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“Charm is the way of getting an answer without asking a clear question”


—    Albert Camus



Enemies of the white racists are in disarray, staring with having to deal with supposedly defeated racism in an imaginary post-racial world. Instead the opposite is true: people worldwide are defining themselves by race, ethnicity and nationalism. from the Greeks in the EU to Boko Haram in Nigeria, from the Muslim Uighurs in China, to Zulu racists in multicult South Africa. Even the Latinos and blacks of North America are clamoring in La Raza and 'Black Lives Matter' politics. The UN Cumbaya of Star Trek/one world government is over, with its multiculturalism and diversity, enforced race-mixing and busing with the resulting non-white crime wave. Most smart whites are acquainted with these terms (I wish David Duke would take his dangerous 'diversity' word from his masthead. However he can explain it, like the historic Confederate Flag that's now out of the gamers' and collectors' hands ands in the vanguard of white racists, no matter what any egghead says. Race-mixing is not so popular anymore, especially with the black baby father syndrome (with single white mothers left to tend to the unknown). Mothers can't raise sons, especially from another race, where is the connection in their eyes? I always feel sorry for the little white kids in the strollers being taken care of by their African and Asian nannies. Fortunately even this practice is dwindling with neighbors' and the public's approbation.

The feminist/Marxist/anti-white abortionists of Planned Parenthood — what a devious name — were caught casually selling baby body parts and fetuses. I hope they were all dead, but who knows with these sickos and dilettantes who dismissively call women with children "breeders" while they try to hide their immoral dirty deeds with court orders to stop publishing video revelations of their nefarious activities. It's good to see them go down and be revealed for their evil, considering all the deaths they have caused for a few body parts more.

Donald Trump has kept the racists' flag flying with his candid comments about Mexicans and feminists. The more the media complains, the more racist retorts he has, the higher his standings go with the Republican Party and the public polls. The feminists even threw the wife-for-sec story, one time claimed by Ivana Trump and since denied. Nothing is sticking to the racist-roped Trump, leaving our enemies flustered and frustrated.

The neo-con globalist warmongers are also lately quiet as public opinion forces Jews to accept the Iran nuclear deal for ten years of peace. Saber-rattling war Jews are out of vogue as pundits are on their own media. The public is sick of the costs and the veterans are sick of their regimes' poor treatment. Canadians are in an election cycle; therefore their poor and seniors aren't worried about Zionist stooge Harper's ISIS problems. They want a raise. All the non-white crime filling the tabloid newspapers and the gruesome stuff on TV's Forensic Files and other such programs, have brought fear and anxiety into every sane person's head. That's the real rot that has taken over white society and petrified them like a rodent in front of a snake from acting racially in unison.

Things could go two ways: either the race-mixers' ruling regimes recognize white rights and recognize that white lives matter as an identity and an entity and slowly dismantle their commie Human Rights tribunals and Orwellian hate laws, and the white people will gain confidence to be themselves again and live in some kind of different neighborhood harmony where white community standards prevail. Or we could have globalist satrapy regimes laying a heavy hand on white nationalists, racists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, militias, et al. Then whites will be forced to have their own neighborhoods, counties and states, which would be a bigger challenge to any anti-white regime.

The long-time feminist cuckold conservatives, which I'm against, have been given a new name: Now they're called "Cuck-servatives." That'll be a hard one to come back from, to appeal to patriarchal white racists. Don't forget to reject the pansy patsy of globalists here in Canada—the Zionist warmonger Stephen Harper in Canada's upcoming election. We're better off with the National Socialist NDP than the back-stabbing 'cuck-servatives', since they have to answer to Canada's' unemployed and poor more than any other national party.

Finally, anti-Semitism is such the bogeyman that it used to be— it's in vogue in Europe again. Even though "the Jews" rule everything, mostly from behind the scenes, with their banks and billionaire oligarchs. Didn't they put in Putin? However, for all the media's propaganda, anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere; with so many reasons to hate the masters, this poor polluted, overpopulated planet, it should be no surprise, as millions of impoverished Greeks know today. "The Jews" have already shouted, "Look ma! Top of the world!" as Jimmy Cagney did in the film White Heat. But there's only one direction to go. In the final analysis, they'll be asking white racists to protect them on the way down, like Ukraine's Jew[ish] head Proshenko, and the neo-Nazis' Azov battalion.

Man's historical cycle is like a sitcom: everything goes back to where it was from race-mixing to racism and back. The plot's the same — only the characters change, with new names and credits.

Whites are on the verge of one.




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