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Leftists Morally Bankrupt

The leftists have a big chip on their shoulder. The liberal egalitarians hate their history — ergo, all the institutions and cultural ties to their parents' past, from family life to minding their business. Other than servile Canadians, their grandparents of the past didn't go to war so easily, compared to their present-day meddling children who just love NATO and UN troops to institute their Reign of Terror's "liberte, egalite, fraternite" mindset. Most folks didn't worry about progressive issues while providing for the family on a one-man's one-job's salary.

Leftist internationalism has led to the invasion of this country by unfamiliar foreigners and the lowering of social standards on the home turf while self-sustaining manufacturing jobs have been sent to overseas sweat-shops for more frivolous cheap and dangerous merchandise to satisfy our hedonistic, self-serving economy. Anyone who rants against protectionism is hollering in favor of white genocide. Anyone pushing for a world economy is no friend of the white man. The leftists and libertines are for bailing out this bastard regime, while guaranteeing white race suicide with the same meddling foreign policies and open-door immigration attitude.

Being committed to the French Masonic revolutionary gibberish, they are now faced with a powerful minority who once translated that slogan into an orgy of horror across Eastern Europe. The liberals and “pinkos” and socialist ideologues were big-friendly with the Jewish Bolsheviks, but since their ideologies opened up McDonald's in Moscow and Beijing and moved firmly into the White House, their former admirers have been left out in the cold. Now the leftists are forced to defend the rights of minorities, while at the same time walking in step with the New World Order imperialists. It's a hard act to balance, as all of the race-mixing eggheads try to explain their silence when internationalist attackers are raining shells and white phosphorus on schools and hospitals from Gaza to Sri Lanka. The leftists are outraged and terrified of being labeled anti-Semites, but they can't explain and wonder how those who made all the million Hollywood anti-Nazi films could be acting like them now. It's hard for them to believe that some Jews are concerned about Darfur and Tibet, while blasting away in Palestine and threatening Iran and the world with nuclear war. Generally speaking, leftists are a bunch of spoiled bastards and bitches, even if they have blue hair and go to the United Church, I particularly hate these old smug people now looking longingly for eye contact with a stranger attendant in a nursing home; they've got so much in common. That's their payback for their naiveté.

The leftists are caught in a quandary: while they're supposed to be peace-loving like the phony Buddhists, they give the stamp of approval for war in Afghanistan and Pakistan ("if you must") to bring those patriarchs to heel. While pretending to be against fascism they don't object at all to imperial Star Wars drone attacks on poor villagers who possess one-hundredth of what they have. So much for their “humanity.” Would they allow that to be carried out on their precious Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC),  which still holds 700 hostages? So much for their "fairness."

The leftists push for Third World immigration and race-mixing. Now they're reaping the rewards, with the high crime and high taxes to maintain their precious security. Rights and freedoms are given away, and standards are lowered to accommodate the immigration influx. But, like deer caught in the headlights, they're frozen into speechless inactivity, unable to point their finger where and to whom the problem is. They wouldn't say the 'N-word' if their lives depended on it. The leftists haven't been able to stop any war, now that the Jews aren't helping them (like Vietnam). Some, they don't want to know about, like the efforts of the ethno-state Tamil Elam nationalists. Their compassion stops when their internationalist agenda is at stake — same as their fear of the Zionists.

The leftists palm themselves off as big readers and investigators, but although they dabble in legitimate conspiracy theories (including 9/11) they shy away from it in all public discourse. Anyone who doesn't believe in the 9/11 conspiracy is unwittingly or otherwise part of it; conspirators depend on deception. Most leftists and libertines are anti-children, even when they have some. They lug them around in dangerous bicycle attachments while worrying about second-hand smoke around a schoolyard. They seem to have a certain detachment and formality from their children. Since women have been “liberated,” 60% of all children’s' murders have been committed by mothers.

Idiot terms like 'pet parents' for animal owners, and 'breeders' for those who have kids (coined and used by the queer community), further erode the value of children in leftist 'progressive' society. The Right has also been culpable by shying away from the word “racist,” further placing them in an ambiguous situation when defending the white race. Metrosexual pundits' hatred and derision toward the woman who now has fourteen kids after delivering eight, is despicable: These were the same people who were champions of single mothers and advocates of fertility clinics. Their liberal bigotry was further underlined when the family was found to be from Muslim Iraq. The leftists and liberals have been just god-awful on God, successfully driving Him indoors. Traditionally speaking, they're unstable, but they want to intrude on everyone else's beliefs to change or water them down. They're basically atheistic meddlers.

The liberals and leftists are deliberately naive when it comes to the media and politics. They're afraid of change for anything in the whorehouse they created. They know Barack Obama is a half-breed: half-white, half black Arab, spawned from a world-tripping father, yet they pretend that he's a black American, thus showing their innate "racialism" — that as soon as you have some color in you, you belong to another race. Of course, they'll swear up and down they're not racists, while keeping their fingers crossed behind their backs.

To the liberals and leftists, their existence appears to be a one-shot meaningless lie: no past, and who cares about the future; Global warming just a fun fad. Unlike the homosexuals who seem to appear in the same percentage with every generation, the leftists and liberals are on the decline due to their own self-culling. Survivor whites may become more brutal, but at least they'll be more simplistically honest, like the big French-Canadian families of the past — the Anglos will do their own small imitations. That's the power that built Canada, and as Plutarch said, "Anything that man has done before, he can do again."

Sounds good to me.


Haughty Hypocrites Ruin Canada


Every now and then I have to write about Canada just for the record. We're not going to let the propagandists get away with "It's the best country in the world, eh?" without pointing out the irritating frustrations of the haughty whore hypocrisy that permeates throughout this ersatz "nation" that grinds the psyche of those who are politically, historically and racially conscious. The rest are just cannon fodder which the people have been known from past wars.

Ernst Zündel once said when he ran off to the idyllic Tennessee Valley with his new American wife (after spending over forty years as a landed immigrant here), that he was in 'Canada denial', prior to his post 9/11 deportation. I thought it was a little harsh at the time, but in retrospect I can understand his disappointment enough. Canada is the best place in the world to observe the demise of the white people and culture, with the invasion of 250,000 people non-whites every year for the last 40 years non-stop. Canada is the best place in the world to observe how the globalist plantation agenda works in a revolving door immigration policy dedicated to obtaining the most servile work force. Wave after wave of cheap labour for the internationalist hedonistic businessmen. Canada is the best place in the world to observe the breakup of the traditional family unit, with legalized abortion, no-fault divorce and gay marriage. Canada is the best place in the world for haughty hypocrisy in the name of peace and stability — supported by the police and military and secret service organizations. We've got our mercenary military on numerous missions on behalf of internationalist interests for a New World Order. Wherever the enemies of nationalism and isolationism are having a hard time. you can expect a phony peacekeeping force of Canadian grunts to bleed on the scene.

Canada is one of the biggest sucker nations on the planet (and I use the word nation disparagingly). Canada could easily become five or six countries or heaven forbid, states of the race-mixed union down South. However, the lousy Limey legacy left everything under one bureaucratic border. The East Coast provinces barely survive by themselves without massive financial transfers from the "have" provinces like Ontario, which is on its economic knees now thanks to globalism. French-Canadian Quebec, too, could survive, even though it still gets tons of money from Anglo areas while they pretend to want to leave. The prairies could easily go with the States, including the feminist Brokeback Mountain cowboys of Alberta and their expensive eco-unfriendly Tar Sands. British Columbia (better known as the Murder Coast since all the criminals gather there, stopped by the ocean) could break up into Oriental and Anglo pocket-states.

Canada likes to strut on the international stage as a puffed up impartial peacock who wouldn't say shit if his mouth was full of it. In essence, the opposite is true. In fact, it is a totally "Zionist Occupation Government" ("ZOG") country which gets its marching orders from influential Jews and the mercenary military, which dates the country's birth on the fratricidal fields of Passchendale and Vimy Ridge, if you listen to the Colonel Blimps. Canada's political leaders are the most ineffectual sissies and blowhards in the white world. If they're not Jews, they're Marxists or neo-cons, who are well-known for their genuflecting apologies to the politically-correct. Anyone with a Limey accent, Scottish or otherwise, is an instant leader, whatever B.S. they're peddling.

