cut the size of Toronto council from 47 to 25, He's called midnight meetings to shove through this nonsense, and no one-- not even Peter Pan Justin Trudeau -- is using the 'disallowance' clause in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to stop this insanity. The election -- scheduled for October 22, still -- may be postponed or called off thanks to Ford. Either way, it's chaos here in the Big Smoke.

There is one good thing that will come of this, though-- with a smaller number of wards, Toronto's "diverse" voting population will be voting along the lines of their own kind -- it will be a racist roll call. Out of 35 registered mayoralty candidates, two (Knia Singh. Joseph Osuji) are black and at least six others are of Asian background.  Think about it -- if you're in a ward heavily populated by Chinese and you have a Chinese councillor or candidate, are you going to vote for, say, a John Pennington? Not likely.  This municipal election, people will have a second chance to vote with their identity, where race will decide the winning candidate in many parts of the new wards.

There are three racist candidates running for mayor -- Faith Goldy, Dr. James Sears, and our pick. Chris Brosky. Chris is about as Canadian as you'll get and a great candidate despite his time in jail. He cares about the poor and about the terrible dangerous state of Toronto housing and its mismanagement over the years. And he knows that Toronto's rising gun violence is not a gun problem. but a black community problem and he will work with its leaders to solve it.

As for the other mayoralty candidates, incumbent Mayor Tory has already been called out for his incompetency vis-a-vis gun crime, traffic and idiotic bike lanes and his inability to implement any effective public transit system. Oh yeah, and he's not fond of white racism, nationalism or white identity, as is "front runner" Jennifer Keesmaat.

Already the cost of this election and the ward changes that will happen if upheld by the courts is estimated at $25 million. It will be a good investment when the previously "un-issue" of race identity is heard. Now, race, religion and national identity are the priorities this year in Toronto.

At this writing, October 22 is still the designated Toronto election day. Regardless of what the wards look like, the Toronto mayoralty race will not be affected.

That means, get out and vote. Contact the Toronto Elections people or go to
www.toronto.ca/elections  to learn more.



The media (and those in charge of it) aren't too happy as they gear up for a new fall season of shows and propaganda; the most you'll hear from the old established TV networks is how the newer forms of TV like streaming services are taking their audience away.

It's more than that. Conventional TV viewers are dropping off at a rate that is endangers them--t hat's why outfits like CBS and Fox and those who own them (like Canada's Bell Media's Crave TV) have launched streaming networks of their own. The new services provide advertising to that all-important 18-49/women demographic. And you can choose to watch shows at your convenience, not wait until they are scheduled.

And there's more. The TV industry has become so soused on shoving propaganda and diversity on the public that many are starting to tune out. Couple that with the level of crudeness, gratuitous violence depravity and meanness they've been existing on for years (See my previous columns) that it's become a drug, and they are scrambling to find new plots and show concepts even more stupid and diverse than in previous years in the hope that what you see reflects the real world.

"A Million Little Things" is the title of new fall series on ABC. Aaron Kaplan is one of the producers of this drama that centers on a group of yuppie types who dwell on the meaning of friendship when one of their circle commits suicide, and yes, the circle is a racial mixture.

Another new show that's way out there devoid of reality is NBC's new "Manifest". Here, a group of passengers disembark from a plane after a turbulence-filled ride to learn that five years has mysteriously passed from the time they left to their landing.

The comedies have upped the racemixing "reality" quota with Happy Together and The Neighborhood(CBS/Global Canada). In the former a middle-class black couple whose bliss is interrupted by a white pop star who moves in with them -- I'm not kidding.) The Neighborhood's premise is similar as a Ned Flanders-like white guy gets on the nerves of his neighbors, a black couple. Aaron Kaplan is also producer of this one.

Oh, yeah, and some of the retreads being brought back are unbelievable. The new reboot of CBS' Magnum PI has as its detective hero not a white mustachioed macho guy, but one Jay Hernandez, whose previous experience includes the terrible films Bad Moms and Suicide Squad.

Racemixing is the perfect way to insure that globalism triumphs trying keep white people from affirming and fighting for their identity and existence and television and films have been the major weapons to push diversity in every perverted, insidious form and it's everywhere. Point it out when you see it and condemn it repeatedly -- to the producers, broadcasters and distributors, some of which you can reach at the links below.

So start watching as many of the new fall series as you can--and new episodes of racemixing/diversity/perversion propaganda like Mom, The Odd Couple and Modern Family. And make lists of the sponsors and let them know you aren't going to patronize any show that promotes perversion and racemixing. Some are already major companies easily reached like Proctor and Gamble (Tide, Fabreze, Gillette), Kellogg's and Unilever (Dove Soap,. Hellman's Mayonnaise and Magnum chocolate bars).

Email them and write hard copy letters. They -- and the broadcasters will listen.


The Walt Disney Company (ABC, ESPN,
Disney XD)

Fox / 21st Century Fox (Fox, FX, FXX)

Comcast (NBC)

CBS Corporation (CBS, The CW Network):



Bell Media (CTV)

Corus Entertainment (Global)

Rogers Media (City TV stations)




                 Single Parents                                   The Cool Kids

As the summer winds down, TV is getting ready, beginning this week, for a new fall schedule as new shows start and old ones run new episodes and push the reruns into syndication. Yet, nowhere in TV's recent past or coming up do we see anywhere, in drama or sitcoms, any behavior, situations, attitudes or plots, any attempt to reflect the white man's way and moral standards.
TV comedy and drama is failing to reflect the white man's way.

Comedies have and remain the worst offenders. There's no sense of true family loyalty or love,no goodness or  common sense, good will or fair play, no honesty, just sneakiness, deception, and meanness of spirit and actions that border on and surpass the lines of criminality. Some, we have discussed in this space previously, like Three's Company, where feigned homosexuality is used as a pretext for defrauding landlords. Or there's the many versions of The Odd Couple (four on television  by my last county) in which a divorced, effeminate man becomes roommates with a sloppy sportswriter whose wife also kicked him out (it was a safe way for producer Garry Marshall and the show's late creator Neil Simon to lower our guard for the next gay agenda step -- two guys having intimate relations. You can draw a direct line from Felix and Oscar all the way today's Cameron and Mitchell of Modern Family. And we've had the 'bigots' past and present that have been just one manifestation (in many forms, from Archie Bunker to Al Bundy to Jay Pritchett) who always portrayed as being "square" or ignorant.

Then there are the shows that really break all the rules: Everybody Loves Raymond, all about a married sports writer whose parents move in across the street, has it all -- an angry, sleazy and coarse patriarch in the persona of Frank Barone (Peter Boyle), married to a nosy busybody woman who doubles as a smother to her two sons, the other being a lumbering New York City cop who whines about being neglected. Raymond's wife (Patricia Heaton) is constantly complaining about Ray's lack of responsibility (he's an incompetent/reluctant dad to three kids) and his meddling parents. It's meanness all around, and meanness isn't manly, or the white man's way.

There's new shows that will carry on the bashing of white standards.  "Single Parents" (ABC/City stations in Canada, Producer, JJ Philbin) stars Brad Garrett of Raymond as a grieving widower dad who pushes away those trying to help him cope and have fun. (like Modern Family's Jay Pritchett, his wife was way younger than him ...and a stripper). Also new is "The Cool Kids" (Fox/City, executive producer Paul Fruchbom), about three members of a retirement community dealing with its newest member, a pushy woman (Vicki Lawrence) who takes over their clique. On CBS, there's the commie/ultra-liberal Murphy Brown (Candace Bergen) back in a new version of her old sitcom dealing with the new America that elected Donald Trump and her now-grown son anchoring a rival network's new show.

In the drama department, one "Son of Outlaws", the hit drama about a gang of killer bikers, wasn't enough. The Fox (Ruprrt Murdoch)-owned FX cable channel will this week launch "Mayans MC", about a Latino gang that's more ruthless and brutal than the white Sons, Like Sons, these bikers are all anti-heroes, with no bravery, sense of honor, and no sense of family save for a poisoned one that consists of protecting -- and sometimes punishing-- their own.

These and other shows will start appearing this week and continue to October. A few will be around for years, while some will be cancelled by November.

As with all hit shows, it's all about profit. The Simpsons, one of the worst, is almost 30 years old and its voice cast among the highest paid, like the CBS abomination Big Bang Theory and its spinoff Young Sheldon, which feature as an adult and a child, an arrogant insufferable high-IQed elitist. BBT , it has been announced, will cease production after his season. but the show, which also features a whiny Jew and an East Indian with loud and pushy parents, will continue to be seen in reruns for decades. Continuing and in syndication, is The Goldbergs, where everyone's got a problem: a lazy dad who parades around in his underwear, a bullying teen jock, a whiny daughter, a Star Wars-infatuated nerd and a smother who dominates the family with a creepiness that's hard to watch.

The studios, stations and networks who make and air these shows that deride and fail to show any trace of the White Man's Way make their money on how crude, crass, violent and mean their shows come across in the eyes of their viewers, many of them on the coveted and free-spending 18-49 age bracket.

If you want to see how bad they are, it's not hard -- just turn on your TV or a streaming service like Netflix, Hulu or in Canada, Crave TV. Then get to your email page and write and condemn and complain -- to the networks, producers and major advertisers like KFC, McDonald's Ford, Toyota. They listen, and the threat of lost revenue from program /network/sponsor boycotts can work wonders.

Instead of just lapping up the TV trash this fall, get angry. Tell them that racists don't like their standards and values being distorted, made fun of or omitted from entertainment shows.

Start now.


by Bob Smith

Does the title "Esme and Roy" sound familiar? If not, ask your younger pre-school kids.  Chances are they will know all about the newest addition to the dangerous garbage aimed at the very young. The example I cite specifically has this for a premise: a black kid babysits monsters with her monster pal named Roy in the fictional Monsterdale. The show airs now on HBO and the Treehouse kids' channel in Canada.

It's just one in a long and growing line of programs aimed at your pre-schooler (and older kids) that are anti-racist, pro-diversity/pro-tolerance and destructive "projects" like using toilet paper for play, disguised sometimes (depending on the show) as education. It's been going on for decades now, and thanks to shows like Sesame Street and The Electric Company and the anti-racist network PBS, generations of kids who are now parents have been brainwashed with dangerous propaganda. It's a worldwide problem everywhere kid-oriented animated TV series are made and broadcast, and it's gotten far beyond the hypnotic Teletubbies of UK TV -- and it's grown thanks to the technological advancement that makes TV shows watchable from any mobile device like phones otr tablets.

Any when the perverts who dream this stuff up can't come up with anything "new", they'll just do new versions of old shows. There's a new version of the 1980s robot 'toon Voltron that is far darker and scarier than the original, now running.

Then we have The Mr. Peabody and Sherman Show, which has run on Netflix, Canada's Family Channel and now on the cable Universal Kids network. Based on the cartoon series of the sixties and the 2014 film, this one features an intellectual William Buckley-ish dog whose adopted human son joins him on time travel adventures to correct historical wrongs. You guessed it, most of the time neither the circumstances are real history nor those like Cleopatra. Ponce de Leon and Copernicus as portrayed.

So, on top of several generations of kids subjected to the crap spun out and financed by firms like Stephen Speilberg's Dreamworks and the Canadian TV channel/production house Corus Entertanment, generations of Asian and US-produced fare like Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, we have politically-correct versions of old series like Duck Tales "re-imagined" to lure present and future generations of young kids to ditch any ideas of racial and ethnic identity, and to be nice to everyone, even those who aren't nice in return, all under the guise of education or adventure. Still going strong in reruns for years is the Toronto-produced "Johnny Test" wherein a young boy is used as a guinea pig by his older twin scientist sisters-- and constantly getting into scrapes (in this one, Dad is the housewife and Mom is the breadwinner -- no patriarchy in or promoted in this family).

Lies and propaganda are the main features of a lot of kids' shows today and more damaging than the toy-based toons (and vice versa) of TV series like GI Joe and Transformers.

It's all about money-- Children's shows are still a potent force for profits despite being all but wiped from TV network Saturday mornings. Cable and specialty children's cable channels like Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network, along with streaming services like Netflix have replaced the network fare, not to mention the present and future offerings from PBS and international channels devoted to kids and educational programming such as Canada's TVO and YTV and BBC Kids.

Many of the old slapstick cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Yogi Bear are way tamer than what's being pumped into your kids' heads -- violence, dangerous and stupid fantasy and even animated porn (Sailor Moon and Pokemon prominently feature half-dressed young girls cavorting around as though they were in Madonna video).

Watch some of it with your kids and get ready as new fare is introduced next month as the new fall TV schedules kick in, to complain to networks, studios and sponsors. Racists must guard our kids from the damaging and anti-racist/anti-white messages they are being bombarded with -- even when the TV isn't on.


Among the announcements of the tripe headed your way this fall on TV, there's a new item, a spinoff of the FX network hit series Sons of Anarchy, called "Mayans MC". As you might figure, the name is based on those nasty Latino folks who were as bloodthirsty as their modern-day fictional namesakes. One of its creators, Elgin James, grew up in orphanages and foster homes and id of mixed race, which accounts for the mean tone of the series. Mayans is the latest in a long line of movioe and TV kid-glove treatment of that sector of organized crime.

Gangs are a sad and disturbing part of modern anti-hero "culture" -- from the real-life Hell's Angels to the dancing Jets and Sharks of West Side Story to the brutal North American black Bloods and Cripps, the Jewsmedia has always promoted them in the news and the entertainment industry with a sympathetic tone; Michael Jackson made a nice fortune on his gang-inspired hit "Beat It".

Gangs have been in films for years; red Marlon Brando made his caraeer as a belligerent gang leader in The Wild Ones and they've even been played for laughs in the Beach Party films of the 60s and films like Grease.

There's nothing funny about gangs (of any kind) and their depiction is just one more way the immoral media has been pumping garbage to all of us. And yet, the gang/anti-hero issue is just one part of another -- the display and glorification of gratuitous violence in films and TV. Movies have gotten gorier and gorier as crime and horror/serial killer films and film series like Halloween and The Purge are being redone and redone. There is absolutely no "artistic merit" to them -- just appealing the basest of the dark instincts in too many of those who are mentally unbalanced and just plain evil.

Yet on they go. You can't get a kid from childhood to late teenhood withoutr them being exposed to violent movies, TV, video games, images, etc. And it's way harder in this age of social media and portable I-Phones and other devices. But that doesn't mean we whites shouldn't try and fight those who produce and distribute and broadcast them.

Media was once heavily regulated --movies, TV and even comic books fell under some kind of watchdog to guard kids against violent images and imitatable behavior. In the 1960s, the Jew mayhem team The Three Stooges had to travel all over to cities and children's TV shows to warn kids not to do any of their heavily-choreographed hair-pulling and nose-crunching stunts. But these    perverts didn't let it stop them from slowly and slyly creep in gratuitous violence and sexual images (especially towards kids; queers have no use for kids, and except for the fantasy of shows like Modern Family, don't like them).

One of the most disturbing images I remember was from a TV show Criminal Minds. In that week's episode, a sick killer took his victims' eyes and placed them into stuffed animals like a taxidermist. And I've seen all the "Hannibal Lecter" films.

Point is, the more we are de-sensitized to gore and horror, the less we're likely to be outraged and do something about it, on film and in real life. And that is the real danger of permitting gratuitous graphic violence in the media to thrive. The new fall entertainment seasons in movies and TV will arrive in a few weeks. Whites need to get themselves educated to the flood of new shows and reruns of old series in syndication (many of them  are police "procedural" dramas) and also some of the upcoming films between now and Christmas. We need as whites to rise as one voice to this awful carnage --isn't it that enough we are exposed to the real thing just on the news broadcasts? Why are we allowing the pervert producers to parade and peddle this to our young and have the chutzpah to call it entertainment?

There are many regulatory bodies that govern broadcasting and movies production and media distribution in North America. Write, tweet and E-mail your local and national representatives and the networks and producers and also the sponsors of their shows. Remember when it comes to the Jewsmedia, the profit motive is paramount -- hence the popularity of "slasher film" and  graphic police shows translating to big profit for the TV networks and studios who create and air them. Go after major toy retailers like FAO Schwartz and Toys Are Us who peddle these dark fantasy/street-crime-themed games like Grand Theft Auto, and also theater chains that run violent, gory films and allow any age to see them.

And talk to your kids about the content of these shows and why they should avoid them, or limit their access to them. No one knows how much real tragedy was inspired by these films and shows (A film called "The Basketball Diaries " was cited as an inspiration for the Columbine High School killers).

Be vigilant, mom and dad -- and go after the media monsters --in or out of business suits.



By Bob Smith

"Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor".

It's the ninth of the Ten Commandments, which exists today as "thou shalt not lie". TV has been lying to us in sitcoms all the way back since the 1950s. Deception, not giving full disclosure and ouright lying are pervasive in comedy. Look at any live-action or animated series (Simpsons, and Family Guy are the leaders of the pack on this) and it's on both sides of the border, in Canada and the US.

Let's start with the latest cartoon version of Corner Gas, just renewed by CTV for a second season. As in the first series, there's Brent Butt as the gas station owner, whose scheming and trickery rarely gets past the others in the community of Dog River Saskatchewan, especially his snooty co-worker and single mother Wanda)played by Butt's real life wife Nancy Robertson. A typical plot has Butt as Brett Leroy almost killing himself to convince everyone he's ditched his glasses for laser eye surgery, while another plot has him and the others trying to make his dad think he's lost his faculties.

South of the border, everyone's a liar, except for toddler Joey Pritchett on ABC's Modern Family. The three constantly-scheming siblings of the Dunphys, Alex, Hayley and Luke aren't much better than parents Phil and Claire; Phil, a realtor, tries to hustle three women as clients under his wife's nose, while Clare tries to bluff and blunder her way in the work force when she tries to take over her dad's closet business and ends up ticking everyone off. The gay dads Mitch and Cameron try to get extra special care for their adopted Asian daughter Lily by sweet-talking an Asian woman doctor, while Mitch's dad Jay, the closet baron, makes a sale by showing off his well-endowed Colombian wife Gloria in a revealing dress on a sales pitch to a client, and selling him a design the client originally turned down. Jay Pritchett can be as cruel as Ed Oneill's other bad TV dad Al Bundy of Fox's Married 
with Children.

Earlier in TV history, spousal sneaking and lying were staples of shows from I Love Lucy to The Honeymooners to Bewitched, as totally unmanly and useless hubby Darrin was constantly undermined by his witch wife and mother-in-law.

More recently, there is Tim Allen's comedy Lat Man Standing, cancelled by ABC allegedly over Allen's conservative politics, but soon will rappear on Fox. The show will lose one cast member Molly Ephram, and will tone down any references to Donald Trump in its new season scheduled for the fall. In this one, Allen is the head of an outdoor-gear store chain who is teh only male in his immediate family. His daughters are a fashion designer wannabe, a tomboy type who wants to attend West Point and be a soldier and the oldest daughter who for a while has to raise her son after his Canadian commie-type dad takes a powder and later returns, Allen's character, Mike Baxter is full of machoness but a total fop of a dad around his geologist wife and barely hides his verbal resentment (and digs at Barack Obama) of black neighbor Larabee, whom he later hires to do security at his store.

The fifties had the first trickle of lying and deception in the hit sitcoms of that day Leave It To Beaver and Dennis the Menace. On these shows, when the kids' deceit was exposed, the dads never blew their tops--it was always a lecture ("When you cheat on a test, son, you're only cheating yourself.."). That carried on into hit sitcoms of the seventies like the appalling All in The Family (Archie never tired of faking his tolerance of nonwhites --in their presence only) and in later years, deception pervaded many a plot of shows like Frasier, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Mork and Mindy and ALF (which is under consideration for a reboot) .

Seinfeld can stand as the front-runner --the entire major cast were fakers -- the scammer bully-like Kramer and his bordering-on-evil postman pal Newman, pseudo intellectual girlfriend Elaine who held  everyone in contempt and George, the live-with-his parents failure who couldn't hold a job, and who in the course of the series attacked a critically-ill kid and was responsible for his beautiful fiance Susan's death by buying toxic envelopes and later acted with apathy at her graveside.

Going into its sixth season this fall is Mom on CBS and City network in Canada. Here's real train wreck of a family consisting of a mother and daughter who've drugged, drank and lied their way through life and whose irresponsible behavior got them kicked out of their home and whose friend, a young teen, died of a drug overdose. They're constantly on the fringe of  being homeless and ending up back in jail, but still manage to eke out an existence as the daughter, a wannabe lawyer, has to put up with her self-centered, abrasive mother.

There's nothing funny about lying. It's caused nations to go to war,the destruction of families and the breakdown of the moral brick of our society's foundation, and untold heartbreak, trouble and tragedy. Yet from Lucille Ball to noth of Ed O'Neill's TV dads Al Bundy and Jay Prirchett, it is the wellspring of sitcom jokes and plots. and you can bet there is more on the way this fall.

Time to get out your pads and laptops and make lists of networks, TV stations and producers  like Chuck Lorre (Mom) Steven Levitan (Modern Family), Adam Sandler (Happy Madison Productions, Rules of Engagement, The Goldbergs) and Brent Butt (Sparrow Media Canada, Corner Gas) and the  etworks an sponsors like Procter and Gamble and Unilever, and tell them that you don't think is, or should be made to be source of humor or entertainment. Anywhere or anytime.


by Bob Smith

It's been said that the opposite of love is not hate --it's apathy. And there surely is a lot of apathy out there, particularly when it comes to how immoral and disgusting the media and its output has become and the lack of outrage from parents and community leaders. Too many of us will worry over winning the office sports pool but when perversion is so available to our kids --and for free  -- who cares?

Morality? What morality -- go and try to find it anywhere on the sitcoms, on the streaming shows, in drama, in movies --everywhere you go it's perverted sex, "anti-heroes", sneaks and thieves of all ages, wild white women and righteous nonwhites and racemixers.

As we approach a new entertainment season (TV and movies) there's more of it on the way, with for starters, the now-running Killing Eve, from BBC America, now playing in Canada on the Bravo channel, all about two women-- a psychotic killer, the other a MI-5 agent pursuing her -- in a sort of fantasy-lesbian relationship. Also this fall, there's a nasty anti-elderly sitcom titled Cool Kids, (NBC, City network Canada) centered on three retired men who are challenged in their retirement community by a brash woman. Then there's the anti-family Single Parents, starring Everybody Loves Raymond's Brad Garrett as a single dad encouraged to spend less time with his daughter and just have fun in life ,along with the return of 90's harridan Murphy Brown on CBS, wherein the women's libber must now face a challenge to her red views from an anchor at a rival network -- her born-out-of-wedlock son Avery. Add that to the plethora of "adult" cartoons preaching everytjhing from sex perversion to feminists who call moms "breeders" (Family Guy, Simpsons, etc.)

In films, there's going to be Venom, an anti-hero flick about a reporter who is taken over by an evil symbiote, along with multiple films in development featuring Batman's psycho killer enemy The Joker, and the eleventh version of the slasher film series Halloween and others set for release around Christmas.

And while we're at it, who defends Christmas anymore? You'll get a lot more flak trying to put up a Christmas tree in a publicly-paid for town square and little if you treat that day like just another excuse to get drunk, full of food, and presents --it's like the belief of Jews who eat Chinese food on the 25th of December

No one cares about the lack of morals and the the continual upswing of gore and mayhem in the media. The media now ridicules morality as "old-fashioned" or unenforceable as they pander to younger and younger minds already soused on social media, music videos and violent video games.

No one from the barren churches talks of right and wrong or condemns filth-- it was only just recently that a cardinal was kicked out of his position by Pope Francis in the latest chapter of the Catholic Church's ongoing sex-abuse between young boys and its priests. Protestant Churches are all into preaching meddling, having whites abandon building families to go work in ruined overpopulated Third World nations and not speaking up anywhere, to any Western nation's leader to have Western nations to withdraw from nations and people they have laid waste to with bombs, jet fighters and drones. Catholic families who were once expected to "be fruitful and multiply" are made fun of ( A pamphlet aimed at Catholics on The Simpsons carried the inscription "Drop 'Till you Plop".

This is where the white nationalists have to step in, because immorality is not the white man's way. White peoples' standards and values don't include equating gay marriage with traditional ones as they do on Modern Family (which elevates gay marriage as being morally superior and dismisses any protest against gay "families" as bigotry). They don't include making light and entertainment of crime and sneakiness and hedonist pursuits. But that's Hollywood's Jewsmedia, on the networks, the radio, film and stage (Neil Simon's play The Odd Couple, which was a first attempt to soft-pedal homosexuality, wore out its welcome after a hit movie, and no less than four TV versions, the last barely lasting one season).

Whites are getting tired of this, but there is still that apathy, that attitude of "relax dude, it's just a movie" by too many. We need to wake people up, to tell them that White values are under attack and that our white standards of morality need to be defended vigorously and with anger if need be, and that TV producers, movie moguls, and yes, even the pundits and talk show hosts need to be reminded of that-- loud and often.

                          ...AND ANTI-WHITE

 Turned on any music lately? And I use the word "music" advisedly.

It's hard to go back in time to the point when music stopped being beautiful, an expression of nature, real human feelings and even ethnic pride and respect for tradition and real culture, and became the loud, noisy and white race-destroying cacaphony of headache-inducing garbage it is today.

You could start at the end of World War II, when "swing" music and big-band music were in their heyday alongside the jazz songs made popular in black music. Rock and pop songs started to play in the mid-fifties, with some of it spilling over to country music as "rockabilly" (where Elvis Presley first found fame. Then came the early Sixties and those mop-topped ruiners of generations to come, The Beatles, to be joined by the Rolling Stones, Herman's Hermits. Gerry and the Pacemakers and later in succeeding decades by heavy metal bands in the UK and America, disco, the punk rockers and the "new wave" bands of the eighties and beyond.

