Why We Need Racial Profiling


Ask any police officer, any city, and he'll tell you how important it is to be able to use all the tools at his disposal to find criminals. And not just the scientific, forensic ones given so much glamour on shows like CSI or Bones. A suspect's appearance, including any visible ethnic identity, is critical for law enforcement when hunting down dangerous felons or those suspected of violent crime. When you take that away from police, you endanger all people of all backgrounds in a community. And no one wins.

Two current cases involving the controversy of "profiling" have made news on both sides of the 49th parallel, and the reaction to them underlines why police must be encouraged and our lawmakers forced to recognize and allow the use racial profiling as a weapon in crime-fighting. And to hell with any hurt feelings.

One that has made international news is the arrest of a black professor named Henry Gates, who, after having trouble getting into his home, was arrested by Cambridge, Massachusetts police who didn't take too kindly to his alleged warning "You don't want to mess with me." The other, on our side of the border, involves a Toronto constable hassled by a Draconian "Human Rights" star chamber who found him "guilty" of racial profiling. Toronto Police Chief William Blair said the decision will be challenged in court.

Let's look at the American case first: After Professor Gates was arrested and raised holy hell about it in the local, and later national, news media. the maverick black president Barack Obama took some time out of his televised health care conference last week to claim, without any of the available facts at his disposal, that the Cambridge cops "acted stupidly." This from a guy who, with his bungling of everything from finance to health care to Lord knows how many departmental "czars," has turned Washington into a Kremlin Lite. His comments brought another firestorm of criticism that underlined how the status race in America has changed. Obama shuffled back just days later, offering his version of a mea culpa to the officer who came under attack — a beer at the White House. The damage was done. The whole scene revealed a new perception among growing numbers of resentful whites nationwide, a perception of of special rights for blacks, a priority especially now that the USA has a black man in the White House elected by women and race traitors.

In Canada, the obsession with multiculturalism has come back to bite us all on the rump, with Human Rights Commissions and tribunals, where, just as the criteria for "hate crimes/speech" charges is, truth is no defense; if you're white, you're wrong, go get on your knees or else. In the Canadian case, a black Canadian was confronted by a Toronto cop who happened to be white on the city's Bridle Path. After the HRC decision, Chief Blair remarked "Their finding demonstrates a seriously flawed misunderstanding of the duties of a police officer."

Indeed. Cops, ever since the seventies when the Canadian immigration and multiculturalism ministries wrecked traditional immigration from Europe and flooded our cities with non-whites (and threatening jail, fines and financial ruin to any who opposed it), have been in a bad way. It's a no-win situation: be polite when you stop a non-white and maybe risk getting killed, or take caution, approach the suspect with carefulness, and get your keester hauled before the local matriarchal race- fuzz.

We need profiling, period. It's bad enough the controlled media all but refuses to identify suspects for dangerous crimes by race, but when our ostriches at City Hall, Queen's Park and Parliament Hill see the facts of growing non-white crime ( the perpetrators of which many of them brought here) refuse to see the urgent need for it, then it becomes a safety issue that literally threatens all people of all races. It's get on the horn and the Internet time again — contact your lawmakers and demand that police be allowed to use racial profiling when hunting for dangerous criminals. The rights of the public to be safe always trump the rights of the accused, innocent as he may be (that's why we have courts. Let's cut the midnight basketball and useless "diversion" programs and put the handcuffs on the criminals, not our police.


I'm Another Moon Landing Skeptic!


"Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars,
Let me know what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars..."

Remember that old karaoke favorite? It first came out in 1954, fifteen years before they say we actually did it.

Yep, "they say" we did it. It was hailed as the greatest achievement of mankind, and if you were watching TV at the time, that was all that was on TV. We're familiar with the iconic images of that "triumph" — astronauts saluting an American flag supposedly blowing in wind that does not exist on the moon, against a totally black, starless outer space, but perfectly lit in an image that would make Hollywood special effects legend Ray Harryhausen proud. We even got a footprint up there, but mysteriously, no crater that should have been formed on the moon's surface by the landing of the module. And on Monday July 27, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11. Yet, NASA and the jarheads in Washington now have explanations for all those apace mysteries, and just in time to answer those impertinent "crackpots" prior to the celebration/anniversary of "Man On The Moon."

I'm from Missouri, and I have my doubts about whether we really did go to the moon, and given the obscene amount of dough spent on that "program" by Washington while poverty raged across America, and the billions later thrown into space for rockets, satellites, Star Wars weaponry and probes to of all places, Mars, when there's so much crud that needs our attention here on Earth; as Marvin the Martian might say, I am very angry indeed. The US lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. They lied about Vietnam. They lied about Pearl Harbor and its survivors. And in all three cases, billions were spent and needless death, destruction and tragedy followed.

