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“When one has not had a good father, one must create one”


—   Nietzsche


I'm with the poor people of Lughansk and Donetsk, fighting for their Slavic independence from the pro-West European new Jew Kiev regime, backed by a pro-German neo-Nazi shock troops' militia and regular pro-NATO Ukrainian armed forces who are trying to put the two new separatists' people's republic down.

The attempt at national Slavic integrity by the two Eastern Ukrainian cities and provinces has even surprised know-it-all Vladimir 'Put-in' heavily involved in a global turf war which Jew merchant bankers, and Moscow Jew billionaires, including Putin, will share the spoils of their Kiev puppet Jew regime's vast territory known simply as 'the Frontier (Ukraine)." Look how quickly Putin apologized to the Malaysian Prime Minister when word of the attack on the Malaysian jet broke in the news. The media was able to kick the suffering of Gazans administrated by Israel off the front page. How very convenient for the globalists. US President Barack Obama has been quick to mouth off on the attack as a "suspicious tragedy" — after Putin phoned him about it.

Will it be the London and New York cabal or the oligarchs, "the ruling persons; rule by a few" — Webster's Dictionary — the interesting name the media gave their communist billionaire pals — who will win? After the Jew commissars put on their Armani suits, and showed us their billions along with the fraud of Marxism, their entire ideology and their believers went down without a whimper, defeated by another drunken, fat oligarch named Yelstin [sic] sitting on a tank. So much for the phony 'cold war' initiated by the West to allow Stalin and his henchmen to wipe out all opposition behind an imaginary Iron Curtain that only high-flying planes from the military industrial complex enjoyed in profits to see. Give me a break. All of this was played out by the controlled globalist media, while they were highlighting CIA/KGB war games to control more independent nations and peoples under their UN cloak for their One World Order. It's even written on the merchants' main creation — America's money. Didn't the merchants start the economic zone rebellion attack, the Boston Tea Party, over taxes, and then created an economic zone country later? The main point is that Moscow and Washington are under the same control, but have to play to their home audiences to keep the need for the arms industry alive and the facade of an enemy, like the People's Republics of Donetsk and Lughansk. Oh, please!

Keep in mind that the Ukraine is a made-up country, mostly of runaways from Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Romania and Turkey. Ukraine is the "Wild East," whose Cossack "cowboys" boasted of their wild freedom, until the Russian Czar beat them in battle and recruited them to put Serbian tribes under the Russian yoke, too. Now Ukraine's dissidents in the East want their Kiev yoke removed. No people should feel that they are living under one. The globalists' Putin doesn't want the whole Ukraine to be dismembered: that's why he's dragging his feet and not helping much materially after the rubber stamp Duma (Parliament) ordered to take away his powers to act unilaterally to help the Eastern Slavs, a law that he has asked those same schleps to rubber-stamp — "See? My hands are clean," whatever happens in Donetsk or Lughansk: bombed-out cities or dead Slav separatists.

The Western Jew merchants' sanctions placed on Putin and his oligarch Jew pals only deals with personal vendettas against some of the new rich commies. However, Obama was instructed to put more limits on the Moscow Jews' companies. This is supposed to hurt the ruling few's pocketbooks to remind them that the Western Jews' new puppet Jew regime in Kiev won't have any more opposition corralling in the two independent-minded states under its rule. Globalists hate new countries or states unless they created them — usually multicult economic zones with sports or tourism as the national raison d'ętre.

The shooting down of Malaysian passenger plane killing 295 over East Ukraine doesn't do the separatists' cause any good, whatever "side" wants to make them look bad, denying them their freedom: it's still for globalist reasons.

If the separatists half out [sic] in Donetsk or Lughansk with lots of casualties or damage, Putin will have to act. All of Russia is watching, and after generations of phony impossible communism, it's "Fool me once, same on you, fool me twice, shame on me." Hopefully, they won't be fooled twice by globalist hand puppet Putin of the same old oligarchs.

Meanwhile, good luck to the people of Donestsk and Lughansk.



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