Whites32, don't let them take your racism away


So, when did it become bad to be white?

Not that long ago, if someone did you a favor and even added an extra consideration, a popular response was, "that's mighty white of you." So popular was the phrase that Colgate-Palmolive actually marked [sic] a toothpaste  "Mighty White." The toothpaste is off the market, and "mighty white" isn't used anymore.

It's just a small sign how whites have been cowed into being guilt-ridden and ashamed to be racist white people. Think about it for a bit: black/Afro-American, Hispanic, Amerasian, etcetera — these expressions have been part of the lexicon for some time now. But try saying "I'm white," just that, and then look around for the furrowed brows and angry expressions, perhaps a gasp or two from white women.

Clearly, white people have lost their collective direction when it comes to race and racist ideology. Who holds their head up these days and says "I am a white man" let alone "I am a white racist"? Years of media propaganda, in films, TV series, documentaries, even on the news, have tried to imply to us — and outright saying  — that we white people have no reason to be proud and therefore have no right to a racial identity or a right to preserve our racial integrity.

Part of being white racists and acting white means there are things that we do and don't do: we line up properly in orderly fashion when required, we don't spit on the ground, we don't sit in public with our legsopen like many arrogant nonwhites.

Even at times, the cowardice of whites shows through: every election we hear from those race traitors, "Don't vote for Don Andrews." This cowardice was underlined in the 1978 Toronto Municipal Elections. On election day, Don Andrews polled in second place. Under the rules at that time, if an elected mayor was unable to perform their duties in office, the runner-up got the job. Right after the results that year came out, there was a mad scramble to Queen's Park, to change the election rules to prevent that scenario from re-occurring.

Of all the right wing groups, only the Nationalist Party says that we are white, we have a right to express and advance the idea that it's good to be white and that we have a right to defend our future as proud racists, real racists who respect other races with common sense, good will and fair play. No other major groups — the KKK, neo-Nazis, nationalist organizations in Europe — no others have, espouse  or practice this concept of real racism each and every day. We also coined the phrase "the white man's way" — meaning, those norms of behavior demonstrated towards each other and to other races. such as promoting a society where white people do our own labor instead of importing thousands of people here to work for garbage wages and causing stress and needless expense and financial instability to our society as a whole and to the detriment of our society as a whole. When a race doesn't completely build, nurture and maintain a society solely on its own, but adopts a "diverse" multicultural construct, where there is no common way of thought, no common consensus, no bedrock or foundation of common values of morality, fairness, law, culture or living standards, that society is doomed. Indeed, the vilified white man has become the new ISIS — he and his racial pride are not worth mention or discussion, lest more whites start to get an awareness of natural racial pride. Racism is as natural as breathing, remember and it's okay now for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, to have and profess and promote their racial integrity, but now whites.  Now, we are supposed to feel guilty over the commie clichι of "white privilege."

Outside of real racists, how many whites stand up for their race? When did the boundless-in-compassion pope ever stick up for whites? The UK's Archbishop of Canterbury, like many Red-run "Christian" outfits, recently condemned white racism. It's okay apparently for Christians to hate, as long as it's whites sticking up for their dwindling race?

It's time to raise your heads and get off your knees, white people. It's time to speak out as we have for decades, to defend your natural right and your racial history, identity, integrity and heritage. White man, don't let these petty self-loathing jackals take your racism away.
It's your natural responsibility and your duty to be proud and unrepentant white people.

Racists never have to say "I'm sorry" — not should they, ever.



The politically-correct hypocrites who don't really mean it


Once again, the specter of war is getting a lot of space online and in print. And once again, rushing to the gates, are so many individuals and organizations and "movements" claiming to be against war and claiming to want it to end.

No doubt you've read or heard somewhere that "the majority" thinks that Canada, the US and every able-bodied person in the 'free world' must now take up arms and stop that massive Muslim uprising in the Middle East and Africa. But the majority isn't always right, and when that majority has as many of its spokesmen a bunch of hypocrites and phonies, well, we'd better look a bit closer.

