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White Meddlers Losing On Four Fronts

That's the thing about war: you're either winning it or losing it, and by all accounts and reports white imperialist New World Order meddlers are losing the wars in Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In spite of the "surge" spin of McCain and the neo-con warmongers that everything is pretty well under control in Iraq, the daily bombings and Islamist emirate attacks and claims show that not much has changed from last year and that the so-called security successes are very fragile, as General David Petraeus always likes to throw in [to] cover his ass every time the war in Iraq is brought up. Sure, the official American casualties are down because the puppet Iraqi army collaborators have been thrust into the battles and huge Berlin walls have been erected throughout Baghdad and other cities into Fortress Redoubts, putting resistance operations into the hinterlands. Whole Sunni provinces are still no-go areas for American patrols, while Western collaborators are assassinated daily. The foreign meddlers have armed and bought all kinds of tribes and sheiks to battle against their own people, which is considered successful progress by the hated neo-cons and Zionists. This is their idea of peace and security, similar to the way the land-grabbers took over most of North America from the racially-unaware Indians. There is no good end that will come for the white Western interlopers other than the disintegration of the phony colonialist state of Iraq into Kurd, Sunni and Shia countries, all of them inevitably against the foreign aggressor. Whether it's in 2011 ot 2020, Western military hardware will be laying around rusting like Soviet tanks in Afghanistan from the failed commie coups.

In Somalia, the Sharia courts (Shabab) have pretty well taken over the middle and south areas of the country, with only Putnland, Sonalialand in the north and the Western puppets in Mogadishu to be eliminated once the Western proxy mercenary Ethiopians are ground down and exhausted and driven back to their borders. The puppet government is so weak that they they admit to being unable to stop the anti-Islamist pirates bedeviling the coast on a daily basis. Only the Islamist forces can put on end to their depredations once they get a hold of the rest of Somali's ports after recently take over Rismayo in the south. No new white meddlers are expected to take over from Tigre commie Ethiopians now ruling Addis Ababa; not even the little big-mouthed Zionist Sarkozy will be able to convince the French public to send in the Foreign Legion to Djibouti for a new round of colonialism, particularly after losing ten soldiers in an Afghanistan battle recently. Somalia will definitely become an Islamist base of operations against the Reds running Yemen and the Muslinm slouches running the Sudan.

Pakistan is on the verge of a breakup, not only in the coalition government, but also with the ethnic people themselves. The separatist war in Baluchistan has not abated, while the northwest frontier is in open revolt against the Punjabi army from the central government. Pakistan is the acronym made from the colonialists' cobbled-together country of Muslims, but race and ethnicity always trumps religion, and it's only a matter of time before this farce collapses forever. The Pakistan Taliban are pulling no punched in an all-out open war against the farcical central government. And they're doing pretty good against a Western-trained professional military which doesn't have its heart in the fight to begin with, knowing that they're no better than a bunch of Kipling's Gunga Dins. Any stupid Obama ideas of taking Bush's phony war on terror into Pakistan will be a further disastrous mistake guaranteed to accelerate Pakistan's breakup. The Earth can always use more countries (welcome, Abkhazia and South Ossetia; we're still waiting for the Tigers Tamil Elam, the Sikhs' Khalistan and bloodied Chechnya, and Baluchistan and Darfur, Kashmir and Assam), along with fences to prevent Monsanto and the globalists from wrecking the entire planet in a one-size-fits-all empire.

Afghanistan is the white race traitors' biggest losing mission. the nervy Western feminists have had the audacity to use the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to enforce the new world order writ on primitive peasants thousands of miles away. NATO is a disgusting military alliance put together under the guise of fighting Soviet imperialism, which in turn was supported by the same cabal that controls the finances of the West. That's why McDonald's opened up in Moscow without a whimper from the "criminal comrades" who are now 'nationalist' to stay in power.

As I've said before in Emerging Emirates, Kabul, the puppets' capital, is now surrounded, while the NATO supply lifelines are being squeezed a cutoff by the Taliban's counterparts in Pakistan. Soon our Canadian forces, which never seem to be defending our borders, will be isolated in Kandahar. This is another dirty war that will not end nicely and our boys will have to pack up and get the hell out of there pronto-quick when the Zionist warmongers spin-doctor our defeat into "victory," like all the other mercenary missions that naive insecure Canadians have been sent on. Their motto should be, like the dubbed Oriental who says in a martial arts movie, "Hey, leave some for me to kill!"

White foreign meddling is one of the major causes of world pollution, non-white population explosions and pauperized white society. All these foreign ventures, projects aid agencies and trade agreements are the cause of the white peoples' decline in morality. White meddlers are the ones who build Third World infrastructure, health clinics and the transfer of cheap labor worldwide, all to the detriment of the white race, for the benefit of a few spoiled brat frequent flyers. Entire lives have been destroyed, with no meaning other than to shop some more, as neo-con Bush advised after the 9/11 set-up. Every internationalist white meddler is an open anti-white racist, while playing his private bigot card on the home front with white nannies in the servants' quarters. And don't forget the white women's consumerism that brought the slaves and Third World cheap labor to the Americas.

Every conflict the white meddlers put their noses into results in more non-white immigration, open borders and new diseases brought into our midst by opportunistic treacherous collaborators. White meddlers bring the loss of dignity and historical pride and perspective to the rest of the white hoi polloi who have to line up at a welfare office to be told by a foreigner yes or no for their next meal. The queers and most white women back these outrages until one of them gets clobbered by a new immigrant or a shiftless white non-person. White internationalist meddlers have caused great grief for our race and should be condemned and ostracized from white public life, by common sense, because they do not have good will and fair play toward their own people.

To hell with these S.O.B. bastards, and give 'em another kick as they go down on four losing fronts.



Stop Buying Bottled Water

I hate the posers who drink bottled water, those goofs who have given away our water rights birthright to the greedy merchants. What will they think of next — bagging clean air (Beijing could use some) for a refreshing breath? The whole idea of paying for water to drink is insidious; it leads to more pollution and people control, all for useless and trendy reasons. Other than the military carrying water in a campaign in canteens, there is no intrinsic reasons s swill or gulp of water every few minutes while outside your home. Some have taken to drinking it at home too, buying multiple container packs to fill the fridge with dangerous. leeching plastics.

It started out with the bogus health claims of mineral and spring water sources, often uninspected and unsupervised by any government agencies or health departments until a complaint arose. The sports jocks and the other similar prima donnas started this lunacy of drinking from plastic containers for the cameras, commissions and endorsement checks. Soon after a few well-publicized salmonella scares (Walkerton, Ontario), more Canadians took up the baby practice of publicly sucking on water bottles and paying over a dollar to get what they should have had for free at home from the tax paid tap — thinking they're so cool. Now, up to 60% of the "with it" Canadian public drinks from these plastic pollution bottles while bemoaning the use of plastic bags. Water bottle drinking is simply a show game: putting on the Ritz as if they're so busy and healthy, that they didn't buy a juice or a soda pop. John Challinor, director of corporate affairs for Nestlé Waters Canada, has the nerve to say that 75% of those who drink bottled water do so because it's "portable, accessible and a healthy choice." Well, duhhh! Try doing without it for your health.

Selling bottled water is the scam of the twentieth century. Air, water and food are the three main ingredients of life; you don't get air, you're dead in three minutes, no water, you're dead in 30 days. Corralling the basic needs of life is tantamount to tyranny. You can't trust amoral merchants for your survival; their only concern is narrow self-interest. The very idea of getting used to paying for a life necessity is beyond the pale, whether controlled by government or private industry. The people who keep bottled water to drink, do it so they can subconsciously go back to their carefree childhood, while holding a "blankey" in public. It reminds me of Linus of the Peanuts comic strip. It's total spoiled brattiness, which is what the white race has become under a Judeo-Christian matriarchy. It's the little things that count, and perception is everything when others look at pseudo-hottie white people.

These people are really hypocritical-mean wimps who don't mind bombing the hell out of their dreaded Taliban, not realizing that they need their whips to bring their own society into order. That's the majority of the water bottle buyers. I've got no respect for them and their trendy habits such as dragging a poor child in those flimsy rickshaw sidecars six feet and over behind them, blithely dodging traffic, buses and delivery trucks and taking a swig from a plastic bottle while the kid's on a ride through hell. But hey, it's portable, healthy and accessible, like the salesman said — but he forgot to
tell you that this sales pitch is really a case of buyer beware. Drinking water-buying, even in the desert, is an incorrect, frivolous practice, with government controlling one end and their private industry masters, the other: "Unchipped" people would be relegated to drinking water from the lakeshore's puddles and trenches.

