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Off On Afghanistan


The Conservative Bush-alike Stephen Harper has flubbed his internationalist neo-con plans for Canadians to be used as mercenary cannon fodder for their imperialist dreams, with his censoring of the media during the return of the bodies of four slain Canadians in Afghanistan.

Internationalist politically-correct martyrs are a rare breed, unlike the suicide bombers of other races and religions. The liberal and libertine crowd has to have their heroes, too, and how can you stay convinced of your blunders if you can't venerate your martyrs in your foolish adventures? The politically-correct people are mad — they want the flags lowered, like Toronto Mayor David Miller and the adolescent armchair kosher conservative war buffs want to see "them-there" coffins slow-marched again and again. All the politically-correct pundits and social agencies need to vent their spleens in public pride in mournings. Such hypocrites! The very crowd that's glad that Canada didn't go to Iraq, but are gonna kill some Taliban to get some "womyn" ; they're all disappointed. And they hated Harper already, with his secret Bushite agenda.

The believers in free speech and open government can't be happy; Harper's excuse is so thin: "Because the grieving families need their privacy". Puh-leese! These guys are heroes in every bleeding heart.

All I know is that if Canadians put their noses in places they don't belong, no matter what their good intentions, they must be prepared to pay the price, and those pallbearers will start having to move faster. The Muslims that we have over here are not like the Muslims over there: they didn't jump ship for greener economic pastures or fled their homeland with a cloud of controversy. The Taliban are not looking to open up falafel shops in Toronto. They are believers and Jihadists in the struggle, for the struggle's sake, with volunteers from all over the world.

If the casualties continue, too many questions will be asked about this muddled mission of egalitarianism. Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor, Harper and General Rick Hillier have lost a lot of trust with their conspiratal dictum to hide the truth — everything else from now in Afghanistan is downhill. Personally, if you're doing something wrong and in the course of that activity you're injured or killed, too bad. I'm sorry. As Stalin said, "One death is a tragedy, a thousand is a statistic."

Tell Prime Minister Harper to bring our troops home and keep Canada out of foreign aggression. His postal address is The House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6, E-mail,




God Is A Racist


Congratulations to the 3,000 White residents of Caledonia, Ontario for standing up to thug tactics of the Indian protesters illegally occupying private property and disrupting public roads, commerce and the area's residents' lives.

First, the Ontario Provincial Police went in a dawn raid to evict the Native squatters. After arresting sixteen of them, more Natives arrived and the cops backstepped away from the violators, pleading that they were ill-equipped to carry out their police duties — in essence, Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty chickened out at the last minute, fearing another Ipperwash confrontation that happened during his predecessor Mike Harris' reign, where Indian activist Dudley Laws was shot by an OPP sniper. McGuinty's cold feet have put the administration of equal justice in Ontario in jeopardy ; so much so, that no one from the government has reminded the Indians that we are all Canadians (as the Native protesters keep referring to Canada as a separate entity from their own laws and jurisdiction). They're bring deluded by leftist think-tanks and politically correct anti-Whites by being referred to as the 'First Nations". These are not sovereign nations, but are basically 'Bantustans', or reserves given to defeated people, with special privileges and tax evasions, according to the patronizing Indian Act.

Getting back to the Caledonians, especially the 1,000 who confronted the massive OPP police line, they are now in the unenviable position of protecting agreeably silent Indian protesters from the angry White mob who rightly demanded the army be called in to clean the Native debris from the highway and open the road in the name of public safety). There were a few scuffles and two arrests as parts of the gathering turned ugly toward the mercurial police, as the crowd jeered at them, "Do your job! Do your job!" All these happenings going on, and not one word on the kosher conservative steam-valve media like CTV (run by Zionist Ivan Fecan) and the Toronto Sun (now run by CEO Kin-Man Lee) — amazing! Is it because White people have had enough, and now we have a case of genuine backlash (with racial taunts and all) that no mealy-mouthed kosher conservatives can adequately explain?

Because...race is all. Even American Blacks are getting on the racial bandwagon; some of them are joining Whites in the Minuteman Project in an effort to stop the mass Mestizo invasion of America's southern border. They fear for the jobs that Americans will and can do, and the further lowering of their economic status with the influx of willing impoverished workers from the southern jungles. Once again, natural racial awareness is on the rise throughout North America.

Racism is as natural as breathing; it's simple human nature, and once the neo-con/communist conspiracy is overthrown (as flawed ideas usually last about three generations in power), things will go back to normal, as God intended.

Because God is a racist, who created the various peoples for a reason that no man can change.




Death At The Red Devil Inn


You're supposed to be an invasion force representing the 'good guys' puppet government of Afghanistan and doing the police work for the feeble regime by chasing the 'bad guys' of the same Scripture God. Canadian meddling hired mercenaries are supposed to win the hearts and minds of the Taliban supporters and inhabitants (we could have used some of these soldiers at last week's dispute with the Indians at Caledonia to enforce the laws, since the Indians don't recognize Canadian law anymore).

