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Monday, February 27th is my birthday, not April 20 as some dillettantes [sp] at Wikipedia posted. They didn't know my actual birthdate, so they just put down April 20th — what every Neo-Nazi would probably like (Adolf Hitler's birthday) True I was born during the German occupation of Yugoslavia in 1962 and left behind to be taken care of by various little old ladies running private orphanages; for the next ten years, I didn't know what my birthday was until I was reunited with my mother in 1952 with the aid of the Red Cross, who dragged me kicking and screaming over here, to get on a plane to be transformed into a Slav/Mediterranean "Andrews" after my mother became a war bride to a captain in the Canadian Army after the war, since she was taken to Germany with her sister to work in their factories and hospitals. This is why I feel I have a destiny to comment politically on a country that fate brought me to, from a Zlomislic to a front-of-the-line Andrews — the most trusted name in North America. That's why the three Jewess singers changed their name after a survey to the Andrews Sisters. I could have had a quiet bureaucrat health inspector's suburban life, but necessary politics got in the way. First, the anti-communist Edmund Burke Society, then white racial identity — the Western Guard/Western Guard Party and the Nationalist Party — all which made my notoriety for a missing old world and time-proven racial identity ideology. My early organizations members and supporters, had high hopes of changing the commie Canadian political trend of the 1970s. But the police and the media were more powerful, along with their white race traitors. They brought in globalist Jew censor laws and jailed my friend Bob Smith and myself for writing against the fake news benefits of multiculturalism and are continuing to this day this madman's multiculturalism.

After fifty years of persistent political activity we're achieved a lot, starting with the discrediting of our sworn enemies: the globalist Jews' mainstream media. Our ideological enemies are in disarray, with no hippie "cumbaya" songs to soothe the revealed reacial [sp] realities. Even young white whores are afraid to go with the Black Lives Matter guys for one fear or another. I love to see the media pundits trying to defend their rotten commie positions. Even a Jane Fonda rear end won't help, or a man of the cloth. There's another bunch of Christian characters always against us white nationalists, trying to explain away nonwhite crime and the dangers of racemixing [sp]). These Roman-collared are only good for public occasions, judging by their empty churches; no one is praying there for diversity.

Then you have the police and all their dirty, spy institutions. Nowadays it's not just minorities and blacks who generally fear and hate them; whites are worried that they're not doing their job, with all the nonwhite crime predominant in major cities. especially shootings. With the advent of Forensic Files and other such investigative programs, people want more from their cops when young women go missing and end up in some half-breed gang's sex-slave ring chained up in a whorehouse. These certainly aren't the Ozzie and Harriet 1950s' all-white world days.

And what about the Jews? They were riding high on victimhood until their Gaza phosphorous fire-war — then people saw their other face. Since then, it's all been downhill in their public moral standing, and all the Seinfeld episodes didn't help, so much so that even its Jew[ish] producers put its stars in jail for a year at the end of the series for not helping their fellow man, what you call a shot in the foot. White soicety's [sp] traditions and morays have gone to hell in a hand basket, in two fatherless-family generations. Oh sure, on occasion, the old man would have been around, over the woman and the kids were raised as neo-criminals (Generation X) and men-wimp millennials. There isn't a man among them, starting with Justin Bieber. That's why feminism failed. They can't produce men, only big babies. Check them out, up to fifteen years old, at the gaming sites.

All our enemies are discredited, dying off and in disarray. So who says I'm not a success? I've eaten for 75 yaers [sp] and I haven't been eaten — and that's an accomplishment. As for the world, the one New World Order globalists have a primitive enemy worshipping an invisible, unreadable leader. Fundamentalist Islamists are trying to set up little areas of control in remote parts of the world. They're doing well in Syria and the Sinai and the Taliban hasn't been able to kick them out of Afghanistan; now they've spread their suicide bombings to Afghanistan, and South Sahara (Sahel), They are the jihad territories of various groups. Tell Justin Trudeau not to send Canadian forces to that head-chopping region; he doesn't need more souls to answer for after he allowed John Ridsdell and Robert Hall to be decapitated for a few dollars more and for his posturing. How does he sleep at night? Or show any gusto towards his wife with that on his conscience— he's an immoral Generation X-er, too.

The white peoples' flag (the Donald Trump administration) is doing as well as expected, when you stop to think of what his enemies feel he reprsents [sp] — white nationalism. Sure, he's got a lot of Jews around him. They can play nationalist, too, like in the Dreyfuss affair. That's the only thing that will save them. Hopefully, some will learn, before ugly anti-Semitism spreads again. Globalism is deadly to the DNA-recessive woman-centered white race. It's a recipe for extinction and when the whites are gone, I don't think the Jews will want to be around; remember, when economic times are tough, people don't like the rich and cultish.

The future is natural racial identity politics, and white people have awoken to their identity, whether they admit it or not. Now you have to look around and see where and how you're going to carve out your territory, starting in your nighborhood(s) [sp], what's viable and what isn't to make it homogenous. That's how new nations start, and there'll be many in race-mixed America and in the European Union's feigned unity.

Carry on.




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RELUCTANT WARRIOR by Michael Hodgins (paperback, Ivy Books,308 pages) A US Marine troop leader tells his tale of Vietnam and the bloody battles with the Viet Cong.

THE CHINESE MAFIA by Fenton Bresler (Stein and Day, 218 pages) You can't get more nasty.



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