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Disparate War Party Can’t Win


'War Party' is losing the battle in their self-created phony 'war on terror' both at home and abroad.

The War Party consists of a secret cabal of characters who want to rule the world utilizing the greedy money grubber hedonists in the war profiteering business world, coupled with the military and bigot hayseeds looking for glory and recognition above their pecking order position and home and religious nihilists looking for Armageddon and the Second Coming with Shakers ecstasy, (to get one on the Muslims and have the Jews seek their salvation), and hordes of non-spirited collaborator opportunists, lesbian women's' groups and meddling Soviet social planners.

They're all in favor of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, killing religious Believers, destroying their ancient culture and civil infrastructure, as if they were "savages" of old. It's so repugnant, and for no good reason. Canadians in Afghanistan are so desperate for suckers to go into the Afghanistan war that they're following George Bush's example and sending in Navy and Air Force personnel, using naval seamen and pilots for ground combat cannon fodder in the Afghan desert, called "re-rolling."

Those dirty wars have been sanitized beyond belief while their whole country is filled with blood; the controlled media through the ruling moneyed elite hides the bloodshed of this rotten "war on terror".

FLASH! They're losing militarily in both countries, especially Iraq, where the dog media fails to inform the dumb American/Canadian Idol public that whole sections of both Afghanistan and Iraq are in Islamic Sharia hands. In Afghanistan, Canadian soldiers are hiring youths in a quick ten-day training to guard that road in Penjwal, where they've lost so many men, while the Canadians hunkered down in their mortar-attacked bases, or occasionally patrol drug- and warlords' poppy fields from the Taliban.

Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, has promised an increase in violence. His commanders claim they control half the countryside with Taliban attacks back in the northern city of Konduz. In northern Iraq, the Kurds have set up a Mossad-backed state, while in the south the Iranians have established a puppet Shiite government using their killer militias in a tenuous collaboration with American forces. In Iraq the insurgents have set up an Islamic state given little or no publicity by the Western media -- a whole swath of territory and cities in the center of Iraq are under their control, especially at night. The American/ Iraq army is getting worn out, hence the talk of a draft and new Hollywood military movies of the war-mongering kind.

With 40% of the American public believing that it's because of Israel that they're in Iraq; as things get worse, that figure will get bigger. Blame the Jews -- it's been done before and always seem to be on top (Awww...)

Matriarchies don't like foreign adventures where you die -- especially their kids. It's not good: recently seven Germans were charged with the Marxist term "spreading hatred" for burning The Diary of Anne Frank in public. The anger is great, and people are not stupid, especially with the help of the Internet (which our enemies are desperately trying to limit and control). The power of the Internet was for everyone to see, highlighting the controlled, lying media by listing 300 names of American casualties of that ammunition dump in Iraq. The mannequins said that few casualties were reported. The war death toll is a lot higher in both theatres of war. There are discrepancies that are silenced by the Official Secrets Act and the Patriot Act in this terror war for totalitarian control in Novus Ordo Seclorum.

Mercenaries and conscripts can only last so long (while they want to come home, before the enemy follows us here (and have a right to, since we were there, and if they could).
But, they don't have to, because we brought them here, Muslims and the Third World, to build their nations on this continent. The whole thing's an Alice In Wonderland scenario: When looking through the looking-glass, you see that the mixed-bag War Party will lose this war, with neo-cons, theo-cons and thugs working together for cross purposes.

The fundamentalist Christians totally forget the stupidity of fighting for the reason that they are with the same Scripture God Believers, interpreted and trumped by their racial reflexes and instincts. God must be laughing at their minute jealousy of Him: Do they all not say that He created us for his worship and amusement?

In the end, the War Party can't win.




Fascism Is Not The Enemy


The first time I saw the phrase "Islamo-fascism"was in a Zionist propaganda newspaper owned by the Asper family, part of a multinational conglomerate which owns lots of other newsmedia — a neat way for the hedonistic new world order secularists to tie the last remaining Believers' religion to the bogeymen of World War II ("We'll get all those veterans on our side, eh?"). How many times have I heard the words My father fought against Fascism!...yeah, and look at the world today, with communist consumerism running amok. One is a religion which trumps the other's ideology. At first I thought it was a radical Zionist epithet. Suddenly, the National Vanguard (America's Dissident Voice") staff started using it.

