No-Respect Reds Destroy Society


"Are you smarter than a fifth-grader / Or are you just a history-hater,


We don't respect nothin' / Since the commies took over our school"


With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, schools in this city and this nation are in danger of a lot more than under-funding. They are part and parcel of, and a microcosm of, how socialists and communists, all of them, from government to schools to the media, have ruined our society.


One of the chief dictums that communism holds dear as part of its formula for human conquest is the separation of the generations, and thanks to the Internet, video games, rock-and-roll, graphic TV and films — and the atmosphere in the schools and universities, has served the reds' purposes quite nicely. But we'll get into that more in a bit, for the reds all over society are not only as pervasive as skid-row cockroaches, but have proved to have a lot of staying power and stamina, thanks in large part to us.


The reds who have infested and/or dominated our institutions such as school boards, our own Toronto City Council, and the media, have run roughshod over everything from public safety, safe schools, respect for history, tradition and religion, And the media has done its part in supporting them, working arm in arm with the law to hide the ethnic identities of the perpetrators, so many of them being non-white youth (in media-speak: "urban" youth). The Toronto Star is locally the worst of offenders, wearing like a badge and carrying on a policy for years of not describing suspects and those arrested for violent offenses by race. In many cases, this policy put the entire community at risk and hampered police efforts to find culprits. In government, they've also engaged in the cowardly practice of not even compiling race/crime statistics — until now.  Imagine my surprise to learn in the November 15 Saturday Star that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government will seriously consider the collection of race-based statistics as a means of trying to fight youth violence. How do you like them apples? For years and years, White Nationalists have made the co-relation from open immigration into Canada and its insane multiculturalism - first policies to the steady growth of violent crime and other forms of urban decay. Now, reluctantly, the leftist media is squeamishly and sheepishly being forced to consider the race factor of crime. But…


Yes, but. There are also laughable proposals to set up liaison committees between cops and youth (both sides must be laughing their heads off at that one, a proposed $200 million to be set aside every year to set up and manage — wait for it — mental health services to try to help wayward youth and deter future criminals-in-training (with all the economies belly-up, I wonder how many lotteries will have to be set up to pay for this?) as well as "setting up spaces in cities so that youth can gather and play." Yes, I can see it now, with a social worker or off-duty cop at a table at a park entrance: Okay, Mister T-Dog, just put your Glock in that box, here's a basketball, now go shoot some hoops. Problem solved.


Lord help us. It's bad enough the reds brought them and their families' past two generations here and turned the young loose on the law-abiding among us, now they're recommending anything and everything (including another raid on your wallet) to mollycoddle these miserable little punks instead of getting tough and administering the law that emphasizes catching the criminals and punishing them harshly. Over at the Globe and Mail, there was another story on this black crime (oops, I mean "urban" crime) plague, in which the above-mentioned report cited racism as the cause of  black crime. Yup, us awful white dudes are on the hook again for not giving these 'misunderstood'  and their parents money galore, Afro-centric schools, lack of opportunity and the deed to North York years ago. I'm going to try to get my hands on this report and will be commenting on its findings and recommendations in a future column, but  for now, let's address the Lefty social planners in government and to a slightly lesser degree, print and broadcasting and the Internet who see society and its human population as lab rats to experiment with guided by their dangerous Marxist garbage that has directly led to our schools being transformed from educational institutions to propaganda factories and later, with the takeover of non-white gangs and guns, into free-fire zones. As far as I'm concerned, you're as much to blame for real for every Canadian man, woman and child who had to suffer at the hands of those you have let in here, and advocated letting into Canada since the Trudeau years. From Barry Cobby, who was killed years ago by black kid Paul Smithers, to the slimy punks who callously and remorselessly took the life of Jane Creba on Boxing Day  three years ago, you and your crappy egalitarian lies and bullshit are to blame. Not us, who have warned this city and this nation for years that Toronto and other major cities would soon mirror Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and dozens of U.S. cities where non-white gangs, drug dealers, pimps, rapists, robbers and killers have laid waste to.


Okay (deep breath) — Once more: Get rid of the Youth Justice Act — wipe it off the books, along with every punk-friendly law, set of laws, punishment guideline and loophole that lets these creeps kill and rob, then literally laugh at the pittance they receive as punishment. Put them away for life for murder.


In a way, I and other White Nationalists feel a vindication. There's no denying now that race crime is a serious problem that won't go away and can't be legislated or bought off. It will take cops getting tough with enforcement and all the tools they need — including racial profiling. Hurt feelings take a lot less time to heal than a bullet or knife wound. And, for our spoiled kids who have been soused some of the latest manifestations of letting socialism raise them, instead of mom and dad (the I-Pod), they'll have to either leave their high-tech toys and fashion that are targets for thieves at home, or continue to learn first-hand the joys of multiculturalism: A November 15 Globe story told of the rash of thefts of MP3 players, with one 17-year old girl so enamored with her new piece of high-tech hedonism that she actually said, "I'd rather be stabbed than give up my iPod." With our white youth bombarded by leftist education and media on one side and capitalists selling rock CDs, videos and I-Pods on the other, it's a rough fight we have, but one we must engage in.


