Multicultists Come Home To Roost


One of the side issues that you don't see covered a lot in the hoopla over the Beijing Olympics is the billions of dollars poured into the presentation of the games: everything from the buildings of the venues to the security (nice job so far, guys) and that funny little runner/fake Chinese character that serves as the Games' symbol. Mucho dinero has been forked out to give the Olympics China's best spin in light of its human rights/public relations problems and the houses and land razed to build the facilities, among other problems. Toronto, and Canada as well, are having a PR dilemma of our own when it comes to the spike in horrendous and violent crime committed by non-whites.

Thanks to the federal policies of multiculturalism that dumped wave after wave of non-white immigrants for close to forty years on Canada (and especially, on this town) and the total willingness of this City to tolerate the mayhem and crime too many of them are responsible for, we're finally even if it's just a little starting to acknowledge the folly of that idiotic municipal slogan Diversity is Our Strength. And, as the shock and horror that happened on that Greyhound bus in Manitoba is only now starting to deaden, its circumstances will have a lasting effect from coast to coast. That, coupled with the recent unrest on the streets of Montreal in mid-August, will now having even some liberals and libertines having to admit that we have a race problem in this nation. Let's face it, a lot of Canadians will not be looking at Asian Canadians the same way after the murder of Tim McLean.

Over the decades a number of high-profile non-white crime cases and criminal activity have touched this city: the killing of Barry Cobby by Paul Smithers in the 1970s, the Boxing Day 2006 murder of Jane Creba, the no-go areas that rose in Toronto such as St. James Town and Regent Park to name a few, the areas of this city that even the police charged with keeping safe fear to enter. By tolerating it and by electing time and time and time again nothing but gutless cowards afraid to name the problem and doing something about it aside from midnight basketball.

Locally, the old policy of censoring out the ethnic/racial descriptions of non-white suspects and arrested individuals by the police and media is starting to crumble. Even the Toronto Star, which once had a policy virtually written in stone to leave out racial descriptions of criminals and suspects, finds it getting more and more impossible not to refrain from covering the racial aspects of Toronto's violent crime, and photos of non-white suspects are starting to appear in their crime reports.

The multicultists those who supported open immigration and the observance of special rights and programs from English as a Second Language to City documents and forms printed at taxpayer expense in Chinese, Korean, Hindi, etc.   are coming home to roost, as the resurgence of high-profile violence by non-whites in Canada is laying bare the lie that their brand of diversity works.

We've got a spiking crime epidemic no one give a hoot about, except to score political points or to embarrass us with useless and stupid "Let's Ban Guns" petitions and drives. Two main areas need focus: the scrapping of the Youth Justice Act, including the provisions forbidding identification of so-called young offenders. Let's see the faces and read the names of these predators. And let's punish them like adults when the violence and gravity of the crime is equal to that committed by adults. They're not hard done by or misunderstood; they're criminals; let's give these punks and monsters hard time, not a youth advocate, a press conference and book deal.

Not all our crime trouble is imported or from the grandsons of those we brought here. Aboriginal peoples in cities large and small have contributed to violent crime, and not just the anarchy in Caledonia that continues to fester unstopped. It's disgraceful we allow it to continue, let alone allowed it to take place at all. Let's get our troops out of foreign wars that are none of our business and send them to checkpoints and to restore and keep the peace here, in Caledonia for starters.

For all the tragedy and mayhem of the murder of Tim McLean and the Montreal riots, there is one tiny bright spot: the potential that we finally will see the dangers from the strangers placed among us, and that enough of us will have the courage to speak up and spoil the media/politicians/police troika of deceit and censorship over a problem that is as much a threat to out well being as a society as pollution.

It's time we faced up to some truths that only cowardly libertines deny that race is a factor in this city's and this nation's growing crime crisis. We have a bad habit of allowing our rage to dissipate top quickly after hearing about murders such as Tim McLean's or Jane Creba's. We're angry, and in a week, it's gone. We don't remember the outrages for a long time, or at least until the next atrocity. That's a real indictment of us all, and one that should stir us to think hard (we've thought long enough) about how multiculturalism has failed and how it continues to endanger Canada and Canadians.

How much longer?



Lousy Mothers Endanger Us All


It was around this time of the year when, in 1970, just after my family enjoyed Warrior's Day at the CNE, my mother Alice succumbed to a heart attack and I lost her. She was a wonderful woman, despite being my foster mother. Her kids were her treasures and she worked her guts off to see to it we were clean, clothed, fed properly and loved. Moms like her are sadly near extinction, if not totally vanished from our society.

