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"NAZI" Decapitators?

On Tuesday morning I had the shock of my life when I observed a VIDEO of purported Russian 'National Socialists', who apparently had kidnapped two young men, one a Tajik, the other a Dagestani from the Caucasus. They had them kneel on the ground in the woods with a professionally-manufactured swastika flag strung out from tree branches, and without much ado, proceeded to hack away with a small knife and severed one man's head in a most gruesome and gory fashion. It took almost a minute of hacking with plenty of blood gushing out before the culprits tried to place the head on top of the chest of the headless body, which rolled off and then was replaced beside the victim. Soon afterwards, with a quick shot, the smaller, younger man was apparently killed with a bullet to the head. The two men were bound with duct tape on their hands, feet and mouths and handcuffed (such bravery on behalf of the "Nazis"...more like government serial killers). There was the playing of heavy metal music at the end of the decapitation, another satanic sign of the depraved act .... all this in the name of "Russian National Socialism." Later, according to Kavkaz Center, the Chechen separatist website, we are told that they received a letter from this supposed National Socialist party, announcing that they are armed and intend to carry out a violent program against all non-Russians until they leave the country, while offering independence to Chechnya and the removal of all Russians from that area — a quid pro quo, so to speak.

This barbaric display is a double-edged sword, which will no doubt inflame matters on both sides while definitely undermining the chivalry and honor of the White man. This "Russian National Socialist" group also demanded that the oligarch Butcher of Chechnya Putin and his cabal give up power immediately and hand it over to a bona fide National Socialist organization in Russia. They promised to carry out their armed struggle until that happens .... as if. We have known for years and seen videos and pictures of Islamist beheadings, but considered that kind of brutality below a White Nationalist political organization and endeavor. Now we are down to their level of kosher-killing humans to achieve a political end...if these killers are "real."

Before the latest war against Chechnya started, a video of young Russian soldiers being beheaded was flashed all over the latest Russian empire, which encouraged the barbaric assault on Chechnya while nice liberals and leftists stood around and the kosher Right applauded it as "a necessity" in the 'war on terror'. The Chechen Resistance always claimed that it was criminal gangs in the pay of the KGB/FSB which killed the soldiers., but who's to say?

The same story goes in this outrageous murder of those caught in the wrong place at the wrong time
by unknown brutes working to keep the fear and hatred of Nazis in the forefront due to their excesses, no matter how commendable their of 'saving the ethnic element' is, whether German, Russian, or whatever. We have a hard enough time standing up for White racial rights, dignity and identity and convincing our faint-heated women to do so too, let alone have this abomination to explain or even defend as some commentators on Hal Turner 's website have. There are few redeeming factors, if any, in these ethnic murders of young men, who looked pretty Caucasian to me; one of them actually came from the Caucasus (Dagestan). Hal's apparent support of this abomination may get him the backing of a few sicko frustrated individuals, but it will not move the White Nationalist cause forward, when our hypocrite enemies can point to the savagery to our uninformed and undecided opponents.

Fear is the only benefit, if these killers are really National Socialists: This whole sick horror story cannot be sustained, because the White people will be revulsed and revolted at the detailed extremism of the act. It's just not in us. Sure, we can drop bombs from 10,000 feet and wipe out Afghan, Iraqi and Somali villages, and leave disemboweled and dismembered women and children bleeding to death in inaccessible places without benefit of Medi-Vacs, and then celebrate the Top Gun pilots and snipers for their kills while shedding crocodile tears for the civilians. The Muslims say it's just as bad, but impersonal. And they're right. We don't relish getting splattered with hot blood while hacking away at a man's neck up close and personal; we spray them with bullets after the IED goes off, guilty or not.

This savage act of decapitation is and should be beneath the psyche of the ordinary White Nationalist, while keeping in mind our government's depredations of bombs and torturers by Putin, Bush and NATO. Russia is a hell-hole after four generations of Marxist anti-racism and bloody killing fields. If these so-called 'National Socialists' wanted to do any good, why not attack the strippers, prostitutes, gold-diggers, and drunken and drug-soaked Russians, the main exports of the whorehouse Russia has become, with its shrinking race-mixed White population from the north, south, east and west? That's where the Jews have been pre-eminent for eight decades, and still rule the roost; why not attack them, instead of attacking defenseless, darker immigrants and playing into the hands of criminal oligarchs planning a crackdown on radical and racist organizations?

This bloody act only goes to underline the controlled media propaganda, from Hollywood to the Kremlin, of the "evil of the Nazis." Far more harm is done by these senseless murders than all the supposed fear it will put into the Caucuses' people in Moscow or St, Petersburg. They are tying the hangman's knot for themselves, with no practical follow-up, unlike the God- and paradise-believing Islamic suicide bombers and their spiritual followers.

