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“Laws go where dollars please”


—  Portuguese proverb

I'm not out to convince you that all white racist reaction to the imposed anti-racist regime's persecution is history that will dazzle and inform the citizens of future constitutional racist republics that will develop across North America as it splits up. Of course there will be race-mixed cities and states where elite whites will still enslave nonwhites, like the race-mixed Tuaregs of North Africa and the black and Hispanic 'La Raza' territories, too. Racists today are setting the stage for that inevitable dawn when nature, common sense and necessity will be required for all colors and ethnicities; nature will out and new ethnic groups will evolve, as it always has been.

White racists in particularly don't need to heed the hedonistic, mesmerized public opinion that is hell-bent to bow and scrape to other races' racists while denying their own identity and integrity. Self-loathers' leanings don't matter when the rest of the ruling establishment is out to get you, especially the regime's cops. teachers, clergy and media, so there's no sane reason to pander to any of them.

Jihadists get lots of Western recruits, even though all of the public and the System is against them — and they're only a religion. Race trumps religion any day, as history hows, so let's start acting like it instead of pandering to our critics on the natural cull-state.

The first step for racist survivalists is to stop apologizing for the term 'racist' or ever use it as a pejorative in attacking nonwhites; we want them to be racist and stay in their own countries. It's the greedy who call themselves conservatives who bring nonwhites to white lands as cheap, malleable, used-to-tyranny kowtowing labor. This hedonistic mercantile of the last 500 years which has overpopulated and pollute the planet while impoverishing millions of less greedy whites in their homelands. The last thing whites need is to be pilloried by other racists by appealing to the dumb public morality and political correctness. The public is there for our needs, which far outweigh snooty commie feminist rules and opinions. The recent case of Glenn Miller, who went on a frustrated rampage at two Jewish centers, killing one person and hurting three Christians. Sorry about the dead, but — "wrong place at the wrong time" — when there is a cold white race civil war that can heat up at any time, especially when there is no compromise, dialogue or respect for the most natural ideology, racism and its adherents, what can you expect?

However fearful, criticism from a few 'racialist' organizations like the Stormfront sandbox, who had the nerve to whine that Glenn Miller set the white race movement back, is stupid. Miller is not the first, nor will he be the last to "lose it" on an unnatural anti-racist society and take vengeance. What did Christians ever do for white racists when the white race went down? If you can't say you're a racist, then you're not important at this time when all good men should come to the aid of their race: everything else is a distraction.

All white racists should have common sense, good will and fair play. Today's racism is the ideology that we are developing. Like the early Christian church under Imperial Rome's persecution — which brought down that empire — we too will be supreme, one day soon.




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