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Enemies of the white people

It's with a heavy heart that the NPC site will have a new button/link: "Enemies of the white people." I hate participating in negativity; my criticisms are more like remonstrations to enemies, doors left ajar for compromise and reconciliation. I like to think of myself as a last-chance deal, the voice of the voiceless, public director to racists, re-directing the hatred to the real haters, with the real enemies of the white people list. It's that simple.

Everything the race mixers have wrought has come to shit, and they know it — that's why they're so powerless in front of their globalist Jew masters as any opposition to the fiscal cheapskate Tea Party attacks, pushing for more free trade and immigration, eroding the very whites, they promised a paradise with world government, free trade and anti-patriarchal primitives to be exploited for consumerism.

Racists are the real and only total antithesis to the present regime. So, it is our duty to point the finger at the culprits who are pushing anti-white race globalization and race mixing multiculturalism, sometimes done through foreign wars, mercenary missions and the "don't-feed-the-deer" sign-ignoring nature-meddlers. Race survival is a serious business. This is big stuff, well above the self-hating schlep loather mindset of self-absorbed anti-racist brats. Their "standards" and criticism are so childish, petty and personal that giving idiots "what-fer" is an almost pleasant pastime — if it wasn't so easy, stupidity can be fun if it's not serious.

Enemies of the white people are not as many as you would believe: if a census was done of how many would say they are racists, they will be the survivors; even if they compromise only one percent, that's the seed-kernel of our identity in the future, growing from both ends at the same time as more whites realize that adopting racism as their natural religion and as more race mixers disappear through non-reproduction and miscegenation.

In the meantime,. those who would eliminate white racists are a little shaky right now after that "nut" Anders Breivik killed an up-and-coming generation of race mixers in Norway.

This "crazy-like-a-fox" act has unhinged the anti-racists' mean minds and hangs like an inappropriate conversation topic for the race traitors. Racists should not interfere: God will punish them with oblivion. But there's still value and gloating in knowing their race traitor names today and for posterity; historians will still want to know.

Just think of all the misery that the enemies of the white people have done: This lost hopes and aspirations in an unfamiliar race mixed world where you, the whites, are the only ones not allowed to have a positive identity, let alone racial awareness (except for job application forms that placing a check-mark will guarantee you no job).

What about police state rules set up to control a newly-violent race mixed community? Or the new neighborhood school terror and low living standards brought on by race mixing globalization agreements that have gutted our treasuries to foreign interests?

The enemies of the white people need to be identified — for the white race's safety. Let's start with us.




Racists, step away from the conservatives

White nationalists have to step back from supporting so-called conservative parties right now. Stop giving neo-con globalists carte blanche in every election when they hint at racism or mild bigotry that titillates naive patriots. They don't mean it. Like Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, who worried over finances over Tamil boat refugees on our West coast, sending chicken-livered bigots into a tizzy of support for their globalist stooge.

Conservatives, by their very nature, are not rebels to the Establishment elites, even if they are pushing white racial-suicidal multiculturalism; conservatives are too worried about their "stuff" to break with routine stupid tradition, and vote for more of the same national treasonous crowd again and again. Conservative politicians take the white racist vote for granted because of the bigots' cowardice to call themselves racist. Bigots have no guts to stay in the battle for a white Canada. We've seen that over and over again in the past. Bigots love to apologize ("I'm not a racist!"); that's their Achilles Heel. They're gutless wonders. Don't follow them into the conservatives' cheapskates club, who feel that they're getting back at the non-whites by gutting white society's services to some single black mothers, while hurting our own poor whites.

Let the fiscal neo-con Tea Partyers play in their Jewish neighborhoods, much like the ideologically-barren women's Liberal Party. That's all they deserve, as the Jews and the rich are mostly synonymous now.

Anyone proposing to speak on behalf of white nationalists must have an independent "outside-the-box" thinking after all the betrayals of past Conservative politicians who don't have any heritage principles (other than the New World Order, to which they all eagerly gather at their secret safe Bilderberger meetings). I'm just watching and waiting for the spies and/or any idiots coming out in support of conservative candidates from the white nationalist leaders, pundits and chat rooms. If they're whining over Islamists, terrorism and pushing globalist mercenary missions, they're the snakes and fools in need of condemnation and approbation.

Conservatives want a task-masters' society, equivalent to that of the Mexican or Korean societies. There is no calm, peaceful, prosperous future or special dividend to be born in their globalist elite whorehouse Canada. There is no respect for those still-surviving generations of toilers of wood, carriers of water or the war-fleshpot sacrifices of the 115,000 Canadians for globalists' foreign interests with the latest war jingoism. Yeah, the upper money-classes are the real bait-and-switch traitors of white Canadians for generations. Now they are in your face/politically correct/anti-white racist, and historically traitorous to their ancestors.

Conservatives are hedonistically tied to their "stuff" and can be bought, leaving them morally bankrupt and unfit to lead a nation — until they mend their ways. Race survival and white civilization are too important for their "Seinfeld ways"; just think of how many times they failed racists and the cultural traditionalists of the past.

Conservatives act as if they're doing racists a favor if they're collaborating with them. The opposite is true: white racists don't need cowards' and traitors' approval, or their dumb, timid advice, suck-holing to feminists. Standing up for wild white women when they can't get one themselves doesn't cut it for thinking racists. How many times have these wimp-assed conservatives kicked out racist whites from their party? (Tons). We don't need conservatives, but they need our hard core committed racist vote in any election, based on their publicly-committed racist leaders. It's that easy and that effective to achieve power for the racists.

Of course, the socialist-minded politically-correct NDP leaders can't afford to accept white racists' endorsement. But they are very cognizant of our views and activities, regardless of the "Jews media"-imposed blackout of our politics. More and more, Canadians and Americans are proud to announce themselves as racists, with no bones about it. All movements are easily winnable then, especially when white racists offer and accept the same racial pride to non-white neighbors.

Racism is as natural as breathing. Idiots who want to slam all ethnics and racists together into a pluralistic criminal madhouse (like the Dutch conservative slavers created in South Africa) we say no thanks to them and as well, to the conservative warmongers who embarrass "rightists" annually. White racists have awakened from their voter-stooge slavery to snooty liar conservative abuse.

Woe the whites! Or go to hell, Conservatives.

And vote NDP in Ontario on October 6.




Martin Weiche: A Canadian sweet and sour "Kraut"

I don't even remember how I met Martin Weiche, the German immigrant who made good economically and politically in the New World. I believe it was way back, during the early years of the Western Guard, one descendant of the anti-communist, multi-ethnic Edmund Burke Society (EBS). Martin Weiche, along with his two sons and twenty others, stopped 300 screaming street-scumbag wild-eyed Maoists at my three-story Ashdale Avenue house, where we were celebrating Mussolini's birthday with Italian supporters one hot summer Sunday. All hell broke loose, with baseball bats and two-by-fours as we battled the commie bitches and their sex wimps when my gentlemanly reserve got me a fractured arm (next time, I don't hesitate.) After Benito Mussolini's birthday party, Martin started saluting me with "Hail Duce!" a name he called me from then on, laughingly, half-serious, half-cynically-sarcastic. Martin Weiche and his opinions filled any room with entertainment, whatever the occasion.

During those hippie-pinko years the led to this non-white race mixer culture invasion, Martin Weiche was "on top of the world, Ma" with his Jalna Towers reaching for the sky on the eastern entrance to London Ontario.
Then the interest rates went up to 18% and Martin's marriage to a beautiful woman collapsed after seven children. He was a character, big as a soap opera character, not to mention his aye-aye ready for any right-wing, pro-white, neo-Nazi or even kosher conservative event. Martin would be there, usually with one or two sons, and let me tell you, when all these big-bearded, twinkle-eyed mountain men showed up, everyone felt a little more secure — lucky even.

