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Beating a dead horse in Afghanistan


It's over, so get over it. That's the case of the war in Afghanistan. The foreign forces have been defeated once again in that country's long history, One invader after another, from Alexander the Great with his courageous elite to NATO with its modern armaments, all have gone down into an impossible-to-hold quagmire of stagnation and stalemate, no matter what the spin. The slaughtering Shahs of Iran, massacring Mongol hordes, Soviet tanks and British mustard gas have not tamed the tribesmen of the northwest frontier and Pashtun plains of Afghanistan. Every excuse has been used to invade the tough country from modernity to democracy; the men don't want it, whatever the siren song of the aggressor.

I wrote some three years ago that the mission was doomed and it just looks worse today. The appearance and rival of al- Qaeda and the Taliban (students of Islam) is just the latest phenomenon that safeguards this culture and territory from meddling interlopers. The Persians may prevail for a while, but they are eventually ousted, if you check your historical maps. Afghanistan is more of a state of mind, than a country where foreign influence is eschewed and tradition and custom are the hallmarks of a society that reflects tyrants — unless it's their own. This is a man's land. where smooth faces are for catamites and queers who are sought after for sexual pleasure, and not political advice and rule. Effeminate, interfering and armed white men are the bane of their land. These cosmopolitan aggressors are the worst foe Afghanistan, and their own dwindling white whorehouse homelands. The Brits, Dutch and Danes are the nerviest  nut-bars peddling their degenerate mores with a myriad of half-assed reasons, from protecting and educating Afghan women, to phony security conditions of the morphing Orwellian war on terror. Whorehouse guards from the West are bombing Afghans, kicking doors down at night, arresting and torturing citizens in the name of "good." These effeminate hoodlums have adolescently dubbed the Afghan resistance as the 'bad guys' to clear their lowlife consciences from the dirty work they are performing for the New World Order globalist elites. No wonder everyone hates the arrogant white man, except their servile Gunga Din sycophants.

Barack Obama's efforts to tame the Taliban is just the unseemly scenario that will plunge America further into the doldrums when the image of a black American waging war on off-whites with impunity. This will be the end of white and non-white admiration for the former slaves of America; their violent 'gangsta' image will further aggravate any sympathy they may have had in the past. No bare-arms of Michelle Obama will save the day for those with a conscience in the world; it all looks so unseemly; perception is everything. So far, Obama hasn't convinced anyone of any 'change' except his black supporters.

The sneakiest idea of all is the US offer to talk to non-violent Taliban leaders, as if any exist. It's the same idea of talking and interviewing moderate media-approved 'racialists', neatly dividing and antagonizingly separating white nationalists, while ignoring outright racists and Neo-Nazis. It worked in Sri Lanka when the government bought off and integrated the meek Karuna group from the Tamil Tigers; hang together or fall apart, like the Sunni insurrection in Iraq,

The extra effort to appear to achieve any success in Afghanistan will undermine the ersatz state of Pakistan, already looking weak and meek, as foreign robot drones kill their citizens at will while their shaved fat-assed cops kick and beat their citizens on behalf of their alien money masters. Pakis in general are looking worse by the minute, no matter how much they genuflect, with their "very, very good, sir." Their Bollywood lawyers and cricket jet-setters only underline their poor aping of the 'sahib' white man. Please, get off your knees and join your bearded compatriots giving their lives up for their dignity and identity.

Here in Canada the lost war in Afghanistan is supported by the stubborn, the stupid, the globalists and feminists. They don't mind some worldwide recognition of being tough and progressive. The white women are the worst offenders of this continuing brutality as long as it's killing those patriarchal Islamists. They fear that one day they will have to act like women and take responsibility for their children.

The latest sign that the Afghan mission is failing is the Leftists' moral outrage of Hamid Karzai agreeing to a new special minority-rights law for his mercenary mostly-Shia forces that will ensure patriarchal rights in all family matters, including the husband's right to demand sex from the wife, described as 'rape' by feminists intent in applying their rules worldwide at the point of a gun. What's the big deal? The new law just confirms some common sense for married couples whereby the husband is to be sexually satisfied every two weeks' minimum and the wife is guaranteed the husband's sexual attention every four months' minimum or it's a divorce, if either person wants it. Sucky liberals like Toronto radio's Paul Mott and his wife are now asking themselves, why are we there?

All the aggressive Western leaders are scaling down their war aspirations, looking for a way out without admitting defeat. These are the brains of the Western world whose ancestors have led us into two great world wars, which have nearly destroyed our race at the behest of a cosmopolitan Jewish elite (who won't survive a World War III if they don't lay off their bellicose path soon). The ideas of world government and an open-borders world economy are finished. No amount of taxpayer debt stimulus will revive that commie/capitalist concept any more than beating the dead-horse Afghan mission that these not-so-smart-after-all economists' and politicians' plans.

It's all over. Bring our troops home and forget about it. Sorry, suckers!.



Bigots, Warmongers and Leftists: Egg on Their Faces

Canadian kosher conservative warmongers and leftist multiculturalists have egg on their faces. due to ugly American ignorance and commie hypocrisy. First, the American Fox News Channel pro-war globalists put their foot in their mouth when some jokers on the late-night program Red Eye condemned the Canadian Armed Forces for needing a one-year rest and re-supply break. According to Fox they are going "to get manicures and pedicures, do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the beach with gorgeous white Capri pants." The idiots suggested that it "would be a good time to invade that ridiculous country." Another commentator added that he didn't even know Canada was in the war in Afghanistan. All this happened on the weekend when four Canadian soldiers were slain in that country's invasion.

Canadians in general, were disgusted with this American ignorance and ingratitude, yet there has been no airing of this nasty gaffe in the United States. No politician has taken the time to condemn this outrage as twenty billion Canadian taxpayers’' dollars are poured into this lost and immoral mission. Reluctantly, the Canadian Zionist-controlled media has had to discuss this backstabbing commentary, which undermines the embarrassed  globalist warmongers' in this fleshpot mercenary suckers' country.

Kosher conservatives are turning themselves inside-out to dismiss and excuse these dumb and arrogant comments. "Igor," the Canadian henchman for the American evil maniac knows he's been dissed, but is stuck with his callous master American lickspittles are even willing to take the guff, because America is so big and powerful and can't be wrong. These warmongers are more keen to put down fellow Canadians as "America- bashers" and "Taliban Jack" Layton nitwits on the Left, neatly encompassing racist rebels in their foreign loyalty: they don't want Canadians ever taking their nationalism to an independence level without the approval of their American bosses. That's how the country was sold out under the Progressive Conservative no border/free trade businessmen. This Fox News blunder reveals the real attitude of CIA torturers and new world order empire builders: Arrogance and stupidity is their shield's motto, that need not be mentioned in the "nicer" part of North America.

Canada was populated by a carefully-motivated and screened immigrant population, originally mostly British civil servants and cowed servants from their poorhouses and whorehouses. Now the most greedy and state-supported economic refugees and beaten foreign war losers are the new voters the government let in from the non-white world. A larger flock of sheep couldn't be found in any other country; all kinds of new Orwellian laws are first introduced in Canada, which were the model for the globalist government envisioned by the capitalist/commie cabal. As for America, it's just chock-full of the worst of the world's humanity that not even the whips of the Taliban could tame: their experts on the “war on terror” yap about lawless Pakistan's northwest frontier from a criminal whorehouse of missing children and roaming serial killers. Sharia-land is nothing like that, pal; US military exercises in war don't look much different. That's who Canada should assist? For shame! As the Chinese say, "You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it." That's what Canada is doing in Afghanistan.