Jimmy Carter was a president lauded pretty much for forcing the men in charge of Israel and Egypt during his administration — Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat — to shake hands and make peace. His term ended with the Iranian hostage crisis, as Americans watched the spectacle of their fellow Americans blindfolded and in captivity until a little after Ronald Reagan was elected. Lately, Carter's been pretty quiet, a no-show who can probably boast of his "accomplishments." He has been one of the missing-in-action voices on behalf of compromise and talking to your enemy, a tactic many believe led to the famous peace talks that eased tensions between bellicose Israel and its neighbors, for a while.

Then we have "
Anti-War.com" a great site if you want to know how many were killed in the battles between Western meddlers and Muslim fundamentalists like al-Qaeda and ISIS. But with them, like many other "anti-war" outfits, it's all about funding the site — every few weeks there's a PBS-style pledge drive — "We're almost over the top, but not yet". And yes, there's pro-Zionist/.anti-Muslim bias, complete with the phony term "terrorism" along with the latest spoutings [sic] of "Christian" war dogs like Pat Buchanan and John McCain.

And let's not forget the phony Christians, capitalists, feminists and war-lovers. In the eyes of many of these Evangelicals, on and off TV, it's the Final Battle of Christianity (them) against the anti-Christ (Islam) and every cent is needed to keep them from taking their so-called caliphate to the West. Never mind that real Muslim's couldn't give a rat's behind about establishing a world caliphate. All they want in their lands is a society of traditional women, patriarchy and the return of a lifestyle and religious practice that has been their way for thousands of years, and which did nicely, thanks, without TV, the Internet, Big Macs and Robin Thicke's gyrations.

Capitalists love war — ask any shareholder in Northrop Gruman, Martin Marietta, Boeing or any worldwide manufacturer and contractor of arms. planes, technology and weaponry/military hardware. Peace, real peace, is bad for business.

The feminists? The concept of any kind of patriarchy, where the man runs the show and is the head of the family and the local society, is anathema to them. They're happy with the effeminate, "harmless" metrosexuals and don't care about masculine men defending religion and tradition.  They run the modern anti-war organizations, whose rank and file are terrified of them a lot more than they are of al-Qaeda. They're quick to yap about alleged brutality of ISIS, while being a hundred percent behind nations who cowardly drop killer drones and level communities and destroy lives. They still love Barack Obama, who for all his tough talk, still is reluctant and scared to fight a mano-a-mano ground war against dedicated men fighting for their very souls and culture. Those who support them of both genders are politically correct, pro-interventionist, and not really against war and not really for "peace."

And there's the 'right wing' conservative think tanks whose people are popping up all the time on Fox News and elsewhere. If you truly are conservatives, guys why are you so hopped up on committing trillions of taxpayers' dollars worldwide and potentially, millions of lives fighting other conservatives? And you get a few guys like former Klansman and now champion on his site banner, of 'diversity' David Duke — phony right wingers who beat the drum for a war that basically benefits merchants, capitalists and the State of Israel? These groups and individuals include outfits like the Heritage Front and the many enterprises of Paul Fromm.

Any time someone comes up to you and tells you they're against war, question them to ascertain their real motivations. You will find, most likely, that white racists are the only ones apart from libertarians who truly are against meddling, interventionist wars fought to keep the elitist frequent-flyers and their wives living large.



There's more to life than sex


"Romantic love is our ersatz religion" — Henry Makow, Internet commentator

I have to agree with Henry. And who better to display religion in fictionalized for (not to mention how that 'religion' of romance, than the TV industry? “Those Jews” like David Sarnoff (NBC) and William Paley (CBS) and later Barry Diller (Fox) in charge of that medium in its infancy had to be very careful about how they introduced topics like sex (even among married couples)
. The word "pregnant" was censored. Yet by the 1970's, when there were single guys all over the dial, there was one thing that pervaded TV: going after that cute girl for the purpose of sexual conquest. Comedies had it as a dominant theme, but sex-obsession by single guys also crept into the night time soaps like 90210, Dallas and Melrose Place.