That's another problem with globalism. I'm sure some of theses people who got quite used to paying for their drinking water wouldn't object if we had to share ours with the rest of the world. It's the lay-down mindset, where it would take too much energy and courage to say no when you're living so well. No one wants to be considered "not nice." But the last test of that is survival and personal integrity when the answer is just plain no — just don't do it. But the spoiled brat person doesn't know when to stop, like the same water-buying big shots who support the war in Afghanistan, when all history and logic is against them (you can't support a criminal and expect to get away with it). The same goes for the plastic water babies. The water-bottle- buying phenomenon is another peculiarity of the frivolous age, when women and cripples never had it so good. Even I would get a break under certain circumstances. But the pendulum has swung too far, with all the vacant handicapped spaces that everyone resentfully covets. That's the way we're going to defeat the animosity driven by Muslim believers looking for adventures in jihad. We'll just have to tighten-up and masculine-up our society, with some old-time religion, whatever your preference: Close the curtains and take down the neon whorehouse sign to a sidestreet subculture. That's all we need of the cosmopolitans' entertainment efforts, instead of running today's society.

The plastic bottle people and the arrogance of Western society and white racial ignorance is all related to the uncertain future we face with realpolitik and nature. It's like the last days of Rome, but no one would believe it, because they didn't know their history, for starters. That's why we can sit here and pontificate on up-to-date worldly matters day after day.

As for the plastic bottle people — no sir, I don't like them. They "water know better."



Jews “Unite” Left and Right

Sometimes you don't know where aid and assistance will come from in politics, but ever since the internationalist Jew bankers shut down expensive, nonproductive communism and opened up a McDonald's in Moscow with the acquiescence of the criminal KGB clique "beeznessmen," the true believer leftists have been put out to pasture and left to roam. It hasn't taken that long for the ideological leftists to find out the world-control conspiratorial truths of John Ross Taylor, the media's "high priest of hate," who once prematurely stated "The Jews are through in (19)72." The case of my acquaintance, ex-Guerrilla newspaper editor Victor Fletcher and his Toronto Street News homeless newspaper comes to mind.

The National Post gave front page coverage to leftist anti-Semitic phenomenon that has permeated the entire neo-commie milieu, including the 9-11/war on terror conspiracy 'truthers' and the anti-globalization crowd that includes a lot of reds, "anarchists" and anti-war activists who are singing from the same songbook with more gusto than neo-Nazis, fascists and racists. The neo-cons are beside themselves in deciding what to do and how to condemn the new leftists on the block who cannot be corralled any more with the clichés of 'the Universal Love of Man' — sans the Zionists and their supporters. More scary to the neo-cons, Jews and ersatz do-gooders is the fact that the Jew conspiracy theories have percolated all the way down to the homeless and street panhandlers through Mr. Fletcher's frustrated efforts in the largest city in Canada: what to do, what to do, as the powers-that-be wring their hands while considering kangaroo court action against leftist agitators.

The Soviet Human Rights Commissions have launched over two dozen court cases against White Nationalists to jail and pauperize their opponents, but are afraid to launch the same actions against their former allies. The Zionists were screaming bloody blue murder when the opportunist Islamists took their vanguard agitators to court (Mark Steyn, Ezra Levant) using the same censorship laws designed against White Nationalists only. Now they'll have to contend with a well-entrenched ideology of anti-Zionism and anti-globalism, which included not only the leftists, but socially-conscious and naive environmentalists.

The leftists have been further buoyed by Russia's intrusion into Georgia, which is seen as putting a stop to George Bush's New World Order conspiracy moves. White Nationalists, neo-Nazis, fascists and just plain racists are also opposed to globalization, the New World Order and NATO and Zionist expansion, from David Duke to yours truly. We all know who the enemies of white race survival are, and it's not the Toronto Street News, in spite of their purported anti-racism in our Toronto Beaches, but it least puts the street leftists in a good light — a stupefying quandary for the cosmopolitan leftists. The leftists, like the kosher conservatives, are closely tied by their women and could never accept the patriarchal Taliban as their "heroes." But white Russian soldiers in tanks are a more palatable idol against Bush's and Cheney's war machines, even with the neo-cons playing with the nuclear war button. There will be no leftist or rightist demonstrations against Russia's "invasion," in spite of the clamor of the controlled “ZOG” media: the Jews are losing the street people, too.

I like what Victor Fletcher said in regards to why he's publishing a newspaper: "The women like it." He's reputed to have an army of 500 coffee-shop women supporters. That's a lot of active negativity against the system. Rightists and leftists have been irrevocably connected together, undermining the Zionists; and the koshers' ability to rent a mob against White Nationalists, with the exception of a few non-thinking thugs here and there. Of course the leftists don't like to be associated with the “White Power” people, but they don't have a choice once they're accused of and derided over anti-Semitism. The rightists on the other hand are "we-told-you-so" happy to see their world view conspiracy theories adapted by their erstwhile enemies — at least on this issue.

It's doubtful that the internationalist Jews can ever corral leftist sympathy and support again, unless they again become great victims. Israel's actions won't help. Jews will be forced to become nationalistic in each and every country to curry any favor with rightists, much like the Jews of Moscow who recently condemned Georgians for their brutality, totally out of step with their Western brethren. At one time, they ran the Bolshevik Empire, singing The Internationale. But now, Putin has put the finger on their dwindled numbers to follow the new Russian nationalist line.

No one on the Right is planning any reconciliation meetings with the neo-anarchists and Trotskyites, although I know of mutual members and information-sharing. But at least we can stop the violence for now, since both sides realize there's bigger fish to fry on the internationalist aggressor level, where the Left and Right have so much in common, pointing the finger at the same culprits for the world's odious state of affairs. White Nationalists have the solution, and if the Left cannot realize the facts of race, they can at least be used as human shields and cannon fodder against our common enemies of criminal communists and cosmopolitans.

Politics makes strange bedfellows.



No Volunteers For Neo-Con Wars

When I say there are no volunteers for neo-con (neo-conservative) wars, I really mean that no one is really listening to the New World Order Zionists and their lackeys from the Left or the Right of ideological thinking. The war in Georgia has shown jingoistic appeals for freedom, and democracy and non-aggression are nothing but a hypocritical poser charade by the same people who support the troops, even when they're doing wrong. No one wants another war, which bode ill for the globalist planners out to destroy any power or ideology (White Nationalism) in their way for one-world government — a guaranteed recipe for white race extinction.

It was an unprecedented folly of the long-legged, sometimes-called she-male Georgian president Mikhail Saakashvili and his Israel Defense Force/CIA torturers to put a quick end to tiny South Ossetia. His Georgian troops destroyed 70% of Tskhinvali, burned the villages and took young women to unknown locations in the space of the first two days. They certainly weren't trying to win the minds and hearts of the South Ossetian separatists by bringing truckloads of now-arriving U.S. humanitarian aid from the U.S. Air Force in Tbilisi. They didn't bring much amour or artillery and reserve backing to hold onto their so-called sovereign territory, so obviously, it was a gamble, a provocation, guaranteeing a similar reprisal by the Russians and the aggrieved South Ossetians. The Washington puppet Georgian regime purposely put their border's citizens at reprisal risk if Russia at least could show its "brutal hand," so that the neo-cons could turn public opinion against them, since Putin has been acting overly nationalistic and the Russians need to be disarmed or regime-changed-neutralized. These so-called kosher conservative and liberal anti-racist multiculturalists didn't mind at all when Putin killed 100,000 Chechen Muslims; the controlled media's whining and "outrage" totally ignores the many American invasions since Ronald Reagan of sovereign states from Panama to Grenada to Afghanistan to Iraq to Somalia.

Even the dumbest apoliticals see through the the crocodile tears. The nerve of that old mean Audie Murphy John McCain, to claim to speak for all Americans that they "were all Georgians" and suspend the presidential debate in daisy-chain secret society orders on any pro or con on this issue. It shows the fear of the peoples' negativity for another war. McCain doesn't want to hear any dissent, it's a fait accompli ..."We're all in favor of Georgia.." — as if. These globalists know they've lost the legal and moral argument and are cutting off discussion, and that Oreo Barack Obama is taking Jack Benny's houseboy Rochester's "Yes, boss," from going to Iraq to letting McCain make all the shirt-and-tie statements on saving Israel's little Georgian progeny it's the little things that count). The fear of any press questions and the fronting of a black Mary Tyler Moore Condoleezza Rice to hide the culprits in this world-domination Georgia gambit (Rice should really scare them).

