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Our nature consists in movement; absolute rest is death”


—   Pascal


You know that whites can't take race-mixing — it's Nature's punishment for sliding back to savagery, without the help of white man's dictatorships and ideologies, religious or otherwise. That's why if you care about Nature's idea of race and the multitude of ethnicities and their desire to live harmoniously separate, you know that a pro-race-mixer American president will be detrimental to your health and survival. Just look at the anxieties and hopelessness that all individuals have in a multicult "race-mixed" society, whether it's in South Africa, India, Brazil or Mexico; fear rules the day at dusk and dawn and no one is safe.

I saw Bernie Sanders, the old George Burns lookalike Jew, wanting to play God of America at a town hall meeting with internationalist media/CNN moderator Anderson Cooper, also a Jew, feeding Sanders boy scout questions and receiving boring pablum answers from him. However, when a  planted audience member's question came from a younger Bernie, asking him how Sanders could bring in the evangelicals and the racially-motivated, the old commie Jew[ish] senator only considered the nonwhite racial concerns and pointed out how as a young student, he wanted blacks to have racially mixed dormitories (it turns out now that blacks are setting up their own exclusive racist dormitories in colleges — so much for Bernie's efforts.) The old pretty-boy Jew Cooper jumped in to smear all whites with this interracial idiocy by commenting on how young white men "like you and me" went to help blacks. How amazing — Bernie Sanders didn't object to being called white, even when he's participating in bringing our race to extinction. But don't expect him to identify with them otherwise. On the matter of how to woo the evangelical vote, Sanders wandered off into vagaries about his faith that even Jew commentators in Israel thought were pretty vague. What do you expect from a commie — white racists and evangelicals? They don't count with Bernie, and there's no hand of friendship or understanding toward any of these groups concerned with race and religion.

Being a commie feminist, Bernie Sanders is all for an anti-"ISIS" war
from ground and air, by buying mercenaries from Arab regimes to get the old "God-believers" holding insignificant little parts of the world to lay fallow for natural resurrection. So much for the old hippie/commie peace movement phonies and pro-war whores now. Sanders and the "love generation" failed us, and to prop up that diseased body would be a four-year Weekend at Bernie's, referring to the cult hit movie about two young men dragging a dead guy around his house and pretending he's alive.

Bernie looked very shaky on stage. and his face was as sallow as the last sleepy Alzheimer's of Ronald Reagan's second term of his presidency. Bernie's vice-presidential running mate, Hillary, for party unity, would love to step in. Then you'd see a new anti-war movement led by white  isolationists, not commie internationalists. Bernie went on about he was concerned about police shooting blacks and crime going up in a "race-mixed" society. I was thinking, who is he talking to — dumb PBS bitches and deluded artsy-fartsies? Everyone nowadays is scared of blacks. You saw how fast the feminist protesters ran away from the Black Lives Matter thugs. I haven't seen a "race-mixed" pro-black or pro-Latino demonstration anywhere for a long time, have you? If there's ever an outrage perpetrated by a racist or a government-protected vigil is required, even then. it's mostly anti-male or made up of naďve white women. The unnatural "kumbaya" days are gone and will never come back unless aliens invade the planet. All of that generation — including Bernie, will soon be dead. Fortunately for white racists, the tide has turned and neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton will be able to bring back their deadly "race-mixer" policies.

Nature prevails. [ Related ]



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A rampaging elephant in an Indian slum, in search of roti and pissed off at being shot in the ass with a tranquilizer gun, tramples a few hundred bicycles as he searches for an afternoon snack.


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