National Socialists in Russia have plenty of enemies from the bloody past and the criminal present to point their daggers at; instead of taking civilians into the forest to secretly tape-record their fears and executions. It's not very elevating or edifying, but is totally suspicious and ugly, for no good reason, while serial killers like Alexander Pichushkin, counting 62 kills for sexual thrills on a chess board.

If these murders are real, this is a dastardly step back, undermining the achievement of a Russian homeland while at the same time stiffening the resolve of their enemies. And by the way, this barbarism further connects the Nazis with "Islamo-fascists', which the Marxists and Zionist neo-cons love to link.

This is not the way to win the minds and hearts of the White people. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

Time to stop and think....




White Race Doomed!


Women are wrecking the white race.

The recent announcement that over ten per cent of white American counties are now minorities is nothing new or surprising, considering the reluctant white female birthrate. What is remarkable is the unconcern and muted debate that the white population is dwindling throughout the world. It's taken with a ho-hum attitude by the media bimbo bitches and their white lackeys.

Until wild white women are restrained and re-educated as to the historical meaning of life, regarding procreation of the family, the white race is going down, down. down—to the point that no pussyfooting Hitler will be able to resurrect. The whole white race is a giant matriarchy, and has been ever since the 450 erection statues in Athens' ancient "democracy" were all chopped off on the eve of the departure their 10,000-strong ill-fated invasion fleet against Sparta's allies in Sicily. The case is well documented in The Reign of the Phallus by Eva C. Kelus, when the bearded Hercules, symbol of manhood, was exchanged for the smooth-faced, never-tiring, sterile Apollo youth, the favorite of the over-sexified needy white woman. The situation didn't change much with the advent of Christianity (that the Romans described as "a religion of women and slaves"), which has led us to a consumerist, commercial existence to satisfy all the frills and fancies of Western women and their "dandy" followers. The English pirate Queen Elizabeth I led the way for those aggrandizing empires and since then, things have just gone from bad to worse.

I don't know of any other race which is so fond of slaves, servants and pets, mostly a white woman's desire transferred to many mean-spirited and lily-livered white males. Aside from the Arabs. it's mostly the Baroque White women who always hawhite females prefer non-white servants or a dog to kick around. The more it is matriarchy, the worse the abuses and consequent degradation of the white race.

Respect for history, racial integrity and our ancestors are almost nonexistent concerns of an over-sexified society dedicated to pleasing women's libidos; strictly-men's activities, hobbies and clubs are considered verboten by the shrill and unopposed feminists all working to kill the golden gander, which has given so much undeserved power and prestige woven around romantic fairy tales that never materialize for the White males. Whether it's a hockey team, a gun club or a summer camp for boys, they'll put their busybody schnozzes into the mix and dilute the manliness of the enterprise. Women's participation in all these activities is tokenism and minimal compared to the higher cost of White male angst and disillusionment.

In Quebec, the Marxists quietly changed the law in 1982 preventing the adoption of the bridegroom's surname after marriage, unless one gets a hard-to-get government dispensation (and pity the poor kids from these unions. No wonder the female-led Francophone separatist Parti Quebecois are on the ropes and will never make it to independence from the cash cow called Canada). Of course, the wild women make common cause with the homosexual lobby even though most queers have little use for hetero whining women. It's pathetic how few married women are prepared to equate their marriage union with buggery (so much for the sacredness of their sex act, which is not lost on White males who are further treated with impunity with a lack of respect). So many of these politically correct neutered feminists are on the way to becoming ABL's (Apprentice Bag Ladies) unable to keep their jettisoned and runaway White male partners who are now running around with malleable Orientals and other non-White future housekeepers.

Very few White Nationalist organizations and writers willing to deal with this problem, preferring instead to pay lip service to women's' rights at the point of a gun in Afghanistan and the 'war on terror', which is basically a war against God-believing patriarchy. Lives are being wasted in Afghanistan trying to impose a matriarchy which is so rotten on the home front that the Vandoos should be pulled back to search for Cedrika Provencher, missing in Quebec, where there are fears that she has been abducted by a sex fiend in our perniciously promiscuous "motherland". They should also be looking for Chrstinia Calayca, who went missing after going jogging in a campground; This is the whorehouse that the Marxists/communists and libertine neo-cons have produced.

The whores from the baby-boomer generation are the worst, even pushing their young girls to dress provocatively and have as many sexual partners. Some of the mothers and libertine doctors and politicians are even pushing a special unproved vaccine against sexually-transmitted diseases for girls as young as 9 and 10 years old, so that they can have more unconcerned promiscuity prior to marriage, from Texas to Ontario. They say the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and while the old hags burn their bras, they've taught their daughters and grand-daughters to dress like street-walkers on any and all occasions. Little wonder that newly-armed Third World males pop their eyes out looking at our 'fairer sex.'