Our generals, along with General Rick "Hellboy" Hillier are quick to point out that altruistic work in the wake of the four unlucky soldiers — Corporal Matthew Dinning, Lieutenant William Turner, Private Myles Mansell and Corporal Randy Payne — blown up by an Improvised Explosive Device for no good reason; all of them were from the Alpha Company, First Battalion, Princess Patricia's Light Infantry of the Canadian camp known as "The Red Devil Inn".


What secular, in-your-face macho mind could have come up with this stick-in-the-eye sign in this God-fearing environment? This kind of psycho psyche was only meant to intimidate the natives who they patronizingly bring into their McDonald's consumer world. This is an in-your-face message right from the serial killers, and not one general or lickspittle liberal commentator such as Mike Duffy or Don Newman bothered to show the incongruity of this muddled mission in Afghanistan. A name place like Gumbad will be remembered by Canadians for a series of tragedies and humiliations while trying to chase down the elusive Taliban — reminiscent of Kipling's Imperial wars. It was in Gumbad that a Canadian officer was struck with a primitive axe in the head; ever since then, our troops have been harassing and insulting the conservative, religious Afghans with intimate body searches and dogs in mosques (as reported by the New York Times). Eventually, Canada will leave Afghanistan and the Afghans will go back to the way it was, but this posturing and posing as a meddler gains no points. You cannot lose face by leaving a situation that is none of your business.

The phony 'war on terror' is such a situation, and the sooner Canadians join the chorus for dialogue instead of destruction, the more we will contribute to world peace by the policy of 'Live and Let Live'. Pre-emptive strikes are for thugs and tyrants; they don't deserve to sit at the wheel of government, regardless of their power. Self-determination in a government full of various-stage-of-development states, is just as good, natural and more interesting than a corporate industrial one-world empire.

We stayed out of Vietnam. We stayed out of Iraq. Now, let's get out of Afghanistan.

Down with the empire! Long live freedom and liberty!




Monster Americans


What kinds of creatures are they breeding in America?

Monsters like Kevin Ray Underwood, a 'Christian' burger-flipper born 26 years ago in the midst of the disco craze and rock-and-roll mayhem. He is accused of sexually molesting and killing a ten-year-old girl neighbors with paraphernalia and plans to barbecue and eat her afterwards. This White ogre looks like a candidate for American Idol. or a GI grunt in Iraq. This is a sick country...if you can call it that, considering the disparity and hatred between the races. Yet these are the same loudmouthed morons peddling their shit on CNN and Fox News Channel, pushing for war and demanding that people change to be more like them.

The descendants of the losers and leftovers of Europe have no moral or ethical leg to stand on when they peddle Bush's B.S. The religious leaders in North America have failed us abysmally. They can't even answer the speculations of 'The Da Vinci Code' let alone entice us to imitate Christ. * Witness the Limey who backed out of being nailed to a cross on Good Friday like the ten Filipinos (to the jeers of 10,000 other Filipino spectators), proving that Mel Gibson's bloody movie The Passion of the Christ was a major detractor from this kind of religion for the modern White man. Gibson's movies, The Da Vinci Code, and a number of other films are turning Whites away from God, giving the impression that they're the end-all, like the child killers in America, where only three days prior to the murder of Jamie Rose Bolin, a 21-year-old Black man killed six relatives, including a five-year-old, right out of the blue. They're still looking for a motive for that horror. But America still arrogantly goes around with its head up, hectoring and threatening cultures and nations throughout the world, with blood on their hands and toilet paper hanging from their pants. Hey, dummies, take a look what's happening to your country! No one respects you and many are learning to hate you, regardless of your glitz and glitter.

'Bush Baby' neo-con minority Conservative government Prime Minister Stephen Harper wants to saddle up closer to the Big Boss Man south of the border, almost like in Brokeback Mountain. Harper was supposed to be the social conservative who was supposed to rescind the equality of homosexual and heterosexual marriages in Canada. He was supposed to do away with the $2-billion long-gun registry while beggars roamed Toronto streets. He was supposed to crack down on crime and gangs shooting up our urban areas (don't hold your breath; it'll never happen). Secretive Stephen Harper has only put a clampdown on every member of his Cabinet and party, and the controlled dog media is acquiescing. Only our mercenary killer troops in Afghanistan are worthy of belly-boy Bush Baby's attention, in keeping up with the age-old tradition of using Canadians as cannon fodder since Vimy Ridge, Dieppe and Korea. Suckerrrrs! That's why he's known as a neo-con ('neo' meaning like a conservative, but only with his penny-pinching pocketbook and to hell with heritage, race and culture — that's for the dummies).

