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Anti-Racist Media Conspiracy

I couldn't care less if the whites were the dumbest people around and everyone else had the highest IQ; if we were the ones with clubs and spears in our hands and they were the eggheads and astronauts, I'd still want to preserve our racial integrity.

Now we have a psychiatrist in Quebec, Pierre Mailloux, who claimed on Radio-Canada (French-language CBC Radio) that North American blacks have lower IQ's because smarter ones were killed during the slavery selection process, hence, dumbing the whole population down. Mailloux said, "Those blacks who were a little too intelligent, too shrewd, they were slaughtered. It's the consequences of an artificial selection. They run faster, they're stronger." In 2003, he remarked, "There's a lawless problem among black men." Of course, the quality of blacks is not much different than that of the white slavers; both were losers and kick-outs from their respective continents, except that the whites were more avariciously better organized to take North America from the kick-outs of Asia, with a mercantile mission for the missus' pursuit of happiness (it's in the U.S. constitution).

White racists know about studies that bear this out, such as The Bell Curve by Herrnstein and Murphy, and from published studies in past years such as Henry Garrett's IQ And Racial Differences; Which Way Western Man by W. Simpson Gayley; Black Intelligence in White Society by Dr. Stanley Burnham, Race and Reason and A Study in Race and Realities by Carleton Putnam; along with other studies by Dr. William Shockley, Dr. William Pierce, Revillo P. Oliver,Dr. Carleton Coon, Lothrop Stoddard and Arthur Jensen. Also, other prominent works buttressing the racial-IQ position are David Duke's My Awakening, White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell, and the reference historical work featuring the history and development of the Nationalist Party, Is God A Racist? by Stanley Barrett.

Many of these works are available from such organizations as James Warner's Christian Defense League, National Vanguard in Washington DC, The Truth At Last of Marietta, Georgia and Spearhead Magazine in the United Kingdom (notice the absence of women authors writing about racial survival). These works put the lie to the internationalist communist propaganda supported for the convenience of the capitalist one-size-fits-all consumer.
But none of these studies mean anything if the matriarchal white people weren't so romantically media-mesmerized to their lies that they are so racially unaware; Margaret Meade's and Franz Boas' bullshit have done their dirty work, exposing a fatal flaw in white racial pride.

"Since they (racists) exist in the underground of society, it took only one question to see racism and xenophobia emerge candidly," said Radio-Canada spokesmen. The anti-racist Jew-controlled media is keeping a lid on white patriots. That's why the story was only reported in the snotty family compact elitist newspaper 'The Gob and Pail' (Globe and Mail). The Quebec-controlled bigot paper, the Toronto Sun didn't mention this story, nor did the People's Toronto Red Star. Not even the kosher conservative National Post mentioned it, even though one of their tribe, federal MP Inky Mark was quick of the mark to lay a complaint with the soviet Quebec Human Rights Commission...he's so concerned! Not to be outdone, the Catholic-sounding St. Jean de Baptiste Society was quick to defend black IQ by launching their own complaint to the Canadian Radiotelevision Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). If you speak French, you're part of the family, even if you're an orangutan (just get the accents grave and agout right) Pitiful!

There is a conspiracy of silence, involving most of the treacherous media spies and dogs in their treatment of white nationalists....unless of course it's a CSIS front-group operation (but it's tough to get a respected window-dressing leader for that). Otherwise, only negativity is to be reported. The biggest joke, of course, is that this was done on purpose to elevate Radio-Canada's listener ratings. Mailloux's remarks are definitely more exciting than the standard kosher conservative flair of talk show hosts who are quick to cut off any racial comments or discussions. These are the same anti-racists who prattle on about democracy and freedom (as long as you agree with their twisted, unnatural views).

It's hard to keep the racist genie in a bottle. But his works are real and are everywhere, in spite of the liars in the media. As Mario Clement, Radio-Canada program director remarked, "We believe that offensive and hateful discussions should be debated publicly".

I couldn't agree more.



Canada's Multicult Queen "Crowned"



I've never sen more maudlin fluff in the media more than during the amateurish high school investiture of the new Governor-General of Canada Michaelle Jean, representing "our" Queen. From the Dragon Lady to Diana Ross...what progress!

It was racemixer's dream with dying Old Boys network feebly standing around while a Canadian version of the Rainbow Coalition installed a Caribbean calypso queen to lead the country, with the Vandoos and their goat mascot providing the 21-gun salute noise and even a French cabaret singer with a guitarist singing a repetitious childish tune, so sweet it made my teeth decay: "Let us not kill the beauty of the world / let us not kill the beauty of the world / let us not kill the beauty of the world / Each flower,each tree that one kills / returns to kill us in his turn." (Were they singing about John Wyndham's Triffids here? Give me a break!)

This 'two solitudes' crap has been peddled around Canada for the past 50 years; nothing new here. And a black French-speaking woman is going to bring us all together; she may be big in linguistically-myopic Quebec (if they can teach a parrot to speak French, they would probably make it a Senator). While Michaelle Jean may enjoy the support of 70% of Quebecers and 47% approval rating in the rest of Canada, language alone does make a viable state. If it weren't for the presence of the pasty-faced white sellouts, you'd think the ceremony took place in Brazil. And that's exactly what they want to make this country: shanty towns and all, just send in the cops to kill all dissenters, like racists or white nationalists. Did she mean to stop marginalizing, shunning and attacking these Canadians and bring them into full participation in the Canadian political process? Will she encourage the controlled media to report fairly on the ideas and activities of racially-aware white Canadians? Or are they out, just like the fancy dress she rejected on a woman's whim to war a macho business suit for the occasion? She looked about as feminine as the Dragon Lady on a hard-hat tour.

We'll be sending her a letter of congratulations and request as worded below:

Congratulations on being chosen as our representative of Queen Elizabeth II.

In your maiden speech you referred to 'breaking down solitudes', which as you know has been the case with white Nationalists, racists and other groups of this nature. As someone who holds the highest position as an immigrant in a new land, perhaps you will take time to show respect for and interest in those who support the original European settlers' view of Canada being a European civilization, and will extend a hand of friendship and inclusion to their supporters today.

We look forward to your positive response; a good way to start would be to recognize and celebrate European Heritage Week (October 10-16). Buckingham Palace said that it was "a good idea" in the first year of its inception.

All the stops were pulled for pulled for the media pundits to peddle their propaganda and elevate this multicult doo-dah: self-loathing idiots such as he Globe and Mail's John Ibbotson, rightful nominee for the Walter Duranty Award and the Toronto (Red) Star editorial board, agog with fawning praise, not to mention the moguls at the National Post being more arrogantly approving of their new multicult figurehead marionette.
The pioneers who built this country must be spinning in their graves to see the descendant of one of their slave girls tell their dumb descendants "what-fer" (yeah, I know, they were stupid; they didn't have the Internet...or AIDS, and couldn't have imagined the 'schoolmarms' marrying each other).