Understandably. I get my skivvies in a knot every time I hear or read about some wild woman who neglects, hurts, sexually abuses, or damn them, murders their children. Women's lib and trollops like Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan and just about every "modern" gal from Oprah to Ellen Degeneres to Hollywood sluts like Paris and Lindsay and the Olsen twins need more than a good talkin'-to. Maybe a week in the bucket would do them a world of good. Unfortunately, the damage that has been caused by almost four decades of fun-loving bitches goes on. Every day there are stories of children neglected, starving, beaten and involved in all manner of criminal activity, largely thanks to their moms (and grandmoms) who care more about a night on the town and "self-actualizing" than to tend to home and hearth. Some recent stories caught my eye:

In Florida, a grandmother was charged after police found her driving around a parking lot with her three-year-old granddaughter on the roof of the vehicle.

A woman living in Hollywood (!) who coos over a puppy that was cloned in Korea denies she kidnapped and raped a Mormon missionary thirty years ago.

A two-year old girl, Caylee Anthony goes missing and her mother does not report it until over a month later in Florida. Later press reports and pictures show her going nightclubbing just days before she reports the girl's disappearance.

Simply put, these women are out of control no morals, no religion and devoid of any understanding or sense of duty and responsibility to their families

In other cultures, there's reason to worry, too: Chinese women are a mystery. In that part of the world (and in other Asian cultures) there's incredible pressure on kids to succeed at school and to be high achievers. When that gets to the nth degree, there's good cause to worry about how the kids will turn out especially if one of them is sitting on a bus next to you.

Aboriginal Indian women don't believe in good old fashioned discipline for their young'ns. Anybody who has had to share urban living space with them can see the tragic results of poverty, alcohol and substance abuse and violence in North America's cities and small towns.

And, of course, there are the loud, shrill black moms either MIA or too busy trying to be Oprah or too afraid to tell their sons to quit hanging around their "gangsta bros" and get in the house. They save their loud voices to yell and blame us white folks when their son is charged with a violent crime or ends up on the wrong end of a bullet.

And what to we men do? Well, there's sure a lack of intestinal fortitude and spine among so many of us to do just about anything in this matriarchized society. You can end up in a police car just for raising your voice to the missus in many places, and don't think these harridans don't know it. A lot of these shrews are now getting downright physical, starting brawls often times right in front of a kid that's wearing dirty clothes and likely hasn't a decent meal in days. It's little wonder why cops hate handling domestic calls; a dispute over whose turn it was to do dishes can turn into a stabbing, shooting or beating administered by some hefty gal, and who wants to get in the way of that?

Let's not forget that most repulsive of creatures, the MIA and/or permissive mom who lets her teen or adolescent daughter go everywhere dressed like a Yonge Street trollop or is just away from home so often to go clubbing and boozing and you-know-whatting, that the kids have carte blanche to commit any and all manner of mayhem.

Frankly, I don't see why women who decide to get married and have children are so miserable. They squawk about not having enough power. Ye gods, they have the power to change the course and progress of Mankind right there in their reproductive systems. And instead of using it for the purpose God gave it the continuation of the species, too damn many of them either refuse to continue the tribe or try to mate outside their own kind. They carry on with total abandon, not caring about the health and welfare of the gifts from God sitting at home (or heaven knows where) and doing who knows what. Hey, your job takes you away from the family? Quit! Be a mom again and re-budget yourself to live with less.

It's time to put away the picket sign and quit meowing, ladies (and I use the term ladies advisedly). The real world is not some Mary Tyler Moore fantasy; there's still real men out there who will make good mates and great fathers for your kids. Just delete the Marxist garbage some fat gal or failed hippie-turned academic probably taught you in college and start being real women. Take care of your health, and be feminine.

And for Pete's sake, let's stop treating crappy moms like Joan of Arc, and making excuses for them; when they're caught neglecting or hurting their kids. punish them with the full force of the law and with the same equality-treatment they spent so much time marching for in the 1970's. They're not misunderstood, they're just bitches, and even if they do suffer abuse or had a bad childhood, it's no excuse to take it out on their own flesh and blood. Just get off the cross and take your medicine. And if they kill their kids, to hell with whether or not they had Munchhausen's Syndrome or told the court they were trying to kill a demon possessing their baby. Lock 'em up and toss the key in the lake.

Lousy mothers endanger us all, especially when they or their lawyers try to justify the crap they pull or give some kind of lousy excuse as to why their kid is half -starved or neglected or wearing tatters. I've heard them all, from spousal abuse to being abused themselves to a misfiring brain cell, and it doesn't wash.

Shakespeare didn't know the half of it when he wrote Taming of the Shrew. Sins of the fathers? Hey, let's tend to the sins of the mothers, too, okay?



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