Americans seeing Russians on the move, some of them yelling wild-eyed and drunk from their tanks, I'm sure are dampened by their bellicosity, while the sight of big, dark, hairy Georgians running away, couldn't have given them extra backbone while thinking of Putin's miserable smirking face. No wonder Washington doesn't want the Jews to attack Iran right now; there might be an American regime change bigger than Obama if these APEC flunkies bring much more destruction. Too many of the American politicians are from the 'Manifest Destiny" secret society ilk, attempting to replicate the 1776's conspiratorial assemblies. for the so-called "Rights of Man," with a veneer of godliness. Defensive isolationism is the only solution, as the white population is expected to become the minority by 2042.

It's heartening to see the variety of political opinions opposed to (and seeing through) the new neo-con propaganda war. Soon the controlled media schleps will have to acknowledge the public antipathy to the plight of the over-eager Georgians and the hostility of NATO, Bush, the European Union and all the other aggressive one-world adventures. The biggest joke to me was the mantras of "This is the 21st century," and "You can't do these kind of things," talking to the Russians while having your own invasion troops in two countries, And what 's this pre-occupation with the edge-of-time date, as if in past centuries everyone was an idiot. For Man, time is always the same — only the gadgets and characters change. (Why didn't Bush and McCain use the Jewish calendar numbers of the fifth millennium?); it's an Arborite-thin argument.

Aside from from North Korea, the Jews, Zionists or Israel seem to be involved directly or indirectly with every unpleasant conflict, all unsolvable (except by war), giving the impression that there is an arrogant intransigence installed on one side. It's not a program for love and devotion to the ruling side. Soon the Zionists and their pals will be ideologically isolated in their own world, like "klezmer" fans. Israel (which was defeated by Hezbollah two years ago), had better not cry wolf now because the people are not listening, and this summer's new loser, Georgia, didn't help.

The Georgians, and their supporters' dismissal of the importance of who started the conflict with excuses that the Russians somehow goaded them into a no-win war, suggests further secret reasoning for the initial raid into South Ossetia. They just never expected the Russians to be so blunt. The Islamists will be happy that their common enemies Russia and America have fallen out. Iran won't mind either, while the United States' Eurasian allies had better learn to fend for themselves the Nationalist Primary Principle:

Georgians will have to fight for Georgia.

Now, let's get our Canadian troops out of Afghanistan.




Three Girlish Generations Ruin The Race

A lot of the commentaries we write on the NPC site are not just observation and information but are thoughtful theories and commendations in the hope that positive changes will be effected in the interests of our race, civilization and country. If that is not a success, then at least It is a record of our time which could be used by future generations in their battles to maintain the same, aside from my own ego boost and pleasure.

Most of our problems today can be laid at the feet of the three generations surrounding my age group — old, deluded hedonists who went ahead of me, the present bunch of spoiled brat baby boomer partiers around me, and the trendy neo-con frequent-flier hypocrite vacationers that are coming up behind me. All these whites are a bunch of naive gender-confused losers who started their wussified lives drinking and dancing for their barren lower parts in an over-sexified society. After a disastrous fratricidal war which brought Europe to ruin and communist slavery, the jitterbugging boys came home to learn new dances from their bobby-soxer children, as the Western world went full-tilt effeminate, while their women became Rosie the Riveter feminists. Frivolous consumerism became so prevalent that two jobs were required to keep the little lady and the 2.4 children "happy."

All of a sudden the phony youth culture was invented by the new world salesman and the jitterbugging generation was effectively removed from their offspring by the odious entertainment industry commandment right out the turn-of-the-last-century conspiratorial Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The brave beer-guzzling legionnaires did nada to stop these destructive degradation depredations after embarrassingly learning how to do the frug and the twist. The old generations' ego and search to participate in this "Fountain of Youth culture" were more concerned about appearing hip than standing up for the traditions of their forefathers, let alone their parents, the rock and roll crowd kept on partying with occasional forays into their misbegotten offspring's lives to get a job, go shopping, and have an even more exotic holiday than their internationalist Marxist teachers. All three of these generations were big on globalism, blithely blind to the 300,000 per year non-white immigration invasion. This was all dome without any inference or input from hated "fascism."
The greatest blame is to be directed at the old fools sitting around in wheelchair-warehouse old-age homes who are still so selfish foe their personal; needs as they rack up medical costs in clinics and doctors' waiting rooms. What a far cry they are from, the old, grizzled, but still useful jihadists captured by the American evil empire from the mountains of Tora Bora. The fat-assed know-it-all baby boomer generation is the biggest waste of human flesh, all of whom have the dignity of a sex crime-charged retired teacher. The money they spend on personal enjoyment could lift every Canadian on fixed income out of food bank poverty, including the Indians. These mean "socially" conscious" phonies think nothing of supporting expensive doomed foreign missions, with $150,000 rockets fired in fear at distant shepherds on hills in Afghanistan while panhandlers roam Canadian streets. Their main effeminate objective is fun, fun, fun.

The baby boomers brought in the ragtag gaggle known as Generation X, who are barely prepared to be parents themselves, judging by the Harry Potter disheveled mop-topped heads and Britney Spears tramps that they've ushered in to maintain Western culture (good luck). This generation is the most selfish ever, aside from being the most misunderstood by their non-white peers in the North American whorehouse. This group is the most naive and ignorant element in our white society — not surprising, when you consider the stupidity of their parents who rejected racial awareness and their history and heritage for more wasted good times. These mean and dopey baby boomers have made 'racist' into a negative word, turning common sense into an evil idiocy that even intelligent realists fear.

No one likes to have their life criticized but when it's a matter of survival, then, it's better late than never to kick these three generations of ostriches in the rear and get their heads out of the sands to take seriously what's happening around them and the future that awaits. So many of these birds don't want to hear the details of the homesick Chinese decapitator immigrant Weiguang Li's horror bus crime and cannibalism. Like all slave minds, they'll leave it to the obfuscating police and media to handle, and dream on that this can only happen once. The same goes for the brutal gang violence in our cities diminished as "gunplay," with terrible murders downplayed as "Break-in Gone Wrong," while non-white criminality is apologized for as "disadvantaged youth," without any public approbation toward the murderers whose names we are even prevented from learning in this criminal nanny state.

There were so many life lessons — from the jitterbuggers, to the rock and rollers, who failed to pass on to the selfish trendies' generation: home cooking, child-rearing, male and female differences and the importance of marriage and family and the healthy fear of strangers and foreign ways — all co-opted for the libertarian/libertine lifestyle. The real meaning and importance of holidays such as Christmas, Easter and other traditional holidays have been watered down to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, while others have been elevated to ghoulish paganism, like Halloween. These three white generations have totally denigrated ancestral racial roots to a multicult world citizenship of vague belonging, leaving many life-wondering what's it all about, Alfie? The three generations' unisex mania has clouded the meaning of manhood with pro-gay dilettantes like CFRB talk show host John Moore's TV program called Guy Stuff (as if). The so-called Christian clergy have been the biggest wimps off all. Listening to them would guarantee the end of the white race in a few more generations as they prostate themselves to the non-whites masses. If God had intended a coffee-colored human race He would have done so without genocidal efforts. Proponents speak about diversity for everyone except the white people (whom they know cannot survive in the overwhelming white gene pool without protection, borders and tariffs. I have little pity for the union types who squandered away the hard-earned rights of their predecessors for a few dollars more in the internationalist markets for more vacation and expensive health plans, only to end up in pissy old-age homes looking for sympathy and a bedpan in the yellow bloodshot eyes of ambivalent strangers. That's karma ...

These three girlish generations have dumbed-down the school curriculum for the slower-learning new immigrants to the point that they should drop the word educator from their titles. Instead, they have turned this system into a baby-sitting agency. teaching the dummies social harmony propaganda in the face of rising crime and natural reactionary racism. The leaders of these three generational screw-ups have left the public in the hands of neo-communist media politicians and police forces, leaving dissidents the only option of rebellious White Nationalism. These three generations are the most unsightly abominations on the planet, all trying to stay and appear young as an end-all raison d'etre; old dolls and geezers wearing shorts is the unsightly reminder of wasted lives with little dignity and respect before, during and after their prime. It's little wonder that only the most opportunist sycophants and non-white colonialists treat this country with such arrogance and disdain, often saying that Canada belongs to the world, certainly not to the party pukes. On the bright side, modern technology has gutted the power of the music moguls with the downloading of their profitable undermining entertainment industry, preventing them from launching new freaks on a confused society as ersatz rebel heroes — and good riddance to these minstrels.

