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“Tact is the intelligence of the heart”


—   Anonymous


Little ancient Gaza has destroyed the modern reputation of Israel and Jews. The once-cuddly/funny victims of the Holocaust are acting like their former Nazi persecutors, so much that their Hollywood pals told us about. No one likes to see victims handing out the same punishments as their former tormentors. It's called vengeance. and even if it's perceived to be justified, it's not a pretty sight, as cameras are showing on the worldwide Internet and in the ratings-greedy news media (mostly owned or run by Jews)—money is money, even among the most inter-bickering people on the planet when left alone. Look at the economic turf war, with Putin's Jew oligarchs and the New York guys, over the vast territorial spoils of the Ukraine; all the while, Britain and France are selling arms to bad boy billionaire Putin's multicult Russia, which would naturally disintegrate without Western support — and should.

In the Western white world the greatest Irony exists, as the globalist merchant Jews create a mass hysteria of white race self-loather humanitarians bent on saving Third World children, while going barren themselves over guilt of natural racism. The anti-racist golem have turned against the rabbis who created them after wiping out the white pride minority. Seeing these maimed nonwhite children, injured by whiter Israelis (Jews), only makes them turn on their hypocrite creators and ex-victims. There is no fury like that of a United Church bitch railing against racism; it will take a lot of interfaith tea parties to bring that shrill voting bunch into the fold.

White racists can only stand and gawk at the social fall of the chosen people in the eyes of the white race-mixers and self-loathers; they were their big moral backup. not the Christian Zionist nut bags like Mike Huckabee and others. Sure, the Jews think they're a bunch of bothersome 'leftists' and are calling them the new anti-Semites, which really riles them. Without the white race's backing, the Jews are finished dominating the world. The women's vote, white liberal guilt and apocalyptic Bible readers were their main supporters in public, and thankfully, there's very few of the latter.

Jews, having been in power for so long, are showing themselves as stuttering arrogant, testy interview guests, even on their own propaganda media: they appear irritated, that anyone would dare equalize them with the Arabs (which only reinforces their racist cult image). Israeli spokesmen and Zionist war apologists have the propaganda mantra, "Israel has a right to defend itself." In Joseph Goebbels view, the secret of propaganda was repetition: Israeli backers appears as dogmatic as Hamas' masked announcers.

People are getting fed up with both sides — another really dangerous equivalency situation the ruling Jews cannot afford. After all those dead Gaza children, Jerry Seinfeld and his crew wouldn't dare make any jokes about this conflict — unless it's at a Catskills Borscht Belt show. Don't get me wrong — the puppet-ruling elites are still gung-ho for the Jews' war, but they too realize that the tables have been turned in public sympathy of their anti-racist supporters. No one from that population will fight for Israel, while the rest are sick of all wars, especially the losing ones — Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. Besieged Gaza once gave Alexander the Great such a hard time that in a tantrum, he tortured the defenders' leader to death on his way to Egypt to establish Alexandria during his world tour. Gazans' blood, in the world's view, has destroyed their master race's image today too, even though their mighty military machine has much more destroy before it all comes tumbling down.

It's doubtful whether the spoiled kibbutz Jews and the tourist types will stay and fight for the streets, or block and reduce to rubble neighborhoods, as in the jihadists' Syria, with martyrs seeking Islamist State Jihadists of the ISIS storming into Israel across Syria, Lebanon and even Jordan. It could soon happen. Jews have only one direction to go: admitting their racism and making common cause with white racists by getting rid of all the anti-racist laws they brought into force and recognizing white race identity and integrity as they do for themselves. Look us in our eyes and admit your mistakes and repent for your persecution. Now that's not hard, if you're asking for help while you're on the verge of destruction. Think about it, Jews.

And thank you, Gazans.



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