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“A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work”


—   John Lubbock  


Notice how hard the race-mixers are arguing against closing the borders to Ebola? White racists have another opportunity to petition the globalist regimes to do the very same and to show the populace that white racists are for isolationism and their own homeland's prosperity while race-mixers push for Ebola's spread, having already brought HIV from Africa and SARS from China to us.

The elites are worried about their profits, the denigrating of their destructive global economy with free trade deals that bind countries thousands of miles apart, causing all kinds of traffic and pollution. At the same time, these free trade deals make local economies unsustainable, making them dependent on foreign cheap labor thousands of miles away, as their own poor languish in coffee shops, having long forgotten what a daily full time job is. Racists should point out the arrogance of the elitist regimes' experts who can't be trusted to tell the truth because of their political correctness and consequently endangering the public and making society anxious for fear of hurting some commie group's feelings. This cowardly attitude stretches all the way to the police, who are bound by anti-white politically correct anti-racial profiling roles that let criminals get away for fear of offending some over-criminalized minority. Our prisons are full to the max with disproportionate numbers of whites and white guards, reminiscent of some future "Django Unchained."

The ideological fight in this society is between meddlers and patriots. Those who want to go around reorganizing the planet on unnatural rules and keep bringing their failures home, whether it's Afghanistan, Libya, or now, ISIS and Ebola, to make us diseased and threatened. It's a women's way anyway you cut it and the diplomatic dilettantes and military grunts are just dumb tools in an exercise of futility, if you look at the results. Mostly effeminate Canada is one of the worst offenders for bloody "boots on the ground" to do the globalists' dirty work. It's nothing to be proud of, killing people for ideas you fear if the world that may come to your shores because some globalist masters told you to. The veteran's wards' suicides and public apathy don't make for much of a victory. It's just madness to act as if you're a henchman of some internationalist New World Order and at the same time pretend you're sovereign and independent. Bullshit baffles brains-- but not for long.

Nothing but ridicule and approbation should be hurled at the anti-ISIS worriers and their fans fighting over there to bring more here, blowing billions on military missions while people line up at food banks back home, who aren't too worried about ISIS, by the way. They mainly threaten the banksters, with their literal Koranic new male Islamic state where usury is a sin. The main propagandists of these anti-isolationist idiocies are the media bastards who can't be trusted for anything — except that they're against you as a white racist and should always be considered an enemy, especially when they're nice to you. Multiculturalism brought crime to Chicago in the Al Capone era, with black gangsters shooting at each other in public places, leaving innocent bystanders dead. On top of that crime fight-constraining anti-racial profiling rules make the public ignorant of the rising dangers of black crime hidden by journalists propagandizing 'white privilege' attitudes as natural as breathing. Wherever you look, race-mixers have failed. The unnatural white self-loather meddlers have overpopulated the planet and created an unsustainable. over-commercialized planet whose multicult society is falling like the Tower of Babel. saving the Earth.






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Forget the “military industrial complex” — these kids could defeat those so-called ISIS thugs

in about an hour with nothing more deadly than the “Stick of Truth



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GUNZBURG: Austrians Routed Near the Danube


October 9, 1805, when Marshal Ney's corps carried the brigades over the Danube, near the town of Gunzburg, driving off the Austrians with a loss of 300 killed and wounded and 1,000 prisoners.





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