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“Wealth is the slave of the wise man, and the master of a fool”


—   Seneca



Putin's puppets are either naďve fools or obfuscating conspirators. This latest Russian dictator was put in by Jew[ish] oligarchs who put on Armani suits after dropping their "comrade" bullshit when Marxism failed or imploded, in the brutal Soviet Empire. Vladimir Putin was responsible for spying on and jailing and torturing anti-communists from his KGB office in East Germany until the globalists tapped him for their new czar/front man, bare chest, et al. Putin is not a man of the people, and from the people; his leadership was put on the people by Russian commies' new billionaires who made him reportedly the third-richest man in the world along with his little Jew[ish] patsy Dimitri Medvedev as president. To see them working together is like watching the two homosexual of Modern Family. He doesn't have any of his own kids, either, or girlfriends or wives than anyone could properly pin down.

Unfortunately, all kinds of conspiracy and lukewarm "racialist" sites are lauding Putin's persona and activities in the Orwellian "war on terror." I don't recall any such designations during the 1960s and 1970s, when passenger jets were routinely hijacked to red regimes like Cuba, Algeria and Syria — probably because they were all in the pro-commie New World Order that the Establishment was, and is, secretly planning for the planet to be run by Freemasons and other cults and secret societies for a "Jew mercantile-run" world. That's why they're all in unison against the anti-globalist new kid on the block — the territory-holding Islamic State.

Putin won't save us, like conspiracy site Infowars, libertarians and every pro-diversity and human rights/David Duke supporters, particularly in the war in the red dictator's colonial construct Syria. We all know that Islamic terrorism is a sham In non-Muslim countries when the leaders of Western states, including the red Pope are never hugged by a suicide bomber (like Rajiv Gandhi was by a Tamil woman). There are lots of suicide bombers available, but they all seem to be on the front lines of wars in traditional Muslim countries to liberate them from greedy Western Jew merchants' control after centuries of their colonialism. Don't tell me that Western leaders' high security prevents the assassins and bombers, when an incident even close to a politician's public venue would scare the beejesus out of them and ruin any tour or political rally immediately. What are we to believe — that suicide bombers are too nice to strike the leaders of those who are bombing them? Not bloody likely.

Putin is just another tool of the New World Order manipulators with his Syrian adventure, which won't end up any different than the Soviets' or NATO's did in Afghanistan with the resilient and resurgent Taliban there. Of course Putin wants to rebuild the Soviet Union, which was never properly torn apart or justice dispensed to the commie killers in any Soviet satellite state — yet.

Putin's troubles in the Ukraine are racial: Russian-speakers versus Ukrainian women shoppers who want to open up the country to refugees. The Ukraine (translated as "the frontier") has always had big borders, definitely not set in stone. How can there be another new phony cold war when globalist Jews are running both sides of East and West? All of this military posturing is similar to that of the military-industrial complex's baloney to keep their tax funding and civilian fears as their necessary saviors, while no one in the West ever tried to liberate any Soviet captive nations with CIA-armed rebels. Even the Bay of Pigs fiasco against Castro was staged for a failure, to get rid of 1,200 pesky anti-communist fighters who were scaring the commie globalists' Cuban dictator, ninety miles from Florida. Castro got a big victory from that setup and tons of medical supplies, etc., in exchange for the prisoners upon their release two years later.

I understand people looking for powerful saviors, whether it's Donald Trump or some foreign potentate like Putin. But, let's not get stupid: nothing happens from the top, at least that can be trusted when it's imposed — like Putin, who was put in by globalist oligarchs who mean no good for the white race, whatever their bigot utterances are. Real change comes from the people, and a leader, from their ranks, unsullied by big bank connections and personal greed and ego.

With 100,000 Chechen lives on his bloody hands, Putin is a phony and a failure, however many jets he sends to Syria, propping up a multicult dictator — the very agenda of the elitist anti-white cabal that runs the world and can't truck any opposition to their New World Order agenda with the all-seeing eye of their bank notes.

Don't be fooled.



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