The "Cold War" — one of the supposed reasons America launched space exploration, was a dog-and-pony show, a B.S.- laden post-war exercise and game played with gusto by players like JFK. Khrushchev, Castro and others, which carried on into the 1980's with Ronnie Reagan making nice with Mikhail Gorbachev. It seemed to be over, until just a while ago, when the “ZOG media” began to bang the war gong again, not just to provoke Muslim nations who just want to be left alone to pray and run their countries how they please, but also to engage in another excuse to prepare for another genocidal possible superpower conflict — one whose worst-case scenario ends in the destruction of all life on our planet.

Another factor was the taxpayers' money spent: $30 billion is a helluva chunk of change just to see what's doing on a foreign celestial body, and you can bet there were cries for results at the Pentagon, from the White House and even the then-big three TV networks who sold commercial time. And, there was America's false-promise war in Vietnam and all the bloodshed and civil unrest opposition to that disaster; Washington needed a distraction from all the fallout, and what better than a bunch of squeaky-clean astronauts like Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin fulfilling the dreams of Buck Rogers (more on Armstrong in a bit). The whole thing was made-to-order for Hollywood — and “wowsers,” did they ever cash in: Apollo 13. From The Earth to the Moon (TV Series), Space Cowboys, even Star Trek and its myopic vision of a universe where everybody makes nice and a hideous blob can have a soul, all came from America's hedonistic masturbatory affair with outer space.

The most common stories I've heard said that the "moon landing" was actually done on a sound stage in Hollywood (another version of that really happened claims it was taped in the Nevada desert). Yet, NASA and the US government seem to have a plausible explanation for every incongruity that a keen eye can find in all the footage and images we associate with Apollo 11 (I've already dealt with some of them; see above paragraph). Now, forty years later, we have new "enhanced" footage of the grainy tape recorded by NASA chronicling that great feat (the original footage has somehow "disappeared." Ain't technology grand? Yeah, Apollo did wonders for techno-geeks, the companies they work for and their stockholders, not to mention defense contractors and companies who manufactured and sold rockets, surveillance satellites, space weapons, space stations. It made the warmongers' jobs easier of selling the ever-present threats to the USA from all over and why America must not only have weapons supremacy on Earth but in outer space, as well. After all, you never know when some unknown survivor of Krypton might decide to take over Earth.... and besides, even when you consider the astronauts killed by the space program when things went “blowy-uppy,” it's a small price to pay to try to make people respect America again, right?

For every dangerous mission, you need a hero. And who better than the shy publicity-avoiding Neil Armstrong. He was the perfect image of the American hero, the smart, yet American-ideal Ohio-born man from America's heartland was perfect. Once he came back from the moon and had his little parade, there was little we saw of him, as access to him was ever-so tightly-regulated, as he said all the right phrases and displayed an aw-shucks quasi-naive attitude of the quintessential American hero — or perhaps more appropriately, a Manchurian Candidate that the smart US government boys only let out in the light for certain reasons and only for a limited time.

Tragedies like the Columbia disaster gave the space program a black eye, but it healed fast enough to allow for more money to be tossed into space. It's a double shame: The needless expenditure of countless billions and billions to throw humans and metal debris in space (some of which falls to Earth after wearing out), along with the strong possibility that the US space program, far from being the noble mega-project it is, seeking to expand Man's knowledge of the beyond (just why do we have to know everything, anyway?), is an obscene sham used to justify the militarization of space and the exploitation of it via communications satellites et al, just so women can text and twitter to their heart's content. Or, so we can all risk cancer from cell phones, or watch kick-boxing from Las Vegas or a U2 concert while billions of humans starve in the freezing cold without shelter.

Bottom line? The US, rotting away in Washington, on Wall Street (despite the new pundits' optimism), in its large, ravaged-by-poverty-and crime cities and in small ones where jobs have been shipped out of the country for Third World wages, and factories are gone, is again trying to show the world that it's still nation numero uno, even if it means further embellishing a lie that has been met with everything from growing skepticism when challenged to violence (Astronaut Buzz Aldrin allegedly punched an author of a book that challenged the moon landing taking place). The US is both showing anger and harboring fear that its Wizard Of Oz curtain will soon be pulled back to reveal the frail old man that, like America and its withering empire, is on its last legs.

That's bad news for the heroes of America today, from its mercenary soldiers to its technocrat torturers to its sleazy politicians. Their days of movie matinee hunks and partying and American Idols and Dr. Pepper are numbered.

Question everything, people — including your greatest "accomplishments."



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