New Afghan deaths in the future will be harder to swallow, even by the Americans' Igors, no matter how the talk show front men for the “Zionist Occupation Government” (ZOG) try to dismiss, cover up or waylay their true feelings. The damage has been done and the kosher conservative reactionary bigots have egg on their faces from their "boss" (notice how the globalist media only features  bigot/racist-deniers, but never outright Nazis, racists, or fascists). No matter how much NATO and Barack Obama threaten and beg, Canadians are sick and tired of the warmongers' jingoism for Afghanistan.

The Leftists, too, have their dander up over the refusal of entry to kosher Canada by their darling pro-Palestinian commie George Galloway, the Member of Parliament from Britain. Galloway is the guy who didn't want French racist Jean-Marie LePen  in Britain in 2004, because it was "a multicultural country." Now the shoe is on the other foot because he has supported humanitarian aid for Gaza under Hamas rule. The police state here has declared the group as a terrorist organization, conveniently for the Zionists. The Leftists, who are eager to proscribe all racists, have been generally supportive of these Draconian laws against free association, and now they're hoisted on their own petard.

Leftists and egalitarians have become the new enemy of “the Jews” as they criticize the Israeli onslaught on Palestine and Gaza, and threaten a nuclear Armageddon against Iran. The former professional victims (the Jews) are now denigrating the Leftist Labour movement, while blaming poor non-whites' mortgages for the banks' collapse. The frequent-flyer elites are the main bailouts-and bonuses' recipients, much to the chagrin of the "social justice" Leftists. The two camps are moving further and further apart, aided by the non-racist conspiracy sites (once the bailiwick of the Nazis only). The Jewish-controlled media is no longer calling Leftists and street anarchists "noble" anti-racists but "diversity activists," as they referred to the bottle-throwers at the Aryan Guard demo in Calgary last week. Who wants to be a "diversity activist" unless you're non-white? Maybe this is a subtle great departure of former 'friendship' to the street thugs led by lesbos, Zionists and kosher conservative pundits throughout the newsmedia taking shots at the Leftist rabble because  their lukewarm support of "our troops" in their mercenary globalist endeavors. Chinese-married "Taliban Jack" Layton doesn't get a break either: he is called by that nickname because his New Democratic Party suggested talking to the Taliban five years ago. Now that the Afghan war is going badly and there is no military victory envisioned (Stephen Harper and his  Bilderberger minister pal Peter MacKay suggested the very same recently). No slack is given to Taliban Jack because he's a distrusted Lefty.

Yes, “the Jews” are moving to their comfortable Right as I had predicted many years ago, but still against white nationalism and in favor of a cosmopolitan police/servant state for their elitist needs. That's why anyone on the white nationalist side should not play their game rules by condemning racism and racists. Stop it, or join the Jews openly. Instead of pretending to be "for our people," as I said to skinheads I met, we will have to tweak the Jews' thinking and have accommodate our racist views if they want to participate in our power in the future, not the other way around. In a race-mixed society you have the safety of an individual animal in a Serengeti herd trek, and victim dignity.

They have made the mass that only racists will and can clean up. Stay firm.


Conservative Hoaxers


Some bigots give racism a bad name with their cowardly, evasive words and actions that undermine us all.

The easiest people to misrepresent and to fool are those who don't want to speak up in their own defense. That's the case with the backstabbing Fox News conservatives and racists. Both are fearful that they will face harsh approbation and economic or physical attack. That's where the professional "conservative" and "free speech" advocates step in to represent the silent majority on approved Establishment levels.

Conservatism becomes just the state and ruling multicult cosmopolitan cliques' chief concerns to keep order (as one of their chief mouthpieces Peter Worthington says, "security and defense" — in other words, a military police-worshipping state). Abortion, free trade, cultural preservation, small government, individual and gun rights are "all incidental" according to the conservative pundits, too controversial for the phony 'conservative' leaders to tackle. The snotty conservatives' leaders of today are an amalgam of greedy hedonistic businessmen and the security industry that can't stop black crime or keep the army for home service and defense: the cheapskate conservatives have not conserved anything except their pocketbooks. These misrepresenting opportunists know that by the very nature of their small 'c' supporters they won't be out with pitchforks to correct their scoundrel representatives. They mouth off with impunity, backtracking on all social conservative issues destroyed by the internationalist commies, wringing their hands, but closing debate on morale-destroying policies such as gay marriage and multiculturalism.

The conservative leadership are just private bigots who are quick to apologize when caught in a racist or anti-Semitic "gaffe." They'll turn themselves inside out to distance themselves from controlled-media-condemned labels like "racist," "neo-Nazis" or "white supremacist." It sickens me when I hear any skinhead or Paul ("I'm-not-a-racist") Fromm call these terms "slurs," mirroring the media's approbation. Right off the bat, white nationalists are put on an unnecessary defensive supposedly trying to curry favor with the ever-so-silent majority. It's not only a waste of time, but places hard-line whites beyond the pale. Stop with the apologies, Paul, you're undermining the rest of us with your whining! David Duke and Don Black's Stormfront should know better too; you didn't make your names as kosher conservatives, but as Klansmen.
"No surrender!" you say. Well, let's see some. There is no point in worrying about what the Zionist media thinks. They're the enemy, they don't want you to call yourself racist, Fascist or Nazi — then they wouldn't have a cudgel to hit you with and see you run away from words (genuine kosher conservatives have no trouble crossing "ZOG" borders).

Official conservatives love the politically-correct police. When eight of them arrested Brad Love at Fromm's meeting — only after he had made his anti-open immigration address; it looked like an obvious set-up at a select-invitation-only gathering. Somebody had to know that Brad Love was on parole for eighteen counts of 'spreading hate' and was not allowed to speak his mind in this Canadian police state (Brad Love... what a perfect name for this kind of politics). Paul Fromm compared their actions to Haiti; Oh, give me a break, there's no politically-correct commie-style police there, just the UN and our cops: "The Soviet Union would have been better." Bigot comments didn't wash that time. With the most-of-the-time exception of The Council of Conservative Citizens, most conservatives are chicken shits when it comes to standing up to the police and state, whatever rot they are dishing out to them.

I've never read any anti-war editorials from these apologists, even when their obvious enemies are waging them for a new world order; I'm still waiting. Conservatives, on the other hand, are big on bigotry. Someone said that their anti-immigrant scribbles are exactly the same as those of ten and twenty years ago. There is little self- criticism of their emasculated society, just fear and anger at patriarchal religion and mores. The worst cases of progressive conservatism come from the West, where we thought cowboys must be manly at least (Brokeback Mountain broke that), especially when you look at the Zionist conservatives like Jason Kenney and Stockwell Day, who recently walked through the dungeon in Kandahar and approved the stinking hellhole prison, as a God-fearing Christian; what a joke and a insult to humanity Alberta politicians like that are! Today, conservatives have allowed their countries to become virtual whorehouse with criminality running rampant and no religion in the public square. Everywhere you go in the Western world the 'conservative' political leaders have been co-opted by the mercenary military, police and Zionist media. England is the worst, next to Jew-run America. They have been taken over by cosmopolitan businessmen and multicultists, while they still pay service to language, and gun issues while all-Chinese malls open up in their countries and new gun laws are promulgated. Today's conservative representatives are a bunch of mushy hoaxers trying to rein in their small -c supporters from becoming (oh-my-God) racists or neo-Nazis. Conservatism is a state-established cop sandbox (like CSIS' now-defunct Heritage Front) of political correctness, undermining a reactionary revolution desired by "their" supporters. These "leaders" are not doing the white race any good, but are only making them feel bad in society's eyes by having to deny their natural feelings. There is no shame in being a racist when racism is for everyone.

