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“Manners are the hypocrisy of a nation”



Whites are at a fork in history today — one road leads to extinction through assimilation and the white self-loathers' 'Modern Family"; the other leads to a dwindling population respite and a potential renaissance in new all-white countries.

The death road is very real, with a recessive DNA in any race mixing with nonwhites. Our breed of human species is finished, White mental rot began in the fifties and sixties, first with race mixed Latinos being introduced through the media's entertainment industry, where every Hispanic was a saint. Compare that to the reality in Mexico today. Then, that same race mixed one world order elite globalists' idea was introduced with blacks as our downtrodden equals and betters: Sidney Poitier would build you a church for nothing in Lilies of the Field or turn your white daughter — "How can you thank someone who has taken you from crayons to perfume?" the theme from To Sir With Love. The stage is set for lots of race mixing. At the same time, whites were told not to have too many kids because the planet was already overpopulated with two billion on it, which everyone thought was terrible. It made for a good excuse for 'Not tonight, honey.' Now there's eight billion, but the oligarch globalists are in charge of the whole world — except for a few square miles of arid land. that their only armed opponents, primitive ISIS, controls. When was the last time you heard any commie feminist, male or female, worry about today's Third World overpopulation now that the white man is down. But wait — there's a better road — the one that leads to a revival of white culture, now paying homage to others; nature is taking over unnatural multiculturalism, and anything that has been forced together will eventually fall apart like a piece of furniture. Whites in America have found a voice to trumpet their cause and their cause is survival, the most basic instinct of all as a society, as a people, as a neighborhood that you can safely sleep in, where mayhem and murder are history tales. America is the best place for a white revival, where a white morality reigns supreme and every job from the lowest to the highest is done by whites, no matter how long it takes, or it will not be done.

Anti-racist white self-loathers are beside themselves, ready to pull out their hair as they squint and narrow their brows, shaking their heads at Donald Trump supporters who are too simple in their natural attitude for these weirdos to understand. White Americans are the most unknown element of all white colonialists, whether or not they're picked from places like New Zealand, where the guards and economic prisoners were "transported" to Australia, or Canada's "Yes Sir/No Sir/three bags full sir" British-approved settlers. Still, Canada did bring in about a half-million child laborers — the "home boys and girls" — from 1888-1938, whose seed now makes up the potentially rebellious "Eh?" crowd.

Everything now depends on the outcome of the American presidential elections on November 8, not too far away, when whites, men and please God, women, will come out to the "racists' roll-call" for their future. Just keep thinking as you vote: white privilege or bust — because without it your white lives will be a madhouse nightmare, worse than the depression and anxiety that you already feel about you and your children's white lives. For now. let's enjoy our enemies' discomfort as they try to understand nature through their fairy tale glasses and alert your friends and relatives and neighbors to the upcoming fork in the road for the white race in America.



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When you think of Hilldog . . . TWO WORDS . . . VINCE FOSTER




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