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Women and Fools Ignore Colored Crime


Violence is part of human nature, particularly when it comes to asserting one's rights against tyrants and foreign oppressors. I enjoy seeing the latest actions against aggressors on our War News report page. However, violence for personal hedonistic reasons that has to be reported in our Crime page makes me sick.
Murder and mayhem galore abound in North America criminal activity, particularly around our neighborhood. And unless you're stupid and purposely ignorantly color-blind, anyone can see that most of the perpetrators and victims are non-white: they're either black, Hispanic or Asian. You can divide these categories even further down to the Third World immigrants that are pouring into this country with the blithe approval of the multicult social engineers.

The Majority of Canadian whites are now terrified to go to the "jungle range" jails, and only occasionally do you find serious criminal offenders, usually from domestic disputes from over-sexified societies' sons of bitches. The rest of the population's prison scalawags are colored, including Indians. Prisons are mostly run by the gangs and the court system, is a revolving door filled with their own job security importance. That's why a disgusting creature who happened to be black was able to rape and murder two middle-aged East Indian woman neighbors with a knife — just one of many cases of thieves, rapists and killers on bail or parole by the same warehousing prison system that serves no one except the employees.

The blame for this horrendous crime spree running throughout North America can be justly laid not only at the anti-racist lickspittle politicians, but also the slimebag controlled media: the radio talk show hosts, TV and newspaper pundits are the most culpable for the death and destruction in our society with their virulent, arrogant dismissal of history and racial realities. They just go ballistic if someone dares to interject that race could be the reason for the violent nihilistic attitude of the colored criminals. We've heard it all before: alienated and disadvantaged youth need more midnight basketball, government handouts and jobs, and everything will be alright. Every excuse under the sun is trotted out to cover the asses of the anti-racist self-loathing whites and minority apologists for the violent crime plaguing our cities. However, none of it washes: it's all bunk, as the wimps and commie bitches stutter and stumble their Utopian panacea answers. These are the people who have made your community unsafe, just as much as the killers from Kingston, Jamaica, mon.

The well-paid police who are supposed to protect us (mostly after the fact) are of no help to the concerned citizens. You will never hear them pointing their fingers at the real people causing the problem in your neighborhood while you're trying to obey the law and be a good and fair person. Everyone is lumped in the cops' minds as the excuse for rising crime (rising crime equals rising population). Simplistic answers like those from the Brampton Police chief (serving a city with a population of one-and-a-half million, adjacent to Toronto), that an increase in population causes the crime, belies the racial truth of the matter. Western police forces have become an adjunct arm of the anti-nationalist New World Order elite, following their universalist grand masters orders to the letter, in spite of their own personal preferences and knowledge. High-tech weapons, squad car accommodations and a S.W.A.T. mentality have arrogantly alienated them from the public. Their secret and feeble attempts at needed racial profiling have been scrapped long ago for higher wages and a me-too inclusiveness with the anti-racist elites. Let's see what David Duke and the other White Nationalists have to say about the politicized police and our treacherous, naive white women-folk at the upcoming European Convention in Memphis on November 7th. The white man is saddled with loud women who won't let them say White Power! or White Unity! without facing a cold bed as they make you Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. Aside from a few whiners on White Nationalist message boards, White Nationalists can forget about their lukewarm transitory support, unlike the lucky muhajideen, blessed with a straightforward religion. Christianity, without a patriarchy, is doomed to failure in establishing a stable society (take note, all you Muslim-bashing clerics and charlatans.)

Even if the crime statistics are down for the general population, whole sections of cities have become no-go areas because of the neighborhood. Blacks in America may be behaving a little better to help achieve a Barack Obama victory, but no such constraints are evident in Canada. Until the cosmopolitan media is muzzled and prevented from elevating in ads "your favorite serial killer, Dexter" and other shyster whore heroes in myriad creepy films coming out of Hollywood and Quebec, we will not be able to solve the serious crimes on the police blotter that keep repeating themselves. Until the countries' leaders and police correctly point their fingers at criminal communities and attitudes in non-white neighborhoods, we will not be able to address and capture the culprits for proper incarceration. Until the white man stands up to his white woman and the queers behind her, we will not be able to stand firm in our resolve to get the punks off our streets. Until our religious leaders jettison their easy-pickings universalist missionary work and concern themselves with their own flock, we will not be safe. Until our government stops using our military as a mercenary force whenever the UN one-worlders want them to kill instead of protecting our communities from the onslaught of immigrants with guns, we cannot relax.

White Nationalism has been consistently correct in the predictions of crime and societal breakdown due to the advent of feminism and open door immigration that it is only policy capable of understanding and solving violent and sexual crime after the fooled have tried everything else, they will have to try the common sense, good will and fair-play philosophy.



'Nazis'" Ranks Swelled by Anti-Nazis


"Nazis, Nazi, Nazi!" That's what the young coffee shop communist broads with their wuss dildo boyfriends used to yell at me, thinking they were taunting me. Now the tables have been turned and the perpetrators of their Soviet paradise multicult society are calling the abandoned leftists as they dabble to unravel the 9/11 conspiracy. The mere mention of the possibility of Jewish prior knowledge or Israeli Mossad involvement in 9/11 has sent the anti-Semitic hound-sniffers on the trail of street Reds and libertarians.

The irony is further augmented by the feeble false claims of a fascist takeover by an internationalist cabal for a new world order. This totally ignores the fact that fascism is a masculine, nationalistic and racist ideology that first pointed the finger at the Illuminate running the Western matriarchies. But what are history and facts to commies, whose ideology us internationalist, anti-racist, feminist and ultimately criminal in nature? Where would even the phony Communist Party of China be if it wasn't for their army, old women and spy-controlled network? The Leftists, 9/11 truthers and self-centered libertarians think that they can criticize the Jews under the code word of "Zionism" and escape the anti-Semitic rap, but to no avail, The Jews have their number, and when in power, are so easily prickled that even New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton was dubbed "Taliban Jack" just for being against the internationalists' mercenary war in Afghanistan. I myself graduated to a neo-Nazi after repeatedly being accused of being one for founding the anti-communist Edmund Burke Society, whose motto was "The only thing necessary for the triumph of good is for good men to do nothing." Anti-Semitism supersedes anti-racism in the minds of the ruling elite, especially since they've hitched their wagon to the McCain/Palin lite-bigot ticket. True believers Marxists and anarchists, beware: Organized negativity won't succeed without a positive belief to a natural order ideology. White Nationalism does that better than any anti-racist religion of women and slaves (like Christianity, open to a myriad of liberal interpretations). The constant carping of liberals and libertines against totalitarianism of any description to tighten our society and sovereignty has no more effect than teen rebellion against the “banksters'” bailout. Let's hope the overwhelming opponents of that “banksters'” bailout remember this in the November 4 election and kick the schleps and stooges out of any party.