Stand up and be counted, or just shut up if you're afraid of public approbation. Racists are the real leaders, not the apologists and obfuscators, they're following the politically-correct police line of middle-of-the-mush nothingness, which has led us to this sorry state of of our race's malaise.

Demand from the conservatives straight talk, and no surrender to the media's anti-racist rhetorical "slurs." Who cares what those shouting from the gutter — I don't!

Lead, don't follow. Your race is waiting.



Globalist Governments Spinning Stalemate

It's usually the calm before the storm: Western governments are stultified in their wars and economies, having pushed their globalist military plans beyond the reach of their emasculated societies, while selling their peoples' birthright to the coolie Third World labor force.

Everywhere you turn, white globalist governments are on the brink of collapse because of their immigration and foreign policies, internationalism and anti-racism have drowned the white working class into poverty and despair, clutching at Donald Trump plans of “greedbag” capitalism fed by new taxpayer bailout stimuli. Barack Obama's new Left feel-good salve rhetoric is surface glaze to an ailing culture of neo-criminal hedonism, fig-leafed with In God We Trust monetary "religion." Nothing has changed from the 'change' presidential candidate still run by the same frequent-flyer CIA/Mossad torturing cabal. America has lost its soul to Mammon and his worshipping high priest whores. The supposedly-won war in Iraq has taken a new phase of radical and sectarian war of Kurds, Arabs, Iranians, Shi'ites and Sunnis, with America and Iran arming one or the other, while Saudi Arabia lurks in the background looking out for their Sunni brethren. The US and their NATO stooges are stalemated in Afghanistan, unable to divide the Pashtun tribes there or in Pakistan, which is on the verge of collapse. No matter how many pro-Western judges they've reinstated, they're nothing but spies and collaborators for Western/Zionist secularists. That's why the goals in the occupation of Afghanistan are continually downgraded until they declare (like idiot Bush and slimebag Cheney) "mission accomplished," then high-tail it from Kabul and Kandahar.

Canada too, is at a standstill, with the same internationalists at the helm in government and opposition, holding the servant country in servile limbo under international and Zionist control by anti-racist rule for the benefit of the ruling elites and race traitors. No amount of new taxpayer debt will solve the economy's downward spiral until Canadian come first in government policies. Israel is at a standstill, with no effective new government since last February's general election. They lost the war in Gaza and lost general world sympathy through their arrogant brutality and the blatant assistance of Western governments. For all the Canadian government's condemnation of “terrorist groups” like the dilettante polizia who couldn't do a damned thing when 75,000 Tamil supporters of the Tigers, in a human chain, turned out on the streets of Toronto, snagging traffic for six hours and brandishing Tamil Tiger flags; the government and their compliant media, were powerless to do anything (Ha, ha!).

People aren't stupid, when it hits them in the face, as white phosphorus rains down on besieged Gazans. Who cares about their holocaust, except the all-of-the-sudden fallible “mistaken” pope? The Jews dare not attack Iran now, as it would bring up the age-old problem of the “Jewish Question,” looking for a final solution not to their liking. They can spin all the Hollywood media propaganda out, but people are becoming sick of their unfair power and influence (Come on, guys, make my day!)

The new Soviet style monstrosity called the European Union is the death-knell of small ethnic nationalities. one that only the avaricious and their women want: A shame on Sinn Fein, who want more African immigrants in Ireland, no better than the non-white immigrant-pandering commies of the supposedly separatist Parti Quebecois in Canada. Fools like these think that non-whites will adopt their customs like the morons of the neo-con Toronto Sun who placed Irish hats on top of turbaned Pakis in a cartoon watching the St. Patrick's parade. "Only in Canada" reads the caption, yeah — insane and stupid, they should have added. Europe is being swamped by non-white Muslims once stopped by the sword and now won over by the cradle. I like to blame the whole sorry mess that the white people are in on their men’s' obsession over their women, promoted by example of the matriarchy of the powerful Jews and Communists in their midst. Feminized Christianity has a lot to answer for, too. It didn't do much to liberate whites from anti-white racist communism and definitely Christianity played a part against nationalist aspirations by their lukewarm support for ethnicity. Compare that to patriarchal Islam and their sacrifices against foreign control and influence. Too bad the Serbs picked the feminine version of the old Scripture religion; they'd still have Kosovo, instead of more goodies trying to enter the EU. Those who lambaste manly religion are digging their own graves either from the general disbelievers' criminality now, or foreign or dictatorial police state government later. A sucker's religion (one without the fear of God in the afterlife from childhood onwards) is basically useless if it's to tame the savage beast in Man. As Numa (one of the founders of Rome) stated, it's why the gods were created.

The hundreds of jailed serial killers and thousands of largely innocent victims that the dirty media never revealed properly to the country are the result of the “no religion” society that the anti-God arrogant dopes are connected to. Instead, the obfuscating media is more concerned with Michelle Obama's bare arms, while all the public learns of their criminal negligence is through “cold case” shows — all of North America is charnel-house.

Western political leaders are as bankrupt as the free market capitalism; they have no better answers than CNBC economics gurus and media pundits. Again racists and their supporters have been right. From crime in the streets to aggressive military missing abroad, the message is getting across to the disillusioned populace. However it is nuanced or sugar-coated, our philosophy is the centerpiece and crucible of thought for the way out of this black abyss.

Kudos to those who kept the faith.


Bully Militarists Endanger All


The "losing-is-not-an-option" crowd are a bunch of arrogant, stubborn, stupid warmongers who ruin societies with their intransigent propaganda and human and monetary costs. North America in particular is saddled with their snobby jingoists who cover their tracks with diplomatic mumbo-jumbo and promised foreign aid.

The militarists have taken a definite imperial feminist attitude with their haughty refusal to talk to their armed opponents while pretending to be ready to parlez with the useless co-opted moderate opposition. It's just like a woman who refuses to talk to you, something real men would never do when dealing with their adversaries. Empires are mostly feminine institutions anyways in the past and present, keeping unrelated peoples down for the economic benefits of a hedonistic frivolous elite, whether it was the Soviet, British, Byzantine or French empires, it was all for the benefit of the whores in Moscow, London, Constantinople or Paris. Just look at that harridan Hillary Clinton running her mouth a mile a minute, hectoring Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but snottily refusing to talk to them directly. The same can be said about the politically correct Western generals and officers, who like regular bullies, refuse to acknowledge or give any credit to the irregular forces that have stalemated the Western empires' technology and mercenary courage. They regularly refuse to comment on their adversaries' attack claims, preferring to drone out their whitewashed lickspittle media-screamed exaggerations and outright lies. I'm often questioned by brainwashed boobs who chide me for using obscure foreign websites to gather our War Page items. When I look at the regular liars of the embedded corrupt globalist mass media crappola, it becomes blatantly obvious that the truth is definitely is somewhere in between, but definitely not the way the media minions have portrayed the issue.

