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“One lives in the hope of becoming a memory”


—  Antonio Porchia


There's a lot of sympathy now for Westerners getting their heads chopped off in foreign lands, but when you think of it, you can see that most foreign travelers don't do any good for the white race.

Let's start with the journalists of the infamous race-mixing media. They put their noses everywhere, not our of personal interest or even public interest, but the controlled communication media's interest of the elites. Reporters are sent on assignments; they're not on good will missions for public information, but to keep globalist regimes' foreign policies propped up. One month, it's the Kurds, another month, it's the Syrians and before that the Libyans and the Kosovars. Now it's the Ukrainians, any good reason to propagandize the public for military interventions or new economic cold wars that the globalist merchants are fighting over. Occasionally situations erupt beyond their control, like Boko Haram and a male-oriented Islamic State, and a Gaza war that really gets their puppet leaders a-dither.

Something like a no usury Islamic state spreading its sharia influence would cause many to jump out windows, like in the 1930's. Then, there was the disastrous 50-day Israeli giant pummeling little David Gaza, which didn't exactly make the chosen Jews look very loving to say the least. On top of that, vast areas of potential natural resources becoming out of reach in Boko Haram territory could hurt their pocketbooks further. Foreign reporters are the willing stooges to whip public sentiment into a bellicose interventionist mood, costing all of us through the public purse and the consequent Third World immigrant crime by the losers and lackeys of those missions.

Oh yeah, don't tell me all reporters aren't spies or wannabes for any intelligence agency that will have them for a stipend or a pension or a 'good word' somewhere. All reporters, foreign and domestic, are anti-white racists publicly, whatever their private bigotries are. Get your throat cut or blown up by a drone — it all takes a few agonizing seconds. Throats have been cut as a way of execution, even by Catholics. Let the Pope condemn the special instrument tied to your wrist and the Catholic Croats, who call it the "Serb cutter" that sent thousands of Orthodox worshipers of the same Bible God agonizing into the next dimension in World War II before he criticizes Sunni ISIS members cutting Shi'ite schismatics' throats.

White foreign aid workers need to be condemned too, they're the ones who go there and dig wells, administer vaccines and "Feed the deer" over-populating the planet in naturally unsustainable areas for human habitation. Nature had it right, but do-gooder know-it-all white men and women are going to do it better. That's why all the nonwhites are over here — these white bastards bred them and fed them over there on your tax dollars.

Every time I hear the bigoted jokes and Muslim fear I think of the complaining cowards not putting their noses to the anti-racist white traitors' noses and tell them 'what-fer.' I can't help but grimace when I'm asked at the cash register. "Air Miles?" It makes me think of those cheapskate, austerity anti-gravy train, privatizing, anti-union greedbag [sic] tourists and Ford Nation-style bigoted cowards; they love to exploit the natives but are big on the talk shows. They don't care about the white race; they moved out of Toronto, or are hiding in a still-white Toronto neighborhood. Tourists lavishly blow their money foreigners [sic] while being cheapskates at home.

None of the above three categories of white people are helpful to the white nationalist cause. However, all have influence on the public's view — an ideology worth believers in, which has as much common sense as natural racism (where your skin color is already your uniform, and only needs true believers for a racist state to be established). Religious fanatics have known that when the Muslim way is bamboozled by Western morays, then you can still establish a state based on a man-made religious book. God and/or Nature made races to survive — therefore racism trumps religion, even when the people have been led astray by unbelievers.



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