The cosmopolitan Jews have thrown their lot in with the most angry and disillusioned voter who cling to their guns, religion and xenophobia. if and when they are defeated by the race-mixed Obama in the race-mixed United States of America, they will only hope in their isolationism and bitterness towards that egalitarian internationalist construct of their Freemason founding fathers; white succession and cultural separatism will be the order of the day.

Everything is playing into the hands of the White Nationalists who are sick and tired of being thrown into the giant world population whirlpool on the promise of some new world order utopia constructed on mercenary bombs and bayonets. Smaller will be safer and better for humanity and the planet, once the world cosmopolitans stop meddling. The authorities and their professionals have lost all credibility with the onset of the world financial crisis and the military and controlled media have lost respect: One, because they can't win against God-motivated opponents, and the other, for lying to us constantly and consistently and not informing the public of the upcoming downturn in the economy and financial markets. They can't be trusted or believed  while they take in trillions in tax money to prop up their rotten worldwide edifice. Next time they want to shut some local schools or pools down because of a few hundred thousand or a couple of million, great disrespect will be the groundswell towards the billionaire wars of terror conducted by the internationalists and their mercenaries.

Trillions for war and nothing for the home front will not be a popular neo-con policy. All the economic and war experts will be dismissed as giving so much hogwash when the public takes into account the bank failures and war quagmires perpetrated by the elites. The nihilistic empire has no clothes. The new attire of White Nationalism will solve the situation. How else can it end for the good guys?



Middle Class Is Crap


I say 'No!' to class warfare in a white society. Categorizing people according to how much stuff they have is an insidious practice which only benefits capitalists and communists. The big concern for the so-called middle class by pundits and politicians underlines their disdain and hatred for the lower and upper classes, The basis of this erroneous and divisive policy is incumbent on the useless shekels and stocks one has in the bank, and the rest of society is supposed to do everything they can to make sure they keep it.

Of course, none of the Lou Dobbses or Barack Obamas or John McCains will utter the words 'low class' or 'lower class,' not even 'the poor,' which there are million of in the race-mixed country known as the United States of America. Make no mistake, it is a race-mixed country, no matter how much the Sarah A- Pallin' fan boys pretend that it isn't. Obama's candidacy has brought the race issue to the forefront with his canvassers told that they just can't vote for 'that black boy' by white Americans waking up from their slumber. To anoint the rich with the terms upper or high class is totally unfair to the millions of morally upright poor. This is the consumerist way to agitate the public into striving to get more goods and services (if they are feeling any better about themselves) to lose the 'loser' label. This attitude spreads disillusion and angst and encourages criminal acquirement activity to be with the winners, just like the Hollywood goofs who coined the phrase First you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the women, from the crime film Scarface, the final object being sex and frivolity, like the Lehman Brothers and AIG crowd. Classifying citizens according to the amount of their possessions is also the anti-racist libertarians' creed who wrongly figure that all people are the same — if they can make a profit, thus negating race as unimportant and irrelevant. The communists would hardly agree, as they have proved in the past with their murderous kulak pogroms against anyone who possesses one cow or more. The divisiveness caused in the minds and hearts of listeners to the words middle class immediately send out warning bells: do they fit in? Are they going to benefit? Are they being talked about with accompanying disruptive belief, that they are 'in' and the others are 'out'? Class consciousness immediately averts your eyes from the less fortunate, instigating an arrogant haughtiness, like John McCain, who only speaks to 'my friends,' with his thirteen cars and eight houses (I once had seventeen houses, but I never considered myself in any class other than a fellow citizen of the country).

Class warfare is the bread and butter of the Marxist internationalists--and look at the murder and mayhem they have wrought with this false categorization of humanity. The term "middle class" is utilized by the politicians in much the same way as the loaded euphemism of "fascism." Any militant nationalism or racial identity/pride is immediately pounced on by anti-racist middle class writers whose main aim seems to be the advancement of their own persona. These snakes are counting on the communist propaganda unloaded on students by the pension-concerned middle class teachers throughout their school years. The conspiracy theorists are big on anti-racism and usually support commie anti-free speech hate laws while whining about "fascist tyranny" — they just don't get it (perhaps on purpose) that fascism is anti-globalism, unlike the Marxists, Trotskyites, anarchists and free-marketers. Middle class capitalism has failed the white people, requiring both parents to work to raise a family. This businessman's policy has failed the race and the nation, requiring effort and greed to keep up with the Joneses. Society-class classification is entirely bogus when it comes to the social stability of a people; Look at the number of ethnic elements in Europe who have lost their history and raison d'etre while pursuing the middle class position in the new commie/ capitalist European Union. Serbs, Poles and Balts are a good example of demoralized ethnicities while their women clamor for more.

The international consumerists know how to appeal to every woman's secret middle names, vanity and security, especially since universal suffrage. No wonder Obama talks about the "middle class" — every woman's aspiration. The mean-spiritedness that economic classification brings is palatable in the hatred at McCain rallies, and the aloofness of the kosher conservatives and frequent-flyers from their fellow citizens; the more trouble they have at airports, the better I like it. There's a certain arrogant effeminate upper-class snootiness, even among White Nationalists, when one compares the seminar and conference attendees with street toughs. The elitist wannabes don't have any more good ideas or answers than their street-smart compatriots (they just have more suits). This is another issue that the Euro conference about to be held in the states on November 7th (details here ) should tackle and discuss, but like the state of anti-racist treachery of many white women, they probably won't. Class has no business in racial politics and should be condemned as a tool of misinformation and division from our anti-racist enemies. Class warfare is not in the interest of the white people.

White Unity is our strength; class division is our weakness. All for one and one for all!



Rich, Jews, Avoid Spotlight


The subconscious word is out: Get the Jews off the public stage in all political, social, economic and war matters. The cabal of Zionists and capitalist warmongers has been in recession ever since the God-believer Islamists decided to put up a valiant struggle against the New World Order, causing billions of wasted taxpayer dollars to go into the scrap pile in Iraq and Afghanistan. This in turn has caused the Wall Street economic crisis, bringing the spotlight on the frequent-flyer elites and their media stooges.

