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“A candidate is a person who stands for what he thinks the public will fall for”


—   Al Boliska

One thing is for sure — all the soft-core bigot "cuckold" conservatives have failed the white race miserably, dwindling it to near-extinction in many parts of the white world. The William Buckleys, Bill O'Reillys, Rush Limbaughs and yes, even the David Dukes, modernized bigotry with their whining and intellectual arguments, failing the white race. Most of these '"cuckservatives" that the media goes to for controlled commentary are money-hungry SOB's. They mark their success with their donations from like-minded cowardly conservatives and bigots who wouldn't say boo if their bosses and/or women complained.

The white race is at a crossroads of whether they're going to buy in again to the hedonist merchants' and narcissist libertarians' view of life — to have stuff and pleasure. They remind me of big kids playing war. There's a lot of useless bang-bang going on, but little of it is hitting its mark or hurting the sneering anti-racist politicians and the pervert media. Let's admit it — the Old Right is no "ISIS," the only armed group fighting the New World Order's globalism. These guys are going strictly by the book —The Koran — which includes sex slaves, concubines and four wives; it's the antithesis of today's barren white women's world, with a population of only six million under their control and little provinces in all parts of the Muslim world. from the Philippines to the Sahara. They've got the globalists now pulling out their carpet bombers and B-52s to stifle their spread.  The Old Right is from the phrase 'right wing' — which  I hesitate to use, since it's the media's term from the days of the evil French Revolution, when the privileged and the clergy sat on the right and the representatives of the poor sat on the left with the Freemason merchants in the middle — how convenient. White racists have no social strata, especially with how much stuff you own. So, these phrases should never be used in white racists' conversations, because they divide us all along economic lines, which means nothing if you're not a racist. When anyone who comes on that way, I can only think they've been compromised in a part of conspiracy to waylay the movement to stupid directions useful to our enemies. I was accused of that once by bespectacled Limey immigrant blogger Jeff Goodall, the first quitter and conspiracy attempter (the Edgewater Hotel conspiracy) to divide the Edmund Burke Society, the predecessor of all anti-communist and white nationalist groups in Toronto; I was one of its three founders, along with two teachers, Paul Fromm and Leigh Smith. Fromm carried on the soft-"cuckold" version of white nationalism politics when the Western Guard was formed; he started the magazine Countdown (to the end of Western Civilization); and Leigh Smith, ashamed with our aggressive success, ran away and hid.

As a consequence of our success and philosophical adoption of common sense, good will and fair play racism for all, the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) set up their own mirror organization, the Heritage Front, with the aid of  a German, Wolfgang Droege (whom I recruited at a bar) and paid spy Grant Bristow. They also peddled the soft "racialist" version of white nationalism. as they would prefer to label it. Their wimpy slogan was "Equal Rights for Whites" a slogan that suggested that it wasn't a white society anymore, and we have to plead for our rights. A lot of these phony front groups and individuals are not alone using unnecessary crude vitriol against the 'hajis' and/or Jews, like the new kid on the block, Andrew Anglin's all-of-a-sudden popular site Daily Stormer. You know them, because they lack common sense, good will and fair play in dealing with others and our enemies — who would call people "hajis" except some grunts connected to globalist military mercenaries, killing, bombing and torturing people across the planet Then these same morons ask, "Why do they hate us?" The other ugly part of these excuse-makers and whiners is over other people's racism: "I'm not a racist!" is their disingenuous bleat. Will you stop it, please — you're embarrassing us all with your obfuscating contortions.

I watched Bill O'Reilly the other night; his advice for a race-mixed America to get along was for everyone to try to achieve the most they can. He thinks that everyone who came to North America is a snooty "greed bag." Some were brought here in chains, and some were chained by the Spanish "greed bag" Conquistadors, and both still chafe under it from their histories. The best things that modern racists can do is to carve out future homelands in North America or Constitutional Racist State provinces like "ISIS" — ethnically-cleansed areas where only white men do all the labor, high and low, and leave the rest to the non-whites. Even if Donald Trump wins, it'll be just a temporary relief for a race-mixed state. But at least white Americans now see themselves as a racial identity denied to them by the scumbag media — unless of course, they were pillorying us. Billionaire Donald Trump has opened the censored gates of political correctness. much to the media's chagrin. Let's make sure we do the same. I've never had a problem with any non-white person who knows who I am and what I stand for. I pointed out that I respected him, if they respected me. Only the hypocrites kept quiet, while others shook my hand. I don't want to hear any more anti-racism from anyone purporting to speak for white nationalism, unless you're an agent, and I will know you by your utterances.

That's modern racism. Straight talk works.



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