These same three rotten generations, which purportedly fought for black civil rights and refugees, lost most of our civil liberties of free speech and parental responsibility to the communist state they installed with their anti-fascist and anti-racist rhetoric. They've even allowed unmanly torture to rear its ugly head as a necessity for their sorry-assed 'security'. Their only redemption can be to first admit their mistakes and naiveté, then to dedicate the rest of their miserable lives to the cause of White Nationalism — the one ideology that will not fail. Anything less is too minor to be mentioned on their tombstones.

Move that walker!



Cowardly Canadians Capitulate To Terror

The murderous evil in America has finally come home to roost in Canada too.
The 50 stabs, beheading and cannibalism of a snoozing young bus passenger wearing earphones by a 200-pound dark-skinned assailant is the latest world outrage crime committed in this wussified politically correct country. The ugly details of this horrific murder are available in many stories on our website's news page, and a full 48 hours after the event, we are still clueless to the culprit's motive, carefully hidden by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. c

On a bus with 37 passengers, no one was able to throw a fire-ax or an overnight bag or briefcase at the savage killer. Instead they all ran out like a bunch of selfish libertarian hedonists, covering their asses. The bus driver did have the smarts to disable the bus engine so that the entrapped killer couldn't drive off with the headless, gutted and cannibalized 22-year old white carnival worker Tim McLean, on his way to his father's home in Manitoba. The cops who arrived on the scene didn't shoot the bus full of tear gas or stun grenades but actually attempted to negotiate with this two-legged mad dog until he broke a window and attempted to escape. These are the same Canadian cops who absconded with a two-year old boy and a seven-year girl from their parents all because the seven year old had a swastika drawn on her arm. These politically correct goofs make me sick, especially when they blather about racial harmony and hate, but appear too terrified to do anything about black gun gangs and Indian agitators operating roadblocks and terrorizing peaceful citizens throughout Canada.

Of course the cops are the first to say "Don't do anything, don't resist, don't retaliate, we'll handle it." Obviously the police can't protect you, unless you're an agent provocateur working for them in a white Nationalist or Muslim fundamentalist situation. Unlike in Texas, Georgia, Florida and Vermont, no one had a gun to kill the son of a bitch raised in this shit-assed matriarchy. The Barenaked Ladies male bus passengers could only relate how fast they got off that vehicle while demonstrating the plunging of the knife into the victim's neck during the attack with their hands, much like the dummies portrayed by the nasty wimps on the sitcom Corner Gas. Every excuse is rolled out to justify their cowardly inaction, but none of them held water.

Canadians have given up their manhood, generally speaking; they only have mean bombast toward the likes of Omar Khadr in Guantanamo. The rest is all bullshit and bravado, wrapped up in their mercenary civilian and child killer military in Afghanistan. They're all a bunch of chicken-shits, the proof being the lack of any sacrificial opposition to the non-white invasion of 300,000 aliens ever year for the last three decades, arranged by the bitches and dilettantes in government. Unlike Paul Fromm and the CSIS-funded Heritage Front, we need more "instant extremists," not less, in the moribund White Nationalist political arena. Instead of suck-holing to the censoring organized Jewry by lauding their apprehension over the Human Rights Commissions' kangaroo courts when opportunistic Muslims learn to use the tools that are used against them, encouragement should be given to all White Nationalists to stand their ground, economics be damned. Who cares if you survive the police, the commissions and minorities' attitudes and fade into political obscurity on the White Nationalist scene? You made no difference and your life was just another consumerist, isolationist bore in "happy capitalism."

The police, government and media pushing the globalist agenda using Canada as a population-rotating work-house, are naturally attempting to play down this black eye on Canada seen throughout the world. This is why we have so little information from the police state and the lackey media who failed to interview and probe the facts for themselves, and bring the news to the terrorized population. Holding back and covering up and using distracting deflections is the scoundrel media's order of business; white society becomes more and more apprehensive and depressed daily.

40-year-old Oriental killer Vince Weiguang Li is the last name the media wishes to advertise, considering the upcoming Beijing Olympics, and the living horrors soon to be revealed in China. This cowardly butcher made it to Canada to re-colonize our country mall by mall, neighborhood by neighborhood and town by town. Who knows what's on the minds of these avaricious immigrants peering at you from their Gobi Desert eyes; the inscrutable Chinaman has arrived with disdainful hatred and ethnic insularism that will make some Canadians wish they had listened to John Ross Taylor's “White Power” message service and the Nationalist Party's call for a white Canada in the 1970's. I've heard many whites who are fearful of blacks and Muslims speak about Chinese immigration, pointing out how they're hard workers and are family types; I've pointed out that they would not want to be working under their tutelage and conditions. And as for family, our hairy, stinky round-eyed bodies will never be accepted. These are the facts, whatever the multicult liars spew from their mealy mouths.

In the hands of women and queers and selfish libertarian hedonists, Canadian white society has broken down, wavering and looking for a raison d'etre culture like hockey and Tim Horton's. The blame is all on our treacherous leaders and leaders and elites, from the morally bankrupt clichés and Marxist teacher institutions (yeah, that's Marxist, you morons, not fascist, Zino-, Islamic-, Christo-, corporate-fascist, or otherwise). Anyone who peddles fascism as the boogeyman is a red running dog liar and obfuscator working for the Man. Canadians need to re-adjust their mindset away from the internationalist crap and their hose-bag and gay proponents. Canadians need to embrace White Nationalism, without fear of name-calling and wimpy economic exclusion. Who cares if you become a white millionaire in a cowardly civilization of fear and envy? There's more to life than what's in your pants.

Coupled with the shooting at Virginia Tech by that other Oriental who snapped, this workaholic "nice guy" McDonald's employee Vince Weiguang Li's calm horror outrage against non-whites, is two too many for fearful whites. More racial awareness is the only possible outcome of this evil. God bless Tim McLean, the poor victim in this vicious tragedy.

Don't be terrorized, be a hero of White Nationalism, join the political fight. Stand up for your race and country. Don't be a cowardly Canadian.



Internationalism's Deadly Grip

If you really want to save the white race from extinction and live in a harmonious homogenous civil society of open doors and the honor system, you’ll never do it with a pseudo-egghead internationalist mindset. In fact, that’s the basis of all the white peoples’ problems — their arrogant world philosophy of makes everyone live at the level of real poor whites. That’s what they tolerate in their home countries; they move peoples and products around the planet to satisfy ‘m’ladies’ and the pervert frequent-flyers’ slightest wishes and fantasies. These whites are only enthralled with their consumerist colonialist past which gives them the power to dream of world domination. The globalists are not the daring brutes of the past; they’re a bunch of mommy-wimps fighting for women’s rights and cheap labor and merchandise, with the threat of white war technology embodied in the UN and other international agreements and treaties.

In their mad rush to achieve and enjoy a one-world empire like all cosmopolitan elitists, they lose their homelands and population percentage. All their policies, of course, are communist and businessmen-with-no-borders capitalists. The latter often utilizing the anti-human nature ideological poser thugs through secret financing and public media approval. The neo-cons are in power — kosher conservative capitalists. They own the media. They know their kith and kin-created Bolshevik pals. Both of them know their sworn enemy is racial nationalism, which has a localized agenda. That’s why their minions in the media are utilizing the propaganda of the past three generations against world fascism. Naturally, the internationalist puppet conservative mouthpiece Eric Margolis was big on calling Radovan Karadzic (who should have gone to Afghanistan to fight in the hills of Kosovo for the Serbs) a “fascist dictator,” further stating on the radio: “I am totally opposed to any kind of nationalism…I even hate singing any national anthem,” a real wolf in sheep’s clothing who deserves to be Walter Duranty’ed soon. The schlep radio host carried on triumphantly defending his opposition to “fascism” and later threw in “fascist” to a subject totally unrelated to the world. If they’re fascist-happy, you know they’re bullshit artists shilling for the internationalists. Aren’t they always rootin’ and hootin’ for ‘our troops,’ putting everyone in the barrel of the internationalist warmongering for the likes of peckers like Eric the Margolis. NATO, the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund, NAFTA, international charities and companies, Uzbekistan and Kyrzgystan consulates, etc., should all be shut down. Meddlers like Doctors Without Borders (what’s that tell you?), CARE, Oxfam, missionaries, should be suspended until we find our what good they’re doing in our country. Same goes for the amount of money sent out of the country.

