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The seven days prior to July 1, Canada Day, is Fly The Flag Week — a chance for Canadians to reclaim their heritage by publicly displaying our beautiful red-maple-leaf-on-our-white-homeland-background flag.

The other day I was driving and saw an interesting flag abandoned on the road. I always fly a small Canadian flag for myself, so I wanted to see what foreign flag was being flown by some driver in Canada. It turned out to be a green and red flag from Guyana with the word "Guyana" written on it, so that the natives would know the name of the British colonialist-construct state. I kept it as a souveneir [sp] under my car seat. I ran into someone from Guyana, an East Indian. Sure enough, it was someone I knew, an older tenant, and I was able to offer it to him. But the arrogant immigrant sniffed at it, saying that he had no use for it, and that "I am a Canadian." I told him that I was miffed at his rejection of his heritage with that "I'm-a-Canadian" crap. I asked him, "Did you follow the Limeys to do their work wherever they conquered?" That put him at a moral disadvantage, since most East Indians were deposited around the British Empire by the globalist British imperialists for cheap labor. That's what's happened in Canada now. They're replacing the hedonistically-barren whites of Canada who are used to white society standards of living, replaced with a more Third World coolie class that's more profitable and manageable with bullets and bayonets than the free and just-spirited white man.

Don't let our red and white banner fall into Third World hands. I don't want to hear about the Union Jack and the Red Ensign, the flags of the elitist traitors who betrayed Canada. White racists should not rely on failed and treacherous symbols of the past. Canadian flag-flying shows your patriotic nationalist spirit and your own patriotism to the white society of the safe open doors of the Sixties — when the white people chose this flag as a new beginning, without the trappings of the British multicult monarchists and forever-mercenary military service for the "race-mixed" Commonwealth and the United Nations. It's the only new Canadian symbol that has garnered respect across the world. The Canadian white population chose it in good spirit, hoping for a white society future — even if they are betrayed by politicians with a globalist agenda. There should be no discussion of what is the flag of white nationalism in Canada — it's our red-maple-leaf-on-our-white-homeland-background. End of story. On Toronto's leafy green streets, the red-and-white maple leaf flag stands out, with pride and gusto, flapping and blowing in the wind into inumerable [sp] positions. It's magnetic; it's so simple, yet so smart. There's few places in Canada where you won't find a maple tree, whose leaves will remind you of our flag.

Yes, this our land and our flag. Let the world see you fly it proudly and with glee in your heart, whenever you come home or go to your car. I love it. Fly the Canadian flag this week, and show your colors.



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