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“Happiness? That's nothing more than health and poor memory”


—   Albert Schweitzer



It sickens me to read our crime page. It's so full of callous peoples' petty-pleasure murder stories. I know my history and I can tell you that there has never been such violent mayhem on the part of hedonists in the pirate ports of the past. Most of these horrendous crimes are committed for sex or money to buy more hedonism in a disoriented 'official' multicult culture that permeates and affects every nook and cranny of human habitation no matter how isolated or homogeneous.

A multicult society is a criminal society because everyone is out of the watchful eye of their original ethnicity's rule or morality of their origins, from Somalis to Limeys. Everyone can act out their inner dark side with no familiar family members of the group's condemnation; everyone is an individual, preferring to hide their backgrounds for fear of being typecast or being beholding to their own group's morality. It's like Mary Tyler Moore left home to pick up guys, not the other old-fashioned way that her Anglo roots required. This sexual libertine agenda was pushed by "the Jews'" entertainment media that appeals mostly to youth, while denigrating the socially-rigid parents, especially the fathers.

Without any moral compass to go forward. three generations of lost-soul rebels without a proud past or present identity, all kinds of whites have gone nuts in a race-mixed multicult society where you aren't noticed raised by heritage; it's easy to become an asshole or a murderers. There are so many evil serial killers running around in this open-state borders dysfunctional United States, arrogantly doing their butchery because they know that even if caught they will still live. if they confess or agree to take cops to the shallow graves of their tortured victims. This has to stop.

An example has to be made of these monsters — sending them to the next dimension with a quick execution is the real satisfaction that a stressed society and its victims require; spending endless years in prison with three guaranteed meals a day, healthy care, visits, mail, and occasional entertainment is way too good for these killers who have committed the unspeakable upon the innocent, often women and children; ridiculous medieval sentences for perverts to hang around our society is destructive to the public psyche who haven't gotten their due, even if their victims want them to live.

Of course some mistakes will be made an innocent man will be sent to the gallows. However the fear-factor of execution towards the murderous male factors is much more important to being gravity to the situation. Murder is not a publicity stunt, like Luka Magnotta, or any serial killer taunting the police for the media attention that all these evil dogs secretly desire. Just listen to their matter-of fact boastful confessions of absolute evil — don't tell me they don't deserve a bullet to the back of the head. There is so much torture and killing going on movies and TV screens — never mind the real crime stuff that people have been desensitized to by all the violence I never heard any of those modern Mary Tyler Whores complain about it until the patriarchal jihadists started chopping off heads and whipping women. Now we're supposed to be outraged for war crimes way over there while criminals' disappeared women are being raped and murdered all over Canada, instead of worrying about the Islamic State of Iraq and the Shem.

Why not make North Americans more happy and secure by concentrating on the killers and rapists among us, instead of molly-coddling with life and fame, giving them the wrong impression to future murderers? I say that Canada and certain American states should being back the rope. For the rest, hang them high, now. Frightened society can't wait.



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News item: Terrorist group, ISIS, wants to ban "unauthorized" use of beheading images.



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