Digression is the mother of anarchy, and we're on the edge of it here.The seeds have been planted. People are what they they are, whether they're on a tropical island or a northern forest. Or as Ralph Cudworth said, things are what they are, and there's no reason to expect anything else.

With that in mind, all I can say is, God Help Canada.




Have Gun, Will Travel


Canada has a great military tradition for fighting other peoples' wars. It's been used as a mercenary pool for over a century, ever since white Canadian farm boys were recruited to kill the Boer farmers in South Africa attempting tio set up the independent states of the Transvaal and Orange Free State in the polyglot British Empire. There they were capturing Boer guerrillas and their families for British concentration camps where thousands died in appalling conditions. Later, in World War I, thousands of others were sacrificed to capture a few yards of territory.

In World War II, conscription had to be introduced as homegrown Canadians were getting wise to the cannon fodder treatment of their troops, particularly at Dunkirk, where thousands more died in a probing invasion. Most French Canadians would have little to do with the fratricidal European war, so the jails were opened up to recruitment and reports of Canadian atrocities, especially by the 'Van Doos' have come trickling in. The ill-fated Hong Kong-bound expendables didn't fare much better than the boys at Dunkirk to the Japanese onslaught: one-third put up a stiff resistance, and the other two-thirds either surrendered or were drunk. They spent the rest of the war in horrendous captivity (their Korean prison guards were not very nice). Later in the Korean War they were used as gullible shock troops for a negotiated commie victory. With Castro's pal, the Marxist Trudeau, in power in Canada, there would be no Canadian troops to fight brother communists in Vietnam or anywhere else, even though we were part of the phony anticommunist North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Now for NATO, a new enemy has emerged against the international monetary managers. These secularists will not put up with any Scripture God-believers who might be against a whorehouse and against usury. NATO is showing its true colours by hunting the God-believers in far off and remote places because they had the nerve to attack the imperialist meddlers on their home turf; "Don't forget 9/11! Don't forget 9/11!", say the hedonist SUV owners.

The military doesn't look too good after their torturous killings in Somalia and their pathetic "psy-ops" in Afghanistan handing out useless posters to the illiterate public while grabbing their sons and fathers for rendition and torture by Karzai's communist Northern Alliance government and sex-fiend American interrogators. Oh, what a proud legacy...

Bloodcurdling moron generals and officers boasting of the murders of "scumbags" (such chivalry!) does not elevate military morale, but puts this country on the front burner as a facilitator of war and torture, with plenty of aboriginal braves and malcontents; three reservists were just accused of kicking a man to death outside Toronto's Moss Park Armory. And don't forget the abomination of their snotty, snitty arrogance through the dumping of Agent Orange chemicals on their own military camps as guinea pigs for the Americans, while others such as the Officer Stopford, who still hasn't received his proper payout after an attempted poisoning by his own men. While the modern aboriginals can complain about the Somalia torture paining at the military museum, it still doesn't change the fact of aboriginal cruelty toward prisoners throughout three centuries of stupid collaboration with various white colonial powers. Braves will be braves; admittedly, there wouldn't be a Canada if it wasn't for Tecumseh and his 1500 warriors who defeated and demoralized the Americans in the war of 1812-1814.

Canadian troops belong in Canada; there's plenty for them to do here, from conservation projects to street patrols in gunslinging Toronto's black neighborhoods (fifty extra OPP officers won't do the trick). All their so-called peacekeeping missions are flops, from Kosovo to Cyprus, from Rwanda to Haiti, from Lebanon to Afghanistan.

As the 100,000 anti-war marchers expressed in Washington on Saturday (which was largely ignored by the media), "Make Levees, Not War". Bring our troops home, and stop these McWorld Wars of cultural genocide.




Canadian Alien-Nation Accelerated


The further future breakup of Canada was accelerated with the announcement by the Liberal minority Immigration Minister Joe Volpe that there would be an increase of 100,000 people into Canada, for a total of 300,000 over the next few years, multiplying like Star Trek "tribbles" and resulting in the further Third World colonization of Canada.

The lack of complaint and outrage by the so-called Conservative Party and its wimpy leader Stephen Harper is discouraging (what are they pretending to conserve other than their measly pocketbooks for more hedonistic endeavors; the Canadian social fabric be damned). Just look at the Tories' crappy, unsuccessful response to the re-definition of traditional marriage--they're pathetic. Even in Germany, they've got commie types leading the supposedly conservative Christian Democratic Union. It's all a chimera played by the international money manipulators. You'll always get a 50/50 divide in the public when you present them with the same flavors of chocolate or fudge.

They play that game to the hilt in the United States, where real opposition is sidelined to occasionally third party moments when the people have had enough of the same B.S. from the government and the opposition. We can't quit and run in Iraq, say the Republicans and the Democrats rallying around the "war on terror" for total world supremacy, while their people are fleeing in panic and destitution from attacks far larger than any mujahideen operation.

For the record, no one's got the guts to speak up for the white European culture that built this country, so much so that it's up to websites like this to speak up. white Canadians have been gradually terrorized into silence, particularly in small towns and rural areas--just look at the city council of Cudworth, Saskatchewan, (see our comment on the editorial archive page) where they were so fearful and ashamed of their heritage that were willing to chuck it in favor of suicidal political correctness: let me quote to them the words of the famous Ralph Cudworth: "Things are the way they are by nature", as the fearful citizens of Toronto have realized in the 'summer of the gun' (watch out for those Bloods and Cripps). All this negative news for racially aware white Canadians, particularly subconscious ones, will result in more anguish in the future: less children and more dogshit walking; we have to bring in more immigrants and change the complexion and customs of the neighborhood 'cause the missus got her tubes tied (don't worry, the missus in the chadir down the road will have them).

Unless we get some old time religion or turn to polygamy, we can forget about the Canada we once knew. Is this what the World War II veterans fought for and were sent to defend Hong Kong--to have future Chinese judges and bureaucrats what do to in Canada? Or asking an unfamiliar Caribbean face for a bedpan? Is this the legacy of Canadian forces throughout the wars, kith and kin betrayed for a few dollars more? With all the violence, crime and social unrest, I think it's time to call a moratorium on immigration until we have assimilated and digested the various ethnic elements and have negotiated a harmonious and patriotic peace in the country. Canada does not belong to the world; all politics is local.

