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“The bigger the dog, the happier the flea”


—  Robin Skelton



By fate and destiny, I'm writing as a citizen of the most servile globalists' state in the world Canada. This country is in the grip of war-whore feminist voters with the only machismo shown being in hockey, and in mercenary foreign missions for others' world interests in any war across the globe. White nationalist male bigots are too blind to see that our foreign interventions have caused the deaths of hundreds and thousands from the nineteenth-century Boer War to fighting ISIS Islamists in the Middle East today. Canada seems to be a storehouse for human cannon fodder and a wellspring of uncritical support for any one-world-order agenda where suckers and naive fools are needed, whether it's room and space for the greedy nonwhite immigrants recruited by anti-white racist bureaucrats meddling overseas, or globalist policies at the UN on Israel or the Ukraine.

Do you think that a few hundred expensive bombs on primitive anti-globalist Islamist targets will change anything in the Middle East? Canada's human and financial sacrifices didn't change a damned thing in Afghanistan, except to prove to fundamentalist Muslims there that we are the enemy while driving the avaricious to seek asylum, repopulating our country in the thousands. The same goes for all other foreign invasions, from Korea to Somalia, it's always the same: We go there, they come here, while Canadians watch their meddler 'heroes' return in boxes and billions go up in artillery and jet smoke for another failed mission. Thousands are homeless and/or depending on food banks. How many Canadians could have been helped with the about forty billions wasted in Afghanistan alone?

There is a lot of hand-wringing hypocrisy in this country by leftist progressive politicians and pundits for the poor, but none of these mama's boys and girls ever mention the total waste spent on a military that is constantly used as stooges by the UK, UN and US bullies' contrived conflicts were we have no business to interfere in, let alone send our troops there for combat, no matter how Harper and his Tory stooges spin the term while engaging in hostilities against "stay at home" opponents who want to be left alone by the UN, UK or US globalist imperialists.

White women voters of Canada, especially Anglos, are the worst offenders in backing all this costly, violent and open-door nonwhite immigration flood. Curse the day they were allowed to vote, as they have betrayed white society standards and communities across the land. Now, they want to change Canada's national anthem to be gender-neutral, taking more male identity-pride for the foolish grunts who defend our land in "all our sons' command" way over there somewhere. The idiots' theory is that, if we fight hem over there, they won't come here, except all their national traitors (interpreters, torturers and their greedy) when the mission is over. The last days of this servile phenomenon are coming to an end soon as the old vets who fought in "The Big One," the white-fratricidal World War II, are dying off and their veterans halls are closing. Look around, guys — in your neighborhoods or on the crime page, and tell me you weren't fools to participate in killings that would lead to your own cultural and racial demise; your feminist wild women won't do it.

Next to Australia, Canada is the most servile white state in the world for globalist warmongers, probably due to the nature of the DNA of the early settlers' "Yes sir, no sir, two bags full sir" population who were used to taking orders from the powerful rich and their policed society. White racists must abandon old traditional failed policies and agendas of former failed patriotic groups. They haven't worked to stem the nonwhite tide of immigration or stopped costly globalist missions, especially now, since the gung-ho war parties are full of globalist Jews who hate us. If we try to imitate their exclusive-bigot racism that extends to all the "goy." White racists stand alone in their common sense, natural ideology of racism that won't fail us, as anti-racist morons and their barren women disappear daily in the obituary columns. Every day we are getting stronger in the minds of whites facing the multicult crowd outside, outstripping any white baby-boom lost generation of naive race-mixers, losing our precious land to nonwhites.

White racists are the only ones now who "stand on guard for thee, Canada" as our anthem says.



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