America is disarray, especially in the face of the racial pride and unity of their Hispanic servants and their whining and strutting Blacks. White Americans are looking for a raison d'etre which they will never find without their own homeland where they do their own labour. Now, these greedbag neo-cons are planning a third bloody war after Afghanistan and Iraq, against the ancient people and culture of Iran — as if George Bush were some new reincarnation of Alexander the Great. Dream on, morons, you're in for a big surprise; I'll never forget the day that these Persians lost 23,000 men in one afternoon at Fish Lake in the longest war of the 20th century. We'll see whether the monsters and serial killers from Bagram airbase, Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay can withstand a full frontal suicide attack en masse. We'll see whether Israel, with its 30-mile depth, can withstand an all-out attack or "fall like a rotten tree that could be destroyed in one storm", as Iranian president Ahmadinejad said recently (that's if the Americans dare to attack Iran); Shi'ite Iran could ingratiate itself to the Sunni Ummah in the event of an all-out war with the 'Great Satan' America and drive them back to their bloody fortress.

Monsters in America, beware, your days of reckoning are coming.



Wolfgang Droege: Gentleman German

On April 13th, 2005, it will be one year from the day that Canadian White Nationalist activist Wolfgang Droege was murdered.

Contrary to rumors that Wolfgang Droege is not really dead; that he is in fact part and parcel of an FBI/CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service) ruse as part of a Witness Protection Program and the undermining of the White Nationalist movement: the secrecy of the ongoing and dragging trial of the accused perpetrator Keith Deroux; the agreement of both the prosecution and defense to a media blackout; the lack of a funeral and viewing of the body by anyone that I know; the unknown disposition of the corpse; the accused perpetrator now in a Black jail range with supposed 'status' telephone privileges...all add to the very mystery of this murder. It's all very hush-hush and'hoosh-hoosh'. It has become a silent gun crime, with many unanswered questions.

Wolfgang Droege had a long history of White Nationalist activity, beginning with the first time I met him and introduced him into the political milieu, from the Western Guard to the Ku Klux Klan to the Nationalist Party to the Heritage Front -- an organization infiltrated and financed through co-founding CSIS agent "Grant Bristow" to the tune of hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars. With Wolf, the end justified the means on most occasions.

Today, Wolfgang is still missed and thought of fondly for his flamboyant generosity and his keen political acumen. He was a talented German immigrant who chose to tell Canadians the 'what-fer' on race and politics when they sorely needed it. Wolf was an international traveler from Russia to Africa to the Caribbean and Latin America, making friends, influencing people and acquainting them with the Canadian political scene. Wherever he went, people never forgot him, including even the four years he spent in the notorious Lompoc Correctional Facility in California. All were educational experiences for him that he took in stride. Wolf's hectic adventurous life didn't give him a chance to settle down and have children; however, the ladies all loved the Gentleman German. His soft-spoken demeanor and keen interest in gossip made for a friendly audience.

I'll miss his eager, smiling, animated face as he preened himself in my large full kitchen mirror. I loved to see him scarf down the best steak in town at The Tulip Restaurant, and had to convince him otherwise and look the other way when he ordered seconds at breakfast (it was suggested that the Tulip feature a new menu item — the 'Big Wolfie' — two steaks and four eggs).

Wolfgang had a lot of energy and was never at a loss for an opinion, where the untermunchen were barely tolerated. he could have been a success at anything he touched ... and was, from a printing press operator to a soldier of fortune to an advocate of White Race survival in North America. I always considered him a child-immigrant, like myself, to be here by special fate and destiny.

I miss Wolfgang Droege's presence — but his spirit lives on.



Keep Your Eye On The Ball


I was watching the opening day of Parliament, with Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government and his 25-minute Throne Speech of intentions read out by the new multicult queen Governor-General, Haitian born Michaelle Jean. This is the crap left over from Canada's continuing subjugation to the Queen of England and the British Commonwealth. It's all unnecessary pomp and circumstance, further undermining White Nationalist identity in North America.

After the Throne Speech there were the usual pronouncements of getting tough on crime and having government if! I was amused by the haughty pronouncements by Liberal and NDP backbenchers, and then their fluff questions to Harper's bombastic cabinet minister Chuck Strahl, Minister of Agriculture
was the worst, and a close second was the "General Bullmoose"ex-military officer and Defense Minister Gordon O'Connor's snotty dismissal of any concern for the treatment of captives by Canadians in Afghanistan. As it stands now, we just hand them over to puppet Karzai's Northern Alliance communist torturers. But hey: we have the right to ask about the prisoners' situation later ... even if we bother to. And when have you ever heard Canadian diplomats bother to look after the rights of Canadians, let alone Taliban suspects?

Canada has already shown to be complicit in secret CIA 'black ops' flights rendering Jihadists for torture interrogations (consisting of nail-pulling, 'water-boarding', and and chained-to-the-floor sleep-deprivation) in Central Europe and Asia.