Whoah! Next, their buddies from the New Orleans Protocol (high flyers won't be meeting there again!), and the British National Party (a watered-down version of John Tyndall's White Nationalism) started using the same phrase. I protested, but to no avail. Not long after the phrase came from the horse's mouth — George Bush, Cheney and other neo-con war dogs: "Islamo-fascism, Islamo-fascism!" Strangely, I haven't seen the dumb epithet on either site lately. Oh, but they've got as new one now: "homo-fascists", as if racially-conscious fascists were in favor of homosexuality. And there is the latest one, "Euro-fascists", subtly separating us from our White kith and kin. It's a slur on fascism and Nazism, both associated with Italians and Germans, which can do no good except to demoralize naive bigot White Nationalists who still rap on about "rag heads", as if they had picked up a gun and defeated the Zionist entity anywhere, except on the rubber chicken circuit.

I haven't heard anyone repeat the Patrick Henry saying, Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death — unlike the suicide bombers attacking neo-con mercenaries.

The consumerist neo-cons (capitalism and consumerism both want a monopoly and work well together) need a macho grunt force to beat the Believers, and the homosexuals, although they can be real mean at times, are not up to snuff. Society has be to re-militarized after years of baby-boomer "hell-no-we-won't-go" pacifism. Ergo, get rid of the queers from the forefront, whose numbers are dwindling from AIDS anyways. Are these White Nationalist groups testing the water for The Man while at the same time smearing White Nationalists or any Nazis and racists connected to them? Is that why they run away from the words racist or Klansman, using wussifying terms like "racialist" while easily crossing all kinds of borders and customs checks throughout the world during this 'war on terror' against real dissidents to the new world order?

Marxist anarchist thugs who demonstrated against Paul Fromm were looking to target 'a local fascist leader' last summer, taunting him with, "SHOW US YOUR ARYAN GONADS!", while American "Dissident Voices" complain about misogynists from their matriarchal whorehouse windows. Fascism is not the enemy, and questions are not answers. National Vanguard founder Dr. William Pierce would spin in his grave to see how his philosophy has been effeminately perverted. I don't hear these guys complaining about the totalitarian torturist Military Commissions Act (which shames the white race); do they enjoy a little thumbscrewing and waterboarding? — I don't hear these "dissident voices" complaining about NATO in Afghanistan. Probably; they're secretly applauding the consumerist commie onslaught on simple patriarchal Believers. They'd rather pollute their planet in hedonistic frivolity.

These SOB's have nothing to teach the white race as they have ruined it in their "pursuit of happiness". They're as haughty and shrill as the women's lib "progressives". And then they have the nerve to cite demographic statistics about our disappearing race. There is an old saying: If you can't beat your enemy, join them. Surely the CIA, MI-5/6 and Putin's KGB/FSB have all done that — peddling their crap in a love-in with PutinMania, while condemning ethnic nationalists (Chechen or otherwise) as terrorists who kill children (as if they have any or give a damn) and peddling Kremlin lies. Just like government agencies they are haughty and arrogant, hardly ever responding to white nationalists, unless they're slandering them in their speeches and websites. Fascism and fascists are a spent force, except for their historic ideology. But these spin-doctoring scoundrels choose to ignore the enormous crimes of the commies and are quick to sing the praises of a KGB killer while pretending to be concerned about the white race.

Get control of your women first, dummies, and get them out of the strip clubs and whorehouses, by believing in something besides the almighty fund-raising dollar (your boss, now and in the hereafter). Stop playing as the vanguard of the Establishment's propaganda, get down to basics and reproduce, if you care about the White race.

As Plutarch said, what Man has done before, he can do again. Let's have a new baby boom which will put demands on the next generation for a place to stand instead of self-flagellating ourselves against patriarchal fascism, the symbol on which White America's Abraham Lincoln rests his hands on Capitol Hill.