For a small and beautiful race which has really lost its way with self-indulgent arrogance, we need a time out — no armadas or Golden Hordes, or even Camp of the Saints scenarios, have brought us to the point of near-extinction (where have all the redheads gone?). We did it ourselves. A period of isolationism is our only answer. We can’t compete with the tsunami of non-white sperm surrounding us. It’s mathematically impossible before blondes become rarer than a UFO sighting.

You don't have to consider that you are sticking your head in the sand if you adopt an isolationalist policy — people will always want to have their own bananas and to know the news; listening and trading posts are all the Western world needs to re-order and re-establish itself. The biggest problem will be the wild white women and their queer supporters. Old-time religion and economic strife could bring back Father Knows Best family life as their homosexual allies' numbers dissipate by the present birthrate. The libertine secular life is usually a last-gasp blip of an imperial history of mayhem and abandon. We're about there, in the grip of a cosmopolitan, in-business elite who in turn are unhappily run by their loud women who hate fascism. Never use the enemy's nomenclature, unless in jest. It's the multiculturalist internationalists who have come up with words like 'terrorism'' to denote anyone in real opposition to their globalist-stultifying plans to make the planet into their big box plantation.

In spite of the situation the internationalists still have their work cut out for them, as all politics are local. Man is naturally a homebody who loves his land. Foreign wars are not popular, no matter what the paid pundits and polls say. Foreign aid is a useless, dangerous contact for refugee sources. White racial awareness is on the rise, while non-whites push for nationalism.

Internationalists don't care about the white population numbers. These snots think they'll be the ruling elite in some future new world order. But they'll be as rare as hen's teeth in a Chinese imperial court. But what the hey, they're just living for today, with no God, religion or afterlife. They're ready to honor a "good" serial killer like Dexter with a TV series in the world of what's happening now, with no thought of their barren future. How can you trust people like that to be the leaders in a civilization teetering on the abyss?

Confront them. E-mail them. Phone them. Write them. Even protest against them and their deadly arguments that are wreaking havoc today. And never, ever vote for them. Where's there's no choice, spoiling your ballot or absenteeism is a better choice if you can't run yourself. Fighting internationalism is fighting for the eco-health of the planet, which also needs a rest and its parts need to lay primitively fallow for centuries to come, free from the rapacious grazing of the neo-con commie consumerist, scarring and destroying the land, sea and air.

There is no looming world 'Islamo-fascist' caliphate threat, no Orwellian 'war on terror,' as ideology or by definition. There's no attempt to spread freedom and democracy with Abu Ghraib dogs and rocket-firing drones. It's all a hand-puppet show in the globalist media circus. For the white male, there's only one choice: isolationism, or oblivion.

Start now...



Referendums? Anytime! Polls?  Never!

As a social creature, Man is trained to be popular. Outside opinions, whether they are relevant to your real life or not, are definitely relative to your psyche; like the old adage, no man is an island. We live for other peoples' approval and fear other peoples' disapproval. Libertarians be damned: they're all just scaredy-cat wimps, even if they have the mind of an egocentric serial killer. Outside of your own circle of friends and family, neighborhood and work, it's difficult to assess what the rest of the world thinks, other than by reports from a globalist empire agenda-controlled media.

With these paid journalistic stooges, (90% deserving of a Walter Duranty nomination), are relied upon to report on yet another mysteriously-run profession called pollsters. These guys are almost as smart as actuaries; the few who are knighted know exactly what the global New World Order requires, and they're set with the task of formulating revealing trick questions that have little to do with the subject matter and plenty to so with threatening bias and innuendo, questions that would make people shudder with courage that they're White Nationalists.

People believe that government is everywhere; take the case of the Toronto Star's purported reputation, recently of the perception that non-white crime is prevalent. Since this is a newspaper that boasted of hiding the police racial descriptions of wanted suspects, etc., they tell us it was a policy for racial harmony, the communist nightmare that at the same time had the effect of reducing white racial awareness . There's plenty of reason to suspect their numbers: to lower the non-white numbers, they simply put them against every one in Canada who has a criminal record, just comparing bad apples to bad apples, not by ratio of race numbers in the country. All the answers are skewed after that. Naturally, over the last fifty years a lot of whites accumulated criminal records, including yours truly. People are worried about crime right now and who is causing the conflagrations. I haven't seen any Bowery Boys with guns. Why don't they deal directly with these non-white communities as evenly if it was a skinhead gang?

The Toronto Star poll did reveal some unintended information, showing that one in every four white Canadians in the country is already half non-white: One percent were so desperate and deluded by the thought that over 80% of the country was non-white. They must be traveling in the Jane-Finch corridor, where Bob Smith bravely went once to an all-candidates mayoralty meeting. But the most surprising admission by the neo-Marxist/capitalist globalists had hid for years: that they considered the non-white population (including American Indians) to be 20% (and I'm sure rapidly growing).
I'd like to see the macho trendy white dog shit-picking women keep up with them.

Polls on the American presidential campaign are so incongruous as well, guys like CNN's Wolf Blitzer have to pretend they're puzzled while reading totally contradictory polls put out by his masters. But with a shrug of the shoulders, ("That's all, folks!"), the globalist propaganda is out. The best way to control the opposition is to pretend that you are them, and shut all real opponents out...or up (unless they pick up guns, wherein the in-contact media goads the real opposition while raising and lowering the puppet opponents from today's Barack Obama and down.

The anti-war people in America, if there are any, should be ashamed of themselves, allowing vague Barack Obama to spout the Skull and Bones mantra of "war on terror" and its further expansion into Afghanistan. No ex-slave blacks will follow this Oreo president on new adventures; he's becoming as total tool of the Illuminate, who will be forced to fend for himself among the bigots. Any way you cut it, he'll be a liability for the elitists.

The phenomenon of polls is overwhelming; people leaning one way or the other seem to be like a school of fish, mentally divided into a concept that they try to fit into. The opposite may be that the truth, but perception is stronger than facts — which have to be provided for you — polls don't. They're just accepted as a general fact and where they might appear to wildly disagree, it gives the shell game master two chances at a favorable outcome for him — who's going to check it out?

Anywhere the pollsters are doing polls you know what social fantasies and/or sleight of hand they want to institute or maintain.
We're forever getting polls on how accepting everyone is of gays and forever getting polls on how the public is divided on foreign wars, and how rotten the economy is, and the direction our countries are going in. That's why they have the puppet president Obama's campaign slogan, "Change You Can Believe In." 

Statistics are easily misread and manipulated; Crime's down and Toronto is supposedly a safe city, but bodies are popping up in bullet-riddled vans in the neighborhoods. Don't expect the Star or any of these big shot pollsters to take some real polls of what the views are on crime and war. going on a town-by- town, city-by-city, neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis, in a secret ballot — then I'll believe them, without vague predictions.

Referendums? Anytime. Polls? Never!



Conservatism: Failed Phony Philosophy

Conservatism is a sham ideology whose proponents' main aim is to conserve their cheapskate pocketbooks. Conservatives haven't been able to conserve anything: religion, environment, traditions or race. Conservatives are afraid of racists; although they themselves are bigots, they don't want to be held down to any racist ethos such as hiring their own kind at a fair wage to do the dirty work in our society. Conservatives are posers who want to be in with the 'in crowd.' That's probably why the so-called White Nationalist forum Stormfront still has banner headlines against racism; Me too! Me too! is their begging lament to the societally accepted. Like their fellow traveler Ayn Rand (real name: Alisa Zinov'yevna Rosenbaum) conservatives are big on security, leaving a big wide door open to internationalism and a police state internationalism by negotiating state power to protect themselves against fraud and fear, something the neo-cons are big on, and can play them like a fiddle.

The pro-Guantanamo torture 'war on terror' vitriol that spews from kosher conservative loudmouths against the last Western citizen youth Omar Khadr in concentration camp Guantanamo, is an embarrassing revelation for common-sense, fair-play and good-willed White Nationalists. The Jews' the small 'c' neo-cons provide a cheering section for their warmongering. Conservatives only bitch about "the Jews" behind their backs, terrified that they may be found out and curtailed in their economic/hedonistic endeavors. Generally, unprincipled conservatives can be bought with hefty donations or with inside police approval; Conservatives love to be "connected" with any government agency.