Other races have had similar problems with their women, like the 600 priestesses in the Inca empire, half of whom were titillated with the bloody arrival of the Conquistadors. The Inca resistance executed them all. When the English were attacking the Chinese mainland to impose opium on the natives the retreating Chinese killed or broke the backs of their women who might fall into the Limeys' hands. Or In Guam, where the Japanese ordered the female population to jump off cliffs (and they did) in fear of the American G.I.'s.

The White race has a major internal problem — the control and protection of dormant White wombs, while the law and the authorities are stacked against them. If we're not here in the future, nothing else matters and our futures are in those White wombs now in total dominance of the hedonistic enemies of White sperm. The White race predicament will not be solved with more cooing and presents, but with male assertiveness towards willing foreign servants who are out-breeding the missus with all her foibles. White Nationalist leaders, writers and commentators must speak directly to the issue of White racial rot instead of skirting around the problem facing our people, regardless of your female benefactors. Truth does not need to be dressed up to pass muster. They say, "You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free." But every slave knows the truth, like the White male population — but at least it's a start.

With a four-to-one dominance by non-White race-mixing we don't have a mathematical chance. If we don't change our racial/sexual dynamic, the White race is doomed like the dodo bird.




Canadian Conservatives Neo-Conned


Similar to the United States and Britain, Canada is a politically correct one-party state with no Parliamentary opposition. except for window-dressing foot-dragging and bureaucratic nitpicking to satisfy the controlled media's controlled naive consumerist electorate. The center "left" libertine liberals, the centre "right" kosher conservatives and the centre Marxist unionist NDP are all one and the same party manipulated by the same financial strings to carry out as globalist White Race burial New World Order, like their sales front-men at Wal-Mart . That store chain had the audacity to boast about the conspiratorial future by selling T-shirts with the slogan Brown Is The New White, supposedly appealing to Latinos but really "prophesying" their one-size-fits-all world. We get an idea of their arrogant "future" with the ranting of their would-be first race-mixed emperor about bombing Pakistan and all and sundry; that should make some grunts at football games like them along with some White women witches and their queer compatriots. That's the race-mixed world that Zionist Stephen Harper would be happy with. Compare that to Col. George Drew, the Conservative leader in 1940, who said: "In the world gone mad. the word Conservative offers hope of common sense and orderly progress. It is a word which carries into the realm of practical politics the Biblical injunction; 'prove all things; hold fast that which is good' ". Harper's not even following the Golden Rule as he plots to unite North America and sell our sovereignty for a rubber stamp, beholden to international capital.

With only a few days to the Security and Prosperity Summit at Montebello, Quebec, we haven't heard a peep from the supposed opposition to this capitalist/communist agenda. As John Ralston Saul said, "Neo-conservative: The exact opposite of a conservative. Neo-conservatives are the Bolsheviks of the Right" ... and he should know. So there you have it: Genuine conservative people, not just with their wallets, but with their social and ethical viewpoints of 'live and let live'. These guys have set on a path to destroy the very essence and uniqueness of a civilization handed down to you to conserve and protect.

How could Conservatives in their hearts, who must truly have a sense of history to hold their positions, support these globalist smiling schleps and shills? Only the Securitate Establishment goes for these guys. That's why Bush and Cheney are at so many military academies and hangars. Harper further pushes the family image with his twice-married wife Lauren "Lady Macbeth" Tesky (who seems to be the power behind the drone). This image works for Harper as a prop that will one day exist as only a prop, thanks to his anti-White race plans; we're just too complicated to compete with the rest on a low-level existence.

The way that the compliant media was treated at the latest Conservative get-together in Charlottetown, PEI, and the special privileges to protect the family members, et al, from any inconveniences, reminds me of the privileged treatment their criminal 'comrades' got in the past. Harper has two main themes: security and the military, hoping that Canadians will get a new wartime spirit as the internationalists run out of mercenaries; they'll be in need of more cannon-fodder, and he'll need special police powers to keep any honest opposition down. And feminist revolutionary Liberal leader Stephane Dion, along with Jack Layton (under the thumb of just plain feminist Olivia Chow), will have to back Harper in Afghanistan if they want to keep those girls' schools open (now there's something worth dying for; you've added to the squabbling in the Afghan homes of the newly-educated. Maybe they won't reproduce, either and it'll all even out......NOT! ) . Harper's neo-conservatives have it all figured out, and Brokeback Mountain "sheriff" Stockwell Day will enforce it as he stutters through another explanation for urban gun violence without mention the word race.

Somewhere along the last forty years (I'd say since John Diefenbaker), the Conservatives went 'Wobbly'; Red Tories, they called themselves — guys who go for all that Marxist criminal claptrap of Alice in Wonderland kangaroo courts and tribunals, where the truth is actually irrelevant. First, there was the underwear manufacturer guy Robert Stanfield whose wife seemed to run the show, then there was Joe Clark, whose wife Maureen McTeer really did run the show. Then, there was Brian Mulroney. a big Irish charmer overwhelmed by his shrewd Serb wife Mila, and who sold us down the line in the pauperizing Free Trade "deals". He used his family a lot, just like that most hated politician they admire, Pierre Trudeau, whose queer friends and patrons gave Canada to the world; so, too, will the aforementioned men be hated in history for the times they betrayed Canada to a world empire.