Canadian media consists of the most slovenly propagandists for globalism, always trying to model the planet according to the wussy white society they have helped to create here. Most of the media is in Zionist hands, ready to peddle any American degeneracy and misinformation from their American mentors. They're the ugliest whores on display, with very, very few exceptions. These prostitutes are big on slagging patriarchal societies where are mercenaries are killing men in Afghanistan. They're quick to advertise the acid-throwing at Afghanistan schoolgirls' faces and blame it on the Taliban, but neglect to tell the Taliban's denial and the confessions of the acid-throwers that they were paid by Pakistani 'anti-terror' government agents to do the dirty work, People who throw acid into young girls' faces to besmirch the "terrorists" they're fighting encapsulates the entire hypocrisy of the media, and the war on terror. These are the same media morons who ignore the white phosphorus and the children dying in Gaza, or the brutal Buddhist attacks of the Sinhala Sri Lankan military against the Tamils in the north. They hated to have to report the peaceful protests of 50,000 Tamils all over the city center in Toronto, had it not snarled traffic (there are 200,000 Tamils now in Toronto alone). These media dogs have bought into the bully American tactic of striking first and asking questions later, pre-emptive killings and assassinations. Criticism of the this is called anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism when Israel is involved.

Canada is the best place for the restriction of freedoms, from gun ownership to speech. We have the most draconian rules, where we have to parse words to get a point across and not end up economically ruined and in jails (I've been there). Every word one writes is carefully scrutinized by the Thought Crimes Police, along with their many volunteers from the Canadian Jewish Congress, B'nai Brith, the human rights commissions, the RCMP and the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service.

For decades, Rightists and racists were their main targets, but now that the Jews have left the Left, their leaders are in their crosshairs. Even Indian chiefs don't escape the wrath of the free speech censors (e.g. , David Ahenakew) Canada's so-called political leaders don't work for Canadian citizens — otherwise, we'd have the cheapest bread in the world, when you consider wheat crops. We should have the cheapest electricity and gasoline when you consider the power and oil we export to the States. Lumber products, too, should be one of the boons to our abundant forests. All this is sold on the world market, without any consideration or complaint from bovine Canadians too weak and nice to survive. Every politician is a lickspittle internationalist looking out for their selfish hedonistic selves. Violent crime, which was generally rare pre the non-white deluge, is continuously minimized and trivialized by the police and media with skewed statistics and racial, gender and age obfuscations to hide the women's and juvenile crime explosion. To these liars, head-chopping bus incidents, grisly youth murders and mother children-stranglers are just anomalies that need no further and retrospection. Canada can be stupidly proud of the Youth Justice Act which guarantees to hide the identities of the young perverts so they can kill and kill again, perhaps in your neighborhood.

The unfortunate part of this unique Canadian story is that nothing much will come out in actual opposition into this treacherous regime and their flunkies, thanks to the Internet: On one hand informs a great number of Canadian citizens as to the dangerous situation the country is facing, yet, knowledge alone is not enough. E-mails and chatrooms are not enough. Actually, they have hampered direct human communications, pre-empting the need to meet and greet your allies in person for organized activity beyond the controlled satellites, You may snicker at the resistance in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Palestine and Iraq, but they're getting the job done in real life, and not "Wii's" virtual reality fantasy.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party — in person, please. In Canada, the situation is urgent.



Jews As Nazis? Yes We Can

The "ranks" of Nazis, Fascists and anti-Semites are growing by leaps and bounds, both on the Left and Right. The Jews point to the 'Islamofascists' and the liberal leftists, anti-Zionists and anti-Semites, while they in turn point to the Jews, neo-cons and social conservatives as "fascists; and 'Nazis." All this, with nary a Nazi on the streets or the horizon in our daily politics. Where are they?

Jews are experts on Nazis. They've been portraying them for years through their controlled entertainment media; they thought they were doing themselves a favor by showing the unwashed masses just how rotten Nazis and their supporters can be; then they started acting in the same vein with their pre-emptive wars, assassinations and tortures. Naively thinking that the historically-challenged Holocaust-brainwashed public would somehow understand the difference when they imitated their hated antagonists. Viewing Ehud Olmert announcing the Israeli ceasefire capitulation, one could easily imagine him in a Colonel Klink uniform and monocle. peddling the propaganda of a "victory" over the poor Gazans, while roping anyone and everyone he could think of with gratitude for Israel's ceasefire achievement. It was as phony as a Friar's Club celebrity roast, with as little maudlin substance. After just three weeks of brutal aggression, with Star Wars weapons against a poorly-armed opponent and over 5.000 casualties of dead and injured (one-third of them children). It's easy for the world to see the aggressors' overkill. Olmert's refusal to deal with Hamas resisters displays that German officers' arrogance and intransigence toward their tormented enemies. Tzipi Livni's lack of feminine compassion ("There is no crisis in Gaza") puts her on par with the witches who ran the Nazi concentration camps. Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak's leather-jacketed Russian thug swagger further reminded the public of the criminality of Israeli aggression. We've never seen the Jews looking so bad in modern history in their support of the Gaza massacre.

Israel and the Jews are in a pickle that will be very difficult for them to extricate themselves from. Attempts to rally their kosher conservative and hateful Christian fundamentalists in support of the white phosphorus Gaza attacks mostly fell on frightened, recoiling and deaf ears. Jews in Europe were soon demonstrating with signs that read We Are Fighting for European Culture — a first for the multiculturalist cosmopolitans. Will they be supporting European Heritage Week next?

Ever since the Jews left the Left (they originated communism) and joined the penny-pinching hedonistic kosher conservatives they have lost the high moral ground. Having displayed their fangs in the Middle East to the "moral elites," as George Bush deridingly calls them, the Jews will have to be victimized again before they ever get the sympathy of the fair-minded humanitarians — and who wants to go through that again? Instead, Jews are gradually, reluctantly and sometimes spitefully, becoming 'racialists' for their version of "Western civilization." It's the first stage of siding with White Nationalism and isolationism, as they bellyache about brought-in Muslims using the Jew-inspired hate laws against the architects — oy vey! Now they are finding themselves on the same side as the anti-Third World immigrant Geert Wilders of Holland and free speech advocate Marc Lemire of Canada, in the name of free speech, if you will.

The Jewish world outlook is heavily influenced by their women; you're not a a Jew unless you mother is. These outspoken matriarchs want to keep the liberal/libertine society intact while collecting their frequent-flyer points, a difficult task without the use of Third World cheap labor and products; most white women are with them while the white race goes down the drain. Their anti-patriarchal stance in undermining the creation of viable white countries where the indigenous people do their own labor within their sovereign boundaries. The Jewish internationalist attitude is anathema to white race survival. This, they will have to change, or perish from attacks from the Left and Right; without the protection of a white society, they are finished.

White Nationalists have achieved a number of important milestones, and the Jews have been exposed. With the quiet, strategic acceptance of a race-mixed president in charge of a race-mixed country, the white people have become racially aware. Barack Obama, and everyone around him, are more carefully scrutinized while skeptics look for the promised "change" that never comes from a hypocritically-controlled Zionist bi-partisan government. When Obama fails, the Zionists around him fail also, particularly the Jews controlling the purse strings in a downward-spiraling economy sold out to the non-white world for a few vacations more.

The Jews are the best and the worst extremists in almost every field of endeavor, except sports. They originated the word 'zealot' and have imbued themselves deeply into white society; whatever any purist National Socialist might think, it would be next to impossible to remove them from our psyche without wrecking the entire edifice and our own, spiritually. It's been attempted many times before in every country in every country in Europe, with the same results — they're back. Who wants a guilt complex for generations, like the Germans? it's either we change the Jews, or we end up getting changed — into oblivion. What's more important, getting revenge on Jews tormentors, or saving the white race in the most peaceful manner possible? The answer is obvious to anyone with common sense, good will and fair play in mind: Holocaust stories ground out by Jewish media are a hoax in the minds of skeptics and cynics as they view the Israeli juggernaut. Even Catholic bishops dispute their tales as hokum, no matter how connivingly fast and rude Zionist apologists protest. It's time to drop the "evil Nazi" act and propaganda, and grip racial realities for the survival of all of us.

