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Politicized Police Undermine Democracy


The police have no business promoting war. That's what Toronto Police Chief William Blair was doing when he attended and promoted a conniving slogan , "Support Our Troops" rally in crummy Dundas Square in the center of Toronto, ostensibly to show support for our hired killers bombing and bulldozing their way through poor Afghanistan villages.

Cops should not be politicized. That's not the White man's way or the democratic way. Publicly-owned technology and taxpayers' money to keep our crime-ridden city safe, is given to hysterical warmongers and internationalist social planners to promote the neo-con money-grubbers' agenda. The whole bellicose idea started with two wives of Canadian soldiers who had served in Afghanistan. With a lot of help from government employees and curious tourists they were able to rally about 5,000 red-dressed participants in our nation's capital Ottawa. They had a lot of support from the Defense Department, to be sure, and the local kosher conservatives at the Ottawa Sun and radio talk show hosts. In Toronto, two weeks later, they were quick to solicit support from the same cabal of neo-cons and radio stations, including Q-107, CFRB 1010 and 640 AM Radio, who are big on all wars of Zionism and international meddling to spread their libertine whorehouse culture from Darfur to Afghanistan.

Everyone knows you can't support your troops in a My Lai, Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo situation and pretend they're not doing anything wrong over there, or that the aggressive mission is squeaky-clean -- just rebuilding Afghanistan with their form of Godless capitalism. It's ruined this country. To hear these intolerant propagandists tell it, everyone who's against them should just shut up (like their repeated advice to their favourite whipping boy NDP Leader Jack Layton, who wants our bloodied troops back by February 2007, and to hell with NATO). It is sad to see supposed "peacenik" minstrels like Gordon Lightfoot as well as blonde mop-top Toronto Mayor David Miller promoting the war under the rubric of "support our troops"--not if they're doing wrong, pal (I guess they forgot Where Have All The Flowers Gone?, as they participate in any gig available before their careers end).

Miller and the other terror-war-party proponents are pushing the angle that Canadian troops are in Afghanistan and putting themselves in harm's way for us (oh, Puh-LEEESE!). Only George Bush and the cruel torturers around him are laughing that he had to mention the cannon-fodder Canadians' contribution to his never-ending Orwellian war for world domination. The presence of the police chief and police union head David Wilson at this war rally is troubling for the other half of the Canadian population which is opposed to international meddling and this ugly war in Afghanistan. Who are the rest of us, chopped liver to be ignored and ridiculed? Where can the peaceful citizen turn for service and protection from a politicized police force? Questions are not answers. The fact that out of a city of three million, no more than about 3,000 showed up for this demonstration after all the brouhaha and advertising, speaks poorly for the future of the War Party in our fair city plagued with guns and crime, while our police are promoting Howitzer activity in Afghanistan.

These same libertine warmongers who are afraid of religion who are afraid of religion and morality are quick to bleed about separation of church and state but nothing wrong in their sanguine dupliciousness of the coupling of police and politics, quite similar to the Marxist models they've been raised on by their haughty teachers where the KGB organizes pro-government demonstrations for their commie war policies -- and they're calling them "red rallies" already! This is further proof that neo-con fiscal conservative money pinchers and intolerant libertine reds can work together. It was pathetic to see a few World War II veterans who gave this country away to the Third World trotted out for one more use at the podium: promoting war. I guess they learned nothing, easily forgetting their War Amps Never Again program.

Fortunately it's the last gasp of the White middle class bigots, stupids and liars, because there were very few young people in the crowd and hardly any non-Whites. Their Utopian dream, perhaps, may never die -- just the dreamers, because supporting this war is just a nightmare.




38 Candidates....One White Nationalist Running For Mayor


A Guest Editorial by Bob Smith


Now that the nominations are closed and the race for this city's head administrator is in full swing, perhaps it's time for some comparative shopping. Voting in any election is like making a major purchase: Caveat Emptor, as the old saying goes; let the buyer beware, and in a race where a total of 38 mayoralty candidates were officially registered at the close of nominations Friday September 29, it's in your interest to see how the better-knowns and lesser-known and just plain wannabes stack up on the three issues I think Toronto needs to address: stopping guns, better managing our garbage and wiping out graffiti.

The two "front-runners", incumbent David Miller and media darling Jane Pitfield both fare poorly. Miller has had lots of time to "clean up Toronto", as his last flippant campaign weakly promised. The numbers and viciousness of violent crime in his term of office has been front-page news daily. Aside from putting in some courtesy face time last year at the memorial service for Jane Creba, this guy's track record of getting tough is virtually non-existent. His heading up of a leftist anti-police council that refuses to give our cops the support, manpower and the tools they need to make a dent in violent crime. And as for Jane, well, her words on her website claim that there's a "lack of leadership" that is the reason why we've got out-of -control crime, among other woes. Unfortunately, if you're looking on the same site for her hard solutions to stopping the mayhem. you'd have better luck playing Where's Waldo? Jane's approach is to be critical of the incumbent for not doing the job (well and good) but where's your master plan for stopping the gun violence and the mayhem that have pervaded our city, Jane? Are you for tougher sentences for violent gun crime offenders? Pressing Ottawa to revamp the laughable Youth Justice Act? Finding innovate ways to get cash to improve the effectiveness of law enforcement? if you've got some ideas, Jane, how about sharing some of them with the voters? As for some of the others, there's Kevin Clarke's site at . Kevin, by the way, is "not accepting any e-mails". Word to the wise, sir: communication with voters is a major part of what running for political office is all about. And Mitch Gold's site ( ) has everything you'd want to know about him — except what he'll do if elected Mayor.