Martin Weiche's accent was hard to understand; even his fellow German Ernst Zündel said that he came from a swampland area of Germany that was itself cut off for centuries. "That's not German," the Bavarian said, (causing others to speculate) instead, embarrassing this brash activist interested in every effort to start white nationalist activity, which Martin Weiche did.

Weiche was in pretty well everything at one time or another, particularly promoting European Heritage Week in the London area in cooperation with the Nationalist Party of Canada. He worked on all kinds of projects, from National Socialism to the KKK and the old Social Credit Party. Martin held many rallies, meetings picnics and barbecues, with occasional cross burnings. Martin loved to fool the Jews who might be after him, putting a swastika on his large property for Google Earth to see, but, done the backwards Chinese/Indian/aboriginal way, it still keep its effect (Martin loved to go to Swastika, Ontario and send postcards from there afterwards.

Martin Weiche was a social peer, and we partied many times with whichever wife, girlfriends or German mail order tryout he was with. However, you always knew that Martin Weiche was a father figure in his mind, first and foremost (I remember one absolutely perfect beautiful German woman that others would have easily succumbed to, but she was gone after two months. Some of these ad-answering dames even had fights at the airport over our German Romeo, which the local "Jews media" ate up with gusto, building Martin's legacy further.

Martin Weiche subscribed to "racism for everyone" and the white man's way of common sense, good will and fair play. He wasn't a hate or a bigot, but a relaxed racist unafraid of his enemies' labels, or paying lip service to them, except sarcastically funny (which Martin excelled at, with positive intent). He was a lot of fun to be with and never short of an opinion enquiry; He was good company.

I knew Martin was older than me, but twenty years? He sure never acted it and kept on ticking in political activity until 90: amazing. It reminds me of the 89-year old Canadian fighter who got Louis Riel to delay his surrender to the Canadian troops surrounding Batoche (the last stronghold of the Métis-Indian Northwest Rebellion) so that he could shoot at Englishmen a little longer. Soon after, he died too.

So it is with Martin Weiche. He has moved into the next dimension where there is no judgment, no emotion, no feelings — just ethereal and DNA connections to this world, which Martin Weiche has left plenty of behind in the full life he lived. What can you say? He's on Wikipedia.

It was a pleasure to have known you, Martin Weiche. See you there.

— Don




"Al-Qaeda": local reaction to globalists

There's a lot of controversy and discussion, particularly in the conspiracy and leftist sites as to the validity of al-Qaeda. Even some libertarians probably doubt the veracity of al-Qaeda's hunted spokesmen. Of course, a lot of this stems from their own biases and prejudices toward religion and God-believers in general. They don't understand them — it's too unsophisticated, too fatalistic, and certainly not enough fun for a nation in pursuit of happiness.

There is definitely an Islamic revival of orthodoxy and submission (Islam) to a religion. Firm belief in any power higher than the Freemason Washington Monument god is inimical and hostile to the globalists' plans. Allah can't be destroyed by denigrating churches and idols. So, his adherents have to be fought on a psychological basis, with promises of economic opulence and hedonistic living for moderate Muslims acting as the globalists' lure and a brutal seen and unseen military assassination and disinformation attacks against patriarchal God-believers. These God-believers stand in the way of the New World Order's consumerist progress for a few frequent-flier elites.

The race mixers' New World Order gang will utilize every trick in the book to undermine local ethnic nationalist separatist independence movements, including The Big Lie technique of an imminent world threat for all concerned, which amount to less than half a dozen attempted shoe- and underwear-bombers and a few frustrated, victimized reactionary attacks by new immigrants and Muslims in the military. Aside from local Islamist insurrections such as in Yemen and Somalia, all other Islamist acts of terror are in patriotic reprisal to the Zionist-advised mercenary invaders, especially in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Paki Islamists (Taliban) have suffered terribly at the hands of nerd drone murderers. And yet we haven't seen one brown-skinned suicide team buy tickets to race mixed Mexico and wander across the porous southern US border with guns, bombs and grenades into a southwestern mall (so much for the "Jews media"-buffed-up nature of al-Qaeda.) But their well-publicized fear-mongering by bin Laden types has definitely attracted the attention of local Islamists from North Africa to Indonesia to raise their hands, too, and say, "I'm al-Qaeda" in the globalists' faces.

Why anyone opposed to globalism and the rape of the natural resources of the planet by their greedy hands would be opposed to their opponents (even if they are spear-chucking cannibals), makes no sense, unless they're part of the Punch-and-Judy show apparatus in the service of more powerful interests. Look, if you don't bring the Muslims here, they won't set up a sharia state. So, why would you want to have their home countries on the same economic and political level to bring them all here and our jobs there?

Race is above religion. First, you were born a white man, then you acquired (or someone put on you) religion; later, you picked up an attitude and an ideology for survival. We can change everything except your race. That is why it is in the interests of white nationalists to refrain from participating and supporting the meddling, rights-destroying dirty war on terror.

Nationalists are not interventionists (unless directly attacked.) Utilizing a sketchy, questionable, Zionist-benefiting, unnatural perfect demolition of two or three skyscrapers (like 9/11) is no reason to give up your civil rights and attack primitive peoples and countries across the planet for the last ten years.

Let this commemoration of the 9/11 conspiracy-collapse be the last to immortalize the Big Lie in history, like so many other American "causus belli" incidents. Enough already with 9/11, because al-Qaeda, real or not, is the local reaction to globalist oppression. 




Racists: First you get the leaders, then you get the power

I said it before and I'll say it again: white nationalists are the most oppressed ethnically aware minority in Canada. Every hand of the race mixers' regime is raised against us, so much so that yearning for political representation is near despair.

Having been in the anti-communist/racist/nationalist movement for 44 years, I have to shake my head and snicker at the naďveté of today's keyboard white nationalists who hanker for one unified political party to represent their interests. Whoa! Stop putting the cart before the horse, especially when there's so few horses (leaders) around. That's the basic problem with the white nationalist racist milieu — not enough public names for the people to associate with in a trampled but natural ideology of race survival. Everyone's scared to lose their jobs, to lose their partners, to lose their families, and receive plenty more negativity from the regime police and propaganda ("Jews media") ministries.

Leaderless we are rudderless and even one man (or even a party of two-and-a-half men) can't do it alone, other than to lay out a legacy and a common sense political course to follow: racism is for everyone. You should never slag racism.

Once more white Canadians step up to the plate for the white civilization survival challenge and are developing more small groups and entourages for their political activity. Then, we can talk about working and thinking together on common issues of interest. One thing is for sure: we don't any more "Jews media"-promoted if-you-can't-beat-them-join-them (CSIS's) Heritage Fronts (The last word says it all).

Canadians are a very moderate people, carefully chosen by their former British colonial masters for their servility, which only disappointment and despair can overturn. Canada's had only four armed insurrections in its history and two of them were by Indian-race mixed Métis. All were police-and army-quashed with relative ease in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Even the big labor march during the desperate dirty thirties Great Depression was baton-beaten into submission with the cooperation of the railway police and the army (who always appear ready to suppress public opinion.) Who can forget the over 1,000-arrests of ordinary citizens and their abhorrent treatment during the G20 fiasco last year, still unresolved in a powerful police state? Hardly 1,000 were arrested in the recent London race mixed rage-riots. Just watching the submissive Canadian Joe Citizen handing himself over to riot-shielded police to be prostrated and handcuffed, having endured three hours in a torrential rain and lightning storm, kettled like sheep by a bunch of slaughterhouse goons, you can see how meek, mild, milquetoast and bland "I'm-not-a-racist" Canadian whites are. That's why when anyone appears on the scene with a racist opinion for unknown armchair keyboard warriors, negative comments are a sure sign of agent-provocateurs and divisive spies and informants, often revealed by their narrow-minded bigotry. And it's bigotry they probably betray in their private lives.