Think. How many hit shows can you name from the past decades were centered around, say, a single doctor trying to cure cancer or some other breakthrough? We had doctors, all right, and just like the single dads/surrogate dads of shows like Full House and My Two Dads, they were always "on the make."  On Happy Days, everyone was trying to emulate the sex success of "good-hearted" hood Arthur Fonzarelli, known as "The Fonz" to his friends and portrayed by Henry Winkler. On the old hit Family Affair (that went through a disastrous revival attempt a few years ago), "Uncle Bill" would leave the kids with his butler to go girl-hunting. On Friends and the currently-running Big Bang Theory, all the male leads are either chasing girls, being unfaithful, or in the case of BBT, trying to outwit women with their intellect — and coming up short.

NBC's Friends and its short-lived spin-off Joey were all about libido and bending-over-backwards to be cute and smart enough for women. The just-finished TBS /Comedy Network's cable  Ground Floor deals with skirt-chasing at a major banking concern. Men At Work is in a similar vein, with the women quashing the "men's" ardor at every turn. On Seinfeld, all the guys were after girls; it seemed each week Jerry had a new girl who he managed to offend, or just dumped her (one, because she was too much like him). How I Met Your Mother (CBS), for all of its life, has been all about sex, has already revealed who the "mother" is, and will wrap up as a series in May  (of particular are the amorous antics of suit-wearing straight guy Barney Stinson, played by gay actor Neil Patrick Harris).

Married guys were lustful, too. Look at Al Bundy of Married With Children, stuck with criminals-in-training-kids and a harridan of a wife, who ogled every mini-skirted voluptuous customer at his shoe store job. Also tempted by the ladies were the male spouses of Everybody Loves Raymond, Family Guy Peter Griffin, and even Homer Simpson lusted after a co-worker (played by Michelle Pfeiffer).

On TV, not that long ago, there was a rise in "spiritual"-based shows like Touched By An Angel, Joan of Arcadia and Seventh Heaven, that tried to place   morality as spiritualism as a substitute for sex, but they went away (there's a revival of that genre in the new screen films Noah and Son of God). Today, on all the networks, and more graphically on the cable channels like FX, Showtime and HBO, sex is everywhere. Thank mom and dad for raising kids today in a culture that promotes alienation and glorifies it for the sake of romance, and Henry Makow waxes on it with great insight in his ANU News Blog Managing the Make Sex Drive.

Not to belittle the natural (racist) attraction between men and women that in the real world is starting to wane and maybe cause our race to go extinct, but there is more to life than pursuing hedonistic sex 24/7. There's learning, imparting the history of our culture to our children and instilling pride in our history and accomplishments — and paying attention to mistakes we've made with an eye to not repeating them.



Nostalgia over real men


You say you're kind of tired of all the wimpy guys on TV? — the "Bromance," the "Non-threatening" males who look malnourished or chase after women with a shamelessness and arrogance that makes you remember how men used to be?

Don't turn to the old movie channels like TCM if you miss what real men used to look like and act. Just bear with me. There's a new crop of shows on that will remind you, all filled with rough, tough men who live in and try to conquest the wild doing everything from surviving the swamps to cultivating ginseng. Don't snicker. In the latter case, it can get you killed in the northeastern USA. On the new series Applachian Outlaws, there's hairy guys growing ginseng (a hot commodity down there), hairy buyers competing with each other to sell it, and hairy guys just plain stealing it and risking getting shot or arrested.

And there's the Hendersons of Duck Dynasty, now more popular than ever in the wake of Phil Robertson's recent pronouncements on homosexuality; over on Swamp People, they tangle with gators and snakes (it's just a lifestyle) and on Yukon Gold, braving cold temperatures in the hope of getting rich — what's more macho than that?

Actually, there is one factor in a lot of these shows: the presence of a matriarchy, the wife or mom who runs the show, raises the younger ones of the family and occasionally breaks up the fights among siblings — in other words, the real on-an- off-screen power. And that's a shame, as it undercuts the manly image that was once common on TV and films. In today's fem-lib visual media, the women are everywhere — tough cops, mouthy bosses and scheming harridans who succeed at giving men (both wimpy and manly) a hard time. If you want to see real men today, your best bet is the old movie channels like Silver Screen or TCM: there, at least in drama, men act like men and look like men. It's a whole different world than the world of moviedom's chick flicks and comedies where guys are effeminate whiny oafs.

