ed-u-ca-tion :

From the Latin "Educa" — "to breed, bring up or rear," the process or art of imparting knowledge, skill and judgment (from WikiDictionary)


Teachers — they're the worst!

Say it loud, I'm peeved and not proud.

Seen your kid's report card lately? Aside from not being that little piece of cardboard we all dreaded getting three times a year, it's a great way to prove how incompetent, greedy, propagandizing and just plain rotten the so-called "educators" (the misnomer of the new century) are.

Ask your kids what they learned in school today. Can they recite the capitals of all ten Canadian provinces? Or at least ten U.S. state capitals? Or a few world capitals? To them, was Christopher Columbus still the man credited with discovering America or nothing more than "an evil white exploiter of natives?"

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Teachers these days are an active lot — whining and threatening to strike with alarming frequency, always yapping over leftist cause and non-white crisis, pushing anti-family agendas, pro-gay garbage, women's lib, and travesty of travesties, politically correct history (e.g., nationalism is bad — it caused the Holocaust™; Castro liberated Cuba; the whites who died in the Old West from Indian massacres got what they deserved, etc.). Even the lying kosher Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends morning show has an ongoing project where they ask viewers to send in politically-correct/false history books to challenge the publishers and the teachers disseminating B.S. to kids.


Things are the same up here. Once, teachers (and even the vice-principal) were respected authority figures. They did their jobs, they didn't whine about their wages or the god-awful situations in Africa. They didn't worry about planning their next frequent-flyer vacation or maybe retiring on a sunny beach just like on insurance and Viagra commercials. They did make sure you paid attention, that you did your homework and assignments and didn't "twitter" or otherwise waste your time in class. And Lord help you if you didn't; when I was a kid, the principal’s office was more fearsome than the boogeyman.

So many of today's teachers, products of or sons and daughters of baby-boomers and hippies, harp at kids to help keep the Earth green while hopping on air-polluting jets to vacation yearly in Antigua or Cuba. That's all gone now. Schools have become so emasculated, where women have taken over as principals and as teachers, turning their backs on real education and classroom discipline for civics lessons like Why It Took America So Long to Put a "Black" Man in the White House. Marks? Forget it. Students don't have to worry about maintaining "B" or even "C" averages, and the biggest new worry in education isn't the quality of education, if you believe the June 6 Toronto Star — it's the fear over so many students getting suspended and ending up in a gang and/or with a gun and later, a jail cell or a grave. Discipline and enforcement of proper behavior has gone now, as now cops are a growing presence in Canadian schools, just to keep non-white punks from killing each other along with the white students.

You pay for the schools and the educational systems, municipally and provincially. Among the "goodies" that are part of the 2009/10 Ontario education budget are $7 million grant to a project called Schools Helping Schools, a program twinning high-performing schools with low-performing schools (i.e, race-mixing into mostly non-white-pupilled schools; hope part of that will be for metal detectors). Another $10 million goes to "provide additional learning opportunities outside the classroom" ("What! They want to bus you to the new Human Rights Museum out West?"). Globalists love our education system and give it high marks; no doubt they haven't heard of, or care for, what it's like to get an education in Regent Park or C. W. Jeffreys High School, where the phrase "devoting your life to learning" has taken deadly meaning for over the past three decades.


These damn multiculturalism-shilling teachers who whine for more money, more time off, ad nauseam, come from the generations that brought the world to Canada and ended up turning schools into houses of horror for white kids (especially white teenage girls fearful of rape) and wide-open mayhem-filled sanctuaries for drug dealers, non-white gangs and "gangstas." The blurring of sexual genders and sexual orientation has taken place of teaching morals and manners, where anything with a pulse has to be respected, and in some cases for the sake of political-correctness. must be bowed and scraped to. That sucking sound you're hearing is the money flying out of your wallet to pay for it.

An overall increase in "educational spending" for 2009-10 has been set to $14.2 billion — your money. And here's where it won't be going: Teaching languages and cultures like Latin, European history, the Renaissance, men like Michelangelo and DaVinci and their classic works of art. Musicians who made music — no, not rap stars, but Beethoven, Dvorak, Vivaldi and Chopin. Teaching about the exploits of Lewis and Clark, John Cabot, Amerigo Vespucci, Champlain, Henry Hudson. (Try the civil rights movement, the hippies and Vietnam, and oh, yeah, those Nazi guys). Forget about your kids learning of the horrors of Stalin and Mao, let's get 'em angry at Muslims and patriarchal ancient religious traditions, so they can fight wars and lose a limb or two or a life, just to put Starbucks, McDonald's and Gap stores on every corner in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan ... what else can you expect from a feminized corruption of everything that is supposed to be "education," poisoning our sons' and daughters' minds, and not teaching them or preparing them or even imparting just plain, old fashioned manners and consideration. All you are helping to create is yet another generation of selfish, spoiled emasculated men, butch women and frequent flyer joyriders only qualified to push our world into the last stage before Armageddon.

