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“Always do what you are afraid to do”


—   Ralph Waldo Emerson  


Bullies don't like retribution and act shocked and surprised when their victim might kick them in the skins or bite their ankles. Oh, that's so unfair, they cry, even though they have been bombing foreigners 10,000 miles away into smithereens and kicking their doors down in midnight raids, shooting and capturing suspects for torture in Abu Ghraib, Iraq and Baghram Air Base in Afghanistan — all still being done by their local puppets.

Canada has been warring on other nations for a hundred years, killing white Dutchmen in South Africa trying to establish two white states during the Boer War and now, right up to the Harper regime's declared war on a new male Islamic State that threatens world banksters through its no-usury sharia/Koranic rules and no-go areas for those banksters' economic exploitation profits, now stretching from Boko Haram's northern Nigeria to the Middle East. Canada's death toll was catastrophic in two world wars, way out of proportion deaths for a small-population county far away from the war zones; Only Australians and New Zealanders probably matched that ridiculous death toll for the same globalist elite who race-mixed and feminized a previously white-man's society in North America and Europe, Yet like the Anzacs, not one Canadian soldier died in battle against their foreign enemies on Canadian borders. Why are these people willing to die for other people's interests while ruining their own safe societies at home with consequent refugees from war's hot spots? Obviously, there's a thoughtless gung-ho psyche, probably from the fact that they are the kickouts [sic] and runaways of their mean ancestral Jew[ish] merchant-run homeland in Britain and have a subtle inferiority complex and longing for approval from the rich snobs in the UK where its greedy colonialism has only benefited them, judging by the dank nature of their urban areas, and the 1,000 beautiful mansions the rich enjoy.

This caste class system is bogus, and is only perpetuated by the effeminate Monarchist worshipers and class-seeking rich merchants. Isn't that what Jews do when they've got everything? The only thing missing is "class" which apparently you can buy in England, as did the little Jew[ish] doctor who brought his "Barnardo" lordship and grabbed and deported 400,000 kids from the streets and poor farmers, all the kids nicely dressed, and dumped them on Canada for cheap labor for farmers, etc. Similar policies sent thousands of petty criminals to Australia to be drawn in later as war fodder As for Barnardo's home-boys and home-girls and their offspring, their number is now up to five million living in Canada. When not watching hockey or football or complaining about rightful "white privilege" loss in their own country, they're cheering for the troops bringing trouble to Canada continually from overseas, from Somalia and Afghanistan, and now, from Iraq and Syria — just the latest locations of mindless meddling in other people's business and territory as world government mercenaries. This cheering section will have to wake up, the hard way, with more tension, hatred and violence in their communities because of their stupid attraction to unnatural multiculturalism and the planet-wrecking idiocy of a "global economy" bring us defective products and diseases while stripping the poor Barnardoes [sic] of properly-paying menial jobs in a white society now lost to foreigners, in their neighborhoods and overseas.

It was very symbolic that the Ottawa war memorial's guard should be attacked, unfortunately killing a Canadian soldier bearing an empty gun. This November 11, Remembrance Day participants will have a chance to think about what they have wrought instead of won, with their slogan that I heard in a translated kung-fu movie, when the little guy says to his pal, "Hey, leave some for me to kill!" Going to war and supporting international drone murderers like the Zionist/American regime, is the last thing we should be doing. It reminds me of another Chinese kung-fu movie's dubbed quotes: "You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it." We should have no more wars for women's rights, unless the enemy is at our borders, which we can protect easily with an armed and well-supplied Canadian militia throughout the country, making it impossible to hold.

Once these pro-war grunts realize that their bullying lunacy (thanks to their fear of feminists), they should adopt the policy of another Chinese karate movie wise-guy who said to his companion, "There's only two things I don't like — cockroaches and loud women. The first, the pest control company can take care of, the second is up to you."




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