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“You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough”


   Joe E. Lewis

It's like the trailer for the latest X-Men movie from the media and entertainment industries with their needed golem (superheroes) fantasy, which states, "This time, the battle is against a god", a jingoistic subtle hint to the unwashed masses of the globalists' battle with Islam's god, Allah. The globalist elitists' scheme to control the world through a secret society cabal is almost complete, with the exception of a few rebellious primitive areas now splattering out to the 'civilized world', thanks to the frantic, fearful over-reactions of the one-world elites, a new world order where the peoples of the globe are equalized to a hopeless serfdom. No one ever talks about a First, Second or Third World anymore; it's just one globalist Walmart of non-believers threatened by couple of million "god-believers," if that. Osama bin Laden said that the world was divided between believers and non-believers. Certainly the Western wold is run by God-lip-serving non-believers. And the public is no better since they have been bombarded with anti-reliigious rhetoric for three generations. It'll be very hard to re-institute religious zeal of conquest or defense as a motive for victory against God-believers, when they are patriarchal against the matriarchal non-believers, stymied by their religions of Christianity and Judaism. Mohammed was the patriarchal reaction to ruling "Judaism lite" Christianity; Islam swept through all race-mixed areas until they came up against white, stern, women-worshipping God-believers.

Today we have the same patriarchal reaction from the race-mixed world who want to put their areas back to medieval times, like fallow fields without the aid of Oxfam, Save the Children or all the other zillion white meddler charities who want to make more of them as we contemplate less of us. Every people deserves its own land of existence, without the hypocrisy of Star Trek's first directive (not to interfere in others' culture or history, also the mantra of the media's Superman movies). White racists know that to have a white society, we must have white privilege, otherwise, we will become just another cruel, capitalist caste-ridden India. Remember the words of the wise men who wrote in the Baghavad Gita: "Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races, out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory, out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding, and out of that, all troubles." White racists are special people -- they are true believers of nature's rules, which you ignore at your own peril; it's worse than cursing any god. White racism is the final bulwark against any cruel male genital mutilation religion, because race is all. that not even Allah cares to stifle, as any Muslim caliphate or broken empire has found out. Some, like the Kurds and the Baloch and the Berbers, are still fighting for their independence.

Today, globalism is the main threat to white race survival, and if a "race-mixers'" caliphate is helping to being down the New World Order, I'm not raising a finger against them over there. I just want to restore peace and white racial dignity and identity to maintain a white society, wherever white men live and have the desire to establish it.

Let's work on that.



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