I had to laugh at Miller's site. He's replaced his limp broom logo from the last campaign with a stylized version of the traditional old-style Toronto street sign (which Metro Council tried to have replaced with modern, soulless new signs whose design is right out of a science fiction film). I never saw such a disorganized site. You click on one story to find out that Mayor Miller "didn't sit on a viable deal for hauling trash", yet try to get the details about a story titled Pride In the City by clicking on the title and what pops up? "Miller Didn't Sit On Viable Deal for Hauling Trash" . Thanks, Mr. Mayor, glad to see you're keeping us informed.

On garbage, well, there seems to be no plans to deal with that by any candidate other than solutions that ship our problem to other locations instead of solving it here. And no cost-efficient alternatives have I seen offered to the multicolored trash receptacles (one color for every kind of waste is how the City has gone--I guess it's supposed to reflect our 'diversity'). Also, no one seems to feel that our police could be better spending their time stopping graffiti along with other more serious crime instead of inappropriately supporting pro-Afghanistan war rallies. It's totally out of place for police to be taking political stands in public on issues that are in federal jurisdiction. Police are supposed to enforce the law, not be political advocates.

I make no bones about being a White Nationalist who's more than a little perplexed that multiculturalism, or as it's known in the popular Toronto slogan, "diversity" (it's our strength) has been interpreted to accentuate every culture in and of Toronto except that of European Canadians, and done so at our expense. For heaven's sake, let's officially declare European Heritage Week (this year it runs from October 9-15) in Toronto! What can be wrong with commemorating and teaching the history of those from England, France, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Ireland, Wales, Estonia and the rest of those great nations whose peoples contributed to this city, in ideas, in architecture, in all the ways that make Toronto a city worth living in? You have to wonder at the mindset and the agendas of those who have a problem with the idea of European Heritage Week.

In any case, you know where I stand. In the coming days, as this campaign continues, I hope to meet many of you and to talk over what you think is in need of improvement in Toronto. Click on the green banner and read over what I have to say. I welcome at your comments at  And decide what kind of a future you want Toronto to have.

Oh yes, the most important thing: On November 13, get out and VOTE. If you're not sure if you're eligible or need information, go to . And if you're interested in learning more about European Heritage Week, (a concept that Queen Elizabeth supported in 1994) , click on the European Heritage Week button on the left side of this page.

Let's do more for Toronto than what David Miller, Jane Pitfield and so many others in this election promise. The operative word here is DO, and it starts on November 13...with you.




Pope’s Poke In The Eye


Numa, one of the founders of Rome, said that the Gods were created by Man to face the fear of the afterlife to control Man's savage nature on Earth.

Secularists and non-believers , many of whom laugh at the concept of God (except on their deathbeds) are waging torture and war throughout the world. Scripture-God believers of the three religions (Jews, Christians and Muslims) are compassionate cultists who can't seem to get together to stop the carnage. Pope Benedict's whine about Mohammed's violence was a Pope's poke in the eye to over one-half of those Scripture God believers. How infallible is that?

The Catholic questioning of the supposedly infallible Vicar of Christ further adds fuel to the fire of the disbelievers: Why attack a schismatic co-religionist when your power's under attack and on the vane? Explaining the gaffe as a huckster's attention-grabbing advertisement doesn't clarify the outburst of quoting a corrupt Byzantine emperor supported by mercenary troops in the last gasp of an effeminate empire which had lost its ethnicity faced with a patriarchal religiously fervoured enemy made up of neighboring tribes. Rome and the Western Church stood by their arms folded, secretly gleeful that another co-religionist schismatic center of power had fallen -- that was Constantinople, in 1458.

On September 20, during his weekly general audience, Benedict continued his apology and clarification: "I spoke on the relationship between faith and reason. I included a quotation on the relationship between religion and violence. This quotation, unfortunately, lent itself to possible misunderstanding. In no way did I wish to make my own, the words of the medieval emperor. I wished to explain that not religion and violence, but religion and reason, go together. I hope that my profound respect for world religions and for Muslims who 'worship the one God' and with whom we 'promote peace, liberty, social justice and moral values for the benefit of all humanity', is clear. Let us continue the dialogue both between religions and between modern reason and the Christian faith!"

Speaking to Muslim leaders in Cologne, Germany last August during World Youth Day, Benedict said: "Inter-religious intercultural dialogue between Christians and Muslims cannot be reduced to an optional extra. It is in fact a vital necessity on which in large, our future depends." Benedict seems to understand the concept, and now we're waiting for the wisdom and mercy of the representative of the one God to act against the torturers, warmongers and non-believers, and to offer dialogue with the fundamentalist dissidents fighting against the non-believers, and the culpable Christians in their ranks.