Certainly, positive criticism (and definitely praise) is required for any wannabe white nationalist leader. After all we say and do a lot, from our Canadian Flag Perpetual Pride Campaign, to European Heritage Week, and the whip on the "Jews media" liars, the Walter Duranty Award for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism. Continuous commentary on current affairs and personalities on our website further educates and directs our supporters. The Nationalist Party loves to report on other people and activities related to our political agenda. Sometimes these groups conduct affairs that are not our cup of tea, but they may be doing something important concerning the white race — our over main interest.

So if you want to be poor, publicly vilified, but remembered in a natural noble cause, speak up. Drop the avatars, stop hiding behind secret accounts and pseudonyms. Give them your John Henry (or Kevin Goudreau, Terry Tremaine, Martin Weiche, John Beattie, Bill Noble, Thomas Winnicki, Kyle McKee, Paul Fromm, Donna Upson or Bob Smith or Don Andrews, or anyone else who will stand up and say, yes, I'm a white racist and proud of it! Who cares for the opinions of lemmings taught by our enemies' media and institutions, anti-racist idiots and culturally-deprived race mixers (except police agents).

Canadian whites need strong characters, not genuflecting wimps too afraid to understand Anders Breivik's and blame the whole racist revenge attack on Mossad ("Que bene" — who benefits?) You can't be afraid of the race mixer traitors or protect their crimes and expect to get away with it.

This is a crisis for the white nationalist movement, the separation of the men from the boys, as Norway has shown. Our enemies are worried, our philosophy is sound. Our stock has risen. Now is the time to step up and be counted.

History — and the white race are waiting.




Get Off The Stage, Seinfeld


The Israel pullout from Gaza is a smart move, and no surprise when I think of the Jews. It's not that they're not smart, but rather that they can't work together, even in diversity. No one should make a comment on their history until they've read "The Jewish War" (Penguin Classics), by one of their own, Josephus, an Imperial Rome collaborator. One of the precepts of the Nationalist Party is "Real racists respect other races, but demand their own homeland and do their own labor." taking it on the white nationalist side for the North American reality. In South America, the white man never did his own labor other than killing. But even with that, he's jobbed it out to the half-breeds and lives in fear of all behind barricaded villas. South America was taken over while North America, more sparsely populated, was colonized, just as we Canadians are being re-colonized by the Third World.

The Jews just don't have the population to hold that territory and to rely on Palestinian history and Muslim labor is really living on tenter-hooks: the Seinfelds, Kramers and Georges will have to get real jobs. The Ashkenazis will have to do labor, not just trade, or Israel will have to be not much bigger than the Vatican--bigger than Scripture Land, hopefully.

On top of that, they've got polygamy going against them; fractious monogamy just doesn't cut it for big families. Maybe at some future date when North America breaks up, they'll have two New Israels--New York and Miami (if Florida doesn't sink). Their discord is one of the reasons Jesus was sent by Allah, according to the Koran. Being the original chosen people of a vengeful and capricious God must be hard on the nerves. This of course, would be from one speaking as a rebel, or one who perhaps Allah has put astray (which according to the Koran no one can set straight).

The Jews are doing the only sensible thing under the circumstances, while leaving the desperate Gazans (who have withstood even the wrath of Alexander the Great) to develop an Islamic mini-state where the Koran will be taken literally. Now it's time for the Jews to back out of all the occupied areas and only subsist on their labors, and to stop scheming internationally with the criminal leaders of the United States.

In other words, Get Off The Stage!




Space Folly


When I was a kid I used to love spaceships and science fiction, going to other planets (as if), circling around the moon (did they really?) and searching for and contacting aliens — childhood dreams now being practiced by a bunch of white-shirted nerds spending billions of dollars on pointless benefits to the general population other than the radiated cell-phone. Everything else in the space program benefits appears to be for the benefit of a totalitarian military police state (e.g., "Eye In the Sky" and Star Wars; cities potentially lasered in minutes from circling satellites). All of it is in some Dr. Strangelove's "professional" hands — large chunks of the country's wealth taken from the poor: no charity here for these overpaid CEO's and scientist darlings. Instead of feeding the poor and saving the Race, they're off on some Superman stunt while giving the dummies animated versions of what they're purportedly up to, up there. I don't trust them and I don't like their pasty-faced, sallow/smug commentary, as if we needed them.

They're all multicult corporate heroes representing no one except themselves and heaven help us if they should bring any alien problem to the Earth with their exploding rockets at space debris flying by.

Murderous America should look at itself closely, and find all it serial killers and their victims before they attempt to show off their suspicious space technology and the energy and the billions spent on it. The less a man tampers with the planet, the better for the Earth.




An Oprah Winfrey Governor-General of Canada


The new Governor-General of Canada (Michaelle Jean, who appears to be of mixed blood) is a black woman originally from Haiti. This is supposed to be a sop to the French Canadians in Canada, as they still speak some kind of French 'patois' in Haiti after a brutal French colonization history where eventually all the whites were drive out or murdered--10,000 in one week. An excellent book on this subject, which can be obtained from the National Alliance at or from James Warner's Christian Defense League at Box 411, Arabi, LA, USA is "The French Revolution in Santo Domingo" (the former name of Haiti). A brutal racial war between the mixed bloods and African negroes has continued there ever since.

We all know what a mess voodoo Haiti is. However, Michaelle Jean decided to use her talents elsewhere. This Oprah Winfrey comes from the most degenerate, slovenly propagandist for the New World Order--the media. At a time for single mother black youths from the Caribbean are shooting up our urban areas (particularly Toronto) the treacherous liberal dogshit walkers are going to reward that pushy sector of society with a mini-crown to represent the dysfunctional British Monarchy. I always liked the Queen of England and considered her stabilizing and traditional influence in Canadian society. Lyndon La Rouche claims the Royal Family is involved in drug dealing. To me his word is about as good as the limeys'. The whole Commonwealth is a race-mixed sham, a leftover from Kipling's Empire days and a cover to undermine white racial integrity. Let's get out of it and create a Constitutional Racist State--all I want to have in Africa and the Third World are listening /trading posts; no Bono or Geldof rockstar meddling, no UN troops to guarantee more refugees coming here, no foreign aid and spy doctors without frontiers. Just keep tabs on them so they won't don't wreck the planet, which would be pretty hard to do without the white man's technology. You would think that the pure de laine Quebecois would be indignant at a Third World recolonizing immigrant being chosen to represent them. But these are people who are afraid to step out for independence by themselves without a pension cheque, not unlike Irish Republicanism.

Technically Michaelle Jean, a civil servant of the CBC and who was bureaucratically promoted to another department, is a top example of affirmative action. She got the plum job of representing the country and its history and heritage because she fits all the criteria of the anti-white anti-racist disseminate system--everything got the minorities, nothing for the majority, until they're brought to their knees or cease to exist. Such is their anti-white hatred. This adds insult to injury and is purposely demoralizing and depressing for the white people, particularly after the outgoing Governor-General, the diminutive Oriental dragon lady Adrienne Clarkson, with her gaudily-dressed giant Jew husband John Ralston Saul, as our last royal representatives. I wish they had been!  




