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“All history is but the lengthened shadow of a great man”


—   Ralph Waldo Emerson 


David Duke has been the prima donna of the white nationalist movement in North America for many years. To some, he still is; however, his pro-"diversity" and pro-multicult dictator Assad and the Jew regime in the Ukraine support, undermines his racist leader's position. In fact, I doubt he'd accept the term 'racist'; he has bought into the anti-racist media agenda that racism is bad when practiced by anyone, including Israeli Jews.

David Duke started out as a young good-looking Hollywood-faced leader, the Imperial Wizard of the KKK, an organization that prides itself for being an 'Invisible Empire' in the white race-mixed US South. That was a bad move right from the beginning, opening the KKK up to ridicule and police harassment. Sure, he went on many 'Zio-media' talk shows, as he calls the Jewish press stranglehold on news distribution. But that only helped David Duke's profile to many reporters and pundits who he sought to satisfy with his smile. It still earned him  a one-term victory in the Louisiana State Senate, and a close call for State Governor. With his softened popular approach to white identity politics, he didn't seem to stand for much, except to uphold the Old South whites' ways of using black labor's status quo which denigrated white pride in America — a separatist racial caste system, which resulted into India's miserable society where even the supposedly high-caste Aryans have been darkened and extinguished through race-mixing. If you can't do your own dirty work, like most Jews, you're finished — especially without a religion that supports your race like Christianity.

After David Duke's election stint he became a wanted speaker and interview guest around the white world and the Middle East, Syria, from Ukraine to Canada. He got an honorary doctorate from a Ukrainian institute who he feels obligated to support in spite of  its openly Jew globalist regime pandering to EU tyrants who bought and achieved the European unity with the briefcase that Napoleon's and Hitler's bayonets couldn't. David still supports them, just like the neo-Nazi Germanophiles of the Ukrainian right sector by even killing East Ukrainian Slaves for the globalist elites.

David Duke who is in partnership with Don Black, who runs the white nationalist public forum Stormfront  in the US and Canada, acts as if they are beyond reproach when queried on politics by other white nationalists who have been in the fight for racial identity and integrity even longer than themselves. They're too busy to be friendly to any white nationalists leader, like their friend Paul Fromm in Canada whose mantra is so wishy-washy as Duke's using the Canadian Security Intelligence Service-financed Heritage Front's "equal rights for whites" certainly not enough to establish a serious white state that they never envision or talk about. In fact whenever he came to Canada when the  media-promoted Heritage Front cop group hit the scene, he was their favorite speaker and was allowed into the country with little trouble. Duke never made contact with his old friends from the Western Guard, which morphed into the Nationalist Party. Instead he hung out with the drug-dealing police-protected Wolfgang Droege, who I recruited in a disco. Droege was the jealous German who led the formation of the now-defunct Heritage Front but ended up murdered in 2005 by a jealous druggie he supplied, over a woman who turned out to be my errant ex-wife. The murderer is now out, cleaned up, sorry and sorry and living with her — for a double sorry — today.

Cheaters never prosper. David Duke doesn't seem to do much traveling these days, concentrating on his website, davidduke.com.  "For Human Freedom and Diversity" on its banner. What? Human freedom is innocuous enough, but dirty 'diversity' sticks in the craw of every intelligent white man who knows that this is the very word that race-mixing anti-white  racist multiculturalists utilize to bring in more nonwhites into the white man's lands, as if we live in some land of botanical gardens that need every kind of humanoid around. It's unbelievable, it's ridiculous — some would call it threatening to the white race. But David Duke is unapologetically pushing it. He thinks he's untouchable in his ideological Ivory Tower of old ideas mixed with today's anti-white modernists. Are we all supposed to embrace diversity now that David Duke has? Are we supposed to explain it ion a biological level? 

Pushing diversity at this stage of the white man's denigration is confusing, undermining and political immoral, that white racists will never accept, no matter how much publicity the enemy's media and shekels may bring you. Watering down racists and racism by giving it a lullaby "l" into 'racialism" won't get us anywhere except for the approbation from real racists that's required. Today the white nationalist movement is at an ideological crossroads. Will it be the softly-softly approach of diversity David Duke of the failed old status quo which brought our race to the edge of the abyss, or a proud white racism that respects other races' racism, and looks to form new Constitutional White Racist States for the future whoever they are, as I advocate? White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past that led us to this 'diversity' — a quagmire of extinction.

I Hope David Duke sees the new shining path and follows it.



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