The world is watching.




El Diablo Presidente


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez could have put President George Bush into history when he called him "El Diablo" — the Devil. The 'Devil President' term could stick against the man who believes in pre-emptive war and undignified torture. Chavez crossed himself and kissed a symbolic rosary as he complained during his Wednesday address at the UN General Assembly that the smell of Hell's sulphur still permeated the rostrum where Bush hectored the world "as if he owned it." It all sounded so good in Spanish. Chavez later called Bush a drunk and in need of a psychiatrist in front of an audience in Harlem.

There was significant laughter at Chavez's barbs at Bush in his speech in the half-filled UN General Assembly. Snooty US UN Ambassador John Bolton was arrogantly absent; this blatant liar Bolton later claimed that Venezuelans didn't have the right of free speech (Not true; there are no political prisoners in Venezuela, where 90% of the media is controlled by Chavez's opposition — not surprising from neo-con warmongers who jail political dissidents in Canada regularly). Likewise, when Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad delivered his speech to a half-empty audience (thanks to US pressure and the cowardice and insincerity of those absent to peacefully solve the world's problems). Not listening is the first error and the injustice that a bully and his flunkies perpetrate (the Israelis, whose chestnuts the UN just pulled out of the fire in Lebanon, were missing, too).

Chavez complained about racism but he and President Evo Morales of Bolivia, boasted about an indigenous comeback and takeover. Most Latin American countries have two main parties: Colorados (Mestizos) and Blancos (Whites). The Whites in South America have persecuted and have been persecuted in return on many occasions. Paraguay's half-caste dictators forbade Whites to marry (except to Blacks and Indians) while other measures were used to get rid of the pure Spaniards, such as forced-suicide squadrons, in its disastrous war with Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, costing the most casualties in any war in the Americas. There's a long history of racism in Brazil, which only abolished slavery in 1871 (eight times more African slaves were brought to Brazil, then the United States.

The United States puts in a lousy $1 billion a year into the UN to use that world body as a tool and a cover for its empire-building; Iraq costs the US $4 billion a week. Whining Americans have been demonizing their enemies since Hitler: now that they are operating like "Gestapo Lite," it's their turn to receive the condemnation of nations.

The controlled secular media suited torturers are reacting to the 'devil' label with anger, shock and surprise, worried about "the believers' " condemnations, from Iran's "Great Satan" term for America, to Chavez's El Diablo for President Bush. None of the media pundits' weasel words or explanations could change the capitalist warmongers' record or desires. Evil is as evil does.

Give 'em hell, Hugo!




Karzai, Go Home!


The puppet President of Afghanistan (and ex-oil executive and Halliburton Corporation executive) Hamid Karzai, put in by American imperialist aggression and propped up by a mercenary-military alliance (the troops of NATO, including Canadians), is visiting his neo-con Zionist backers in our fair capital of Ottawa. Karzai is looking for more Canadian cannon-fodder for the meat grinder and encountering resistance to establish another McWorld whorehouse in that ancient civilization. He knows that Canadians have served with bloody distinction as fill-ins in past conflicts throughout history, from the Boer War in South Africa, to Korea, to Afghanistan today. He knows Canada's ruling elite are a bunch of liars, just like the recently-admitted "ex-commie" government in Hungary.

This kosher family compact of politicians run both major Canadian political parties (Liberals and Conservatives), just as in the United States, with the same crap policies from the Democrats and the Republicans. Karzai knows that the media is in the hands of a few Zionists and internationalist dilettantes like that disgusting retiring Chairman of the CBC Guy Fournier, who delights in public anal allusions. All the rest of the media is on the same page — all part of the same Terror War Party pushing for a mercantile business world of the serfs and the chosen. That's why CNN's Lou Dobbs keeps yammering on about the attack on the Middle Class (i.e., Whites).

While pretending to be the nationalist leader of all of Afghanistan, Karzai's essentially known as the Mayor of Kabul — because the rest of the countryside is in the hands of the Red/drug warlords and in the hands of the Taliban. Karzai, who is the Afghan Green Lantern, cape and all, is just another Western mission school-educated Gunga Din, listening to the cabal's Master's Voice. He is there to make millions for foreigners by producing the highest opium harvest in decades and then, using the 'Big Lie' technique that Hitler talked about in Mein Kampf (referring to the Jews), he blames the Taliban for the narco-state, neatly ignoring the publicly-known fact that prior to Bush's invasion, the Taliban had eliminated 90% of all opium production and put Afghanistan back into being a nature-friendly pastoral state.

Just listen to the retarded commentary of the Toronto Sun's Peter Worthington, General Lewis MacKenzie, General Rick Hillier and all the military spokesmen from Afghanistan. They possess the same DNA of those who ordered men at bayonet-point in the trenches to certain death "over the top" in the thousands, and at the end, for what? Certainly not for freedom of speech in a country where people can be jailed for breaching a subject. The Taliban knows that Canadian military grit is pivotal to NATO's resolve. No ethnically-united country is dumb enough (other than the power-hungry Dutch) and some of the militarists in this country who think nothing of young men's lives, but only of their Game Boy fantasy scenarios. Hopefully, these militarists won't embarrass Karzai with more attacks and Canadian casualties to make their bloody point during his visit.