IRA: When Irish Eyes Are Lying


Whenever a people are struggling for freedom and independence, particularly from a foreign oppressor, various ideologies and social organizations attempt to capitalize on the struggle. And so it was in the creation of the Irish Republican Army--a combination of Marxist ideologues and criminal thugs.* This bunch emerged in the 1960s' communist "civil rights" movement; working class Celts against the managerial Protestant Scottish bosses imported centuries ago. The last time the IRA fought like men was after World War II, when they attacked thousands of British border posts and patrols throughout Northern Ireland, most of which ended in failure, not unlike the Fenian raids from the U.S. into Canada by Irish Republicans in the nineteenth century. The Irish were so concerned how they appear that they don't wish to attack the occupying British during World War II, as Churchill promised, they would 'blow the island out of the sea' if they dared to rise.

I have Catholic and Protestant Irish friends, and I can't tell the difference; but they can and do— always preaching about petty points on the Papacy or Protestantism while fervently peddling race-mixing and multiculturalism to everyone else. These masters of terrorist tactics against civilians: knee-capping, elbowing, beatings, killings and pub bombings were their stock-in-trade, men and women not exempted. It's like the Hell's Angels running a political party; stubborn is their middle name. It reminds me of the old joke: When you drink with an Irishman, at the end of the night, he'll beat you up; when you drink with an Englishman, at the end of the night, he'll put a knife in your back; when you drink with a Scotsman, at the end of the night, he'll put an axe in your head.

Fighting the English and the Scots was an easy task for them. Marxist dialectical hypocrisy was the IRA's cheap weapon and with all the neo-con commies in Congress it wasn't hard to see why that phony Gerry Adams was there, now acting like Kaddafi, posing for peace. In a county where the main entertainment is to pull back the curtains ans check for the mailman with the pogey check and heavy drugs are rampant, the Protestant and Catholic churches need to do a lot of legwork and stop acting like the Shia and Sunnis. Marxist Republicanism went out the window when the money powers opened a McDonald's in Moscow and the commissars became "beeznessmen"---oligarchs trading bullets for briefcases. I never trusted the IRA; as a character in a dubbed kung-fu movie said, "The two things I don't like is loud women and cockroaches." That about covers it.




Jim Dawson: A Viking Warrior 1959-2005


Jim Dawson was a racially-aware Canadian patriot who looked like a Viking warrior with a gentle, sensitive side. With his military interests, he worked tirelessly for the white community. starting out with the Nationalist Party of Canada, writing letters, organizing and liaising between racist ideologues and street youth and skinheads. He attended invitational trips to Libya on behalf of the NPC and later became one of the four founders of the Heritage Front. He was an affable friend and sometime lieutenant to the recently-murdered Heritage Front leader Wolfgang Droege.

Coming from humble origins of working-class white Canadians, he was quick to recognize the treacherous machinations of the Canadian multi-cult politicians in their drive to re-colonize our country by the Third World. This soft-spoken giant of a man with his blond, berserker looks stood out in any crowd, and his quippy irreverence put people at ease, making racism as natural as breathing. He attended many court cases, conventions and meetings, turning them into happy social events in spite of his scrapes with the law. He was happy in the noble work of white racial Identity and survival.

He lived a tumultuous and active life, but died suddenly and peacefully in his sleep. His work for the white race will not be forgotten, nor his unflappable and demure friendship. Some say he is at the banquet table in Valhalla, enjoying his ribald life as a hero.

Cheers, Jim!




Hellboy Hillier


Canada is known for its bombastic bluster "Colonel Blimps". From the first world war to the second world war, Canada's military leaders are big on bombast while they send their citizens into impossible hell-holes of destruction. The number of Canadian casualties from these wars is enormous and in line with the utterly jingoistic b.s. of their "leaders", Major-General Rick Hillier is no exception, hypocritically comparing the Taliban and al-Qaeda to some of Canada's worst killers and predators (Clifford Olson, Karla Homolka, Paul Bernardo, etc.).

How soon he forgets the torture and murder of hungry Somali youth by Native Canadian forces from the now-disbanded Airborne division. All those associated with those posing killers have no doubt all been reassigned to the new task at hand: bringing our gay marriage whorehouse to the ancient culture of Afghanistan ("If you don't buy our porno tapes, we'll huff and puff and blow your house down"--that's the message of the mercantile militants like Hillier and company). Just like Americans bombed their ports to force the Japanese to trade, so Hillier and our taxpayer-supported security apparatus will be moving in to tell the natives "what-for" as they move into the dangerous Taliban stronghold of Kandahar.

According to Hillier's jingoism, they're there to "kick the ass" of the Taliban's and al-Qaeda's "ball of snakes" (yeah, while snakes like Homolka walk the streets of Canada). This fool thinks he can smash an ideology whose leader is beyond mortal reach--Allah, and who his followers claim is the most merciful--no such reflection on the "blood-and-guts/women's lib" Hillier, for sure. He just huffs and puffs, with no thought of peace and harmony for the future between the believers and the unbelievers: no offers of peace and dialogue, and no hope of withdrawal from the indignity of foreign occupation.

These out-of-control guard dogs are a shame on our sense of justice and morality. Hillier would probably bring the troops out to protect the Marxist Toronto City Council edict against beauty pageants, as with the failure to recognize the Canadian Miss Universe winner Natalie Glebova, while happily marching skimpily-clad in a Gay Pride parade and pretending to build so-called failed states. I'm sure he is happily applauding the deconstruction of Canada through Third World re-colonization. He is the quintessential multicult agent.

Fortunately, pit bulls have been forbidden to be owned and bred in Canada. And like Hillier, we just have to wait for the living ones to take their natural course, judging by his internationalist attitude. Through his own actions he and his fellow meddling messiahs will be absent in the future construction of a white nationalist state. We've had a sweltering summer here in Canada, and he is the epitome of the old saying about "mad dogs and Englishmen, out in the noon-day sun." What is needed is respect and dialogue towards one's opponents, and not the mad gnashing of teeth as displayed by our jingoistic, barking military and political leaders.

Write to your Member of Parliament (to send an e-mail, go to ) and tell him to put a muzzle on it, and to bring our boys home.



Jingoists Jeopardize World Peace


The media barons are in full swing utilizing a cacophony of "yellow journalism" methods to beat the white people's war drums against the aesthetic core of a patriarchal religion which does not require the female frivolous freedoms of a whorehouse. Marxists, Zionist stooges and feminists are in the vanguard of the blood-lust. From thuggish traitors such as that so-called General of the Canadian Armed Forces 'Ugly Canadian' Rick Hillier, to feminist harridans like the Globe and Mail's Margaret Wente and the Toronto Star's "Rosie DiMeano" and "drunken" crackpots like the Toronto Sun's Bob MacDonald and Peter Worthington, all are out there screaming bloody blue murder for "the bearded ones" lives. They love to compare our plight to the vicious society of never-forgive-never-forget aggressive state of Israel. "We're all Jews!", they scream.

They created a pluralistic multicult state, with no one being given a vote on such an open borders option, except the "businessmen" looking for more customers. They put down the aspirations of white Canadians by turning their cities and neighborhoods into fearful no-go zones while they vilified, demonized and jailed their white nationalist opponents and ideologues. Those who they call bigots and hate mongers; now they are trying to recruit to capture, torture and kill the guys in the turbans, utilizing the much-vaunted "freedom" to sexually humiliate their enemies. Call after call comes from the sickeningly politicized police and armed forces, to get the bad guys--this from the internationalist serial killers who are rampaging throughout the Islamic world.