Freedom Is Dead In America


Here's something that makes me glad to be a Canadian:

It's official — American professional pervert torturers can carry out their dirty tasks with impunity after war pig Bush signed the "Military Commissions Act", giving full protection to his dog-men. The American government is acting like serial killers who abduct and rape their captives, the same as the CIA, Gestapo and KGB agents did in the past. This ugly American scenario taints the entire White race, equating the 'United Snakes of America' to a banana republic, where El Presidente can decide on his whim and wish what kind of stressful, painful and inhumane treatment you will receive. All persons throughout the world are at risk from this kidnapping, roaming band of torturous thugs connected to the painful apparatus of this shit-assed state: The new laws specify that any person can be subjected to this treatment, including Jose Padilla.

This nastiness has permeated to the bigots and kosher-conservatives who are so eager to save their stinking skins that they are acquiescing in this low-down travesty of perverts and bigots. Only Hal Turner has
forcefully condemned this latest depredation of the enemies of the White race. It's time for all White Nationalist leaders to condemn this torturous outrage and injustice. Meanness is the main Achilles heel of our anti-racist enemies: Holding hands with Vladimir Putin. the butcher of Chechnya, does not give them the moral high ground; neither does self-flagellating "fascism" with synonyms, the same ones that our enemies use.

America is a failed state where bullshit and money run the roost — the very principles of a whorehouse. The race=mixed USA is resembling Hindu India, the apex of cruel capitalism, where you're born and stratified into your job and class (laws were recently promulgated there forbidding the bottom 150 million 'untouchables' converting to any egalitarian religion such as Islam or Christianity: Draconian laws in a state that also practices torture to maintain their slave-conditions work force.

I hope that all American visitors, travelers, and tourists are button-holed, questioned and condemned for tolerating this sordid and calculated pain practice on human beings until they get the picture and realize the approbation of decent peoples throughout the world (E-mail your friends in the USA and tell them what you think). This 'military missions' law can't stand, nor can the United States of America with it, because October 17, 2006 is a day of infamy for White civilization in America.

WAKE UP, drunk and dirty America! Your freedom is dead, and the world is disgusted with you.




North Korea: Making a Mountain Out Of A Molehill


So what's North Korea going to do with its nuclear weapons — threaten to drive the Americans out of the Far East? Remember that they got there with gunboat diplomacy when peddler Uncle Sam blasted the Japanese ports in the 1800s to force them to trade. Or, is it the yellow journalism war fought against Spain in order for them to become the new colonial masters of the Philippines for 50 years... or perhaps their meddling in China? The Americans don't belong there with their consumerist culture-destroying crapola and their population-boom race-mixing policies that have led to massive migration to North America, undermining the White population here socially and economically. Their record in the Pacific is a dismal 'Bully Hayes" pirate adventure, and all the islands and the planet are poorer for it environmentally.

I hate the unnatural commies and their depredations. Once I had a nightmare that I was in a North Korean prison for foreigners where everyone was longingly dreaming of home in a cruel state where families are starved and tortured to death. Fortunately that particular Red Plague is not going too far as most nations have been immunized, having seen the horrors of the communist revolutions in China and Vietnam.

The most that North Korea could achieve is the reuniting of its people and peninsula to make a disciplined powerhouse in the region — hopefully rivaling Japanese expansion and design. The Japanese always used them as prison guards in their notorious death camps, since they occupied them for years. The North uniting with the South would make Korea more Korean instead of aping the Americans, the Japanese and the Filipinos (it's always a danger for race survival when another race starts imitating you). The only thing preventing this unification and nationalism is the American Armed Forces throughout the region, with bases in friendly countries and cultures. The controlled media's hoopla about North Korea going nuclear, while saying nothing about bellicose Israel, is a red herring and false-flag to divert attention from the Zionist and American imperialism losing wars in the Middle East, Iraq and Afghanistan. It's all wild and mindless speculation with little substantive news, just like the Foley fiasco (as if we didn't know that queers were top-heavy in government and the media). After all, it is the age of women and cripples, who've never had it so good, an age where the army wouldn't stand a chance against the hordes of disciplined and hungry smart-marching forces on the DMZ (just like the army in Iraq, if they should stupidly attack Iran).

