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“A highbrow is someone who looks at a sausage and thinks of Picasso”


—   A. P Herbert

There are no more black pets for naive Americans. The last of the media-made icons has fallen with the rumored sexual attacks of "American Dad" Bill Cosby. Cosby's image is going down the drain.

First, it was the football players over-idolized by non-thinking white hedonists, with their sexual assaults and murder trials, showing their proclivity to violence, starting with OJ Simpson and still going on. Now it's the "good blacks" who are being revealed as just ordinary criminal niggers with smiling masks which pervaded the TV shows and sitcoms, so much that all whites are now suspicious of the blacks' real-life activities away from the Hollywood cameras now. Their whole phony image rested on lies, that blacks are all nice Sidney Poitiers and "Fresh Prince of Bel-air" Will Smith joker-types, mostly accepted by naive white women who are paying the price for their dumbness today. Just look at the violent stories on our Crime Page and the number of old white women probably in favor of black civil rights and race-mixing in the sixties and the seventies, being raped and murdered today regardless of how old they are in their senior years. That's called learning racial realities the hard way.

Whites are all running away, mostly to the northwest and to rural towns, but the specter of nonwhite violence hangs over all of them, proven by the frightened whites' gun purchases, mostly shotguns, ready to blow away nigger rapists and rioters at any household door or window. This is a lot worse than what armed-to-the-teeth exclusivist racist Jews have to put up with in Israel who still stupidly use Arab labor to do their dirty work, a sure sign of a nation's future demise. Race-mixing never works, especially when the servants have been brought in by force and bought at the slave markets of the Old US South.

American whites may be the kick-outs and greedy runaways of their ethnic homelands but blacks in America are the losers of the African continent, with a big genetic chip on their shoulder that won't go away until they are independent and in charge of their own communities and culture. Isn't it amazing how so few Black Muslim Panthers have joined the jihad to get training for establishing their own territories in the New World? They just seem to over-react to any slight or injustice to demand more goodies and compensation from their former slave-masters, showing up in the losers' malaise for real freedom without hypocrite white race-mixers and their women meddlers. It's the easier road to plow; just bitch, and manna will come from the white hands. Overboard preparations for black civil disobedience only inspires them to protest more and hide the true nature of their lazy avarice, which will inevitably end like it did in their bankrupt Detroit.

North American blacks, unlike in Africa, are run by their women, and have been since the males were "emasculated" by the white overlords. And only a Boko Haram cleansing of any intended black territory will give them pride again and restore them as male heads of families. Just ask billionaire Oprah Winfrey who's in charge — she's almost as rich as Putin.

Eventually, blacks will be abandoned by the growing racially-aware white populace and left to their own devices to form their own Boko Haram patchwork of their own territories, with or without religion — especially feminist Christianity (responsible for many murders, rapes and robberies and the antithesis to a White Racist State).

Since the main former backers of the unnatural race-mixing propaganda, the Jews, have lost their victimhood position after a bunch of dirty wars on donkey-cart Gaza; no one is paying attention to their appeals for peace and humanitarianism from the commie/race-mixer and white racists' side, leaving them hanging out to dry and alone, so too, American blacks are now also friendless, with La Raza's racist Latinos being the first to avoid them. Now they have only themselves to blame and follow, because no one else cares or wants to work or play with them for fear of ending up on our Crime Page.

Black racism is their best and most honest path to follow to establish their own self-ruled neighborhoods and enclaves as Nature intended before the greedy merchant bastards dragged them to America by force in stinking slave ships for a "few dollars more" society that was doomed to fail at self-destruct in the future as we're seeing today.

Natural racism is for all. Let's practice it, and establish our own harmonious civilization, without the greed-bags [sic] and fantasizing feminists.



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