Patriots and white nationalists should not be fooled by all this knee-jerk reactionary rhetoric. As yesterday's quote said, "Justice to others is charity for ourselves". Only then will Western man have the high moral ground. Until we can get the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG) monkey off our back, no patriot should lift a finger in defense of this arrogant, unnatural cabal. Keep sending e-mails and letters to these internationalist sycophants telling them, "Hell, no, we won't go!; send your Gay Pride sons and daughters and mercenary killers to defend your house of ill-repute in your losing wars of aggression!". Canadians will not be cannon-fodder for a Third World on a religion that won't say uncle. There is no glory in spending billions of dollars bombing Afghan hillsides and sniping at shepherds to establish abortion clinics and to bring porno tapes to an ancient, established civilization to please degenerate dykes at the U.N. Israel may be the best racist state on the planet; however, this ethnic dignity is only reserved for the "chosen people" — everywhere else these mercantile cosmopolitans peddle pluralism. Now they expect us to save their bacon as in World War II, so through their victory we can have more ethnic nihilism.

As the old saying goes, fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Until they turn to dialogue and drop their mean-spirited, murderous intransigence, or the people turn their backs on them, there will be no peace in the world.



Stop The Re-Colonization!

Humiliation is a great affront to human dignity, in particular, sexual humiliation. Women are well-known for that and the minority matriarchal (Zionist Occupation Government) powers in Washington think it's all right--forcing men to wear bras, calling their female relatives whores, forcing them to do dog tricks, etc.--certainly no real man's way of doing things. The degenerate methods of these interrogations are the slime and sludge of the last days of an effeminate suicidal empire. All this was done in order to get a little more info to keep Whorehouse America safe while the Amber Alerts go on and their serial killers and wild youth rampage.

In a father's world these outrages would be considered perverted and unthinkable. You don't crush your opponent into a mush of inhumanity--quarter is given and quarter is taken. Only the androgynous Lawrence of Arabia prancing around in Arab garb could yell before an attack, "No prisoners!". The scary suicidal bombers, the Pakistani youths who blew themselves up in the London subway were not a bunch of mama's boys. They came from patriarchal religion which pointed out the gross abuses at Guantanamo, tortures that had to be avenged, for themselves and the entire Ummah (Muslim community); they're not doing it to spread Islam among the white people. It was chilling to hear the killer of Theo Van Gogh say that he had no feelings for Van Gogh's mother because she was a not believer in the eyes of God/Allah; is that the same as the Conquistadors who burned those who did not accept Christ?

The solution is obvious--let's keep the Ummah at home and stop attacking them from Palestine to Kashmir, from Chechnya to the Philippines, from Iran to Afghanistan. Write to the multi-cult leaders Prime Minister Paul Martin and to the federal Minister of Defense at the House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6 (no postage is needed) and tell the multi-cult leaders to let the Ummah have their caliphate countries-- and to bring our boys home from Afghanistan.




Cowardly Cudworth Council Shoots The Messenger:

The 'Petticoat Junction' characters of the all-white Town of Cudworth Council in Saskatchewan, a "friendly and progressive community" (their website:, have paid their lawyer, Marianne Kramchynsky of the firm of Sanderson, Balicki Popescul in Rosthern, Saskatchewan, to send a letter demanding that the Town Council picture be removed from the European Heritage Page of the NPC website, where the council members were pictured by the European Heritage Week Celebration Committee as one of over 20 cities and towns in Saskatchewan INVITED to celebrate the 11th anniversary of European Heritage Week (October 10-16)--something even England's Buckingham Palace thought was a good idea.

The politically-correct councillors were more concerned with who was representing the good-news celebration than the concept of preserving and celebrating their European heritage; posing is more important than substance--a guaranteed road to racial oblivion. The council members of Cudworth are probably good and decent folks (I hope), but they're putting the cart before the horse when they reject a call to celebrate their history and their particular heritage on the say-so of powerful political minorities and the controlled media.

However, on looking at their picture, the "God-fearing" (see the article about Ralph Cudworth in the Encyclopedia Britannica ) girlie-men in the front row, they don't scare me, belts or no belts, because I saw the matriarchal mothers in the back row, front and center. Along with a scene of the pretty town itself, there is a picture of "Mother Goose" figure on the Town of Cudworth welcome sign--so what's that tell you? Some wags say men are creators and women are destroyers; as the lawyers say, they don't want to appear as if they support European Heritage Week.

Some people are too embarrassed to exist--why not change the goose on the Cudworth sign to a chicken, or an ostrich? Cudworth is an example of general malaise throughout Canada regarding racial awareness. I imagine some of them would rather croak then say 'White Power!'.That's how far the continuous anti-white, masochistic and government-controlled propaganda has advanced.

We represent the self-declared white nationalists — and they're the ones who will survive to keep the faith, not the multiculturalist lost-and-lonesome remnants of Cudworth, Saskatchewan.

(see European Heritage Week page for the letter from the lawyers for the Town of Cudworth, and our response.)




Pity The Dead Americans?

One of the best sites on the war in Iraq is Each weekend they do a partial roundup of the sparse publicity given to young American war dead--young, vibrant, beautiful people, dead--for what? Empty phrases such as 'trying to do the right thing'; 'he believed in his work'; 'he was a professional at his job'; 'he loved America'--are empty rhetoric devoid of truth and permanence. Most are just short media stories announcing the deaths, mentioning the two military officers that every family dreads to see coming up the front walk. Details of soldiers' deaths are usually one-liners--he died in his Humvee or Bradley vehicle due to an improvised explosive device (IED)--some comfort to the bereaved. The incomplete lists of the dead are getting longer each week--21 this time around. Sad details about their postings ("He was due to be home in two weeks) prove the continuing and arbitrary nature of the deaths. Fewer pictures are available of the deceased, as I'm sure they would undermine the dirty war's "progress." Some media stories cover injured soldiers receiving medals for their participation in the "war on terror".

No condemnation of this blatant American aggression is forthcoming from either the relatives or from the dinky newspapers, local TV stations or from small-town America--just the usual maudlin bombast--he/she loved his/her work; he/she loved his/her family--but now they're dead. I look at their robust, determined faces and think, what a waste.

These useful schleps are supposed to re-educate and re-moralize an ancient civilization and an intractable, unchangeable religion--someone's mad Wal-Mart dream..Impossible! Some of the dead had premonitions of the dangers in Iraq and chose to serve in Afghanistan, only to be blown up by the resurgent Taliban ; such irony. The lying Zionist-controlled neo-Marxist media are all culpable, peddling their gay/feminist/internationalist agenda--one size fits all, is what the immoral merchant wants, and to hell with history, culture and ethnicity. One has to search to find the faces of the dead young men and women while they yap on about Michael Jackson, the Gomery inquiry and gay marriage.

The weird constitution of America failed these dead souls with no opportunity to seek "the pursuit of happiness" for these young people. It's a sick society which sends bombs, killers and torturers in the name of freedom and liberty (or they'll kill you). I'd like to have pity for the naive and ignorant, but it's hard when they're doing rotten things to other people while mouthing hypocritical platitudes similar to communist butchers of the past: "Just a few more kills-or-captures and we'll have peace and tranquility in a New World Order".

They're no better than the dogs of the anti-racist movement who will quickly disenfranchise you from society if you don't agree with their Marxist zero-tolerance agenda. The simple and brave people of Iraq have shown courage and resilience in the face of Mall Monsters. As soon as hedonistic America wakes up to their injustices, I will take pity again.