Everyone hates the rich, underneath (I even hate lottery winners' faces, knowing full well that the money will be wasted on frivolous idiocies). I haven't heard one worthwhile public project achievement from any jackpot winners; they're not the best philanthropists. Now that everyone is coping from paycheck to paycheck with the horror of homelessness, in the back of their minds, the Bill Gates, the Murdochs, the Soroses and the Warren Buffetts are on the outs. Resentment is deep among the hoi polloi (unwashed masses) toward all the winners and Donald Trump shyster success stories, as intelligent people try to find out where all the money went and the names of those who still have it. The money lenders' bailout has piqued the interest of most politicos to get to the bottom of this massive con-job conspiracy to saddle the American public with a massive debt for the country and their children. For years, we have been saying that all the major political parties are the same, run by secret money-grubber hands with no interest in race or sovereignty: greedy businessmen with no borders who look at the population as no more than workers and consumers, indentured for life with mortgages and health care costs, particularly in America. As with the Iraq war debacle, the Zionist Jews and their supporters who fabricated the Big Lie to go to war, have all disappeared from the TV screens and the general media — the Pearles, the Wolfowitzes, the Cohens, the Bergers — they only make short, occasional appearances with mea culpa comments for the war's beginnings, while praising the fratricidal surge policy in the Middle East of arming and paying everyone to fight their neighbors.

The Jews are worried that the chickens have come home to roost, as the Internet is full of brutal anti-Semitic diatribes across the planet putting the blame squarely on the anti-nationalist cosmopolitans. None of them have dared to publicly promote the scam bailout package the same way that they have backed off from an attack on Iran, having lost Russia on their side with their attempts to utilize Georgia as their satellite attack base toward Tehran. The Zionists have even backed off from the al-Qaeda/bin Laden attacks, leaving it to their black houseboy Barack Obama to carry the gun against Pakistan. Their schlep McCain is already boasting about attacking the country secretly while the Jew pundits keep a low profile and babble about respecting Pakistan's sovereignty. Israel is keeping as quiet as a churchmouse during these economic and military upheavals, hoping that somehow the other shoe doesn't drop and they are forced to suicidally go it alone against Iran.

On the social front too, organized Jewry is backing off or is on the defensive, having been accused of stifling free expression through the use of their kangaroo courts. One York University professor David Noble even had the temerity to point out to the public that organized Jewry was wrong in closing down the the institution for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) where only 6 percent of the student body is Jewish, but heavily financed by the community. He was fearful that the public would observe the inordinate power of their minority and conducted classes in protest. Other than the stiff Charles Krauthammer or Fox News, you'd have to know where all their political and economic advisor Jews are. Even our own Lou Schizas, whose motto is "happy capitalism" is in a nadir, hardly able to utter the phrase with conviction as stock market tumbles and people lose their jobs, and businesses. No one wants to listen to a bunch of scallywag bigmouths' opinions on the economy that tanked under their watch and advice. They're the last people to be trusted with billions more of taxpayers' money. The people are realizing that all their financial gurus are selfish charlatans who put economics in the same bunk profession category as sociologists, psychologists and psychiatrists.

With the decline of the International Jew, globalism, feminism, Hollywoodism, bratty youth "culture," and abusive tourism are all on the vane, thankfully for the white race and national sovereignty. The failed modern progressive-ism and foreign meddling and military adventures are out. No one ever benefits from the new order imperialism except the few goons on top and their mercenary security forces. People are sick of the lies of the elites, that one-time food stamp Obama is one of them. To see the opposition presidential candidate shilling for torturer Bush's bailout with all the Democratic Party brass behind him, was the most revealing shock to the system in Washington. This betrayal has led the American people to the Internet looking for solace and answers in the blogosphere, where only the Nazis, fascists and White Nationalists have it right (like Hal Turner). The conspiracy sites are peddling their own empty conspiracy of a fascist takeover of America, neatly protecting the communist culprits who long ago and today created and promoted fascism and Nazism as the enemies of mankind. It's like the old adage, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, and direct your enemy from within, like a big game. Some sites have to be misinformation vehicles at least. Their old true believer leftist and libertarians have turned their backs, and Jews are really bitter about this; if the Jews could all become nationalist and isolationist (localism), and at minimum, "racialists," they could have a safe haven from egalitarian persecutors of the future. They, too, were once singled out by the Cheka for their ethnic identity by their "Internationale" Chekist killer kith and kin; they're safer with fascists. Mussolini never wanted to persecute the Jews — it was Hitler's idiotic idea to try to remove them from White Nationalism.

White Nationalists must stick together during these difficult times and lead the public top a racial ideology of self-sufficiency and isolationism/localism, away from the siren call of the international bankers and one-world government that is guaranteed to destroy the white race in an ocean of other races.

Anything less means oblivion. Stand up and do your part.



Stay out of Pakistan


Pakistan deserves to go back to the way it was before the British imperialists: "pre-Packaged-stan". This place is not a country, when you judge the different ethnic elements and historical background of the region. The Limeys left it in even worse shape when the International bankers and Americans told them to skedaddle from the Indian subcontinent (from the depths of World War II). They bitterly reduced their holdings into two spheres: Hindu and Muslims, with nothing in between — typical of imperialist arrogance. The English overlords attacked today's Bangladesh to the early Pakistan, one thousand miles away by sea. It took bloody revolts and Indian intervention before the Bengalis in their homeland established their state. Similar problems are going on now in Pakistan's northwest frontier and in Baluchistan, where the people have had enough of the Western genuflecting in Karachi and Islamabad. The 'Yes, Sahib' bowing and scraping Punjabis eager to be Westernized are an indignity to the whole ethnicity, not much better than the Peter Sellers mimicry in the film The Party, eager to assimilate, even when their wardrobes don't match (double check your lottery ticket when you buy one their greedy hands, as some Canadians recently found out the hard way).