Even on the provincial level these boys' club guys exist: Conservative Party leader of Ontario John Tory espouses all the politically correct views, including same-sex marriage (Tory is the old nickname given to conservatives and he's not one). He's like a living omen, so don't get fooled when the former head of Rogers Media, asked whether he would help multiculturally-weakened and cash-strapped Toronto, finally came through with some stingy conservatism as he obfuscated for an answer.

George Lincoln Rockwell said that he didn't have a chance with the conservatives in his 1960's book White Power — that they were too greedy and small-minded to realize until it was too late that the very White Race was in danger of extinction. Hopefully, real White Nationalist conservatives will see through the fears of a worldwide caliphate and the globalization that's wiping us out. It's time for some conservative isolationism, so that we may develop a society fit to our liking, without international interference through massive non-White immigration. I reject the efforts of the "left" and "right" which are meant to divide people and I am for those who believe in and preserving our rights and freedoms, pre-9/11 laws and before the notorious anti-free speech laws.

All freedom-loving people with a respect for human dignity should work together on all aspects of that struggle; everything else is secondary. Some election time, give the smaller parties a chance — "anyone but the big three sellouts" should be the slogan.




Not One Step Back


A big racially-aware panhandler I know boasted to me how he told an older compatriot at a traffic light that "The White man says it's safe to cross," pointing to the White-outlined traffic sign figure, one of the few symbols not yet changed in our unnatural society; it's stuck with me ever since.

Everywhere you look our enemies are on the run; they're forced to defend their warmongering and unnatural social attitudes and their non-White pets. Other than a few discredited neo-con torturers who still think that they can win the war in Iraq, all the anti-racist (read: anti-White) liberals and neo-Marxists have given up on Iraq but still stupidly and stubbornly insist on taking the war into Afghanistan to fight al-Qaeda, which is everywhere on the planet. None of the Zionist-dominated liberals and libertines want to stay in Iraq where the ancient people have proved their mettle in standing up to the criminals of the New World.

Christian Zionists have been embarrassed into a corner for appearing to condone nuclear Armageddon against Iran, where even the evangelicals are at loggerheads over their support of ersatz Israel. The warmonger preachers are looking weak as they try to rouse their middle-aged wild White women congregationalists to "get them Islam-fascists", using that oxymoron that is all part of the disinformationists' bag of tricks. Their men-folk aren't buying it, preferring to stay home in front of the boob tube for NASCAR racing and The Simpsons.

Military blowhards and ex-jarheads are having a difficult time recruiting young Archie Bunker bigots to sacrifice their lives for 'burkha'ed' women to go to school; there'll be no wine and kisses for the 'liberators' like their grandfather veterans told them about at the end of 'The Big One' (World War II). Recruiting rosters are not meeting their targets, so much so that they've resorted to luring psycho criminals and non-White immigrants to meet their quotas, with the mercenary military becoming mentally further removed from the ordinary populace.

ZOG-controlled media pundits and radio talk-show hosts are carefully and steadily moving away from their previously-unqualified war support; "You can support the troops but you can disagree with the mission", they always say, knowing that the people are becoming squeamish about their soldiers propping up a NATO narco-state, while killing and capturing foreigners on their own land and handing them over for torture. It's an ugly business that no stupid White mother or girlfriend should ever be proud of, what their boys are doing during any eulogies. What happened to the gentler sex that has become mean and macho?

The "diversity-is-our-strength" cabal is looking dumb and dumber as they roll their eyes up and wring their hands, searching for answers to urban "gun crime" (read; Black crime). They're always trying to avoid the race issue with obfuscating code words about "endangered youth" if all the races are involved in the mayhem, while the perpetrators and victims are Black. Their multicultural dream has become a nightmare while the baby boomers scurry around looking for an all-White gated retirement community to hide in during their last days.

Some of the uncontrolled non-White crime has spilled out to include White victims, prompting courageous Whites to demonstrate and demand accountability from the police, media and city fathers in various American communities.

"Racialists" will have to speak and deal with racists, and patriotic conservatives will have to deal with Klansmen — just as conspiracy theorists and "fascist" fearmongers will have to deal with Nazis, who will set them straight: that it was their commie/Zionist friends who brought Western society to its knees. None of these misinformants can ignore the realities of race that no libertarian's "profit motives" can erase. Now's not the time to point the finger at 1930's lost regimes as the culprit of our ills, while self-loathing anti-racist Marxist professors and legislators still run around trying to implement commie 'hate laws' to keep their race-mixed empire together while depressing the White population. Why not look at the last two generations without race or religion, and the 'anti-fascist' kibbutz communists who have switched over to the neo-con side trying to fish in White bigots for cannon fodder in their endless wars of conquest, closer to their consumerist fantasies and endless holidays in the sun?