White Nationalism has survived the Jews, with all their propaganda and prohibitions. Now, with nowhere else to turn, the Jews must be thinking, while contemplating the angry non-white mobs: If we can't beat 'em, join 'em. All they need to do is tweak and turn their cosmopolitan minds in favor of those who can save them from the howling world.

All together now, chosen people: YES, WE CAN!


White Nationalism’s Crucial Choice

Real racists support nationalism for other races. Internationalists, cosmopolitans, frequent-flyers and mercenary military frequent-flyers are against peoples' desires for racial, ethnic, religious and sometimes linguistic, statehood. Aside from the age-old battle of God-Believers and non-believers (as bin Laden puts it), ethnic nationalism is the main bulwark against the New World Order world empire. The more independent countries there are on the planet, the better chance there is of its survival, as opposed to an economically and genetically modified we-all-fall-down, commie-capitalist-internationalist dream.

Race-mixed nations like the United States project their pluralistic uni-culture across the world, bringing the planet closer to catastrophe through pollution and war. They are the enemies of national aspirations, a homogeneous people living together generally in peace. There is a comfort of neighborliness and understanding in an ethnically-unified state. Kosher conservatives who prattle the commie-capitalist line of 'anti-racism' are working against white peoples' interests. Reactionary right-wingers who promote jingoistic peacekeeping missions and label foreigners' attempts to establish their own nations by labeling them as 'terrorists' are working against white nationalism on their own turf. Female-influenced Western society is composed of little meddlers and big meddlers like from both the Left and Right of the political spectrum. This arrogant philosophy encourages more non-white refugees to Western states when their war and aid efforts collapse. The proponents of a pluralistic society are the main culprits in the continual destruction and pauperization of the white race. No invading non-white army has attacked any Western country, and yet, for the sake of effeminate hedonism, looking for cheap products and labor, the entire white Western world has been inundated with non-whites; blame it on the "bitches,” male and female.

Imperialistic whites have left a mess in the world, particularly the Anglos, French, Dutch and the Iberians. When they couldn't afford to keep up the cruel colonial farce, they left behind all kinds of impossible countries and temporary empires: India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nigeria, Kenya, Congo, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Israel, Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Malaysia, Iraq, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Russia, and a number of others where there are unhappy, subdued peoples living in false colonial boundaries; that's a pretty crappy legacy which needs to be corrected.

It is unfortunate when large unified ethnic populations don't support their kith and kin in their attempts to establish and ethnically viable states. The largest glaring example of this is the 60-million Tamils who live at the bottom of the Indian subcontinent as a satrapy of British-created Imperial India. These Dravidians (a sub-group of the Caucasian people) sit on their hands stupidly, while their kind are exterminated by the "peaceful" Buddhist Sinhalese, who also landed on Sri Lanka from the Western coast of India a few centuries ago. It reminds me of the ten million Serbs whose women are eager to join the hedonistic goodies of the European Union while fellow Serbs were executed and expelled from the Krayna and Kosovo. This kind of nationalism is about as useless as the English form, which brought millions of non-whites into Britain, so many that now they are trying to teach the English in school what it means to be English, other than language.

Nationalism must be connected to race and ethnicity. Anything less is doomed to failure, like demise of Quebec nationalism, based solely on the French language and the idiocy of commie-criminal Irish nationalism, one of whose proponents, Gerry Adams of Sinn Fein wants more African immigrants brought to the Emerald Isle, Internationalist communists are poor nation-builders, but are secret one-worlders, like the Catholic Church. Poland is a fine example of a meddling mercenary for the New World Order by sending their troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Don't they remember that they were once our of existence from historical maps for 150 years. The same goes for the dummies in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Macedonia (another impossible country). Ethnic nationalism, where the people have their own land and do their own labor, coupled with careful isolation and protectionist tariffs, with self-sustaining good production and agricultural policies are the best safeguards for a nation. A people's militia dedicated to protecting the borders and aiding the civilians in time of crisis, will guarantee any invader a difficult time in occupation (Gaza proved that — no one can ever look at fireworks again without thinking of Israeli white phosphorus war crimes bombs). Any military armed to the teeth for foreign wars and peacekeeping missions is the enemy of the people's state, as 100,000 dead Canadians have heard over the past hundred years.

You can't be in favor of your own nationalism while being against others' — it's a guaranteed prescription for your own hypocritical downfall. People may be different throughout the world, but they're not as stupid as the bigots think, to create their own culture and state at the edge of time with us. Any efforts to brand such nation-builders as terrorists, is the same propaganda that comes out of the Israeli propagandist killer mouths while dropping burning white phosphorus on their besieged unruly serfs. There will always be brutal crime-ridden race-mixed countries on the planet whose boundaries are indeterminate, such as in South America. These pluralistic states and empires are transient and temporary, as their populations battle between 'blancos' (whites) and Colorados (non-whites) over the centuries. Hedonistic North Americans are on South America's path. Our Nationalist Party's sun-cross denotes the same — the world divided in four, between the races: whites, blacks, Orientals and race-mixed countries. White Nationalists in North America have the choice, to  which quadrant they will belong to.

Let's choose survival.


Obama Disappointments Coming

Okay, let's get this Inauguration done and over with so that the world can see that there is no 'Change" or a dime's worth of difference in the monopolistic two-party system that runs the anti-white criminal empire known as the United States of America. Barack Obama will prove to be one of the greatest disappointments of hope and freedom for what's left of crotch-gazing Western civilization and democracy.

We in the Nationalist Party are, of course rooting for his election for the sake of White Racist awareness in race mixed North America. What better way to coalesce around white principles of freedom and personal integrity than being able to clearly see the enemies of the same? The Zionists think that they have pulled a fast one on the American public with their Punch & Judy show of the last election. But they will be unable to deliver on any meaningful change their New World Order empire building using the narcissistic land-grabbing and runaway refugee killer population of America. There are so many Jews and communists around the Illuminati's boy in the White House (78% of Jews voted for Obama) that the election and 'change' charade will demonstrate what a dog-and-pony show it is. The inclusion of the murderous Clinton gang, especially that harridan Hillary, will underline the anti-white male-and-race feminist agenda, motivated by vindictiveness and hedonism. The song American Woman (Stay Away from Me) has come true, on the most ugly scale, with their silent intransigent support of Israel's massacre of Gaza's children and the absolute horrors of war in a trapped civilian population. Other than Cindy Sheehan, who said "We are all Gazans," no one else has said anything worthwhile to mention, from America or Canada, from the feminine side. Next time they cry about Darfur and Afghanistan, we'll be sure to tell the bitches to shut up your ugly mouths, you hypocrite sluts (especially Livni and Rice). Wait till the Gaza War ends and independent observers and media witness the destruction and blood to the world; the Israelis will never outlive this one, as they're already hoping for the world to forget.

If Obama doesn't do something fair and practical to shut the Zionist killing machine down within three days of his inauguration, he will have shown what a confused race-mixed Oreo puppet he is to all the fair-minded compassionate people of the world. I know White Nationalists have already participated on their own volition in Toronto and Alberta (the Aryan Guard) against the Gaza massacre, to their credit and self-conscience.

Get ready for your disappointments, no matter how the discredited whorehouse media attempts to spin his Zionist bias in favor of the murderers. These so-called newshounds and bitches are attempting to portray themselves as impartial observers while the carnage in Gaza continues. They are trying to distance themselves and the public from the importance of the brutal Israeli aggression by elevating and embellishing "lucky" non-stories like the "Miracle on the Hudson' close comeuppance for frequent-flyers. It only satisfies the surface-thinking narrow-minded American dummies who supposedly support the killing of innocents because they elected a terrorist group (Hamas) to office. The number of Zionist bloggers who suggest that the Gazans deserved this massacre of their children suggests that there are millions of soulless creatures mimicking Israel in America. The continues horrific crimes committed throughout the United States further underlines that theory.