Brutal China is in charge of North Korea and could squeeze them to do anything they want, notwithstanding their mea culpa and supposed concerns about the Kim Jong Il regime. This time the Japanese won't have an easy go of it, unlike their 50 years of making war on the Asian continent. All in all, this is a tempest in a teapot, hyped up by a first-strike Bush war regime spreading American imperialist hegemony throughout the world, ignoring and disparaging racial and ethnic realities throughout the world. "Asia for the Asiatics" is the Nationalist policy in a world of live-and-let-live, with no discernible civilization one-upsmanship on a real diverse planet for all those who succeeded to existence at the edge of time. "Mala que pensa mala": evil to those who think evil, is the motto our party.

It's time for the Koreans to solve their own problems.




Confining God Indoors


The howling and squealing from the queer lobby and consumerist secularists at the mere suggestion and speculation of a Defense of Religions Act if gay marriage is not debated, is outstanding and telling. Just when the Western world needs to get more religion and morality, these shrill commie/neo-con hedonists want to push the other way further, inflaming fundamentalist Islamic believers against the Great Satan of the West. Other than White Nationalists, there isn't a voice of sanity and balance representing conservative religious life in the West; The Pope is too busy poking Muslims in the eye, while the kosher conservative neo-cons have been taken over by mean-spirited libertarian Ayn Randists whose solution ro the anarchy is "More guards!"

Race and racial realities trump religion, which we've seen all over the world, from Darfur to Northern Ireland to Sri Lanka to the Shia/Sunni conflict; the Aryans are always taking the bloody approach to religion (The Passion of the Christ and Shi'ite self-flagellators).

Religion trumps gender and as religion weakens, so the gender takes over -- Matriarchy versus patriarchy, Christianity versus Islam.

Gender trumps ideology: if the women don't want it, it won't fly in any universal suffrage election.

Ideology trumps political parties and human associations: Witness how the neo-cons and Ayn Randist consumerists have taken over the conservative parties throughout the Western world.

Political parties and human associations trump the individual human spirit, and the Old Boys' Clubs and the secret and professional organizations keep a thumb on individual human spirit.

The individual human spirit (where hope springs eternal) trumps tyranny and totalitarianism.

Wherever one is weakened or one is strengthened, there is an imbalance, society goes to pot, and hell breaks loose. This is what we're witnessing in the Western world.

To have religion, you must have believers, which are not recruited by sado-masochist scourge movies, while the clergy spends all its time politicizing their congregations instead of paying attention to the liturgy which is being stripped of its history and its mysteries with translations into the vernacular. Christian believers are as scarce as hen's teeth, while in their mission work, for every Christian convert there are eight converts to Islam, particularly in the Third World.

Not one religion has been created by a woman, while their gender takeover has demoralized the religious into impotency, so much so that can't even reproduce themselves. The secular society is so afraid that they are re-militarizing with more whorehouse guards in order to prolong the agony of the unnatural.

Recently on the Dateline NBC program To Catch A Predator, there was an Internet chat-room sting operation using a supposedly 13-year-old girl. Their catch turned out to be some sorry veterans of the whorehouse war in Afghanistan. That about sums up what they're doing there and the religious dimension of our "brave crusaders". Also recently, one wag I spoke to suggested that the best way to deal with Iran is to flood it with pornography (It worked in the West, didn't it?).

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's sleight-of-hand methods of satisfying his supposedly religious base with his elitist measures would safeguard some clergy, while the rest of us are to keep our mouths shut about God and confine Him to the indoors, as has happened under the communist bosses of the past, with no public displays or mention of divinity --unless of course, you're part of a Jewish or Muslim minority, and with barely a peep from the cardinals, bishops and monsignors-- a shame on them!