Canada belongs to Canadians.




Waiting for the Wrath of God


The picture of George Bush telling Americans the never-ending 'war on terror' is going great and they're making progress in Iraq and Afghanistan while thousands and thousands of Americans were streaming out of their Gulf Coast cities in terror is surely a surreal out of a science-fiction movie. And it's not Mullah Omar and Bin-Laden who have them on the run, but the wrath of God for their arrogant, aggressive hypocrisy against the God-believers. "There is no middle ground", Bush said--it's either them or us, so it might as well be them over there. It was an odd time for hollow boasting about his failed Iraq war and anti-Scripture believers. Surely if Bush believed "in God we trust" (the same scriptured Judeo-Christian God) he couldn't possibly bomb the hell out of true believers. Someone's believing in a different God here, and I've heard no calls for prayers to the deity while his part of the world is under Mother Nature's threat (and surely she's not God).

You can imagine how the Muslims look upon these natural calamities, bashing America as punishment for its continued bravado and persecution of true believers--it's Wal-Mart versus the Koran. It's hard not to be judgmental no matter what the media spin is. You won't hear any prayers for those commie harlots. These storms will have repercussions for years throughout North America and no one will ever look at Fortress America as an impregnable entity when its own weather is its greatest enemy, exposing the thin social fabric and weak economic infrastructure. Just look at the missing children and the oil gouging; no matter how much they suffer now, the world has seen the Americans in a bad light and some of the shine is gone, perhaps one day to be restored when they stop their imperialistic meddling and treat their own as friends and neighbors. Otherwise, they will again suffer the wrath of God.




Enough, Already


There comes a time when too much is too much. If you believe in God, then you know that He let him live for 96 years and that he died peacefully in his sleep after conducting a long, relentless vendetta against the enemies of his people. And, he was supported by his people in his pursuit of revenge in the form of justice. For none of the Nuremberg-style trials were without moral controversy, but they usually got their pound of flesh, unlike The Merchant of Venice. The Nazis and their collaborators did not fare well within their controlled media manipulation run by the Nazi-hunter's friends, and the hunt provided continuous shekels to their favorite charities; each case served as an example of terror toward any likely new imitators of the "cursed" philosophy. They transported their suffering to the other nations' new generations to the point that their Holocaust was the only history known by the superficial, wimp-assed morons brought up in this depressing and over-dramatized version of history.

They made their sorrow everyone else's and put a pale on a formerly-proud people who are still suffering with their consciences (The Germans). They've gone so far as to appropriate and copyright the word 'holocaust' (smartly, not even the grieved Armenians have gone that far; some say it takes two Jews to beat an Armenian in a deal), working in tandem with the Nazi-hunter's smoke-and-mirrors small retinue. Some people say a little persecution goes a long way, while others have made it into a living art: Controlled Hollywood media degenerates aided in the effort with a "million" movies on the "suffering". They were able to be the object of sympathy and veneration for four decades, but they overplayed their hand--first by having a state demonstrating that they were fair, too (like in the movies) when under stress and pain by their enemies as the Nazis were. They failed with their concentration-camp enclosures on their dispossessed neighbors: old men in wheelchairs or young kids with stones--they blew them up just the same, in the name of security and freedom, they say.

Once supposedly marching to ban the bomb, now they are the bombers by proxy, from Iraq to Afghanistan; it's easier to get gung-ho idiots to do your dirty work. Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib haven't helped their image, nor did the state-sanctioned assassinations of their enemies' leaders and followers. Even Canada has a part of it with the snipers in Afghanistan, with a shoot-to-kill first and ask-questions-later attitude ("They don't know what hit them" ). And now, their soft hearts are shown to be made of steel while they try to figure out new Draconian laws to keep themselves in power and the population under control. Eventually they will have to climb of their pedestals, or be toppled like so many other cliques and ethnic elements which overstretch their pride and power and ultimately lose control.

The lionized Nazi-hunter overdid his job and shot his people in the foot for their never-forgive, never-forget philosophy. It is the end of an era.




Katrina's Kids


For days now I haven't been able to watch CNN in a relaxed manner, while the pictures of over 2,100 American children's names and faces passing by every few seconds missing in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina--a tiny fraction of of all those missing throughout the USA (58 have been found so far, only 15 of them by CNN). It's a catastrophe; I couldn't see it happening anywhere else in the world, that many children unaccounted for in a homogeneous society after a natural disaster, not even in Iraq.

Everyone knows everyone--except in America. I'd hate to think what could have happened to some of them with all the child pornographers and serial killers rushing into the destitute areas, not to mention their own monsters in their own neighborhoods. Hopefully, none of this is true for the innocent lost, like the "rape rooms" in the Superdome and the strangled 7 and 11-year-old girls, later denied by the authorities. There should be a special task force instituted and composed of police and social service groups to search high and low for the children. Never mind the reconstruction now--until this social disaster is properly restored; the land of strangers is going to tell the world how to live with their bombs and commandos. Could you imagine Canadian commandos boasting of sniping suspected militants dead and saying 'They don't know what hit them', because we don't like the Mujahideen's life-attitude?

Find your missing women throughout Canada--one body was just found in Ottawa, while over fifty were probably fed to the pigs in the Picton, British Columbia murders on our Western Killer Coast, where all the human sludge gathers. Hurricane Katrina has shown the weakness of a multiracial state, just like the multiracial empire once known as Rome. Through disunity and disorder it will eventually disintegrate; But as I say--pride goeth before the fall, and they're pretty boastful still, bombing the hell out of the Iraqi city of Tel Afar and creating thousands and thousands of refugees with indiscriminate bombing while pretending to whine and care about their own refugees (evacuees). It's hard to find pity for any satisfied Americans other than the missing and terrified children. "Unsolved Mysteries" will have to be renewed, as there have been plenty of them in merciless America.

Please, no more whore-appreciation Emmy Awards, or telethons for hucksters or more phony scripted 'reality shows', or endless photo-op White House trips--Find your children!
Forget your mercantile wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (who gave Americans the right to murder?) and your plans to topple Hugo Chavez--Find your children! Forget about your adolescent NASA explorations and your phony free-trade agreements.

Americans, put out the Amber Alert and FIND YOUR CHILDREN!




A Constitutional Racist State


Watching all the population dislocations in the Southern States during Hurricane Katrina and the New Orleans flooding aftermath where over a million and a half people have been displaced in one week makes me think of our beautiful, generally serene and temperate area around the five Great Lakes. We hardly ever have hurricanes, earthquakes or other natural disasters. It has beautiful, defensible topography, if you go to the top of all the sources of water and over the mountains and hills and down to the other sides, with your own natural sewage system, all under one flag and control: It's a perfect Great Lakes Republic for a Constitutional Racist State, with food, industry and commerce easily accessible and just a few minority city problems that could be easily exchanged in a population swap--just call them evacuees, not refugees. Minority cities could be given semi-autonomy until their numbers dwindle by their own violence and raping.