It's sickening to think that human beings are being transported over our soil, stripped nude, then garbed in plastic underwear, subjected to masks over their mouths, ear-stoppers and blindfolds, then having hoods placed over their heads, while being forced to wear jumpsuits and chained to the floors of one of Cheney's transports. This is worse than any of Hollywood Nazi scenario; this is Hollywood's Hannibal Lecter legacy. Then, these same characters have the nerve to shed crocodile tears for their returning dead mercenaries from their foreign intervention. And these are supposed to be the good guys? I don't think so. Torture and indignity is not the White man's way.

This whole internationalist cabal of neo-cons and greedbag businessmen is being exposed daily for the charlatans and hypocrites that they are; you can see it in George Bush's smirk, or John McCain's arrogance, or Hillary Clinton's dismissiveness--that 'gentle sex' female still supports the bloodletting in Iraq. Would the Americans do this to Frenchmen or the Russians? The entire policy is a disingenuous, tragic farce operated by the nice multicultural anti-racists, Zionists, Marxists, Trotskyites and neo-cons working together against White Nationalists and "Islamo-fascists" (they're all the same to them).

"Islamo-fascist" is the term that the matriarchal-dominated enemies of the White race coined early in their fight against patriarchal Islam. That way, all of their enemies were connected in the public's mind. I'm waiting to see which suicidal so-called pro-White organization will use the term next, as words are powerful weapons and indicators of the mindset of any political effort.

Let's keep our eye on the ball.




Pale Propaganda


There are a number of news stories going nowhere which end up as non-stories in the end, cluttering up the people's minds.

The projected bird flu epidemic is one such example of self-perpetuating, overblown "news" that is becoming more and more tedious, with chicken farmers and their children contracting and dying from the avian flu. Considering the way that commercial poultry is kept and fed throughout the world, it's a wonder that none of their keepers haven't died just as retribution for the compacted cruelty that the birds are often kept in. The controlled media keeps spewing out fearmongering to the point that you'd think they are working for the drug companies who pretend to have a cure for every malady. In fact they're so curious that they're digging up the bodies of victims of the 1918 flu pandemic which killed millions throughout the world. Now we're supposed to trust the scientists that the old virus will not spread through their tampering investigative work. These mad scientists would be better off stopping genetic manipulations, monkeying around with plants and animals, and leave the fearmongering to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the post-9/11 mania crowd.

I've had my fill of all the released and freed Western hostages from Iraq, while millions of their citizens are suffering under the lack of basic services, electricity and water, and the daily murders and violence there. All these non-military interlopers are nothing but spies, from the double-talking Jill Carroll of the Christian Science Monitor to the homosexual James Loney. Their stories are boring and banal, in spite of their ordeals. Who knows if some of the kidnappers are not part of the occupation government activity to bolster sympathy for themselves and bring condemnation for their enemy. I wouldn't trust any of them, considering the veil of lies that led to the Iraq invasion with the aid of the compliant media. Follow-up stories and network interviews net even more boring propaganda for the war effort while they dicker with publishers for book and movie rights of their self-created ordeals. Enough already!

A third more cunningly insidious warmonger design is the on-the-scene in-bed-with-our-troops reporting by the likes of the Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno and the Globe and Mail's Christie Blatchford in this whores' war in Afghanistan. These fluff feel-good reports could have been written from an armchair with a travel guide at home for all the information that they just don't give you; just macho jock propaganda, making excuses for the casualties. Do you notice how many fatal road accidents transpire in Iraq and Afghanistan, even in their protected armoured vehicles (which IED's can't even touch)? They still come up dead after a road accident. It's hard to believe, but they'll any excuse not to give their enemy any credit, preferring to report friendly fire mistakes instead of hostile activity. Why the hell are we there if the Taliban are so inept; can't puppet Karzai's troops do the job? They don't seem to have any accidents...they're always wiped out by the Taliban. Strange, but true. From corporate Tim Horton's to the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs Pat Quinn, they're all lining up to do the propaganda work for the New World Order. Even Tim Horton's coffee can't keep me awake on this one.

Then we have the tragic case of the Italian couple Nancy and Dominic Ianiero, who went to Cancun, Mexico for their daughter's wedding, only to be brutally murdered by knife-wielding assailants in their four-star hotel room, First the Mexicans claim it was two Canadian women who did a professional hit on the couple. Then, Mexican President Vincente Fox meddled in the criminal investigation himself, probably to save his tourism business. Then, our minority Prime Minister Stephen Harper pointed the finger at the Mexicans, and then the Mounties were sent to coordinate their activities with the Mexicans. Now the Mexicans will be sending investigations to talk to potential Canadian witnesses. It's back and forth, with all kinds of twists and turns as the weeks go by and the trail gets colder and justice is denied while nothing appears to change as accusations shift back and forth. Canadian citizens are aware, with or without their government's support, that there is little justice in arrogant Mexico working for the Yankee dollar. Let's get this case, and the case of the Toronto gang-murder of Jane Creba, resolved.

