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Donald Trump's white Inauguration Day 


It took a little while before I realized that happy crowds that were on CNN were all white and I was getting "dear moments" tears as the humble, eager and stern faces turned into smiling children when they realized that they were making history, appearing on-screen at the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Donald Trump. Not only did I not see any black faces, but did not see any Hispanic or Oriental faces. One fellow watcher commented that the inauguration was so white that blacks would have had to paint themselves white to attend.

This was the first time there were six still-living presidents there, and their appearance in front of the thousands of Trump's white supporters elicited only mild, scattered applause. Peace advocate Jimmy Carter received the warmest applause, while the rest of the racemixed [sp] Washington inner circle crowd received sitcom-style applause (mostly from bureaucrats). All the speeches were pablum, including Trump's -- the same old platitudes politically-correct crap. The ministers' and the rabbi's prayers weren't as good as Hallmark cards; some of them didn't even say "amen", and many of the prayers and speeches ended abruptly and almost in mid-sentence, I thought. Trump's motorcade to the inauguration was not fast and furious, but slow and winding, and in some areas, spectators were standing in a drizzle, but no one ran out and blew themselves up. No one jumped out of a manhole or sewer grating. No one shot a mortar from blocks away. No one sent a drone with explosives, No one launched a ballistic missile like the North Korean had promised with a "surprise" and no Russian hackers put out the power grid on Trump's inauguration. Of all the over-one-thousand suicide bombers that ISIS claimed credit for in the last year in their local fighting areas, they couldn't find any to send to America, as all their fnger [sp]-pointing jihadists always threatened to do. They don't want to disturb the dragon -- all they want is their land back free of foreigners, and their "Boko Haram" ideas. ISIS wants its own Islamic globalism, so they're no pals of white nationalists. However, they are the enemies of our enemies, the mercantile race-mixers fighting for control of every inch of planet Earth while destroying white nationalism and the white race. Any war against primitive patriarchs advances matriarchal globalism, and is no good for the white race; when our DNA-recessive women choose who they will mate with, we are finished as ethnic entities. Donald Trump will have to be reminded continuously not to enter any new wars or international murder campaigns, because his enemies are waiting for him to fall.

Donald Trump's appeal to American patriotism probably fell on deaf black and Hispanic ears. although the majority will be mollified if he brings jobs back to America with "patriotic protectionism" as CNN's Van Jones coined. That'll be their excuse for keeping quiet and leave the nut-case lesbo-anarchists and their ilk to make lonely idiots of themselves, and nonwhites will reject them. Interestingly, the Mexicans turned over big drug lord 'El Chapo' on Thursday, without any bullets or bayonets. When globalists elevate nonwhites to our level, it only pauperizes and dwindles us. White nationalists should not concentrate on Donald Trump keeping his promises more than his enemies will, in spite of all the warmongers' ballyhoo. Everything went well on Trump's white inauguration day. Let's hope his presidency does as well.

Good luck, President Trump.




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