In the Jew-run entertainment industry, it's big business, and been so from the time of the first song on vinyl to today's downloadable i-Tunes broadcasts. It's always been possible to make a profit from music you can access, whether from a record to your portable i-Phone or device. It's made billions for record companies, the minstrels who play it and the radio stations and video channels who feature it like America's MTV, VH-1 and Much in Canada.

There are three major music producers/labels now: Sony/BMG (David Gordon, chairman) Warner Music Group (Stephen Cooper, CEO) and Universal Music (Ron Meyer, vice-chairman, NBC-Universal). Each music group owns or controls labels many people know such as Columbia, A&M (founded by Herb Alpert), Warner Brothers Records and Capitol.

Billboard Magazine (published by Lynne Segall of Eldrige Industries, has been the bible of what's popular among rock. pop, heavy metal, rap, you name it.

The newest platforms makes this tripe accessible to anyone: You can get music from your computer, from a tablet, from your phone-- it's almost inescapable, largely thanks to networks and music services like I-Heart Radio (run by Bob Pittman), an American conglomerate that has affiliates in radio stations all over North America, including Toronto's Newstalk 1010, as well as sponsoring TV concerts and  specials. And don't forget satellite stations like Sirius and their rock music shows.

Talk up real music at your home--folk music, classical, ethnic music. And condemn any media or media company that produces, sells or airs degenerate anti-white noise disguised as music. You can find them all on the net. White renaissance starts with defending the music of our race and culture, not anti-white garbage.


Ahh, school days, for me, the Fifties, Sixties and early Seventies -- when you learned --had to learn -- tough things like multiplication, what year the Charlottetown PEI conferences that led to Confederation (1864), and try to memorize as many elements of the periodic table and the names of every country in Africa. Back then, counselling sometimes consisted of the PA teacher slamming you against a locker and telling you to shape up. Still, you got what could legitimately be called an education.

WOW, have things really deteriorated, an I'm not just talking about "Everyone's-a-winner-ans-gets-a ribbon day". The McGuinty/Wynne Liberals in Ontario turned the Health and Physical Education portions of the provincial curriculum inro Perversion 101, a dangerous series of queer-inspired goals that included teaching kids sexual consent in Grade One, how cool same-sex marriage is in Grade 3 and masturbation in Grade 6. The LGBT community in Ontario couldn't be happier -- after all the "progressive" program was brought forth by a government headed by Ontario's first openly lesbian premier --no meaningful consultation, no discussion with parents,
just BAM! Here's what your kids will learn, if you don't like it, too bad.

When Doug Ford's Tories won the Ontario June election, one of their promises was to scarp this garbage and return to the pre-Liberal curriculum. The Libs haven't, during the years they were teaching filth yo your children, , done anything about bullying or the growing violence in schools, more and more caused by the nonwhite kids of immigrants (A just-produced report tells some chilling tales of kids going wild, one teacher being attacked with an Exacto knife, and of course, the shootings and murders in and around school property).

In education and in every level of the media, these hedonists and queers want you to be jaded ("what's the point of fighting it? They've won") That's why,  for decades, from shows like The Odd Couple and the newest version of Star Trek and the new FX series Pose, to movies like Brokeback Mountain, LGBT living has been promoted and elevated, open and subtly, as a normal way of life, and you're the sick one, the negative one, if you don't accept it or allow it to be taught in schools. In the women's society , it's easy for all this to be synchrionized and inserted into general entertainment, kids' TV programming and in school.

This is how you get serial killers like John Wayne Gacy who preyed on kids and dressed as a clown at birthday parties to target his victims, and why film franchises like The Purge and the Hannibal Lecter/Silence of the Lambs films still endure -- because we've been softened and de-sensitised and jaded to get used to horrific violence. It all starts with the acceptance of the queers who create and write and produce all this, where teenagers and kids are dispatched in the most gruesome ways. Note the similarities between gays and the soft-spoken sick cannibal Lecter; both pretend to be cultured and knowledgeable about classical music, yet Lecter, in the film Hannibal, kills an orchestra member for missing a note while playing in a concert.

In this Semitic/Christian/women's world, these queers and effeminate men are the heroes of many dramas and comedies. The influence is so pervasive in modern society that they are able to push their sickness into the classrooms. Even though the new Ford Tory government promised to scrap it, even they are showing some reluctance to even modify it .

That's why parents and white nationalists still must not lower their guard when it comes to this, in addition to monitoring all LGBTQ-inspired and promoted media product, courses, campaigns, and any source of dangerous anti-nature/anti-family propaganda and rally against it, not just ion Ontario but wherever it rears its ugly head in Canada. It's bad enough we have dwindling whites and barren women who don't want to reproduce, discouraged by queers who dismiss and scorn them as "breeders".

Let's all be on the alert-- and talk it over with your school trustees and candidates in the October municipal elections.



It's July 12 when I am writing the first of this column as the local and national media is buzzing about Toronto Police responding to what was perceived as a credible threat by deploying hundreds of officers to the city's downtown area, a number of entertainment and sports venues and the Canada's Wonderland theme park in York Region. This came on the same day that Police Chief Mark Saunders unveiled a new "plan" for dealing with the spike in gun-related shootings and killings, which counted two little girls being killed.

There is and has been one little detail missing from all the press conferences, punditry and press stories -- the fact that in 52% nonwhite Toronto, nonwhites more commonly blacks) -- were behind the shootings. This, combined with the elimination of carding and the TAVIS anti-violence programs of police, is the major reason why the city is seeing now an upsurge in this chaos.

In the 1970s, we saw the first of this chaos  arrive in Toronto (and other Canadian cities) with the open-door immigration and multicult policies of then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, where millions  of nonwhites from the Caribbean and the United States entered Canada to enjoy welfare benefits, low-to-no-cost health care and for many of them, a new hunting ground among Canada's guilt-ridden whites. And generations later the problem worsened to the point where the city once known as Toronto the Good may well have over 100 dead this year, with over 50 being killed as mid-July.

Over the years, they've tried everything to stop the slaughter  -- midnight basketball, "diversion", raids, you name it. But nothing will be done unless the police, Mayor Tory, the police and the Jewsmedia start by idenitfying the culprits, by nationality, by race . This goes not just for the thugs preying on the innocent, but for the gunmen involved in gang wars (It's not a "gang problem", Chief Saunders). John Tory caught a lot of flak when he referred to the shooters of the little girls as "vermin" and "sewer rats"--he even tried to obfuscate the real issue by saying in effect that he didn't mean the black killers.

We need neighborhood watches, made up of people of all races, to patrol the streets and communities, and constant communication with police.

We need tougher laws, the scrapping of the Youth Justice Act, the return of the Death Penalty.

And we need for the newsmedia to IDENTIFY THE CULPRITS, with pictures, descriptions, video footage, every way of helping the police find these killers running literally wild in our streets-- a hands-on approach to crime fighting instead of cowardly political correctness and trying oh, so hard not to offend any ethnic group, as so many of these white women and white self-loathers do as they try to excuse these young thugs' atrocities. And yes, carding and racial profiling, that the commies whine about--these are the race traitors who are almost as responsible for the gun violence. If you don't identify the criminals, you end up protecting them.

It will take more than just graphs and plans by Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders and Mayor Tory--it will take action, and people in this municipal who will so more than pay lip service to stopping the slaughter in our streets.
and lets stop the frivolous construction site duty. Police resources should be for one thing--protection and fighting crime.

I keep thinking of the young black who when arrested, flashed a gang sign from the police cruiser at the Toronto media. We need to put the fear of God into these creatures (the death penalty), not hugs and more chances and short sentences and the insanity of "diversion programs." Many of Toronto's cops are tired, frustrated and angry, and sick of seeing these marauders back on the streets hours after they make bail or even if convicted, walk out of courtrooms with smart-assed smiles.

It will take a man of courage who will put an end to this violence whom we need to vote for in the October Toronto election.

We're all waiting.



One of the most soul-wreching images I remember from my childhood was of a young African boy in an ad for Oxfam, the British-created charity/relief organization. The child was starving, emaciated and his ribs were showing. He was a human skeleton and I felt sorry for the poor child.

Then I grew up and things changed. In Africa and many other Third World nations, children were not only starving, but there were millions more of them, with whites going over to make things worse. Do-gooders, Christian and organized, came over to Third World countries as part of outfits like Oxfam, Save The Children, Christian Children's Fund, Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, CARE and globalist UNICEF, to dig wells, supply clean water, build houses and schools, and oh yeah, start fertility clinics, while in North America, they and "feminist" white women fund and attend abortion clinics and run evil Planned Parenthood centers.  

Does anyone else besides smart whites see something horribly wrong with this?

The world's population has been estimated at eight billion. We are going through what's left of our non-renewable resources and many of us are on the front lines and active in "environmentalism". But thanks to the compassion of our women (NPC leader Don Andrews has said repeatedly that there is no creature on Earth more compassionate than a White Woman), the Third World's population explosion has combined with DNA-recessive whites' dwindling numbers and feminist women who don't want children (what they were naturally programmed to do) to create a potential worldwide catastrophe.

These damned do-gooders causing this are all round us -- and they've got lots of money for campaigns, TV ads all over North America, all heart-wrenching scenes of young children walking miles to get clean water or others who must now look after their younger sisters and brothers after their parents are killed in globalist wars. One particularly disturbing ad for Christian Children's Fund features a man in his 60s holding on to a child -- and he looked like he shouldn't be allowed near anyone's kid. But that's how they grab you -- videos and pictures of kids who are starving or with flies buzzing around them or in tears. Just like the Jews who do TV and films, they know how to tug at the white woman's heartstrings. And as with many charities, there's little accountability. This year, Oxfam has been fending off inquiries about its operations along with accusations of sexual abuse in Haiti and Chad. No on has any idea how much of their donations go to real help or to administration or even to making the clever, insidious ads used to pry your money out of your wallets.

More important, there's the matter of helping these poor nations overpopulate and grow in numbers to the point where it poses a lethal danger to the white race and to the survival of Earth. It's not as though we weren't warned. Overpopulation studies and books like The Population Bonb by Paul Ehrlich and Jean Raspail's prophetic fiction novel Camp of The Saints (which we are seeing come true in Europe and the borders of North America) as white women clutch their pearls and moan about the Third World's hungry, but won't lift a finger to help starving and homeless whites living on our streets.

These charities need to be confronted for their evil masquerading as humanitarianism, and condemned at every turn. And if they come to your door , just give them a good blast from your mouth about why they aren't helping poor Canadian kids.

In the animal kingdom we are told that certain species shouldn't be allowed to over-breed: "Don't Feed the Deer", it's called. And that is how we should look at Third World Overpopulation, as grim as it sounds. If we leave things alone nature or God will pronounce judgement.  It's not our business or concern. Our own people come first.

Let's remember that other Christian proverb:
Charity Begins at Home.



                                 WHITE CANADIAN SOCIETY

                                           by Bob Smith

One of the hottest TV stories as we head into July the 4th in the USA is "Roseanne V.2" (a.k.a. "The Conners", starting next season on ABC. Like its predecessor starring that foul mouth Ms. Barr, it is expected to feature a distorted view of Donald Trump supporters -- bigoted, narrow-minded "white trash", a little cruder than the return of Fox's similar-themed Last Man Standing.

Up here, we have the new hit cartoon version of Corner Gas, which is pulling better ratings than its live-action first version. The plot is the same: a sarcastic, overweight comic wannabe in small town Saskatchewan (Brent Butt) shares a business space with a comely girl from Toronto and insults the quirky townspeople including his co-worker (Nancy Robertson, Butt's real-life spouse). And as characters, especially in animated form, they act about as white racist and Canadian as George Washington.

The series, which has been renewed by the Comedy Network for a second season, also expresses an attitude reflective of many US crude and rude toons like The Simpsons and Family Guy, obsessed with bodily functions, meanness, ignorant behavior, and most of all a distorted image of the people and province of Saskatchewan where it is set. The new series has a new addition, "Zeke",  ripped off "Larry", the toque-wearing idiot savant of the 1980s CBS hit "Newhart". You never saw such diversity in the town of Dog River, with numerous Asians, punk/goth types and blacks.

There's little respect for two actors who appeared in the original, and who died after it ended -- Janet Wright, who played the  long -suffering wife of senile grouch Oscar, and Mike O'Brien, who played the town's liquor /insurance  store operator Wes. The former was replaced by a soundalike actress, and one plot of the cartoon version revolved around a lottery to benefit Wes's never-seen wife and whose name is never even mentioned.  

Brent Butt, who created  and produced both series, is not too far from the character he created. The  Corner Gas Movie, set in the present, reveals that he has had a relationship with beanery owner Lacey (Gabrielle Miller), a situation that surely his missus Nancy must have bristled at (in their next series together, the less successful Hiccups, he was married to a Latina woman). There's other sad inconsistencies: A lot more violence appears in CGA (you can get away with anything in a cartoon, and there's more swearing and lewd material that couldn't be shown on regular TV--only on cable and maybe WGN America, where the original show aired in the US.

Corner Gas Animated is produced by Brent Butt's production company Sparrow Media in association with Aslan Entertainment, Verite Entertainment and The Comedy Network unit of Bell Media.You might want to share your feelings with him and the cast at any of the above sites, or at www.cornergas.com.

In the meantime a word to Eric Peterson, Tara Spencer-Nairn, Lorne Cardinal and the rest of the cast who allowed their most famous persona to be ruined by Brent Butt in cartoon form -- don't work with him again...unless you have prospects of say, hosting a revival of the game show Definition.


by Bob Smith

Once upon a time, Neil Simon wrote a play about two divorced --one a neat freak, the other a slob -- who lived together in an apartment where their quirks that wrecked their marriages were the factors that drove them both crazy.

That play, The Odd Couple, became more than a hit play and a movie, but also four TV adaptations, including a cartoon. And it became one of the first and most insidious means of using comedy to trick us all into lowering our guard over normalization of homosexuality. Today, with just being gay can earn you a fortune if you own certain TV networks, busineses, get into politics or be the topic of a few hit movies such as Brokeback Mountain, Making Love, The Birdcage, or Milk. After being fundamental in the destruction of whatever was left of morals in the last century, the Jewsmedia made quite a pile of money adding to its already stomach-turning contributions in film and TV. It's still going on today --on mainstream television, streaming  TV and plays like Rent and Angels in America. Episodes of TV series like Golden Girls, Family Guy and The Simpsons treated perversion with everything from animated "now-that-there's anything-wrong-with-it" established on Seinfeld, to seriousness about topics like AIDS and infection.

Series like Brothers (1984-9) , Love Sidney (1981-3) and Modern Family(2009-present) were centered around homosexual themes, as was the lesbian drama . The L Word (2004-9) . The first was seen on Showtime, a US cable network that could under broadcast laws, could be"edgy" and bend teh rules. NBC, whixh aired Love Sidney, was nervous about a mainstream network airing a show about an openly gay man acting as a father to a woman and little girl--it lasted two years.

Aired on TV every now and then is the Al Pacino 1970's dark comedy Dog Day Afternoon, based on an actual story about a man who seizes a New York City bank to get money to get a sex-change operation for his partner

The Jewsmedia just can't help it. While the #MeToo/Time's Up movements are now even digging up dead people to aim venom and accusations of sexual assault, nothing is said in criticism of this perversion -- it has been elevated to near-religion status and protected from severe criticism under "human rights" and anti-discrimination laws worldwide. You can't "diss" them , deny them housing, or jobs that may involve them interacting with young people. They're protected, sadly, until they strike and their stories become front page news, like the killings of accused murderer Bruce McArthur, which evoked anger from the Toronto gay community when the perceived that cops were dragging their feet to solve the murders. For many it brought back searing memories of the murder of 12-year-old  Emmanuel Jacques murders in Toronto in the 1970s. He was drowned by three gay men (one a Jew).

The LGBQT ? communities have been flexing their financial and political muscle (the latest being Starbucks offering to pay for medical gender-altering operations after their debacle of kicking blacks out of one their chi-chi coffee houses). Just see what happens if you fire off a complaint at work about a gay person's behavior or if you suspect one of hurting a loved one. But there are ways you can fight back against this danger.

This summer and fall the barrage will continue on TV and at the cinema. If you go on the pages of our site, you'll find the web addresses of many of the studios, channels and networks that produce this pro-gay propaganda. Write them, e-mail them. tweet their producers. In Ontario, we just handed one prominent lesbian (Ontario Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne ) her walking papers. Now it's time to tell the Jewsmedia to clean house old the rest of its' perversion --and not just Harvey Weinsten.




by Bob Smith

In my early years as an activist racist one of the less pleasant episodes I endured were the few times I was jumped by violent, anti-white commies. At that time there were two violent communist outfits in Canada: the Revolutionary Marxist Group (Trotskyites) and the Marxist-Leninists (Maoists), the latter headed by one far Eastern gent named Hardial Bains. These groups went further than screaming -- they got physical, attacking white patriots when we campaigned in elections and of course. there was the memorable 1973 riot at Don Andrews' former east end home, where 300 of these miscreants attacked the house. Luckily, we had a good supply of men, muscle and lumber that kept them from doing a lot a damage.

Today, the anti-white traitors are back --  the ARA, the Antifa movement and the traitors who believe in freedom of speech for all-- except, of course, racists. Down in the USA, it has once again come to a boil with the refugee crisis and President Trump's hard stance to not let in refugees (a policy he needs to make sure that families are not separated).  The Jewsmedia has never let up on their whining about it, and every commie, feminist and their comrades in the media and in organizations will be mobilizing to see to it that "No one is illegal" this summer in America, you can make book on it. Anti-racists can dish it out, but they sure as hell can't take it when it comes to calling them on their petty hypocritical tyranny. What isn't really shocking is that whole hypocrisy of these mopers. When the media cameras are rolling (along with those with i-Phones) they'll have lots of verbal venom and if there's any action of police to contain or arrest them, you'll be hearing the cries of "brutality!" from them soon enough.

Across Europe, the repression against free speech has been going for years (in Mama Merkel's Germany, even displaying the swastika is illegal). Canada can trace our freedoms being destroyed all the way back to 1968, when, after the Cohen Commission report on "hate literature" was released, Canada's first "hate laws" were crafted by then-new Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau (Justin's father) which made any statement, printed or communicated "likely to lead to a breach of the peace" liable to make its author subject to fines in the thousands and imprisonment for five years. Don Andrews and I were the first two to be convicted and jailed under those  tyrannical laws, which have been expanded in other sections to cover sexual orientation and "false news", the latter of  which the late Ernst Zundel was convicted in the 1980s.

Maxime Waters, a black US senator, is the latest of these commie loudmouths to infuse verbal hate-whitey diarrhea -- and yep. she gets a pass. Waters is no different than a lot of the black leaders in the 60s and 70s like H. Rap Brown, Angela Davis , and Jesse ("Hymietown") Jackson, to name a few. But being a fashionably-dressed black woman, and a legislator, who's going to even try to come after her in "free speech" America-- those phony cuckservatives at Fox News? Give me a break!

Donald Trump needs to double down on the reds against him crying over the refugee /detainee situation, among others.
There's plenty of teary-eyed Americans who either don't know or don't care about the spike in crime now in European nations who have let in refugees, and those murderers, rapists and robbers are at America's north and southern borders and crossing over with little interfence from federal immigration cops. Companies  don't mind them coming in rub their hands with glee and greed for the cheap labor. On campuses in America and in Canada, there's no free discourse in these once-temples of thought and ideas -- any discussion of race on any other politically-incorrect topic by a student or a professor is sure ro start a firestorm. Canada's Jordan Peterson and the woman who sued Canada's Wilfrid Laurier University over mentioning Hitler are just two examples of the insane tyranny that has taken over North American campuses.

Trump needs to remember the white nationalist base that elected him and to keep doing what he promised --make America great again and stop listening to the Zionists and warmongers around him getting out of war zones and mercenary meddling. He must put the money saved from war into rebuilding the roads and highways and bridges-- the America infrastructure that is crumbling, and also to address the rampant crime and poverty that is eroding his nation and his supporters' well-being. Right now, he needs to stand firm on illegals, but not separate the families and allow kids to be torn from their families; the images of kids in cages are undermining him.

Racism is as natural as breathing and it's time now for Donald Trump to respond properly, to ignore that "Nazi/fascist" bleatings of the reds and go after these dangerous idiots and against anyone who promotes any perversion or idea that has so far conned our white people into nearly destroying itself (How many kids does simian-lover Jane Goodall have?)

It's something for you to think about, Mr. President, as you approach the halfway mark of your term of office. Your white base is watching.



                            ALL AGAINST THE WHITE MAN

by Bob Smith

The election of Donald Trump as US president by his white voter base is something a lot of the Jewsmedia hasn't recovered from. The anger and hatred is palpable, from the comedy channels to the sitcoms to the news and its pundits, it's there, and it's expanded to include so much hatred against whites and white society. They are all minstrels, court jesters not unlike those of ancient days and that includes this rock stars who have disgraced music and film with their effeminate romance crap for almost a century.

What makes a white family? To me, the answer is children, raised by a man and a woman. That's toxic to a lot of the queers who write and create and produce sitcoms. These are the ones who create dumb and sneaky dads (The Simpsons, Family Guy, Modern Family, Two and A Half Men, Mom, at al). Just watch one episode each and you'll see it. In one memorable Simpsons episode, a woman who outwardly hates kids starts a campaign against environments friendly to kids and Marge has to fight her all the way to defeating a law around it. The women's lib activist refers to women who love to raise kids as "breeders", the LGBTQ code-word for them. insulting the dignity of white mothers and white heterosexual relationships and families.

On The Goldbergs, you have Beverly, the domineering mom who dotes on her kids, tolerates her half-undressed boorish husband Murray. With Everybody Loves Raymond, there's little love in the family of Ray Barone whose wife Debra is constantly nagging him and bristles over the relationship with her hubby's mom Marie. One episode of Modern Family centers around gay dads Cam and Mitchel trying to get their Vietnamese kid Lily into a good pre-school, only to be upstaged at political correctness by nonwhites, lesbians and the disabled that one of them to outdo them all by impersonating a Native American. On the hit series Mom, there are no good white male role models-- the "recovering alcoholic" matriarch has a semi-criminal ex-husband she can't stop seeing until he dies during sex, while her also-a-trainwreck of a daughter has a total wimpy idiot for an ex whose new gal is a domineering harridan.

There is nothing manly or moral anymore on TV or in music -- the stupidity of it all is lapped up all the time on TV and streaming services. Comedians, actors , musician minstrels-- they all have that insane hatred of whites that permeates the media. There is nothing in the hearts of respect for the family or any form of decency and that goes for all of them --  the creators, writers, performers and producers, and of course, the executives of the networks and other sources that beam out this tripe night after night worldwide.

As white people we have to be on the alert for this dangerous real anti-white hate wherever it pops up, on TV or the movies --and don't think Hollywood has let up on pro-racemixing/anti-white themes in films, either-- there's more coming this summer and later this autumn for the Christmas movie blitz.

Check it out for yourself now, on any channel. Then protest it --to the TV CEOs and to the producers, studios and sponsors. Don't tolerate these hateful minstrels trying to use comedy and music to slyly destroy the basis of white society and civilization -- the white family, ever.


"In olden days a glimpse of stocking
was looked on as something shocking but
Now God knows,
Anything goes"

-- Cole Porter

Living in Toronto on Sundays in the 1960s was relatively easy, even if you weren't really religious. Stores weren't open, getting booze was an impossibility, and the only place you were expected go to was your place of worship. Ahh, how Presbyterian Toronto has changed from Toronto The Good to now -- as has much of society -- thanks to the Jewsmedia's TV, music, Internet and social media. And the standards and laws of morality (that's what's right and wrong, remember them?) were firmly in place, conceived and practiced and when need be, enforced, by white people.  Today, anything goes --and it's a bigger challenge to avoid it yourself,. let alone keep it away from your teenagers and kids.

TV is as usual, offender number one. Let's start with Modern Family, the hot ABC series about a wildly blended family headed by retired closet salesman Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill) who's still taking the same sneaky attitude toward his family (his son is a sex maniac and his daughter a miniskirted trollop who in real life would end up in an early grave) he did as immoral shoes salesman Al Bundy on Married With Childen. He draws the line, however and is made to look like an uncouth bigot when it comes to his zingers directed at gay son Mitchell and his "husband " Cameron. Another popular show that ABC cancelled last year 9being revived by Fox) is Tim Allen's Last Man Standing. In it he plays Mike Baxter, a hunting/sporting store owner with kosher conservative views whose family are all female --wife Vanessa, a geology teacher, a fashion maven named Mandy, mercenary soldier wannabe Eve  and Christy who runs the restaurant part of his store "Outdoor Man", A sort of latter-day and way-milder Archie Bunker (he hates Christy's hubby, Canadian commie type Ryan, who ran out on his wife briefly when she got pregnant). Runaway parents are a growing theme on prime time, like on CBS's Mom, entering its sixth season this fall. Mom is all about the Plunkett family, matriarch Bonnie, who choose booze and drugs, and whoring around  over looking after her daughter (also named Christy). Both end up being reunited at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. They share their trainwreck lives with a nurse Wendy, spoiled rich brat Jill and a cat lady,Marjorie (who's also Christy's sponsor) and a cancer survivior.. The men on this show are all weaklings and/or SOB's --Bonnie's ex, Alvin, whom she hooks up with again only to literally kill him during sex by a heart attack; Christy's dimwit ex Baxter, now led aroun by the nose by his new gal Candace, and Adam, a stunt man whse career ended when a fall made him a paraplegic. And don't forget Christy's daughter Violet who gave up her baby to a holy roller couple with nary a peep from Christy or Bonnie.