Conservatives are cruel and narrow-minded in the treatment of their perceived enemies. The crap and hyperbole and distorted analogies on the kosher conservative talks show, and letters to ZOG newspaper editors show their nasty side only too well. Conservatives' myopic interests can easily be held by Zionist double-talking pundits, like most window-dressing characters. Conservatives are all over the place, like the libertarian snots, and that is why these reactionaries are easily manipulated by Zionist shills. Conservatives want to have their cake and eat it too; they're usually in favor of white civilization and culture, but their greedy hearts are quick to utilize non-white cheap labor, cheap non-white holiday destinations, and underdeveloped resources, the environment be damned.

Conservatives blather about "live and let live," like their libertarian friends. When I gleefully reported the death of nine foreign invaders in a Muslim land, one libertarian wag asked me why, pointing out that the Taliban were abusing their own people. I reminded him of his supposed live-and-let-live philosophy, pointing out that this is their country, pal, to decide. Conservatives talk a good fight for freedom, waiting for the hammer to strike their blogs and world travel and border crossings for rubber chicken dinner conferences. Conservatives are mostly preoccupied with their personal concerns and hardly ever work in unison. Although they don't have any particular ideology, they're usually scornful of fascists, Nazis and racists, who wouldn't be too keen on their tepid, qualified and convoluted support. In fact, the infamous Orwellian anti-hate laws were instituted by a conservative government, and Bob Smith and I were charged with the approval of the Progressive (a commie word) Conservative Roy McMurtry (then Attorney General of Ontario, who went on later to legalize homosexual marriage in Canada. Multiculturalist conservatives are famous for bellyaching about other races' identities while flirting with White Nationalism privately. For Paul Fromm to suggest that John Beattie's Canadian Nazi Party was a Jewish Congress-controlled excuse to usher in the totalitarian communist hate laws, is more snooty spin, especially when he shortchanged Beattie when he mentioned in his mail-out report that Beattie ran the CNP for six months; it was for over four years.
Beattie ushered in the beginnings of white nationalism in Canada, and the Jews will do what they want to do, with or without John Beattie or Paul Fromm. Conservatives love to give credit where credit is due; they're even conservative on their applause. Had not John Beattie held the more "extreme" position, it's dubious whether I, Fromm and Leigh Smith would have had the courage to start the anti-communist Edmund Burke Society, shielding ourselves behind Burke's quote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." The rest is history.

Conservatives are big on the military, much like their hypocritical libertarian allies. Cruel conservatives will support our troops, even when they're doing wrong. They get their proxy jollies by kicking at the "ragheads" that they never had the guts to do at Canada's immigration border. Secretly, they are against Zionists, especially the fundamentalist Christians. But like all posers, they're usually titillated when an Ezra Levant or a Mark Steyn says anything soothing about their bigotry, underlining their weak position. The Jews will have to case to the Nazis, fascists and racists as the conservatives are already eating out of their hand.

I'm so sick of the conservatives opening their yaps about Jews, race and homosexuality and then genuflecting and begging for forgiveness for their insightful outbursts. They shame us all and make us fearful to speak up against the elitist establishment; they should put up or shut up with their continuous denials of their former past associates and statements; no one respects or trusts those who are embarrassed by their political past. They're the first to run off the battlefield to other causes (good examples of this are the United Empire Loyalists who came here from the American Revolution, and the anti-Castro Cubans).

The pretendingly color-blind anti-racist conservatives opposition and argument to non-whites, particularly illegal Mestizo (new world order) immigration, loses all the time when guys like CNN' s Lou Dobbs shun racial pride and awareness (unlike La Raza), beating around the bush, word-playing and hair-splitting won't do when race is in crisis.

Oh yeah, the "religious" compassionate conservatives are the biggest phonies of all. They give us their determined eye pearlies while railing against a frightened caged teenager in Guantanamo, like Charles McVety, President of Canada Christian College (who'd do well in a Salem witch hunt). He, along with "Friar Tuck" Monsignor Raymond deSouza (recently nominated for a Walter Duranty nomination), are the chaplains of the needless selfish holy war between or on behalf of believers of the same Old Testament Semitic God for power of "brand control," pretending it's "spirituality." Any God wouldn't want war between his worshippers.

The ugliest thing about the conservatives is their arrogant mean-spiritedness, much like that support the status quo. Of all the hatred and bile I've ever encountered in my 43 years of political activity, the most vicious has been from conservative bigots who really enjoy venting their spleens in private, often to my reprimand. Charity is a word unknown to them, unless there's a tax break.

Conservatives need to get some heart and guts before they pontificate on our degenerate race and society. The need to put a mirror to themselves and their shrill womenfolk (who need to get re-feminized and get busy making babies). You don't need one million dollars before you get married, like one infamous conservative in our ranks once vowed. Needless to say he's not married yet and has no issue, hiding in his conservative corner. Conservatives need to get off their high horse and show respect instead of ridicule to White Nationalists
of various stripes, because in essence they themselves have nothing and are nothing except schleps for the Zionist police state and war machine.

As George Lincoln Rockwell said over 40 years ago in the brilliant analogy "Friends of the Captain / Friends of the Crew" in White Power, "conservatism is a lost cause without substance."

Wake up, conservatives, and pick another label.



Lying To Stay In Afghanistan

The entire war in Afghanistan has been fought on a gigantic lie/swindle conspiracy known as 9/11, the premise being that some guys in the caves of Afghanistan dedicated to strict living and Allah managed to get some playboy heavy drinkers through the tight security of the United States, have some cocaine and strippers (Mohammed Atta) and then go on a suicide mission that would lead to more virgins in paradise. Come on, come on, you'd have to be one of Roseanne's kids to believe this kind of crapola while watching a never-before physical events of a 110-floor building coming down neatly from the supposed cool-jet-fueled heat of an airliner that struck the two buildings. It's a miracle of physical science, not to mention the 500 other unanswered questions surrounding the 9/11 event, and who benefits.

The rubber stamp UN Security Council and Secretary General, all run by an internationalist clique of elite money grubbers and sycophant stooges like Ban Ki-Moon. The same people who are opposing the invasion of Iraq after they found there no weapons of mass destruction there, are clamoring for the mercenary troops to be sent to Afghanistan and carry out their dirty unjust war on a people and country which had just endured a failed massive communist invasion and left their country in ruins. The Afghan war is a greater travesty of justice by the globalist elite than the invasion of Iraq, a Western colonial construct from World War I. It is a giant betrayal by the neo-con Zionists of the CIA and the Pentagon after globalists like Zbiginew Brzezinski, lauded the holy warriors for their independence and bravery over Soviet communists. This is how the American hedonists pay the mujahideen back.

Many excuses have been used for the continued seven-year presence of foreign occupiers in Afghanistan; one that particularly titillates liberals, libertines and libertarians is Marxist/feminist women's rights. The invasion certainly has done that, opening up the drug trade, pornography and prostitutes in Afghanistan to an unparalleled level (hey, but some girls are going to school, eh?). Another reason is Whorehouse America spreading liberty, freedom and democracy — while oil company cronies, torturing warlords and communist appartchiks ruin the country. The third (and probably real) reason the foreign invaders are in Afghanistan is to build and secure an oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea Basin to the Indian Ocean through Pakistan, where a bunch of fat-assed Gunga Din generals from Sindh and Punjab hold sway. It will never happen: Pakistan itself is a Frankenstein country hastily and brutally put together by British imperialists too broke to govern after World War II.

Canada's doomed Afghan mission will fare no better than the Canadian troops sent after World War I into Russia's arctic to battle indigenous Bolsheviks in Archangel. More useless sacrifices of our national treasure and people in mercenary service to foreign interests. That's the real history of the Canadian armed forces, whether the old farts in the Legion like it or not. We just provide the meat for the war's meat grinder, whenever the imperial masters call for it.

The war in Afghanistan is going terribly for the foreign invaders with the puppet president Ahmad Karzai, hunkered down in Kabul when he's not traveling at the globalists' expense looking for more money for his collaborator regime. See how safe he is all over the world, proving once again that al-Qaeda is a localized Muslim resistance in Muslim lands. They haven't bothered to get even one suicide bomber across the open Mexican border to carry out one lousy attack, also showing a dearth of CIA "Manchurian Candidates" to promote the phony war on terror agenda of police power and one-world government.