The corrupt military leaders of Pakistan have no qualms in boasting about killing their own people to please the foreign money masters. Recently some government goofs claimed that they had killed 1,000 militants, just within the last 30 days in Bajaur in the north. That is not a government who would be stupidly clapping hands and dancing about. The "Paki" army (the country's name is an acronym of its four main tribes; "-stan" means "state") routinely goes around bombing the hell out of the villages and religious schools (madrases) from armaments provide by the United States and Britain. Their entire economy is in such a giant slump that no billions' bailout will fix tomorrow. It's a basket case waiting to be dumped while India's Hindus rub their hands with glee. America can't afford another war until all their free trade agreements are rescinded and industry and manufacturing are returned to the continent. Constant international commerce is ruining all the countries concerned--no worthless paper money bailout will stop America's worldwide decline. The USA can't help Pakistan, as the rank-and-file Democrats and Republicans have revolted against the money changers ( the first crisis day after the Congressional rejection of the bailout bill had to fall on the Rosh Hashanah holiday, showing the American people who the power is). It was Allah's gift to the Islamists.

Most of the flat-land Pakis converted to Islam centuries ago to escape their low-caste positions in the Varna (color) caste system which rules race-mixed Indians. The hairier and more Aryan and bearded northwest and the tribal areas are more truly Muslim- and independent-minded against foreigners and frivolity. They're not dreaming of Bollywood or of Hollywood. Their tribesmen are fighting hard against degenerate modernity and are looking to establish a Pashtun emirate on both sides of the Afghan border. They make their own guns and ammo in spite of the lies of the American -backed puppet Paki generals who claimed that they will win the war in Bajaur within two months; the tribesmen have them surrounded, and it's only a matter of time before they are worn down to another retreat jirga as they have in the past. This bloody military is the same as the torturers of the Sri Lankan army who promised to put an end to the Tiger Tamil Eelam (state) by the end of this summer. We're still waiting. I'm disgusted with the Limey wannabe Pakis who love to use snotty English terminology of "establishing the government writ" with helicopter gun-ships against the "miscreants." Kipling would have kissed their asses for being such good sepoys.

The 'government writ' guys are utilizing the same method as the Iraq surge "victors" by arming one group of citizens against another while they sit back and watch them kill each other; diabolic and simple, like a city's police chief who applauds the gangs' murdering each other as the public is terrorized. The settling of scores as looked upon as a virtue by these nincompoops. Their words is as useless as tits on a bull, always talking about the sanctity of their sovereignty while missiles rain down from American Predator planes on hapless villagers. Like Western 'professional' militaries, they always lie about casualty figures and the similarly-numerous elimination of their opponents. The duplicitous media is no better, like the Pakistan Daily Times, Dawn and Geo-TV, low-balling their losses while exaggerating their enemies' like CNN and Fox News Channel (seventeen reported GI deaths were reported throughout small town newspapers in one week (see our War Page), while the count goes up by or or two on the 'official' death numbers on the CNN and Fox News crawls. And these Paki schleps have the nuclear deterrent — scary.

The war in the northwest frontier of the federally-administrated tribal agencies (FATA) is unwinnable and the colonialist Gunga Dins will have to back off before the tribesmen march on Islamabad, and Pakistan is rendered apart for a new multinational configuration. Considering the treachery, death and pain that their coup's generals and criminal "democratic politicians" have wrought upon the the people, it would probably be a bad thing for the area, and before the nuclear weapons fall into even more irresponsible hands.

There are many countries which are a farce and a temporary blip on the atlas of history before they're broken up, especially in Africa. But nuclear India and Pakistan are the two worst examples of instability to those suffering under their colonialist imperial boots, trying to ape the white man and eventually paralyzing us through cheap labor, war and pollution. White Nationalists believe in non-intervention and are against meddling in native cultures; even if it's good for them, it'll eventually be bad for us. More countries, more primitive cultures and more no-go areas are good for the planet's resurrection, too, and what's good for the planet is good for the white people.

Stay out of Pakistan...Nota bene, Obama.



White women our weakest link


White society is so emasculated that it's on the verge of self-extinction. This all stems from the white man's loneliness, aggravated by the demonization of the white race through romance and female frivolity. No other race works so hard to please their women and receives so much ingratitude in return.

Whether they're on the bottom of the economic scale, or leaders in politics and industry, the white woman figures prominently in every instance. Look how gaga the controlled media and paid pundits went over Sarah Palin, whose husband appears onstage with her: he's not much better than a Chippendale's dancer in a suit who exudes very little patriarchal flavor, even though he is the father of five kids. His well-trimmed beard masks his gayish smile near the back of the stage; only occasionally does one of these schleps make it to the top, such as the criminal fraudster-widower of Benazir Bhutto, and now president of 'breaking-up' Pakistan Asif Ali Zandari. The little Jew Sarkozy, now president of France, would be nowhere without his nude model/singer wife, while ample-assed Laura Bush gives cover to her mean idiot President George. Tony Blair only smiles when his macho wife Cherie nods. NDP Leader Jack Layton wouldn't say shit if his mouth was full of it without his dragon lady Olivia Chow's permission. Prime Minister Stephen Harper's bride is a shadow of Laura Bush, to cover his sternness. It's the same all over the white world: the little lady's gotten real big for her boots.

The controlled media is full of 'glamorous' bimbo bitches who couldn't give a damn about any male interests, whether it's fathers' rights, prostate cancer or gun ownership. They're all surface thinkers, demanding instant pleasure and gratification, even using their kids to get it. Injustice? What's that--unless they're having a problem getting an abortion after their fornications. Most women are on the wrong side of racial preservation and survival. It's a non-issue to them. Most women are on the wrong side of foreign meddling and aiding non-white peoples, with little thought for the future consequences and no understanding of the historical past. They'll send white mercenary troops to Darfur, Burma, Pakistan, Afghanistan or any other country where women's rights are supposedly being trampled on, regardless of the cost and turmoil those interventions will accrue.

Most white women are in favor of open immigration from wherever, remembering that variety is their spice of life. Other than the greedy cheapskate capitalists and crazy communists I don't know of any white men who asked for a Third World invasion of Canada. The economic and social hardships connected to multiethnic immigration never bothers these bitches unless of course they're mugged raped of murdered, then they turn to the police state to protect them from the mess they created with their voting bloc. The whole concept of slavery and importation of blacks to North America is the consequence of white women's desires of vanity and security; every woman's middle name, no matter how stupid or ugly she is.

Motherhood has become a dirty word when one considers the perverts and criminals that been produced by these hosebags. You'll never hear them take any blame for any of it at court cases or at the funerals of their sons, where the father's mostly absent. White women never support their man if the issue is patriarchy. It's mostly like sleeping with the enemy for white men.