Finally, I've had enough of the whore contests of American Idol, etc., and their fulfillment of the Hollywood motto, "Choose Me!" The winners of those flesh-peddling contests don't belong on the front pages; let's keep them back in the so-called entertainment section.

That should also go for these continual storms that America is experiencing, like the whips of the Taliban as a result of prayers to Allah in retribution for America's continued Earth-jarring bombing. Put it on the Weather Network and the local news, please; call us when you've got another Katrina happening.

All in all the Western media paint a very narrow picture of world activities, with all the networks strangely choosing the same news items and reporting them in the same order over and over again, feeding their pablum to the populace; the controlled media have become nothing more than propaganda machines for the internationalist power structure, peddling their lies so profusely that even the Walter Duranty Award for Obfuscating Propaganda Journalism can't keep up with their nonsense and lies.




Axe In The Head


An ominous omen: a Canadian soldiers sits down with Afghan elders to discuss how ro bring "democracy, freedom, equality of women and the protection of minorities" to their ancient culture and country, and then a young man puts an axe in the officer's head from behind. And not your regular axe from Home Depot, but a primitive, handmade, root-handle implement, and to the back of the foreigner's head, where all his suicidal-matriarchal mantra exist; the very antithesis to Afghan racial survival, the same multicultural mythology which sold Canadians' birthright to the world. you get it? They don't want our degenerate philosophy here, with or without "Timbits", as they plan to send Canadian soldiers back in tid-bits.

The controlled media monkeys are pulling out all the stops in their columns and editorials in support of mercantile imperialism throughout the world, and the people be damned. Every excuse is being used, whether it holds water or not, to keep our hired killers fearfully swaggering in foreign lands on behalf of Zionists and their money-grubber hedonists. The perpetrators of these foreign missions tell us we can't "cut and run". Hey, you war-dogs, the Canadian people were never asked to be there in the first place peddling Marxist monopolies while our country is inundated with multicultural mayhem and misery — and what's more, with no Parliamentary debate in this supposedly representative democracy for fear that it will upset morale (I thought they were 'professionals'). These arrogant neo-con Red Tories also won't allow debate on Canada's undeclared war in Afghanistan for fear that our mercenary meddlers will lose heart while their heads roll in "traffic accidents" and suicide attacks such as those which occurred over the last two weeks.

Military spin-doctors, nurtured in Marxist multiculturalism-peddling politically correct circles, convince no one of the value of this foreign adventure, no matter how sincere or bellicose they are. Time to get get out and leave the Afghans to settle their own differences in their own manner. Haughty pasty-faced diplomats, politicians and generals have been thwarted in their efforts to bring a "McWorld" to their newly-created Karzai narco-state (the Taliban eliminated 90% of the drug trade there). Their time is running out as Mullah Omar and the Taliban Islamists continue their unreported attacks every day. Outright lies and canards by the military and in-bed media that 80% of the Afghans want us there is beyond belief, and further undermine Canadians' confidence in this stupidity.

There have been over three dozen Canadian casualties, including ten deaths, and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan can rest assured that Canada will not stomach a hundred, in spite of the Canadian Forces General Rick Hillier's assertion that we'll be there for ten more years. Is this guy on the same planet? It's a case of pay-now-or-pay-a-lot-more-later, as the Islamists realize we are once again cannon-fodder stooges of arrogant Western imperialism and set their sights on Canada.

This planet and its people will not be shaped into a boring uniform McWorld where one size fits all, in spite of our naive nihilism toward patriarchal societies and other forms of government. Wake up, fair-minded Canadians, and tell the warmongers where to get off, and to bring our troops home. The best security is an armed citizenry, not an armed Praetorian Guard.




Self-Pleasing Police

There are killers walking among us.

"You can't protect a criminal and expect to get away with it.". That's a famous dubbed line in a Chinese king-fu movie Dreadnaught, with a morality lesson for all. This is exactly what the Young Offenders Act (now known as the Youth Justice Act) does for young animals who perpetrate the most heinous crimes on family, friends and strangers, such as the recent murder of 12-year-old "Jonathan" with vicious-looking carving knives — stabbed 71 times by his 16-year-old brother. We can't know the name of the victim or the murderer (who will be out in four or five years to live in total anonymity among us).

Jonathan's is not the only case by far, as thousands of young thugs are mollycoddled through the Young Offenders Courts, cutting their teeth on vicious crime before their foray into the adult system; too little, too late for the rest of society which has to look at every punk's face and wonder about how many notches they have on their guns or knives. This kowtowing to 'youth culture' is dangerous and sickening (the only youth culture I've seen are skateboarders and Goths).