This crap really hit its stride with Three's Company, the "classic" sitcom" based on a British series about a randy cooking student who fakes being gay to save rent money living with two comely women. His first landlord Stan Roper was as indifferent about it as he was whiny over his sex-starved wife Helen, while the next landlord, wannabe stud Ralph Furley thought it was way cool.  Today, in the MeToo era, there's no way a show like Three's Company would get on the air.

But no mind -- the networks have plenty more degeneracy on the way: there's "Legacies" a new fall series about vampires that will join The Originals, True Blood and The Vampire Diaries all over the dial. And now on FX there's "Pose", set in New York and set around the cross-dresser/transgender crowd in New York City circa 1987, along with dumb male cop sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine--canceled by Fox but soon to return on NBC.

Men and the concept of patriarchy haven't fared well on TV (or early radio, where many male-bashing shows like Father Knows Best, The Life of Riley and Ozzie and Harriet first began). It all comes around the circle back to Modern Family with Jay and the only one he doesn't grouse about too much --his buxom young Colombian wife Gloria, not to mention his man-child son-in-law realtor Phil, style-concious stepson Manny, and his gay son Mitchell. Jay's daughter Clare is clearly the boss in that family, taking over her dad's business and almost ruining the company before learning how to run it. And there's the male staff of the Manhattan restaurant where works the now-syndicated "2 Broke Girls" a street-smart wisecracker and a dumb blonde trying to make enough money to start a cupcake business. Other dad "pairs' are worse --the prototype scheming (gay) Odd Couple (and all four of its TV versions), Two and A Half Men,and that pair of no-morals Charlie Sheen and wimpy John Cryer;  Frasier, the brother act of shrinks Frasier and Niles Crane, who shine as psychiatrists but suck at the relationships with their wives, girlfriends, their disabled grouchy dad and dad's alternately sneaky/dimwitted British therapist Daphne.

Then there's Rules of Engagement, now on Canada's Deja View channel and syndicated, featuring a cement-headed horny husband, his cute wife, their engaged friends (one being another man-child) and a horny immoral industry titan who tosses bigoted jokes at his East Indian assistant only to marry him to keep in in the final episode just to keep him from getting deported.

Racists see this rot and see the danger it poses to our moral standards and how the Jewsmedia tries to break them down, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. On "The Goldbergs", here's a real lesson in morals as taught by bellowing dad Murry (Jeff Garlin) to his youngest son Adam :" If you never admit you're wrong, you're never wrong!" The no-morals, do-what you like and if- need-be-we'll-bail- you-out attitude is what prevails on TV, not what we call The White Man's Way --and that includes teaching morals, responsibility, civil and decency to our young and practicing it every day, not deception, sneakiness, faux macho and the breakdown of the man/woman family unit (your mom doesn't live here son, but we both still love you...)

Enough! Time to get on the Internet and start contacting Sony, Warner Brothers, Fox, the networks and the producers of this dangerous garbage, among the worst being Chuck Lorre (a.k. Charles Michael Levine -- Roseanne, Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon, Mom. Two and A Half Men). His website is below .... It's a start. Remember-- racists are the moral standard in any society.



by Bob Smith

Anyone who's been in front of a TV for the past 50 years or has heard of places like Grossinger's In the Catskills has encountered Jewish comedians. In actuality, Jews have been making the world laugh before the days of vaudeville. they've been heard and seen  everywhere --radio, TV movies and of course in comedy clubs and on records. But for the past few decades, the kind of material they have been writing and peddling that is not fit for kids and ladies to hear -- crude, rude and blue "humor" -- has been forced onto TV. It's so offensive that now the Time'sup and MeToo movements are calling it down and trying to get it off the air.

George Burns, Henny Youngman, Rodney Dangerfield and the Marx Brothers are but a few of Jewish comedy's "pioneers", being very careful about what they could get away with, especially since the heyday of The Hayes act. But look at the sitcoms and  variety/talk shows today where anything goes, and Kathy Griffin and Samantha Bee put their careers on the line for their vulgarity -- Griffin, with her "Headless Donald Trump" graphic and Samantha Bee. who may lose her hit show Full Frontal for calling Trump's daughter by a vulgar other name for a woman's personal body part. Joined by talk show hosts  Mike Myers, Seth Rogen, Adam Sandler (who also produced many of his movies, Sarah Silverman, just-cancelled Roseanne Barr and the TV series Rules of Engagement) and Canada's Jeremy Hotz,
they have joined Jew actors like The Goldbergs' Jeff Garlin and actor/talk show host Sara Gilbert in splattering kosher culture and modern "morals" on TV, films and the Internet. They, along with men and women like Leonard Goldberg (ABC) Jeff Zucker (NBC) Fred Silverman (CBS,NBC and ABC) Dawn Ostroff and Mark Pedowitz (CW) Sumner Redstone (CBS, Viacom) and Les Moonves (CBS) have been heaping this trash on viewers for decades.

The plots of so many of these sitcoms range from the mean to just plain stupid. One of Seinfeld's meanest stories revolved around Susan Ross, fiancee of perennial loser George Costanza; not only did she die in bizarre and mean way (licking toxic envelopes bought by cheapskate George) but also the "oops, too bad" attitude taken by George and his friends Jerry, Elaine and Kramer immediately afterwards and at her gravesite (Kramer couldn't even get her name right). On that show, being mean and petty was something all the main characters did, from bugging a woman who's been institutionalized for tax help, to kidnapping and abandoning a noisy dog. On many episodes of that show and latter-day hits like CBS' Mom (about a group of drug-addled boozy female train wrecks giving each other excuses for bad behavior) to ABC's Modern Family -- where among the sins of patriarch Jay Pritchett are trying to make time with a widow he mistakenly believes was initimate with him to destroying his Colombian stepson's pan flute to being an all-round bully to his family and strangers.

All these comics and comic actors are against whites and others they don't like, like conspiracy theorists. Establishment institutions not being trusted by the public is a favorite worry of HBO's Bill Maher and his guests on Real Time. Maher has been a self-loather and a warmonger for years on this show and his HBO specials, and he's one of many of these creatures put on pedestal, like Amy Schumer, whose career in standup isn't going as well as she's hoped--which explains her now-tanking movie career.

They are everywhere and there will be more of them in the future, especially in films and on TV  (Fox will be reviving Tim Allen's Last Man Standing this fall after the Jews at ABC canned it allegedly over Allen distilling of his kosher conservative anti-Democratic Party views).  All you need to know is that are vehemently against racists and racism, are irreverent, rude, crude and immoral and are deserving of no one's praise or time --only derision and approbation.

Let the networks have it whenever you see rudeness, profanity, gratuitous crude behavior on TV comedy shows, along with those who advertise on them. It works -- just ask out-of-work Roseanne, or soon-gone Samantha Bee.

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  Every politician worth their salt nowadays not only knows their base of support, but does all to hang on to that support.  Donald Trump, now looking to the midterm US elections to see how much easier or harder his job will be, needs to be reminded of this important fact.

One thing he needs to do is to address one of his "Make America Great Again" tentpole positions-- to fix America's ailing infrastructure --its potholes, weak bridges, and rotting buildings. There's tons of money available --just use the dough now being used to fight no-win wars (more on that later). And he needs to renew and vigorously fight a real war on crime and immorality that threatens everyone in the USA. Murders, gang violence, kidnapping, robbery, rape --it is now accepted as part of "the new normal" of uncaring politicians, wrist-slapped violent offenders and under-funded law enforcement. Trump needs to fund law enforcement and show real support for law and order, not just gee-whiz tweets whenever some crazed animal shoots up a school. Morals-- the values of the decent -- need to be re-taught in schools, in the home and in places of worship as a measure to stop criminal behavior before it happens --that and severe punishment for murder-- and bring back capital punishment and public executions.

Donald Trump needs to remember his base of whites who made him president, not just fed-up whites, but also those of the Klan, open white nationalists and white racists, single and organized. He needs to be more populist, to reach out to and help America's poor who have seen their families and lives destroyed while refugees, illegals and tomorrow's killers freely walk across the border, and not just from Mexico but also Canada. We need the borders shut tight, now. As for DACA? It's just another compassion trap that just facilitates more trouble for the economy.

And for heaven's sake, withdraw the troops, Mr. President! There are wars America just can't win these days. Drone murders and bombings and meddling haven't worked in years. The good old days of the "greatest generation" that "saved Europe" are over, sir. Today's flashpoints like Korea can be solved with real diplomacy and sticking to your word like a real white man, not just promising a summit and then threatening to pull out just because you're mad at someone. You can't be for your own race and against other races, like the Asians: The Han sector of teh Chinese are the world's best racists -- of 10 million, there are only 500 "Han" in the Shanghai phone book alone. They know the importance of isolation and unity and race (you don't see any Chinatowns in Third World nations, do you?)

You still haven't learned that you can't run a nation --especially America -- like a business. Scrap NAFTA altogether, stop the half-assed promises and the "doing-fine" attitude of ex-New York mayor Ed Koch. Trade and foreign relations needs a reminder -- Jews are running your side along within their oligarch cousins in Russia run their puppet Putin.

Your world-view needs changing. The US will never be an empire ever. The starry-eyed vision of sneaks like the Clintons and the Bushes failed and caused nothing but more havoc, bloodshed and misery. An isolationist America must be a priority too: get out of the wars and the drone killings and bombings that only make it more dangerous to be an American, the disgusting attitude towards Iran is just a continuation of every war-dog you've listened to. Talking with your enemy --and keeping the lines of communication open if they balk)  is way better than confrontation and more danger. We've had enough of Bush's bastards and bitches like Condoleeza Rice. It is time for real leadership and real diplomacy.

And looking inward --fixing your roads, assisting people a lot more than the federal government has over the past years of devastation from floods, fires and hurricanes --helping the poor, being there to lead your white base, not the neo-conservatives and cuckolded idiots that have kept the US in a state of malaise for almost half a century.

You have a dwindling opportunity, Mr. Trump, to prove you can make America great, by being an isolationist and making America's well-being (and that means Americans first) the focus of your efforts this year and in the second half of your term.    And not just with fifty tweets a day.... A dwindling opportunity. Don't blow it.

The choice is yours....



  Dancing With the Stars: Juniors                         New Amsterdam

It was in the 1950's that a lot of concern came to the surface about "subliminal advertsing" on TV, the premises where you watch a TV show and a message like "Buy Coca-cola" would flash on and off screen so fast your eye could not see it, but your ind did.

This fall the five major US TV networks continue to pull the same sort of thing, but more obvious, and it's a commie/feminist/queer agenda skewed all the way, in the new series and new episodes of old ones. Let's take a look:


HAPPY TOGETHER (Mondays), all about a white thirty-ish couple who, out of boredom,  try to relive their rock and roll days -- with the help of a black entertainer played by Damon Wayans.

FBI (Wednesdays) is a new drama produced by Jew Dick Wolf, creator of Law & Order, and like show such at SEAL Team and The Brave, it will send the Bureau after "right wing nuts" and foreign "terrorists".

MURPHY BROWN (Thursdays) You can bet they'll have a lot of nastiness about the Trump administration now that Roseanne's new season will be deep-sixing her character's support of the president in this retread starring a gawd-aweful-looking Candice Bergen.

MAGNUM PI (Mondays) is another reboot of an old series. This time, one Jay Hernandez plays the sleuth working for a mysterious millionaire -- how'd he get past the border guards?


DANCING WITH THE STARS JUNIORS (Sundays) Now here's a gay dream come true -- young people gyrating in this new spinoff of the hit dance game show.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS (Wednesdays) It's Friends as a drama series, complete with wimpy metrosexuals who rethink their lives when one of them suddenly dies

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT (Tuesdays) The old faith-oriented drama 7th Heaven gets an update --with an Irish-Catholic family raising eight kids (is that supposed to be odd now, large white families? --it's a sitcom).


ALL AMERICAN (Wednesdays) More young boys in action in this new drama about a kid entering a Beverly Hills high school and football team, based on a real life NFL player.

CHARMED (Sundays) is another rehash of an old show about three witches who only use their powers for good -- and against anyone who crosses them. It's on after the female golem Supergirl.  So much fantasy on the networks takes people away from reality--and that's fine with the Jewsmedia--not to mention political correctness.


NEW AMSTERDAM (Tuesdays) Another hospital drama whose main hero is one Dr. Max Goodwin, trying to "fight the system" to restore New York's Bellvue Hospital to its former glory --all you need is a racemixed staff. David Schumer is the producer of this one.

I FEEL BAD (Thursdays) celebrates wild women, in this case, a wife and mom who "feels bad" when she ignores her bratty kids or has an erotic fantasy dream about someone who's not her husband.


REL (Sundays) More black families in comedies -- this one's about a man in Chicago trying to reconnect with his kids after a divorce.

Remember, many of these shows will be picked up by Canadian networks such as Global and CTV (they announce their schedules next month). Get their addresses and complain this fall about any of these shows that are anti-white, pro-feminism/pro-commie, pro-gay, anti-family -- all the ideas we need to fight now.

Forewarned is forearmed.



                                   By Bob Smith

Ah, the Royals are getting married... as I heard once in an old cartoon, "What's the hubub, bub?"

Why indeed do so many Canadians have such a fascination with one of the most wealthy families on Earth (who have never, by the way, shared any measurable amount of that wealth to help the poor and homeless of Great Britain.

Queen Elizabeth II, is thought of by many here as Canada's queen. Her portrait hangs in government buildings, her face is on our money and technically she is Canada's Head of State, not the Prime Minister, as so many people believe. Her personal fortune is estimated at between $500 and $530 million, and that's not including the value of their residence, the property they own, vehicles and their clothing. And in London streets, people are starving.

Happy and glorious? That's not quite the way the British royals, past and present, should be thought of --or any other man or woman who believes that a blue bloodline gives them unquestioned dominion over whoever is in the nation they live. You need go back to the days of Henry VIII, perhaps the first British sovereign to start a church thanks to his penis. The Church of England was founded not long after he was told that divorce was forbidden by the Catholic Church and the rest, literally, is history.

So what has the Monarchy done for the United Kingdom? Well, there's the horrible way that nonwhites were recruited (e.g., the Sihks, some of the world's best mercenaries) to kill whites --the same Sikhs whom the British tried to destroy the religion and culture of as part of their many colonial empires that have virtually vanished off the face of the Earth.

The British were the ones who set up concentration camps in South Africa for the Boers where women and children languished. The Royal Family oversaw the building up of an Empire on the necks of the "commoners" worldwide, only to have its last few generations oversee its demise, all the time exploiting nonwhites and encouraging their population growth  in lands where DNA-recessive whites were starting to dwindle in numbers. That is what they have done for the white people in England and other places where the population treats and reveres them like gods. And. like too many legitimate world leaders, they meddle in other nations' affairs. Although they gave approval to the Canadian Constitution Act in 1981, they still act towards Canadians as their slightly unkempt, yet entertaining, stepchildren, giving them a message of peace and joy each Christmas.

Monarchs stay in power through their own terrible vanity and the silly naivete of many of their "subjects" too soused on the glamor and pomp to even think that they are obsolete (Like the Royals, Canadian killer Paul Bernardo and his disgusting mate Karl Holmoka rode around in a carriage, too).

I don't know how many Canadians are members of the Monarchist League, but they --and the Canadian Armed Forces and the vets -- are about the only ones to still worship the Royals. Ready to fight "for King and country" is a phrase still making the rounds at the Legion halls as the old soaks remember the "Big One" --but not give a thiought of the fratricidal wars that destroyed so many White European lives and also much of the art and towns, big and small, in two world wars.

To White Nationalists, the Royal Wedding is no big deal -- that's why there's not a lot of coverage of it on our site. The White Man's way does not include tolerating a skewed elitist version of democracy where a royal family and its abuses are ignored, or in places like Cambodia, where the first arrest was made of a man for insulting the monarchy (the same harsh treatment awaits you in Thailand if you show disrespect).  Considering how the royals have acted against the best interests of white people, it's not surprising that now their bloodline will be mixed with the entrance into the family of Meaghan Markle.

We need as white racists to recognize these truths and remember how dangerous a distraction any royal family -- British or otherwise is to our fight to maintain our racial survival. Here, when tradition gets in the way of common sense, we have a bunch of appointed elitists called the Canadian Senate, not elected as in the USA -- and the spectre of a parliament versus the rich in any nation with royalty isn't good for anyone--except the bluebloods.

No, the royal nuptials are no big deal, so let's stop treating it like the Rapture--and step into this century.  

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The United States is facing its midterm elections this year, and despite all the efforts to take down white people's choice Donald Trump, they have failed miserably.

After groaning like drunks with hangovers after his upset win over Hillary Clinton, the Jewsmedia and Trump's enemies inside and outside the GOP have doubled down on their efforts to have him removed from office by all means necessary: "Mentally unfit to serve"; "immoral" ;"scandal-plagued" and "dangerous in a world constantly at the edge of war" top the list of what Trump's enemies are concocting to get rid of him, and nothing has worked. But even if he is taken down, the white base of support that propelled him to the White House will still be around and be more angry and searching for  a leader to keep the insane Democrats and Hillary Clinton at bay.

The Stormy Daniels affair is the latest in the bag of tricks of Trump's enemies. In an immoral place like the USA, it's a real  LOL -- many memories are still fresh about thre Washington hi-jinks of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, but it looks like the "good ole boy" has been forgiven (he now appears in a public service "One America"ad with Jimmy Carter, Obama and both President Bushes).

On foreign affairs, Trump has been lambasted on pretty much everything, from Netanyahu's sabre-rattling to last year's semi-standoff with North Korea. The Jewsmedia pundits were shaking in their boots with each new threat from Trump, only to have it blow up in their faces, as now there appears to a truce and perhaps an end to hostilities with may pave the way for reunification.

Donald Trump knew that the knives would be still out for him, even after he won the GOP nomination and the White House. His no-nonsense talk about outsourcing jobs, unfair free trade, insane immigratiion/frefugee policies that were putting white Americans on unemployment and putting all at risk as hordes of criminals streamed across the US/Mexico border touched a nerve with a white basis of support that sent shock waves to commies and feminists and anti-white race traitors around the world.  The cuckservative Republicans went after him constantly, not realizing or caring that the fed-up whites who endured eight years of one-worlder Obama and facing more (and maybe World War III) with Hillary in charge, finally elected  a man who meant what he said about "Making America Great Again".

Smart White Nationalists know that a lot of the foreign "cold war" rhetoric between US Jews and Jew oligarchs gangsters boy Putin in Russia was a farce; they were, in fact, still are, working together.  The same pretty much goes for Kim in North Korea: It still made great entertainment and likely great ratings for CNN, Fox News, et al, as they continued the propaganda claptrap in America, and through woldwide Jewsmedia outlets like Britain's BBC, CBC in Canada, Australia's ABC, and so on. They're still simultaneously nervous and rubbing their hands with glee in their hope that the next scandal or "misstep" of Trump's presidency will be the one that causes his fall.  He's standing tall in the face of calls of him being a racist (not that there's anything wrong with that, as they say on Seinfeld) and he knows that his white base who've had it with multicult in America. now want America to be isolationist and non-intervenionist, to put the USA first, and that includes getting out of bloody useless wars that kill thousands and endanger all Americans, because when the US goes over there, they come over to America. He's standing firm on the DACA fiasco, and addressing the loss of white privilege in America, that's necessary for the survival of white society (you can't have one without the other).

And Trump is pressing on -- attending rallies as the midterms approach, keeping his base of support solid, and defying all who try to stop him. The US needs to get out and stay out of unwinnable wars, despite the plans of the "Deep Staters" made up largely of Clinton's and the Bushes warmonger Pentagon generals, officers and other pals, to involve America in another loser  conflict in Iran.

It appears that Donald Trump is staying the course as his term in office enters the second half. One of his first priorities should be to push the Israeli Jews for peace in the Middle East. Let's see them show common sense, good will and fair play if they are really interested in Israel's security. Trump, to his enemies, is like the mythological hydra -- hard to slay because if you cut off one head, two more grow back in its place. As he presses on, the Jewsmedia will boost their efforts to stop him, not caring that already mistrusted hosts, pundits and anchors are still filtering the news. White Americans have woken up to the b.s. around them on TV and radio and even the Internet, as witnessed by the growth of sites like Infowars, Rense and social media.

Trump's presidency proves that you don't have to be at the bottom to go upwards and stay there. It remains to be seen as to how much farther his adversaries in th GOP, the Democrats, the Jewsmedia and other anti-white traitors will go to put an end to his administration. He will triumph in the end, having left an indelible mark and a path for whatever successor his supporters back.  And that's good news, not just for white Americans, but all racially-conscious whites around the world; white nationalist groups and websites, including the Nationalist Party's assess the news and post it and our ideological points daily. We have planted the seed of white racist ideology that continues to monitor evens in North America and around the world at the crucial time in history. We face the future with confidence and the best tool that will ensure that future -- natural racism. We've been right so far and as the months unfold, will be proven right again as white people see a new, golden chapter in our history in the twenty-first century unfold before our eyes.


The Debate: Afterthoughts

Wasn't that just the saddest-looking debate for the Ontario Elections on Monday? The candidates stood in front of the audience at Toronto's City-TV studios on a drab blue/white set and there were no podiums -- Rogers Media (owners of City) couldn't even spring for the wood and paint to provide podiums to those vying for the post of Premier in Canada's biggest province. 




The entire world watched Toronto again last week as the horrible specter of people being run over in a rented van took place last Monday (April 23rd) near Mel Lastman Square. Captured by a Toronto Police officer, Alec Mannasisan would be faced with charges with the murders of ten people and the wounding of 14 others. The media spent the rest of the week covering the lives of those tragically taken as well as trying to "analyze" the motivation behind the carnage. By week's end, there was a new movement that had sprung up online known as "incel" ("involuntary celibate") supposedly made up of angry online men and bloggers on social media who were frustrated that women kept on refusing their sexual advances, who had cheered on the accused, Alec Mannassian, and all claimed to have been inspired by this incel movement's Elliot Rodger, who killed fourteen people in a previous attack in California, and who began to post blogs cursing "femoids" and "Staceys" who preferred macho, handsome "Chads" to average-looking men, and lit a fuse that may continue to destroy more people before authorities --if they can--  stop more of these attacks.

At least ten families have been deprived of their loved ones because of these wicked, insane maniacs who by no means represent how real white men feel and treat women.

I have known women all my life; many of whom I share good friendships with and although I am a bachelor, I'm certainly not going to "blame" my single status on women who prefer Hollywood stars. And it disgusts me that these pathetic men chose to mete out their own evil brand of "justice" to satisfty their anger.  And once again, as the media chases its tail trying to figure out what's next, that same media won't turn toward itself as a main cause of all this anger being unleashed.

We've all seen the macho, tough guy, manly image of men portrayed in westerns and other films replaced by the new homosexual-inspired "man"; bumbling, intoxicated, uncomfortable and nervous around women and just plain unable to enjoy a relationship with women --or as the hateful LGBT crowd calls them, breeders (the other group being kids). In films, TV dramas and sitcoms, men are horny pigs, abandoners of families, less-intelligent young men, blowhards -- every negative type of man you can imagine being ouwitted by their mates; a pattern that exists on every family-oreinted comedy series today, going all the back before I Love Lucy and the days of radio.

Even with all this "provocation", there is no excuse, frustration or otherwise, for taking an innocent life for these sad and pathetic "incel" creatures. Not all of us can dance like Fred Astaire or be as funny or smooth as the male leads in shows like Kevin Can Wait or even be a "charming" doofus like Jeff Bingham of Rules of Engagement. We all have talents and a white people, need to remember that if we are going to continue to survive as a race and promote the continuation of our species, we can't fly off the handle as the only way to handle "she's just not into you". Real white men who act like white men, not horny, hyper blacks or Latinos trying to impress our women with their dance moves or Latinos frustrated with their own spitfire Latina women; men who act civilized and with manners and respect will eventually find a partnership with a white woman despite the media being inundated with racemixing/pro-gay propaganda and images constantly -- in music, in films, on TV, the fashion industry, etc.

Murder and mindless violence is how nonwhite races deal with anger issues, not white men. And grumbling over stupid things like not looking like Brad Pitt or some zoned-out rock idol or trying to pose as a hipster is a waste of time.

It's time to do a little mental man-scaping, to live our lives as confident and civilized white people and to teach by example, that we can project a positive, intelligent male attitude, not sulk like spoiled ten-year old brats who go into tantrums when mommy won't let them stay up or cook their favorite meal. Today's millennials consist of (and some are raising) the new generations of self-absorbed and entitled hedonistic twits who think they should have anything they desire-- including being intimate with the "girl of their dreams". Life isn't a Frankie Avalon Fifties love song. That's the kind of twisted thinking that has created some of the most brutal monsters of this century and the last part of the twentieth -- Ted Bundy, Canada's Robert Picton, the BTK killer and the sickie psycho may-he-rot-in-hell Charles Manson to name a few. I could write five more pieces like these and really go to town about how our de-gendered feminist/commie society and those in charge of the media that pushes it, have done their part ro create such a dangerous and perilous world for white women to live in.

As white men, we need to protect the foundation of our white generations of the future: our white women, and not get into a wasteful cycle of anger and
frustration.  By being better white men, we can help assure our racial survival with patience, common sense, good will and fair play, not needless and wasteful anger.

Let's get to work.

                         ...AS IT SHOULD BE


                                              by Bob Smith

About a year ago in Maclean's magazine (Canada's version of Time) there were three articles of note: one having to do with the federal Conservatives pretending they were all for gun rights in Canada, another, a nasty "profile" on the early years of Donald Trump, and an opinion piece fretting over how Trump's white voter base was now the "new normal" in the US. That was in May 2017. Flash forward to today where we've had outbursts large and small with Trump supporters and natural racists on one side and the self-loathing whites, commies, feminists and refugee/immigrant advocates on the other .