Obama's refusal to say anything of substance on the dirty Zionist war because Bush is still in power, proves his cowardice and controlled position. Obama doesn't have any problem making grandiose plans on their internationalist sold-out ceremony and Afghanistan through his handler and long-time Illuminate veteran Joe Biden. The anti-war and real do-gooders are in for a big surprise when Obama's proposed "Afghan surge" racks up more dead civilians and body-bagged mercenaries. The free-speech and white people's rights advocates won't be happy with the introduction of a new Jew-inspired hate bill which will crimp the Americans' rights further, requiring them to parse their words as we have in Canada for the last forty years. Bob Smith and I know the power of the Jewish lobby, having been the first to be convicted and jailed under the odious Orwellian 'hate bill' engineered by the Cohen Commission. The knock on the door is ever-present for every editorial we write as we speak.

And what about American blacks — is Obama going to shaft them by siding with the illegal Latinos with an amnesty and taking away all the low-paying jobs from the ex-slaves, which race-mixed was never a part of?

The Jews are in a bind when no one believes them for their apologia to war crimes. Only the narrow-minded cowardly bigots and frustrated losers are on their side, applauding the death of the "rag-heads." While some of these bigots may have some racist leanings (racialists), they don't have the common sense, good will and fair play required to establish a white country and civilization, where you do your own labor and live to white standards in isolation from the cheap-life masses of China, India and Third World. These are romantic goofs who worry about women's rights in Third World countries, while having no male rights or identity in their own, not even enough to reproduce themselves as their hedonistic populations dwindle.

The individualistically-disorganized libertarians and gun owners will be disappointed, too, as personal freedoms and gun ownership are further tightened under the auspices of their scared seemingly-conscious war-on-terror broads. Recently, some guy wrote a three-part opus on some of the 'racialist' sites, about how whites can have more babies, punctuated with lots of bending over backwards and forwards for white women's rights. If it takes that much ring-around-the-rosie verbiage to achieve sensible goals, forget it — they're already dead...may as well join the Islamists and the polygamists than go through all that trendy crap to make one spoiled mall brat baby who stays that way for the rest of their life.

White Nationalists are looking forward to the revelation of the hypocrites through government and society, as the lines need to be drawn for patriots and heroes to cross and leave the cowards behind in their dilapidating rotten whorehouse to wallow to their extinction.

Bring it on!



World Embarrassed By Israel

So. how do your like the Zionist Jews so far? You better not cross them; if they bare their victim fangs, you will learn (like the Gazans) of their hatred while they murder their Hamas haters. This is where thought crimes lead to.


Just like the Israeli condemned aggression against Gaza, "Cast lead" Israel and Jews have revealed their cold hearts. The very choice of that name for their war operation suggests the inner mentality of the Israeli warmonger and their lickspittle supporters as they dish out the suffering to the trapped people of Gaza from air, sea and land with the fifth largest military machine on the planet. Heavy-handed and over-the-top plodding strikes against the poorly-equipped  inferior militia forces of Hamas, is the Jews' idea of proportion. In fact, like Cheney and Bush, they consider everything permissible in war while shedding crocodile tears for other humanitarian problems in the world. Their lack of heart and  camp commandant demands have shown them to be the hateful aggressors toward the Palestinians and the people of the planet are becoming sick of it.


Anyone who cares to check the commentaries on the BBC News site's Have Your Say section, or any other controlled-media websites will see that common sense, good will and fair play are universal precepts in many lands, including Canada and the United States. Excellent commentaries with historical insight pointing out the origins of the Middle East problems with the establishment of the ersatz state of Israel prove that decades of Zionist propaganda have failed to stifle the truth. The Americans, and their Zionist media and its Jew supporters, are too stupid and arrogant to realize that the majority of the whole world is against this uneven conflict and massacre. But they will pay for it, with their democratic freedom policies in tatters and treated with disdain in the future; many people will be glad when America goes down the drain.


Of course, there are oodles of Israeli apologists, some no doubt directed and motivated by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as the cyberfront in their losing propaganda war. Most of these massacre excusers repeat the same mantra over and over again; "Israel had no choice"— just like murderers who try to place themselves as victims when caught with blood on their hands. It's not a pretty picture for arrogant thugs and bullies defending Israeli war crimes with looping video-footage arguments, like on Fox News and CNN.

I've never seen the Jews on the defensive, talking fast and stuttering their inane arguments about their precious right to self-defense as the Palestinian women's and children's bodies pile up in Gaza's overcrowded and under-equipped hospitals and morgues. Mildly shell-shocked Israelis whining and broken roofs and windows from comparatively piddly inaccurate Qassan rockets, hardly equates to the carnage they have created in Gaza. Fancy military funerals and wailing rabbis are a stark contrast to the anonymous burials of Palestinians' loved ones in bombarded cemeteries. Remember, there's nowhere to hide in Gaza, and the idea that Hamas is hiding among the population and the Jews again had no choice but to bomb the schools, ambulances and mosques is a cheap canard that only satisfies the hedonistic kosher-conservative 'towel-head' haters who rely on wild white women's financial and emotional support.


This conflict in Gaza separates the men from the boys in the called Right wing, with mean, effeminate koshers on one side and macho "fathers can" racists on the other. You're either for the mean killer wimps of the IDF or for the conservative Hamas God-believers on the other. Ad nauseam Israeli spokespersons with English accents from all over the world as ensconced on Palestinian property give their disingenuous, mealy-mouthed "rationale" for the continuing violence while blaming the victims for every casualty they incur. Only the surface-thinkers, knee-jerk reactionaries and Zionist toadies could buy their arguments.

The Jews are embarrassing themselves with their war support, from Iraq to Afghanistan to Palestine, so much so that none of their supposed humanitarian concerns for anyone else will be believed in the future. Even some Canadian soldiers have picked up Mossad methods in dealing with foreign occupiers in Afghanistan by shooting them  point-blank whenever unarmed and wounded, as with the accusation against a captain of Canada's invading mercenary army in that poor blighted country. Like the Israeli war machine, it's not a pretty picture which Canada needs to get out of, quick, to save its "peacekeeper" reputation.

I said it before and I'll say it again: neo-Nazi and anti-Semites' ranks are being augmented by Leftists and do-gooders who are being pilloried by the Jewish-run media as hatemongers and neo-Nazis. The Jews, on the other hand, are swinging closer to the anti- non-white immigration kosher conservatives, with many calls by their bloggers for Arabs and Pakistanis to go back to their own lands when they're admonished to leave Palestine, The Jews are already angry with Muslim human rights commission complaints against their pundits, ironically slagging the same kangaroo commissions and hate laws that they created to keep white racists and sometimes Indians (e.g., Chief David Ahenakew) down.


The enemies of White Nationalism are in great distress and it's hard not to feel Schaudenfreud towards our tormentors: remember, we brought the Third World over here with our airplanes and immigration officers on the direction of the cosmopolitan Jews who thought they could be the top power brokers in their violent  police state multicultural society. In spite of all the world forces of professional Zionist collaborator governments surrounding Hamas fighters, they will not lose, because they are a militia embedded with the people and not a professional mercenary army dedicated to keeping rotten, treacherous government in power over their people. That's the miracle of the inexhaustible human spirit, especially when it's connected to God.


Even if you discount the angry pros and cons in this conflict, Israel and the Jews are in a even greater danger from frustrated apathy. many bloggers too busy with their personal lives, are just sick of the entire Middle East and are ready to turn their heads away and close their eyes and ears until the dust settles down from the war. That bodes ill for Israel and Jews in general when the real crunch comes in with an Iran attack. The Jews have made World War II just a history of the holocaust and people are getting sick of "saving them" time and time again. Apathy is the greatest enemy for the future of Israel; this dirty Gaza offensive has caused a great deal of cynicism in the world's population towards the fairness of America and its Zionist-biased media. Gala efforts to promote the inauguration of the silent wimp Barack Obama to the US Presidency are falling on deaf ears while hundreds of children are killed and maimed in Gaza. American callousness to human suffering will not be forgotten by freedom- and justice-loving people throughout the world. Despite all their positions of power and money, Jewish respect and reputation is totally diminished in the hearts of many fair-minded people.