It's a hell of a price to pay to be a middle power for no good reason. Karzai will be here asking for more troops, who will now be subject to Afghanistan, not just be gung-ho adventurers, idealists, and psychos in the combat group under the guise of relieving more troops for the meat grinder: If you're in the army, you could end up dead in Afghanistan under the guise of fighting for your country, presumably to beat them, over there — because if you don't, the shepherds "Will follow you here" (as has been claimed by Bush, referred to as El Diablo by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez during his speech to the United Nations on September 20th). Meanwhile, the government here will bring in thousands through open-door immigration. It's a quick-fix solution which won't work because the aggressor is always wrong, because he has over-reacted. And we all know Newton's "N3" law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The foreign adventure/NATO mission in Afghanistan is doomed to failure, as I have stated in this column before. Even Alexander the Great could not impose a Greek culture upon Afghanistan, even though a couple of kingdoms lasted for about three generations (the usual limit for most unnatural ideas).

Now is the time for peace-loving Canadians to send their messages of condolences for the latest four Canadian men in Afghanistan to be slaughtered, and demand that our troops be brought home immediately. We can't wait for Jack Layton's suggested February 2007 deadline. We are ruining our world reputation as a fair-minded and just people who are not warmongers and don't provoke other ancient ideologies by calling them "scumbags", "evil and inhuman" and "extremists" and pretending you want dialogue.

Let Hamid Karzai and his mercenaries and oil executives fight their own dirty battles; we'll see how much their hedonistic whorehouse achieves from Washington. Canadians want their troops back home, and Mr. Karzai can go back to his — for however long it lasts.



Bogus Anti-Racist Bigots


There are no anti-racists in the world -- just liars and scoundrels who pretend to be anti-racists, quite often by getting their inner racist selves out through false or "racialist" blogs, organizations and Internet postings, like the Alberta cops who regularly spew their bigot vitriol on Stormfront Canada, reputed to bt the biggest White Nationalist blog in North America. Or, the schlep who took offense to a purported racial slur against an Egyptian friend and set up a phony racist blog using the alleged racist perpetrator's name in an attempt to ruin his arborist business (the story on this, Man Must Apologize For Fake Web Site is in the September 19 National Post. Even the Citizens Against Racism organization loves to promote White Nationalists and racists by giving us daily minutiae of neo-Nazi personal opinions, leaders and activities; The more we know of someone, the harder it is to dislike them.


"Borat" is a fictitious Khazak portrayed by the Jewish comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and who willingly calls himself a "racialist" (soft racist?) while singing catchy songs like Throw The Jew Down the Well in front of American hayseed audiences who believe his 'Khazak' authenticity. The same goes for the patronizing attitude by Canadian politicians toward Afghanistan and Darfur who 'know what's best' for the natives there. They won't hear of any support for the indigenous Taliban, just forget about your history and traditions, "have some candy, kid". It's still racism, backed up with the subtlety of guns.

We're all the same, they love to bleat: one law for all (except of course, the Canadian Indians who get special privileges and little policing, while White Nationalists are civically marginalized and receive extra policing.

Even the supposedly Anti-Racist Action (ARA) love to spew their creed of racial awareness when intimidatingly ranting on White Nationalist Paul Fromm's property "Show us your Aryan gonads!" under the disguise of supposedly being color blind -- it's all racism. Wherever they spew egalitarian pluralistic crappola, you scratch the surface, and you'll find them, exploiting Latino servants and cheap labor Third World workers. No one is immune from it, even the modernized Muslims who compare Pope Benedict XVI to Hitler and Mussolini in Turkey but suppress their Kurdish minority. The same goes for Imams in the Western world who complain about racists while sanctioning the oppression of their fellow Black Muslims in Darfur.

The American government and security services are officially big on anti-racism, while quickly honing in on any Middle Easterners for torture, renditions to Guantanamo straight from the airport, such as the instance of the Canadian Maher Arar.

It's a big sham and a hypocrisy by totalitarians and the mercantile element for easy access and one-size-fits-all control, like in any Orwellian state, while the elite send their children to private schools and live in privileged communities. They talk about freedom and democracy while denying the same to those opposed to their Utopian McWorld with anti-hate gag laws and tribunals. That's why 63-year old Reinhard Mueller is in an Alberta jail, doing six months for hosting a website which said the same things as the officially-approved postings and the policemen getting their jollies on Stormfront'. (Mueller is being held at the Edmonton Remand Center, 9660-104 Avenue, Edmonton Alberta T5H 4B5. )

In the long run the anti-racist Soviet system is shooting itself in the foot, as fair-minded and thinking people see through the deceit and arbitrary power of the ruling elite. As the old saying goes, I don't care what you say about me as long as you spell my name right. The same can be said about secular anti-Muslims pretending to be concerned about the progress of patriarchal religion while really worried about the North African takeover of Europe. They just don't like the non-Whites' attitude toward women, period — not enough romance and hedonism in parent-arranged relationships. This is the case even in South America, the first indigenous president of Bolivia Evo Morales, and Hugo Chavez, darling of the darker element of Venezuela's population, along with "La Raza" in the United States.