Finally, whites are looking around and they are becoming racists. They see the jobs bing handed out like candy to newcomers who can barely speak English, people barging through borders in droves for work, food, welfare and whatever they can wheedle out of "our" government. They se the rising violent crime --rapes, murders and muggings, gang violence, and finally seeing in some of the newsmedia the faces of its perpetrators and the accused; the brutality of the beatings, "honor killings", gang shootings. They are ceasing to be afraid in speaking out against nonwhites and not mincing their words, both in America and in Canada, unlike so many feminized European nations like the UK and Germany who are letting in nonwhites en masse.

Whites are silent no longer, giving hell to the white self-loather traitors, not just on the streets but at government --their so-called elected representatives who betrayed them everywhere you look -- at the borders, on the nasty "free trade" that is ruining Western economies for cheap goods and cheap labor.

It's been about fifteen months since Donald Trump was propelled to the highest office in America thanks to fed-up whites paying high taxes, getting shafted in medical "Obamacare", fed up with cities and states left to rot after the past few years of severe weather that has destroyed thousands of homes and millions of lives, with both Obama and the Bushes doing very little save for crocodile tears while busying themselves with useless meddler globalist-directed wars against primitives that took more US lives on the other side of the world. Now that North Korea has "backed off" and for now, a crisis in the Far East has been resolved (LOL), the knives are out and poised and ready to take down Trump and return to the business-as-usual (screw whites) agenda of the cuckservatives and the Democrats.

The US Jewsmedia is scared as hell about the staying power of this new wave of racism and nationalism. Here in Canada, it now looks like populist Progressive Conservative leader Doug Ford will take this June's Ontario provincial elections, turfing out lesbian idiot Kathleen Wynne and her Liberals. and our media has been dumping on Ford unmercifully -- just the other day, the bitterness boiled to a point where one Liberal referred to Ford in very unparliamentary terms, calling him a name that was synonymous with a male body part. Aside from being more populist, there's little that Ford needs to do. And they are not letting the pundits, the intellectual "analysts" or the blonde- haired short-skirted newsbabes get away with trash-talking Trump and his white supporters and the fake news used to confuse viewers in a pathetic attempt to turn around the public attitude that distrusts the newsmedia now more than the politicians (PBS, the educational brioadcaster doesn't air commercials from easy-to-hit advertisers and has been liberal as hell for decades).

The winds are turning-- there hasn't been this kind of upheaval in the public since the days of Lyndon Johnson, Nixon and the Vietnam anti-war days. And in Ontario, Canada's largest province and the engine of the national economy, busines and "culture", I predict a record turnout in the June election that will beat down the red support fo both the Liberals and the unions (one wag has predicted that in June, the Liberals will be reduced to rump party status at Queen's Park).

It's getting chilly out there for the media this spring and summer in terms of non-trust. And politicians on both sides of the 49th parallel are going to feel it soon--in Canada, and in the US midterm elections. There's desperation here and in America, with new "revelations" being tweeted and all and more books to come, the latest from backstabber James Comey,

Let's remember that rats are always first to bail from a sinking ship. And rejoice that now natural racism is growing and now becoming the new normal in North America (except for Mexico, which has racemixed itself into a violent land of murder, mayhem and blood, and whose denizens are heading north for fresh victims).

Our racial enemies are worried....and That's good.



      As I stare out my window watching the rain/snow fall and hoping I can get this column out before the power goes out, I can't help but wonder where all the peaceniks are?

You remember them--the thousands of young people who marched in demonstrations in the 1970s and were credited with stopping the Vietnam war? They've been suspiciously missing in action with regards to the latest spate of US/globalist meddler-wars  in Iran. Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, ad nauseaum for years now. They were reviled by conservatives, many were locked up and beaten into mush by cops. John Lennon and that things from outer space he married. Yoko Ono. had a big hit with "Give Peace A Chance" and held their famous "Bed-In for Peace". Canadian rock band The Bells topped the charts with their peace anthem Fly Little White Dove Fly.

But that's it -- the peace movement is gone now and its draft dodgers, too. Where's the thousands screaming at the gates of the White House, at the French Parliament and at 10 Downing Street after the joint attack on Syria -- which the butcher Assad and his Alawite cult survived.

Let's be clear -- no one should be using chemical weapons as a weapon of war, especially one who's as tight with KGB academy grad Vlad Putin and his oligarch Jews in Russia.  But racists have an obligation, a moral obligation to be isolationists, to not involve ourselves in wars that only benefit capitalism and endanger whites worldwide. When we send troops over there to these hot zones, we get them over here -- as war refugees, as competitors for jobs and education and welfare, and also as angry Muslim jihadists who want to pay us back forom invading their lands and trying to bomb, drone and kill them into submission.

As usual, it's the usual suspects here: white women who want white men to go in and force their matriarchy on their patriarchal customs and  way of life  that have been around for centuries and did just fine, thanks. And in Israel, there's some concern that the attack on Syria could see that bandit state in the bullseye of hostile nations soon. In America, there's no modern-day Abbie Hoffmans or Jerry Rubins around leading marches down streets and demanding an immediate pullout of US troops.

And I'm not seeing a lot of religious (commie and otherwise) groups, denominations, bishops, congregations--not even Pope Francis is out there on a Vatican balcony blasting the aggression and calling for peace. Christians aren't turning the other cheek --they're no where to be found trying to be reprsenting the "Prince of Peace". Remember the "Society of Friends", the original peace advocates known today as the Quakers? Aside from an oatmeal box, where will you see them now?

White Nationalists are the new "peaceniks"... we are four-square against intervention in any military conflict that endangers members of our race. The commie feminists failed the anti-war movement by not being loud and vocal when it was useful-- to protest against participating in military conflicts. We need a respite from war and a renaissance of looking out for our racial survival now.

Hey, Antifa, you're hot as hell going after racists but why aren't you in the streets decrying all the failed wars from Korea to Vietnam and beyond? No hard to see who's running you clowns -- your women--and that's being generous to that gender. They're just part of the three generations of failure in misery that have caused so many millions now to be killed, maimed and blinded...for what?

It's time all white nationalists, racists, and "alt-righters" to stand up against this bloody nonsense and oppose intervention and support isolationism --let these conflicts solve themselves. We don't have the equipment, training or personnel to fight today's wars.

Now if we only didn't have the will to go into the darkness for globalism and capitalism, what a wonderful would it could be....


Several years ago, the Western Guard (forerunner of the Nationalist Party ) put out a ten-issue-a-year magazine Straight Talk! on which I served as a writer and graphic designer. On one cover was a cartoon showing a black as part of a riot beating a white man on the ground with the caption,
White Self Hate--Master Stroke of The Enemy. Over 40 years later, that has so come to fruition. Self-loathing whites aren't just in nutbar race traitors outfits like the Anti-Racist Action and Antifa, they're all around us -- civic and religious groups, the Jewsmedia, even our treacherous elected officials, bending over backwards to please and appease nonwhites for every real or imagined slight and/or injustice.

NPC Leader Don Andrews has said many times that there is no creature more compassionate than a white woman. Look at the news story of the Nova Scotia woman collecting empties to continue the overpopulation of blighted Haiti. For years, women-run outfits like the Unitarian Service Committee and CARE and Oxfam, just like animal rights shills, have had women at the front or waving the jar at whites who already are competing for jobs, government services and welfare, good education, and white women right here in Canada.

Part of the influx of Whites who came here from the United Kingdom were the young children sent here as cheap labor, courtesy of one Doctor Thomas John Barnardo, a rich Brit who bought himself a lordship and dropped a lot of these poor "rugamuffins" to our shores, who became the stock of many Canadians today, many of whom will nor doubt feel more sorrow over the poor of the Third World and the streaming lines of refugees getting into Europe and North America by hook or by crook than say, the terrible loss of thsoe killed in this weekend's Saskatchewan bus crash.

And we apologize to them all, much like the nerd who says I'm sorry to the bully after he accidentally lands a punch on the brute's jaw. We apologize to the aboriginals we won a war against . We apologize to blacks who protest in droves every time one of them ends up on the rough side of the White man's law. We apologize to every group we as white people think we've wronged, goaded on by commies and feminists in and not in government. And that is not how you start a Constitutional Racist State.

Sure, our history has its low points. Let's remember that the concentration camp didn't originate in Hitler's Germany or in Japan, but during the Boer War, where Afrikaner men, women and families were put into these camps. And that was just one story of the tale of how the White man failed to start and maintain a racial state in Africa, in South Africa and Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia).

And let's not forget Cortez and Lewis and Clark,. so grateful to nonwhites for helping them (in the latter case, Sacagewa betrayed her race helping Lewis and Clark and ended up being remembered as a face on a limited edition one-dollar US coin.) There's also the Disney-ized story of Pocahontas, who saved her white lover John Smith and had a child with early American tobacco tycoon John Rolfe.

We've more than "made up" for it over this century and the last when it comes to nonwhites. I've seen street signs in Toronto, cans of Campbell's soup, government/taxpayer-sanctioned pamphlets, tax forms, calendars, etc., printed in Chinese, Korean Tamil, Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, to name a few instances. Anti-minority racism in Canada is not only "illegal", it has reversed to the point that whites now have to face judges, human rights star-chamber boards, human resources departments, etc., for everything from a glare at the office to a misinterpreted comment. Led by race traitors, whites are being kow-towed to genuflect and be supplicants to the new masters.

I say enough!  We need not only to grow a backbone and stand up to these arrogant Sikhs, blacks, Orientals, at al, but most of all to give proper crap to any and all whites who speak for them and to curse any Whites who show any self-loathing against their own race. We need to follow the advice given by racist visionary George Lincoln Rockwell.."Get off your knees, white man!". Go after anything that reeks of that white suicidal word "diversity" and stand up to these cretins, white and nonwhite (and that goes for guys like David Duke who still displays his love of "diversity and human freedom" on his website's banner).

And yes, let's go after the Jewsmedia owners, hosts and pundits who want to keep whites' heads bowed and ridiculed in their portrayals in movies, plays, comedies and cartoons while the elevate nonwhites to near-God  status. As I write this, part of Ontario (Caledonia) is under to tal armed native control, The federal and provincial governments have done nothing since the area was occupied and taken over by the Six Nations in 2006 and twelve years later, no one has moved to evict them. Go to any major Canadian prairie town and you will discover it's not deep and magical or funny like the antics of Cree cop Davis Quinton of Corner Gas, but pretty dangerous in the wrong part of town.

Stop apologizing white man! All you owe to other races is common sense, good will and fair play -- one of the foundations of real racism and a Constitutional Racist State.... starting right now.

And I'd like all my visitors to do what they can -- condolences, funds, whatever you can to help the devastated people of Humboldt Saskatchewan after the horrific loss of fifteen people. most young hocckey players, this weekend. Contact the town or the Canadian Red Cross and do what you can...it's the white man's way.


by Bob Smith

There's no doubt about the popularity of Corner Gas -- the original CTV comedy series that ran from 2004 to 2009 and was followed by a brief theatrical/ broadcast movie sequel. Now we have on the Canadian Comedy network (both owned by Bell Media) the new Corner Gas: Animated, with all but one of the show's original cast returning to their roles. And it's found wanting. A number of TV series and stars from the past tried to launch cartoon versions: The Odd Couple, The A-Team's burly black Mr. T, Louie Anderson, even Roseanne Barr, tried it. Some hit cartoons tried live versions (The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, Yogi Bear, e.g.) with mixed success.

The new Corner Gas looks very much like the old Fox series King of The Kill, from which it got one of Hill's writers, Norm Hiscox. The character design, the unnatural and stiff movement of the characters, even their representation doesn't ring true. Brent Leroy (played by series star/creator/ producer Brent Butt) just doesn't convey the relaxed, almost sanguine attitude of the live action show, and is even prone to anger. Butt's real-life wife Nancy Robertson is back as station clerk Wanda Dollard. She looks in the cartoon about twenty years younger than the first show, but carries on the unbalanced, out-of-control know-it-all type she played on CG and also from her second series Hiccups.

The patriarch of the Leroy family Oscar (Eric Peterson) looks wacker and meaner than ever, and freaks out more like Homer Simpson: the opening story featured a disturbing Mad Max spoof featuring a man tied to a stake and Oscar screaming behind a Jason-like hockey mask. Peterson should be ashamed to sign on for this one, having already established a following for his work on the Canadian stage as Billy Bishop and the CBC drama Street Legal. The snarky queen-bee of the fictional prairie town of Dog River, Oscar's wife, Emma seems a bit nicer than the harpy she was as voiced by the late Janet Wright.

The new series is a little more political; CG version one's way of politics was the repeated line "stupid government". And as in the first show, everyone's a little immoral: Oscar steals the store's inventory to punish his son Brent for allowing the pumps to go dry (it still astounds me that a damaged man like Oscar could run a gas station in the middle of nowhere for decades). Dog River's two cops are Karen Pelly and her aboriginal superior Quinton Davis. 'Toon Karen is like a mannequin and Davis can't stop smiling, baring his teeth like he never did on the first Corner Gas, and just as it the first series, they're not above letting a lawbreaker like Wanda slide after she illegally makes corn-based ethanol.

Notably absent is the cook from the local diner The Ruby, Josh, who in the series was only seen mostly from behind, In one episode, show runner Brent Butt commented "I didn't even know he could talk", keeping the thug-like Josh in the background and away from the pretty diner boss Gabrielle and real-life spouse Nancy. Josh Strait barely got ten lines in the series six-year run, but his back got lots of screen time (eleven scenes was the record in one episode). Also gone is Wes, who ran the town's insurance agency/liquor store. The Mayor of the town, Fitzy, was mentioned, but never seen.

The first Corner Gas had all the earmarks of North American sitcoms -- annoying women, sneaky/wimpy/easily-outmarted men, even some eye candy in the person of Lacey Burrows (Gabrielle Miller), the cute Toronto transplant who inherited The Ruby from her late aunt and now spends her time
tolerating and trying to please the quirky townsfolk and maintaining a chummy relationship with Brent, under the nose of Nancy (he repeated the pattern in Hiccups as a life coach married to a Latina woman a la Modern Family). The cartoon version looks like a animation college's class project, despite the fact that three studios were involved in the production. The biggest mistake that Brent Butt made was to try it as a cartoon.

Corner Gas was the most popular situation comedy series ever aired in Canada, and even ran for a short time on the US Superstation, Chicago-based WGN. As one of a number of shows doing new episodes after being absent for awhile, it's trying new things (like the new Roseanne's con game of trying to grab Trump's white base supporters by making her one too). But as an animated comedy it just doesn't work and only the die-hard fans will enjoy it.

Note to Brent Butt: if you plan to bring back Corner Gas for a third time, go back to basics -- real life, not cheapskate animation.



Charles Dickens did not paint a good picture of the rich of his times. Until his conversion, miser lawyer Ebenezer Scrooge is probably fiction's most famous rich man, if you don't count Jay Gatsby. Two fictional stories now out -- FX's series Trust and the film All The Money in the World, focus on J. Paul Getty and the aftermath of his grandson's kidnapping; neither paints the family in a flattering light.

For a few decades now, stretching at least back to the Fifties, the rich were well-respected members of society --self-made men, philanthropists, an indespensible part of democracy and the foundation of a healthy society. The Massey family, who produced a Canadian Governor-General, a farm equipmnent empire, a Toronto concert hall, the actor Raymond Massey and a shelter for the poor named after one of its inhabitants (The Fred Victor Mission) are one of Canada's richest and best-known families. Yet never have they bequeathed any money for the benefit of white people.

Today, plain and simply, put, rich whites  are the enemies of the white race. They don't contribute even a small portion of their vast wealth to white nationalist organizations, leaders and  concerns. they look down on racists, not remembering that one of the world's richest men, Donald Trump, is now America's president, was catapulted to power by white people. By not being up front to help racists, they make themselves bigger cowards than as they are now, hiding in offices and their big mansions under layers of gates and security.

Instead, many of them (like Bill and Melinda Gates) are pouring money to aid Third World nations and peoples, building schools, supplying water and food and enabling these already-overpopulated nations to breed to become minimum-wage paid residents of white countries in competition with whites for jobs. They're big fans of outsourcing -- ripping out factories and destroying jobs here for cheap labor in other nonwhite nations.

They have no responsibilities. They have no one to answer to. They love to act politically-correct and "support" all the "cool" causes: the environment, poverty.

And they love colonialism-- longiong to being back the days when big nations like Britain and royal families ruled empires and treated those they ruled in such areas as the Caribbean and India either as underfoot, or like children who needed white feet on their necks. In England now only recently there's been talk that the monarchy should be abolished, a debate that's been simmering in Canada for quite a while now.

Here, they treat those "below" them with disdain, especially the workers who are the ones they should thank for the wealth and the health of their giant corporations. If it were not for unions, these cretins would be total unstoppable tyrants.

White nationalists should treat any wealthy man or woman reluctant to help us with disdain in turn, and demand an explanation for their failure to use their power and fortunes. Take a look at the link below of the richest people in Canada (one, Barry Sherman, was murdered at his Toronto home last year with his wife; police are still investigating the crime). Don't worry about rich people from other races--we need to put the white rich's feet to the fire. Check the link below and ask them.




by Bob Smith

Crime in North America is like death and taxes-- it seems that it. too. is certain. Here in Canada we like to think of ourselves as a more civilized society. Or are we? We look to the US as the bastion of wild, violent criminal behavior and with good reason. Crime has replaced baseball as America's new pastime. In 2015, a person was killed every 33.5 minutes, rape, every 4 minutes, an aggravated assault every 41 minutes, and a sexual assault nowadays every 98 seconds.

Just this weekend, a  comic strips -- "Zits" -- had its hippie denizens among those demonstrating to ban guns-- the commie solution to law and order. That was just part of the effect of the dumb March for  Our Lives Movement. Look around -- TV is filled with violence: series and movies brimming with violent depictions of abduction, rape, robbery, assault and murder. "Procedural" police shows like CSI and Criminal Minds use gory scenes and detail (in one chilling episode of the latter series, police were after a monstrous taxidermy fan who killed and removed and saved the eyes of his victims). Three TV channels -- Canada's Crime and Investigation and the two Investigation Discovery channels -- thrive on themed murder shows: Fatal Vows (married killers); Fear Thy Neighbor; Web of Lies (Internet luring) A Crime To Remember (old murders); Homicide Hunter, are just a few. On other channels there are Forensic Files on HLN, Canadian productions Forensic Factor,  Murder She Solved, The Killer Next Door, and so on from the Canadian Oprah Winfrey Network. Even the W  (Women's) Network  and Lifetime feature movies of women stalked by killers or abducted.  One of last year's Oscar nominees (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri) and two series from last fall (both now gone, Ten Days in the Valley and Wisdom of the Crowd) dealt with families victimized by killers. There's even a new version of the Charles Bronson film Death Wish upcoming in theatres. And there will be endless reboots of the grotesque Halloween, Friday The 13th and Saw movie franchises --and new horror movie series to come in the future and video games that encourage and inspire more sick monsters to kill and cause untold misery.

We have become so insulated to violence that there's no real, liong-lasting outrage to push cops to get out there and find these bastards. And there's no universal death penalty to put these creeps into the next dimension that gives them fear enough not to kill.

We need to push our MPs (and in America, Congress) to restore the death penalty all over North America, not just in some states -- and enforce it! No more plea-bargaining and getting life for murder -- just public execution. No more "he's too young" as an excuse for taking a life. In the US midterm elections are coming up and in 2019 Canada will vote nationally. Ask, email, tweet, write your representative and tell them this insanity must stop NOW. Forget marches-- they are only today's news, looking good at 6 pm, replaced by more atrocities the next.

Let's remember that whites commit horrific crime too -- handsome guys like Ted Bundy and Paul Brernardo (and his witch lover Karla Holomka), not just Charles Manson psychos, are capable of the unimaginable. Christian Grey, the central figure in the "50 Shades" books  and films, is a rich, amoral bachelor who entices women into domination sex games. If we are as White Nationalists to promote a society of white values, they must include acting civilized, and to teach morals to our young and be at least as tough on our own who victimize others as we would nonwhites.. that's part of the White Man's Way. Let's raise hell with Disney/Fox, Universal, Warner Brothers, Sony, and all the TV networks and channels who run violent crime dramas and documentary shows that showcase, praise and promote low-life attitudes and behavior, and to write to their sponsors. They listen.


Recent columns:


Lots of people like the sight of a pregnant woman. They love to see nature's way of reproducing humanity and the white race.

The media, not so. They're perfectly happy to air sitcoms like Mike and Molly, which ran on CBS for a few years and centered on two obese people in love. But the idea of a woman giving birth is the sport of sitcoms (a common shtick on TV when a mother gives birth usually features the woman screaming "GET OUT!" to her child as it leaves the womb (as happened on Modern Family) or in the now-gone sitcom Rules Of Engagement, where the mother of a child fainting when the surrogate chosen to have the child, passes out (later on, the woman, thought to be infertile, tells her new daddy-hubby that she is pregnant). Children as part of a family is a concept repulsive to a lot of the Jew TV producers, creators and homosexual writers of these shows. Gays, you see, don't like kids, contrary to the image they have been portrayed with every now and then.

Gays and kids aren't a good mix on TV. On Modern Family, the queer pair who travel all the way to Vietnam to take home their new daughter Lily emd up repeatedly neglecting her enough to allow her to be injured --running into a wall, injuring herself in a toy car and banging her head into a doorway. LOL! On that same show, a straight female friend of the married queers, jealous of the kid, tells them out loud about how she's like to drown the child-- and gets away with it. Lily gets lost several times --in a corn maze, in a supermarket and in a hotel as a baby still in a stroller. But they get a pass for things that would've had the cops and child welfare officers kicking down their door in the real world.

No man really wants to be a mother -- that's why the natural way to have a baby --  by male/female procreation --is frowned on and producers don't like it when female actresses get pregnant and real life : on Seinfeld, steps were taken to hide the condition of cast member Julia Louis-Dreyfuss during the last stages of her pregnancy. On I Love Lucy, their son Little Ricky was hidden from view most of the time and only seen repeatedly when he got older. On the 1960s Dick Van Dyke Show, son Richie Petrie was virtually ignored by his mother Laura, his only crisis taking place when his parents had to explain his middle name: "Rosebud". Even on The Flintstones, there was child abuse when Fred took his baby daughter Pebbles to a wrestling match and in another story, left her stroller parked to attend a card game.

The prevalence of non-"nuclear" families on TV (mom. dad, kids) has included series and stories about "blended" or interracial families -- Diff'rent Strokes, about a rich white man who adopts two black kids, is the best-known.

And now we have at the end of this month the return of Roseanne, one of the worst, most vulgar sitcoms ever, with the once-pro-Hillary Roseanne Connor now declaring herself a Trump supporter, still the matriarch of a brood that now has the still-unmarried sister Jackie. married and fresh- from-the-army DJ (with a black daughter), and Dan, who was killed in the end of the previous series but is still alive in this one.

Kids are not humans in a lot of these shows, they're props, sometimes allowed to be precocious like Modern Family's Lily or pushed to the background as on Everybody Loves Raymond, where the twin sons were allowed so little time on-screen that there is speculation to one of them, Sawyer Sweeten, tragically killing himself in 2015. On these shows, they are not kids, they are "Its".  It's a trend that will no doubt increase in two months when the new TV season is announced, and the Republican-hating pro-abortion /commie/ feminist Murphy Brown returns to the air with Candice Bergen and Murphy's now-grown son Avery.

Between now and  September, get some paper and a pen. When the new series debut, jot down the names of the creators, writers, and producers (Murphy Brown was created by Diane English and produced by Time Warner). Contact and raise hell to the sponsors and any US and Canadian networks or channels who pick up and air any anti-family/anti-kids shows. I will be letting you in on some of the when the networks release the new lineups.

Stay tuned.


  It's been hardly a big secret that there has existed a lot of animosity between many White Nationalists and Jews for quite some now. Yet, White Nationalists such as I and Don Andrews have said that we must hug them hard. One day, the color of Jews' skins will be their uniform as nonwhites and feminists turn on the them; the Harvey Weinstein case has started an avalanche that has perhaps harmed forever the entertainment industries they dominate, and you can bet there's no big love now from communists of today who had those such as Abbie Hoffman, Saul Alinsky and Bob (Zimmerman) Dylan as icons of the so-called left.

Sooner later, Jews in the West will find that White racists and White Nationalists will be their only hope. Let's face it -- Jews will never be destroyed by any future Holocaust -- but there will be a great and growing fear, mistrust and hostility of non-Jews in this matriarchal-focused religion/cult unless they start to listen to white racists. Already, the media is among the least-trusted entities according to many polls

First of all, they must stop the hatred against white nationalists, where Jews are in the vanguard of being anti-racist-- in politics and in their media, teamed with the hypocrisy of bigotry they have against those they consider to be only worthy of servitude to them.

They must stop the political censorship and trying to suppress the natural racism of racist ideology and the resentment of populsim and nationalism they see coming from the rise of populism in Europe and of course, from the white base supporters of Donald Trump in America and the newly-elected Ontario Conservative leader Doug Ford. Start to respect our natural racism and our right to racial integrity and identity.

Secondly, they must clean up their media -- the print/online media, movies, all forms of television and radio and the music industry, which have been steadily oozing pornographic, crude and filthy books, images, attitudes and other degeneracy since their inceptions. Get crude garbage like South Park and  "homoerotic"/ suggestive tripe like The Odd Couple, Modern Family, et al, off the air. Stop promoting racemixing and bestiality in films like Guess Who's Coming To Dinner and The Shape of Water. Stop promoting black "gangsta culture" that has done nothing but promote violence and bloodshed in major cities, presenting a "cool" image of gangs and "bling" to young fatherless black males who think its cool to rob and treat women like "ho's" -- an idea that creeps into the songs of whiggers like Moby and Eminem. And stop promoting the de-masculination of men in harmless metrosexual boy bands as Lou Pearlman did with the Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block (while he allegedly took their money and allegedly "got fresh" with some of them.