The old saying has a ring of truth: Those who can't, teach. Next year, Ontario municipalities will be re-electing school trustees. Time for you to get on the 'Net and find out who yours are. And if they're not doing their jobs — to see that education is a priority — let 'em know that December 2010 is coming sooner than they think...and that you're keeping a voter's eye on them.

And you (ahem) "educators" out there: next time you're ready to hit the picket lines, I hope you drain every last bit of your strike funds and then starve. You are a disgrace to education, a disgrace to teaching and a disgrace to Canada.

And you can bet the farm I'll be returning to this topic in the near future.



Cops Can't Protect Us


There's never a cop around when you need one.

Formerly a cliché TV line, it now has the ring of truth in Toronto and in many communities in Canada. Police are these days the politically-correct strong arm not so much of the law, but of the State, which cares little about the average citizen's rights. They also serve as modern-day Sheriffs of Nottingham, preferring the relatively safer role of tax collectors (tickets and fines) to fighting violent criminals, killers and gangs. They're up front when it comes to enforcing the new Nanny-state here in the Dominion — most especially the travesty that is occurring in Winnipeg, where the treacherous idiots in charge of Manitoba are trying to take a young girl from her family — all for wearing a swastika. No word from there about how well the local cops are dealing with things like native crime, poverty and violence (In Ontario, we just let 'em take over, like in Caledonia).


Locally, a 14-year-old black teen was shot to death in west-end Toronto in mid-May. the fourth in one month in that area. There were 75 police dispatched into the area — you guessed it, after the latest killing and Police Chief Blair was on the media hot seat again. Just days before, blacks were involved as suspected perpetrators and victims in a 'house party" shooting at a West Mall townhouse. And as in most cases, things don't look hopeful that those responsible will be caught, let alone stand trial or receive proper punishment.

It's a familiar pattern: Media launches hype over violence, instant and brief anger and response, then, silence, just as it was after the June Creba Boxing Day murder a few years back. And the only major change to federal laws that have been proposed lately are not tougher penalties for gangs and killers, but stepped up penalties for "promoting hate."


We have everything from punks tossing bricks on cars here, scratching and painting disgusting graffiti everywhere, and worst of all, miserable creatures of all ages killing, kidnapping, raping, rampaging, drive-by shooting and taking over whole sections of big cities. And where the hell are the police to stop that? You pay taxes, and one of the most important things that your tax dollars should go toward are those whose job it is and who swear an oath, to protect order, life and property. We pay their salaries, we pay to train them and for their uniforms and equipment. Taking care of the State's political agenda should be nowhere on their list.

According to the proposed $1.637 billion City Budget, $36 million is earmarked for "health and safety" ; check it out HERE .  That's a little over one-third that's supposed to be used to police Toronto. And as usual, it's never enough (just check the Toronto crime reports in Sunday papers).


Unless they're there in force (ETF or organized and too-few raids). police have a problem getting out of the relative safety of their cruisers and confronting criminals, especially the super-vicious ones who are the progeny of people we've been importing here for close to forty years now. Only now, and begrudgingly, even the media are starting to recognize that we have a race/crime crisis in Canadian cities.

We all know what the solution is vis-à-vis crime and violence and how police should handle it: That's for them to lay off the jay- walking tickets, and to get in the faces of the real criminals — the hoodlums and "gangstas" with all necessary and reasonable force necessary. Leftists will moan as they always do about the cops being an "occupation force." They don't seem to mind the occupation forces already here — mainly consisting of black and Asian gangs that rule with violence, intimidation and fear, Oh, yeah, and get we get police chiefs here more concerned with law and order than offending minorities?

And let's get the cops in the streets again, on foot beats, knowing the neighbourhoods and the people in them and to encourage them to help fight crime. Forget about the nanny state, just concentrate on the punks who are shooting, dealing and turning our environs into war zones. And let's hear less whining about how much it will cost, for the cost of not working toward a crime-free city is anarchy and fear.

Just hours before this column appeared, a major US news story revolved around the fatal shooting in Kansas of Dr. George Tiller, a late-term abortionist dubbed "Tiller the Killer." His alleged killer is now facing trial. In Woodstock Ontario, where the body of murdered 8-year-old Tori Stafford has not at this writing been found, new bumper stickers have been seen, reportedly saying, "Hang Pedophiles."

Things have come to this, with the law and our cops neither serving nor protecting, and a new anger among citizens emerging and growing, where people, feeling abandoned by law, right and justice, are taking the law into their own hands. It's a pattern familiar in history, whenever the elected among us turn their backs on the will of the people.

It all depends on a question we need to ask ourselves:
Just what kind of a city and a country do we want to live in?




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