It could be a perfect, powerful country--an agrarian citizen military state with self-sufficient industry, a Switzerland with its own grand canal and mountain borders. English would be the prominent language, with immigration strictly controlled and limited.

Today there are many phony countries on the map, like the "alphabet" ones such as Iraq, the first letters of its name representing its four major tribes; or Pakistan, also taken from four different tribes ("stan" meaning "state", the result of colonial bureaucrats for the purpose of future commercial access). Then there are the "Franken-countries" like India, Nigeria and South Africa--different ethnic groups and religions slammed together for commercial and military convenience by the Illuminati. And, there are the countries who are going to break up because one ethnic group or another is about to take over, such as Macedonia, the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) and Sri Lanka.

Many borders will have to be rearranged when ethnic nationalism and age-old racial consciousness supplants the international merchants' fantasy of one-size-fits-all. One need only look at any atlas of history to see that anything that grows big gets small and vice versa (Man is so predictable). And ever since the pirate ships were sent out by the frivolous queens for loot and land, the merchant has been in charge of life's purpose; profit is the motive and uncertainty has been the future. It's time to get back to the land and develop a true state with a higher purpose than buying and selling mean and mindless hedonistic frivolity.

The future is now.




Multiculturalism Unravels


Stupid Marxist multiculturalism is unraveling daily in Canada. The idiotic idea of having an oxymoron multicultural state promulgated by communists and capitalists is nothing on a barren vine. With every passing social crisis from shootings and gang violence to racial and religious acrimony, the Utopians try to obscure the daily nightmare that has gripped our once-staid and homogeneous country...and all this for a few dollars more and a false "Pollyanna image" to the world. Thanks to their greedy businessmen, the proponents of this Franken-country philosophy are scrambling like headless chickens to cover their hypocritical tracks and proclamations. First they give the natives, Mennonites, Catholics and Jews the right to ply their religious and social principles in separate court systems, but when there is an appearance of patriarchal Islamic Sharia they're quick to deny and dump the whole idea for all believers.

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty rejected Sharia and the idea of all-black schools (as recommended by some black leaders themselves) for fear of further disintegration of their sand-castle multiculturalism. while the black-on-black shootings in Toronto continue and the Muslims are further marginalized as white nationalists have previously been. Snotty liberal bigotry is continually exposed, along with their hypocritical intentions of a united, happy Canada. Our major cities have been turned into wild Third World ghettoes with "hip-hop" as the main "culture", and working class whites retreat into their racially-breached neighborhoods and sports. From Christians to the Mountie uniform, nothing is sacred to the dog-shit walkers who know more about Thai food from their exploitative vacations than they do about Sir John A. MacDonald or Louis Riel. So much time and effort is spent on the diverse cultures re-colonizing Canada that the morons have taken the pyramid and placed it upside down with the Orwellian cult motto of the City of Toronto, Diversity Our Strength   as if!

The only strength in a pirate port is the desire for greed and gratification. This, too. has shown itself in the rotten Toronto City Council and the MFP Inquiry, which showed the arrogant criminality of its participants. One councillor, Rob Ford, claimed on John Oakley's TalkRadio 640 show that the entire 44-member council is corrupt --with the exception of himself and fellow councilor Doug Holyday.* *Where are gun-control advocates Police Chief William Blair's and McGuinty's Ontario Provincial Police's calls for an immediate and thorough investigation? Or will we have more town-hall meetings talking about the city's "summer of the gun", as if they have minds and legs of their own? The controlled media is keeping busy telling supposedly sad human interest stories of hip-hop "gangstas" and their supposedly hard times in welcome-mat Canada while continuously hiding the racial composition and character of the criminals. The Toronto 'Red' Star has an actual policy of hiding black crime; even at the predominantly Jewish York University students are whining about flying bullets in their neighborhood. No one will be spared from this social catastrophe that has been foisted on nice and naive Canadians. Major cities are no places for small-towners to shop and visit anymore as they look at the unfriendly faces and strange eyes on our urban streets--don't bother asking directions as the cities are unsafe for any hick.

I knew that the Chinese were not here to assimilate when I saw their tombstones In a cemetery when they put only Chinese script on them; they could care less about their hosts. Many flippantly suggest that "Canada belongs to the world". All of the blame can be laid on the ruling elite whose names will live in infamy--the martinets, the dilettantes and the anti-racist macho Marxist bitches of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?", all this occurring in a state where torture is considered an option during interrogation of prisoners. And once we have allotted the blame for this racial debacle we will know not to listen to and to set aside their baseless barking. Let us listen to our inner souls instead, with common sense, good will and fair play for a beautiful, prosperous and homogeneous future in a Constitutional Racist State.




Believers Betrayed


Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty announced on Sunday afternoon there will be no Sharia law for Muslims in Ontario in accordance with the Ontario Arbitration Act. He further went on to say that he would scrap the entire act, undermining official legal sanctions of believers' agreements in the Jewish and Christian communities.

Only his secular Zionist communist Jewish advisers could could have callously advised this action--capitalist Jews don't care either as to the taking -away of rights from their believers. But capitalism and communism are very close together--they're always supporting some capitalist Godfather capitalist supporting some communist revolution--look at the Chinese government with their worldwide business activities (communist apartchiks had no trouble putting on Armani suits and becoming "beeznessmen" , with McDonald's in Moscow. And don't forget Castro's Cuba and the capitalist tourist dollars that keep it afloat.

Basically, they are both monopoly rackets. B'nai Brith Canada and the Canadian Jewish Congress will be going through the motions of launching a court challenge to McGuinty's actions; as one of the Congress' guys put it, why should we be penalized because Muslims have dissension in their ranks while there's plenty of dissension in Jewish ranks to allow the betrayal of the seed of their very existence. The neat and orderly families dressed in black going to synagogue on Saturdays won't trust their secular Zionist leaders (that's why there's an anti-Zionist/ Jews against Jews website ( )--they're just not religious enough).

For now the same old harpies that run the day to-day dealings in totalitarian "communist" China have won the day, But, they're not the reproducers, nor are their martinet allies. It's a case of two steps forward and one step back on the road to multicultural disintegration; I'm grimly laughing at these anti-Sharia, anti-racist libertines who brought us into this multiracial quagmire--and now they're being hypocrites to their own multicult dogma, without appearing as the duplicitous racists that they are.