History has shown that  from the time of the Biblical Esther, Jews have worn out their welcome and their own cultish brand of racism has forced them to spend their histories in motion  from continent to continent and nation to nation. If this century's history repeats itself, Jews will have nowhere to turn to when the mobs come for them but to us. And as white racists who believe in racial amity based on common sense, good will and fair play, we already set the example of what real racists should be, and that includes repsect for others' racism, which they would do wise to follow.

The state of Israel -- which many believe was created as a Jewish homeland, has been around for 70 years. The Crusades, one of history's bloodiest battles among those who all worshiped the same Semitic god and who stained much of  the Earth with blood, in a sense, hasn't really ended though the original Crusades lasted 99 years. There is much for today's Jews to learn, be they ultra-conservative Jews or moderate or Reform Jews uncomfortable with the restrictions on their religion that didn't let them fully integrate with non-Jews. The most important lesson is that they must think of white racists and white nationalists as their potential allies. They must develop and nurture a respect for tradition, not just sing about it --and that goes for respecting our traditions.

And they must chuck the capitalist/merchant attitude that is at the bottom of intervening, meddling and financing useless and terrible wars that already have caused genocide of our people and only benefit business.

Until they stop their campaigns against racists and take the steps outlined above, then and only then can they look forward to any sense of real peace and security. It ain't coming from Benjamin Netanyahu, or Donald Trump or any of the populist movements on the rise now in the Americas and in Europe.

Israel, and the people it claims it exists for, needs all the friends it can get. And as the world again grows more hostile, white racists, with our ideology of common sense, good and fair play, are the only game in town.


Today I'm going after an elephant in a lot a rooms-- a pink elephant.

Not too many people who saw the play, the movie or any of the four (yes, four) TV versions of The Odd Couple by Neil Simon, caught on to what was transpiring. The story, centering on a photographer with a neatness fetish, became the roommate of a New York sportswriter who, like his pal, just lost his wife . It was a hit series, this concept of two men living together, and it opened the door for what can be accurately described as the Gay Invasion and the de-masculinization of men everywhere.

Today, there are gays all over movies as well as not-too-subtle references to homosexual "culture" and, ahem, lifestyles. Brokeback Mountain, a film about gay cowboys, was a big hit. One of TV's best-loved sitcoms, Modern Family, has as a major focus two gay men who adopt a baby from Vietnam and who pal around with gays of all colors and ethnic stripes (Really now, how many times have you seen an interracial gay couple?). In newer episodes, they try for another kid, going so far as to ask the sister and brother-in-law of one of them to be surrogate mom ; as the family patriarch Jay said, that's not the kind of closeness this family needs, while one queer uses references to Appalachia in  jokes about having his sister inseminated with his sperm. They even consider a "swirl" -- using both males' sperm to avoid concern about who the real daddy is. Disgusting! Just in this weekend's Toronto Star, column Emma Teitel is one of many who want a lesbian hero, suggesting to the Disney factory to make its latest animated princess Elsa (of Frozen) gay.

Gays have their own economy, their own print, broadcast and Intenet media, and their influence is everywhere, especially in Hollywood, New York and Europe.

In 1982, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) rights were officially protected by the then-new Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They are all protected under Canadian human rights laws both federally and provincially.  In 2015, the US Supreme Court upheld same-sex marriage and gay rights. Since then, OUT TV and Logo are North America's best-known gay TV networks, and now we've heard of attempts to popularize gay superhero golems: A Hispanic young man became Marvel's first queer Spider-man and others, such the well-known Wonder Woman, X-Men's Ice Man and newer ones such as Marvel's Deadpool, are gay (source: Pink News).

Never before in history has the concept of the traditional family been under attack. Gays , especially the activist, loud and militant ones who engage in Pride marches, believe they have an inalienable right to look down their noses at those who choose nature and raise normal families. You're asking for it if you even question gays equating themselves with being "normal". Forget running to the clerics to defend morality with their Semitic God having been 'redefined' since Vatican II, only the fundamentalist Muslims are contemptuous of homosexuality. Today it's a far cry from the words of Leviticus 18: "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."

In public, it's hard  to a find a gay man or woman, if you can, to apologize for their perversion: the arrogance of them is appalling.  They don't like kids and consider straight moms as "breeders" (their hate word), never caring or noticing that without natural conception in Western/White society, we're all done for. In Islamic nations, homosexuals have been thrown off buildings.

Rage -- by and against gays -- has been in the news for years. New York's cops backed off after the Stonewall club riots and the 1977 brutal, vicious murder of a Toronto shoeshine boy Emmanuel Jacques by three queers launched the "cleanup" of that city's seedy Yonge Street strip.

When AIDS broke out in the 1980s, it partially segmented an alienated gays from the general public and almost drove them back into the clubs.Today, there are anti-gay protests and reports of "bashing" , that have extended to high schools and anti-bullying campaigns like Eye Emoji and "Pink Shirt Day".

Today with the backlash against creeps like Harvey Weinstein and so many Hollywood actors, producers and sundry others, it's just a matter of time before the nascent #MeToo and Time's Up movements swing their guns around and take aim at the LGBT crowd, soon to be the darlings no more (no pun intended) of the trendies. That's when white people will be called upon to restore society away from the hedonism and degeneracy.

There is no way that opposition to homosexality/ LGBT will be totally destroyed. Like racism, it is as natural as breathing and we as whites must be vigilant as it continues into what may be its death throes as the pendulum swings back and people get tired and disgusted enough to set things right and remind the powerful gay community that the past, present and future anger aimed at them was, is and will be brought on their own heads by them through the militancy, the arrogance and the hedonism that made gay legitimacy grow to where it is today. That's not blaming the victim, that's blaming the criminal.

What people to in private is their own business. But when it poses a danger to natural heterosexual marriage units by pretending to be normal and demanding the law give its special --not equal -- status, then we are in for more dark days as a race. And that's part of why white nationalists must speak against any normalization or special rights to be given to gays, lesbians, transgender or bisexuals.
Let's be on our guard.



Coming Soon, More Immorality and Criminality from The Pervert-Controlled Media

It's hard to believe that already the TV networks are planning for next fall-- they haven't finished with their no-morals shows airing now, and about to debut.

Mom, which runs on CBS and is syndicated by Warner Brothers television, stars I, Tonya's Allison Janey as the matriarch of a family of female trainwrecks. She's an AA-attending alcoholic along with her daughter Kristen, who has followed in her daughter's footsteps--including the 12-step program and who has kids o tyheir own who may continue their family's ugly habits.. She's mean, rude to everyone except her pot-smoking paraplegic beau whom she latched onto after her ex-husband died in her arms in the throes of passion. Mom, in its third year, is the brainchild of Simpsons writer Eddie Gorodetsky and Chuck Lorre, who infected us with Big Bang Theory, Young Sheldon (returning this fall), and Two and a Half Men after a stint writing for Roseanne Barr's god-awful sitcom-- which ABC will bring back in March.

Rules of Engagement, which left CBS last year and now airs in syndication, is an anti-family, anti-nature and anti-child opus starring ex-Seinfeld alumni Patrick Warburton as a married man whose wife can't conceive -- so they go to a lesbian as a surrogate. Their neighbors are the engaged couple, goofy/effeminate  Adam and his bossy fiance Jennifer. Rounding out the cast playing to type is David Spade as a young sleazeball who runs a construction company when he's not tossing ethnic jokes at his East Indian assistant Timmy (the only member of the cast with anythng close to moral rectitude). Adam Sandler's Happy Madison productions runs this one along with Warner Brothers.

As for the newer fare, we've got a new anti-hero in the new drama Caught, where a New Brunswick drug deal busts out of jail and tries to resume his criminal career. It joins the women's lib sitcom Workin' Moms on CBC

Morality is the target of CBS' new Living Biblically, starting this week. Johnny Gadecki of Big Bang Theory produces (with Cheers director Andy Ackerman) this sitcom about a man who decides to run his life guided by scripture.

NBC has the drama Good Girls, centering on two white women and a black women who commit robbery to augment their incomes and end up stealing from the Mafia. It's produced by Universal TV (owned by Comcast NBC, David Cohen, Vice-President).

There's your immorality and criminality, joining such other sex-pervert shows airing everywhere from syndication to streaming channels, like New Girl (now on FX , produced by Jake Kasdan and ex-Fox TV chief Peter Chernin) and Two Broke Girls (Michael Patrick King productions). FX also airs Trust, starring Donald Sutherland and based upon the kidnapping of the son of tycoon J. Paul Getty, and Atlanta, where black criminality is just a way of life as it is sin so many US cities. No judgment her--it's just drama. AMC has just renewed its monster zombie hit Fear the Walking Dead (producers, David Alpert and Robert Kirkman).

The sleazy prank-loving denizens of Dog River are back in April in the new animated version of Corner Gas on the Canadian Comedy network, which also airs the original version on its Comedy Gold channel. More will be coming this May as the US TV networks announce their fall schedules, many of which will be picked up by Canadian networks.

Time for a pre-emptive strike : Go to the network websites, easily accessible, and register your complaints, and to some of TV's major advertisers (General Motors, Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, General Mills). And sound off to the TV critics at your local newspaper. Tell them you don't want any more sleaze or gay-promoting Will and Grace or bloody violent horror shows like Walking Dead or The Strain. Send hard copies and e-mails--they will listen if you make their days miserable enough. And complain to local affiliates where the shows are actually carried.

Do it now before the May "upfronts" and the new wave of perversion are announced.



by Bob Smith.

I was raised in Toronto as a Roman Catholic. Every Sunday I was in awe (and a little fear) of the old Sunday Mass, said and sung in Latin. Even now, recalling the Agnus Dei (Lamb of God) and the Pater Noster (The Lord's Prayer) gives me pause.

Today's hypocritical all-too-tolerant/ambivalent Christians are irrelevant with their churches' pews empty of well-dressed white men. Once upon a time we Christians (Protestants, too, all worshipers of the same Semitic god of the two Marys (Christ's mother and Mary Magdalene) were supposed to be Western civilization's (i.e., white man's) culture-keepers. Today they are the culture -destroyers, failures at opposing war, failures at promoting peace, failures at standing up against perversion and degeneracy. They are traditionalists no more: the Latin Mass was replaced by the Pope in the 1960s with hootenannies and hippies plunking guitars while people were doing the frug in church like they were on American Bandstand. And it went down from there.

When you have a religion that worships the same Semitic God as Arabs and Jews, and is based around women and matriarchy, you see how they wasted our time -- those who were men and those among us who looked to racially-based churches and groups like The Mountain Church or groups like the Klan: tradition, the traditional father/mother family with dad in charge, and other signs of the old church values, went by the wayside with Jew-promoted women's lib, women on the clergy, men wearing skirts, ministers allowed to marry while Catholic priests remained celibate (!). The only "fatherhood" Catholicism promoted were the three-father concept  they kept in the liturgy: God, the Pope and the bishops who oversaw the congregations and as recent events tragically proved, tried to hide the sexual abuses that shamed the Catholic Church and will continue to shame it in the future.

Christians are ambivalent about things that once outraged them: When was the last time you saw a demonstration or march against pornography, being sold or broadcast on TV or in movies? When have you seen recently Catholic figure heads or spokesmen demanding that Canada get tough on crime and criminals at an MP's or a mayor's office? And what happened to all the Catholics who marched in the sixties against the US provoking and participating in globalist wars?
Don't see no "Give Peace A Chance"-ers among them today. Who among these men of the cloth is  asking for peace and de-escalation of the North Korean conflict? Can you name a world-known figure?

About the only organized church marchers you see lately are from places like the Westboro Baptist Church who aren't skittish about their opposition to homosexuality. Not one major large Christian congregation convinced women in the sixties and seventies to go after perversion, filth and graphic media violence and sexual imagery (it makes me wonder about a priest I knew who left our parish in Scarborough to tend to the faithful in the Philippines...) When by teh way was the last time anty Pope came to any white country

They are great at campaigns and donating oodles of money to overpopulate the Third World, and also at meddling in other nations' cultures (Christians aren't big on ethno-states or any form of nationalism).

Today we have more and more headlines of priests being caught in sex scandals not unlike the Hollywood nonstop stories of sex maniac producers, actors and directors and news personalities. The revelations against these "Christians" is just God's payback/karma for the power-tripping of the ministers and the depravity of the "celibate" fathers who turned out to be not exactly like Bing Crosby's Father O'Malley in The Bells of St. Mary's. No they didn't acre about white civilization's demise and their role in it, whether it was Satanic behavior or promoting racemixing and encouraging more immigration to fill the pews of their churches left empty by the whites who'd had enough. As long as you attended regularly and ponied up some dough (the rest to send to your family to being them here to repeat the cycle), it matters not if you are a Latino or a Filipino.

And then there's all these old headquarters of the TV evangelicals, like the Crystal Cathedral and the media properties like Pat Robertson's CBN. Why weren't these palaces to God sold and/or converted to shelters for the homeless and destitute? Sunday TV is still filled with these well-dressed charlatans like Jack Van Impe and Peter Popff hawking holy tours (to Israel, natch) and vials or "Miracle Spring Water" ("You're next in line for a miracle" --bull!) They've been rackets for years, hiding behind the religious freedoms of the US Constitution to protect their ill-gotten gain.

There's not a lot of courage among these Christians: Not a lot have spoken up in favor of Donald Trump, from anywhere in his 38% white population/vote base. They're silent on brutal crime that has become America's new grisly pastime --they are anti-men, anti-racist, anti-traditional family (pater familias, the father of the family), pro-racemixing, pro-immigration. They're basically battling the opponents to their ever-changing liturgy in competition with the other Semitic religions for converts and adherents. They don't want, however, to reform their religion to the standards of the white man's way-- with the traditional man/woman family as one of its primary foundations. pre-empting and usurping the important role of the father. Don Andrews, using the three-fathers point of Christianity, says there are too many of these "fathers".

Fear helps keep Catholicism going and there's no better chamber of fear than the confessional, where men tell their violations of the faith to a man hidden from view.

Christians won't talk to racists about returning Christianity to its traditions and  stopping the missionary work that was a waste of time and many lives, whether among foreign cultures or our own aboriginal natives. They are downers, ignoring history, science and racial realities, taking white racists. That's why white racists must. once we have recognized how irrelevant "Christianity" is as it is today. must speak up to them, to demand they speak up for really important matters, like against Draconian "hate laws" and support freedom  of speech, and to get in the faces of those charged with our justice system--lawmakers, judges, police, and demand better handling of murder cases, tougher sentences for all violent crime, and show some nationalism by advocating the protection of our land by importing criminals, whether they are refugees or coming here to spread mayhem.

Churches that once held 300 people now see 30 attending services. They say it's a problem. White Nationalists say, here's a solution: Stop being irrelevant and start being moral. There is a civil war on right now, with racist Christians on pone sire and globalist racemixers on the other "Universalist" Church.

They failed at Christianity by wrecking it from within. Now they'd better listen, for White Nationalists -- and the White man's Way are the New Morality -- if they want real Christianity to survive the end of this century.


White Nationalists Must Be Crime Fighters to Maintain Our Culture and Society

by Bob Smith

I've been spending a lot of time watching crime documentary shows-- fare like Villains, Your Worst Nightmare, Fear thy Neighbor, Forensic Files, Forensic Factor, I Am Homicide, Dark Water of Crime and Swamp People. They can all be found around the dial on channels like Investigation Discovery, Crime and Investigation Canada, and even Oprah Winfrey's OWN and the Canadian W Network. And I've got to tell you, watching just one hour of them with its details of violence and the devastation of the family and friends of crime's victims,  leaves me wavering between disgust and despair. How did we get  to such a level of animalistic, cowardly behavior in North America in such a few decades?
White people need to be more pro-active when it comes to stemming the level of viciousness and the numbers of homicides, violent robberies, rapes and child sexual abuses in the US and Canada, and  it's frightening.

To see and read about the horrific levels of murders is stunning, all the more heightened by the high-profile cases of the Shermans, the Toronto couple found dead in their home in December, and the just-reported arrest of Bruce McArthur for the murders of two Toronto men and possibly several others.

You can't get away from violent crime reporting or images--it's all over the news, on TV in documentaries or gruesome crime shows like Dexter. Sons of Anarchy and Breaking Bad, and movies like the Hannibal Lecter films, the Halloween, Friday the 13th  and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises, full of blood, horrible execution style killings and torture. Even the news is full of depravity, with new details of the kids in the US who were locked away for years by two deplorable, sick creatures, coming to light, just as a few examples: The FBI in its 2016 Uniform Crime Reports, reveals that American violent crime, conratry to what spokesmen may say, rose from just under 1,150,000 in 2014 to 1,250,00 in 2016. Police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by the Crime Severity Index (CSI), increased for the second year in a row in 2016, according to Statistics Canada. In  52% nonwhite Toronto alone, shooting victims rose from 359 in 2005 to 388 in 2015. Every year in the US  20,000 children disappear, 60 per day.
And Amber Alerts aren't enough.

Yes, we CAN blame the Jewsmedia's TV and movies and video games for condoning it (by displaying it and treating it like it's part of the "new normal"-- something to be tolerated that we can't stop) and desensitizing those who watch it to its horror, for the twisted and evil as encouragment to their dark evil. Crime fiction "procedural" shows Criminal Minds, like Bones, NCIS and CSI are still near the top of the ratings with their depictions of those that cops hunt.

Here in the real world, there's so much to do, like leaning on our mayors, councillors, MPs to take a harder approach to hunting down criminal predators and to press police to work harder to clear homicides, instead of trying to convince us they're doing their best --get into the communities that are at risk for murders-- as perpetrators and victims -- and show your faces on the beat. Have its residents as your eyes and ears, always on the lookout instead of blowing money on useless camera only good to catch killers after they've killed. Get cops away from traffic duty and get them on patrol. And for heaven's sake, let's scrap the Young Offenders Act provisions that allow punks and lugens to walk out of court rooms with a slap on the wrist after they have shattered lives forever. And  yes, bring back the death penalty for deliberate murder. instead of giving killers a cell and feeding them on the taxpayer's time until they die.

Neighborhood watches need to be established, with leaders and block captains and patrols, in close contact with police. We need to be active on-the-streets crime fighters to watch for those up to no good and ready to thwart it if the politicians and police can't or won't for fear of losing votes.

White society -- our homes and families -- is breaking down, cowering in fear in a land where it's easier for a criminal to get a gun than a law-abiding citizen. This must change...NOW. It's something we need to make an election  issue, federally and provincially and municipally. Ask your representatives what they plan to do when your sense of safety is gone thanks to multiculturalism-created gangs and criminals in our midst. It's just one step to getting back to what used to be the rule of White morality (the white man's way, looking after and watching out for each other) in our neighborhoods and communities, vigilantes active against crime in our neighborhoods.

And get active. As the old public safety commercials said.
Take a Bite out of Crime.



Morality. once. on TV came from two sources: "family" oriented shows where was little violence and lessons about right and wrong were taught, and religious shows such as Mass for Shut-Ins or Bishop Fulton J. Sheen. Try to find it now -- in any format, on any channel -- Comedy shows that make light of lies, deceit, death and crime and that's been a pattern on primetime sitcoms for decades. A two-part episode of the Lucy Show ended with Lucille Ball and her sidekick Vivian Vance being taken hostage by a gun-toting bank robber and held prisoner in his hideout -- a candy store.

Drama -- violent shows from American Horror Story: Cult and Dexter, to every police procedural drama from CSI to NCIS, where people are murdered, raped and maimed in the most gory ways imaginable. One memorable show was an episode of Criminal Minds, in which a psychopath kills his victims and removes their eyeballs. The news has become a nightly parade of one bloodbath after another; local newscasts are filled with gory stories of murder, rape, muggings and kidnappings. Just here in Canada, two little girls on British Columbia (known as "The Murder Coast") were murdered on Christmas ( a local paper the Toronto (Red) Star, did not publish the pictures of these murdered children and should be given hell for it).

Just as monsters exist on these dramatic series, there's a lot of real-life monstsers running around loose committing atrocity after atrocity. It's been going on for years. Who remembers just a few years ago when nonwhite gang violence took the life of Jane Creba on Boxing Day? Does anyone remember murdered Nicole Moran, Sharin Morningstar Keenan? Whatever became of Sharin's alleged killer Dennis Melvin Howe? Later on these creeps were to be joined by the likes of Robert Pickton and Paul Brenardo and Karla Holmoka.

When did we lose our morals in North America?  Thank the Jewsmedia. Their owners don't care about the damage they do "pushing the envelope" in movies and TV --there are "ratings" systems in films and Viewer Advisories ("The following program contains scenes of violence, nudity, sex and brutality -- viewer discretion is advised"). Most of it is free and there's little difference between the graphic gore on "mainstream" channels and networks and specialty channels like FX or streaming networks like Netflix, Hulu and Crave TV in Canada.  There's at least three North American channels devoted to crime documentary series , the American and Canadian versions of Investigation Discovery and Crime & Investigation. Once a home of British drama, A&E's schedules is filled with the crime shows Live PD, The First 48 and the harrowing serial killer documentary 11 Women. TV has become a how-to course for sick psychopath spawn of wild white women.

Part of the White Man's Way demands our collective revulsion of this deadly sickness, in real life and as portrayed on TV drama and documentaries.  The normalizing of mayhem to the point whereby we become desensitized to seeing so much of and cease to care. White Nationalists must be outraged at this development and must stand forthright against this apathy and denounce not only immorality that leads to violence, but must put pressure on the mayors, provincial and federal MPs and police department to step up their investigations of serious violent crime. And we must push the media to identify the suspects, to use composite sketches and video footage to assist in the apprehension of those who prey on us and demand to bring back capital punishment and toughen up our laws (especially the hand-slap way we treat punks and gang members).

A White man's society is a moral one, where the golden rule -- do unto others as you would have done to you -- should be a foundation of law and order and return to a civilized, safe society. This is one resolution we as racists need to keep as a priority in the new year and to remind the media that we don't need or care for dramas or dramatic recreation of more mayhem spawning a new generation of monsters and killers.


Perhaps the saddest development of late as the old year winds down and we face 2018 is how much the need is for White Nationalists to build a white morality.It seems that this time of the years is as full of  signs of bloody horror and tragedy and brutal crime as there are stories of hope and miracles. The murder of the Shermans in Toronto, the suicide of a sixteen year old girl found dead in a car, people losing their homes --they're all  over the Jewsmedia. Setting aside stories of natural disaster,  we are left with the mayhem caused by those among us not fit to be among us -- killers, robbers, rapists, sex attacks on children.

Why do we sit around and tolerate it? We can go as far back as the 1960's when Canada administered capital punishment in Canada, when the fear of God was put into those who preyed on society. I could probably fill two columns with the names of those whose names made the headlines as victims and scum who killed, Dennis Melvin Howe, suspected killer of Sharon Keenan, Paul Bernardo and Karla Holmolka, Dennis Millar, prostitute mad dog killer Robert Pickton --these are just a few of those who've made the papers and sickened our psyches --but sadly, but to extent that we won't even march in fury on Parliament Hill and demand the death penalty be brought back.

And yes, we're talking about the crying need to clean our own moral house, where whites are talking like and adopting the habits of nonwhite criminals, right down to murder. It all comes back to the media --the TV, movies, streaming series, video games devoid of heart and conscience and replaced by massive gory extended violence with an occasional wisecrack by  anti-heroes like Machete or The Terminator or Hellboy. That's where our teens and our kids learn this dangerous no-morals/if-it-feels-good-do-it hedonism.

Writing letters, tweets and emails to your MP (or your congressman) is not enough--there's more on the way. There is more low-life behavior on the way come January 18, with the start of the new Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV), featuring the violent Belator martial arts crap, the rap competition Lip Sync Battle and tattoo-creator "reality" series Ink Master.
Broadcast network shows and movies are sponsored by major companies that already promote racemixing, like Unilever and Proctor and Gamble, who advertise on TV all over the world. These people need to be told not to sponsor any TV movie or series that promote anti-white values and images like graphic violence and race-mixing. And yes, keep wriring to the networks and channels that promote it and their corporate parents like Comcast (NBC),Fox, Disney (ABC), CBS, Viacom (Spike/ Paramount) and Time Warner (CW).

Only 10% of murders are solved yearly in Toronto. Even though a black man is in charge as chief, the force is white, and these homicides need to be condemned and urged to be solved. It's a new year's project we can all get behind. And we need to confront the priests, ministers and teachers, and all those who turned a blind eye to this chaos without uttering a peep.Denying racists library space to racists is what our elected officials have as a priority, and they should be slammed for it by us -- and by racists around the world, consistently and often.

All racists have the job and duty to promote morality, and to go after those who promote racemixing and senseless mercenary wars -- not bowing to any religion (or their charlatan hucksters) that uses their  god as an excuse to commit mass murder through war, or the death of our race by miscegenation. We need to-- and will build -- a moral society where the meaning of the old phrase "that's might white of you" will again have its own important resonance.

And don't forget the TV mavens. To start you off, here's the contacts for the major North American networks:


CTV (Bell Media) BellMediaPR@bellmedia.ca
CBC  http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/cbc-toronto-contact-us-1.3558446
Corus/Global TV
Rogers/City TV




Fox Broadcasting: My Network/21st Century Fox

Viacom: Spike/Paramount Network



If you are hoping that the Jewsmedia golems now on prime time TV and streaming (Supergirl, Daredevil, The Punisher, The Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, etc.)  will be gone soon, or at least joined by better shows as the networks get the new crop of programs between now through January, guess again.

