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“Hope is a pleasant acquaintance, but an unsafe friend”


—    Thomas Haliburton



As the comic strip possum Pogo said, "We have met the enemy and they are us"

And that's the gist of the dwindling white civilization quickly going down the drain with globalist and race-mixing policies as epitomized by the S.O.B. Canadian Immigration Minister John McCallum, who wants to being more Chinese here, and this commie/feminist Liberal regime in Canada today. Canada's multicult chaos is by the design of the white race traitors who pushed sneaky nice-sounding phrases like "diversity is our strength" into our vocabulary that even fools like ex-KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke sports on his website and refuses to take down in spite of requests by proven, loyal and steadfast white nationalists. How can Duke run for the US Senate and pretend he's still working for white nationalism while that anti-white, disgraced slogan is still prominent on his site?

White race traitors are our worst and most despicable enemies who should be ashamed of the color of the skin they're in, while condemning our civilization with our enemies' globalist crap that has made every white neighborhood anxious, afraid and hopeless for a future existence, coupled with our loud-mouthed "wild white women" who continually vote against white male wishes and a white society. White nationalists have a enormous task ahead of them, which should not be watered down or deviated from, no matter what the Johnny-come-lately Donald Trump campaign does or says, especially now since The Donald's campaign is in the hands of "cuckservative" [sic] Jews of Breibart, who are playing around with anti-Semitism, but are against racism. How's that going to save the white race? Trump's campaign Jews have a white racist tiger by the tail that they think they can mould and control, like the old reactionary neo-con war "cuckservatives" [sic] who the enrolled white countries' military forces as mercenaries whose continuous wars brought millions of nonwhites to our white homelands over the last two generations and made white people strangers in their own lands with unnatural multiculturalism. Multicult benefits only the international merchants and the rich elites with cheap labor and lower and strange living standards also brought here by nonwhite low wage-earners. The strain on our taxes is stupendous, especially in health care and other amenities that we could enjoy if refugee and war costs, and foreign aid were not involved in the budgets.

White attacks and confrontations with nonwhites make the controlled media stories and scares some nonwhite immigrants from some areas of your homeland for a while, temporarily, but the multicult continues with a depressed and almost barren white population disappearing in every former all-white homeland that does not exist -- except perhaps, in Iceland. All this chaos and unhappiness must be immediately laid at the feet of anti-white racist bastards and bitches who are against their own racial history, identity and integrity, not at the feet of the rapacious refugees and new nonwhite immigrants of the John McCallum-type traitors who move the levers of their Wizards of Oz's curtains. These traitors cannot be forgiven or forgotten, and must be removed from office and public advocacy discourse wherever they are, cutting a ribbon or greeting new nonwhite arrivals. These are the enemies of the white people, smiling pretty-boy jerks like Prime Minister Justin "Turdeau"[sp] with the blood of the jihadist-beheaded John Ridsdell and Robert Hall on his hands, and he should be jeered wherever he appears; the media pundits and reporters should be condemned with vitriol for every story they run on these white race traitors that is without condemnation of their anti-white policies. Hatred and ridicule are all that these white race traitors deserve. Show them some of your approbation of their evil ways with even more hatred than they have heaped on you over the last fifty years. Show them no quarter or understanding to their destructive, degenerate policies, ways and agendas that these dogs are actually proud of. Show them the wrath of the white man for their depredations and expel them from the body politic at every turn and opportunity, until the white culture-wreckers are beside themselves with anger and frustration, like the media reporters at Trump rallies whose aroused racist sentiments will last well beyond any possible Trump presidency that will divide the globalist Freemason-concocted race-mixers' union, as nature intended. Our racist ideas are sound, and comply with nature's rules that developed so many ethnicities, languages, cultures and nations well before the now "Jew-nited" [sic] States of America existed.

With common sense, good will and fair play, we can do it.

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