All the international al-Qaeda could do was supposedly the one big 9/11 act, with no sleeper cells or anyone else in reserve. How convenient for the braggarts at Homeland Security, it's another "surge" that's working.... In Afghanistan, Kabul is mostly surrounded by Taliban activity in almost every province, while the south and east of the country is firmly in Taliban hands at night until the International Security Assistance Force and their trained Tadjik Red Army bunker out a but at daylight. The foreign-induced Durand Line border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is no problem to the Pashtuns living on both sides as they criscross and attack the occupiers there. The Taliban has developed two branches in both countries and solidified their hold on both sides of the line, particularly in the tribal areas of Pakistan where an emirate is emerging with each threat and attack from Americans and Pakistani collaborators. Any effort to expand the foreign aggression into the northwest frontier will meet with stiff resistance in the gorges, valleys and mountains of this Sharia countryside. Don't be an idiot, Barack Obama, by sticking your big foot into that hornet's nest quagmire, where even a nuclear attack on a nuclear country won't make that much of as difference except to accommodate the anger for centuries to come (New Yorker magazine's liberal efforts to make Obama more of a stooge of the 9/11 'war on terror' conspirators by smearing him with bin Laden sympathies on its front cover, won't endear him anywhere, even if he expands the Afghan war into Pakistan; the Jews just don't trust the 'schwartz').

Here in Canada we have the largest number of deluded Colonel Blimp blowhards and feminist hand-wringers of both sexes pretending that security and "governance" is progressing, with skeptical narrow statistics being offered by the new kid on the job, Gen. Walter Natynczyk. He's about as disingenuous and stupid as the former captive nation of Poland, sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to keep others captive. I have no respect for these DP's; everyone knows attacks are up 77%. Yet our mercenary leaders still keep spinning B.S. You can't trust the military to tell the whole truth (and nothing-but-the-truth, so-help-me-God).

White Nationalists have been amiss on both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan ; while not supporting the former, the bigots seem eager to give a clout for their hosebags at primitive patriarchs minding their own business. But with the David Dukes, Don Blacks, Jared Taylors and Paul Fromms and others will open their yaps against war on conservative traditionalists not lining up to get into land ; we'd all be better off and respected for our principled status. In the case of Fromm, one doesn't know whether he's a White Nationalist, even though his tapes are entitled For Our People on the voice of the White Nationalism Stormfront Canada website; recently on a radio interview regarding the state kidnapping of two children from a self-admitted White Nationalist mother in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Fromm described himself as a libertarian). He boasted to fellow guest Susan Cole (a lesbian editor of the trashy red-slanted sex-advertising weekly Now magazine) how he supported the "Three Sisters" gay bookstore in BC when the government tried to censor their imports.

Just like Castro's communist Cuba leasing Guantanamo to the USA to 'get them Islamo-Fascists', the mean-spirited kosher conservatives are helping the neo-con Zionist agenda by being Beijing silent on torture and Canadian citizen Omar Khadr's plight in that hole. Blind bigotry can be utilized by any side. It's up to their intelligent White Nationalist supporters to tell them "what-fer" and to lay off the petty bigotry against "Islamo-fascism" and other peoples' racism. Maybe they will get the picture; the same goes for the conspiracy theorists and unravelers, especially the so-called live-and-let-live libertarians who seem to find an excuse for every action against "fascist totalitarianism" and racist ideologues.

All the Afghan war invasion efforts will come to naught; just read the War News updates on our site and you'll see the spirit-power of the primitive society's underdogs in their resistance, while you're sipping your Tim Hortons latte in your modern, degenerate and controlled society.

In the end, the liars will be dying to stay in Afghanistan.



Superhero Stupidity

Today's superheroes pervert the term "hero" — they're really the anti heroes. I don't like superheroes and perpetual game players. Its a delusional waste of time and energy while society goes to hell in a hand basket. The very concept of superheroes or mutants and aliens with superpowers in inimical to mankind. The idea that we should rely on any creature with super powers to save and protect us is strictly a Big Brother concept. It's a useless, hopeless dream of the powerless and weak, originally like the rabbis' Golem monster which wipes out anti Semites and society, too.


The Seinfeld crew and writers were big on Superman (another two Jewish institution from Toronto and Cleveland, where the world was enthralled by an extra-planetary alien deceivingly living in disguise as a mild mannered reporter, elevating that yellow slimebag profession of political correctness. All "superheroes" have some kind of mental problem, making them even more dangerous to society and undermining the human races' self reliance; Batman, Spider-man and the Hulk all have serious social issues that are conveniently overlooked because of their super powers. Great discussions take place among the immature grownup fans as to their comparative powers and moods, as if they were new gods on the scene, harkening back to the ancients foolish beliefs in Hercules and other mythical demigods, which never did anything for Mankind other than rest on their oars for practical solutions to life's problems. The whole superhero phenomenon is an escape hatch for hedonistic cowards who'd rather talk about global warming instead of the impending superhero new world order peddled by the very people who own the superhero entertainment.

Superhero worship leads to other idiocies for whites, like mutant mixing, alien copulation and race mixing (geez, if it's okay for Star Trek aliens to copulate with humans, with lizards kissing, and marrying humans, why not multiculturalism. race mixing and mutant elevation? Hancock is just the latest stupidity to dazzle dizzy dames, played by no other than Will Smith, who pales in his disparaging envy of the new kid on the block Barack Obama. Superhero worshippers are shallow characters who imbue their one kid with the same Harry Potter crapola of arrogant black magic and witchcraft. These little donkeys don't have any respect for culture, race, religion and their elders while fantasizing on their hexes. So called superheroes elevate the gadget crazed professionals, entrusting society into their Taser and ray gunned hands. Why? Because they can. Moral considerations are usually irrelevant and unconnected to humanity; after all, they are superheroes, who can't be bound to rules and tradition. These false idols are always in the vanguard of a new world order, manipulated by powerful corporate hands who can sway their zombie followers on any political issue. Even mortal heroes like Barack Obama are disappointing his supporters with his Zionist warmonger kowtowing and civil rights flip flops on government spying.


Superhero boobs often graduate to endless game playing where you lose all track of time; I used to play the giant actual topographical war game The Battle of Borodino (Moscow; Napoleon against the Russians) through all hours of the day and night trying to change history, in a rec room with friends, while neglecting daily chores. Some still do it, opting out of real life's challenges. One player told me about his marriage which went on the rocks after he declined with thanks to a requested child by the wife who promptly left him and got pregnant by another man within a month, to his chagrin (notice the absence of children and family in the majority of superhero and video game scenarios it mirrors Hollywood perfectly. Superhero followers and some players are an arrogant know it all lot, who end up alone in misery, without the help of their superheroes, Comic Book Guy losers.


It would be nice to say that superheroes aficionados are a harmless, benign group but their lack of reality to the real problems of crime, war, immigration and social and cultural breakdown; they're not there to help or participate maturely to the challenges. Although they don't like to follow orders, these same mean spirited players and superhero drones are big on the military and human controlled gadgets. They support the politically correct troops while being definitely opposed to fascism and racism, like their jerk ex- teachers. God and God believers is the last thing on their minds. They're the perfect commies' useful idiots. The nefarious creators of superheroes have an opportunity to create and characterize humanity's supposed enemies, setting the agenda, in the players' minds permanently. Fascism is to blame for everything today, whether Islamic or corporate, shielding the communists and Zionists conveniently. You know they're not on the white peoples' side when they whine about fascism, racism and nationalism, that's the essence of the Big Lie technique that the elites practice and Hitler pointed out in Mein Kampf. They must never let their enemies coalesce in any fascist or neo-Nazi group to the point of stealing their opponents' children as their politically correct goons did in Winnipeg from a White Nationalist mother and act. I've just touched on a few negative points about some players and superhero adherents, a useless and depressing lot. Speak out against this mad frivolity which misdirects youth's energies whenever possible. To do less is to acquiesce to their moronic naiveté.


Down with all superheroes!



American "Hippie-Crites" —  No You Can't!

I like the term "hippie-crites" coined by Gary Schipper, the voice of the Heritage Front's Freedom Line. It really fits the majority of liberal libertine and neo-con Americans. The controlled media from New York to Hollywood portrayed the flower children hippies as benign au naturel compassionate peace lovers. While the number of actual hippies (deluded drifters) was small, there were many millions more weekend posers who pretended to subscribe to the same anti-war free-love rhetoric that their hippie image valued, in spite of the glaring hypocrisies evident between them, and now by their descendants. The rock and roll hippie generation is one of the greatest frauds perpetrated on civilization, without correction, that these same perpetrators can blather on the Internet and opinion columns about the dangers of fascism and totalitarianism, while ignoring their own country's slide into international communist war and torture.