Slowly but surely, under the guise of Muslim Jihadists, these new "racialists" are coming closer and closer to the common sense position that the great White Nationalist J.B. Stoner espoused: "Throughout the world, wherever you go, RACE IS ALL."




Torturers Defended


Torturers are pivotal to the decline of the American Empire and Western civilization.

George Bush is whining angry explanations and demands to protect his torturers in demanding Congress to put through a bill which will undermine Article Three of the Geneva Conventions. He wants to spread the blame for his torturing techniques in a bill that will show how mean he can be. It's beneath dignity and decency of the President — the epitome and apex of human rights, justice and civility. He wants all the power of a dictator, an empire Caesar, "all to protect the American people."

Well, guys, is you're going to be a bunch a torturing bastards, you don't deserve protection. You're a pain on the planet, no matter how many solemn pitches your reptilian mouths make. Personally, if I was a good Christian, or just a 'golden rule' liver, I'd be embarrassed as an American over this ugly debate they're having over how much pressure they can put on a thumbscrew to their captives. People, if you know in any way how tyranny begins, this is it, under the pretext that they're doing it all for you, to save your murderous accident-filled lives.

Oh, we can torture them, torture will help to save a few of you. Bully Bush didn't convince anyone with his anger and his ugly smirk. He acted like a mean-assed jerk with a knowing smile, like he knew the snake oil he was peddling. He slurred all the 'professionals' when he made reference to his torturers' "safety from the law", all this, "to pick up information". Who cares about the safety of Bush and his vicious supporters when they're so determinedly aggressive — all this hype to save his 'decent citizens', torturers who "don't want to break the law" or face other nations' war crimes tribunals...Then these torturers might have their holidays disrupted with subpoenas.

The media was no better than courtiers at any imperial court, diverting questions about the 700-mile fence on the Mexican border of the neo-cons' cheap labor route. This ruse allowed Bush to cool down after some bureaucratic bullshit about "treating people with dignity in this country" --meaning, pay off the Ford American workers and bring in cheap new Third World labor. The second question was about Iran: No concerns from the compassionless courtier media. Watching him, I imitated his every facial expression and his words and gestures and put myself into his role like a total actor, repeating everything aloud, and came out feeling disingenuous. It was like I was saying something I didn't believe (which I didn't). His main threat to anyone not accepting his torture proposals' rules to Congress is that those mall-culture 'professionals' just won't do it and get sued (I guess we know who runs those professionals in this nasty matriarchy).

Anyway, Americans are shooting themselves in the other foot with this ugly debate on how much torture should be applied to their captives. Their Terror War Party blurred the morality line on the darker serial-killer side of the American psyche. Once you lose the moral line, the raison d'etre of the Terror War Party torturers is finished. Decent people cannot accept the leadership of the United States under these conditions. History will mark this as a pivotal point in the downfall of the American empire.

Meanwhile, the Pope is in a pickle regarding his comments about Muslims*. In a recent speech in Germany Pope Benedict XVI referred to the words of 14th century Byzantine emperor Manuel Paleologos, saying, "The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war...he said, show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things both evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread the word by the sword the faith he preached." (The Prophet Mohammed did bring something new to the Middle East: the reintroduction of patriarchy).

Right now, the pontiff is being used by the neo-cons as an excuse for "their" Holy War of Terror. Two wrongs don't make a right. The only way that he can get out of this situation is to talk to Osama bin Laden. Mullah Omar and Ayman al-Zawahiri or their representatives. Let the representatives of the God-believers on both sides sort this out, so that the non-believers will be disarmed from their Holy War on Terror. If Pope Benedict has courage and compassion, he will engage in a dialogue that is historically bold with these Muslim leaders and will appear courageous and conciliatory to the Muslim patriarchy. The Jewish believers could get in this dialogue for future friendship with Muslims with a view to dropping their support for aggressive secular Zionism. They all believe in the same Scripture God. Jews lived with Muslims for centuries when Christian countries killed and expelled them; the Prophet Mohammed instructed his followers for a time to pray toward Jerusalem before being betrayed by some of them.

If the Pope had instructed his flock (all Catholic) not to participate in the neo-con Terror War Party's tortures and invasion of Islamic lands, then he would not have more credibility in his sarcastic commentary that the Prophet Mohammed "only brought evil and inhumanity with his new religion" when he spoke against Jihad. Wasn't Christianity spread by the sword and cannon since its inception? Didn't the Catholic Church dream up the murderous Inquisition that killed over one million people and dispossessed and tortured many more over a 300-year span?

Look in the mirror, O Vicar of Christ: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone -- and that goes for the heads of all the other Christian leaders. Write to the Pontiff in Vatican City and to your titular Christian leaders, and ask for this peace dialogue to take place among the believers... because war is hell.




Gruesome Goth’s Gone


When Rameesh Kimveer Gill, the disturbed 25-year old lone Goth gunman with the name of a Sikh (and who lived with his mother in Laval, Quebec) ,with his Mohawk dyed-blond haircut and dressed in a black trenchcoat, walked into Montreal's Dawson College and started shooting students indiscriminately, killing one and wounding 19 others, in this over-sexified, nihilistic society, what's the big surprise?