Most women are big on hate laws unless of course they're doing the hating. Some societies like the Jew's put themselves in a matriarchal trap where you're not a Jew unless you came out of the vagina of a Jew, the father being just an irrelevant sperm donor. Infanticide ads abortion are common in such societies, particularly the former, as seen on our crime page.

White women have made common cause with their non-threatening queer men elevating them to equal status in marriage unions, showing how little they care for the consequences of that institution and bring our society into en embarrassing conflict with patriarchal Islam. Who can respect an enemy who has no shame, as the Japanese officer accused the Limey officer in the prisoner of war film Bridge on the River Kwai? Women are not the keepers of our culture, heritage and history and religion. But they are the important consumers in a kleptomaniac capitalist enterprise, which is running the globalist agenda. Very few women are at the forefront of exposing the ugly truth about any 9-11 conspiracy or war carnage done at their behest for a better world. There are no Erin Brocovich's to expose the Illuminate or the new world order agenda; they're all busy watching Sex and the City, relegating Man to a living dildo while dressing their daughters like hookers. They'll be no resurgence of the white race until that nose-twitching "Bewitcher" is put back in the bottle; chaos and mayhem will eventually see to that, when the big-mouthed broads are told to shut up and hit the kitchen. Myopic silly white women will be the death of most of us before this unnatural order is put in place and they real values of child-rearing and supportive companionship is assuaged.

White Nationalists will have to ponder and discuss these issues at their rubber chicken conferences such as the November conferences as the November Euroconference if they intend to move ahead with white society must include women in the equation. Otherwise they're just whistling in the wind. The days of suck-holing to Prussian Blue and other fly-by night female participants in white nationalism are over, shot down in sex and scandal.

Time to move on, as the Islamists have, with strong support from their females, while they are away battling the Illuminate from Guantanamo to Afghanistan. No need of women's derogatory scumbag sarcasm and disrespect in gay and nervous envy of the prowess of the mujahideen. Chivalry was never the detractors' strong point, while they torture and gage their opponent with screams of delight like the old bags in front of the "progressive" revolution's guillotine.

For white race survival we will need real mean real women. Accept no substitutes.



American Imperialism Implodes


The nuclear-rattling race-mixed American empire has imploded from its own greed and arrogance. This is good for the planet, which suffers under its one-size-fits-all globalist hegemony of the cosmopolitan elite. North Americans are the avaristic refugees of the white world, coupled with the poor losers of African slaves and Asiatic camp followers of past imperialist colonialism. No one won the lottery to come to America from Europe; that their kick-outs' and runaways' fate. This is a restive population, hyper and neurotic, looking to preserve happiness; it's right in their Constitution, a slick document that trumpets democratic majority rule with control caveats which deny the same through an electoral college selection of their leader. This is a perfect people-for-world-conquest plan as a 'manifest destiny' for endless war.

Unfortunately, greedy people like businessmen; without borders, they have no limits to their carnal cravings. They have bankrupted their home base, having sold the country out right under the noses of their 'patriotic' rubes. Internationalist free trade and Third World immigration has pauperized what'd left of the white race in North America, that only isolationism and White Nationalism can fix. The small white population will be swallowed and absorbed into a brown Brazilian mass of racially-antagonistic mess that no secularist inquisition of Soviet human rights commissions or Draconian hate laws can stop. Don't expect the American public to see the light on their torturous world brutality just yet. It's hard to climb down after yelling from the rooftops, "I'm on top of the world, ma!" Not until they are roundly defeated in their invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan; while they stay at home the Russians are chuckling in their borscht. The dirty dogs in the financial industry have the nerve to blame this economic debacle on defaulting black mortgage holders; it shows the desperation they have, using the lowest people on the economic scale...the poor. Disgusting hypocrites!

As I've said before to Barack Obama's big boast, "No, you can't!" and if you try to enter Pakistan or Somalia again you will pay in blood and money at home and abroad, with hatred following you for generations to come. In this November election, Americans will have another chance to change their aggressive course and chuck their Zionist puppet masters for decent consciousness candidates who are opposed to war and international meddling in favor of minding their own business and setting their now-degraded whorehouse in order. Anything less will lead to a new social civil war and to nuclear attack. Pushing the wrong buttons against Iran and Russia will see the end of Ersatz Israel and the destruction of America's invasion armies in Iraq and Afghanistan for another death march like Bataan and Corregidor. Russia will not stand by helplessly if the U.S. uses "everything on the table."

No one likes the CIA white-shoes American businessman. Everyone knows he's a bombastic war and agitator that talks with a forked tongue on promises and morality: it's Hollywoodism at its best — or worst. Barefaced bullshit is their specialty when admonishing others on the same evil they do. Hypocrites can't be trusted, whether they are talking through Chiclets teeth like Condi Rice, or Obama, or McCain "heroes" or Sarah Palin bible-thumpers.

The American taxpayer is stuck with a trillion-dollar debt that their criminal "happy capitalism" cronies have stolen in order to live the frequent-flyer jet set life, while promoting war, destruction and torture.

Time to pay the piper, all you big-shot bastards. The Earth has had enough of the American nightmare, to its relief.



The Universe Is Unfolding As I told You


I hate taking credit for predicting shit (calamities), particularly if I have to suffer any of it. The latest economic meltdown generated by greedy free market capitalists and their frequent-flyer fans was forecast by White Nationalists for the last ten years. I remember Wolfgang Droege rubbing his hands with glee in typical German Schaudenfreud at the globalists' impending economic collapse and the turmoil and disrespect that would ensue toward our anti-white Identity detractors. Well, it's all coming to pass: the frequent-flyers' airlines and stock market investments are going down in flames. Internationalist travel is down, much to the relief of our ecosystem, and neo-con foreign invasion forces are in a spin trying to protect an imagined surge in one place and asking for one in another losing place.

Racists, White Nationalists and fascists all predicted a terrible rise in violent crime if the immigration borders were not ethnically pro-white. Guess what — the most despicable and senseless violence is prevalent in every non-white immigrant urban center destination. Armed cops have been necessitated in our schools, but the commie social activists at Toronto's mostly-black C.W. Jeffreys School won't allow them yet, or for police racial profiling, still refusing to admit their ignorance of racial facts and awareness. White Nationalists always objected to the Young Offenders Act (now the Youth Criminal Justice Act), because it hid the perpetrators from the community and gave them secret slaps on the wrist for outrageous behavior. The morons didn't listen, and now all of society is paying the price for disgusting depredations, often committed against children and little babies. The no-respect, pampered oxymoron "youth culture" breeds no respect and ill manners, which in a recent Toronto Sun poll revealed that 90% of those questioned, agreed that people are less courteous than they used to be. This is further abetted by the intrusion of millions of shifty-eyed newcomers from war-torn countries where Canadian armed forces like to offer their blood and service in mercenary missions of meddling doom.