The past few years has seen the bad tripe on TV get worse and worse, with more "super heroes", racemixed/ dysfunctional families and funny Jew dysfunctional families (The Goldbergs), and "Terrorist"-chasing police shows like NCIS and murder-glamorizing dramas like Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. There's even been a corrupted version of comic book teen Archie called Riverdale on the CW network, where normally all-morals Archie has the hots for a very young Miss Grundy, murders abound and even his own dad gets shot. Oh yeah, and there's cocaine flowing around town.

In 1966 ABC, its Jew programming head Barry Diller came up with an idea to save its failing lineup that year -- a "Second Season" that began in January, which introduced new shoes like the live-action Batman series. Though most new winter series failed at first, many introduced in future Second Seasons, now called "midseason", became hits, such as All In the Family, Happy Days, The A-Team, The Simpsons, American Dad and Bob's Burgers. Today, if a series is not an instant hit, out it goes. This year, CBS' first disaster was Me. Myself and I, a sitcom about a man seen at various stages of his life. It lasted only six episodes.

So what's coming up?

MARVEL'S RUNAWAYS (now running, Hulu/USA. Showcase, Canada) This drama is one of many joining primetime along with The Gifted. Both are centered around families whose members have supernatural powers. In this one, a group of teens unite against their parents, who run a cult called The Pride. Most of Marvel's TV and film projects involve golems with super abilities, but Runaways mixes in a thread of anti-family propaganda.

THE PUNISHER (Soon to debut on NETFLIX) is a US veteran on a quest to find and kill those who murdered his family.This anti-hero (one of many that are on prime time) has  been part of the Marvel series of comic book characters for years but only first appeared as a villain on the streaming series Daredevil.

BLACK LIGHTNING (January, The CW) is the third attempt to create a black superhero since Fox's disastrous MANTIS in
1995 and the cartoon Static Shock. Here, a black man  who retired from being a vigilante returns to fight a local criminal gang called The Hundred.

PHILLIP K. DICK'S ELECTRIC DREAMS (January 12, midnight, Amazon; Christmas Day, Space TV Canada) Based on the sci-fi stories of the man who wrote A.I., this anthology's debut stars
Steve Bescumi. Fanatsy-lovers time-waster

ALONE TOGETHER (January 10, Freeform USA) From the network that give you the brats of Pretty Little Liars comes this paen to metrosexuals in Los Angeles.

KNIGHTFALL (History TV Canada, starts December 6) The "story" of the Freemason Knights Templar, set after the fall of the city of Acre. Expect lots of gratuitous violence, sex and soapy drama, but not much accurate history.

THE CHI (Showtime USA, January 7) Unlike the Leroy Brown song, this series shows a lot more blood that racemixed gangs spill in that city and the futile efforts to stop it.

WACO (Paramount Network USA, January) The re-branded Spike network will air this new series centering around the standoff and storming of the Waco Branch Davidian compound in 1993. The series, co-produced by Harvety Weinstein's production company, may be delayed or pulled dur to his horny hijnks.

THE LAUNCH (CTV Canada, January) Just what we need --another racemixing "music" competition, with Fergie, Canada's Shania Twain and almost-forgotten freak Boy George along to help choose the next songwriting "superstar".

Only some of the new shows will be picked up by Canadian networks; some may make it on Canadian schedules if they are popular enough by next September. In any case, it's another reason to see for yourself what makes them so bad and dangerous and to write to their CEOs and major sponsors. In six months, the networks will be announcing next year's fall season shows; now's your chance to get this bunch -- and others -- off the air for good.



The reds in the media must be stocking up on antacid these days; on Tuesday, one East  Indian columnist, Shree Paradkar, with the Toronto (Red) Star went livid with rage and fear over the big rally in Poland involving Polish nationalists last weekend. Yeah, I can imagine how protesters carrying banners saying things like "Clean Blood", and "White Poland... Refugees Out!" would shake her up. Not only in Poland, but also  across Europe, Whites are fed up, and not just with the flood of nonwhites swamping them. In Catalonia, there is defiance against the Spanish government's deaf ears to their demands to form a new independent nation. There's anger in France and many other White European nations over the rising violent crime of nonwhites in the streets claiming to be refugees, demanding asylum and protection while their people rob, assault, rape and kill the local whites.

I am of half- Polish ancestry, adopted by a Canadian dad and a British mom, and was told as a boy that my original name was "Mlodzinski", so I have that personal stake in how Poland has evolved now to a burgeoning white nationalist state on the rise and is now on the march. In school, I learned about the (LOL) Cold War: The nightly news in the 1960's hads a "red scare" every night, from the Cuban Missile Crsis, to the spectacle of shoe-banging Nikita Kruschev at the United Nations, to the hilarity of communism transforming after the Berlin Wall fell from a horrible, oppressive scourge that dominated the "captive nations" post-World War II legacy to a "new" communism, dominated by Jew oligarchs in Armani suits with Vladimir Putin-- a batch of "briefcase Bolsheviks" . Today there is the puppet show going on in Washington and Russia, starring Putin and President Trump, with Jews running both sides in this new "Cold War II" farce.

Across Europe nationalist sentiment has risen sharply in proportion to the numbers of nonwhites literally taking over the streets of many major European countries. In united Germany, their Chancellor "Mama" Merkel has been under fire and white Germans have hit the streets again, despite the ban on racist symbols and slogans.

The sight of 60,000 Polish nationalists is something the international Jewsmedia cannot ignore any longer, despite the omission and biased BS it spews when it does cover these angry whites on the march while the cowards and race traitors mew, "There's no extremists here" (that phrase, like "terrorist", also needs to be given the heave-ho). Europeans--especially Poles-- have shown the way. Their attitude? One all white Europeans are now and should be taking -- STOP APOLOGIZING! The women's Semitic religion that has allowed the "Camp Of The Saints" invasion of Europe is coming to an end as Whites are now marching as nationalists as whites, defending their culture, their future.

There's nothing wrong with living with your kith and kin. Instead of what  North Americans do (packing their parents and grandparents off too dangerous homes to die alone), whites must embrace their families, and respect the older generations--they are the living history of our race. This, plus whites not r4ecerareing large families, poses the greatest dangers to our race if you add in also the race traitors of European 'leaders' who caused the nonwhite race crisis in the first place. As comic strip Pogo said, We have met the enemy and they are us.

It's a new dynamic for Europe as they, along with the growing disgruntled whites of America who elected Donald Trump president, are asserting their national and racial pride, joining up and being active in the streets as the reds try to stop them --and get rewarded with arrests and visits to the hospital.

White Nationalist organizations will be key in the resurgence of this racist movement now growing.
People have had enough of the crime, the insanity, the competition for education, jobs and assistance to the poor, and this new wave is will hopefully sweep the continent, starting with the Poles.


Here's a list of European white nationalist groups and organizations now active. If you are interested in them, go to their websites (or go to the NPC website's News and Activities pages):











My dad, John Anthony Smith, didn't talk much about his time serving Queen and Country in World War II in Naples, Italy. And I had an uncle named Seamus who was a veteran of the "war to end all wars" (LOL), World War I, who unlike dad, didn't come back in one piece: he got to too close to a grenade that destoyed his face and his sight. The only real thing I got out of Canadian veterans was free admission to the CNE in Toronto on Warriors' Day, where one year an old vet got so stewed he faced the wrong direction when they all ended up at the old Granstand. It was my last humorous experience with war and veterans.

Our veterans, whom so many of us lionize every year and wear the poppy for, knew the real horror of war close up. Yet when they came back, the ones who were still fit to figure out that we can't be inviolved in globalists' conflicts, didn't utter a peep. In all my years watching the "peace movement" I don't remember one Canadian soldier marching against war, or asking why we are still sensing our young men and women into globalist-caused conflicts in Afghanistan, in Syria, In Iraq, in Somalia and soon, maybe, the Ukraine. We don't need any more fratricide of white people like we had in the last century. In Afghanistan, the soldiers were thugs -- hardly honorable, and in the US soldiers who engaged in torturing, photographing and parading their Muslim enemies in disgusting ways that made headlines around the world.

We haven't learned a damn thing from the fratricide and devastation brought to Europe twice in the last century. And we are doing it again, under the auspicies of the UN and NATO. We haven't learned taht we go over there to kill, they come here. How would you feel about Chinese troops invading here, kicking down doors, occupying our lands and torturing and slaughtering people needlessly? That's what we have been doing over there.

In Vietnam, the carnage was so horrible they began to list body counts; dead and wounded US soldiers were seen daily on the TV news and magazines and newspapers. So what did we get out of two world wars?
In World War I, Canada lost 64,449 out of an estimated total world death toll of over four million.  In World War II, we lost over 42,000 in an estimated total toll of over 25 million. Why? Money? Land? Resources? How many of these places did we fight and died in, only to have them go back to the way the wore before our "leaders" butted in? In Korea, we lost 516 men before North Korea went communist, and look at what going on today, with Donald Trump threatening another crazy Asian war.

White racists and white nationalists are and should be anti-war, in the sense that we need to stay out of other battles. Only in the event of our homeland being invaded should we fight.

War makes money -- for arms manufacturers, for the Jewsmedia whose profits from TV and documentary and fictional films about war (now spread to the golem genre like Wonder Woman).

White racists  need to oppose intervention. War is a waste of time, money, blood and resources. We should push and advise veterans to tell Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- don't go to Syria, the Ukraine, Iraq, Mali, Niger, and so on. Don't be globalist mercenaries.

Remembrance Day in Canada, and Veterans' Day in the US, should be a time when we say, white racists and veterans alike: No more globalist mercenary wars. No intervention. No more killing each other and dying for a one-world order.

Let's start now and every day from November 11 and onward.


Multiculturalism is a sin... actually. at least ten of them, that I can count so far. And in the spirit of sin as illustrated by Pope Francis in this column (who needs to be concerned for white people's survival, too) here's ten sins of multiculturalism I've found we should count, along with the infamous seven deadly sins:

1. It makes everyone anxious, on edge having to live in areas where multicult has been followed by crime and all the other bad results especially whites feeling downcast and miserable about their futures, their jobs and safety.

2. Cheap labor, imported by capitalists and paying starvation minimum wages instead of paying whites decent living wages and the lowering of standards in employment.
Whites lose jobs and more when capitalist companies outsource outside of Canada.

3. The changing of our language -- non-white languages like Chinese and Punjabi on street signs, paid-for government documents, groceries (e.g., Campbell's Soup with Chinese characters on the can).

4. With the new rules in place to appease the "new Europeans" Whites now have to genuflect and put up with civil servants who can't speak English clearly after we bring them here and they get government jobs. Trying getting help from Ontario when your worker can't be understood ...more anxiety.

5. Foreign aid and foreign meddling. We send trillions to foreign nations of the Third World to make more kids and further help the endless cycle of poverty/help/more kids/more poverty. and the meddling, sticking our noses in other conflicts we have no business in. We don't need the colonialist English/ Rudyard Kipling attitude of nonwhites being the "White Man's Burden" any more.

6. Lowered educational standards. Now we need police is schools just to keep white kids safe--and the reds on the school boards are trying to turf them out. They succeeded in Toronto and now we have fatherless black kids from broken homes, in gangs, killing, doing drugs and causing more fear and anxiety. Among the worst are the Somali kids, from East Africa, among the toughest, hardest area of the world to live in, and now they are here in gangs.

7. Loss of women. Racemixing is rampant as nonwhites take, lure and seduce wild white women to further endanger our race through racemixing -- more anxiety for whites.

8. The upsurge in crime -- shootings every day that the Jewsmedia never fully reports by race of the perpetrators or suspects. That endangers everyone, when we don't know who police are after and how dangerous the criminal are. As Don Andrews says, racemixing never works.

9.Lowered medicare service. Imagine being old, in a bed, and hoping for humane care by an immigrant who is tending to you in a home or a hospital. Already, cases of patient abuse and terrible conduct are starting to surface across Canada.. and there'll be more.

10. Competition: It's enough of a hassle for a white man getting and keeping a job nowadays without worrying about being replaced by a nonwhite immigrant willing to do the same for less. Whites need to be willing to do the dirty jobs -- it's part of doing our own labor...more anxiety. And I'm not hearing any outcry from the unions about it, or keeping Canadian jobs in Canada as the multicult scourge is buttressed by disastrous free trade.

These are moral points you won't see Pope Francis writing encyclicals about or delivering on Sunday. Yet these are just some of the worst sins of Multicuturalism we need to address now, because they promote our extinction and are paid for our of our taxes. More and more whites will be running for political offices as provincial and federal elections loom next year in Canada.

Mad enough yet? The next elections in Ontario are just months away.

So, do something about it. One day soon, your son or daughter's job or health -- or even life -- could depend on it.




I'm sure all of you will be giving thanks as you sit down to your Turkey Day (Thanksgiving ) meal. There's a number of things that I am thankful for this year:

White self-loathers--they are now afraid of us. As racism and white nationalism surges in the US and Europe, they are now lashing out (the Las Vegas shooter was found with Antifa leaflets according to reports.

Canada now has a Sikh as head of the New Democrats. The lines have been drawn as the NDP is now tested on its policy of multicult and tolerance.

The physical beauty in all four seasons here in Canada.

Friends and comrades who have stood by me (and my racist beliefs) before, during and after I was imprisoned for testing freedom of speech in Canada.

Fate and destiny and the white people propelling a loudmouthed billionaire to the US Presidency,

Natural racism still fighting the good fight on social media, and on the streets.

The opportunity to put down the Jewsmedia race traitors online and on social media every day.

All the "little victories" we have won all these years as our ideology ensures, thrives and grows in North America and around the world.

The company and wisdom of my many comrades who worked with and taught me from the days of the Western Guard to today's Nationalist Party. I will miss those who have passed like John Ross Taylor (who the Jews call the "High Priest of Hate"), Martin Weiche, Jack Prins and many others.

Being part of historical events like the Ernst Zundel trial.

The new faces we see as activists and as leaders on the White Nationalist scene.

The term" white nationalism" now being popularized on the Jewsmedia.

The ethnic states now dawning with the Kurds and in Catalonia; racemixed countries will continue to disintegrate to natural ethnic states.

The cancellation of Two Broke Girls; as one character says in the martial arts film Dreadnaught: "There's two things I can't stand... cockroaches and loud women."

Just being part of the most important natural order ideology there ever will be.

And I thank all of you for visiting my column and on Facebook.

Have a great Thanksgiving!.


TV Media Removed From Reality

By the time we become adults most of us know the difference between reality and fantasy. Being fed a steady diet of talking animal cartoons and superhero golems who come to the rescue at the last second, we get smarter about what really is. Yet, the TV Jewsmedia as now at an all-time high when it comes to pushing fantasy-- not just fantasy and cartoons, but adding its' own anti-racism, rudeness, crudeness and gratiitous violence palmed off and hustled as "entertainment".

Near the end of The Wizard of Oz, as Dorothy stares terrified at "the great and powerful Oz". we see who he really is when the curtain is pulled back when she is warned to not pay attention to it. TV is much the same -- from Game Of Thrones' video-game fantasy wars to the disgusting South Park to anatomy jokes on almost every sitcom produced in the last twenty years, truth on TV  is virtually non-existent.

What's different these days is that people are turning it off -- they're cancelling cable, using their devices and social media, and just not watching the dreck. They're sick of the graphic violence, the crudeness, the perversion and failed multicult racemixing (on series and in TV ads like KFC and American Family Insurance) the skewed BS on the news yet the kosher TV nabobs keep on peddling more , like the hit Walking Dead series, the gruesome American Horror Story: Cult and two new shows centered around child abduction: Wisdom of the Crowd on CBS and The Disappearance on Canada's CTV.

People don't care anymore about "news" like Russiagate, and are turning off stories about Donald Trump; despite all the yammering from the reds and women's libbers, no one's tried to kill him yet. The idiot TV mavens are into the degenerate LGBT farwe like the rebooted Will & Grace and the gay dads with an Asian kid on Modern Family's dangerous propaganda. Those who run the Jewsmedia don't care that other cultures and many strict religions like Catholicism and Islam don't like their garbage --it's-one-size-fits all. And as North America's TV watchers become more multicult, they turn off the sludge and ratings go down.

TV is more pervasive than ever-- you can get networks, channels and now, streaming shows on your computer. The crud is still there, and now available to see one chapter after another, no more waiting until next week.

Despite all the "new" fall TV offerings, it's still the same -- golems/superpowered people (The Gifted, Marvel's Inhumans), idiot dads, all-knowing moms/housewives, young horny guys trying to outdo Charlie Sheen's disgusting multi-year circus of debauchery. You don't have to take it, and all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down the shows, the producers and distributors and networks and the names of major advertisers. Get their address and give them nonstop grief (legally, of course). Those in charge of TV, seeing their ratings tanking, are listening as whites show that they're mad as hell and they're not going to take it anymore.

Start today.


The other day, I was watching the thoroughly horrible film Ted 2, a horrible Seth Macfarlane creation all about a talking, swearing and boozing live teddy bear whose best friend has to fight a big toy company who wants the bear declared "not a person". As is the custom with so much on TV and the movies, the main male humans in this film are wimpy, not masculine and totally occupied with their strong, take-no-guff female mates.  It's a pattern that can be seen so often in the phony science fiction worlds that go back past the original Star Trek series in the late Sixties (and now continues in the new streaming series Star Trek: Discovery).

Game of Thrones, heading into its last seasons, is now the front-of-the-pack leader in  representing the kind of "man" that's popular on TV and the movies-- all fantasy, nothing close to being masculine and appearing in costumes that mix historical centuries and cultures way beyond anything that resembles human histories or cultures. The garb worn in most of these sci-fi/women's worlds could have been designed by the Jewess Edith Head of Hollywood fame.

When the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney World was turned into a successful film franchise, the biggest laughs at first weren't garnered by the comedy plot, but by the mascara-wearing anti-hero of the sagas, Captain Jack Sparrow. My favorite comment I heard was "Well now we know what happened to the unknown member of the Village People".  He's not exactly Long John Silver or any of the tough, dangerous other pirates of Treasure island. These awful films are like the others, historically inaccurate for the sake of pulling money from the hands of the historically ignorant.

"Romcoms" are all the same, on film or on TV. You have the lonely man who finds his "true love"-- assertive and bossy and whoops, they're in love. The schedules of TV stations all over North America are full of this formula, with some variations: the old guy who marries the beautiful Latina and the wimpy klutz marrying the strong gal on Modern Family, There's more sappy guys with butchy wives/girlfriends/assistants on Everybody Loves Raymond, Rules of Engagement and Frasier. Last year's biggest comedy hit was the lovable dancer and his gal in the fake old-style musical La La Land.

And this fall there's more clueless womanless guys, with Me, Myself and I, a 'comedy' about a wimpy kid who grows into a wimpier adult who then becomes in his later years (the show is set in three time periods) an old man with a delicate heart condition. Young Sheldon tells the early years of Big Bang Theory's obnoxious Sheldon Cooper and his struggle being a brainy nerd and being raised by his God-fearing single mom. And there is The Good Doctor, based on a Korean TV drama, all about a physician who's not only has savant syndrome but also autism.

A lot of white men didn't want to start relationships with women, and many are trying so hard to ape the harmless metrosexuals on screen to get a girl. The idea of forming a family, to populate the planet for our racial survival is the furthest thing from their minds. And with his recessive DNA and the nonwhite populations burgeoning and outnumbering him, the womanless man is in crisis. It's a lot safer to lock himself in front of a computer screen in fantasy games like WarCraft.

It's time for  young white men to put the game controllers down and start to be real men again. Whites need to build our numbers up;  that won't happen if their role models are the wimpy and the awkward and klutzy. We need a new racist role model -- strong, confident and racially aware, if we are to survive here on Earth among the prolific nonwhites.


One never really tires about anything Donald Trump says. Though he may be an American blowhard, he is a natural choice for America's highest elected office. However, he needs a few things to develop is he truly wants to "make America great again". These first few months have been a test for him, facing bluster from North Korea and a major disaster that will be tough to weather before it sets off an economic boom.

First up is a "peace tendon", and he needs to learn to back off gracefully. The recent little set-to with North Korea got a lot of people in Washington and around the Pacific Rim very anxious. You don't yell back at threats of missiles, you keep your adversary calm. Trump needs to ditch these warmonger generals like Mattis and Kelly; memories are fresh of the men sent to their deaths in past stupid wars by people like Alexander Haig and start being the peace president. He needs to ignore the likes of websites like Briebart's and Matt Drudge's banging the drum for another conflict with Korea. The US just can't be the World Police Force Incorporated (all rights reserved) anymore. There's crime in the streets, crumbling infrastructure, poor and homeless people that should now take priority. Turn inward, Mr. Trump, and fix America's cities and neighborhoods. And stop the war-drumming for the patriarchy-hating feminists and others who want to turn the world in to a real live version of Game Of Thrones. And get the troops out Afghanistan, the Mideast and wherever the US has a presence. Start building a "good neighbor" policy to replace the one that has a lot of nations fearing and angry at the USA.

Now, Trump is facing what may be America's greatest weather and economic disaster in its history. The people of Texas who have lost their homes, lives and neighborhoods , must be his priority now. It has already been estimated the cost to repair and rebuild the parts of Texas ravaged by Hurricane Harvey will outstrip that which happened after Katrina. Helping the afflicted Americans now and in the future will take real commitment, not just plane rides to Texas and photo ops. Rebuild the parts of Texas that Harvey destroyed--that will boost the economy far more than useless, bloody wars on god-believers.

Let's get universal health care available to all Americans, and make it work for everyone, regardless of their income or status. Get law enforcement out there to crack down on gangs, drugs and lowlife robbers, muggers, and killers. Repairing an America that has been damaged more than just in its roads and bridges. The US is head for another few hard years as the cleanup of Harvey (and any other storm that will hit America in the coming weeks) will be competing with Trump's bellicose attitudes towards North Korea (and any other nation that ticks him off). His own party isn't happy with him as midterm elections loom. Trump needs now more than ever to be more isolationist, be  more inward. Don't worry about trade -- there'll always be someone out there ready to sell something America will want, and also out there, people ready to buy US goods.

And as for Mrs. Trump, try thinking less about looking glamorous-- you're attractive enough already; maybe get the President to get a dog. People love presidential pets (the Bushs' Millie, the Clintons' cat Socks).

The Jewsmedia are just licking their chops as they try to find ways to go after Donald Trump. They'll have a lot harder time if he can turn all of his attention to the home front -- the cleanup and restoration after Harvey, the ratcheting down of the war rhetoric and fulfilling his promise to make America great again.


The push-and-shove that's been going in Charlottesville,, Boston, New York and in Canadian cities like Quebec City is,  despite the Jewsmedia's claiming about racists being "outnumbered" and "defeated", a sign that we racists are still needed.

This weekend in the National Post, columnist Christie Blatchford filed an article titled "Sometimes Insects Scurry Under Rocks", which mentioned NPC Leader Don Andrews near the end and as usual, portrayed him as a hater.. I've known and worked with this man for over forty years and a hater he is not. I know he has a number of nonwhite friends in person and on line who know his beliefs and his ideology and are just fine still being his friend.

What has amped up the renewed interest in white racists and white nationalism is of course, the clashes over the dismantling of white symbols and statues referring to the Confederate States and the US Civil War and the whites who took exception to and came out in force to protest--as they should.And they faced the mobs of Antifa jackals, Black Lives Matter assorted anarchists, and sundry other white self-loathers, the barren women and wimpy men who are only tough when they;'re in numbers.. They're scared...they know their barren days are over. They're not proud and they're not producing. Watching them at the various demos and scuffling matches, I can't remember seeing and hearing such vitriol.The sooner they're off the streets, the better for racially-conscious whites. It's a last-ditch attempt by these discouraged self-loathers as they see white hero Donald Trump defy all comers and criticism and know that the US (and white racism), are at a turning point now.
In the last paragraph of the National Post article, Don Andrews says that "It's just that now, people aren't ready for us yet." When white people are ready to be identifed as racists. we're ready.


Remember the "nuclear family"? It was once all over the TV and culture. Ozzie and Harriet. The Life of Reilly. Even Dennis the Menace and the religious-themed drama Seventh Heaven in 1990s had a mom, a dad and kids-- all white. No blended families, no racemixing, no "My Two Straight/Gay Dads", even no windows and widowers raising kids.

Today anything goes, and the TV family --once all-one-race, loving and supportive, is anything but. The old TV families  had good-looking wives, polite kids and teens, and as stable as you'd want a family to be.

Flash forward to the Bunker family of the 1970s -- the screaming bully-bigot Archie Bunker, his squeaky-voiced wife Edith, feminist daughter Gloria and "pinko" son-in-law son Mike. The show All in the Family was all screaming. mostly from the Jewsmedia's symbol for white racists, constantly being upstaged, outsmarted and humiliated and embarrassed by nonwhites. That theme carried on as he raised an adoptive daughter as a single widowed parent on the spinoff Archie Bunker's Place. His partner in the bar was a Jew and his racism was toned down, and the show lasted only a few seasons more before CBS killed it.

Then we had in the eighties, the "dumb" white dad of The Simpsons and the cool black dad Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby)-- Homer's oldest girl was a genius and a vegan and a Buddhist and his only son a vandal and a brat --hence the name "Bart". They were followed by gross Peter Griffin and his weirdo brood on Family Guy, including a toddler megalomaniac Stewie and a talking dog Brian and Peter's chums, an oversexed pilot named Quagmire and a paraplegic cop named Joe. Later we had Bob's Burgers (from the same network as the Simpsons and Family Guy, Fox). Bob ran a burger restaurant with his annoying-voiced wife Linda and his brassy son Gene, deep-voiced daughter Tina and bunny-hat wearing daughter Louise. Everyone pushes him around.

