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Donald Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place. The media has recognized that white nationalists are supporting his presidential candidacy in a general way. “White Power” is being shouted Donald Trump rallies: Everyone knows what that means. Everyone knows that white racists are his bedrock supporters. As long as Trump keeps hammering away against the non-white invasion of the United States, especially through the Mexican border — that's Donald Trump's main appeal, including his isolationist economic policies and his vow to make the country great again by bringing jobs back to America from the globalists' Third World cheap labor factory countries. How could he reject our white racist support?

Donald Trump is still a wild-eyed war Zionist who claims he supports Israel 1,000% — an aberration for an America-First wannabe president; he plans to attends a pro-Zionist rally against the Iran nuke deal organized by Ted Cruz this weekend — as if that will get him the unnecessary minuscule Jew]ish] vote. Tell Trump not to attend it. Or, stop their anti-racist anti-white criticism of his strongest supporters, as if that will stop the criticism from the media. Trump is walking a tightrope right now. If he does reject the white man's vote, he's finished, as he will appear to be a two-faced liar, falling in line with other political hypocrites into a meaningless abyss.

When you look at the handsome faces at the Trump rallies, you quickly  realize this white man's movement, with a lot of intelligent white women in it too who are not dissuaded by The Donald's supposed misogyny against media bimbos and pundits. Endorsements by mild-mannered racialists like David Duke won't hurt The Donald today, as the racist cat is out of the bag. However, his wild warmongering statements. especially against Israel's enemies, won't help his cause and popularity to grow among the smarter non-interventionist white racists who know that every time you go to non-white countries, you end up bringing them back here — both very costly to the white tax payer's pocketbook. This is why all white nationalists should not be idolizing The Donald until he stops the costly foreign wars and concentrates tax dollars on America's poor and its infrastructure if he wants to wear the populist label. The Donald needs continuing advice from white racist advice supporters to counter his reactionary Seinfeld-Jew advisors. Otherwise, he won't be able to grow among the weary but numerous anti-war white voters at Bernie Sanders' rallies who know that their dalliance with the Sanders presidential campaign is nothing more than a "Weekend at Bernie's" — a dead end.

Hillary Clinton, the probable Democratic Party nominee, is the epitome of ugly anti-male feminism that many “natural” women reject. The Clintons' dirty record of wars and scandal certainly won't help her to victory, relying only on politically-aware blacks and Hispanics whose greedy votes The Donald can buy with his billionaire's promises. The more you watch and listen to Hillary's boring scripted talk, the less you like her, unlike The Donald, whose candor and off-the-cuff comments are highly entertaining and debate-inspiring. I particularly liked the way that he imitated an Oriental trade negotiator who barges into a room, squinty-eyed, "I want to make a deal!" Fu Manchu style. When could you ever get a commie feminist giving us a mocking show like that? Donald Trump says he's not politically correct, so he can't follow suit in the steps of his opponents by rejecting white nationalists and "white lives matter" supporters.

It's going to be a long campaign between now and November 2016, but the word is out. Racially-conscious whites are for Trump, as long as he stays the course on immigration and political correctness. All he has to do is get 66% of the white American vote or less with greedy non-white supporters and he's president. The only thing that can stop him now is an assassination, and don't think his Establishment weren't thinking of that.

Tell the Donald: Stay the course and stop the Zionist warmongering.



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