So, if you miss manly men, it's time to take a trip to the video store or check out the above-mentioned channels. They're out there, but may not be for long.



When you vote for Don Andrews, you're voting for yourself


Well surely you didn't expect me to root for the Fords. did you?

I'm a born-and-bred Torontonian, and I will also be running for civic office again this year. But you just know I will be voting and supporting Don Andrews for Mayor, a real fighter for white people.

It is said that any society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. Here, it's seniors, the poor and disabled, and as evidenced by municipal governments as far back as I can remember, they've been treated pretty shoddy. No one — NO ONE— can live on the basic pittance of $225 a month offered by the City of Toronto. Don Andrews will double the basic welfare rate for those in genuine need in Toronto. There's been a deafening silence from City Hall for years, the silence coming from councilors and mayors not asking for/working for an increase in welfare/disability benefits. They've been as little use helping the poor as our police were getting Toronto back on its feet during the ice storm. Did your councilor knock on doors, check on the disabled and poor during the worst days of the storm and see who's worst-off on your street?

Looking over the early candidates who have registered, I don't see any "name" or unknown candidates fore mayor speaking up for the poor, including Mr. We're-Not-Calling-An-Emergency Mayor Rob Ford, who delayed the help getting the lights on with the help of the army by not treating the ice storm as serious a crisis as it was, and denied needed funds and resources to Toronto when we needed it most. Our councilors and other civic officials were peddling like hell the concept of Toronto as a world class city. World Class? Hardly, when there were and are beggars on the streets literally freezing near death. No doubt, there will a lot to be said to that toward Rob Ford at every candidate's meeting he gets the cojones to attend. No doubt he'll have his standard obfuscating answer to every tough challenge to his incompetency ("You didn't ask the right question"); trying to pin him down on his failed mayoralty is like trying nail Jello to a wall.

As for transit that we need upgraded and extended, like in Scarborough? We need a mayor that'll push harder for the dough to Ottawa; they're already blowing billions on foreign aid, with nothing for Torontonians as politicians at all levels are trying to buy whites' votes. As for what we have now, those of you who use the TTC every day know how glum it is: no pleasant music piped in, no greenery in the stations, not enough seats to handle the rush-hour period (which is pretty much from early morning to early evening now). And while we're at Ottawa getting needed transit funds, let's have billions-waster Stephen Harper put aside some money for the poor of Toronto and to fund the essential services we were "forced" to cut back, to update our hydroelectric equipment, the streetcar tracks, to fill the potholes, and tend to this town's badly ailing infrastructure.

We can do more for Toronto's parks by planting inexpensive flower boxes; it's sad that the only time anyone pays attention or cares about trees is when they fall on power lines and black out whole areas of the city. That needs to change.

Liberals don't care much about anything — look at the sloppy job they did during the ice storm; except for photo-ops, where were they? And then there's that food voucher fiasco of Kathleen Wynne's: Nice job causing chaos across the city, Kitty. And they don't stand for anything, like generic "Happy Holidays" Christmas cards.

And for Pete's sake, let's let the police get tough on criminals — let them profile if that's what it takes (and it does) to find and arrest dangerous young criminals and deal with the results of years of federal government nonwhite immigration/multicult madness.

Every vote for Don Andrews is not a vote for Olivia Chow or Karen "Stingy" Stintz, it's a vote for yourself and an expression of your frustration of having to be relegated to Third World living standards in Toronto, where glass from towers fall, graffiti is slow to be removed (and taggers slow to be caught), and as we've just seen, those entrusted with our city in a crisis are terrible and dangerously incompetent.

Don Andrews is all for the poor people, the unlucky whites who are on the welfare rolls — after all, who will treat you better than a racist who respects other races?

Here in Toronto, vote for Don Andrews. I'll be running in Beaches this year, and we hope we can count on your support on October 27. If you're a real racist who treats other races with good will, common sense, and fair play, why not run for municipal office in Ontario yourself this fall?