A Sharia Thing


I saw the Marxist and harridan witches promoted by the controlled media opposed to the Islamic Sharia laws--they look like they've "had a headache" for a long time. They were like angry, mean witches descending upon the Islamic couple for defending Sharia a code of Koran-based Islamic common law designed to deal with family dynamics. It was the same crowd as the anti-racist suicidal maniacs who were particularly incensed with the female Polish convert whose blue eyes only showed through her conservative Islamic dress, where only the husband and immediate family get to see the face and hair of a married woman. The fact that the media noted the color of her eyes denotes their bigoted fear for the future of white women (would she have been less newsworthy if her eyes were brown?).

The white world had been run by matriarchal frivolity since the advent of monogamous Christianity, which was quick to follow on the heels of mercantile exploitation and abandoned its European roots in its own international crusade. It stopped being the Whitman's religion when it taught the natives to sing 'Bringing In The Sheaves' when they baptized their first collaborating native chief. They were nowhere to be found in the defense of racial nationalism on this continent--it's one-size-fits-all, as the merchant likes it, and "Let's open the immigration doors".

Sharia law will keep Muslim law in Muslim communities--What's wrong with that? All those dames who were against it were against it were the same ones in favour of multiculturalism, showing that these are the same anti-racist liars, like George Bush and company. when they left the bodies of dead blacks floating for twelve days before picking them up, with one b.s. excuse after another. Orthodox Jews have had their special family courts, as have the aboriginals with their sweat lodges and slap-on-the-wrist punishments. A Jewess can't re-marry unless she gets a "git" from her ex-husband; I didn't hear the harridans dare speak up about that.

A religion is as good as its true believers and whether the Ontario Liberal McGuinty government sanctifies it or not, the Ummah (Muslim community) will carry on with its own tribunals. long after the sterile banshees have stopped their shrieking. You could see it in the eyes of the Polish convert.



Dominica: The Real Story


In the late seventies and early eighties, a ragtag bag of Marxists (the New Jewel Movement, inspired no doubt by Castro's Cuba) staged a nasty people's revolution after killing some police and set up a communist dictatorship on the island of Grenada. The rightful prime minister was busy at the U.N. attempting to get that august body to officially investigate the UFO phenomenon. Ex-Prime Minister Eric Garry, through intermediate contacts, was interested in hiring mercenaries to oust the communists in Grenada; even white nationalist elements were considered to remove the reds.
My idea had been to launch such a liberating force from an adjacent island, along with the spies and law enforcement authorities. The tropical paradise of Dominica was the perfect springboard--wild and underdeveloped, with few tourists and no army or police force of consequence. Dominica had already come to my attention as an investment opportunity for all the downed timber from the recent devastating hurricane. The recently-independent island itself was in political turmoil, purportedly mismanaged by recently-deposed and jailed Prime Minister Patrick John. A temporary provisional government was positioning itself to stay in power in the upcoming elections. When I arrived on the jungle island replete with volcanoes, 365 rivers and primeval forests where you expect a dinosaur to come around the corner, big plans were underway to transform this idyllic island into a playground for the deposed Shah of Iran and his exiled secret service torturers of the SAVAK and their entourage. .

Through some careful listening and investigation, ex-CIA agents were riding around in Land Rovers, mapping out a large center of the island to be a compound for foreign control. Heavy negotiations were underway with the Dominican Provisional Authority for the establishment of visa and passport offices, to be run by the exiles throughout the world--Dominican sovereignty was for sale. I didn't like the torturers and their international Zionist connections to their CIA asset, the exiled Shah of Iran and his millions. I like Dominica and the freedom-loving escaped ex-slaves and the last of the Carib Indians. Plans to bring in "personnel" to set up a business for a later jump on Grenada were unravelling, even with the presence of my own assets on the island, including experienced French mercenaries from the tumultuous Congo (Katanga). The Dominican Parliament was meeting on a regular crisis basis when I went to meet the leader of the opposition Dominica Freedom Party, University of Toronto-educated Eugenia Charles at her blacked-out home. Over a candle-lit voodoo scene I explained the impending conspiracy. She agreed not to bring up the shocking information until "Mr. Clarke" (Donald Clarke Andrews) was of the island the following day. Soon after, Eugenia Charles was easily catapulted to power in the next election, having exposed the threat to Dominica. The Toronto Sun gave a cursory report in one article on the takeover plot as well as subsequent revelations and results. After the plan to remove the New Jewel Movement, the launchpad of Dominica was abandoned, some rogue elements from various white Nationalist groups including the Ku Klux Klan attempted to team up with the deposed Patrick John and his forces to set up a white nationalist-friendly regime (as if), and finance the cause through the drug trade.

Fortunately for them, they were apprehended in New Orleans (and not killed in Dominica). This was known as the "Bayou of Pigs", some sarcastic reference to the CIA betrayal against Castro's Cuba known as the Bay of Pigs. No one got any big time in jail, although there was an attempt to rescue a young white woman, Marian McGuire, who was captured while supposedly spying for the plotters. The attempt was made by an adventurous young Englishman, Steve Hammond ("The Limey"; a.k.a. Jimmy Woods). Both of them were captured landing on the island and bivouacking in the woods with Canadian Tire camping supplies. He walked into the capital of Roseau and demanded to see the prime minister, then reportedly threatened the deputy prime minister, then disappeared into the woods only to be captured the next day. He was smacked around by all of the office staff at the police station, held by his ankles outside a high window, had his cut his wrists with a paper clip and ran around the desk while they tried to apprehend him. In addition, he was roughly treated by the first aid attendants, then spent three months in an open-windowed cell learning to get along with the Rastafarians and winning extra portions of chicken necks and rice through his card-playing and soccer-playing whimsy. Marian McGuire's ordeal brought her back after four months as an athletic born-again braided Pollyanna.

I turned down a number of offers by the Dominican government to pay for the ill-advised 'rescue mission' liberator's repatriation to Britain. I'm proud to say in some small way we played a role in the history of a beautiful tropical paradise. Eugenia Charles (1919-2005) just passed away. Known as the "Iron Lady of the Caribbean", she saved the little country from insidious foreign domination. All the other participants, with the exception of Wolfgang Droege (recently murdered by a drug addict in Toronto) are alive and well--as is democracy in Dominica.




No Dignity and Humility in America


Looking at the Hurricane Katrina reports, interviews and pictures through the various newscasts, I'm amazed at the lack of mention of God. The techno-trendies only believe in the matriarchal "Mother Nature", like their Mother Goose fairy tale brat upbringings. The nation that boasts "In God We Trust" is totally unfearful of his wrath and completely self-indulgent in its worldwide imperialist stature. Their Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it all: "Americans don't want to see Americans suffer". They don't care about the poor slobs in Baghdad who haven't had clean water and electricity since the fall of their Tito-type dictator Saddam Hussein.

