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“Everything gas [sic] beauty but not everyone sees it”


—  Confucius


The white man is on the path to entire extinction with the unnatural topsy-turvy model of male-female relationships. No other breed of mankind on this crowded plant elevates their females to such a level hat they get to choose their male companions, resulting in a myriad of marriages and/or single mother with confused and disobedient children from multiple male partners.

The white Western world was a fatherless feminist society with little backing from any religious institutions for the male, until the race-mixed Muslims arrived and shocked their wimpy white neighbors with their anti-feminist religion and male choice participation in the choosing of their female mates. Male-dominated females stay together longer. proven in the entire not-so-stupid increasing Third World populations. Men were meant to rule over the glass-jawed female population as nature intended in the final analysis.

The white race cannot survive the dominant DNA sperm poll of all non-whites; whites were forced to isolate themselves as they have in far-off corners of Fortress Europe, only occasionally invaded by non-whites from the race-mixed northern African Arabs and Middle Eastern Turks to the one-time great Asiatic invasion of the Mongols' Golden Horde. Now the invasions have been traitor regime-approved for the greedy globalists for their planet-wrecking globalist economy operated by the effeminate West, where 80% of all world trade is geared toward spoiled Western women.

The present situation looks even more dire than in colonialist days, since women have obtained the franchise and continually vote in internationalist warmongers and miserly merchants for more non-white immigration and cheap goods from the Orient while white men sit around unemployed in their homelands, supposedly because they don't want to do these jobs at the globalists' low wages, from Bangladesh to Mexico, Females voters just don't seem to care about their heritage or their future and know very little about it.

The white man is saddled with another feminist problem called "love and romance" trying to keep up with their fickle female counterparts, looking for mates, usually  the wrong types: prey boys, brain-empty studs and shysters. With the exception of a few, hardly any of these love stories lasts for more than a few years, leaving all kinds of mentally-scarred children behind who couldn't give a hoot about the love fantasy but only requiring succor and direction from their nettling parents. That's how most of these love stories end, with the matriarchal media pumping out more and more failures and feigned successes that hardly ever correspond to the realities of paying the mortgage and feeding the kids.

The white man can whine all he likes about non-white patriarchal Muslims who never seem to worry over their women's loyalty whether it's an election or jihad. I remember one East Indian  racist cabbie who complimented me on my honest platform for Mayor of Toronto and kept assuring me, before and after the tip, that he would vote for me, "And my wife will vote for you, too!" What trendy white guy from Rosedale or the Beaches could say that, no matter how many romantic vacations he has taken his partner on to cement their bond? It's a lonely existence for the white man, pursuing ethereal romance as his partner sees it. Entire TV sitcoms have been based on that vague premise, starting with  I Love Lucy, then on to later ones like that poor sap of Everybody Loves Raymond, Modern Family, The King of Queens and The Middle; I'm sure you can name a few dozen more.

The whole method of choosing your mates in white countries must change to the smarter non-whites' way, whose populations were increased by race-mixer white traitors with their meddling colonialism for white women's needs. White racists must take a patriarchal approach for their future survival, and all requests for women's rights: Globalist-concocted wars must be rejected, especially in the Muslims "reconquista" of the Third World areas they held prior to European greed bags' occupation and consequent deadly race-mixing under the banner of "diversity."  The fractious race-mixed Muslims will self-implode along ethnic and racial lines because race always trumps religion.

Let us straighten out our own white household, just by removing all of the race traitors from power: That's our main message to our female companions now on a suicidal run with their anti-racist ballots. Let's try persuasion first and forgive them for "they know not what they do."




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