Today, there's the show Modern Family, with its crotchety businessman dad Jay, his Colombian much-younger wife Gloria and her slightly effeminate son Manny,  and one daughter Claire who runs over her manchild husband Phil, and gay son Mitchell whose partner Cam adopt a baby from Vietnam. The very title is taunting us all the Jew producer Steve Levitan says, here's your modern family now -- get used to it.

There's no normal family anymore. And this fall TV is bringing back some of the "pioneers" of TV's dysfunctional/weirdo families and couples. NBC will return Will & Grace (gay man whose BFF is a straight Jewess and who has a gay pal) and Roseanne, the screeching self-proclaimed "domestic queen" whose crudeness propelled her first sitcom to the top of the ratings.

The Odd Couple (whose latest TV version, its fourth, has been cancelled) started this off with the concept of a girly-man photographer bunking in the same apartment as a manly man sportswriter. Go from there, and slowly and stealthily, the main TV networks crept in the new "diverse" relationship couples to today's Modern Family with its multiracial/LGBT out-there vibe.

In the old days, TV couldn't outwardly get away with even mentioning gay characters. But with the Semitic God-worshipping Catholic church now showing the outward feminine side of its own character, you think Pope Francis will deliver an encyclical on morality and the media -- guess again. Christians are too caught up in guilt over "how we've hurt minorities" and "reaching out" --watch for lots of that cumbaya nonsense in the wake of Charlottesvile.

Heartless immoral killers come from bad families and people. A recent Canadian-produced show called Seed (airing on the City network and produced by Rogers media centers on a man who's spent most of his adult life donating sperm and who now wants to "reconnect" with his kids. When I was a kid, even defending the idea of a sperm bank could get you in trouble. Now, anythings goes in feminized, fatherless society where there's no strong disciplinary male dad around and get the monstrous likes of Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, David Berkowitz and Canada's scumbag Paul Bernardo.

Today's so-called families --and the sitcoms and cartoons that glorify them and/or present them as comedy -- entertain and attract only perverts and weirdos -- and its no good for anybody. That's why racists should support the idea of getting back to the one-race, one male-and-female mom and dad-led family unit. We need to revive the family rituals like reunions and gathering the family for nightly dinner and staying in touch with each other.

The White Man's way means the traditional family. mom, dad and kids who are taught morals, the meaning of race and respect. That way, procreating racist unions will be the modern family of the future, not a dangerous sitcom pushing deadly diversity.



It's no mistake -- society is getting more and more bizarre. And the anxiety so many whites are feeling from it--the constant fear of being robbed, shot, abducted and/or sexually assaulted is a byproduct of the racemixed, multicult society that whites have been forced to endure in Western nations.

It's a common image that is used to promote things like "tougher" crime laws to car alarms: A young white woman late at night looking for her car or going to an ATM machine, looking fearful. And more often than night the culprits that are used to promote home safety systems in TV commercials are white -- lies, lies, lies.

When Pierre Trudeau introduced (i.e., shoved down our throats) the concept multicult in Canada during his reign of terror, it was not done with a Parliamentary vote, nor any referendum: he invoked as law and that was that. He didn't just open our immigration doors to the criminals of the US and the Caribbean and Asia -- he blew them off their hinges. And every day in the papers (now that the controlled Jewsmedia is having a harder time blocking it) you can tell by the names and the faces the nonwhite nature of crime. Ask any police officer, and, if he thinks it's safe, he'll tell you which races give him and his fellow officers the biggest headaches.

Another source of anxiety is this new phony Cold War being drummed up by the Jewsmedia and by the war-dogs in Washington. America hasn't learned from any of the times it stuck its nose in foreign meddler wars, and now there's bragging about a new confrontation with North Korea. China has already reportedly told them to knock off the missile testing, but still the media (especially Fox News) who are beating the war drums with no let-up.

In US cities and neighborhoods, It's not Ozzie and Harriet out there anymore: There's no such thing as a safe all-white neighborhood in North America. When immigrants move in, there's a palpable fear and nervousness that grows among the longtime residents who watch helplessly as their communities slowly drift into crime-ridden areas. In Toronto, many areas like Regent Park, Alexandria, Jane-Finch and others have become a paradise for nonwhite gangs and punks. They have all the cards in their favor: weak "youth justice" laws that allow many of these monsters who start in their early teens to walk free out of courthouses smirking and bragging to their homies, cops who face new rules of engagement and legal technicalities so strict that their ability to investigate, interview suspects and arrest them don't amount to a lot in the way of stopping crime.

Back in Washington, white voter hero has shown himself to be at least not as anxiety-causing as Barack Obama. He's a regular guy, as evidenced by his plain-talk calls to the presidents of Mexico and Australia. We need to support him and to send him advice about non-intervention and to stop the free trade agreements and to close the borders and restore America's jobs and infrastructure.

Anxiety and frustration have been around since before this century began. But whites have stamina -- we have recovered from near extinction many times in history and we will survive the foreseeable future with common sense, good will and fair play by remembering our racial imperative and protect our racial integrity and identity and by staying the course we have ideologically taken towards those ends.

Let's all stay strong.

We Need to Stop Being The "Bad Guys'
and Show Real Racism, with Common
Sense, Good Will and Fair Play



If there is one image that has never vanished in the Jewsmedia vis-a-vis white racists and their many images  (Klan, skinheads, uniformed Neo-Nazis, etc.) it's the bad guy image.

Look at any World War II movie, or go online and check out any poster about the 1940s war effort and it's there:the caricatures of Germans, Nazi-uniformed sadists, etc.) These images were carried over to the many movie posters of films like Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS,  which mixed sadism in with the usual stereotypes. This was all reinforces by the Hollywood Nazi arch-villains that permeated many war movies. One I remember, Hitler: the Last Ten Days, was loudly disrupted by local racists during a Toronto screening in the late seventies.

What is sad and needs to be squelched right now is the effort  that racists have made since the 1960s, though to the new century, for so many racists to try to live up to the Jewsmedia's hype --that we are bunch of crazy, hate-filled and violent, murderous bigots. Young men are especially engaged in this nonsense (you don't see many racist women involved in this, with the rare exception of the odd one who ends up renouncing her views before hitting the B'nai Brith-sponsored rubber chicken dinner circuit to promote "harmony" and prostrate themselves disgracefully.  We won't win one day by being "nasty Nazis", as much as those wimpy "I'm-not-a-racist" types like Andrew Anglin and the "Alt-Right". We need to hang up this obsession with Jews and the Holocaust.  All that does in reinforce the negativity associated with racism that the Jewsmedia's been pushing for ages. And stop cheering for torturing fundamentalist Muslims by the CIA and other US puppets. Only sadists and women do that sort of thing.

We've really got to put our house in order when it comes to these posers, not just the ones who get hammered as fuel for nihilistic "oy" mayhem. White people must make a sustained effort to present ourselves as determined white men whose racist beliefs are centered around common sense, good will and fair play --in other words, to respect other racists, and to discourage the goonish behavior that may get them a chuckle on social media, but does more harm to the white nationalist cause than advancing it. The Jewsmedia has proven to past masters when it comes to turning fundamentalist Muslims, the Japanese, and  other war adversaries into sadists and bumbling clowns. But it's the mean, bigoted Nazi and/or skinhead and/or cross-burning Klansman that has made billions for Warner Brothers, Sony, MGM, et al (Even Mel Brooks made a nice pile on his Nazi-spoofing musical and film The Producers, and as happened  with the live and film versions of Cabaret.

The white man has almost been reduced to the stereotype TV husband, afraid of his wife, and in real life is starting to feel welcome only in coffee shops in his later years.  He needs to start advocating against mercenary globalist wars, like the now-missing-in-action hippies used to in the sixties and seventies.  In the white world, we have an internal war now among our genders. In the nonwhite races, well, men used to run it while the women work; the Oriental culture hasn't sen much change in 3,000 years. Today we must guide the white man and set his on the path of the White Man's Way (or nothing). We must instill racial pride in our own people: when was the last time you heard the phrase "that's mighty white of you?".

In a mean feminist society. we've got to stop trying to be the "bad guys" and remember that real racists practice and believe in common sense, good will and fair play. We must teach it to the next generation, instill that sense of white nationalism, coupled with isolationism and build our own Constitutional Racist State-- no outside labor, no meddling in wars that have already taken too many of us and no interference  or trying to destroy others' cultures which only makes us targets.

Let's start now.

This Summer and Fall on TV ...
Same Old/Same Old Propaganda

No doubt you're just wondering if the kids might have a point about those new TV crazes, binging and streaming. Thanks to companies like Netflix,
Hulu, AT&T Audience and Crave TV in Canada, you can access TV from your device now. But the Jewsmedia's big guns (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, et al) have more on the way this summer to get you ready for their fall offering of racemixing and other propaganda. Remember: Some services like Hulu and Audience are available in the US only, while others (Crave) are only in Canada, and international names like Netflix and cable channel HBO run similar programming often in the same time slots.

Here's what's on tap now and coming soon (All times are Eastern):

THE STRAIN (FX, Sundays) The last season, we're told, of this vampire/virus carriers out to take over the world. Aside from the nasty zombie Walking Dead shows, this is one disgusting series coming to an end

INSECURE  (HBO, Sundays) centers on a group of young blacks rapping and having the time of their lives in California, with nary a white or Hispanic around. Unreal, there's also no gangstas, Cripps or Bloods either.

SNOWFALL (FX, Now running Wednesdays) Glorification of the early days of crack cocaine with blacks and whites getting addicted and shed in a sympathetic light--unlike how meth seller Walter White (who was white) was portrayed in Breaking Bad.

FRIENDS FROM COLLEGE (Netflix, streaming now) stars Wonder Years' Fred Savage as part of a group of college students who are anxious, nervous --and ethnically "diverse" -- universities are great incubators for racemixing.

TRANSPARENT (Showcase Canada, Friday nights) This series, which aired on Amazon Video in the US, centers around a transgender man (Jeffery Tambor) who baffles his family when he starts to "fem up"

BROAD CITY (Returning series, Comedy Central. starts August 23rd), billed as a "buddy comedy", is really a bunch of wild women hanging out with guest stars like drag queen RuPaul.

Mr. ROBOT (USA Network, October) Computer geeks have made this series a hit about a hacker whiz and his friends  fighting a mega-conglomerate with tyhe help (?) of the mysterious "Mr. Robot"

HAPPY (Syfy USA, Fall) Remember "Harvey" the invisble rabbit? This one has a cop recovering from heart surgery relying on an invisible friend to save a kidnapped girl

STILL STAR-CROSSED (ABC, Began May 29) Another reworking of the Romeo and Juliet story; in this one, Romeo is black and Juliet is white

CLAWS (Bravo Canada ,  Sundays, TNT, USA) A bunch of gals of mixed backgrounds hang out at a salon, gossip, get their nails done -- and kill people.

BLACK LIGHTNING (The CW, early 2018) Now we have a black golem with super powers as the hero in this series fights to keep his African kingdom out of the hands of a nasty villain named Ulysses Klaue (yes, he's white).

THE BOLD TYPE (Freeform USA, ABC Spark Canada, now airing) is based on the inner workings of Cosmopolitan magazine, it's more liberated women acts like whores a la Sex and The City.

GAME OF THRONES (HBO) goes into its second-last season of Harry Potterish monsters, kingdoms and nonsense fantasy designed to keep white boys from maturing into racially-conscious white men.

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY (CBS All Access, September 24) Oh, no -- it's two libbered women in command in this new streaming service series. And yeah, they're taking on those Klingons hand-to-hand in a space conspiracy plot.

LEGION (FX, Fall) is a carry-over show about mutants, which Stan Lee's Marvel company started years ago with X-Men.

OZARK (Netflix, starts July 21) is all about a young couple working for a drug lord they've been laundering money for who end up in that quaint part of the USA in hopes of repaying the dough they're suspected of skimming. More bad guys as heroes.

WILL and GRACE (NBC, Fall) Yeah, it's that 'comedy' back on, with a gay guy chumming around  with a straight Jewess and much of the original cast back. Wow, those gays are a riot!

RED BLOODED (ABC, Fall) has Reba McIntyre  as a Kentucky sheriff who finds herself working with an FBI agent of Middle Eastern descent.  

And at the movies, there's the golem-loaded Justice League about to premiere; a new version of the gory horror story It;  and the lesbian spy thriller Atomic Blonde .

Let the viewer beware....And make sure you complain to the producers whenever you see anything anti-white, violence-glorifying or infantile on the TV or at the theaters.

Blood Money, Khadr and the Dishonor
of Lost Canadian Mercenary Missions

There have been few items in the news that have generated as much anger this week as the payout of $10 million dollars to Omar Khadr. The Liberal government who authorized it has come under a lot of fire, with many calling on it and the federal courts to withhold the payment until a portion of it is given to the family of the soldier Khadr killed and the family of the soldier partially blinded in the attack.

Every media pundit and their goldfish has weighed in on this one, forgetting and/or omitting that Canada is one of the nations still sending our soldiers to bleed and die in a meddler's cause in Afghanistan that was lost long ago. And they have also forgotten this "peacekeepr" nation's long history of facilitating and/or participating in the bombing, killing and torture of people in other nations where patriarchal Islamic culture has risen and remained.

Mercenary missions have been fought too long now overseas. We now take this false "glory" attitude about "liberating" other nations (the longtime excuse) when it's for the merchants and "m'lady" that we are still engaging in this insanity. Never mind our reputation -- we go over there, we practically beg them to come here, and that's aside from the whopping Omar Khadr settlement. From the monuments to the "Highway of Heroes" we are soused on this idea of the brave Canadian soldier that has its roots in the glorification of the British soldier by Rudyard Kipling. Canadian soldiers need only one task in peacetime -- to be here, to help with disasters like fires and floods. to rescue those in need and to help rebuild our damaged infrastructure. Add the money paid to Khadr to billions wasted on foreign aid to help the Third World proliferate, and that's just madness unbridled.

For years, we've recruited on TV and radio for Canadian soldiers to join us ("there's no life like it!") promoting a gung-ho ape-America image for Canadians that has been amplified with the recent commemoration of the Vimy Ridge battle. Canada didn't "come of age" there, no... We just lost lots of white men.  When will we ever learn? With a Sikh now in charge of our Defense Department, it won't be for awhile.

Canadians can do better than cheer on our soldiers to do murderous mercenary dirty work wherever fundamental Islam resides. Better to have them help people in trouble and to have a well-trained, well-equipped militia in place here. We can do better than to paint targets on our own backs, whether it's for the United Nations, NATO or any other one-world-order alliance of killers we pay lip service (and tax dollars) to support.

Just as we are telling US President Donald Trump to withdraw forces from foreign lands, so must we do likewise in Canada. All we get from what we do now is anger, danger ... and planeloads of coffins.

And there's no honor or dignity in that at all.

Tell Justin Trudeau   at pm@pm.gc.ca  .

Media's White Race Appropriation
Out to Undermine Us

There's a  series of Zack Hill comic strips that appeared last week centering on society's latest politically-incorrect bugaboo: Whites who appropriate other races' cultures and history. These days it can mean say, wearing a Chicago Blackhawks Jersey, a Cleveland Indians' Chief Wahoo cap or doing the "Tomahawk Chop" at an Atlanta Braves game. Whites (thanks to rock music) have spent over half a century trying to imitate the part of black culture that likes to dance and sport about in the style of African tribes  (any of you remember The Watusi?) and wear backwards baseball caps, pants halfway down the thighs. We even use the slang of black gangs and rapper/ "gangstas" (except for using the word "nigger").

Not long after black music began to banch out from its US urban centers like Detroit (Motown) and Memphis (Stax Records), radio stations tossed out the ban on "black music" and whites ate up and bought and danced to hits by The Supremes, Temptations, Booker T. and The MGs, and others by the millions. Today, in Canada, Drake is our best known rapper and is peddled as a  politer contrast to the gangsta stylings of the late Notorious B.I.G, Ludacris and today's DJ Khalid and Kodak Black. A few idiot whites tried their hands at it like Eminem and Canada's Snow and also got rich from dumb whites after the never-ending hedonistic boogie.

White men, having allowed their white women to go wild turning their backs on the concept of the traditional family and procreating the race, evolved from strong, manly types to the "non-threatening", metrosexual effeminate males while their white women went nuts boozing and carousing with their BFFs. leaving the man home with the kids. Twerps like Justin Bieber and Robin Thicke and every boy band you can name were the new teen girl/woman idols.

It's not just music. Cultural appropriation has been on the TV screens for years, too. Best example: ABC's Modern Family, where successful white businessman Jay Prirchett grinds his teeth dealing with his nubile spitfire Colombian wife Gloria while raising her son Manny (who spends half his time dressing like Frank Sinatra) and their own son Joey. Even his pet is a chihuahua named Stella. And how many sitcoms have the men also effeminate and queerish that they end up as clay pigeons -- easy targets -- for the barbs of sitcom wives (Modern Family, Everybody Loves Raymond) to Two Broke Girls, where a pair of smart-ass waitresses have a field day with the worst collection of "men" who ever worked at or hung around a coffee shop.

I say it's time for a White Sharia to start growing -- where we pout our own white houses in order and cleanse cultural appropriation from our race, the history and apologizing for what the Western commie/feminist -run educational system says we did or thought to have done, to indigenous peoples, from Columbus on down,  and the aping of nonwhite cultures, to boosting our own. To tell OUR history, promote OUR culture with things like having more towns declare European Heritage Week this October (See our European Heritage Week site page for more details). And get off our knees saying how sorry we are about what happened in the past when our tribes were forced together and conned by the Jewsmedia to tolerate, then mix with, each other--the final outcome being no racial identity for any race, whites included.

In other words, it's time to remember how today's media cultural appropriation is out to undermine whites -- and yes, raise holy hell about it.

You have the power right at youe keyboard. Complain now to the networks, Universal TV, Fox, small companies like Steven Levitan Productions, etcetera. We will.

Immoral Hollywood

Life was simple once-- we had three US TV networks, two Canadian ones, and everything they showed was safe-- well, safe compared to what's on screen now. and that goes for the movies, too. But TV is still the prime source of leisure for many of us. Most of it now, I wouldn't want my kids seeing. It's immoral. It worships mean-spirited, greedy people, showcases yelling dysfunctional families and hold up the cheater, the killer, the man who's unfaithful to his wife (and vice versa) as role models.

Take a look at one popular show with young people that's just finished but will air in repeats, Pretty Little Liars. This drama centers on a group of high school girls who learn of the violent death of another schoolmate. They have a secret of their own: one of them was responsible for a prank that left another girl blind and now they are all stalked by the mysterious "A", who sets out to ruin their lives. We are supposed to feel sorry for them (after all two wrongs don't make a right) as they try to find their phantom assailant.

Comedy shows aren't all that funny anymore: Take the sleazeballs of Seinfeld-- a wise-ass comic,a bully-sized goof neighbor, a born loser who can't hold down a job and a woman who uses men land tosse them away like empty chip bags. Or Modern Family -- which consists of a loud-voiced Colombian woman, her nerdy son, slob businessman husband and their relatives -- a gay lawyer who with his partner adopts a Vietnamese orphan but don't tell her the truth about her parents; a typical dumb TV dad who's a realtor with a bossy wife, one trouble-prone daughter, another daughter who's a know-it-all and a son who's as dim as a year-old light bulb.

Films are loaded with mean "anti-heroes". Clint Eastwood made himself a star playing a nameless bounty hunter in three European-produced Westerns. There's the cast of Animal House, where idiots laugh at college students who cause mayhem at a college. There's films like Ocean's 11 and the just-out Baby Driver, all about bumbling thieves. It's cool to commit robbery, to see how Hollywood's Jewsmedia glorifies crime. In the 12970s, some of the biggest box office hits were the "blaxploitation" films like
Shaft, Farewell Uncle Tom, Across 110th Street and The Legend of Nigger Charley who had one simple plot in all of them: Have as many blacks kill as many whites as possible and as violently as possible. Can you imagine a film that glorified Klansmen or Neo-Nazis killing nonwhites?

We all remember the old films with tough guy detectives tracking down criminals or range riders going after rustlers. Good guy films with real men upholding the law and opposing crime don't do well: the last two versions of The Lone Ranger both bombed, despite having lots of action and "brand recognition". History gets remade all the time. In the movie Version of Wild Wild West, James West went from  handsome white guy to a flip Civil War veteran-- who was black, Django Unchained is another kill-whitey film from cinematic rat Quentin Tarantino-- he followed that one with his racemixed p.c. oater The Hateful Eight.

And let's not forget all the slasher horror films like Halloween, Friday the 13th and Candyman, where psychotic animals kill in the most horrendous fashion.

They're all over the dial and at the cinema and at your local video store. Complain to the networks and the movie studios about them. Demand to see some morality back in "entertainment", in other words, make it really entertaining.

On a lighter note Canada Day was a great one: We celebrated it at Don Andrews' home where there was great food and fellowship and all had a great time.

CANADA 150:  Where's The Party?

In 1967, I was living in Mississauga Ontario with my sister and her brother-in-law. By that time, the celebration of Canada's Centennial was everywhere: The "Canada Song' by Bobby Gimby, the hype over Expo 67 and the omnipresent Centennial Symbol, an eleven-segmented design that formed a maple leaf. Canadians coast to coast were stoked.. the pride in our land, in being Canadian, in being a special people who recognized our dual (French/English) history and heritage. In those days, you could travel to Europe with a Canadian flag sewn on your sleeve and get treated like royalty.

July 1, 2017 commemorates the 150th birthday of Canada's Confederation and is also celebrated graphically with another maple leaf logo above (I think it's a leaf...) Yet there's barely a whisper about it. let alone recognition that's it's coming up.

And that's sad. Here in the dominion, we can look back on many events and people who have shaped the greatness of Canada and the contributions we have made in many areas. If you watch TV regularly, no doubt you've seen one of those "History minutes" that have covered such things and people as the creation of In Flanders' Fields, Laura Secord, even the secret of golem Superman being half-Canadian (created by Jews Joel Siegel and Jerry Shuster). But thanks to the decline in our educational systems (where our history is mostly not being taught, and when it is, it's usually skewed toward a hate whites/commie/feminist/LGBT angle).

A year after we celebrated our Centennial, we elected in June a man who began to destroy everything that made being Canadian great. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, in his first two years in office, made bilingualism (the forerunner of Multiculturalism) the law of the land, and forced upon us the metric system and for the first time in peacetime. put Canadian soldiers on the streets of Quebec in response to the kidnapping of a British diplomat and a Quebec cabinet minister. When asked by the press that he hated how far we was willing to go to erase our freedoms he tersely replied, "Just watch me." And now his kid is in charge, ready to send Canadian men and women to be maimed and killed for globalists.

Why do we (Whites included) not seem to care anymore about the land? Our communities are flooded, no help arrives, except for Justin, and that's for a photo op. Our cities are literally falling apart with cracked roads, decaying roadways and buildings, and there's no money for infrastructure or housing and feeding the poor -- it's all been spent on dangerous foreign intervention invasions and lining the pockets of elected officials and senators.

In Canada. there are some intellectuals and supposedly-smart people who definitely needed to be challenged in academia. We put up with the confusing gobbledegook of Marshall McLuhan, the "poetry" of Irving Layton and Leonard Cohen and the arrogance of scientist David Suzuki.

And what a hospitable people we were and are; the European immigrants who came her to work the land and face environmentally harsh winters and broiling summers,. defined us. Later it was the blowing-off of our immigration door (thanks again Mr. Trudeau) as our very national population  and charcter was altered with the arrival of the Vietnam Boat People, and those from India, Pakistan, China and other Asian lands, as well as the Caribbean, Africa, and the US, and today's "refugees",straining our cities, our social services and plunging our cities into crime-ridden danger zones.

And yet, Canada is still great place to live. I believe this is best country in the world and when I'm asked about my background, I'll say, "Canadian!" without any qualms and a burst of pride, like the "I am Canadian" beer ads once popular on TV.  We have some of the greatest scenic beauty in the world just an hour's drive away from any city: Trees, forests, rugged coastlines, our stark northlands...it's all there.

And the White man still maintains a strong presence. White nationalists have adopted our beautiful national flag with its red maple leaf on the white homeland background as our emblem. We fly it proudly and encourage homes and businesses to do the same.

Right now, I want you to do something to show your pride this Canada Day: Get a Canadian flag if you don't have one, and display it in front of your home. If you have one and if it is worn or torn, replace it. Tell your neighbors to fly one. Teach some history to your kids -- online or at the library; learning about your nation isn't just for the school year.

Have a barbecue or some other celebration. Drive around and explore Canada -- see the great scenery that the white man preserved for us and coming generations to enjoy.

We are blessed to be Canadians. As White Canadians we have a unique opportunity to remember the rules of real racism: common sense, good will and fair play, and as White Canadians can be a beacon to others in other lands.

A nation that can last for 150 years is quite an accomplishment. That's a great reason to say:


Whites Want Donald Trump and His Family To Make A Bigger Public Presence

Donald Trump has had a rough ride in his first six months as President. The White man's hero has faced a lot of b.s. from the Jewsmedia and lies from pundits.  With all the scandals, the Russians, the tapes, the accusations about shady deals, he has been able to slip through like an oiled wrestler and come out on top. Not for lack of trying on his enemies' parts though: the Democrats now want to sue him

Trump's "new style" of presidency is something the media hasn't seen before...part of the "outsider" image that baffled the media and won the hearts of whites who made him president. Yet, one aspect of the US presidency remains. The First Family: Trump's wife, sons and daughter who have lately been away from a lot of media coverage.

Yet as long as I can remember, the US President's family had been a focus of media coverage, from Ronald Reagan and Nancy to the Bush and Clintons, to the glamor of the Kennedys to Barack and Michelle Obama. Because America still has a sense of a nuclear family-oriented society, it still likes to see its First Families as regular people, albeit better-dressed than most.