Three years ago we had a bombastic Col. Bullmoose named Gen. Rick Hillier who was going to wipe our the remnants of the "scumbag" Taliban. Well, Hillier, now resigned, is on the unsung rubber chicken circuit (babbling about security, no doubt) and also a professional pundit, while the Taliban's Afghan emirate is on the rise, taking back the country one checkpoint and convoy at a time, utilizing their "air force and artillery" — suicide bombers. The mercenary militarists of Canada have yet to learn the cost of globalist empire, like their former British masters, until 2011. The number of neo-cons/Zionists who are angry at Stephen Harper's so-called cut-and-run after three more years of young dead Canadians, shows that their mean-spirited warmongering voice is fading for more internationalism. With an economic crisis south of the border and on the world's horizon, fewer and fewer are listening to the Zionist call for intervention, as isolationism and self-sufficiency become the priorities for survival. Even Israel has had to trim its sails in Middle East aggression as their society socially discombobulates into crime and acrimony. White Nationalists have been right about the same control and policies of most major political parties in the race-mixed United States of America. Barack Obama talks more like Bush lately, while trying to out-McCain (son of (McCain) as part of this shadow-boxing bigotry campaign. Both parties' supporters demonstrate the naive arrogance of Americans to put a novus ordre seclorum on the planet, as if they knew what their Freemason secret society founding fathers meant.

Racists wish a black president on their hands, rather than the sure-bet, willing-to-go-to-nuclear-war-with-White-Russia McCain/Palin ticket. For White Nationalists, let's give third-party candidates a protest vote; for the end result, I'd rather see them saddled with Obama. The barb I like against the yapping POW McCain (who's only for waterboarding and other tortures under certain circumstances) is the little clip in a Family Guy episode where he is in a tiger cage with a Vietnamese guard poking him with a stick, to which he whines, "Ow! I wanna be president! Ow! I wanna be president!." In thirty years, he really hasn't changed.

In Canada, racists were also right about the tyrannical hate laws which came back to bite the originator's pals right in the ass, when the Muslims started using them against Jews. Now some Jews are talking about retracting some of the more Draconian kangaroo court Human Rights Commissions' powers, where dozens of White Nationalists were intimidated and pauperized by the local polizia and their courts. And you want to know why White Nationalists aren't running for elections? Other Jews soon will wake up and realize that racial nationalism will be their future in the multicult society that they helped to create — what goes around comes around. Soon nationalistic fascism will be in fashion, with all the pomp and circumstance of Strauss and Sousa. As Plutarch said, whatever Man has done before, he can do again, and as creatures of habit, you can bet on it.

Racial and historical awareness, isolationism, immigration control, tariffs, non-interventionist foreign policy, youth discipline and responsibility, food and manufacturing self-sufficiency, and a national public service program are our goals for White Nationalist Canadians. During this election campaign, work with the candidate who is most closely-suited to these ideals in your riding, and get involved in your neighborhood's and community's affairs.

You can make a difference, because you're right.



Placebo Rx: Canada's Election

Another useless federal election is about to take place on October 14 in Canada, with no real choice for the country's direction from any of the three major political parties supported by the money-grubbers' controlled media. These network masters were put in the embarrassing position of slowing, their Red slips by initially agreeing to the "exclusion" of the Green Party leader Elizabeth May's participation in the political leaders' debate. After a public outcry from not only the 600,000 Green Party voters, the political playpen boys of the major parties (Conservative, Liberals and New Democrat) caved in and reversed their original anti-democratic stance after their public saw their clique's bias.

The Conservatives and Liberals are about the same on every issue, including immigration, multiculturalism and foreign policy. They only differ on how and what they want to tax the electorate: the Conservatives are basically neo-con progressives, standing up for internationalism and anti-white racism in unity with their Liberal counterparts, as Dr. William Pierce said of the Republicans and Democrats in America ("their isn't a dime's worth of difference between them").

Both main political parties are led by big politically correct nincompoops. Stephen Harper of the Conservatives, a Dudley-do-Right secretive character quick to keep his word on some promises while expediently avoiding others (whether on oil revenues to Newfoundland or the reversal on the gay marriage dictum instituted by his Liberal "opponents"). Stephen Harper is hated and mistrusted by a large segment of the Canadian population, due to his "Igor assistance" to Bush and Cheney's neo-con wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, spilling Canadian blood for no good reason around Kandahar. Harper is surrounded by two-faced neo-cons who support globalism, free trade and non-white cheap labor at the expense of white society in Canada

The Liberals, led by Stephane Dion, a Robespierre-like French Canadian professor who's hard to understand when speaking English, let alone when he's trying to explain his "Green Shift" program to reduce pollution through a nebulous carbon tax. The disputed global-warming and the environment are his main issues, while the country spirals out of control with plant closures, urban racial tension, and grisly crime. If Harper wasn't so distrusted, the so-called Liberals (the 'natural ruling party), are run by old white women and minorities), he would be dead in the water for serious voters.

Dion, to his credit (it all depends how you look at it), did save the Canadian Confederation when the Quebecois separatists came within 50,000 votes of winning their vaguely-worded independence referendum. As a cabinet minister at the time, he shifted large amounts of taxpayers money to the on-the-fence Quebeckers in grants, flags and allies that saved the day for another long goodbye, with the lukewarm reluctant separatists. But he still doesn't have many friends in the greedy province of Quebec.

The Lenin look-alike leader of the New Democratic Party Jack Layton, is married to a powerful Chinese dragon lady, a parliamentary member herself, Olivia Chow, from Toronto's Chinatown. Layton is big on internationalism, the UN, kangaroo court human rights commissions, political correctness and gay marriage, and anti-white racism. Like all neo-communists of his socialist party, he is "lite" on neo-con wars (unless they're promoting any of the fore-mentioned, and particularly if they're too much blood as in Afghanistan), Layton represents the politically correct union bosses who never mention the job losses to Third World countries and the import of non-union cheap labour immigrants, in line with their neo-con globalist masters. The militarist/Zionist media loves to poke fun at his pacifism, hoping to keep Canada as a mercenary-reservoir for imperialist wars for another century. We had an NDP government in Ontario for one lousy term under the premiership of the Jew Bob Rae, who nearly wrecked Ontario with debt. Afterwards he moved over to the Liberal party to be a leading luminary there, showing how politically incestuous the three top parties are, where members regularly cross the floor regularly for plum positions and appointments after being elected. There's not much hope from each of the main parties to reverse Canada's downward slide in race, economy and morals.