"Cast lead" indeed!


God bless the women and children of Gaza.



Terrorism: Totalitarians' Torturous Catchphrase

Wherever a government has a problem with any particular political or social movement, all they have to do is to label the people as "terrorists" to deny their legitimacy and ignore their grievances and desires. It's a fairly new concept propagated by ex-commie regimes to deal harshly with their opponents with torture and indefinite incarcerations. It's a cheap double-edged sword which utilizes the same subtle methods of fear and terror against weaker desperate opponents who are making a mark on the world stage. It's a pure case of Marxist dialectics which gives any established authority the excuse to deny basic human rights to their enemies while parading around as good-guy "freedom defenders," How many times have you head the phrase of shallow American militarists boasting how they're "out to kill the bad guys (terrorists)"? For the surface thinkers and frightened women, it's a no-brainer to deal unjustly with people against the elite established status quo, hence the Orwellian "war on terror," which I'm embarrassed to say, even some White Nationalist bigots here adopted as their mantra: "We gotta fight them towel-head terrorists." Didn't the Jews establish themselves through terrorism in British-mandated Palestine in the 1940s (another busy Limey legacy which put European Jews into an Arab Islamic neighborhood through the secret Balfour agreement European Jews extracted from the English government for their financial support of white fratricidal World War I)?

The Zionist-commie media is mostly responsible for this lying, vicious torturing propaganda. They have destroyed the credibility of the once-freedom-loving American people who established their republic with a lot of anti-Tory terror. That's why we have the United Empire Loyalists and their bureaucratic bovine descendants still running this country for the internationalist money-grubbers. That's why Canadian soldiers are dying for no good reason in Afghanistan while practicing their own night raid terrorism from villages and dropping bombs from terrorist predator drones on unsuspecting wedding parties and sleeping children in Pakistan and Somalia. Duplicity is the name of the game when it comes to the use of fear and terror while pretending that you are liberators, as mouthed by the controlled whore media. All kinds of fear and terror laws are passed to silence any real and meaningful opposition to the authoritarian elite under high-faluting hypocritical names as "The Patriot Act" and other so-called anti-terror legislation which effectively silences criticism with fear and terror of endless interrogation or the freedom of the elites to do what ever they want.


Anti-free speech gag laws such as in Canada and Europe breathe terror into the hearts of freedom-minded people — in the name of freedom, of course — according to commie terminology. Unfortunately, dummies who don't know their history other than the Holocaust, are quick to label everything as "fascism" and "Nazism." Occasionally even the "terrorists" of the Islamic world mouth the same stupidities, connecting Zionist terror in Gaza to Nazi bombings while forgetting the recent Putin/KGB flattening of Grozny, west of Chechnya. They foolishly think that the liberal and kosher conservatives in the world will be on their side, because they're against Nazis, y'know. Equating Jews with Nazis is too big a leap of logic for the propagandized students of Holocaust "edjumacation" in the West: How can Jews be Nazis and fascists when they were killed by them? — the historically-challenged dummies bleat. Their conveniently forget that Marx, Engels and their proponents were kibbutz Jews.

During the 60s and 70s there were hundreds of hijackings to Castro's communist Cuba, yet "terrorism" was never mentioned. Canada allowed communist killers from the phony FLQ separatists to fly safely to Cuba in exchange for one Limey elite commercial agent, James Cross. Only when Islamist God-believers fought back against American and British whorehouse policies and occupation did the idea of labeling your opponents as terrorists come from the commie manuals, who killed millions under that odious rubric. Then of course, "terrorism" was retroactively applied to the World War II losers as the terror Allied bombings in Dresden were excused as "necessary evils" while cooperating with Stalin's terror machine. Muslims, of course, and all the resistance fighters in World War II, would have to have been "terrorists" by today's Zionist Occupation Government rules, and the killing and injuring of thousands of Palestinians by Israeli occupiers is not terrorism in the eyes of the "war on terror" lexicon inventors (so much for their forked-tongued hypocrisy).

Millions of East Europeans fought against Bolshevism and were handed over to the Red Terror by the Western "liberators" in Operation Keelhaul. But the Soviet Bloc was never described as a terrorist entity in all the days I can ever recall as a youth of "duck and cover." That's because the Reds were financed by the same capitalist banksters who quickly opened a McDonald's in Moscow and melamine factories in communist China.

FARC, the acronym for the communist rebels who hold 700 hostages at present, are never described as terrorists, nor are some of the butcher-and-massacre gangs and cults in Africa who the international community is always eager to negotiate with; only the children's hand-chopper Charles Taylor of Liberia is facing any court while numerous Islamists are pegged with the subhuman word "terrorist." Just like the anti-racist campaign "terrorism" has been given a one-sided approbation, and it is not unusual to see Zionist warmongers holding up protest signs against "racism" and "terrorism" while they send their dirty dog anonymous pilot killers over Gaza and Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. I hate those arrogant techies the most, who always hide their vicious faces behind their helmets with visors; may God curse them today!

"Anti-terrorism," like "anti-hate," is an Orwellian, unnatural unrealistic catch-phrase that no self-respecting honest white man should use. It's beneath us and totally removed from reality to deny these methods and feelings to fair-minded thinking Mankind. Lay off the "hate and terror" crap and deal with the real issues, without the pervert torturers' convenient excuse to get their jollies in the name of freedom and liberty. If that's how you achieve it, then I'm in favor of hate and terror towards the elite labelers and enablers. It's my human right against totalitarian oppressors.

Terror is as terror does, whoever performs it.



Evil Israel Loses Another War


Yes, in spite of all their F16 jets, media control and skills, the Jews have lost their latest war of aggression against the poor captive people of Gaza, however many casualties they inflict on their victims; they lost to Hezbollah in Lebanon in 2006, now they're losing to Hamas. Israel, once again, has gone beyond the pale with their massive destruction and collective punishment of the Palestinian people over the last 60 years. Three generations of displaced, dispossessed Palestinians living in crowded refugee camps have come back to bite the Zionists on the ass. Evil gets what evil sows; the Mossad aided in the creation of the Islamist Hamas to undermine Yassir Arafat's secularist commies of Fatah, and the Palestinians put their hope (Hamas) into the God-believers when they elected Hamas to run the 1.5 million Gaza Palestinians. Now, for a few crude toy-like rockets landing indiscriminately in open spaces and occasionally on a house, the Jews have responded to overkill on the tired and worn-out security and self-defense mantra of the American feminist-backed "war on terror." Israel is losing the PR battle and all kinds of people across the world the world (with the exception of Zionist media-brainwashed North America), are turning against Israel and Jews in general.

Awkward questions are being asked about the Jews and their "lies." The Jewish-controlled mass media is showing its slip with its Zionist-biased double standard and double-speak, while trying to cover up Israeli brutality and the sanguine bellicose general Jewish support for their killings. Jewish pride in their military violence is turning off fair-minded people from all over the planet, while Western whites are looked upon as weak and frightened cowards of the Jewish juggernaut of police, media and governments in their countries. "Progressive" anti-war elements and leftists in general, have been caught in a corner, afraid to speak out in case they're called 'anti-Semites' by the money-powers in their lands. As I've written before, Jews breed fear in the hearts of fair-minded people to do the white right thing yearning to come our of their hearts. The non-white world has put our race to shame with its scathing condemnation of the blatant unfairness and inequality of the Israeli massacre, touted by them as a "war to the bitter end." People are sick of the childish comparisons of what would the US or Canada do if bombers came from Mexico or America; many fair-minded right-thinking British bloggers and site commentators have pointed out that Dublin wasn't carpet-bombed by the RAF when the IRA were popping off all over the place in England...including 10 Downing Street. Everyone seems to forget the Jews are occupiers of other peoples' lands and have been blockading basic needs of the people of Gaza for the last eighteen months, making some of their citizens eat wild grass due to the Stalinist famine siege that Israel has imposed on Gaza; to describe this as a war is to be spouting Israeli propaganda. F-16 jets, Howitzers, hundreds of tanks and other American ordinance against a ragtag militia with few and limited arms and ammunition, in proportion, is a massacre. The bigot neo-conservative websites have been abysmally poor in reporting or commenting on the Israeli war crimes while Mossad and Israeli Army agents kill the commentary blogosphere with repetitious inane arguments supporting Jewish aggression.