Similar know-it-all, molly-coddled brats did the same at Columbine High School. In a society with no respect for tradition and elders, youth has become empty, searching at straws for meaning and direction in life. It's a society where "truth is not a defense," according to Human Rights Commissions and their legal supplicants who provide transport to the same mindset of masked thugs of Anti-Racist Action who demonstrated in front of the residence of free speech advocate Paul Fromm. After this, the Goths will really be creeping around only at night, as ordinary people will question their angry rebellious attitude with greater scrutiny. Studs and piercings will be taken out tonight, and they'll have to hide their sadomasochist ways from public view, like the bikers involved in the Outlaws Motorcycle Club massacre. They're gone, much in the way skinheads and wannabes left, when some of their bigot bullies did some dastardly deeds; they're mostly gone too, with the exception of their politically-aware people who keep their music going.

One shouldn't be surprised at this craving for violence, created by the violence in entertainment that is spewed at disrespectful youth by the libertine vampire-glorifying media (Gill left posing pictures of himself on a website called VampireFreaks.Com). They created these monsters, especially the Eminem types, and 'gangstas' with falling pants who won't look you in the eye, unless with challenging anger (apparently the 'gangsta code' is directly opposite of the White man's way). Other than mall kids that's the latest 'youth culture' demographic — good thing they haven't played out their fantasies...yet.

A significant part of this attitude comes from the music moguls of the recording industry -- they have a lot to answer for in creating this violence-prone marginalized youth, along with the video-game nerds, who have no sense of religion or right and wrong, just a perverted desire to kill. This whole delusional dilemma starts with the occult crap of the Harry Potter mop heads and TV's Sabrina The Teenage Witch — junior recruiting milieu fostered by an anti-male psychosis and the Kabbalah crowd. Disrespect forms the basis of their Alice Cooper/Ozzy Osborne/Marilyn Manson rules.

The Goth subculture gave the original Goths a bad name. Those German tribes may have been fierce in battle, but I doubt they were unhappy all the time. Most of these characters I've seen wouldn't know anything of history, and certainly not that of the early Lombard (long-bearded) conquering chieftains who wore their hair in curtains of long braids over their faces, just like some of these moody schleps in black (I was going to tell this to one of their big ones once, but thought better of it, not wanting to bother his self-indulged depression; who knows what his cul-de-sac response would have been?). This naivetι and negativity has allowed these characters to creep and fester with unchallenged resentment. I wouldn't even trust my cat with these demon worshippers overnight; theirs is the only mindset that would shoot their peers, without a heart, for their own perverted pleasure.

Columbine was Strike One for the Goths, followed by the numerous imitations such as in Taber, Alberta in April 1999, in spite of this nation having some of the toughest gun laws around, buttressed by a $2-billion gun registry (collectively, these were Strike Two). Now, in the middle of the Terror War Party campaign of civil restrictions, the Goths will look as suspicious as a turban at an airport, particularly around public places. And long trenchcoats are out — unless they're worn by nuns. May I suggest to the good Goths: drop the paraphernalia, drop the attitude, and cheer up. Read some history books and get racially aware. As for the merciless psycho coward bad Goth Gill, he got his just nemesis from the Montreal Police and their embarrassed and jaded society and its media which engineered this tragedy.

I love the way that the controlled media and their pundits are scratching their heads and acting stupid about the crap they created; this problem didn't evolve overnight. Until this emasculated race-mixing matriarchy stops its terror-wars in patriarchal lands, gets out of Muslim countries, turns to religion, and re-asserts positive male figures into its culture, the problem will continue.




9/11: Forget About It!


You would think that California had separated and fallen into the ocean on September 11th, 2001 (commonly known as "9/11", or than an undermined Florida had tipped over and sank into the sea like Atlantis. But no, it was just two giant termite-towers which mysteriously and evenly imploded and collapsed into a pile of rubble, disintegrating into dust and killing 3,000 people, in a daring al-Qaeda attack against American aggression throughout the Muslim world (never was I so unimpressed with human construction design). The only way I can remember September 11 is that it is the birthday of the great, late White Nationalist leader Dr. William Pierce (founder of the National Alliance), who would have been 73 years old. What were the odds?

I'm so sick and tired of hearing of 9/11 — "Remember 9/11!" Like, "Remember the Alamo!", where 183 slavers, rascals and American rebels bought it fighting against the Mexican government forces in a futile siege. 340 Americans were massacred at Goliad just two weeks before the US surrendered (but, you have to 'remember the Alamo'). Americans don't remember their evil committed against each other in the ghastly prison camps of their Civil War. They don't remember the holocaust visited upon the natives of Wounded Knee, or in My Lai in Vietnam. They don't remember Waco, where the American government burned Christian dissident children alive. And they never stopped for a day to remember the abortions performed at clinics throughout the country. They don't remember all the friendly-fire killings of their allies. Nor do they remember all their bombing campaigns in foreign lands that killed thousands. Nor is there a day to remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina, many of whom are still homeless. But they have to remember 9/11, because that involves fighting the new enemy of their mercantile "McWorld" empire.