The Green Party is the first hope of most protest voters. But aside from the rest of their unnecessary environmental programs, the rest of their platform is feminist women's lip, led by Elizabeth May herself. May was quick to get rid of 9/11 "Truther" Green candidate who crooked his finger towards Jews in Internet postings, but kept a Yemeni Green candidate who complained about Israel's treatment of Palestinians. The Greens have never elected a member of parliament yet, and if they do, it'll be more of the politically-correct Left-lite same.

From Quebec, we have the blockheads of the Bloc Quebecois, French Canadian wannabe separatists who get elected by their constituents to go the the federal parliamentary trough and feed off our tax dollars while threatening to leave Canada. It's the biggest public shakedown on the planet, one that wouldn't be tolerated anywhere except in mommy's namby-pamby Canada. Their sovereigntist deceptions are led by the appropriately-named Giles Duceppe, who pre-empts the NDP in Quebec with his "fraternité, liberté et egalité" revolutionary crapola. The Bloc often as Haitians and North Africans as their candidates in urban ridings, equating the French language with race as their pur laine original settlers disappear.

The real issues of immigration, non-white crime (particularly black, mercenary war-participation, NAFTA, low morality and birthrates, total independence from Britain and the Crown, the impeding North American union, high food and fuel prices , Draconian police and state powers and the God-given right of freedom of speech trampled on, will never be discussed with these power-compromised marionettes of the ruling elite. This election was called by Stephen Harper as a convenience before his own new laws of fixed election dates take effect next year, belaboring under a minority government, he saw fit to get the approval of our Haitian Condoleezza Rice, Governor-General Michaelle Jean, who represents the titular head of this country, and acts on behalf of the Queen. Many believe it's an effort to consolidate himself before the Bush regime is put out of power. This is Harper's election. However, Canadians do have an opportunity to demonstrate their displeasure with the top political parties by voting for none of the above and giving a chance and a boost ro fledgling political parties and independents in the myriad little parties running in your riding.

White Nationalists of the Nationalist party will not be running in the federal election due to manpower and resource inadequacy. But we will be participating in the national discourse by introducing the issues important to white race survival in Canada. Sometimes it's the one percent of the 33 million who are on the right track for a nation's and a culture's survival. Public popularity has never been the criteria for truth and veracity. It wasn't when Noah built the ark, and it isn't today. Right is right, no matter how many vote or believe in it.

We will do our best to uphold that natural truth. Our time will come.




Anti-White Police Bosses Terrorize Society

Police bosses are in the bag of the multicult New World Order globalists. They have been in the vanguard of promoting politically correct ,anti-white racist, pauperizing programs which have ruined the once-homogeneous Canadian White Nationalist society in their mad dash to support whatever comes from the Grand Master's daisy-chain secret societies. They have removed themselves from the original Canadian mindset of a European heritage civilization. Police bosses and their media lackeys are forever braying against White Nationalism and racial awareness for the European community while marching with Sikhs, Hindus, queers, and in Caribana parades, extolling their nebulous virtues.

Take the case of the mad Chinese Vince Weiguang Li. The RCMP knew during the bus siege that this immigrant was mutilating and cannibalizing poor Timothy McLean, but held back for hours waiting for the ghoul to finish his gruesome task and only captured him after the killer tried to escape through one of the bus windows. They knew that Li was a dangerous nut bar who had already attempted to exit though the bus doors with his hunting knife and was stopped only by the brave efforts of the driver and some passengers. This guy was a mortal danger to anyone in the bus's perimeter but was allowed to carry on his grisly severed-head demonstration and to taunt all of Canada while the guys who "always get their man" stupefyingly waited for his escape attempt. The couldn't lob tear gas into a sealed vehicle, where other passengers may have been cowering under a seat? The nerve of these SOB's from the media defending the "cops" passive action and for condemning Tim McLean's family for suing the government and the bus company, showing their deep hatred for traditional white man's society and justice!

The cops were not too happy that some of their radio conversations were broadcast, revealing the cruel horror and enormity of this crime ("He's eating his flesh!"). It was further proof of their secret agenda to hide the truth from an emasculated Canadian populace under the rubric that it was "privileged communication." It's to serve and protect the public, not yourselves, guys, or did you forget?

For years we've had the Toronto Star proudly hiding the racial complexion of non-white criminal culprits for the sake of racial harmony, to the disservice of the Canadian community. And yet the police bosses never uttered a peep or condemnation; even the commies schleps of the Star's editorial board are now reversing that policy ever so slowly with blacks now being identified by race in criminal incidents. But the police brass is carrying on as if nothing has changed in Canada since the 1950s. Still eager to please the anti-white racist Red mob with promises to get the nipper-tipping assailants angry at Oriental over-fishing in Ontario's cottage country. God help any swastika-on-a-synagogue graffiti fool, while the gang taggers have defaced the entire city into a ghetto. If you want graffiti removed in Toronto, just place a swastikas over the non-white gang tags and you'll see how fast the top cops and Marxist politicians clamor and send out a Metro Works crew to clean it up. At one time, the Western Guard and Edmund Burke Society had all the city's temporary construction hoardings covered with 'White Power' slogans, then the same red Toronto Star and other fellow- traveler City councilors advertised a special cleanup front-page ad with a phone number in the 1970's. It was all gone in six months.

Consider the way that the RCMP treated the Polish tourist in Vancouver Robert Dziekanski, where he angrily pushed aside a chair; within 30 seconds, they had him tasered and dead — hey, but that's just a white man to these hateful self-loathing goofs, so fire away. The cops' continuous conferences and seminars on white racism are bearing evil fruit in their hair-trigger reactions at any hint of white nationalist pride and identity, like the time they grabbed a 7-year-old girl and 2-year old boy from a White Nationalist mother in Winnipeg and are still holding them with that blighted city's children's aid society because of a magic-marker swastika on the girl's arm. Let there be no good luck for Winnipeg and its denizens until those children's' misery and evil injustice is corrected.