Until then, let the body count climb.



The Purpose of These Editorials


The main purpose of these editorials isn't to inform or inflame the unwashed masses for the lofty idea of saving their race and culture, as I've found that the 300-year history of the European peoples in the Americas to have revealed them as greedy, mean and childish. But what do you expect from losers and refugees of Europe. Nobody was conducting a lottery over there to come over here, and the history of the early settlers was mostly mean and greedy. And as those settlers prospered they became more infantile in their life-purpose: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (The U.S. Constitution). I didn't come here under those conditions.

I was born Vilim Zlomislic (pronounced zlom-i-slich) in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Zlomislic, I was told, translated into "to think wrong" or "son of the one who thinks wrong", a name given to patriotic rebels (Hyduk) who wore it proudly as a sign of defiance to the invaders of the Balkans (Marko Zlomislic was reputed to have been a clever and troublesome opponent of the 500-year Turkish occupation of the Balkans, who performed many deeds of trickery on the foreign enemy.
I came here as a 10-year-old, kicking and screaming into an airplane, the first reluctant refugee from an Iron Curtain country (the former Yugoslavia) to be reunited with a remarried parent and re-named Don Andrews as a naturalized Canadian.

"Are You My Mom?" the headlines read in the old Toronto Telegram and Toronto Star, coming from the lips of a head-sheared boy, courtesy of the meddlers International Red Cross. "Are you my mom?", I said at the airport. I was raised under Tito's communist dictatorship in an orphanage; with my red scarf I was a leader of the Young Pioneers, and was awarded summer camp vacations for my leadership potential. Later I was kept as a mascot by tenants of a large boarding house with a beautiful girl who I called Seka (meaning which means "sis") and "Tetia" (Aunt) Katia, a tall, strong and autocratic old woman with boundless energy and occasionally, alcoholic fury. She was scary but I was her favourite and she took me everywhere--to the meadows, forest paths and country roads, trading soap and other scarce items for products from the happy farmers in the hilly villages around Sarajevo when Mustafa the bootlegger wasn't home for me to get the rakya.

When she died, I (who had no religious upbringing) saw an "angel" the night before; as a kid I had been sent to her large bed early and as I opened the door I caught sight of a large, androgynous-faced figure all in white, with what appeared to be pushed-down wings, kneeling on her side of the bed with a white lily between its clasped hands, with the bed covers back--something I'd never seen before. Then all of a sudden its head turned around with ease of Linda Blair in "The Exorcist" in a surprised, disapproving look. I refused to go into the room but was pushed in anyways, and crept around the bed before being tucked in tight for the night. The next day I woke up and went out to play soccer when someone said, "Tetia Katia didn't get up." She had died sometime that night on her side of the bed. With her long nightgown and hair, her apparition visited me on a number of occasions in my Scarborough bedroom.

Soon came the unexpected news that I was going to America. People came around to see the boy who was going to America and they asked, "North or South?" I said, "North" and they nodded with approval: that's the richer one, as I imagined gold in the streets. They told me about the Indians, and I once saw the black-and-white film "The Santa Fe Trail"; we pictured them as wild people, sometimes cavemen, domesticated to pulling barges along rivers like Volga boatmen.

Kindly Tetia Mara and beautiful Seka took care of me for the last two years before my reluctant arrival in the new world. The first time I ever saw white bread, I thought it was cake and when the English offered me fish and chips on a flight stopover in London, I thought the ketchup was blood. Within five years I was an Anglicized Slav living in Scarborough, even though some red-haired bullies still called me a "black dago', a derivation of the Limeys' derision of "Diego" (from the Spanish, meaning God). I fit into the happy, homogeneous Anglo world by doing all the North American things: education (Ryerson), career (health inspector), cottages, many friends and six children with four women, and the wall-to-wall carpeted suburban life.

Being always for the underdog and having read Bertrand Russell's book on the crimes of the SS, I began to beat the German kid next door until his father intervened and told me about his horrendous treatment by the communists after World War II, the Nazis having been defeated. I went after the communists for their evil and cruelty, and became one of the three co-founders of the Edmund Burke Society (I'd never heard of the guy until an Ottawa high school teacher named Leigh Smith told me that Burke said, "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"), along with Smith and Paul Fromm. That was good enough for me.

While I was fighting the reds and wild-eyed Maoists over Vietnam, the streets of Toronto began to change dramatically as a bigger crisis had arisen, not in Vietnam, but here in Toronto, Canada--a Third World re-colonization was in full swing, and having been a voracious student of history, I knew that my adopted culture was being undermined as the Anglos were selling their birthright in a juvenile flurry of rock 'n roll hedonism. In the 1970s, the successor to the EBS, the Western Guard's democratic right to call for a white Canada at public meetings were met by public apathy, establishment media derision and Marxist thuggery. The fix was in.

The government accepted the Marxist name-calling and its slogans (Fascists have no right to speak!; Nazis Out!) as policy. Even some Jews got in on the bandwagon to scare up some more sales of Israel Bonds. Police surveillance, raids, snitches, charges and legal expenses and media ridicule, all of them stifled democratic rights into a politically-correct hypocrisy--white is black and black is white and shut up, or we'll set the Human Rights Commission after you. white nationalists were in effect disenfranchised, with the prospect of economic ruin and/or prison. Phony front-groups and leaders were established to corral the dissidents into sandbox activity. However, history was being made and resistance to this Orwellian hypocrisy has been recorded from police files, public and newspaper archives, books, radio, television and now the worldwide web (as someone once said, if it isn't written down it didn't happen).

And so we are continuing to write and record our opinions, observations and advice during this great, tumultuous time of the Third World re-colonization of Canada. As Thucydides, who wrote the great book The History of the Peloponesian Wars in 300 BC pointed out, he did not write for prosperity or "for those who desire an exact knowledge of the past as an aid to the interpretation of the future." Thus, we, the heroes and champions of the white race, do our noble work for our race and nation.



Suicide Bombers: A New Phenomenon


They say history repeats itself — same situations, different people. But after checking carefully throughout mankind's history I just haven't found anything like the Jihadist's slogan of 'Victory or Martyrdom' which motivates the only new war phenomenon, the suicide bomber. In the pat there have been many cases of mass sacrifice in wars and battles, from the zealots of the Jewish war against the Romans, to the suicidal frontal assaults of World War I and the kamikaze suicidal air sand sea attacks of the Japanese forces of World War II. who died for a mortal emperor, but nothing as extensive and individual as the self-sacrificing suicide bombers of Islam. Their enemies call them 'monsters', participating in a 'cult of death' — enemies who are so imbued with a hedonistic raison d’ętre that they can only gnash their teeth in fear and wonder towards the Mujahideen bombers.

The Tamils, a subgroup of the Caucasian people, started this idea in the name of ethnicity, state (Tamil Eelam) and religion, then killed two prime ministers, one from India, the other from Sri Lanka. They wiped out the Sri Lankan tourist industry by blowing up seven of their airlines on the tarmac. they forced the Sinhalese majority (with the help of the Norwegians) to come to bargaining table with their elusive leader. In the Middle East they forced and embarrassed the Jews into building an ugly new Berlin Wall and spend billions on self-defense. They forced the Americans in Iraq to hunker down in bunkers, green zones and checkpoints and spent billions more on re-armouring their military vehicles, all to no avail. And don't forget the World Trade Center and the resulting costs of the phony war on terror. Then, some dummy Zionists claim that these are 'acts of desperation'.  Oh really? (Here's a quote from the Friedman article: 'The forces of democracy and pluralism are winning' ) — give me a break, you lying dog — and this is from a Pulitzer Prize winner just nominated for the Walter Duranty Award for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism.