Israel can take the entire Gaza again, but they have still lost the war, as the world looks upon the screaming, wounded children in crowded Gaza hospitals, and the strewn dead bodies beside the wrecked buildings of Gaza University and other non-military infrastructures. Of course Israel has an excuse for every vicious depredation, as their spokesmen and women stutter like their media minions, trying to explain the bloodletting. It won't work, because the people have had enough of an ersatz state that supposedly can do no wrong, if you listen to the "loving hearts" of Christian fundamentalists and our bought politicians. The Arab regimes, especially those half-breeds in Egypt, the Baathist commies in Syria and that over-bribed sandbox kingdom of Jordan, have been despicable in their unfairness and inaction in the face of Israeli violence. The worst CIA asset after all, is Mahmoud Abbas, the titular head of the Palestinian Authority, who is cynically playing with the lives of Palestinians, so that he could become the new suited Arafat. All of them have to go: Off with their heads, once the Taliban and al-Qaeda establish and strengthen their presence in the Middle East.

Time is running short for Israel. Only a zealot would want to go and stay there for a new Masada suicide pact. America can get involved in the war from the air if Iran's Ahmadinejad is good on his word to protect the Muslims of Palestine, but the US will lose on the ground, with its army already bogged down as sitting ducks in Iraq waiting for an Iranian Revolutionary Guard mass onslaught: maybe for a change, we'll see Americans squatting blindfolded, as prisoners behind barbed wire to counter the images of their dastardly work in Abu Ghraib and Bagram air base in Afghanistan. The longer the Israeli aggression continues, the more hatred and resistance they will inspire in a land where people don't forget their history and their enemies for centuries to come. The Israeli attack has shown the weakness of the upcoming Uncle Tom house negro, the compassionless slaver's descendant Barack Obama administration (as opposed to the condemnation by former Congresswoman and slave descendant Cynthia McKinney, who was on an aid boat rammed by Israeli forces). Obama's silence is deafening, while his Jew handler Axelrod attempts to explain the inaction and lack of change from the Bush/Cheney policy that "everything's fair in war." And Americans have lost what little respect they had as fair power brokers, while that snake Bush hides on his ranch until the Jews have "done all their killing."

The United Nations and that South Korean US stooge Ban Ki-Moon have lost all credibility for intended future operations in Darfur, Somalia and Zimbabwe. Hillary Clinton, and the odious black 'Mary Tyler Whore' ("Oh, Mr. Grant!") Bush/Cheney front Condoleezza Rice, have been totally discredited as heartless bitches for the Zionist New World Order wars. The conspiracy theorists are having a field day pointing out the correctness of their Anti-Semitic suspicions as the body count in Gaza piles up. If there is a victory for the Jews, it can only be in the fear they engender that the entire planet may plunge into a nuclear war for the sake of their peace and security. the latest scandal of another Holocaust fabrication story that suckered in Oprah Winfrey, and the $50 billion Madoff scam puts the spotlight on fraudulent Jewish activity throughout our society. That's the last thing they need — to be looked upon as a problem.

Israel could have played their cards amicably by showering Gaza and the West Bank with goods and services and pouring some of the vast wealth directed to their military into the Palestinian refugees camps in Lebanon and Jordan. But the Jews have become drunk with power to the point that they have transformed white countries into pluralistic race-mixed societies. Remember, it wasn't the Arabs, Muslims or Hamas who initiated free-speech gag laws and brought millions of non-whites in to do cheap labor while shipping millions of jobs out and pauperizing white society. Ugly multiculturalism is their baby that brought gun crime and gay pride parades to our streets. The only way this mess can be settled is when the Jews and Zionist suckers release the reins of power and get off their high horses voluntarily.

I won't hold my breath for arrogant bullies to see the light, but we can always Hamas (hope) for a new beginning. Otherwise, it will be their end.



White Nationalism's Bright Future


I've been in the White Nationalist  ideology since the early 1970's and I've known every stripe and type, so I feel that I'm qualified to comment on its present and future. My organization, the Western Guard Party (the predecessor to today's Nationalist Party of Canada) was the first to call for a white Canada as early as 1972. That's when the men were separated from the boys who ran off to join the rubber-chicken speaker's circuit. We were the first to politicize the reactionary naive skinheads. We gave away over a thousand bucks trying to "educate" these angry young men who eventually dissipated, looking for women. Our party survived numerous agent-provocateur disrupters and false-flag government secret police (the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service) - financed organizations (the Heritage Front). Bob Smith and I have survived a myriad of politically-motivated Canadian gag law 'hate bill' charges, house raids and dangerous prison terms where non-white and queer guards verbally and physically attempted to hurt us. We have developed a successful, entirely Canadian, website, which receives millions of hits per year now. Our organization remains on of the few which attempts to understand the world-wide Islamist revival of self-defense Jihad. We are one of the few White Nationalist organizations which recommends isolation and protectionism from the non-white world, and for whites to do all their own manual labor (or it won't get done). We are staunchly opposed to the pro-Afghan and white-led imperialist self-destructive warmongering on the planet.


With the motto of 'common sense, good will and fair play' that we apply to every crisis and situation, our organization has pointed the way to a viable and defendable White Nationalist society on the home front. Our organization has been one of the few to critically look at present white society and its self-loathing feminist policies ruining the white Race. The Nationalist Party has been one of the few White Nationalist organizations to positively criticize modern effeminate Christianity. Our organization has been at the forefront of recognizing white European culture through our European Heritage Week program. Ours is again, one of the few outright racist organizations, recommending racism for ethno-centric cultures. Our party is the first to lambaste the commie Zionist lie that 'fascism' is to blame for globalist/neo-con warmongering by sneaks and idiots. We are among the first to embrace the racist label, totally unconcerned of the status quo Establishment anti-racist traitors; racism is good for all — except chicken-shits.


We have expounded on 9/11, chemtrails, and the New World Order Illuminati agenda, in spite of the feeble and frightened incredulity of of the other so-called right-wing White Nationalist groups. We have established an archival library of policies and attitudes for all kinds of world situations and problems. We were one of the first to expound that "our enemy's enemy is our friend — for now." Our organization has espoused innovative thinking about Jews and anti-Semitism, opening the door to the White Nationalist cause to all whites and to Jews with no blood on their hands and who have good will, and if they have the conscience and common sense to open it. Our NPC editorials and columns have been the first to slam Canada's military service on behalf of foreign entities; 100,000 Canadians have died abroad fighting for useless causes as cannon fodder stooges (and none on our borders). While others beat dead horses of conniving British Empire servitude, we raise the red Maple Leaf as our symbol of future independence from foreign entanglements and military constructs like NATO and the UN.


The Nationalist Party of Canada has a long history of ups and downs and adventures, and our exploits have been recorded in at least fifteen books, the latest being Bayou Of Pigs by Stewart Bell. We have left a legacy of principled political activism. While the Internet has greatly aided in the dissemination of information, its basic anonymity of its participants has generally undermined political street work. Only the "Nazis" and a few conspiracy-conservatives have made any physical public display of their political presence; that takes guts that needs compliments.


With the advent of a half-breed (black) president of the United States, soon to be appearing throughout the world as America's leader (that should rub a lot of white racist faces into the dirt), and if Barack Obama should proceed the same way as Zionist warmonger Bush, neo-Nazi ranks will swell, as they already have in the minds of Zionist leaders who look at the Left. White racists have to stop pandering to the kosher conservatives, no matter how much money the old moneyed babes who are worried about the Taliban have, and concentrate on getting the internationalist Zionist monkey off our backs along with the leftists and 9/11 “truthers” and conspiracy theorists.


