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“To see what is right, and not to do it, is want of courage”


—   Confucius



Females are the Achilles' heel of the white race. A cynical wag pointed out to me that it doesn't matter what we do if the white race was going down, that it just natural progression, that it happened and nothing could be done to reverse the course.

No other race on the planet is so dedicated to their 'weaker sex' than whites. Most of white society is matriarchal in Nature, with the public trappings of male-overlordship that answers to their women's needs first and foremost. Even Herodotus pointed out that slovenly loyalty of the Greek Europeans, who Asiatics looked upon as somewhat strange when they launched an armada of a thousands ships to recover a woman (Helen) stolen from them and taken to the Middle Eastern city of Troy. 2,500 years ago Herodotus wrote "Now, as the carrying off of a woman, it is the deed, they say, of a rogue. Nut to make a stir about such as are carried off argues a man a fool. Men of sense care nothing for such women since women since it is plain that without their own consent they would never be forced away."

It's been the same ever since. Although restricted, women were very powerful on the Roman Empire and the Byzantine, especially with the introduction of Jesus' Christianity, friendly to whores and the consequent adoration of His mother Nary, impregnated by the Holy Spirit, while Joseph just toiled away for her and got very little recognition as the Earthly male father usurped by the Big Guy in "heaven." The race-mixed Middle East Asiatics chased out this feminist religion into the willing hands of white women, who of course, needed more "stuff." So, these Europeans set off on voyages of plunder and colonization to bring more women's styles and goods into their castles where "m'lady" really ran the show. It's the white man who keeps international commercialism going, making life easier for their women. It's this very materialism that resulted in white race-mixing — and to extinction when you consider that our DNA is four-to-one overwhelmed when we mate with nonwhites. Globalism has been the bane of the white man, with innumerable wars and the destruction of other societies for a few trinkets more, with the last laugh being on the international white man, dwindling to disappearance, even in their own countries for the sake of cheap nonwhites' labor for a few dollars more. to spend on white females' vanity and entertainment.

Even today, vast amount of public treasure are spent on putting down any opposition to this merchants' world serving white women and the loud Jewish princesses of the matriarch invaders' cut of 'Yahweh' god from the Middle East — the Semitic founding father of all three main religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

White Christians are still meddling on behalf of women's rights all across the globe, which only leads to more materialist desires of Third World Women, more like their white sisters who have abandoned their racial loyalty for a fun life, unlike nonwhites. You don't need a Black or Asiatic racist organizations in their home countries; their whole population is in agreement on their origins and their importance— plus they have the dominant DNA genes. Still, even in Japan, their latest beauty queen winner was chastised for not being Japanese enough. They are an isolated pirate-people, kickouts [sic] and runaways from their Asiatic continent, much the same as the British people from Europe.

White racists who know all this must be opposed to foreign involvements and ridiculous free trade commerce that makes us dependent on nonwhite foreign nations like China. Globalist trinket trade must be curtailed to give us our jobs and make our nations self-sufficient in food and water— our racist ingenuity will do the rest. I'm only talking of the converted; the rest can go to Nature's cull. White men must again lead their nations, the way that Nature intended, not blubbering feminist sycophants. All other white nations and cities will go down in flames like Troy, whose refugees are reputed to have founded their second failure (Rome).

Our future, white nationalists, begins at home. Let's not make or curry to the same mistake. Nature is merciless, unlike our fabricated god.



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