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“The truly proud man is satisfied with his own opinion and does not seek converts to it”


—  William Hazlitt



Racists are the anchormen of the whites in any natural tug-of-war with others, with such importance that it is necessary not to repeat the mistakes of the past and stay away from foreign engagements, military, economic or social. The white man has to try some isolationism, no matter what their loudmouthed white women want.

Aside from so-called cultural exchanges, I'm sure that we've imported lots of foreign students and their sperm and eggs while sending barren dilettantes over there to set up offices and bring more in, including Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. Whites brought them here, just like they brought the slaves from Africa, 'for a few dollars more.' These movie-title words describe the nature of the beast--selfish individuals willing to sell out a continent to others for the same reason. Now I know that not all white North Americans are greedy that way — that they are willing to change their community to keep their jobs. You couldn't have pulled off this race-mixing importation stuff and consequent silence in the future in Russia.

Still there are enough white nationalists in North America to put [t]hings right when push comes to shove. But now is not the time to jump on any warmongers' bandwagon led by the same wagon masters' that created the multicult mess that can only be properly fixed in isolation and separation of the already dis-United States, causing trouble everywhere.

White racists do not support Islamists or any of their brutal methods. However, that doesn't mean we should join any coalitions or crusades to save the international Jews and globalist pals into bringing their new world order. If Muslims want to turn their clocks back to the seventh century and let the Earth lay fallow to recover in their new primitive lands, that's fine with me. At least there won't be an Immigration Canada office in this new caliphate.

The maleness of this new no-go zone territory called the Islamic State, sprouting up from North Africa to Iraq and down to the Sinai Peninsula, makes fools of the "angry white man" back home living back under feminism to be fighting a state that would give him a house, a wife and a concubine. So, you're taking bullets for women's rights? I presume your original misery, that also brought on the "whites-in-a-minority" status society; you just can't be doing that, or make any sense of your life.

You'll notice that all the media pundits avoid the male-state allure of "ISIS" where a guy's rights are supreme under sharia. Even some women are seeking male domination by men are conspiring to join and mate in the all-male state, compared to the rest of the world. Muslims are a natural target in their get-ups and mosque attendance and yes, it's true: you are not one of them, no matter how much they smile. Exclusiveness, particularly controlling their women, they will out-populate us and develop their own areas of total neighborhood control, leading to territory, next. We will share this continent with other races and religions. Jews are even more condescending towards or Gentiles of any race. Expulsion is difficult, but separate we must — that's the task of white nationalists to be the anchors anywhere we live to preserve it for our homelands, just like the Eastern Ukrainian Russian-speaking Slavs fighting the globalist bankers' Jew Kiev regime trying to expand their new world order.

Don't be fooled; don't fight for your enemies over there. Fight against them here.



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