When it comes to war, racists should be the first to say hell no, we won't go, to implement your New World Order plans at the cost of white living standards. When it comes to so-called free trade and international military alliances White Nationalists should be the first to slam such policies. When it comes to ethnic or religious nationalist movements throughout the world, White Nationalists should be the first to help and applaud them, instead of the ubiquitous commie hypocrites. When media pornography is peddled, White Nationalists should be the first to point out the evil and folly of culture-destroying "art" and "entertainment." When Zionist opponents are being indefinitely incarcerated and tortured, and transferred around like stuffed animals to secret CIA dungeons, White Nationalists should be the first to speak out against this barbaric un-White behaviour that shames us all for the sake of some anti-racist bitches; security.  When pro-White Nationalists are hounded and jailed through the human rights kangaroo courts, White Nationalists should be the first to stand up for individual rights and freedoms; no matter what your position is, everyone can do something, whether it's a phone call, an e-mail, a letter or a placard, to stop our race's enemies.


The economic downturn won't bother White Nationalists that much, since most are at the lower end of the pay scale. The apathetic whining white middle class needs a dose of reality to their frequent-flyer ambitions and attitudes. Bug off, you spoiled bastards, you never did anything for the race, anyway, other than under-producing a bunch of spoiled brats brought up raceless and religion-less. Party on, pukes: the curtain is coming about to fall on your raceless rock-and-roll world. Some people are worried that the globalists are planning to depopulate the planet. Well, good: as long as they let some continents go fallow. All we need is listening posts and no meddling doctors without borders; there is no reason why different cultures cannot live in different centuries on the same planet if they wish. The Earth needs a break from mankind's stomping, sucking and burning, down to about ten percent of its present state, all races included in varying proportions, according to their population. If you saw the masses in China and India stomping their paths into ravines among the filth and squalor, you'd say the same thing. War among  the non-white nations will come, and we need to stay out of it, particularly all the do-gooder pedophiles and perverts who populate the aid agencies. Let nature take its course and let their civilizations develop on their own, without Mr. Cohon's McDonald's.


There is a satisfaction about being right, especially when you hold onto your views tenaciously because they are practical and common-sensical. We in the Nationalist Party will continue to do that with pride and joy. We hope you do the same, and wish you a Happy New Year 2009. Whatever comes, we are there and we are with you.


God bless the good people.



Left-Behind Leftists Lose Again


Ever since the Jews left the Left and abandoned all their high-falutin' internationalist principles of equality, "anti-war," and egalitarianism, the Left has been waffling leaderless and rudderless all over the place. Just look at the Greek riots by supposedly enraged students over the accidental death of their own in Athens: Mindless mayhem with no practical plans, purposes or demands while throwing rocks and Molotovs at the police with their neo-anarchist buddies. It's a mess, going nowhere.  The Left has become an embarrassment to the internationalist middle-of-the-much/one world empire zealots. Old labels such as "fascists" and "Nazis" are hurled at Bush, Cheney and company make no sense when you consider the ethnic identity policies of the Loud Dobbs media (only those who wish to hide the perpetrators of crimes against humanity, political and economic, refuse to group-label the the old Chinese saying, "You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it!").


The conspiracy theorists and even some 9/11 truthers are way off the mark when they hurl the same labels at the Illuminati masters who peddle their one-size-fits-all into their plantation policies for the planet. Fascists and National Socialist ideologues are rolling in their graves at the thought that their former enemies are now described by their labels by the naive political activists of today. The Zionist-controlled media has been successfully able to paint the once-"humanitarian leftists" as raging lunatics, just like their Right-wing "extremist" enemies. Of course, all this happened shortly after the international banksters' decided that their proletarian Utopia was too expensive to run on behalf of the workers after they had destroyed the whole culture class in the Soviet empire: BING! Open up a McDonald's in Moscow, and give the apparatchiks Armani suits and ownership of new companies and establish a Securitate oligarchy in the Kremlin to fight against terrorism (which they're so adept at from their past).


Like the racist Right, the leftists have no home: they can't count on phony communist China or crazy North Korea, or run-down Cuba to point the way to their 'humanitarian' success story. They've all sold out to the internationalist bankers one way or the other. The leftists' anti-war movement has been a total flop, since the media and their talk show pundits are all in the hands of Zionist warmongers. The leftists' so-called humanitarian concerns are stymied by the dominant feminist antipathy to patriarchal imprisoned and tortured jihadis; Vietnam's former tiger cages and My Lais are continuously repeated by Cheney's CIA today, with very little repercussions from Leftist protesters. Support-the-troops militarism is begrudgingly accepted by the 'war on terror' leftist backers, which loses them their moral high ground. That's what happens when women run the show — principles become expediencies, so they can carry on with their Homeland Whorehouse.


The Leftists have given up a lot of personal freedom and liberty by buying into the Zionists and kosher conservatives trumped-up security concerns. Entire civilizations are being held to ransom by a nebulous internationalist paper organization called al-Qaeda, which supposedly threatens us from the caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the dumb dames of the Left and the Right have bought into it. Who else could be voting the unmanly torturers back in  time and time again; so much for leftist compassion (they don't have any).


The sacred God-given right of freedom of speech is trampled on continuously with applause from the Leftist ideologues who are more concerned about the airing of the views of common-sense fair racists than about freedom itself. Only when Muslim opportunists got on the bandwagon of using those odious Leftist-supported gag laws did Rightist Jews and their kosher-conservative sycophants start bitching about the commie totalitarian laws. The leftists have again been left out in the cold when it comes to human freedom and dignity because of their prejudicial hatred for white ethnocentrics. The leftists, like the kosher-conservative penny-pinching rightists, are silently sidelined, while capitalism is being bailed out by the taxpayers' money and countries are put in the red, undermining their images as principled objectors. Their ideology is a toothless tiger; only ethnic nationalism and racism stand solid as a rock alongside the God-believers who are holding the power structures at bay.


The white leftists lost a lot of power with the giddy election of a non-white American president, Barack Obama. This effectively removed their support from non-whites who are satisfied for now, until Obama's 'change' proves to be a farce. It will be a laugh to hear the leftist dummies calling Obama a 'fascist' in the future.


The one-time darlings of the Establishment have run their usefulness to the moneyed statists, who let go a vicious barrage of invective hatred toward their former pals when the idea of a Leftist ruling coalition was proposed in Canada's now-prorogued Parliament. Even some naive "racist" skinheads were suckered by the Zionist media to counter-demonstrate against the possibly peaceful Leftist coalition, who might back our military mercenary activity throughout the world. Leftists are now compared to disruptive, mindless anarchists when their policies are discussed; in comparison, can Nazis and fascists be far behind?


Naive leftists will have to go back to the drawing board and see who the real enemies of Mankind really are — not the people who want to live in their own bailiwick, but internationalist world-planners and conspirators out to set up a world government where dissent and identity are punishable by torture and an indefinite stay in a dungeon.


Wake up, foolish people, and have some heart!



A Heel For A Heel


From the Arabs of the Middle East, there couldn't have been a better response of condemnation and insult of George Bush and all his neo-con globalist flunkies than when Muntadar al-Zehdi, a news reporter, threw his shoes one after the other at the head of the genocidal maniac George Bush. The Zio-Media of course, are doing their best to play down and ignore the telling embarrassment to their idiot Commander-in-Chief — typical of all bullies who dodge a snowball thrown at them (nya, nya, you missed me!). Bush's quick shyster mind dismissed the incident with a "So-what?" and it's only one guy — but the image persists, and will hound him to his dying day. That's the way he is seen exiting eight years of being an American president to the world.

Naturally all the neo-cons and kosher conservatives are biting their tongues when talking about their warmonger leader's shame and comeuppance. Unfortunately the racist Right's response is muted by their petty bigotry towards 'the towelheads," instead of being overjoyed at the discomfort of the anti-racist globalists. Only the 9/11 conspiracy sites have properly elevated this story to its symbolic stature. Not enough has been said and done by the well-known White Nationalist leaders against the dirty war of terror and foreign aggression against sovereign states and nations, or the tortures and injustices in CIA dungeons and American bases throughout the world. Silence is acquiescence and official White Nationalists have done little to separate themselves from the ugly image of the neo-cons and their uniformed kill-bots.