The Islamists have shown the White man up with their fanatical courage, dedication and their unyielding stoic resignation when captured. Their religion's women-folk have been outstanding in their support of their family members — no mea culpas here. Can the White Nationalists do as well?

White Racial awareness is on the march with the recommendation of:
Not One Step Back, particularly when it comes to the name-calling of "extremists", "radical" , "racist", "neo-Nazi" and "fascist". Just let the same-sex name-callers and diversity-proponents look at themselves in the mirror, and they can see who the extremists and radicals are; I haven't heard one jihadist whine about the epithets thrown at them by the perverted snakes in human form. Who would be trying to satisfy the Zionist authorities, the controlled media, and non-committal family members by objecting to the obvious? It's a recipe for losers, to run away from name-calling. What will such characters do when the bullets start flying ("MOM-EEEEEE!")?

Someone once said that when it comes to leadership, never explain (if you have to explain, the screwed matriarchy has more " 'splainin' " to do than Lucy Ricardo). Well, the White Nationalists are the leaders of the White people on this continent, and explaining is half-confessing. And that's a step back — including those who need an explanation. Now is the time to step forward and show your proud color. No one respects a wimp, particularly when he's ashamed of what God created... that no one can change. Just as the Koran prayer asks Allah to "nail the jihadist's feet to the ground and steady his aim", so it is with those Whites who reject God's creations, to stand firm in the face of their frightened enemies and not take one step back.

The white man says, "FORWARD!"




Canadians Defend NATO’s Narco-State


There are a lot of reasons given for Canada's mission in Afghanistan, under the Orwellian rubric of the International Security Assistance Force, and under the auspices of the two tools of the globalists, NATO and the fig-leaf cover of the United Nations. The first, usually trotted out for the busybody lesbo-feminists and their Britney Spears supporters is that they're liberating the Afghan women from the clutches of a medieval patriarchy called the Taliban. That gets the macho women voters a buzz on the home front. The second is that we're fighting a worldwide Islamist conspiracy to set up a caliphate in submission to Allah (the Zionists, reactionary bigots and warmongers love that one).

These are the official explanations supported by the lickspittle media and their queer friends. The real reason for the presence of Canadian troops in that blighted country is to protect the largest cash-cow crop and drug industry of opium and heroin in the modern world. In 2001, the Taliban had almost eliminated opium production by 90%. But with the installation of an American puppet regime in Kabul under a naive and eccentric Halliburton oil executive named Hamid Karzai , the poppy harvest and heroin production in Afghanistan has gone to a historical all-time high. According to Craig Murray, former Ambassador to Uzbekistan from 2002-04, tons of heroin are being shipped with a wink and a nod through the Uzbek/Afghanistan crossings, with the acquiescence of their communist dictator Karimov, all the way through the KGB gangster Putin's Russia, to distribution points in St. Petersburg and Latvia's capital, Riga. No wonder there's never any problems with the Russians and the Latvians — unlike their neighbors in Estonia. All this is done by rail car, the drugs hidden in bales of cotton. Murray theorizes that the renegade KGB agent Litvinenko was poisoned by Plutonium 10, not just for blowing the whistle on the staged KGB dynamiting of Russian apartment buildings (blamed on Chechens to start Putin's second war of conquest) , but because Litvinenko had information of a grand drug cartel conspiracy leading up to the highest levels of police and politics in St. Petersburg. Apparently he had the naiveté to bring it up to Putin (who hails from that city's power-base), sealing his fate for assassination.

In the pre-Taliban days, raw opium was produced by various communist warlords and shipped out raw for processing. However, with the advent of NATO and foreign expertise, trucks and trucks of chemicals are pouring into relatively peaceful northern Afghanistan where processing takes place into heroin, and watched over by the head of the Afghan armed forces, the communist 'Bluto' Uzbek warlord General Rashid Dostum. This guy could star in any spaghetti western as a brutal bad guy. Unfortunately, these are the so-called "good guys" that Canadian and British troops are protecting by battling the religious anti-drug fanatics in the rugged and arid south, while Dostum's poppies flourish in the North.

There's no doubt that the reports are true....everyone has indicated the same from different angles. The Support Your Troops ribbon stickers crows should put that in their pipes and smoke it. The entire police and all of the anti-drug advocates should consider the violence and misery that they are supporting in those bales of cotton headed for the West. The gung-ho Orwellian 'war on terror' politicians should hang their heads in shame for the bombs and brutality that they are advocating against the primitivist "bad guys" in the south, while criminality and hypocrisy flourish in the north.

The British government's phony concern for Litvenenko is just a sideshow for their economically lucrative backroom dealings with Putin. Of course, the English are no strangers to state-controlled drug activity: they had three wars with China (the Opium Wars) to push drugs on their empire as official currency and exchange. That's how they originally got Hong Kong and undermined the Chinese empire, when million were addicted through chests of English opium forced on the Chinese as trade in lieu of silver or gold.