Just like 9/11, eventually the truth will come out, as it has about the cooked-up invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the militarist mindset and their dumb-ass supporters are willing to fly right in the face of common sense and into disaster in promotion of their bread-and-butter killer profession. Even though they have been militarily and sociologically defeated by a rudimentary primitive society. These war boosters keep yapping a 'surge and containment' policy for the blighted nations they have invaded. Like their women. It's difficult for these macho-fem militarists to admit a mistake. They'll pint all kinds of scenarios if they're not allowed to keep kicking down doors and stomping through other peoples' homes like cold-blooded killers. The Zionist Jews are on a similar plane filled with their arrogance and post-World War II success. They take the lead in deciding who they will deem to speak with and who they will attack through the Draconian human rights commissions and politically-correct police. Their love the charade of their desire to dialogue with their useless, ineffectual, suborned opponents like that secularist Abbas from the commie PLO or home-grown kosher conservatives, solving nothing but biding their time for their own war plans. North America's greedy aggrandizement from the rest of the planet is an easy mark for Homeland Security, while the Hollywood whorehouse media promotes the concept of neurotic winners and losers through their daily menu of programs and movies; the population is enthralled with unsettled hyperactivity, unachievable goals and sexuality, which leads to unbridled criminal activity to be a "winner," even if your mugshot and name turn up on the Ten Most Wanted list, you're still a celebrity!

This kind of aggressive living style has no space for family and religion and personal sacrifice in the pursuit of happiness: hey, it's in their constitution. Almost an entire half of the Western world's population silently backs the mercenaries, just ask their women who have lost the concept of compassion (unless it's for apes and whales). Listen to the wives and girlfriends of the dead militarists coming back from their foreign aggression: they want more. "The mission is well worth it; we mustn't fail the women of Afghanistan," they bleat, while the economy tanks and the military budgets balloon. Don't dare question the billions and billions spent on these mercenary adventures for fear that the Col. Blimps and General Bullmooses will question your patriotism and dub you a defeatist and a terrorist for a Homeland Security camp.

White women have become one of the greatest obstacles to world peace as a consequence of their liberated hedonism and voting bloc. Their romantic ersatz promises rope in the lovelorn and insecure, readying them for murder at home or abroad. It's a vicious circle that will lead to further tragedies. God is the last thing on the minds of these women and their militaristic superheroes. They never want to discuss the spiritual motivation of their foreign opponents, since they have none themselves. Instead, they cry about the lawlessness of their enemies while coming from a bedlam of criminality and immorality on their home front; like most sluts, they have no shame, as they know that gold chains can be hung out in the open marketplaces in safety, where sharia law rules.

The Christian missionaries are in a similar position of arrogant hypocrisy when they leave their blighted countries with suitcases of money to open up kids' schools in non-white countries, acting like dirty demigods who have abandoned their godless flocks at home. They too are quick backers of the mercenary military machine wherever they meet opposition to their slimebag work, which exposes the white population to more race-mixing and extinction. It's like the old Cargo cult where they still worship crudely-made airplanes stuck in trees in remembrance of the goodies that the natives got from crashed pilots in the New Guinea jungles, like the red-dressed sex fiend New-Agers who are waiting for their jailed Indian gurus to return to the repossessed ashrams in California. It's not sustainable.

White nationalists must be careful not to be weak and foolish by falling for the the siren song of military victories and international social justice peddled by the meddlers and their selfish supporters, like the smarmy bigoted broadcaster Michael Coren. Wrong is wrong, no matter who is doing it, and even if it's the one you love or admire.

All that Canada really needs is a peoples' citizen militia for an in-depth occupation resistance to any invader. The professional military is only useful to Empire and globalist manipulators as mercenary stooges propping up a schlep country's "sucker" reputation for flesh to their evil war gods;
Professional Canadian generals have been known to squander thousands of young lives to oblivion in an afternoon, without a blink in Canada's "me-too" mercenary service foreign wars. Military hypocrites always yap about spreading freedom and democracy, while on the home front their citizens are jailed for thought-crime, without a word of opposition from the professional militarists and their lackeys.

Support the troops when they're right — and at home. And let's get out of the questionable and immoral military alliances, whether with mercenaries, missionaries or women.

Act like men.



Planet's Partition Progressing


Globalism, capitalism and communism have some new kids on the block challenging their anti-white, anti-racist, anti-nationalist conspiracies. Separatists, secessionists, sovereigntists and independents are on the rise and increasing their influence, whereas the internationalist aggressors fumble and fail. Actually, the partitionists and protectionists have been around for a long time, fulfilling Man's need for peace and harmony in their own households, instead of being indentured servants on a plantation planet. It's something that the multicult globalists can never achieve, without a police state.

The Nationalist Party of Canada supports the world partitionists, as it guarantees the planet and the white race a better chance of survival without the meddling interference of the empire-builders. That is why we have added a number of independence-seeking secessionist sites across the world to our Links Page. Racism and ethnic, religious and cultural identity for all, if the white nationalists are to achieve their own, is the way of the future, regardless of what the Bilderbergers and the controlled media think and scream about. Man is a creature of habit with continuous repetitions of his story, with some variance of characters and gadgets. It's all been done before; empires come and go. Four fell at the end of World War I — the Austro-Hungarian, the German, the Russian and the Ottoman (Turkish) empires. Two fell after World War II —the British Empire and the Japanese Empire, beaten back to their ex-piratical home islands to lick their wounds till the next time.

Whatever is big, eventually when it reaches certain critical mass, goes small, and that is what the over-wracked Planet Earth needs, a period of introspection and quiet for the internationalist hedonistic consumerist merchants and their mercenary military lackeys. A myriad of small and medium-sized self-assured homelands, each taking care of their own garden plot with borders, fences, and tariffs is needed to protect themselves against wandering serial killers and culture-destroyers who roam a will.

This phenomenon of independence and homogeneous security is world wide, especially since the collapse of the colonialist empires, which have left ridiculous insidious boundaries all over the world, particularly in Africa and Asia. The woman-worshipping white man's meddling has left a terrible mess for others to clean up. The hyperactive hedonists' economic bubble has burst, showing up the frequent flyers' folly for their ever-increasing needs and desire to spread it, leading to their own pauperization and near-extinction.

We all know about the Sri Lankan Tamils' attempt the set up their own Tamil Eelam, and ETA, the Basque separatists' desire for a homeland. But now the Muslims have woken up to establish their own sharia band of emirates in Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, The Caucasus, Pakistan, the Philippines and recently in Yemen, where they've grabbed by the city of Jahr and declared an Islamic emirate. North America is not immune to this natural trend, particularly since it is a hodgepodge of nationalities and religions. In the United States the word 'secessionist', like the word 'racist', has been severely denigrated by the Unitarian propagandists. However, as the world economy spirals out of control of the greed-bag experts and the multicult crime and Orwellian police control spreads, many are looking for greater security and individual independence in a smaller controllable venue. Big Brother is becoming as unpopular as Mao Tse-Tung to the new Chinese nouveau riche. No one wants the federales telling them what to do and how to think in a globalist population. Unbridled capitalism and profit-for-profit's sake are weak reasons for a life lived in fear and apprehension of your new neighbors. Economic uncertainty has destroyed the reputations of the experts and "professionals." Simple answers are best, without the CNN and Fox News blather ans phony excuses as to the problems and solutions of daily life. Many Americans are looking into their constitution to see how initially, they can re-assert control over their lives; all politics is local.

