After decades of self-loathing, brainwashing by the globalist Jewsmedia and the effeminate school system, Whites are realizing only now that they are a people who have something in common with life-attitudes, looks and capabilities that are unique themselves. No matter what the fake news media and the pointy-headed paid professors say, we are not going back to the old extinction ways. Even Nature has delegated if whites copulated with nonwhites, it's curtains for the white race for the white race with its recessive DNA when mixed with others. Southern White Nationalist J.B. Stoner capsulized it correctly when he said, "Race is all".

Racists have not been needed since the 1920s, when the KKK Invisible Empire was around and the public knew why they existed. However, since those heady days when thousands of Klansmen marched in their robes through Washington DC, the commie-feminist propaganda apparatus has been operating full-time to destroy white racist leaders and organizations and defame them with malice and hatred, then call them "haters" in Orwellian double-speak, just like the homosexuals and the lesbians appropriated the word 'gay' from the vocabulary. So have the white self-loathers and their politically-correct police stooges appropriated the word 'hate' to describe their opponents, giving much less meaning to the word 'love' as a result. Still facing all these obstacles, white racist leaders still emerge, to bravely put forward their policies along White Nationalist lines in North America. They are the real heroes of our time for White peoples' history. White racists are the ones who said no to brought-in invasions of nonwhite immigrants and refugees into our once-white homelands by bureaucratic race traitor bigots who never have to deal with the resulting chaos in their ritzy condos and gated communities; these traitors only come out for more vacations and government-sponsored trips to abuse and recruit more Third World countries while destroying our own.

If it weren't for White Nationalists and the white racist ideology at the core of Donald Trump's circle, there would never have been a President Trump, brought to you by the large white rallies (that he should have more of). If it weren't for white racist activities and their continual persistence against the mainstream globalist Jewsmedia and pundits, the enemies of the White people would not have been discredited as "fake news" conspirators and have a free hand in peddling their lies through the propagandist talk show hosts and endless 'expert opinions' on the benefits of multiculturalism and ugly diversity being shoved down the public's throat. If it weren't for white racists the white populace would be disconnected and demoralized about its future. But they know the kernel, the seed of its identity, is still alive and well, showing the shining path forward to a Constitutional White Racist State where whites do all their own labor from top to bottom, with common sense, good will and fair play toward others in their own homelands.

Our anti-racist enemies are flabbergasted and flustered with their failure to establish a 'post-racial' society. But that's what happens when you wish against Nature ...failure. As white racists, we live happy, contented lives  knowing we are in tune with Nature. White racists enjoy life. I know; I watch Jew sitcoms like Modern Family (the queers on it are so funny). And what a pathetic joke is the lout  from Married With Children (Ed O'Neill) who appears in this series...an old white chasing big Colombian tits. Half of the cast, including the gay guys and the purportedly skinny blonde Claire, are homosexuals, too. It's fun to see them tackling heterosexual family matters Another funny sitcom is Everybody Loves Raymond, with a great cast and a cute woman (Patricia Heaton) as the wife. Frasier, too, is often embarrassingly funny, with "gay" brother Niles (David Hyde Pierce) trying to play a hot heterosexual. Hollywood's full of them on today's TV screens and movies after decades of women's lib feminism putting manhood to the ground. We all like to judge the gaudy 1980's costume on The Golden Girls, even though wild white women feminism pervades the sitcom. And don't forget all the "reality" shows like Swamp People, Alaska Law, Bering Sea Gold, Mantracker and Survivorman (that's my favorite, with Les Stroud, a real Canadian adventurer.

Yeah, white racists are just regular people with an important mission: to guide our white civilization into the future. Without us, all would be lost for the white race, as God and Nature intended. Thank, and God bless Nature for the White race and all others who want to maintain their future the same way.


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