The controlled media is in bed with the police culture, whose spokesmen are more concerned with pensions and memorials to police dogs and horses: On Monday March 6, a public display of mourning was held in a funeral service at a 2400-seat coliseum for "Brigadier", the Toronto police horse supposedly run down by an accused Sikh defendant, which a police spokesman and animal activists foolishly called a murder. The service, in which all the other horses were brought in from their unit to attend, was amply covered by the cooperative media. This horse funeral even included Bible quotations, normally frowned upon in multicult Canada (although I did like the pipes and drums for the horse).

Then there was the recent case of 75,000 uniformed cops who turned out for the funeral of "Nitro", the only drug-sniffing dog in Alberta. And finally there is the RCMP's foot dragging on the brutal throat-slashing murder of the Canadian couple in Mexico, covered up by diplomatic double-talk, showing the "professionals' " lack of concern for the ordinary citizen (later on the sloppy Mexican investigators accused two female vacationers of escaping to Canada under suspicion of murder; I wonder what the attitude would be it it were one of their own). It's an us-and-them attitude in the overpaid Canadian security system

It is this very dehumanizing attitude by those security forces sent out to protect and serve the citizenry, which is raising the value of animals to human levels, selfish compassion for the 'professionals' and their objects. It's little wonder that only 30% of the murders in 2005 have been solved by Toronto Police, with their preferred schtick being self-aggrandizement and glory.
Politically correct Police Chief Bill Blair doesn't want any help from the eyes and ears of the Guardian Angels, who have come to Toronto to organize a local chapter. he has taken the ostrich position, sticking his head in the sand and hoping that they'll just go away. He's even accused the Angels of grandstanding for money-grubbing reasons. Come on, Bill, give it up, and start encouraging citizen participation on violent crime and grimy graffiti permeating the once Toronto The Good — because you have not made it any better yet.

What we need are community-oriented police who live in the area and are known by their neighbors and who are neighbors themselves, along with Neighborhood Watches and historical committees consulted by City Hall and the police about local problems and solutions. A greater reward system should be set up to bring local criminals to justice. It could be funded from money now used to finance foreign adventures; Canadian nationalism begins in Canada.

Write to Chief William Blair at 40 College Street, Toronto M5G 2L3 ( as well as our new Prime Minister in hiding Stephen Harper at the House of Commons, Ottawa Ontario K1A 0A6 (, and tell them to change these pompous policies. And how about holding a memorial for all the victims of unsolved murders that the police have not generated public input and interest in?

What we need is more self-policing police, and less self-pleasing police.



Sikhs Served


Canadian poet Robin Skelton once said, "When law replaces custom, the community dies." This is exactly what we are experiencing, a multicultural, open-door immigration society. Ever since the 1970's Canada has been invaded by 250,000 tribesmen from the Third World each and every year, undermining our European customs and traditions with every onslaught. The security services and police forces in this country have been elevated to heights of glory through the controlled media and through bought greedbag politicians, as our cultural fabric is torn apart and the White citizenry has less confidence in the future (even to have children).

Multicultural/multiracist countries and empires need a vast securitate, like the communists, to keep the lid on and punish the dissidents with so-called politically correct crappola laws and diversity propaganda. Minority rights supersede all else for peace and security for the matriarchal mercantile state, where there's no respect and no religion, and the right to speak on the subjects that the authorities approve of — for the rest, it's zero tolerance. Empires have often been run by a Praetorian Guard, from the Romans to the Ottomans to the British Empire; the military often cooperates with the mercantile, if they can see glory and expansion in it there's no life like it). The police and other government agencies are just arms of the same system, the military industrial complex: self-fulfilling and self-feeding. It's a unique cabal of internationalists, aggrandizers and posers. They're always very nice to their schlep minions; hence, in the name of tolerance we will have a special law for their Sikh servants to wear a secret little dagger, the kirpan, which can be worn just about anywhere, according to the rubber-stamp Canadian Supreme Court. There are different laws for different Canadians: you jail White Nationalists like Brad Love while you reward your mercenary Sikhs with special dispensation; They rile and shout against the fundamentalist Muslims in their own country but guarantee fundamentalist Sikhism in Canada.

Monotheistic Sikhism ("Hindu light") was on the wane when the British had three wars of subjugation; afterwards, they revitalized the Sikh religion and brought back their fundamentalist war cry when they realized the value of the Sikhs' mercenary qualities.

Sikhs are a very serious and scary people to many. They don't cut their facial hair so you can't see their mouths — another part of the five 'K's' of Sikhism, the kesh, along with the kachh (underwear), the kara (iron bracelet), the kirpan (dagger), and the khanga (hair comb). Of these, four have soldierly uses: the long hair rolled around steel rings serving as a helmet, and so on. But they also have spiritual meaning — e.g., the kachh, symbolizing self-restraint; the kara, obedience and the comb, peace of mind. The use of fish and liquor is permitted as to a warrior, but tobacco as a narcotic is prohibited. Govind Singh also instituted the kara parshid, a kind of communion at which flour is mixed with butter and sugar is eaten by all castes together.