It's tough to do a frontal attack, whether it's the Charge of the Light Brigade or a bayonet attack on the front lines — at least all your pals are with you for encouragement and support.

Not so the suicide bomber; he has a date with destiny and paradise, he hopes, where a better world awaits without the hypocritical injustice and misery foisted on him by his enemies.

Saddam Hussein is gone — no more $25,000 for the families of the bombers. This is all for the glory of God. And the only God people are willing to die for in 2005 is Allah, the head honcho of the Jihadists, who cannot be reached by American smart bombs or cannot be sullied by the lying, controlled mass media. Even if they "capture or kill" (Bush's favorite phrase) Bin Laden, Zarqawi or Mullah Omar, others are eager to replace them, as it will never be "mission accomplished" until they perform the impossible — and get Allah.



Whorehouse America

It's 10 or 11 at night; the husband's in bed asleep, and the wife, another married girlfriend and a single friend are out on the town at a male strip bar — young, nude men in top physical form, seductively gyrating for dollar bills to be placed in the G-strings of these sexually raw male dancers. No it's not the 'Trailer Park Girls' gallivanting about — it's the likes of U.S. Presidential First Lady and ex-librarian Laura Bush with Vice-President Dick Cheney's wife and the august Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

This is how most empires end, in public debauchery by the high and mighty. Only a libertarian libertine could condone this behavior, and even they know better than for their own safety and security this example of "civilization" will not stand long. This is the number one family in the country intimating that this is the standard Americans should live by (it's in their Constitution — 'the pursuit of happiness') — a one-of-a-kind history. I wonder Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar thought of these shenanigans; they can't be very respectful, to put it mildly. Mrs. Bush revealed all these embarrassing antics as some kind of joke at a roast, with George Bush grinning like an idiot (it's 11 o'clock — do you know where your wife is, George? I'll bet you Mullah Omar does, all four of them). These are the big shot Americans, with their all-powerful destructive weapons.

It's usually the little things that count in life, the tiny revelations, the few words, one scenario that reveals volumes and throws light on the larger issues...and these last Days of Empire speak volumes.


Wolfgang Droege: 1949-2005 — An Enigma


Wolfgang Droege was born in 1949 in Forchheim, Bavaria and came to Canada in 1952.

I met him in a 1970's upscale disco — he was well-dressed, soft-spoken and set in his Germanic views. After many discussions he became a hanger-on/lieutenant in the Western Guard that I led. He was common-sensical, easygoing and snobbish towards all üntermeunchen. Unhappy with the lower-economic scale membership of the Guard, he was quick to affiliate himself with the high-flying David Duke of the Ku Klux Klan.

I sent him to the Caribbean island nation of Dominica to set up a base for an attack on the Marxist-controlled (New Jewel Movement) island of Grenada, but instead he made links with American criminal elements and secretly plotted to overthrow the Dominican Government with a mercenary invasion, supposedly to make it a Mecca for white nationalists and drug dealers. This attempt was thwarted by loose talk and government agents, and he was arrested in what was to be known as the "Bayou Of Pigs" fiasco.

After serving some time in prison he returned to Canada, and. using his David Duke connections, started a Canadian branch of the KKK under the leadership of another lieutenant of the Western Guard former Toronto Sun 'Sunshine Boy' Alexander McQuirter. When McQuirter was convicted of the attempted murder of a rival Klan member, the Klan collapsed.

Soon after, Wolfgang served six years in the notorious U.S. Federal prison in Lompoc, California. Upon his return, the Western Guard had morphed into the Nationalist Party of Canada, and Wolfgang was invited to join a free trip to Libya with seventeen other NPC members, where he conspired with phony NPC member Grant Bristow (hired by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to infiltrate the white nationalist movement) to form the Heritage Front in Canada. It truly was a 'front', a routine move by the authorities to monitor and control dissidents in a sandbox. This time, he was the window dressing-leader of a "white rights" group.

With the help of CSIS agent Bristow, over $250,000 of taxpayers' money was pumped into the phony Front, while they aimed to besmirch the reputation of white nationalist ideology by attacking and harassing street punks and suicidally-deluded anti-racist activists. After five years the Front was exposed by the same Mark Bonokoski who reported — the day after Ernst Zündel was deported from Canada to Germany — that he was a Jew by birth (see the article "The Jewish Card" March 2 Toronto Sun). Wolfgang once told me that reaching "success" was more important than how one got there.

After many scrapes with the law on bail conditions, it was arranged for Wolfgang to step down from the Heritage Front, handing the mothballed organization to a confederate. To my knowledge, he never recognized any of the efforts and activities of the Nationalist Party and its members, preferring to pay lip service to amorphous, "racialist" organizations and figures like Ernst Zündel and David Duke (who was recently released from prison on a plea bargain agreement with the U.S. authorities for a 17-month sentence for mail fraud and promising never to run for public office again).

Many people questioned the ease with which Wolfgang crossed borders and purportedly dealt in drugs. He was never without a giant bankroll of high-denomination bills which he was proud to display. He was generous to kids with candy and money and to strippers with sob stories, a swashbuckling New Canadian who often talked about suicide and the futility of life and a general disdain for the unwashed masses. He was a gentle man in spite of his reputation, with plenty of secrets, who was eager to pick peoples' minds for information and ideology.

He was gunned down by a methadone Mick Jagger wannabe, a product of Whorehouse North America (sex, drugs and rock 'n roll). Wolfgang Droege will be missed. He was a one-of-a-kind. I'm sure that he's pleased with all the attentive media coverage.



An Open Letter to Prime Minister Paul Martin

March 24, 2005

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

In Nelson Mandela's autobiography Long Walk To Freedom he gives us the reasons for his political activism:

" I had no epiphany, no singular revelation, no moment of truth, but a steady accumulation of a thousand slights, a thousand indignities, a thousand unremembered moments, producing in me an anger, a rebelliousness. a desire to fight the system that imprisoned my people."

I also thought about my people — white nationalists, neo-Nazis and other anti-internationalist and anti-Establishment types who are totally opposed to the multicultural politically correct governing elite. This governing elite has gone to great lengths to silence any opposition to one-world secret order/zombie-like system of merchants and consumers (one size fits all). Specials laws are enacted and proposed, such as the anti-hate legislation and new measures to deny civil rights through close monitoring by secret police, as proposed by Justice Minister Irwin Cotler. Millions are spent denigrating the viewpoints of white nationalists in vicious propaganda attacks through the controlled media and government agencies. Yet these same Canadian citizens are expected to pay their taxes and obey all laws while being hassled, harassed and treated with contempt through a myriad of slights and insults by those same taxes. Thousands of racists have been forced to relocate to new major urban areas, denied access to higher education because of racial quotas, have had run-ins with the law and serious altercations with Third World re-colonizers, denied white ethnic recognition at their schools, singled out and persecuted by police agencies, denied the right to write non-threatening letters of complaint (Brad Love), lost jobs for perceived bias because of their white pride position (Paul Fromm), fired for questioning details of perceived historical facts such as the Holocaust (James Keegstra), fired for holding Christian moral values in society (Malcolm Ross), charged for objecting to immigration policies (the charged six Toronto skinheads), and otherwise wreaked havoc on lives of Canadian white nationalists.