Many states are looking at the sovereignty option, including Arizona, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Montana, South Carolina, Idaho, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Washington State, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, Missouri, New Mexico, South Dakota, Vermont and West Virginia. Others, like Alaska, Hawaii and the held-in-bondage Puerto Rico, are going for all-out independence. The Russian expert who predicted the collapse of the USA in 2010 may nit be too far off the mark — just give it another decade, even if the economy picks up a bit. The American Empire is over, hopefully.

Canada, too, has its separatist movements in British Columbia, Alberta and of course, the remnants of the French in Quebec (the Parti Quebecois), Now the Newfies are thinking of taking a second crack at independence for the new oil-rich province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They gave it up once after achieving dominion status, but going bankrupt in spirit and money, spilling their blood and cash for the white fratricidal World War I on behalf of ungrateful Britain. The Limeys took the keys to their "Parliament" and they were broke after World War II foisted them on Canada through a ramrod plebiscite. Hopefully, the Newfies will do it right the second time around.

Here in Southern Ontario, we have a beautiful countryside, with triangle-shaped, easily defended boundaries of big rivers lakes, perfect for a trillium-emblem state. Once we get the local manufacturing and small farming back on track as the provincial travel slogan says, there'll be no place like this.

Secession and independence are the best bulwarks against the cosmopolitan imperialists.


It's racism for everyone — let's support them all.



Anti-Racists: The Silent Killers

Most of the white peoples' problems are caused by internationalist "world citizens" who have brought despair, depression and destruction not only to white countries. but to the entire planet. Cosmopolitan frequent-flyers, "progressives" and anti-racists are the root cause of our dilemma, These sons of bitches and their whore backers are the criminals behind most conflicts and world wars. Grand Chief David Ahenakew believes that the Jews are the cause of most wars; but I'll spread the blame further to include white meddlers and organized military mercenary bullies. The Jews could never do it alone, as they are finding out with their latest warmongering against Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran. With the white meddlers, their macho high-maintenance women and martinet dilettantes are at the lead of the evil forces out to denigrate and destroy the unique white race.

The greedy no-border businessman are part of the “hosebags'” hedonistic volunteers: as Lenin said, they'll sell us the rope to hang them with. Proselytizing Christian fanatics are often used as useful idiots in the disloyal drive against the white people. These horrible horsemen of the apocalypse are the vanguard of anti-nature wickedness that needs to be thrown into the abyss of oblivion, before they destroy the entire white race's gene pool. As J.B. Stoner, the great white racist, once said, race-mixing is forever, since we can never get any whites from such unions, as scientifically predicated by God and nature.

America is a whorehouse bastard nation made up like Frankenstein, from the aggressive refugees of the world, amply suited to bring in the commie New World Order, Their US armies are everywhere across the world, imposing a white-pauperizing imperialism  on behalf of their apocalyptic cabal, with the slimy Limey politicians and mercenary Canadian servile sycophants buttressing the warmongers for world dominion. Every recent American president up to Barack Obama has been a monkey for the inhuman organ-grinders behind the scenes.

Like the old Soviet constitution, everything looked so right, fair and proper on paper; but the reality is a commie/capitalist slave workers' camp for the population. The criminal gang which elevates The Sopranos and serial killers through their Hollywood organ, has stolen trillions from the public purse in their pursuit of happiness. And now we're coming back from the taxpayer trough to in-debt future generations to economic slavery and police-state control. Obama's rhetoric and stimulus adds up to plenty of nothing for North America, until the southern border is closed and the manufacturing jobs are brought back through protectionist tariffs and taxes. Reciprocity for Canadians will be the death of this country, too. Notice how the globalist neo-con imperialists and anti-racist commies are dead-set against nationalist protectionism; that would be their deserved death, eventually, too.

Kevin McDonald, one of the writers who appears on David Duke's website asks lamely, "What's wrong with the white man?" Why is he such a wimp? It's because it's all about the white woman raised on a wobbly pedestal in imitation of the Jewish American Princess's matriarchal order, through myriads of fantasy romantic fluff that most White males suck-hole to. They have been so totally emasculated that even purported white nationalists like Stormfront politically-correctly rail against Canada's hate laws (I only wish there were). Is it any wonder that even tough skinheads and Klansmen are more concerned about their main squeeze than their racist survival? Compare that attitude to the simple, primitive jihadist adventurers stalemating the entire mindless drone power of the globalist mercenary empire.

Realistic anti-racists have very little personal pride or knowledge of history. That is why they have accepted official multiculturalism and a quarter-million non-white immigrants into Canada for the last four decades. They love to belong to all kinds of UN and NATO internationalist institutions for self-verification, even if it means killing others thousands of miles away, so they don't have to fight them at home. But they're here already; with secret disrespect seething, the other day, I asked a bunch of brainwashed men what the flag was on their cab stand and gas station. I know my flags, but couldn't figure this red-and-green barred banner with an indiscernible squiggle in the centre. I guessed Eritrea or Somalia, but doubted it was the latter. Yes, Somalia, they nodded, which made me suspicious by their dismissiveness. Later I checked with another East Indian guy in the kiosk, who told me that it was the cricket player Imran Khan's Party in Pakistan. A couple of days later, I burst into the gas station office to tell one of the guys there that I knew it was Mr. Good Looking Jet-Setter's party in Pakistan, and that he was going "nowhere," because I liked the Taliban there who were going to take over in Pakistan. So much for friendly honesty from these deceptive ingrate immigrants. The Gunga Din character just smiled nervously and nodded; I always say this kind of stuff, so far to Kenyans regarding Somalia and to Tamils and Sri Lankans on their nasty way there. Oh, yeah, and to Sikhs, on what happened to their planned homeland Khalistan (pure state).

Snotty anti-racists depress us all with their obfuscating excuses for the non-white crime wave and their gangs. They fill the airwaves and boob tube with their hand-wringing calls for more police and prison camp rules  for the law-abiding white majority. These internationalists have a myriad of excuses for non-cooperating non-white crime witnesses (chickenshits like themselves). They don't know how to act like a courageous white man, being brought up by their free-love hippie bitch mothers and absent rejected fathers. These loudmouthed dogs yap about fascism as if Mussolini's Blackshirts had given them a chain-whipping; everything is 'fascism' to these little intellects, especially anything smacking of ethnic racial pride. They love the race-mixed and fear the black and Chinese peoples' self-assurance. All of them are cowards when any of those groups attack them, like a wolf among sheep. Security, security!, they blear for their shepherd cops; they only have the balls for home porno videos and “slagging” Establishment-proscribed racists. Curses on their lily-livered souls. Their lives are a useless waste; may their tombstones be used for cobblestones by future Asiatic generations. Their policies have brought fear and despair into the eyes of many young people dealing with their race-mixed utopia. I say to hell with these goofs and naive imitators.

