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“Society is like salt water — good to swim in but hard to swallow” 


—  Arthur Stringer

Hockey has become politicized. White Canadian males in hockey are hiding behind the hockey game like white American males do behind football to avoid the glaring fact of their racial and cultural demise. Canadian hockey fans also ignore the dwindling demographics. This is because they have been hammered into the status of a no-identity people, which of course gives them no integrity and respect in any race-mixed society that prides itself on African, Asian or South American origins. Aside from wearing rainbow "queers'" colors, white Canadians have no standards to follow and very few standard bearers, if there were any. Phrases like "white community standards and services" happily shock most listeners with frightened approval of the whole idea.

White Canadians wear hockey jerseys to slow their traditional European Canadianism to include the old French Canadian and English Canadian (Toronto versus Montreal) rivalry, with a few Yanks thrown in to see if they can play our game; that's still the old mindset of the National Hockey League — which was not thought of as an international one because only our close neighbors were allowed to play in it.

Most hockey fans have their heads in the sand, publicly speaking, even though they are seething privately over their neighbors and neighborhood changes in Canada: once, 98% white Anglo-Saxon Toronto "the Good" with a few Mediterraneans and East Europeans, only three generations ago — in living memory — is now only 49% Caucasian and have become known for black gang and crime activity, aided by Jamaican patois-speaking crack-mayor Rob Ford. Race-mixers and globalists are big on using brad and circuses —hockey — to distract the public from their nefarious activities undermining the very essence of the community. Elitist Rob Ford often sports the corporate symbol of Toronto's "choke team" — the Maple Leafs: You must figure that when a high-priced team loses eight games in a row and is now our of the playoffs, that alone purposely blinds idiots who will go on and on about their importance as Toronto plummets to the status of a Third World — even the non-white immigrants don't want that.

Whenever I point out to them that I'm running for mayor to maintain the white community standards and services that they came here for, I can't forget the Bengali cab driver who wanted a 'selfie' with a white racist candidate that I posed for twice, and his unsolicited enthusiasm and his pledge to work for me, on top of promising his wife's vote, his respectful attitude toward my political position showed his manly admission that we are all racists, is something Canadian hockey fans should remember.

There's more to life than children's games, even with big people with fancy uniforms are playing them. You can't hide forever behind sports regalia, and yesterdays game scores, as if they mean something. It's time for white Canadian hockey fans to grow up and smell their neighborhood and see what's going on. The anti-white ruling classes' circuses must be utilized for white patriotism as soccer matches are in other countries. Let's put some white nationalist politics into the game, instead of being used as stooges, while you go extinct by a planned conspiracy of traitorous white self-loathers.

Stop being used. Participate in politics. 




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