And that's one point where Donald Trump needs to improve on -- to make his family more accessible, not just to media journalist stars -- he needs to put his sons Baron, Eric and Donald Jr. out there, more than he did than during his election campaign. And his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka need to be more a part of Trump's public life--and start smartening up: Melania needs to cut her ties with Indonesia and its products made from child labor. So far, she's been a big disappointment. We need a lady more like Gloria Pritchett, the fiery Colombian woman married to much-older businessman Jay of TV's "Modern Family" -- pretty, funny and with some brains and who will keep on dazzling people who now have gotten used to the idea of older men with younger women.

Then there's the matter of Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner who now keeps a kosher home with his wife, Trump's daughter Ivanka. It may make America's masters in Israel happy but it reflects badly on Trump's family and administration.

Trump's son Baron should be groomed to assume power should God forbid anything happen to Trump. He needs to bone up on international affairs, US history and all the things Americans expect from their president (he's already got a great name) as part of a way to ensure a dynasty like other US political family legends.

And the Trumps should get a pet. The Clintons had Socks the cat, The Bushes had Millie the dog. Even Richard Nixon was photographed playing with his dog Checkers. Pets humanize politicians and bring them closer to the average American.

All in all, the Trump family needs more exposure: hopefully, Donald Trump will survive the next three years of his first term and we will know a lot more about his family. And maybe, they will help him do things like necessary policies such as a one-tier government-payer health care system to replace the the chaos of Obamacare. And following up on more isolationist US policies on trade and getting out of deadly foreign conflicts that have and continue to waste American lives and billions of dollars and also continue to threaten Americans at home and abroad.

We need to see the Trump family out there, talking, shaking hands and being at rallies (also which he needs to hold more of): it's hard to be a Man of the People unless you are out there among the people.

Donald Trump should take a break and stop worrying about the media lies and the silliness of the baby questions of the Comey/Sessions probes and get back to the things he wanted to do to make America great again.  The white American family (and its values (is one thing that made America great for over 200 years. We need to see more of yours. Mr. President.

Tell him -- on Twitter, at @realDonaldTrump, or at his White House Contact page:


Trump-- The Real White People's Hero

 Unless you are one of her 45 million people who support US President Donald Trump, it's a good bet you will be opposed to anything he says or does regardless of how good it is for white Americans. The Jewsmedia in North America and elsewhere along with the comics and "pundits" have been taking potshots at him nonstop since last November when they almost had a collective coronary as he won the presidency.

But it's to be expected. Since when did they ever say anything about the need and importance of white identity and for whites to preserve it? So terrified were they of a man, an "outsider" finally representing the white people after years of Obama and the incompetency of the Bushes and the Clintons, that they were afraid to acknowledge on-air just who Trump represented. If anything they tried to deny that identity by never mentioning it and by branding Trump as being dangerous and some kind of autocratic lunatic.
Now, as then, the attacks aren't working. The distrust and exposure of the media and their spins and lies is evident now in the public turning their backs on it en masse. They know deep inside that Donald Trump is the white man's hero willing to take an isolationist stance in the USA and abroad. They know that it was the white people who elected him.

White people remember the days when America was pretty mush like the old Doris Day films, when women were feminine and men were manly, when whites were supreme and in charge of America's destiny and culture. They didn't try to racemix and society didn't try to force incompatible divergent cultures together.

The President knows he's the white man's hero, and takes a careful, measured response to it. He's seen the failure of anti-white morons like the Bushes, John McCain, and going back in history father, Lyndon Johnson and how he signed the Civil Rights Act that plunged the US into more racial chaos than ever.

The Jewsmedia's biggest guns seems to be how Trump is promoting xenophobia, especially in the wake of renewed attacks on London that killed seven and injured many others. The June 4 Toronto Star carries one wag's opinion, one Cass R. Sunstein of Bloomberg Views, postulating that the iold social taboo of criticizing immigration has now become a social norm and made "acceptable".

The Jewsmedia has gone from branding Trump as a crass, brash outsider into a Fascistic near-dictator, always questioning his lack of political experience and his gut-instinct decisions and policies.  Closer to reality, Trump is a latter-day Rasputin, the famous Russian monk who warned Russia's leaders at the time of the Tsars that if they went to war, they would be finished as a power. Newspeople in America these days are nothing more than contemporary town criers of old, peddling the next phony cold war by trying to egg the US into another confrontation with Russia and with oligarch-bought-and-paid-for Vladimir Putin. In the '60s, as now, it's all a puppet show. The Jewsmedia is frazzled, frustrated and amazed at the new Teflon Don.

Whites must remember that race is the reason for Trump's popularity; the more they realize it, the more they'll come back to their kith and kin and the importance of protecting it.. Yes, let's remind Trump of that and to have no more wars for globalists, aimed at an enemy that really doesn't want a caliphate to cover every nation on Earth, but just doesn't want their homes, lands and loved ones bombed into nothingness for the merchants.

Donald Trump knows he's a white people's hero. And he will survive all the snot the Jewsmedia and the 'comedians' toss at him if he remembers his base of support,  and then he will continue to bring America back and make America great again.

Read related June 4 Toronto Star article here:



Racists, Don't Worship the Military

 "We have made mistakes, but they are all directed toward the enemy, ISIS, and I’m proud of those mistakes”
             -- An Iraqi forces leader of a unit accused of torture

If you get the weekend comics in your local paper, you may have a passing acquaintance with Beetle Bailey, the bumbling GI coasting his way through army life. Or you may remember comic book soldier Sad Sack. or films and TV shows like Sergeant Bilko, McHale's Navy or Abbott and Costello in Buck Privates. In TV films and even cartoons like Rambo, pictured above, we lobe the military -- and that's wrong.

On TV, recruiting ads for the military are memorable if only for their slogans; The Few, the Proud, the Marines; There's No Life Like It; Be All You Can Be in the Army.

We don't need the military in North America anymore. We don't need millions of men and women to train and train and be turned into killing machines -- killbots, if your prefer -- to go fight foreign wars, get killed, maimed, disfigured and blinded -- for what? Trying to destroy a group of patriarchal primitive people who just want to be left alone?  Trying to meddle in  yet another attempt force everything Western from Starbucks to Victoria's Secret on people who just don't bloody well want any of it?

We haven't learned much from history where military forces propped up empires. whether it's the Praetorian Guard of Rome or the Janissaries of the Ottoman Turks. Lately the US still boasts about having the greatest military forces in the world, despite not having won a war since Korea. Since that snafu, it's been one lost mission after another. from Afghanistan to Libya to Iraq.

The military no longer commands my respect -- no should it yours. How many military tales have we heard from Uncle Lou -- "I was in the BIG ONE, back in forty-three!". Yeah, it was a big one all right -- devastating Europe, destroying America's best white men and women in fratricidal world wars and leading to the bringing whites from all parts of the world here to our shores to choke our social services, take our resources and tax dollars to feed and shelter and compete for jobs  and commit violent crimes against us. Oh, what a lovely war... I got bored damn quick hearing about how my Uncle Albert brag about how he would have so many Germans impaled on his bayonet he had to push them off.

Where there's an empire there's a military, there to support economic benefits for the globalists and the elites.  Ordinary and poor people always lose -- look at Britain at the time of Charles Dickens, when Britain was the world power so big and bloated, yet it still took a bunch of kickouts and merchants to kick them out over tea tax.

Canada has a military history that we shouldn't brag about, whether it's about Vimy, where wags love to gush about how we "came of age", to Flanders, whose best knowledge we collectively share started when we learned to recite John MacCrae's poignant, sad poem in school.  Our military has been a joke since Pierre Trudeau "unified" our armed forces in the 1970s.

North America isn't alone in having military forces prop up monsters. Motormouth dictator Duterte in the Philippines has no problem with his soldiers committing rape. Atrocity has been a feature of international armies who rape and commit mass murder. There's no apologies, no regrets, no press releases about torturing locals (The Toronto Star had an excellent piece last weekend about torture of Iraqis that is both graphic and telling of the just-following-orders mindset that still persists today).

This nation's military history is filled with names that have become "legends" : pilot Billy Bishop, Richard Rohmer, who went from the military to being a best-selling author, Romeo Dallard, Leo Major (who lost an eye on D-Day and credited with capturing 100 German soldiers). Yet the result was the same as those who fought for the USA like Alvin York, George Patton, and a GI named Audie Murphy who became a postwar actor.
All over North America there are monuments for these men. America has three --count 'em, three -- holidays for them. Canada has a "Highway of Heroes", complete with its own song, for those who died meddling, while Canadian Legion branches are being transformed into mosques. Great job, boys.

Hollywood has had all kinds of takes on veterans--from postwar- "disturbed" psycho killers to "heroes" like Sylvester Stallone's Rambo to comedians as bungling privates and bumbling and scheming officers. And there have been dark portrayals of the military in films like Casualties of War, Full Metal Jacket, Platoon, The Hurt Locker and Brothers, still laced with a touch of humanity --"hey man, it's war, it changes you." Then dammit, don't go.

We don't need a military.. just well-trained, well-equipped militias with depots in case of foreign invaders and weapons. We don't need billions spent on robotic remote-control drone assassins or unstable people whose worst side will be unleashed. Weve too few white women as it is without using them in traditional cannon-fodder roles defending crumbling empires.

Let's have no more wars for globalism, Canada, America, Britain, Europe Tell your leaders. Tell your defense ministers. Now.

And stop worshiping the military.

Late Night Hosts: The White Gusanos Who
Undermine White Society

Way back when, the Western Guard (the Nationalist Party's forerunner) had among its activists an anti-communist Catholic man who wrote for the WG's magazine Straight Talk! An actor by profession, he chose a pseudonym, "El Gusano" meaning "worms",  the term Fidel Castro used to describe those who undermined his red regime).

Looking around what passes for late night entertainment, there's a whole slew of these gusanos, the young, crude hipster would-be pundits everyone loves and whose monologue bits end up on morning talk radio to lead into the first topic for venting.

Late night TV had three "pioneers": Jack Paar, Steve Allen, and Johnny Carson, and they all has arrogant egos the size of Texas.
Paar got into a flap with NBC when they refused to let him say "toilet" on the air. Allen was a anarchistic goofy Jew screwball who ended up as a game show host, as did Pat Sajak did after his short-lived turn replacing Merv Griffin on CBS (Jimmy Kimmel began his TV career as the co-host of Win Ben Stein's Money). When Fox joined the fray in 1986, Jewess when Joan Rivers hosted The Late Show, to be replaced by Canadian Jew Ross Shaffer, then later, Aresnio Hall and Chevy Chase. Fox hasn't a successful talk show since. The self-righteous, know-it-alls still rule late night: After Jon Stewart left The Daily Show, he was replaced by racemixed, unfunny Trevor Noah.

TV has gone a long way down. Once, married couples in sitcoms were never allowed to be shown in bed together, and when Lucille Ball became pregnant, the episode was titled "Lucy is Enceinte" (the word pregnant was forbidden by CBS). Look at Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Meyers, et al, these days, and there's always sex jokes, innuendo. and cracks about the favorite whipping boy of all of them, Donald Trump. The venom they have against the white people's president is unprecedented. Even Lyndon Johnson. Richard Nixon and both President Bushes didn't get the kind of abuse and verbal diahrrea these snots spew five nights a week.

And by geez, they're popular. Despite the major broadcast networks' sharp decline in viewers lost to the internet and social media, these late night "sages" are basically keeping them  profitable and on the air, despite salaries that rival sports stars. They are regarded by the Jewsmedia as sages, as respected as news anchors like Lester Holt, Wolf Blitzer and Scott Pelley.

The late-nighters have no use for anyone outside their own elitist world and world view -- especially the 45 million people who voted Donald Trump into office.  The basic difference with the current crop of boobs is that they can get away with toilet jokes, crude sexual double-entendres, even racial jokes once in a blue moon, the kind of material that would have had them blackballed forever from TV.

Every one of these clowns are dangerous -- they are enemies of the white people, disguising their pro-race-mixing/anti- Trump/anti-nationalism with "humor" and mixing it with anti-Islamic/anti-religious bigotry, and the idiot viewers eat it up. Here in Canada, we had our own bully host, a  musclebound crudenik named Mike Bullard, who hosted two talk shows before ending up on radio and later bounced after criminal harassment charges were laid (the same kind of behavior also ended the TV careers of Fox News smar-ass Bill O'Reilly and CBC's Jian Ghomeshi).

Instead of letting them enjoy the bliss of their wealth and arrogance unchallenged, we all should heap insult and approbation on them through their networks and their main sponsors.

Time to get on the Internet, people, and complain about and to these unfunny comics undermining white society

Homosexuals -- Poor Advisors for Heterosexual Activity

One of the biggest announcements at this week's US TV network "Upfronts" was NBC's announcement of a ten-episode reboot of
Will and Grace, the 1996-2006 sitcom all about a homosexual lawyer who's also a BFF/roomie of a neurotic Jewess and their weirdo friends.

Will and Grace was what they like to call a "breakthrough" show. Critics both gay and straight cooed over how it portrayed homosexual activity as a real hoot, funny, normal, the new Disney family values (ABC is owned by Disney) -- and homosexuals, no matter how irreverent, disrespectful and just plain rude and crude-- were now worthy of nothing more than respect.

In 1984, Brothers, a syndicated TV sitcom that boasted among its producers Stu Silver and Katherine Greene, was one of the first TV sitcom to feature homosexuals as main TV show characters (the first was The Corner Bar, which only ran half-a-season). It ran for five years amid a lot of controversy and TV stations who balked at its premise. Slowly, homosexuals both "normal" looking (like the gay brother of Golden Girls' Blanche), to openly flamboyant, began to appear. And as always, they were full of life and morality lessons for us "squares" (don't judge me!). So began the indoctrination.

Just as pedophiles like to "groom" their young victims, so we too. were groomed to accept homosexuality through the 1970 ABC hit The Odd Couple, about two men living together in an apartment-- one a neatness freak, the other a compulsive slob. Based on the hit play and movie by Jew Neil Simon, it has survived four different versions on TV (one an animated cartoon) and CBS has just announced its cancellation, along with that of Two Broke Girls, which features an effeminate North Korean.

Today one of TV's biggest hits (just renewed for its ninth season, is Modern Family. Created by Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd and Steve Levitan, it's about the ultimate California PC/blended family show, including Mitchell Pritchett and Cameron Tucker, two gay men who lived together for years before the state legally allowed them to marry, and are the proud cooing parents of Lily, who was adopted by them as a baby from Vietnam (FYI, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who plays Mitchell, is gay in real life, as is the show's Julie Bowen who plays the constantly-stressed Claire, Mitchell's sister). And these guys can solve any problem with advice or action (part of their wedding day fiascos included a fire and using Lily to break into a cleaners to get their tuxedos). Mitchell himself, like many reds, isn't one to shy away from putting down those he perceives as unjust yelling "SHAME!", whether it's trying to get his dad's Colombian wife out of a tragic ticket or berating a young boy trying to steal a love poem to woo girl away from Mitchell's nephew.

Over on Will & Grace, Will's buddy Jack (last seen as the host of gay talk show on New York TV) is always the wise one, even compassionate towards ditzy broad Karen. He also like to mooch from the show's title characters.

Today, gays on television have expanded in numbers and portrayals, from homosexuals to the "LGBTQ" community, and mostly in positive roles. Gays as villains and killers have mostly been confined to movies like Silence of The Lambs and The Crying Game. These days, gays are a powerful force -- they have their own economic communities internationally and can boycott-threat their way into having the Jewsmedia kowtow to them whenever they are portrayed negatively, by lobby groups like American-based GLAAD. Yet despite their proliferation on visual media, gays still aren't happy (big surprise). HBO's Looking revolved around three gay men.

The gay agenda is always pushed.. it's a revelation now as gays come out of closet. You get weak men. Here in Toronto, Black Lives Matter cowed Pride Toronto on whether cops should appear in uniform there and threatened the parade unless their demands were met.They end up exposing their hypocrisy and embarrassing themselves, and making more resentment.

Advice on how to act like like a man would be laughed at in the black community. It's the whites who get suckered into effeminate male clothing and behavior. That's why black partners are male and female virtually exclusively.

In normal relations with men and women, men choose the partners. Women have been taught that homos know how men should dress, act, wear haircuts; they  elevate gays to the status of demi-angels (who in real life treat heterosexual women like sluts). Gays are the last ones to "advise" us in unnatural. Women out them on pedestals, they'll go to homosexual for advice -- what do they need with kids and raising families? We end up with homosexual "oracles", who need to be ignored the way many whites now ignore and distrust the media. And through their moms and girlfriends, queers are advising kids they didn't raise (The Modern Family gays are always out to give their take on love to the kids while the dads are a lovable nut (Phil Dunphy) and an old cranky guy (Jay Pritchett). The end result in real life is not a long-lasting union, because the woman runs the show until one of them loses interest. There's no male drive to stay with a woman for years if she's the boss...and getting advice from a queer who has no use for breeding a new generation.

We don't want any super-creatures ruling us (including Allah)

Much of the "humor" of gay-oriented comedies is centered on chiding straights about their attitudes -- or welcoming those who finally accept them (a recurrent theme on Modern Family is Mitchell's he-man businessman dad coming to terms with his gayness while raising a Latino stepson who loves musicals).

Three's Company, where a young man (the late John Ritter) manages to fool two bumbling landlords into letting him room with two beautiful women by pretending to be gay, opened the dirty door a little more in the late Seventies.  When the AIDS crisis broke in the Eighties, Hollywood was screaming for acceptance of the perversion, from the death of ex-screen idol Rock Hudson to "You can't get AIDS from a drinking glass" to "AIDS is not a bad person's disease". Four episodes of Golden Girls touched on gay and AIDS issues, pushing their fans to "be nice!". Today gays and LGBTers are just like the next door neighbor on almost every sitcom from the fifties onward. One of perverted comedy hit Seinfeld's best known lines is (referring to gays) is "not that there's anything wrong with that!" And on now-syndicated Everybody Live Raymond, mother Marie Barone still believes her heterosexual son Robert is secretly gay and bugs him about it constantly.

Real men are mocked by gays, and men are tricked into trying to be metrosexuals -- the nice, "harmless" and unmanly man dumb women now go for. Macho is out, being "neanderthal"  -- tight jeans and soft voices are in.

The arrogance of gays has pushed its way from late night to prime-time to any time on TV thanks to syndication. No one cares anymore, and now its time for the final frontier -- making every form of human perversion acceptable and even desirable on TV. They flog their righteousness fiercely and alternate it with the kind of victim-hood once reserved for visible minorities. The rainbow flag has become a diversity of flaunting degeneracy, and yes, the only squeak we've heard from "conservatives" is the anger over the cancellation of Tim Allen's Last Man Standing.

It's something to think about next time you settle in for an night of TV with the family -- maybe enough to write to/e-mail the networks. We don't need homosexual advice on human relations.

And oh yeah, white men and women -- start replenishing our dwindling white numbers and don't allow the homosexual agenda to be accepted as normal. We don't need their advice on anything -- not now, not ever.

Islamophobia Will Destroy Us... Racism Will Save Us


The recent elections in France gave the Jewsmedia pundits a reason (sort of)  to sigh in relief over fears that Marine LePen would be France's next leader (chances are she would have fared better if she stopped relying on the women's vote and made amends with her father Jean-Marie. founder of the National Front. The latest news is that she may "revamp" the NF, even giving it a new name and trying to distance it from White French racists.

Around Europe, elections in Austria (Heinz-Christian Strache's FPO) and the Netherlands (homosexual Geert Wilders' Freedom Party) have made international headlines, as nationalists have appeared to make gains, many of them thanks to that nasty little distraction of many "nationalist/alt.right/neo-Nazi" parties: A woman, Frauke Petry, just took over Alternative for Germany (AFD). In France, white woman-promoted hatred of patriarchal Islam rising in a number of Middle Eastern countries has taken the place of any discussion of race and refugees -- and the immigration to many Western European countries who've been letting nonwhites in for years now, as reports of nonwhite crime like rape and robbery and murder start to surface.

All these European nationalists had going for them along with their women was fear of Islam, and hoped that fear and the women who kept churning it, supported by thugs, would propel them to power.  They weren't for white culture or preserving it -- not in Austria, not in the Netherlands and surely not in France.  These "racialists" (the cowardly term for racists) ended up blowing smoke and opinion  among pundits was divided between ridicule and a fear over their respective support in their nations growing. In America we had the shameful spectacle of the "Oath Keepers" siding with "Antifa" and anti-racists in New Orleans.

With the squeaked-in victory last November of Donald Trump (elected by white men) and the higher profile of "nationalist" outfits who are harping away at the rise of Islamic influence and numbers there as their barren women and anti-white traitors rule the roost, there is a crying need to emphasize race in European (and North American) politics as a priority, instead of pushing Western leaders into making more war on Islamic groups, spending more useless billions on unwinnable wars that could go to solve their domestic issues like poverty and job creation. Now, with Macron's victory, Le Pen found out that being "moderate" isn't going to work as France will continue to slide into more crime and chaos. Europe's politicians haven't done a thing for whites. They brought the immigrants there and now watch as Europe goes through maybe its greatest maelstrom since World War II. These camouflage campaigns of nationalism aren't racism, and never will be.

And let's remember that Christians and Muslims both worship the same Old Testament God. Christianity has spawned another sector of those willing to send whites to their deaths in a stupid attempt to re-fight the Crusades. King Richard is dead, people.

We need to stop wasting time on half-measures and realize that's it's our wild white women who are the problem. Feminism won't save the day, as Marine LePen learned to her sorrow (and now is taking steps that may destroy her dad's political party). Race and Nature trump religion. And whites in Europe and here need to stop apologizing and trying to be "populists" and meaningless "alt-righters"... that's where racists have failed: by not being open racists and pussyfooting around with obstacles and distractions like trying to wipe out fundamentalist Muslims and blowing billions on useless wars that kill our own and merely anger them more enough to want revenge.

We don't need to fear any kind of world caliphate about to emerge. We need to remember that and "Whites" who act or say things against race are traitors and agents. We need to stop wasting time with half-assed measures and slogans like "Equal Rights for Whites" (which election-loser David Duke used along with the CSIS-run Heritage Front). These slogans and attitudes are demoralizing and as we dwindle down as a race, we can't engage in this racially-lethal nonsense anymore.

Let's stop using patriarchal Muslims and Islamophobia as a phony excuse and turn to racism --open racism -- as the only way to unite whites in Europe and North America. Whether its' Wilders, Canada's Conservative leader hopeful Kellie Leitch, or whoever wants to waste our time, it's time to show them the door out.  Bigotry against Muslims is a dumb luxury we don't have time for with our numbers -- and race -- are dwindling.

Canadian Conservatism Needs Some Masculinity

One of the biggest beefs of women's libbers revolves in politics around the phrase "Old Boys' Network". a term usually described (in my experience) to describe Republicans and Conservatives.

Here in Canada, Conservatives have tried to be a lot of things since they began. Many still remember their little earthquake when they went they went through the nonsense of cozying up those Preston Manning Reform Party twits, who evolved into the "Canadian Alliance" whose logo looked like a warning from al-Qaeda, and who now dropped the oxymoronic "Progressive" part of their name and are now just Conservatives, what ever the hell that means.

"Conservative" should mean being faithful to tradition and heritage (if you have to get a dictionary to find out its real meaning, go back to Where's Waldo), not just to the pocketbook and being cheapskates. Most of those vying for the leadership of the party this month don't hit the mark, but a few now have a better shot at succeeding Stephen Harper than before. And we need to be more masculine, too, get away from the pinkish feminist policies that mark those in power like Toronto Mayor John  Tory. Let's look at a few of the hopefuls:

Maxime Bernier the top contender as of this writing, can do what his biggest booster Kevin O'Leary can't -- speak French-- but his two-tier health care idea is not what Canadians need: a universal system, with free care and medications to those who really need it, free of charge. Paying for it can come from the oodles we save if we pull our troops out of everywhere they don't belong and the oodles saved by not bringing refugees here across our sieve border.

Kellie Leitch is one of two women competing for the top post. She's praiseworthy of Donald Trump, and believes that Immigrants need to be screened through a Canadian values test and wants the CBC de-funded and dismantled.

Lisa Raitt, the other female Tory leadership candidate, wants immigrants screened for "Anti-Canadian values", supports gun ownership and the repeal of dumb "carbon pricing".

Andrew Scheer is for better immigrant screening and claims to be pro-life, but has no stated policies concerning stopping abortion and abortion clinics.

There is one outstanding thing all the Tory hopefuls share-- they have nothing for helping poor whites, for stopping the drainage and outsourcing of jobs by foreign-dominated Canadian industry, no plans to help the homeless, nothing to stop the growing rate of violent nonwhite crime in Canada. And no plans to pull our troops out of no-win war zones where we have no business being in. Bottom line, nothing showing a lot of that great manly virtue of courage.

Let's face it-- Canada is pretty much a women's nation, with a bloc vote powerful enough to send pretty boy Prince Valiant Justin Trudeau to the PM's office. White men are afraid to be a real conservatives in a liberal/libertine nation like this one with its history of Protestant (Catholic lite) rule. Though a Liberal, Jean Chretien kept us out of Iraq, future PM's put our young men and women in the crosshairs of fundamentalist Islamists.. and kept them there, threatening to add more in places like Mali.

Canada needs to be ruled by real men, real conservatives, not penny-pinching, service-cutting austerity tyrants. It will be awhile before whoever becomes the new Tory leader faces the Liberals at the polls. In the meantime, we need to restore the meaning and practice of real conservatism --not the stupid "progressive" kind, conservative in finances only and loving mercantilism and free trade tyranny and globalism, but respectful of and promoting
the needs of Canadians first and a reverence for our heritage and history. A few of those in the race that's winding down have some good points, but there's always room for improvement.

Let's put some masculinity back in conservatism -- here and abroad.____________________________________________________________

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