The anti-racists are losing credibility and support; there are a few bright spots on the horizon against them. More people are starting to object to their mantra by prefacing "I'm not a racist, but..." Secondly, their Jewish promoters are angrily shying away from them for their "fascist" Gaza War animosity and veiled anti-Semitism. Even though they still pay lip service to multiculturalism, Jews should realize that everyone wants the same as they have: identity and dignity. They should join the right side on race, or be vilified as scapegoats by both sides. Anti-racists — and anyone who pays lip service or panders to them — will kill us all with their narrow-minded ignorant self-loathing. I say, reject them, before their traitorous actions have nature rejecting our white race.


Racist Rebels: The Other Suicide Bombers

Racism works, and White Nationalism can be achieved when all peoples who wish to maintain their dignity and identity are given the same opportunity to conduct their own affairs and maintain their own culture.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; I can easily write a few hundred on the simple but telling TamilNet photograph above. The Dravidian Tamils of Sri Lanka have been fighting for their own state in the northern and western part of the island for the past 25 years. They've been discriminated against, persecuted and massacred by the phony peacenik Buddhist Sinhala majority for five decades (some would say, since the British greed-bag colonialists   brought the Tamils to Sri Lanka to slave labor their tea plantation, since they couldn't get the Sinhala “snotters” to do it over a hundred years ago). The picture shows the Tamil Tigers' reclusive leader Vellupillar Prabhakaran with his arms around two smiling skinny black Tamil Tiger Air Force pilots, just before their embarking on a suicide bombing run in two rickety airplanes against the modern Sri Lankan Air Force headquarters and control centre. The grimly-determined-looking Prabhakaran  and the other Tamils pictured with him all know this is the last time that he will see his courageous cadre about to give up their lives up for the racial ethnic state of Tamil Eelam. The two suicide bombers are not armed, standing joyfully beside their side-armed leader. But both have watches to remind them of their lifetime's end and mission. They're not angry or stern, like some of the last videos of Islamist suicide bombers, although in the last minutes of their efforts, they're usually smiling, too. There's a large light green shower curtain-like background with a vertical design to contrast with their unique horizontal, slightly darker camouflage uniforms. They're all reminiscent of the beautiful island battlefield the world is generally ignoring.

The Tamil Tigers have lost a lot of territory and are now squeezed into a sliver of jungle land, which still manages to hide their dinky secret air fields, undetected by the best technology the West (in particular, Israel and China, Japan and Iran) can supply to the warmonger Buddhists. The muscular monks of the Sinhala would love to get their hands on Prabhakaran after rejecting a Tiger ceasefire offer on the grounds of claiming that the Tamil Tigers only wish to "save their miserable skins." Aren't these Buddhists nice and compromising? The Sri Lankan pro-Zionist media has spread the lie that the Tiger leader has fled to India's Tamil Nadu state, where 16,000,000 Tamils reside — obviously, not true. The suicide bomber mission was a great success and reminded the world of the Tamil Tigers' ingenuity. They hit their targets and were not shot down, as the Sri Lanka liars claimed.

Colombo, the Sri Lankan capital of five million, was automatically blacked out when the air raid siren sounded and the Sinhala (and the world) knew that the Tamil Tigers were not finished with their no-surrender policy to their racial identity.

Everyone has been made to be afraid of the negativity placed on the words "race" and "racism" but whether the Tamils admit it or not, that is in essence their goal with Tamil Eelam, as opposed to the phony pluralistic state of Sri Lanka. it's really the same with the Islamists, who rely on their conservative patriarchal religion for organization and resistance, However, in truth, it's Somalia for the Somalis, Sunni Arabs against the Shi'ite Aryan Iranians; it's Pashtuns against any outsiders or Westerners if they're not cooperating with Pashtun traditions. It's all racist and racism, because race is all when it comes to peace, security and cultural identity. There's no getting away from it, whatever anti-racists or abuser-bigots obfuscate.

Sri Lanka has been used and abused by foreigners for centuries. Even the Chinese once invaded it, and after the Chinese came the vicious rule of the Portuguese, then the doctrinaire tyranny of the Dutch, and finally the economically and enterprising bureaucratic English. The chubby Sinhala themselves come from the Indian sub-continent around Orisa. That's the Indian state that stayed Hindu, where they attack Christian converts with clubs and fire, killing over 100 in just one year. The island has seven kingdoms at one time, mostly run by the Orisa invaders. In the Middle Ages, they got so fat that their king ordered them to become vegetarians. They believe in Lord Buddha, a form of Hindu-Lite caste-ism, as opposed to the old Hindu religion Tamils. This Sinhala-Lite religion hasn't made them any nicer, similar to the killer Buddhists of Cambodia. Their intransigence is similar to Zionism when it comes to other peoples' rights and desires for a nation. I haven't heard a word from the hand-clasping, smiling Dalai Lama about this vicious, outrageous war against the Tamils.

Mercenary-propped-up India is the most culpable in the slaughter taking place against the Tamils in Sri Lanka, failing to stop the Sinhala killers of their Tamil Nadu kith and kin (shame on them!) No Indian peace gurus or Depak Chopra have said anything in defense of the beleaguered Tamils; their ideology appears to be as superficial  as Bollywood. No Slumdog Millionaire hucksters mentioned the killing fields in north Sri Lanka because they're all in favor of capitalist pluralism in a dog-eat-dog hedonistic drive. They're all bereft of morality and higher purpose sacrifice, like the two Tamil Tigers bidding their leader goodbye. This is the reason for the fall of Western Man, too concentrated on crotch-gazing to consider anything higher than his parts.

The 'smaller, weaker' subgroup of Caucasian Tamils (Dravidians) are proving the Encyclopedia Britannica wrong, where even their women are as hard as nails, ready to blow themselves up against the enemies of their race and nation, as Rajiv Gandhi (the one-time Prime Minister of the Indian empire) found out.

The Tamils started the suicide bomber technique for their nation-state first, and long after the Kamikazes toasted their last drink of sake for their god-emperor. The Tamil Tiger determination will live long in history as the final act of endeavor for a high ideal than their lives. Certainly the two suicide bombers proudly standing around their leader could have joined the Tamil Diaspora and joined their 200,000 kith and kin in Toronto, checking for winning lottery tickets in a convenience store or driving a cab with their shiny teeth. Instead, they chose to sacrifice their lives, unlike secular commie loudmouths who prattle about human rights but never do anything other than collect Establishment checks.

White Nationalists have lessons to learn on what it takes to establish a homeland, where they do their own labor and have their own territory. Anything else is whining blather. Nota bene.



Racists Never Have To Say They're Sorry

The other day I was chided by a liberal/libertarian libertine about why I'm always talking of race, race, race and Jews in my polemics. I looked at him incredulously in askance at his naiveté and pointed out that race is the common denominator of everything. As for the Jews, if they weren't so front-and-centre in white society, I wouldn't even bother. We hear a lot about straight talk and candor as the epitome of political speech, but all I see in most prominent White Nationalist, "racialist "and conservative dialogue is obfuscation is obfuscation, hypocrisy and bigotry. Now, bigotry is fine for the "hoi polloi (unwashed masses)" who haven't had the time or education to go beyond gut reaction toward foreigners. It's a start, but staying only on that reactionary level is not enough. One has to have some philosophy that one is living with to overcome undermine foreign influence. The Taliban has Islam, which protects their traditional lifestyles through various localized versions of sharia. The West's Christianity on the other hand is ever-eager for new converts from all over the world with a globalist philosophy of racial and ethnic equality at the expense of their homeland parishioners. Their virulent anti-white racism threatens the white race. However, these hypocrites love to use Western military and technocracy to impose Christianity on weaker people and cultures.


