"A house divided against itself cannot stand"

-- Abraham Lincoln 


by Don Andrews

Of course, there is a white man's way, from their cradle nations (Ireland to the Urals, Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. and every thing in between), you can count certain life-ways that you and your family will be generally safe, and no one will eat your dog. The old saying "that's mighty white of you" is no longer, due to ordinary white women's naive and deadly anti-racism supported by globalist rich whores. White men are always out to please "m'lady", even if it means extinction for the whole race. That's how lonely, needy and neglected they feel, that the only solution is to bring the whole world and its riches to their dames, even if the planet is plundered. Eighty percent of all globalist polluting commerce is directed to white women and their fantasy needs.

The whole white race is cuckolded. You can tell by the "dandy" way men have dressed over the ages: men in tights, men in frills, men without trouser belts -- More and more feminized, while still staying mean to control patriarchal nonwhites in their original costumes styled for a thousand years.

The White Man's Way elevates their weak, spoiled women to equal say in life-threatening matters through the franchise -- the final nail in the coffin of the once-great "angle people"  DNA-recessive white race that racemixed charlatans will turn into some kind of religion and worship on a future day.  It's not just skin color, you fools -- it's a mindset supported by their DNA that motivates the White man not to race-mix with other races. or lose their identity. Most white women couldn't care less until they're surrounded  by nonwhites and their different lifestyles that they can now practice without whites' restraints, mores and laws. That's the White man's Achilles' Heel that needs to be protected with the water of the River Styx.

White racists are that holy water, appearing at just the right time to save their people with a common sense, good will and fair play that will protect that Achilles Heel and save the body of our people. However, we must not repeat the mistakes of the past by jumping on the Nazi repetition wagon which failed miserably and big time, making everything harder for the white racist survivalists to overcome their cruelty and unwarranted over-confidence.

First, let's not jump into any anti-patriarchal Muslim wars. We will lose in the long run; mercenaries will never totally destroy God-believers, especially when almost two billion passive adherents are watching their fundamentalist believers slaughtered in a pro-martyrdom Semitic men's religion. Martyrs always get more recruits, even centuries later. Wars against God-believers is a lose-lose situation: look how Roman-persecuted Christianity spread, even when white women felt sorry for the Jew Jesus' liberal Semites, thrown to the lions that Christianity conquered Rome through Caesar's bedroom. Once this women's religion was in power the merchants became prominent and the search for more goods and services (loot and slaves) gripped the white world that the supposedly manly mean Vikings participated. White colonizing always came second. White men will have to start criticizing their wild white women if they don't want to become insects like occasionally breeding drones in a fast-approaching Queen Be white society.

I like the candor of our Slavic white race family members ; they tell it like it is, no, not the globalist liar/hypocrites. The ethnic nationalists in Poland and Hungary, too, who know the foolishness of commie-feminist doctoring of the equality of the genders of the nation-wrecking utter stupidity of "multiculturalism" and wimpy and idiots' "diversity". There's hope, still: where it's really needed in this effeminate Anglo world with the selection of Donald Trump by traditionalist white Americans who are way ahead of the President's globalist cabinet and his warmonger advisors. Hopefully, Trump will realize this at his next rally that he will hold while the globalist/anti-white media race traitors hold their annual dinner.

Nationalism, populism and isolationism are what whites need to get their gender role-house in order, before the rest of the nonwhite world takes it over. Think about it.

And tell Trump .... we will.


Books Don Andrews Has Read:

THE HISTORY OF WITCHCRAFT by Montague Summers (Senate Books/UK, paperback, 313 pages). How the Catholic church tried to eliminate witchcraft and heresy.

THE HEIRS OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD by Barnaby Rogerson (Abacus, paperback, 366 pages) The early days of Islam's leaders.

THE LITTLE IMMIGRANTS by Kenneth Bagnell, General Publishing, 256 pages, paperback: the story of English kids brought to Canada to work in terrible conditions.


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