Finally, we should all be mad as hell, and fight like hell against every liberal/leftist/socialist/communist school administrator, councilor, city official and media talk-show jerk and personality who perpetuates and promotes the climate that nurtures this insanity. For God's sake, don't just sit there in anger or trembling in fear at this suicidal stupidity of the dangerous red ideology of 'equality' being peddled everywhere from City Hall to schools to Much Music. If we have no qualms about allowing our armed forces to shell, bomb and level nations like Afghanistan, why are we so afraid to demand that our politicians spend our money to protect from the real deadly dangers in our own cities?


It is a sad hallmark of our drunk-on-matriarchy society that we haven't done squat to prevent the crisis we're now in and to put and end to it. Looks like it's up to the men — the real men — to show some real courage and tell the Reds in government and the media (and their women's lib whores) we've had enough.



Our health care's okay...kinda...too bad about yours, America


Many of us don't as a part of our daily routine get stressed or obsessed with our health or worry about getting sick or ending up needing medical care, thanks to having a health care system where we can be reasonably secure that we will be looked after in a better manner than in many other countries — including our neighbors to the south. Let's face it, we put a lot of faith in the ability of modern medical science to keep us healthy and to heal us when we get sick or God forbid, have an accident.


The Oath of Hippocrates, which all doctors take, says that "First, I will do no harm..." In spirit, that means that your doctor swears not to do anything or give you anything to hurt you or aggravate a medical problem. Yet contrary to the image we've seen for years on Ben Casey, St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope, Grey's Anatomy and House to name but a few medical dramas, doctors and the medical community (and by that, I'm talking medical institutions and the pharmaceutical industry, and those working and running care facilities for the elderly, too)  are far from noble.


Hey, when's the last time you ever talked to, met or even read about a poor doctor? Medicine, and its many sub-specialties, is pretty lucrative. Ask anyone who works for GSK, Pfizer, Astra Zeneca, Aramark, Bayer, Humana or any other big outfit even remotely connected with health care — even in sour economic times, they're doin' fine, thanks. Turn on TV and on every channel there's someone pushing a drug that'll prevent herpes, control diabetes, make your bones are strong (women only) or deal with that nasty case of erectile dysfunction (guys only). Pharmaceutical firms are pushing all manner of injection drugs and pill treatments, a  little more dignified than Ronald McDonald shilled Big Macs, but just like the crack dealer in the bad part of town, they still want you for their customer (they just dress better). 


Health care is America is a joke. Until the Wall Street crash, it was high on the priority list of many American voters who couldn't afford prescription medication, who couldn't afford medical care when needed, who waited for treatment everywhere from donor lists to emergency rooms. And I'm talking about white people, not just the homeless. The self-important arrogance of those of the medical community combined with the greed of Insurance/Health Plan scammers, large corporations who run medical facilities and hospitals, and above-named corporate pill-pushers have brought  health care in America to a "Code Blue" status now and for the foreseeable future. 


There are other ways to be sure that we need to improve health care. The Ontario Government, citing the big bad credit crunch in the USA and the ripple effect it always has up here in the tundra, just announced that it will put off the hiring of 9,000 full-time nurses and the establishment of fifty "family health teams" until next year. The projected net saving to the provincial coffers? A whopping $53 million dollars. By the way, there is at present a $500 MILLION provincial deficit. As for the folks in Ottawa, we faced a $160 billion health care bill in 2007, up from $150 billion in 2005. Meanwhile, over at the Defense Department, they're boasting of spending over $17 billion over the next twenty years keeping us safe from all foreign enemies (i.e., lobbing shells and killing peasants and leveling villages in Afghanistan before we leave there, if we ever do). Now the word is going down from Ottawa to the provinces that health costs must slash and burn their costs.


Just think of what we could do, all the people we can help with the dough we remove from these disgusting foreign mercenary missions. There is no justification for Canada to send our men and women in harm's way to ape the fanatical U.S. goal of shoving their "democracy" down other nations' and other cultures' throats at the point of a gun. 


Then there are the "Boomers" who are now seniors. They're growing in numbers, and many families will make the sad choice of committing them to the lonely human filing cabinets called Old Age Homes instead of going through the loving sacrifice of caring for them at home. Yeah, I'm really looking forward to spending my twilight years, God forbid, lying helplessly in my own waste and pushing a call button endlessly while the mostly Third World immigrant staff yaks about the latest music sensation or their weekend plans. There have even been reports of hospital  nurses being slapped, assaulted and called racial names (!), a situation that the Ontario Nurses Association has complained to the media about (Gee, I wonder why?). And on Friday, I read in the Toronto Sun that a child in North Bay Ontario is now at Toronto's Sick Kids' Hospital, the 207th case of E.coli to spring up. That doesn't say much about the efforts of government to stop outbreaks of potentially lethal diseases before they occur (tightening up rules, proper inspections of food manufacturers and heavier penalties for neglect administered to companies and food distributors who make and sell potentially killer food to consumers.