These are just some of the stories that make the controlled newsmedia while a thousand others show the anger, anxiety, anguish, frustration, exasperation and depression of racist white Canadians. Social engineering-Third World re-colonization immigration policies are such an extreme pressure on racist Canadians, particularly those who admit to being racists. are so severe and because racist Canadians suffer the most under under these policies, we are asking for a special compensation to re-adjust to this massive community transformation.

We are calling this assistance program the Racists' Reparation Grant and Dividend, an initial grant starting with a base $10,000 to all those declaring themselves to be white nationalists, and then a graduated additional amounts for social. psychological, economic and physical damages incurred by the Third World re-colonization of Canada in one short generation. This is a debt owed to white nationalists which will not be removed until satisfaction by the applicants. The dividend aspects of this just request for injuries suffered is to be applied and paid on a regular basis through negotiations to special cases of extreme injury.There is no compromise on the debt itself--it stands there, imposing and heavy. No amount of arrogant intransigence by any government will change it, even until the day when we are the government and will take what is right fully ours--it's a case of pay me now, or pay me later.
All governments, agencies, institutions, companies and individuals aiding and abetting in anti-racism campaigns and the Third World re-colonization of Canada are liable, now and in the future, for the payout and maintenance of the grant and dividends upon successful negotiations.We are asking with some urgency to set up this payout program immediately, and our party is prepared to assist in its fair setup and distribution of funds.

Money doesn't fix everything, but this Grant and Dividend program will show a modicum of goodwill towards those who have been injured. We are urging your government to set up preliminary discussions to facilitate reconciliation and goodwill towards those Canadian racists who will not go away, by their own definition.

Let's start the healing process now.


The Nationalist Party of Canada
Toronto, Canada


Orwellian Definitions Will Not Stand

Words are powerful weapons. Words like 'racism', 'hate', 'terrorism' and anti-'Semitism'--they're all double-edged swords which the power elite use with the assistance of the controlled media morons, utilized to silence and throttle the opposition and to those who are obviously fearful of losing their ill-gotten power.

Take 'racism': Even ex-Louisiana legislator David Duke is running away from from the word racism, confusing and demoralizing his supporters, including many other me-too wannabes who attempt to curry favor with the notorious maligning media. Racism is as natural as breathing, and yet these great leaders will run away from the truth and call themselves such sucky words as 'racialist'.

Anti-Semitism is another much misinterpreted label, indicating you're against Semitic people (which include all Arabs) and a few Sephardic Jews, while totally ignoring the Askenazim Eurasians who control Zionism , and the 8th century AD converts to Judaism, the Khazars.

Next there is terrorism, which is of course a matter of degree. I am terrorized right now as I write this editorial by the special anti-hate laws, as if that can be quantified. The lapdog stooge of the Zionist Occupation Government in Washington, Kofi Annan, is going to attempt that activity with such a vague and general all-encompassing proclamation; "Any action constitutes terrorism if its intended to cause death or serious bodily harm to civilians or non-combatants with the purpose of intimidation a population or compelling a government or an international organization to do or abstain from doing any act." There will be literally no viable opposition to tyrants in the world. George Orwell would be spinning in his grave, as predicted; in the name of 'good', all effective opposition to totalitarians is proscribed, like a new holy secular dogma to keep the powerful in power.

Finally there are the words hate and hate group--all newly-coined connotations promoted by the Establishment to denigrate their opponents before they even open their mouths. There's only one solution to this lying, hypocritical negativity — ignore the labels, as the kids in the schoolyards rhyme, "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me. "

In the face of this kind of dirty opposition there's no time worry about the semantics of treacherous enemies, as you're only playing their game — I don't care what you call me, just don't call me late for supper. A rose is still a rose by any other name.



War In Iraq: Zionist Death Knell

The war in Iraq is going so badly that the Zionist-controlled media has basically stopped reporting on it in their main newscasts. There are no reports of convoy attacks, choppers downed, collaborator assassinations and cities and towns taken over by Mujahideen resistance.

Large sections of Iraq, particularly in the populated Sunni center, are in the hands of the insurgents day ans night. The so-called coalition of the willing has crumbled. Only Americans venture out on patrol while South Koreans, Japanese and Australians hunker down in their fortified desert encampments awaiting the next salvo of mortar and rocket bombardments.

No road or waterway is safe for the flustered and angry aggressors in cities such as Ramadi, Bakuba and Hit. It takes an orchestrated effort just to send an American patrol in to find out what's happening in rebel-held cities. The heretical Shi'ites of Islam, based on a racial schism--Iranians (or Aryans) against Arabs (founders of the religion), are in a tenuous agreement with the invaders. the same goes for the ethnically different Kurds in the north--race trumps religion, again and again.

Zionist agents are buying up land in the Kurdish north , thinking they have permanent allies there. But it's a chimera: once neighboring Turkey gets rid of the Freemason Ataturk generals in charge, all hell will break loose there, too. More groups are joining the al-Qaeda formation in Iraq, so there's little chance of a secular Saddam Hussein state again.

Large demonstrations in America to pull the troops out are bringing liberals and leftists into the mix on the home front against the Zionist occupation Government. In spite of the absence of Jewish pundits and radicals there's hardly a Zionist-paid media commentator who dares to promote this ugly war in Iraq. It's little wonder that anti-Semitic attacks are on the rise when people see the mercenary boot of Zionism at work. And now this power elite wishes to make denial of the Holocaust a crime. It's worse than any 1984 George Orwell scenario--you can question anything, but nothing about the Holy Elite or their history. This is already the case in modern Germany.

If they have to resort to these totalitarian methods to preserve their positions of privilege, it's only a matter of time before their whole perverted Draconian rule comes to and end. As they said in the famous Ernest Hemingway novel For Whom The Bell Tolls: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls... it tolls for thee."




Christian Cannon Fodder


Someone once said. "At one time, all gods were true." Numa, one of the founders of Rome, stated that the gods and religion were created to tame the savagery of mankind through fear of the afterlife.

I'm not against religion, as long as its for peace, tranquility, common sense and human dignity--no human sacrifices, cannibalism, torture, or messianic murder, please. The first common sense of peace and tranquility is the concept of an ethnic homogeneous state, proven throughout history. Empires and commercial enterprises always falter in turmoil and disorder. A religion which keeps these common sense ideas in mind is welcome manna to Man. Christians are umbilically connected to Zionist philosophy and the imperialist Zionists, small in numbers, have powerful enemies--the Muslims, a one billion-in-number Ummah (community).

As a consequence Zionists have to use Christians for cannon fodder without being "converted" by their zealots. It's a thin line to walk, especially when the majority of Christians are unfaithful to their own religion. Even zealous Zionists like Charles Krauthammer and David Frum are trying to whip up some old-time religion and family values to put some substance and backbone into Christian cannon-fodder. It's going to be a tough lot for the no-religion, three-generations-of-Marxists rhetoric, brought on by the same idiots now in neo-con suits, to undo.

The blood and gore of The Passion of the Christ , sanctioned by the same Hollywood media couldn't motivate anyone but needy sadomasochists to a religion. There was little 'gentle Jesus sweetness' in that movie. Things are so bad that they're hiring Buddhist mercenaries (representing a vague no-god religion, allowing adherence to quickly stepping into new Marxist shoes and butchering millions of their own kind in Cambodia and elsewhere). So. it's back to the Christians to get a Crusade going against the Muslims.

At this Christian Christmas season I encourage all the Christian community leaders to speak out against these anti-Muslim wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya and Palestine. Speak up and stop this stupid crusade before it becomes another black mark on a benevolent belief.

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!



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