The British used the Sikhs in their wars, pitting strangers against Europeans and all others; if it wasn't for them, modern-day India would fall apart. In fact, India's top leader today is a Sikh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Serious Sikhs changed Canadian custom in the military, the police and even the veterans' hideouts of the Canadian Legion. Whether they're hired or operating on behalf of the mythical Khalistan ("pure state"), this fourteenth-century sect is familiar with violence. The Air Canada bombing (where 328 people dies and one of the convicted men, Reyat Singh, is just getting out of prison), their occasional swordplay, assaults, temple disputes, kidnappings and beatings on the crime sheets, all demonstrate their independent mindset.

Originally farmers from the Punjab (they're still good at it), and in a secular North America descending into disintegration, the Singhs and Gils (along with former British Columbia premier Ujal Dosanji) should be able to do well, continuing to sell their trades to the highest bidder.




Bring Our Troops Home!

Probably, nothing will happen and the prisoners will go back in their cells without incident — maybe, in the Canadian penitentiary I experienced for my political activities. But not in the dreaded hell-hole called Policharki prison in Afghanistan.

An American videographer "professional" who had no moral turpitude when he went along with an American freelance mercenary who set up shop in Afghanistan and went around kidnapping innocents and "suspects", cashing in on the phony war on terror by the American government; it's a just nemesis for professionally participating in a real-life horror film. His name is Edward Caraballo, and he is 44 years old. He misses his daughter now while facing a beheading at the hands of rioting real Taliban, in spite of official reports that that the Western forces are still in control.

The other American freelance torturers Jonathan 'Jack' Idema and Brent Barrett are still safe in another part of Policharki, but the continuing rebellious inmates have been tunneling to other sections already while trying to knock a big gate down — all this while George Bush is having a quick surprise photo-op visit at Bagram Airport (another torture chamber). This is better than any rehashed and redundant Hollywood script, while our Canadian soldiers are blindly pretending they are bringing peace and democracy to Afghanistan by being seen in pictures holding a street urchin's hand (probably the same kid who planted an Improvised Explosive Device further up the road).

This is all so pointless and useless. This foreign meddling 'peacekeeping' is an expensive dog-and-pony show, and one where our troops are wandering around scouting for a torture-chamber regime that has been condemned by the United Nations and Amnesty International. We're playing 'Igor' to Dr. Rumsfeld — it's not a pretty picture that 62% of the population disagrees with our troops being in Afghanistan. And the red Tory neo-cons run by secretive Steve Harper won't even allow a public debate on it. It's time for Canada to withdraw its troops and get out of military entanglements like NATO who involve us in foreign conflicts as mercenary appartchiks and have nothing to do with Canadian security and safety, no matter how much the controlled media lies. All politics is local.

I'd rather have these "professional" internationalist mercenaries (paid for by the Canadian taxpayer) come home and clean up the guns, grime and graffiti in our cities.



Phony War On Terror Exposed

The Orwellian "war on terror' has been finally exposed beyond repair — at least the Bush administration and their pluralistic advisors allowed their southern border ro be totally overrun while slowing traffic and tourism to a standstill with security on the Canadian border. This could have been explained as ethnic sensitivity to the Spanish vote that Bush relies on. They really stepped into it because their internationalist creed and greed motivated them to hand over control of seven major ports to Dubai Ports World, a company controlled by the United Arab Emirates, where two of the 9/11 hijackers supposedly were from, and also cosily connected to Bush and his oil men.

Here is the advice given by the American Foreign Office of the State Department to Americans in high-risk countries: Exhibit a "high level of awareness" of your surroundings. "vary your routes and times for all traveling you do", and "avoid large gatherings" (this piece of advice was also given by the British government. Even Canadians have been told to be wary of terrorism. But President Bush isn't worried, and promises to veto any legislation blocking this deal — that's how certain he is that there'll be no repercussions. The optics of this deal to the terrorized American public just don't make sense, and no fast-talking salesman like White House press secretary Scott McClelland or Senator John McCain or stumbling Uncle Sam look-alike Senator John Warner can explain it. Bush's claimed naivetι (until there was opposition to the deal) rings hollow. His credibility is zero.

The exceptional independent "new Walter Cronkite" , Lou Dobbs of CNN, who harps continuously on America's broken borders, is in the vanguard of the criticism of this dumb deal (he should run for Senator in one of the border states). The American public outrage expressed to the deal is comparable to that ot Mark Twain and Will Rogers, dripping with sarcasm and insight. There are some very smart people down there, but none of them are in government. (A CNN poll conducted on February 23 revealed that 97% of those polled said yes to the question: Do you believe the Bush administration puts commercial interest ahead of the national interest? (only 3% voted no.)