The whole doomed mission in Afghanistan stinks, and will only be rectified when the last foreigner is driven out by the pastoral people. This dirty drug activity puts a pall on all propaganda parsed out by the politically correct pundits and parrot mercenaries, lives wasted for a cheaper shot of heroin in a back-street hell-hole in crime-ridden ghettos, for the anxious families and friends of Canadian soldiers, and the victims of the Afghan mission.

And, for the taxpayers of this country, this war is nothing to die for. Wake up,
Canadians, and bring our troops home now, and stand on guard for Canada in our gun-ridden ghettos, Indian barricades and Arctic waters.




P.A.K.I. Powderkeg


P.A.K.I. ... That's the acronym denoting four tribal groups, with the addition of "STAN" (state)—and you've got another alphabet soup/Frankenstein country left behind by the wily and often-times not-so-smart English at the dissolution of their bankrupt empire after World War II. (The "P" stands for the Pashtuns, one of the largest tribes in the world, numbering 40 million and straddling Pakistan and Afghanistan). Multiracial empires are usually cunningly and brutally constructed and equally de-constructed upon their demise. The British Empire is responsible for a whole slew of failed states with its cosmopolitan greedbag approach to life and civilization. The Limeys left in their wake all kinds of non-ethnic liabilities with economic and administrative borders, which have little reflection on the ethnicity and racial makeup of the people. Iraq, Nigeria, India, and now Canada are good examples of non-entity states held together by police and military force.

Originally, Pakistan started as a Muslim nation, divided into East and West Pakistan, with 1,000 miles of water separating the two, until race and ethnicity (which always triumphs over any religion) broke the 'state', with the violent creation of Bangladesh (Bengali state). The name Pakistan was coined in the 1930's in reference to the northwest frontier section, and it took over a million lives of Hindus and Muslims to correct the race-mixing imperial English's globalist views. Nigeria already had its unsuccessful bloody Ibo secessionist attempt, called Biafra, but the Harry Potterites keep blathering on through their crooked teeth.

Democracy has never existed in Pakistan, even though they've pretended it has, through their jet-setting cricket players and Benazir Bhuttos. There are at least two Pakistans, of not three or four, including Baluchistan, the Punjab, Kashmir and the wild northwest frontier. Basically, I categorize them down to the bearded, and the smooth-shaved, gun-toting Gunga Din Western collaborators who are quick to migrate with the sahibs to the four corners of the world. I like the stay-at-home former types who are backing the primitivist, environmentally-friendly white-flag Taliban in their struggle to expel the feminist foreigners from their territory. There is something unseemly about the toupéed dog-carrying General Pervez Musharraf (Bush's favorite Gunga Din) and his storekeeper imitators: would you trust them with your lotto ticket? The latest 'strongman' general's days are numbered, as his mercenary army takes a pummeling from the suicide bomber God-believers in the land of Kipling's inspiration, with named like Swat, Tank, Waziristan, Hangu and Swabi. They make their own guns there and you can buy them in an open marketplace. That's what I call freedom, with no Skeletor Chertoff looking over your shoulder.

The totalitarian Pakistani Army was not even allowed into the frontier until the Orwellian 'war on terror' was pronounced by the New World Order imperialists. After a prolonged three-year war with the tribesmen (where the"P.A.K.I." army suffered 7,000 casualties, although like their American mentors they only admit to 700 dead), the 'strongman' dictator had to sign a peace deal with the Taliban commanders. It was broken recently by the army's dastardly attack on the Red Mosque and by its new troop movements and checkpoints into the rugged frontier. In the last two weeks they've lost over two hundred army and police personnel through bombs and ambushes, prompting Musharraf to call for a local jirga to re-establish the abandoned peace accord. It won't work; coupled with the separatist movement in the southern part of the country by the Baluches (known for their hospitality and vengeance), the phony state's army is stretched to the breaking point, putting in jeopardy the control of the 30-40 nuclear bombs that they have. The victory of Iftikhar Mohammed Chaudhry, the Chief Justice of their Supreme Court over the dictator's high-handedness, is a Western media sideshow compared to the armed conflict going on in Muslim Kashmir held down by the new Hindu empire and the rebellions in the northwest and the south.

Just as in Iraq, the clock is ticking and no king's horses or American mommies' men will be able to put Pakistan together again.

Bring it on!




Race Traitors As Human Shields?


On our Links page we have an eclectic variety of sites,. not because they are all our supporters but because of various information and opinions from political persuasions and direct information 'from the horse's mouth'.

One certainly can't rely on the bland homogenized "news" and propaganda from the likes of CNN or the BBC. But they're there, too. We have a lot of conspiracy sites where everyone is to blame for the rotten state the world is in — from the Bilderbergers, the Illuminate, Jews, Jesuits and the Vatican, globalists, Marxists and the anti-white trash (remember, you don't have to be poor to be trash). Anytime one of them says something significant pro- or anti-white we're on their case to applaud or denounce them in no uncertain terms.

