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 “Victory belongs to the most persevering”


—   Napoleon Bonaparte 


A massive make turnout for the white race is required for Donald Trump to become President of the United States. The battle lines have been drawn: On one side we see the ugly faces of globalism, chaotic multicultists and their feminist whore-house and racemixers'[sp] media, with the ruling Establishment's resources trying to put out a white revolt at their rigged polls in the United States for who's going to be president — sick hag Hillary Android Clinton or billionaire populist upstart American-as-apple-pie Donald Trump.

The enemies of white racial identity and integrity in North America pulled out all the stops (short of assassination) to get rid of the white people's choice, American nationalist Donald Trump, who is holding daily rallies of tens of thousands. Everywhere, he speaks to resounding cheers — except the sneaky Establishment's mainstream media. November 8th will be the white people's roll call to stand up for their dwindling society and multiculturalized civilization rapidly going down the drain in numbers and in ordinary white man's influence. The white race in North America has blacks, Latinos, Orientals, Jews and their own mostly-old white women in the ranks of the enemy, spitting at themselves while "jigabooing" to old black records with their little dogs. It's just disgusting, all the old white guts I see alone in the coffee shops while the bitches are voting for Hillary. We've got to bring them back, by hook or by crook, gentle persuasion, or plead if you have to — but don't let our white women (age 48-plus) betray their race and civilization, without an argument or a lecture. Didn't they do that to their kids and made them swallow this globalist multiculturalism gobbledygook, high crime, no jobs, lots of poverty and war? That's what these ex-old hippies (baby boomers) and their spoiled brat Gen-X brats brought in with all the bloody liberal and cuckservative[sp] regimes that these dummies voted for. Make an effort, like Donald Trump says: November 8 will be a tuning point in history, whether there will be a potential eight-year white society renaissance through protectionism and populism, or a continuing destructive dive into the dustbin of history through deadly diversity and globalism.

The Establishment knows they're in trouble. Your daily vitriol hits them hard; they know they're hated. That's why their propaganda arm, the media, is hitting Trump so hard, while at the same time undermining their credibility because of the obvious bias — something any white racist with justice who has common sense, good will and fair play knows. Today's white women have it better now than in any time in history, of any people or race. Unfortunately, many are naive: they never think of history or the future, just an immediate hedonistic "now" that the Hollywood perverts are ready to provide.. White women are a minority in the world (and don't forget, the Muslims are coming) and more and more are finding out that the multicult society is not so nice with prowling rapists and white bureaucracy to with. It's time to give our women a shake to the realities of life and help to elect Donald Trump president, just to put a stick in the eye of the elite, if nothing else, for the ordinary people. The natural order of racemixed[sp] societies is disintegration along ethnic, racial and regional lines. The United States could have an eight-year respite from globalist poverty and change the course of their history and last a couple of hundred years. Or the whites could start the Second American Revolution on November 9, if Donald Trump loses.

What's it going to be? Are you going to "talk" to your mother-in-law and remind her of the old Hindu proverb:
"Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding and out of that, all troubles."



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