"Family Channels" Need Parental Guidance


Film lovers are marking the death of John Hughes, a director who was instrumental in the 1980's with elevating "youth culture" (one of my favorite oxymorons) almost to the degree of a fourth major religion. With films from The Breakfast Club, in which group of punks from both genders vent their spoiled frustrations during weekend school detention) to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, which launched the career of Matthew Broderick (the live-action version of Inspector Gadget finished it), Hughes captured what trendies call "teenage angst" during the Ronald Reagan beating in the hearts of young neo-criminals. which was also being celebrated by all those slick Wall Streeters in the 80's and 90's, such as the vipers who ruined so many at capitalist temples like Enron and Tyco (the latter run by Dennis Kozlowski, who, like the recently-jailed Bernie Madoff, swindled millions and cried not so much as one glycerin tear).

In films, and now especially on TV, the young, immoral rebel-without-a-clue whose ambitions include aspiring to be criminals — and, if they're pre-, and teenaged girls, dressing and acting like whores in training, are all over the dial, broadcast, digital and satellite and have been for years. But let's focus first on the late eighties onward, when Fox Broadcasting, in its infancy, launched the first nighttime teen soap Beverley Hills 90210 (its remake is entering its second year on the CW network), about a Midwestern US family who move to you-know-where to get a taste of the good life. In no time at all, the young'ns Brendan and Brenda and their new spoiled pals were jumping from bed to bed, boozing, drugging, getting in car accidents, crime, everything they could to put mom and dad in the Cardiac Ward. And wow, was it COOL! 90210 was the most popular show on Fox until The Simpsons came along, and it spawned a slew of successors to this day: Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Felicity, and Gossip Girl, to name a few, and the coming-this-fall Vampire Diaries and (The New) Melrose Place — all aimed at that demographic of 18-49 (preferably teens) females so easy to sell clothes, cars and Gatorade to, and all while watching young people around their age act like immoral and amoral idiots, sleazeballs and sleazettes.

But most disturbing is the content on the so-called "family channels" — outlets like America's The N and Disney Channel and in Canada, YTV and The Family Channel. Here, in many of the "family" sitcoms (some of which run on ABC and other broadcast channels your younger kids have access to), you have spoiled brats running amok in The Suite Life of Zach and Cody, a young teen who has millions of fans as country rocker Hanna Montana (while disguising herself as an average teen); an Afro-American teen who gets in one spot after another despite having the ability to see into the future (That's So Raven), and that show's spin-off, about a black kid/hustler acting like Dennis the Menace in the president's (not Obama) pad (Cory In the House). In virtually all of these geared-for-the-young sitcoms, the adults invariably are: a) divorced; b) widowed; c) step-parents; d) "squares," or e) dim-witted, clumsy role models (and heaven help any kid who has a role model like them in real life, like the negligent parents of Hughes' Home Alone). Also, you never saw so many race-mixed young people raised in suburbia hanging out together and getting along so well. Anyone who knows modern America these days know that familiarity with one's own kind still rules in cliques of all races. Each episode is like a fast-forwarded "After School Special," each with a life lesson of its own, e.g. — love all minorities; parents are old-fashioned and tradition is for losers; and, since your folks will forgive you anyway, it's okay to disrespect and lie to them and/or break the law.

Then, there's fare like 90210 and DeGrassi: The Next Generation. The latter, a Canadian production, took its name after Cynthia Degrassi, an Italian greengrocer's daughter who escaped from rebels and snitched to Lord Simcoe during the 1837 Upper Canada Rebellion. From that bit of history, her name survived as the Toronto street where D:TNG (and its predecessor series) are set. Both shows are known for a surfeit of premature sexual content and a shortage of morals. It's a TV feminist course where hedonism rules and tradition and respect are things to be ignored, ridiculed or thwarted. The emphasis on sex and anything-goes makes these shows a lot more of a concern for good parents than any of the older teen-oriented series like Dobie Gillis or Gidget, which are harmless compared to the likes of today's teen soaps and sitcoms.