There's a growing trend among the conspiracy buffs and those who curry favor with the controlled media and non-entity fence sitters to deny the existence of a white race. I couldn't believe my eyes the other day when the Wake Up From Your Slumber site (I wish they would) when they had the audacity to ask "What Is White" (no, dummies, it's who is white.)

They went on in a childish prattle to talk about the various ethnic tribes of the white people and claim they were too different to be part of anything that was the same. That's the Marxist /capitalist lie which denies ethnicity, history and culture to whites while babbling on about minorities as the only races. Sickening! The conspiracy pen pals think they've got it all figured out while denying their own racial existence.

After their world plots are revealed they have nothing positive and substantive left for readers. It's back to business as usual like the Libertarians who dream that everyone's the same...if they can just make a profit. These naive or conspiratorial disinformationists are with the commies and neo-cons who want to make one size fit all while pretending to be anti-globalization while pooh-poohing White identity. It's a stab in the back which should not go unnoticed. Being a racist is a 24/7 natu4ral lifestyle.

Most of the non-racist conspiratorial goofs and spoof those who curry favor to useless fence sitters and medias bimbo bitches are arrogantly opposed to any White Nationalists with armbands uniforms or hoods. The reality is that people never really change, they just change their act. They're awed by the Establishment outfits with Support Our Troops stickers and black-clad SWAT teams while at the same time bleating about a "Fascist" takeover of the government.

The Whites in South Africa are waiting to be dispossessed and killed, but still I read in the "Why South Africa Sucks" website ( )
complaints against the racist, Nazi African National Congress ruling party, even though it is run by the South African Communist Party. Hey if they'd had some white racists and uniformed Nazis fighting like the Taliban, the Iraq resistance or the Islamists in Palestinian refugee camps or the Red Mosque in Pakistan, they wouldn't be checking travel brochures for another 'grand trek', this time to Argentina, Panama or Costa Rica. Perhaps they will find more indigenous servants to do their dirty work, last done by the Boer Voertrekkers; what a difference four generations have made with their reliance on black labor, from challenging the British Empire on the battlefield to running away to another Third World country.

Most of these sellouts are always advising us to "save yourself" and not to "Rock the boat" with invective and criticism towards white peoples' enemies, particularly the authorities and those in the media, while the opposite is required to make the traitors' lives apprehensive and miserable. Economic and professional success is their main interest, denying others their egocentric sacrifices, for fear they may be upstaged and have to answer for their actions. These wimps hope for some kind of internal breakdown with the slogan 'worse is better' — yeah, like in South Africa, from which they're fleeing in droves. If you're not going to stand your ground now, then pray-tell, when?

I'm so disgusted with the international high-flyer suits who disparage their Nazi. Klan or White Nationalist youthful beginnings ,currying favor in front of the Zionist media while disparaging and dividing the rest of us in front of our avowed enemies. It's so unseemly; I'm equally sickened with the negligent parents, friends and relatives of victims of non-white crime putting down racists who correctly point out the root of the problem. What image do these blinkered zombie chicken shits have for white race survival except to show weakness and division?

There are many white self-loathing leftists who complain about "Chimpy and Cheney" but are too afraid to do anything appropriate, except when it comes to slagging white racist visionaries. The only useful idiot capacity they can offer is to be future human shields for White Nationalists in further anti-white criminal tragedies for our not-so- much grieved. but rightful, outrage. These lickspittle buffoons remind me of the move War of the Worlds, where a minister with a Bible, a man with a shovel and a third man with a white flag attempt to make peace and understanding with the aliens only to be zapped into ashes, giving time, backbone and understanding to the rest of humanity to fight the alien beasts. I hearken to the old Prem luncheon meat commercial, where a can of Prem talks to another brand by saying "Moo". The other brand says "Oink", to which the Prem says "Moo" again and the other can says "Oink." After that the Prem says, "Why can't you say Moo?" The can says, "It just isn't in me."

And that's case for all non-racist whites, blond, blue-eyed or whatever. When push comes to shove in white race survival, there's no need to try to convince them otherwise, as the White race cull takes them to oblivion, while White Nationalists throughout the world chart our future.

As J.B. Stoner says, race is all.




British Bull


I'm sure I've seen the Jeep Cherokee burning at the crappy entrance of the Glasgow Airport over a hundred times on CNN, BBC, Fox News, etc. The French had thousands of cars torched when some non-White immigrants went on a rampage last year in the suburbs and government buildings.

But one burning car at an airport entrance and two abandoned Mercedes vehicles, supposedly filled with flammables and smoldering in the homosexual nightclub section of London is enough to put the pompous little police state into the highest terror warning of critical, with the usual British politicians promising to stand steadfast in the face of terror — give me a break!

