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“After eighty, every year without a headstone is a milestone”


—    Estelle Getty 


It makes no sense for white racists to support or fight for New World Order globalists and oppressive feminists to fight a war against primitive, patriarchal new-kid-on-the-block ISIS patriarchs. Any "white nationalists" in favor of such a war are repeating the white racists' mistakes of the past. Pandering to war-liberals and neocons to curry favor with our anti-racist opponents is sheer madness; praising the oligarch Russian Jews "Put-In" [sic] is sheer craziness— or a conspiratorial machination. Lauding a brutal now-communist multicult Syrian dictator of a French colonialist-created country is undermining and confusing for white racists everywhere. However, that's the situation foolish white nationalists are in now throughout white Western countries.

Racism is as natural as breathing, It is the essence of all ethnic groups on Earth. Even when aggressors' empires form, they only last a few hundred years, tops, before their various racial and ethnic components break away as Nature intended, into new states. Forced, unnatural multiculturalism by the military merchants' one-size-fits-all complex is the bane of white race survival, as our recessive DNA was not meant to intermarry nonwhites — which never produces white people again. As the clever JB Stoner of the Thunderbolt once said, "Race mixing is forever." White nationalists must take confidence in their own natural ideology as racists and not continuously curry favor with the bigot cowards who are quick to apologize in the dumbest phrase in the English language: "I am not a racist." White racists are the bedrock of many politicians: Donald Trump, included. Without their base and backing, Trump would have apologized for his outbursts many, many times by now.

Racism is gaining ground everywhere that the anti-racist hypocrites rule. Now is the time to be unflinching and dedicated in our beliefs, connected directly with the natural order on Planet Earth. We have nothing to be ashamed of and no one to apologize to because we are in tune with Nature. All of our supporters are childish dreamers and scallywags disconnected from Nature's rules, which they unfortunately find out about many times, if you read our black-on-white Crime Page. The violence in a "race-mixed" society never ends, requiring a police state to keep the anxious "race-mixed" population "safe." Everyone wants to be liked, especially white racists, but to run up to cowardly bigots and feminist war whores to offer support in a fight against pumped-up "God-believers," with no God at your side, just "human rights" tribunals, is nuts. Unfortunately that's the case with many so-called pro-white advocates and their websites eager to get on the anti-Muslim bandwagon, pillorying their most chaste women from a fatherless, impotent white male society. Some have gone so far as to embrace the commies' anti-racist deadly word 'diversity' as if that can be explained away by some convoluted rationale that will make you not a racist, like former KKK Grand Dragon and media-acknowledged icon of scared whites, David Duke. When you have to start weaving and conniving and parsing words like Bill Clinton — " It all depends on what is, is" — you've lost the argument and your pride with your me-too anti-racist suck-holing.

Natural racism won't go away, just like the rain. Childish wishing and cumbaya moments won't change racial realities as long as Man is around. Racism is for everyone, and should not be criticized when non-whites (Black Lives Matter) use it. They're not afraid of their women like the dwindling white men are. Macho warmongering doesn't change the situation, but only elevates the importance of racism, the only ideology that can defeat and/or splinter any religion, as the schismatics and divisions in the "God-believers'" ranks show. White racists are the new anti-war proponents; they know that all foreign meddler incursions mean more "race-mixing," there and here. Anyone supporting such globalist-feminist wars is not a friend of the white race, but a me-too opportunist looking to get more enemy media coverage for their egos and shekels. That's not our style here at the Nationalist Party of Canada. Our mission is to guide white racists through the morass of controlled disinformation and false prophets, for white peoples' peace and prosperity — without traitors in the lead.

We are succeeding.



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HEIL KAHANE by Yiar Kotler (Adama Books, 212 pages, hardcover)

Rabbi Meir Kahane was Israel's answer to Hitler, and his son Benjamin carried the torch for him after he was assassinated in 1990, only to be assassinated himself in 2000. The establishment parties of the religious racist-cult state Israel adopted many of Kahane's  Kach Party's policies after his death.



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