Some White Nationalist organizations and leaders selectively recognized by the anti-racist ruling elite have purposely, cowardly or foolishly bought into the propaganda of the anti-white racists that racism and racists are no good and should be shunned. These groups and leaders have adopted a sneak-word to connect them to White Nationalism by dubbing themselves "racialist," who are for white nationalism and definitely against race and racism. Just the confusion alone is enough to undermine anyone's God-given natural racism. Imagine shouting at some disheveled anarchist thug demonstrators that you're not a racist, you're only a racialist (that should mollify them).  It looks like a loophole on paper, but in fact it's just a cowardly pile of crap that just won't fly.


One has to ask oneself why are these so-called racialists so afraid of their enemies' approbation. Is it their desire to fit in or a more sinister collaborationist policy with the ruling elite that they're supposedly opposed to. Will they not be able to cross borders for their endless, useless rubber chicken conferences if they admit to being racists? Or do they love the other races just as much as themselves and can't stomach being called racists? These so-called white nationalist/ anti-racists never point the finger at their Freemason constitutional government for all the 9/11 conspiracy in the name of patriotism. They never call for the partition of their race-mixed criminal whorehouse country along racial lines; they have no shame.


The racialist mystery started with the defunct magazine Instauration and a few other ex-Nazi and Klan "suits" who dumped on their past and beginnings, now resurrected as born-again snobby “racialists.” These racialists are forever backtracking, apologizing and explaining their new-found status without convincing anyone of anything — except their obfuscations.


'Racialists' seem happy enough in a race-mixed society where they like to deny and put down anyone else's racism while somehow or other yapping about white nationalism on non-whites' backs. There they find common ground with abusive bigots quick to utilize non-white labour for milady’s conveniences and their hedonism. You'll hardly ever hear “racialists” condemning wild white women's matriarchal society, non-white cheap labor and mercenary military foreign adventures in non-white states. "Racialists are mostly patronizing meddlers in world affairs attempting to establish some kind of security for their kosher conservative idols who are quite close to the “ZOG” types. They find a kinship in their snobbery and elitism and as a consequence, are disconnected from the poor white man.


I remember Wolfgang Droege once asked me to park my old Buick around the corner from some kosher conservative house meeting because of its age and condition; successful impressions are big on the racist agenda, like the $3 million in taxpayers' money wasted on the moribund Heritage Front, run by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service and their stooge Grant Bristow; I refused.


Running away from the word racism is morally undermining and back-tracking; denying racism is music to our enemies' ears. The meet-eat-and-retreat crowd is instantly defeated with apologies and obfuscations that no one believes, while undermining  white people by showing their Establishment-anointed leaders as wavering wimps. When "suit" racists attack neo-Nazis fascists and racists, they're in the same category as Western suborned moderate Muslims attacking Islamist fighters and believers; eventually they're going nowhere.


Recently a guy from the kosher conservative British National Party went so far as to proclaim White Nationalists are anti-racists, further destroying John Tyndall's original version of the organization. Now that the cornered Zionists are in a bind with 20% of Britain now non-white and mostly Muslim, the BNP speaker had no trouble peddling this idiocy in America. Useful idiots are always welcome to the anti-racist globalist cabal. Since Oswald Mosley and Enoch Powell. what can the Limeys teach us about race preservation, looking at their country today?


This is why my words are still important and relevant. Someone has to call these accommodating snots to account, here and now.


Remember, racism is as natural as breathing.



Concentrate on the Criminal


America is filled with monsters that need to be wiped out.


Race-mixed countries are criminal cesspools. Much of the Americas fill that category; after all, they are made up of the refuse, runaways and “greedbags” of the rest of the world. Initially, the early immigrants dealt out swift justice upon the criminal perpetrators, since they knew what they were all about and could let them get away with murder and mayhem because they had escaped the ancient order overseas. These quick trials and executions, sometimes lynchings, eliminated the majority of the DNA of the natural-born killers. Social racial separation and religious beliefs helped to keep crime down, relegating any upsurge in crime to new immigrants, like the Irish and Italians. With the advent of the rock-and-roll youth revolution, the anti-family feminists and anti-traditionalist commie progressive ideas by the cosmopolitan Jew-dominated media and entertainment industry, a great upsurge in criminality and violence ensued.


The glorification of serial killers by Truman Capote queers (In Cold Blood ) and other anti-order elements added to the glamorization of murderers and criminals. The popularization of police work through a myriad of TV programs and movies popularized crime for new generations along with the police. As crime soared the wringing-hand media concentrated on the victims while denying crucial information to the community as to the surroundings, background and nature of the criminal perpetrators. In fact, some politically-correct media like the Toronto Star and other red rags purposely hid the criminals' backgrounds and race in their drive for a multiracial society. The naive campaign against the death penalty aided in the death penalty aided in the impunity of the murderous criminals and an explosion of gruesome murders across the land.


Expanded police departments, courts and prisons further removed the institutions from public scrutiny as murders, robberies, muggings and break-ins escalated to a ho-hum warehouse level for the police, with only spectacular cases getting public attention. Skewed crime statistics masked the seriousness of public safety, as police forces juggled the figures to fit their financial needs. The police are so connected with the criminals (their bread and butter, so to speak), that they either hide or minimize their adversaries until the public wakes up and finds there are hundreds of criminal gangs operating across the countries. The media themselves cooperate with the police, who they are dependent on for information and since all the multicult government branches are in cahoots to maintain a mirage of a safe multiracial society, the public is again the stymied victim of globalist internationalism in the name of anti-racism.


It makes me so angry to write about the senseless, useless, vicious criminal activity going on in North America, while the cops call for more money, more equipment, more men and more stringent laws to prop up their race-mixed utopia. I am just disgusted with the Americans and Canadians peddling their criminal whorehouse with drones and tanks across the rest of the planet while oozing bloody crime on the home front; that's real criminal chutzpah. With 50,000 murders a year and a million rapes and robberies, the 'war on terror' and 9/11 mania pales in comparison.