Who can trust the British Secret Services, the ones who ran the IRA killing squads with double agents in their highest ranks the same intelligence services which backed Bush's war in Iraq, searching for weapons of mass destruction? I'm just not buying it, and nor should any thinking student of history, sociology or anthropology. The English are a queer lot. Speaking as a strong Slav (Serbo-Croat), I'm not impressed with their crisp, high-falutin English accents, as CNN and Fox News are hiring those hard-nosed harridans to read the news. I remember an English guy we called the Limey and his easy efforts to get into women's apartments to install overly-priced door peepholes and have tea, etc. — and occasionally ransacking the impressionable females, after he was done with them. When he was in the United States as a roustabout housepainter, all the Virginians thought he was a professor, pronouncing the Queens English. First impressions can be very dangerous, especially when facing cunning diplomatic connivers planning treachery. And that's their forte.

How far could George Bush have gone with his dirty war on terror without the smiling Chiclets-faced Tony Blair and his self-assured bull-puckey? The English (who gave us mustard gas bombs on natives, starvation and disease-ridden concentration camps for Boer women and children, hanging, disemboweling, burning of intestines, drawing-and-quartering,), have the secret admiration of many nations while they forged the brutal British Empire. Procrastinating Napoleon, Hitler and Hindenburg, lost their wars because of their Anglophilia.

The Russians love to be duplicitous with their incessant spy-game playing with the grown-up Harry Potters. Losing Emperor, Empire and Rasputin in the first World War and making it up in the Second World War with all of Eastern Europe and hundreds of thousands of returned traitors for the Gulag in Britain's treacherous Operation Keelhaul.

The cosmopolitan English incubator left behind all kinds of failed states after English colonialism financially collapsed:

Nigeria, Muslim, north and south, always at war with each other; Pakistan and India, Frankenstein nations at war with each other and within; Sri Lanka, with Hindu Tamils at one end and Buddhist Sinhalese at the other; Sudan, a giant queer playground for their dilettante diplomats with Christians and Muslims and Animists, forced together with nothing in common except the continent; South Africa and its criminal bedlam with no consideration for Whites in the north and whose nationhood was snuffed our with the aid of cannon-fodder Canadians; Zimbabwe and Uganda, forcing together antagonistic tribes leading to despots and tyrants; Iraq Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis slapped together into an impossible nation, ignoring religion and ethnicity.

And there's also Canada, forever burdened with a ready French minority and double-cost bilingualism leading to multiculturalism; Fiji, where an East Indian labor force was left behind to out-number and battle Fijians; Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, where a black slave population was left to fends for itself with a transplanted East Indian labor force; Palestine, where European Jews were promised a homeland on top of the Arabs for financially supporting Britain's war effort; Yemen, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, some-time clients of British diplomatic meddling and commandos. Tanganyika, which savagely took over Arab Zanzibar with British approval, is another stressed country; and of course, Northern Ireland, where they transplanted cherry-faced Protestant Scotties on top of the Roman Catholic Celts (they even called it the plantation as the potato crop failed and the Irish ate grass and bark, immigrated or starved, while the English granaries just across the sea were full.

The conglomerate-clever English. The rebel-refugee seed of Europe and the Levant, has been able to utilize the wild and crazy Pickts and their blond, big-nosed Viking Scot overlords to win the British Empire, with the aid of the collaborating Irish and the stubborn Welsh. That's their greatest strength — the conquered, servile character of their people, put under the control of a phony class structure of nobility and peasants striving to reach that sacred Middle Class status.

The English Anglican Church, borne of the lust and libido of Henry VIII, has been of little assistance in maintaining White racial pride, or showing compassion and understanding towards the Empires victims. And the British mothers callous treatment of their children leads to kidnapping, from Portugal to Nigeria (so much for the nanny-state).

I was in England, and I was never so disappointed to see how grey, dank, old and cramped it was. Knee-to-knee on their subway (properly named The Tube) and reaching down a windy and winding long underground suitcase, I enjoyed being corrected on my Canadian pronunciations by more than one barmaid, while I viewed the treasures of the world that were dragged into the British Museum.

The Great British Race that Churchill talked about is long lost in the Commonwealth fantasies, now that British school children have to be taught what it means to be English. Two million Muslims will not leave willingly, as the country is ready to implode with its multicultural mix in a small space before they ever venture again to build a second empire.
The English language is wonderful, and the idea of innocent-until-proven guilty by your peers, is a just position, but it was not practiced under Blair's police state anti-terrorism laws. There's a lot of hypocrisy in practice, contrary to the laws of a country that doesn't even have a constitution.

The sooner the rest of the world takes off its rose-colored glasses to all things British, the sooner we can have honest discourse and realpolitik towards world peace. The Japanese prison camp commander in the film Bridge On The River Kwai said to the British officer, "you British have no shame."

Its time they did.


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