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“We build statues out of snow, and weep to see them melt ”


—   Walter Scott



Something just doesn't smell right: like the old saying "Something's rotten in Denmark" — not just their cheese. One side in the Orwellian 'war on terror' is very eager  to wipe out the leading of the other side in specific assassinations with missiles, drones and raids and more assassinations. Yet the other side, which is quite willing to accept civilian casualties with their most potent weapon, the suicide bomber, never goes after the war leaders of the assassins' side. Every day we hear of the American drones blowing up the al-Qaeda leader, Taliban operative or al-Shabaab head, the war party leaders in America spout in public places and venues fearlessly. Don't bother telling me that their security is so high: It only takes a couple of suicide bombers to destroy the first line of any security or checkpoint, then their fighters rush in, perhaps with more suicide bombers until they reach their target. That's been the Jihadist modus operandi  for years now other than successful attacks against the gates of the most secure prisons, army bases and buildings. However, for some conspiracy-based reason, these attacks never happen, giving credence to the conspiracy theorists that this whole war on fundamentalist Muslims is a sham. Some even say that ISIS was created by the Mossad and the CIA to further the aims of the constant war New World Order advocates to install police states to facilitate that goal. You know women will always vote for security (it's one of their middle names--the other is vanity).

The capitalist media will be the propaganda tool to usher in the nanny state and every major political party — if they know what's good for them — will go along with "interventionalism, including libertarian individualists" like Ron and Rand Paul: one day, one of them is for war, next day, the other one is against it, then they're both for it, if they want to get media airtime. If you don't believe in the conspiracy theory of CIA/Mossad-created ISIS, then you'd have to believe that jihadists are very naive and incapable of sending suicide bombers to Europe and America, with porous borders all around, or that sleeper cells have sleeping sickness once they taste the fruits of white Western society, as good as Allah's paradise. There is a Third World option which suggests that the jihadists are only interested in the local Muslim territory they are fighting their jihad in. They're so honest and true-blue, posing with their Kalishnikovs on YouTube, that they wouldn't think of "playing dirty" and try to get rid of the public warmongers and torturers in their enemies' homelands. War criminal Dick Cheney certainly isn't concerned: he said he'd torture other jihadists again in a minute. But these Islamists are only concerned with Kobani and Mosul.

It's not just the Middle East jihadists, but other hard-pressed mujahideen in heavily-conflicted countries like Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Sinai, and even those 'crazy' Boko Haram enslavers. We all know how Nigerians emigrate to Western countries so easily, and the many fraudsters coming from that land. Perhaps there's a fourth reason why these nonwhite jihadists have not attacked their former colonialist masters in their homelands, leaving it to the disorganized efforts of local Muslim converts to go postal, like in Canada. The nonwhite Muslims are still awed by the globalist white leaders: the enormity of such a crime against the descendants of their former masters, is just too scary and intimidating for them.

One thing is for sure: the warmongers are not listening to their own peaceful population; instead they're coming up with new bogeymen and scares based upon instantaneous acts of illogical people bent on entering the paradise of their new religion. I haven't seen one organized attack on any government facility establishment or personality by any foreign jihadist since the 9/11 conspiracy — very peculiar. The same goes for those who witnessed the capitulation of the Sony Corporation to mere Internet hackers revealing their personal secrets and closing down the debut of the movie The Interview on Christmas Day, showing their cowardice to the North Korean communists. They would never have done it had it been an ISIS threat to bomb theatres. What do they care — the war elites there aren't going to be there. It would be good for war publicity if ISIS did attack. That's the scapegoat they use to deny us our freedoms and to pulverize ungoverned spaces.

If jihadists are real, not just a temporary phenomenon, but people wanting to live a more primitive life there, that's fine for white nationalists — wars upon their internationalist New World Order types who are the antithesis to white racist homelands. White racists are opposed to foreign wars and internationalists which bring nonwhite immigrants and crime here with each successive mercenary foreign mission.

They'd better hope that karma doesn't come upon them; Nature loves a balance.



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