Remember, parents, you paid for the remote, so use it and help guide your teens to watching TV. Rule one: After your kids watch one or more of these kid-coms and dramas (all of which need a PG rating), sit down with them and talk about the episode they watch; discuss the "messages" both obvious and subliminal, and keep abreast of the plots. Also for future reference, jot down a few sponsors who buy time on commercial networks who air anything you find disturbing or offensive. Rule two: Get to know your broadcasters and those in government who regulate them (.e.g., FCC and Canada's CRTC). Write to them if your concerns aren't addressed by networks and stations.


A Friendship is as Unique as a Fingerprint


Each friend we make in our lives is a unique relationship, as unique as our fingerprints and our signatures; the nature of each one is such that we really don't think about it — until that person dies.

Last week, I lost a friend named Mel McCready, who died suddenly of a heart attack. I first met him as a supervisor when I worked at the Toronto East General Hospital in the eighties, along with "Clarke" Andrews (as he was known there). Mel was an affable, well-liked man who could be both "one of the guys" and yet still the boss. Many was the time he would walk in, the place being less than proper, while the guys were standing around and declare, "This place is a write-off.” He literally ran our department, and while being a regular guy, would not tolerate a dirty work area or half-assed job. He was a local legend, and when he went into hospital for minor surgery people from many hospital departments went to his bedside to wish him a speedy recovery.

Later, I knew him as a social friend, and he was a most interesting one. He had a keen sense of justice and right and wrong, and if you did or said something he felt was out of line, he let you know about it. He was, like me, a trivia buff, and he gave me an idea for a trivia game that I later spent my spare time trying to develop for television. He was no a slouch as an "action man": facing nasty protesters at the Ernst Zόndel trial, he waded in, knocking the thugs around like bowling pins. He was an active sportsman, participating in a wide degree of sports from golf to fishing to billiards.

Mel liked a house that was in order and quiet. He liked gardening and today in his backyard, a still-growing sunflower attests to that.

Like me, was a cat lover and he was a helluva cook. He was a gracious host and tried to keep a sense of order in his east-end home. He could converse about anything in modern "culture" and many was the time whenever he was stuck on a movie, TV show or song detail, I was his "go-to" guy. I felt flattered.

I will miss Mel. Deep inside he was a good person, as were many of the people I have known and lost over the years, most of them in my political circle:

John Ross Taylor, whose effectiveness as a white racist and ideological authority earned for him from “ZOG” the sobriquet of "The High Priest of Hate.” To hear him talk about history, politics or ideology, there was not a microbe of hate. He was a kind, reasoned sage who shared many hours of conversation and wisdom with me. Always optimistic, he would occasionally say with great feeling "We've won, Bob! The Jews are through!” Despite a leg injury, he had the walking speed and vigorous energy of an Olympic hopeful and he will always stand tall as a mentor and a friend.

There was Jim Spearin, always a handy, beefy guy as adept at conversation as he was as a sergeant-at-arms; no one got out of line with him around, There was Jack Prins, a gentle giant of a man who loved his wife Sabina and once earned fame as wrestling's "Masked Marvel." There was Leo Jutting, the Dutch Aryan adventurer (a tribute placed on his grave monument along with our sun-cross symbol, who traveled wide and regaled me many a night over french-fries and gravy about his experiences in Australia and Canada. And there was "the Baron.” Axel von Strohl, who enjoyed the high life as a scion of a family descended from Swedish royalty.

Part of the meaning of any friendship is the part where we must endure the pain of when they leave us. We cherish their memories and spirit, and those who read the tombstones designed and worded in tribute to those we lose would be most interested as to the nature of who these friends were. The more memories we have of departed of our friends as individuals, the richer and stronger we are, as it sustains us through the period when we mourn their passing, and makes us better people. And the better a person is, contrary to popular belief, we can, just from knowing them and inheriting the knowledge and the sharing of their lives with us, get through the grief process easier.

Mel McCready — worker, fighter, sportsman, gardener, moral man, cat lover and friend, I shall miss you deeply. May God guide this part of your journey, and thank you for having made each of us who knew you a better person. Your spirit will dwell always within us.





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