The United Arab Emirates, which has two-and-a-half million people, could be easily swamped. Iran isn't too far away and al-Qaeda is setting up a few camps in Somalia, where Islamist militias are now battling mercenary warlords.

As for those who are in favor of the ports handover, they include Senator Bob Dole (but not his wife Senator Elizabeth Dole). Only President Bush's brother Jeb (Governor of Florida) is in favour of handing over U.S. port operations and security to a foreign government-operated company. Every other governor is against this arrogant business deal from Washington, where they think the American people are stupid. But after the Iraq WMD claim, the Hurricane Katrina debacle and now this, who can totally trust anything the George Bush regime says?




British Betrayal

"Rule Britannia! Britannia rules the waves,
Britons, never, never, ever,
Shall be slaves."

As if...

I've always looked upon the British as being the epitome of White man's freedom and integrity, but I guess I was optimistically naive. British Prime Minister Tony Blair shows how far a phony smile can go in the effeminate la-de-da world of British politics. They appear to be big suckers for the phony grin that they're willing to give up their hard- earned freedom of expression to a totalitarian scaremonger as long as he keeps up his ersatz grin. Tony Blair has passed the most Draconian restrictions on freedom of speech with the passage of the Soviet-style gag law which purportedly sets out to stamp out glorification of terrorism, right out of an Orwellian novel. This is a new two-edged sword against human rights in Britain covering all angles of political dissidents: if they can't get you on the phony charge of spreading hatred, then they'll use of the glorification-of-terrorism legislation. KGB agent Vladimir "Put-In" must be envious.

The kosher-conservative opposition led by new British Conservative Party leader David Cameron_ put up a pitiful fight for freedom of speech showing they're all part of the same internationalist gang hat's undermining the White race, The ongoing trial against British National Party leader Nick Griffin and the convictions of the Islamic Cleric Abu Hamza on hate charges further undermine basic human rights of free speech and thought; it is peculiar that Muslims, like Marxists, are calling for the use of this same notorious hate-bill legislation in Canada against perceived blasphemers of their religion. They can't have their cake and eat it too. The leftists in Britain are a communist sham, going along with these dictatorial gag laws, (as if they haven't spread plenty of hate and vitriol against White Nationalists in every White country;. their concept of freedom stops at the racists' door). The controlled British media, noted for their scandal-mongering, are cowardly and absent from this fight for human rights.

Another totalitarian step is Britain's passage of the "Identity Cards Bill". Under it, all Britons applying for a new passport in 2005 will be issued an identity card and a bio-metric passport where all their personal information will be logged into a national identity register, from 2008 onward. "Establishing a national database would create the most attractive possible target for every fraudster, terrorist, confidence trickster and hacker on the planet," says British Opposition Home Office Critic David Davies, who also said that Britain is "sleepwalking into surveillance state." (Sounds more like a police state to me). All this, and not a peep of protest from Buckingham Palace.

Tony Blair is not much more than George Bush's poodle, as he's known by the wags in Britain, and other than the leaders of the White Nationalist movement, he's not a man worth his salt in waiting for the post of Prime Minister.

I met British historian David Irving drying his hands in a washroom after one of his Toronto appearances and asked him how things were going. He "harrumphed" an arrogant, dismissive response, typical of today's response he gives to his erstwhile supporters. Even David Irving has disappointed everyone by pleading guilty to 'holocaust' denial in Austria, instead of dragging out the trial and making the prosecution look stupid. Perhaps he was looking for a lenient sentence and a quick Get Out-Of-Jail-free card instead of being a martyr for human rights, even though he now says, "I am not a 'holocaust' denier" and even though he received 300 pieces of neo-Nazi mail a week during his three-month original incarceration awaiting trial (he faced a ten-year sentence, the maximum penalty for 'holocaust' denial in Austria). Still, the Austria court gave him a stiff sentence of three years in prison. Even Howard Stern thought it was a "creepy" conviction — and he should know. So much for the phony 'freedom of expression' in Europe, where charges were laid under Austria's banning-law against 724 people in 2004 alone. The whole Irving affair smells of a sham. According to The Times of London, "the only way for Mr. Irving to secure a light sentence would be for him to convince the eight-strong jury that he had indeed changed his spots and was no longer an active 'holocaust' denier. if he does manage to escape with a suspended sentence he would then be free to travel to a "scientific congress on the 'holocaust' in Iran to which he has been invited." (I hope Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is listening).

Roger Boyes of The Times further writes, "Mr. Irving entered the courtroom with a swagger but was soon put under pressure by relentless cross-questioning from the chief judge who forced him to apologize for pretty much every view he expressed over the past twenty years. It's becoming like a free-speech seminar. You've got al-Jazeera here, you've got the Jyllands Posten (of Denmark), all the people affected by the cartoon war. Everyone is asking why it's taboo to attack the "holocaust," but not the Prophet Mohammed.


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