The hippie-crites have not abandoned the vaunted American boasting of "Yes, We Can!" to re-order the world with missiles and assassinations, fear and terror at home and abroad. Most of the Jewish hippie leaders like Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman put on Armani suits and sold out to the Man for a few shekels more for frequent-flyer abusive holidays in Third World countries, while pretending they are concerned about the environment (their egalitarian Big Thing now). What can you expect from the greedy kickouts and runaways from the rest of the planet?

Barack Obama appears to be the result of the scions of the hippie race-mixing world, the son of a commie mother and a Guess-Who's-Coming-to-Dinner African diplomat. He's no offspring of the slave generations in America, who never went into hippiedom, other than to copulate with some of them. The hippies were supposed to be against the System and question authority, but this has no been transferred to other offspring who accept that 9/11 government lies eagerly by advocating for more war against the patriarchal Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan, supposedly because these tribesmen did 9/11... as if. The hippie-crites ushered in Whorehouse America, where everyone gets laid, but, no one is really happy, except the guards and the pimps, like in Nevada. The hippies were supposed to be anti-materialistic and truthful, but the whole country had slid into a Seinfeld / Simpsons morality: that everything is all right, if you can get away with it. The hippies were supposedly against violence and cruelty but torture and inhumanity are no excused in the name of safety, which brings to mind Benjamin Franklin's advice that anyone willing to give up freedoms for a little security deserves neither. The hippies were big against war and conflict, if you check all the Billy Jack movies, but with the exception of a few Cindy Sheehan matriarchs, you won't find any of these old broads and their former now-grey, ponytailed companions in anti-war demonstrations of any consequence. These are pro-Zionist wars, and the controlled media and pundits are against any opposition to their anti-Islamo-Fascist warmongering.

Anyone who is berating ot battling nationalist patriarchal fascism is a commie skunk, working for the same new world order internationalist empire. The hippies were ostensibly and rabidly anti-white racist; now they and their descendants have become Lou Dobbs and Fox News Channel bigots against black and Latino identity, fearing that their race-mixing days are over, forcing them to become racially aware. The vitriol of the Southern Poverty Law Center website is hatefully palatable because "White Supremacists" are celebrating Obama's candidacy for the presidency. Marxists and Zionists love to pigeon-hole and categorize the White Nationalist movement into their Hollywood perversion of what they are. Only idiots listen to their enemies for how they should act and what they should say.

America is one of the most boastful nations on the planet; the second-fattest, too, next to Australia. The very idea that 'they can't lose here and they can't fail there' is like the Jewish empty phrase never again. This arrogant attitude falls in line with the white shoes car salesman's mantra, with little connection to reality. Humility is an unknown word in the Western world, from NATO's pronouncements to G-8 B.S., it's all a dog-and-pony show, like the hippie-crites themselves. And you just know it's a matriarchy when the English-accented middle-aged dame who sells gold bars in ads is considered to be the most trusted in the Western world.

Criminality, murder and mayhem are the main staples of American news. Odious, horrific and disgusting brutality is meted out on a regular basis from the smallest towns to the White House daily, with little humble self-reflection from the population. Every rotten thing happens in America, and they want to go out and re-order the world in their own image? No thanks, and no, you can't. The whole place needs to be broken up into little pieces, if only to corral the serial killers and separate the races for white security and identity. Don't worry — it will come; when anything that gets too big for its britches, there's only one way to go.... small.

The energy crisis will aid in this direction, keeping the meddling troublemakers at home from their expensive wars, vacations and programs. When the Americans choose from their roster of APEC candidates (McCain or Obama), they're all cut from the same cloth. America will have their lesson the hard way: through a bloodied nose. I'd just rather see it through "I don't know-any-secret-handshakes" Obama, who just might get the message ...if he's not assassinated by the hand-shakers' bigot flunkies.

America needs to get off from its high-horse and bow its head while saying,
"No, we won't...because we can't."



Canada: Delusional Dominion In Decline

I hate writing about Canada. It's like writing about someone you had great hopes for, only to have them turn out to be great disappointments. But Canada, on its 141st birthday, is the biggest feminist-queer country in the Western Hemisphere. What do you expect from a population of opportunistic economic refugees and cowardly political runaways hell-bent on frivolity and entertainment at the expense of tradition, race, religion and culture?

I came here by fate and destiny. having been discovered in a Sarajevo orphanage by the Red Cross, who reunited me with a mother married to a Canadian officer in 1952. No one born recently would believe the pristine security and happiness of the homogeneous white nation of the 1950's, compared to the multicultural mayhem of today. This is how much havoc the Progressive Conservatives and liberal Marxists have unleashed on Canada, placing the white man at the back of the line socially by accepting a quarter of a million non-white businessmen into its borders every year for the last thirty years. They have not assimilated, but established their own minority power groups throughout the land. Coupled with the women and closet-vote, they have maintained treacherous internationalist governments for the last forty years, selling the country to the highest bidders while importing more non-white cheap labor.

Canada's non-whites are proud and aggressive, never having been cowed or conquered slaves and servants, like the blacks and Latinos in America; the majority consider the belief that "Canada belongs to the world," like a free, sparsely-inhabited territory up for grabs. With the exception of Paul Fromm, Bob "The Brain" Smith and yours truly, no one has stayed in the fight against the government-approved foreign invasion in the last two generations. There's a smattering of young blood every now and then, only to be driven off the White Nationalist landscape by the compliant police and judiciary, by prisons, fines and economic blockade. The Jews wouldn't let me drive a cab some years back in Toronto, citing that I would not be "a good ambassador" for the city; unless you're prepared to be poor, stay out of White Nationalist politics. Nasty methods are used by the politicized police including spies, agent-provocateurs and front groups like the Heritage Front, where chief government agent/flunky Grant Bristow was officially thanked by a Parliamentary committee for his spy agitation work as a service to Canada. Only those who are prepared to suffer and sacrifice while making a name for themselves need apply for White Nationalist activity and leadership. Recently a Polish visitor I questioned told me what he liked and didn't like about Canada, pointing out naively that he liked all the variety of people, but considered the social pyramid was upside down here, not realizing the reason why it is so.

Canada lacks a raison d'etre on the world stage. This indefensible country instead chooses to use its professional military as rent-a-mercenaries, and has done so since its inception, providing cannon fodder for other peoples' wars throughout the planet (just check out the war memorials and you'll see that none of the place names have anything to do with Canada's borders, an important point that all the warmonger kosher conservatives, and even bigots, refuse to recognize). The military mindset is so powerful that it passes for patriotism you're supposed to support the troops, even when they're acting as "Igor" assistants to Afghan dungeon masters).

I remember when Ernst Zündel went off to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to grow flowers, paint and contemplate, with his new finally-German-American wife, and was asked by a reporter about his thoughts on his 43 years in Canada. Ernst said he was in "Canada denial," as if it had never happened, not knowing at the time the neo-con Zionist Americans would toss him into a waiting Canadian jail cell — again. Well, the joke's on Canada, which is under a bigger delusion, imagining like cockeyed optimists that everything's going to turn out all right, while their white population dwindles through their selfish, shrill and barren white women, particularly in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia. Aside from some rural boys pushing over-fishing Orientals into the drink ("nipper-tipping"), there has been little to no opposition to the invasion influx planned by the Bilderbergers in Ottawa. Draconian, Orwellian anti-hate laws, under which Bob and I were the first to be convicted, have come under some mild attack by fervent Zionists after opportunistic Muslims attempted to use the kangaroo court human rights tribunals against them. This second hammer against free speech, where truth officially is not a defense, are back-pedaling hard to keep their censorship powers, created by fellow Zionists.

Canada is a more staid country, with the exception of queers' and women's' rights, who are always behind the Americans in trends by about five years, including the economy. The bitching by businessmen over our strong high dollar is an insult to Canada's well-being, while pandering to foreigners. The energy crunch will in the long run benefit our people, as more money is spent at home and politics becomes more local. Canada can only benefit by an inward focus, as the frequent-flyers are grounded. There is little chance that anti-racist femino-Marxists in Quebec will separate, basing their movements strictly on language. The country can be expected to limp along (like myself) for the next generation, until the racists sort themselves out and the real problems of immigration, free speech, economic self-sufficiency, international military meddling and social mores are solved — when Gary Schipper's "hippie-crites" and neo-con warmongers are dead and gone.

We can only hope.... hope springs eternal.


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