Who were they? — the privileged people who lost their lives in the Twin Towers, treated like martyrs with their families paraded around as if they were connected to saints; Only astronauts, eggheads and their wasteful space program are treated equally. Trillions have been spent on 9/11 security for the elite and the Big Brother spy network promulgated by NASA (the only time I like to watch launches is when they explode upon liftoff or crash upon their return). What other benefits does the space program have besides making it possible for drug dealers and distracted drivers to have cell phones?

9/11 has been used as a sledge-hammer to silence the opponents of massive military expenditures: $2 billion per month has been spent on the war in Afghanistan, and
$5 billion has been spent each week for the Iraqi war alone ( all part of the Orwellian 'war on terror'), with an estimated $300 billion spent over-all. All the while, millions of Americans are homeless and millions more are living from hand to mouth, from the rotten 'Big Apple' to the impoverished of sunny Los Angeles.

They love to elevate their grief to a national flagellation for a lynch-mob inspiration to "Bring it on". 9/11 is greater to this saintless, no-God/no religion country than the Second Coming of Christ, as they all line up to pledge with their thin, mean lips to wage more war and more mayhem for the rest of the world. Chutzpah is the United States' middle name. You'd think that Americans enjoy all the boo-hooing to the point that they'd enjoy another attack to give them an excuse to increase their aggression even more. And, you'd think they'd been around for 2,000 years of continuous civilization, with the way they disrespect other ancient cultures in this planet). Well, no respect breeds no respect, and never have I seen Americans so hated throughout the world with their double-talk and excuses for secret prisons and torture, while claiming on their money In God We telling. This collection of arrogant humanity of refuse from other continents is on the verge of disintegration, as racial realities take hold. Injustice and two-facedness are the hallmarks of the American, as people the world over, particularly the Whites of Europe, realize the folly and lies of this multiracial multicultural empire.

In Canada. the clock is ticking on American influence, as the New Democratic Party's official resolution calling for a withdrawal of all Canadian troops back from their meddling mission in Afghanistan...all because of 9/11. American military might and its spies are all over the world undermining culture and traditions with the "holy" mantra of 9/11. Just look at all the civil rights we have lost...because of 9/11. To the chagrin of the veterans, even the commemoration of the beginning of the anniversary of World War II was ignored in Canada, because our boys were busy battling the resurgent Taliban... all connected to 9/11.

The whole 9/11 scene smells of conspiracy; if there's so many suicide bombers available to al-Queda and Jihadis willing to enter paradise on such missions, surely could have gotten fifty or a hundred through the Mexican border, bought some guns on the free market, shot up some towns and head for the woods and hills of America as guerrillas -- they could have given America a whole month of 9/11's before being hunted down (just look at the massive manhunts the U.S. authorities had to organize just to catch Eric Rudolph and more recently, Ralph 'Bucky' Phillips in New York State; it's all very suspicious). 9/11 is a propaganda gift that keeps on giving, orchestrated by conspirators who, peculiarly, had no follow-up plan in North America. And it would help the Bush clique in the polls. Hence, the big memorial celebrations to keep fear and loathing in the public's mindset. And who can trust guys like Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and George Bush. or for that matter, backstabbing Canadian Foreign Minister Peter MacKay, or "Flip-Flop" Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor, or secretive Prime Minister Stephen Harper — their smirkiness doesn't help.

9/11: Get over it! It's caused enough damage already. Dialogue and negotiate--because, hell, no, we won't go.



Tweedledum and Tweedledumber Americans


Control freaks and the secular power elite in America want as little opposition as possible — ergo. their concentration of all political activity in two political parties, making it all so easy to control. Just make it a simple shell game charade where the same policies are represented in both parties; chocolate or white chocolate brings about a 50-50 split in any election. This satisfies an eager electorate who all want to be 'winners' in an American Idol world: close, oh, so close, while the same special-interest policies continue unabated.

Busy, self-aggrandized Americans don't have patience for religion — never mind ideology, that's for suckers. The hedonistic and entertainment-oriented allow the power elite-controlled media to set the agenda: the worst whores in town. This is the callous face that Americans project to Muslim youth, occupied and desperate in the Middle East. When al-Zawahiri, number two leader of al-Qaeda (now living safely in the peace deal-approved northwest frontier), along with the ex-rock 'n roller Jewish convert to Islam 'Azzam The American' (real name, Adam Pearlman) asked Americans to convert, they probably knew it was a "fat chance."

The Scripture-God as interpreted by Jesus Christ was hard to accept by the Romans and Greeks (Whites) until Saint Paul rejected the Semitic practice of male genital mutilation — circumcision. Only some doomsday Protestants resumed it. Still, the religion grew slowly (5 or 6 million of the 120 million population) until the wife of the Emperor Constantine got him to accept her religion on her deathbed, "just in case." That was it, because, like Allah, he was a jealous God who would tolerate no other.