One of the best ways to start cleaning up this odious terror already present is to concentrate on the criminal. The Jewish Holocaust victimhood and Nazi uni-enemy has brought a cult of victim-worship to the land, where we know everything about one end of the criminal spectrum and hardly nothing at all  about the killer dogs and bitches who perpetrated the crimes. Aside from the occasional picture and the terse statement of 'known to the police' (as if the public doesn't need to know about it), the reporting on the criminal is pathetically inadequate, which places the public at greater risk as criminality continues. If the public knew the background, relatives, friends, school, work  history and religious affiliations, then we can concentrate on the suspects and have everyone involved as to why and how the crime happened, to prevent its re-occurrence. We want to know everything about the killers and muggers, their community connections, drug addictions, organizations they belong to, from the media. These are the humans who went beast-like, and everyone in the community should want to know why, for ours' and our children's, safety. There should be a relentless investigation into the breakdown of the humanity of the criminal until people are as sick of hearing about the culprit as they are about a new holocaust movie. Blame has to be allocated through the media and police on all those who did not take appropriate action to curtail the criminal's activities right from childhood, putting the responsibility on the perpetrators and holding them to account. The police have to be included in this morality plan by taking the side of the community, instead of their arrogant selves by preaching against the crimes, instead of cajoling "gunplay" and "settling scores" or "in the wrong place at the wrong time," trivializing excuses for the animals. The politicians and nameless bureaucrats who upset the hope of the community with their egalitarian policies should be pointed out and investigated, and a lot of the blame in the preventable tragedies.  Any law which hides the identities of the suspects in a crime — whatever their age — is a deadly recipe for the community. Secret trials — like secret suspects — is contrary to our freedom and safety.


Church and community leaders who promote a race-mixed society should be made to answer for their naiveté and stupidity that has resulted in grief and anxiety into public mindset. Those who don't want to play the blame game are just as responsible for the real-life horror show unfolding in America that they helped to usher in. The uncontrolled entertainment industry and those who “sexify” everything are also responsible for the evil that stalks America, particularly those who advocate and glorify mindless parental rebellion and denigration of traditional religion.


Crime detection and forensics have greatly advanced, but it's all  to no avail if crime prevention, including all of the community, is not involved, regardless of their race and religions. It's time for the police to get off their high horses and salaries by participating in a comprehensive Neighborhood Watch, even if they need the foreign mercenary-service military to aid them in a new public safety surge.


Tell them — often. Eventually, they will listen.



Reluctant Race To Racism


Race is the common ethic of society; we are all moving in that direction. In the race to racism, Jews are already racist; they just need to give everyone else the same opportunity and rights, and stop being middlemen for multiculturalism.


So many right wing and racist goals have become a fete accompli. White racial awareness is in because a race-mixed "black" is President of the United States. The hypocritical warmonger Jews have been exposed for their anti-democratic news and free-speech access actions and brutality in Palestine. Ernst Zündel’s Holocaust™ questioning and doubts have been picked up by states, priests, bishops and historians driving the "eternal victims" mad. The lying mercenary military machine has been uncovered for their disinformation and torture and the dirty rotten whorehouse media and entertainment industries have been shown up as the in-bed-with prostitutes and Walter Duranty liars that they are — from Gaza to Afghanistan.


Only one major issue remains to be socially accepted and embraced, and that is racism of all colors and stripes, which will lead to safety and security from the globalist prison planet plantation that the ugly Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and their Illuminati daisy chain. In spite of their egalitarian pronouncements and propaganda, almost all sectors of society are moving toward racism, however reluctantly and subconsciously. The leftists and the labor movement have been holding wildcat strikes across Britain against foreign workers, no matter what their color. But underneath still remain the concerns of British-born white workers' rights and their economic future. The cosmopolitan Jew-run media have been down-playing the white workers' rebellion, not only against the internationalist politicians, but their treacherous union bosses, too. This reactionary racist trend is beginning to spread, and North America, under subtle phrases like “Buy American,” and in opposition to cheap foreign labor products from Asia, protectionism and tariffs, is not far behind.


Leftist do-gooders and 9/11 conspiracy buffs have picked up the relay-race baton from the racists and rightists as they discover more and more the elitist "just us" nature of Zionism and its slovenly lickspittle supporters. Nazi brutality, as told by Hollywood Jews, is just a mirror image of the tactics of the Mossad and the American Empire torturers. The dark heart and nature of American mercenaries and interrogators have been uncovered for the hypocritical, divided whorehouse that it is; everything is considered in racial terms in American policy and society, regardless of Obama's and Clinton's empty bromides. The Jews, too, are fed up with liberal universalist morality, as they hammer their Palestinian serfs without mercy and warn the white public of Europe that they are fighting for our culture and civilization. In thinly-veiled racism they have instituted Draconian "anti-terror" laws to ward off the Wahabbis who would put the burqa on their loud, wild women. The Jews are moving in general bigot formation against all non-white aspirations for separation and independence, a patronizing form of kosher conservative racism that condemns non-whites for desiring their own schools, institutions and racist attitudes similar to the evil slave master Simon Legree (of Uncle Tom's Cabin), for fear of losing affluence over the non-whites.


The racist right was correct from the beginning, in spite of the fact that some have chosen to buy into the uni-race concept, even though they made their names and personalities as hard-line racists. Who would know  David Duke if he hadn't been the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan and a neo-Nazi in the beginning? Stormfront would be just another bitching chatroom had they not trumpeted White Nationalism. In fact, when pro-whites fear and run away from the term racist they undermine not only themselves but the entire White Nationalist community by backtracking and apologizing to the point of whining ineffectiveness; no one has respect for obfuscating pussy-footers.  Although I can't understand how that goal can be achieved with their posted admonition against Canada's racist laws; I only wish we had some. Personalities who made their mark with white racism only obscure and undermine themselves and their White Nationalist platform by complaining about black racism from the Negro who was elected head of the U.S. Republican Party, Michael Steele. It is so disingenuous that these White Nationalist pundits have to be reminded that they can't whistle and chew gum at the same time, aside from the confusion that it spreads to their supporters. All non-white racial and ethnic identification and separatism have to be supported if we are to have White Nationalism in North America. Slavery is finished, except for the internationalists and their one-size-fits-all commie crowd.


The white man has to do all his own labor if he is to have his own country. The wild white women will have to wait for the thrills, fun and goodies and hold back their hedonistic habits or face a Taliban.


Of course the non-whites have been racist all along: The only time they behave in the “Brotherhood of Man” is when the whites start opening themselves up for genetic extinction. Non-white anti-racists are as phony as a three-dollar bill. The more phony anti-racists are Christians, Muslims and Buddhists (just look at the evil the Sri Lankan Buddhists are perpetrating on the Hindu Tamils).The only difference is that the non-white races are already ahead of us in self-awareness and genetic history. As a consequence, they are further self-involving and evolving like the Latinos' La Raza and the black 'gangsta'  culture, where the whites are not welcome, even from the Anti-Defamation League. The races of North America are coalescing like iron filings to magnets.


Rampant crime is driving the fence-sitters and white women toward racial profiling and an expanded prison police state, mostly directed at continuing non-white crime in a multicultural society. Black entertainment and race-mixing are mostly the venue of neo-criminal white women filled with fear and loathing. Lesbians and gays have distanced themselves from the anti-homo rap crows, too.


One time I was having a washroom break at a kosher conservative conference when in stepped the speaker, the one-time white South African ambassador, doing up his zipper. I asked him about the possibility of the whites in South Africa forming their own state. He shook his head in disapproval and said, "The eggs are broken, the omelette has been made." The whites of the egg are being murdered or are leaving by the thousands now in South Africa; so much for the kosher conservatives' defeatist assessment, and so much for the peacefulness and security in a multiracial state.


Racism is the road to travel, without fear and embarrassment, like the White Nationalist "women's groups" apologize and shy away from. If you really mean no surrender, then stand and fight on racist principles, whatever your color. The whole world is going that way, for all to benefit.


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