Yes, our health care system is still okay, but it still needs a lot more work, more overseeing and crackdowns on rule-busters and those who abuse and neglect patients. I sincerely hope you never have to use the health system for a day, or for two years (the period covering the time of my accident back in 1989, when I lay in a bed in four different hospitals after they "repaired" the initial damage, only to wait until they decided that a returning infection was bad enough for them to recommend the amputation of my right leg — and that covers the rehabilitation, too). By the way, I also worked in a hospital in an area close enough to see how patients were treated, in a hospital that for quite a while had to fight off incidents of poor management, outbreaks and a whole bunch of other stuff you can read in my future memoirs.


Take care of yourself. No really. In our hospitals, and no matter if you have any kind of health plan, it's Patient Roulette, and there'll be no grumpy but brilliant Gregory House to pull you through.



European Heritage Week — It's Here To Stay


I hope you've enjoyed this year's European Heritage Week (Sunday is the last day). It's most definitely a Canadian idea conceived here in Toronto as an uncontentious, positive way to express pride about the European people and our accomplishments. And as White Nationalists, those who originated it, we have every right to feel good about it.

     It's understandable to see the minor flap that the National Post, in its October 18 article wanted to start over EHW's legitimacy. European Heritage Week has been around since 1994, and has been associated with the White Nationalist movement since then, and has been a part of the website since Year One, with access to what its stands for just a few keyboard clicks away. We have always maintained it is a positive and edifying celebration of the contribution of European culture and history to Canada's multi-ethnic mosaic. We have promoted it that way every year since 1974; what could be clearer than that? Since the Jews, with their bucks into all things cultural, were the only ones who seemed to originally have a problem with the fact that EHW just happened to be conceived and promoted by White Nationalists, why didn't they use their largess to promote it?

   Rhetorical questions aside, European Heritage Week has received enough publicity, both positive and negative, that by now its purpose is clear. The Post piece, written by the smiling Joe Brean, who also did articles about Ernst Zόndel and now seeks to sully the reputations of those trying to do good things by connecting them to a real sleazebag, the lying, obfuscating CSIS mole Grant Bristow (more on him later). The hard copy edition with the article featured a flattering pic of NPC Leader Don Andrews and the beautiful sun cross flag. When Oriental merchants saw Don Andrews hold up the picture as he explained the story to them, they were amazingly impressed. But then, they know and respect their own heritage; only dumb women-led whites miss the mark on that point as they pick up their dog's poop (if I ever see a black or Chinese guy stooping and scooping in the park, I'll let you know). The Post piece had the angle you'd expect from the controlled media: Its outside headline omitted the word 'European' from its title (why should they be afraid to use the word 'European'?), and its inside headline read: "Sleazy Stunt: CSIS Mole." That mini-quote came from none other than Grant Bristow, which is his currently-used name, and whose only claim to fame is having known us. He should know about sleaze: he once worked as an usher for a strip club. That's reason enough for him to start looking in a mirror before questioning others' motives and ideas.

    For those in small towns who received the requests for proclamations, both written and online, and who are smart enough to see the positive idea behind European Heritage Week as it was expressed quite clearly (Midland's council declared it unanimously), and were still too scared of it, is a sad comment on their communities; they're no better than the women-run municipalities like Cudworth, Saskatchewan (their women are never big on heritage and/or racial identity).

    In 1974, when European Heritage Week was created, the California legislative assembly proclaimed that month as European Heritage Month in that state (there are already established Black History and Asian Culture Months everywhere around North America). We received that year from a representative of Queen Elizabeth II her sentiments that it was a good idea. Now, fourteen years later, European Heritage Week has been firmly established, and those who deride it or are fearful (of what?) only do themselves a disservice by still trying to put it down.  And those elected officials who don't think that their European constituents have a right to cherish and celebrate what their ancestors brought to and left in this part of the world, simply aren't serving their constituents — i.e., not doing their jobs.  It doesn't matter who promotes the ideas of European awareness, whether it's White Nationalists, conservatives, or the fair-minded and good willed who truly reflect the core of the spirit of European Heritage Week.  As Mr. Andrews points out in the Post, "You don't shoot the messenger if it’s a good idea." In each place where EHW was declared, the intention was that it be declared in perpetuity, like all proclamations for annual events.


No matter what the media, or those who have a vested interested in denying white people their legacy and history, the naysayers shouldn't embarrass themselves trying to create a tempest in a teapot. They should find some better outlet for their energies, like charity Christmas collections or a food drive for the poor.  


European Heritage Week is here to stay; and considering the source of the "sleaze" remarks, and the record-number three cities who proclaimed it this year, we're quite satisfied with European Heritage Week 2008. 




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