The Pagans always complained that Christianity was a religion of women and slaves and that it got to power through the Royal Bedroom, promising monogamy. Women and slaves (the poor) have abandoned the church in this frivolous Western world of consumerism, undermining the social fabric of society. Emancipated and empowered White women won't be returning to the religions' protection until there is an economic and security breakdown. The Christian church is toothless, unable to bring their errant followers to kneel by the androgynous, ambiguous 'men of the cloth.' Yet still, 20,000 Americans (and probably 10% of that in Canada) convert to Islam every year, mostly women looking for God-fearing patriarchal men to settle down with in a life of gender-designated duties. Like the early Christians in China, Catholics always outnumbered the Protestants by ten to one because they encouraged children, who were all born Catholics. Islam is growing the same, where apostates are scriptured for death.

American White culture has deteriorated to pickup trucks and malls, while the poor have been left to ramble incoherently, badly imitating Black 'gangsta' styles. Herman Goering, Hitler's autocratic marshal, said, "Kulture? Kulture? Whenever I hear that word I reach for my revolver!". Hollywood's Alan Freed, who invented the term 'rock and roll', elicits the same reaction when I think of the social decay that has overtaken this continent.

George Bush's comparison of Osama bin Laden to Lenin and Hitler is disingenuous and stupid. But the consumerist, God-less populace will buy it. When will he learn to shut up? The more he talks, the worse he sounds...this is your leader, folks. Fear works well in a mean matriarchy with no religion. Race and racial awareness, with a humble belief in God, is the only salvation for the White people. Until that happens, race-mixed America will disintegrate from within, no matter what the guards of the whorehouse say or do.




Afghanistan Mission Finito


The Nationalist Party has condemned the aggressive warmongering Canadian mission to Afghanistan since its inception. White Nationalists are opposed to foreign invasion and culture-bending missions in foreign lands. If you respect your own nationalism, then you will respect the ethnic nationalism of others, particularly when it has nothing to do with your own security or vital interests. Zionist warmongers, kosher conservatives and communists are always ready to intercede into other problems for profit and power. Racists who respect other racists are not.

Jack Layton, Leader of the socially-conscious New Democratic Party (with 29 members in a minority government led by the neo-con Stephen Harper), has called for the withdrawal of Canadian troops from Afghanistan and talks with the Taliban, an anathema to the warmongers of the internationalist military industrial complex, which is out to make everyone a consumer of their crappy society and products. This is the beginning of the end of the doomed Afghan invasion, especially when supposed altruists and do-gooders abandon the invasion, thus denying the humanitarian call for the war against Afghan culture and heritage. The mean neo-cons and their supporters have been left in the lurch, desperately seeking to justify their killing campaigns in foreign lands by equating their enemies to those defeated in World War II and throwing in totalitarian communism as an extra bogeyman, while pursuing Marxist policies themselves on their own home fronts.

Fascism, Nazism, and communism are their new war cries, while all the while setting up totalitarian regimes under the rubric of the Orwellian "war on terror." Cult leaders can get away with the mantra when dealing with needy, lost people, but not the rest of us, buddy-boys (Bush, Blair, Harper, et al). These useful schleps of the privileged power elite are the enemies of the White people. But now, their ranks are divided, with conscientious egalitarians stepping back as they observe the scope and scale of the destruction and anxiety wreaked on humanity by Israeli jets and American bombs throughout the Third World. The neo-cons elevated consumerism as the new religion: just look at the number of shows on television about 'How To Redo Your Bachelor Pad' and revamping and remodeling restaurants — everything is about buy, buy, buy and sell, sell, sell, all for the pursuit of happiness. They hope to ask the sons and daughters of this hedonist society to die in a foreign land against some stigmatized, "fascist"-labeled terrorists with no further explanation. They're in trouble. That is why they're offering citizenship to other greedy Third Worlders.... if they would only join up, just to shoot at their God-believing enemies. Don't expect a Herculean effort from these non-White opportunists -- when the going gets tough, these "toughs" will be gone liker a morning mist. For decades, the elite Hollywood Nazis have lied and stretched the truth about the ideologies of World War II. Now they hope to dig up that golem on the American Idol world; it won't work.

The "fasces" is prominent throughout the American Congress, and it has been on the carpet of the United States Supreme Court. it's the ancient Roman symbol of an axe with a bundle of sticks tied around the handle, showing how the the fasces cannot be broken. It's still an American symbol of authority; now, if you listen to dumb Bush, you're supposed to hate it.

The Marxist Anti-Racist Action scum who attempted to invade the home of White Nationalist advocate Paul Fromm in protest, are a fine example of thuggery, working with the anti-white anti-racist Zionist establishment human rights complainer-lawyer Richard Warman was thanked by the goons for providing the mini-bus to be followed by the frazzled police to their unrevealed location. Intolerance and intimidation are the favored methods of this cabal of anti-whites, from bombs to demonstrations to torture to "kill-and-capture" mouthed by their armed mercenaries.

Canada is lost, though its loser leaders who have bought in to this phony war-on-terror while destroying and demoralizing our Anglo-European culture through massive immigration of cheap labor from non-white countries for more mindless consumerism. Soon these sterile statesman will be outvoted by the new arrivals; the NDP is banking on it, while the Liberals and Conservatives look for more dwindling, naive, bigot suckers-- the meat-grinder of their war machine. The racists are right, again and again in their opposition to this never ending war and their right to individual dignity, ethnic identity and self-determination for all. 


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