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—   Robert Frost


The Nationalist Party is the largest pro-white/white activist organization in Canada, with our site reaching thousands over the last fifteen years. The NPC is friendly to all groups and individuals who support the white nationalism and are friendly to our party. However, a word to the wise, since the police and courts have clamped down on white racist activity in Canada. We should know: Bob Smith and I have been jailed a number of times for espousing white racist views under “the Jews'” infamous anti-free speech censor-law effeminately dubbed as the 'Hate Bill'. Anyone who has worked with the Heritage Front and claims to be a white nationalist today without condemning the fraud is suspect in our eyes; especially if they are antagonistic toward the NPC ideology and its leadership.

Anyone who crosses borders to attend useless pro-white conferences in Europe and the United States during this Orwellian 'War on Terror' dragnet must be regarded as suspicious, too. White racists are not here to repeat the mistakes of the past and buy into the race-mixed situation today. These redundant meet-and-greet conferences have proven their worthlessness — they're only playing to the compliant media, which loves apologizing "I'm Not A Racist" while having bigots as leaders, just like the CSIS/Heritage Front's wimpy 'Equal Rights for Whites' slogan shows the failure of that cowardly policy. 

It's difficult to be pals with people who turn their backs on common sense, good will/ and fair play by denigrating natural racism and equating it to a multicult religious Zionist state. On top of that, embracing the commies' deadly word "Diversity" on their site's masthead, like David Duke did. It's hard to be an ally of Stormfront, run by David Duke pal Don Black. He's against racism, like his wife, the former Mrs. Duke. The media of course, loves to elevate these confused, obfuscating white nationalists with their reactionary policies, while hating natural racists. All allies of such leaders and groups are suspect, too, as in the case of Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer, who posted on “the Jews'” Hatewatch site a commentary under his own name criticizing "neo-Nazis clowns" before he was spotted as a cyber-army troll — you can't have your cake and eat it, too, rhyming off World War II Nazis speeches on Stormfront radio while ridiculing your supporters on a Jew website. The main result is always confusion and demoralization for white racists, just like the Heritage Front achieved, with millions of federal tax dollars. Is that what we need?

The Establishment always tries to isolate the true believers and elevate the police agents' mantra. That's how the bigot groups and leaders work in Canada and elsewhere. Cowards are always ready to compromise their principles with their powerful enemies while playing the latest bigot card, which these days is patriarchal Muslims. Jumping on that bandwagon will be a short ride to oblivion  because you're fighting for anti-racist feminists while trying to be their anti-Muslim heroes. You'll be dumped, absorbed or coerced into silence just like the neo-Nazi Ukrainian nationalists working for the Kiev Jew regime, bought and paid for by North American and European regimes. The white racist NPC is not falling for that carrot, or the libertarian misers' concerns of public service and health care costs while never condemning or questioning every failed globalist foreign military missions that end up bringing nonwhites to our lands from every invaded country.

We have done important ideological work for white racism, different from the failed past which relied on effeminate anti-racist Christianity as a base of thought. Instead, we have turned to nature's laws, more powerful than any man-made idea, including religion (the basis of all communities; in-the-blood racism, the first word that white traitors hate. You'll know them by their apologies. We are not in opposition to any other race's racists, as long as they are in their own sphere of influence. We will continue to support, financially and morally, these individuals and organizations are on the right track to preserving the white race for the future.

Natural racism is best; don't be fooled by the rest. That's what makes the world go 'round.



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