Only the indomitable, individual human spirit with a yearning for God our Creator, can overcome this skewed establishment of disorder and tyranny, and put our society and our racial existence back in order again.




American Nightmare


One time, I came up with the slogan "Leaderless, we are rudderless", which one erstwhile member smirked at — who wound up aiding and abetting a government agent in the notorious Heritage Front (which purportedly spoke for White people at the time and was orchestrated and funded by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. I remember how that group always discouraged the development of White Nationalist leaders, even to the point of tolerating pseudonyms in leadership positions, like "Reverend Hawthorne", a.k.a., George Burdi, who later married a Hindu, a religion that is the apex of capitalism, where you're born into your job according to Varna (which means 'color') and the Caste system, with 365,000 gods to pray to for success. This ancient race-mixed society was already old when Alexander the Great came and conquered half of it. He called all of the gurus in for consolidation and the divestment of their secrets and philosophy, and after a week of listening to them, he surmised: "Nothing new here." That reminded me of the old Sanskrit proverb which is well worth repeating: Out of the corruption of women proceeds the confusion of races; out of the confusion of races proceeds the loss of memory; out of the loss of memory proceeds the loss of understanding; and out of that — ALL TROUBLES."

In the North American whorehouse, few know world history, fewer still understand or speak properly in the 'gangsta culture', and all troubles exist in a land where children are kept in bunkers for sexual depredation, where weirdoes shoot up schools and places of work. Even the Amish, with their heads buried in the sand like ostriches, attempting to live in the nineteenth century, could not escape a sicko gunman who lined up their little girls in front of a blackboard and shot them dead. This is the America where looking for fathers and dead bodies is a regular activity. This place is rotten from top to bottom, from a lying devil-signing president to the drugged-up military killers in Iraq — the picture of an empire rotten to the core and enabled by the perverted money-grabbing leadership and the entrainment media.

Where are American leaders speaking out against unchivalrous torture practices used to save their rotten skins? Too busy, perhaps sending sordid sexual e-mails to male page boys, like Representative Mark Foley, the Republican bigwig who was duplicitously on the staff of the Caucus for Missing and Exploited Children. Not a day goes by without some horror taking place in the land of the free and the home of the brave (as if!). And yet, these guys want to bring 'democracy to Baghdad and Kabul. It's like a dame I knew once who was pretty and letter-perfect and neat, while her house was in disorder, full of cats and cat shit from top to bottom. Occasionally the litter box smell would overtake the French perfume scent.

With hundreds of thousands searching through garbage dumpsters for sustenance and million more homeless or living in cars or slum trailer parks, the arrogant elites from their capital of Washington spend billions of dollars on NASA space programs -- whose major benefits so far are quick "gangsta" drug deals (thanks to cell phones) and better intrusive eavesdropping, and missile control for state terror. The official separation of Church and State in their Freemason/Templar constitution guarantees the downward trend in their "pursuit of happiness". Even the children's cartoon programs promote promiscuity. So much for the compassionate conservatives, who have been pre-empted by penny-pinching, mean-lipped neo-cons (fiscal conservatives)...they only thing they want to conserve are their pocketbooks. They're not even allied with conservationists. let alone race, culture and religion.

The liberals are abysmal, particularly in their opposition to war and torture and betrayed by feminist hating hags against religion and patriarchy, and aided by a bevy of homosexual dilettantes in and out of the closet. They're in a moral quagmire, the same as the 30-year-at-Harvard egghead "Iggy" Michael Ignatieff, poised to be the new head of the Liberal Party on December 2nd. He's in favor of torture, too (for Zionist purposes only). Your second choice is from the same cabal, Bob Rae. Senators Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton and John McCain are all leading liberal contenders for the 2008 U.S. Presidency, all in favor of "torture-lite." Such nice people; talk about The Ugly American, they're all over in the leadership in a two-party election, with similar policies and electronic balloting. It's a sure fix, with little hope in sight. And the world is seeing the facts through the Internet and the media, with growing rejection of U.S. economic slavery and consumerism.


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