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“Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question”


—  Albert Camus


Without "white privilege" there is no white society. At first, when I heard the usual white self-loather suspects coming out with a new Orwellian catch phrase "white privilege" I thought, what white privilege? Especially when whites in their homelands are bending over backwards and forward to please their minorities from the teeming Third World, I was angry. However, on reflection, whites are in the same situation as when they are condemned for "nature's racism" (the antithesis o anti-white racist traitors' multiculturalism). The same goes for the promotion of the race-mixers' other Orwellian term "diversity." They all look good on the surface, but then they all mean the same — the end of the whites' world.

There is a white peoples' general culture and standards that you can expect from Ireland to the Urals, from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean: general rules and standards of behavior are followed among most white people. Strangely, those who deny white peoples' identity are quick to bring up their faults and misdemeanors as an identifiable group when it suits them. Negativity is the only time white self-loathers self-identify with; the latest capitalist/commie/globalist gambit is to lower white living standards and services in their traditional homelands through the introduction of greedy nonwhite migrants who are used to it. You won't hear the Third World immigrants complaining about no daily mail delivery, or any other cutting of expected white community services coming from their over-populated hell holes. That's the real purpose of pointing out white privilege which created our white societies and culture — to denigrate it through a Third World level, making it easy for the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor in ever-increasing numbers, similar to India and Brazil.

Fortunately, white racists don't carry such guilt to render themselves to rags and homelessness to satisfy an illogical, unnatural self-depreciating life-attitude in front of nonwhites. I loved it when white self-loathers participating in pro-criminal Ferguson demonstrations and media newscasters were asked to stay in the background — white anti-racists facing black racism and unable to belong to just the "human race" with natural racist blacks. These dumb whites were dismissed by their negro leaders as "arrogant" morons who don't know that race is all.

The white race is being propagandized by globalists at every turn, with confusing trick words and phrases; even David Duke has been taken in by "diversity" — he's for it, while everyone else on the white nationalist side is against it. Some pro-white leaders and organizations are against racism and whine on and on about blacks' Latinos' and Israeli Jews' racism. They don't want to be called a racist. They're on the run. Without white racism you certainly won't have a white-privileged society and anything goes. Whites have to stand for whites. That's an obligation that will lead to a white privilege community where you know how you should behave unlike a multicultural free-for-all where no one is responsible for any standard or tradition and anything weird, unfair and unjust law can be imposed, because there are no recognized white community standards in daily life and social contact.

Let's not argue against other peoples' racism; let us embrace our own, proudly and from that, declare our white privilege to make our own culture and community the way we see it, not as nonwhites demand. Would the Chinese put up with this crap or any other proud traditionalist people, of whatever survivalist culture they have that brought them to the edge of time with us, without our help?

White privilege? You're damned right!



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