Urban crime could easily be tackled much more successfully if the cops' bosses stood by their guns and demanded the oh-so-important tool of racial profiling; it would not only help the apprehension of criminal suspects, but, but put the onus of law-abiding behavior on the target communities which blather about "at risk youth" and poverty, as if it's a first-time appearance in Canada. The financiers and no-borders businessmen are the ones responsible for the violent criminal means that this country is in, requiring a major share of budgets and tax dollars to keep the multicult farce afloat: more police required equals a less-safe society, but don't expect the police bigwigs to ask for less. The police who are supposedly the ones we call upon to safeguard our rights and freedoms, are usually in the forefront of the anti-gun/anti-individual rights security laws. That's the chiefs' understanding of human and civil rights. I've never heard one police officer ever complain or condemn the abuses of their bigger-gunned cousins in the armed forces, in this country or America. (torture? what's that?). The police have become a Praetorian home guard at the behest of their cosmopolitan paymasters, removing themselves more and more from ordinary public contact with their high-tech tasers, stun-guns and private firm mercenaries, such as in New Orleans during Hurricane Gustav, hardly getting out of their cruisers except to accost bad drivers. The only time the public can share a grumpy or suspicious nod is when there's no drive-thru at the donut shop. Infrequent normal public association only leads to more fear and suspicion towards the haughty force that could change your future in an instant. It's not good for either side of the security fence.

The cops will have to get off their high-horse if they wish to regain that Norman Rockwell picture of a happy North American society before it spirals downward, like today's crime-infested anxious South Africa, going down the drain. There's no need to fear these bombastic blowhards, knowing one day they'll end up weak as they look into the strangers' eyes in a pigsty old-age home waiting for a bedpan change, as well as lonely and powerless, finally looking upon the havoc they have wreaked.

The police bosses are not behaving in the white man's way. Tell their bosses, any way you can.



Social Conservatives Easily Played

It's just pathetic how social conservatives are repeatedly failed by big business neo-cons and Zionist warmongers. These vague, social conservative ideologues are so prim-and-proper, politically lonely that as soon as neo-cons and liberals shake some internationalist car keys in font of them, they became enraptured, like babies. That's the case of John McCain's choice of the evangelical hunter/hockey mom two-year governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin for vice president. This cynical, hypocritical choice by the candidate with little religion, for the no-power position of vice president (after only meeting her once) suggests that his handlers are quite confident that this woman can be controlled and manipulated, just like the kosher conservatives she appeals to. Don't expect them to riot if McCain croaks and she becomes just another neo-con stooge like George Bush for the internationalist money grubbers, unlike Barack Obama's black supporters.

By the way, God doesn't seem to like evangelicals' attitudes in life, judging by the storms He's sending to the Republican convention.

Conservatives are big posers with little substances with little reactionary substance, when betrayed repeatedly over the last three generations by their money grubbing neo-cons and liberal liars who always assure them that everything will be business as usual — while the "human rights" commissions and hate laws hit them. Then they all go down in flames individually, while their ministers and community leaders suck their thumbs in awe. With the exception of a very few, like Shirley Phelps-Roper of the Westboro Baptist Church, all those Thatcher Iron Ladies — Australia's Pauline Hanson included — fade into dementia and obscurity. Most so-called conservative leaders are back-stabbing jokes, like William Buckley, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper and Ronald Reagan, who is looked upon as a demigod to the kosher propagandists. Reagan brought in the neo-con Illuminate government with his pre-emptive strikes and warmongering when the Jewish world bankers couldn't afford keep the criminal commie charade going in Moscow and told the other International Monetary Fund stooge Gorbachev to "Tear down this wall" in Berlin and open up a McDonald's.

I, unfortunately, had a hand in elevating Reagan's persona in the Caribbean by aiding with my secret information, the election of Eugenia Charles ( a skinny black woman; shades of Condoleezza Rice to come) on the island of Dominica, who in turn became Reagan's close conservative ally when he invaded the neighboring country of Grenada, in the grip of the commie New Jewel Movement at the time. With a black woman supporting him publicly in the Caribbean, the United States conducted a consequent invasion of Panama later, again with Eugenia Charles' conservative backing. This whole imbroglio, and the subsequent backstabbing of the KKK's effort for an invasion of Dominica, will be fully exposed in an upcoming book by Stewart Bell of the National Post.

The matriarchy is in full swing in America, where it is difficult to attack a female politician, whatever her stripe, especially if she's white; it's as if conservative men have given up in fear and have the dames fronting for them, whenever social conservatism is proposed. They figure that the skirts can do it better and safer. The conservative movement hasn't conserved anything about history and traditions, but love to put on a big bombastic flourish over family values issues, and then retreat into the woodwork when "racist" charges arise. They are big suckers for the 'Good War' and the anti-fascism crap that their deluded liberals peddle, guaranteeing the continuation of their anti-racist neo-con grip. Reactionary conservatism has little basis in ideology, particularly when the Bible is not interpreted literally, like the Koran. Phony inclusiveness is the bane of the hypocritical "compassionate conservatives" — an empty phrase if ever there was one. These gentle God-lovers are quick to rain bombs on top of primitive traditional societies who are willing to fight and die to conserve their way of life while worshiping the same Old Testament God.

For months, we've heard how Obama is too inexperienced (too black) to lead a race-mixed nation and then that phony Reagan conservative Son of (McCain) appoints a square-jawed chick as his running mate on the assurance of his image-savvy handlers. A 'blonde" on one side and a brunette on the other — see ho cool he looks to titillate his stodgy fans. That will be enough for these surface-thinking pseudo-ideologues. At least it'll make them feel better when exercising their oh-so secret racial preferences for a black man in the White House. In the long run, the women's vote will sink America as the male population is emasculated with a few whorehouse guard brutes to defend the children-killing matriarchy.

In this presidential election and in Canada's upcoming general election, for the white man, it will be a case of heads we lose, tails they win, since all major parties (Democrats, Republicans, Liberals and Conservatives) are played by the Punch and Judy puppeteers' hands. Conservatives need to shed their failed phony philosophy and vote radically against all of the above, including the cosmopolitan, race-mixing New Democratic Party. As the saying goes, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, and it should be on the lips of every small-C conservative.

Vote against the big parties and controlled media. Vote for anyone but the established power-elites.


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