From worried President George Bush down to the "Cryptkeeper" Homeland Security Director Michael Chernoff to FEMA director Michael Brown and the Red Cross rescue workers, there's no thought of God's punishment--only Mother Nature's whimsy. And where are the bigmouthed Christian preachers now (they're big on Bible prophecy)--this certainly doesn't appear to be a kiss from God to His favourite nation--not even hypocritical humility has been suggested, and this nation plans to fight the believers?
Human dignity in America is a rare commodity, where it is considered acceptable to sexually humiliate its opponents during interrogation procedures.

The sight of thousands of evacuees in the Houston Astrodome reminded me of a slave-ship's hold: rows upon rows of cots and people, women, children and the old, without even the privacy of easily-erected shower curtains or office dividers. The security checkpoints, frisking of survivors as well as the separation of families for the convenience of FEMA, was disconcerting. After Jesse Jackson and the National Black Caucus told CNN and Fox News not to call the survivors 'refugees', most stations reverted to the term 'evacuees'. It's a big letdown for black culture, which was considered to be in pre-eminence, now finding out that all the anti-racist political bureaucrats and media moguls were just paying lip service (because it sells, and was good for demoralizing Whitey). Skeptical animosity will remain in the hearts and souls of U.S. blacks, which will take generations to undo.

Boastful America has been dealt a blow of humility which they still do not recognize. Until they decide to respect human dignity, their troubles are not over yet. As the Bible says, pride goeth before a fall.




Disunited States of America


Few race-mixed empires have lasted long. The drowning of New Orleans (the new Atlantis) has exposed the underlying social disunity and charlatanism of the totalitarian American federal government. Crowds of blacks and poor whites are begging and angry for help, while the silenced microphones of CNN and the other controlled media belie the conspiracy generated from Washington, which has launched a $300 greed-bag war on an Islamic country but can't spend or spare the equipment and troops to save their most helpless citizens. You can kiss off the support for the Iraq war from the separatist American South. This time they'll have the blacks on their side; crying for the 9/11 families won't compare in scope to this catastrophe. Whoever told them to build a city in a depression beside the sea (only the Dutch do that)?

It's life on the edge even the phony war on terror and al-Qaeda will have to wait until this disaster is sorted out. The media reporting is atrocious, showing their libertine bimbo media bitches' smugness toward the "unwashed masses"; few of them dared interviews with the angry ordinary crowd. It's all controlled and spin-doctored while bodies from cemeteries and sewage float by. No Mujahideen raid could have accomplished this and many Sunni Muslims will look upon this as Allah's vengeance and retribution (Didn't the American-collaborating Shiites lose 945 people off a bridge on the rumor of a suicide bomber in the same week that Hurricane Katrina struck?).

The embarrassing silence from the rest of the world shows their envious enmity towards America. How can they bring in the New World Order when they can't take care of Americans? The mercantile multicult empire is showing cracks of callousness and ineptitude. What happened to George Bush's "compassionate conservatism"? The "attic stories" of desperate survivors on their roofs trying to save themselves from rising waters overshadows any Anne Frank story. The overly-US-tax dollar-compensated Zionist evacuees from the Gaza orchestrated drama pales in comparison with the real suffering in the South. Even the primitive medical emergency cleanups after an Iraqi suicide bombing are better equipped and organized than the debacle during Hurricane Katrina. There can be little confidence in the overblown U.S. federal government and its politicized military propaganda spouted by talking heads. From Hollywood, only Jerry Lewis offered a deal in his Muscular Dystrophy telethon send half of the donations to me and half to the hurricane victims. It's all so patently typical from the Zionist anti-racist idiots; where are the BET, MTV and MuchMusic rappers offering aid and their fortunes, as their followers pick up guns to shoot at hospital rescue workers? The situation is turning to anarchy as the state of Louisiana ordered 40,000 federal troops in to attempt to restore order, help victims and stop massive looting along with killings and rapes taking place. Where are the Hispanics and the people with mobile homes from across the country? Or are they afraid to accept the frustrated crowds at the Superdome. The crisis in New Orleans has created American refugees.

Such unity!




Toronto Terrorized


Toronto police are unable and in some cases, unwilling (racial profiling) to stem the tide of violence in the black community and neighborhoods in the city. The flamboyant former mayor Mel Lastman called in the army when Toronto citizens' safety and security was jeopardized by a major snowstorm a few years back--they moved in with their equipment and manpower, aiding in clearing the streets and bringing aid to senior citizens and the homeless. Today, certain Toronto neighborhoods are inundated with crime and gang shootings by black youths in their respective neighborhoods and government housing complexes.

The NPC is asking Toronto Mayor David Miller (his e-mail address: ) to call in Canadian troops presently meddling and checking on roadside bombs in far off Afghanistan, to be brought back to the streets of Toronto, where the real terrorists exist; this is not an unreasonable request. In addition, checkpoints need to be set up around the affected communities to put a stop to criminal activities by the "gangstas" promoted by the pigsty media like MuchMusic and MTV.

Intelligence investigations should be set up and coordinated with Toronto Police and federal immigration officers. Raids need to be made on housing complexes, with searches for weapons from the black terrorists, or anyone else assisting them. A database must be set up on those affected communities, keeping track of all youths from the ages of 12 to 25, and a special prosecution unit should be created to swiftly disperse justice to the criminal culprits.

And we are asking Mayor Miller to press the federal government to repeal the Youth Criminal Justice Act, where slap-on-the-wrist sentences are meted out, encouraging the black community to thumb its nose at the law. Special provisions of the new anti-terror act should be applied to force obvious witnesses to crime to comply with their Canadian civic duty; failure to comply with any police requests or assistance to solving crime should result in call for a moratorium on immigration focused on the Third World-origin countries of the culprits.

What kind of a safe community can you have when the mothers and fathers of these young hoodlums refuse to point the finger and testify against the criminals? Who can have such respect for such a thug-dominated culture where young women are looked upon as "ho's", and where if you "dis", you're dead?

The official policy of multiculturalism has to be abandoned, as with the help of government/taxpayer money, it has only resulted in ghettos and new Third World re-colonization communities. To these new immigrants and their white liberal dog walkers, Canada belongs to the world--just look into their arrogant eyes the next time you're on Toronto's transit system and tell me if I'm not right. And don't ask them where they're from, as they might bark back at you with accusations of racism (you're darn right, pal--that's where I'm coming from!).