The neo-con Illuminate love to make surprise visits to their killing ground war zones. Bush's plans were thwarted by Allah's plans, which placed him under ridicule and unpleasantness, certainly spoiling his Christmas. The show-thrower's aim may have missed the smirking Bush but symbolically hit only the American flag behind the podium (a bad omen), while in the slow Secret Service response, the neo-con-fronting whore bimbo bitch Dana Perino was injured in the melee, later sporting a black eye for her next propaganda session. All these White House liars deserve one. Even the late-night jokes on the shoe-throwing were lame and superficial, showing the approved comedians' discomfort over George Bush's insult; those shoes were thrown symbolically at all arrogant Westerners for their murderous meddling in the weaker people's social affairs, pointing out the infamy of white aggression against the Third World (just bug out, you bastards). There is no reason why different sections of the world cannot live in different centuries without monosodium glutamate and the Blackberry.

The globalist media minions are the biggest traitors to the white race slavishly peddling lies on behalf of the New World Order and against nationalism. These are the dogs, along with Bush and company, who brought pauperizing free trade deals for white society, which turns proud countries into rotating workhouses for the hedonistic billionaires and their holiday shysters lifestyles from Hollywood. Authoritarian tyrants all of a sudden called for manners and gentlemanly behavior from the press corps, arrogantly threatening that the overlords would restrict press access if more incidents occurred. The neo-cons and libertines are big whiners for decorum when it comes to their flabby selves, while conveniently ignoring and secretly approving waterboarding and other fortunes and indefinite incarcerations fore their opponents: cry me a river, goofs! The gutless Right Wing needs backbone and insight when dealing with anti-racist enemies; they have been embarrassed and usurped by the Cindy Sheehans and Code Pink activists, while wasting their time putting the boots to innocence after drunken binges. No guts, no glory for these stupidities.

Could you imagine if it was Obama who had to duck the shoes as he probably will if he pursues his mad, suicidal policy of a surge in Afghanistan? The parents of slain Canadian soldiers could wing a boot at Stephen Harper for his murderers activity in Afghanistan when you consider how many times Canadian troops have been made sacrificial lambs for foreign potentates in foreign lands. Anyone who truly supports our troops would want to bring them home instead of cavalierly imposing our feminist values on a patriarchal religious society. They are true warmonger bigots who hypocritically talk about human rights while jailing proponents of free speech on their home turf. The idea that the shoe-tosser could not have escaped death under Saddam Hussein is a facetious argument, since Saddam was not pretending to be anything other than a dictator with little need for useless press conferences with sycophant reporters. The more articles there are on this display of defiance against one of the heads of the New World Order, the better, since it brings disrepute and the vision of accessibility to the snakes for posterity. Even though Muntadar al-Zehdi is reputed by be beaten and tortured, he will be a hero to all the dead and now suffering, against the warmongers and their planners.

Blessings upon the brave, and give the heels hell!



Bigots Slag Serb "Blago"


The American media treats murderers better.

After the unified biased media attack on Serbo-American Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich (his name means "a treasure" according to Bojan Ratkovic of I smell a rat.

Some say it's "duck-and-cover" Rahm Emanuel, Barack Obama's transition chief, who blew the whistle on a Slavic power-play by "Blago," who has been accused of corruption and fraud in trying to peddle Obama's vacant Illinois senate seat to the highest bidder, since the governor can appoint anyone he chooses for whatever reason. Khazar Jews have never been too friendly to their Slavic hosts, having been invited by greedy, treacherous overlords into their lands after the Mongols broke up the Khazar empire. These are the Ashkenazi (in the trade) Jews, a Turkic people who picked up Judaism 800 years ago after Christ when their King Bulan II, looking for a new God, settled on Yahweh. The Ashkenazis'' success and activity caused Slavic resentment and pogroms and the czars instituted a special vast area of the Russian Empire where Jews could reside in relative safety, known as the "Pale" — hence the term, to be beyond the Pale. Many Jews repaid the Russian rulers and people with Bolshevik brutality. The interlopers have kept their hatred alive. from Borat to their neo-cons, towards the Slavic people.

The Zionist/Anglo media, with their Irish politico stooges in the US Justice Department have hone all-out to condemn and ridicule Blagojevich's "big" crimes with asinine comparisons to Abraham Lincoln rolling over in his grave' for his home state's criminal activity. Federal attorney Patrick Fitzgerald's propaganda utterances against the governor fall in line with the rest of the hogwash of 9/11 and other anti-terror persecutions he's been carrying on for his Illuminate masters. The Irish and the Italian Mafia, for which they often serve as thugs and assassins, have been running Chicago for decades, with no appearances of Lincoln's ghost to date. Irish moralizing is most odious when you consider how they have served with both sides of the law for generations.

Anglo prejudice toward the good-looking Serb with the initially unpronounceable Slavic name, brought out its hypocrisy and bigotry, when it came to equality and social disclosure. Anglos, who are a hodgepodge of ethnicity's united by a sea and language, are quick to serve cosmopolitan Jews and be their attack-dogs for their anti-white racist internationalism, while pretending equality. I remember broadcaster Michael Coren, a sometime Catholic and wannabe Jew (only his father is a Jew), deriding me once in an interview, saying that I wasn't really an 'Andrews' but a second-class Zlomislic, while faking concern for minority rights. I'm happy to be a patriarchal Slav and not an emasculated Anglo wimp that lost our countries to non-white immigration because it wasn't 'nice' to be a racist. 'Andrews' is a name put on me as a boy.

The vendetta against Blagojevich, who was elected by the same blacks who voted for Obama, goes all the way to his wife Patti, who is described as a Lady Macbeth, as if the governor had killed someone already, and she was part of it. What happened to one of the most important principles of Anglo society, innocent until proven guilty? Even the fixed polls were condemned for showing that 8% of the people of Illinois were satisfied with the governor's performance. Who are this eight percent?, one media moron asked, as if their word was God's, who they have pre-empted from the public square, even at Christmas. It's very telling how these women who have made it to the top echelons of media and government have such subservient whore tongues ;so much for maverick independence from that gender.

Milorad Blagojevich doesn't have much support from his countrymen in Serbia, particularly the Western-oriented press, where he's pilloried for changing his name from "Rad" to "Rod" and condemned for not speaking the language of his steelworker father.

Blagojevich is remembered for coming to Serbia to get some downed pilot killers back to the USA on a mission with Jesse Jackson Sr. (as for the Jacksons, methinks they doth protest too much). One Serb commentator pointed out that 'the Anglos hate us so much, they won't even allow us to be criminals' (he could have added, ' themselves'). Blagojevich is condemned for not doing much for Serbia when it was bombed mercilessly by NATO and by the Americans with Israeli tactical cluster bombs that killed 1,000 people, so that they could separate Kosovo from Serbia under Slobodan Milosevic. Culturally insecure Serbs gave up Kosovo to suck up to the European Union Western tyranny, when only 10% of their military had been downgraded in their Kosovo bunkers. Serb identity nowadays means, "What have you done for me lately?" Serbs will have to wake up and stick together or sink as a nationality. Pluralism will be the end of Serb history. Hopefully, traditional Serb stubbornness will not allow Blagojevich to go off quietly into the night, whatever the outcome of this matter, and will prove Zionist lackey Obama knew a lot more than what he said. The amazing, viciousness of the media's onslaught against the salty-talking Illinois governor is usually reserved for neo-Nazis and racists; even al-Qaeda fanatics are dealt more dismissively as curious mental cases when compared to the nastiness against Blagojevich. The hatred is obviously directed from the Zionist media masters on high.

White Nationalism in North America needs introspection as to the failures of the various Anglo elements which spread the empire around the planet for their frivolous effeminate elites while destroying their own race on the home front. It wasn't Slavs who spread the slave trade and dragged non-white cheap labor across the planet to the detriment of the white race. Screw-ups can't be allowed to run the show entirely, just because they're effeminate snobs. Race-traitors cannot lead the way for our survival. Tell the ugly traitors and their media flunkies to go to hell with their self-loathing propaganda diatribes and invective against the accused, until all of the facts are in and the trial is over.

Until then, ZIP IT!


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