Race is the issue, and as soon as the City Fathers (or should I say mothers) realize this, the sooner we can understand the common sense thinking of our ancestors; everything else is hogwash. Tell your political representatives to stop beating around the bush.
Let's bring our soldiers back from Afghanistan and let our bombastic generals fight the real scumbags terrorizing Toronto. As Heraclitus said around 500 B.C. , "The people should fight for their law as for their city wall".

Call in the army now!




Holy Roller Hitmen


Someone asked me "What does the cross in the sun cross on the flag of the Nationalist Party stand for?" It doesn't stand for Christianity--like all religions it hasn't done much to preserve the white race. (It represents the four divisions of humanity; it precedes Christianity and is an ancient symbol of the white people). I pointed out that the world is racially divided into four spheres: races of the black countries, the oriental race, the white 4race and the race-mixed races. The race-mixed countries come in various hues; Mexico to Terra del Fuego are mixed-race countries, where the mestizos (half-breeds) run the show, sometimes on behalf of those in barricaded villas white manipulating overlords against the indigenous people and occasionally, for themselves, with some co0nsideration for the mestizos.

Such is the case in Venezuela today, where Hugo Chavez, of the mestizos won the reins of power in an election and in spite of the attempted American military coups by the white upper crust, plans to redistribute Venezuela's vast oil income to his supporters.
The racial conflicts in these race-mixed states having continued for centuries, were described by Simon Bolivar on his death bed as "planting democracy in South America is like plowing the sea."

I'm against Marxists, as communism is inhumane and anti-human nature--just look at the killers of the Marxist FARC in Colombia and the Sandero Luminoso in Peru. However. the communal concepts among Ameridians is strong, and the writing on the wall is there for all avaricious whites to see. It's just a matter of time before the cradle, and not communism, overcomes them. The NPC believes in a policy of non-interference and non-meddling in other races' affairs, except as trading and listening posts.

Live and let live, however, is not the policy of kosher conservative Christian evangelist Pat Robertson and his followers who is advocating that the already immoral and besmirched Bush administration kill Hugo Chavez for his impudent vitriol against the United States and their bandit imperialism throughout the world. The Earth will not be a mundane "McWorld", even if does has clean washrooms. Robertson has exposed the kosher conservative Christians in their baying for blood one one hand and church picnics on the other.

What would Jesus say? For all we know, Robertson's a covert CIA boy secretly shilling for the White House and his born-again acolyte, intending to whip up patriotic hysteria so that the God-fearing SUV owners will be able to afford more vacations in their pursuit of happiness (it's in their constitution!) There's nothing meaner than an angry hedonist--just ask their numerous celebrity-status serial killers.

The Scriptures of God follow in the same vein as the fatwas of the mullahs--except this guy wants to kill for pride and possessions. I never heard this old phony call for the assassination of the numerous brutal tyrants the Americans do business with on a daily basis; even nearby Cuba's Castro is tolerated through five presidents (Cuba has no oil).

Chavez will have a more difficult time now than the Marxist socialist darlings of the past, since the internationalist money grubbers and the controlled media dropped their tyrannical farce when they opened up a MacDonald's in Moscow.

As quoted by the media, Robertson said: "I spoke in frustration that we should accommodate the man who thinks the U.S. is out to kill him." Pat Robertson is a charlatan of the first order, who undermines fundamentalist Christianity with his Jim Jones blood-curdling demands.

Don't forget to pass the plate--or else.

And send Robertson your comments at



Reprobates Ruin Cartoons

Children's cartoons are very important. Under the rubric of safe entertainment, all kinds of perverted junk being broadcast on the secular Zionist-controlled networks is being peddled to unsuspecting infants and adolescents.

The controllers of the these networks include: Robert Iger, head of ABC's corporate parent Walt Disney; Fox Broadcasting, run by News Corporation's Rupert Murdoch; Sumner Redstone head of CBS' and UPN's corporate parent Viacom; Jeff Immelt, who runs GE, corporate owner of NBC; and Garth Ancier of the WB Network.

As for the shows themselves:

The Simpsons (Fox; produced by James L. Brooks and co-created by Sam Simon) is just one example. Along with the usual race-mixing and multicultural attitudes, is the pervasive perversion plied into each episode. Centered around a typical working-class family, many stories focus on Bart, the ten-year-old who never fails to show his bare butt, along with plenty of cross-dressing episodes featuring the father Homer, Police Chief Wiggum, Bart's friend Milhouse, not to mention homosexual innuendo between minor characters Carl and Lenny (and what about Mr. Burns and his assistant Mr. Smithers?). On this show the "good Christian" Flanders family is continually mocked, right to the point of the death of its Christian mother Maude. Ethnic European elements are portrayed as either crooks or being mentally ill; the French, Germans and the Scottish in particular are the constant butt of jokes. Blacks, of course are accomplished musicians or doctors

The libertines in charge of this show also have subtle kicking at the boss by portraying Jewish tavern owner Moe and Jewish kiddie show host Krusty the Klown as lecherous, immoral cheapskates.

Also on Fox we have King Of The Hill, featuring another white American family with one son. The father Hank Hill is portrayed as a pro-American "anti-redneck" doormat with three similar friends: Bill, who a wussified, divorced, balding lose; Dale, is into machismo and the military, while his wife is doing an Indian under the guise of spiritual healing and while thinking that the half-breed Joseph is his own son (and Dale's own father is a gay rodeo clown.); and Boomhauer, who encompasses all the white 'crackers' that no one understands when they mutter, but are content chasing women. Hank's neighbours are Laotian refugees of U.S. meddling who are purportedly scandalized when they suspect Hank's son Bobby is secretly interested in their daughter. Hank's father Cotton, a diminutive cripple, is angry at the Koreans who shot out his shins, and now runs around with barely legal trollops. The Hill Family's arch-conservative values are pitted against--and continually lose-- to a number of secular situations.

Family Guy (Fox), hintingly Jewish, has a lisp-voiced, cross-dressing baby named Stewie, who is a fashion critic with a mad scientist's matricidal desire (this is supposed to be a baby, guys--or is he just weird?). Add to this a Truman Capote-urbane dog Brian and father Peter Griffin along with rectal-and nudity-based humor abounding: the Griffin son Chris exhibits sexual ambiguity, and in one episode Brian the dog develops a crush on Peter's wife Lois and that should tell you about the plots.

American Dad (again on Fox!) is a new cartoon where, in just one episode, the lead character Stan Smith moons his church congregation in jubilation of winning a deaconship election. This 'pillar of the community' works for the CIA and is so trigger-happy he shoots a toaster for dispensing French Toast (promoting ethnic bigotry against whites). The wife is a suburban smiling bimbo, and Christians are depicted in the most outrageous light. There is, of course, a lonely German goldfish and an alien secretly living with the family who teats are milked during its reproductive cycle and placed as a magic ingredient in the wife's potato salad that is presented to the church to win Stan's deaconship. Later, Stan's son and a girl next door suck up and pass the alien orally--it's all so sick. (American Dad, indeed--get out of Iraq, you perverts.)

On "Duck Dodgers" (Cartoon Network/Teletoon Canada; produced by Sander Schwartz for Warner Brothers Animation), even traditional standbys like Porky Pig wears a tight swimsuit in his 'role' as a space cadet (when he's not dressed in drag), with bestiality suggested between the humanoid Martian Queen Tyranny and the object of her crush, a duck. And let's not forget the effeminate skirt-wearing Marvin the Martian who himself has his own crush on the queen. There is also the red-headed space Vikings known as the 'Klunkens', led by a space-age version of Yosemite Sam.

In all this, notably absent is overt lesbianism; only the homosexuals could tell you the reasons for that.

Now I can understand why investigating interrogators sit on the chests of their conservative captives, and why they piled nude bodies into larger indignant piles of sexual perversion--and why thousands of American children and women are missing and held captive all over the USA. America needs to look inward: It's 3 p.m. do you know what your kids are watching.



Racist Leaders Miss The Point


The white nationalist have been battling to preserve their identity and dignity for decades in the Western world. Against them has been arrayed the most powerful police and media forces seen planet, mostly run by a sinister cabal of some Jews, communists, neo-cons (kosher conservatives) and deluded liberal dogshit walkers. They have been doing a viciously effective job until they embarked on a crusade against the last remaining religion that adherents were willing to die for--Islam and the Koran, whose words cannot be changed according to God (Allah) himself: "That is the supreme triumph".

These wars of aggression from Afghanistan to Chechnya to Iraq to remove the seeds of Koranic belief have been a colossal failure. What can keep the Zionist internationalist meddlers together to victory over the long haul? The hope of getting back with some bucks to have a hedonistic good time is no match for those dissatisfied with this vanity life for paradise, replete with Allah's big-busted virgins: The unbeliever is desperate to live while the believer is willing to die.

White racist leaders have failed to be in the vanguard against these new meddling and increasingly popular Zionist wars of aggression. Instead the revel in the petty bigotry of "gettin' them sand-jockeys/ towel-heads/ ragheads," etc. The mujahideen don't look like whorehouse bouncers--and that's where the fun is, isn't it? Dr. William Pierce's National Alliance leader Shaun Walker is calling for brought back and put on the Mexican border to stop the "Reconquista" from the south. David Duke and his operation Stormfront Canada satisfy surface bigotry but fail to express a forceful rejection of one-worlder aggression, added to the non-productiveness of white women.

In Canada, a lot of energy has been concentrated on personal vendettas, orchestrated by the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. In Germany the far-right parties may be overshadowed by the new Left Party, whose leader Oskar Lafontaine excels as a simplifier by calling for German soldiers ro leave Afghanistan where they're with NATO to lower the risk of terrorist attacks in Germany. The neo-Nazi National Democrats are in danger of losing the 5 per cent threshold for getting into Parliament.

In Britain, the British National Party ( ) is concentrating more on the Islamists instead of race and the British agitating aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan

Bigotry is boring and it has to be nurtured continually. It's like a spoiled brat. With no thought it's at a dead end of self-satisfying hatred. Islam is not the problem, as they are representing the same Scriptures of God as Judeo-Christian heritage is, only with the men in charge this time (no wonder the dilettantes are afraid). The public relations image of disunited Jews and criminal black youth have suffered major hits. Even the new Pope's visit to a synagogue in Germany and his warnings about another recurring cycle of anti-Semites did not help his anti-war image or position, particularly when his skullcap flew off his head upon landing and his robes flew up ominous around his face. With the exception of the grieving mother Cindy Sheehan (who lost her son in Iraq and has camped outside Crawford, Texas) and a few insincere Hollywood minstrels, the field is clear for anti-Zionist war activists. Unlike the Vietnam War where Jews and the communist media ran the whole show now is the time for white nationalists to speak up intelligently to bring our troops home and on the side of peace. It is our moral duty and obligation the bloody warmongers at home and abroad--at last they didn't go along with the Zionist Occupation Government's "war on terror" agenda which requires the bigot participant ideologues' stamp of approval.




Language Alone Does Not Make A State


When I was brought here against my will in 1952 aa a ten-year-old boy, the only major crime worthy of the media was the over-romanticized, murderous, bank-robbing Boyd Gang. Most other bank robbers and criminals came from Quebec. Nervy French Canadians, along with the police and the public, were quick to clamp down on them. It was hard to find a black or Pakistani, and the only Chinese were the old ones in one small Chinatown--until the dilettante Prime Minister Pearson and the martinet Prime Minister Trudeau blew of the immigration gates for Third World re-colonization, which drastically changed Canada.

The treacherous Marxist "beeznessmen" were looking for cheap labor and a re-ordering of a peace European heritage-based Canada. They first brought in bilingualism, calling for French and English on instructions everywhere including both sides of cereal boxes. The commies and their business neo-con partners were quick to bring in multiculturalism soon after. In the 1960's and 70's these reds were everywhere--schools, media, government--sometimes pretending they were ethnic nationalists, as with the Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) killers in Quebec. One of them, reported to be out of jail, is reputed to be friends with the new Governor-General Michaelle Jean's French husband, so we know where this race-mixed couple is from.

A large French-speaking Haitian community was happily imported into Quebec by these Marxists, as if language automatically makes you a 'Quebecois' . They talk about "pure laine (pure wool)" Quebecois, who in essence are kick-outs, refugees and adventurers from France, mixed with a generous dose of aboriginal blood (few French women were imported into Quebec). Other settlers included destitute Irish and Scottish orphans and Dr. Barnardo's shanty children, swept up from the streets of industrial England (also known as "home boys and girls"). Now these same obfuscating ex-communist terrorists are genuflecting and bending over backwards to appeal to their internationalist multiculturalist sentiments, in front of a multicult representative of a foreign power position. Some separatists!

Ethnic compatibility and national language alone will build a nation, not Marxist dialectics. Other than Jacques Parizeau, the former wise leader of the Parti Quebecois all the rest are phonies trying to rob the national treasury of Canada with their scams and demands. The only way that Quebec will get Independence at this rate is if the rest of the country wakes up, and abandons them and says: "Enough!"


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